GV LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES | 2021 - PROMOTION INSIDE - Global Village Hawaii Official Website

GV LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES | 2021 - PROMOTION INSIDE - Global Village Hawaii Official Website
          10% off tuition +
         $100 off registration

       GV LIVE
GV LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES | 2021 - PROMOTION INSIDE - Global Village Hawaii Official Website
GV LIVE Classes bring English
    learning direct to you!
    Join our Live Interactive Virtual Education
    from the comfort of your home, and save 10% off tuition fees!
    PLUS SAVE $100 off the Registration Fee (Regular $150; pay only $50)
    when you register before June 30, 2021!*
    Promotion available for new registrations, and extensions!

    Start with GV LIVE and join us in person later!
    All registrations for GV LIVE Classes can seamlessly transfer to our campus in

*Promotion Terms and Conditions
*GVH is currently offering 10% off tuition fees, and a $100 discount off the Registration Fee (Regular $150; pay only
 $50) for our GV LIVE lessons. To qualify for these promotions, the following conditions apply:
•   All new bookings and extensions must be received before June 30, 2021 for all offers.
•   These promotions are valid for any start date within 2021.
•   These promotions may be combined with other valid promotions and discounts.
•   Students who take advantage of these promotions will be able to join classes in person, in our school. For any students who would like to
    continue studying online at that time, online access to GV LIVE classes will be available.

Pricing, program offerings, schedules, and start dates are subject to change without notice. Our regular cancellation and refund policies,
and other school policies apply. GV Hawaii requires a photocopy of the student's passport or government issued ID prior to admission to
verify the student's identity. No additional charges will be associated with the verification of student identity.

                                                                                                                              GV Live Classes | Pg. 1
GV LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES | 2021 - PROMOTION INSIDE - Global Village Hawaii Official Website
 Learn English with real teachers, in REAL TIME from the comfort of your
 home! Easily join our virtual classes from your computer or mobile device.
 Our GV LIVE Classes are here to support your English study goals. We offer General English to
 improve your communication; Academic English study for entry into our reputable College and
 University Pathway partners; Test Preparation to help you achieve your ideal score; and more!

                 Why choose GV LIVE Classes?

Amazing Teachers. Student Community. Interactive Learning.
  Learn English from GV’s         Be part of GV’s dynamic         Enjoy an interactive virtual
     experienced and             online learning community       classroom experience where
 passionate teachers who          where you can connect,           you’ll be able to ask and
will create a comfortable         have fun, and make new               answer questions,
      virtual learning            friends from around the          participate in small group
 environment and support
                                            world!                  discussions, and receive
you to reach your learning
           goals.                                                      regular feedback.

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GV LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES | 2021 - PROMOTION INSIDE - Global Village Hawaii Official Website
GV LIVE Classes

Frequently Asked Questions
What are GV LIVE Classes?                                        Do GV LIVE classes include weekly
Connect with your GV instructor and participate in your          quizzes?
regular GV classes using ZOOM. Our interactive platform
allows you to practise your English skills, ask and answer       Yes, students will still complete weekly quizzes (e.g.
questions, and learn from our instructors just like you          competency checks), just like in our face-to-face
would do in our real-life classrooms.                            classes. Quizzes are managed directly through Zoom
                                                                 during the class time.
What materials are given out?
GV LIVE classes may include a Select List of Online              Do I need to use the video function
Resources that is distributed to new students in class for       to join my GV LIVE classes?
further self-study opportunities.
                                                                 In GV LIVE classes, our teachers create a friendly
How do students submit                                           classroom atmosphere where students can relax,
                                                                 share personal stories, and make friends from around
homework?                                                        the world. When you study in a virtual classroom, the
Students may be asked either to email homework to their          video function is an important part of connecting with
instructor, or to submit their homework through the chat         your classmates and creating rapport. It helps create
feature in Zoom. Homework will typically be reviewed             an experience that’s similar to GV’s real life classroom
together as a class.                                             experience. For the best GV LIVE class experience for you and
                                                                 your classmates, we strongly encourage using video.
Who teaches GV LIVE Classes?
GV LIVE Classes are taught by GV’s experienced and
                                                                 For the best experience, how should I
passionate teachers – the same great people who have been
teaching in our real-life classrooms!                            connect to GV LIVE classes?
                                                                 While students can connect from any internet-connected
Are GV LIVE classes interactive?                                 location, on any device, students will have the best experience
Our GV LIVE classes are totally interactive. Students can        if they connect using a desktop or laptop computer with a
ask and answer questions either by speaking directly, or         strong and stable internet connection.
using the chat window. In addition, Zoom provides a              For classes that focus on speaking, students may feel
feature that allows teachers to assign students to               comfortable using their mobile phone. However, for
“breakout rooms” for smaller group work. Students can            classes that may require some writing, it will be easier to
interact together in their breakout room and the teacher         participate if students have a keyboard available.
can drop in any time to see how things are going before
bringing the whole class back together to continue
discussions and learning.

