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November 2019 | Cheshvan - Kislev 5780 | Volume 66 Number 9

 Beth El Members Express Gratitude Through Chesed
Giving Thanks            Beth El Members Express Gratitude Through Chesed

By: Brandon Chiat, Digital Media Strategist

The Hebrew word "chesed" does not have a direct English             service projects that address a vital community need,” Mrs.
translation. Commonly understood to mean loving-kindness, the       Harvey said. “In September the families formed an adorable
Torah presents chesed as an ideal to which the Jewish people        assembly line with children filling snack bags for kids attending
might aspire, a blueprint for how to treat one another.             the Living Classrooms camp program.”

"Chesed is one of the 13 attributes of Hashem and is often          Importantly, the Mitzvah Parties are an opportunity for Jewish
associated with rachamim, the attribute of mercy," explained        families to meet and interact with each other around a
Cantor Melanie Blatt. "The two concepts are closely connected:      service mindset.
acts of chesed are motivated by a feeling of mercy for those
                                                                    "We want our kids to grow up with an innate sense of chesed,"
in need."
                                                                    Mrs. Goldberg said. "We intentionally avoided the phrase 'giving
Thus, chesed is a fundamental way in which humankind                back' because acts of service are not transactional, but rather,
manifests God’s vision for creation.                                an obligation Jewish families feel to our community."

"Judaism is not a thought experiment," said Rabbi Steve             In that sense, chesed is the antidote to selfishness.
Schwartz. "Judaism is about taking the values of our tradition
                                                                    "Judaism encourages us to focus beyond the self," Mrs. Harvey
and applying them in the real world, every single day. Chesed
                                                                    said. "Kids today are under so much pressure to achieve. We risk
is a prime example of that. We don't use chesed exclusively on
                                                                    sending them the wrong message that personal advancement is
Shabbat or the High Holy Days. Rather, chesed should guide our
                                                                    all that matters. Prioritizing chesed from a very young age helps
day-to-day actions, behaviors, and decisions."
                                                                    our little ones understand that we're all a part of something
While a person should strive to embody chesed every day,            bigger than ourselves."
there are moments throughout the year that heighten acts of
                                                                    Rena Kates shares Mrs. Harvey's concerns. "The message kids
loving-kindness. Thanksgiving, with its themes of gratitude and
                                                                    get from society is: it's all about me," she said. "It's essential
thankfulness, is such a touchstone.
                                                                    that we teach the value of community and caring for others to
"Chesed is the act of gratitude," said Amy Goldberg, Director of    our children from a young age."
the Berman-Lipavsky Religious School. "The thankfulness you
                                                                    In addition to serving on the JVC board, Mrs. Kates runs a
feel on Thanksgiving is great, but it's important to carry that
                                                                    "VolunTeam" through the JVC that brings together toddlers and
momentum throughout the year."
                                                                    seniors at the Springwell Senior Living Community. Mrs. Kates
As a board member of Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC), Mrs.        says the bi-monthly "playdates" are a win-win: the youngsters
Goldberg creates opportunities for Jewish families to participate   delight the seniors with their enthusiasm, while also learning the
in acts of chesed year-round. Mrs. Goldberg, along with Beth        importance of respect, an essential aspect of rachamim.
El member Stacy Harvey, co-chair Living With Purpose, a JVC
                                                                    “Small children have not yet formed opinions of others, which
program that organizes monthly Mitzvah Parties.
                                                                    means they’re not uncomfortable around seniors who may be
“The Mitzvah Parties bring Jewish families together around          non-verbal or have disabilities,” Mrs. Kates explained. “Exposing

The Voice of Beth El Congregation
children to those who are different from them normalizes those             give," Mrs. Goldberg said. "Jewish tradition teaches us that we all
differences and teaches respect for all people.”                           have a responsibility to support our community. We impart that
                                                                           lesson on our children through the Mitzvah Parties and through
The message of communal dignity resonates with Beth El
                                                                           Beth El’s Religious School curriculum."
member Jennifer Grossman. Along with her longtime friend
Nicole Glick, Mrs. Grossman founded Shalom Tikvah ("Peace                  As American-Jewish families gather around the Thanksgiving
and Hope"), a non-profit dedicated to providing the highest                table, surrounded by the abundance of the season, they might
standard of care to families struggling with complex mental                share sentiments of gratitude. While this touching tradition has
health issues.                                                             come to define Thanksgiving, Rabbi Schwartz suggests these
                                                                           families remember the true meaning of giving thanks.
"We combat mental health stigma in the Jewish community,"
Mrs. Grossman said. "Those who are in a position to help often             "Thanksgiving and chesed both require an active, physical
refuse to do so because they may incorrectly believe that the              response," Rabbi Schwartz said. "The concept of giving thanks is
families in need made poor choices which resulted in their                 an action, not merely a kind thought."
difficult situation. Therefore, it's not their responsibility to fix the
                                                                           Champions of chesed like Amy Goldberg, Stacy Harvey, Rena
family's mistake."
                                                                           Kates, and Jennifer Grossman exemplify the idea of rachamim.
Such thinking is the antithesis of chesed and demonstrates why             They proactively create opportunities to help those in need, a
rachamim is essential to the act of loving-kindness. The great             trait Rabbi Schwartz compared to another paradigm of
sage Rashi explained chesed is not only a willingness to help              loving-kindness.
when called upon but rather a fundamental aspect of
                                                                           "Abraham actively sought out opportunities to do chesed. Even
Jewish identity.
                                                                           on the third day after his circumcision, at 99-years-old, he ran
"Asking for help is courageous," Mrs. Grossman said. "Giving is            out of his tent to welcome passing guests because chesed was at
so much easier than receiving. When a family is brave enough to            the core of his character," Rabbi Schwartz illustrated. "Abraham
ask for help, then it falls on the community to provide that help."        embodies the personality of chesed, an example to which we
                                                                           should all aspire."
Rashi further reasoned that chesed occurs when a person gives
their heart and mind to the well-being of the person in need,
                                                                                 OUR PRE-K CLASS 13 STUDENTS ANSWER:
which is to say, to emulate the divine attribute of rachamim.                           What are you thankful for?
"There is no place for judgment in the world of chesed," Mrs.                    Nathan: Eating apples & honey
Grossman said. "Acts of loving-kindness must be given with                       Jake: My sister
                                                                                 Winnie: My sister
respect and dignity."
                                                                                 Joseph: My mom, dad and little brother
                                                                                 Talia: My whole family
"Chesed occurs when there is an understanding between two
                                                                                 Gram: My sister
people and when the command to 'love your neighbor as                            Naava: My family
yourself' is fulfilled," Cantor Blatt said. "Acts of chesed are the              Jackson: the playground
active representation of a covenant among people, a                              Jazz: My cousins in Israel
social contract."                                                                Ethan: My brothers
                                                                                 Jacob: My dog
Human beings are bound together through rachamim, a value                        Zoe: My parents and baby sister
                                                                                 Yale: My family
passed down to the youngest Jews through chesed.
                                                                                 Luke: Being in school with my teachers
"Acts of chesed are not contingent on how much we have to

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                                                                                                The Voice of Beth El Congregation                1
Between a Rock
     and aStrawberry
                   This Grateful Life

    By: Rabbi Benjamin Shalva

    Gratitude is a central theme of Thanksgiving. As we approach
    the Thanksgiving season, Rabbi Benjamin Shalva shares his
    insights on the Mussar (character) trait for gratitude: HaKarat
    HaTov (literally,“recognizing the good”). Benjamin Shalva is a
    rabbi, writer, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, and musician.
    He received his rabbinical ordination from the Jewish Theological
    Seminary and serves as Wisdom Leader at The Soul Center. You           and down a ladder? You could spin that either way. Here they
    can meet Rabbi Ben monthly on Shabbat at Beth El, and at some          come, but there they go. Blessed, Jacob, or cursed? He opens his
    of our Soul Center programs, like “The Spark,” a weekly deep dive      eyes. The light is kind. The rock reliable. But memory is quick to
    into inspirational Jewish learning with Rabbi Dana Saroken             claim him. He cannot escape what he has done. Blessed, Jacob,
    and friends.                                                           or cursed? He opens his mouth. He stakes his claim. “God was in
                                                                           this place,” Jacob said, “and I did not know.”
    Gratitude may find you pausing, perhaps before a face, or a
    flower, or a ripe strawberry. You will feel the strength yet left in   One more story. This one of Buddhist origins, but a favorite of
    your limbs. This life - unfathomable - what a find!                    Leo Tolstoy’s, too.

