Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School

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Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
Back to School Guide
First Day of School: wednesday,
                     1          August 19
Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
Table of Contents

   Welcome Back from Dr. Jay Hancock 		      03

   Back to School Day Schedule				           04

   Mark Your calendar					05

   Lunch							06

   Before the first Day of School			         07

   first day of school					08

   General School Information				09

   Chapel/ pathways/windy gap				10

   family Relations 					                    10

   Yearbook/communications				12

   Carline and Parking/Media center 			      13

   Extended Day Program/ Prayer Ministry		   14

   Arts/ Athletics						15

   Clay Classic / Corporate Partners			      16

Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
Welcome Back!
                                                                                                        Our Mission
                          From Our                                                              Carmel Christian School exists to provide
                                                                                              an excellent education, built on biblical truth,

                          Head of School
                                                                                                     which equips students to reflect
                                                                                                            Christ to the world.

                                                                                           EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP TEAM
                                                                                           Jay Hancock, D.Min. Head of School
Dear Carmel Christian Family,                                                              Jack Kelley, Ed.D.  Associate Head of School
                                                                                           Gwen Bennett        Executive Director of
The future is full of hope! But, how do we know that?                                                          Admissions/Family Relations
Through all of history, God’s people have faced trials of various                          Ali Crotts          Executive Director of
kinds. Each time, God has responded with a message of hope, a timely
                                                                                           Tim Wishon          Carmel Baptist Church
reminder that His people should not be paralyzed by fear or uncertainty of the                                 Administrator
future. God is faithful to provide assurance that He is still at work and that we
should not waver in our commitment to do the work He has given us to do.
(e.g., James 1:2-4; Jeremiah 29:10-14)                                                     EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP TEAM
                                                                                           Jack Kelley, Ed.D.   Associate Head of School
Our theme verse for the 2020-21 school year is a word from the prophet                     Grant Coffey         Director of Athletics
Isaiah as he looks to the future and assures God’s people that God is with them.           Dan Corrigan         Middle School Principal
He challenges them to be a light to the world-- a people full of a confident hope.         Neil Hawkins         Director of Curriculum
Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you!
                                                                                           Christina McCorkle   Director of Arts
(Isaiah 60:1)
                                                                                           Sheila Nelson        High School Principal
Our strong desire, at Carmel Christian School, is to see the light of Christ shine         Will Robertson       Director of Discipleship
through us to the next generation and, ultimately, to the world around us. May             Kristi Scallin       Director of Pathways
Jesus Christ be praised in all we endeavor to accomplish at CCS this year. Thank           Dan Siftar           High School Assistant Principal
you for joining us as we step into this new year full of confidence and with a firm        Lance Womack         Elementary School Principal
commitment to our mission of disciple-making education. We are eager to see
what the Lord has in store.
                                                                                                         A complete listing of
                                                                                                  faculty and staff members will be
                                                                                                updated on the website by August 11.

Dr. Jay Hancock
Head of School

                                               2020-2021 Theme Verse

                                                              Arise, shine, for your light
                                                               has come, and the glory
                                                              of the Lord rises upon you.
                                                                             Isaiah 60:1

Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
Back to School Day
                                      Saturday, August 15, 2020
A favorite tradition at Carmel Christian School is Back-to-School Day! We are excited to have our students back on campus; however, we are
taking added precautions throughout the first month of school to keep our community as safe and healthy as possible during the re-entry
process. To that end, modifications and a true surrender of what feels “normal” will be necessary for the sake of being together on campus.
This year we will have a virtual “corporate” time together in the morning of Back to School Day. Be on the lookout for a link for viewing coming
soon. You will hear from our Head of School, a Welcome from your Principals as well as an appearance from a special guest!
ON CAMPUS: Drop off School Supplies/Health Forms & Medications and Pick Up Your Lanyard
You will have an opportunity to drop off school supplies and pick up your student lanyard as well as a brief visit to your classroom to meet your
teacher. We are asking that only 1 parent come into the building with your child and everyone (ALL students and parents) wear a face
covering for the duration you are on campus.

                                        Back to School Day On Campus Schedule
                                    Below are the times for you to come on campus, assigned by last name.
                                     Virtual parent nights are scheduled and details will be emailed soon.

                    Please make every effort to stay within your designated time assignment.
   Elementary School (Grades 1-5)
   Kindergarten students will have an opportunity to meet their teachers at the Kindergarten Meet Your Teacher Day on August 11.
   1st Grade and 2nd Grade - Enter at the Carmel Christian School Entrance and park in Lot E
   9:00-9:30 		               Last Name A - I
   9:45-10:15		               Last Name J - R
   10:30-11:00		              Last Name S - Z
   3rd Grade and 4th Grade - Enter at the Main Church Entrance and park in Lot C
   11:00-11:30		              Last Name A - I
   11:45-12:15		              Last Name J - R
   12:30-1:00		               Last Name S - Z
   5th Grade - Enter at the Main Church Doors and park in Lot C
   9:00-9:30 		               Last Name A - I
   9:45-10:15		               Last Name J - R
   10:30-11:00		              Last Name S - Z
   Elementary School students will drop off school supplies, medication and health forms, pick up lanyards, briefly visit your classroom
   and meet your teacher.

