Founded in 1872, Sciences Po is France's leading university in the social
sciences. For nearly 150 years, Sciences Po has educated decision-makers in
the public and private sectors. Our college offers a three-year undergraduate
degree that includes a year abroad at one of our 478 partner universities.
There are seven graduate schools composed of 27 master's degrees and five
PhD programmes.

Sciences Po offers over 40 dual degrees with partner universities, including
Columbia University in New York, the London School of Economics and             03
Peking University. We also provide executive education with 14 dedicated
executive master's degrees and over 100 customised training programmes.

Sciences Po offers a multidisciplinary, multilingual and outward looking
education. In order to provide a comprehensive curriculum, Sciences Po
places great emphasis on fundamental academic courses, professional
training and extra-curricular activities. Sciences Po also integrates digital
teaching methods into its programmes and continues to develop innovative
teaching platforms, such as MOOCs.

Following completion of their degree, Sciences Po graduates possess
unique profiles which are highly sought by leading recruiters. 84% of
Sciences Po graduates are hired within six months of graduation and
34% start their career abroad.

Our goal is to open minds and develop critical thinking. We seek to provide
students with the essential tools that will enable them to make sense of a
complex world. We also provide students with a truly international
environment. Our student community comprises 14,000 students – half
are international, coming from 150 countries.

As a research university, Sciences Po is focused on excellence, and demands
the highest standards from faculty and students. Sciences Po also holds a
high degree of social responsibility, and continues to play a pioneering role
in the promotion of diversity and equal opportunity in higher education.
Sciences Po has an array of financial aid for students of all origins and
26% of the student body hold a scholarship.
Facts and Figures About Sciences Po



               STUDENTS              OF STUDENTS COME
                                    FROM OUTSIDE FRANCE

                                            478                         43
                                         PARTNER                   DUAL DEGREE
                                        UNIVERSITIES               PROGRAMMES

                MORE THAN
            1 IN 4 STUDENTS IS


                                      IN THE QS RANKING
                  25                    FOR POLITICS &                  32%
                TAUGHT                                          BUDGET IS DEDICATED
                                                                   TO RESEARCH

                                                                    MORE THAN

          4,500                                                2,000
          IN ACADEMIA, BUSINESS                             EACH YEAR FROM OUR NETWORK
        OR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION                               OF PARTNER UNIVERSITIES
80,000 Alumni
                                                      Sciences Po alumni play an important role
                                                      in political life, international organisations,
                                                      multinational corporations, academic
                                                      research, as well as in the media and art
                                                      world. Notable Sciences Po alumni include:

                                                      Heads of State or Government
                                                      Chandrika Kumaratunga, former President
                                                      of Sri Lanka, Pierre Trudeau, former Prime
                                                      Minister of Canada, Salomé Zourabichvili,         05
                                                      president of Georgia de la Géorgie, etc.
                                                      French Presidents: Jacques Chirac,
                                                      François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron,
                                                      François Mitterrand, Georges Pompidou.
                                                      French Prime Ministers: Edouard Balladur,
                                                      Michel Debré, Dominique de Villepin,
                                                      Lionel Jospin, Alain Juppé, Edouard Philippe,
                                                      Michel Rocard, etc.
Sciences Po - Atelier de cartographie, october 2015
                                                      Heads of International
                                                      Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of
                                                      UNESCO, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former UN
478 Partner Universities                              Secretary General, Nicole Fontaine, former
                                                      President of the European Parliament, Pascal
Including the Following                               Lamy, former Director-General of the World
                                                      Trade Organization, Jean-Claude Trichet,
UC Berkeley, Bocconi, Cambridge, Colegio de
                                                      former President of the European Central
México, Columbia, Copenhagen Business                 Bank, Simone Veil, former President of the
School, Freie Universität Berlin, Fudan,              European Parliament, etc.
Humboldt-Universität, Instituto de Empresa,
King’s College, Keio, London School of                Business and Finance
Economics, McGill, MGIMO, MIT, National               Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour,
                                                      Agathe Bousquet, CEO of Publicis France,
University of Singapore, Northwestern, Oxford,
                                                      Maëlle Gavet, COO of Compass Inc, Jean
Peking University, Princeton, Tsinghua,               Lemierre, Chairman of BNP Paribas,
University of British Columbia, University of         Françoise Mercadal-Delasalles, CEO of Credit
Cape Town, University of Chicago, University          du Nord, Laurence Parisot, Vice-President of
                                                      IFOP, François Riahi, CEO of Natixis, Sibyle
of Ghana, University of Hong Kong, University
                                                      Veil, President of Radio France, etc.
of São Paulo, University of Sydney,
University of Tokyo, Uppsala, Waseda, etc.            Academia, Journalism,
                                                      Literature and Arts
                                                      Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, historian,
                                                      member of the Académie française, Stanley
                                                      Hoffmann, professor emeritus at Harvard
                                                      University, Jean-Marie Colombani, former
                                                      president of Le Monde, Michèle Cotta,
                                                      journalist, Marcel Proust, novelist, Christian
                                                      Dior, fashion designer, etc.
     Sciences Po’s 7 campuses are home to a tight-knit multicultural student
     community and feature a vibrant intellectual and associative student life.

