Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'

Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
    Primary School

        Handbook 2019
‘Inspiring Personal Excellence’
Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
Esperance Primary School

                         HANDBOOK 2019
TELEPHONES: School                                   9071 2199
                  Dental Therapy                     9071 1781
                  FAX                                9071 1884

ADDRESS:          PO Box 150
                  Windich Street
                  ESPERANCE WA 6450
                  Facebook Link

The purpose of this Handbook is to assist students, parents and carers
of the Esperance Primary School community through providing
information on how our school operates and the procedures and
practices that are in place to enrich each student’s education.

As an Independent Public School, we believe strongly in positive
relationships and encourage communication between all members of
our school community.
Please feel free to contact the school at a mutually acceptable time to
discuss your child's progress with his/her class teacher or myself.

It is hoped that the Handbook will serve as a reference and be located
in a handy position in your home. I hope you find it useful.

Gareth Palmer – Principal

Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
School Vision         Page    5       Sport                                  16
School Beliefs                6          Athletics Carnival
Targets                                    Interschool Athletics Carnival
School Priorities             7           Factions
School Organisation                       Swimming Lessons
   Term Dates                        Student Councillors
   SDD Dates
   Times                             Parental Involvement/
   Kindergarten                      Communication              17
   Pre Primary                          School Board
   School Areas                         P&C
                                         Assemblies
Curriculum                   8           Newsletters
   Cultural Enrichment                  Special Events
   Information                          Parental Involvement
      Communication Technology           Supplementary Parental
   Evaluation / Reporting                  Involvement
   Homework                          Rules                      18
   Instrumental Music                   Bike Safety
   Library                              Behaviour Management
   Psychologists                        Code of Conduct
   Specialist Teachers                  Leaving School Grounds
                                         Mobile Phones
Contributions and Charges    11          Punctuality
   Money Collection                     Wearing of Jewellery
   Student Requirements
                                      General                       20
Medical / Health            12           Absences
   Community Health                     After Hours use of School
   First Aid / Emergencies                Grounds
   Infectious Diseases                  Book Club
   Medication                           Buses
   Personal Growth and                  Canteen
     Development                         Concerns
   Skin Protection                      Confidential Declarations
                                         Working with Children
Uniform                     14             Declarations
   Hats                                 Covering of Books
   School                               Dental Therapy
       Girls and Boys                   Graduation
       Formal                           Insurance
   Sport                                Lost Property
   Year 6 Shirt and Jacket              Parking
                                         Photographic Images
Excursions / Camps           15          Student Councillors
   Camps                                Website
   Excursions

Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
Our school strives to meet the needs and interests of all students
and reflect the values and aspirations of our school community.
As an Independent Public School, we have been empowered to
make decisions best suited to the needs and interests of our
students and local community. Our school supports each student to
take responsibility for their learning, aim for their personal best and
achieve their full potential.
Our purpose is to ensure all students leave Esperance Primary
School well prepared for their secondary schooling and have
opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they
need to achieve their individual potential and play an active part in
civic and economic life.

Our Vision
Our vision is to inspire personal excellence in every student through
the provision of a high-quality education in a safe and inclusive
learning community. Students are equipped with the skills and
understandings to become engaged life-long learners and active
global citizens in the 21st century.

Our Values
All members of our Esperance Primary School uphold the Tribes
Agreements to inspire personal excellence.

       Mutual Respect
       We treat people the way we want to be treated, valuing and respecting other
      opinions, beliefs and values.
      Appreciations/No Put-downs
      We speak kindly to others and think of their feelings. We encourage each other’s
      talents, beliefs and values.
      The Right to Participate/Pass
      We have the right to pass in certain activities, but know that the more we
      participate, the more we gain. We actively participate in all learning activities.
      Attentive Listening
      We listen with our eyes, ears, hearts and minds.

