Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail

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Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail
Telephone: (03) 5428 2022
                                              35 Fisher Street
                                             GISBORNE 3437

 Gisborne Primary School
Parent Information Booklet

              (version 12/11/2020)

Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail
We welcome you and your children to Gisborne Primary School and hope that
your family’s association with us will be happy, rewarding and positive.

Throughout the years of schooling, parents continue to play a vital educational
role, especially in the development of self-confidence, language acquisition and
attitudes towards learning. Some of your child’s most important learning has
already taken place even before beginning school and we aim to extend that
learning in a caring and nurturing environment.

We hope that the information set out in the following pages will help you to
understand many matters concerning your child while at Gisborne Primary
School, and familiarise you with much of the school’s organisation and operation.

Principal:           Mrs Julie Soutter
Assistant Principal: Mrs Lisa Maxwell
Business Managers: Ms Ilsa Dahlstrom
                     Ms Claire Dean
Administration:      Ms Iris Simpson

      The school telephone numbers are:         5428 2022 or 5428 2691

      The school postal address is:             35 Fisher Street,
                                                Gisborne 3437
      The school email address is:

The school office is open 8.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

All visitors to the school (including parent helpers) are to sign in at the school
office before visiting classrooms or participating in activities conducted at the
school. Visitor lanyards are to be worn by all persons visiting the school and all
visitors must have a current Working With Children Check.

Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail
SECTION 1:                                   The School’s philosophy
SCHOOL ORGANISATION                          The school's philosophy is based on the
                                             belief that every student has the ability
SCHOOL PROFILE- Gisborne Primary             to learn and that this occurs best in a
School - Excellence in Education             safe, happy, calm and positive
Gisborne Primary School (PS) is situated     environment. These values also tie in
in the picturesque country town of           with our motto of ‘caring’, featured as a
Gisborne, 53km from Melbourne. The           logo on the school uniform.
school has a current enrolment of 525        Our     teachers     differentiate  the
pupils with 50 staff.                        curriculum to suit the learning needs of
The school's facilities provide a            all students.
stimulating    and      safe     learning    Wellbeing Programs
environment for children, where they         Gisborne PS incorporates many
are supported in their pursuit of            wellbeing initiatives across the school
excellence and in the realisation of their   including the Respectful Relationships
maximum potential.                           Curriculum. Promoting and modelling
School facilities include a library,         respect, positive attitudes         and
gymnasium, canteen, visual arts and          behaviors teaches our children how to
music rooms and diverse play spaces.         build healthy relationships, resilience
                                             and confidence. This links with our
Building Works 2021                          school values of Caring, Respect,
During 2021 building works will              Responsibility, Resilience and Personal
continue for a further few months to         Best.
continue improvements of our
facilities. These include a new              School Wide Positive Behavior Support
administration building, a competition       (SWPBS) is a framework we use across
grade gymnasium and enhancements to          the school with a focus on the expected
the library and classrooms. We are           behaviours of staff, students, families
continuing to upgrade our play spaces        and visitors. Our main focus is to ensure
to ensure our students are provided          all students have the opportunity to
with a range of activities during recess     learn in a calm and engaging classroom.
and lunch breaks. The building               Bully Stoppers supports leadership,
compound is securely fenced and              teachers, parents and students in
extremely well managed by the                working together to help put a stop to
Victorian Schools Building Authority         bullying including cyber safety.
with minimal disruption to our               Inclusion
students. Our schools facilities will be
                                             Gisborne PS supports diversity and
greatly improved by these changes and
                                             inclusion. Every child brings their own
of great benefit to our students for the
                                             unique set of strengths and challenges
remainder of their primary school years.
                                             and all children have the ability to learn.
                                             We provide an inclusive education that
                                             ensures that all children living with
Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail
disabilities or additional needs can        singing). These programs, in addition to
participate, achieve and grow.              Physical Education/Health, Personal
                                            and Social Capabilities contribute to the
Purpose, Pedagogy, and Curriculum           school’s commitment to the ‘Healthy
High value is placed on minimal             Schools Achievement Program’, which
disruption to the daily two-hour Literacy   guides the health and well-being of
and one-hour Numeracy sessions.             students, increases engagement and
Teacher learning is undertaken in           decreases absences. Our current focus
Professional Learning Communities           is on Healthy Eating, Oral Health,
(PLCs), with teachers learning from each    Mental Wellbeing and Physical Activity.
other focusing on refinements using
                                            The Assistant Principal and Principal
High Impact Teaching Strategies, goal
                                            oversee all wellbeing programs with the
setting based on student needs and
                                            support of a qualified Wellbeing Officer.
monitoring of student learning.
                                            The Wellbeing Officer supports groups
The school culture nurtures creativity      and individual students as well as their
and imagination through Literature and      teachers and links families with
the Arts. There are intervention and        community allied health services as
enhancement programs at all levels for      needed.
Literacy and Numeracy as well as
additional supports for Social and          Student Leadership
Emotional Learning. Our specialists         Students at Gisborne PS are encouraged
programs include Physical Education,        to build agency and their ‘voice’ in their
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering      everyday learning and through the
and Maths), LOTE (Italian) and The Arts     many leadership opportunities offered.
(including Visual Arts, Music and           Our School Captains lead school events,
Performing Arts). Other learning areas      assemblies and school tours and
include Humanities and Health with the      represent the school at community
Victorian     Curriculum     Capabilities   events such as Anzac Day. Other
(Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical,   leadership initiatives include School and
Intercultural and Personal and Social)      House Captains. Each classroom is also
incorporated into key learning areas        led by two Class Captains with
across      the    curriculum.    Digital   representatives for the Arts, Library,
technologies enhance learning in all        STEM, Sports, Communication, Health,
curriculum areas. The school is             Sustainability and Community.
committed to continually improving the
technology infrastructure throughout
the school.