     Dijon Campus                              Menton Campus
     Located in the region of Burgundy in      Established in the French Riviera city
     a magnificent 19th century building,      of Menton in 2005, the campus is
     the Dijon campus was created in 2001.     located in an entirely renovated 19th
                                               century building overlooking the
     Le Havre Campus                           Mediterranean.

     On the coast of Normandy, Le Havre
     has hosted a campus since 2007.
                                               Paris Campus
     Located at the entrance to the port,      Located in the heart of the French
     the Le Havre campus stands out for        capital in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés
     its all-glass architecture and the red    neighbourhood near the Louvre
     and white lightship docked in front       Museum, the Seine and the
     of it.                                    Luxembourg Gardens, the Paris
                                               campus is the birthplace of                 Our futur Paris campus at the historic
                                               Sciences Po, the site where the             Artillerie site
                                               institution was founded in 1872.

        Living in France

        Students attending university in France are exposed to French culture in their daily lives. The attractiveness of
        France as a study destination for international students continues to grow in 2018, with nearly two-thirds (64%) of
        respondents in a recent Campus France survey listing France as the first non-English speaking destination. In 2018,
        Paris came in 5th place in the QS Best Student Cities ranking.
Poitiers Campus
       Opened in 2010, the campus is                                                     Dijon in the region of Burgundy
       located in the heart of the
       historical city of Poitiers in the
       Hôtel Chaboureau, a renovated
       building dating from the 15th

                                            Le Havre on the coast of Normandy

                                                                                         Nancy in the region of Lorraine

The historical city of Poitiers
                                                                                          Nancy Campus
                                                                                          Established in the region of
                                                                                          Lorraine in 2000, the Nancy
                                                                                          campus is located in a prestigious
                                            Reims in the heart of the Champagne region
                                                                                          18th century heritage site, the Hôtel
                                                                                          des Missions Royales.

                                            Reims Campus
                                            In the heart of the Champagne
                                            region, the Reims campus opened
                                            in September 2010 in the “Cité des

Menton in the French Riviera
     The Bachelor of Arts at Sciences Po                                             The Civic Learning
     A multidisciplinary
     foundation in the humanities
     and social sciences                   Educate enlightened citizens              All undergraduate students
                                                                                     engage in a civic engagement
     Sciences Po offers a three-year       Courses offered by the                    over the three years of the
     Bachelor of Arts degree with a        undergraduate college allow               Bachelor's degree. The
     multidisciplinary foundation in the   students to grasp the challenges          Civic Learning Programme
     humanities and social sciences and    and evolutions of contemporary            is a chance to learn and
     an emphasis on civic, linguistic,     societies, and offer them the tools to    understand citizenship and
     artistic, and digital education.      think critically and act ethically. The   social responsibility through
                                           goal is to educate enlightened and        a community internship
     The Bachelor of Arts pursues three    inventive citizens who work towards       that emphasises autonomy,
     core ambitions:                       the common good.                          consensus building and
                                                                                     personal ethic.
     •   Teaching to understand a
         complex world.

     •   Providing students with
         methods adapted to respond
         to diverse challenges.