How many students are in a class?
Our GV LIVE online classes have a maximum
student number of 12. However, class sizes may vary
depending on the particular class.

What is the class schedule?
In our GV LIVE classes, one lesson is 50 minutes long, the
same length as in our face-to-face classes. GV LIVE Classes
are available in a variety of weekly time-tables, providing 5,
10, 16, or 20 lessons per week.

                                                                                                              GV Live Classes | Pg. 3
GV LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES | 2021 - PROMOTION INSIDE - Global Village Hawaii Official Website
Prices are listed in USD.
Our current 10% promotional discount is applied, where applicable.
1 lesson = 50 minutes.
Class schedules longer than 50 minutes include short breaks.

GV LIVE Classes:
   General English: 16 or 20 lessons per week
   English Pro: 16 lessons per week General English + 2 or 4 Tutorials
   Private Lessons: Individual & Semi-Private
   Grammar Booster (Options): 5 lessons per week
   Conversation Club (Options): 5 lessons per week
   Cambridge Teen Learners of English (TLE): 5 lessons per week
   Cambridge Young Learners of English (YLE): 5 lessons per week

                                   5                         10                 16                           20
       LESSONS                 lessons                  lessons              lessons                       lessons
   (Price per week)           per week                 per week             per week                      per week
                              12:20 - 13:10            12:20 – 13:10
     Time Table                Mon - Fri                 Mon - Fri                                       13:20 - 17:00
                                                                            13:20 - 17:00
    Hawaii Time                   OR                       AND               Mon - Thu                    Mon - Fri
   (UTC/GMT - 10)             17:10 – 18:00            17:10 – 18:00
                                Mon - Fri                Mon - Fri

      1 Week                                                                $324.00                       $328.50
                                                                          (Regular $360)                 (Regular $365)

    2 - 3 Weeks                                                             $292.50                       $297.00
                                                                          (Regular $325)                 (Regular $330)

    4 - 7 Weeks                                                             $256.50                       $261.00
                                                                          (Regular $285)                 (Regular $290)

    8 - 11 Weeks               $81.00                  $162.00              $243.00                       $247.50
                              (Regular $90)           (Regular $180)      (Regular $270)                 (Regular $275)

   12 - 23 Weeks                                                            $225.00                       $229.50
                                                                          (Regular $250)                 (Regular $255)

   24 - 35 Weeks                                                            $202.50                       $207.00
                                                                          (Regular $225)                 (Regular $230)

     36+ Weeks                                                              $193.50                       $198.00
                                                                          (Regular $215)                 (Regular $220)

             Cambridge Young Learners Program OR
               Cambridge Teen Learners Program
                                                                            TIME TABLE                         5
                                                                        Hawaii Time (UTC/GMT - 10)    lessons per week
                      Dates: July 26 - August 13                          15:20 - 16:10                    (Regular $175)
             Students can begin any week (1 week minimum).                 Mon - Fri                 (Includes Technology &
                                                                                                                Materials Fee)

                               $76.50                    $49.50        Registration Fee: $50 (Regular $150)
  Price Per Lesson
                             (Regular $85)             (Regular $55)   Technology & Materials Fee: $10 per week

                                                                                                            GV Live Classes | Pg. 4
GV LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES | 2021 - PROMOTION INSIDE - Global Village Hawaii Official Website
Global Village Hawaii students may enroll in either face-to-face classes or GV LIVE synchronous Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) classes. The
Cancellation & Refund Policies are the same for all enrollments, whether students are enrolled in face-to-face or synchronous online classes.
Details of the policies are below.

