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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Halloween Find your Halloween coloring - InsIde - Iron County Today
Halloween Find your Halloween coloring - InsIde - Iron County Today
Vol. 13 No. 44                        ironcountytoday.com                       Wednesday, September 29, 2021

 4   Opinion           Governor Cox
 9   Showcase         speaks at
                      prayer                IRON

                                                                                 Area Flood
                                                                                 update and
                                                                                 FEMA Status
                                                                                from Maile L. Wilson-Edwards
                                                                                 Cedar Cit y Mayor

                                                                                    During the months of July and
                                                                                August monsoonal rain storms
                                                                                fell on Cedar City. Some of these
                                                                                storms resulted in localized flooding
                                                                                throughout Cedar City. Many residents
                                                                                and businesses were impacted by the
                                                                                flooding. City staff, with the help of
                                                                                our neighbors from Iron County and
                                                                                Washington County, visited properties
                                                                                impacted by the flooding. This was
                                                                                done out of concern for our citizens,
                                                                                as well in an attempt to gather infor-
                                                                                mation so Cedar City could apply to
                                                                                the Federal Emergency Management
                                                                                Agency (FEMA) for financial assistance.
                                                                                The FEMA review process is very
                                                                                detailed and during the State’s damage
                                                                                review it was determined that there
                                                                                was not enough damage to public
                                                                                infrastructure in Cedar City for FEMA
                                                                                to provide any assistance. As a result,
                                                                                Cedar City does not qualify for FEMA
                                                                                assistance for the clean-up and repair
                                                                                of public infrastructure nor is the
                                                                                FEMA assistance for private property.
                                                                                    However, for the private property
                                                                                owners that were impacted by the
                                                                                monsoons there may still be an avenue
                                                                                for some financial assistance. The
                                                                                Small Business Administration has
                                                                                a program and the State Emergency
                                                                                Management staff is currently evalu-
                                                                                ating the private property damage in
                                                                                Cedar City to see if our residents and
                                                                                businesses meet their thresholds and
                                                                                could possibly qualify for low interest
                                                                                loans from the SBA. The review
                                                                                process for SBA funding should be
                                                                                completed this month.
                                                                                    Cedar City is looking for other ave-
                                                                                nues to help pay for the cleanup and
                                                                                repair related to public infrastructure.
                                                                                There is a matching grant we have
                                                                                applied for that will pay 75% of the
                                                                                cost to clean up and restore the flood
                                                                                control measures along the coal creek
                                                                                channel. Cedar City will continue to
                                                                                look for these types of opportunities
                                                                                to help with financial recovery from
                                                                                the monsoons.
                                                                                    I appreciate our community and
                                                                                the ongoing patience that has been
                                                                                shown during the past few months
                                                                                and weeks. We will continue pursuing
                            photos on page 2                corey baumgartner
                                                                                all available options and I will provide
                                                                                updates as I receive them.
Halloween Find your Halloween coloring - InsIde - Iron County Today
2 Wednesday, September 29, 2021                             news                                    Iron County Today

SUU celebrates Homecoming Week with parade

                                                                        Thor and the
                                                                     SUU Thunderbirds
                                                                    made their way down
                                                                    University Blvd in true
                                                                    T-Bird fashion. Parade
                                                                   floats of every kind and color
                                                                      expressed the unity and
                                                                      diversity of Cedar City’s
                                                                        hometown students
                                                                        attending Southern
                                                                          Utah University.

                                      From ethnicity,
                                   music and medicine
                                  to education, athletics
                                    and military, it was
                                   an “explosive” display
                                     of SUU’s canon of
                                     camaraderie and

                                                                                                     photos by corey baumgartner
Halloween Find your Halloween coloring - InsIde - Iron County Today
Iron County Today                                                                news                                                  Wednesday, September 29, 2021               3

    Teaching fire safety a priority for Cedar Fire Department
by Edy Meredith
 For Iron Count y Today

    It started out as a quiet Sunday with residents
in Oakland California enjoying a beautiful day on
October 20, 1991. I had stayed at a friend’s home
across the hills because of a late night get together
when I received a frantic call from a friend asking
how I was. When I replied that I was fine and
looking forward to attending an art exhibit, my
friend told me that there was a fire on the street
where my home in Oakland was and that I should
not try to come back. Even all the freeway traffic
had been stopped because of the ferocity of the fire
which had jumped the freeway and was burning in
all directions. That fire ultimately destroyed 3,469                                                                                                            photos by edy meredith
homes, 2,000 automobiles, killed 25 people, and left    Cedar City Fire Chief Mike Phillips explains the importance of a Fire Drill Exit Plan in the Life Safety House, which helps
150 injured while consuming 2.5 square miles of                                           prepare for emergencies in an actual home environment.
residential neighborhoods. My home was destroyed
down to the foundation, yet thankfully my life was                                                                     whenever they respond to the bell, they also ask for
saved because I did not return home but stayed                                                                         your support.
with friends and what at the time I thought was                                                                            They encourage the following values: respect,
just plain luck.                                                                                                       stewardship, integrity, innovation, family, volun-
    During 2021, the western states have suffered                                                                      teerism, safety, and accessibility. They will also
and continue to suffer many wildfires that have                                                                        help you check whether your current fire alarms
destroyed homes, businesses, forest, wild animals,                                                                     are effective and install any new ones. Call them
and people. During that fire in 1991 over 1,500                                                                        at 435-586-2964 at firehouse #1 for help with fire
firefighters and 450 fire engines joined together                                                                      alarms.
through mutual aid agreements to fight together.                                                                           Being a firefighter is the lifelong dream of many
We in Cedar City are very fortunate to be the bene-                                                                    young children, and our Cedar City Fire Fighters
ficiaries of an excellent fire department, headed by                                                                   demonstrate that kind of dedication—their jobs
Chief Mike Phillips, Captain Travis Douglas and 5                                                                      are the culmination of hard work and their strong
fulltime firefighters, Fire Marshal Mike Shurtz with                                                                   desire to serve.
4 fulltime engineers, and Assistant Chief Lanor
Warby with approximately 38 volunteer firefighters.
Each of these workers and volunteers put their
lives on the line whenever they are called into
firefighting or rescue duty.
    To increase awareness of fire danger, October
is Fire Prevention Month. During October, our Fire      munity needs and to provide fire prevention and
Department sponsors trips for second graders to         education activities. Please friend the Cedar City
tour the Life Safety House which was built next         Fire Department on their Facebook page. Because
to Fire House #1 with donations. This life size         Cedar City firefighters put their lives on the line
model has a fully furnished kitchen, living room,
bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. Each room has props
which enable the firefighter staff to teach children
the dangers of items in their homes such as pots
on the stove, medicine in the bathroom, fireplace
protections, and gun safety. The highlight of the
Life Safety House is a bedroom that fills with
theatrical smoke complete with a heated door,
a sounding smoke alarm, and a window where
students and their teachers can “bailout” onto a
safe foam mat, teaching them in a dramatic way
how to escape when necessary.
    Our firefighters encourage us all to educate
our families about fire safety including testing
home alarms, changing the batteries, upgrading
to 10-year sealed battery alarms, how to use a
fire extinguisher, and escape route planning. The
following statistics are alarming: 3 out of every 5
deaths caused in home fires resulted from fires in
homes without working smoke alarms, less than
50% of homeowners have an escape plan, carbon
monoxide (CO) is the #1 cause of accidental
poisoning in the US, 60% of consumers do not test
their smoke and CO arms monthly, and unattended
cooking is the #1 cause of home fires. As Smokey
the Bear says, “Only you can prevent home and
    The goals of the Cedar City Fire Department
are to serve and protect people from loss of life
and property due to fire and other natural and
man-made disasters. They also strive to provide
emergency services that are responsive to com-
Halloween Find your Halloween coloring - InsIde - Iron County Today
4 Wednesday, September 29, 2021                                                                               news                                                                                     Iron County Today