   Middle School (Grades 6-8) - Enter at the Student Center Entrance Parking Lot F
   9:00-9:30 		              Last Name A - I
   9:45-10:15		              Last Name J - R
   10:30-11:00		             Last Name S - Z
   Middle School students will drop off shared supplies (paper towels, tissues, etc.), medication and health forms, pick up
   lanyards, schedules and locker assignments (not combinations) and briefly visit teachers in their classrooms.

   High School (Grades 9-12) - Enter at the Main Gym Entrance Parking Lot G
   11:00-11:30		                 Last Name A - I
   11:45-12:15		                 Last Name J - R
   12:30-1:00		                  Last Name S - Z
   High School students will drop off school supplies, medication and health forms, pick up lanyards and parking permit (if online form
   has been filled out), set up locker (if unable to do so on BTSD, students will have the opportunity to set up once school starts), and
   briefly visit teachers in their classrooms.

                       We look forward to welcoming everyone back to Carmel Christian School!
Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
Mark Your Calendars!
      As you prepare for the first day of school, Wednesday, August 19, please note the event highlights below.

                                             ALL SCHOOL
August 14			                Update ParentsWeb Profile information/Class Schedules
				Log in to your Family Portal (ParentsWeb) account and verify that all family and student information is
				                        correct (including emails, telephone numbers and address). Select Web Forms to make changes. This
				                        information will be used by teachers and staff to communicate with you beginning August 14.
				                        Class schedules are available to view in Family Portal (ParentsWeb).

August 15			                Back to School Day
				Virtual Event: All CCS Families (Grades K-12)
				                        On Campus Supply Drop (Grades 1-12)

August 19			 First Day of School

September 7			              Labor Day Holiday No School/Classes dismissed

September 9			              Uniform Swap Virtually through the Uniform Swap Facebook page.

                               ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
August 11                    Kindergarten “Meet Your Teacher” (Invitation was sent in mail)
                             Please arrive by last name: A-L (2:30-3:00 pm); M-Z (3:00-3:30 pm)
                             Kindergarten Classrooms

August 10                    New ES Students Social (Invitation was sent in mail)
                             Grades 1-4: 9:00-9:45 am; Grade 5: 10:30-11:15 am
                             Uptown Auditorium

August 17                    Kindergarten and 5th Grade Parent Night (Virtual)
          Meeting information will be emailed to parents.
          Principal Preview: 6:00-6:15 pm; Classroom Meetings: 6:30 pm

August 25 Grades 1-4 Parent Night (Virtual)
          Meeting information will be emailed to parents.
          Principal Preview: 6:00-6:15 pm; Classroom Meetings: 6:30 pm

                                      MIDDLE SCHOOL
August 10
     New MS Student Social (Invitation was sent in mail)
				Grade 6: 10:30-11:15 am; Grades 7-8: 12:30-1:15 pm
				 Uptown Auditorium

August 17 & 18		 MS Locker Move In
				 Attend by last name: August 17: A-M, 1:00-3:00 pm; August 18: N-Z , 1:00-3:00 pm
				 Middle School Hall (3rd Floor, Student Center) - See page 9 for details.

August 24			                MS Play Parent Meeting (Virtual)
				Meeting information will be emailed to Middle School parents.
				 5:00 pm

September 10		              Middle School Parent Night
September 12		 MS Play Auditions
				Details will be emailed to Middle School Parents.
Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
August 14                                High School (9th Grade) Chromebook Training                  (Invitation was sent in mail)
                                         Attend by last name: A-L 9:00-10:00 am; M-Z 10:00-11:00 am
                                         Uptown Auditorium

August 14                                NEW High School Student Social (Invitation was sent in mail)
                                         Lunch: 12:00-12:45 pm; Chromebook Distribution & Training: 1:00 pm
                                         Uptown Auditorium

August 18                                Senior Photos
                                         9:00 am-2:00 pm, Details will be emailed.

August 24                                Senior Parent Night
                                         6:00 pm-7:00 pm
                                         Student Auditorium

September 21                             High School Parent Night
                                         6:30 pm-8:30 pm (Parents only), Student Auditorium

    To confirm all dates and times, check the school calendar online. You can access the calendar through the website or Carmel Parent.

                                   Thank you for your vote of confidence! CCS was awarded
                   “the best private school” and “Best Tutoring Center” by the Charlotte WeeklY Newspaper.

               Lunch Program
   The lunch menu has been reduced from the usual offerings to comply with health and safety protocol. Weekly boxed lunch menus will be
posted on Friday for the following week and Hot Lunch options will be posted monthly at the same link. Students will make their meal selection
                  each morning during their first class/homeroom. Students may select one boxed lunch or hot lunch per day.

