FIRE ON WHEELS GAMES 2019 - PSL Cycling Club

FIRE ON WHEELS GAMES 2019 - PSL Cycling Club

                          A General overview of the Games Structure –
                          a typical International High-Performance
                          Cycling event hosted by the Board of
                          Directors of the PSL Cycling Club/PSL Fire On
                          Wheels Organizing Committee.

                          PSL Cycling Club of Trinidad & Tobago
                          Fire On Wheels Games 2019

GAMES 2019

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

Executive Overview: Our Vision and Motivation

Promise of Excellence

The PSL Fire On Wheels is more than just an event or competition – It is a promise;

A promise to all that we are committed to ensuring that the PSL Fire On Wheels experience is

unparalleled. From the moment you begin arranging your travel, to your first steps off the

airplane in Trinidad, to the time when your flight home takes to the air, the PSL Fire On Wheels

team is committed to providing superior service, hospitality and convenience. Our focus is on

ensuring that all athletes have the best possible opportunity to excel in, and enjoy, the PSL Fire

On Wheels. The best way for us to meet this goal is to allow all athletes to focus on the “margin

of victory” – the difference that puts competitors on the podium, the difference that makes world

class champions.

That difference should be talent, dedication, preparation and inspiration. It should be discipline,

coaching and sacrifice. But in the world of High-Performance Sport, the margin of victory can

often depend on other things, like whether or not a competitor has a comfortable night’s sleep,

familiar food, supportive crowds or a simple trip from the PSL Fire On Wheels’ accommodation

to the sport venue. The margin of victory should live in the competition of athlete against athlete,

not in the logistics, conditions and circumstances of the Games.

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

Those aspects of the Games, those behind-the-scenes elements, can be the difference between

disappointment and achievement, between frustration and the podium, between a setback and a

stepping stone.

The PSL Fire On Wheels will ensure that the margin of victory – the margin of

excellence – is exactly where it should be – in the performance of your athletes. The PSL Fire

On Wheels Games 2019 team will take care of all the details so your athletes can take care of the


The Athletes

Our first goal in hosting the PSL Fire On Wheels is to help all athletes achieve their competitive

goals and to help them to meet and exceed the standards set. The PSL Fire On Wheels will be

about the athletes. Our goal is to get your team to the Games more affordably, comfortably and

efficiently by offering the most direct travel options, and expedited accreditation.

Our goal is to minimize bureaucracy while maximizing safety, security, convenience and

comfort. It is to meet athletes’ needs and anticipate their preferences. We will also help prepare

them for success by inviting them to train in Trinidad with other athletes for up to six weeks in

the time leading up to the 2019 Games. We will ensure that athletes are able to focus on two

things while they are in Trinidad: competing to the best of their abilities, and enjoying their Fire

On Wheels experience.

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

The Coaches and Team Officials

Your coaches and team officials are as much a part of the PSL Fire On Wheels plans as your

athletes. Every coach and official will have the benefits of the same enhanced travel,

accreditation and customs/immigration processes as the athletes, processes designed for the

greatest convenience and ease. In Trinidad, your coaches and team officials will enjoy the

comfort of the user-friendly PSL Fire On Wheels accommodations, with all the conveniences,

amenities and security of a high performance games village. Before the Games, we will offer

innovative programs designed to help prepare your coaches and teams for success. During the

Games, we will enhance the access coaches and officials have to the equipment, facilities and

expertise that will maximize their ability to help your athletes excel. We understand that even in

individual sport, victory is a team achievement.

The Venue

Trinidad and Tobago, despite being a small nation, is blessed with world-class sporting facilities

in various disciplines. Although last year, Fire On Wheels 2019 was hosted at the magnificent

National Cycling Centre in Balmain, Couva. This year, cyclists and patrons will experience the

500m outdoor cycling track at the Arima Velodrome. This venue has been the home of cycling

for decades and has hosted some of the best riders the world over. It is the ideal setting for a total

experience: international quality in a Caribbean setting. One can see the clear blue skies with

lush green trees and colourful shrubbery, interspersed with the many coloured birds, all from the

comfort of your stadium seat.

The organizers of this year’s event are the same who had such magnificent success last year, so

much so that the event is now a full UCI Class 1, the first full Class 1 card ever in the Caribbean.