To the Editor                                                                                                                                                                                       Thought
Investigate journalism integrity                                                                                                                                                                    of the week
   Bryan Gray’s hyperbole filled article about the                                                                                                                                                  "It seems to me
value of “fact checkers” dismisses legitimate concerns                                                                                                                                              that people have
about the absence of investigative journalism.                                                                                                                                                      vast potential.
   Despite the censorship of legitimate concerns                                                                                                                                                    Most people can
over stories based on “reliable sources” and devoid of                                                                                                                                              do extraordinary
objective evidence, Americans continue to doubt.
   In the face of vacillating opinions by “experts”                                                                                                                                                 things if they have
and fear baiting headlines by the media, Americans                                                                                                                                                  the confidence or
continue to doubt.                                                                                                                                                                                  take the risks. Yet
   Questioning and doubting does not make us “anti”                                                                                                                                                 most people don’t.
anything, nor does it make us conspiracy theorists.
   Questions are the foundation of reasoned                                                                                                                                                         They sit in front of
conclusions. Especially when it comes to hyperbolic                                                                                                                                                 the television and
columns extolling biased “fact checkers” who censor                                                                                                                                                 treat life as if it goes
views not in accordance with their political agenda.                                                                                                                                                on forever."
Volney Morin, Chair                                                                                                                                                                                 Philip Adams
Iron County Republican Party

Signs of the Times
    Years ago, while living in Santa Clara, a friend
                                                                                  Bringing glad to
of mine who was on the city council at the time
told me I should run for city council because it was
unfair that just a few people had to do all the hard
                                                                                         the SAD
work of keeping a city running.
                                                                                                                        oth the calendar
    So, I decided to help out. I bought some wooden
                                                                                                                        and the weather
stakes similar to the kind you would use to kill a
                                                                                                                        are letting us
vampire, then I got some Glo-Brite copy paper and
                                                                                                               know that Fall has
printed up a few sheets. One type of sign said, FRED,
FRED, FRED. The other said, "Save a Vote for Fred."                                                           arrived. Fall can bring
    Lo and behold, I won. I like to think it was                                                             mixed emotions, not just
because of the ideas I had, and not my crummy                                        Baumgartner mixed temperatures. While
signs that made the difference. When I ran for                                        Managing Editor      there’s still time to enjoy
mayor of Santa Clara and won, using roughly the                                                            those last few weekend trips,
same strategy, my initial thoughts were confirmed.                                hikes and outdoor projects, we know that Jack
    But when I moved to Cedar City (because it was                                Frost is on his way.
such a nice place to live), and decided after a while                                 With that in mind, and considering our recent
to run for city council here, things were different! It                           droughts and deluges, we may be in for quite
was like my opponents had a rich uncle in the sign                                the winter. So, while you’re enjoying the waning
industry. There were signs EVERYWHERE! One of                                     warmth and the last few extra hours of daylight,
my opponents even adopted the strategy of putting                                 be sure to shore up your home and gardens as
signs in people's yards without asking, and hoping                                soon as possible against the changing elements.
(I guess) that they wouldn't notice!                                                  And as our daylight hours diminish, and our
    I tried to keep up, but I couldn't. But, as it turns                          time indoors increases (as if we haven’t had enough
out, I ended up winning anyway—using far less signs.                              of that already), you can also shore up your health
    By my logic, you really only need a couple of signs.                          against the elements by acquiring full-spectrum
After people see your sign once, it pretty well says                              lights and/or specialized lightbulbs that can help
what's going on. If someone can't figure out that                                 brighten the mood for those affected by Seasonal
you're running after seeing your sign, they probably                              Affective Disorder (SAD), or “Winter Blues” – which
shouldn't be voting. If they're driving around and can't                          don’t always wait for winter to show up. They can
SEE your sign, they probably shouldn't be driving.                                help dim the despair that is caused by lack of actual
And if they're staying home due to COVID, it doesn't                              sunlight. You’ll still need to get your Vitamin D from
matter HOW many signs you put up.                                                 the sun, supplements and/or diet, and cold weather
    So, I'm asking our current candidates to call a                               shouldn’t mean no more exercising or workouts.
truce on sign proliferation. Seems like every day I see                               Google can give you more information on SAD
new signs popping up all around the county. Really, the                           and even light therapy theories. As far as extra
best signs you can show now are signs of restraint.                               encouragement goes, the Iron County Today
                                                                                  newspaper will continue to do its part to help
                                                                                  bring you enlightenment, no matter the weather.
Fred C Rowley

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Halloween Find your Halloween coloring - InsIde - Iron County Today
Iron County Today                                                                  news                                          Wednesday, September 29, 2021       5

Can dire straits be straightened? National economy's
The opinions stated in this article are solely those of   why Townsend’s tweet was a good idea?                         impact on local
the author and not Iron County Today.                     (“Republican congressmen would be killed” in
                                                          the event of another pro-Trump rally at the
      o may topics and so many down days                  U.S. Capitol.) It’s a good example of how being

      for so many. Here’s a review of the dire            educated and being smart are two different                     believe Kevin Brady was
      circumstances many notables are facing:             things.                                                        correct when he said,
                                                                                                                         “Inflation destroys
    SEN. PRES. STUART ADAMS – The legislative                 UTAH REP. PAUL RAY – His claim that                  savings, impedes planning,
leader once again put his foot in his mouth when          Intermountain Healthcare is playing loose with           and discourages invest-
he criticized Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell             numbers on hospitalized COVID patients is a              ment. That means less
as a major reason a ban on Critical Race Theory           firm example of why nearly 700,000 Americans             productivity and a lower
wasn’t passed by his Utah colleagues. There               have unnecessarily died during the pandemic.             standard of living.” This
are two problems                                                                     Instead of belching           quote isn’t only directed             John A. Newby
here. One, Donovan                                                                   conspiracy into a             at each American, it is even

Mitchell is a local icon                                                             microphone, he                more critical businesses and
for many sports fans                                                                 should talk to doctors        communities understand this as well.
and is definitely more                                                               and nurses – but that             I am going to stray slightly this week from the
popular than the dour                                                                would take too much           micro-level of our local communities to the mac-
Adams. (There is not         Bryan Gray                                              effort and mental             ro-level of our nation, a level that highly impacts
much of a market for                                                                 agility. In his youth,
                             bgray@alphagraphics.com                                                               each of our communities regardless of size. Let’s
Adam jerseys.) But                                                                   Rep. Ray was a circus         discuss inflation, product shortages and labor
the worst part is the                                                                entertainer; now he’s         costs and how that will impact local communities
senator’s admonition that rich white developers           just the clown of the Utah House.                        moving forward.
like himself have the duty to educate Mitchell on                                                                      In Econ 101, the topic of the law of ‘Supply
race. That’s like me telling my wife, “Honey, let            UTAH COACH KYLE WHITTINGHAM – Are                     and Demand’ is often taught and discussed. The
me explain to you what it’s like to be a woman!”          demoralizing losses to BYU and San Diego State           concept of ‘supply and demand’ is usually what
                                                          the result of his new look shaggy hair or his                        dictates the price we pay for goods. As
    PRES. JOE BIDEN – The hasty and                               bypassing loyal quarterback Cam Rising                          we have seen over and over since the
messy pull-out of U.S. troops in
Afghanistan will be a permanent
                                         “Biden needs
                                                                      for the new “shiny penny” from
                                                                         Texas, causing a rift among the           op/             dawn of civilization, when demand

