CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents

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CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
2020 -2021 Parent Guide B o o k
             A Resource for Parents
CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
A message from JULIE NOWAK
Principal of CONANT High School
Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am delighted that you are part of our amazing
learning community! As we look forward to a new school year, we know that providing
parents and students information that is accurate and easily accessible is critical to
supporting a positive and productive high school experience. It is especially important
that all of our families have the information and resources needed to access the wide
array of services and supports available at Conant High School.
This year, I am excited to share the Conant High School Parent Guide Book, a resource
designed to support the communication you receive throughout the year. This booklet
provides you with information regarding important dates, supports available through
student services, post-secondary planning tools, and many other topics to guide you
throughout the year. I encourage you to review the entire booklet and place important dates on your calendars.
While the Guide Book provides you with very important information, the team room also serves as a “one-stop shop”
that enables students and parents to connect with their administrator, counselor, and other support staff in a setting that
fosters a student-centered approach to problem solving and a shared approach to helping students plan for their future.
Students are assigned to one of three teams (red/white/blue). Along with the classroom teachers, please contact your
child’s guidance counselor or team administrator when you need assistance or information.
Conant High School is a very special place and Cougar pride runs deep! I look forward to working with you to ensure that
we are providing our students with an excellent educational experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

Julie Nowak

                                                        Table of Contents
    4-Year Planning .....................................................4      One-to-One Program ..........................................14
    Activities/Athletics Information .............................6             Power of 15............................................................4
    Booster Club Information....................................16              School Safety and Security.................................12
    College Majors and Career Clusters.....................4                    Software Systems and User Accounts ..............15
    Communications/Notifications ...........................13                  Standardized Testing.............................................8
    Contact Information ............................. Back cover                Student Readiness Plan........................................3
    Course Selection ...................................................4       Student Services ...................................................2
    Digital Democracy ...............................................14         Student Supports ..................................................5
    Frequently Asked Questions...............................17                 Student Workload..................................................5
    Health Services....................................................10       Summer School...................................................11
    Information for Seniors..........................................7          Transportation......................................................11
    Food Services......................................................11       Wellness Program..................................................9
    Key Dates...............................................................1
CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
Key Dates
                  First Day of Classes   August 13, 2020
                  Parent Open House      September 3, 2020
                   Financial Aid Night   September 9, 2020
                  Homecoming Week        September 28 – October 3, 2020
  First Generation College Symposium     September 30, 2020
PSAT/NMSQT Exam (juniors – optional)     October 14, 2020
      State Testing SAT Exam (seniors)   October 14, 2020
                        College Night    October 20, 2020
Course Selection for 21-22 School Year   November 2020 – January 2021
           First Semester Final Exams    December 16 – December 18, 2020
                         Winter Break    December 21, 2020 – January 6, 2021
               College Planning Night    February 17, 2021
                    D211 Career Expo     February 23, 2021
          Illinois Science Assessment    March 11, 2021
                         Spring Break    March 22 – March 26, 2021
                   SAT Exam (juniors)    April 13, 2021
              PSAT 9 Exam (freshmen)     April 14, 2021
          PSAT 10 Exam (sophomores)      April 14, 2021
          Advanced Placement Exams       May 3 – May 14, 2021
            Graduation – Class of 2021   May 25, 2021
        Second Semester Final Exams      May 26 – May 28, 2021
                   Last Day of School    May 28, 2021

CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
Student Services
    The Student Services Department supports every Conant High School student. Students are assigned a school
    counselor who serves as their main point of contact for all school-related matters throughout high school. Students
    can request an appointment with their school counselor during any non-academic period of the student’s school day.
    Counselors lead students through grade-specific activities and lessons
    during the school year. The activities, often provided in classroom
    settings, are designed to support student development in the areas of
                                                                                 Did you know…
    academic proficiency, post-high school planning, and social-emotional        Students can schedule an
    wellbeing.                                                                             appointment with
                                                                                           their counselor
    Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s school counselor anytime
                                                                                           using the Student
    the parent seeks greater insight about their child’s status in school. The
                                                                                           Readiness Plan.
    counselor has access to a variety of resources to assist parents and can
    facilitate connections with others in the school as needed.

    The Registrar’s Office maintains all permanent school records and manages the collection of students’ grades at the
    conclusion of each semester. Permanent records are maintained for sixty years after a student graduates, transfers,
    or permanently withdraws from school.
    Conant High School uses Xello, an online system to handle requests from current high school students for school
              transcripts. Details about Xello can be found on the school website at
                Graduates can visit for information about transcripts. If needed,
                contact the Registrar’s office at 847-755-3628.

    Student Support Teams
    Conant High School has assembled student support teams to best meet the needs of all students. Composed of
    an assistant principal, 2-3 school counselors, a psychologist, and/or a social worker, each team monitors student
    according to academic, behavior, and attendance factors. Any student displaying indicators of concern receives
    concentrated attention and support. The school counselor remains the best point of contact for any parent interested
    in knowing more about the student support team model.
    Contact the Red Team at 847-755-3670, White Team at 847-755-3671, and Blue Team at 847-755-3672.

CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
Student Readiness Plan
The District 211 Student Readiness Plan helps students prepare for high school graduation
and their lives as independent young adults. All Conant High School students are assigned
an account within the online Readiness Plan portal providing them with a centralized hub
to create individualized goals, measure progress, and track activity throughout their high
school experience.
The Readiness Plan consists of five essential readiness components and each component
contains grade-specific objectives for students to accomplish. Progress toward completion
is indicated on visual infographics allowing students to see their status at-a-glance.

During each year of high school, your child’s school counselor will lead your student through targeted activities that
directly connect to various elements of the Student Readiness Plan. Parents can view their children’s Readiness
Plans and are encouraged to have discussions with their children about goals and progress.
                                                          More information about the Student Readiness Plan,
Did you know…                                             including login instructions and the full set of Plan features,
                                                          is available at
The Student Readiness Plan includes a
calendar that students can customize to display
personally meaningful dates and events.

CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
                                                             Students use an online tool, Xello (academic and
                                                             occupational), to develop deeper understandings about their
                                                             interests and to research those interests. Using a variety
                                                             of self-assessments, Xello helps students identify concrete
                                                             career fields and post-high school education options.
                                                             Parents can access their child’s Xello profile at any time.

                                                             College Majors and Career Clusters
                                                             Students are encouraged to choose elective courses that
                  During      freshman    year,   students   align with identified areas of interest based on students’
4-Year Planning

                  develop a 4-year plan forecasting          work in Xello.
                  their high school experience based on
                                                             District 211’s curriculum is built around the nationally
                  individualized goals and aspirations for
                                                             recognized Career Cluster model which can help students
                  life after high school. The 4-year plan
                                                                         explore broad career fields as they refine their
                  includes academic coursework to meet
                                                                         interests. More details about curricular alignment
                  graduation requirements, elective course
                                                                         with the Career Cluster model is available at
                  choices to support areas of personal
                  interest, career options, and school and
                  community involvement.
                  Each year, students revisit their 4-year
                  plan making adjustments reflecting goal
                  updates, changes in personal interests,    Power of 15
                  and self-reflection. The 4-year plan       Conant High School’s goal is for all students to graduate
                  is dynamic and will likely see multiple    high school with the equivalent of at least 15 college credits.
                  revisions from the start of 9th grade      This goal is called “The Power of 15” because students
                  through graduation day. The student’s      who earn 15 or more early college credits are more likely to
                  school counselor facilitates the plan,     experience success after high school. Students can earn
                  develops the process, and assists          early college credits by:
                  students to understand various factors
                  they should consider when crafting their   •   participating in Advanced Placement (AP) coursework
                  plans.                                         and earning a passing score on the associated AP exam;
                                                             •   taking a Dual Credit course (a course that awards high
                                                                 school credit and college credit simultaneously).

                                                             Selecting Courses
                                                             From late November to early January, current freshman,
                                                             sophomores, and juniors meet with their school counselor
                                                             to select courses for the next school year.
                                                             Students are encouraged to choose courses that support
                                                             their 4-year plans, are aligned with career clusters identified
                                                             by work in Xello, and support post-high school goals. Parents
                                                             play an important role in the course selection process by
                                                             offering direction and guidance to their child.

CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
Each student’s 24-hour day is filled with a variety of activities and obligations. Students should consider these four
factors as they manage their time and energy:

                                                     ACADEMIC WORKLOAD
                            • Students are encouraged to participate in rigorous coursework aligned with
                              individualized post-secondary goals
                            • District 211 strives for all students to earn at least 15 college credit equivalencies while
                              in high school
                            • Achieving a 2.8 or higher grade point average is a strong indicator of academic success

                                                 COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT
                            • Student volunteerism is valued as a learning opportunity and as a service to others
                            • Every student is encouraged to fulfill a minimum number of community service hours
                              each year:
                                • 9th grade: 5 hours (second semester)       • 11th grade: 15 hours
                                • 10th grade: 10 hours                       • 12th grade: 20 hours

                                         EXTRA-CURRICULAR INVOLVEMENT
                            • Club and team membership provides opportunities to make meaningful social
                              connections and develop interpersonal & intrapersonal skills
                            • Each student is encouraged to join at least one school activity or school athletic team
                              each year
                            • Extra-curricular activities allow students to explore career clusters and potential career

                                                              LIFE BALANCE
                            • The combined impact of academic coursework, extra-curricular involvement, community
                              employment, community service, and other obligations can create unhealthy stressors for
                              some students
                            • All students are encouraged to consider the collective workload associated with their
                              day-to-day routines
                            • A balanced approach will help students maintain physical, social, and emotional wellness

Student Supports
Students needing assistance in balancing their academic workload, extra-curricular involvement, community involvement,
and other obligations are encouraged to contact their school counselor to explore solutions. Direct supports for
academic needs and social-emotional challenges are available to all students.