    Or not.                                                                A man is walking down the road and a tiger appears. A hungry
                                                                           one. The man flees. He sees a cliff. Over the edge he goes, saved,
    You may rise resentful. We all do. Modeh ani, we read in the very      at the very last, by a dangling vine. Above, the tiger paces. Below
    first page of the prayer book. Modeh ani - I am thankful. “Am I?”      him waits a second tiger. Dangling by a vine between the two
    you ask. Your body is a day older. Your sleep, fitful. You must rise   tigers, our hero hears exuberant squeaks, the patter of tiny feet.
    - heavy, fleshy, dull. And it is only Monday. Dear God.                Two mice, one black and one white, have stumbled upon the
                                                                           same vine. They bare their greedy teeth. They peel the vine to
    Modeh ani - I am thankful. Sometimes, only sometimes.
                                                                           its pulp. It is unfair, this life. A tiger above. A tiger below. Two
    The rest of the time, we need a nudge. We need to be caught            mice on a vine. A story with a hard stop—like yours, like mine.
    off guard by gratitude. We need to be tricked, as if by a Trojan       But, here, one last act, a flourish worthy of old Leo: a strawberry
    Horse, as if by a ray of sun sneaking in past the shades. With the     within reach. A red, ripe strawberry, discoverable only from the
    help of a good teacher; better, a good book; best, a story. A story    man’s tragic angle. It might as well be the last strawberry on
    of gratitude whispered to us when we need it most.                     earth - maybe the mice even missed it. The man lets go, with
                                                                           one hand of course! The tigers’ eyes narrow. The mice nervously
    Jacob—good for nothing, nebbish, mama's boy, liar and thief,
                                                                           gnaw. The man plucks the strawberry. Pops it into his mouth.
    despised. Jacob fleeing from his twin brother, Esau, whom he
    has swindled. Jacob fleeing from his father, Isaac, to whom he
    has lied. There we have it, folks, and canonized, no less. The least   And there the story ends.
    likely story of gratitude. A protagonist lost, alone, ashamed, and
                                                                           Only, give him a line, I say.
    afraid. Nowhere to lay his head but a rock. Nothing to do but
    dream, and not a simple dream, mind you. Angels climbing up            God was in this place, let him say, and I did not know.

2   The Voice of Beth El Congregation
Beth El
                  Family                                                                                     B'NAI MITZVAH

                                                                                                                   SAMUEL MATTHEW
                         OUR HEARTIEST MAZAL TOV TO                                                                LECKNER, son of Paul
                                                                                                                   and Olivia Leckner, will
Eileen & Donald Himelfarb on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Carla Shoshana Satyr.                         be called to the Torah
Paul & Olivia Leckner on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Samuel Matthew Leckner. Grandparents are
   Ruth & Ira Leckner and Bella Tashliski.
                                                                                                                   as a Bar Mitzvah on
Elena & Richard Pearl on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Avi Ben Pearl. Grandparents are Vivian &                    November 2, 2019.
   Stephen Pearl.
Marshall & Michelle Davis on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Ian Collin Davis. Grandparents are                      SAMANTHA DANIELLE
   Morris & Marsha Saks and David & Ann Davis. Great-grandmothers are Shirley Goodman and                          ZOOKER, daughter of Dr.
   Bluma Saks.                                                                                                     Chad and Lauren Zooker,
Brett & Lauren Altberger on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Maelan Eve Altberger.                               will be called to the
   Grandparents are Emanuel & Roberta Eisner and Howard & Rory Altberger.                                          Torah as a Bat Mitzvah of
Harriet & Jimmy Berg on the marriage of their daughter, Jennifer Berg to Felix Kishinevsky.
                                                                                                                   November 9, 2019.
Grandparents are Roslyn & Leonard Stoler.
Dr. Chad & Lauren Zooker on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Samantha Danielle Zooker.
   Grandparents are Dr. Barry & Eileen Grosshandler and Ms. Marsha Zooker.
                                                                                                                   AVI BEN PEARL, son
Dr. David Goldberg & Dr. Sarah Michel on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Lucie Tabitha                          of Elena and Richard
   Michel Goldberg. Grandparents are Richard & Dorothy Goldberg and Roger & Vivian Michel.                         Pearl, will be called to the
Michelle & Marc Zayon on the B’nai Mitzvah of their children, Noah Harry and Brooke Madison                        Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on
   Zayon. Grandparents are Ruth & Barry Green and Sharon & Martin Zayon.                                           November 9, 2019.
Elizabeth & Charles Jacobs on the marriage of their daughter, Hilary Jacobs to Nicholas Bolash.
Amanda & Peter Beitman on the birth of their daughter, Ellie Louise Beitman.
Lisa and Brian Bennett on the birth of their daughter, Brooke Sarah Bennett.                                       IAN COLLIN DAVIS, son
Dr. Franklin & Ruth Blatt on the birth of their granddaughters, Brooke Sarah Bennett and Skyler
                                                                                                                   of Marshall and Michelle
   Rogue Kali-Blatt.
Susan and Mark Levy on the birth of their twin grandchildren, Mary Louise (Marlo) Levy and                         Davis, will be called to the
   Ezra James Levy. Great-grandmother is Gayle Levy.                                                               Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on
Irene Snyder on the birth of her great-granddaughter, Lily Paige Snyder.                                           November 16, 2019.

  Beth El                                           MILESTONE ANNIVERSARIES
                                                  Jonathan and Nina Baron on their 10th
                                                  Michael and Nina Pachino on their 10th
                                                                                                                   MAELAN EVE
                                                                                                                   ALTBERGER, daughter
          Ellie Louise Beitman                    Matthew and Annie Friedman on their 15th                         of Brett and Lauren
  Parents: Amanda and Peter Beitman               Dr. Louis and Elyse Gordon on their 15th                         Altberger, will be called to
  Grandparents: Catherine and David Max           Michael and Miriam Holy on their 15th                            the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah
                                                  Eric And Carley Orsini On their 20th                             on November 23, 2019.
                                                  Theodore and Risa Offit on their 25th
                                                  Adam and Jane Berg on their 30th                                 LUCIE TABITHA MICHEL
                                                  Dr. Lawrence and Barbara Zerolnick on their 30th                 GOLDBERG, daughter of
                                                  Morry and Lisa Zolet on their 30th                               Dr. David Goldberg and Dr.
                                                  Norman and Sandy Benney on their 35th
                                                  Alan and Aimee Smith on their 35th                               Sarah Michel, will be called
                                                  Howard and Judi Snyder on their 35th                             to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah
                                                  Benjy and Barbara Green on their 45th                            on November 23, 2019.
                                                  John and Natalie Spector on their 55th
                                                  Sidney and Eunice Friedman on their 65th                         NOAH HARRY ZAYON,
                                                  Dr. Frederick and Joan Magaziner on their 65th                   son of Michelle and Marc
                                                                                                                   Zayon, will be called to the
                          OUR DEEPEST SYMPATHY TO                                                                  Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on
Shazy and Cantor Thom King on the loss of their beloved father and father-in-law, Alan Hopfenberg.                 November 30, 2019.
Harry Adler on the loss of his beloved sister, Lynn Adler Green.
Beatrice and Ronald Shapiro on the loss of their beloved son, Max Shure.
Marc Berman and Carol Smullian on the loss of their beloved mother and sister, Renee Lois Neuman.                  BROOKE MADISON
Saralynn Glass on the loss of her beloved brother, Charles M. Broh.                                                ZAYON, daughter of
Ann Mantelmacher on the loss of her beloved mother, Gwendolyn Strong.                                              Michelle and Marc Zayon,
                                  IN MEMORIAM                                                                      will be called to the
                                                                                                                   Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on
           We mourn the passing of our members and extend sincere condolences to their families.                   November 30, 2019.
                            Esther Berelowitz          Ida Dubick