     •   Instilling in students a sense
         of duty to contribute to their
A progressive and                            Extra-Curricular
international curriculum                     Learning
Two years in France and
one year abroad                              In addition to the teaching
                                             provided by teacher-
Undergraduates spend their first             researchers and professionals,         09
two years on a Sciences Po campus            field experience is encouraged
before pursuing their third and final        in the form of study tours,
year at one of Sciences Po’s 470             internships, simulations,
partner universities. On all campuses,       collective projects, associative
students choose a multidisciplinary          and union activities.
major - Economy & Society, Political
Humanities, or Politics & Government.
Each campus offers a different
regional concentration that anchors
students' intellectual objectives:       •    Third year: Expanding one’s
Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America,          academic project
Middle East-Mediterranean, and North          During their year abroad,
America.                                      undergraduates complete their
                                              major at a partner university. This
                                              international academic experience
•   First year: Learning the                  may be complemented by an
    fundamentals                              internship. The degree culminates
    Undergraduate students are                with a capstone project.
    introduced to the disciplines and
    methods taught at Sciences Po
    – economics, history, humanities,    One degree, countless
    law, political science, and          opportunities
    sociology. Certain courses are
    related to the regional concentra-   Upon completion of the BA, students
    tions offered on each campus.        are equipped to pursue graduate
                                         studies at one of Sciences Po’s seven
•   Second year: Acquiring               graduate schools or at any of the
    intellectual autonomy                world’s most competitive universities.
    Students choose a major –            Common fields of study include
    Economy & Society, Political         communications, economics, finance,
    Humanities, or Politics &            international affairs, journalism, law,
    Government –, explore a range        organisational behaviour, and public
    of multidisciplinary courses, and    affairs.
    interact with the research
    methodologies linked to their
    chosen major.
                                                                                               5   European Programme,
     Our Regional Concentrations                                                                   Franco-German concentration
                                                                                                   Nancy Campus
                                                                                                   Focus  on the European Union,
                                                                                                   specifically on the relationship between
     1   Europe-Asia Programme                                                                    France and Germany
         Le Havre Campus                                        1                                  
                                                                                                   Programme   taught in French, with
                                                                          4                        courses in English and German
        ocus on Asia and its relations with                          2
                                                                                                   Foreign language study in French,
       Europe and the world
                                                                                                   German, English, Spanish, Russian and
          rogramme taught in English with
                                                                              6                    Swedish
         intensive French language study
                                                                                                   Dual Bachelor’s degrees with Freie
          oreign language study in Chinese,
                                                                                                   Universität Berlin and University
         Korean, Japanese, Hindi and
                                                                                                   College London
          ual Bachelor’s degrees with
         D                                                                                     6
         Columbia University, Keio University,                                                      uropean Programme,
         National University of Singapore,                                                         Central and Eastern Europe
         University of British Columbia,                                                           concentration
         University of California Berkeley,
         University of Hong Kong, and                                                              Dijon Campus
         University of Sydney                     4    urope-North America
                                                                                                   Focus on the European Union, its borders
                                                                                                   and neighbouring states
     2   General Programme                                                                        
                                                                                                   Programme    in French, including courses in
                                                      Reims Campus                                 English and intensive French language
         Paris Campus                                 
                                                      Focus  on North America and its              study
         Programme   taught in French,                relations with Europe                        
                                                                                                   Foreign  language study in English,
         with courses in English                      
                                                      Programme    taught in English with          German, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian,
         Dual Bachelor’s Degrees with                 intensive French language study              Polish, Romanian, Czech, Russian
         University College London and                
                                                      Foreign   language study in Arabic,          
                                                                                                   Dual Bachelor’s degree with University
         3 dual degrees with Université Paris 1       Italian, German and Spanish                  College London
         and Sorbonne Université                      
                                                      Dual Bachelor’s degrees with
                                                      Columbia University, National            7    iddle Eastern and
     3                                                University of Singapore, University
          urope-Latin America
         E                                            of British Columbia, University of           Mediterranean Programme
         Programme                                    California Berkeley, University of           Menton Campus
         Poitiers Campus                              Hong Kong, and University of Sydney          
                                                                                                   Focus on the Middle East, the
         Focus  on Latin America, Spain and                                                        Mediterranean and Gulf states
         Portugal, and Euro-Latin American        4   Europe-Africa Programme                     
                                                                                                   Programme    taught in English with
         relations                                    Reims Campus                                 intensive French language study ;
         Programme   taught in French, with                                                        programme taught in French, with courses
                                                      Focus on Africa and its relations with
         courses in English, Spanish and                                                           in English
                                                                                                   Foreign language study in Arabic, Turkish,
                                                      Bilingual French-English programme
         Foreign language study in English,                                                        Hebrew, Italian and Spanish
         Spanish, Portuguese and French for           
                                                      Foreign language study in Arabic,
                                                                                                   Dual Bachelor’s degrees with Columbia
         foreigners                                   Portuguese and Swahili
                                                                                                   University, National University of
         Dual Bachelor’s degree with                  
                                                      Dual  Bachelor’s degrees with                Singapore, University of British Columbia,
         University College London                    Columbia University, University of           University of California Berkeley,
                                                      British Columbia, and University             University College London, University of
                                                      of Hong Kong                                 Hong Kong, and University of Sydney

Students dancing at the Collégiades 2018 tournament in Reims
     International Dual Bachelor’s Degrees
     Two years at Sciences Po + two years at the partner university
     Sciences Po offers dual Bachelor’s degrees with nine of the world’s leading universities, allowing students to study as fully-
     integrated members of two distinct academic cultures. Students from all around the world are recruited jointly by both
     institutions and form close-knit cohorts that are fully-integrated into the larger communities of their two universities.

     The first two years of all dual Bachelor’s programmes take place on one of Sciences Po’s campuses, where participants
     pursue the undergraduate curriculum and their choice of major. In years 3 and 4 at the partner university, students pursue a
     major offered by the host institution. Upon successful completion of the two curricula, students graduate with two
     Bachelor’s degrees, offering exceptional access to prestigious graduate studies or to entry into the job market.

