Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada

Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
Canadian Association for Clinical
                                                       Microbiology and Infectious Diseases


Where Canada’s Experts in Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Meet
Point de rencontre des experts canadiens en microbiologie médicale et infectiologie

Final Program
Programme final
Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
Welcome                                                                                                                                                            2

                                                                                     Table of Contents
On behalf of the Association of Medical     There are numerous association,
Microbiology and Infectious Disease         committee, and other group meetings
Canada and the Canadian Association         during the conference. The CCM will
for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious    host a workshop focusing on next-
disease, we would like to welcome           generation sequencing in the clinical    Welcome                             2    Online Program                       12
you to Ottawa, for our 14th annual          microbiology and the Trainees’ Day
conjoint meeting on the prevention,         will provide an insightful and           Bienvenue                           3    Merit and Association
diagnosis, and treatment of infectious      informative afternoon for residents      Collaborating Societies             3    Awards Presentations                 13
diseases. Ottawa features a great           and junior staff. An open lunch
                                                                                     Welcome to Ottawa - Mayor                Poster and Research
mix of nature and city life! Participants   session will be held on Saturday, and
can enjoy views from Parliament Hill,       we also hope you can participate in      Bienvenue à Ottawa - Maire          4    Awards Presentations                 15
stroll or jog along the historic Rideau     the fifth annual Canadian Foundation                                              Program                              16
                                                                                     Welcome to Ottawa - Ottawa Tourism
Canal, or dine in the popular ByWard        for Infectious Diseases Bug Run on                                                  Wednesday, April 3                 16
Market and Elgin Street neighbourhoods.     Saturday morning.                        Bienvenue à Ottawa -
We graciously acknowledge that the                                                   Tourisme Ottawa                   5        Thursday, April 4                  17
                                            We would like to acknowledge the
land on which we will gather is the                                                  5th Annual CFID Bug Run             5      Friday, April 5                    19
                                            generous and continued support
traditional and unceded territory of        from our industry partners, sponsors,                                               Saturday, April 6                  22
the Algonquin nation.                                                                Objectives                          6
                                            and exhibitors, which has allowed us                                              Internet Café                        24
The Central and Scientific Planning         to preserve our high-quality meeting.    Meet & Greet Reception              6
Committees have put in long hours to        We encourage you to walk through                                                  Exhibit Hours                        24
                                                                                     Are You a Member?                   6
produce an exceptional program for          the exhibit hall, expand your network,                                            Poster Presentations                 25
attendees. As anticipated, there will       and see what’s new and exciting.         Education Grants                    7
be a variety of poster and oral                                                                                               Student Poster Presentations         31
                                            Thursday evening’s Meet and Greet        Trainees’ Day Reception             7
presentations of research done by           Reception will also be hosted in the                                              Incubator Poster Presentations       37
our students, residents, fellows, and                                                Committees and Councils             8
                                            exhibit hall. As a cocktail reception,                                            Speaker Biographies                  38
colleagues, with awards for the best                                                  AMMI Canada Council                 8
                                            this will be an opportunity to
abstracts presented at the conference.      reconnect with colleagues and             Central Planning Committee (CPC)        Conflict of Interest                 45
The state of the art clinical lectures                                                Comité Organisateur                 8
                                            friends - while also enjoying the                                                 Author Index                         50
will deal with advances in the              atmosphere and hors d’oeuvres             Scientific Planning Committee (SPC)
development of universal influenza                                                    Comité Scientifique                 8
                                            before dinner.                                                                    Exhibitor Overview                   55
vaccination, and will examine how                                                     CACMID Board                        9
different vaccines achieve protective       AMMI Canada and CACMID are                Abstract Review Committee           9   Save the Date!                       62
immunity. The plenaries each day will       proud of the ongoing collaboration        Sponsorship Committee                   General Information                  63
focus on tropical medicine, clinical        leading to this high-quality annual       Comité de Parrainage                9     Hotel Information                  64
controversies in infectious diseases        meeting. On behalf of the Central and
and diagnostic microbiology, as well        Scientific Planning Committees, we       Industry Co-Developed Sessions 9           Ottawa                             64
                                            look forward to seeing you in Ottawa                                                Ottawa Tourism Concierge Service   64
as hot topics in infection control,                                                  CCM Workshop                        10
diagnostic microbiology, and both adult     and providing you with not only an                                                  Floor Plans                        65
and paediatric infectious diseases.         educational event, but also              Trainees’ Day                       10     Unaccredited Sponsored
The Scientific Planning Committee           opportunities for you to have fun,                                                  Learning Activities                66
                                                                                     The Incubator                       11
has also co-developed integrated            network, and socialize with your                                                    Unaccredited Sponsored
symposia for delegates to attend and        colleagues.                              Association, Committee and                 Presentation Theatres              67
the special lecture will focus on                                                    Other Group Meetings                11     Sponsors                           69
                                            Todd F. Hatchette
identifying misinformation and misin-       President, AMMI Canada                   AMMI Canada – CACMID
terpretation of scientific articles.                                                 Special Lecture                     12
                                            Carmen L. Charlton
                                            President, CACMID
Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
Bienvenue                                                                                                                                                                           3
                                                                                              Collaborating Societies
Au nom de l’Association pour la microbiologie   désinformation et de la fausse
médicale et l’infectiologie Canada              interprétation des articles scientifiques.
(AMMI Canada) et de l’Association               De nombreuses réunions d’associations,
canadienne de microbiologie clinique et         de comités et d’autres groupes se
des maladies infectieuses (CACMID),             dérouleront durant la conférence. Le
nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue à             Collège canadien des microbiologistes
Ottawa, pour la 14e conférence annuelle         tiendra un atelier axé sur le séquençage
conjointe sur la prévention, le diagnostic      de nouvelle génération en microbiologie
et le traitement des maladies infectieuses.     clinique et la Journée des stagiaires
Ottawa combine à merveille la nature et         comprendra un après-midi instructif et
la vie urbaine! Les participants pourront       enrichissant pour les résidents et le
admirer les environs à partir des différents    personnel junior. Une séance-dîner ouverte
points de vue de la Colline du Parlement,       aura lieu samedi et nous espérons
faire une promenade ou du jogging le long       aussi que vous pourrez participer,
de l’historique canal Rideau ou souper en       samedi matin, à la cinquième course
ville dans les populaires quartiers du          annuelle de la Fondation canadienne
Marché By et de la rue Elgin. Nous recon-       des maladies infectieuses.
naissons gracieusement que les terres                                                                                                                    Critical Care-Infectious
sur lesquelles nous nous rassemblerons          Nous aimerions souligner le généreux                                                                    Diseases Network (CCIDN)
se trouvent sur un territoire traditionnel      soutien continu de nos partenaires dans
non cédé de la Nation algonquine.               le secteur, de nos commanditaires et de
                                                nos exposants, qui nous a permis de
Les comités de planification générale et        maintenir la haute qualité de notre
scientifique ont consacré de longues heures     conférence. Nous vous encourageons à
à la préparation d’un programme d’exception     visiter le salon des exposants, à élargir
pour les participants. Comme prévu, il y        votre réseau et à découvrir des
aura une multitude de présentations par         nouveautés stimulantes.
affiche et de présentations orales portant
sur les recherches effectuées par nos           La réception de bienvenue, qui aura lieu
étudiants, nos résidents, nos boursiers et      jeudi soir, se tiendra également au salon
nos collègues. Une remise de prix pour          des exposants. Ce cocktail dînatoire sera          Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
les meilleurs résumés présentés à la            l’occasion de se retrouver entre collègues       Société canadienne de science de laboratoire médical
conférence aura également lieu. Des             et amis – tout en profitant de l’atmosphère
exposés cliniques d’avant-garde traiteront      agréable et des hors-d’œuvre qui
des avancées dans la mise au point d’un         précèderont le souper.
vaccin antigrippal universel et examineront     L’AMMI Canada et la CACMID sont fières
comment différents vaccins permettent           de cette collaboration continue et de la
l’atteinte d’une immunité protectrice. Les      conférence annuelle de haute qualité qui
séances plénières quotidiennes seront           en découle. Au nom des comités de
axées sur la médecine tropicale, les            planification générale et scientifique,
controverses cliniques en infectiologie et      nous avons hâte de vous voir à Ottawa
en microbiologie diagnostique, ainsi que        pour vous offrir non seulement un
sur les sujets d’actualité en matière de        événement éducatif, mais une occasion
prévention des infections, de microbiologie     de vous amuser, de faire du réseautage et
diagnostique, et de maladies infectieuses       de socialiser avec vos collègues.
chez les adultes et les enfants. Le comité
de planification scientifique a également       Todd F. Hatchette
participé à la mise sur pied de symposiums      Président, AMMI Canada
intégrés pour les délégués, et la conférence
spéciale portera sur le repérage de la          Carmen L. Charlton
                                                Présidente, CACMID
Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
Welcome to Ottawa!                                                                        Bienvenue à Ottawa!