                                                                                                     The Voice of Beth El Congregation             3
Beth El
     GENERAL MEETING, LUNCHEON                                           in China, “Baltimore East.” Denise, a California native,
     AND PROGRAM                                                         attended UCLA where she earned the prestigious Natalie Wood
                                                                         Award. She graduated from the California Institute of the Arts
     Monday, December 2 at 11:30 AM in the Auditorium.
                                                                         and then received her master’s from the University of Michigan,
     Denise Koch, an Emmy                                                Ann Arbor. Koch's acting career took her to theatres around
     Award-winning journalist                                            the country and even to the soap opera “Another World,”
     with WJZ, is considered                                             eventually bringing her to Center Stage where she also served
     one of the most veteran                                             as literary manager
     news reporters and
                                                                         If you are NOT a subscription holder, please send a check
     anchors in Baltimore.
                                                                         in the amount of $20 payable to:
     Denise’s first introduction                                         Beth El Sisterhood
     to WJZ viewers was on                                               Luncheons
     “Evening Magazine” where                                            Mail to Beth El Sisterhood
     she was known as “Daring                                            Attn: Marcia Boonshaft and Myra Coonin
     Denise,” tackling sports from hang gliding to scuba diving. She     8101 Park Heights Avenue, Pikesville, MD 21208
     joined the newsroom as a lifestyle reporter, reviewing plays and
     films and filing stories twice a day on the arts and the creative   Subscription holders who will not attend should notify:
     side of life.                                                       Marcia Boonshaft ( 410-484-3112,
                                                                         Myra Coonin ( 410-653-9435.
     She has earned both a Maryland State Teachers Award and a
     National Angels Award. The Society of Professional Journalists      RSVP by Friday, November 12.
     awarded her a prize for her documentary on Baltimore teachers

     RABBI STEVEN SCHWARTZ’S BOOK                                           LAST FALL TRIP
     REVIEW AND LUNCHEON                                                    To obtain a full description of trips, go to the Beth El website
     Wednesday, November 20 at 12:00 PM                                     ( or obtain a flyer located on the Sisterhood
                                                                            stand in the Offit Lobby.
     Rabbi Steven Schwartz will review “The Uninhabitable
     Earth: Life After Warming” by David Wallace-Wells                      Arena Stage - "Right To Be Forgotten"
                                                                            Sunday, November 10
     following the luncheon. The book brings into reality the
     climate troubles that await – food shortages, refugee                  Cost: $135: for members of Beth El; $145 for
     emergencies and other crises that will reshape the globe.              non-members of Beth El. *Wait List Only.
     Although the topic of the book is climate change, and its
     method is scientific, its mode is Old Testament. The book is           If you have questions, contact Marlene Siegel at 410-484-1844
     a meticulously documented, white-knuckled tour through                 ( or Ellen Wiesenberger
     the cascading catastrophes that can soon engulf our earth.             at 410-484-6411 (

     Please send a $20 check payable to Beth El Sisterhood to:
     Beth El Sisterhood
     Attn: Judy Pachino
     8101 Park Heights Ave
     Baltimore, MD 21208

     RSVP by November 13.

4   The Voice of Beth El Congregation
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 want you to miss out on them. Looking forward to hearing from you.

 We knit and crochet lap afghans in individual
 squares, then join them into an Afghan of
 Love for those who are homebound or in
 a facility. Sisterhood welcomes knitters,
 people who crochet, and people who wish to                               A GIFT FOR THE BRIDE
 learn. Donations of yarn are welcomed. We                                AND GROOM
 meet each Tuesday at 10:30 A.M. in the Schuster Library. If you are
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 to knit or crochet, please contact Susan Himmel at 410-484-7521          Life” by Anita Diamant to Beth El
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 an afghan.                                                               and their children when they marry.
                                                                          This book discusses Jewish traditions,
                                                                          customs and values for today’s
                                                                          families. Since it covers every aspect
JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY                                               of life, it is a wonderful reference book for a couple beginning
                                                                          married life.
Sisterhood supports the mission of
JTS which is to educate thoughtful,                                       If you have a new bride or groom who is eligible for this
innovative leaders who strengthen our                                     gift, please contact Marta Braverman 410-358-6509
communities with a vision of Judaism                                      ( It is also available for
grounded in our Jewish past and                                           purchase in the gift shop.
engaged with contemporary society.
The theme for this year’s campaign
is Chesed (Acts of Loving Kindness),
conveying the Jewish attribute of                                       BIBLIO
altruistic love. The pin pictured here is                               Welcome to Biblio, Beth El Sisterhood's Book Club. We hold monthly
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Make shopping easy with one stop in the Judaica Shop!
Check out all the new and beautiful items that have arrived for your    WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15
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                                                                        WEDNESDAY,FEBRUARY 19
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    Sun: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM                                            MONDAY, APRIL 20
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To volunteer or contact the Judaica Shop, call                          MONDAY, JUNE 8
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                                                                                             The Voice of Beth El Congregation                         5
Teacher                                                                                      Preschool
      Spotlight                                                                                           News
    RELIGIOUS SCHOOL                                                                             THE PAULINE MASH
    TEACHER SPOTLIGHT                                                                            SCHOOL WELCOMES
                                                                                                 NEW TEACHER
    J. Michael "Mikey" Hess Webber
    teaches Kitah Vav (6th Grade) in                                                             The Pauline Mash School for Early
    Beth El's Berman-Lipavsky Religious                                                          Childhood Education is so excited
    School. Rabbi Webber is in her                                                               to welcome Jeanette Perthel to our
    fourth year at the Reconstructionist                                                         Beth El family! Jeanette is a great
    Rabbinical College and also serves                                                           addition to our staff, and we look
    as the Rabbinic Educator at Towson                                                           forward to many years together!
    University Hillel.
                                                                                                 "I grew up in Potomac, Maryland and
    What inspires you to live a rich and                                                         graduated from Winston Churchill
    meaningful Jewish life?                                                                      High School in 2011. I graduated from
                                                                                                 Towson University in 2015 with a
    Each tradition in our world brings                                                           Bachelor's in Sociology. The summer
    something unique and beautiful to the                                                        after I graduated college I began
    human community. I believe deeply                                                            working at a preschool in my local community, Beth Sholom Early Childhood
    that each has value in realizing peace and justice in our world.                             Center in Potomac, MD. In 2017 I decided to try out an "office job" and began
                                                                                                 work at a non-profit in Arlington, VA.
     Judaism is our tradition, inherited. I am the moral heir of those who stood at
    the foot of Mt. Sinai, and as such, I see myself as its steward. I deeply honor that         As a lively and gregarious individual with a great sense of humor, I quickly
    which I have received from generations past, and I must work to ensure that I                realized that an office wasn't a good fit for me, and that I belonged with
    pass on a relevant and healthy Jewish tradition to future generations.                       children in the classroom. Before I moved to Baltimore City this past summer, I
                                                                                                 sought out a Jewish preschool to work at. I feel a deep connection with Jewish
    What do I mean by relevant? A Judaism that continues to be a living religion:
                                                                                                 education as I grew up in a strong Jewish community and loved my past work
    creating a fruitful space for future generations to wrestle with God and challenge
                                                                                                 experience at a Jewish preschool. As I have been establishing myself in a
    the idolatry of every age.
                                                                                                 new city, working at Beth El has helped me feel at home. I couldn't be more
    What do I mean by healthy? That our community facilitates people feeling held,               grateful for this opportunity and to be working alongside such a wonderful
    seen, and significant; that our community's actions in the world align with the              group of people."
    values we espouse - the universal right for liberation and human dignity.

    Judaism is the lens through which I make meaning of the world - it is my moral
    compass. I use Shabbat as a time to imagine a calmer and more peaceful world in
    which we connect face-to-face and are not distracted by our busy lives. I use kashrut
    as inspiration for making moral choices about what I eat and valuing the material
    blessings of my life. Kashrut reminds me that all life is sacred. I use my daily prayer as
    a ritual to quiet my heart. Doing so allows me to connect to something bigger than
    myself. I study Jewish text to further my search for meaning.

     Judaism allows me to discern God in the connection between human beings and
    to feel deeply grateful for the blessings of being human. One such blessing for
    me this year is to be part of the Beth El community, teaching Kitah Vav. Thank
    you for welcoming me into your community. I cannot wait to see what will unfold
    for us in the coming year.

