PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School

PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School
PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School
PRINCIPAL’S                                                                                              Our school is a place where
                                                                                                         people want to be.

                                                                                                         We specialise in meeting the
                                                                                                         learning needs of emerging
                                                                                                         adolescents, and this is reflected
                                                                                                         in our curriculum and student
                                                                                                         support programmes.
                                                                                                         We recognise the importance of
                                                                                                         the trust you put in us to ‘get it
Welcome                                                                                                  right’ during these middle years.
Kia ora koutou                                                                                           Nathan Leith
We extend a warm Berkley welcome to all prospective students and families.
Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to share information about our school with you.

Berkley offers high quality educational programmes that engage Year 7-9 learners in a safe and
supportive environment. Our teachers work hard to provide students with a connected curriculum
where learning is fun and meaningful. Our school vision is for our learners to take up the
challenge and get involved in all the many academic, cultural, sporting and social opportunities
on offer. 2019 will see the return of our biennial New Horizons Programme. This is an exciting
opportunity for our Berkley learners to explore a variety of outdoor educational opportunities that
will enhance a particular interest or passion.

Berkley is proud to be an authorised International Baccalaureate (IB) School. The Primary Years
Programme (PYP) prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate
respect for themselves and others, and have the capacity to participate in the world around them.
It focuses on the development of the whole child. The IB PYP transdisciplinary skills, attitudes
and learner profile enables students to learn and grow with confidence and rise to a variety of
academic challenges.

We strongly believe that for our students to succeed, they need a positive self-esteem and to be in an environment that rewards their attempts and
celebrates their successes. Along with this they need the support of their families/caregivers, and a dedicated, caring school staff.

If you choose to join our school, you and your child will become an important part of our learning community. The support and participation of our
parents and whanau at school activities and events is welcomed and encouraged.

We give you our commitment that we will do our very best to ensure that Berkley students will leave our school as confident and competent learners
who have achieved success in a range of curriculum areas and are ready to take up the challenge.

Nathan Leith | Principal
PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School
Our School Vision:
                                            Berkley Normal Middle School will
                                              provide pathways for students to
                                              mature into young people who:

  Care (Kia manaki):                                                                        Dare (Kia toa):
Knowing, holding onto and acting on
                                                                                           Using competencies to develop
values that will enable students to live
                                                                                          confidence, strength, courage and
effectively in a global community, and
                                                                                       excellence … and resourcefulness to face
grow as life-long learners. Working to
                                                                                        challenges; self-motivation; accepting
 secure a sustainable social, cultural,
                                                                                           responsibilities and aiming high.
 economic and environmental future.

                                               Share (Kia tiaki):
                                              Understanding the importance of
                                               connectedness … and its many
                                            rewards including respect in oneself
                                            and others (diversity), responsibilities
                                           and relationships with people, the land
                                                      and environment.
PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School
Choice and challenge in the curriculum through
International Baccalaureate (IB):
At Berkley, the New Zealand curriculum is delivered through the framework of the IB (PYP) Primary Years Programme.

The PYP focuses on students’ academic, social and emotional wellbeing, focusing on international-mindedness and strong personal values. The PYP
nurtures independent learning skills, encouraging every student to take responsibility for their learning.

The inquiry based programme incorporates local and global issues into the curriculum, asking students to look at six related, transdisciplinary themes
and to consider the links between them.

     The six transdisciplinary themes are:
        1       Who we are                                                         4       How the world works

        2       Where we are in place and time                                     5       How we organise ourselves

        3       How we express ourselves                                           6       Sharing the planet

These themes are selected for their relevance to the real world. They are described as transdisciplinary because they allow students to transfer new
knowledge and understandings across all curriculum areas. Throughout the year, learners are engaged in investigations into important ideas, which
require a substantial and high level of involvement and thinking. Students work through the inquiry cycle - tuning in, finding out, sorting out, taking
action, going further - to master new skills and knowledge.
PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School
The PYP programme at Berkley is made up of five essential elements — the knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action that young students need
    to be equipped for successful lives, both now and in the future.