Academic Supports
A complete description of Conant High School’s academic supports, including before school, during school,
and after school tutoring, is available at

Social-emotional Supports
Conant High School has a complete team of school social workers and school psychologists to help students develop
coping strategies and to connect them with outside-of-school resources that may be valuable in forming long-term
solutions to present-day difficulties. Your school counselor can link you to these resources, if needed.
CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
Activities                                                                                    Conant High School
Art Club                    Improv                            Pride
                                                                                              values student
Auto Club                   Individual Events (Speech         RISE (Reaching Individuals
                                                                                              involvement and
Band                            Team)                             by Supporting Every Girl)   participation in extra-
Black Leader Achievers      Freshman Class Council            Robotics Club                   curricular activities
Business Professionals of   Future Educators                  SADD (Students Against          including athletics,
                                                                                              clubs, and the fine arts.
   America                  Gaming Club (eSports)                 Destructive Decisions)      These activities provide
Chess Team                  Green Cougars Club                Scholastic Bowl                 students opportunities
Chinese Club                Guitar Club                       School of Rock                  for enrichment while also helping them
                                                                                              to connect to their school community.
Chorus                      HOSA (Health Occupations          Science Olympiad
                                                                                              All students are encouraged to join
Coding Club                     Students of America)          Senior Class                    at least one of these groups during
Color Guard (Flags)         Internet Club (Technology)        SAGA (Sexuality and             freshman year.
Competitive Dance / Poms    Intramurals                           Gender Alliance)
                                                                                              Conant High School offers over 75
   (Charrelles)             Junior Class Council              Sophomore Class Council
                                                                                              unique student clubs and activities. A
Conant Theater              Latinos Unidos                    Spring Play                     full list of these organizations is available
Conative (Yearbook)         Leadership Forum                  SASA (South Asian               on the school website at
Cougar Crazies (Pep Club)   Mathematics Team                      Student Association)        http://www.conant.portal.
Cougar Service Club         Medical Careers Club              Student Council
Crier (Newspaper)           Model UN                          Student Congress                Athletic teams are organized
Cultural Awareness          Musical                           Tapestry (Literary Magazine)    according to the fall, winter, and spring
                                                                                              sports seasons.
Debate                      National Honor Society            Tri-M (Modern Music
Drama                       On Our Own                            Masters)                    Athletic and activity camps are part
Electronics Club            Operation Snowball                Ultimate Frisbee                of the Conant High School summer
FCCLA (Family, Career &     Orchesis (Modern Dance)           Variety Show                    school program. Specific summer
                                                                                              camp details, including instructions
   Community Leaders of     Orchestra                         Winter Play
                                                                                              for accessing the rSchoolToday online
   America)                 Outdoor Adventure Club            Wood Workers Club               registration platform, will be sent to
Fashion/Foods Club          PALS (Peer-Assisted               Work Program                    you in the spring as part of the summer
Fellowship for Christian        Learning Service)             WYSE (Worldwide Youth in        school information packet. Students
                                                                                              must have a valid physical on file with
   Students                 Peer Meditation                       Science & Engineering)      the nurse’s office to participate in these
Film Club                   Photography Club                  Writers’ Club                   camps.
Finance Club                Ping Pong
French Club                 Political Club (Social Studies)
Activity Director: Mark Langer, 847-755-3612