      Personal Best/Personal Responsibility
      We always do the best we can and set personal goals for achievement while
      reflecting on our learning. We take responsibility for ourselves, others and things.

Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
(Students learn best when….) (Teachers teach best when…)
…learning programs build on the existing knowledge of students, are
culturally and developmentally appropriate and have real life
…they are engaged in a challenging, purposeful and inclusive
curriculum that motivates and supports them to achieve their personal
best and become life long learners.
Learning Environment
…they have a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment that
fosters a sense of belonging and connection.
… strong, positive relationships within and across the whole school
community are valued, nurtured and maintained through shared
expectations, common goals and mutual respect.

School Community
  take ownership of their learning and accept personal responsibility
   to be active and engaged life long learners,
  accept and appreciate others for who they are, and
  are active citizens.
   are motivated, professional, engaged and compassionate,
   value each child, and
   provide opportunities for students to take responsibility for their
      own learning.
   are partners in their child’s learning.
Wider Community
   works in partnership to support and enhance teaching and
   Global partnerships enhance student learning, global connections
    and global citizenship.

Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
Esperance Primary School’s priority areas are
 English
 Mathematics
 Technologies

Maintenance areas for 2019:
 Inclusivity: All students will be educated in a supportive, student
  centred environment.
 Hass
 Science
 Languages
 Health and Physical Education
 The Arts

Term 1       Monday 4 February – Friday 12 April
Term 2       Monday 29 April – Friday 5 July
Term 3       Tuesday 23 July – Friday 27 September
Term 4       Monday 14 October – Thursday 19 December

Term 1       Thursday 31 January and Friday 1 February
Term 2       Friday 24 May (end of week 4)
Term 3       Monday 22 July
Term 4       Friday 25 October (Show Day) and Friday 20 December

FIRST SIREN           8.45 am
RECESS                10.45 am -11:05 am
LUNCH                 1.05 pm -1.45 pm
FINAL DISMISSAL       3.05 pm

Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
At EPS we follow the Department of Education policies to ensure
that everyone on school grounds are kept healthy and it’s a safe
place to be. All policies can be found at:

In 2019, we are operating kindergarten onsite. Students turning
four by 30 June in the year they are attending can access this
program 15 hours per week, 5 days per fortnight. Parents/Carers of
Kindergarten students receive a specific handbook outlining various
aspects of the Kindergarten program.

The Pre-Primary Centres are located on the main school site.
Pre-Primary is a compulsory year of schooling where students
attend five full days a week. Specific information is provided to
parents/carers via the Pre-Primary Handbook.

Esperance schools are local intake schools. All new enrolment
applicants will be informed if they are in the appropriate school
zone. Special permission must be sought to enrol a child in a
school other than in the local area.

During the year students in Years P-2 are exposed to four visiting
cultural shows (Incursions). The fee covering all four is $20.00.
This combined fee can be paid as the Incursion Charge at the
beginning of the year. Students in Years 3-6 participate in
Humphreys Dance. The cost is $35.

Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
The school is well equipped to ensure our students achieve the Digital
Literacies they need for our changing world. We have an ICT room for
whole classes to use, a trolley of laptops in each learning block, a
trolley of iPads, a bank of computers set up in the Library and multiple
computers in each classroom or learning team. We have established
a purpose built centre for dedicated ICT study. Our facilities enable
all classrooms to be equipped with an interactive whiteboard, wireless
connection and reliable infrastructure. Students attend a 60 minute
ICT lesson each week to assist them in gaining specific skill sets to
apply in their daily learning. Esperance Primary School has been
recognised as a Microsoft Innovative School, one of 9 in Western
Australia and 60 Australia wide. Teachers work in an online
environment, enabling them to plan, deliver, monitor and evaluate
online and blended learning programs. Students have the opportunity
to participate in self-paced, engaging online learning experiences in a
safe secure environment.
2019 we are looking at implementing a BYO IPad Program, we are
upskilling our Teachers in 2018 to be both competent and confident in
their delivery of ICT.

