Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas

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Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas
finishing touches
Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas

                                                            dining furniture options                                                         4-7

                                                            bar options                                                                         7

                                                            nimbus & kung tents                                                                 8
                       FOR CONSIDERING US!
                                                            catering tents, joiners & wall extensions                                           9
Once you have decide to host an event in one of our
tents, the fun can really start in tailoring your event     chill out zone                                                                    11
space to your exact requirements. This brochure is
designed to help you plan all the furnishings, interiors    get on your dancing shoes!                                                   12 - 13
and extras to make your event spectacular…. Our team
are very well versed in what works in the different tents   fire pits                                                                         14
and can help and advise you whenever you need us.
                                                            lighting                                                                     15 - 20
All these decisions can be made over time, so take
your time and do not feel pressured into deciding. It       extras                                                                        21-22
is entirely normal for people to make changes to their
booking as time passes. However, many items are             toilets, power & heating                                                          23
unique or handmade, so we cannot always guarantee
availability. If there is something you want please tell    event coordination & on site support                                              23
us so we can allocate it to you to avoid disappointment.

We have an endless bank of photos from previous events
we can share with you if you are struggling to imagine
how things will look. We also host two showcases every
year for you to come and see everything in all its glory.

                                Jenna Ackerley
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Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas
Dining Furniture
                                           dining furniture options
                                           The main choice here is whether to go rustic or elegant.

    rustic or elegant?

                                           The tables can be butted together to make long school hall style dining or into a square
                                           for more social sharing platter style dinners.

                                           chairs, benches or both?
                                           You can opt for our handmade wooden tables and benches                               or
                                           (adding in or swapping for chairs as needed)


                                                                                                                                         p skin
                                                                                                                                   h e e
                                                                                                                             uO r S Rugs
                                              our rustic tables can
                                              be used outside too!

                                           Sheepskin rugs give an extra “wow” to the benches, and make them extra comfy
                                           during longer meals.
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Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas
If you prefer an elegant round
table with crisp linen these too                                                       bar options
look stunning in both the tipis                                                        We have a variety of hand crafted bars, made by our team’s fair hands. Our versatile
and the sailcloth tents. Your                                                          straight bars...
caterer will hire in the linen for
you along with crockery etc..

                                                                                       Our beautiful copper bar, our rustic
                                                                                       round bar and our grand party bar.
                                                                                       Perfect for around a sailcloth tent main
                                                                                       pole, or right in the middle of a tipi!
                                                                                       The bars all come with internal shelves
                                                                                       and the round bars have space for
                                         our selection of chairs                       fridges, equipment can all be fitted
                                                                                       around them perfectly.
                                         available in a range of
                                                                                       If your budget wont stretch to a bar,
                                         colours & styles                              then a rustic table can also function
                                         Get in touch to find out more about our       very well for drinks service, as well as for
                                         chair options and prices.                     gift tables, food service areas etc.

                                                                                       don’t let your guests
                                                                                       go thirsty...
                                                                                       Get in touch to find out more about our
         A           B           C   D           E          F          G           H   range of bar options and prices.

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Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas
nimbus & kung tents                                                                          catering tents, joiners & wall
We have two types of smaller tipis which can be added to create an additional space for
bands, bars, food service or just general shelter. The Nimbus canopy is an open mini tipi,
5.5 metres diameter which is perfect as a bandstand, food area or smoking area, the
                                                                                             We can supply white and tan catering tents to fit
second is the larger Kung, which can be linked onto the main tipis or used separately
                                                                                             with both sailcloth and tipi events. These come
for a chill out tent or bar area. The kung links on as an anti-
                                                                                             supplied with flooring, lighting and trestle tables
room from the main tipis and transforms
                                                                                             for your caterers. Different sizes can be arranged
the main space.
                                                                                             dependant on your needs and we are happy to
                                                                                             liaise directly with your caterers to ensure their
                                                                                             needs are met.

                                                                       Our NTiipmi b
                                                                                             Our catering tents can also be used to house your
                                                                                             bar, or as a lower budget chill out area, where space
                                                                                             is tight. We can swap the strip lighting for festoon
                                                                                             lighting to make it look beautifully inviting.

                                                                                             In summer months we would set up the catering
                                                                                             tent immediately next to the tipis or sailcloth tents,
                                                                                             for easy access by service staff. For winter events
                                                                                             we can also supply a catering tent joiner to attach
                                                                                             the catering tent to the tipis without losing heat.

                                                                                             The tipis can be extended using a
                                                                                             wall extension system to
                                                                                             create a recess for bars, bands, or just some extra
                                                                                             dining space. We can also add wooden
                                                                                             doors to this system for cosy winter events.

