FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair

FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair
                              AND MAP
                              9 – 12 M AY 2 019
                              Hampstead Heath, London

B R O W S E A R T: A F F O R D A B L E A R T F A I R . C O M
FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair
                                                                                                                              C ATH E RIN E N E W M A N

                          THANKS                                                                                           5    M A D E IN A RT S LO N D O N
                                                                                                                           10 TH E A RT O F W E LLB E IN G
                                                                                                                           12 PL AY: RE B A L A N C E RO O M
                                                                                                                           13 PL AY: S PECI A L F E AT U RES
                                                                                                                           14	PL AY: TIM E TA B LE
                                                                                                                           18	E X HIB ITIN G GA LLE RI ES
                                                                                                                           28 M A P

                                                                                                                Hello! A big welcome from me and
                                                                                                                the whole Affordable Art Fair team to
                                                                                                                beautiful Hampstead Heath, as we help
                                                                                                                the City of London celebrate 30 successful
                                                                                                                years in charge of the care and upkeep
                                                                                                                of this much-loved public space.

                                                                                      Returning for our ninth edition, we invite you to kick back, relax, and
                                                                                      explore the art of wellbeing. Our Workshops, Talks and Tours focus on
                                                                                      all things wellness – from calming collaging to mindful mandala-
                                                                                      making; if you’re looking for a chance to unwind amidst the fun of the
                          AFFORDABLE ART FAIR                                         fair, we’ve got you covered. New for 2019, we’ve partnered with the
                          Will Ramsay Fair Founder                                    go-to for inspiration on how to live well, Balance, to offer a programme
                          Jennifer Conner UK Regional Managing Director               of daily yoga and breathwork sessions. Be sure to find your inner calm
                                                                                      and creativity before you dive into all the fair has to offer!
                          FAIR TE AM
                          Carla Tucker UK Fair Operations Manager                     We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome back Made in Arts London to
                          Sally Dickson UK Fair Development Manager                   showcase a stunning selection of work from current students and recent
                          Polly Sykes UK Fair Operations Coordinator                  graduates from University of the Arts London. If it’s the next Hirst or
                          Alison Clarke Financial Controller                          Hockney you’re looking to invest in, then be sure to check out this fresh
                          Andrea Higgins Assistant Accountant                         and exciting curated collection of future stars.

                          MARKETING                                                   We’re excited to continue to bring the Own Art scheme to our UK fairs,
                          Claire Jackson UK Head of Marketing                         making buying art even more affordable with an interest-free
                          Rebecca Stanton UK Marketing Manager                        instalment scheme over ten months. Visit the dedicated team on stand
                          Claudia Hogg UK Marketing Assistant                         D14 where they’ll be pleased to talk through your options.
                          Lisa Cook Global Designer
                                                                                      Finally, my top tip for making the most of the fair: ask the experts! Our
H A M P S T E A D 2 019

                          ONLINE TEAM                                                 friendly gallerists provide a font of knowledge and advice to help
                          Will Huntley-Clarke Digital Trading Analyst                 experienced and first-time buyers alike.
                          Phoebe Ashworth Website Manager
                          Maura Derossis Gallery Partnership Manager                  Jennifer Conner
                          Sarah Casebury Customer Service and Product Administrator   UK Regional Managing Director
FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair

                                                                                                                                                                              3 MEET THE ARTIST
                                                                                               elements to make an interesting
                                                                                               statement. The drums provided
                          C AT H E R I N E N E W M A N                                         the opportunity to stretch the
                                                                                               conceptual aspect of my work,
                                                                                               not only painting a picture of
                          Ahead of the Hampstead fair, we sat down with Catherine              a drum kit, but the idea of what
                          Newman from ArtDog London to learn more about her artistic           a drum is and its implicit and
                          practice and how she views art as a source of hope.                  universal association with a
                                                                                               human making a sound.
                          Who or what would you say has had the biggest effect on
                          your work?                                                           We think your subtle palette is really powerful, could you tell
                          My mother. She has definitely had the biggest effect on my life      us more about your use of colour?
                          as an artist. She was a painter and a sculptor, and I grew up        If you look closely at the surface of my paintings, you can see
                          immersed in an environment of visual creativity. My family would     that there are layers and layers of paint. After I initially prepare
                          regularly travel to museums and galleries, which as a small          the surface of the canvas or wood panel, usually with a Venetian
                          child I loved. One of my earliest memories is sitting on the floor   red, I begin the drawing process. When that is complete I begin
                          of her messy studio and looking at her art books. Picasso was        to fill in the tones of colour. The layering is done with brushes,
                          my favourite and I would always ask for him. I think about her       palette knives, rubbing with cloths, and almost always wet into
                          example of the way she made art look like fun, and as I got          dry paint. The subtlety of the palette is achieved as the different
                          older I realised that’s what art is, freedom.                        layers of under painting begin to read through the surface. It
                                                                                               creates a depth all its own and defines the surface in unique
                          Could you tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind your       ways. And to me, it’s just exciting to see a green read through
                          drum series at the centre of our latest campaign?                    into a red or a dark blue pushing through a pale yellow. It’s all
                          Before I painted the drums I had been working on a series of         about light.
                          furniture portraits. In that series of paintings there were many
                          straight lines. In an attempt to expand my “line vocabulary” I       What impact do you believe art can have on personal
                          decided that I wanted to explore more rounded, curvy shapes.         wellbeing?
                          Hence, the drums. I thought these particular vintage drum kits       Art gives me hope. I consider myself a very lucky person to be
                          were just beautiful and they gave me all the needed formal           able to express myself in a visual language. I realised a long
                                                                                               time ago, I don’t paint my paintings – they paint me. The gift of
                                                                                               losing myself in the work, fully attentive, working with elements
                                                                                               of light and tone, getting a line just right, making hundreds of
                                                                                               decisions about colour and form… all of this is pure joy. With
                                                                                               luck, the finished product reflects that joy and enhances the
                                                                                               viewer’s sense of wellbeing too, and hopefully changes one’s
                                                                                               view of the world. Art can give us all hope.

                                                                                               You can find Catherine’s work with ArtDog London on stand E2
H A M P S T E A D 2 019

                                                                                               and online at affordableartfair.com

                                                                                               Image left: Catherine Newman. Moments of Unlooked for Happiness No.2. Oil on
                                                                                               canvas, original. 56 x 71 cm. ArtDog London, £1,650.
                                                                                               Image right: Catherine Newman. Chippendale Side Chair. Oil, original.
                                                                                               61 x 45 cm. ArtDog London, £1,450.
FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair
Transforming child                                                             MAD E I N ART S LON DON

                                                                                                                                                    5 MAD E IN ART S LONDON
mental health                                                                  IMAGINED L ANDSC APES
Four out of five of us will develop a diagnosable mental                       Back for the seventh year running to present their expert pick
health disorder at some point in our lives and 75%                             of emerging talent from University of the Arts London, we are
of these problems are likely to have started before                            excited to unveil this year’s Made in Arts London showcase:
the age of 18. One in eight children and young people                          Imagined Landscapes.
aged 5 to 19 are already struggling with a mental
health problem. You can help us to achieve a world                             The work of the twelve artists selected for this year’s display
where children, young people and their families are                            explores the visual representation of reconstructing a space;
effectively supported with their mental wellbeing to                           both in reality and the imagined. The artists have embraced
build on their strengths and achieve their goals in life.                      alternative understandings of place in contemporary art and
Donate now at annafreud.org.                                                   the role the artist plays as narrator.

                                                                               From urban backdrops to everyday life; ceramics to C-type
                                                                               prints, this curated collection never fails to challenge the
                                                                               boundaries of contemporary art. We’re particularly excited to
                                                                               see the practice of Sebastian Chaumeton blown up to large
                                                                               scale in his mural located at the entrance to the fair. Inspired
                                                                               by street art icon Keith Haring, Seb’s work strikes a playful tone
                                                                               whilst being firmly rooted in the mood of the moment wherever
                                                                               he creates his large scale, situational pieces. The results are
                                                                               impressive public collaborations, featuring themes varying from
                                                                               pop culture and politics to the mundane and magical. In our
                                                                               case, Seb has created a projection of the things Hampstead
                                                                               locals and passers-by alike love about the Heath and its
                                                                               surroundings. And of course, there had to be a few four-legged
                                                                               friends in there for good measure!