GENERAL CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY                                              10.b   Students Denied Visa/Entry: A student denied a student visa
                                                                                         or entry into the United States will be given a full refund
1.   In this policy, the word “program” refers to the full cycle of                      of all monies paid less non-refundable accommodation
     studies to which the student registered. Extensions of studies                      deposits, any actual housing costs incurred by Global
     will be treated separately.                                                         Village Hawaii, express mail fees and SEVIS related fees, if
                                                                                         applicable. An amount not to exceed $500 in identified non-
2.   To be considered for a refund, a student or agent can submit                        refundable charges may be charged.
     a completed Cancellation Form or notify the school of the
     cancellation by some other means.                                       11. Cancellation/ Withdrawal of Enrollment after the student’s
                                                                                 program start date:
3.   For any study program changes resulting in a decrease in the
                                                                                 For all cancellations, students can notify Global Village Hawaii by
     number of English lessons per week (e.g. 20 lessons/week to 16
                                                                                 completing a Cancellation Form or notifying the school of the
     lessons/week) after enrollment has begun, there will be a one
                                                                                 cancellation by some other means. If a student does not notify
     time study program change fee of $110.
                                                                                 the school that he/she is withdrawing, Global Village Hawaii will
4.   For specialized Activity Programs [e.g. Study tours, English Plus,          check attendance records and if the student has been absent for
     etc.], there are no refunds for homestays, activities, airport              more than 10 consecutive class sessions, the student will be
     transfers, or excursions, but only for tuition that is offered as per       dismissed from school and the student’s I-20 Form will be
     the normal Cancellation/Withdrawal policy [see below].                      terminated. Global Village Hawaii will calculate the student’s
5.   There are no refunds or make-up classes for classes missed due              refund (if applicable) based on the last day of attendance in either
     to holidays, graduation, orientation, natural disasters and/or              face-to-face or IDL classes. Any money to be refunded will be
     other situations beyond the school’s control.                               mailed to the student’s home address or to their travel agent.

6.   If Global Village Hawaii cancels a program that a student                    11.a   No refunds will be given for the first 4 weeks of the
     registered for, and proficiently tested into, Global Village Hawaii                 student’s study program.
     will refund all monies paid by the student. If the student came              11.b   For students who cancel/withdraw after the first 4 weeks
     through an agency, Global Village Hawaii will check with the                        but before or at the midpoint of the student’s study
     student’s agency for any other fees that they may assess.                           program, Global Village Hawaii may retain a prorated
7.   If a student is dismissed from school for violating school policies,                amount of tuition and other fees. For students who
     Global Village Hawaii will refund the student per the normal                        withdraw after the midpoint, Global Village Hawaii may
