A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School

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A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School
Hare Krishna - Hare Krishna - Krishna Krishna - Hare Hare - Hare Rama - Hare Rama - Rama Rama - Hare Hare

                                     1229 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway, Kumeu 0892, Auckland, NZ
                                        Phone: (09) 412 6325 | Email: admin@harekrishna.school.nz
A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School
You can be proud that your child is enrolled in our school which provides an excellent
education inspired by the sacred teachings of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada.

We have excellent staff, wonderful students, and a beautiful environment. Like you,
we want your child to flourish at school and to fully enjoy their journey towards being
a successful and joyful life-long learner.

In the spirit of the Vedic teachings, we hold a holistic approach to education and
acknowledge that successful education needs to provide a set of foundational skills
which are transferable and adaptable for whatever the future holds.
Our school is a place where each child is nurtured to achieve their highest potential in
an environment where respect and kindness is held in high esteem because we know
that students who are happy and well engaged are more likely to thrive in all areas of
their lives.
We welcome you on this journey for 2021 and look forward to serving and learning
with you.

Krsnananda Das (Principal)
A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School
Term Dates 2021
                 Start: Wednesday 3rd February
    Term 1
                 Ends: Friday 16th April

                 Starts: Monday 3rd May
    Term 2
                 Ends: Friday 9th July

                 Starts: Monday 26th July
    Term 3
                 Ends: Friday 1st October

                 Starts: Monday 18th October
    Term 4
                 Ends: Thursday 16th December

Student Reports 2021
Term 1
At the beginning of the term, teachers will send out a detailed newsletter to parents
welcoming them and explaining how communication works, about home learning, and how
parents can support their child’s learning.

Community evening in week 3: We will have a Powhiri (a Maori welcoming ceremony) to
welcome new families to the school and bring our whole school community together with a
shared meal.

By mid-term, teachers will establish personal contact with any parents of children with
whom they have any concerns (learning, social, emotional, or behavioural).

Term 2
Towards the end of term 2, parents will receive a digital report on the HERO App of their
child’s achievements which will be followed by parent, teacher, and student interviews a
week later.

Term 3
Teachers will again establish personal contact with any parents of children with whom you
have any concerns (learning, social, emotional, or behavioural)

Term 4
Towards the end of term 4, parents will receive a digital report on HERO of their child’s
achievements which will be followed by parent, teacher, and student interviews a week

We will end our year with a celebration evening where all of the students share and
showcase their learning journeys.
A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School
If your child will be absent on any day please inform the office receptionist before 9.30am. In
accordance with our attendance policy, a phone call to parents will be made by 10.00am if your
child is absent without explanation.
If your child catches the bus, please inform the bus operations administrator, Rohita, on 027-329-
2437 before the usual pick-up time. If you know your child will be absent on any future day, please
notify the office receptionist in advance.

                                   ACCIDENTS AND ILLNESS
Accidents of minor nature can be treated in our school sick-bay with basic first aid. Parents are
contacted if the accident is of a serious nature. If it is an emergency the student will be taken to
A&E, doctor, or dentist. It is important that the school maintains your current contact details. Please
inform the school of any changes to personal details (i.e. address, phone numbers, emergency
contacts, email etc.)

In case of illness, our policy is to contact the parents and have the children picked up from the sick
bay next to reception (if they are too sick to stay in class). If your child is sick, home is always the
best place. Please don’t send your child to school if they are too unwell. And please inform the
receptionist of his/her absence.

Parents are required to notify the school if their child is suffering from a contagious condition or
has other health problems so that we can monitor the situation. The health and safety of our
children and staff is one of our top-most priorities.

The school needs any updated information regarding your child’s medical needs. If your child needs
medication to be administered at school, a parent or caregiver must bring all named medication to
the office and provide clear instructions on how to administer it. Please complete the required
health field on the enrolment form to let the school know if your child has any allergies we should
be aware of, or inform reception if medication is required after your child has been enrolled.

                                BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL
We encourage children to start arriving from 8.15am to prepare for the day’s learning. Learning
commences at 8.30am.