On behalf of Members of Ottawa City        services to the successful                     J’ai l’immense plaisir de souhaiter         Je félicite les lauréats de cette année
Council, it is my distinct pleasure to     organization of this national meeting.         une cordiale bienvenue, au nom des          pour leur excellence dans la catégorie
extend a warm welcome to all those         My congratulations to this year’s awards       membres du Conseil municipal                de leur prix.
participating in AMMI Canada-CACMID        recipients for their excellence in their       d’Ottawa, à tous les participants à la      À titre de maire de la ville hôte, j’invite
Annual Conference, taking place at the     specific categories of recognition.            Conférence annuelle AMMI Canada             les visiteurs à découvrir le Temple de
Westin Ottawa, on unceded Algonquin                                                       - CACMID, qui se tiendra à l’hôtel          la renommée des sports d’Ottawa,
territory, from April 3rd to 6th 2019.     As Mayor of the host city, I invite visitors   Westin Ottawa, sur un territoire
                                           to explore the Ottawa Sports Hall of                                                       situé dans l’édifice historique de l’hôtel
I am equally delighted that Canada’s                                                      algonquin non cédé, du 3 au 6 avril 2019.   de ville, ainsi que le parc Lansdowne,
                                           Fame in the Heritage Building of City
fourth largest city, and an important      Hall, as well as the revitalized               Je suis également ravi que la               qui a récemment fait peau neuve, et
centre of cutting-edge research and        Lansdowne park, its restored heritage          quatrième ville en importance du            ses édifices patrimoniaux restaurés,
higher education, has been selected        pavilions, and the new TD Place, home          Canada, pôle majeur de recherche de         de même que la nouvelle Place TD,
as the host venue for this annual          of the Ottawa REDBLACKS CFL team,              pointe et d’enseignement supérieur,         domicile du ROUGE et NOIR d’Ottawa,
gathering. It provides a valuable          and Ottawa Fury FC United Soccer               ait été choisie comme ville-hôte pour       équipe de la Ligue canadienne de
opportunity for professionals,             League team.                                   ce rassemblement annuel. Cette              football, et du Fury FC d’Ottawa,
technologists and students                                                                conférence offrira une occasion en or       équipe de la United Soccer League.
specializing in diagnostic microbiology,   The National Arts Centre’s spectacular         aux professionnels, aux technologues
                                           new facade will impress visitors, as                                                       Le Centre national des Arts et sa
antimicrobial stewardship, infectious                                                     et aux étudiants se spécialisant en         nouvelle façade spectaculaire,
diseases, infection prevention and         well as the newly expanded Ottawa              microbiologie diagnostic, en gestion
                                           Art Gallery, exhibiting works by the                                                       ainsi que la Galerie d’art d’Ottawa,
control, and public health, to network                                                    des antimicrobiens, en maladies             nouvellement agrandie, qui expose
and gain greater insight into the latest   renowned Group of Seven.                       infectieuses, en prévention et en           les oeuvres du célèbre Groupe des
developments in their fields of study.     Allow me to offer my best wishes to            contrôle des infections et en               sept, impressionneront les visiteurs.
As Head of Council, I want also to         the delegates for a productive and             santé publique, de réseauter et
                                           rewarding assembly, as well as to              de mieux comprendre les derniers            Permettez-moi de souhaiter aux
acknowledge the members of the                                                                                                        délégués une conférence productive
various Committees, guest speakers,        the visitors for a most enjoyable              développements dans leur
                                           stay in Ottawa.                                champ d’étude.                              et enrichissante et aux visiteurs un
sponsors and exhibitors for dedicating                                                                                                séjour des plus agréables à Ottawa.
efforts, expertise, resources and          Sincerely,                                     En tant que chef du Conseil, je tiens
                                                                                          également à remercier les membres           Meilleures salutations.
                                           Jim Watson
                                           Mayor                                          des divers comités, les conférenciers       Jim Watson
                                                                                          invités, les commanditaires et les          Maire
                                                                                          exposants pour les efforts, le savoir-
                                                                                          faire, les services et les ressources
                                                                                          qu’ils fournissent afin d’assurer le
                                                                                          succès de ce rassemblement national.
Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
Welcome to Ottawa!                                                                    Bienvenue à Ottawa!
On behalf of Ottawa Tourism, we             To find out what’s on while you’re        Au nom de Tourisme Ottawa, nous             Découvrez les événements qui se
extend to you a warm welcome to our         here—or to plan your next visit—be sure   tenons à vous souhaiter la bienvenue        déroulent à Ottawa pendant votre séjour
beautiful city. Ottawa is incredibly        to check out         dans notre belle ville. Ottawa est très     ou préparez votre prochaine visite en
proud to host the 2019 AMMI Canada          and be sure to share your experiences     fière d’accueillir la conférence annuelle   consultant
– CACMID Annual Conference.                 with us on social media using the         AMMI Canada – CACMID 2019.                  Et n’oubliez pas de partager vos
As Canada’s capital, Ottawa is home         hashtag #MyOttawa. We hope that           À Ottawa, la capitale du Canada, vous       expériences avec nous sur les
to Parliament Hill, the Rideau Canal        your time in Ottawa is productive         trouverez la Colline du Parlement, le       médias sociaux avec #MonOttawa.
(a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and          and fulfilling.                           canal Rideau (un lieu historique du         Nous espérons que vous passerez
many national museums. Whether it’s         Enjoy your visit to Ottawa and we         patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO) et          à Ottawa des moments productifs
taking part in outdoor activities,          sincerely hope we have the pleasure       de nombreux musées nationaux.               et enrichissants.
learning more about Canada’s history        of welcoming you back soon!               Durant votre séjour, vous aurez             Nous vous souhaitons un excellent
and culture, shopping, indulging in         Michael Crockatt                          l’embarras du choix, que vous               séjour à Ottawa et espérons vous
local culinary offerings or participating   President & CEO                           souhaitiez vous adonner à des activités     accueillir de nouveau très bientôt!
in one of our many vibrant festivals,                                                 de plein air, découvrir la culture et
you’ll never be at a loss of things to                                                l’histoire du Canada, faire du              Michael Crockatt
                                                                                                                                  Président-directeur général
do here.                                                                              magasinage, découvrir la cuisine locale
                                                                                      ou assister à des festivals animés.

        5th Annual
                                       appreciated. The CFID Bug Run will
                                       be a 5K run from the hotel lobby along
                                       the Rideau Canal. An option for a
                                       shorter run/walk will be available.
                                       The canal is a UNESCO World Heritage
Date:            Saturday, April 6     Site, with 47 locks and 52 dams,
Time:            06:30 – 08:00         constructed after the War of 1812, to
Start Location: The Westin Hotel Lobby provide a secure waterway between
                                       Montréal and Kingston. On the route
Join your colleagues, friends,         are visible beautiful 19th century
competitors or just challenge          buildings, in addition to the canal            On-site registration will be available
yourself to a Bug Run/Walk in          and its stonework.
support of the Canadian Foundation
                                                                                      at the CFID booth #202 in the exhibit         CLICK HERE to register or donate.
                                       Online registration is available until         hall, located in the Confederation
for Infectious Diseases charitable
                                       midnight eastern, Friday April 5, 2019.        Ballroom on Thursday and Friday,
mission. Win a prize!!
                                       Online registration also includes the          April 4-5. In addition, registration will   For more information on CFID please
The cost is $50 to participate, and it option for participants to provide             be possible in the lobby of the Westin      visit:
is possible to make additional         donations to CFID and to seek                  from 06:30 – 06:45 prior to the start
donations, which are greatly           donations from friends and relatives.          of the race at 06:45.
Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
Objectives                                                                                                                                                         6
The AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual
Conference provides an interactive
                                          In addition to the scientific
                                          component, the meeting will provide      Are You a Member?
venue where experts in the fields of      ample opportunity for attendees to
diagnostic microbiology, antimicrobial    network, exchange ideas, and
stewardship, infectious diseases,         reconnect with colleagues.
infection prevention and control, and
public health meet. The conference        The 2019 meeting will address
attracts attendees from across Canada     topics including:                        To join AMMI Canada please contact:          To join CACMID please contact:
and internationally. As in previous       n Tropical Medicine                      Terence Wuerz                                Matthew W. Gilmour
years, the 2019 conference will provide                                            Secretary, AMMI Canada                       Secretary Treasurer, CACMID
updates on a variety of topics to a       n Behavioural Approaches to
                                            Enhancing Antimicrobial                c/o AMMI Canada Secretariat                  c/o National Microbiology Laboratory
diverse audience of clinicians,
                                            Stewardship Programs                   192 Bank Street                              1015 Arlington Street
microbiologists, laboratory
                                                                                   Ottawa, ON K2P 1W8                           Winnipeg, MB R3E 3R2
technologists, public health              n Clinical Controversies in Infectious
professionals, infection prevention         Disease and Diagnostic                 Toll-free: 1 (866) 467-1215                  Fax: (204) 789-2097
and control practitioners, students         Microbiology                           Tel.:      (613) 260-3233 ext. 103 
and residents.                                                                     Fax:       (613) 260-3235                    For more information on CACMID
                                          n Advances in the Development of
In addition to the pre-meeting              Universal Influenza Virus Vaccines
workshops, the program will offer                                                  For more information on AMMI
                                          n What’s Hot in Adult and Paediatric
plenary sessions, state of the art                                                 Canada visit:
                                            Infectious Diseases and
clinical lectures, a special lecture,       Diagnostic Microbiology?
integrated symposia, short oral
presentations, poster presentations,      And a whole lot more!
workshops and interactive clinical
vignettes. The Incubator competition
also returns this year as a forum
where you can share your novel
approaches to common challenges.             Meet  &Thursday,
We look forward to your submissions          Date:               4
and your pitch. The 2019 meeting will        Time:     17:00-19:00
be a chance for attendees to showcase        Location: Exhibit Hall
their research as well as get up to          Room:     Confederation Ballroom
speed with the latest in the areas of
microbiology, adult and paediatric           YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND                Whether you would like to share your
                                                                                      experiences of the conference so far,
                                                                                                                                   Join the conference planning
                                                                                                                                   committees, speakers, sponsors,
infectious diseases and related
subjects. Dynamic expert speakers            THE 2019 ANNUAL CONFERENCE               discuss the day’s biggest debates or
                                                                                      simply enjoy a drink and hors d’oeuvres
                                                                                                                                   exhibitors, and fellow delegates in
will be invited from across Canada                                                                                                 a relaxed and informal atmosphere,
and internationally to ensure another        MEET AND GREET RECEPTION.                before dinner, the meet and greet            while enjoying light refreshments
                                                                                      reception is the perfect place to make       during this cocktail reception.
exciting meeting.
                                                                                      new acquaintances and catch up
                                                                                      with old friends.
Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
Education Grants                                                                                                                                                                       7
AMMI Canada                                                                                   CACMID
For Members-in-Training currently enrolled in   ( This form can be               For Technical Staff and                    n $250 for Technical staff attending
Infectious Disease or Medical Microbiology                                                    Clinical Microbiology Fellows
training programs only
                                                completed during the conference and                                                        from Ontario
                                                handed in at the registration desk or         Eligibility                                n $500 for Technical staff attending
Eligibility                                     be completed after the conference             Applicants must be microbiology              from Manitoba and Québec
The applicant must currently be                 and sent to                laboratory technologists or technicians,
enrolled in an Infectious Disease or            or faxed to 613-260-3235. All forms                                                      n $750 for Technical staff attending
                                                                                              or clinical microbiology fellows             from Saskatchewan, Alberta,
Medical Microbiology training                   must be received by the AMMI                  registered in a Canadian training
program AND be an AMMI Canada                   Canada secretariat no later than                                                           British Columbia, PEI, New
                                                                                              program, and all must be active              Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and
Member-in-Training in good standing.            Monday, April 29, 2019.                       members of CACMID. Each applicant
To be eligible, the applicant must                                                                                                         Newfoundland
                                                n $250 for Members-in-Training                is eligible for only one grant per
register for the AMMI Canada –                    attending from Manitoba, Ontario,           annual conference.                         n $1,000 for Technical staff
CACMID Annual Conference 2019                     Québec, and USA (Pennsylvania,                                                           attending from NWT, Yukon,
and pay the full student conference                                                           Application                                  and Nunavut
                                                  New York, Vermont, New
registration fee. One-day registrants             Hampshire, and Maine)                       An education grant application form        N.B: Clinical microbiology fellows enrolled in a
are not eligible. New AMMI Canada                                                             will be available at the registration      Canadian training program may submit itemized
membership applications are only                n $500 for Members-in-Training                desk during the conference or can be       expenses with receipts to a maximum of $1,000.

eligible if approved or in progress               attending from PEI, Newfoundland,           downloaded from the Ottawa 2019
(application submitted) prior to the              New Brunswick, Nova Scotia,                 web page on the CACMID website
                                                  Saskatchewan, Alberta, and
                                                                                                                                             TRAINEES’ DAY
commencement of the conference                                                                ( This form can be
on April 3, 2019. Each applicant is               Nunavut                                     completed during the conference and
eligible for only one grant per
annual conference.
                                                n $750 for Members-in-Training
                                                  attending from British Columbia,
                                                                                              handed in at the registration desk or
                                                                                              be completed after the conference              RECEPTION
Application                                       NWT, Yukon, USA (all other states),         and mailed to the CACMID Secretary
                                                                                                                                             Date:     Wednesday, April 3
                                                  and International                           Treasurer (
An education grant application form                                                                                                          Time:     17:00–18:00
                                                N.B: Members-in-Training attending from the   no later than Monday, April 29, 2019.
will be available at the registration                                                                                                        Location: The Westin Ottawa
                                                city of Ottawa are ineligible for grants.
desk during the conference or can be                                                                                                         Room: 	Daly’s Restaurant
downloaded from the AMMI Canada                                                                                                                        3rd Floor
website annual conference section                                                                                                            Following Trainees’ Day, mingle
                                                                                                                                             with fellow trainees, speakers,
                                                                                                                                             and the boards of AMMI Canada
                                                                                                                                             and CACMID over light snacks
                                                                                                                                             and beverages.
Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
Committees and Councils                                                                                                                8
AMMI Canada Council                                                           Central Planning Committee (CPC)
Todd Hatchette, Halifax, NS
                                       EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS:                    Comité ORGANISATEUR
                                       Antimicrobial Stewardship and
President – Elect                                                             Co-Chairs              Sponsorship Committee Co-Chairs
                                       Resistance (ASR) Committee Chair
Sarah Forgie, Edmonton, AB                                                    Carmen L. Charlton     Jeff Fuller
                                       Nicole Le Saux, Ottawa, ON
                                                                              Todd F. Hatchette      Shariq Haider
Past President                         Program Planning Committee Chair
Caroline Quach, Montréal, QC                                                  Scientific Planning    Abstract Co-Chairs
                                       Isabelle Chiu, Edmonton, AB
                                                                              Committee Co-Chairs    Christian Lavallée
Treasurer                              Members-in-Training Committee          Isabelle Chiu          Christopher Lowe
Andrew Simor, Toronto, ON              Chair                                  Christine Turenne      Committee Members
Secretary                              Lisa Li, Vancouver, BC
                                                                              Co-Treasurers          Tanis Dingle
Terence Wuerz, Winnipeg, MB            Education & Continuing Professional    Matthew W. Gilmour     Sarah Forgie
MM – Section Chair                     Development Committee Chair            Andrew Simor           Jessica Minion
Susan Poutanen , Toronto, ON           Joanne Salmon, Vancouver, BC                                  Caroline Quach
ID – Section Chair                     Guidelines Committee Chair
Jennifer Grant, Vancouver, BC          Donald (Don) Vinh, Montréal, QC
                                       Communications Committee Chair
                                                                              Scientific Planning Committee (SPC)
                                       Yves Longtin, Montréal, QC
Isabelle Chiu, Edmonton, AB            Paediatric Committee Chair

                                                                              Comité Scientifique
LeeAnne Luft, Kelowna, BC              Earl Rubin, Montréal, QC
Yves Longtin, Montréal, QC
                                       Indigenous Health Committee Chair
Stephen Sanche, Saskatoon, SK
                                       Yoko S. Schreiber, Sioux Lookout, ON   Co-Chairs              Christian Lavallée
Yoko S. Schreiber, Sioux Lookout, ON
Karina Top, Halifax, NS                Grants and Awards Committee Chair      Isabelle Chiu          Lisa Li
                                       Dylan Pillai, Calgary, AB              Christine Turenne      Christopher Lowe
                                                                                                     Muhammad Morshed
                                       CHEC Committee Co-Chairs               Committee Members
                                                                                                     Conar O’Neil
                                       Charles Frenette, Montréal, QC         Shelly Bolotin
                                                                                                     David Patrick
                                       Kevin Katz, Toronto, ON                William Connors
                                                                                                     Michael Payne
                                                                              Melanie Di Quinzio
                                                                                                     Peter Pieroni
                                                                              Tanis Dingle
                                                                                                     Susan Poutanen
                                                                              Chelsey Ellis
                                                                                                     Earl Rubin
                                                                              Ramzi Fattouh
                                                                                                     Joanne Salmon
                                                                              Matthew W. Gilmour
                                                                                                     Yoko Schreiber
                                                                              Susy Hota
                                                                                                     Prameet M. Sheth
                                                                              Jennie Johnstone
                                                                                                     Titus Wong
                                                                              Robert Kozak
Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
Committees and Councils
CACMID Board                                                               Abstract Review Committee
President                            Sponsorship Committee Co-Chair        Co-Chairs:                            Imane Jroundi
Carmen Charlton, Edmonton, AB        Jeff Fuller, London, ON               Christian Lavallée                    Lynn Johnston
Vice President                       Councillor                            Christopher Lowe                      Robert Kozak
Tanis Dingle, Edmonton, AB           Shelly Bolotin, Toronto, ON           Heather Adam                          Jason LeBlanc
                                                                           Vanessa Allen                         Jessica Minion
Past President                       Councillor                                                                  Muhammad Morshed
Jessica Minion, Regina, SK           Chelsey Ellis, Moncton, NB            Andrée-Anne Boisvert
                                                                           Julie Carson                          Verinsa Mouajou
Secretary                            Councillor                            Jeannette Comeau                      Peter Pieroni
Ramzi Fattouh, Toronto, ON           Robert Kozak, Toronto, ON             Peter Daley                           Earl Rubin
                                                                           Meghan Dey                            Joanne Salmon
Treasurer                            Councillor
                                                                           Tanis Dingle                          Fazia Tadount
Matthew W. Gilmour, Winnipeg, MB     Prameet Sheth, Kingston, ON
                                                                           Paméla Doyon-Plourde                  Christine Turenne
Meeting Secretary/Councillor         Councillor                                                                  Bing Wang
                                                                           Chelsey Ellis
Christopher Lowe, Vancouver, BC      Muhammad Morshed, Vancouver, BC                                             Titus Wong
                                                                           Ramzi Fattouh
Scientific Planning Committee        Councillor                            David Fisman                          Terence Wuerz
Co-Chair                             Michael Payne, London, ON             Élise Fortin                          Deborah Yamamura
Christine Y. Turenne, Winnipeg, MB
                                                                           Sponsorship Committee
                                                                           Comité de Parrainage
                                                                           Co-Chairs                             Committee Members
                                                                           Jeff Fuller                           Steven J. Drews
                                                                           Shariq Haider                         Romina Reyes
                                                                                                                 Daniel Smyth
                                                                                                                 Donald Vinh
                                                                                                                 Deborah Yamamura

Industry Co-Developed Sessions
WORKSHOPS                                                                  INTEGRATED SYMPOSIUM
Strategies to Prevent                Efficacy and Safety of Linezolid vs   Gram-Negative Bacteria and            Mucormycosis in Canada:
Cytomegalovirus Disease              Daptomycin in Treatment of VRE        Antimicrobial Resistance: What’s      Updates in Epidemiology,
after Transplantation                Blood Stream Infections (BSI) and     Changed? What Remains the Same?       Diagnosis and Management
Co-developed by AMMI Canada          the Role of Combination Therapy       Co-developed by AMMI Canada           Co-developed by AMMI Canada
and Merck Canada                     with Beta-lactams                     and Merck Canada                      and AVIR Pharma Inc.
                                     Co-developed by AMMI Canada           Date: Friday, April 5, 2019           Date: Saturday, April 6, 2019
Date: Friday, April 5, 2019
                                     and Sunovion Pharmaceutical           Time: 12:00 – 14:00                   Time: 12:00 – 14:00
Time: 07:15 – 08:45
Room: Les Saisons                    Date: Saturday, April 6, 2019         Room: Governor General III Ballroom   Room: Governor General III Ballroom
                                     Time: 07:15 – 08:45
                                     Room: Les Saisons
Final Program Programme final - AMMI Canada
CCM Workshop                                                                                                                                                                     10

                                                                                             Trainees’ Day
NEXT-GENERATION                          Application of NGS in the Clinical and              Date:     Wednesday, April 3              12:30 – 13:00
                                         Public Health Microbiology Laboratory               Time:     12:30 – 17:00                   Registration
CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY                    Speaker:	 Muhammad Morshed                                   Coffee & Tea Break Provided     13:00 – 14:00
                                                    Clinical Microbiologist                 Location: The Westin Ottawa               What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming Staff
Date:     Wednesday, April 3                        British Columbia Centre for
                                                                                             Room:     Les Saisons                     Speakers:
                                                    Disease Control                                                                    Paul Bonnar (Halifax, NS)
Time:     07:30 – 12:00                                                                      Cost:     Regular rate
                                         Foodborne Disease Prevention                                                                  Kristen Brown (Calgary, AB)
          Breakfast Provided                                                                           $50 plus 13% tax
                                         and Control in the Genomics Era:                                                              14:00 – 14:45
Location: The Westin Ottawa                                                                            Trainee Member rate*
                                         Promise and Practice                                                                          Preparing for the Royal College Exam
Room:     Les Saisons                                                                                  – no charge
                                         Speaker: 	Celine Nadon                                                                       (Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology)
Cost:     $80 plus 13% tax                          Chief - Surveillance, Outbreak           *For AMMI Canada Members-in-Training      Speaker: Jamil N. Kanji (Edmonton, AB)
                                                    Detection and Response,                  and CACMID Student Members training in
                                                    Division of Enteric Diseases, National   clinical microbiology                     14:45 – 15:00
The workshop will review current                    Microbiology Laboratory, Winnipeg, MB                                              Break
                                                                                             Trainees’ Day is an afternoon of
technologies used for next-generation    Genomics in the Reference                                                                     15:00 – 16:00
                                                                                             interactive sessions for trainees in
sequencing (NGS), how they can be        Microbiology Laboratory: What can                                                             Critical Appraisal of Medical
                                                                                             adult and paediatric infectious           Literature and Avoiding Common
applied in clinical microbiology         Tuberculosis (TB) Teach Us?                         disease and clinical and medical          Pitfalls in Scientific Articles
laboratories for diagnostic or public    Speaker: Jennifer Gardy                            microbiology, held at the                 Speaker:
health investigations, and some of                  Canada Research Chair in Public
                                                                                                                                       Bill Cameron (Ottawa, ON)
                                                    Health Genomics, School of               AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual
the challenges presented by NGS.                    Population and Public Health,            Conference 2019. Sessions provide         16:00 – 17:00
                                                    UBC and British Columbia Centers                                                   Work-Life Balance/ Mindfulness/ Wellness
                                                    for Disease Control, Vancouver, BC
                                                                                             a chance to hear from experts in the
                                         Group Discussion – Other Applications               field about topics outside of the         16:00-16:30
                                                                                             conventional medical curriculum,          Work-Life Balance – A Clinician/ Researcher/
                                         of NGS, Pitfalls, and Solutions                                                               Supervisor/ Dad/ Husband/ Son/
                                                                                             with a focus on professional              Outdoorsman/ Canoeist’s Perspective
                                         Information on the requirements for                 development and employment                Speaker:
                                         membership in the Canadian College                  options. It is also a great opportunity   Cédric P. Yansouni (Montréal, QC)
                                         of Microbiologists is available at                  to meet peers and future colleagues       16:30 – 17:00
                                                                        from around the country.                  Work-Life Balance – An Academic ID/
                                                                                                                                       Micro-Mom/ Wife/ Daughter/ Backpacker/
                                                                                             The cost is $50 or free-of-charge for     Canoeist/ Biker/ Runner’s Perspective
 The CCM Workshop and Trainees’ Day are the perfect complements to the                       AMMI Canada Members-in-Training           Speaker:
                                                                                                                                       Susan M. Poutanen (Toronto, ON)
 AMMI Canada – CACMID Annual Conference. Both are optional and open to                       and CACMID Student Members
                                                                                             training in clinical microbiology.