     Cancellation/Withdrawal policy [see below].                                         retain all of the charges for the student’s study program.
8.   It is understood that students who register through travel                   11.c   Prorated refunds will be calculated on a weekly basis.
     agents have signed contracts with these agents that may include                     When determining the number of weeks, Global Village Hawaii
     cancellation penalties, no refund policies, or home country                         defines a partial week as if a whole week were completed,
     refunds only conditions. In all cases regarding agent-sent                          provided the student was present at least one day during the
     students, Global Village Hawaii will confirm the conditions of                      scheduled week in either face-to-face or IDL classes.
     agent-student contracts with travel agents before issuing any                11.d   For students who cancel/withdraw after completing the
     refunds.                                                                            initial study program, but before or at the midpoint of
9.   Textbook fees will not be refunded once the books have been                         any subsequent study program, GV Hawaii may retain
     issued to the student. If a student has the same edition of                         a prorated amount of tuition and other fees up to the
     textbook(s) from previous studies, the student may request                          midpoint. For students who cancel/withdraw after the
     a refund for the new textbook(s). The request must be made                          midpoint of any subsequent study program, GV Hawaii
     within the first week of studies. No refunds will be given beyond                   may retain all of the charges for that study program.
     this period.                                                                 11.e   Refunds due students may not be applied toward future
10. Cancellation/Withdrawal of Enrollment before the student’s                           tuition fees.
    program start date or never attended class (no show):                         11.f   Students who cancel/withdraw before the first 4 weeks or
     10.a   Global Village Hawaii will refund all monies paid less the                   after the midpoint of the student’s study program due to
            non-refundable fees: registration fee, accommodation                         a death of an immediate family member (spouse, parent,
            placement fees, any actual housing costs incurred                            grandparent, child, brother, sister, mother-in-law, father-
            (including deposits) by Global Village Hawaii, express                       in-law, or legal guardian), Global Village Hawaii will refund
            mail fees, and SEVIS related fees. However, if a student                     50% of the student’s unused tuition and refundable fees
            cancels within 72 hours of submitting the registration,                      upon receiving official documentation of the immediate
            Global Village Hawaii will refund ALL monies paid less                       family member’s death.
            non-refundable accommodation deposits, express mail
            fees and SEVIS related fees, if applicable. An amount not        ACCOMMODATION REFUND POLICIES
            to exceed $500 in identified non-refundable charges may
            be charged in the event of a student’s cancellation.             12.		 Homestay:
            All refunds will be made within 45 calendar days of the
            first scheduled day of class or the date of cancellation,        Cancellation/Withdrawal before beginning of homestay:
            whichever is earlier.                                                 12.a   All money will be refunded except for the non-refundable
                                                                                         Accommodation Placement Fee and an Additional
                                                                                         Placement Fee may be charged, if applicable.