After school children much either be collected or actively supervised by an adult from 2.45pm. The
school takes no responsibility for children after 2.45pm, unless there has been an agreed
arrangement made.

                                BEHAVIOUR AND ETIQUETTE
Hare Krishna School students are Wise, Respectful, and Joyful learners who:

   • Make wise and responsible decisions
A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School
• Treat others with kindness and respect
   • Joyfully serve, learn, and play

We aim to create a respectful environment in which all learners feel joyful and safe. To ensure this
we maintain high standards of behaviour by creating a dynamic learning environment that respects
relationships first and by keeping high expectations.

Our first priority is to maintain the dignity, safety, and respect of all children. When a child’s
behaviour does not respond to clear directions we work closely with the child and their family to
support the child in making rapid progress.

Our Teachers act to prevent problems and to build the social and emotional capacity of all
students by:
   • Creating a learning climate which values kindness and respect.
   • Through the regular learning programme, using opportunities to teach specific social skills.
   • Having clear classroom rules and agreements and empowering students to also contribute to
     the creation of those rules.
   • Having predictable schedules and routines for handling transitions.
   • Striving for clear, specific commands expressed in positive terms.
   • Using positive warning reminders about the behaviour expected rather than negative
     statements when children are exceeding the limits.
   • Giving frequent and positive recognition to students for displaying positive attitudes, values,
     and actions.
   • Resolving conflicts and issues in a respectful, dignified, and timely manner

                                BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2021
In accord with the Education Act (1989) the school is governed by a Board of Trustees. It is made
up of the Principal, an elected Staff Representative, and a number of Parent Elected

Board meetings are held at least once per term. During these meetings, issues relating to the school
are discussed. Meetings are public and you are welcome to sit in, please note, however, that
parents and members of the community do not have a voice at these meetings unless invited to do
so by the Chairperson. If you wish to attend a meeting, or give ideas/feedback/proposals, please
advise the board chairperson in advance: Asraya Nitai – asrayanitai@gmail.com
Board (BOT) members for 2021

Principal ……………………………………….……………………                  Krsnananda Das (Chis De La Mare)
Proprietors Representative ………………………………             Kala Samvara (Eric Beecroft)
Chairperson ………………………………………………………                   Asraya Nitai (Amu Nadarajan)
Staff Representative …………….........……………………         Vimala Devi Dasi (Vimala Howie)
Parent Representatives ……………….……………………              Rama-Priya Goyal
                                                    Krsnendu Das (Krsnendu Knight)
                                                    Suhrt Krishna Das (Bobby Banerjee)
                                                    Shruti Jani
A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School
Many communications will be distributed using contact details stored in our electronic database.
To ensure you continue to receive the necessary communication, please contact the School Office
if your address, phone, email, or emergency contact details change.

Communication will be sent to you by e-mail and/or the HERO App. from your classroom teachers
and/or the office.You may also receive text messages in more urgent situations or phone calls.

We also have our ‘Parents of the Hare Krishna School’ Facebook page that we encourage you to

                             COMMUNICATION – HERO APP.
    Ø ‘Hero by LINC-ED’ App can be downloaded from the app store.
    Ø Click ‘NEW USER’ and follow the instructions to set up your account. Use the same email
      address you have provided the school.
    Ø Check your inbox for an email to reset your password and follow the instructions to reset
      your password
    Ø You can now sign in to HERO

Once you have signed in, you will see community notices sent by the school. If the text is long, you
may need to click read more to view the whole message. Billing and invoices can also be viewed on
the app (online payments is not enabled for our school), as well as term dates.

                              COMPLAINTS AND CONCERNS
For Students
Students are encouraged to talk directly to their teachers whenever a problem arises. They should
approach the teacher at a suitable time (e.g. at the end of the lesson) or make an appointment.
Issues dealt with as soon as they occur are usually straightforward to solve. However, if the concern
is not resolved students should approach the principal.

For Parents
If you have a concern about a classroom matter you should first contact the class teacher and
discuss the matter with her/him. Do this by directly emailing the teacher concerned. Teachers will
endeavour to reply by the end of the next school day. Please include a contact phone number and
if it is necessary to phone you, when is the best time to contact you.