 everyone interested – even if they are not attending the conference.                        Membership status must be confirmed
                                                                                             or in progress (application submitted)
 To register for these activities please visit the annual conference sections                at the time of registration. For
                                                                                             planning purposes, we ask that you
 of either the AMMI Canada ( or CACMID (                           please register only if you are able to
 websites and follow the instructions to register online.                                    attend, and to notify the conference
                                                                                             secretariat should your plans change.
The Incubator                                                                                                                                               11
Poster Presentations:                    answer questions, and be judged.          First Prize: A $1,500 cash prize        conference will be awarded to the
Date:         Thursday, April 4                                                    will be awarded to the winning pitch.   runner-up (cannot be redeemed for
Time:         12:30-14:30                After judging, selected posters will
                                                                                   Second Prize: A complimentary           monetary value).
Room:         Confederation Ballroom     move on to the oral “pitch” on
                                         Saturday, April 6. The “pitch” will       full registration for the next year’s
Oral Pitch:                              convey the nature of the presenter’s      Previous Winners
Date:         Saturday, April 6          project in an informative and             Solar-Powered Oxygen Delivery: Reducing Childhood Pneumonia
Time:         09:20-10:20                energetic manner.                         Deaths in Low-Resource Settings
Room:         Provinces Ballroom
                                         Oral Pitch presentations will be          Qaasim Mian presented the innovation at the 2017 annual conference.
The new and creative approaches will     adjudicated based on originality,         Automated Texting and Email
first be presented in poster format on   creativity, applicability, ease of        Victor Leung presented the innovation at the 2016 annual conference.
Thursday, April 4, for initial review    duplication, sustainability and overall   The Automated Antimicrobial Prescription Surveillance System (APPS)
and judging. Presenters will be at       significance. An audience response        Vincent Nault presented the innovation at the 2013 annual conference.
their posters between 12:30-14:30 to     system will be used.                      MRSAid Photodisinfection Project
                                                                                   Titus Wong presented the innovation at the 2012 annual conference.

Association, Committee and Other Group Meetings
Wednesday, April 3                       18:00 – 20:30                             12:45 – 14:15                           12:00 – 14:00
                                         Antibiotic Stewardship and                CCM AGM                                 Royal College MM Specialty
08:30 – 16:30                            Resistance Committee Meeting              Room: Ontario                           Committee Meeting
AMMI Canada Clinical Research            Room: Birch                               Chair: Christie Vermeiren               Room: Newfoundland/Nova Scotia
Network (CRN) Meeting                    Chair: Nicole Le Saux                                                             Chair: Tony Mazzulli
Room: Provinces II                                                                 18:00 – 20:30
                                         18:00 – 21:00                             AMMI Canada Paediatric Committee        12:00 – 14:00
Chair: Nick Daneman
                                         AMMI Canada Education/Continuing          and PICNIC Meeting                      MALDI-TOF Users Group Meeting
08:30 – 17:00                            Professional Development                  Room: Ontario                           Room: Ontario
Canadian Lyme disease Research           Committee Meeting                         Chair: Earl Rubin and Joan Robinson     Chair:	
                                                                                                                                  Kathy Bernard and
Netwrok (CLyDRN)                         Room: Saskatchewan                                                                       Philippe Lagacé-Wiens
Room: Ontario                            Chair: Joanne Salmon                      18:00 – 20:30
Chair: Dr Kieran Moore                                                             AMMI Canada Indigenous Health           18:30 – 21:00
                                         18:00 – 21:00
                                                                                   Committee Meeting                       JAMMI Editorial Board Meeting
13:00 – 17:00                            CACMID Board Meeting
                                                                                   Room: Québec                            Room: Québec
Canadian Public Health Laboratory        Room: New Brunswick
                                                                                   Chair: Yoko Schreiber                   Chair: Gerald Evans
Network (CPHLN) Meeting                  Chair: Carmen Charlton
Room: Birch
                                         Thursday, April 4                         Friday, April 5                         Saturday, April 6
Chair: Matthew W. Gilmour
                                         07:15 – 08:45                             07:00 – 08:45                           12:00 – 14:00
14:00 – 16:00                                                                      CFID Board Meeting                      Point of Care Test (POCT)
                                         AMMI Canada AGM & Sections Meeting
CCM Board Meeting                                                                  Room: Québec                            Working Group Meeting
                                         Room: Governor General Ballroom III
Room: New Brunswick                                                                Chair: Susan Richardson                 Room: Les Saisons
                                         Chair: Todd Hatchette
Chair: Christie Vermeiren                                                                                                  Chair: Susan Poutanen
                                         12:30 – 14:30                             07:15 – 08:45
                                         Royal College ID Specialty                CACMID AGM
                                         Committee Meeting                         Room: Governor General Ballroom III
                                         Room: Newfoundland/Nova Scotia            Chair: Carmen Charlton
                                         Chair: Cheryl Main
AMMI Canada – CACMID                                                                                                                                               12
Special Lecture                                                                                                                Online Program
BS or Best Science:
Recognizing Medical Misinformation and Misinterpretation
Date:     Thursday, April 4                  How do you greet the phrase               including: How we assume certainty
Time:     16:00–17:00                        “A study shows…”? Is it with interest     instead of accepting probability;
          The Special Lecture will be held   or exasperated eye-rolling? With          How we care more about the way
          immediately following the Merit
          and Association Awards.            biased designs, misinterpretation of      something works rather than if
Room:    Provinces Ballroom                  results and distorted reporting, it is    something works; How we can adjust
         Michael Allan                       no wonder we find results are             research findings (particularly food
          (Mississauga, ON)                  confusing, conflicting, and often,        research) to match our beliefs; and,
                                             false. In this talk, we’ll look at some   many more. The one-hour talk will
                                             ways that we are frequently led           journey from sources of potential
                                             astray by medical information,            medical misinformation (like the
                                                                                       Dr. Oz show) to the highest levels of
                                                                                       evidence in hopes of providing some     New to this year’s annual conference, in
                                                                                       foundation to enhance reasonable        lieu of an event app, we have created an
                                                                                       skepticism and appropriate              Online Conference Program. The online
                                             Alberta and has practiced family          assessment of medical information.      program is made up of all session details.
                                             medicine over 20 years. He has given                                              All sessions identify the speaker, the
                                             300 invited presentations and published                                           objectives along with the location and
                                             over 120 articles (including on           By the end of this session,             time of the session.
                                             information from televised medical talk   participants should be able to:
                                             shows like the Dr. Oz Show). Mike                                                 Under the Information tab, delegates can
                                                                                       n Recognize how confidence              find speaker biographies, find usefully
                                             produces a regular evidence-based           intervals become confusion
                                             update (called Tools for Practice)                                                floorplans to help navigate the hotel along
                                                                                         intervals and other mis-use of        with information on the Westin and Ottawa.
                                             distributed to >32,000 clinicians and       numbers.
                                             published in the journal “Canadian                                                Delegates can view the entire program
                                             Family Physician.” He also co-presents    n Illustrate why “does it work” is      on a single page, drill down into individual
Dr. G. Michael Allan (Mike) is the           a weekly medical podcast (on iTunes)        more important than “how it           sessions to see the list of abstracts for
Director of Programs and Practice            called Best Science Medicine podcast.       works” (the story of surrogate        each session and then view the individual
Support with the College of Family           He is a member of PEER (Patients,           markers and mechanism of              abstracts, or download abstracts and
Physicians of Canada. He is a past           Experience, Evidence, Research),            action)                               sessions details at the click of a button.