Our Kung tents have also been used for communal sleeping areas, yoga retreats and
           beauty treatments as well as extensions to main party spaces.
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Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas
chill out zone
                                                                                      Whether or not you have opted for a Nimbus or Kung (page 8), you can add
                                                                                      beautiful warm vintage chill out furniture to your booking to create a space for
                                                                                      guests to relax. Ideally situated near the bar, our packs include chesterfield sofas,
                                                                                      handmade wooden sofas, arm chairs, coffee tables, box seats, rugs,
                                                                                      occasional chairs and scatter cushions. A pack will provide
                                                                                      relaxed seating for 18 people, but smaller or larger
                                                                                      packs can be arranged.

     top table
     modesty boardys”
       with handprinted “you & me

Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas
get your dancing shoes on!
     We can supply Wooden Dance Floors
             with aluminium trim to create a dancing space
                within your tents.

                                                             Bands and DJ’s can set up alongside, or you can
                                                             add a stage to create more of a spectacle…

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Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas
fire pits
Our tipis can have beautiful hand crafted fire pits inside to create a warm cosy
atmosphere to your event space. Our fire pits come with smokeless logs, fire lighters and
a fire extinguisher. In peak months, when its too hot to have them inside or for sailcloth
                                                                                             tent lighting
tent events, the fire pits work equally well outside as iconic congregation spaces - just
                                                                                                             so   st ri ki n g yo u d o not need
add your own hay bales and marshmallows for the complete wow factor!
                                                                                             Our tents are
                                                                                                      lig h ti n g to    m  a ke a big impact!

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Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas
For the tipis, we recommend a       chandelier              over dining areas, and a       festoon lights                  added around the rim of the tipis or in trees creates a
mirror ball              over the dance floor. The addition of fairy lights swathed down   beautiful effect outside the tents. You can add shepherd hooks with
the main poles, or as a canopy adds real magic.                                            lanterns for a dramatic entrance. Fairy lights, festoons or up-lighters can also be used
                                                                                           outside to light up trees, buildings, car parks and glamping areas etc.

                                                light up
                                        danc                    the
                                                       e f lo
                                        with on
                                        balls f e o f our stu
                                                or the p          n
                                                          erfect fi ing mirror
                                                                   rst dan

                                                                                                                                                           d H o o k

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Finishing touches - Events Under Canvas
In the sailcloth tents we love up-lighters on the main
poles which throw light up into the canopy above, then swathes of festoons or fairy
lights coming from the poles to the sides.

                               Bal rror

                                                                                       hter le
                                                                                   -lig Po



                                                                                                                  ting n
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If you are having a vintage themed wedding then our Vintage “Just Married Bicycle is a
lovely finishing touch, which can be filled with fresh flowers, brollies or favours.

                                                                                             create a striking focal point
                                                                                             inside or out with our giant
                                                                                                 lit up letters spelling
                                                                                              LOVE or DANCE

Our cake tables are hand-crafted using a slice through a large tree trunk. They work
beautifully in both tipis and sailcloth tents to showcase your cake, cheese or guest book!

                                                                                                                                                 dj boo

                                                                                                                                      for the kids...
                                                                                                                                           dining / play table
                                                                                                                                                  & highchair

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toilets, power & heating
                                                                                                                                                    We can arrange luxury toilets
                                                                                                                                                    and power for your events
                                                                                                                                                    from our trusted suppliers,
                                                                                                                                                    coordinate       delivery    and
                                                                                                                                                    collection, taking all the hassle
                                                                                                                                                    out of the planning of these
                                                We have aged whiskey
                                                                                                                                                    from you. Toilets will be the
                                                                                                                                                    luxury trailer kind, which come
          Braziers come                         barrels which can be                                                                                with separate female and
         with logs, fire lighters and         added as standing drinks tables, a                                                                    male entrances, hand washing
                extinguisher.                  guest book station or cake table                                                                     area and cubicles, toiletries
                                                                                                                                                    and toilet roll.

                                                                                   If you have a mains power
                                                                                   supply nearby (within 20
                                                                                   metres), then we can hook
                                                                                   up to this for all our lighting.
                                                                                   Bands, discos and toilets do
                                                                                   not usually require more than
                                                                                   a household supply. However,
                                                                                   if your caterers require a lot of
                                                                                   electric or your tents will be far
                                                                                   from a power supply we can
                                                                                   arrange a generator, with full
       This lovely Verandah                                                        set up and enough fuel for
     Pack, compliments a sailcloth                 Create a special entrance       your event.
        or stretch tent perfectly, and             with our walkway
      includes rattan seating for eight,        package. Includes our
     coffee tables, half barrels, matting
        and festoon lights on hooks.
                                               woven matting, shepherd hooks
                                                    and festoon lights.
                                                                                   event coordination & on site support
                                                                                   Our helpful, professional and knowledgeable
                                                                                   team can assist you leading up to, or on your
                                                                                   event, helping you plan your day, greet guests
                                            Use these wooden         cable         and suppliers. We can also arrange for one of
                                            reels       on their own for low       our crew to be onsite to light and maintain
                                            tables surrounded by hay bales, or     fire pits and be a general practical contact
                                            doubled up as high standing tables.    throughout your event. Please speak to us for
                                                                                   details and pricing of both these options.

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by the tracks we leave.





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