                                                                                                                                     GV Live Classes | Pg. 5
GV LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES | 2021 - PROMOTION INSIDE - Global Village Hawaii Official Website
                                                                            ADMISSIONS POLICY

Cancellation/Withdrawal after beginning of homestay:                        Global Village Hawaii provides first-class English instruction to
                                                                            students who wish to enter American universities or study English
                                                                            for personal or professional reasons. Our mission is to provide a
     12.b   The student should inform the Global Village Hawaii             positive, supportive, and inspiring learning environment for English
            Accommodations Office in writing three weeks before             language students through our commitment to the highest standard
            the end of the homestay period if he/she decides to             of quality in the areas of academics, extra-curricular activities,
            terminate the agreed homestay period. For cancellations         accommodations and student services.
            made less than three weeks in advance, Global Village
            Hawaii may retain up to a maximum of 3 weeks of the             Global Village Hawaii offers a variety of adult (16 years and older)
            homestay fee as a non-refundable fee.                           English language courses such as General English (8 levels), English
                                                                            Pro, and Cambridge FCE & CAE Programs. Other specialized courses
     12.c   If the host family has failed to meet homestay                  include English + programs [e.g. English + Surfing, Hula]; Options
            conditions, then the Accommodations Office must be              Program [5 lessons per week, e.g. Cambridge Booster, IELTS, TOEIC,
            notified and given a chance to mediate and/or correct           TOEFL Preparation, Pronunciation and Conversation]; private and
            the problem(s). Only after the school’s intervention,           semi-private lessons.
            and if the problem(s) persist(s), the student will be
            moved to another homestay and there will be no                  Global Village Hawaii also offers youth and junior English language
            refund given for the period of homestay already used.           programs such as the Cambridge Young Learners of English
            Only if no replacement homestay can be found will an            Program (YLE) and the Cambridge Teen Learners of English (TLE)
            accommodation refund be issued.                                 Program. Recommended ages for YLE students are from 7 to 12
                                                                            years old while the TLE is recommended for students of the ages
                                                                            12 to 17 years old. Private and semi-private lessons are also
13. Apartments/Dormitories:
                                                                            available for youth and junior students.
There are no refunds for apartment and dormitory security deposits          Students must comply with the Department of Homeland Security
if the student cancels their accommodation bookings before arrival.         and U.S. Department of State regulations and meet the required
     13.a   If written cancellation notice is given 31 days or more         skill level necessary for entry into a particular course or level.
            before the beginning of apartment check-in, all money           Students are evaluated with placement tests or academic counseling
            will be refunded except for a $35 Apartment                     (for special needs students) on the student’s first day of school to
            Cancellation Fee and the Accommodation Placement Fee.           determine the appropriate course and level. Please see the below
     13.b   If written cancellation notice is given less than 31 days       admission requirements for each course.
            before the beginning of apartment check-in,                     Course Admission Requirements:
            Global Village Hawaii may retain any rent, security
            deposits, Accommodation Placement Fee and a $35                 • The General English Program (GEP) offers 8 levels from Beginner
            Apartment Cancellation Fee.                                       to Advanced. Student class level is based on a placement test
                                                                              and/or academic counseling.
14. Airport Transfers:
                                                                            • The Cambridge FCE & CAE Programs require a minimum score
Cancellation/Change before the date of the transfer:                          of 45% on the Entrance Test or successfully passing the next
     14.a   If written cancellation/change notice is given 2 weeks            lowest Cambridge exam within two years to be considered an
            or more before the date of the arrival or departure               automatic placement.
            transfer, the transfer fee will be refunded.                    • The Cambridge Young Learners of English & Cambridge Teen
     14.b   If written cancellation/change notice is given less than          Learners of English Programs do not require a minimum level
            2 weeks before the date of the arrival or departure               of English.
            transfer, there will be no refund given for the transfer fee.   Global Village Hawaii has open enrollment year round for all
                                                                            courses except for the Cambridge FCE & CAE and Cambridge YLE
TRANSFER POLICY                                                             & TLE Programs. Global Village Hawaii students are allowed a
15. Transferring to GV Hawaii: A bona fide non immigrant student            maximum of 36 months of instruction.
    enrolled as a full-time F-1 student may transfer to GV Hawaii.
                                                                            International students studying 18 or more hours per week
    All GV Hawaii admissions procedures must be completed. In
                                                                            (e.g. 25 lesson per week course) are required to obtain a student
    addition, transfer applicants must:
                                                                            visa (F-1). Student visas are not required for students studying less
     15.a   Notify current school of intent to transfer.                    than 18 hours per week (e.g. 16 or 20 lesson per week courses).
     15.b   Have current school complete Global Village Hawaii’s            Visa regulation information is available at the following websites.
            “International Student Transfer” form.
     15.c   Submit a copy of current I-20 form (full-time students),        • U.S. Department of State:
            passport, and all applicable Global Village Hawaii                https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en.html
            admission documents.                                            • U.S. Department of Homeland and Security:
16. Transferring to Another School: Please talk to a Designated               https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/
    School Official [DSO] to complete the appropriate forms.
                                                                            • U.S. Embassy: https://www.usembassy.gov/
    The student may also need to have GV Hawaii complete forms
    from the new school (talk to the new school to see if any
    applicable forms are needed).                                           Global Village Hawaii does not discriminate with regard to race,
                                                                            color, national origin, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation,
                                                                            marital status, age, political views, immigration status, or disability.