   The five essential elements of the PYP are:

      1     Knowledge, which is both disciplinary,                      3 Skills, which are the broad capabilities students
            represented by traditional subject areas                          develop and apply during learning and in life
            (language, maths, science, social studies,                        beyond the classroom
            arts, PE/Health) and transdisciplinary
                                                                        4     Attitudes, which contribute to international-
      2     Concepts, which students explore                                  mindedness and the wellbeing of individuals and
            through structured inquiry in order                               learning communities, and connect directly to the
            to develop coherent, in-depth                                     IB learner profile
            understanding, and which have relevance
            both within and beyond subject areas                        5     Action, which is an expectation in the PYP that
                                                                              successful inquiry leads to responsible, thoughtful
                                                                              and appropriate action.
PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School
    Every day 750 rapidly changing 10–14 year olds enrolled at Berkley
    Normal Middle School are making critical and complex life choices.

    They are forming attitudes, values and habits of life that will largely direct
    their behavior as adults.

    Our Middle School is therefore here to enhance the healthy growth of our
    young adolescents as lifetime learners who are increasingly competent,
    self-sufficient young people who are optimistic about their future.

The following conditions and characteristics are strengths at our school:
•    Our balanced curriculum is based on the needs of young adolescents.

•    Delivery of the New Zealand Curriculum through the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).

•    Individual needs are acknowledged and reflected in the varied instructional strategies teachers use.

•    A full exploratory programme is delivered through a blend of homeroom and specialist teaching.
     Experiences with specialist teachers support the transition to future schooling.

•    Our evaluation procedures are compatible with the nature of young adolescents. Students reflect upon their achievement relative
     to their own ability, rather than being in competition for grades and being compared to other students.

•    Teachers plan co-operatively and provide a range of extra-curricular learning opportunities that students can choose to participate in.
     This is a time in their lives when doors are opened and students have a wide range of experiences.
     By taking up challenges, students are in a strong position to pursue pathways of choice in future learning.
PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School
Our middle school environment was specifically created to meet the unique
needs of emerging adolescents.
We address these needs in the following ways:
•   A strong homeroom system where students spend most of their day with one teacher.

•   A strong emphasis on the teaching of academic subjects by homeroom teacher.

•   Specialist teaching in Science, Technology, the Arts, Physical Education, Media (TV) and Second Language Learning.

•   High quality teaching – supported by an intensive research based professional learning programme.

•   Regular goal setting and reporting to parents culminating in a full written report at the end of the year.

•   Provision of a safe, positive learning environment.

•   Learner centred programmes that build upon the learning level and pace, unique to each individual.

•   Classes carefully constructed to match students with teachers, and students with students.

•   Extensive education outside the classroom experiences.

•   Regular access to computers and digital devices as a tool for learning.

•   An opportunity to compete against their peers in inter-school competitions.

•   A strong promotions programme which provides students with extensive opportunities to engage in sporting, cultural and
    technological activities during break times.

•   A rich and diverse array of artistic programmes and festivals.
PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School
Aongatete Camp:
Every even year (2018, 2020…) our school enjoys a 4 day camping experience in the beautiful Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park,
midway between Tauranga and Katikati. The programme aims to engage students in first hand experiences that assists them in
developing confidence, a sense of adventure and an attitude of responsibility, particular toward their own and others’ safety. Our
students have access to rivers, bush, ocean environments and mountains.

These areas are a part of their playground so they need to have a set of basic skills and knowledge to use these safely. Time spent
at Aongatete opens these worlds and increases their awareness of the magnificent resources we have in our own backyard.

New Horizons:
Every ‘odd’ year (2017, 2019…), our Berkley education
outside the classroom programme provides an exciting set of
opportunities, known as New Horizons.

Instead of going on a “camping” experience as a class,
students select from a very wide range of activities which they
participate in for three days.

Hillary Outdoors:
Each year a group of students travel to the Hillary Outdoors
Education Centre based at either Tongariro or Great Barrier
Island. Here they spend a week experiencing a range of
challenging activities, specific to the environment. Information
about applying for this experience is available from term two.
PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School
Sporting Programmes:
We believe that sport, physical activity and play are important for the personal growth and development of our students.