                                                                               If you’re interested in           Photographer:
                                                                               investing in the next big         Tom Oliver, Arts SU
                                                                               thing, or simply love the work
                                                                               of some of these seriously-
                                                                               talented students, then you’ll
                                                                               be pleased to hear all
                                                                               artwork in the showcase is
                                                                               available to buy.

                                                                               Don’t forget to share your
@AFNCCF         E info@annafreud.org           T 020 7794 2313                 favourites with us using
Our Patron: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge                        #affordableartfair
The Anna Freud Centre, operating as Anna Freud National Centre for Children
and Families, is a registered charity, number 1077106 and company limited by
guarantee, number 03819888.
FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair

                                                                                                                                7 MAD E IN ART S LONDON
                          MEET THE ARTISTS                        3.

                          CH LO E B OW M A N
                          M O L LY B R O C K L E H U R S T
                          ANKE BUCHMANN
                          SEBASTIAN CHAUME TON
                          E VA H E
                          C H L O E K E L LY
                          O R E L I E PA S C A L E
                          CHRISTOPHER PE ARSON
                          LISA PET TIBONE                         4.
                          LIZZIE REID
                          WING TUNG SO
                          YUQI WEI

                            1.                                         1. Lizzie Read. Hurts. Mixed-media, original.
                                                                       45 x 45 cm. £475.
                                                                       2. Chloe Bowman. Pink Pigeon. C-Type Matt, edition
                                                                       of 5. 25 x 33 cm framed. £400.
                                                                       3. Wing Tung So. Spaces I. Acrylic and gel on
                                                                       canvas, original. 100 cm diameter. £1,000.
                                                                       4. Anke Buchmann. Vase No. 03. Earthenware
                                                                       ceramic with underglaze, glaze and enamel print,
                                                                       original. 32 x 11 cm. £500.
H A M P S T E A D 2 019

                                                                       5. Chloe Kelly. “Oh Dear!”. Digital and Inkjet prints,
                                                                       collaged, original. 38 x 31 cm framed. £380.

FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair
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                              Spread the cost of your chosen artwork
                            in interest-free instalments over 10 months

                                Visit the Own Art team on stand D14

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FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair
11 T H E A R T O F W E L L B E I N G
                                                                                                 2 . S TAY C O O L , C A L M A N D C O L L E C T E D
                                                                                                 Consider a calming colour palette of neutrals like greys,
                                                                                                 creams and browns to create a relaxed interior. Decorating
                                                                                                 with a reduced palette in your home, not only means your
                                                                                                 artwork, furniture and accessories are sure to complement
                                                                                                 each other, but the overall effect will be easy on the eye
                                                                                                 and sure to inspire relaxation.

                                                                                                 3. ART FOR THE HEART
                                                                                                 Decor that tells a story is one of our most-loved interior trends
                                                                                                 and our favourite rooms are the ones full of meaningful things
                                                                                                 – whether they are gifts from a loved one, souvenirs from the
                                                                                                 trip of a lifetime, or an artwork that brings a childhood memory
                                                                                                 to life. Select your art from the heart and you are guaranteed to
                                                                                                 love it for years to come.

                                                                                                                                        Look for the ReBalance
                                                                                                                                        Room to discover our
                                                                                                                                        curated collection of art
                                                                                                                                        to inspire wellness at the
                                                                                                                                        Hampstead fair, or shop
                          THE ART OF WELLBEING                                                                                          from 1,000s of works
                                                                                                                                        online using our top tips
                                                                                                                                        from the comfort of
                          Kick back, relax, and discover how welcoming art into your                                                    your own home at
                          life will not only enrich your home but also your wellbeing.                                                  affordableartfair.com

                          In addition to the visual benefits of making a statement, tying a
                          room together and adding personality to your space, for a lot of
                          people art makes a house a home and leads us out of our
                          day-to-day lives. Studies have shown that experiencing and
                          enjoying art helps to decrease our stress levels – with many of
                          us juggling hectic schedules it can be a brilliant tool for creating
                          a calming environment to help us switch off at home.

