Master's Degree Programs - International Programs Luiss - Embajada ...

Master's Degree Programs - International Programs Luiss - Embajada ...
Master’s Degree Programs
International Programs

Master's Degree Programs - International Programs Luiss - Embajada ...

        About Luiss                                              2
        Luiss Key Facts                                          3
        Why Luiss                                               4
        Ranking and Accreditations                              4
        Luiss Programs Overview                                  5
        Luiss International Programs - Double Degrees            6
        Master’s Degree in Economics                             7
        Master’s Degree in Finance                               8
        Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance                     9
        Master’s Degree in Management                           10
        Master’s Degree in Marketing                            11
        Master’s Degree in Global Management and Politics       12
        Master Degree in International Relations                13
        Master’s Degree in Public Policies                      14
        QTEM Masters Network                                    15
        Admission Process                                       16
        Tuition & Fees                                          17
        Financial Aid                                           17
        International Student Services Overview                 18
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        Luiss Residences                                        20
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        Luiss Canteen                                           21
        Living in Rome                                          22
        Luiss Sport Academy                                     23
        International Mobility                                  24
        Adoption Lab                                            24
        Career Opportunities                                    25
        Luiss Alumni Network                                    27
Master's Degree Programs - International Programs Luiss - Embajada ...
About Luiss

Luiss, actionable social science.
                                    Located in the heart of Rome, Luiss         Luiss also offers students a variety of
                                    specializes in the Social Sciences to       learning opportunities to develop and
                                    educate over 9,000 students from around     refine soft skills such as leadership,
                                    the world. Since its founding, Luiss has    teamwork, problem-solving, social skills,
                                    developed privileged partnerships with      ethics, responsibility and sustainability.
                                    the business community – through its
                                    relationship with Confindustria – as well   With over 270 international partnerships,
                                    as with the legal practice, governmental    Luiss offers 38 double degrees and
                                    institutions, and civil society.            structured partnerships with universities
                                    Luiss has also special relationships with   all over the world.
                                    Italian and European institutions, as a
                                    number of faculty members have served       The Luiss method is strengthened by
                                    within them.                                a lifelarge learning approach which
                                                                                challenges students’ intellectual
                                    The Luiss educational model combines        curiosity, inspires individual effort
                                    academic rigor with practical relevance.    and self-discovery while encouraging
                                                                                independent and critical thinking.
                                    Luiss utilizes three approaches in the
                                    design and the development of its
                                    • research-led: faculty members are
                                       experts of and actively engaged
                                       in their research areas
                                    • experience-based: Luiss relies on a
                                       selected pool of top executives and
                                       chartered consultants to teach topics
                                       that they experience in their day-to-
                                       day work
                                    • problem-driven: programs require
                                       students to engage in projects and
                                       research, in which they are expected
                                       to develop solutions to real-world       Confindustria
                                                                                Italy’s leading industrial association
                                                                                representing more than 150,000
                                                                                companies of all sizes including all Italian
                                                                                joint stock companies.

                                                                                Confindustria works to guarantee the
                                                                                key role of companies in the country and
                                                                                at delivering diversified, efficient and
                                                                                modern services.

                                                                                The association represents the
                                                                                benchmark for the entire Italian
                                                                                economic system at the EU level.

                                                                                Confindustria member companies
                                                                                represent cutting-edge Italian exports to
                                                                                the industrialized West and transfer the
                                                                                know-how and technology of the Made in
                                                                                Italy brand around the world.

Master's Degree Programs - International Programs Luiss - Embajada ...
Luiss Key Facts

1977                              4                                      4
Private University,               Departments                            Schools for post graduate
founded in 1977                                                          education

Teacher - student ratio
                                  Programs taught in English
                                                                         Double degrees
                                                                         and structured partnerships

Months between graduation and
                                                                         Erasmus and bilateral student exchange
first job (*Luiss average rate)   in 53 countries                        agreements in 44 countries (2018/2019)

Visiting professors
                                  Luiss Alumni
                                                                         Alumni worldwide
                                  Chapters worldwide

4 Desks
Worldwide                         Luiss ENLABS                           Milano Luiss Hub
Brussels Desk                     Startup factory, hosting 40 startups   For makers and students - a digital
Beijing Desk                                                             manufacturing lab in the heart
Shanghai Desk                                                            of Milan’s startup scene
Hanoi Desk