Special Programs
Extra-curricular programs in 2020
include lunch time activities such as
gardening group, weekly choir, fitness
and four visiting specialist music          School Captains 2020
teachers (keyboard, guitar, piano and
Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail
Child Safe Standards                                   Foundation (Prep) students commence
Gisborne PS complies with Child Safe                   Friday 29th January 2021. See page 14
Standards, to ensure that the safety of                onwards for further information
children is promoted, child abuse is
prevented and allegations of child abuse               BELL TIMES
are responded to effectively and in a                  Instruction commences at 8:55am and
timely manner.                                         finishes at 3:25pm. This allows children
                                                       to catch the after school buses.
School Payments 2021 per student (per
annum)                                                 At the end of breaks, children are
Essential Educational               $225.00
                                                       expected to be at their respective
items (subject                    per student          assembly points when the bell rings.
contributions & class            (lump sum or          Due to COVID, break times are
materials)                       payment plan)         staggered to allow for smaller groups of
Technology Payments             Prep $20; Yr1&2        students at any one time. Bell times are
                                $50; Yr3&4 $75;        as follows:
                                  Yr5&6 $100           8.50am Warning bell & music (all grades)
                                                       8.55am Class bell (all grades)
Excursions, Incursions,            Additional
                                                       10.55am to 11.25am - Break 1 for Prep to Yr 2
Sports Activities and               Charges.           11.40am to 12.25pm – Break 1 for Yr 3 to 6
Camps                               (Advised           1.40pm to 2.25pm – Break 2 for Prep to Yr 2
                                   separately          2.25pm to 2.55pm – Break 2 for Yr 3 to 6
                                throughout year)       3.25pm Dismissal (all grades)
Voluntary Financial                $20 - $100

Family Statements are sent home at
the beginning of each school year and
at regular intervals throughout the
Our preferred method of payment is via Qkr.            PUNCTUALITY
                                                       It is important that children arrive on
Term Dates 2021                                        time to begin the school day. Late
Term 1: Teachers commence on Wed 27th January          arrivals upset class routines and
2021. The 27th and 28th of January are curriculum      learning time is lost. Children should
days for students. All students start on Friday 29th
of January including Preps. Term concludes on
                                                       arrive around 8:45am. If arriving after
Thursday 1st April.                                    9:00am children must be signed in at
                                                       the office or provide the teacher with a
Term 2: 19 April to 25 June                            note of explanation signed by the
Term 3: 12 July to 17 September
Term 4: 4 October to 17 December                       parent.     The school grounds are
                                                       supervised before school from 8:30am
2021 Curriculum Days                                   and after school until 3:40pm and
27th & 28th of January 2021. Other dates               students should not be left in the school
are not yet available.                                 grounds before or after this time.

Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail
It is School Council policy that school
uniform is compulsory and is to be
worn by all students.                       ATTENDANCE
                                            Regular attendance is important for
The Uniform Policy can be found on the      continuity of children’s learning, their
Parent Portal or on the school website:     social adjustment, development of        positive attitudes and is a government
licationsforms.html                         requirement. Research shows that
Summer Uniform                              children who attend school regularly
 School hat                                have better outcomes.
 Blue/white/teal checked dress.            Parents are required to inform the
 Blue trousers or shorts (not below the    school of reasons for a child’s absence
knee /no denim)                             no later than 10am on the day of the
 Blue school polo shirts                   absence. Teachers will provide
Skort                                      appropriate work upon request for
                                            children who are absent from school for
Winter Uniform
                                            extended periods. Please log into the
 Long-sleeved polo shirt.
                                            Parent Portal to report a Future
 Jacket, vest or jumper.
                                            Absence or approve an Unexplained
 Blue trousers, pinafore or track pants.   Absence
(No denim)                        
 Blue tights or socks.                     ortal2/#!/login
 Bomber jacket
                                            COLLECTING       CHILDREN      DURING
School uniform can be purchased
                                            SCHOOL HOURS
                                            When collecting your child from school
Beleza –42C Aitken Street                   between 8:55am and 3:25pm, including
Gisborne VIC 3437                           lunch and recess breaks, please call the
Phone: (03) 5428 1285                       office. Due to COVID no parents are
Tuesday - Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm          permitted on the school grounds. The
Online Store:   office phone number is 5428 2022. The
School Council has also adopted a           office staff will give you further
SunSmart policy, which requires             instructions from there.
children to wear an approved school         This procedure must be strictly adhered
hat for Terms 1 and 4.                      to, and is there for your child’s safety as
Note: If you have difficulties with         well as staff.
purchasing uniform items due to             BUSES
financial circumstances, please speak       Bus travel is available for our students
to our staff in confidence in the office,   from Bullengarook and Gisborne South.
or our principals Julie Soutter and Lisa    Staff at Gisborne Secondary College
Maxwell.                                    (5428 3691) co-ordinate all bus travel.
                                            The bus driver or the school has the
Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail
right to exclude any child from travelling   School Council meetings are conducted
on the bus if his/her behaviour is           twice a term.
unacceptable. The school must be
advised if a change to normal routine        Current Members of School Council 2020:
occurs. Staff supervise children onto        President: Tamara Sullivan
the buses each afternoon.                    Treasurer: Jarrod Byham
                                             Parent Representatives: Ian Boorman,
ASSEMBLY                                     Samantha Izzard, Kristy Phillips and
During COVID school assemblies are not       Kristie Lawson.
taking place.          Under normal
                                             P.F.A. Representative: Barbara Blake
circumstances, a whole school assembly
                                             Staff Representatives: Julie Soutter,
takes place each Friday afternoon at
                                             Lisa Maxwell, Barb McRae & Justine
3:05pm in the school gymnasium, when
we inform students and parents of
upcoming events, school news and             School Council Policies are available on
celebrate students’ successes. Parents       our website.
whose children receive special awards,
will be notified prior to their              Due to COVID, all school council
presentation.       Student       award      meetings are being held online via
information is also published the week       WebEx.
after assembly in the newsletter.
                                             STUDENT BANKING
SCHOOL COUNCIL                               A parent volunteer processes the
Our School Council sets high                 children’s banking transactions with the
expectations for student learning and        Commonwealth Bank on a weekly basis.
teaching practices. Our parents are          Notification of bank day will be
shared partners in student learning; we      published in the school newsletter at
value their input and encourage them to      the start of the year. Due to COVID, no
contribute through both formal and           student banking is currently taking
informal avenues.                            place.
The school council consists of parents,      NEWSLETTER
teachers and community members who           Our main source of information to
work together to determine school            parents is the weekly newsletter. This is
policy, make financial decisions,            distributed each Thursday via email and
improve the school and its facilities and    is available on the Parent Portal. The
endorse curriculum initiatives. The          current newsletter is also available on
council welcomes new parents’                the school website.
involvement and input. If you wish to
become involved, please speak to the
principal or members of the current          PARENT PORTAL
council. School council elections are        Across the school we have a student
conducted at the beginning of each           management tool called 'Sentral'. This
year. Members are elected for a two          system allows us to streamline school
year term.                                   data and communication. It also enables
Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail
us to utilise a 'Parent Portal' which      assist in organising special events and
provides parents information about         fundraising, or just to attend meetings
their child's progress in our school,      to be better informed and participate in
provides curriculum resources, events      decisions that affect the school. The PFA
notification, absence management,          usually meets on the third Monday of
newsletter        access,     notices,     the month. You can contact the PFA by
teacher/parent communication and           email
much more. Parents will be emailed
details on how to register.                WORKING BEES
                                           A supportive group of parents organise
CANTEEN                                    working bees and provide ongoing
The main aim of the canteen is to          labour to improve the school
provide nutritious lunches at a            environment. All families are welcome
reasonable price. It is currently open     to assist. Dates of working bees are
Wednesday and Thursday for lunch           advertised in the school newsletter.
orders. It is usually open at morning
recess and lunchtime for the sale of       THE SCHOOL HOUSE SYSTEM
snacks on these days, however due to       The school has a 'House' system which
COVID no over the counter sales are        involves all children being placed in a
available.                                 'House' or team. These Houses are
                                           named after the four streets
Canteen Ordering Procedure:                surrounding the school and each House
Orders must be placed through the Qkr      is represented by a different colour:
                                                 Brantome           Yellow
App or via the website                           Fisher             Red         Howey              Blue
                                                 Prince             Green
Special reusable lunch order bags are
available on the online canteen menu.
                                           House Captains are appointed from
These are currently not in use due to
                                           Year 6 and are allocated specific
COVID. The purchase of a brown paper
                                           responsibilities within the school. The
bag for every lunch order is required in
                                           purpose of this is to encourage team
lieu of this. The canteen price list is
                                           spirit and friendly competition. House
available online. Due to COVID, no
                                           points may be awarded to individuals or
canteen volunteers can assist at this
                                           groups according to academic or
time. A limited menu is available at as
                                           sporting achievement, or positive
a result of this as our canteen manager
                                           attitudes in the classroom or
is working on her own.
                                           playground etc.
The PFA is a group of parents and                                      House
friends who are interested in having                                   Captains
closer contact with the school. They
organise fundraising for playground
enhancements and whole school
activities. You may like to join PFA to

Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail
PAYMENTS                                      involved in your child’s classroom,
Our preferred method for making               speak to the class teacher.
school payments is through the secure         Sometimes new parents find it difficult
Qkr! App (pronounced ‘quicker’) that is       to become involved at school.
provided through Mastercard. This             Here are some examples of activities in
includes canteen ordering as well as          which you may be able to take an active
charges for camps, excursions and             role:
school fees.
                                              1. Various classroom programs
Simply download the App from the App
                                              2. Reading Groups
store, search for Gisborne Primary
                                              3. Excursions and camps
School and establish a profile for your
                                              4. Assistance with book making or book
child. If you already have a Qkr account,
please ensure you update your child’s
                                              5. Assistance with I.C.T activities in the
new grade at the start of each year.
Other payment options, including
                                              6. Join the Parents & Friends
payment plans, can be discussed with
the school office.
                                              7. Join a School Council sub-committee
PARENT HELPERS                                8. Offer to be included on the canteen
Due to COVID, at the moment no                   roster
parents are permitted on the school           9. Become involved in Grounds
grounds. Under normal circumstances              Maintenance
we encourage and value your support           10.Offer to help with training for sports
in all program areas. Teachers welcome        Your child will take great pleasure in
your assistance and parent training           seeing you at school and actively
programs are held to educate parents          involved in his/her education.
on how best to assist children at school
or home. The GPS School Council               BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL CARE
requires that volunteers hold a               After School Care provided by
Working with Children Check.                  Schools OUT onsite at Gisborne
Application forms are available at            Primary School.       Phone: 0448 667 747
/onlineapplication.doj                        Email:
                                              Facebook: SchoolsoutGPS
Due to COVID, at the moment no                The Learning Sanctuary - Gisborne
parents are permitted on the school           Address: 93 Sheedy Road, Gisborne
grounds.                                      3437; Phone: 03 5428 4455
The school is an integral part of the local
community and we feel that there are          Email:
many people who have something to   
contribute, either in a classroom, or
another aspect of the school’s
operation. If you would like to become

Gisborne Primary School Parent Information Booklet - 2021 E-mail

Please note that due to COVID, parents
are not permitted on the school
grounds. As parents and teachers are
partners in your child’s education, it is
most desirable that a friendly, co-
operative and open approach prevails.
                                             PLAYGROUND SUPERVISION
During the year a formalised process of      At recess and lunchtimes staff members
‘Reporting to Parents’ is arranged.          are on duty in the grounds and are
Parents are given advance notice of the      visible to students. Any child who has a
dates and bookings are made via Sentral      problem, or needs attention for injury
to book a session date and time.             or illness will be supported by one of
Ideally, however, if any facet of your       these teachers.
child’s education is causing concern,
                                             FIRST AID
you should feel free to make an
                                             In the case of minor accidents, first aid
appointment to see your child’s class
                                             will be administered at school. In the
teacher. Conversely, if the class teacher
                                             case of injuries of a more serious nature,
has a concern, he/she will arrange a
                                             every effort will be made to contact a
mutually agreeable time to discuss the
                                             parent or the nominated emergency.
                                             Medical aid may be sought if contact
If you wish to speak with the teacher,       cannot be made, and such aid is deemed
please do not go to the classroom            necessary. The school strongly advises
during class times. This is disruptive for   parents to subscribe to the Ambulance
the teacher. Teachers are available to       Service.
speak to parents before and after school
at pre-arranged times.                       EMERGENCY INFORMATION
                                             It is essential that the confidential
You can contact teachers either through      Student Enrolment Information Form
the Seesaw App or via email links found      be completed accurately when each
on our school website.                       child enrols and is updated when
                                             necessary. This provides the school
Due to COVID, parents are not permitted      with home details, medical information,
on the school grounds. Appointments to       custodial restrictions and emergency
see classroom teachers will most likely      contact numbers. The school must be
occur via phone or seesaw during this        notified immediately of any change to
time. In exceptional circumstances an        this information for the safety of your
onsite appointment may be arranged           child.
with prior permission. .