Reporting is achieved through Three Way Conferencing, Learning
Journeys and written student reports. Written reports are sent home at
the end of Semester 1 and Semester 2. Three Way Conferences will
be held in May Term 2 and the Learning Journey at the end of
Term 3. Student Progress Packs are sent home during Term 2, with
students taking home their complete packs at the end of Term 4.
Interviews are conducted with parents/carers concerning student’s
progress as the need arises.

Each year selected students in Years 5 and 6 are given the
opportunity to participate in guitar, clarinet, brass or flute lessons. The
lessons are conducted by High School Music teachers. Details are
released early in Term 1.

Esperance Primary School - Handbook 2019 'Inspiring Personal Excellence'
Students should, as they progress in their schooling, come to regard
homework as a normal and necessary extension of the day's learning
activities. Parents/Carers are encouraged to assist students with their
homework assignments. Years 1 - 3 are expected to do a small
amount on a regular basis. This may consist of Reading, Phonic
drills, Spelling or Tables. Years 4 - 5 should be an extension of the
above. In addition, there may be other set work by the teacher or
completion of projects and stories. Year 6 students should develop a
regular private study session. Such time should be set aside nightly
to complete work in any learning area. If for any reason (sickness,
visitors, etc) a child cannot complete his/her set homework,
parents/carers are encouraged to communicate with class teachers.

Homework should be viewed as a positive learning and reinforcement
opportunity. Students are still encouraged to engage in other extra
curricular activities, such as sport, dance, swimming, etc.

All students have access to the School Library.
Students may borrow from the fiction and non
fiction sections of the library. The borrowing time is
for one week and renewal is available. Students
are asked to provide a book bag suitable for
protecting books. If any book is lost or severely
damaged, students are asked to pay the
replacement cost of the book.

A School Psychologist is based at the school two days a week.
Support is provided for those students who may have educational,
behavioural or emotional needs. Parents/Carers wishing to utilise this
service should contact their child's teacher, Principal or the Learning
Support Coordinator.


Languages All students from Years 1 – 6 will be taught French.
Years 3-6 will receive one lesson per week for one hour and
Years 1-2 will receive one lesson per week for 30 minutes.

ICT     (Information       and    Communication    Technology):
Pre-Primary – Year 6 students will receive ICT lessons from the
school ICT Specialists for one hour per week.

Physical Education: Each Years 1 – 6 will receive one lesson from
the Physical Education Specialists for one hour per week.

The Arts: Each Years Pre-Primary – Year 6 will receive one lesson
per week for one hour from both the Music Specialist and the Art

Contributions and Charges
While the Department of Education provides the basic school
essentials, it is necessary to ask parents/carers to make a contribution
towards their child’s educational costs to assist the school in providing
resources. The money obtained from these contributions and charges
is used to purchase resources such as extra textbooks, teaching aids,
computer software, sporting equipment, art/craft equipment and
stationery for the students of Esperance Primary School.
Information regarding these charges (for the following year) is
forwarded home towards the end of each year or provided to
parents/carers when enrolling their child.

If money is sent to school for any purpose, PLEASE place the money
in an envelope, write your child's name and class room on it, the
purpose of it, and have your child hand it directly to the class teacher
at the beginning of the day.

These may vary from year level to year level due to what staff
consider essential. A stationery order form for the following year is
issued to parents/carers in early Term Four. Parents/Carers may
complete the form and return it to the school. Payment must
accompany the order if through the school. A bulk order is then made
through a stationery supplier and this is managed by the P&C.
Parents/Carers can also purchase items privately from other

The school community nurse visits the school
regularly, usually one half day per week. The
visits are to assess the health and development
of students and to assist teachers in developing
health related education programs, implement
the school immunisation program and provide
easy referral to health care for students.