Why Luiss                                     Ranking and Accreditations

• English speaking university                 National Rankings                             Equis
  (2 languages: English + Italian,            Luiss is first among private Italian          Luiss has been EQUIS accredited since
  language of culture and quality of life)    universities according to Sole 24 ore,        2015. EQUIS endorses only the top 1%
• Internationally recognized degree           the nation’s leading ranking                  of business schools worldwide. This
  + diploma supplement (in EU and             system, based on student services,            accreditation grants the Luiss Business
  globally)                                   internationalization, teaching and            School and the Department of Business
• Availability of scholarships                research.                                     and Management with quality standard
• Italian life style (Living in a European                                                  that only 150 schools out of 15,000 have
  capital full of art, history and culture)   Financial Times                               achieved.
• High employability (privileged              Luiss is present in the Financial Times
  connections with recruiters and             Master in Management ranking                  Chartered Financial Analyst
  entrepreneurship as a mindset + 1 year      which lists the top 100 business              The Luiss Department of Economics
  VISA extension after graduation)            schools worldwide, and is ranked third        and Finance has been awarded the CFA
• Academic excellence (proven by the          worldwide for career progress.                accreditation by the global association
  rankings)                                                                                 of financial analysts, which guarantees
• Societal impact (top positions in           Qs Ranking                                    international ethics and professional
  business and public administration)         In the Social Studies and Management          standards.
• Teaching innovation (Experiential           fields, Luiss ranks in Business,
  learning, interdisciplinary and             Economics, Law and Politics, with the         Reimagine Education Awards 2016
  innovative programs)                        Department of Political Science ranking       During the 2016 Reimagine Education
• Safety (security and healthy                in the top 100 worldwide.                     conference, sponsored by the Wharton
  environment)                                                                              School of the University of Pennsylvania
• Sense of community                          Shanghai Ranking                              and QS, Luiss University won the Bronze
  (Luiss Alumni network)                      Since 2017, Luiss has made the Global         Award in Ethical Leadership and was
                                              Ranking of Academic Subjects published        shortlisted in Nurturing Employability.
                                              by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.
                                              Luiss is listed in the Social Sciences Area
                                              in two subjects: Political Science and

Luiss Programs

Bachelor’s degree            Master’s degree              Luiss School
programs                     programs                     of Government
                             Key features:
Key features:                                             Key features:
                             • 120 ECTS
• 180 ECTS                                                • 6 Master’s programs
                             • 2-year program
• 3-year program                                            (English)
                             • 30 double degrees
• International study                                     • 6 Master’s programs
  opportunities in 44        Courses:                       (Italian)
  countries                  • Economics and Finance      • 7 Executive courses
                               (taught in English)
                             • Corporate Finance          Luiss Business School
• Management and
                               (taught in English)
  Computer Science
                             • Banks and Financial        Key features:
  (taught in English)
                               Intermediaries             • 18 Master’s programs
• Economics and Business
                               (taught in Italian)        • 3 MBA
  (taught in English)
                             • Management                 • More than 70 Executive
• Politics, Philosophy
                               (taught in in English)       programs
  and Economics
                             • Marketing (offers majors   • Exchanges in 14 countries
  (taught in English)
                               both in Italian and in
• Economics and
  Management                                              Luiss School of Law
                             • Global Management
  (taught in Italian)
                               and Politics (taught in    Key features:
• Political Science
                               English)                   • 12 Postgraduate Master’s
  (taught in Italian)
                             • Accounting, Control        • 4 MA/LLM programs
• Single-cycle master’s
                               and Finance (taught in     • 5 Postgraduate courses
  degree of Law
                               Italian)                   • 3 Executive courses
  (taught in Italian)
                             • Business Management
                               (taught in Italian)
Luiss Summer School                                       Luiss School of European
                             • Marketing
                                                          Political Economy
                               (taught in Italian)
Key features:                • International relations    Key features:
• 1500 students every year     (offers majors both in     • 3 Postgraduate Master’s
• 2-week sessions on           Italian and in English)    • 16 researchers and visiting
  different topics           • Public Policies              fellows
• One weekend in an            (taught in English)
  important Italian city     • Government and Policies
• European know-how            (taught in Italian)
  company visits

Luiss Summer

Key features:
• BA students
• 1 to 3-week sessions
• Taught in English

Luiss International Programs
    Double Degrees for Master students

    Master’s Degree in Economics and Master’s Degree in Finance
    NOVA UNIVERSITY                                               Portugal
    TILBURG UNIVERSITY                                            Netherlands
    SOLVAY SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE                        Belgium
    HIGHER SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS                                    Russia

    Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance
    FUDAN UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT                        China

    Master’s Degree in Management
    FUDAN UNIVERSITY, SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT                        China
    NOVA UNIVERSITY                                               Portugal
    SKEMA BUSINESS SCHOOL                                         France / china
    GOTHENBURG UNIVERSITY                                         Sweden
    PARIS DAUPHINE UNIVERSITY                                     France
    TILBURG UNIVERSITY                                            Netherlands
    HIGHER SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS                                    Russia

    Master’s Degree in Marketing

    TILBURG UNIVERSITY                                            Netherlands

    BI NORWEGIAN BUSINESS SCHOOL                                  Norway

    Master’s Degree in International Relations
    UNIVERSITY OF SALZBURG                                        Austria
    MGIMO                                                         Russia
    KING’S COLLEGE LONDON                                         United kingdom
    CHINA FOREIGN AFFAIRS UNIVERSITY                              China
    UNIVERSITÉ LIBRE DE BRUXELLES                                 Belgium

    Master’s Degree in Public Policies
    UNIVERSITÉ LIBRE DE BRUXELLES                                 Belgium