6         The Voice of Beth El Congregation
Center                                                                                 CHAIR YOGA
                                                                                       Thursdays at 10:00 AM
                                                                                       Improve strength, flexibility, and
                                                                                       coordination and add in our signature
                                                                                       Jewish twist. Join Robyn Katz, certified
                                                                                       Iyengar teacher, for an hour long class. No
                                                                                       prior experience necessary. Just drop-in or register early on our website.
Fridays at 8:30 AM
A deep dive into inspirational Jewish learning with Rabbi Saroken and                  CAREGIVER CAFE
friends. From unlocking the secrets of the holidays, to cartwheeling                   Thursday, November 21
through Genesis, to learning from the Hasidic masters. Start your
                                                                                       at 2:00 PM
weekend in our beautiful space with some inspirational learning and
                                                                                       Caring for someone day in and day out?
great conversation.
                                                                                       Come meet other who “get it” and let
                                                                                       us nurture you! Each session includes
TORAH & YOGA                                                                           an expert-led, topical talk followed by
                                                                                       a discussion with a social worker and
Sundays at 9:30 AM
                                                                                       physician. Co-sponsored by Johns Hopkins Bayview.
This yoga class will include 10 minutes of
inspirational Torah at the beginning, and
then a full hour-long yoga class.                                                      ZENTANGLING
$10/person. Drop-in or register.
                                                                                       Sundays at 3:00 PM
                                                                                       Yoga for the mind! Led by Kathy Shapiro and
HEALING SERVICE with Rabbi Saroken                                                     Sarah Reading, you’ll find yourself relaxing
                                                                                       and enjoying the creative process as your
Wednesday, November 13 at 9:15 AM
                                                                                       “guided doodling” transforms to art.
In need of healing for yourself or someone you love? Led by Rabbi
Saroken, this supportive and confidential
gathering provides an environment                                                      NEW
                                                                                             NEW MOON NIA
in which to find strength in prayer,
                                                                                       Sunday, November 24
reflection, the wisdom of our tradition,
                                                                                       from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
and in knowing that you’re not alone. All
                                                                                       Join us at The Movement Lab in Remington,
are welcome.
                                                                                       for a once a month New Moon Nia class. Join
                                                                                       the Soul Center with white belt Nia instructor
                                                                                       (and professor of religion) Dr. Andrea Lieber
                                                                                       as we use mindful movement and rhythm to celebrate each new month.

                            Are you or someone you love experiencing a life challenge or transition? Do you want some guidance and support?
                            Sarah Shapiro, LCSW-C, our in-house social worker, is available to provide short-term counseling free of charge to congregants, school
                            families and Soul Center participants, in person or over the phone. She is usually at Beth El on Tuesdays from 12:00-2:00 PM and on
                            Thursdays from 1:00-5:00 PM. Sarah also co-facilitates our monthly Caregiver Café (on the third Thursday of the month from 2:00-3:30 PM)
                            with Dr. Panagis Galiatsatos of Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital. Sarah can be reached via phone at 410-484-0411 ext. 1111 or
                            email at

   For more information on all events at the Alvin and Lois Lapidus Center for Healing & Spirituality, visit or call 410-580-5160.

  *Want to alleviate the stress of looking for a $10 bill before coming to the Soul Center? Simply purchase our NEW Mindfulness Pass. It can be
  used for any $10 mindfulness program (Torah & Yoga, Chair Yoga, Meditation, etc.) You pay for 10 classes up front, $100, and we’ll have your
  mindfulness pass in the Soul Center and we’ll keep track for you!

                                                                                                                The Voice of Beth El Congregation                      7
    The Rabbi Mark G. Loeb Center for Life Long Learning

                                                                                             CANASTA FOR BEGINNERS with Geri Willen
    IMPROVE YOUR HEBREW READING SKILLS                                                       Wednesday, November 6, 13, 20, and 27
    with Rabbi Sam Wach                                                                      4:00-5:00 PM IN THE MEYERS AUDITORIUM
    Monday, November 4, 11, 18, and 25, December 2, 9, 16, and 23
                                                                                             Now you can learn to play Canasta! Canasta is offered monthly. Join Geri Willen as
    6:00 - 7:00 PM IN THE AGUS LIBRARY                                                       she shares her love of the game with you. It’s easy to learn and fun to play. Canasta
                                                                                             classes are offered monthly in November, December, January, March, April, and
    This series of eight classes will enrich your Hebrew reading skills. You will be using
                                                                                             May. Register for as many sets of 4 classes you choose.
    the siddur as your reading text resource and be able to follow the text as each
                                                                                             FEE: $50 FOR BETH EL MEMBERS; $60 FOR NON-MEMBERS
    participant reads. This is great practice for improving reading, Hebrew fluency as
                                                                                             *Registration is required for all participants.
    well as learning prayer.
    NON-MEMBERS. *Registration is required for all participants.                             THE HISTORY OF ADVERTISING:
                                                                                             15 ADS THAT CHANGED OUR LIVES
    AGUS ACADEMY                                                                             with Barbara Blumberg
    i-ENGAGE: FOUNDATIONS FOR A NEW                                                          Tuesday, November 5, 12, 19, and 26, December 3
                                                                                             7:00 - 8:15 PM IN THE AGUS LIBRARY
    RELATIONSHIP with Rabbi Steven Schwartz,
    Rabbi Dana Saroken, and Dr. Eyal Bor                                                     Join Barbara Blumberg as she takes you on a journey beginning with the very first
    Monday, October 28, November 4, 11, 18, and 25, December 2, 9, 16, and 23                kind of advertising. Look at 15 ads through the centuries that changed our daily
    7:00 - 8:15 PM IN THE AGUS LIBRARY                                                       living habits including what we do in the privacy of our bathrooms, how we buy an
                                                                                             engagement ring, and what we wear on our feet. Advertising has been influencing
    This is a series of nine central-themed DVD lectures and conversations with              us for a very long time as to what we need to buy to have a better life. How did we
    Hartman Institute scholars led by Rabbi Dr. Donniel Hartman. These discussions           evolve from posters to newspapers, to magazines, radio, tv, and now the internet?
    respond to growing feelings of disenchantment and disinterest toward Israel              Who were the brilliant ad men behind the cleverest ads? You will be shocked by
    among an ever-increasing number of Jews worldwide. This creates a new narrative          vintage ads that were overtly racist and by more modern-day ads that are more
    regarding the significance of Israel for Jewish life.                                    misogynistic according to today’s standards.
    NON-MEMBERS. *Registration is required for all participants.                             MEMBERS. *Registration is required for all participants.

    MAH JONGG FOR BEGINNERS with Geri Willen                                                 INTRODUCTION TO PAINTING with John Viles
    Wednesday, November 6, 13, 20, and 27                                                    Thursday, November 7, 14, and 21, December 5, 12, 19, and 26, January 2
    10:00-11:00 AM IN THE MEYERS AUDITORIUM                                                  10:00 AM IN RM.207, BERMAN-LIPAVSKY RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
    Learn to play Mah Jongg with other beginners in just four lessons. Geri Willen           Join this 8-session studio group as you explore creativity and self-expression
    will offer these sets of four classes in November, December, January, March,             through the art of painting. fundamental drawing skills. This studio class is
    April, and May.                                                                          designed for the beginner through more accomplished painter; each student will
    FEE: $50 FOR BETH EL MEMBERS; $60 FOR NON-MEMBERS                                        be supported at individual skill levels and will receive immediate feedback from
    *Registration is required for all participants.                                          John Viles and everyone is welcome.
                                                                                             FEE: $150 FOR BETH EL CONGREGATION MEMBERS; $175 FEE FOR NON-
                                                                                             MEMBERS *ALL MATERIALS ARE INCLUDED IN THE CLASS FEE.
                                                                                             *Registration is required for all participants.
        Wednesday, November 6                                                                ANTI-SEMITISM: A SCOURGE THAT NEVER
                                                                                             REALLY ENDS with Barry Smith
                                                                                             Wednesday, November 13, 20
        The 1st Wednesday of the month brings you an evening of music,                       7:00 PM IN THE AGUS LIBRARY
        entertainment, and learning. Meet Veronica who presents this tribute to
                                                                                             Anti- Semitism, a mindset of people long gone and who's deleterious impact on
        pioneer women in jazz music history. These ladies lived, loved, and bared their
                                                                                             Jews are moments in time that have long passed. If you believe this statement,
        souls to us through lyrics and melody. With live singing and video images as
                                                                                             we have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. We will explore the ugly history of
        the backdrop, take a journey through time and relive the music that became
                                                                                             Anti-Semitism and how it is attacking our Jewish communities and review the
        the soundtrack of an era of class and elegance
                                                                                             definitions of Anti-Semitism, explore its history, and capture how it is being
                                                                                             recycled back into our world.
                                                                                             FEE: $30 FOR BETH EL CONGREGATION MEMBERS; $40 FEE FOR NON-
                                                                                             MEMBERS *Registration is required for all participants.

8       The Voice of Beth El Congregation
Social Action
 Committee                                                                           In addition to the above, please don’t forget to give to the Crisis Center. They are
                                                                                     always in need of non-perishable food, toiletries and school supplies. A basket
                                                                                     can be found in the front office.