If the response provided by the teacher does not fully address your concerns, you may wish to take
the matter further by making a formal complaint to the principal. A formal complaint should be in
writing and sent to principal@harekrishna.school.nz

Other Concerns
If you have a concern about a matter which you don’t feel able to discuss with the teacher directly
or which does not involve a particular teacher, you may email the principal at
A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School
Our school operates on a high-speed secure network. There are security and access filters in place
that are controlled to ensure student safety.

Children from years 4 – 6 have some access to computers for researching topics, search engines,
databases, word processing, publishing, and other educational programmes. Children are not
permitted to use computers unsupervised by a teacher or other staff member.

Children in years 7 – 10 have personal access to a Chromebook. A Cybersafety agreement is to be
completed annually by all students and parents in years 7 – 10.

                                         CONTACT US
There are various ways to get in touch:
   • Phone: (09) 412 6325
   • Email: admin@harekrishna.school.nz
   • Street Address: 1229 Coatesville-Riverhead Highway, Kumeu, Auckland, 0892

                            DAMAGE TO SCHOOL PROPERTY
Where wilful damage is caused by a child, the decision may be taken to charge
parents/caregivers to recover part or all of the associated costs.

Voluntary donations to the school are always welcome and appreciated. Any donation helps
support and enhance many aspects of the school curriculum and activities. Donations can be made
at any time.

All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be issued. If you wish to discuss how you can
make a donation towards a particular school project, please email our administration manager

Lunch sponsoring for festivals – a donation of $108 is welcome for sponsoring lunch for the entire
school on special festival occasions such as Janmastami and Govardhan puja.

                              EVACUATION AND FIRE DRILL
            •   Evacuation 1 - Fire Alarm

        Alarm - Fire alarm – continuous ringing of school bell
        This evacuation will be used in the case of fire or other dangers within the school building
        that make it unsafe for students to remain in the building. Evacuation point is at the
        bottom soccer field.

            •   Evacuation 2 - Lockdown

        Alarm - Lockdown School Bell on-off Ring
   • This evacuation will be used when there is a danger within the school grounds (e.g. an
      uncontrolled animal or other threat) and it is deemed safest for the children to remain inside.
A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School
Our Facebook page was set up to promote a sense of community and is used to provide families
with information about events and activities and positive achievements within our School. The page
compliments our regular communication modes (such as the HERO App and email). For anyone
wishing to join our Facebook page, simply search for ‘Parents of the Hare Krishna School’ on
Facebook and answer a couple of security questions. This way when updates are posted, you will
receive them on your Facebook news feed.

As a parent, you are invited to take part in our “Friends of the Hare Krishna School’ committee.
This is a group of parent volunteers who participate in and support school activities and fundraising
events. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other parents and become involved in the school
community. Please email pta.of.hkschool@gmail.com if you are keen to be part of this team.

                                            HEAD LICE
Head lice like healthy hair. This school is no different from any other in that head lice can be a
problem from time to time. The spread of head lice in a classroom can be controlled and prevented
by checking your child’s hair regularly (eggs take about nine days to hatch).

If lice or eggs are found, consult your chemist and notify your child’s teacher. All parents will be
notified and asked to check their child’s hair.

                                    HEARING AND VISION
You will have completed a form on enrolment with all the necessary details. At age 5 children have
Tympanometry, audiometry, and vision tested. For more in-depth testing please see your medical
practitioner. At age 11 boys have a vision and colour vision test and all children at age 14 have vision
tested again through the School Health Service.

The school encourages the involvement of parents and volunteers through various ways and is
very appreciative of their valuable time and contributions. Please request the Parent Volunteer
Form or let your child’s teacher know if you are available to help the school in any way.

The school library has a great collection of books—fiction, non-fiction, devotional, early-reader, and
picture books. Students are encouraged to maximise the use of the library, and it is used as an
integral part of our learning environment.

From time to time books go missing, or are not returned on time. Please encourage your child to
return all school library books. All school library books have a ‘HARE KRISHNA SCHOOL’ barcode on
the back cover. If you discover a school library book at home, please ask your child to return it to
school. If your child has overdue books they will not be able to issue more books until these have
been returned.