Master’s Degree

                                                                                        Department of Economics and Finance
in Economics

Entirely taught in English

The Master’s program in Economics             International Opportunities
enables students to develop skills,           • Double Degree in Economics
methods and knowledge of decision-              with Nova School of Business and
making, market function and economics.          Economics (Portugal)
The program provides cutting-edge             • Double Degree in Economics with
training in theoretical and empirical           Solvay Brussels School of Economics
techniques to make meaningful                   and Management (Belgium)
connections, informed projections             • Double Degree in Applied Economics
and trends in macroeconomics and                with Higher School of Economics
international finance, as well as to            (Russia)
understand policymaking and regulation        • QTEM Masters Network
of socio-economic data.
                                              Job Opportunities
The major in Economics also offers Rome,
                                              • Top professional in International and
a specialization program for particularly
                                                European organizations
promising students, in collaboration
                                              • Researcher in public and private
with the Einaudi Institute for Economics
and Finance. Students selected for the
                                              • Analyst in central banks, ministries,
program will participate in special courses
                                                the EU Commission
in addition to those required for the         • Expert in the World Bank and the IMF
Master’s program.                             • Asset manager
                                              • Financial analyst
The students may also compete for eight
                                              • Strategic planner
                                              • Risk manager
                                              • Market researcher
Graduates of this program can hold
                                              • Fund manager
positions of high responsibility in the
economic and financial system, in
investment banks, asset management
companies, banks and in other financial

The program includes internships at
national and international financial
institutions, consulting companies
and public entities as well as regulatory
and supervisory authorities.

Department of Economics and Finance
Master’s Degree
in Finance

Entirely taught in English

This Master’s program offers students       International Opportunities
the opportunity to acquire quantitative     • Double Degree in Economics
skills in asset management, asset             with Nova School of Business and
pricing and portfolio analysis in             Economics (Portugal)
addition to a deep knowledge of the role    • Double Degree in Finance with
of financial markets and intermediaries,      Tilburg University (Netherlands)
corporate governance and financial          • Double Degree in Financial
regulation.                                   Economics with Higher School of
                                              Economics (Russia)
The program also provides cutting-          • Double Degree in Global Finance with
edge training in techniques for               Fordham Gabelli School of Business
price formation, securities trading,          (USA)
management of corporate finance and         • QTEM Master Network
extraordinary transactions as well as
the ability to understand meaningful        Job Opportunities
connections between forecasts and           • Top professional in International and
trends in macroeconomics and                  European organizations
international finance.                      • Asset manager
                                            • Financial analyst
This Master’s program provides students
                                            • Strategic planner
with advanced knowledge of ethical
                                            • Risk manager
topics and challenges related to ethical
                                            • Market researcher
behavior, while describing the role of
                                            • Fund manager
ethics in asset management, banking and
investment professions.

Interactions with top professionals         The Department of Economics
and financial companies allow graduates     and Finance also offers
to acquire knowledge of the most            the following Master’s Program
advanced techniques in financial             in Italian
markets as well as
to master the rules of engagement in the
                                            Banks and Financial Intermediaries
real world of finance.

Master’s Degree

                                                                                     Department of Business and Management
in Corporate

Entirely taught in English

Offered by the Department of Business       International Opportunities
and Management in cooperation with the      • Double Degree in International
Department of Economics and Finance,          Management/Corporate Finance with
this Master’s program reflects objectives     Fudan School of Management (China)
common to both departments and              • Double Degree in Corporate Finance
covers the areas of financial economics,      with Cass Business School (United
financial management, business                Kingdom)
planning and valuation, mergers and         • Double Degree in Global Finance with
acquisitions (M&A), capital markets,          Fordham Gabelli School of Business
asset pricing, risk management                (USA)
and derivatives, by focusing on the         • QTEM Masters Network
interactions among corporations and
financial markets.                          Job Opportunities
                                            •   Financial advisor
The Master’s program of Corporate
                                            •   Risk manager
Finance adopts innovative teaching
                                            •   Fund manager
methods that will help students to
                                            •   Consultant
translate strong theory into useful
                                            •   Financial analyst
practice. Students will be continuously
                                            •   Investment banker
exposed to case studies, simulations,       •   Financial planner
company presentations and experiences,
inspiring talks by top managers and

Graduates in Corporate Finance
will have the opportunity to work in
finance divisions of large corporations,
corporate banking and M&A divisions
of investment banks, financial advisory,
consulting firms and investment funds.