Professor in the Department of               a collaboration of Primary Care           n Review how partial reporting and
Family Medicine at University of             Knowledge Translation professionals.        combing some studies can lead to                Click here to go to the
                                                                                                                                             online program
Merit and Association                                                                                                            13
Awards Presentations
Date:        Thursday, April 4           Masters of Ceremony:                          population by moving to Uganda in
Time:        15:30 – 16:00               Sarah Forgie (Edmonton, AB)                   2003 to create a distribution system
Room:        Provinces Ballroom                                                        for HIV/AIDS drugs.
                                         Tanis Dingle (Edmonton, AB)
                                                                                       Dr. Ronald’s contributions have led to
2018 AMMI Canada Lifetime                John G. FitzGerald – CACMID Out-              many notable awards and designations.
                                                                                       He is an Officer of the Order of Canada
Achievement Award                        standing Microbiologist Award                 and was inducted into the Canadian
Dr. Greg Hammond is the recipient        Dr. Allan Ronald is an internationally        Medical Hall of Fame in 2011. It was
of the AMMI Canada Lifetime              recognized leader in HIV research             stated that “He exemplifies what it
Achievement Award in recognition of      who has devoted his career to                 means to be a world citizen” and
his outstanding and distinguished        establishing the field of infectious          anyone who has ever had the pleasure
career. In addition to his clinical      diseases in Canada and the world.             of meeting Dr. Ronald knows that to
work, teaching and administrative        Dr. Ronald is a rare individual who           be true.
influence, Dr. Hammond’s research        is passionate about providing care
                                                                                       Although his world impacts are very
explores the investigative use of        to all people.
                                                                                       well known, people may be less aware
diagnostic microbiology and              To establish HIV and STI research             of the immense positive impact he
epidemiology for the prevention and      capacity globally, Dr. Ronald established     has had on all components of the
management of infectious diseases.       a robust and highly effective                 healthcare system. Notably for the
One of his first research successes      collaboration with the University of          microbiology laboratory, Dr. Ronald
involved the investigation of a          Nairobi. This collaboration led to the        has always been held in the highest
chancroid outbreak in Winnipeg.          development of an extensive research          esteem by the microbiology
This not only led to his involvement     network studying sexually transmitted         technologists with whom he has
in several landmark papers about         infections. Innumerable scientists            worked. He was always engaged
Haemophilus ducreyi infections, it       have established their careers as a           with the laboratory staff and treated
also led to the University of Manitoba   result of this international collaboration.   everyone with utmost respect.
– University of Nairobi research         The program Dr. Ronald developed
connection, a collaboration that                                                       We are very pleased to celebrate
                                         has resulted in groundbreaking
continues to this day.                                                                 Dr. Ronald’s extraordinary national
                                         findings solving some of the major
                                                                                       and international contributions and
Over his career, Dr. Hammond has         mysteries surrounding the transmission
                                                                                       leadership with the 2019 CACMID
made significant contributions to the    and spread of AIDS. It has been called
                                                                                       John G. FitzGerald Outstanding
fields of diagnostic and clinical        the most important research site in
                                                                                       Microbiologist Award.
microbiology and provided outstanding    the developing world for HIV/AIDS
leadership in many areas including       resulting in more than 700 abstracts          Presenting the award:
vaccine policy, pandemic preparedness,   and publications. After he retired            Carmen Charlton
                                                                                       President, CACMID
HIV testing protocols and blood          from the university, Dr. Ronald and his
product safety.                          wife continued to serve the global
Presenting the award:
Todd Hatchette
President, AMMI Canada
Merit and Association Awards Presentations
Canadian College of Microbiologists         Canadian Foundation for Infectious        Canadian Foundation for Infectious          Dr. Lindsay E. Nicolle Editorial Award
(CCM) Distinguished Microbiologist          Diseases (CFID) Dr. Juan A. Embil         Diseases (CFID) Summer Student              This award is given to an individual
Award                                       Award for Excellence in Infectious        Research Awards                             who has made a significant
The Canadian College of                     Diseases Research                         The CFID Summer Student Research
                                                                                                                                  contribution to infectious diseases
Microbiologists (CCM) Distinguished                                                                                               and medical microbiology as
                                            This award, in memory of Dr. Juan         Awards were established to attract
Microbiologist Award is given to                                                                                                  demonstrated by the impact of their
                                            Embil, is in recognition of research      bright young minds with outstanding
members of the Canadian College of                                                                                                original research published in the
                                            excellence in Infectious Diseases         academic records to the field of
Microbiologists in recognition of                                                                                                 Journal of the Association of Medical
                                            through a published manuscript by a       infectious diseases, microbiology,
outstanding professional contributions                                                                                            Microbiology and Infectious Disease
                                            trainee enrolled in a 2-year Infectious   and infection control; and to fulfill the
to the field of microbiology in Canada                                                                                            Canada (JAMMI). It is given annually
                                            Diseases training program at a            CFID mission of supporting research
in the areas of research, teaching and                                                                                            in honour of Dr. Lindsay E. Nicolle,
                                            Canadian university or within one         in infectious diseases.
involvement in the Canadian College                                                                                               who pioneered AMMI Canada’s
                                            year of completing this training in       Urvi Rai (University of Alberta)            journalistic endeavours.
of Microbiologists. The recipient of        Infectious Diseases. Dr. Ling Kong is     for her project entitled “Putative
the award this year is Dr. Muhammad         the 2019 recipient of this award for                                                  The award is presented to Dr. Andrew
                                                                                      neuroprotective agents for cerebral
Morshed, Clinical Microbiologist, British   his manuscript published in Clinical                                                  Morris, for the publication entitled
                                                                                      malaria” under the supervision of
Columbia Centre for Disease Control.        Infectious Diseases in 2019, and                                                      “Mandatory infectious diseases
                                                                                      Dr. Michael Hawkes.
Presenting the award:                       entitled “Clostridium difficile:                                                      consultation leads to improved
Christie Vermeiren                                                                    Presenting the award:                       process measure adherence in the
                                            Investigating transmission patterns
President Elect, CCM                                                                  Coleman Rotstein                            management of Staphylococcus
                                            between infected and colonized            Chair, CFID Awards Committee
                                            patients using whole genome                                                           aureus bacteremia: A multicentre,
Canadian Foundation for Infectious          sequencing” Dr. Kong was                                                              quasi-control study”.
Diseases (CFID) Dr. John M. Embil           supervised by Dr. Vivian Loo.             AMMI Canada Medical Student                 Presenting the award
Mentorship Award in Infectious              Presenting the award:
                                                                                      Research Awards                             Todd Hatchette
                                                                                                                                  President, AMMI Canada
                                            Coleman Rotstein                          The goal of this award is to provide
Dr. Yoav Keynan, Associate Professor
                                            Chair, CFID Awards Committee              support for medical students who are
of Internal Medicine (Section of                                                      interested in research in infectious
Infectious Diseases and Microbiology)                                                 diseases and microbiology who are
at the University of Manitoba, is the                                                 supervised by an AMMI Canada
recipient of the Dr. John Embil                                                       member.
Mentorship Award for 2019. This                                                       Kathleen Simms (University of
award celebrates the commitment                                                       Toronto) for her project entitled
of a member of the Association of                                                     “Intermittent carriage of antibiotic
Medical Microbiology and Infectious                                                   resistant organisms and enteric
Disease Canada for mentoring                                                          pathogens among healthy fecal
trainees in Infectious Diseases.                                                      microbiota transplant stool
Presenting the award:                                                                 donors” under the supervision
Coleman Rotstein                                                                      of Dr. Susan Poutanen.
Chair, CFID Awards Committee
                                                                                      Presenting the award:
                                                                                      Coleman Rotstein
                                                                                      Chair, CFID Awards Committee
Poster and Research                                                                                                                                           15
Awards Presentations
Date:             Saturday, April 6       Masters of Ceremony:
Time:             09:00 – 09:20           Sarah Forgie (Edmonton, AB)              POSTER AND ORAL AWARDS WILL BE PRESENTED TO THE
Room:             Provinces Ballroom      Tanis Dingle (Edmonton, AB)              SIX BEST PRESENTATIONS BY STUDENTS/ TRAINEES.