                                              SCHOOL WIDE POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR
                                              SUPPORT (SWPBS)
The school provides for the welfare of
                                              The school has prepared behaviour
all its pupils. Where funding is available,
                                              matrixes for all community groups –
Education Support Staff are provided to
                                              students,            staff          and
assist students with a disability. These
                                              parents/carers/visitors. These are
personnel work with the class teacher
                                              discussed and used to ensure everyone
to provide a supportive environment for
                                              interacts using respectful language and
all children and the most appropriate
                                              expected behaviours as outlined in each
learning program.
                                              MEDICINE AT SCHOOL
Gisborne PS has a Raising Concerns
                                              Medicine sent to school will only be
Procedure to assist families wishing to
                                              given if absolutely necessary. All
raise a concern at school. The document
                                              medicines are stored and administered
outlines the steps to take to have the
                                              at the office. A note must accompany
matter resolved. The Raising Concerns
                                              the medicine outlining time and dosage
document is found on the Parent Portal
                                              to be given (Medication at School Form
under the ‘School Resources’ tab.
                                              can be obtained from the Sentral Parent
STUDENT ENGAGEMENT POLICY                     Portal or the school office).        The
Gisborne PS has a strong commitment           medication should be clearly labelled
to creating a safe, happy and supportive      with the child’s name.
environment. We aim to foster self-           If your child suffers asthma, a Ventolin
esteem, independence and self-                puffer and spacer should be provided
discipline. Our policies and practices,       and kept at the school office. This must
are based on recognising our own and          be clearly labelled with the child’s
others rights and responsibilities.           name, year level and dosage. Care plans
                                              must be updated yearly. No medication
STUDENT MANAGEMENT                            should be kept by your child in their
Our behaviour management plan guides          bag.
students to develop responsible
behaviour and in doing so, raise their        INFECTIOUS DISEASES
self-esteem and increase their academic       Following is a list of the most common
success. Using guidelines formulated as       diseases or conditions, which require
part of this policy, classroom teachers,      children to be excluded from school. A
in consultation with students, draw up a      doctor’s certificate is to be produced on
set of expectations, positive recognition     return to school.
rewards and consequences.            The      Condition       Exclusion of cases
consequences apply consistently across        Chickenpox      Exclude until all blisters
the school.                                                   have dried. This is usually at
                                                              least 5 days after the rash
                                                              appears in unimmunised
                                                              children, but may be less in

previously      immunised     Ringworm,        Exclude until the day after
                 children                      scabies,         appropriate treatment has
                                               Pediculosis      Exclude until the day after
                                               (head lice)      appropriate treatment has
Conjunctivitis  Exclude until discharge                         commenced.
                from eyes has ceased                            Thorough, regular checking
Diarrhoea       Exclude until there has not                     is essential to aid in
                been a loose bowel motion                       controlling this pest. Please
                for 24 hours                                    notify the school of any
Hand, foot and Exclude until all blisters                       infection       so       that
mouth disease have dried                                        preventative measures can
Hepatitis A     Exclude until a medical                         be taken. The child must be
                certificate of recovery is                      kept at home until the day
                received, but not before 7                      after appropriate treatment
                days after the onset of                         has been undertaken.
                jaundice or illness                              The school has a head
Herpes (cold Young children unable to                                lice policy and it is a
sores)          comply with good hygiene                             requirement         that
                practices      should    be                          children with long hair
                excluded while the lesion is                         will attend school with
                weeping. Lesions to be                               hair tied back.
                covered by a dressing,         Rubella*         Exclude        until      fully
                where possible                 (German          recovered or for at least 4
Impetigo        Exclude until appropriate      measles)         days after the onset of rash
(school sores) treatment has commenced.        Salmonella or    Exclude until there has not
                Sores on exposed surfaces      Shigella         been a loose bowel motion
                must be covered with a         infection        for 24 hours
                watertight dressing            Severe acute     Exclude until a medical
Influenza and Exclude until well               respiratory      certificate of recovery is
influenza-like                                 syndrome         produced
illnesses                                      Streptococcal    Exclude until the child has
Measles*        Exclude for at least 4 days    infection        received             antibiotic
                after onset of rash            (including       treatment for at least 24
Meningitis      Exclude until well             scarlet fever)   hours and feels well
(bacteria,                                     Tuberculosis     Exclude until a medical
other      than                                                 certificate is received from
meningococcal                                                   the treating physician
meningitis)                                                     stating that the child is not
Meningococcal Exclude until adequate                            considered to be infectious
infection*      carrier eradication therapy    Worms            Exclude until there has not
                has been completed             (intestinal)     been a loose bowel motion
Mumps*          Exclude for 9 days or until                     for 24 hours
                swelling      goes    down
                (whichever is sooner)
Pertussis       Exclude for 21 days after
(whooping       the onset of cough or until    We ask parents to support us in
cough)*         they have completed 5 days     ensuring roadworthy bicycles are
                of a course of antibiotic      maintained, helmets are always worn
                treatment                      and good road sense is reinforced.