                          OU R TOP TIP S                                                                                                Image left: Elaine Jones.
                                                                                                                                        Seafront with Sealight. Oil.
                                                                                                                                        80 x 90 cm. First Contemporary,
                          1. B RI N G T H E O U T D O O RS I N
H A M P S T E A D 2 019

                                                                                                                                        stand A2, £2,700.
                          Recreating the great outdoors in your artwork selection with
                          serene landscapes or magical forests can be the easiest way to                                                Image right: Louise Stebbing.
                                                                                                                                        Moonlight. Limited edition,
                          escape your everyday stresses. Alternatively, consider choosing
                                                                                                                                        unframed, signed, edition of 20.
                          sculpture that incorporates materials such as wood, or                                                        39 x 19 cm. ContemporArti,
                          handmade ceramics, to bring natural textures into the home.                                                   stand G3, £220.
FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair
P L AY: R E B A L A N C E R O O M                                 P L AY: SPECIAL FE ATURES

                                                                                                                                                                 1 3 P L AY: S P E C I A L F E A T U R E S
                          We’ve joined forces with Balance, the go-to for inspiration       LIVE ART
                          on how to live well, to create a blissful haven at Hampstead!     Come along to have a look inside our ever-evolving artist studio
                          Discover the art of wellbeing with a co-curated showcase of       beside the Info Desk. We’ve invited galleries and artists from all
                          calming and invigorating works, expert-led breath workshops       over the world to share their practice with you, displaying the
                          with Richie Bostock, and energising yoga sessions with            plethora of pieces available at the fair. Pop in to watch a piece
                          Hannah Barrett.                                                   created before your very eyes!

                          W E D N E S D AY, 7 – 7. 3 0 P M                                  J A C K S O N ’ S O P E N PA I N T I N G P R I Z E 2 019
                          Small Acts of Self-Care                                           Now in its fourth year, Jackson’s Open Painting Prize presents
                          Join Sophie Scott, editor and founder of Balance, as she shares   a diverse selection from this year’s competition. All works on
                          handy tips and tricks for daily mindful rituals to calm your      display at the fair are available for purchase. For more
                          thoughts and relax a little. For adults.                          information, ask at the Info Desk.

                          T H U R S D AY – S AT U R D AY, 1 0 – 1 0 . 3 0 A M               S AT U R D AY & S U N D AY, 12 – 4 P M
                          S U N D AY, 2 – 2 . 3 0 P M                                       Common Ground
                          Energising Yoga Flow with Hannah Barrett                          On the mend invite you to meet new people and find things you
                          Join Hannah, a leading London-based yoga instructor, for an       have in common with them. We will tie this into a knot rug,
                          energetic yoga class that breaks down complex poses and           creating a literal common ground of shared experiences.
                          makes them fun and accessible to all. Limited capacity: book      In the Creative Studio. For all ages.
                          online or at the Info Desk.
                                                                                            RUBBISH PORTR AITS
                          T H U R S D AY – S AT U R D AY, 2 – 2 . 3 0 P M                   Join Lucie Sheridan in the Rubbish Portrait Booth where you’ll be
                          S U N D AY 12 M AY, 1 0 – 1 0 . 3 0 A M                           able to purchase a quick, while-you-sit, brilliant brush and ink
                          Breathe In and Bliss Out Breathwork with Richie Bostock           portrait, made by an illustrator with over 18 years of experience.
                          Turn down the volume of your thoughts through a series of         They’re not rubbish but actually very good! Purchase a £20
                          breathing flows led by Richie, or “The Breath Guy”, a coach,      Rubbish Portrait at the Info Desk.
                          author, speaker and Breathwork evangelist. Limited capacity:
                          book online or at the Info Desk.
H A M P S T E A D 2 019

                                                                                            Image left: Richie Bostock,
                                                                                            “The Breath Guy”.