We also have the Auckland Mobile Library visiting our school twice per term. Students are able to
issue a wide variety of books that have been vetted suitable for our school. Usually students do not
bring these books home as they remain in the classroom for class reading or silent reading time.
A-Z PARENT HANDBOOK 2021 - Hare Krishna School
All articles of clothing should be named, in particular hats, jackets, and jumpers. The school cannot
take any responsibility for items that are lost. If a child cannot find an article of clothing, they will
be encouraged to look in the school lost property. The lost property box is located in an area just
outside the boys toilets and is clearly labelled ‘lost property’. This will be cleared out every term if
not claimed.

As a staff, we are open to discuss any particular concerns or positive feedback you have. If you have
any concerns, your first port of call is your child’s teacher. If you feel your concerns have not been
adequately addressed then the school principal is happy to meet with you to ensure a solution is
achieved. In this instance please call the receptionist to make an appointment.

                                     MISSION STATEMENT
In faithful accord with the teaching, mood, and mission of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta
Swami Prabhupada:

We empower every child to discover their unique and extraordinary potential, their connection
with Krishna, and to experience the joy of learning and devotional service.

Within a culture of genuine respect we offer a dynamic, holistic education to prepare our students
for lifelong success in an ever-changing world.

                               PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS
Parent-teacher-student interviews take place at least twice a year in terms 1 and 3.

All school payments and donations can be made by direct credit to the school account; cash and
cheques can be taken to reception; or there is an Eftpos facility available at reception.

School account details are as follows:

Bank: ASB
Account Name: Hare Krishna School
Account number: 12-3085-0342272-00
Reference: Family name and what the payment is for.

                                          PE AND SPORT
These are important facets at the Hare Krishna School and all students are encouraged to take an
active part. We consider that all students should be given the opportunity to experience a wide
range of physical activities, with the emphasis on attitude, sportsmanship, and perseverance in
both team and individual sports.

All students are involved in regular fitness activities throughout the year. This includes swimming
and athletics.
Children are not to bring electronic toys and games to school. If your child has brought these items
to school they may be confiscated by a teacher and returned at the end of the day. The school
accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of such items.

Students are strictly not permitted to use or bring smart phones on the school grounds or on the
bus. If your child must carry a phone for the purpose of contacting a parent after school then we
suggest you purchase a simple non-smart phone that can only be used for that purpose. The phone
must be kept in your child’s bag until needed for the intended purpose.

Classroom and individual photographs are taken every year via PhotoLife.
Upon enrollment, photographic permissions for the website and Facebook etc. are signed by

                                    SCHOOL BUS SERVICE
The Hare Krishna School is unique in offering not only a learning environment enriched by its
spiritual tradition, but also in offering a distinctive bus-service that picks children up in close
proximity to their homes and drops them back in the afternoon.

The school places the highest emphasis on the welfare of the children in its care.

The school endeavors to keep the pick-up and drop-off times as consistent as possible, but because
some students leave the school and new ones join, there will inevitably be some changes.

The Bus route will be made available to all parents as an Excel spreadsheet. New enrolments and
existing parents will need to ensure that they are able to meet the bus route. Diversion from the
route will be considered only when it does not alter the bus run in regards to Kilometres, start and
end time, and without affecting any current pick-ups/drop offs.
Parents will be informed at least 14 days, and preferably longer, before any changes in the time of
the pick-up and drop-off for their child.

Children can only be picked up and dropped off from the same point every day, except in the event
of a genuine emergency (e.g. a situation that may affect the child’s health and safety). However,
with prior notice to the school office, children can be serviced from an alternative already-existing
pick-up or drop-off point. Notice must be given to the office, and must include the name of the
care-giver responsible for the child.

Children must be at the pick-up point at least five minutes before the specified time.

An adult must be present at the drop off point unless prior arrangement is made with the school.

In the case of a breakdown or emergency, the school will immediately contact parents (or other
care-givers) by text message. Hence we recommend that all caregivers supply a mobile phone
number. The school will make alternative arrangements to get your child safely to their destination.
We strongly recommend that all children keep their parents contact numbers written inside their
school bags.
To track any of the school buses please go to the following link:
Login (lowercase): hare
Password (uppercase K): Krishna1
And choose from the vehicles menu: Central Bus, Waitakere Bus, or Western Bus.

