Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant!

Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant!
Edition 14—17 September 2019

 Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival—ISC girls triumphant!
On Friday, September 13th Innisfail State College attended the Freshwater Rugby League 7s in Cairns.
We took 3 teams: U13 boys, U15 boys and U16 girls. Our U15 boys battled hard all day and finished
with 2 draws and 2 losses. It was a fantastic effort considering all but 2 of the squad being 14 years old.
Our U13s finished the pool round with 3 wins and 1 loss. This put us up against Smithfield in the semi
final. Unfortunately our boys were unable to withstand the online pressure in the dying minutes and
went down by a try. Our girls went through the day undefeated and placed us up against Trinity Bay in
the final. In an end-to-end game, our girls pulled off a remarkable victory defeating T Bay by 4 tries to
3. Another incredible game from a young group of ladies who never give up and punch well above their
weight! Congratulations to all students from ISC for a great day of footy!

 Shakefest Competition
Last week, Latana-Lee Simpson and Brenda Moua participated in the state-wide Shakefest
competition at Cairns State High School. Both students delivered charming and engaging
monologues, competing against students from the North Queensland region. Brenda had
the audience on the edge of their seats with her rendition of Portia’s monologue from The
Merchant of Venice, while Latana-Lee found herself with a case of “hard act to follow” yet
delivered a very compelling interpretation of the same monologue.
Both girls performed exceptionally well and were warmly applauded and encouraged by
their fellow competitors. Latana-Lee and Brenda represented the school exceptionally
well, and participated in workshops to extend their skillsets, making new and exciting
friendships. The atmosphere at this year’s competition was like no other, with all students
cheering loudly and encouraging each other after every single performance. Both girls now nervously await their results, which will be
announced at the end of the term. We wish them well as they wait to hear whether they get to continue their experience with Shake and
Stir Theatre Company in Brisbane, participating in one of their Shakespearean productions.

Aquarium excursion
Year 10 Geographers traversed the murky waters of the outback towards the pristine coral of
the Great Barrier Reef on their recent guided tour of the Cairns Aquarium. Many students were
in awe of the amazing species diversity that inhabits our inland waterways, creeks, rivers,
estuaries and oceans.
Our focus on the sustainability of these varied environments encouraged our students to
engage with the many environmental problems that confront us with climate change in 2019.
Year 10 geography students are to be congratulated on their commendable behaviour
exhibited throughout the day. It is wonderful to have members of the public acknowledge the
politeness of our students whilst attending off-campus curriculum-based activities.

For sale by tender
Innisfail State College has for sale a purpose-built eight-canoe trailer (registered, new tyres) together with 8 Canadian-style canoes and
associated equipment including paddles, life jackets and helmets. Tenders in writing for the entire single “lot” of equipment in “as is”
condition will be accepted at the school office up to 4pm Tuesday 8th October. Envelopes to be marked “Confidential offer for canoes and
trailer”. Equipment can be viewed by arrangement this week (phone 4078 0222) or via photographs on Gumtree. No warranty for any
equipment is implied or given. ISC reserves the right not to accept a tender, and delivery is at the cost of the buyer. Submissions must
disclose any interests or links with departmental employees.

 Innisfail State College acknowledges the Mamu People, Traditional Custodians of the country in which this College is located, and pays
 respect to their Elders past and present and emerging.
Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant!
Mamu Health Careers Day
                                  The Innisfail State College Health Trade Centre was alive with activity
                                  last Friday for the Mamu Health Careers Day. Forty-five year 7 & 8
                                  indigenous students volunteered to spend the day with health
                                  professionals from the Mamu Health Service, Innisfail Hospital, James
                                  Cook University and other health organisations to gain hands on
                                  experience in the health industry. These students engaged in pig
                                  heart dissections, fish hook removals, dentistry (making a real filling), hand hygiene, personal
                                  protective equipment, microscopy and ambulance simulated real-life scenarios provided by Rescue-1.
 The objective of the day which was fully funded by Mamu Health Services was to target our young indigenous students to start early in
 considering a career pathway to the health services. They had the opportunity to talk with trainee doctors, registered nurses, trainee
 dentists, registrar doctors and paramedics. These students were also supported by our own year 12 Health students who also gained
 further experience in this sector. ISC would like to thank Mamu Health Services and all the organisations that donated their time and
 resources to empowering our possible wonderful future health professionals!