      Dual Degree with                                 Dual Degree with                                      Dual Degree with the
      Columbia University                              Keio University (Tokyo,                               University of British
      (New York, USA)                                  Japan)                                                Columbia (Vancouver,
      Sciences Po campuses: Reims,                  S           ciences Po campus: Le Havre           Canada)
               Menton, Le Havre                           Students spend two years at Keio,            S       ciences Po campuses: Reims,
         In New York, students choose from                       where they study Economics and                    Menton, Le Havre
                about 70 majors offered at Columbia                  Japanese language and culture              In Vancouver, students choose from a
            Programme in English with no prior             Programme in English, no prior study              choice of five majors: Economics,
                study of French required                             of Japanese or French required                    Geography, History, Political Science,
      Dual Degree with                                 Dual Degree with the                                        Programme in English with no prior
      Freie Universität Berlin                         National University of                                          study of French required
      (Berlin, Germany)                                Singapore (Singapore)
                                                                                                             Dual Degree with the
      S       ciences Po campus: Nancy             S         ciences Po campuses: Reims,
                                                                   Menton, Le Havre
                                                                                                             University of California
         In Berlin, students pursue a major in
                                                          In Singapore, students choose from
                                                                                                             Berkeley (Berkeley, USA)
                Political Science
                                                                   four majors: Economics, History,          S       ciences Po campuses: Reims,
            Trilingual programme (French,
                                                                   Political Science, or Sociology                     Menton, Le Havre
                German, English)
                                                             Programme in English with no prior           At UC Berkeley, students choose from
                                                                   study of French required                            a large array of majors offerings
                                                                                                                   Programme in English with no prior
                                                                                                                       study of French required
 Dual Degree with                                      Dual Bachelor’s Degrees with French
 University College London                             Universities
 (London, England)
                                                       Sciences Po offers three dual degrees with Parisian
 S       ciences Po campuses: Dijon, Menton,
                                                       universities, giving its students a unique programme that
           Nancy, Paris, Poitiers
                                                       combines world class studies in the social sciences with
    In London, students choose from one            the study of hard sciences or the humanities.
           of six majors: Economics, History,
           International Relations, Law, Philosophy,
           or Politics
       Programme available entirely in French or    Dual Degree with
           in English. A mixed English/French track     Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne:
           available as well                            Applied Mathematics & Social Sciences
                                                        Two years in Paris: students follow both Sciences Po's social
 Dual Degree with the                                          sciences programme and courses in applied mathematics
 University of Hong Kong                                       (algebra, analysis, probabilities and statistics) and computer
 (Hong Kong)                                                   science at Université Paris 1.
 S       ciences Po campuses: Reims, Menton,           One year abroad at a partner university of Sciences Po or
           Le Havre                                            Université Paris 1.
    In Hong Kong, students choose among
           three areas of study: Business, Social
           Sciences, or the Arts                        Dual Degree with
       Programme in English, no prior               Sorbonne Université: Social Sciences
           knowledge of Chinese or French required      & Literary Humanities
                                                        T    wo years in Paris: students follow both Sciences Po's social
 Dual Degree with the                                          sciences programme and courses in literature, philosophy or
 University of Sydney (Sydney,                                 history at Sorbonne Université (faculté des lettres).
 Australia)                                                One year abroad at a partner university of Sciences Po or
 S       ciences Po campuses: Reims, Menton,               Sorbonne Université.
           Le Havre
    In Sydney, students choose one of two
           Bachelor tracks: Bachelor of Arts or
                                                        Dual Degree with
           Bachelor of Economics                        Sorbonne Université: Sciences
       Programme in English with no prior study     & Social Sciences
           of French required                           Two years in Paris: students follow both Sciences Po's social
                                                              sciences programme and science courses at Sorbonne
                                                              Université (faculté des sciences et ingénierie).
                                                           One year abroad at a partner university of Sciences Po or
                                                              Sorbonne Université.
     Seven graduate schools that prepare for
     professional life
     Graduate studies at Sciences Po are hosted within seven schools, all located
     on our campus in Paris. The seven schools offer a wide variety of master's
     programmes that take place over two years, all tailored to the professional
     world. We also offer international dual degrees, in which students spend one
     year at Sciences Po and one year abroad at the partner university.

     Graduate studies at Sciences Po are based on common principles of
     internationalisation, active pedagogy, academic theory and applied project

     27 Master's programmes                      One-year Master's
     are open to students with a Bachelor's      programmes
     degree or equivalent. Each
     programme has four 12-week
                                                 deliver an intensive curriculum
     semesters. One semester is spent
                                                 designed for young
     completing an internship or a field
                                                 professionals who want to
     study, writing a Master's thesis, or
                                                 develop the expertise necessary    PhD programmes
     studying at a Sciences Po partner
                                                 to accelerate their careers.       offer solid training in research.
     university. Programmes are taught
                                                 Programmes are offered in          Students study for their PhD in one
     in French or English; some require
                                                 English and in French.             of Sciences Po’s 11 research centres.
     both languages. Certain programmes
     allow students to complete an
     apprenticeship during their second