Competition is appropriate when the individual can direct activity towards a personal challenge or standard, as a form of positive growth
and development. Students are challenged with opportunities to participate in modified sporting inter-team competitions and festivals.

Student representative teams participate in inter-school competitions in 12 different sporting codes during the year.

Held annually in Tauranga, the Association of Intermediate and Middle School (AIMS) Games is an international sporting competition
for our elite athletes. These games give 11, 12 and 13 year olds an opportunity to compete as an individual or in a team against the
best of their age in variety of different sports. Each of the sports offered is hosted in superb facilities. The aim of the event is to provide
opportunities for the student in the middle years to compete at an elite level, be active, celebrate fair play and enjoy success.

                                                                      The sporting opportunities offered throughout
                                                                      the year include:
                                                                      •   athletics             •   hockey                 •   soccer
                                                                      •   badminton             •   inline hockey          •   softball
                                                                      •   basketball            •   netball                •   squash
                                                                      •   bowls                 •   padder tennis          •   swimming
                                                                      •   cricket               •   rippa rugby            •   table tennis
                                                                      •   cross country         •   rugby                  •   tennis
                                                                      •   dance                 •   sailing                •   touch
                                                                      •   golf                  •   show jumping           •   volleyball
                                                                      •   gymnastics            •   skiing                 •   water polo

                                                                      Our Sport and Recreation facilities support the promotion of these
                                                                      important programmes.
PROSPECTUS - Berkley Normal Middle School

Our school is involved in an annual exchange with students from Makuhari, Japan. Each year in March, families have the opportunity to
host a Japanese student, and later in the year our students have the opportunity to travel to Japan for two weeks along with students and
teachers from nine other schools around the Waikato. This is an amazing opportunity to experience a culture very different from our own.
While in Japan, students spend time visiting schools plus see many tourist attractions including Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea.
In November each year, students also have the chance to travel to Noumea for a French cultural education experience. The Noumea
trip is a wonderful opportunity for students with an interest in all things French, to experience the language and interact with locals.

                                                                                Our school places great emphasis on this
                                                                                lifetime pursuit. This programme offers lessons
                                                                                after school for students in a small group tuition
                                                                                environment taught by experienced specialist
                                                                                instrument teachers.

                                                                                Instruments on offer are:

                                                                                • Clarinet           • Dance             • Flute

                                                                                • Brass              • Violin            • Guitar

                                                                                • Cello              • Drums             • Band

                                                                                • Saxophone          • Keyboard          • Singing
At Berkley, we are proud of the opportunities provided for our international students. We are enriched by the diversity
different cultures bring to our positive, supported and friendly learning environment.

All international students have access to our specialised Enhanced Learning Centre (ELC).

     Elaine Zhu, Year 8:
     My name is Elaine Zhu. I am 11 years old and I am a year 8 student at Berkley. I came from China last year. When I first came to
     school I was really nervous because I couldn’t speak much English but now I can speak a lot better.

     I like Berkley very much because there are lots of things to do like Tech/Arts and Teaming. My favourite is the materials
     technology class. We can make our own things such as a box, a book shelf or a mail box. In teaming time, we also come to learn
     English for 45 minutes and 45 minutes for sports. We can do things like dance, ball games and gymnastics.

     I think it has taken time to make friends because when I first came to Berkley I didn’t think people would care for me. Now I have
     some good friends who I like and talking with my friends has helped me to improve my English.

     So far, the most exciting thing I have done here is go to Aongatete camp with my class. It was awesome. I like Berkley very much,
     it’s the best school I have been to in my life.