Master’s Degree

                                                                                    Department of Business and Management
in Management

Entirely taught in English

Using an innovative approach that           International Opportunities
balances academic rigor with managerial     • Double Degree in International
experience, the Master’s program in           Management / Corporate Finance
Management consists of core courses           with Fudan School of Management
that increase students’ knowledge of          (China)
the functional areas of management          • Double Degree in Management
and majors that offer specialized             with Nova School of Business and
knowledge and real-life experience            Economics (Portugal)
in Entrepreneurship and Innovation,         • Double Degree in Innovation with
International Management                      University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
and Luxury, Fashion and Made in Italy.      • Double Degree in Business
                                              Transformation with Paris Dauphine
The Luiss Master’s program in
                                              University (France)
Management – FT-ranked among
                                            • Double Degree in International
the top 100 worldwide (and 8th for
                                              Business with Paris Dauphine
careerprogress) – offers high-potential
                                              University (France)
graduates an exceptional opportunity to     • Double Degree in Luxury and Fashion
develop the right skills and mindset for      Management with SKEMA Business
an international business career.             School (France or China)
                                            • Double Degree in International
The Master’s program in Management            Business with Higher School of
combines academic excellence, a               Economics (Russia)
pivotal location and superb networking      • Double Degree in Supply Chain
prospects to help graduates start their       Management with Tilburg University
international careers as managers,            (Netherlands)
entrepreneurs or business consultants.
                                            Job Opportunities
                                            •   Business analyst
                                            •   Industry analyst
                                            •   Assistant innovation manager
                                            •   Junior manager
                                            •   Market analyst
                                            •   Assistant product / brand manager
                                            •   Junior consultant
                                            •   Entrepreneur

Master’s Degree

                                                                                    Department of Business and Management
in Marketing

Entirely taught in English

The Master’s program in Marketing         International Opportunities
provides an integrated approach that      • Double Degree in Strategic Marketing
combines advanced knowledge of              with BI Norwegian Business School
consumer insights, research methods         (Norway)
and analytical techniques with business   • Double Degree in Marketing Analytics
understanding in a digitalized and          with Tilburg University (Netherlands)
interconnected world. The program
offers two majors, Marketing Analytics    Job Opportunities
& Metrics and Market Relationships &      • Brand / product / communication
Customer Engagement.                        manager
                                          • Marketing manager
The major in Marketing Analytics &
                                          • Marketing / business / industry
Metrics focuses on the analysis and
measurement of market processes,
                                          • Consultant
while the major in Market Relationships
                                          • Merchandiser
& Customer Engagement focuses
                                          • Marketing big data scientist
on approaches and methods to
                                          • Marketing and sales performance
manage engagement and relationship          specialist
development with customers and            • Customer engagement manager
business partners.                        • Account sales manager
                                          • Promoter
Graduates in Marketing will acquire
both skills and methodologies that can
be shared and combined to generate
enormous value for the job market.

Master’s Degree

                                                                                          Department of Business and Management
in Global
and Politics

Entirely taught in English

The Master’s degree program in Global        The master’s program trains
Management and Politics – offered            professionals to perform managerial and
by the Department of Business and            specialist functions within international
Management in cooperation with               organizations (profit and non-profit),
the Department of Political Science          and, in particular, in the context of
– complements topics related to              global industrial companies and
management with socio-political issues,      services, strategic consultancy firms,
as global managers must be aware of the      as well as institutions operating at the
intricacies of world politics.               supranational and international levels.

The study plan starts with the exploration
                                             Job Opportunities
of the economic, legal and economic-         Graduates will acquire skills and
business foundations of global               methodologies that will allow them to find
management.                                  job opportunities in:
                                             • National and international
The course of studies then focuses on           organizations (profit and non-profit)
organizational and strategic issues          • Global industrial companies and
and, finally, ends with the analysis            services
of important issues related to the           • Strategic consultancy firms
political implications of globalization,     • Institutions operating at the
international relations, the dynamics           supranational and international levels
of international governmental and
non-governmental organizations
and activities related to representing
corporate, stakeholder and institutional

                                             The Department of Business
                                             and Management also offers
                                             the following Master’s programs
                                             in Italian

                                             Accounting, Control and Finance
                                             Business Management

Master Degree

                                                                                        Department of Political Science
in International

Entirely taught in English

The Luiss Master’s program in                 International Opportunities
International Relations is an advanced        • Double Degree in International
course that trains students in topics           Relations with China Foreign Affairs
such as globalization, foreign policy,          University (China)
international law, international              • Double Degree in Global Ethics and
economic policy and security.                   Human Values with King’s College
The program branches out into two               London (United Kingdom)
majors, European Studies and Global           • Double Degree in Governance and
Studies.                                        Global Affairs with MGIMO
                                                University (Russia)
The major in European Studies provides
                                              • Double Degree in Political Science
tools to understand the socio-economic
                                                with Université Libre de Bruxelles
phenomena and the institutional setting
inside the EU and its increasing relevance
                                              • Double Degree in European Studies
in the world. The major in Global Studies       with University of Salzburg (Austria)
focuses on global issues that are radically
reshaping the international political         Job Opportunities
landscape and analyzes them from an           • Private European and international
interdisciplinary perspective that blends       companies
economic, political, legal, social and        • National and European public
philosophical concepts and data.                administration, ministries of foreign
Graduates in International Relations will     • Think tanks and research centers
acquire skills and methodologies that will    • National and European lobbying
allow them to launch careers in the public      and public relations companies
and private sectors, whether on a local,      • Consultant at businesses and law
national or international level.                firms, in foreign investment
                                                and commercial arbitration
                                              • National and non-governmental