Boxed Lunch prices                               Lunch Account
Grades K-5: $5.00                                Lunch accounts are managed through your Family Portal (ParentsWeb) account. Once logged
Grades 6-12: $7.00 (increased portion size.)     into your Family Portal, click on Financial to access the Prepay (Lunch) account, allowing you
                                                 to add funds or check your balance. Click on the balance amount and the account details will
Drink Only: $2.00
                                                 appear, showing student purchases. Check payments may also be sent to the school marked
(Bottled water, Coke products – 20 oz)
                                                 with the student’s name and designated “lunch account.”
Daily Gluten Free Option
A gluten free option is available ONLY           Each family has one lunch account for all students. Students will scan the bar code on their
with the hot lunch option.                       lanyard when going through the lunch line in order to charge purchases against the account.
                                                 Cash, credit/debit cards or checks will NOT be accepted for payment in the daily lunch line.
                                                 Questions? Elizabeth Oswalt (
Off Campus Lunch
Juniors and Seniors are given the
opportunity to leave campus for Junior/                                             The Lunch Menu link is found
Senior Lunch. Students must fill out a
permission form which includes a parent
                                                                                         on Carmel Parent.
signature.                                                                     Click Here for a printable lunch menu.
                                                        LUNCH MENU
CLICK HERE to download form. Return
form to HS office at Back to School Day.
Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
Before the first day of school...
BEFORE the First Day of School
Prior to the start of school, each family should complete the following to ensure a successful first day.
Please read the 2020-2021 Family Handbook to become familiar with our policies and procedures.

    •    Complete the COVID-19 Waiver (1 per family) HERE.
    •    Complete a Family Technology Parental Acknowledgement (1 per family) HERE.
    •    Complete Health Forms HERE.
    •    Students participating in Athletics may find required forms HERE.

Health forms and medications may be dropped off at Back to School Day in the designated bins, located in each
division. The nurses will not be available for consultation on that day.

In addition to Back to School Day, these items may be dropped off from August 11-18 from 9:00 am-2:00 pm daily in
the main school office (Ms. Donna’s entrance). Please drop your items in the designated bins, which will be checked
throughout the day and locked for safe-keeping.

Please prepare your items for drop off:
    Families Dropping Forms and Medications:
    All medications (emergency and prescription) should be placed in a gallon ziplock bag and labeled with the student name and grade.
    Include all required paperwork and signed health forms in the bag with the medication.
    Families Dropping Forms ONLY:
    Place forms in a gallon ziplock bag, labeled with student name and grade.
    Questions? Please email the school nurses.

All CCS Students are required to wear their CCS-issued lanyard upon arrival to school each morning.
These lanyards are individually issued and unique to each student.
This lanyard will be used for two primary purposes throughout the school year:
     • Designates that the Daily Symptom & Exposure Pre-screening was completed before arrival.
     • Contains a barcode which will be used for all school lunch purchases.
     • This is a necessary and required “accessory” for all students from the first day of school!

Student lanyards will be distributed during designated Supply Drop Off times at
Back to School Day (Saturday, August 15).
Lanyards will also be distributed at the following events:
    • High School Student Chromebook Training (9th Grade & New HS Students)
    • Senior Photos (Seniors)

Please make every effort to pick up your lanyard at one of these designated times as this will simplify your student’s experience on the first
day of school. Any students who are unable to pick up their lanyard prior to the first day of school must still complete the pre-screening
prior to coming to school and wear a lanyard of their own to designate that this screening has been completed. These students will
receive their permanent lanyards (in their classroom) at the beginning of the day on August 19. Students who arrive without a lanyard must
be screened when they arrive on campus. Screening stations will be available at all drop-off points.

    •    Please ensure your student has access to a face covering at the start of school.
    •    Face coverings may be sourced by each family.
    •    Face coverings should be free from controversial graphics or wording.
    •    Student names should be written on the inside of their face covering.

Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
First Day Of School...
ON the First Day of School ~ AUGUST 19
  •   Perform a Daily Symptom & Exposure Pre-Screening for your student at home.
  •   Place lanyard on student if they pass the pre-screening.
  •   All students will attend Chapel on the first day of school (yes, on Wednesday for this week only).
      Chapel uniforms are NOT required.
  •   Middle and High School students will follow an A Day Chapel Schedule for the first day of school.

      NEW Elementary Drop Off Procedures
      To promote the continued health & safety of our CCS family (and pursuant to our protocol to limit non-essential guests on
      campus), parents will not be permitted to walk Elementary students to class on the first day. Please take Back to School
      photos at home and refrain from parking on campus.

               Grades 1-5 ~ 8:00-8:15 am
                    •   Students in Grades 1-5 will be dropped off on the first day in their normal morning carline.
                    •   CCS Faculty & Staff will be positioned throughout the building to ensure all students find their way to class!

               Kindergarten Special Start ~ 8:45 a.m.
                    •   Kindergarten students will be dropped off on the first day in their normal carline location, arriving at 8:45 am.
                    •   This Special Start has been created to provide a welcoming environment for our Kindergarten students and to
                        ensure they are lovingly walked to their classroom by CCS Faculty & Staff.

                               Please pray as you exit the campus and
                            throughout the day for the Lord’s protective
                          covering over our CCS faculty, staff and students.

Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
General Information
Start Times                                      report all attendance information using the
                                                 HS Attendance icon on Carmel Parent.
                                                                                               Health Room
High School   		                    8:00 am                                                    For student health information, please
Middle School 		                    8:00 am      Questions? Skye Sauerwein,
                                                                                               visit the HEALTH ROOM WEBPAGE
Elementary School                   8:15 am
                                                                                               (access through Carmel Parent). If you
                                                                                               wish to speak to the nurse please email:
Arrival Times                                    Morning Tardies                     
Please closely adhere to your carline            Students arriving after 8:00 am (MS/
arrival times.                                   HS) or 8:15 am (ES) should report to the
                                                 main school office. This year, tardies may    Lost and Found
High School     		               7:40 am                                                       Lost and Found is located at the main
Middle School 		                 7:40 am         be managed outside the main school
                                                 entrance to eliminate crowds in the           school office. Please label ALL belongings
Elementary School                8:00 am                                                       (clothing, lunch boxes, book bags, etc.)
First Day ONLY- Kindergarten 8:45 am             lobby. If no one is positioned outside,
                                                 you may enter the office. Parents of ES or    to reduce the number of unclaimed lost
                                                                                               and found items. Items will be donated
Dismissal Times                                  MS students should park and escort your
                                                                                               on the last day of each month.
Kindergarten                 1:15 pm             children to sign in. High School students,
Arrive after 12:45 pm and before 1:20 pm         who are driving, should accompany
Elementary School (1-5) 3:00 pm                  younger students who arrive with them
                                                                                               School Spirit Rock
Arrive after 2:40 pm and before 3:10 pm          to sign in.                                   Sign Up
Middle School                3:15 pm*                                                          We love our school rock! Many families
Arrive after 3:10* pm and before 3:30 pm         School Calendar                               love to celebrate their student’s birthday
High School                  3:15 pm*            Our goal is to provide parents with the       by painting the school rock. To avoid
Arrive after 3:10* pm and before 3:30 pm         most up-to-date information. The school       families painting over each other’s “art-
                                                 calendar is web-based and is housed           work”, we have provided a “School Spirit
(*Please allow 5 to 10 minutes after                                                           Rock” Sign Up. If you choose to paint the
                                                 on the website on the Carmel Parent
dismissal for Middle and High School                                                           rock on a designated day, you must sign
                                                 webpage (under the Campus Life tab)
students to stop by lockers/classrooms                                                         up at the link on Carmel Parent or HERE.
and arrive at carline.)                          and the homepage (top right).

Half day/Early Dismissal                         Dress Code and
Grades K-5            12:00 noon                 Uniform Information
Grades 6-12           12:15 pm                   Please refer to Carmel Parent for detailed
                                                 uniform information in the Family
Student Attendance                               Handbook. The Elementary/Middle               MIDDLE SCHOOL
Procedures                                       School uniform vendor is Land’s End           LOCKER DAYS
• To notify the school about absences            ( Our school code
and early dismissals (require a one hour         is: 900044280.                                AUGUST 17 & 18
minimum notice) or limited participation                                                       Grades 6-8
                                                 SPIRIT WEAR will be available online
due to injury or illness, visit Carmel Parent.                                                 Monday August 17
                                                 at beginning
Select the appropriate school division (ES,                                                    1:00 - 3:00pm
                                                 the week of August 10. On Fridays,
MS or HS).                                                                                     Last Name A - M
                                                 Elementary students may wear CCS Spirit
• Parents should sign their student out                                                        Tuesday August 18
                                                 Wear shirts and uniform shorts/pants.
before 2:45 pm for early dismissals. When                                                      1:00 - 3:00pm
                                                 Middle School students ONLY may also
you arrive to pick up your student, please                                                     Last Name N - Z
                                                 wear PE uniform shorts. (See uniform
call the School Office to initiate pick-up. No
                                                 policies.)                                    • This is not intended for teacher visits
need to enter the building. Please allow for
15 minutes of time before you can expect         PE UNIFORMS are required for 5th-8th          • Only one parent will be allowed to
                                                 grade students in a PE Class and Middle       accompany each student.
to leave with your student.
                                                                                               • Face coverings are required for the
Elementary & Middle School: Click on the         School dance classes. A CCS PE uniform
                                                                                               entire time you are on campus.
form. Fill in required fields and “submit.”      consists of a pair of shorts and a T-shirt    • Pick up locker combinations
The office will be automatically notified of     with the CCS logo, purchased from             • Please limit your visit to a maximum of
your child’s absence or early dismissal. You     Land’s End. Questions? Skye Sauerwein,        20 minutes.
will receive a confirmation email.                     • This is a time to decorate and bring in
High School: High school parents must                                                          personal supplies, etc. When decorating
report all student absences, late arrivals                                                     your locker, please use magnets only, no
and early dismissals via email from                                                            tape, glue, etc.
the parent email address on record in your
ParentsWeb account. HS parents should                                 9
Back to School Guide 2020-2021 - First Day of School: wednesday, August 19 - Carmel Christian School
General Information
                                                                                                      Grades K-5
Weekly Chapel services are designed to reach
every student with the gospel of God’s grace.

                                                                                                  Speech and Language
Age-appropriate chapel services are held
each Thursday. The first week, chapel will be