                                                                                                                                   GV Live Classes | Pg. 6

Admissions Process for Non-Student Visa [F-1] students:                  LEAVE OF ABSENCE POLICY
                                                                         Global Village Hawaii students can request a leave of absence by
For courses with 21 lessons (or less) per week (less than 18 hours
                                                                         completing and signing the Leave of Absence Request Form at least
per week)
                                                                         5 working days prior to the start date of the leave of absence (LOA),
                                                                         unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from doing
1.   Submit a completed Global Village Hawaii Registration Form          so. The students must specify a reason for the leave and date the
     online or by email, fax, mail, or in person.                        LOA Request Form. Approval of the LOA will be documented by the
                                                                         Vice President's signature on the LOA Request Form and a copy of
2.   An Admissions Deposit of USD $500 is required to process the
                                                                         the form will be made available to the student. If the student does
     student’s registration. Also, any accommodation deposits must
                                                                         not report to school at the end of the LOA, he/she will be dismissed
     be paid at this time to secure the student’s room. Contact the
                                                                         from school and student visa holders will have their SEVIS record
     school for availability.
                                                                         terminated based on the last day of attendance. The Global Village
3.   Global Village Hawaii will send the student an invoice of the       Hawaii Cancellation Policy will be applied based on the student’s
     remaining balance and a letter of acceptance by email or fax to     last day of attendance. Students requesting an LOA normally do not
     confirm the registration.                                           receive a refund for the period of the leave and there will not be
                                                                         any additional charges as a result of the LOA.
4.   The remaining balance of the student’s tuition, accommodation
     and other fees must be paid by the first day of the student’s       Global Village Hawaii approves written requests for Leaves of Absence
     studies. Payment may be made by credit card, wire transfer,         (LOA) of up to 4 weeks for students who are in good standing and
     money order, or bank draft. Additional bank charges may also        have studied for 26 consecutive weeks. LOAs are approved in weekly
     apply. Contact the school for payment installment plan options.     segments from Monday to Friday. Students in good standing are
Admissions Process for Student Visa [F-1] students:                      defined as students who are not on probation or on a Student
For courses with 22 lessons (or more) per week (18 hours or more         Learning Plan (SLP). Students in long-term programs such as the
per week)                                                                Academic Year Program and Semester GAP that have vacations or
                                                                         leaves of absence already built into the program will not be eligible
1.   Submit a completed Global Village Hawaii Registration Form          to take additional leaves of absence except for emergency leaves of
     online or by email, fax, mail, or in person. In addition to the     absence. Accrued LOA must be used within a year of being earned.
     Global Village Hawaii Registration Form, the student will need
     to submit the following items for the school to issue an I-20       Emergency leaves of absence may be granted due to:
     Form.                                                               1.   Medical Leave: Students needing medical attention for illness or
     1.a A photocopy of the student’s valid passport                          health conditions may take an LOA of two weeks or more and
     1.b A financial statement from the student’s bank or the student         must provide a doctor’s note upon return from their leave of
         sponsor’s bank verifying funds of at least USD $2,800 for 		         absence. Failure to bring a doctor’s note will result in marking the
         each month of study. For example, if the student will be 		          days missed from school as absent.
         studying for 6 months, the financial statement will need to     2.   Family Emergency: Examples include but are not limited to death
         show at least USD $16,800.                                           of a family member; severely ill or hospitalized family member;
                                                                              or other events determined applicable. Special exceptions can
2.   An Admissions Deposit of USD $500 is required to process the             be made for non-family members depending on the type of
     student’s registration. Also, any accommodation deposits must            relationship with the student.
     be paid at this time to secure the student’s room. Contact the      Students will need to see the Vice President for approval of their
     school for availability.                                            requested leave of absence. Any approved leaves of absence may
3.   Once all the above admissions items are submitted,                  consist of multiple leaves of absence provided the total leave does not
     Global Village Hawaii will send the student’s I-20 Form by mail     exceed 90 calendar days in a 12 month period or 50% of the student’s
     within 5 business days. The school will not be responsible for      program length, whichever is shorter. An extended leave of absence of
     any express courier charges.                                        more than 4 weeks may require retesting of the Proficiency Test upon
                                                                         return from the leave of absence.
4.   After the student receives the I-20 Form from Global Village
     Hawaii, the student will need to pay the SEVIS fee (I-901) online   The length of the leave of absence may be extended provided all the
     at: www.fmjfee.com and print out the SEVIS fee payment              conditions above are met. To extend an LOA, a written request must
     receipt for the Student Visa interview. More information about      be given to the Vice President for his/her signature and approval prior
     the I-901 fee can be found at                                       to the end of the current LOA. A copy of the form will be provided to
     http://www.ice.gov/sevis/i901/index.htm.                            the student either upon his/her return to school or by email or fax.
5.   Then, make an appointment at the nearest U.S. Embassy in the
     student’s home country for a Student Visa interview.
     The student should bring their I-20 Form, SEVIS I-901 receipt
     and other documents required by the U.S. Embassy. Global
     Village Hawaii will also send an invoice for the remaining
     balance and a letter of acceptance by email or fax confirming
     the registration. The original copy may be mailed upon request.
6.   The remaining balance of the student’s tuition, accommodation
     and other fees must be paid by the first day of the student’s
     studies. Payment may be made by credit card, wire transfer,
     money order, or bank draft. Additional bank charges may also
     apply. Student visas may take two months or more to process.