 National Assessment Program
This year, a sample of Year 6 and Year 10 students from across Australia will take part in a national online sample assessment in Civics
and Citizenship. The NAP–CC sample assessment supports the goal of Australian schooling for students to become active and informed
citizens. In doing this, the assessment collects information about students’ civics and citizenship-related knowledge and understanding,
attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.
The purpose of the online assessment is to inform schools, education ministers and the community about the levels of student
achievement in civics and citizenship education among Year 6 and Year 10 students across Australia. Innisfail State College has been
selected by drawing a random sample of schools in each state and territory across Australia. A sample of twenty year 10 students will be
randomly selected to complete the assessment. Parents will be advised accordingly.
The online assessment which will be held on Wednesday 16 October at 9am is intended to test students’ levels of knowledge and
understanding of civics and citizenship matters. Students are not expected to study for this assessment, and last minute preparation is

 ISC’s newest trainee                                                   Library news
Congratulations to                                                      For the second month running, year 8
our newest school                                                       student Keiren Rawnsley has won the
based trainee,                                                          ISC Reader of the Month with an
Hayden Averkoff                                                         amazing 23 non fiction and 25
who is employed by                                                      fiction books read during August.
Innisfail State                                                         Keiren has been exploring the subjects
College one day a                                                       of human anatomy and manga fiction.
week as an IT                                                           He receives a prize pack for his efforts.
Hayden will
complete a Cert III
                                                                       Yr 11 Aquatics
in Information,                                                       This term, year 11 Aquatic
Digital Media and                                                     Practices students have each
Technology completing his on-line training with TAFE.                 built their own fishing rod from
Congratulations Hayden!                                               a blank kit as part of the fishing
                                                                      unit. Students learn the parts
                                                                      and skills to construct their rod
Primary Schools’ Sports Gala Day                                      as part of their assessment.
On Wednesday 4th
September, 30 of our                                                   Upcoming events
senior students
                                                                       Tue 17 & Wed 18 Oct   HOTSHOTS for year 6 students
attended the Primary
                                                                       Wed 18 September      Flying Fish Point SS Multicultural Day
Schools Gala Sport Day
                                                                       Friday 20 September   Final day of term 3
at Calendar Park. They                                                 Tuesday 8 October     First day of term 4
were busy officiating                                                  Week 1                Mental Health Week
soccer, Oztag and                                                      Wed 9 October         Car crash scenario—year 11 and 12 students
netball for the 120 year                                               Thursday 10 October   Odd Sock Day (for Mental Health Week)
3 to 6 students who                                                    Saturday 12 October   Relay for Life -Go ISC teams!
attended the day. Our                                                                        Mourilyan School Fete
students did an amazing job encouraging and coaching                   Monday 14 October     P & C Meeting 7pm A block
                                                                                             Year 7 immunisations dose 2
primary school students and received plenty of positive
                                                                       Tue 15—Fri 18 Oct     Year 11 & 12 AQP camp
feedback from primary school staff and students.
                                                                       Monday 21 October     Student Free Day
Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant!
DLC’s 9th Annual Art Gallery Opening
On Friday evening, the Diverse Learning Centre held their ninth Art Gallery Opening. The theme this
year was – Rainbows – Colours and Shapes. A large group of staff, family and friends of the DLC
attended the opening from 6.30 pm.
During Term 3, students focussed on Visual Arts on Wednesdays in four week cycles to produce a
range of art works using the seven colours of the rainbow. The pieces, this year included:
        A large ‘Rainbow Serpent’ which was a whole-of-school project demonstrating many
           indigenous styles of painting
        Fabric printing onto satin to create table runners and a teepee created from students’
           individual art pieces (from the book ‘Rainbow Menagerie’)
        Tile prints onto pillowcases using the colours of the rainbow                                          Mark
        Photostories around the moods and feelings created by the colours of the rainbow
        Printed drawings from the touch screen that students created using the colours of the
        3D depiction from ‘Tiddlick, the Frog’
        Many of the students’ artworks were inspired by books about rainbows they have read eg – ‘How
           the Turtle Got Its Shell’ from which students created a large fabric turtle sewing a range of
           different beading and stitching effects into the shell
        The older students delved into some modern graffiti work using pops of colours that describe
           shape and movement;
        The Early Childhood group created several projects of their own including a landscape scene and a
           3D group project, ‘Under the Rainbow’
        Throughout the whole gallery were many paintings completed by students using a range of media
           and tools, eg, brushes, rollers, scrapers.
As we look forward to a larger celebration of our students’ creative skills for our tenth anniversary, we are   Ihaka
already considering the theme and location on the second last Friday of Term 3, 2020!