     我    名字是Elaine Zhu(朱              乐)我11岁了,我是一名8年                         伯克利       学    。我去年从中国来。当我                      一次来到学校    时
     候我很        张因为我         不会      很多        ,但是        在我           提    了很多。

     我    常喜欢伯克利因为在                    我们可以做很多事情像技术                       和活动       。我最喜欢           是木工        。我们        可以做    己   作品例
     如    子、书架或信             。在体          上,我们         会去学45分                     后45分         动。我们会做                     有     戏、体操和
        。我原本以为会                 一些时       去交朋友,因为我刚来到伯克利                          时候我       得大家        不会太关心我。                在我已   有了一些
     不       朋友,我也很喜欢她们,                     她们        对我           有很大        帮助。

     我    常喜欢伯克利,               是我心       中最好        学校。到         在为止我做             最有         活动就是和同学们一                  去     。   次
             常    彩。
We provide:
•    Activities designed to recognise and celebrate                •       Relationships with international groups within the
     cultural difference, for example clubs, concerts and                  wider community to provide advice, mentoring and
     international days                                                    support Academic programmes appropriate to the
•    Opportunities to gain knowledge and appreciation                      learning needs and abilities
     of New Zealand life and culture                               •       Peer support and buddy systems
•    Long term student international programmes (up to             •       Effective pastoral guidance and support
     three years) for students aged 10 ½ to 14 years.              •       Specific relationships with schools in other parts of
•    Specialised English Language Learning classes for                     the world
     speakers of other languages (ELL)                             •       Highly qualified staff
•    Co-operation with other schools and organisations             •       English language learning assistance school-wide
     undertaking similar programmes

    Shizuka Ito, Year 8:
    Hello my name is Shizuka and I am originally from Japan. I lived in Japan for 11 years before I came to New Zealand. I was in Christchurch for
    2 years and this is my first year in Hamilton. When I first came to this school, I was worried whether I could make friends. It was difficult to start
    talking with someone you do not know but I started to talk with a girl called Eva. She was really funny and fun to hang around with and now
    she is one of my best friends. I like to learn mathematics. We have a workshop. It is a group of people who do not know how to work out the
    questions that the teacher has taught and the teacher will you how to solve them.

    I like living in New Zealand because the people are kind. Also New Zealand has a lot of plantations and living creatures everywhere. In
    Japan, you have to go out to special countryside to look at cows, sheep and all other living creatures that you can easily see in NZ. I want to be
    a vet or doctor when I grow up. I love animals and also want to cure illness. I also want to volunteer to save animals and children from abuse.

    New Zealand has more animals than Japan so I thought it will be a good opportunity to see some things that are different to Japan. I am
    enjoying and loving my school so far.

    作文こんにちは              の名前は          佳です。         はもともと日本出                   です。        は11 年       日本に住んでいて、ニュージーランドに来ま
    した。       は2 年       クライストチャーチにいました。これはハミルトンで                                              の最初の年です。                は、バークレーノーマルミド
    ルスクールに            っています。             がこの学校に初めて来たとき、                             は友      を作ることができるかどうか心                          していました。 あ
    なたが       らない人と            を始めることは困                でした。でも、                 はエバと         う女の子と            を始めました。 その子は本当に                             く
    て一      に    ぶのがすごく楽しかったです。そして今、彼女は                                           の    友の一人です。               は数学を学ぶのが好きです。                          たち
    にはワークショップがあります。 それは先                                    が教えてくれた               問をどのように               えるのか分からない人に、先                       が       単に
    決する方法を教えてくれます。 それは本当に楽しく、                                              単に学ぶことができます。

    ジーランドで            単に       ることができる              、       、その他の           き     を    るためには、動               園、      場、または          い       に       く必
    があります。            の夢は        医か医        です。なぜなら、                は動         が好きで         気を治して一人でも多くの人を助けたいからです。
      はまた、動              待と児           待を救うためにボランティアしたいと思っています。                                              は小さい         、両       や   い主に          待を受
    けた人や動           を    す日本のテレビ                 を     ました。そして、                   は、すごく悲しくなりました、彼らを助けたいと思いまし
    た。ニュージーランドには日本よりも動                                 が多いので、日本とは                      うものを         る     い機会になると思いました。                      はこの学

                                                                       !                                                                .       ,
Science             Technology                Entrepreneurship                   Arts                Maths