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

The National Governing Body and the Olympic Committee

The same way PSL Fire On Wheels supports the goals of individual athletes, support staff and

NGB’s, we will support the mission and vision of PSL. With the market size, financial base,

media infrastructure and strategic capacity to attract resources, sell tickets, involve sponsors and

extend the broadcast and media reach of the Games, PSL Fire On Wheels will build the brand,

profile and reach of the Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation (TTCF). Collaboration with

this governing body is considered to be crucial for the successful outcome of the event. They

possess the institutional knowledge and experience to influence the reality this concept has


This event serves as an Olympic qualifier, therefore it is imperative that the quality is that

expected for this standard of competition be adhered to. The Trinidad and Tobago Olympic

Committee (TTOC) has been a worthy partner and has been rendering assistance where needed.

We were grateful for the assistance given in the successful 2018 edition, and look forward for

continued collaboration.

Our Motivation

PSL Fire On Wheels is focused on serving the needs of your team, but we also recognize that we

have a great deal to gain from the privilege of hosting the Games. Everything from our sport

infrastructure to our economy, and from our youth to our high-performance athletes will benefit

from the PSL Fire On Wheels. Arima, for all of its assets and advantages, has a number of

distinct needs and opportunities that the PSL Fire On Wheels will address. While the town

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

already has a number of world-class professional sport venues ready to play key roles, Arima and

its surrounding area face significant infrastructure needs for amateur sport and training. In

Trinidad’s most easterly borough, meeting the needs of our country’s greatest concentration of

high performance and recreational facilities requires a significant investment in training and

competition opportunities. PSL Fire On Wheels will help address that need.

The event will energize programmes that support physical activity and healthy living, it will

inspire our children and youth, and will create local heroes. The Games will also open the door

for more young Trinidadians to pursue their local, regional and Olympic dreams by putting

facilities, coaching, sport-science and an intensified competitive culture on the doorsteps of more

future champions and record holders. Arima already has in place a number of economic,

environmental, social and service strategies that align perfectly with hosting an event the size,

scope and profile of the PSL Fire On Wheels.

The PSL Fire On Wheels will leverage and magnify investments in everything from economic

opportunity to public transportation, and from environmental remediation to affordable housing.

The Games will help redefine and invigorate the town of Arima, the East/West Corridor, and the

Arima Borough Corporation.


Creating New Opportunities for Athletes and NGB’s

The conditions, experience, talent pool and market area of Arima and its surrounding region,

along with the Arima 2019 International pre-Games legacy plan, will provide a springboard for

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

all cyclists to achieve new levels of Games preparedness and competitive excellence. Last year, a

‘Community Ride’ was staged by the PSL Cycling Club one week before the PSL Fire On

Wheels 2018 in Couva, the then games venue. This event attracted riders from throughout

Trinidad and Tobago who rode through Couva, Pt. Lisas, Calcutta No.1 and No.2, Freeport, Mc.

Bean and Beaucareau. This created much awareness in the community, both for cycling and also

the main event. This year, it is the intention to promote a similar ride, this time in Arima and

environs. This should have the same result and continue to add to Games value.

Ideal Competitive and living Conditions

At PSL Fire On Wheels, athletes will compete in optimal conditions, giving them the best chance

to excel. Existing facility in the PSL Fire On Wheels venue plan (Arima Cycling Velodrome) is

proven and world-class.

This venue meets International Sport Federation (ISF) requirements and hence would enhance

the experience and facilitate the performances of the athletes.

The Metro Hotel, which will serve as the PSL Fire On Wheels Games Village, will meet

Olympic standards for comfort and convenience and will provide a service-oriented home-away-

from-home that is convenient and secure, vibrant and welcoming. Just as they did so efficiently

in 2018, top-class customer-service is assured again in 2019.

The PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019 is scheduled from June 1st to 2nd 2019 in Arima, and will

provide long, warm, sunny days and comfortable evenings with an average daytime temperature

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

of 29° C at a competition-ideal altitude of 20 metres. Athletes will compete in a clean and

healthy climate ideally suited for performance.

Welcoming, Safe Communities

Arima, officially The Royal Chartered Borough of Arima is the easternmost and second

largest in area of the three boroughs of Trinidad and Tobago. It is geographically adjacent to

Sangre Grande and Arouca at the southcentral foothills of the Northern Range. To the south is

the Caroni–Arena Dam, synonymous with Town of Arima since 1888, the borough of Arima is

the fourth-largest municipality in population in the country (after Port of Spain, Chaguanas and

San Fernando). The census estimated it had 33,606 residents in 2011.

In 1887, the town petitioned Queen Victoria for municipal status as part of her Golden Jubilee

celebration. This was granted in the following year, and Arima became a Royal Borough on 1

August 1888. Historically the third-largest town of Trinidad and Tobago, Arima is fourth since

Chaguanas became the largest town in the country.


