Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany

Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany
Funding Guide 2021-2022
For Academic Mobility between
  the UK/Ireland and Germany
Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany
Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)                   4

Information for Applicants                                    6

Studying in Germany Programmes                                8

Research in Germany Programmes                               14

Other Mobility Programmes                                    19

DAAD Networking Programmes                                   26

Information and Useful Addresses about Studying in Germany   30

Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany

    About the DAAD
    First established in 1925 and re-founded in 1950, the German Academic
    Exchange Service (DAAD) is the German national agency for the support
    of international academic cooperation. It relies on federal funds to offer
    a wide range of scholarships and grants for the international exchange of
    students, academics and researchers helping to build ties between academic
    institutions around the world. The DAAD head office is based in Bonn,
    Germany. Along with a number of DAAD information centres worldwide, there
    are branch offices in Amman, Berlin, Bogotá, Brussels, Beijing, Cairo, Hanoi,
    Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Moscow, Nairobi, New Delhi, New York, Paris,
    Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Tunis and Warsaw.

    The DAAD                                         The DAAD London team also initiates
                                                     a variety of projects and networking
    London Branch                                    opportunities that support the exchange
                                                     between the German, the British and the
    The London office of the German Academic         Irish cultures. To name a few: the German
    Exchange Service was first established in 1927   Language Competition organised in
    and reopened after the war in 1952, being the    collaboration with the Institute of Modern
    oldest of the 17 branches of the organisation    Languages Research (IMLR) at the School for
    outside of Germany. The DAAD team in             Advanced Study London aims at promoting
    London acts as the first point of contact for    the German language among students in the
    inquiries regarding DAAD programmes for          UK and Ireland. Each competition round has
    students and researchers based in the United     focused on different topics that challenged
    Kingdom and Ireland, providing information       the students to be creative with the German
    about German universities, application to        language. Nothing bonds more than football:
    DAAD programmes and further funding              The Sauerkraut Cup is the sporting fixture
    opportunities. The DAAD London Branch            promoted by the DAAD London. Small teams
    also promotes a variety of other mobility        of students from German Departments in
    programmes that support exchange between         the UK and Ireland compete in a very local
    German lecturers and senior academics            football championship to win the legendary
    based in the UK and Ireland.                     “Sauerkraut Cup”.

Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany
Two DAAD Centres for German and European       with established world-class researchers,
Studies are based in the UK. The Institute     and they also welcome visits by German
for German Studies at the University of        scholars. Other project funding grants
Birmingham and the DAAD-University of          to UK universities have been offered via
Cambridge Research Hub for German Studies      the Promoting German Studies in the UK
enable academics to establish collaborations   programme. Finally, the DAAD London
with fellow researchers at German              branch keeps in contact with the staff of
universities. The two research centres         the German departments at UK and Irish
promote international collaborations, they     universities by organising the annual Heads
offer an important networking opportunity      of German meeting.
giving postgraduates the chance to engage

 For more information about the DAAD London’s activities and news, please check the
 website regularly, subscribe to the DAAD London Newsletter and follow us on social media          DAAD.UKandIreland

                      We help to build links between academic
                      institutions around the world.

Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany

    How to Apply for a DAAD Scholarship

    The DAAD grants described in this            students and academic staff which are
    brochure are available to academic           offered for applicants based in the UK or in
    staff and students in Ireland and the        Ireland. Please be aware that the full list of
    United Kingdom for study and research        grants available at the German Academic
    in Germany.                                  Exchange Service is accessible online on
                                                 our Scholarship Database. The Scholarship
    Moreover, a variety of mobility programmes
                                                 Database also includes programmes and
    also ensure academic exchange from
                                                 funding opportunities that are offered by
    Germany to the United Kingdom or Ireland.
                                                 other affiliated organisations.
    This brochure contains an overview of the
    most important funding opportunities for

Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany
Before applying for a DAAD Scholarship         n Finally, submit your application via the
prospective students and researchers should:      online DAAD-Portal, which is accessible
                                                  at all times after first registration. You can
n Get an overview of available grants and
                                                  check the progress of your application
   scholarships by browsing through our
                                                  and receive feedback at any time through
   Scholarship Database
                                                  the DAAD-Portal. Generally, applications>Find                           open approximately 6-8 weeks prior to
  Funding>Scholarship Database                    the deadlines.

n Get advice: get in touch with the DAAD      The selection process for allocating the
  London office branch for any questions       DAAD Scholarships is organised by the DAAD
  about the programmes offered.                London team for applicants coming from the
                                               UK and Ireland. A group of carefully sourced
n Review the programmes and carefully
                                               experts and professionals of a variety of
   check all the requirements and
                                               academic subjects review the applications
   prerequisites listed as essential on our
                                               and as an independent selection panel, they
                                               strive to allocate grants fairly.
n Put together your application collecting
                                               Due to the emergency caused by COVID-19,
   all necessary documents listed in the
                                               some of the programmes listed may not take
   Scholarship Database. Do you have
                                               place in the academic year 2021-2022. Before
   questions about the documents? Have a
                                               applying to a scholarship programme, make
   look at the FAQs on our website
                                               sure to check our website for updates.
   w>Find Funding>FAQ
    Scholarships and Grants
    or get in touch with us directly:

Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany

    DAAD Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

    RISE Germany – Research                          prove that they will still be fully enrolled
    Internships in Science &                         upon their return to their home university
                                                     in North America, the UK or Ireland.
                                                     For most positions knowledge of German is
    RISE is a summer placement programme             not required.
    for undergraduate students from the UK
    and Ireland, the United States and Canada
    in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics,    A monthly rate of EUR 750, health-, accident-
    Earth Sciences and Engineering or a closely      and private liability insurance, a lump sum
    related field. It offers unique opportunities    towards international travel costs, a lump
    for undergraduate students to work with          sum of EUR 160 for travel within Germany,
    research groups at universities and top          a three-day meeting of all RISE scholars in
    research institutions across Germany for a       Germany in July.
    period of 2 to 3 months during the summer.       Applications
    RISE interns are matched with doctoral
                                                     Applications are to be completed online at:
    students whom they assist and who serve as
    their mentors. All participants receive grants
    from the DAAD to help cover living expenses,     Application Period
    while partner universities and research          1 November 2020 to 15 December 2020 for
    institutes provide housing assistance.           placements in summer 2021.
    Requirements                                      Further Information
    Applications are open to undergraduate            Contact:
    students majoring in the fields of science
    and engineering as well as in computer            More information and application:
    science. Applicants must have completed 
    at least two years of undergraduate study.
    Seniors or fourth-year students must

Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany
University Summer Courses for                      Value
Foreign Students and Graduates                     EUR 950 which contributes towards course
                                                   fees and accommodation.
Every year, German universities offer a broad
range of three to four week-long summer            Applications
language courses to foreign students and           Applications must be submitted via the
graduates. The University Summer Courses           DAAD-Portal, all documents required are
aim to help students and graduates to              listed in the Scholarship Database.
improve their knowledge of German and
their cultural knowledge of the country. In        Application Period
addition to intensive language teaching,           15 September 2020 to 1 December 2020.
this programme offers an extensive extra-
                                                    Further Information
curricular programme and critical insights
into literary, cultural, political, and economic    Contact:
aspects of modern Germany.                          For a full overview of language courses
                                                    available: or
Applications are open to students in full-time
Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programmes           More information on the programme:
in any subject area. Students from the UK and>Find
Ireland who wish to apply need to be able to        Funding>Scholarship
prove adequate knowledge of German for the          Database>University Summer Courses
course selected at the time of application, as
all courses are exclusively taught in German.

Funding Guide 2021-2022 For Academic Mobility between the UK/Ireland and Germany
DAAD Scholarships for Graduate and
     Postgraduate Students
     Study Scholarships –                              Value
     Master Studies for All                            EUR 861 per month, health, accident and
     Academic Disciplines                              personal liability insurance cover and a travel
     This competitive scholarship provides funds
     for highly qualified graduate students to enrol   Applications
     in postgraduate study and/or to conduct           Applications must be submitted via the
     research at any German university, university     DAAD-Portal, all documents required are
     of applied sciences, research institute, music    listed in the Scholarship Database.
     academy or art college for up to two years,
                                                       Application Deadlines
     depending on the length of the chosen course.
                                                       30 September 2020, for Postgraduate Studies
     Requirements                                      in the Field of Architecture.
     Graduates must have completed a first
                                                       1 October 2020, for Postgraduate Studies in
     degree (Bachelor or comparable academic
                                                       the Field of Music.
     degree) by the time they commence their
     scholarship-supported study programme.            30 October 2020, for Postgraduate Studies in
     Additionally, applicants need to be able to       the Field of Performing Arts.
     prove their German language knowledge,
                                                       30 November 2020, for Postgraduate Studies
     especially if their chosen course is taught
                                                       in the Fields of Fine Art, Design, Visual
     in German. As the number of grants is very
                                                       Communication and Film.
     limited, applicants with very good academic
     results are prioritised.                          18 January 2021, for all other academic
     The selection process for applications in the
     fields of architecture, performing arts, music     Further Information
     and fine arts/design/visual communication and      Contact:
     film is organised by the DAAD Headquarters
                                                        More information on the programme:
     in Bonn, Germany. Requirements for these
     subjects may differ in comparison to other
                                                        Funding>Scholarship Database>
     subjects; please refer to the full list of
                                                        Study Scholarships
     requirements in the Scholarship Database.

RISE Professional –                                 Value
Research Internships in                             A monthly scholarship of EUR 850 for
Science and Engineering                             Master’s students, EUR 1,200 for PhD
                                                    students, health, accident and liability
RISE Professional offers summer research            insurance, a three-day meeting of all
internships of three months to Master’s and         RISE Professional scholars in Germany, a
PhD students from the UK, Ireland, North            lump sum for travelling within Germany,
America and Canada at companies and research        a lump sum towards international travel
institutions with strong relations to Germany.      costs, for those who plan to attend an
RISE Professional is funded by the German           accompanying language course in Germany,
Federal Foreign Office and the programme            the DAAD will cover 70% of course-fees
is open to students of Biology, Chemistry,          (max. EUR 500).
Physics, Earth Sciences, Engineering, or a
closely related field. All participants receive a   Applications
scholarship from the DAAD and an additional         The application is to be completed online at:
stipend from their host company/institution
to help cover living expenses.
                                                    Application Period
Requirements                                        1 November 2020 to 15 December 2020 for
Master’s students and PhD students from             placements in summer or autumn 2021.
British and Irish Universities can apply.
                                                     Further information
They must be fully enrolled at the time of
the internship in the fields of science or           Contact:
engineering. Undergraduate students who              More information on the programme:
are RISE Germany alumni are also welcome   
to apply. German language requirements
vary according to the internship placement.