The Office needs to be notified before 2.30 pm if there are any changes in afternoon drop offs e.g.
your child is getting picked up by different parent and/or from a different stop; or if your child is
not catching the bus that day.

Ways to notify the office are: by email (admin@harekrishna.school.nz) or phone (09) 412 6325.

The office will then notify the child and the driver.

1st point of call: Rohita – Bus Operations Administrator 027 329 2437
2nd point of call: Amrita Pani – Receptionist - (09) 412 6325 or 027 610 6800
3rd point of call: Krsnananda – Principal - 021 0606 963
Please note that drivers will not respond to any texts or calls they receive on their phone except
when it is from either: Rohita, Amrita Pani, or Krsnananda

If you have an urgent bus matter, or concern about a bus behaviour issue or about a bus safety
issue, or if your concern relates to the bus runs or to the bus timings please contact the Bus
Operations Administrator by e-mail: Rohita@harekrishna.school.nz or phone 027 329 2437

                          SCHOOL BUS – EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR
In the interests of student safety, the following rules will be strictly upheld:
1. Passengers sit down straight away and remain in their seats for the whole journey (No
2. Students are to obey the driver at all times.
3. Students will use polite language when talking to the driver and/or other students.
4. Students will speak quietly so they do not distract the driver.
5. Students will obey requests of any senior student given monitoring responsibilities.
6. Students do not harass, tease, or abuse other passengers or the driver in any way, whether
    verbally or physically.
7. Students will not engage in any unsuitable activities. This includes playing with a ball or similar
    object, throwing items of paper or clothing, or any interpersonal actions not permitted at
8. Students will not throw anything from the bus windows, or put their hands out the windows.
9. Students will use their voices at an appropriate volume and will not shout across the bus.
10. Students will not board or alight from a moving bus
11. Passengers respect the bus property at all times (for example, do not stand on seats or vandalise
    the bus in any way).
12. When arriving at the destination, students will remain seated until the bus has fully stopped
13. No scooters, bikes, or skateboards to be carried on the bus.
•     In the morning, wait for the bus in the designated place - well back from the road
•     At drop off, immediately move back from the road until the bus has moved away
•     Wait until the bus has stopped before getting up from your seat
•     When getting off the bus, carry your bag in front of you so it is not possible for it to get
      caught in the door
•     When seated, put your bag (and anything else you are carrying) on your lap or under the
      seat in front of you, not in the aisle
•     If you need to cross the road after getting off the bus, find a safe place, wait until the bus
      has moved away and you see clearly up and down the road, then cross

If a student behaves in an inappropriate or unsafe manner, the driver or student monitor will
follow the school’s bus behaviour system. The child will be referred to their teacher; or in serious
incidents to the principal. The school will take steps to manage this behaviour.

Yes. Where a student’s behaviour is an ongoing or serious problem, the school may decide to
withdraw the privilege of a place on a school bus. This could be a temporary measure, or in more
serious cases, a permanent one.

In such circumstances, it is up to the caregiver to make their own arrangements to ensure they are
meeting their obligation to get their child to school.

No. Where a student is not meeting expected behaviour standards on a bus, the bus driver cannot
simply pull over and remove the student from the bus. In the interest of safety, the bus driver must
finish the route and deliver all the students to their usual stops.

In extreme cases, where the bus driver judges it is no longer safe to continue the route with the
student on board, the driver will pull over and contact the police or the school to remove the

To help keep our children safe, caregivers who are dropping off and picking up students at the
bus stop must:
•     when dropping students off, get out of the car and go with them to the bus stop.
•     when collecting students, get out of the car and meet them as they get off the bus, on the
      same side of the road that the bus has stopped on, and go with your child to the car.
These practices will help prevent students running across the road to or from the bus into the path
of passing traffic.
                                   PER CHILD
Bus Fee                            $4 per day
Attendance Dues                    $300 p.a or $75 per term
Friday Lunch (optional)            $4 per week
How and when to pay:
Termly -
Invoices will be sent at the beginning of each term. Fees to be paid in full within 10 working days of
the invoice.