held on Wednesday. The Ignite Bands lead           Pathways is an educational program
Middle and High School students in worship         that supports students and their
                                                   families through a variety of services
and prepare the next generation of worship
                                                   including: developing individual student
                                                                                                       September 14-18, 2020
leaders. Chapel will be closed to visitors until
it is safe to invite parents and guests.           service plans, academic coaching and                      Cost: $30
                                                   intervention, advanced seminars,                           Sign up is required.
                                                   international student support, speech
WINDY GAP 2020-2021                                and language services, occupational
Each year, CCS Middle and High School              therapy services, College Board, ACT           Occupational Therapy
                                                   and other standardized test preparation
students enjoy a fall spiritual retreat in the
North Carolina mountains at Windy Gap, a           as well as accommodations when
Young Life Camp. Out of a firm commitment          appropriate and subject-area tutoring.
to the continued health of our CCS faculty,        Our team, of highly skilled academic
                                                                                                       September 21-25, 2020
staff and students, this retreat is being          specialists, partners with parents to                     Cost: $55
rescheduled for the week of March 29, 2021.        maximize their child’s potential through                   Sign up is required.
We are committed to developing the best            their educational journey at Carmel
alternative plans for this special time and will   Christian School.
provide more details soon. We are excited
that, in spite of our current challenges, the
Lord is making provision to keep the Windy                    We invite you to learn more about the Pathways program at
Gap tradition alive this year!                        Carmel Christian School and look forward to partnering with you in the future.
                                                          Please contact the Pathways office if you have additional questions.

          Family Relations
     It is our privilege to welcome our new families to Carmel Christian. We look forward to partnering together
               as we equip and prepare your child for many challenging and exciting opportunities ahead.

Parent-Teacher Fellowship                                                     Parents Nights
The PTF exists as a service organization of Carmel Christian School           Parental support and involvement are vital to the success of
to coordinate unity and spirit building activities for our students           Carmel Christian School. Parents are encouraged to participate in
and families. PTF consists of parent volunteers to serve on this              the appropriate grade level Parent Night. The purpose of these
committee and other areas of PTF, including classroom helpers                 meetings is to encourage fellowship and strengthen communication
(parties, field trips, etc.), teacher appreciation and revenue                between parents and teachers. Parents have the opportunity to ask
generating activities. Parent volunteers serve a great role at CCS and        questions, understand expectations and receive information about
truly make us a community! Please be on the lookout for volunteer             policies and other important classroom/grade level information.
opportunities as we navigate through this unprecedented time.                 Check the online school calendar (Elementary, Middle or High
Questions? Sonja Nestor,                          School) for more details.

                                                                                                                            continued on next page
family relations, continued
GRADE REPRESENTATIVES                             Revenue Generating Opportunities
Each grade has a parent volunteer Grade           There are several ways to support PTF. All monies raised go towards celebrating our
Representative. This representative is            Faculty and Staff through teacher appreciation events as well as to support events such
here as you have questions along the way.         as the Faculty Christmas Dessert, Field Day, Kindergarten Graduation Reception and other
Below is the list of grade representatives        celebrations.
for the 2020-2021 school year.
Kindergarten      Diana Zepsa		                                              Family Fun Nights
                                                  Join us for Family Nights each month! Dates and times will be posted on the school
1st Grade         Megan Mackelfresh
                                                  calendar. Participating restaurants are Chick-fil-A (Waverly), VeloPops (Matthews), Nothing
2nd Grade         Ginger Reid
                                                  But Noodles and TRUE Crafted Pizza (Stonecrest).
3rd Grade         Meredith Gaddy
4th Grade         Denise Pettus                   Chick-fil-A (Waverly) - Carmel Christian will receive a portion of
5th Grade         Claire Danford                  all proceeds on the designated spirit night dates (dates listed on
6th Grade         Gail Tolles                     the school calendar.) This includes all Drive-Thru, Mobile Curb-
7th Grade         Rogina Scott-Franklin           side, and CFA Delivery orders placed from 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm on
8th Grade         Chris Bender                    those designated dates.
9th Grade         Thien-Ai Bhatt
10th Grade        Teresa Sandman                                               VeloPops (Matthews)- 12-9pm Velo Pops is pleased to partner
11th Grade        Robin Riebe                                                  with Carmel Christian School for your spirit nights. Velo Pops
12th Grade        Leslie Queen                                                 will donate 20% of all CCS sales back to Carmel Christian School
                                                                               from 12-9pm on the designated dates. For ordering, we offer
                                                                               both curbside ordering and via phone. For a sampling of our
 Elementary School                                                             menu, check us out at
 Box Tops
 Box Tops are collected throughout                Nothing But Noodles -Nothing but Noodles is proud to host
 the year. Look for the Box Top logo              spirit nights for Carmel Christian School this year. To help do our
 on your favorite food products, cut              part in social distancing, NBN is strongly encouraging take-out
 them out and send them into your                 with online ordering through the website (www.nothingbutnoo-
 teacher. Mark your bag or envelope      or by calling into the restaurant for curbside pickup.
 “Box Tops”.                                      25% of all CCS take-out and online orders will go back to CCS.
 App Option: You can also download                Families can support Carmel Christian at Nothing but Noodles at
 the Box Tops App, register and select            any time throughout the day of those designated dates. (Third
 Carmel Christian School and then                 party delivery services are not an option for spirit nights.)
 scan an eligible receipt containing
 Box Tops products. Box Tops is                                                TRUE Crafted Pizza (Stonecrest)-.TRUE Crafted Pizza is proud
 migrating towards the 100% App                                                to host spirit nights for Carmel Christian School this year. To
 option. However, we will still collect                                        help do our part in social distancing, TRUE is strongly encourag-
 paper Box Tops until this migration                                           ing take-out with online ordering through the website (www.
 is complete. You can participate                                     or by calling the restaurant for curbside pickup.
 in both! It is amazing how quickly                                            25% of all CCS take-out and online orders will go back to CCS.
 these Box Tops add up!                                                        Families can support Carmel Christian at TRUE Crafted Pizza at
                                                                               any time throughout the day of those designated dates. (Third
                                                                               party delivery services are not an option for spirit nights.)