                                                                                                                                 GV Live Classes | Pg. 7

Prices: All registrations for studies in 2022 received prior to December 31, 2021, will be charged the 2021 rate for tuition. This policy does not
apply to alternative accommodations. Registrations received from January 1, 2022 on will be charged the 2022 rate for tuition for studies in 2022.
Application Process: A letter of acceptance will be issued upon receipt of the completed registration form and possibly partial or full
payment. Please check with the school on payment policy. The original copy may be mailed, faxed, or emailed upon request. The school is
not responsible for any extra courier charges.
Minors: Students under the age of 18 must have their application co-signed by a parent or legal guardian. Underage students must submit
underage agreements signed by their parents/legal guardians. Student contracts must be signed by parents or legal guardians.

Payment: Students may be required to pre-pay tuition fees when applying for student visas. Check with school and local consulate or embassy
on payment methods and any other requirements. Payment may be made by credit card, wire transfer, money order, or bank draft. Additional
bank charges may also apply.

Refunds: Check fee sheets and our website for school policies. To be considered for a refund a student can submit a written notice of
withdrawal to the school. The date of receipt of the written notice determines which cancellation charges will be applied.
Changes and Availability: Start dates, programs and course content may change at any time and without prior notice. The fees, dates and
conditions listed in this brochure are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. Please check website for up-to-date information.
All courses are available based on enrollment.
Responsibility: Global Village Hawaii and its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, or stakeholders accept no responsibility whatsoever
for any loss or damage to the personal belongings or property of a student or program participant or for any injury to or death of a student or
program participant occurring on or off school property.
Students must comply with the rules of the school. Failure to do so may result in dismissal.
The Director must receive a written description of all complaints. Please check with the school regarding a complaint resolution procedure.

Medical insurance:
Global Village Hawaii strongly encourages all international students 18 years or older to have a health insurance policy at the time of
enrollment. Proof of a health insurance policy for students under 18 years old is required prior to enrollment. A student may also buy
insurance for any family members (husband, wife, or a child) who are in the United States. Global Village Hawaii will provide upon request
an array of medical insurance providers for international students to choose from. For more information about health insurance and how to
obtain health insurance, you may contact the school or visit the following website to view a list of NAFSA approved health insurance providers
at http://www.nafsa.org/resourcelibrary/default.aspx?id=8823. Student or legal guardian is responsible for ensuring sufficient medical
insurance coverage is in effect before arrival.

Materials and advertising by third parties on offerings by GV Hawaii must be approved in writing by GV Hawaii.

                                                                                                                                  GV Live Classes | Pg. 8
                                                Registration Form
                                                                                                               ADDRESS IN HOME COUNTRY
Given Name:                                                                                                    Street:
Middle Name(s):                                                                                                City:                                  Province/State:
Family Name:                                                                                                   Country:                               Postal Code:
Date of Birth:                         (dd/mm/yyyy) Gender:           Male        Female         Other         Telephone:

First Language:                                        Nationality:                                            Email:

Current English Level:                                                                                         ADDRESS IN HAWAII
   Beginner          Lower Intermediate          Upper Intermediate          Advanced

Visa type you will study on:                                                                                   City:                                     Postal Code:
      Student Visa               Visitor Visa             ESTA / Visa Waiver                   Other           Telephone:

Are you transferring from another school?
                                                                                                               INTENDED PERIOD OF STUDY
      Yes                        No

                                                                                                               Number of weeks:
Do you require a Letter of Acceptance by Express Courier for a fee?
                                                                                                               Start date:                                               (dd/mm/yyyy)
      Yes                        No
                                                                                                               End date:                                                 (dd/mm/yyyy)

Do you have any physical or mental health challenges?
Please provide details so that we can
                                                                                                               QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS
                                                          Yes                No
be prepared to best support you.