Being a Year 9 at Berkley will mean:
I will have access to my own Chromebook that I will use to support             I will be involved in a social action development programme - led
my learning - All students will have their own Chromebook provided             by the Good Human Project. Students complete modules that include
by the school. While this is school property, students will use this           the following: knowing self and others; exploring values, ethics and
device between home and school to carry out their learning tasks.              personal connections; leading self and others; connecting leadership
                                                                               ideas to action; a collective design for a better future.
I will have the opportunity to attend a specialist Year 9 leadership
camp - Camp Adair is an outdoor pursuits and education facility                I will learn Mandarin (Chinese Language) - the scale and
located in Hunua, south of Auckland. Common programme goals                    development of China’s economy is breathtaking. New Zealand
include learning or improving outdoor pursuit skills, building                 students are growing up alongside the fastest growing economy in the
confidence, growing leadership, improving group communication and              world, and one which is considered by many to become the biggest
getting to know one another.                                                   global market in the 21st century. Learning Mandarin will mean that our
                                                                               students will be able to communicate with the majority of the world.
I will participate in the planning, organisation and fundraising for a
Year 9 trip - Year 9 students will learn how to set a budget, plan and         I will learn coding - Understanding code opens up huge
run a business, sell a product for a return and learn effective money          opportunities to create original, unique content, whether in the form of
management skills. All proceeds will go towards funding a special trip         websites, databases or through app development.
that will include completing one of New Zealand’s well known tramps.
                                                                               I will have an opportunity to be involved in a specialised Year 9 Arts
I will learn Robotics - students will develop an understanding of how robot    (music, dance, drama, and visual arts) programme.
systems work and to what extent they can be used in achieving a function.
Students will be required to create a solution for various problems such as    I will continue to experience high quality teaching and learning
how to follow a line and move a block to a specified area.                     through the STEAM programme.

I will learn how to engineer - Welding with recycled metal will require        To find out more information about the Year 9 curriculum and
creativity and resilience. Students will learn the required skills necessary   opportunities for 2019, there will be a Year 9 information evening held
when working with metal and put their problem solving skills to use as         on Thursday 16 August from 5.30pm - 6.30pm in Room 19.
they engineer and test their products against a design brief.
Lara Cole, Year 9
                                             It is a privilege to be a year 9 student here at Berkley, in Room 19. I have already taken up many
                                             opportunities and I am looking forward to many more to come. As a year 9, we are encouraged
                                             to continue to “Take up the challenge’. Camp Adair, learning Mandarin, welding, robotics, The
                                             Good Human Leadership Project, completing the Tongariro Crossing and attending Waikato
                                             Young Leaders Day (W.Y.L.D) are just some of the exciting opportunities I have been fortunate to
                                             be involved with.

                                             This year we are continuing our journey of being self-regulated learners - This means taking charge
                                             of our own learning. During lunch breaks there are always activities on offer that we can join in
                                             with. The teachers here at Berkley are amazing, super-supportive and encouraging. I am enjoying
                                             my journey as a year 9 with my friends and classmates, and I look forward to the rest of the year.

                                             I can’t wait for the new year 9’s next year to experience this amazing journey.

STEAM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in five specific disciplines — science,
technology, entrepreneurship, the arts, and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.
Rather than teach the five disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEAM integrates them into a
cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

What separates STEAM from the traditional science and math education is the blended learning environment which shows students how
the scientific method can be applied to everyday life. It teaches students computational thinking and focuses on the real world applications
of problem solving. At Berkley, we have state of the art facilities and skilled teachers that will provide students with outstanding hands-on
learning experiences that challenge inquisitive minds, fuel innovative thinking and create a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

The philosophy of STEAM at Berkley is to provide:
• An engaging interdisciplinary approach that integrates the areas of science,
  technology, entrepreneurship, arts and mathematics.

• An inquiry-based approach that helps develop critical thinking, creativity and
  spur innovation and invention. Students are empowered to take control of their
  own learning, preparing them to be problem solvers in the real world.

• Innovative and enlightening learning experiences that are transformational
  for both students and educators.
E-Learning at Berkley Normal Middle School
Berkley Normal Middle School is a BYOD School. This means that students are able to bring their own digital device to support and enhance
their learning.