                                                                                            Image right: Lucie
                                                                                            Sheridan, Rubbish Portraits.
FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair

                                                                                                                                                                                               1 5 P L AY: T I M E T A B L E
               T H U R S D AY 9 M AY                                                                 F R I D AY 1 0 M AY
               C R E AT I V E S T U D I O                   REBAL ANCE ROOM                          C R E AT I V E S T U D I O                    REBAL ANCE ROOM
12 – 12.30pm   Calming Collages                                                                      Wellbeing in the Wilderness
               Join illustrator and Central Saint Martins                                            Join Central Saint Martins graduate and
12.30 – 1pm
               short course tutor, Connie Lim, in                                                    artist, R.M Sánchez-Camus, who will be
               learning how the human body is formed                                                 exploring how mindfulness is found in
               through a step-by-step graphic cut-outs                                               the influential painterly styles of Fauvism
               process. For adults.                                                                  and Impressionism. For adults.
1 – 1.30pm
1.30 – 2pm     Picasso Portraiture                                                                   Landscapes of the Mind
               Explore human anatomy through the                                                     Focusing on ways to develop pen and
2 – 2.30pm
               abstract eye of Picasso with Central                                                  ink drawings, join R.M Sánchez-Camus,
               Saint Martins short course tutor, Connie                                              artist and Central Saint Martins
               Lim, using pastels, charcoals and your                                                graduate, to combine self-portraiture
               imagination. For adults.                                                              with a landscape of our minds.
                                                                                                     For adults.
2.30 – 3pm
3 – 3.30pm     Art as Escapism                              And Breathe: Reasons to Change                                                         Escape with Art: Creating a Life
               Join Collage Club’s Stephanie Hartman        your Life with Art                                                                     Better Lived
               and release your creative inhibitions in     An insight on art and wellbeing from                                                   Join British Institute of Interior Design
               a celebration of surrealism inspired by      British Institute of Interior Design                                                   Member, Kia Stanford, to learn more
               Eileen Agar’s work, using mt Masking         member, Shalija Vahora of Interiors                                                    about how to weave art into small acts
               Tape. For adults.                            With Art. For adults.                                                                  of self-care. For adults.
3.30 – 4pm
4 – 4.30pm                                                  And Breathe: Reasons to Change                                                         Escape with Art: Creating a Life
                                                            your Life with Art                                                                     Better Lived
                                                            An insight on art and wellbeing from                                                   Join British Institute of Interior Design
                                                            British Institute of Interior Design                                                   Member, Kia Stanford, to learn more
                                                            member, Shalija Vahora of Interiors                                                    about how to weave art into small acts
                                                            With Art. For adults.                                                                  of self-care. For adults.
4.30 – 5pm
5 – 5.30pm                                                                                           Calming Kaleidoscopes
                                                                                                     Join Hampstead School of Art for a
5.30 – 6pm
                                                                                                     celebration of how calming colours can
6 – 6.30pm                                                                                           be. Take inspiration from artist, Amy
                                                                                                     Cheng, to create a visually captivating
                                                                                                     blend of textures. For adults.
6.30 – 7pm
7 – 7.30pm                                                  Pop-up Cinema: The Ponds
                                                            A new documentary following the
7.30 – 8pm     Painting Masterclass
                                                            swimmers from Hampstead Heath
               Grab a complimentary drink and join
8 – 8.30pm                                                  who take to the waters all year round.
               Obby, London’s leading learning
                                                            Sit back and enjoy The Ponds in the
               provider, as Cristiano Di Martino helps
                                                            location that it celebrates!
               you to focus on shape and form with
                                                            Certificate 12A.
               painterly techniques. For adults.
FAIR GUIDE AND MAP 9 - 12 MAY 2019 Hampstead Heath, London - BROWSE ART: AFFORDABLEARTFAIR.COM - Affordable Art Fair