The borough has a tropical wet and dry climate characterised with little seasonal variations due

to its close proximity to the Northern Range. Temperatures typically range from 19 to 33

degrees. The wet season lasts from June to November and the dry season lasts from December to

May of the following year. Hail has occurred in the town but is rare.

Culture and entertainment

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

Arima hosts an annual Borough Day anniversary celebration in August. The celebration

incorporates Carnival-style street parades and usually coincides with the staging of the Santa

Rosa Carib Community annual festival. The annual Arima Carnival includes street parades of

masqueraders on Carnival Tuesday, J'ouvert bands on Carnival Monday, as well as a local

calypso competition.

Highways and roads

The major land transportation arteries are the Churchill–Roosevelt Highway, Eastern Main Road

and the Priority Bus Route which all link Arima with major towns and cities along the East–West

Corridor metropolitan area. Among other important routes are the Arima Bypass, Cocorite

Street, Tumpuna Road and O'Meara Road which links neighbourhoods around the town to the

Town Center.


Arima plays an important role for north-eastern Trinidad as a multi-modal transportation hub for

many of the towns and neighbourhoods on the eastern side of the island. A bus terminal provides

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

service by the PTSC Bus network to Sangre Grande, Mundo Nuevo, Blanchisseuse, Carapo,

Malabar, Morne La Croix, La Horquetta, Brasso Seco and to the capital Port of Spain.

Maxi taxis (private, owner-operated minibuses) operate throughout Trinidad and Tobago as a

kind of semi-public transport. They operate along fixed routes, have fixed fares and meeting

points, but do not operate under a fixed schedule. These maxi taxis provide services from the

town center to Port of Spain via the Priority Bus Route and Churchill-Roosevelt Highway,

making stops along the East–West Corridor. They also provide transport to Sangre Grande.

The major national super-league team, FC Santa Rosa and Arima Football League, are based at

the Arima Velodrome.

Madonna Wheelers Cycling Club, Abilene Wildcats Athletic Club, Trinity College East

Athletics Club, Silver Bullets Athletic Club, D'Abadie Progressive Athletic Club, and Spartans

High Speed Performance Athletic Club are also based in Arima.

Most suburbs, communities and neighbourhoods around the Borough have their own sporting

complexes and community swimming pools.

The three (3) major sporting arenas in Arima are:

   •   The Larry Gomes Stadium

   •   Arima Velodrome

   •   Santa Rosa Race Track

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

   •   Asa Wright Nature Centre, located in Arima Valley, it has a nature walk and swimming

       at a freshwater pond.

   •   Santa Rosa Carib Centre, located on Paul Mitchell Road, off De Gannes Street in Arima,

       it contains items from Arima's native Carib history. It also has displays about Carib

       descendants in Arima. Native items are also available for purchase.

   •   Cleaver Woods, has nature walks and Amerindian exhibits.


Electric generation is handled by Powergen, while electrical distribution is handled by the

Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC). Powergen has natural gas fired

generation plants at Point Lisas, Penal, and Wrightson Road in Port of Spain. Additional power

can be supplied from power generation facilities controlled by Inncogen at Point Lisas.

Telecommunications are regulated by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and

Tobago (TATT). It has been working to break up the monopoly, granting several new licences in

2005 to new companies in the market. Fixed-line telephone service is a monopoly controlled by

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT). Licenses have been granted for

competition in this area, but start-up is a while away. Wireless telephony is controlled by TSTT

and bmobile, as well as Digicel, which came later. Digital cable television is provided by Flow.

High speed internet service of up to 100Mbit/s and digital landline telephone service are all

available in Arima.

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

Water and sewerage are under the purview of the Water and Sewerage Authority of Trinidad and

Tobago (WASA).


It is easy and convenient to get to Arima. Many countries have direct flights to and from

Trinidad’s modern Piarco International Airport, which is almost adjacent to Arima. The airport is

7.10 miles or 11.42 Km from Arima, ensuring that your teams and athletes will arrive with a

minimum of delay and the greatest of convenience. Teams from every country will have travel

options available that provide either convenient direct flights to Trinidad or connecting flights

through their preferred transfer location to ensure convenience at every step of the journey. Upon

arrival in Trinidad, a tested and streamlined immigration and customs service will move all

athletes, coaches and officials swiftly through the airport and then to the hotel or host

accommodations. PSL Fire On Wheels is also providing a travel advice on deals that will

provide real budget relief and allow increased investment in teams and preparation instead of


Organizational Excellence and Experience

Arima and its surrounding region are experienced hosts of a variety of international sporting and

cultural events. The Hampton Games was a fixture on the international sporting calendar for

many years and comfortably hosted at this stadium, bringing so many athletes and tourists to this

booming town. The Easter Cycling Grand Prix is still anticipated every year and hardly ever

disappoints. The experience of Fire On Wheels 2018 still lives on.