Scholarships by other Funding Organisations
     Other funding opportunities are available at specific universities in the UK
     only. The following two universities, in collaboration with the DAAD, offer
     their students the following funding opportunities:

     University of Cambridge:                        Applications
     The Kurt Hahn Trust Fellowship                  Applications should be addressed to the
                                                     relevant university contacts and not to
                                                     the DAAD. Application documents and
     Grants are available for both outstanding       deadlines are published on the website
     students from Cambridge who wish                indicated below.
     to continue their study at a German
     university and exceptional students of           Further Information
     German nationality who want to pursue            Contact:
     graduate studies at the University of
                                                      More information on the programme:
     Cambridge. Successful applicants are able
     to demonstrate evidence of a higher than
     average level of engagement, breadth of
     interest, and social awareness. Applicants
     are only eligible for a Kurt Hahn Scholarship
     once in their lifetime; unsuccessful
     applicants may reapply for funding in
     subsequent years.
University of Oxford:                             Candidates will normally be expected to
The Theodor Heuss Fellowship                      show a reasonable proficiency in German,
                                                  but a further grant may be made available to
financed by the Alexander von
                                                  those who do not speak German, to enable
Humboldt Foundation                               them to attend a language course before the
Requirements                                      beginning of their stay.

This Fellowship is intended for researchers       Applications
at doctoral level who want to carry out
                                                  Applications should be addressed to the
research in a field of their choice at a German
                                                  relevant university contacts and not to
university or research institution. Applicants
                                                  the DAAD. Application documents and
of all nationalities may apply, but they
                                                  deadlines are published on the website
must be registered for a doctoral degree
                                                  indicated below. Please note that applicants
at the University of Oxford or must have
                                                  are advised to contact their proposed
completed an Oxford doctoral degree within
                                                  host institution before submitting their
the last 12 months and now be carrying out
a post-doctoral research project at Oxford.

 Further Information

 More information on the programme:


     DAAD Funding for PhD Students, Postdocs and
     Junior Academics

     Research Grants –                                 postdocs. Possible additional payments
     Short-Term Grants                                 can be received towards health, accident,
                                                       and liability insurance cover, as well as a
     Research grants are offered to enable well-       travel allowance.
     advanced PhD students and junior scholars
     to carry out dissertation or post-doctoral        Applications
     research at libraries, archives, institutes, or   Applications are to be submitted via the
     laboratories in Germany for a period of one       DAAD-Portal. The DAAD expects applicants
     to six months.                                    to have already contacted an academic
                                                       supervisor at their proposed German host
                                                       institution for support. Applicants from
     Applicants should not have graduated from         third countries or German applicants who
     an undergraduate degree programme any             live in a foreign country are asked to get in
     longer than six years before the application      touch with the DAAD London branch office
     deadline. Those already holding a doctoral        before they submit an application to discuss
     degree should not have completed the              possible special application requirements.
     doctorate more than four years ago.
     Doctoral candidates should not have started       Application Deadlines
     their doctoral degree any longer than three       14 September 2020 for visits starting
     years previously. Adequate knowledge of           between 1 January and 15 June 2021.
     the German language is required to carry
                                                       15 February 2021 for visits starting between
     out the proposed research unless it is to be
                                                       1 July and 15 December 2021.
     conducted in English. Applicants who have
     been resident in Germany for longer than 15        Further Information
     months at the application deadline cannot
     be considered.
                                                        More information on the programme:
     Value                                    >Find
     Depending on academic level, monthly               Funding>Scholarship
     payments of EUR 861 for graduates,                 Database>Research Grants-Short Term
     EUR 1,200 for doctoral candidates and

Research Grants –                              Value
One Year Grants                                Depending on academic level, monthly
                                               payments of EUR 861 for graduates, EUR
These grants provide funding for doctoral
                                               1,200 for doctoral candidates. Possible other
students to conduct research at any
                                               payments can be received towards health,
German university, university of applied
                                               accident, and liability insurance cover, as well
sciences, research institute, music
                                               as a travel allowance, unless these expenses
academy or art college for any duration of
                                               are covered by the home country or another
between seven months and one academic
                                               source of funding.
year. The stay at a German institution
of higher education should be for the          Applications
undertaking of PhD or postdoctoral work.
                                               Applications are to be submitted via the
Requirements                                   DAAD-Portal. The DAAD expects applicants
                                               to have already contacted an academic
Applicants should not have graduated
                                               supervisor at their proposed German host
from       an    undergraduate       degree
                                               institution for support. An acceptance letter
programme any longer than six years
                                               from such a supervisor should be submitted
before the application deadline. Doctoral
                                               along with the other application documents.
candidates should not have started their
doctoral degree any longer than three          Application Deadline
years previously. Adequate knowledge of
                                               18 January 2021.
the German language is required in order
to carry out the proposed research unless       Further Information
it is to be conducted in English. Applicants
who have been resident in Germany for
longer than 15 months at the application        More information on the programme:
deadline cannot be considered.        >Find
                                                Database>Research Grants - One Year