At Berkley we welcome students bringing their own devices to school to use as a tool for learning. We ask students and parents to visit our
school website ( to find out about our BYOD policy, and what students need to do in order to bring their device to school.
Benefits of E-Learning:
 1   Engagement
     Students show greater levels of engagement and motivation when working in an
     electronic format. Information and presentations can be delivered in a range of
     multimedia formats.
     We have experienced high levels of written language from students when they work
     directly on the computer. Students express that they can focus on the language required
     rather than the need to present work neatly.

 2   Authentic audience
     Presenting work on-line allows for an authentic audience for students’ work. Instead of their work remaining at school in their books,
     work can be shared with people from around the world. Information can also be gathered from experts around the world, providing
     students with a wealth of information and contexts.

 3   Learning beyond the classroom walls
     E-Learning allows for students to continue learning beyond the classroom. Students can work on a range of activities and present
     information in a variety of formats.

 4   Feedback
     E-Learning allows students to receive instant feedback about their learning and take the next steps for development. The feedback could
     be from their peers, teachers, parents or even family from around the world.

 5   Online resources
     E-Learning allows for the use of a huge range of online resources. These could be video tutorials, web sites, interactive games...the list is
     endless! Everyone has equal access to information and at the same time.
IB Learner Profile
IB learners strive to be:

• Inquirers                     • Caring

• Knowledgeable                 • Open-minded

• Thinkers                      • Risk-takers

• Communicators                 • Balanced

• Principled                    • Reflective

Agenda Book
This book is a regular and important form of communication between home and school. Each day students record their homework tasks
and attach any school notices. We seek parent support by requesting your signature which confirms to us that the information has been
received and read.

This is what we are committed to. All 10-14 year olds, regardless of what they say to the contrary, are expected to do 20 minutes homework,
a minimum of three times per week. This is not a set amount, but rather in the nature of a challenge “How much can I do?”

Remember that it is an important component of becoming a self-directed learner. We ask parents to be well informed about these challenges
and to insist upon learner effort.
School Hours
School begins at 8.45am and finishes at 3.15pm. To be prepared for learning, students should aim to be at
school by 8.30am.

    Term Dates 2019:
    Term 1:              Tuesday 29 January – Friday 12 April

    Term 2:              Monday 29 April – Friday 5 July

    Term 3:              Monday 22 July – Friday 27 September

    Term 4:              Monday 14 October – Thursday 5 December

If your child is absent from school due to sickness, or for another reason, it is important that you report the
absence to the school before 9.00am that morning. If your child is absent for more than one day, a note is
required upon return to school, and if absent for 3 days or more a medical certificate may be requested.

Our preference is for parents to report student absences via our school website homepage absences link.
Alternatively please ring our office line - (07) 856 6537 ext 1 and leave a message.

Our office staff will send a notification text message if your child is absent without an explanation. The
school can request support from IAS (Integrated Attendance Services) for unexplained absences or lengthy
explained absences.

Students who arrive at school after 8.45am must report to the main office to sign in.

                                           Leave Requests
                                           Please apply in writing to the principal. During the school
                                           day, no student may leave the school grounds without staff
                                           permission. An explanatory note from parents or caregivers
                                           must be presented on each occasion and students must be
                                           collected from the office.
                                           It is expected that these occasions will be infrequent.
Travel                                                                 Berkley school bus
Our students are expected to maintain school standards by:             In 2001, the Berkley BOT established a bus service to cater for
•        Wearing school uniform correctly from the time they leave     the increased number of families living outside the Hillcrest area
         home in the morning until they return home at the end of      that chose Berkley as their preferred school. Berkley purchased a
         the day.                                                      37-seater bus, distinctly sign-written and expertly operated by driver
•        Maintaining a high standard of behaviour on school and        John Gemmell.
         city buses.
•        Showing courtesy to members of the public at all times.       The bus service offers some great
                                                                       advantages to families:
Travel by car
                                                                       •         Safe and on-time travel to and from school each day.
Parents who deliver their child to school by car should use the        •         A stress-free service, avoiding the need for caregivers to
Mullane Street entrance.                                                         drive through town at busy times.
                                                                       •         A friendly and responsible bus driver.
We seek your co-operation with this request as the Berkley Avenue
                                                                       •         Students develop independence and responsibility.
entrance (including the bus bay turn-around area) must be kept clear
                                                                       •         New friendships are made.
at all times.
                                                                       The bus route is determined annually. Currently the bus makes
Cyclist and pedestrian safety                                          scheduled stops through Melville and Glenview. The service is
                                                                       subsidised by the school making it a cost effective option for the users.
Cyclists are expected to know and follow the “Rules of the Road”.