All students requiring first aid or who are feeling ill will be taken to the
School Office. Parents/Carers will be contacted if it is felt the child is too
ill to stay at school. If, in the opinion of School Administration, qualified
medical attention is required and if parents/carers cannot be contacted,
the child will be taken to his/her doctor or to the hospital.
It is essential that the school be informed promptly of all changes to
address, doctor, telephone and emergency contact numbers to ensure
speedy notification of parents/carers if an emergency arises.
If your child has a significant medical need (asthma, allergies, diabetes,
etc) you must contact the school so that an “Emergency Action Plan"
can be developed.

Please note the following details, especially with reference to exclusion
•CHICKEN POX: Exclude from school until well and for at least five
  days after the rash appears and until vesicles have formed crusts.
•CONJUNCTIVITIS: Exclude until discharge from eyes has ceased.
• MEASLES: Exclude from school until well and for at least four days
  after the onset of the rash. Non-immunised students are to be excluded
  for 14 days following contact with infected students in their class unless
  they are vaccinated within 72 hours of their first contact of the first
• MUMPS: Exclude from school until well and for at least nine days after
  the onset of symptoms.
• RINGWORM: Exclude from school until child has received anti-fungal
  treatment for 24 hours.(Keep covered)
•SCHOOL SORES: Exclude for 24 hours after antibiotic treatment
  commenced. Lesions on exposed skin surfaces should be covered.
• HEADLICE: Exclude from school until treatment has commenced.
  Students should return to school when their head is free from live eggs
  or lice. (Please check your child's hair daily as headlice do occur from
  time to time and often spread quickly).

Staff may assist students with medication only if a Medical
Authorisation form (available at the office) has been
completed and signed.           The medication supplied by
parents/carers must be clearly labelled with: Child's name,
dose and frequency. Medication must be securely stored by
staff, not kept in student’s bag.

Personal growth and development, including puberty and sexuality,
are part of the Health Curriculum. Notes will be sent home to inform
parents/carers when courses occur. If parents/carers have any
concerns regarding the course, they should contact the class teacher
or Principal.

The school fully supports the WA Health Department in its effort to
make students fully aware of skin cancer.
1. The dangers of over-exposure to the sun are taught as part of the
   health program.
2. Students must wear hats at all times when outside at play. The
   school has a "Have hat can play in the sun" rule.
3. The P&C Association provides sunscreen for all classes for
   students to use.

The school has a very strict dress code
that is strongly supported by the school
community. The wearing of school
uniform is expected as it assists in the
development of students' pride in their
school and can eliminate negative peer
Parents/Carers are encouraged to
support the school by providing their
children with the correct uniform.
Thongs are not permitted due to safety

The school supports Sun Smart practices in covering our heads and
faces against harmful UV rays. All students must wear a blue bucket
hat or wide brimmed option for outside play. For any student not
wearing a prescribed hat, they will be asked to sit out of all activities
during our break times.

All uniforms can be purchased from Haslams, Andrew Street,
Esperance with the exception of Girls Skorts and Tartan Skirts which
are available from the School Office.

GIRLS:                                   BOYS:
Eureka Polo Shirt: White or royal        Eureka Polo Shirt: White or royal
blue with school logo.                   blue with school logo.
Jacket (fleecy with hood): Royal         Jacket (fleecy with hood): Royal
blue with school logo.                   blue with school logo.
Jacket (microfibre): Royal blue          Jacket (microfibre): Royal blue
with school logo.                        with school logo.
Track pants (fleecy): Royal blue         Track pants (fleecy): Royal blue
Track pants (microfibre): Royal          Track pants (microfibre): Royal
blue                                     blue
Podium Shorts: Royal Blue                Podium Shorts: Royal blue
Tartan Skirt                             Trousers:Navy
Skort: Royal Blue

FORMAL UNIFORM – Special Occasions: Choir, Graduation, etc
Boys: White polo shirt, navy trousers and black shoes.
Girls: White polo shirt, Royal blue tartan skirt, white ankle socks and
black shoes.