Fall                        Winter                            Spring
Cheerleading - fall         Bowling                           Baseball
Boys Cross Country          Boys Basketball                   Badminton
Girls Cross Country         Girls Basketball                  Boys Gymnastics
Football                    Cheerleading                      Boys Lacrosse
Boys Golf                   Girls Gymnastics                  Girls Lacrosse
Girls Golf                  Boys Swimming & Diving            Softball
Boys Soccer                 Wrestling                         Girls Soccer
Girls Swimming & Diving                                       Boys Track & Field
Girls Tennis                                                  Girls Track & Field
Girls Volleyball                                              Boys Volleyball
                                                              Boys Water Polo
                                                              Girls Water Polo
                                                              Boys Tennis
Athletic Director: John Kane, 847-755-3770
CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
Information For Seniors
Senior year is an exciting and important time in the life      Finalizing College Choices
of every high school student. Throughout the school            No later than September, seniors should be prepared to
year, members of the Class of 2021 and their parents           narrow the list of colleges and universities to which they will
will receive information detailing key dates and events        send applications. Using information gathered during junior
specific to preparation for the student’s life after high      year guidance program activities in Xello and the D211
school. General information to guide families as they          Student Readiness Plan, students should be well-informed
navigate 12th grade expectations and requirements is           about specific schools that align with their post-high
intended to build awareness about high-interest topics.        school plans and financial status. Students are reminded
Seniors electing to graduate early should consult with         to take advantage of allowable college visit absences to
their school counselor for information specific to early       see college and university campuses first-hand.
                                                               College Applications
Graduation Information                                         November 1 is the most widely recognized deadline
                                                               for college applications. Students will need to verify
Senior Portraits and Yearbooks
                                                               application due dates with the specific schools of interest
District 211 contracts with Visual Image Photography
                                                               to make sure a key date is not missed. Students also
(VIP) to take students’ annual school photos. In order to
                                                               need to make note of application fees some colleges and
appear in the Conant High School yearbook, all seniors
                                                               universities charge. It is recommended that students
must have their photo taken by VIP. Photographs
                                                               review their applications, and related essays, with their
from other sources will not be accepted for use in the
                                                               school counselor prior to submitting them.
yearbook. Schedule information and retake dates will
            be sent directly to students and parents           Letters of Recommendation
            by VIP. Parents can also access the VIP            Many college applications require the student to
            website at for more         include one or more recommendation letters. Typically,
            information.                                       recommendations come from teachers who have had a
                                                               positive impact on the student’s high school experience.
Cap and Gown
                                                               Students should personally request recommendation
Seniors will be measured for cap and gown the week of
                                                               letters from their teachers (or others) and provide the
December 7, 2020. Caps and gowns will be distributed
                                                               person with at least two weeks notice about deadlines.
to students on Monday, May 3, 2021.
Graduation Ceremony
                                                               Conant High School maintains a list of scholarships
Conant High School will host graduation for the Class
                                                                           at and
of 2021 on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at the Sears Centre.
                                                                           students are encouraged to explore the list
There will be a mandatory rehearsal on Monday, May 24
                                                                           to find scholarships they may qualify for.
and Senior Breakfast on May 25 prior to the graduation
                                                                           Individual colleges and universities typically
ceremony. Students will receive details about these
                                                               have many scholarships available as well. Students
important dates, from our senior class sponsor, Eric
                                                               should explore the college and university websites to
Jacobsen. Mr. Jacobsen can be reached at ejacobsen@
                                                               find details about those scholarships. Most scholarships and (847) 755-3826.
                                                               have strict application deadlines.
College-bound Student Information                              Applying for Financial Aid
Transcripts                                                    Effective with the Class of 2021, the Free Application
Students should request a copy of their 6th semester           for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) becomes available on
transcript to verify readiness for high school graduation      October 1. Students and parents will need to complete
and to use as a reference when completing college                         the FAFSA online at https://studentaid.
applications. All seniors will meet with their school                     gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa to determine the
counselor early in the school year to review the transcript,              student’s eligibility for Federal Student Aid
senior year course schedule, and verify post-high school                  based upon the parents’ prior year’s Federal
plans.                                                         tax return. Conant High School will host a FAFSA
                                                               workshop in the fall. Look for details about this event
                                                               once the school year begins.

CONANT HIGH SCHOOL 2020-2021 Parent Guide Book A Resource for Parents
Standardized Testing
The Illinois State Board of Education uses a variety of standardized tests to assess student achievement during high
school. Information about major testing initiatives is provided.

SAT SUITE OF ASSESSMENTS                                        ILLINOIS Science ASSESSMENT
The Illinois State Board of Education uses the SAT              All juniors are required to take the Illinois Science
Suite of Assessments to gather data about student               Assessment (ISA), an online test covering a
achievement and growth over time. The series of grade-          comprehensive set of science topics. The ISA is
specific exams provide details about proficiency in the         composed of three 50-minute sections and includes
areas of evidence-based Reading and Mathematics. The            questions about life, physical, Earth, and space sciences
2020-2021 schedule for these assessments is provided.           with engineering and technological design features
                                                                embedded in the other science domains.
      Exam            Students              Date
     PSAT 9           Freshmen         April 14, 2021           The ISA will be completed on March 11, 2021. Parents
     PSAT 10         Sophomores        April 14, 2021           will receive notice of specific test schedule details later
      SAT*             Juniors         April 13, 2021           this year.
      More information about the SAT Suite of Assessments       Parents will receive notice about specific test schedule
      is available at                                           details later this year.
*This SAT is required for high school graduation and also
provides a valid score for college entrance purposes.

ACCESS                                                          ADVANCED PLACEMENT EXAMS
Per State of Illinois requirements, all students with limited   Students enrolled in Advanced Placement (AP) courses
English language proficiency annually participate in the        are encouraged to take the associated AP exam at the
ACCESS test to measure four language skills areas:              end of the school year. Satisfactory performance on the
1.      Listening                                               AP exam can translate directly to college credits.*
2.      Speaking                                                This school year’s AP exams will be held between May
3.      Reading                                                 3 – May 14, 2021 exam registration occurs in October.
4.      Writing
                                                                          More information about AP exams is available
ACCESS tests will be administered during the school day
                                                                          on the College Board website at
between January 13 – February 16. Parents of eligible
students will be notified of testing-related details in early
January.                                                        *Per Illinois law, all Illinois public colleges and universities
                                                                must award credit for AP test scores of 3 or higher. Parents
                                                                and students are advised to check with specific colleges and
                                                                universities about their policies for recognizing AP test scores
                                                                and any college credits they may award.