DLR-DAAD Research                               Value
     Fellowship Programme                            Depending on the length of the scholarship
                                                     applied for the value of the grant is between
     The DLR, the German National Research
                                                     EUR 1,760 to EUR 2,760 per month. Possible
     Centre for Aeronautics and Space, carries
                                                     additional payments are a travel allowance,
     out extensive research and development
                                                     health insurance and family allowances.
     projects in the areas of aeronautics, space,
     transportation, and energy. DLR-DAAD            Applications
     Fellowships offer outstanding scientists
                                                     Current offers and details on how to
     and researchers the opportunity to conduct
                                                     submit the applications are published on
     research at one or more of the DLR institutes
     in Germany. DLR-DAAD Fellowships are
     awarded on an individual basis. These grants    Application Period
     are jointly offered by the DLR and the DAAD.
                                                     New fellowship offers are published
     Requirements                                    throughout the year. If an application deadline
                                                     exists, it is mentioned in the current offers.
     This programme is intended for highly
     qualified foreign doctoral and postdoctoral      Further Information
     students as well as senior scientists. Each
     fellowship vacancy announcement will have
     specific qualification requirements and terms    More information on the programme:
     of the visit. Please refer to the Scholarship
     Database for a full list of requirements.

Research Grants – Bi-nationally                 years previously. Applicants who have
Supervised Doctoral Degrees/                    been resident in Germany for longer than
                                                15 months at the time of the application
Cotutelle Degree
                                                deadline cannot be considered.
Bi-nationally      supervised       doctoral
degrees provide doctoral candidates,            Value
young academics, and scientists with the        The value of the grant is of EUR 1,200 per
opportunity to take part in an international    month, additional payments can include
research project between the home               health, accident, and liability insurance
university and a university in Germany. This    cover, a travel allowance, unless these
programme currently offers two different        expenses are covered by the home country
types of funding schemes. The first option      or another source of funding. Under certain
is a bi-nationally supervised doctoral          circumstances, grant holders completing
degree, a doctorate which is supervised         an uninterrupted stay of over 6 months in
by an additional professor at a university      Germany may receive a monthly rent subsidy
in Germany, but the degree is awarded           and a monthly allowance for accompanying
by the home university only. The second         members of family.
option is a doctorate following the Cotutelle
scheme, which is awarded by the home and
the German university, that has a previous      The application procedure occurs online
institutional agreement to jointly award the    through the DAAD-Portal.
PhD title.
                                                Application Deadline
Requirements                                    18 January 2021.
Bi-nationally    supervised      Doctoral
                                                 Further information
Degrees/Cotutelle Degree are awarded
to highly qualified doctoral candidates          Contact:
and graduates who have admission to a            More information on the programme:
doctoral programme at the time they begin>Find
their grant-supported research. Doctoral         Funding>Scholarship
candidates should not have started their         Database>Research Grants - Cotutelle
doctoral degree any longer than three

DAAD Funding for Senior Academics

     Research Stays for University                    Applications
     Academics and Scientists                         Applications are welcome from senior
                                                      academics employed at a British or Irish
     Awards are available to academics for short-
                                                      institution of higher education or research
     term visits of up to 3 months to universities,
                                                      institute. Applicants should generally hold
     research institutes, libraries, and archives
                                                      a doctorate, work in a higher education
     in Germany. Grants are awarded for specific
                                                      institution, or have research experience after
     research projects; research stays at state/
                                                      their PhD or equivalent. Recent publications
     state-recognised institutions of higher
                                                      or a research record in the proposed field
     education or non-university research
                                                      are required. Former holders of a DAAD one-
     institutes in Germany. A research stay
                                                      year grant can also apply while employed
     can also take place across several host
                                                      outside of academia, provided that at least
                                                      three years have passed since their last
     Requirements                                     DAAD Scholarship.
     Applicants must work at a university or
                                                      Application Deadlines
     institute of higher education in their home
                                                      14 September 2020 for visits starting
     country and their PhD exam should be older
                                                      between 1 January and 15 June 2021.
     than 4 years. The proposed research project
     must be coordinated with an academic host        15 February 2021 for visits starting between
     institute in Germany, where the applicant        1 July and 15 December 2021.
     must be provided with a workplace. Other
     special requirements may apply. Please            Further information
     check the Scholarship Database for more           Contact:
                                                       More information on the programme:
     Value                                   >Find-
     The value of the grant is between EUR 2,000
                                                       Database>Research Stays
     to EUR 2,150 per month, depending on the
     position covered. Grant holders will also
     receive a travel allowance unless these
     expenses are covered by the home country
     or another source of funding.

Short-Term Lectureship to the                    Value
UK & Ireland                                     The DAAD provides the guest lecturer with
                                                 a stipend for housing, living expenses,
The Short-Term Lectureship provides
                                                 transportation, and the shipment of
financial support for hosting German
                                                 teaching materials and personal luggage.
professors and lecturers for short-term
teaching engagements at universities in          Applications
Ireland and the United Kingdom. It aims to
                                                 Applications are submitted through the
promote activity in specialised fields or acts
as a stimulus for teaching and research. By
facilitating teaching, German lecturers share    Application Deadline
their knowledge, skills and experiences with
                                                 Applications are accepted on a rolling basis
students, the faculty and on campus. The
                                                 and reviewed four times a year. They must
Programme is open to all disciplines for
                                                 be submitted at least ten weeks prior to
lectureships of four weeks to six months.
                                                 the planned lectureship, to be reviewed.
Requirements                                     Selection dates are published on the DAAD
                                                 Germany website below.
The British or Irish host institution must
commit to providing a monetary honorarium         Further Information
per month to the guest lecturer, as well as
                                                  Contact: Please forward any questions to
office space with IT equipment, support
                                        , the DAAD
facilities and assistance with housing,
                                                  London team will be happy to forward it
either in the provision of faculty housing or
                                                  to the relevant contact in Bonn.
assistance with finding an external housing
opportunity.                                      More Information on the programme:

Visiting Professorship                         the salary scheme for university scholars
     Programme                                      and civil servants in Germany. Additional
                                                    funding can be provided for travel, luggage,
                                                    and health insurance.
     This programme serves to strengthen the
     internationalisation of German higher          Applications
     education by welcoming Irish and British       Candidates must secure an invitation from
     professors to German higher education          a German host institution prior to the
     institutions in order for them to contribute   application for funding, and teach courses
     their topical expertise and teaching           integrated into the regular curriculum.
     methods. The programme is open to all
                                                    Application Period
     disciplines and subjects.
                                                    1 October 2020 to 15 January 2021 for visits
     Requirements                                   beginning during the winter semester 2021.
     Highly qualified scholars in all academic
                                                    1 April 2021 to 15 July 2021 for visits beginning
     disciplines who hold a doctorate degree
                                                    during the summer semester 2022.
     or similar and have an affiliation with a
     higher education institution in the UK/         Further Information
     Ireland are eligible.                           Contact: Ms. Dana Lehnen,
     The German host institution receives the        More information on the programme:
     DAAD funding and the visiting professor
     is paid by the host university according to

Study Visits by Groups of                         Value
Foreign Students                                  EUR 50 per person per night.

University teaching staff can apply for a grant   Applications
to go to Germany with a group of students
                                                  University teachers ideally accompanying
(undergraduate, masters or PhD candidates).
                                                  the group of students can find all the
Study visits aim to establish and maintain
                                                  application documents in the Scholarship
contacts between German and foreign
                                                  Database and have to send all documents
universities, and they provide participants
                                                  to the DAAD London directly. Students or
with subject-specific knowledge, subject-
                                                  groups of students cannot apply directly to
related tours and informative meetings.
                                                  the DAAD; the university teacher or professor
This programme’s goal is also to promote
                                                  submitting an application is responsible for
meetings with German students, academics
                                                  selecting participants.
and scientists and offers participants an
insight into economic, political, and cultural    Application Deadlines
life in Germany.
                                                  1 February of each year for trips after 1 June.
Requirements                                      1 May of each year for trips after 1 September.
Successful applications need to present           1 November of each year for trips after
a full programme, including visits to             1 March.
two German universities or institutes of
                                                   Further Information
higher education and a relevant cultural
programme for the evenings and weekends.           For inquiries and to submit applications:
Visits should last between 7-12 days and 
consist of a maximum of 15 non-German
                                                   More information on the programme:
students studying at an Irish or UK university
accompanied by one academic staff
                                                   Funding>Scholarship Database
                                                   >Study Visits

Centre Stage Deutsch                            Value
(formerly Writers in Residence)                 To visit one venue GBP 500; in Ireland EUR
                                                570. To visit two venues GBP 750; in Ireland
The programme provides funds to bring
                                                EUR 850. To visit three venues or more GBP
writers, artists, performers, filmmakers,
                                                950; in Ireland EUR 1,070.
and other creatives working in and with the
German language to one or more British          Applications
and Irish universities. The aim is to give      Applications are accepted throughout the
students a chance to meet them within           year. Funding is competitive, limited, and
the context of their academic course. The       dependent upon the annual allocation
visiting artists should also become involved    for this scheme. Applicants are therefore
in teaching classes and extracurricular         encouraged to submit their applications at
activities by including a number of readings/   least 8 weeks ahead of the planned arrival of
performances/workshops         in    German.    the visiting artist/creative in question.
University      departments/lecturers     are
                                                 Further Information
responsible for contacting the author/
artist/performer/filmmaker and organising        Contact: Sandra Deichsel,
the visit.                             

GHS-DAAD grants for German                      a confirmed offer for a postgraduate
language courses in Germany                     programme of study in the UK or Ireland.
                                                All applicants must also be members of
These grants, which are jointly funded by the   the GHS.
German History Society (GHS) and the DAAD,
enable postgraduate students of History         Value
at British and Irish universities to attend     EUR 850 contribution towards travel
summer language courses in Germany. This        expenses, accommodation, and course fees
programme offers students the opportunity       for a three-to-four-week German language
to enhance their German language skills         course at a German university.
according to their academic profile and
research needs. Successful applicants are       Application Deadline
able to choose an appropriate German            1 January of each year.
language course and level of tuition from
                                                 Further Information
the broad range of summer courses offered
by German universities, all of which must be     More Information on becoming a member
applied for separately.                          of the GHS and application documents:
Requirements                                     postgraduates
The grant is open to all students who
                                                 Full list of language summer courses
are already undertaking a programme of
                                                 available in Germany:
postgraduate study in History in the UK or
Ireland and all students who are holding

The DAAD-Lecturer                                 the placement of a lectureship with the host
                                                       university, for recruiting lecturers and for
     Programme                                         providing any further assistance, for example
                                                       providing advice on working/living in the UK,
     The programme provides funds for the              or on organising seminars and events.
     placement of German university teachers
                                                       Application Deadline for universities
     at British or Irish universities, primarily in
     German language and related studies, but          Applications from UK or Irish universities are
     also in German law, politics, and history.        accepted throughout the year. Applicants
     The lectureship is allocated based on an          who are interested in working as a DAAD-
     application by the academic department of a       Lecturer at a British or Irish university are
     British or Irish university and is dependent on   encouraged to consult the DAAD website
     the funding and guidelines available from the     where available lectureship posts are
     German Foreign Office. The individual lecturer    published every September/October and
     remains in the department for a minimum of        March/April each year.
     two years and a maximum of five academic
                                                        Further Information
     years. They teach a maximum of 12 hours
     per week of German studies or a maximum            Contact: lektorate-sprachassistenzen@
     of 8 hours per week of law, politics, history
     during term time. The lecturers are employed       More information and available lectureship
     and paid by the host university in the UK or       posts:
     Ireland and are additionally funded by the         >ausland>lehren>lektoren programm
     DAAD. The DAAD is responsible for arranging
DAAD-Language                                    Application Deadline for universities
                                                 7 September 2020 for the academic year
Assistant Programme                              2021/2022.