                                                                                                                                   outpaces the available supply, prices
stain on his foreign policy                                                 players? My best guess is his                          will escalate. Inversely, when the
agenda and could well give
Republicans a lift in next              a better speech                       offensive linemen are believing
                                                                               their own pre-season press
                                                                                                                                  demand falls, prices will tend to fall
                                                                                                                                and equalize over time as well. This
year’s congressional elec-
tions. It’s ludicrous for Biden
                                       writer who knows                         clippings and his defensive
                                                                                unit is confusing touch
                                                                                                                   makes sense and most people understand this
to say that the American              how to connect with                       football with tackle football.
                                                                                                                   basic concept. When we go to Econ 201, the plot
                                                                                                                   then thickens a bit. Here we learn an additional
exit from Afghanistan was                                                       But all is not lost, Coach. Your
a “success.” He should have            middle-class and                        PAC-12 opponents have also
                                                                                                                   economic law telling us, high prices are cured
                                                                                                                   by the impact of high prices. There may be a few
just explained the reason for
his plan, then admitted that in
                                        working-class                         been circling the drain, so you
                                                                             can still win a PAC champion-
                                                                                                                   exceptions to this rule, however, if the economy
                                                                                                                   is allowed to function free of intervention, the
hindsight he should have done it
differently. He has also done a poor
                                           families.”                      ship while boasting that you beat
                                                                        Weber State.
                                                                                                                   competition brought about by the high prices
                                                                                                                   which are due to shortages of supply typically
job of explaining how his proposed                                                                                 drive prices back down over time.
$3 trillion infrastructure bill will impact                         THE CALIFORNIA VOTING SYSTEM – It                  While both the above laws are very funda-
ordinary Americans. He comes across as con-               cost the state $276 million to fund its recent           mental, what becomes the next consideration is
fused and weak. He needs a better speech writer           recall election in which the Governor won by             the timeline it takes for the laws to play out. One
who knows how to connect with middle-class                basically the same margin as he did when he              recent example might be the toilet paper shortage
and working-class families.                               was elected earlier. That’s $276 million which           brought about by the rapid increase in demand
                                                          could have been spent on fixing highways,                during the early days of COVID. While the shortage
  IRON COUNTY HISTORY TEACHER BRIAN                       funding school lunch programs, hiring teachers,
TOWNSEND – Can anybody give me a reason                   or even cutting taxes.                                                                   see economy » 8
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6 Wednesday, September 29, 2021                                                  news                                                         Iron County Today

                                             Southern Utah University
      YouTube sensation, producer inspires at SUU event
by Christina Schweiss                                                                                                           common with Eves. Visions are a key
 For Iron Count y Today                                                                                                         component in being successful, for
                                                                                                                                “Vision amplifies passion” (Eves).
   This week for Southern Utah                                                                                                      Explaining his personal mecha-
University’s APEX event, Derral Eves,                                                                                           nism for being great and successful
YouTube influencer and executive                                                                                                in life, Eves gave the audience some
Producer of the TV series The                                                                                                   insights on how to also be great
Chosen, spoke for their Alumni                                                                                                  and successful in their own life.
spotlight.                                                                                                                      “Everyone should have a great mind-
   Eves is a Utah native and                                                                                                    set and goals. Goals must be SMART.
attended SUU where he earned his                                                                                                Specific. Measurable. Attainable.
bachelor’s degree in communication                                                                                              Relevant. Time based” (Eves).
with an emphasis in advertising and                                                                                                 With one final message for the
public relations in 1999.                                                                                                       audience, Eves stated very clearly
   Coming from humble beginnings,                                                                                               the importance of having mentors,
Eves understood from early                                                                                                      specifically at SUU. “If you want to
on that “No one will stop you          Derral Eves has                                                                          succeed at life, you have to surround
                                        over 78-billion
from learning except yourself.”       views on YouTube                                                                          yourself with the right people.” You
Sharing some advice on how to           for his uplifting                                                                       must “Find other people you can
be the best version of yourself,    messages about Goals,                                                                       learn from” (Eves).
Eves expressed, “You have to be       Action, Mentors and                                                                           His book, The YouTube Formula,
                                           Education.                                                           Katie Englert
excited at the end of the day to                                                                                                describes how to succeed in growing
do what you love.”                                          to the SUU students         Being a naturally curious person,       your own company as an online
   Eves has over 78 billion views                         in attendance, Eves        Eves declared he constantly ques-          presence and how to also succeed
on YouTube, 34 billion views on           declared that in order to succeed          tions things and how they work.            personally. To purchase Derral Eves’s
Facebook, and 27 Gold Play Buttons        in everything you do, “It starts with      His work is never and will never be        book, visit https://www.ytformula.
which are awarded to YouTube              your own mindset and knowing               done. He declared, “I spend hours a        com/yt-home
channels who reach one million            what you can do” (Eves). Eves also         day trying to make a better version            For more information about APEX
subscribers. Inspiring all in the         cautioned, “Your biggest enemy is          of me” (Eves). With constant dreams        and the next events, visit https://
audience and specifically talking         procrastination.”                          and goals in mind, visions are             www.suu.edu/apex.
Halloween Find your Halloween coloring - InsIde - Iron County Today
Iron County Today   news   Wednesday, September 29, 2021   7
Halloween Find your Halloween coloring - InsIde - Iron County Today
8 Wednesday, September 29, 2021                                                            news                                                                       Iron County Today

Bookings                                  economy
Below are bookings as reported
by the Iron County Sheriff’s
Department and Cedar City Police
                                          « Continued from page 5