Sciences Po School of                                           Sciences Po Paris School of
Management & Innovation                                         International Affairs (PSIA)
The School of Management & Innovation trains students           The Paris School of International Affairs offers a
for positions in consulting/auditing, banking/finance/          comprehensive education in international affairs.
insurance, marketing/communications, human resources,           Graduates embark on careers in international
regulations and compliance, and the creative industries.        organisations, NGOs, public administration, research
                                                                institutes, etc.
     Master in Finance and Strategy
     Master in International Management and Sustainability*    Master in International Security*
                                                                 Master in International Public Management*
     Master in Organisational Behaviour and Human
     Resources                                                   Master in International Economic Policy*
     Master in Marketing: New Luxury & Art de Vivre*           Master in International Development*
     Master in Communications, Media and                         Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action*
     Creative Industries**                                       Master in Environmental Policy*
     Master in Innovation and Digital Transformation           Master in International Energy*
      aster in Financial Regulation and Risk Management
     M                                                           Master in Journalism and International Affairs*
     (one-year programme)*                                       
                                                                 Master in Advanced Global Studies (one-year
     Master in Corporate Strategy                                programme)*
     (one-year programme)*
     Joint Master of Law & Finance
                                                                International Dual Master’s Degrees with Bocconi
                                                              University (Italy), Columbia School of International and
                                                                Public Affairs (SIPA)* (USA), Freie Universität Berlin*
International Dual Master's Degrees with Fudan                  (Germany), Georgetown University Law School* (USA),
University* (China), Fundação Getulio Varga-Escola de           King's College London* (United Kingdom), London School
Administração de Empresas* (Brazil), University of              of Economics and Political Science (LSE)* (United
Pennsylvania Law School* (USA), University of St. Gallen        Kingdom), MGIMO (Russia), Peking University* (China),
(Switzerland), Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden),          Stockholm School of Economics* (Sweden), University
Bocconi University (Italy).                                     of St. Gallen* (Switzerland).
Dual Master's Degrees in France (FR) with Strate                Dual Master's Degrees in France (FR) with École du
(Sèvres), AgroParisTech (Paris), ISAE-Supaero (Higher           Louvre (Paris), Sorbonne université (Paris), Saint-Cyr
Institute of Aeronautics and Space Engineering,                 Coëtquidan (Military Academy), AgroParisTech (Paris).
Sciences Po School of                                                Sciences Po Law School
     Public Affairs                                                       The Law School educates high-calibre legal
                                                                          professionals with the skills to adapt and flourish in a
     The School of Public Affairs educates public affairs                 constantly changing professional environment.
     professionals who understand multiple layers of                      Graduates may choose to join the Bar, work in
     governance. Graduates can pursue a wide range of careers             business, economic regulation agencies or the
     worldwide, spanning the public and private sectors and the           judiciary.
     local to global levels.
16        Master in European Affairs**                                   Master in Economic Law**

          Master in Public Policy**                                      Master in Judicial and Legal Careers
          Master in Public Affairs (one-year programme)*                 
                                                                           LL.M. on Transnational Arbitration and
          Master in Arts & Politics (one-year programme)                  Dispute Settlement (one-year programme)*
                                                                           Joint Master of Law and Finance
     International Dual Master’s Degrees with Bocconi
     University (Italy), Columbia School of International and
     Public Affairs (SIPA)* (USA), Freie Universität Berlin               Sciences Po Urban School
     (Germany), Fudan University* (China), Graduate School of
     Public Policy, Hertie School of Governance (Germany),                The Urban School prepares students and
     Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy* (Singapore),                   professionals for urban governance in all its forms.
     London School of Economics* (United Kingdom), Munk                   Graduates find employment in the public, private and
     School of Global Affairs* (Canada), University of                    non-profit sectors at the local, national and
     St-Gallen* (Switzerland), University of Tokyo* (Japan).              international levels.
     Dual Master's Degrees in France (FR) with École du
     Louvre (Paris), HEC Paris, AgroParisTech (Paris), ISAE-               Master in Governing the Large Metropolis*
     Supaero (Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space
     Engineering, Toulouse).                                               Master of Regional and Urban Planning
                                                                           Urban Planning Programme

     Sciences Po School of Journalism                                     Dual Master’s Degrees with the London School
     The School of Journalism prepares students for careers in            of Economics* (United Kingdom), El Colegio de
     all sectors of the news media – written press, radio,                México** (Mexico).
     television and the web. The programmes combine a solid
     foundation in the social sciences and practice-focused
     instruction provided by media professionals.                         Sciences Po Doctoral School
          Master in Journalism                                          The Doctoral School offers research-based Master's
                                                                          and PhD programmes in law, economics, history,
          Joint Master in Journalism and International Affairs          political science and sociology. These programmes
                                                                          equip students to pursue teaching or research
                                                                          careers and senior positions in international
     Dual Master's degree in Journalism with Columbia
     Journalism School (New York).                                        organisations, consulting firms and businesses.

                                                                           Master's and PhD degrees in Economics*, History,
                                                                           Law, Political Science and Sociology

          * English track with no prior study of French required.         Dual Master’s Degrees with École du Louvre
                                                                          (France), Inalco (France), and Sorbonne University
          ** A French track and an English track are available for this
                                                                          Dual PhD Degrees with Columbia University (USA),
          programme.                                                      International Max Planck Research School
                                                                          (Germany), Northwestern University (USA) and the
                                                                          University of Cologne (Germany).
Sciences Po graduates are highly sought after by employers in both the private and public sectors.

                                                                                 84%                                         17
                                                                      OF GRADUATES FIND WORK

                        39%                                       Common professions for Sciences Po
                                                                  graduates include:
                ARE RECRUITED PRIOR
                  TO GRADUATION                                    Audit and Consulting
                                                                    arketing and Communications
                                                                    inancial Services
                                                                   International Relations and Security

Sciences Po Graduates in the International Job Market



                                                       ASIA /            14%                  51%     EUROPEAN UNION
                                                       AUSTRALASIA                                     (OUTSIDE OF FRANCE)

                                                             LATIN 5%     12%
                  OF ALUMNI BEGIN                            AMERICA
                   THEIR CAREER
                 OUTSIDE OF FRANCE

Figures based on a 2017 employment survey of Sciences Po graduates (class of 2016).
     Sciences Po Careers support Sciences Po students and graduates in their professional development, starting from their
     first year as undergraduates and until two years post graduation.