The     programme      provides      one-year    Application Deadline for applicants
scholarships for European nationals with         Applicants who are interested in taking
a degree from a German university to gain        up a DAAD language assistant post at a
experience in teaching German as a foreign       British or Irish university are encouraged
language at a British or Irish university. The   to consult the DAAD website at the link
assistantships are allocated to a university     below where available positions are
based on an application by the academic          published September/October and March/
department of a British or Irish university      April each year.
and depending on the funding available.
The assistant remains in a department for         Further Information
9 - 10 months and their teaching duties           Contact: lektorate-sprachassistenzen@
should not exceed 8 hours per week, the 
post is completely funded by the DAAD.
                                                  More information and available language
A DAAD-Lecturer or senior member of staff
                                                  assistant positions:
will act as a mentor for the assistant and
further professional development activities
offered by the university to the assistant
are welcome.


     DAAD Alumni UK and Ireland

     The end of a funding period is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship
     between the DAAD London and all DAAD Alumni in Ireland and in the UK. By
     sharing their expertise and their network contacts, Alumni play an important
     role in deepening partnerships in all working fields. They are therefore a
     vital source of knowledge and new ideas. The DAAD London office strives to
     maintain and strengthen these relationships and offers a selection of services
     and opportunities to all DAAD Alumni in the UK and in Ireland.

Information, Communication and                   Individual Funding
                                                 Individual grants are available for DAAD
To be able to connect with each other            Alumni, for example for the following
and keep in touch, the DAAD offers a variety     two cases:
of services:
                                                 n Grants for Alumni Events: The DAAD may
 The online Alumni Service Area helps               fund alumni events that support the
 Alumni keep their contact information              topical exchange and the networking
 updated, to register for and receive the           and cooperation both among alumni and
 Alumni Newsletter and sign up for LETTER,          with scientific, political, social, cultural,
 the DAAD Alumni magazine published on a            and economic institutions. These events
 monthly basis.                                     should extend and actively involve the
                                                    alumni’s competencies for developing
n The online Alumni Events Calendar is a list
                                                    solutions for global challenges, promote
  of Alumni events happening worldwide.
                                                    the relationship of alumni with the DAAD
  The events are organised, initiated
                                                    and with Germany and support the sharing
  or funded by DAAD Alumni or partner
                                                    of experiences with the next generations of
  organisations of the DAAD such as the
                                                    scholarship holders.
  Goethe-Institut, Alexander von Humboldt
  Foundation and the German Federal              n Re-Invitation Programme: The DAAD offers
  Foreign Office.                                   former research scholarship holders the
                                                    chance to conduct research or take up
n There are more than 160 DAAD Alumni
                                                    employment in Germany for up to three
  associations worldwide. The online Alumni
                                                    months and maintain their academic and
  Associations section gives an overview of
                                                    professional contacts.
  DAAD Alumni Networks and clubs.
                                                  All funding opportunities available for
All services described above, and more
                                                  DAAD Alumni can be found under:
details can be found under www.daad.
de>alumni>information-communication-    >alumni>funding-
networking                                        programmes-for-daad-alumni

                                                  For any questions and inquiries or project/
                                                  event proposal regarding opportunities
                                                  for DAAD Alumni from the UK and Ireland:

                    Alumni play an important role in deepening
                    partnerships in all working fields.

Alumniportal Deutschland
     Born as a collaboration between the
     German Academic Exchange Service, the
     Goethe-Institut and the Alexander
     von Humboldt Foundation, the               UK Network of German
     Alumniportal Deutschland is an online
     social network that aims at connecting
     all Germany-Alumni in the world. With      The ‘UK Network of German Academics’ is a
     more than 170.000 members, the             network of German scientists and researchers
     portal helps students, researchers,        of all disciplines working at leading research
     companies, and organisations to            institutions in the UK. Initiated by the
     keep in touch with fellow Germany-         DAAD London, and in collaboration with
     Alumni. The free membership to the         the German Embassy in London, this
     portal grants accesses to a variety of     networking opportunity helps its more than
     online resources for digital learning      750 members to connect with one another,
     and opportunities to network.              facilitates mobility and helps to establish
     A wide offer of events and webinars help   cooperation in the British and/ or European
     the Alumni to stay connected, reach out    higher education context. The DAAD London
     for support or offer opportunities to      periodically informs network members about
     other members of the community.            career and funding opportunities and recent
                                                developments in science policy in Germany.
     The DAAD London encourages all
     students and researchers from the UK       For any questions regarding the network
     and Ireland who have been to Germany       or about how to become a member, please
     to study, work, or research to visit       contact Silke Böttcher, boettcher@daad.