                                          happened almost overnight, it took only a few
                                                                                                  Mayor Maile’s Corner
Department. Those arrested are
innocent until proven guilty.             months to overcome as producers ramped up               P a i d f o r b y M a i l e W i l s o n E d w a r d s f o r M a y o r C a mp a i g n F u n d
                                          production by retooling their factories, thus
 SEPT 20             Jacqueline C
                                          increasing the supply which lowered demand.             Business retention,                            ing services to our residents and ensuring
                                                                                                                                                 we had the necessary equipment and
Willie T
                     Cedar City, UT
                     DRUG – Poss/Use
                                          Both laws played out exactly as economics
                                          indicate it should. However, what happens
                                                                                                  development critical                           training to serve our community.
                                                                                                                                                      During my tenure as mayor, I have
Cedar City, UT
                     of C/S, Assault by
                     Prisoner, Prob/
                                          when that shortage is a lack of lumber,                 to Cedar City’s                                continued to demonstrate my commit-
Use of Firearm by
                     Parole Violation     or products requiring commodities to be
                                          extracted from the ground, or plastics which
                                                                                                  healthy economy                                ment and focus on business retention,
                                                                                                                                                 recruitment and development so current
                     Kimberly G                                                                        As your Mayor, I realized that in 2020,   and future generations can have a good
                     Preciado             are derived from oil which is being assaulted           especially without the Utah Shakespeare        paying job and remain in Cedar City. After
Corey A              Cedar City, UT
                                          politically? When this occurs, you can know                                                            months of dedicated work, I was able to
Middleton            DRUG – Dist/                                                                 Festival or Utah Summer Games our busi-
Cedar City, UT       Offer/               that those issues will be around longer than            ness community that depends on these           announce in 2021 two new companies
Disorderly           Arrange, Drug        simply a few weeks or months.                           events would struggle. Therefore, as a         that will be relocating in our area,
Conduct, Theft,      Paraphernalia                                                                City, we needed to pivot, bring creative       “Armscor Precision International” which
                                              Now we come to Econ 301, the law that                                                              will add 88 new jobs and “American
                     Brock E                                                                      ideas to the table, and work with our
                     Wheeler              says, labor tends to follow the first two laws,         businesses and community to come out           Packaging Corporation” which will provide
w/Arrest             Cedar City, UT       albeit, in a trailing fashion. When you have            stronger and better positioned as a City       an additional 135 new jobs. Both will pay
John K               Assault – Threat     shortages and continued high demand, over               to move forward. That is why I supported       at least 125% above the average county
Rollins-             Bodily Injury                                                                and promoted the following actions:            wage and are already talking about
Mendez                                    time this tends to drive up wages as well.                                                             future expansion opportunities in our
                                                                                                       » We utilized our existing recre-
Cedar City, UT        SEPT 25             Without arguing about what is good, bad,                ational amenities to host baseball and         community. Beyond these two companies
                     Xavior M             right, wrong, left or right, I tend to view these       softball tournaments every weekend,            I also have worked with Utah Iron, LLC our
Use of Firearm by                                                                                                                                local Iron Mine, during the past year as
Restr                Glidewell            economic laws as ‘just what is’.                        bringing outside dollars into our
                     Beryl, UT                As long as we are discussing economics, we          community, while maintaining safety            they reopened the mine operations. This
 SEPT 21             Purch/Poss/                                                                  protocols.                                     September is the 1-year anniversary of
                     Consume by           should mention inflation. When you double the                                                          their reopening and I am happy to recog-
                                                                                                       » We established the Small Business
Joseph A Alas        Minor                amount of dollars in circulation throughout the         Grants program with CARES funding to           nize the role they have in the heritage of
Cedar City, UT       Mark S               country in one year, you can bank on inflation          support our local businesses that had          our community and the ongoing financial
Rec Stolen           Leany                                                                                                                       impact they have moving into the future
Property, Poss                            throughout the economy. The only question               been hit the hardest. This was designed
                     Enoch, UT
                                                                                                  to put money back into our local economy       with their over 130 current employees.
Dangerous            DUI w/BAC at/        will be the impact of the inflationary pressure                                                             I am Maile Wilson Edwards and have
                                                                                                  and assist local businesses.
Weapon by Restr      over .08, Fail to    on prices throughout the supply chain and for                » Cedar City remained safely open         a track record of providing strong, proven
                     reg/exp veh
Jason Fitch                               the consumer.                                           for business during the pandemic when          leadership when it matters most to our
Cedar City, UT       Bryan J                  So, the question for your community is              so many other communities shut down.           City. I am committed to continually stand-
Assault on           Burkes
                                          this; how will all this impact our community            This provided the opportunity for multiple     ing up for Cedar City with transparent,
Police/Military in   Cedar City, UT
                                                                                                  new businesses, across all sectors of          steady, strong, experienced, leadership
Uniform              Drive on Susp/       in the coming months and years? First,                                                                 geared with a vision towards the future.
                     Revoked Lic,                                                                 our economy, to relocate, or open a new
William s
                     Unlawful Purch/
                                          expect inflationary pressure on nearly                  facility in Cedar City in 2020.
Thomas                                    every product you need to transform your
Cedar City, UT       Poss Dangerous                                                                    » Between September 2019 and
Reckless Endan-      Weapon               community. Expect shortages on various                  September 2020, we experienced a NEW           Maile Wilson Edwards,
germent, Threat      Francisco M          supplies to last much longer than one might             job growth rate of 4%
w/Weapon,            Rojas                                                                             » Additionally, our average county        Cedar City Mayor
Poss Dangerous       Parowan, UT
                                          expect. In some cases, we would hope to see             wage increased by 6% over the previous
Weapon by Restr,     DRUG – Poss C/S,     some easing on things such as lumber, but               year.
Protective Order     Paraphernalia,       nothing is sure in a marketplace seeking to                  Through our actions and the resil-
Violation            Dangerous