                                                   Please continue to stop by these restaurants that have partnered with Carmel Christian on
                                                              the designated dates. Just stopping by for a meal helps support PTF!

Harris Teeter VIC Card: Harris Teeter will provide CCS with 2% of purchases made on all Harris Teeter store
and house brand items when you link your VIC card to our school code 2289. We could be earning thousands
of dollars each year just by linking to the VIC Card! In an effort to link our families to our CCS school code,
please take a minute to provide us with the information requested in this Harris Teeter VIC Form. We will
take care of linking your phone number or VIC number to our CCS school code.

Publix: Publix Partners is an easy way for families to support CCS. To participate in Publix Partners, parents and friends of Carmel Christian
simply sign up for a account (if you do not already have one) and choose Carmel Christian School as the partner school in the ac-
count settings. Then enter your phone number at checkout every time you shop at Publix to help earn money
for CCS! All in-store purchases are eligible with the exception of gift cards, alcohol, lottery items, money
services, postage stamps, and prescriptions.
Yearbook Information
The high school yearbook staff is committed to producing a               How to order your yearbook online. (See screenshot below.)
beautiful, full-color publication that covers student life, spiritual
life, academics, arts, and athletics for Grades K-12.
If you are a business owner or parent of a senior, take advantage
of the opportunity to advertise or honor your senior using this
great tool. Senior ads are designed by the yearbook staff with
parent approval before publishing. Businesses may submit their
ad or request it to be designed by the yearbook staff.
Ad size choices are full page ($300), half page ($150), quarter
page ($75) and eighth page ($40). Ad Purchase Deadline:                                  Click here to
November 15.                                                                             order your yearbook.
                        Order Your Yearbook Online
                                                                                                                               Purchase your ad here.
                          Now - January 15, 2021
                                                                         Can’t remember if you ordered?
                  CLICK HERE TO ORDER TODAY!                             Click here.
                                    Cost: $100

              Communication with our parents is very important. We provide several avenues to keep in touch with you
             throughout the year. The information below is detailed and relevant, please take the time to read carefully.
School Contact Information:                                                                           Carmel Parent: This is the first place
Telephone: 704-849-9723, Option 2 • Fax: 704-847-9908                                                 parents should look for information and links.
Address: 1145 Pineville-Matthews Road, Matthews, NC 28105                                             CARMEL PARENT is a password protected page
                                                                                                      (password: carmelcougars) where parents will
Email:                                                                                                find links to forms, current information about
Carmel Christian School Faculty/Staff email addresses are always:                                     activities, lunch menu, school division (ES, MS,
last name, first (no punctuation; ex:           HS) links with absence and early dismissal noti-
Emails from the school will always begin the subject line with: Carmel Christian School               fication forms and more. The links will be active
Emails from teachers will always begin the subject line with: CCS (teacher’s last name)               by the first day of school.
This allows parents to search for CCS emails in their inbox quickly.                                  Google Classroom Webpages:
Website/Social Media:                                                                                 Teachers from all divisions will communicate
Website:                                                                          with parents and students through Google
Facebook:                                                      Classroom. Elementary teachers will also use
Twitter:                                                               FACTS (Renweb) for classroom communication.
Instagram:                                                    Questions? Contact your child’s teacher.
Questions? Darralyn Cummings, Director of Communications,               Family Portal (ParentsWeb): You will
                                                                                                      find grades, report cards, schedules, lunch and
Carmel Christian School WEEKLY eNews: All school updates will be                                      billing account information in your ParentsWeb
distributed through the Weekly eNews to communicate important information and                         account. Questions? Contact parenthelpdesk@
updates. Our team is working diligently to streamline all CCS communication for your con-   
venience and ready reference. Please ensure that you are receiving the weekly emails as it
is imperative that all families receive and review this information if you do not receive the         School Calendar: The School
Weekly eNews by the end of the first week of school or If you have previously                         Calendar is web-based and will be housed on
unsubscribed, please contact the Communications Office. Questions? Darralyn Cummings,                 Carmel Parent and on the website homep-                                                                         age (at the bottom of the page or drop down
                                                                                                      under Campus Life). Calendar questions? Sonja
Cougar community Covid-19 WebpagE: This webpage will be updated                                       Nestor, Director of Family Relations, nestors@
regularly with the latest information and updates pertaining to COVID-19 response planning. 
Carline & Parking
            CARLINE MAPS will be available in Carmel Parent on Monday, August 17.