NEW YEAR – NEW PROJECT                                                               PLEASE HELP OUR CONGREGANTS
“DECLUTTER AND BRING             ‫( שמחה‬SIMCHA, JOY)”                                 AND DO A MITZVAH
The Social Action Committee will be starting a new project to provide our            We have members who need rides to and from medical appointments, physical
congregants the ability to declutter their closets and bring warmth to those         therapy, dialysis, etc. as well as to Saturday morning Shabbat Services. You
in need.                                                                             do not need to stay with the individuals at their medical appointment. One
                                                                                     volunteer can drop off and another can do the pick-up. Please contact
Please gather your gently worn winter coats for both children and adults which       Paul Sheitel if you are willing to help. His contact information is 443-604-3178
will be distributed to those in need before the Thanksgiving holiday.                or
We will have three collection dates:
                                                                                     The Social Action Committee would love to have you join us. Whether you are
    Monday, November 4, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM                                           interested in helping with the events we have on our calendar, or have some
    Sunday, November 10, 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM                                          ideas of your own, we would love to hear from you. Please contact either
                                                                                     Myra Katz at or Marci Elkin at
    Tuesday, November 12, 3:00 PM-6:00 PM

The collection will take place in the Beth El Lobby. Any questions, please contact
Myra Katz at or Randy Melnick at
In addition to the above, we have many continuing events coming up between
now and the end of the year for which we would love to have your support.
We will be very busy with the following activities:
    1. At Hope Lodge, we will be serving both a wonderful Thanksgiving and                  We are pleased to announce that Beth El will be honoring
        Christmas Dinner to their residents and caregivers.                                  our veterans on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH AT 10:00 AM
    2. S upplying NEW toys to CHANA so that the mothers can provide their                   during morning Shabbat services. Members and guests are
        children with a happy Hanukkah. All toys or money (if you don’t like                 invited to join us. Beth El welcomes veterans to wear their
        to shop) can be dropped off at the front office or you can contact Ellen             military attire. Any veteran needing a ride to services, please
        Budish at 443-857-7499 or                                        call the Beth El office so one may be arranged for you. We are
                                                                                             looking forward to having you join us as we honor the men
    3. Needy families from Sinai’s Women & Children’s Coalition will be the
        recipients of clothing and toys for the holidays. Please contact Ellen               and woman who have served in the armed forces.
        Budish if you are interested in participating.

    4. On Christmas Day, sodas and donuts will be delivered
       to our local police and fire departments.

                                                                                                               The Voice of Beth El Congregation                            9
Freedom Song
               One Family's Struggle with Addiction.
                  One Nation's Path to Recovery.

           Thursday, November 7 at 6:45 p.m.
                          at Beth El’s Offit Auditorium
           Created by Beit T’shuvah, a residential addiction treatment center,
       Freedom Song is an interactive play that enables communities to shine
       a light on the problem of addiction, while celebrating the possibility and
        hope of recovery. The cast members are not actors, but actual people
                                 in addiction recovery.

         • 6:45 p.m.: Musical performance by the Helping Up Mission Choir
                     • 7:00 p.m.: Presentation of Freedom Song
             Due to the generosity of our sponsors the evening is free and open to the public.
                         RSVP requested:

          This evening is made possible by: Beth El Congregation, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation,
           Jewish Community Services, Maryland Faith Health Network, Sol Levinson & Bros., Inc.,
        The Larry A. Samet Fund, The Marilyn and David Carp Philanthropic Fund, and The Associated.

10   The Voice of Beth El Congregation
                                                 A LEGACY LOST
                                           2019:   a Legacy Lost
                                             2:00 pm | Sunday
                                                                          SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10
                                                                              AT 2:00 PM

                                                   November 10, 2019
                                                                   MUSICAL TRADITIONS OF
                                                                     THE GERMAN JEWS
                                                    Beth ElFeaturing
                                                                     the Choirs of
                                                    8101 Park Beth El Congregation
                                                              Heights     Avenue& 21208
                                                                   Brown Memorial Park Avenue
                                                                      Congregation Church

                                                                            Cantor Thom King
                                                                           Michael Britt, Organist
            This Event made possible by
           The Patsy & Fritz Goldschmidt                     This event is made possible by The Patsy & Fritz Goldschmidt
           Memorial Music Fund and the                         Memorial Music Fund The
                                                                                     andDavid    and
                                                                                          the Beth     Regina
                                                                                                   El Adult Choir Fund.
             Beth El Adult Choir Fund                                              Weinberg Foundation
           Attention All Parents and Grandparents                               A Supporting Foundation of The Associated

                         of Interfaith Families!     Photo: Neue Synagogue, Berlin, Germany
n All Parents     andAll   Parents and Grandparents of Interfaith Families!
 of Interfaith
            Rabbi Families!
                 Rabbi Schwartz for an interactive
                             Schwartz              discussiondiscussion
                                         for an interactive   on        on

         Navigating the Holidays
 eve Schwartz for an interactive discussion on

 gating Wednesday,
        the Holidays
                   November 13 at 7:00 p.m.
                        in the Kolker      Room
 day, November    13 at NOVEMBER
                           7:00 p.m.13
           7:00 PM IN THE KOLKER ROOM
  in the Kolker Room
                 Bring friends or anyone interested in this
                                   fascinating discussion!
             Bring friends or anyone interested in
 g friends or anyone interested in this
                   this fascinating discussion!
       fascinating discussion!

                    Save the Date!
               Save the Date!
              Upcoming Discussions:
                    Upcoming Discussions:
 ate!           January 22, 2020
                         January 22, 2020
ussions:          April 22, 2020
                            April 22, 2020
                                                                               The Voice of Beth El Congregation            11
      Beth El Men’s Club continues its active schedule with the next upcoming
      sports and exercise related event.

      On Sunday, DECEMBER 15, the Men’s Club will welcome Billy Wunderlich of
      Lifebridge Health and Fitness to Beth El for a return visit. Billy will discuss
      physical conditioning and nutrition. Men’s Club members, guests and
      family are welcome to join us.

      The Men’s Club season kicked off with two great events. On SEPTEMBER 22,
      Cantor Thom King reviewed the recent Beth El trip to Eastern Europe. In addition
      to sharing a PowerPoint presentation, Cantor King provided an informative
      commentary on the religious and historic significance of his experience.

      On OCTOBER 17, the Men’s Club sponsored its annual “Steak, Salmon and
      Scotch in the Sukkah” event. In addition to a capacity crowd and great
      food, Scott Garceau, local sports commentator, provided an update of the
      Baltimore sports scene. A great speaker and host of The Fan, an afternoon
      sports talk show on radio 105.7, Scott was an engaging speaker and made
      this a memorable occasion.

      The Beth El Men’s Club hopes you will join us for our upcoming events
      which are planned to address the interests of our members and the
      general Beth El community. We are open to your recommendations
      for future programs.                                                                  The spectacular old city square of Krakow, untouched by the ravages of war.

                                                                                             Children’s book drawings of the joy of cleanliness, on the walls of a washroom in
      The beautiful, vibrant, and diverse Jewish Community Center in Krakow, where we        Auschwitz- very disturbing.
      enjoyed a delicious and informative dinner.