Bicycles must be walked through the            violin, flute & clarinet and keyboard
school grounds.         We recommend           and piano.
children under the age of 10 years are      5. Interest based clubs e.g. Running
supervised if riding to school.                Club, Choir etc. are offered to
                                               children during lunchtimes.

The Victorian Curriculum is used as the
basis for school policies and programs
throughout the school. Comprehensive
and sequential learning programs are
developed across all seven year levels in
                                            School Choir Winner of Geelong Eisteddfod 2019
the following Learning Areas:
   English
   Mathematics
   The Arts
   Health & Physical Education
   The Humanities
   Languages
   Science
   Technologies                               School Choir 2020

Gisborne PS has a number of learning        Each week children will be given the
programs for students who require           opportunity to browse and borrow from
extension. These include:                   a large selection of library books.
1. Teachers modify the curriculum to
                                            DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES
   meet children’s individual learning
                                            All students have access to iPads and
   needs. Within the grades many
                                            netbooks and classes use these most
   activities are based on the multi-
                                            days, anywhere from 30 minutes up to
   intelligence model enabling each
                                            2 hours in Year 6. We are very mindful
   child to develop his/her strengths.
                                            of screen time and the importance of
2. Children in the middle and upper
                                            cyber safety. We have programs in
   school are encouraged to enter
                                            place to educate our students to be
   various Australia wide competitions
                                            safe and responsible users of digital
   e.g. The International Competitions
                                            technologies. Students are always
   and Assessments for Schools (ICAS),
                                            supervised whilst using digital
   Maths Olympiad and Maths Games
                                            technologies. We review the safety
   and Writers Group.
                                            and appropriateness of online tools
3. All children are encouraged to enter
                                            and communities. The school supports
   sporting competitions at district,
                                            the recommendation that children
   division and state levels.
                                            under 13 not use social media. Our
4. Visiting    instrumental     teachers
                                            internet service is filtered to block
   provide music tuition on a user pay
                                            inappropriate content where
   basis for interested students in
                                            possible. We recognise the importance
of addressing issues or incidents that        Printing, Modelling, Textiles, Painting,
have the potential to impact on the           Drawing, & Construction.
wellbeing of our students. We provide
                                              Children also develop skills including:
support to parents and care-givers to
                                              singing, dancing, and instrument
help them to understand safe and
                                              playing, listening and responding to
responsible use of digital technologies.
                                              music. They have the opportunity to
Whilst      computer       skills      and    further extend their musical skills by
competencies are important and                participating in a music extension
included in our curriculum, it is essential   program.
that we provide our students with 21st
Century skills that enable them to            INTERSCHOOL SPORT
communicate,        share     and      use    Our school encourages interschool
information      to    solve      complex     sport in a range of activities. These
problems. We must create innovative           include:
learners who are able to adapt their             Athletics, Tennis, Swimming, Cricket,
ways of thinking and expand their                Football, Netball, Cross Country and
methods for productivity. The digital            Soccer.
devices we use provide access to a
range of applications that will support
students in processing information and
building understandings of content and
concepts. It additionally offers the
students the ability to design, create,
share and solve problems.                     EXCURSIONS AND CAMPING
                                              Many opportunities are offered within
BUDDIES PROGRAM                               the curriculum for educational visits to
The essential characteristic of a buddy       places of interest with relevance to
system is that it supports students’          topics      covered.      Teachers     plan
transition during their first year of         excursions to support and extend
school. It also involves older students       classroom learning experiences. School
participating in positive, supportive,        camps are conducted every year for
structured and facilitated one on one         Years 2, 4 & 6. Due to COVID
relationships with younger students.          restrictions, camps may look diferent in
The buddy system enables younger              2020 and camp providers must adhere
students to feel safe and cared for,          to a strict set of guidelines stipulated by
while the older students feel valued and      the Dept. of Education.
respected. Our preps are supported by
Year 5 buddies and this continues when
they progress to Year 1 and Year 6.