Girls: Royal blue sport skirt or royal blue unisex sport shorts with
white or blue polo shirt
Boys: Royal blue unisex sports shorts with white or blue polo shirt

YEAR 6 SHIRT AND JACKET: During Term 1, Year 6s will have the
opportunity to purchase a special windcheater and/or polo shirt in the
school colours. The tops can be worn daily but are not dress code for
formal functions, eg Choir or Graduation

Excursions / Camps
CAMPS: Year 6 is involved in an annual camp. This is usually five
days duration and full details are sent home well in advance.

EXCURSIONS: Excursions supplement the education program within
the school. Excursions generally fall into one of two categories. In
Town (within the Esperance town site) and Out of Town. At times,
buses are used for in town excursions. Parents/Carers must sign the
consent form for their child to participate in the excursion.
Parents/Carers will be informed by note of each excursion their child's
class is being involved in. Cost of transport for some in town
excursions (where buses are used) is covered via the student’s
voluntary contributions and charges. Out of town excursions may
attract a specific charge.

ATHLETICS CARNIVAL:              During Term 1, all students from
Years 1 - 6 are involved in athletics training culminating in the
Faction Athletics Carnival. This day is one of the highlights of the
year and attracts large numbers of parents/carers. Pre-Primary
have their “sports day” later in the year.

our Faction Carnival in Years 3-6 are selected to represent the
school in Athletics at the Interschool Sporting Carnivals. Thanks to
fundraising by our P&C, students selected are provided with a
school shirt to wear with their school royal blue shorts or skirts.
Other events included in the Athletics Carnival include jumps and
team games.

FACTIONS: All students are placed into one of four factions –
Flames (blue), Knights (gold), Dragons (green) or Redbacks (red).
Faction Captains are elected from Year 6 and have special duties
and responsibilities to perform. Factions are aimed at fostering
community spirit, cooperation, responsibility and leadership. On
carnival day, students wear a “sun” appropriate shirt in the colour of
their faction.

The school provides the opportunity for students in Years P-6 to
have two weeks of swimming lessons. Specific times are set at the
beginning of the year.

For 2019, eight Councillors are elected from the Year 6 students.
Years 3 – 5 and current Year 6 Councillors are eligible to vote.
Councillors perform various duties of responsibility in the school,
provide leadership to the student body and liaise with school

Parental Involvement / Communication
Both the P&C and School Board are vital components of our school.
As an Independent Public School, the School Board plays a
significant role in the long term strategic direction for our school.

The School Board is the peak decision making body in the school. It
overarches P&C and staff committees.
Its prime purpose is to:
    Identify school priorities
    Ratify the Delivery and Performance
      Agreement, School Plans and the Budget.
    Participate in the school review process
    Establish the school dress code
    Foster parent/carer engagement in the school
Membership comprises four staff, five parents/carers and a P&C
representative and the Principal. The committee meets regularly
during the year. Elections are held by early March each year

P&C (Parents and Citizens):
This body meets at regular intervals, usually twice a term. Dates are
announced well in advance. All parents/carers are urged to attend so
that they can learn about, and participate, in the school's operations.

To celebrate and share our learning and to promote citizenship, public
confidence and entertainment, school assemblies are held fortnightly
on Friday mornings at 8.50am in the Covered Assembly Area. At the
Assembly, success is celebrated through class Merit Certificates,
school awards, class and school based items. All parents/carers are
invited to attend these assemblies.
Daily items of interest are communicated through the PA at 8.50am
each morning.

Newsletters are emailed to parents and carers every second
Wednesday and also published on the school website, Skoolbag App
and Facebook. Newsletters contain information of past and future
school activities and a summary of forthcoming school events. They
We strongly enourage you to access newsletters online.