                                                                                                                                                                                            1 7 P L AY: T I M E T A B L E
               S AT U R D AY 11 M AY                                                                 S U N D AY 12 M AY
               C R E AT I V E S T U D I O                 REBAL ANCE ROOM                            C R E AT I V E S T U D I O                 REBAL ANCE ROOM
12 – 12.30pm   How to Turn a Bad Day into                                                            Doodle-a-day
               a Good Drawing                                                                        As doodling is a known stress reliever
12.30 – 1pm
               Focusing on the transformational                                                      that can enhance memory, creativity,
1 – 1.30pm     impact of artistic practise on mental      Reflective Parenting                       and concentration, join Nina Fuga for      Jackson’s Open Painting Prize Panel
               wellbeing, doodle your worries away        Art therapy exploration led by our         a freeing and fun introduction to          Join the Jackson’s Competitions team,
               using Tombow ABT Brush Pens with           Charity Beneficiary, Anna Freud            drawing using Tombow ABT Brush Pens.       a community of artists and expert
               Maria-Ines. For adults.                    National Centre for Children and           For adults                                 judges, to learn about the process
                                                          Families, presented by Sheila Redfern,                                                behind creating and selecting the art on
                                                          Head of Specialist Trauma and                                                         display at the fair. For all ages.
                                                          Maltreatment Services. For all ages.
1.30 – 2pm
2 – 2.30pm     Family Art Therapy                                                                    Talking Mental Health
               Join our Charity Beneficiary, Anna Freud                                              Join our Charity Beneficiary, Anna Freud
2.30 – 3pm
               National Centre for Children and                                                      National Centre for Children and
3 – 3.30pm     Families, to explore more ways to          Purposeful Play                            Families, for an opportunity to explore    Imagined Landscapes Q&A
               approach talking about mental health       With training in design and art therapy,   more ways to approach talking about        Central Saint Martins Course Leader
               as a family through creative outlets.      Central Saint Martins short courses’       mental health through creative outlets.    MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise, Andrew
               For all ages.                              Mary Caddick will help you to discover     For all ages.                              Marsh, is joined by exciting artists from
                                                          different approaches on how to feel                                                   Made in Arts London to discuss their
                                                          more creative and alive. For adults.                                                  work exhibited at the fair. For adults.
3.30 – 4pm
4 – 4.30pm     Therapeutic Dharma Wheels                  Creativity and Wellbeing                   Mindful Mandalas                           Imagined Landscapes Q&A
               Join Hampstead School of Art and learn     Mary Caddick, Art Therapist and short      Join Hampstead School of Art and let       Central Saint Martins Course Leader
               more about the spiritual meaning           course tutor at Central Saint Martins,     your imagination run wild, seeking         MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise, Andrew
               behind mandalas, exploring colour          will be sharing her thoughts on the        inspiration from Elspeth McLean, a         Marsh, is joined by exciting artists from
               and shapes to express yourself, find       creative process in relation to health     meticulous and vibrant artist who uses a   Made in Arts London to discuss their
               your creative side, or simply relax.       and wellbeing. For adults.                 calming technique, focusing on nature.     work exhibited at the fair. For adults.
               For all ages.                                                                         For all ages.
4.30 – 5pm
5 – 5.30pm

                  Every Day at 11.30am
                  Meet at the ReBalance Room

                  TOUR DU JOUR
                  Every day at 2pm
                  Meet at the Info Desk

                  PRINT WORKSHOPS
                  Thursday – Saturday, 12, 2 & 4pm
                  Sunday, 12 & 2pm
                  In the Creative Studio

                                                                                                                                                     19 E XHIBITING GALLERIES
                                                                            I9                     E2                     C1

                                                                          ArtChina               ArtDog London          Artered Gallery

                                                                          Cambridge, UK          London, UK             Barcelona, Spain
                                                                          07817 029 618          07903 194 591          +34 672 38 37 55
                                                                          artchinauk.com         artdoglondon.co.uk     arteredgallery.com

 A10                         K7                        J3                   E5                     A9                     J12