A specialist visual arts teacher conducts
lessons for all classes.          Children
participate in activities including:
SECTION 4: FOUNDATION             (PREP)     If you are concerned about whether
ENROLMENT INFORMATION                        your child is ready for school, please
                                             discuss the matter with your child’s
FOUNDATION TRANSITION (PRE PREP)             pre-school teacher or the school.
Our school operates a comprehensive          ENROLING YOUR CHILD IN PREP
transition program between the local         You will be required to complete an
kindergartens and the school. The            enrolment form for your child. A copy is
kindergarten children are given the          available at our website. A copy of your
opportunity to attend our school in          child’s birth certificate should also
term 4 to meet the classroom teachers        accompany the form. The form should
and to familiarise themselves with the       be completed and submitted ideally by
classroom routine and programs. More         early Sept. We confirm enrolment
information will follow about this in        places later in Sept.
September in your enrolment letter of
offer. Due to COVID restrictions, our        ENROLMENT AND IMMUNISATION
transition program may look different in     A school entry immunisation status
2020. The length of time at school in        certificate is required along with an
Term 1 2021 will be increased to             enrolment form to enrol your child into
support the transition of children.          primary school. This certificate must be
Further resources will be made available     issued by the Australian Childhood
online for parents to assist them with       Immunisation Register (ACIR).
the transition process and their children    You can obtain a copy of your child's
starting school.                             immunisation details at any time:

SCHOOL STARTING AGE                                through your Medicare online
To start primary school your child will             accounts or Medicare Express
need to turn five years of age by 30 April          App
of the year that they start school.                by calling the Immunisation
                                                    Register on 1800 653 809
Your child must be at school in the year
that they turn six years of age - this is    INFORMATION WE NEED TO KNOW
the compulsory school starting age.          Parents should tell office staff /
                                             teachers of (1) any problems with
                                             eyesight, hearing, speech or illness; (2)
                                             any worries you child may have about
                                             school; (3) changes in family situations;
                                             (4) changes in address or contact
                                             details; (5) changes to arrangements
                                             for collecting children from school; (6)
                                             toileting problems. Going to the toilet
                                             at school can cause problems, e.g
                                             asking permission or unfamiliar toilet.
                                             Accidents can sometimes occur. If your
child is prone to accidents it is a good   teacher at times other than regular
idea to put in a change of clothes just    recess periods.
in case.
                                           If you have any problems concerning
                                           your child, please do not hesitate to
                                           discuss it with the teacher concerned. If
                                           there are any concerns, we recommend
The start date for Foundation (Preps) in
                                           you put a spare set of clothing in their
2021 will be:
                                           bag. Teachers and support staff handle
Friday 29th January
                                           these situations sensitively and
8.55am to 10.30am (No morning snack
Monday 1st February                        PREP TRANSITION ASSESSMENTS 2021
8:55am to 11.30am (morning snack           As part of Gisborne PS commitment to
required)                                  quality and purposeful education, we
Tuesday 2nd February                       ask that you bring your child to school
8:55am to 1:00pm (morning snack            for an hour long assessment so that we
required)                                  can plan a program that will foster your
                                           child's interest and enhance their
Wednesday 3rd February -
                                           learning from day one at school. The
No school for Foundation students
                                           assessment has a strong emphasis on
                                           Literacy and Numeracy and is a great
Thursday 4th February -                    chance for your child and their teacher
8:55am to 3:25pm (morning snack &          to get to know each other. Parents will
lunch required) PTO>                       be notified of dates and times available
Friday 5th February -                      to make a booking. Bookings are
8:55am to 3:25pm (morning snack &          required. Assessments usually occur in
lunch required)                            the first 2 weeks of Term 1.

Foundation (Prep) students will NOT be     Exact dates and times for prep testing in
required at school on the following        2021 will be advised separately shortly.
Wednesday 3rd February                     DISMISSAL TIMES & PICK UP
Wednesday 10th February                    Make sure your child is aware of the
Wednesday 17th February                    finish time for each school day and
Wednesday 24th February                    where you expect to meet.