                         Agus                                  Do you know the Agus Library contains over 2700 books that you may borrow? No matter your

          Library                                              interest, you will find a book. History, philosophy, literature, cooking, memoirs, biographies,
                                                               genealogy, Jewish holidays, art, grief, and family relationships are just a few of the topics you will
                                                               find in the library’s collection.
        Monday 9:00-10:00 AM
      		 11:00 AM-12:00 PM                                     There will be someone, in most classes held in the Agus Library, who will check out or receive your
        Tuesday 1:00-2:00 PM                                   library selections. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer in the library, please contact
      Wednesday 3:00-4:00 PM                                   Marlene Siegel 410-484-1844.
       Thursday 11:30-12:30 PM

12   The Voice of Beth El Congregation
SUNDAY                         MONDAY                         TUESDAY                    WEDNESDAY                      THURSDAY                        FRIDAY                  SATURDAY

                                                                                               Every Wednesday
                                                                                                                                                       1         3 Cheshvan       2          4 Cheshvan
                                                                                                in November                                            8:00 AM                    9:00 AM

                     Calendar                                                                                                                           Morning Service            Torah Study Class

                                                                                               10:00 AM                                                8:30 AM                    10:00 AM
                                                                                                Mah Jongg for Beginners                                 The Spark                  Morning Service - Bar
                                                                                               4:00 PM                                                 6:00 PM                     Mitzvah of Samuel Leckner
                                                                                                Learn to Play Canasta                                   Evening Service           11:15 AM
                                                                                                                                                                                   Family Shabbat – Vav Led
                                                                                                                                                                                  6:30 PM
                                                                                                                                                                                   Evening Service

3          5 Cheshvan            4         6 Cheshvan          5          7 Cheshvan          6          8 Cheshvan       7          9 Cheshvan        8       10 Cheshvan        9        11 Cheshvan
9:15 AM                          8:00 AM                       8:00 AM                        8:00 AM                     8:00 AM                      8:00 AM                    9:00 AM
 Morning Service                   Morning Service               Morning Service                Morning Service             Morning Service             Morning Service            Torah Study Class
9:30 AM                          11:30 AM                      10:30 AM                       9:30 AM                     10:00 AM                     8:30 AM                    10:00 AM
 Torah & Yoga                      Sisterhood Meeting &          The History of Advertising     From Darkness to Light      Chair Yoga                  The Spark                  Morning Service - B’nai
3:00 PM                            Luncheon with Maria Broom   10:30 AM                       6:45 PM                     10:00 AM                     6:00 PM                     Mitzvah of Avi Pearl and
 Zentangling                     6:00 PM                         Chair Yoga                     Evening Service             Introduction to Painting                               Samantha Zooker
                                                                                                                                                        Evening Service
5:30 PM                            Improve Your Hebrew         6:45 PM                        7:00 PM                     5:00 PM                                                 10:15 AM
 Evening Service                   Reading Skills                Evening Service                Ulpan Hebrew Class          Prayer Workshop                                        Or Shabbat
                                 6:45 PM                       7:00 PM                        7:30 PM                     6:45 PM                                                 11:15 AM
                                   Evening Service                                              1st Wed. @ Beth El          Freedom Song Program                                   Prayground Shabbat
                                                                 The Meaning of Modern Art
                                 7:00 PM                                                                                  6:45 PM                                                 4:45 PM
                                   Agus Academy – iEngage                                                                   Evening Service                                        Evening Service
                                                                                                                          7:00 PM
                                                                                                                            To Kill a Mockingbird
                                                                                                                          7:00 PM
                                                                                                                            Embracing Imperfection

10       12 Cheshvan             11      13 Cheshvan           12       14 Cheshvan           13       15 Cheshvan        14       16 Cheshvan         15      17 Cheshvan        16       18 Cheshvan
9:15 AM                          Veteran's Day                 8:00 AM                        8:00 AM                     8:00 AM                      8:00 AM                    9:00 AM
 Morning Service                 8:00 AM                         Morning Service                Morning Service             Morning Service             Morning Service            Torah Study Class
9:30 AM                            Morning Service             10:30 AM                       9:15 AM                     10:00 AM                     8:30 AM                    10:00 AM
 Torah & Yoga                    6:00 PM                         The History of Advertising     HealingService              Chair Yoga                  The Spark                  Morning Service - Bar
2:00 PM                            Improve Your Hebrew         6:45 PM                        9:30 AM                     10:00 AM                     6:00 PM                     Mitzvah of Ian Davis
 Kristallnacht 2019                Reading Skills                Evening Service                From Darkness to Light      Introduction to Painting    Evening Service           11:15 AM
3:00 PM                          6:45 PM                       7:00 PM                        12:00 PM                    5:00 PM                                                  Kol Echad – Inclusive Family
 Zentangling                       Evening Service               The Meaning of Modern Art      Biblio                      Prayer Workshop                                        Shabbat Service
3:45 PM                          7:00 PM                                                      6:45 PM                     6:45 PM                                                 4:45 PM
 Fritz Goldschmidt Concert         Agus Academy – iEngage                                       Evening Service             Evening Service                                        Evening Service
5:30 PM                                                                                       7:00 PM                     7:00 PM
 Evening Service                                                                                Ulpan Hebrew Class          To Kill a Mockingbird
6:00 PM                                                                                       7:00 PM
 Beth El Seniors Dinner &                                                                       Embracing Imperfection
 Entertainment with Pinny                                                                     7:00 PM
 the King                                                                                       Navigating Holidays
                                                                                              7:00 PM

17       19 Cheshvan             18      20 Cheshvan           19       21 Cheshvan           20       22 Cheshvan        21       23 Cheshvan         22      24 Cheshvan        23      25 Cheshvan
9:15 AM                          8:00 AM                       8:00 AM                        8:00 AM                     8:00 AM                      8:00 AM                    9:00 AM
 Morning Service                   Morning Service               Morning Service                Morning Service             Morning Service             Morning Service            Torah Study Class
9:30 AM                          6:00 PM                       10:30 AM                       9:30 AM                     10:00 AM                     8:30 AM                    10:00 AM
 Torah & Yoga                      Improve Your Hebrew           The History of Advertising     From Darkness to Light      Chair Yoga                  The Spark                  Morning Service - B’not
3:00 PM                            Reading Skills              10:30 AM                       12:00 PM                    10:00 AM                     6:00 PM                     Mitzvah of Maelan Altberger
 Zentangling                     6:45 PM                         Chair Yoga                     Sisterhood Luncheon &       Introduction to Painting    Evening Service            & Lucie Goldberg
5:30 PM                            Evening Service             6:45 PM                          Book Review with Rabbi    2:00 PM                                                 11:15 AM
 Evening Service                 7:00 PM                         Evening Service                Schwartz                    Caregiver Café                                         Prayground Shabbat
                                   Agus Academy – iEngage      7:00 PM                        6:45 PM                     5:00 PM                                                 4:45 PM
                                                                 The Meaning of Modern Art      Evening Service             Prayer Workshop                                        Evening Service
                                                                                              7:00 PM                     6:45 PM
                                                                                                Ulpan Hebrew Class          Evening Service
                                                                                              7:00 PM                     7:00 PM
                                                                                                Anti-Semitism               Embracing Imperfection

24       26 Cheshvan             25      27 Cheshvan           26       28 Cheshvan           27       29 Cheshvan        28       30 Cheshvan         29              1 Kislev   30               2 Kislev
9:15 AM                          8:00 AM                       8:00 AM                        Offices & School Close      Thanksgiving                 7:45 AM                    9:00 AM
  Morning Service                  Morning Service               Morning Service               at 3:00 PM                 Offices & School Closed        Morning Service           Torah Study Class
9:30 AM                          6:00 PM                       10:30 AM                       8:00 AM                     9:15 AM                      6:00 PM                    10:00 AM
  Torah & Yoga                     Improve Your Hebrew           The History of Advertising    Morning Service             Morning Service               Evening Service           Morning Service - B’nai
9:45 AM                            Reading Skills              10:30 AM                       6:45 PM                                                                              Mitzvah of Brooke & Noah
                                                                                                                          5:30 PM                                                  Zayon
  Talking to Your Children and   6:45 PM                         Chair Yoga                    Evening Service             Evening Service
  Grandchildren About…             Evening Service             6:45 PM                                                                                                            4:45 PM
3:00 PM                          7:00 PM                         Evening Service                                                                                                   Evening Service
  Zentangling                      Agus Academy – iEngage      7:00 PM
5:30 PM                                                          The Meaning of Modern Art
  Evening Service
7:00 PM

                                                                                                                                           The Voice of Beth El Congregation                                      13
Empty Nesters &                                                                        Beth El
 BabyBoomers                                                                                     Seniors
                                                                                        Our opening dinner in September was a huge success. We hosted 65 members and
 Greetings from the Chairs of the EN/BB. We are looking forward to an exciting          their guests, ate a delicious dinner and culminated the evening with the fabulous
 2019-2020 year!! Listed below are the activities we have planned.                      singer, Shannon Wollman.

 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3 @ 10:30 AM                                                          On DECEMBER 8, we will be serving lunch followed by Bingo with great prizes.
 Tour of B’Nai Israel and its history of Jewish Baltimore followed by brunch and then   The cost is $15.00 for members and $18.00 for guests. Pleases RSVP no later than
 to top off the morning, a visit to the Jewish Museum with an exciting new exhibit.     November 25.