Special days and events are celebrated, eg Literacy and Numeracy
Week, Remembrance Day, Jump Rope for Heart, Book Week,
NAIDOC, Graduation Night for Year 6 students. These and other
events are regularly promoted through the school fortnightly

The school places great importance on parents being partners with
the school in their child’s schooling. All parents/carers are urged to
take an active interest in their child's education. Parent/Carers may
assist through School Board, parent help, Parent Support Group,
P&C, canteen, special days, supporting school rules and policies
and ….. by asking your child about their school day.

In addition to these major areas of involvement parents/carers can
assist the school and their child in many other ways, eg attending
assemblies, paying fees promptly, supporting fundraising activities,
reading newsletters, attending carnivals and helping with
homework. Remember, we are all working towards a common goal
– helping your child be a successful learner and achieve their

All bicycles, scooters and skateboards must be walked in
front of the school and in the school grounds. “Wheels”
are stored in a rack along the west wing. It is
recommended that students lock up their bikes in the wheels rack.

Positive behaviour is expected, and it is the school’s philosophy that
all students have a right to a safe, supportive and inclusive
environment.     To this end, a Behaviour Management Policy
operates in the school that strongly supports all students and staff
to learn, teach and feel safe.

CODE OF CONDUCT – Procedures

   Students enter and exist school using via gate access.
   School students are encouraged to arrive at school at 8.30am.
   Students arriving prior to 8.30am must sit on the benches in the
   From 8.30am when the music is played over the school P.A.
    students are encouraged to prepare for their day in their
   Bikes must be walked along the path to the bike racks. Riding of
    bikes and other modes of transport on school grounds is actively
   During school hours students may leave school
    grounds with parent/carer or authorised
    person’s permission.
   Students need to be ‘signed out’ in the front
    office by the parent/carer or an authorised

Years 1 – 6 Recess and Lunch
   Food must be consumed while seated in the
    courtyard area.
   Students are to remain seated until dismissed
   Students place rubbish in bins prior to play.
   Wet weather arrangements exist for recess and lunch.
 Students move respectfully and play safely in supervised

Under no circumstances are students permitted to leave the school
grounds without permission from the Principal or Deputies.
Students going home for lunch need a note from their
parents/carers covering either the whole year (if regular) or each
individual day (if occasional).
A Sign In/Sign Out book for all students leaving is located in the
School Office for parents/carers to sign. This book is also to be
used by any adult who enters our school grounds.

As clearly stated in the Department of Education’s policies, mobile
phones are not permitted to be used by students on school
grounds. Should it be necessary for a child to bring a phone to
school, Esperance Primary School Policy states that the phone is
switched off and stored in the student’s bag or in teacher’s desk.
Urgent messages can always be communicated to the School Office
during school hours.

All student mobile phones are to be switched off and not used at
school or on excursions, including camps.

All electronic items such as iPods, tablets, consoles and gaming
devices; should also be switched off and stored in bags.

All students are expected at school before the siren at 8.45am.
However, students should not arrive at school before 8.30 am. At
8.30am, music is played over the PA to signal time to enter

For safety reasons, students who have pierced ears are actively
encouraged to only wear studs or sleepers during school time.
Bangles, chains and necklaces are a potential source for loss and
injuries and are discouraged from being worn at school.

ABSENCES FROM SCHOOL: By regulation all children must attend
primary school. If any child is absent the parent/carer is required to
notify the school through forwarding an explanatory note to the
teacher on the child's return as courtesy to the school. In the event
that notification isn't provided, an explanation will be requested of the
parent/carer on an official Department of Education form. Our
Skoolbag App has a function for attendance so you may notify us of
the absence and reason.

blades, etc, are not permitted on the school grounds at any time.
Clubs/Organisations wishing to utilise any school grounds or buildings
must apply in writing to the Principal.

BOOK CLUBS: The Scholastic Book Club operates within the school.
Information regarding this is sent home at various times.