From Monday 1st March 2021,                GRADE PLACEMENTS
Foundation (Prep) students are             Your child’s pre-school teacher will
required to attend school from 8:55am      group students and advise Gisborne PS
to 3:25pm Monday to Friday.                staff of their recommendations for
                                           student placement. Gisborne PS staff
TOILETING                                  will prepare grades in consultation with
During the first month, children will be   pre-school staff. Friendships will be
taken to the toilet as a class by the      looked at with your child’s best interests
at heart but we will also take into         Art smocks can be ordered through the
consideration an optimal learning           school from Smart Stuff & Mini Whisk.
environment for all. Families will be       Please contact the office for an order
given an opportunity to provide             form
friendship information as part of the
enrolment acceptance process.                Long sleeves are essential – plastic
                                              sleeveless smocks are not suitable.
SCHOOL LUNCHES                               Elastic at neck and sleeves makes an
Children will require play                    easy garment for preps to put on.
lunch and a separate small
lunch. These will be eaten in the
classroom in the 15 minutes prior to
recess and lunch breaks. At Gisborne PS
we promote sustainable practices such
as ‘nude food’ (no wrappers) and
healthy food for optimal learning.
Children are encouraged to drink water
from their drink bottle throughout the
day and snack on ‘brain food’ (cut fruit    As the time approaches for your child to
or vegetables).                             start school, there are a number of
Lunch boxes should be easy to open and      things that parents can do to help your
close. Please label lunch box and drink     child settle in easily. Here are some
bottle.                                     ideas:

REQUIREMENTS NEEDED                          If practicable, walk your child to
Please ensure that all possessions are        school so that the child knows the
clearly labelled with your child’s name.      way. Even if you plan to drive most
                                              days, it is a good idea for a child to
Each child is required to provide:            know their way around the local
    Lunch       box,    plastic    drink     school environment.
    Art smock.
                                             Point out the different school
    2 large boxes of facial tissues
                                              buildings and playground areas.
      (these are for a class supply).
    Water bottle for classroom use.
                                             Once school starts, make sure your
    Library bag
                                              child knows where to meet you at
ART SMOCKS                                    the end of the day.
It is necessary for children in primary
school to have a smock for artwork. A        If children are to feel secure, it is
suggested style for infants is to make it     important that they are met on time.
big enough to fit comfortably over all

 being able to tidy up;

                                           knowing how to open their
                                            lunch    box  and   drink

 Label all clothes (especially clothes
  that may be taken off) together with
  things like lunch boxes and school
  bags.     Make sure children are
  familiar with their own belongings so
  they can claim their own items.

 Sandwiches that are individually
  packaged are easier to handle. We
  encourage the use of containers
  rather than plastic wrapping.

 Encourage your child’s
  independence as follows:

       in packing and unpacking their
        school bag at school;

         dressing themselves, doing up
          zippers, buttons and putting
          on socks and shoes;

       going to the toilet and washing
        their hands;

       knowing where their food and
        drink is in their school bag;

       being able to look after their
        belongings such as knowing
        their own school clothes
        which are clearly labelled;


The PFA is a group of parents and friends of Gisborne PS who are interested in having closer
involvement with the school, whether that be to assist in organising special events and
fundraising or to attend meetings to be better informed, and give feedback about issues that
affect the school community and our children. The PFA has formal meetings once a month.

The PFA fundraise with one major activity per term, and it is most satisfying as a member to
get a say in what those funds are spent on. This is just one aspect of our role.

We also organise special events such as Mothers'/Fathers' Day stalls where the children
choose from a huge variety of gifts. We help out on sports days or at school functions and
sometimes organise events such as discos, trivia nights etc. We organise non-fundraising
social events for our members where partners are welcome too.

One of the most important aspects of being in the PFA is that at our meetings we are
informed, usually by the Principal, of important factors, events or decisions that affect our
school and our children. We have a PFA representative on the school council, to promote our
opinions and suggestions regarding the policy and procedures of our school. You can also
find current information about the PFA's activities on the Gisborne Primary School's
website if you follow the link

If you would like to be informed of, and involved in, decisions concerning the education of
our children, then coming to the PFA meetings is a good place to start. If you are concerned
about being enticed into too many jobs, don't let that stop you from coming, as involvement
in tasks is purely on a voluntary basis.

The PFA is also a great way to meet other parents and develop friendships. Pre-schoolers are
also most welcome at our meetings as we have a large box of toys.

So, remember whether you want to use the PFA only as an information source or you would
like to become more involved, come along to our meetings. They are advertised in the weekly
school newsletter, “Chalk Talk”.















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