      Key figures                              Preparing for professional life                  Connecting students and
                                                  Internships: search, monitoring,          employers
                                                      legislation                               Recruitment events (job fairs,

     20,000              internship and job
                                               Workshops on a vast variety of
                                                      subjects, dispensed by professionals
                                                                                                    corporate presentations, case
                                                      (CV and cover letter; job interview       Posting of internships and job offers

     7,000           monitored internships            simulations; career building...).         Liaising with top employers.

                                               Guidance starting the first
     240         professional integration
                 workshops                     year of study
                                                   Individual advice and guidance;
     More than                                        profile tests and assessments
                                               Organisation of roundtables for
     100         information and
                 recruitment events                   specific professions or geographic
                                               Events (conferences, presentations,
                                                      seminars...) to raise awareness and
                                                      transmit skills related to orientation
                                                      and the job market.
Sciences Po educates decision-makers for the public and private sector in France and worldwide. After graduation,
90.7% of students find employment within a year of completing their degree, with 84% finding work in less than six
months (Graduate Employability Survey, 2016).                                                                                           19

69%            of our graduates work
               in the private sector                  22%         in the public sector
                                                                                                             9%      in international

      Where our graduates work

      Strategy/Development,                       Marketing & Communications Legal Careers
      Audit/Consulting, Finance            NGOs, multinational corporations,              Attorneys, barristers or solicitors
 Consulting and audit firms                media outlets, public institutions,            Legal departments of major
 Banking and finance industries, or in      fashion houses, industrial                         companies
    corporate management, strategy and         manufacturers                                  Legal experts in European or
    business development positions         Consulting firms specialised in                     international organisations, both
 Financial regulatory authorities           communications, marketing and                      governmental and non-governmental
      Public Administration                                                                        Careers in Urban Affairs
      & Politics                                  Press, Media & Publishing                  
                                                                                         Consulting firms, architectural firms
                                                Television, radio, press agencies,    and design offices
  EU institutions
                                                   newspapers, the web, etc.         Local governments or international
  National and local government
      authorities in France                                                              organisations, development or urban
                                               International Cooperation                 planning agencies, and in property
 Large companies that do business
     with public authorities or focus on
                                               & Development                             development
     European issues                         World governance, intergovernmental  Social housing and real estate
                                                organisations such as the OECD, UN,
      Human Resources &                         IMF, WTO, World Bank, etc.              Research & Think-Tanks
      Employee Relations                     Non-governmental organisations       Academia
    Public or private organisations in                                                        Research institutions
       fields such as HR development, HR
                                                  Entrepreneurship                                Think-tanks
       communications or employee               Start-ups, management of companies
       relations                                   or lead entrepreneurial projects within
    Recruitment firms, human resource           public or private organisations
       consulting firms or corporate
       management positions
     The French and international admissions procedures allow candidates to introduce themselves, explain their motivation
     for applying to Sciences Po, and put forth their foreign language skills, extra-curricular activities, as well as their future
     career goals. The selection of candidates is based on students’ background and experience as well as academic

     Undergraduate Admissions
     Procedure                              Who is eligible?                                Application Process
     International procedure                  Students who have obtained a                  Online application, followed by an
                                              foreign diploma abroad                        interview for shortlisted applicants.
                                                                                            Interviews take place in more than
                                            Are also eligible, students who have            70 cities across the world.
                                              A French baccalauréat abroad
                                              A foreign diploma in France

     French procedure                         Students who have obtained the                Online application and written
                                              French baccalauréat in France                 exam, followed by an interview for
                                                                                            shortlisted applicants.
                                            Are also eligible:
                                              Students who have obtained
                                              a foreign diploma abroad
                                              (certificate of equivalence

     Undergraduate Dual Degrees
     The Sciences Po Undergraduate College has established 12 dual Bachelor's degree programmes with prestigious
     universities in France and around the world. Students graduate from both institutions, providing access to leading
     graduate studies and prominent markets in the world. Please visit our website for specific Dual Degree admission
Graduate Admissions

Master's programmes procedures                 Who is eligible?                         Application Process
                                               Students who have completed their
        International procedure                undergraduate education outside of       Online application.

                                               Students who have completed              Online application, followed
        French procedure                       their undergraduate or graduate          by an interview.
                                               education in France.

                                               Young graduates and early- to
One-Year Master’s programmes                   mid-career professionals. Please visit   Online application.
procedure                                      our website for specific admission

                                               Students holding a Master's degree,
PhD programmes procedure                       a postgraduate degree or an              Online application.
                                               equivalent degree.

Graduate Dual Degrees
Sciences Po has partnered with internationally renowned universities to
offer dual degree programmes at the Master's and PhD levels. Nearly all
dual degree programmes are taught in English. Please visit our website for
specific Dual Degree admission procedures.