                     Weapon, Revoke/      find balance. Labor costs are a two-edge                iency of our residents, the gross taxable
                                          sword, but the sharp edge of the sword                  sales were up over 18% in 2020 over the
 SEPT 22             Susp Reg
                                                                                                  same period in 2019. Retail trade sales
Kendra L             Jasmine L            tends to dominate the equation. On one                  was at the heart of this gain with online
Jackson              Ross                 hand, higher wages do provide workers with              sales, building materials, groceries, and
                     Cedar City, UT
Cedar City, UT
                     DRUG – Poss C/S,     more spendable income. On the other hand,               general merchandise stores producing
Assault, Prob/                                                                                    the largest gains. By comparison, the
Parole Violation,
                     Paraphernalia,       they also tend to drive up costs adding to
                                                                                                  State average was a 10.2% increase.
Criminal Mischief
                                          the increase in goods and services. So, while                Furthermore, Cedar City was able
                                          workers make more, they are spending more               to complete much needed maintenance
 SEPT 23             Erwin Shirley
                                          for what they purchase, negating much
                     Cedar City, UT                                                               on multiple facilities including the
Anthony R            Retail Theft,        of that increase creating a vicious cycle.              Library and Aquatic Center, and unlike
Bell                                                                                              so many other communities throughout
West Jordan,
                     Intoxication         Inflation is the most deadly and unseen tax
                                                                                                  Utah and the nation we did not lay
UT                   Ashton S             most consumers and communities forget to                off any employees. Through prudent
Forgery, DRUG        Stehno
– Poss/Use C/S       Parowan, UT          consider.                                               budgeting and carefully examining all
w/Intent to          Drive w/o                As community leaders, understanding                 expenditures, the City maintained a
Distribute           Insurance
                                          economics in times such as these is critical.           balanced budget while also provid-
Edgar G              Daniel J             Knowing what to expect economically can help
Carabes, Jr.         Engstrom
Las Vegas, NV        Cedar City, UT       city leaders better plan for the future. Knowing
Poss/Use of C/S,     Poss Drug            how the supply chain works can help business
FTA – Warrant
                     Obstruct Justice
                                          owners think ahead, being better prepared. For
Jesika J                                  chambers to understand how this impacts the
Cheney               Chris C Jerue
Cedar City, UT       Cedar City, UT       city, business, and consumers will help them
Improper Lane        DRUG – Poss C/S,     to better chart their most productive course.
Change, Open                              Far too many communities just sit back and let
Container in Veh,    Tiffany L Nez
                                          what comes be as it may. That is the last thing
                     Enoch, UT
Philip S             Fail to Remain       you want to do. Be proactive, be prepared, and
Jeffries             at Accident          you will be miles ahead of most communities
                     (Damage Only)
Cedar City, UT                            that haven’t a clue for what is coming.
Drug Court
Violation             SEPT 26
                     Robert A
 SEPT 24             Bedard               John A. Newby, author of the "Building Main
Douglas V            Bountiful, UT        Street, Not Wall Street " column and Facebook
Labonte              DUI – Alcohol/
                     Drugs or combo
                                          group dedicated to helping communities and
Cedar City, UT
Discharge            Joshua E
                                          media companies work together allowing both
Firearm (From        Clark                to not just survive, but thrive in a world where
Veh) w/in 600        Cedar City, UT       truly-local is lost to Amazon, Wall Street chains
ft of Dwelling,      Aggravated
Intoxication, Fail   Assault, Retail      and others. His email is: john@Truly-Localllc.com.
to Disclose ID       Theft
 Wednesday, September 29, 2021                                                                                                          9

  Arts + Entertainment in Iron County

      New Art

                                                 Unexpected Convergence
    brings unity
       to SUU
by Ashley H. Palmer
 SUU College of Performing & Visual Arts

    Southern Utah University’s
Department of Art & Design is
proud to announce Aundrea Frahm
as the new Assistant Professor of
Art Education at SUU. Frahm is the
creative director of a phenomenal
team that creates avant garde fashion
photography. She has exhibited her
artwork in over 50 national and
international exhibitions. Frahm
strives for growth in her classroom
and believes this comes through
one-on-one conversations with stu-
dents, passionate and well-planned
curriculum, inquisitive critiques, and
informative feedback. For her, teach-
ing is extremely rewarding because
of the level of depth that can occur in
technique and concept.
    Jeff Hanson, Chair
of the Department of
Art and Design at
SUU, says, “We are              Aundrea Frahm
                           inspires students to use
delighted to have           their skills as a means
Aundrea Frahm                to create powerful and
joining the Art &              deliberate art work.
Design faculty at SUU.
With experience in
kinetic sculpture, installa-
tion, and performance art and
teaching experience in a variety
of K-12 and university settings,
she brings a unique perspective                                                                                         photos Courtesy SUU

to our department. She’s                                 solely on skill as an end, but as      it is important that all students have
enthusiastic, talented, and has                            the means to powerful and            a voice, are heard, and loved. A good
expertise and energy that will                                deliberate art work. She          teacher does that.”
help Art Education students                                      incorporates artists                Frahm believes that the class-
be their best at teaching                                           from history as well as     room is a space where each voice
and art making.”                                                    contemporary artists.       is important and valuable. The
    As a contemporary                                                    Aundrea Frahm,         classroom does not revolve around
artist, she is focused                                             new Assistant                competition, status, or favoritism,
on conceptual ideas                                                  Professor of Art           but it is an open forum where every
and her teaching                                                      Education at SUU,         member of the community is able
method revolves                                                       shares, “Teaching         to communicate, grow and learn to
around having a                                                        is one of my very        the best of their individual ability
conceptual and                                                         favorite things          and to give and receive support.
inquiry-based                                                         mainly because I          The classroom community is a
curriculum. The                                                    love working with            place where discussion facilitates
purpose of focus-                                                college students. They         question-asking and answering
ing on concept                                                  are brilliant and I love        each other’s questions, investigat-
is to deepen the                                                     learning from them.        ing relevant issues and exploring
meaning of the                                                           As the art educa-      the world at large.
artist-student’s                                                          tion professor, I          The College of Performing and
work and                                                                   look forward to      Visual Arts at SUU is inspired by
to inspire                                                                  teaching stu-       Aundrea Frahm and excited to have
students to                                                                 dents the power     her serve as the new Assistant
make work                                                                    of unity and       Professor of Art Education. For more
focused                                                                      inclusion in the   information about the Department
on ideas                                                                     classroom. Now,    of Art & Design at SUU, please visit
and not                                                                       more than ever,   www.suu.edu/pva/art.
10   Wednesday, September 29, 2021   showcase   Iron County Today
Iron County Today                                                                  showcase   Wednesday, September 29, 2021   11