Master’s Degree

                                                                                         Department of Political Science
 in Public Policies

 Entirely taught in English

The Master’s program in Public Policies        International Opportunities
provides specialized training in public        • Double Degree in Political Science
policy design, implementation and                with Université Libre de Bruxelles
evaluation, preparing students to                (Belgium)
understand complex policy problems.
The program draws concepts and skills          Job Opportunities
from a variety of social science disciplines   • Local and national public
including economics, ethics, politics,           administration
policy analysis and quantitative analysis.     • International institutions dealing
                                                 with real world public problems
                                               • Private and public companies affected
Senior public managers, representatives
                                                 by the impact of public policies
of institutions, experts, national and
                                               • Think tanks and research centers
international professors are invited
                                               • European institutions
to discuss their strategically and
                                               • National and European lobbying
operationally important activities within
                                                 and public relations companies
their areas of expertise.
                                               • National and international non-
                                                 governmental organizations
This Master’s program in Public Policies
will prepare students to start a career
in public service at local, national and
European levels, as well as in companies
and institutions in the private sector that
are affected by government policies.
                                               The Department of Political
                                               Science also offers the following
                                               Master’s programs in Italian

                                               Government and Policies
                                               International Relations

QTEM Masters Network
The QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for      QTEM Program
Economics and Management Network)          Students selected for QTEM will be
Masters Network presents a challenging     registered at Luiss during their stay
opportunity for outstanding students       at the partner universities and will
interested in developing skills in both    continue to pay tuition fees at Luiss.
analytical and quantitative techniques
and in decision-making within an           Students will be exempted from paying
international context. The program is      tuition to partner universities.
aimed at students who wish to enroll or
are currently enrolled in the first year   Professional Internship
of the Luiss Master’s degree program       All QTEM students will have the chance
                                           to carry out a corporate or institutional
in Economics, Finance or in Corporate
                                           internship of at least 300 hours.

                                           Internship options consist of multiple
Selection Process
                                           short-term internships or one long-
All QTEM students are selected through
                                           term internship.
a competitive process involving academic
and corporate partners.

Applicants must meet the minimum
GMAT/GRE score requirement of 600.

International Experience
The selected students will spend up to
two semesters abroad with two different
partner universities.

Upon completion of the program,
all QTEM graduates have gained
international experience by studying
and working in at least three different

Admission Process
     Luiss Guido Carli selects its students                     An additional opportunity to be admitted
     carefully so that it can offer them                        at Luiss university is through the
     efficient, effective services and optimal                  admission test, which takes place in
     conditions to further their studies, thus                  Rome on March 22nd and throughout the
     ensuringtheir personal and professional                    month of July.
     growth. Students are at the heart of
                                                                Students interested in sitting it, can
     our universityand each of them is given
                                                                register at
     individual, professional attention.

                                                                Exemption from admission rounds:
     Luiss Master’s programs are open to
                                                                Candidates who have a GMAT certificate
     graduate students of all nationalities
                                                                with the minimum score of 550/800 or a
     who hold at least a three-year Bachelor’s
                                                                GRE certificate with the minimum score
                                                                of V: 145/170 and Q: 145/170 are exempt
                                                                from step 2 and they will receive the
     The 2019/2020 academic year begins
                                                                outcome of application according
     in September 2019, you can apply on
                                                                to the deadlines of the selection rounds. by the given daedlines,
     selecting “How to apply” and uploading:
     • Current university registration
        certificate and transcript of records or
        bachelor degree
     • Curriculum vitae
     • Motivation letter
     • Letter of reference from a lecturer
     • GMAT or GRE certificate
        (not mandatory but strongly
     • Language certificate (not mandatory
     • but strongly recommended)

     The selection process takes place between
     early December 2018 and the end of July

                    1.Deadline              2.Assessment             3.Communication
                    for submission          of admissibility         of outcome
                    of application          of candidacy             of application           4.Enrollment

      Round 3       28 March 2019           30 April 2019*           17 May 2019              14 June 2019

      Round 4       17 June 2019            28 June 2019             12 July 2019             25 July 2019

     * Admitted applications will be submitted to the Faculty Committee which could require a skype interview to
     the candidates

Tuition & Fees

Registration for the academic year is        Some full scholarships will be awarded
subject to payment of an annual tuition      to students who obtain a GMAT score
fee and a regional student tax (a one-time   of at least 710 or a GRE score of at least
fee of approximately €150). The tuition      160 and who apply to any Master’s degree
fee is the same for all students.            program.
Payments may be made in installments.
                                             Additionally, every year the Italian
   Master’s Degree Programs 2019/2021        Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers the
1st year    2019-2020       € 12,000         following scholarships:
2nd year    2020-2021       € 12,000

                                             Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Financial Aid                                International Cooperation Scholarship

More than 40 scholarships awarded            International students and Italian
every year                                   students living abroad can be granted
                                             this scholarship issued by the Italian
Luiss University awards merit-based          Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
Luiss University awards merit-based full-    International Cooperation with the aim
tuition and accommodation scholarships       of fostering international and cultural
to talented Master’s students, based         cooperation. More information:
on the overall assessment of the   
applications.                                procedure

The scholarships are automatically
offered during the final application
phase and are available for the following
• Management
• Marketing
• Global Management and Politics
• International Relations
• Public Policies
• Corporate Finance
• Finance

International Student
     Services Overview

     Welcome Desk                                  Buddy and tandem programs
     Staff dedicated to providing information      A peer-to-peer initiative to help integrate
     on administrative formalities,                international students and enhance
     opportunities and initiatives, from their     their Luiss experience by immersing
     arrival and throughout their time             themselves in campus life.
     at Luiss.
                                                   Tutoring service
     Housing service                               University tutors help students to build
     Luiss offers to its students both             an educational path that meets their
     university dorms and residence formula        job market goals by supporting them in
     accommodation. Moreover, it also works        making academic choices. Academic
     with a real estate agency to provide          tutors organize study groups on specific
     comfortable housing options near the          subjects and exam workouts through the
     university.                                   Academic Gym.