Direct Debit -
If needed, the termly invoice can be paid in four instalments throughout the term by Direct Debit.
Please speak to Rohita, our finance administrator, for this option.

Attendance Dues -
This is a fee charged by the Proprietors, ISKCON Auckland, that is required for improvement and
development of the school buildings and associated facilities to a standard comparable to that of a
State school. Attendance dues are not tax deductible.

Fees Cancellation and Refund Policy
The school has a “no refund” policy for absent children except:
• When a child is de-enrolled from the school with two weeks written notice of the parents
• When a child is removed from school for an extended period for personal reasons (e.g. a holiday)
  and the school is provided with two weeks written notice of the parents intention. Note: the
  refund will be provided for bus and lunch fees only.

Please note that no refund will be provided if written notice is not received.

Failure to pay fees
Payments are due within ten working days of receipt of the termly invoice. You will receive a
maximum of three reminder notices throughout the term. If payment has not been received in full
by week eight, the school may need to suspend bus and lunch services for your child/ren until
arrears are paid.

How is Hare Krishna School different from regular State Schools?
Hare Krishna School is a State-Integrated School. Through integration, we have an agreement with
the New Zealand Government to provide education for children whose families strongly support
our Krishna philosophy, practice, and values. The school’s Special Character gives us the right to
teach our curriculum through a Vedic worldview, employ staff who are Krishna Conscious
practitioners, and have a culture and life that is wholeheartedly Krishna-centred within our school.

How does this affect the school’s financial operations?
Being a State-Integrated school means we gain the benefit of government funding for teacher’s
salaries and the majority of operational costs. But unlike State schools, the government funding
does not provide funding for capital works (buildings, grounds, playgrounds etc) or for the Special
Character aspect of your child’s education. This funding must be sought, on behalf of the
Proprietors, through Attendance Dues.
All of our school policies can be viewed at www.schooldocs.co.nz
     • Click ‘Search for your school>>’ on the top right corner
     • Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list
     • Enter the community username (harekrishna) and password (prabhupada)

                                      SCHOOL UNIFORM
The wearing of our school uniform is compulsory and non-regulation clothing is not acceptable. All
items can be purchased directly through our uniform supplier, Elizabeth Michael Uniforms in Grey
Lynn, either online or in store.

You can purchase the full school uniform on the Elizabeth Michael Uniforms website:

This is a web portal service and you require the school code to register and purchase garments
specific to our school. You will also find a pdf of the school uniform list as a reference for you to
download. This can also be used should you require a quote for WINZ.
Please do the following:
    1. Click log-in at the top right-hand side of the Elizabeth Michael home page
    2. Fill out your details and the school log-in code – HK195
    3. Elizabeth Michael admin will send you your confirmed user name and password
    4. Enter your username or email address plus your unique password in the log-in section and
         you are ready to start purchasing

Purchasing on-line should only be done if you are certain of your child’s size. We recommend
that you initially bring your child in to try their uniforms on at the Elizabeth Michael Uniforms
shop at 4 Bond St, Grey Lynn.
If you have any questions call Elizabeth Michael on (09) 358 1680 or email them at

Girls: Kurta, Navy Punjabi pants, cargos, or culottes/skort, school fleece jumper, black shoes, navy
socks, navy sunhat (Terms 1 and 4). Please note: skorts are not available through Elizabeth Michael
Uniforms but may be purchased from Kmart or the Warehouse.
Boys: Kurta, navy cargo shorts/pants, school fleece jumper, black shoes, navy socks, navy sunhat
(Terms 1 and 4)
Students may wear thermal undergarments in winter providing that any items showing under the
uniform must be navy in colour. Navy beanies are also permitted during the winter months.
To preserve the regular school uniform children are encouraged to bring a navy t-shirt and shorts
to wear during physical contact sports, such as soccer. Optional sports shorts can be purchased
through Elizabeth Michael Uniforms.
Tulasi bead (cultural) necklaces, watches, and simple earring studs or hoops are acceptable. No
other jewellery may be worn.
Other than kajal, make up is not acceptable. Children will be required to remove all make up worn
to school.
Shoes/sandals must be black. Gumboots are acceptable on wet days. Jandals are not acceptable.
Students are encouraged to wear footwear at all times. Students must have shoes for all school
trips and events.
Sunhats and sun block are compulsory during terms 1 and 4. Students should keep their own
sunscreen in their bags. Please remember to name your child’s hat. In terms 1 and 4 students not
wearing a sun hat or cap must stay inside or in shaded areas.
Long hair must be tied back. Students are expected to arrive at school clean and tidy with fresh
uniform every day.
If available, second-hand uniforms are sold through the parents of the Hare Krishna School
Facebook page.
NB: Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named. It is the responsibility of the
parents/caregivers to place identification on items.