Orchestra of Southern
 Utah to open season
with Children’s Jubilee
from Mary Furse                           from Edward Elgar’s luminous
 For Iron Count y Today                   Enigma Variations.
                                              These amazing musical creations
    Arts and sciences come together       have the power to transport the
at OSU’s Children’s Jubilee, opening      mind to imaginary realms, and imag-
up an exciting performance season         ination is vital, a skill that children
full of exploration, creation, and        will take into adulthood. It’s a key
celebration. On the afternoon of          to problem solving and anticipating
October 2, the Jubilee will offer         possibilities. It plays a part in all
fascinating discoveries in the arts       disciplines and aspects of life. Music
and technology, sparking children’s       is a powerful catalyst for igniting the
imaginations in a fun, engaging           imagination, and can make learning
setting. Take a journey with your         experiences that much more memo-
family into past, present, and future     rable. So, come ready to be inspired!
worlds with interactive activities            Explore possibilities with OSU at

                                                                    An OSU
                                                               violinist dressed
                                                              as Rapunzel during
                                                               the past Fairytale
                                                               Jubilee shows the
                                                              creativity and fun to
                                                               be enjoyed at this
                                                                  family event.

                                                              Courtesy Children's Jubilee

and displays of geology, astronomy,       the Children’s Jubilee on Saturday,
technology, arts, sensory wonders,        October 2 at the Heritage Theater.
virtual reality games, and more. You      Doors open for family activities at
and your children’s minds will open       12:00 p.m., and music begins at 2 p.m.
to possibilities of how you can create    Tickets are $5 per person. 4th and
and inspire, to make for a better         9th grade VIP passes can be pre-
future. As a highlight of this exciting   sented for free admission. One free
event, the Orchestra will perform         admission per family with 3 cans of
soundtrack cues from Back to the          food for Iron County Care and Share.
Future, Halo, Luigi’s Mansion, Super      Tickets are now available online at
Smash Bros, and classical highlights      www.myosu.org.
12   Wednesday, September 29, 2021                                         showcase                                                         Iron County Today

 We don’t own
  a dog (but
  else does)
by Mary Anne Andersen                                                                                                                                      Courtesy SUU

                                                             Music Masterwork Series features SUU
 Cedar Cit y Arts Council

S      o, perhaps it all started with my Dad and
       Rocky. Rocky, a beautiful German Shepherd,
       was abandoned by a family that moved away
and left him. Neighbors fed and watered him, but he
just hung out in the front yard of his home, waiting
                                                              choirs, regional high school choirs
for the return of his family. My mother heard of him     by Ashley H. Palmer                       The SUU Choirs include the      Taylor Davis, Roger Ames, and
from a colleague and within hours, Dad and my             SUU CPVA                             Concert Choir, OPUS Choir, and      Keith Hampton.
sister had picked him up and he became a beloved                                               Luminosa Treble Choir. The              Maddisyn Myers, a junior
member of our family.                                         The SUU Music Masterwork         Concert Choir is home to music      Music Education major, shares,
    When Rocky kept climbing the fence and               Series’ first concert of the season   majors and to students from a       “My experience with working
running the neighborhood, Dad gave him to an             is Friday, October 1, 2021 at 7:30    variety of other disciplines from   on this concert has been so
acquaintance who wanted a dog. But it wasn’t long        p.m. in the Heritage Center           across campus, all of whom          fun! I absolutely love getting
before Dad found out that Rocky was not treated          Theater. SUU Choirs will perform      share a common goal of making       back into the groove of singing
well in the new home, and he took his chain cutters,     together in a concert titled,         great music and performing          and performing with all of my
clipped his chain, and Rocky was                         Celebrate! Under the direction        their very best. OPUS is the        peers. I am excited to have a
back. We waited for a while,                             of Dr. Krystal McCoy, students        premier mixed choral ensemble       somewhat ‘normal’ choir concert
wondering if this latest                                 from regional high school             of Southern Utah University.        and to perform with the high
episode of “rescue” would                                choirs including American                 Membership includes both        school students visiting for
be termed “dognapping”,                                  Preparatory Academy, Dixie            music majors and non-music          the Shakespeare Competition!
but there were no con-                                   High School, Farmington High          majors, all of whom bring excep-    We’ve been working very hard
sequences, and this time                                 School, Herriman High School,         tional talent and musicianship      on this concert and will sing a
Rocky stayed.                                            Highland High School, Jordan          to the ensemble. Luminosa is        lot of beautiful choral pieces.
    So began our family                                  High School, Pleasant Grove High      an auditioned choir specifically    The African pieces we sing are
penchant for rescuing dogs,                              School, Pineview High School,         designed to provide a choral        fun and full of energy. It will be
four-legged creatures large                              and Salt Lake City School for the     experience for treble voices,       amazing to have an audience!
and small who were ill-treated                           Performing Arts will also partici-    focusing on the exploration of      That’s something we haven’t
by the world around them. Our champion dog               pate in a final piece. This concert   quality literature from various     experienced in a while due to the
rescuer is our daughter who lives in Las Vegas. Polly    is free and open to the public.       stylistic and historical periods,   pandemic.”
is associated with an animal shelter that shelters            Dr. Krystal McCoy, Director      and the development of vocal,           Celebrate the first concert
forsaken animals, sometimes a pregnant female left       of Choral Activities, shares, “I      choral, and musical skills.         in the Music Masterwork Series
by the side of the road—she surprised everybody          always look forward to this               This concert will feature       with SUU Choirs and regional
by giving early birth on Mother’s Day—sometimes a        concert every year. It is a time      music composed or arranged by       high school choirs on Friday,
starving dog needing lots of TLC, sometimes a sweet      when I celebrate our newest           Judith Herrington, Stephen Leek,    October 1, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. in
dog left behind by a family that had to move without     singing T-Birds and welcome           Hall Johnson, Ralph Vaughan         the Heritage Center Theater. For
their pet. Polly provides a foster home for the dogs     our high school guests that are       Williams, Victor C. Johnson,        more information about SUU’s
until, neutered, inoculated, and healthy, they are       in town for the Shakespeare           Jaime Chiphanga, Joshua Rist,       Music Department concerts,
ready for adoption. Polly was recently honored by        Competition.”                         Virgil Thomson, Derek Bermel,       please visit www.suu.edu/arts.
the shelter for her loving care of over 200 dogs. Her
latest visitor is a little white Boxer puppy who is
profoundly deaf, named Chowder.
    In Colorado, another family favors Yorkshire ter-
riers. When two of Nancy’s Yorkies were put down
after suffering from cancer, we thought she would
be glad to be down to a family of just two pets. But
not so. She heard of an organization that rescues
Yorkies, and learned about Daisy, a breeding female
in a puppy mill who had outlived her usefulness. A
long round trip to New Mexico added little Daisy
to their household. Daisy is afraid of being held, of
being outdoors, and much else. It will take a lot of
TLC to fully rescue her.
    Those are just two of Dad’s grandchildren; the
others have dogs as well. His children, my siblings,
all have a dog or two in their households, all loved
and well cared for. But here is the trouble with dogs:
we out-live them. Sooner or later, it is necessary to
send them across the rainbow bridge to a better
place, as just happened again recently. In our family,
however, that is not just a vague concept. We send
them to Dad, aka Opa. As the dog slips away, he/
she is lovingly told to “go find Opa.” There he joins
a large family of happy, familiar dog faces. We hope
Dad’s mansion has a very large backyard.
 Wednesday, September 29, 2021                                                                                                                 13