Carline                                               sibling Morning care                                Student Parking
Our carline system is designed to                     Sibling Morning Care is available from              Students should request parking
provide safety, order, and supervision                7:40 - 8:00 am for the younger siblings             permission prior to the start of school
for each child’s arrival and departure.               of CCS Middle and High School students.             due to limited student parking spaces.
The traffic pattern is designed for the               This service is available for CCS students          Student parking spaces are assigned
maximum safety of our students.                       in Kindergarten through 5th grade only.             following this priority: Seniors, then un-
Parents are asked to observe all traffic              Parents should go through the Middle or             derclassmen as parking spaces are avail-
flow patterns. To uphold current health               High School carline and drop off all                able. Parking decals can be picked up in
and safety protocols, parents will not be             children, beginning at 7:40 am. Middle              the High School Office at Back to School
permitted to walk students to class.                  and High School students will walk their            Day. Questions? Email Kate Johnson,
                                                      Elementary siblings to the morning care   
GOING THROUGH THE CARLINE. The                        location (TBA). In order to participate in
safety of all families requires your full             this program, Elementary students must
attention! Thank you for your cooperation.            be accompanied by an older CCS
                                                      sibling. Elementary students will keep
• Do not leave cars unattended in the                 their face coverings on during                          2020-2021 High School
carline.                                              Sibling Morning Care.                                    Student Request for
• Campus speed limit is 5 mph.                                                                                   Driving/Parking
                                                           We encourage you to carpool
• Grades K-5, use your color coded Grade
                                                         in order to reduce congestion in
                                                                                                                  CLICK HERE.
Level Sign each afternoon in carline.
Teachers will distribute.                                 the carline. Family carpools are
• ES students remaining in carline at
                                                         arranged by individual parents.
3:20 pm and MS students at 3:30 pm will                                                                     1. Drive Slowly.
be taken to Extended Day and parents                  Carmel Christian School designated
charged a drop-in rate.                               parking lots on campus are Lots E and                 2. Follow signs.
On Campus Parking                                     F in front of the school main entrance.
                                                                                                            3. Follow staff
                                                      Parking LOT C (in front of the church
                                                      main doors) is reserved for other church              directions.

                   Media Center
                                             Typically the Media Center serves as a community space for all members of the Carmel
                                             Family. However, to promote campus health & safety, the Media Center will operate
                                             differently this year. Students in grades K-4 will continue to check out print material from the
                                             media center during weekly library time. Students in Grades 5-12 and faculty/staff will use
                                             our online/APP system for print and audio book reservations. These items will be delivered
                                             upon receiving their reservation. All books will be quarantined for 3 days upon their return
                                             to the Media Center and hand sanitizer will be used at the entry doors and check-out
                                             stations. Find the 2020-21 Media Center Guide here for more information and resources.

Extended Day Program
   The Extended Day Program exists to         throughout the afternoon where
 partner with parents as students GROW        students choose to spend time
 to become followers of Christ and GO to
      make Him known in the world.
                                              participating in various activities. There
                                              is a Homework Space provided to all
            (Matthew 28: 19-20)               students and supervised by After School
                                              staff. Middle School students enjoy their
                                              own space to work on their homework,
                                              play computer games, or hang out with
                                                                                               Carmel Christian parents gather to pray
                                                                                               for our students, one another, and our
                                              Enrichment Classes                               school, based on the premise that all the
                                              Enrichment Classes are open to all CCS
program Services                              students (K-8 grades) and WEE School
                                                                                               works of God start with God Himself. The
Before School (7:30-9:00 am)                                                                   prayers of God’s people should origi-
                                              students (4’s & TK-CCS siblings only). A
Young Cougars Club (1:15-3:00 pm)                                                              nate and be focused on and toward The
                                              wide variety of classes are offered during
After School (3:00-6:15 pm)                                                                    Cornerstone, Jesus Christ, who is the Chief
                                              the school year that go beyond the scope
Enrichment Classes                                                                             Architect and Builder of our faith and the
                                              of the classroom experience.
Music Enrichment Lessons                                                                       church (Eph. 2:20; 1 Peter 2:6; Heb.3:4,
Summer Adventures Program                                                                      11:10).
                                              MUSIC Lessons
                                              Grades K-12                                      Cornerstone will meet virtually as the
Eligibility                                   Music students are encouraged to use
WEE School: 4’s and TK classes                                                                 year begins. Google Meet information
                                              their gifts in music to glorify God and are      will be on the Cornerstone Webpage and
CCS Students: Grades K through 10
                                              given opportunities to perform at local          emailed to parents through the Weekly
Before School                                 assisted living facilities, during the year as   eNews. We will have different parents
4’s, TK  (CCS siblings only) & Grades K-10    well as participate in a year-end recital.       lead and have a monthly focus for our
Hours: 7:30-9:00 am                                                                            prayer time. Our time will be spent pray-
Before School Care provides an                summer adventures                                ing together as a group and there is no
opportunity for students to play games,       Summer Adventures is offered for 10              expectation for participants to pray aloud.
draw, read, and quietly socialize before      weeks through the Extended Day                   We want all to feel welcome to pray and
going to their classes. CCS students are      Program. Summer Camps are half-day               share prayer requests.
dismissed at 8:00 am to walk to their         enrichment experiences. Summer
classrooms. WEE school students (CCS          Extended Day includes field trips, ministry
siblings only) continue to play, eat a        projects, and other daily fun activities.
morning snack and are walked by staff to
their classes.
                                              Extended Day
Young Cougars Club                            Administrative Staff
4’s, TK & Kindergarten                        Lesley Volker, Director
Hours: 1:15-3:00 pm                           (
Young Cougars Club is a structured
literature-based program with an              Debbie Yates, Assistant Director
age-appropriate curriculum. Children in       (
YCC experience a three room rotation          Veronica Romero, Enrichment
(Story/Activity; Group Games; Art Activity)   Coordinator/Administrative Assistant             We desire for our Carmel family to walk in
with a different theme each week.             (                    prayer daily. If you have a specific prayer
After school                                                                                   need, please share your request by
4’s, TK  (CCS siblings only) & Grades K-10                                                     emailing
Hours: 3:00 – 6:15 pm                                     Fall Registration                    Our goal is for us to be unified in seeking
After School complements the school                                                            our Lord and Savior and calling on Him.
                                                         begins August 10.                     Our hope is that God works through us
day by giving students the opportunity
to explore and develop their individual                                                        and we foster a heart for prayer
                                                  CLICK HERE to register!                      throughout our campus.
interests in a loving & safe environment.
The After School staff provides a
comfortable and relaxed atmosphere
Arts & Athletics
       Middle School                                          Middle School Play
            Play                                                  MS Play Parents Meeting (Virtual):
                                                                  Monday, August 24 @ 5:00 pm
                                                                  Meeting and the link information will be sent to parents soon!