Admission Decisions
International admission decisions are announced on a rolling basis, from
December through to mid-June of every year. The decision will be sent
within 3 months of the date of submission of the application.

French admission decisions are announced in May/June following the
application submission.
     At Sciences Po, we believe that financial
     barriers should never get in the way of
                                                     Tuition Fee Table for Students of the
     education. Tuition fees are relatively          European Economic Area
     lower than other world-class universities
     as a result of our proactive social policy
     to be an open and inclusive university.
                                                       Annual income           Undergraduate             Graduate
     Tuition fees are determined according to             per part              Tuition Fees            Tuition Fees
     parents' tax residence rather than the
     student's nationality:                             €66,584 and over            €10,540                €14,500

      Students whose parents' tax residence is       €43,250 to €66,583            €8,480                €12,200
       within the European Economic Area pay
                                                       €36,250 to €43,249            €6,810                €10,120
       fees according to a sliding scale, from €0
       to €10,540/year for the undergraduate           €30,250 to €36,249            €5,600                 €8,470
       programmes and from €0 to €14,500/
       year for the graduate programmes.               €25,250 to €30,249            €4,460                 €6,790

                                                       €21,250 to €25,249            €3,310                 €4,980
      Students whose parents' tax residence
        falls outside of the European Economic         €19,584 to €21,249            €2,160                 €3,360
        Area will pay fees of €10,540/year for the
        undergraduate programmes and €14,500           €18,984 to €19,583           €2,000                  €2,700
        for the graduate programmes.
                                                      €18,250 € to €18,983           €1,630                 €2,270

                                                      €17,250 € to €18,249           €1,100                 €1,840

        Did you know?                                  €16,250 to €17,249             €850                  €1,380

                                                       €14,250 to €16,249             €540                   €920

        In 2017, 33% of all Sciences Po                €12,584 to €14,249             €320                   €530
        students paid no tuition fees at all.             €0 to €12,583                €0                     €0
        Exemption is granted to CROUS
        scholarship holders, to non-
        scholarship holders from a low-
                                                                                  Tuition fees for the 2019-20 academic year
        income household, as well as to
        any student with a disability.
                                                     Please visit our website for specific One-Year Master, Dual Degree,
                                                     PhD and Summer School tuition fees.
SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL AID                                                                                 23
To ensure that all students admitted to Sciences Po can smoothly and successfully complete their studies,
Sciences Po has substantially expanded its social aid policy.

European students                         Non-European
European students receiving the           Students
CROUS scholarship are not only
                                          A large number of scholarships and
exempt from paying tuition fees, but
                                          financial aid opportunities are
also receive a significant top-up grant
                                          available for non-European students,
from Sciences Po. Although European
                                          amongst them:
students are only eligible for the
CROUS scholarship starting in their
second year of living in France,          The Emile Boutmy
Sciences Po substitutes the CROUS         Scholarship
scholarship during their first year
of studies.                               This scholarship is awarded by
                                          Sciences Po to first-time applicants
Sciences Po also offers financial aid     from outside the European Economic
to European students with limited         Area who demonstrate academic
household income but who are not          excellence and fulfill the profile
eligible for the CROUS scholarship.       requirements. This scholarship can
                                          take the form of a partial or full tuition   Emile Boutmy scholars

   What is a CROUS                        fee waiver and in some cases an
   scholarship?                           additional cost of living scholarship.

   European students who have             Eiffel Scholarship
   studied in France for at least
                                          The Eiffel Scholarship is awarded by
   one year are eligible to apply
                                          the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
   for the CROUS need-based
                                          to candidates from emerging
   scholarship. These need-based
                                          countries.Other scholarships and
   scholarships are awarded by
                                          financial aid are available for students
   the French Ministry of Higher
                                          from outside the European Economic
   Education and Research to
                                          Area, among them the Mastercard
   students under 28 years of age
                                          Foundation Scholars Program,
   depending on family situation
                                          the Campus France Scholarship,
   and household income. In 2016,
                                          and more.
   26% of Sciences Po students
   were CROUS scholarship
     Student Housing
     The Sciences Po Housing Service can help you with your search for accommodation. Our staff will guide you towards
     the housing solution that best suits your needs. Various partnerships have been established allowing eligible students
     to receive accommodation in student residences.

     Student Welfare and Support
     Sciences Po's Student Welfare and Support Office offers:

      Information on the social security system and the healthcare system
       Help with applying for housing benefits with the French governmental
       agency CAF
       One-off emergency financial assistance under specific conditions
       Help finding a student job
       Help and information on your administrative formalities

     Disability and Accessibility
     If you have a temporary or permanent disability or disabling health
     condition, Sciences Po will ensure that you receive the necessary
     support and adjustments to complete your chosen programme and
     immerse yourself in student life.
SCHOOL                                           25

Two programmes, one
unforgettable summer
The Summer School is an opportunity for
students from all over the world to discover
Sciences Po over the course of the summer.
Participants have the opportunity to
experience Sciences Po’s academic
environment and to become a part of its
international community.