Regulation cycle helmets are compulsory and students will not be
                                                                       Options: (subject to change)
allowed to bring bicycles to school without one.                       $2.00 per ride, paid to the driver
                                                                       $20.00 10 ride ticket
Cycle stands are available and all bicycles and scooters need to
                                                                       For further details please contact Berkley Normal Middle School
be padlocked.
                                                                       Office – phone 856 6537.
Reporting to Parents                                                     Money and Valuables
Unit of Inquiry books, ePortfolios and writing books record of student   Money and valuables requiring safekeeping should be placed in a
achievement. These books are a sequence of work samples that             clearly labelled envelope and handed to the classroom teacher, who
provide parents with information about the class programme and their     will follow our “all care but no responsibility” policy. No responsibility
child’s growth and development.                                          will be accepted for money or valuables not handed in.

We use Google Apps for Education to record student learning. This        All personal items, uniform, books and other equipment must be
secure cloud-based system utilises the multi-media dimensions and        named. All students must respect the property of others and only use it
creativity of our students to capture growth and achievement.            with the owner’s permission.

Student led conferences are held each year. During these                 Stationery
conferences students share their set goals and teachers report to
parents on learning and achievement. Parents will receive mid and        To begin the school year students are required to purchase a “basic”
end of year written reports about student progress and achievement       pack from school that will be sufficient for all core programmes. The
in relation to the NZ national standards.                                school operates a stationery shop for sales during the year.

Payments                                                                 Canteen
Our preferred method of payment is through internet banking.             Berkley has a canteen which is run by the Libelle Group, NZ’s
                                                                         leading school food & beverage service provider. They offer a range
                   Our school account number is                          of freshly made hot and cold packaged items and drinks for students
                    12-3122-0202229-00                                   to purchase during break times. A menu is available on our website.
                                                                         Lunch orders should be placed before school - eftpos is available.
Alternatively payments can be made by eftpos at the school office or
cash or cheque payments.
Our Board of Trustees by-law requires our students to wear the regulation uniform in school at all times.

Uniform gives students a sense of belonging and allows all children to be equally well dressed.

All belongings must be named.

Berkley uniform can only be purchased from ‘Direct Group Uniforms’. They are located at 6 Latham Court, Frankton, Hamilton.
Their opening hours are Monday – Friday 8.00am – 5.00pm or for online purchasing –
Uniform Schedule                                              Hair colour:
• Polar Fleece Sweatshirt – navy with Berkley logo            • is expected to be the student’s natural colour
• Poloshirt – navy and jade short sleeved with Berkley logo
• Girls Culottes – navy drill with ‘Berkley’ in white print   Jewellery:
• Boys Shorts – navy drill with ‘Berkley’ in white print      Students may wear:
• Puffer jacket (optional) – navy with Berkley logo           • one pair of plain earring studs in the ears only
• P.E. Shirt – navy with Berkley logo                         • one wrist watch
                                                              • one plain chain or bone carving of spiritual or cultural significance
• P.E. Short – navy with Berkley logo
                                                              • nail polish is not permitted
• P.E. Hoodie – navy with Berkley logo
• Cap/Hat – navy with ‘Berkley’ in white print
• Beanie (optional) – navy with ‘Berkley’ in white print
• Scarf (optional) – navy with ‘Berkley’ in white print
• Socks – plain white, black or navy (no stripes)

Not available from the Uniform Shop:
• Shoes - plain black, polishable (no boots, no high heels)
• Sandals - Roman sandal, plain black
• Tights (optional) - flesh coloured, black or navy
• Hair Accessories - plain jade, white, black or navy
(07) 856 6537
26 Berkley Avenue, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand
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