BUSES: There are seven ‘out of town’ school buses catering for
Primary and Pre-Primary students at Esperance Primary. Generally
the buses cater for students living in the rural areas north and west of
the school. For further information, contact the School Office.
Parents/Carers are reminded that students should be                  SCHOOL

familiar with Bus Transport rules. These are:-                                S T OP

1. Do not change seats while bus is in motion.
2. Do not lean out of windows or against the door at any
3. Do not cause any disturbance or interference to other pupils.
4. Obey instructions of bus driver.
5. After alighting from bus, students must stand well back until the bus
  has moved away and not cross the road until they can see that the
  road is clear.

** If students are not travelling on the school bus on a particular
  day or days, parents/carers must inform the bus driver and the
  class teacher by note.

In Town Buses - the West Beach and Castletown areas are serviced
by a daily bus service. A fare is charged for this service and
SmartRider cards are required to travel on these buses.

The school has a canteen which provides a wide variety of foods
three days a week. The canteen is open Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday each week. While we have a manager to run the canteen,
volunteer parent helpers are needed. If you can assist, our manager
would like to hear from you. Students who wish to use the canteen
must order their lunches before school at the canteen. Kindergarten
and Pre-Primary students can use the canteen and a special smaller
portioned size menu is available. These lunches are delivered to the
Kindergarten and Pre-Primary.

CONCERNS: If at any time you have a matter which you feel you
need to discuss, please contact the Principal or your child's class
teacher. It is difficult to address problems and concerns if the school
is not aware of them. Please note: all formal complaints must be
addressed to the Principal.

Departmental regulations state that any parents/carers/community
members who are involved in activities with other students in the
school must sign a Confidential Declaration that they have no criminal
record that would deem them detrimental to students.
Parents/Carers/Community members involved in the school need to
sign these. Forms are available from the School Office or teachers.
Working With Children’s Clearance is required for parent/carer helpers
who assist with overnight camps. These forms are available from the
Post Office or online.

Parents/Carers are asked to cover all workbooks with either paper or
plastic and mark all personal items and clothing with the child's name
and room number. This helps to:
   1. prolong their life
   2. encourage students to respect them
   3. develop a sense of pride in presentation

There is a Dental Therapy Centre located on the eastern side of the
school site. New enrolments are given forms to be completed by
parents/carers. Before any treatment occurs, these forms must be
returned to the Dental Therapist. All students are checked annually at
school. If further work is necessary parents/carers are contacted by
The Dental Therapy phone number is 9071 1781.
Clinic hours are: 8.15am to 12.00noon and 12.45pm to 4.30pm
Each year in December, there is a Graduation Night for Year 6
students. At Graduation, various Year 6 students are presented with
special Academic, Citizenship and Sporting awards. Awards are also
presented to students in Years 1 - 5 in an afternoon celebration in

The Department of Education does not cover school students against
accidents in the class or playground. Parents/Carers can take
advantage of the special School Students’ Insurance Schemes which
exist.  Information is available at the School Office, or State
Government Insurance Office.

Parents/Carers are advised strongly to clearly label their children's
clothing. All lost property is placed in the box on the verandah near the
office. If at any time you need to search for lost items of clothing feel
free to come and try to locate them in the lost property box. Students
are to be responsible for their own clothing. Unclaimed, unlabelled
clothing is sent to the Opportunity Shop at the end of each Term.

Parents/Carers must ensure they observe all parking regulations
at the front of the school. The School Car Park is for staff
only. Limited parent/carer parking is provided along Stubbing and
Windich Streets. For Pre-Primary and Kindergarten students, parking is
available in the “old staff carpark” near the basketball courts. Stairs now
provide easier access to the Early Childhood area. There is also limited
parking available outside the early childhood entry.

Pre-Primary Kindergarten Limited Parking        Stairs   Old Staff Carpark

From time to time students’ photos could be published when school
material is presented in the community or the press or on our website.
Permission forms need to be signed before we can use your child’s

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