Wellness Program
Wellness is more than the absence of illness. It includes physical, social, and emotional well-being which all contribute
to overall health. Wellness also includes developing self-awareness about the ways personal choices can influence
present and future life experiences.

                               Township High School District 211 values student wellness and promotes healthy
                               lifestyle choices beginning freshman year. During 9th and 10th grades, all students
                               participate in a year-long wellness course that combines the traditional activity-based
                               physical education experience with the essential components of health education. This
                               comprehensive approach provides students the opportunity to learn wellness concepts
                               in a classroom environment and apply those concepts during physical activity and in
                               settings outside of the physical education arena.

                               The wellness model extends across each year of high school to match the maturity
                               and needs of the developing young adults in District 211 schools. Helping students
                               understand how physical fitness, healthy decision making, stress management, and
                               healthy relationships contribute to overall wellness will result in lifelong benefits.

                               The Wellness Department uses the FitnessGram assessments to measure students’
                               physical status. Students participate in the assessment two times per school year and
                               performance is measured against established benchmarks. The assessment includes
                               four specific tasks:

                                                                        1. 20m PACER (aerobic capacity)
                                                                        2. Sit-Up (muscular endurance)
                                                                        3 Push-Up (muscular strength)
                                                                        4. Sit & Reach (flexibility)

                                                                        For more information about the District 211
                                                                        Wellness Program, contact the Physical
                                                                        Education Department Chair at 847-755-3369.

                                                                         Did you know…
                                                                         Individualized fitness goals can be set
                                                                         within the Wellness component of the
                                                                         Student Readiness Plan.

Health Services Information
Students must have a signed authorization form on file in the Nurse’s Office in order to use prescription and non-
prescription medications while in school. The forms are available at the links below:

          Prescription Medications

          Non-Prescription Medications

Leaving School Due to Illness
Students may not leave school due to illness without first securing permission from the nurse. The nurse will contact
the student’s parent, as needed, to discuss the student’s status and to determine the need to leave school.

Special Notice Regarding Senior Year Vaccinations
Meningococcal disease, best known as the cause of meningitis, carries a high mortality rate if untreated, but is
vaccine preventable. Illinois School Code requires that all students entering 12th grade provide proof of receiving
two Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccines (MCV4) before the start of senior year.


          You can check your child’s vaccination status by contacting your physician or by accessing your child’s
          school immunization record in the Infinite Campus Portal available at

Contact the school nurse, Dawna Smeltzer, at 847-755-3662 if you have questions about Conant High School’s health

Food Services
High School District 211 lunch and breakfast programs have been recognized for excellence by the Illinois State Board
of Education, Department of Child Nutrition, and the United States Department of Education. Each year, the District
serves over one million meals to students.

                                                                     Lunch and breakfast menus are designed
                                                                     to appeal to young people’s tastes
                                                                     and monthly menus are available at
                                                                     Page/6398. Parents may prepay for
                                                                     their child’s lunches using the MySchoolBucks
                                                                     app. More information about this
                                                                     convenient option is available at

                       Free bus transportation is provided for all students who reside more than 1.5 miles from
                       Conant High School. Bus route details and pick/drop times are provided in the final weeks of
                       summer before school begins in August. Bus transportation is available for a nominal fee for
                       students who reside less than 1.5 miles from school. Contact the District 211 Transportation
                       Department at 847-755-6796 for more details.

                       Conant High School also provides bus transportation in the late afternoon and evening to
                       accommodate students participating in extracurricular activities and athletics. Late afternoon
                       buses are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and leave at 4:35 p.m.. Evening
                       buses are available Monday – Friday and leave at 6:10 p.m.. Students must have a valid bus
                       pass to board the late afternoon and evening buses.

                         Did you know…
                         Parents can track their child’s school bus using the MyStop app. Visit
                for more information.