     • Tours of Lloyd Street Synagogue and B’nai Israel led                             Save these dates by marking your calendars:
       by Erika Rief Hornstein
                                                                                        JANUARY 12 - Brunch and the movie “The Other Son”
     • Brunch and discussion with Rabbi Etan Mintz
                                                                                        FEBRUARY 9 - Create a Tie activity
     • Explore the Jewish Museum of Maryland (docent-led) and
       view the exhibit called “Scrap Metal, Innovators of Recycling.”                  MARCH 8 - My Fair Lady by The Musical Artist Theatre

 **Free parking lot across the street from B’nai Israel                                 MEMBERSHIP
 $30 per person, checks made out to Beth El (Empty Nesters).                            Some of us may be up in age, but we are a vibrant group of men and women who just
 RSVP to Yvonne Epstein at Beth El by Friday, October 25.                               want to have fun. Our dues are very reasonable - $18.00 per person/$36.00 per couple.
 Your check is your reservation.                                                        We meet monthly on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. for dinner and entertainment. During the
                                                                                        winter months, some of our events are in the afternoon.
 “Cooking with Faith Wolf.” Pesach Cooking demonstration with tastings and recipes.     TRANSPORTATION
                                                                                        It is important that we keep reiterating that some of our Seniors are unable to attend
 FRIDAY, MAY 15                                                                         our events because they either don’t drive or don’t drive at night. How would you feel
 “Potluck” Kosher Shavuot dairy dinner.                                                 if you wanted to attend a Beth El event and had no transportation? Please do a mitzvah
                                                                                        by helping our members stay connected. If you need transportation, please let either
 Keep your eye on the Beth El Buzz and the monthly Voice to get more information        Ruthye at 410-655-8242 or Ellen at 443-857-7499 know and we will TRY to assist you.
 on all these events. Look for our Flyers in the lobby of the Shul.
                                                                                        TORAH MAINTENANCE FUND
 If you have any suggestions or would like to get more involved in our group, email     Please remember to purchase our Torah Maintenance Cards. The proceeds from these cards
 Debbie Shore at or Helene Lutz at                                 are used to pay for the repair of our Torahs and/or Megilahs. They can be purchased from                                                                either Amy at the front office or by contacting Ellen Davis at 410-602-4444. These all-
                                                                                        purpose cards are six for $10.00 or $2.00 each. Checks should be made payable to the Beth
                                                                                        El Torah Maintenance Fund.

     Shredding                                                                                    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3
                                                                                                         9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
                                                                                                       Beth El's Rear Parking Lot

                                               1-3 bags - $10 | 4-6 bags - $20
                               Additional charges will be collected for 6 bags/boxes and more.
                                                          Things to know before shredding:
                                              • All bags (plastic and paper) must be emptied into cans.
                                                              • Boxes must be emptied.
                                               • Papers must be removed from the following: binders,
                                          heavyweight folders, hanging files and plastic folders of any kind.

                           We appreciate your support, as it is our mission to help Beth El and the
                                            environment through our efforts.
                                                           Sponsored by the Beth El Environmental Committee

14      The Voice of Beth El Congregation
ANNUAL APPEAL | 2019-2020
                                                         These contributions were made between September 16, 2019 and September 25,2019.

                               Thank you to our generous donors who have already made their gifts!
             SUSTAINERS                         Drs. Robert and Gail Liss          CONTRIBUTORS                      Deanna and Peter Hirsch            ASSOCIATE
                                                David and Catherine Max                                              Erica and Jay Hobby
             $4,000 TO $9,999                   Laraine Satisky                    $300 TO $499                      Marcia Friedman Katz               UP TO $149
             Arnold and Joyce Fruman                                               Marcia Gellis                     Roslyn and Albert Katz             Anonymous
                                                                                   Sheila Leiss                                                         Alice Adler
                                                SPONSORS                                                             Terry and Stephen Katz
             PROVIDERS                                                             Joan and Richard Lessans          Regan and Christopher La Testa     Rosalie Buchsbaum
                                                $500 TO $999                       Gail Lipsitz                      Evelyn Morrison                    Estelle Cohen
             $2,000 TO $3,999                   Steve Levin and Jill Baldinger     Bob Moss                                                             Dr. Bernard and Sondra Eisenberg
             Anonymous                                                                                               Linda and Dave Oravecz
                                                Marilyn and Jim Dickman            Rae Shalowitz                     Sanford and Simone Rosenbloom      Wendy and Marc Elover
             Saralyn and Jeff Elkin             Tracee and Kevin Fruman            Harriet Weiner                                                       Sharon and Ralph Holzman
             Ray and Dale Kahn                                                                                       Joyce and Arnold Rottman
                                                Rebecca and Neal Fruman                                              Harold Rottman                     Bertha James
             Dr. Robert and Carol Keehn
             Robert and Eve Slatkin
                                                Jennifer and Jon Krieger           GUARANTORS                        June Sacks                         Carol and Gilbert Kleiner

                                                                             WE NEED
                                                                                 Anonymous YOUR HELP!
                                                Gayle Levy                                                           Joseph and Anna Schlein            Essie and Norman Levin
                                                                                   $150 TO $299
                                                Barbara Mendelsohn                                                   Doris Schwartz                     Carolyn and Stanley Silverman
                                                Sandra Silverman                                                     Roberta Selnick                    Carol and Bernard Smullian
                                                Cherie and Kerry Stewart           Edith and Louis Bluefeld
     $1,000 TO $1,999
remind                   Your gift does much more thanWE
       Sidney and Eunice Friedman                     helpNEED
                                                           with     our
                                                           Drs. Lauren
                                                                       and Martin                                    Barbara Steinberg
                                                                                      HELP! sustaining the roof overSTAFF
                                                                                  Engelhardt                         our heads,
                                                                                                                          AND CLERGY GIVING
            velit earibus keeping our lights on and theWE                         NEED running.   YOURYour          HELP!
                                                           Helen Friedman