     Italian courses                               Luiss LOFT
     Complementary Italian courses are             The Laboratory of Fabulous Things
     offered to international students             (LOFT) is a hub for students, staff and
     to provide them with basic knowledge          professors to connect, explore and
     of the language to facilitate everyday        stimulate their creativity while delving
     communication.                                into tech culture, creativity, design and
                                                   digital production. It is made up
     Cultural integration                          of several spaces for coding, co-
     Students are offered a wide range of          working, video production, editing and
     cultural activities, from exploring           watching films.
     unusual and secret places in Rome to
     contests, competitions and sports events.     Luiss Language Cafè
                                                   The Luiss Language Café is a multilingual
     Visas and residence permits                   home for creative collaboration, with
     Assistance to non-EU students who need        three makerspaces and a theater area.
     to apply for visas or residence permits in    Students can meet to enjoy the latest
     order to study and live in Italy. Special     news in different languages, drink free
     sessions are dedicated to help students to    coffee, browse the café’s international
     complete the requested documentation.         newspapers, magazines and over 700
                                                   books or even learn learn to play an
     Sports and medical certifications             instrument.
     Track and field, soccer, rowing, cycling,
     volleyball, swimming, basketball,
     rugby, skiing, tennis and other athletic
     opportunities, plus a free medical check-
     up and medical certifications for amateur

     Luiss counseling
     A service focused on cultural shock
     issues, available to students who might
     feel the need to receive advice on culture-
     related problems.

Luiss Campuses

                 Viale Pola                                 Viale Romania
                 The historic Luiss campus and the          Completely renovated in 2007, the
                 University’s headquarters. The campus is   campus is home to the Departments of
                 home to the Luiss Schools of Journalism    Economics and Finance, Business and
                 and Law and hosts some courses of the      Management, and Political Science. The
                 Department of Law.                         grounds of over 33,000 m² are set in a
                                                            park in the center of Rome with advanced
                                                            technology and services.

                 Via Parenzo                                Villa Blanc
                 Housing the Department of Law, this        An architectural jewel of the 19th century,
                 building from the 1930s is considered      Villa Blanc is home to the Luiss
                 one of the best examples of the period’s   Business School, ensuring students a
                 architectural trends, structured into      unique learning experience thanks to a
                 various spaces and terraces. Studying      combination of digital technologies and a
                 here means living in a community.          prestigious historical setting.

Luiss Residences

                        Via Lisbona 7                             Via Antelao 14
                        Located next to the Viale Romania         This facility is divided into small
                        campus, the structure has single and      apartments with a living room, kitchenette,
                        double rooms, double suites with in-      bathroom and double bedrooms. Available
                        room bathrooms and cleaning services      services include a doorman and night
                        including linens.                         security, laundry room, occasional
                        The building has a doorman, night         cleaning, common areas, reading room,
                        security, a common room, laundry room     central heating, outdoor space, technical
                        and a Wi-Fi connection.                   assistance, a Wi-Fi connection and electric
                                                                  bike rental.

                        Via di Santa Costanza 53                  Luiss helps students find conveniently-
                        Located in the Luiss Library building,    located housing based on their
                        close to the Viale Pola and Via Parenzo   personal needs through three types of
                        campuses. The structure has single and    services: university residences, small
                        double rooms with in-room bathrooms       apartments with double rooms and
                        and cleaning services including linens.   common areas, contracted residences,
                        The building has a doorman, complete      facilities that offer rooms and services
                        kitchens on every floor, a common area,   at a discounted price for Luiss students
                        laundry room and Wi-Fi connection.        and private rooms and apartments,
                                                                  for which students can use the free
                                                                  brokerage service, CasaLuiss.