Summer School
The District 211 Summer School program includes academic courses and summer activity/athletic camps. Each
experience is designed to help students in their journey toward high school graduation and explore areas of interest.
Summer School courses provide an opportunity for students to recover course
                                                                                         SUMMER SCHOOL
credits, replace low grades with higher grades, move ahead within a curriculum
sequence, and explore areas of career interest.
                                                                                       REGISTRATION DETAILS
                                                                                        WILL BE SENT TO YOU
Activities/Athletics                                                                       IN THE SPRING
School activity and athletic teams sponsor summer camps to help students explore
areas of interest and to enhance skills in preparation for upcoming athletic seasons
and events.
The first session of Summer School 2021 runs from June 8 - June 29. The second session runs from June 30 - July
22. Each 3-week session holds classes Monday through Thursday.
School Safety and Security
School safety is a top priority at Conant High School. The school employs a video surveillance camera system to
enhance security and deter inappropriate activity on school grounds. Regular safety drills that practice our Lockdown
and Run, Hide, Survive procedures are conducted at each school. These drills involve students and staff members
to help all members of the school community know how to respond in the event of an emergency. Additionally, the
following safety protocols have been implemented:

School Resource Officer         In partnership with the Hoffman Estates Police Department, Conant High School
                                employs a full-time sworn police officer to be on-site each school day. The School
                                Resource Officer (SRO) assists the school with all facets of school security.

Lockdown Push Stations          We have installed blue lockdown push-button stations in each building. These
                                devices are similar to the standard fire alarm pull station that you would find in any
                                public setting. The Lockdown push buttons allow any staff member to initiate our
                                Lockdown and Run, Hide, Survive procedures quickly and without delay.

School Visitors                 All visitors, including parents, to Conant High School must provide a valid photo ID
                                upon entering the school. A visitor tag will be provided and must be worn for the
                                duration of the visitor’s time at school.

Parking                         Those parking at Conant High School must display a valid parking permit. Visitor
                                parking spaces are closely monitored and reserved for short-term use by parents
                                and other visitors.

Student ID Cards                Students must have their school ID card in their possession at all times while at
                                school. The ID card must be provided to school staff members upon request.

                                Students, parents, and community members are encouraged to report safety concerns
Safety Concerns
                                using the online form available on the Conant High School website. Reports
                                may be anonymous, if desired. The form is available at https://adc.d211.

District 211 Communications/Notifications
District 211 and Conant High School frequently use email to share information with parents and have adopted a coded
message system to help parents identify the relative importance of various email messages. The code is displayed
directly in the email subject line. The specific codes are:

                                General information from the school or District about scheduled school events or
 Level Green
                                news that does not require immediate attention.

                                Public safety/awareness information regarding an incident in or near the school that
Level Yellow                    warrants attention but does not pose any threat to the school. For example, local
                                law enforcement might respond to a location near the school, but the incident is not
                                threatening school safety.

                                Weather/school safety alerts regarding an event that will affect school operations. All
Level Orange
                                weather-related school closures will be level orange messages.

                                Emergency communications and information about an incident that is likely to occur
  Code Red                      or has already occurred. An active threat against the school that resulted in injury,
                                or a confirmed fire that resulted in injury and school evacuation are examples of
                                incidents that would be shared under this code.

       In addition to email, the District will send text messages to mobile devices and place phone calls to communicate
       Level Orange and Code Red messages. It is important that parents maintain accurate contact information
       within the Infinite Campus portal in order to receive all types of communications from the school and District.
       You can access the portal at

All students at Conant High School are assigned an iPad as part of District 211’s one-to-one technology program.
The iPad is an integral part of the school’s approach to teaching and learning, and students are expected to have their
fully-charged iPad in school each day.

Student iPads are optimized for learning. Access to selected device settings are controlled by school personnel in
order to minimize distractions. Additionally, the App Store is blocked to help keep students focused on learning tasks
while they use their iPad.

Students are responsible for keeping their iPad in good operating condition. Devices that are damaged or lost must
be reported to the school’s Technology Department. Students are responsible for the costs associated with repair or
         replacement. Parents are encouraged to enroll in the District 211 iPad Protection Plan. The Plan carries a
         $25 annual premium and offers discounted repair/replacement costs. Full details about the iPad Protection
         Plan are available at

Any student requiring assistance with a school-assigned iPad should visit the Technology HelpDesk located
in the Media Center, or visit the Technology Department’s webpage at

Digital Democracy
Conant High School actively promotes positive and respectful use of technology
by students. The District 211 Digital Democracy program is devoted to this
purpose and is designed to help students develop essential skills needed to
effectively function in an increasingly digital world. The program was designed
to help students participate appropriately when using social media, to respect
others’ privacy rights, to exercise personal safety while online, and to understand
the impact their online behaviors may have on others.                                                  outside

During 9th, 10th, and 11th grades, all students are introduced to these topics
using a set of online modules. Each year, students independently complete 4-5
modules at their own pace, and each module takes approximately 20 minutes to
complete. All modules are hosted in Conant High School’s Schoology system,
which provides parents access to the modules and their children’s progress.
Grade-specific details about the online modules are sent to parents in the early
part of the school year.

Please contact Jinu Joseph, assistant principal, at 847-755-3616 if you have questions
about the Digital Democracy program.