                                                                  MS Play Auditions:
                                                                  Saturday, September 12
                                                                  Information will be emailed to parents.

                                                                    5th Grade and High School productions will be
                                                                           announced in November 2020.

                                                                                   The Arts Participation Fee
                                                                  $100 per student/per play. The Arts fee will be paid online at Carmel
       November 6-7, 2020                                         Cashier and is due before play practice begins for each performance.

                                                                                                      Athletic Teams
                                                                                                     Carmel Christian School fields
                                                                                                   27 Middle and High School teams.

                                                                                            MS Volleyball		          JV Volleyball
Student athletes will return to athletic activities with modifications in place to adhere
                                                                                            MS Boys Soccer           JV Men’s Soccer
 to state, school and NCISAA protocols. As Phase II continues, NCISAA schools will be
                                                                                            MS Cross Country (co-ed)
              governed by the Summer Guidelines found at
                                                                                            Varsity Women’s Golf       Varsity Volleyball
Athletic Physical ForM                           Participation Fee                          Varsity Women’s Tennis     Varsity Men’s Soccer
WHO: All prospective athletes (Grades 6-12)      $100 per student/per sport                 Varsity Cross Country
WHAT: All Athletes must have a current           The athletic fee will be paid online at    (co-ed)
physical form on file before tryouts             Carmel Cashier and is due before the
for any sport. This is the same form             first game of each season.
submitted to the Health Room for new                                                        WINTER
students.                                                                                   MS Boys Basketball     JV Men’s Basketball
                                                 Booster Club                               MS Girls Basketball    Varsity Women’s Basketball
HOW: Physical forms are online under             The CCS Athletics Booster Club exists
the athletic forms tab along with other                                                     MS Cheerleading        Varsity Cheerleading
                                                 to support the athletic department of      Varsity Swim Team      Varsity Men’s Basketball
forms needed for participation.                  Carmel Christian School. The annual
Questions? Please contact the Athletic                                                      (co-ed, Grades 7-12)
                                                 Membership Fee of $95.00 per family
Trainer, Carlee Hickman                          (includes: CCS Booster Club car decal,             key fob membership card and free           SPRING
                                                 admission to home events.)                 MS Golf                Varsity Golf
NCISAA/QCC                                       Please note due to CDC/State require-      MS Boys Tennis         Varsity Men’s Tennis
Middle School teams participate in the                                                      MS Girls Soccer        Varsity Women’s Soccer
Queen City Conference (QCC)                      ments, seating may be limited.
                                                 Volunteer Opportunities: Admissions,       MS Baseball            JV Baseball
Varsity teams compete in the North
                                                 Concessions. Memberships are avail-                               Varsity Baseball
Carolina Independent School Athletic
Association (NCISAA) as a 4A school.             able at Carmel Cashier.

              For more detailed information about team sports, please CLICK HERE to view our Athletic Department webpages.

Support CCS
                   You’re Invited to the CCS Clay Classic!

                                                            Invite your friends, family and colleagues to
                                                              spend a day shooting for a great cause.
                                                       This event will be held outside in a small group format.
                                                         Protocols will be employed to support the health &
                                                          safety of our participants. These guidelines will be
                                                          finalized as we continue to monitor the landscape
                                                             of the COVID-19 pandemic and will be clearly
                                                                   communicated prior to the event.

                                                                          Ways to Get Involved

  Ready • Aim • Support CCS!                          • Register as a Foursome       • Become a 2020-2021
                                                        or Individual Participant      CCS Corporate Partner
        monday, October 19 • 8:00 a.m.                • Volunteer                    • Donate
             Meadow Wood Farm
                 Waxhaw, NC
 Online Registration Begins September 1, 2020                  More info at:

  online registration begins: September 1, 2020.

                                                                                    Support CCS
                                      The Corporate Partner Program is
                                      designed to engage local businesses
                                                                                     while you
                                      in advancing the mission and vision of
                                      Carmel Christian School. This program
                                                                                    shop Online!
                                      supports all CCS students, faculty and
                                      programs while offering meaningful
                                      advertising opportunities in our school       AmazonSmile
                                      community and beyond.

                                      Interested in joining us as a Corporate
                                                                                          CLICK HERE
                                      Partner? Email Ali Crotts.                          to link your
                                                                                        Amazon account.
1145 Pineville-Matthews Road, Matthews, NC 28105
                 704-849-9723, #2

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