  Community + Personal Interest in Iron County

                Mutual         Gratitude
                shared during community fundraiser
by Patti Bostick                         had the privilege of getting to know
 Iron Count y Today                      the Davis family, on a professional

                                         and personal level. During this time
        he owners of D & D Variety,      frame, the Davis family has given
        Kevin and Jeremiah Davis         of their time, money and service to
        would like to thank our          enrich those in need within our city.
wonderful community for the              They are a wonderful example to us
profound support and turn out for        all and how they live their lives is the
the fundraiser they held on behalf       best example or what it truly means
of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle        to “Love they neighbor.” I have grown
Association*. All monies collected       to admire and respect this family
(+ $3700.00) was donated to this         for the many things they do that go
organization which will go towards       unnoticed, but make a huge impact
serving the veterans in Iron County.     on our community. Thank you, Davis
    In addition to thanking those who    Family, we appreciate all you do to
came to the event, the Davis’ would      enhance Cedar City.
like to give a special thanks and
shout out to the following businesses
and people for their participation and
support of this fundraiser.
    Drunken Butcher: who helped
setup the event & assisted with
finding sponsors. Their generosity
included donating their specialty
spices for the event’s raffle and
preparing and smoking all the
wonderful pork and tasty beans for
the luncheon.
    Carter Wilkey of IPro Realty: for
the use of his smoker, table, and                                                        D & D Variety
                                                                                        and Strongman
pop-up cabana for the eating area.                                                    Ryan Malin joined
    Kate & Eddie Meek with Pork Belly’                                              forces with the Combat
Eatery & Catering Co.: who donated all                                               Veterans Motorcycle
the beans and pork for the event.                                                    Association to lead the
                                                                                      charge to help raise
    Eric Davis with Genpac: for the to                                               money for veterans in
go food trays.                                                                            Iron County.
    Iron County Today: for advertising
of the event and helping to inform
the community who the Combat
Veterans Motorcycle Association*
is and what they do for veterans in
Southern Utah.
    Cherry Creek Media: for advertis-
ing the event & providing the music
for the event.
    Bradshaw Chevrolet: For raffle
    Red Rock Spas: For raffle Items
    Outside the Box @cuttingboardar-
tisan: For raffle items
    Admiral Beverage: For the
Rockstar drinks
    Strongman Ryan Malin: For
helping find Raffle Partners

    On a side note, because this
amazing family is so humble and
would never toot their own horn, I
feel compelled to thank them and
publicly recognize them for all they
have done to enhance our city over
the past four years. I say four years,
because this is the time that I have                                                                           photos by Ron Brubaker @ bruz photoz
14    Wednesday, September 29, 2021                                                                   life                                                                      Iron County Today

       Wed, Sept 29                                          Sat, Oct 2                                            Mon, Oct 4                                         Wed, Oct 6
           WORLD HEART DAY                                  NAME YOUR CAR DAY                                        GOLF LOVERS DAY                                  CEREBRAL PALSY DAY
CHARACTER SKETCHES “Annie Award                   VALENTINE PEAK PARK RUN (Every Sat,                                                                       CHARACTER SKETCHES “The Game Award
- Excellence in animation shown in cinema         8am) @ Iron County Fairgrounds. FREE,                                                                     - Game of the Year.” (Wed 6:30-7:30pm) Cedar
and television.” (Wed 6:30-7:30pm) Cedar City     weekly, timed 5K run/jog/walk. Open to all                                                                City Library [303 N 100 E], 435-586-6661. All skill
Library [303 N 100 E], 435-586-6661. All skill    ages and all abilities - each week we have                                                                levels welcome.
levels welcome.                                   a Tail Walker, so you will never be last.
                                                                                                                                                            PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT BIBLE STUDIES
                                                  Organized by volunteers. Join us! Info/Reg:
                                                                                                                                                            (6:30 to 8:45pm) @ Cedar City Public Library
                                                                                                                                                            (303 N 100 E). Straight-forward investigative
      Thurs, Sept 30                              RENTWAPO-WORKS FARMERS MARKET
                                                  (Saturdays 9-2pm), (4871 N Enoch Rd.) Eggs,
                                                                                                                                                            approach to Bible study. Attendees will
                                                                                                                                                            discover truth for themselves by using three
            LOVE PEOPLE DAY                       pecans, popcorn, hand crafted items, home                                                                 skills; observation, interpretation and appli-
                                                  decor, indestructible dish/pan scrubbers, baby                                                            cation. Nondenominational studies consist
                                                  blanket & booty ensembles, homeopathic                                                                    of homework, discussion, and DVD lecture
                                                  items. A fun and unique shopping experience                                                               by Bible teacher Pete Delaney. Interested
                                                  for all ages. Turn your passion into profit                                                               students call 435-267-2234 or 435-238-3078 for
                                                  and have your own booth. Info – Linda                                                                     info/register. Visit: www.precept.org.
                                                  FESTIVAL CITY FARMERS MARKET (9am to
                                                  1pm), @ 45 W Center Street. Every Saturday              HAPPY FACTORY SPECIAL TOURS (9am to                      Thurs, Oct 7
                                                  rain or shine. Artwork, baked goods, crafts,            4pm) Oct 4 – 7, @ the Happy Factory (896
                                                  custom semi-precious stone, costume jewelry,            N 2175 W Circle, Cedar City). FREE tours          MEET THE CANDIDATE NIGHT (7-8pm) @
                                                  farm fresh produce, homemade brownies &                 highlighting various steps to making toys.        Enoch Elementary School Gym [4701 N
                                                  candies, home style treats, homemade jams &             At the end of the tour, visitors can receive      Wagon Wheel Dr. Enoch, UT]
                                                  jellies, homeopathic items and 100% real                a free toy car, and learn about volunteering
                                                  honey. Free gift for fathers.                           or donating to the Happy Factory. INFO:(435)
                                                                                                          586-8352 and www.happyfactory.org.
                                                                                                                                                                       Sat, Oct 9
SUU APEX EVENT – (11:30am) @ SUU
Hunter Conference Great Hall (351 W
                                                                                                                   Tues, Oct 5
University Blvd, Cedar City), FREE admission                                                                    DO SOMETHING NICE DAY
is FREE. INFO and the Event Stream Link visit
www.suu.edu/apex. SPEAKER: HawkWatch                                                                      PAROWAN SCARECROWS ON MAIN –
International, an organization whose mission                                                              Sunrise to Sunset along Parowan Main Street
is to conserve our environment through edu-                                                               (from about 300 N to 200 S, Parowan). Bring
cation, long-term monitoring, and scientific                                                              the whole family out to find your very favorite
research on birds of prey as indicators of                                                                scarecrow built by local businesses, clubs,
ecosystem health.                                                                                         or community members. INFO: Visitor Center        POWER IN PINK – BREAST CANCER
                                                                                                          (435) 477-8190.                                   AWARENESS WALK & 5K RUN (8:30am) at
Veterans Park Baseball Fields – Little                                                                    CANYON CREEK SERVICES 3RD ANNUAL                  Canyon Park West (151 S 400 E, Cedar City).
League Baseball Complex (300 E 275 N, Cedar                                                               MASQUERADE (5:30pm – 9pm) @ Heritage              Registration $25 per person on EventBrite,
City). All forms of active transportation are                                                             Center Theatre (105 N 100 E, Cedar City).         Active.com or 8am at the event. This fun walk
welcome! Join for food, fun, music, games,                                                                General admission $15 per ticket or $100          and run fundraiser benefits women and their
and prizes! The first 150 families at the event                                                           per group (8 people). VIP pricing available –     families in Iron County who are dealing with
will receive a free swag bag.                                                                             includes VIP Reception at 5:30 pm. VIP Tickets    breast cancer.
                                                  SATURDAY FARMER’S MARKET (9am to                        $75 per ticket and $500 per group (8 people).
                                                  1pm), Saturdays @ IFA, 905 S Main. Good                 General check-in begins at 6:30 pm and the
                                                  weather outside, bad weather inside. Farmers
           Fri, Oct 1                             with vegetables, fruits, eggs, honey, baked
                                                                                                          Show and Silent Auction will begin at 7pm.
                                                                                                          Special Performance by Melinda Pfundstein             Want your event
                                                  goods & breads, meats, tamales, food                    & Friends. Legacy Award will honor Maureen
               POETRY DAY                         vendors, hand-crafted items including soaps,
                                                  lotions, jewelry, clothing, home décor and
                                                                                                          Einfeldt. INFO and ticket purchase options
                                                                                                          online at canyoncreekservices.org.
                                                                                                                                                                on our calendar?
FESTIVAL CITY ROCK, MINERAL, GEM,                 gifts for all ages. For booth prices & info: (435)
JEWELRY SHOW (Fri & Sat 10am – 6pm) and           559-1657.                                               60TH ANNUAL UTAH SHAKESPEARE
(Sun 10am – 4pm) @ Cross Hollow Event                                                                     FESTIVAL (8pm, w/2pm Matinees) FREE                    There is no charge for calendar items.
Center (10 N Cross Hollow Rd, Cedar City).        NATURE HILLS: HARVEST FEST (Oct 2, 4, 9,                nightly Greenshow at 7:10 pm, backstage                Your submissions can be made online
FREE and open to everyone! Raffles, rocks,        13, 16 – M/W 3-7pm & Sat 12-7pm) @ Nature               tours, seminars, and play orientations.                at ironcountytoday.com, or emailed to
minerals, fossils, jewelry, beads, exhibits &     Hills Farm (4326 N 2100 E, Cedar City). Tickets         Featured plays: ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ (Thru       news@ironcountytoday.com or brought
demonstrations, rockhound & geology field         $5 per person available online at www.                  Oct 9), ‘Cymbeline’ (Thru Oct 9), ‘Intimate             to 389 N 100 W, #12, Cedar City, Utah
trips & kids stuff. Food options available.       naturehillsfarm.com/harvest-fest.html. This             Apparel’ (Thru Oct 9), ‘The Comedy of Terrors’       84721. The deadline is Friday at noon. The
INFO: www.southernutahrockclub.org/roc…/          annual celebration of Fall is great for all             (Thru Oct 9). Tickets/Info: call 1-800-PLAYTIX       calendar is not to be used for advertising.
show-information.                                 ages. Hayride, Yard Games, Pumpkin spice                (752-9849) or visit www.bard.org.                      Items will be printed at our discretion.
                                                  hot cocoa, pick out the perfect pumpkin. Farm
SUU MUSIC MASTERWORK SERIES:                      store fully stocked with Harvest needs and
CELEBRATE! (7:30pm) @ Heritage Center             goodies. INFO: (435) 559-2791
Theater (105 N 100 E, Cedar City). Featuring
SUU and regional high school choirs. FREE         OSU: CHILDREN’S JUBILEE – FUTURE
admission. INFO: www.suu.edu/arts.                EXPLORATIONS. Doors open for family
                                                  activities at Noon. Music begins at 2pm in
                                                  the Heritage Center Theater (105 N 100 E,
                                                  Cedar City). Tickets $5 per person; one free
                                                  admission per family with a donation of three
                                                  cans of food for Iron County Care and Share.
                                                  Arts and sciences come together, opening
                                                  up an exciting performance season full of
                                                  exploration, creation, and celebration. Tickets
                                                  are available at www.myosu.org.