A variety of software systems are used to maintain student information, manage instructional tasks, and support student
development. Parents and students alike have access to these systems, and parents are encouraged to
establish user accounts for each system and reference the library of tutorial videos to learn how to maximize the
use of these systems. The tutorial videos are available on the District 211 website at

          Infinite Campus
          Infinite Campus (IC) is used to manage student data such as contact information, attendance, grades, and
          assessment scores. The IC portal is located at and
requires parents to create a unique individualized user account. Account creation requires an activation key and all
parents are sent that key during the fall of their child’s 8th grade year in anticipation of entrance to high school.
Parents of transfer students will receive an activation key upon school enrollment. Parents are discouraged
from sharing their IC password with their child since the parent account includes privileges unique to the
parent’s role. Students have their own IC accounts.

           The Schoology portal is located at This platform
           helps teachers track, report, deliver, and collect instructional materials. Parents will receive an email
early in the school year with details about accessing Schoology, including an individualized username and
temporary password. Once in Schoology, parents will be able to see every course associated with their child.

          Xello, formerly called Career Cruising, is an online tool students use to develop awareness of future career
          paths and to create plans to achieve personal goals for life after high school. Students have the ability to share
          their Xello profile with their parents and this step is built into students’ use of the system. Once
sharing is activated, your child will send you a link to their profile. You do not need to establish an account to
access this shared profile. More information about Xello is available at

          Conant High School uses the rSchoolToday system to manage registration for summer athletic and activity
          camps. Completing the registration process requires the parent to log onto the Infinite Campus portal first.
          A menu of options is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen after logging in. Select Extracurricular
Registration and the rSchoolToday portal will open. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete registration for the
desired summer camp.

           MySchoolBucks is the exclusive system for District 211 parents to make school meal prepayments, as well
           as make online payments for monetary transactions with the school such as iPad protection plans
and repair costs, student parking permits, and more. Parents can create a free MySchoolBucks account by or downloading the MySchoolBucks app to their mobile device. Please contact
the District 211 Food and Nutrition Services department at 847-755-6681 if you have questions about this
free service.

The Conant High School parent booster club, supports the curricular and extra-curricular activities bringing home and
school into a closer relationship. All parents are encouraged to join and membership fees can be paid as part of the
school registration process.

Basic Membership.................................................................................................................................................... $30
The Basic Membership includes a Conant Boosters car magnet and a $5 off Cougar Corner in-store coupon.

Basic Membership PLUS ......................................................................................................................................... $45
The Basic Membership Plus includes TWO (2) all-age athletic passes* good for admission to home varsity football and
basketball games, a Conant Boosters car magnet, and a $5 off Cougar Corner in-store coupon.

Deluxe Membership ................................................................................................................................................. $65
The Deluxe Membership includes FOUR (4) all-age athletic passes* good for admission to home varsity football and
basketball games, a Conant Boosters car magnet, and a $10 off Cougar Corner in-store coupon.

Senior Yard Sign .............................................................................................................................................. $20/each
Proudly show your Class of 2021 pride for your Conant High School senior with a Senior Yard Sign. Signs are full-
color, double-sided, and come on a metal frame that easily slides into the ground. Signs will be available for pick up
in April 2021.

Conant Yard Sign............................................................................................................................................. $20/each
Display your Cougar Pride any time of the year with a Conant Yard Sign. Rectangular Conant Yard Signs are full-color,
double-sided, and come on a metal frame that easily slides into the ground. Signs will be available for pick up in
August 2020.

Paw-Shaped Conant Yard Sign ...................................................................................................................... $25/each
The Paw-Shaped Conant Yard Sign features a Red Cougar Head. Signs are full-color, double-sided, and come on a
metal frame that easily slides into the ground. Signs will be available for pick up in August 2020.

Conant Waterproof Blanket............................................................................................................................ $18/each
This is a great blanket to have with you for games in our stadium! Waterproof on one side, soft and warm flannel on
the other, and it folds up with attached easy to carry handles.

When you support the Conant Boosters, you support all of our Conant Community. For more information about the Conant Boosters,
or to see our complete selection of spirit wear and accessories, please visit our webpage at

*All-Age Athletic Passes are good for adult/child admission; however, they are not valid for IHSA playoff games. High
School District 211 students are admitted free to football and basketball games with a school ID.