     For any inquiries and questions about
     becoming a member of the worldwide
     Germany-Alumni network, please

DAAD Young Ambassadors                             n are willing to represent the DAAD at a study
                                                      fair and to organize at least one event per
The DAAD Young Ambassadors Programme is
                                                      semester on your campus.
a unique and exciting two-semester volunteer
opportunity for Bachelor and Master students       What does the role of a Young
at British and Irish universities. Their goal is   Ambassador entail?
to promote study and research in Germany           During the academic year, a DAAD Young
at their home universities and colleges by         Ambassador promotes study in Germany by
sharing about their first-hand experience in
                                                    working with their university’s study
the country.
                                                    abroad office and volunteering at study
With the support and training of the                abroad fairs
DAAD Team in London, the DAAD Young
                                                   n organising classroom visits, info sessions,
Ambassadors are involved in liaising with
                                                      science or poetry slams, video blogs,
their universities’ study abroad offices,
                                                      webinars and other fun events they come
volunteering at fairs, organising classroom
                                                      up with to share about their experiences
visits, info sessions, fun events, and answering
                                                      in Germany and answer fellow students’
their fellow students’ questions. The DAAD
Young Ambassadors Programme is also an
                                                    using brochures, giveaways, and event
opportunity to expand one’s own network
                                                    funding provided by the DAAD to spread
through the opportunity of connecting
                                                    the word for their events.
and sharing experiences with other Young
Ambassadors throughout Ireland and the UK.         This role will allow you to:
                                                    put your newfound knowledge, gained
How to become a Young Ambassador?
                                                    through your experience abroad, to use by
You are eligible for the programme if you:
                                                    sharing it with others
 are a Bachelor or Master student at a             n be an active part of the DAAD´s global
 university in Ireland or the UK                      network of Alumni and Ambassadors
n have recently studied or done research at a     n
                                                    connect with other DAAD                Young
  German university, or have been an intern         Ambassadors      who     share        similar
  in Germany, Young Ambassadors do not              experiences and future goals
  necessarily have to be DAAD Alumni
                                                    improve     your     public     speaking,
n are available to promote study in Germany        organisational and networking skills.
  on your campus during the academic year
                                                   To subscribe and for further information
n like to speak enthusiastically about your
                                                   relating to the DAAD Young Ambassadors
  experiences in Germany in front of groups
                                                   Programme please contact: Silke Böttcher,

                     DAAD Young Ambassadors Programme is an
                     opportunity to expand your network and
                     share experiences with other universities.

     Studying and                                      Moreover, the website also gives more
                                                       practical information about moving to
     Research in Germany                               Germany or applying to a specific programme.
                                                       The website is curated by the DAAD and
                      Study in Germany -               inquiries should be first sent to the DAAD
                      Land of Ideas                    regional office in London: scholarships@
                      Study in Germany - Land of
                      Ideas is the official campaign   The DAAD London team will be happy to
     by the Federal Government of Germany for          forward relevant inquiries to the website’s
     Germany as a study destination. The aim           editorial team.
     of the campaign is to raise awareness of
     Germany as an excellent location for higher
     education studies and to boost the number
                                                       PhD Germany Database
     of highly qualified international students
                                                       The PhD Germany Database includes all
     at German higher education institutions.
                                                       current open PhD positions at German
     Along with important information about
                                                       research institutions and universities. The list
     studying in Germany, this website also gives
                                                       is curated and updated by the DAAD directly.
     practical advice about living in Germany and
     presents a number of online resources to          For any questions regarding the content
     keep prospective students up-to-date with         of this website, please forward your
     the political, social and cultural situation      inquiry to the DAAD London team:
     of the country. For any questions regarding
     the content of this website, please forward
     your inquiry to the DAAD London team:                         Higher Education Compass                           The Higher Education Compass is a perfect
                                                       tool to navigate the German university and
                      Research in Germany              research institutions landscape. Curated
                                                       by the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK),
                      The Research in Germany
                                                       this database helps students to find courses
                      portal is the main point
                                                       and programmes at universities in Germany.
                      of information for any
                                                       Universities work closely with the editors of the
     prospective student or researcher who
                                                       website to keep the listings of courses and all
     wants to continue their degrees in Germany.
                                                       relevant information up-to-date. Information
     General information about research and
                                                       about administrative processes to study in
     funding opportunities, the latest science
                                                       Germany is also included on the website.
     and research news from Germany and a
     variety of events are presented on the portal.

30                                  Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung is the leading job market and    Sonnenstraße 171
career coach for all those who are looking     44137 Dortmund
for scientific and research-related tasks in
Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Listings
of jobs offers at all levels of experience     Central Office for Foreign Education
help students, researchers, professors to
                                               Zentralstelle für ausländisches
find positions based on their academic
                                               Bildungswesen (ZAB)
background and expertise.
                                               im Sekretariat der Kultusministerkonferenz                              Graurheindorfer Straße 157
                                               53117 Bonn

University Ranking                   
                                               Anabin Database:
in Germany
                                               UK NARIC
Find official university rankings in Germany
                                               Centre for Professional Qualifications
on the following two websites:
                                               UK NARIC                             Suffolk House                            68-70 Suffolk Road
                                               GL50 2ED

Foreign Students’                    

Support in Germany                             Application Services for International
and the UK                                     Students (uni-assist)
                                               uni-assist e.V.
German National Association for                11507 Berlin
Student Affairs                      
Deutsches Studentenwerk DSW
Monbijouplatz 11
10178 Berlin