COURSES (Contact School For Course Availability)


      Lessons per week:                         16                                     20                            25                 Other:



                                                                                                                    OTHER PROGRAMS
                                                                                                                     CAMBRIDGE TEEN LEARNERS OF ENGLISH (TLE)
                                                                B2                C1                                  TLE ACTIVITIES         LUNCH
      (B2 First, C1 Advanced,)

      CELTA                                                                                                          CAMBRIDGE YOUNG LEARNERS OF ENGLISH (YLE)

      OPTIONS/ELECTIVES (5 LESSONS/WEEK)                                                                              YLE ACTIVITIES         LUNCH               EXAM

      ENGLISH PLUS (PLEASE SPECIFY):                                                                                 PARENT & TEEN

      PRIVATE LESSONS                           SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS                                                 PARENT & CHILD

      LIVE (Live Interactive Virtual Education) ONLINE CLASSES                                                       ADD-ON ACTIVITY PACKAGE (PLEASE SPECIFY):

                                                                                               Global Village Hawaii
                                                                                  1440 Kapiolani Blvd., Ste 1100, Honolulu, HI 96814                                            Page 1 of 2
                                                                                       Ph. 808.943.6800 Fax: 808.943.6400
Registration Form

ACCOMMODATION PREFERENCES                                                                                   PERSONAL INFORMATION

ACCOMMODATION REQUIRED?                                                                                     DO YOU HAVE ANY ALLERGIES? IF YES, GIVE DETAILS.
        Yes                          No                                                                              Yes                       No

                                                                                                            DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS? IF YES, GIVE DETAILS.
       Homestay                                                                                                                                                                 *Additional fees may apply.
                                                                                                                     Yes                       No

      Apartment:          Ohia Waikiki            Island Colony
       Dormitory:         Waikiki Vista            Lime
                                                                                                            DO YOU SMOKE?
       Other:                                                                                                        Yes                       No
For accommodation options (Dormitories or Apartments), contact GVH for availability.
                                                                                                            WILL YOU LIVE WITH A FAMILY WITH:
                                                                                                              Smokers                          Yes                      No
                                                                                                              Dogs                             Yes                      No
 Number of weeks:
                                                                                                              Cats                             Yes                      No
 Arriving date: (dd/mm/yyyy)
                                                                                                              Young Children                   Yes                      No
 Departing date: (dd/mm/yyyy)

                                                                                                            WHAT ARE YOUR INTERESTS?


       Full Board catering meal plan
                                                                                                            TRAVEL DETAILS
       Half Board catering meal plan
                                                                                                            FLIGHT DETAILS:
       Self Catering
       (No meals)                                                                                            Airline & Flight number:

                                                                                                             Arriving date (dd/mm/yyyy):

                                                                                                             Arrival time (hr:min):
Please List your order of preference from 1-3 (1 is your first choice)
*GV Hawaii cannot guarantee your first choice.
                                                                                                            AIRPORT TRANSFER:
 -          Family with Children
                                                                                                                     None                            One Way                          Two Way
 -          Family with Teenagers

 -          Family without Children                                                                                  Unaccompanied Minor Airport Pick-up

            Does not matter                                                                                          Unaccompanied Minor Airport Drop-off

                                                                                                                     Daily Homestay - School Transportation, YLE/TLE

EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON:                                                                                     DECLARATION
                                                                                                              I have read and agree to be bound by the General Conditions and the Cancellation
Name:                                                                                                         and Refund Policy. I agree that the school may disclose my student enrollment
                                                                                                              details, grades, and attendance to the government as requested.
                                                                                                              Name (Print):
                                                                                                              Signature of applicant, or parent/guardian if applicant is under 18 years old

HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT GLOBAL VILLAGE HAWAII?                                                             METHOD OF PAYMENT

       Agent               Friend               Ad                Website         Social Media                         Bank Transfer             Bank Draft                  Bank Cheque            Other

                                                                                                                       VISA                      Mastercard                  Cash

Please give details:
                                                                                                             PLEASE E-MAIL REGISTRATION FORMS TO: hawaii@gvenglish.com
                                                                                              Global Village Hawaii
                                                                                 1440 Kapiolani Blvd., Ste 1100, Honolulu, HI 96814                                                                      Page 2 of 2
                                                                                      Ph. 808.943.6800 Fax: 808.943.6400
I feel like the distance
between my friends and
I, or my teachers and
myself is very close when
we are in the online class.
We can talk to each other
any time; we can ask any
questions to my teachers,
any time. So that’s why I
think I can speak a lot as
if I’m in a face-to-face

-Momo, Japan

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                                          Published February 2021
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