Additional All-Age Athletic Passes ($15 each) are available for purchase at Conant Boosters
Membership required to purchase additional passes.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where is my child’s bus stop and what time does             5. How does my child arrange to see college and
   the bus pick up my child?                                      university representatives who visit Conant
   Parents can use the My Stop app to track their child’s         High School?
   bus. More information about the My Stop app is                 Our college counselor maintains a list colleges and
   available on the District 211 website at                       universities that will be visiting Conant High School                       during the school year. Students can access
   Centricity/Domain/4788/Instructions%20                         the list online and sign up by completing the
   -for-Accessing-the-GPS-Mystop-Mobile-                          form located on the Conant Schoology page
   App.pdf. Please call the Transportation              
   department at 847-755-6798 with any questions about         6. Where can I find information about scholarships
   bus services.                                                  my child might qualify for?
2. Is Summer School required?                                     A list of scholarships is maintained on the school website
   Some incoming Freshmen and rising Sophomores are               at Students are
   identified for mandatory summer school programs to             encouraged to check the site regularly for
   improve academic proficiency in reading, math or both.         updates. Be aware that the Harper Promise
   Eligible students, and their parents, will be notified in      Scholarship is only available to students
   late January. See page 11 for more information about           who began ninth grade at a District 211,
   summer school.                                                 District 214, or District 220 high school and
                                                                  applied to participate in the Promise program before
3. How do I register my child for an athletic team or
                                                                  December 15 of their freshman year.
   extracurricular activity?
   Parents use Infinite Campus to register for                 7. Does the school offer opportunities for my child to
   extracurricular athletic teams, clubs, and activities.         prepare for the SAT exam?
   Completing the registration process requires the parent        SAT preparation is embedded within the instructional
   to log onto the Infinite Campus portal. A menu of              strategies teachers use within their classrooms. In
   options is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen       addition, a practice SAT exam for juniors is offered in
   after logging in. Select Extracurricular Registration and      February and students are able to use the results of
   the registration portal will open. Follow the on-screen        that practice exam to identify specific skill areas for
   prompts to complete registration for the desired team          improvement prior to taking the State-sponsored SAT
   and/or activity.                                               in April. The Khan Academy includes free resources
                                                                  for students to prepare for the SAT, and once linked
4. Are there special eligibility requirements if my child
                                                                  to a student’s College Board account, provides a
   wants to play sports?
                                                                  customized course of study focused on the student’s
   All student-athletes must meet eligible requirements
                                                                  unique areas for growth in both mathematics and
   as set forth by the Illinois High School Association
                                                                  evidence-based reading and writing.
   (IHSA) which include maintaining passing grades
   in at least 25 credit hours per week. District 211          8. How will I be notified if a school emergency exists?
   has additional requirements for athletic eligibility           Emergency situations will be communicated to parents
   that can be found online at https://adc.                       via email, text message, and phone calls. Emergency                        emails will be designated using the District’s
   Domain/2473/Eligibility-IHSA-D211.pdf.                         communications/notifications color-coded system.
   Students transferring to Conant High School                    See page 13 for more information about school
   from another high school will want to consult with the         communications.
   athletic director to discuss eligibility requirements.      9. Whom should I call if my child is struggling with
                                                                  Your child’s teachers are the first line of support
                                                                  regarding questions about class assignments.
                                                                  Your child’s school counselor also can assist with
                                                                  connecting your child to specific academic supports
                                                                  within the school.

Contact information
                                               Conant High School
                    700 East Cougar Trail v Hoffman Estates, IL 60169 v 847-755-3600


        Principal                   Assistant Principal/              Assistant Principal              Assistant Principal
       Julie Nowak                   Activity Director                 Jeannette Ardell                    Jinu Joseph                    Mark Langer                  

  Assistant Principal                Dean of Students              Student Services Director            Athletic Director
    Dane Henning                       David Torpe                        Brigit Cain                       John Kane                           

                                               Student Support Teams

            Red Team                                      White Team                                 Blue Team
           847-755-3670                                  847-755-3671                               847-755-3672

Red Team Leader            Counselor        White Team Leader          Counselor       Blue Team Leader            Counselor
  Dane Henning          Adam Leibman         Jeannette Ardell         Austin Sobey         Jinu Joseph            Yvette Jones

  Administrative         Counselor            Administrative         Social Worker         Administrative         Counselor
     Assistant           Matt Wiley              Assistant           Bina Rubinson           Assistant          Maggie Roesslein
    Lisa Gentry        Patty Rodriguez          brubinson            Ashley Bacon          mroesslein                           prodriguez@d211org
                        Social Worker
   Counselor            Neal Hannant              Counselor          Psychologist            Counselor             Psychologist
    Paula Hill         Scott Altergott       Nate Elzinga         Richard Bauer          Ashley Langley                   
    Counselor         Felicia MacFarlane        Counselor
    J.C. Brown            fmacfarlane        Ophelia Hernandez            ohernandez

                                                   Department Chairs

  Applied Technology                        Art                       Business Education                       English
      Eric LeBlanc                  Erin Garrity-Duffey                   Patricia Ertl                       Susan Hess                     

 English as a Second              Family and Consumer                     Guidance                             Math
      Language                          Sciences                           Paula Hill                      Derek Fivelson
 Margaurete Nedovic                  Angela Drenth                      phill@d211.orgg              
                                                                          Science                        Social Studies
         Media                               Music                      Sharon McCoy                       John Braglia
        Paul Kim                            Tim Koll                                      tkoll@d211.orgg
                                                                           Wellness                     World Language
   Special Education                      Technology                     David Cromer                     Brian Drenth
       John Jonen                           Paul Kim                            
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