                              NON REGULATION CLOTHING
Our school uniform is seen as an important part of our school culture and students are expected
to wear the correct uniform at all times including when they arrive and leave school each day.
If students arrive at school not wearing the correct uniform, they will be asked to remove any non-
uniform items and will be loaned correct school uniform items to wear for the day whilst at school.
These items MUST be returned back to the school at the end of the day.

Breaching the dress code
If your child needs to wear incorrect uniform a parent note must be brought to the class teacher
explaining why. In the event of students continuing to come to school without correct uniform and
without a satisfactory explanation, a “uniform slip” will be sent home or parents contacted
directly. Should non-compliance persist without a satisfactory explanation, the school will order
the correct items required from the suppliers and invoice parents for these items.

Non-regulation clothing includes: tights; hoodies; coloured jerseys, socks, hats etc.

   Unisex Navy Softshell $79.00           Girl’s Kurta Top $53.95         Boys Kurta Top $45.95

Unisex Navy Fleece with logo $42.00       Girl’s Punjabi Pants $41.95       Unisex Navy Cargo Pants $35.95

                                                                          Other school items available:
                                                                          Hare Krishna Sunhat $17.00
                                                                          Hare Krishna Navy beanie $10.00
                                                                          Hare Krishna Scrunchie $5.50
                                                                          Hare Krishna headband $12.50

                                                                          Elizabeth Michael also stock other
                                                                          essential school items including:
                                                                          School shoes and sandals
 Boys Navy Cargo Shorts $29.95         Unisex Navy Sports Shorts $22.50   School bags
STAFF 2021
Principal                               Krsnananda Das (Chris De La Mare)
Junior years 1-2 teachers
Bal Gopal Class …………………………………….         Vimala Howie: Mon/Tue/Wed, Nikki Smith: Thur/Fri
Krishna Balaram Class ………………………….       Lavanga-lata: Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri, Nikki Smith: Wed
Upper junior years 3-4 teachers
Prabhupada Class Year 3 ……………………..      Rama-Priya Goyal
Radha Giridhari Class Year 4 ………………..   Kirti Kumari
Year 5-6 teacher
Jaganatha Class ……………………………………          Subhatra Ho
Junior high Years 7-10 teachers
Gaura Nitai Class …………………………………         Dharma-Setu Organ
                                        Bhaktimarga Aycrigg
ESOL and Teacher Aides                  Yasomati                    Urjjesvari
                                        Sumukhi                     Nikki Smith
English Curriculum Lead; ESOL; and
special-education-needs coordinator     Manada Jones
Receptionist                            Amrita Pani
Administration Manager                  Guru-vani Foulds
Finance Administrator and Bus           Rohita Duchon
Operations Administrator
Secretary (part-time)                   Visnu-maya Seidenberg
Bus drivers                             Trivikrama – Central bus route
                                        Gopinath – Western bus route
                                        Syamali – Waitakere bus route
Caretaker                               Trivikrama
Mrdanga Teacher                         Gopinath
Cleaners                                Coco Egusquiza
School Librarian                        Visnu-maya Seidenberg
To make going back to school easy for you we have teamed up with OfficeMax MySchool. All class
stationery lists are found at myschool.co.nz/harekrishna

We’ve found this is the easiest way for you to purchase your child’s requirements. Simply search
for your child’s class list and follow the instructions on the website.