JUDD PUMPKIN PATCH (Mon – Sat 9am                            Sun, Oct 3
– 7pm) @ 314 E 270 N (Paragonah). Spend
the afternoon at the pumpkin patch finding                         UNITY DAY
the perfect pumpkin, see all the animals in
the petting zoo (FREE), Wagon Rides ($2),         “If you’re being chased by an angry
and Barrel Train Ride ($1). FREE admission.       bull, and then you notice you’re also being
Pumpkins are $0.30 a pound. INFO: (435)           chased by a swarm of bees, it doesn’t really
477-9783.                                         change things. Just keep on running.” Jack
Iron County Today                                                                                            life                                                  Wednesday, September 29, 2021       15

                                                      calendar                                                                                                         people
ongoing opportunities
                                                 ARP—Addiction Recovery                             Cedar Professionals                                     Birth
                                                 1st Wed, 7 pm • Parowan Seminary building,
                                                 Main & 300 N, Parowan
                                                                                                    Tues, 7:30 am • Springhill Suites, 1477 S
                                                                                                    Highway 91, Cedar City. Organization of              Matthew
Cedar City Council
                                                                                                    business people. Stimulate business through         Hansen Seal
Wed (except 5th), 5:30 pm • City Hall, 10 N.                                                        exchange of ideas, information, referrals.
Main St (435) 586-2950                           1st Tues, Noon • Five County Aging Offices,        www.cedarprofessionals.org                        Matthew Hansen Seal
                                                 585 N Main, Ste. 1, Cedar City
                                                                                                    Color Country Pickleball                          was born August 26th
Enoch City Council
1st & 3rd Wed, 6 pm • City Hall, 900 E           Celebrate Recovery                                 M-F, 7-10 am • 155 E 400 S (Cedar Stake Ctr),     at 1:28 pm to Stephanie
Midvalley Rd • (435) 586-1119                    (Christian 12-Step Program) Wed 6:30 pm            Paddles & balls supplied. (435) 586-6345          and Spencer Seal. He was
                                                 • True Life Center, 2111 N Main, Cedar City.
                                                                                                    Color Country Winds                               6 lbs. 14 oz, 18.5 inches, and
Enoch Planning Commission                        We believe that through Christ we can be                                                              absolutely perfect! He is adored
2nd & 4th Tues, 5:30 pm • City Hall, 900 E       victorious over any hurts, habits, hang-ups        Wed • Come brush up on your band skills to
Midvalley Rd • (435) 586-1119                    (Phil. 4:13) • Jeff J 801-638-1800, Gary D.        share with the community. Call Debbie at                    by all, especially his older sister.
                                                 702-303-5662.                                      (435) 559-9609 for time and location.
Iron County Commission
2nd & 4th Mon, 9 am • Commission                 Helproom                                           Hey Cedars Square Dance
Chambers, 68 S 100 E, Parowan                    Fri, 2-3 pm • Free online support group for        Wed • Beginner’s, 6:30 pm, Mainstream
                                                 survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual             Dancers, 7-9 pm • Cedar City Senior Center,
Iron County Democrats                            Assault. Safe space to communicate, feel           489 E 200 S. Info: Pat (435) 233-5910
3rd Sat, 9-10:30 am • Pastry Pub, 86 W           supported and share perspectives on
Center, Cedar City                               healing, recovery. Join at: affiliate.rainn.org/   Pickleball Group
                                                 helproom/canyoncreekservices.                      Weekdays, 7 am • SUU Pickleball Courts.
Iron County Republican Women                                                                        Anyone is welcome. Fee is $2 (indoors) and
3rd Wed, 11:30 am. Tickets $20, https://www.     Multiple Sclerosis                                 free (outdoors)
ironcountyrepublicanwomen.com                    3rd Thurs, 6-8 pm • Cedar Visitor’s Center,        Rock Club
                                                 581 N Main. Caregivers and those with MS
Parowan City Council                                                                                1st Thurs, 6 pm • Gateway Academy, 201
2nd & 4th Thurs, 6 pm • City Hall, 35 E 100 N    Narcotics Anonymous                                W Thoroughbred Way, Enoch. Learn about
• (435) 477-3331                                 www.nasouthernutah.org • (435) 635-9603            geology, find gems, fossils and minerals.
                                                                                                    Learn to cut and polish and make jewelry.
                                                 KKCB Club (203 E. Cobblecreek Dr, Cedar            southernutahrockclub.org
                                                 City) unless otherwise listed
       Service groups                            Basic Text Study • Mon, 8 pm                       Senior Yoga Classes
                                                 Just for Today • Wed, 8 pm                         Mon, 1-2pm • Canyon West Park behind
American Legion Auxiliary                        Hope Without Dope • Thurs, 8 pm                    the Senior Center • Wed, 1-2pm • Cedar
3rd Wed, 6 pm, Cedar Library, 303 N 100 E,       Live and Let Live • Fri, 8 pm                      City Senior Center (489 E 200 S). Easy to do.
Amer. Legion Conf. Room • (435) 704-6654                                                            Please bring own mat. (435) 586-0832
                                                 Candle Light Meeting • Sat, 9:30 pm (Small
                                                 room)                                              Southern Utah Woodturners
Bikers Against Child Abuse                       Women Only • Sun, 11 am
1st Thurs 7 pm • Courtyard Marriott (1294                                                           2nd Sat, 9 am, Cedar High School wood
S Interstate Dr, Cedar City), Cedar Breaks       Dopeless Hope Fiends • Sun, 8 pm • The             shop, 703 W 600 S.
Conference Room                                  Meeting Hall, 1067 S Main St, Cedar (877)
                                                 865-5890.                                          StrongBoard Classes
Elks Lodge #1556                                                                                    M-W-Fri, 9 am • IFS Studio, 2390 UT-56 #9,
111 E Freedom Blvd. Cedar City, (435)
                                                 Pornography Addiction Recovery                     Cedar City. Improve core strength, balance,
                                                 for Men                                            stability. All fitness levels welcome. Class
                                                 Thurs, 7:30pm • Canyon View seminary               size limited to 8. Call (661) 436-0259 to
Lion’s Club                                      building (54 W 1925 N). North entrance.            register/reserve your spot.
Tues, 12 pm • Call Pres. Roger Shurtz for        Pregnancy, Infant Loss                             Tae Kwon Do Class
mtg. info. Everyone welcome! (435) 590-2896                                                         Wed, 7-8:30 pm • Cedar City Aquatic Center,
                                                 1st Wed, 7:30 pm • Share Families of So.
Marine Corps League                              Utah • 565 N Main Street, Ste. 6, Cedar •          2090 W Royal Hunte Dr. $25/mo., ages 5+,
                                                 www.southernutahshare.com                          any experience level (435) 865-9223. Helps
Detachment 1315, 2nd Wed, 6 pm                                                                      benefit Canyon Creek Crisis Center.
Elks Lodge, 111 E 200 N, Cedar City.
                                                 Senior Blind/Visually Impaired
Rotary Club                                      3rd Thurs, 1:30 pm • Cedar City Library            Tai Chi For Arthritis
                                                                                                    Wed & Fri, 9:30-10:30 am • Cedar Senior
Tues, 12:15 • Southwest Tech, 757 W 800 S,
Cedar City • (435) 233-0244                      Southwest Parkinson’s Alliance                     Center, 489 E 200 S. FREE low-impact, health
                                                 2nd Tues, 1 pm. • Cedar City Senior Center,        benefitting exercise for Seniors. Helps with
                                                 489 E 200 S • Kristy 435-559-9681.                 coordination, balance, flexibility and more. To
                                                                                                    register – contact Maria Bailey (435) 673-3548.
       Support Groups                                                                               Space limited.
                                                      Classes/Activities                            Take Action for Freedom
AA—Alcoholics Anonymous                                                                             Wed, 7 pm • Stahli West 600 N. Airport
(435) 635-3603 • www.utahaa.org                  Adult Barre/Modern Dance                           Road, Cedar • Help preserve our
Helpline: John (702) 802-1332, Kara (702)        Wed, 11 am-noon, Spirit Wellness Club, 1615 N      Constitution, Republic, voting laws, medical
232-6829                                         Main, Cedar City • All levels, Free to members,    freedoms, traditional education curriculum,
KKCB Club (203 E. Cobblecreek Dr, Cedar          or $8 drop-in fee.                                 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights, education
City) unless otherwise listed                                                                       on CRT & Southern boarder issues/
Speaking From The Heart • M – Sa, Noon           Arthritis Foundations Exercise                     illegal immigration & local/county/state
Steps and Traditions • M – Su, 7 am              Time TBA, Cedar Senior Center                      Legislature issues
Red Road to Sobriety • Mon, 6 pm Paiute          489 E 200 S • 435-586-0832. FREE. Trained
Indian Tribe of Utah, 440 N Paiute (435)         instructors. Range-of-motion exercises,            Top Bar Hive Bee Keeping
586-1112 Ext. 307                                endurance-building activities, relaxation          1st Tues, 7 pm • Cedar City Library
                                                 techniques, and health education topics.           303 N 100 E. (435) 586-6661
Misfits • M – F, 6 pm
Cedar Group • Tues, 8 pm                         Awana Bible Club                                   TOPS – Take Off Pounds Sensibly
The Great Fact • T, F, Noon. • True Life         7th-12th grade, Mon, 6:30 - 8:30 pm, 3 yrs-6th     Wed • Weigh-in 9 am, mtg 9:30 am. Evening
Center (TLC) 2111 N. Main. • (702) 802-1332 or   grade, Wed, 6:30 - 8 pm, Valley Bible Church,      weigh-in 6:30 pm, mtg 7-8 pm • Cedar City
(702) 533-7856                                   4780 N Hwy 91, Cedar City • (435) 586-0253 or      Library, 303 N 100 E. Lose weight without
Red Creek Group • Wed, 7 pm • 685 N 300          (435) 990-1638                                     buying special foods. • 586-3233 (a.m. mtg) or
E, Parowan • (435) 477-8925                                                                         867-4784 (p.m. mtg)
Women’s Meeting • Sat, 10:30 am                  Book Club
                                                 2nd Thurs, 7 pm • Cedar City Library 303 N         Water Aerobics Class
My Story • Sat, 8 pm
                                                 100 E.                                             Tues, Thurs, 9 am • SUU pool, 2-56 N 600 W.,
Thank God it’s Sunday Spiritual • Sun, 11                                                           Fun, up-tempo workout to music. Intensive
am                                               Cedar Chest Quilters’ Guild                        cardio, full body muscle toning. Any fitness
What a Way to Start the Day • Su, W, F 7-8       Thurs, 10 am • Cedar City Senior Center, 489       level. All ages. $3/class, including pool
am • All are welcome                             E 200 S. Sewing projects for all abilities.        admission. (435) 327-2091 (no text)
Al-Anon                                          Block of the Month. Make friends, improve          Wellness Place
                                                 your skills & have fun. Visitors are always
KKCB Club (203 E. Cobblecreek Dr, Cedar          welcome. Info: Ms. Ronnie Badgett. (435)           583 S Main Suite #5, Cedar City. (435)
City) unless otherwise listed                                                                       592-5308. Classes: thewellnessplacecc.com/
                                                 477-2243. cedarchestquiltersguild.org
Al-Anon • 1st, 3rd Tues, 7-8 pm • Call for                                                          upcoming-classes
info: (435) 704-8984                             Cedar Radio Control Club                           Zumba Classes
Easy Does It • Tues, 7-8 pm • (435) 559-3333     4th Thurs, 7 pm • Cedar City Library
                                                                                                    Tues, 11:30 – 12:30pm • Cedar City Senior
Hope for Today (Family Groups)                   303 N 100 E.
                                                                                                    Center (489 E 200 S). Have fun getting in
Thurs, 6 pm • (435) 559-3333                                                                        shape. (435) 586-0832
                                                 Cedar City Toastmasters
Alzheimer's Caregiver                            Thurs, 7 am • The Pastry Pub • 86 W
Online Meetings: 2nd Fri, 5:30 pm, 4th Mon,      University Blvd. Find your voice & shape your      To add your ongoing opportunity to our
5:30 pm • RSVP to mjmiller@alz.org or (435)      future. Be the leader and speaker you want         calendar, call 867-1865, ext.6 or email
238-4998 x8773                                   to be. (603) 731-0116                              news@ironcountytoday.com
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