Luiss Library                                 Luiss ERS-Ethics, Responsibility              Luiss Canteen
                                              and Sustainability
The library’s acquisitions support the                                                      Luiss students are provided with canteen
University’s teaching and research            ERS workshops allow students to develop       services available on each campus and
programs. Its collection is in continuous     critical thought and problem-solving skills   throughout the entire week. Moreover,
growth.                                       to improve community awareness                once a week, students have the
                                              and understand how to play a unique role      opportunity to talk to a nuitrition expert
In 2016, the library’s collection amounted    in creating value for society.                who develops customized, balanced diets
to 99,797 books, 1,786 paper journals                                                       based on the needs of each student.
(567 of which are current issues) and 98      Along with Bachelor’s and Master’s
databases. The library also provides access   programs, Luiss offers courses to develop     Menurice
to 50,683 e-journals and 65,122 e-books.      soft skills and practical abilities, both     Full meal    2 main courses            €8
                                              highly valued and carefully assessed by                    + 1 side + fruit
After a complete remodel, the library                                                                    or dessert + bread
                                              potential employers.
                                                                                                         + drink
consists of three different study rooms
                                                                                            Half meal    1 main course          € 6.70
and offers support in bibliographical         Students are required to participate in an                 + 1 side + fruit
research and in the use of digital            ERS project, ranging from business games                   or dessert + bread
resources. While the facility is open                                                                    + drink
                                              to volunteer programs.
from Monday to Saturday, the catalogues                                                     One dish     1 dish (3 choices)        €7
                                                                                                         + fruit or dessert
can be comfortably accessed remotely,                                                                    + bread + drink
so students can access information at                                                       Vegetarian   Salad + fruit             €5
any time.                                                                                                or dessert
                                                                                                         + bread + drink

                                              “Thanks to this course you can
                                              explore a new professional path
                                              that completes our traditional
                                              academic course with something
                                              more practical”

                                              Marcello Sergi
                                              Political Science student

                                              “We are not just studying Law,
                                              we are studying how to be better

                                              Gabriella Maria Paternò
                                              Law student

Living in Rome

     Rome is the capital of Italy and the fourth   While budgets vary according
     most populous city in the European            to students’ lifestyles, needs and
     Union. It’s the only city in the world        expectations, average living costs are
     which contains a whole country – the          as follows:
     Vatican City – and is also one of the most    • Room: €300-600 per month
     visited cities in the world. Rome is often    • Studio apt: €650-900 per month
     referred to as the Eternal City, spanning     • Food: €150-300 per month
     28 centuries of history since its founding    • City transport card: €35 per month
     in 753 B.C.                                       or €250 per year
                                                   • Mobile phone: €10-30 per month
     While most study abroad alumni would          • Restaurants: €15-30 for a meal
     tell you that going abroad was one of the     • Museums: €5-15 per entrance
     best experiences of their lives, you might    • Clubs: €10-25 per entrance
     be concerned about the cost of living in
     a large European capital.

Luiss Sport Academy                             The mission of the Luiss Sport Academy
                                                is to offer student-athletes a place
At Luiss, students can put themselves           to develop academically as well as
to the test with a variety of different         athletically w-hile granting total or partial
sports teams, guaranteeing a healthy and        scholarships
active lifestyle throughout their academic

In 1998, the Luiss sports project started its
first basketball team, made up of student-
athletes who received the University’s
four earliest athletic scholarships.
Additional teams have been created over
the years and the University currently
boasts fifteen different teams including
basketball, soccer, volleyball, rugby,
rowing, swimming, skiing, athletics and
cycling. Throughout the academic year,
student-athletes can take part in several
sports tournaments.

Chiara Mormile                                  Filippo Tortu
MA student International Relations
                                                BA student Economics
Fencing champion
                                                Athletics champion

Giorgio Avola
BA student Economics
Fencing champion

International Mobility                      Adoption Lab

     Bilateral exchange programs                 Luiss has developed the Adoption Lab
     Luiss bilateral exchange programs are       to connect students with the business
     open to all students who would like to      world. The employers of leading
     spend one or more semesters abroad.         companies “adopt” selected students
     Luiss has developed bilateral agreements    and offer them the chance to work
     with several universities in 42 countries   on projects. During their first year,
     around the world.                           students visit company headquarters
                                                 and meet representatives to learn about
     Erasmus Program                             company policies and procedures.
     Luiss supports and promotes students’       In the second year, students develop
     mobility through the Erasmus                problem-solving skills and work in
     Program, which provided more than 4         teams on consulting projects to be
     million students with the possibility to    presented at the end of the year.
     experience different education systems
     and explore several cultural contexts.
                                                 Top students may be offered internships
     Double Degree programs                      at a partner company after graduation.
     Luiss offers students the opportunity
     to earn double degrees at our partner
     universities around the world. Our
     longstanding relationships with both top

     Free Mover program
     The Free Mover program (visiting            “Participating and winning the
     student program) is designed for            Luiss Adoption Lab for Gucci has
     students who wish to pursue a semester      been a wonderful experience both
     abroad without having to go through         on a personal and educational
     the selection process for other exchange    level. I consider it a pivotal
     programs (i.e. Erasmus, Double Degrees      tool that connects students
     etc). The Free Mover program is open        with companies and helps us
     to all Bachelor’s and Master’s students     understand how companies
     enrolled in their final year.               actually work and what they

                                                 Andrea Martinis
                                                 Management graduate

                                                 “A wonderful program that gave
                                                 us the chance to meet and learn
                                                 from professionals. We gained
                                                 insights in the art of project
                                                 development and had the chance
                                                 to visit company headquarters.
                                                 It was an interesting initiative
                                                 for students wanting to better
                                                 understand the job market before
                                                 diving into it.”