It is not compulsory however to purchase your child’s stationery through Office Max. You may find
your child’s stationery lists on the myschool website and source your stationery in store elsewhere.
Warwick branded books are also available through Whitcoulls and PaperPlus.

From time to time, you will need to take your child out of school during the day, perhaps for an
appointment or an out-of-school commitment. When withdrawing children, you must advise your
child’s teacher and the school office, and advise them again if your child returns back to school.
If you are not collecting your child personally please let your child’s teacher and office know who
will be.

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds at any time during school hours unless
parent permission is provided, this includes going to the temple.

                                         SUN SAFETY
We actively promote sun safety. The school has shaded areas and children must wear hats and
sunscreen when outside in the sun during Terms 1 and 4. Students should keep their own sunscreen
in their bags. Students not wearing a sun hat must stay inside or in shaded areas.

•   8.15am onwards - Students can start arriving at school
•   8.30 – 10.30am - Morning learning block
•   10.30 – 10.55am - Morning snack
•   10.55 – 12.30pm - Middle learning block
•   12.30 – 1.15pm - Lunch time
•   1.15 – 2.30pm - Afternoon learning block
•   2.30pm - School finishes for the day

                                   TRIPS OUT OF SCHOOL
Education outside the classroom (EOTC) is the name given to all events and activities that occur
outside the classroom, both on the school grounds and off-site.

Our students participate in a wide range of learning opportunities within and outside the school
grounds. Students, especially senior students, may participate in a wide range of sporting events
outside the school throughout the year. All class teachers are encouraged to provide extension and
enrichment opportunities for their students. These learning opportunities sometimes require travel
outside the school, and may extend outside school hours.
Our school uses a process, which is monitored by the principal and board of trustees, to identify
and manage risk for all activity types. The Ministry of Education EOTC Guidelines identify four
activity types, each with recommended parent/caregiver consent (as outlined in the blanket
consent form to be read and signed annually).
Staff analyse the risk associated with all EOTC activities, and identify strategies to eliminate, isolate,
and/or minimise the risks.

You can read more about our school’s EOTC policies and procedures on our SchoolDocs site – there
is information specifically for parents in a topic called Communicating with Parents.

It is not compulsory for your child to be vaccinated. However the school is required to keep a
vaccination register that records information from your child’s vaccination certificate for each child
enrolled at the school. Please include your child’s vaccination records on enrolment.

Meat, fish, eggs, and food items containing these ingredients are not permitted to be consumed at
the school.

In addition:
• Morning tea snacks should be healthy, with low sugar/food colouring. No chips, chocolate, or
• Drinks other than water, are not permitted.
• We aim to avoid onions, garlic, and mushrooms, particularly for shared meals.

Lunch sponsoring – a donation of $108 is recommended for sponsoring lunch for the entire school
on special festival occasions.

Birthday treats – must be vegetarian. No meat, fish, eggs, gelatine, animal rennet, and no onions
or garlic. Healthy fruits are preferred or low sugar treats. Sometimes an ‘egg-free’ cake is brought
by parents for a particular classroom. The ‘birthday girl or boy’ may wear mufti on his or her

Friday lunch - A healthy school lunch is provided by the school every Friday for $4.00. Taking
spiritual food together as a school is a special experience connected to the spiritual culture of the
school which we invite students to share in. Please complete the lunch request form if you would
like your child to have school lunch on Fridays. You will be given an invoice for the cost each term.
Students eating lunch on Fridays must bring their own plate and utensils.

                                    VISITOR / PARENT TOUR
Hare Krishna School offers prospective and current parents an opportunity to attend a parent walk
through of the school. This will give you an insight into what being a learner here is all about. To
make a booking please email the school office at admin@harekrishna.school.nz

                                      VISITOR PROTOCOLS
All visitors must report to the office and sign-in in the book provided at the reception desk. This is
important should an evacuation or similar emergency occur we will then be able to account for your
safety. Please remember to sign out prior to leaving the grounds.
Parents and Caregivers are not required to sign in and out when conducting school drop off and
pick up at the usual time, but must do so on all other occasions.

Our website is found at www.harekrishna.school.nz
You can also read