Hospitality students
On Sunday afternoon, year 11 students Malachi Campbell, Gabby Doyle, Hayley
Tamblyn, and Rose Butcher accompanied by Mrs Thompson and Mrs Medley to help
with service at the Babinda Harvest Festival Princess High Tea. The students did a
tremendous job serving tea, coffee and afternoon tea to over 150 guests.
Congratulations to these wonderful students who gave up their own time over the
week-end to assist with this function.

Boating qualifications
Last week, year 11 & 12 Aquatic Practice students attended Ski
North, Babinda to complete their boat licence test requirements.
Students completed a comprehensive two-day practical session
and have all qualified for their motor boat licences.

Peppertree Restaurant 2019 season closes
                             Over the last two terms, the year 11 and 12 Certificate II
                             Hospitality students have conducted nine restaurants at
                             ISC’s Peppertree Restaurant.
                             Students prepared, produced and served three course a-la-
                             carte meals to 80 guests each Friday night, along with
                             serving cocktails and other drinks from the restaurant bar.
Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant!
Student leadership at ISC in Term 3
Student leaders have been busy with numerous events and fundraisers this term. As we commence preparations for the end of term
three, the Student Council and Peer Mentors remind you to check in with your loved ones and ask the simple question of ‘R U Ok?’. Our
annual breakfast was once again a highlight, with many students and staff having time together to really engage in conversation.
On behalf of the ISC community, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all who have supported student leaders as well as the student
leaders themselves for their commitment and acknowledge their dedication to representing the entire ISC student body.
Ms Monti
Student Council Teacher Co-ordinator.

                                                                          Student Council members volunteered their time to assist the Lioness
                                                                          women in hosting a Pensioner’s Morning Tea. Students were provided with
Our wonderful student leaders enjoyed a leadership camp at Daradgee       the opportunity to demonstrate their community spirit by assisting the
Environmental Education Centre early in term three where they were        Lioness women in serving food and distributing prizes. Students were
challenged to embrace the attributes that make a good leader and          continually congratulated on their assistance with the event and were
encouraged to identify their strengths as a leader.                       requested to return next year!

 Our Father’s Day raffle was a tremendous success thanks to the support   Student leaders recently organised a highly successful RnB disco. Staff and
                                                                          students dressed in very hip gear with cool shades and hats to show off
 of many students and staff for purchasing tickets and the generous
                                                                          their funky flare. On behalf of all students I would like to thank Miss Monti
 donations made by many local businesses.
                                                                          for coordinating the student leaders to organise this wonderful extra
                                                                          curricula opportunity.
Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant! Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant! Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant! Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant! Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant! Freshwater 7s Rugby League Carnival-ISC girls triumphant!
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