                                                 Francesca Maccheroni
                                                 Marketing Analytics and Metrics graduate

Career Opportunities                           “None of us really know
                                               ourselves, and this is what Luiss
Thanks to its connection with more than        helped me with. I am now a
500 public and private institutions as         different version of myself, a new
well as multinational companies, Luiss is      one. In the university’s hallways,
able to provide graduating students and        I started a journey inside myself
graduates with real career opportunities,      which led me to moving to Milan
supporting them in entering the job            to work for one of the most
market through internships, meetings           important firms, surrounded
and seminars with leading international        by high level professionals who
companies and institutions. With more          made me feel part of the team
than 120 annual meetings, the Career           right away”
Services Office increases students’
chances of getting hired by offering the       Piervincenzo Lapenna,
support of skilled recruiting professionals.   Law Graduate

Career days
Career days are regularly organized            “After completing my BA with
to give students the chance to meet            honors, I decided to continue
employers in person to increase their          studying at Luiss University and
possibility of succeeding in the recruiting    challenge myself by enrolling
process.                                       in the QTEM Network, one of
                                               the most prestigious graduate
In addition to these meetings, the Career      programs offered by the
Services Office organizes company              University. This program made
presentations, recruiting days, business       one of my dreams come true: to
games, speed interviews, counseling,           study and travel in two of the
company visits and other innovative            fastest growing global financial
formats throughout the academic year.          countries, Australia and Japan.
                                               The QTEM Network has provided
International internship opportunities         me with academic excellence,
Given the growing trend of looking for         high specialization in the
applicants with experience abroad,             financial field and the possibility
Luiss pursues placement activities             to be part of an innovative
both within and outside the European           and exciting international
Union, facilitating students’ personal         environment.”
and professional enrichment while
transforming them into an asset for            Rosario Sorrentino
future employers. The University has           Corporate Finance Graduate
also built important partnerships in
strategic countries such as Russia,
Brazil and the United Arab Emirates,
expanding the range of opportunities for
Luiss students to be a part of challenging
and dynamic scenes.

Company visits
This program, which also includes
visits abroad, introduces small groups
of talented students to the history,
organization and modus operandi of
companies, law firms, organizations and
government institutions.

Luiss Alumni Network

Today, there are 35,000 Luiss University        Relations as her interest for East Asia, and
alumni in Italy and around the world.           especially China, was already much alive
The University maintains contact with its       during her university times. Thanks to
former students thanks to the Luiss Alumni      her passion and the support of the Luiss
Association (ALL). ALL was founded more         network, Ludovica got an internship at
than 30 years ago to promote the values of      the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
membership, giving back, personal and           where she had her first contact with the
professional development, as well as to favor   diplomatic environment. As soon as she
contacts, networking and the exchange of        joined the Diplomatic Service, she was
opportunities among its members.                posted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs -
The Association is a privileged, permanent      Bureau for Italy-China Bilateral Relations,
and distinctive meeting point for all           where she served for four years until her
its members and promotes high-level             transfer to Shanghai where she currently
meetings, reunions, debates on topical          serves as Deputy Consul In charge of
issues, meetings for professional networks      economic and trade relations.
and events. Throughout the year, events and
activities are organized both in Italy and      Carla Liuni
abroad through ALL’s national chapters.         Bulgari
                                                Global Marketing and Communication
                                                Vice President
The association has roots in Brussels,
London, New York, Tel Aviv and now in           Carla obtained a Luiss Bachelor’s degree
Shanghai, counting on the more than             in Economics and a Master’s degree in
35,000 graduates on five continents.            Marketing. She had an exciting career
                                                with P&G for over 20 years in London,
in Milan and Apulia and international           Germany, Geneva and Singapore
chapters in London, New York, Brussels,         and played a key leadership role in
Tel Aviv and Shanghai. ALL continues            transforming the Dolce & Gabbana
to seek out large populations of alumni         business to the leading Beauty house that
to establish additional international           it is today. In 2015, she became BVLGARI
chapters.                                       Global Marketing and Communication
                                                Vice President, responsible for the
The Association works closely with the          strategy and worldwide implementation
University, in particular with the Luiss        of Bulgari’s brand marketing and
Alumni Office, to create a global network       communication vision.
that allows graduates to maintain a strong
relationship with their Alma Mater and          Simona Scarpaleggia
their classmates. ALL and the Alumni            CEO of IKEA Switzerland
Office share the same values and goals and
work together to promote the potential of       Simona Scarpaleggia has been CEO
the alumni network.                             of IKEA Switzerland since 2010. Long
                                                committed to the values of diversity
Ludovica Murazzani                              management, in 2009 she co-founded
Consul                                          Valore D. She is the founder and former
Head of Economic and Commercial Office          president of Advance, an organization of
Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai          companies that promotes positive actions
                                                for the empowerment of women in the
Born in Cagliari in 1984, at the age of 18      workplace. In January 2016, she was
she left her hometown to pursue her             nominated Co-Chair of the UN Secretary-
academic career. At Luiss, she attended         General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s
the Master’s program in International           Economic Empowerment.

International Programs

Viale Romania, 32
00197 Roma - Italy
T + 39 06 8522 5646 / 5425
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