It features two distinct programmes:
the University Programme, for university
students and graduates, and the Pre-College
Programme, for secondary school students.

The University Programme takes place on
the Paris campus in two separate, four-week
sessions during the months of June and July.
Through its intensive academic programme,
participants may delve into Sciences Po’s
core social sciences disciplines, study French
language and culture, or mix both subjects.

In 2017, the Pre-College Programme
introduced secondary students to student
life and academics at Sciences Po during
two weeks on its historic Reims campus.
Through challenging coursework that
combined social sciences and language
study, students got a taste of the
Sciences Po experience.
     A great variety of
     Students can find a broad array
     of cultural, sporting and other
     extra-curricular activities at
     Sciences Po. More than 300
     student associations, ranging
     from politics to philanthropy,
     provide opportunities for
     students to meet and share
     their passions.
                                                  Members of the Bollywood dance club, a
                                                  student association on the Le Havre campus.

                                                                                                Students in the Sciences Po for Africa
                                                                                                association (ASPA) on the Reims campus.

     Every year, the Collégiades at Sciences Po
     gather students from the seven campuses
     for sporting and artistic competitions.

                                                  Students in the group project Dance on the
                                                  Nancy campus.
conference speakers
Leading figures from politics,
business and academia regularly
make presentations or participate
in conferences at Sciences Po.
                                                                                      Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google Inc.
Recent visitors have included
Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of
New Zealand, Maria Fernanda
Espinosa, President of the United
Nations General Assembly, Ban Ki-
Moon, former Secretary-General of
the UN, Sundar Pichai, CEO of
Google, Condoleeza Rice, former
United States Secretary of State,
Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook,
Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of
Google, Joseph Stiglitz, American
economist, Nobel Laureate in
Economics, Justin Trudeau, Prime
Minister of Canada.
                                          Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

                                                                                      Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Sheryl Sandberg, founder of

                                          Joseph Stiglitz, economist.
     				 AT SCIENCES PO
     At Sciences Po, more than 200 faculty members in the fields of humanities and social sciences study transformations at
     work in the modern world and the challenges they represent. With a firm focus on the major challenges facing society,
     research conducted at Sciences Po fuels and enhances public debate on issues such as public health, education, urban
     development, security, the environment and democracy all over the world.

     Research by
     the numbers

     230      academics

     11    research centres

     320      PhD students

     45    PhDs awarded annually

     45%        international students
                at the Doctoral School
Our Fields of Study                                              Research centres and                             29
Our researchers study major issues such as public health,
education, urban development, security, the environment
and democracy all over the world.                                Faculty members conduct their work in
                                                                 eleven research centres (six of which are
                                                                 affiliated with the French National Centre for
                                                                 Scientific Research - CNRS): Centre for Socio-
Research at Sciences Po contributes to knowledge and             Political Data (CDSP), Centre d’études
debate in five overarching disciplines:                          européennes (CEE), Centre for International
                                                                 Studies and Research CERI), Centre de
 Law, particularly private and international law                 Recherches Politiques (CEVIPOF), Centre for
                                                                 History, Centre for the Sociology of
 Economics, focusing on issues such as international             Organisations (CSO), Economics Department,
 trade, monetary policies, labour markets and innovation         Law School, the medialab, and the Centre for
                                                                 Studies in Social Change (OSC). The
 History, particularly political history and the study of        Observatoire Français des Conjonctures
 conflicts, world history and the history of knowledge           Economiques (OFCE) rounds out this
 and cultures                                                    network.
 Political science in all its forms: study of voter behaviour,
 international relations, compared political and cultural        In addition to these units, three major
 areas, political theory, administration and public policy       cross-cutting programmes – the LIEPP,
                                                                 DIME-SHS and MaxPo – were recently
 Sociology, and particularly organisational sociology,           created.
 economic sociology and sociology of social
     Reveal through education

     It is becoming clearer each day that
     established knowledge and past
                                               Transformative                             Facts and Figures
     experiences are no longer sufficient to   professional training
     face the current changes taking place
     in our society. For this reason,
     Sciences Po Executive Education
                                               Custom programmes are tailored to
                                               meet the specific needs of your            40   years of
     established its mission to accompany      organisation. After mapping out and
     executives, directors, and leaders in
     the public and private sector through
                                               analysing the strategic issues to
                                               address, we work closely with you to       100    customised training
                                                                                                 programmes every year
     their process of professional             craft a curriculum in line with your
                                               learning objectives. This collaborative
     transformation and development.                                                                  participants
                                               approach ensures you develop the                       every year
     Our pedagogy combines Sciences            necessary skills and talents that will
     Po's expertise in the social sciences     initiate, contribute and accelerate your
     and interdisciplinary perspective with    organisation’s transformation.
     a firm foundation in professional
     realities. This unique outlook forms
     the basis of our 200 academic
     programs, including degree-granting
     programs, certificate programs, and          Public Affairs & Reputation
     short or customized training                 Strategy, Leadership and Governance
     programs, which serve over 4,000             Communications, digital and media
     participants each year.                      Personal Development
This document is not contractual
Establishment of Higher Education
Sciences Po - March 2019

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