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

Transportation Services - Dedicated Cars and Drivers

Comprehensive and coordinated transportation services will be provided for the Fire On Wheels

family between the opening of the PSL Fire On Wheels and three days after the close of the

Games. All PSL Fire On Wheels officials, accredited athletes, team officials and technical

officials will be provided with safe, secure and reliable transportation services that ensure timely

delivery to and from all accommodations and Games venues. Our Games partners Metro Hotel,

and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affair will ensure that this necessity is taken care of.

Continuing to Build the Brand and Influence of the PSL Fire On Wheels.

The intention of the PSL Fire On Wheels is one of building legacies and making champions. PSL

Fire On Wheels is ready to add to the growing currency and relevance of the PSL Cycling Club

by implementing specific plans to further enhance the brand, reach and influence of the Games.

Building on the achievements at various competitions and our outstanding cyclists, thus putting

our movement in a strong position, taking what is already one of the leading sport properties in

the country and elevating it to the next phase of its evolution.

Guaranteed Financial Commitment

PSL Fire On Wheels 2019, has a $US.2M Games budget. PSL, the club sponsor, headed by Mr.

Desmond Roberts, has committed to being the Games’ deficit guarantor. Angostura Trinidad

Limited and The Couva/Pt. Lisas Chamber of Commerce have so far partnered with the PSL Fire

On Wheels, and this also augers well for it reflects strong commitment and secure support from

stable sources that provide a rock-solid foundation to the games. It instills confidence in

budgeting and allows for certainty in planning. It ensures that PSL Cycling Club will be able to

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

execute the 2019 Games with an excellent blend of reliability and ambition just as was done in


Revenue-Driving Market

Port of Spain is the Caribbean’s financial capital, amongst the largest of financial markets

in North America and home to a regional population of 9 million people. Over 200 million

people are within a three-hour flight to Florida, the vast majority of these in the Eastern time-

zone which is so critical to broadcast television in Canada and the United States. All of this

defines a market that is rich with opportunities for sponsorship, private sector partnerships and

revenue generation. Particularly in these times of global economic uncertainty, the stability of

the Caribbean corporate base creates a market particularly well-matched to the PSL Fire On

Wheels; it establishes a financial environment that both helps protect against the volatility of the

world economy and generates a wealth of opportunity.

Media Hub

PSL Fire On Wheels has ambitious media plans and the capacity to match. As a true global

media operator, Trinidad and Tobago boasts three major daily newspapers, two general all-sports

television networks, and one of the few all-sport and culture radio stations in the world. The

intensity of the Trinidad and Tobago media market ensures that the communications vehicles,

technology and talent will be available to bring the stories of the PSL Fire On Wheels to more

people in more ways in more parts of the world. It will allow PSL Fire On Wheels to give

cyclists and sponsors more exposure at home while also offering fans from all corners of the

Americas and the Caribbean unprecedented choice in experiencing the Games at home from the

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

comfort and convenience of their living rooms, offices, cafés, community centres and street

corners through the use of new media and mobile technology.

The borough of Arima is ready and eager to welcome you to Trinidad and Tobago for the PSL

Fire On Wheels, to broadcast and to build excitement and leverage sponsorships, partnerships

and ticket sales. The Games’ broadcast commitment will be to provide more than 10 hours of

coverage, and will include the full adoption of the latest web-based and mobile media strategies.


For many local cyclists, the PSL Fire On Wheels will be their first major international

competition; for others, it will be the place for striving to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games or

honing their skills in anticipation of Olympic competition. The PSL Fire On Wheels will be the

place where the best-of-the-best challenge local, Caribbean, Pan American and world records; to

other athletes, these Games will be their highest level of competition. It will be their best

opportunity to wear the colours of their home countries, to march under their flags, to compete in

front of huge crowds, to climb a medal podium. We owe it to all of the athletes of the PSL Fire

On Wheels to deliver a Games worthy of their efforts and dreams. While it is a privilege for any

city and nation to host such a Games, it is also a responsibility.

PSL Cycling Club is ready to accept that responsibility, to exceed expectations and to give the

cyclists the outstanding PSL Fire On Wheels Games they deserve.

PSL Fire On Wheels Games 2019

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