AMMI Canada Medical Student               demonstrated by publication of an        Association of Medical Microbiology     Canadian College of Microbiologists
Research Awards                           original research article on a topic     and Infectious Disease (AMMI)           (CCM) Poster Award
                                          within the disciplines of infectious
The goal of this award is to provide
                                          diseases or medical microbiology.
                                                                                   Canada Poster Award                     Presenting the award:
support for medical students who are                                               Presenting the award:                   Christie Vermeiren
                                          Dr. Ling Kong is the 2019 recipient of
interested in research in infectious                                               Todd Hatchette
                                                                                                                           President Elect, CCM
                                          this award for her manuscript titled,
diseases and microbiology who are                                                  President, AMMI Canada
                                          “Clostridium difficile: Investigating
supervised by an AMMI Canada
                                          Transmission Patterns Between                                                    Canadian College of Microbiologists
                                          Infected and Colonized Patients          Canadian Association for Clinical Mi-   (CCM) Dr. Kenneth Rozee Memorial
Dalton Budhram (University of             Using Whole Genome Sequencing”           crobiology and Infectious Diseases      Poster Award
Toronto) for his project entitled
“Screening and comprehensive
                                          Presenting the award:                    (CACMID) Student Oral Presentation      Presenting the award:
infection prevention for antimicrobial-
                                          Todd Hatchette
                                          President, AMMI Canada
                                                                                   Award                                   Christie Vermeiren
                                                                                                                           President Elect, CCM
resistant organisms in high risk                                                   Presenting the award:
patients in long-term care facilities:                                             Carmen Charlton
A cost-effective analysis” under the
                                          AMMI Canada Young Investigator           President, CACMID                       Dr. Susan King Paediatric
supervision of Dr. Beate Sander and       Award                                                                            Abstract Award
co-supervised by Dr. Samir Patel.         This award recognizes a promising        Canadian Association for Clinical       This award is given annually to the
Presenting the award:                     young investigator who has already       Microbiology and Infectious Diseases    best abstract by a trainee on a
                                          made a substantial contribution to
Susan Richardson
                                          research in the fields of Infectious
                                                                                   (CACMID) Poster Award                   paediatric topic. It is presented in
President, CFID                                                                                                            honour of Dr. Susan King. Funds for
                                          Diseases or Medical Microbiology.        Presenting the award:                   this award are generously provided
AMMI Canada Trainee Research              The receipient of this year’s award is   Carmen Charlton
                                                                                   President, CACMID
                                                                                                                           by the PICNIC team and the Hospital
                                          Dr. Kevin Schwartz.
Award                                                                                                                      for Sick Children (Division of
                                          Presenting the award:                                                            Infectious Diseases). The recipient of
This award is given to a trainee to
                                          Todd Hatchette                           Canadian Association for Clinical       the award this year is Dr. Qaasim
promote scholarship and scientific        President, AMMI Canada                   Microbiology and Infectious             Mian for their abstract (SP37) titled,
excellence among trainees. It is
awarded for excellence in primary                                                  Diseases (CACMID) Technologist          “A Point-of-Care Diagnostic Tool to
                                                                                                                           Replace Chest X-Ray for the
research conducted during their                                                    Poster Award                            Diagnosis of Childhood Pneumonia”.
infectious diseases or medical                                                     Presenting the award:
microbiology training, and                                                                                                 Presenting the award:
                                                                                   Carmen Charlton                         Joan Robinson
                                                                                   President, CACMID
                                                                                                                           Chair, PICNIC
PROGRAM                                                                                                                                                                             16
Wednesday, April 3                                                                        12:30 – 17:00                                16:00 – 17:00
                                                                                                                                       Work-Life Balance/ Mindfulness/ Wellness
                                                                                          Trainees’ Day
                                                                                          Room: Les Saisons                            16:00 – 16:30
                                                                                                                                       Work-Life Balance – A Clinician/ Researcher/
07:30 – 12:00                              • Anticipate future evolution of genomics      12:30 – 13:00        Registration            Supervisor/ Dad/ Husband/ Son/
                                             technology (microbiome, metagenomics,
CCM Workshop:                                etc.) and their implications for clinical
                                                                                          13:00 – 14:00                                Outdoorsman/ Canoeist’s Perspective
Next-Generation Sequencing                                                                What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming Staff     Speaker: Cédric P. Yansouni (Montréal, QC)
                                             practice and public health decision-making   Moderator: Vincent Deslandes (Ottawa, ON)    Objectives:
(NGS) in Clinical Microbiology             10:00 – 11:00                                  Speakers: Paul Bonnar (Halifax, NS)         By the end of this session, participants should
Room: Les Saisons                          Genomics in the Reference Microbiology                      Kristen Brown (Calgary, AB)     be able to:
                                           Laboratory: What can Tuberculosis (TB)         Objectives:                                  • Describe the coexistence of work and family
07:30 – 08:00
                                           Teach Us?                                      By the end of this session, participants       life and reflect on what the concept of
Breakfast & Registration                                                                                                                 “work-life balance” means
                                           Speaker:                                       should be able to:
08:00 – 09:00                              Jennifer Gardy (Vancouver, BC)                 • Identify tools that can help in            • Recognize how to assess one’s own
Application of NGS in the Clinical and                                                                                                   work-life balance
                                           Objectives:                                      obtaining a desired staff position
Public Health Microbiology Laboratory                                                                                                  • List common obstacles to achieving
                                           By the end of this session, participants       • Assemble tips for the first few              work-life balance
                                           should be able to:                               years of practice
Christie Vermeiren (Toronto, ON)                                                                                                       • Identify resources to address work-life balance
Speaker:                                   • Describe how genomics has been               • Construct a CV                             16:30 – 17:00
Muhammad Morshed (Vancouver, BC)             used to improve tuberculosis                 • Practice contract negotiation skills       Work-Life Balance – An Academic ID/
                                             diagnostics, antibiotic prescribing,         14:00 – 14:45                                Micro-Mom/ Wife/ Daughter/ Backpacker/
Objectives:                                                                                                                            Canoeist/ Biker/ Runner’s Perspective
                                             and molecular epidemiology                   Preparing for the Royal College
By the end of this session, participants                                                                                               Speaker: Susan M. Poutanen (Toronto, ON)
should be able to:                         • Recognize how future improvements            Exam (Infectious Diseases &
                                                                                          Medical Microbiology)                        Objectives:
                                             in genomic and bioinformatics                                                             By the end of this session, participants should
• Cite different NGS technologies                                                         Speaker: Jamil N. Kanji (Edmonton, AB)
                                             technologies may impact TB genomics                                                       be able to:
  and their applications
                                             in the clinical laboratory                   Objectives:                                  • To describe the work-life balance of an
• Recognize how NGS can be used                                                           By the end of this session, participants
                                           • Articulate the challenges that using                                                        academic ID/ Micro trained physician (who is
  in clinical microbiology laboratory                                                     should be able to:                             also a Mom/ Wife/ Daughter/ Backpacker/
                                             genomics in a clinical laboratory
• Describe application of NGS in             setting presents                             • Identify important steps in developing a     Canoeist/ Biker/ Runner)
  understanding outbreaks caused                                                            mindset geared towards exam preparation    • Recognize the signs and symptoms of
                                           11:00 – 12:00                                                                                 “physician burnout”
  by viruses                                                                              • Develop a streamlined approach to
                                           Group Discussion – Other Applications
09:00 – 10:00                                                                               Royal College exam preparation             • List strategies to overcome/ cope with stress
                                           of NGS, Pitfalls, and Solutions
Foodborne Disease Prevention                                                              • Identify and develop a systematic          • Identify resources to address work-life balance
                                           Objectives:                                      approach to responding to different
and Control in the Genomics Era:                                                                                                       13:00 – 17:00
                                           By the end of this session, participants         styles of questions
Promise and Practice                                                                                                                   Canadian Public Health Laboratory
                                           should be able to:
Speaker:                                                                                  14:45 – 15:00        Break                   Network (CPHLN) Meeting
Celine Nadon (Winnipeg, MB)                • Explore other potential applications         15:00 – 16:00                                Room: Birch
Objectives:                                • Learn from participant experiences           Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature
                                                                                          and Avoiding Common Pitfalls in              14:00 – 16:00 CCM Board Meeting
By the end of this session, participants   • Identify challenges and solutions                                                         Room: New Brunswick
should be able to:                                                                        Scientific Articles
                                                                                          Speaker: Bill Cameron (Ottawa, ON)           17:00 – 18:00 Trainees’ Day Reception
• Compare and contrast the laboratory-                                                                                                 Room: Daly’s Restaurant 3rd Floor
                                           08:30 – 17:00                                  Objectives:
  based surveillance landscape in
                                           Canadian Lyme disease Research                 By the end of this session, participants     18:00 – 21:00 CACMID Board Meeting
  Canada with international benchmarks,
                                           Netwrok (CLyDRN)                               should be able to:                           Room: New Brunswick
  with particular focus on genomics
  implementation                           Room: Ontario                                  • Critically appraise research reportage
                                                                                                                                       18:00 – 21:00
                                                                                            for validity and risk of bias
• Summarize the benefits and challenges                                                                                                AMMI Canada Education/Continuing
                                                                                          • Evaluate and recognize good examples       Professional Development Committee
  of utilizing whole genome sequencing                                                      of valid research reportage
  as the basis for both diagnostic tests                                                                                               Meeting
  and population level public health                                                      • Recognize and criticize common errors      Room: Saskatchewan
                                                                                            and biases in research
PROGRAM                                                                                                                                                                                                            17
Thursday, April 4                          10:20 – 11:00
                                           High Consequence Infectious Disease
                                                                                                      Detection of Pneumocystis jirovecii
                                                                                                                                                              11:15 – 12:30
                                                                                                                                                              Oral Presentations – Session B
                                                                                                                                                              Room: Governor General Ballroom II
07:15 – 08:45                              Outbreaks: Real Time Sequencing and                        with qPCR to Differentiate Between
AMMI Canada AGM and                        Molecular Epidemiology                                     Colonization and Pneumonia                              Moderator:
Sections Meeting                           Speaker:                                                                                                           Samira Mubareka (Toronto, ON)
                                           Miles Carroll (Salisbury, UK)                              A Hadzic1, P Jayaratne1,2, D Leto3,2, M Smieja1,2,
Room: Governor General Ballroom III
                                                                                                      D Yamamura1,2                                               B01
                                           Objectives:                                                1
                                                                                                        McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada,
09:00 – 11:00                              By the end of this session, participants                   2
                                                                                                       Hamilton Regional Laboratory Medicine
Plenary: Tropical Medicine                 should be able to:                                         Program, Hamilton, ON, Canada, 3McMaster                    B02
Room: Provinces Ballroom                   • Recognize the importance of diagnostics                  University , Hamilton, ON, Canada
                                                                                                                                                              Evaluation of Five Commercial Nucleic
Moderators:                                  during infectious disease outbreaks                          A03                                                 Acid Tests for Bacterial Gastroenteritis
Robert Kozak (Toronto, ON) and             • Apply real time sequencing during                        Novel Metabolomics Approach for the                     in Alberta, Canada
Yoko Schreiber (Sioux Lookout, ON)           outbreaks in resource limited settings                   Diagnosis of Respiratory Viruses Directly               BM Berenger1,2,3, L Chui1,4, C Ferrato1, T Lloyd2,
09:00 – 09:40                              • Appreciate the contribution of molecular                 from Nasopharyngeal Specimens                           DR Pillai2,3
Innovative Vaccines and                      epidemiology to ID outbreak control                      CA Hogan1,2, AT Le1,3, TM Cowan1,3, BA Pinsky1,2        1
                                                                                                                                                               Alberta Provincial Laboratory for Public Health,
Immunotherapeutics to Reinforce Trust                                                                                                                         Calgary, AB, Canada, 2Calgary Laboratory
                                                                                                       Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford,
in Infectious Disease Intervention                                                                    CA, USA, 2Stanford Clinical Virology Laboratory,        Services, Calgary, AB, Canada, 3Department of
Speaker:                                   11:15 – 12:30                                              Palo Alto, CA, USA, 3Stanford Biochemical               Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University
Gary Kobinger (Québec, QC)                 Oral Presentations – Session A                             Genetics Laboratory, Palo Alto, CA, USA                 of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada, 4Department of
                                           Room: Governor General Ballroom I                                                                                  Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of
Objectives:                                                                                               A04                                                 Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
By the end of this session, participants   Moderator:
should be able to:                         Simon Dufresne (Montréal, QC)                              Applying a Next-generation Sequencing                       B03
                                                                                                      Pipeline in a Clinical Microbiology
• Discuss the current progression                                                                     Laboratory for Surveillance and Outbreak                Comparison of Prevalence of Pathogenic
  of immunotherapeutics against                                                                       Investigations: Defining the Genomic                    Protozoa in Stool Samples Using Molecular
  infectious diseases                      Epidemiology of Clostridioides difficile                                                                           Testing Compared to Traditional Microscopy
                                                                                                      Epidemiology of Klebsiella aerogenes
                                           Infection in Canada: A six-year Review of
• Capture the main challenges associated                                                              and Identifying Determinants of                         H Almohri, D Lungrin, D James, D Leto, V Tran
                                           Provincial Surveillance Data
  with the development of novel vaccines                                                              Carbapenem Resistance and Virulence                     LifeLabs Medical Laboratories, Toronto, ON, Canada
                                           Y Xia1, M Tunis2, C Frenette3, K Katz4, K Amaratunga2,5,
• Recognize the basic regulatory                                                                      A Malek1, K McGlynn1, S Taffner1, L Fine2, B Tesini3,       B04
                                           S Rhodenizer-Rose6, A House2, C Quach7,8
  requirements to licensure for vaccines                                                              J Wang1, H Mostafa1, S Petry1, A Perkins1,
                                             McGill University, Montréal, QC, Canada,                                                                         Molecular Detection Of Non-O157 Shiga
  and immunotherapeutics                   2
                                            Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa, ON,
                                                                                                      P Graman3, D Hardy1,4, N Pecora1
                                                                                                                                                              Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC)
09:40 – 10:20                              Canada, 3McGill University Health Centre, Montréal,
                                                                                                       Department of Pathology and Laboratory                 Directly From Stool Using Real-time
                                           QC, Canada, 4North York General Hospital,                  Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center,       Multiplex PCR Assays
Clinical Update in Tropical Medicine                                                                  New York, NY, USA, 2Infection Prevention Program,
Speaker:                                   Toronto, ON, Canada, 5University of Ottawa,
                                           Ottawa, ON, Canada, 6Infection Prevention and              University of Rochester Medical Center, New York,       M Bording Jorgensen1, J Szelewicki1, B Parsons1,
Isaac I. Bogoch (Toronto, ON)                                                                         NY, USA, 3Department of Medicine, Infectious            C Lloyd1, L Chui1,2
                                           Control (IPAC) Canada, Halifax, NS, Canada,
Objectives:                                7
                                             University of Montréal, Montréal, QC, Canada,            Diseases Division, University of Rochester              1
                                                                                                                                                               Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology,
                                                                                                      Medical Center, New York, NY, USA, 4Department
By the end of this session, participants   8
                                            CHU Sainte-Justine, Montréal, QC, Canada                                                                          University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada,
                                                                                                      of Microbiology and Immunology, University of
should be able to:                                                                                    Rochester Medical Center, New York, NY, USA
                                                                                                                                                               Provincial Laboratory for Public Health-Alberta
                                                                                                                                                              Public Laboratories, Edmonton, AB, Canada
• Review new therapeutic options for                                                                      A05
  select Tropical Infectious Diseases
                                                                                                      Investigation of the Presence and
• Identify new diagnostic approaches                                                                  Impact of Environmentally-Adapted
  for Tropical Infectious Diseases                                                                    Escherichia coli in Private Well Water
• Describe new insights into Tropical                                                                 in Southeastern Ontario
  Disease epidemiology and relate this                                                                E Tropea1, M Kelly1, S Brown1, A Majury1,2
  to disease transmission
                                                                                                      Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada,

                                                                                                      Public Health Ontario, Kingston, ON, Canada
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