                                                                                                                                                        Amanda and Peter Beitman
   eost ato
             Michael Rubenstein and Hedy From
                                                                         air conditioner
                                                                                   Randy and Toby Goodman                   gift ensures that we have the human
                                    Your dollars do much more than just keep the roof over our heads, the lights on and our air
    molorporiaes      aut   resources    in  place     to   support      and     care    for  our    members          each      and      every      day. Your      gift,  this year,
 th and
remind                      Your gift  does much
                                    conditioner           more
                                                   running.     Wethan
                                                                    musthelp  keep with      our infrastructure:
                                                                                       our synagogue       doors open for     sustaining
                                                                                                                                  when            the roof
                                                                                                                                            a member        losesover
                                                                                                                                                                   a our     heads,
  suscian ditibustion keeping    also   enable
           to aspieni that celebrates
                                            one    us
                                                  to     to
                                                      have    dream
                                                              a place  WE bigger
                                                                         to  say  NEED and
                                                                                   kaddish,    forYOUR
                                                                                             loftier thedreams
                                                                                                           bride    HELP!
                                                                                                                   who to   create
                                      our lights on and the air conditioner running. Your gift ensures that we have the human         to  a  more
                                                                                                                                           our         engaged
                                                                                                                                                  mikveh     before   community,
     endisqu                        her wedding.  holidays,      marks theJew
                                                      For the unaffiliated         highswhoand      lows to
                                                                                              is looking     ofreconnect
                                                                                                                 day-to-day     withlife     together
                                                                                                                                         their   Judaism. and Theseextends itself
   days     is              resources
                            Your gift    in place
                                       does     much   to   support
                                                          more     than  andhelp carewithforour
                                                                                              our    members
                                                                                                    infrastructure:   eachsustaining
                                                                                                                                and everythe        day.roof
                                                                                                                                                           Your    gift,our
ptas   and
        nis dolupienis generously   momentsto onetakeanother,
                                                       place   here  in those
                                                                    to    our  synagogue
                                                                                    in  need  every
                                                                                                 and   day.
                                                                                                        to the greater           Jewish people             andoverworld.
                            will also   enable     us    to   dream       bigger       and   loftier    dreams         to   create        a  more      engaged        community,
cted       torem veris keeping
                                      our lights on and the air conditioner running. Your gift ensures that we have the human
                            that celebrates       holidays,      marks       thecare
                                                                                   highs forand     lows     of day-to-day      andlife      together        and gift,
                                                                                                                                                                   extendsthis itself
  uptatand  is dus di generouslyintoplace
                                                       to support
                                                                         and  POSSIBLE
                                                                          those     in  need
                                                                                                        to   the
                                                                                                                YOUR  eachGIFT!
                                                                                                                    greater      Jewish
                                                                                                                                         every      day. Your
                                                                                                                                               people      and    world.
of     “kol                 will also enable us to dream bigger and loftier dreams to create a more engaged community,
atu    and ducid
                            that celebrates holidays, marks the highs and lows of day-to-day life together and extends itself
                                                                                                        to the YOUR
   days arete
            is volorum generously to one another,             MADE            POSSIBLE               WITH                            GIFTpeople and world.
                                                                    to those        in need and                     greater Jewish
of hough
   m  conempore, que
  ry, “kol
hil  luptatia non nem
  ws are
  s, sus conet officiis                                       MADE POSSIBLE WITH YOUR GIFT
    at “kol
ofhough the
  ws    are                                                                   POSSIBLE WITH YOUR GIFT 45 OF OUR 264
                                                #                                          #                                       #
eal,     we
                                                  250 FAMILIESMADE RECEIVED
dis at
      repudic te quae                             SCHOLARSHIPS OR DUES                                                                       STUDENTS ATTENDED
nderful    to Otatur
um     eaquae.                     GIVEN SCHOLARSHIPS         REDUCTION
                                                  250 FAMILIES RECEIVED             MEMBERS TUNE                               OF STUDENTS            ATTEND SCHOOLS
                                                                                                                                                    45 OF OUR           264
eal,     we asperum
        the                        OR   DUES    REDUCTION                             IN  EACH    WEEK                           SATELLITE         SCHOOLS
                           No family              SCHOLARSHIPS
                                         was turned         away when          OR      DUES
                                                                                financial                 Satellite HebrewEstablishedschools STUDENTS  wereschoolsATTENDED
                                                                                                                                                                established     for
modpecial: to
        molorempores             Never turning    away a family        Providing    our community members                                 Satellite Hebrew            for
   o Beth
onsen      ihicae solora         strains   were
                                  when financial  250
                                                    a  barrier
                                                   means      REDUCTION
                                                            are a to who
                                                                       a     RECEIVED
                                                                             are homebound and/or enable   our    families       living
                                                                                                                       our families    living SATELLITE
                                                                                                                                            outside 45
                                                                                                                                              outside     of
                                                                                                                                                        ofOF      SCHOOLS
                                                                                                                                                                OUR immediate
eal,     we                         spiritual
                                  barrier         home
                                          to a Jewish       or education.
                                                        spiritual         to join us in person throughneighborhoods,
                                                                                                            live      neighborhoods     sosoSTUDENTS
                                                                                                                                             nono matter
                                                                                                                                                   matter how  how
                                                                                                                                                                 busy busy
                                                                                                                                                                      their their
ool                                               SCHOLARSHIPS                 OR      DUES                                                                       ATTENDED
mpore      iduci aliquos No family
           to                            wasorturned
                                      home      educationaway when financial      streaming services Satellite lives
                                                                                                              lives or   Hebrew      farschools
                                                                                                                              are or how
                                                                                                                            how              far away
                                                                                                                                            away       were
                                                                                                                                                        they can
                                                                                                                                                      they      established
                                                                                                                                                                     they canfor
will    seeplabor repe           strains were a barrier       REDUCTION
                                                                   to a Jewish                             our families          living       SATELLITE
                                                                                                                                       a Jewish           of ourSCHOOLS
                                                                                                                                                   education        immediate
   o Beth                                                                                                                 receive       a Jewish       education.
 ossum vellendande
   ts, you
        the                         spiritual     home      or  education.                                 neighborhoods,               so   no
                                                                                                          Satellite Hebrew schools were establishedmatter      how    busy theirfor
ool                        No family was turned away when financial
  ae ped earum as ut
                                                                                                           ourlives    or
                                                                                                                  families  how      far
                                                                                                                                 living     away
                                                                                                                                            outside   theyof  live,
                                                                                                                                                              our    they   can
will    see
   o Beth                        strains   were     a  barrier     to  a   Jewish
   nt.                                                                                                     neighborhoods, receive so    a Jewish
                                                                                                                                             no matter education.
                                                                                                                                                               how busy their
 the     joy                        spiritual home or education.
oolts, you
        the                                                                                                   lives or how far220           away  SESSIONS
                                                                                                                                                      they live, they WERE  can
will  baby
        see                            2,000 COMMUNITY MEMBERS                                                                                   PROVIDED            TO
 sque     ne audia ium                                                                                                    receive a Jewish education.
   ts,   joy
        the                                 PARTICIPATED IN A CLASS
orem     hic tem labori                                                                                                              COMMUNITY                   MEMBERS
                                                                                                                                          220 SESSIONS                WERE
      baby                             2,000 COMMUNITY MEMBERS                                                                                   PROVIDED TO
 the     joy                EncouragedPARTICIPATED
                                            lifelong      learning IN
                                                    COMMUNITY          through
                                                                             A CLASS
                                                                        MEMBERS        our            Nurtured our community’s wellbeing by providing
                         Rabbi Mark    G.  Loeb    Center       and   The     Alvin     &  Lois
                                                                                                SESSIONS WERE PROVIDED
                                                                                                                                          220 SESSIONS
                                                                                                                            free counseling through our in-house
      baby   et explabo.                           PARTICIPATED IN A
                                       2,000 COMMUNITY                          CLASS
                                                                             MEMBERS            TO COMMUNITY MEMBERS
                                                                                                                                                 PROVIDED            TO
   etur sequas
bers                        Lapidus Center for Healing
           to pelitat Encouraged                         Encouraged &lifelong
                                                                        Spirituality.                social our
                                                                                                   Nurtured    worker,        Healing Services
                                                                                                                     community’s                           and Caregiver        Café.
   prayer                                   PARTICIPATED
                                            lifelong      learning
                                                    learning   through INour Aadult
                                                                       through   CLASS our            Nurtured
                                                                                                      wellbeing    by our    community’s
                                                                                                                      providing      COMMUNITY        wellbeing       by providing
   borem eium inciist
ar    your
dciasbook                Rabbi Mark G. Loeb Center              and classes
                                                          education   The Alvin & Lois confidential   confidential,         free counseling through our in-house
                                                                                                                  free counseling
        alit, occaborro     Lapidus   Center      for  Healing      &   Spirituality.
hurchillourto senimpos Encouraged lifelong learning through our                                      social    worker,
                                                                                                      Nurtured our community’sHealing Services             and Caregiver
                                                                                                                                                      wellbeing                 Café.
                                                                                                                                                                      by providing
bo.    Nam,                                                     YOUR    2018-2019      ANNUAL     APPEAL     DOLLARS       AT WORK
ar    your
     fugit  most quunti
                         Rabbi Mark G. Loeb Center and The Alvin & Lois confidential, free counseling through our in-house
                                                           YOUR 2018-2019 ANNUALsocial                  APPEAL        DOLLARS              ATServices
                                                                                                                                               WORK and Caregiver Café.
bersof our
 atecaerum to nosaers Lapidus Center for Healing & Spirituality.                                               worker,        Healing
ar    your tisquidus,
b invendi                                                               If you have
                                                                     Amanda             questions
                                                                                 Beitman,   Directorabout     different ways to give to Beth El,
                                                                                                      of Development
en      you                                                YOUR 2018-2019               ANNUAL          APPEAL      toDOLLARS              AT  WORK
ant ofestis
        ourmoluptam                                                  If please
                                                                        you havecontact     me.
                                                                                    questions     I would
                                                                                               about         loveways
                                                                                                       different        speak
                                                                                                                         to givewith
                                                                                                                                  to BethyouEl,and   to get
udaism   so,                                                         contact
                                                                        to  knowme.  I would
                                                                                    you.     love  to speak   with you   and  to get  to   know   you.

en                                                         YOUR 2018-2019
                                                                     If  you    haveANNUAL
                                                                                         questions      APPEAL        DOLLARS
                                                                                                          about different           ways   ATtoWORK give to Beth El,
en and
                                                                     Call:  410-484-0411
                                                                        Call:  410-484-0411 x1115 x1115
        you                                                          Email:
     goals                                                              Email:
                                                                     please       contact me. I would love to speak with you and to get
udaism   so,                                      Arnold Fruman and Robert Slatkin, Co-chairs 2019-2020 Annual Appeal
en create
        you                                       Amanda BeitmanIf   toyou know have you.questions about different ways to give to Beth El,
Sosing help
         so,                                 Director   of Development
                                                                     Call: 410-484-0411
                                                                     please       contact me. Ix1115   would love to speak with             The Voice
                                                                                                                                                    you andoftoBeth   get El Congregation   15
en ut  and
       and                                                           If  you
                                                                     to    know have     questions about different ways to give to Beth El,
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