German Language in                    Further Funding
     the UK and Ireland                    Bodies
     The Goethe-Institut                   In Germany
     In Ireland                            Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
     37 Merrion Square                     Jean-Paul-Str. 12
     Dublin 2                              53173 Bonn
     D02 XK52                    
                                           Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
                                           Berlin Office
     In the UK                             WissenschaftsForum
     50 Princes Gate                       Markgrafenstr. 37
     Exhibition Rd                         10117 Berlin
     London SW7 2PH                  British Chamber of Commerce in Germany
                                           Foundation (BCCG)
                                           BCCG Foundation
     3 Park Circus
                                           c/o British Chamber of Commerce in
     Glasgow G3 6AX
                                           Germany e.V.
                                           Friedrichstr. 140
                                           10117 Berlin
     (German as a Foreign Language Test)
     g.a.s.t. e. V.                        German Research Foundation (DFG)
     c/o TestDaF-Institut                  Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V.
     Universitätsstrasse 134               Kennedyallee 40
     D-44799 Bochum                        53175 Bonn
                                           DFG Berlin Office
     DUO Deutsch-Uni Online
                                           Markgrafenstraße 37
     Deutsch-Uni Online                    10117 Berlin
     Schönfeldstr. 13a           
     80539 München                   EURAXESS Germany
                                           German Aerospace Centre (DLR)
                                           DLR Project Management Agency
                                           European and International Cooperation
                                           Heinrich-Konen-Str. 1
                                           53227 Bonn

Foundations associated with                    In the UK and Ireland
Christian Faith                                German Historical Institute London (DHIL)
n Cusanuswerk e.V                            17 Bloomsbury Square
    Geschäftsstelle                            London WC1A 2NJ
    Baumschulallee 5                 
    53115 Bonn                         The British Academy
n Evangelisches Studienwerk Villigst          10-11 Carlton House Terrace
   Iserlohner Straße 25                        London SW1Y 5AH
   58239 Schwerte                    
                                               The Leverhulme Trust
Foundations associated with                    1 Pemberton Row
Political Parties                              London EC4A 3BG
n Desiderius Erasmus Foundation     
   (associated with the AfD)                     The Royal Society
n Friedrich Ebert Foundation
                                               6-9 Carlton House Terrace
   (associated with the SPD)
                                               London SW1Y 5AG
n Friedrich Naumann Foundation for  
   Freedom (associated with the FDP)           The National Agency for Erasmus +                             in the UK and Ireland
n Hanns Seidel Foundation
                                               In Ireland
   (associated with the CSU)                                  Léargas
n Heinrich Böll Foundation (associated with   King’s Inns House
   Bündnis ‘90/DIE GRÜNEN)                     Parnell Street                                Dublin 1, D01 A3Y8
n Konrad Adenauer Foundation        
   (associated with the CDU)                                  The Higher Education Authority (HEA)
n Rosa Luxemburg Foundation                   3 Shelbourne Buildings, Crampton Avenue,
   (associated with Die Linke)                 Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge,                              Dublin 4, DO4 C2Y6
 The Study Foundation of the Berlin
 House of Representatives                      In the UK
 Studienstiftung des                           The UK National Agency
 Abgeordnetenhauses von Berlin                 A partnership between the British Council
 Niederkirchnerstr. 5                          and Ecorys UK
 D-10117 Berlin                      
Addresses for                         The British Council
                                           British Council Customer Service UK
     Placements in                         Bridgewater House

     Germany                               58 Whitworth Street
                                           Manchester, M1 6BB
     AIESEC UK Office                      British - German - Irish Networking
     Allia Future Business Centre          Opportunities
     18-20 London Lane                     In Germany
     London E8 3PR                         The German-British Society                      Geschäftsstelle Berlin
                                           Pariser Platz 6
     AIESEC Ireland Office                 10117 Berlin
     1 Grand Canal Square        
     Dublin D02 FF61                        Leibniz Association
     IAESTE                                Chausseestraße 111
                                           10115 Berlin
     IAESTE Ireland
     King’s Inns House
     Parnell Street                        In the UK and Ireland
     Dublin 1, D01 A3Y8                    German-British Chamber of Industry      and Commerce

     IAESTE UK                             Mecklenburg House
                                           16 Buckingham Gate
     British Council Customer Service UK
                                           London SW1E 6LB
     Bridgewater House
     58 Whitworth Street
     Manchester, M1 6BB         German-Irish Chamber of Industry and
                                           Commerce in Ireland
     International Placement Services      Deutsch-Irische Industrie- & Handelskammer
     (Zentrale Auslands- und               5 Fitzwilliam Street Upper
     Fachvermittlung - ZAV)                Dublin 2, Ireland
     Villemomblerstr. 76         
     53123 Bonn

The British-German Association                                In the UK
34 Belgrave Square                                            German Embassy London
London SW1X 8QB                                               23 Belgrave Square                              London SW1X 8PZ
German Embassies in the UK and Ireland
German Embassy Dublin                                         German Consulate General
31 Trimleston Avenue                                          16 Eglinton Crescent
Booterstown, Blackrock                                        Edinburgh EH12 5DG
Dublin A94 TX94                                     

DAAD London Branch
German Academic Exchange Service
1 Southampton Place
London WC1A 2DA
Tel: 0044 (0)20 7831 9511
For general enquiries:
For enquiries related to scholarships and grants:

    DAAD.UKandIreland            DAAD_UK_Ireland

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