508 Gallery               Able Fine Art NY Gallery   ABSOLUT ART          ARTITLEDcontemporary   ART Salon              ARTSHOUSE.CO.UK

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020 3719 3109             +1 212 477 1188            +46 0709 155 203     +31 6 4712 1800        01225 422 220          07779 590 921
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  L3                         G5                        B2                   A7                     B9                     A6

Arc Fine Arts             ars, -tis, f.              The Art Agency       The Brown Easel        Bruno Dahl Gallery     Camburn Fine Art

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Brighton & Hove, UK          London, UK               Norfolk, UK                 London, UK                London, UK                    Dublin, Ireland
07762 203 041                020 3902 5671            01603 736 954               020 7935 2600             020 3701 7411                 +353 1 7645895
cameroncontemporaryart.com   capitalartlondon.com     capitalculture.eu           cube-gallery.co.uk        degreeart.com                 thedoorwaygallery.com

  B5                           H3                       E8                          D7                        A8                             J9

Carina Haslam Art            Chiefs & Spirits         Clarendon Fine Art          The Drugstore Gallery     East London Printmakers       Eclectic Gallery

Great Missenden, UK          The Hague, Netherlands   London, UK                  Axbridge, UK              London, UK                    London, UK
01494 866 914                +31 70 36 58 219         020 7499 0947               01934 733 111             020 7404 0826                 020 7824 5263
carinahaslamart.com          chiefsandspirits.nl      clarendonfineart.com        thedrugstoregallery.com   eastlondonprintmakers.co.uk   eclecticgallery.co.uk

  E3                           H8                       B7                          C3                         I3                            J4

Clifton Boulder              Clifton Fine Art         Colourbox                   Edgar Modern              Eleven and a Half             Eye Contemporary
                                                                                                                                          Art Gallery
Amsterdam, Netherlands       Bristol, UK              Otley, UK                   Bath, UK                  London, UK                    Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
+31 64 61 35 369             01172 397 684            07976 895 384               07940 597 757             020 7377 6144                 +852 6091 9015
cliftonboulder.com           cliftonfineart.com       reltonmarine.co.uk          edgarmodern.com           elevenandahalf.com            eyecontemporaryart.com

  K5                           G3                       D1                          L6                        B3                            A2

Columbia Road Gallery        ContemporArti            The Contemporary Fine Art   Far & Wild                Fine Art Consultancy          First Contemporary
                                                      Gallery Eton
London, UK                   London, UK               Windsor, UK                 Cornwall, UK              London, UK                    Bristol, UK
07812 196 257                07966 599 918            07831 822 641               07956 370 200             020 7431 9965                 07791 699 138
columbiaroadgallery.com      contemporarti.com        cfag.co.uk                  farandwildliving.co.uk    fineartconsultancy.co.uk      firstcontemporary.com
  J11                        B8                    L12                      F1                      L5                        J10

FLECHA                     FOUR-WALLS            Francis Iles Galleries   Gallery Art Plaza       Gallery Tableau           George Thornton Art

Madrid, Spain              Hove, UK              Rochester, UK            Seoul, South Korea      Seoul, South Korea        Nottingham, UK
+34 916 033 626            07909 511 159         01634 843 222            +82 2 543 5751          +82 2 723 6081            01159 243 555
flecha.es                  four-walls.co.uk      francis-iles.com         artplazagallery.com     gallerytableau.com        georgethorntonart.com

   I4                        A4                    H5                       C5                      B4                        H4

>french art studio         GAGA Gallery          Gagliardi Gallery        Goodwin Gallery         GreenStage Gallery        Hanga Ten – Contemporary
                                                                                                                            Japanese Prints
London, UK                 Seoul, South Korea    London, UK               Hamburg, Germany        Worcester, UK             London, UK
020 3737 8353              +82 2 730 1006        020 7352 3663            +49 40 309 546 30       01885 490 839             07788 458 201
frenchartstudio.com        gagagallery.com       gagliardi.org            goodwin-gallery.com     greenstagegallery.co.uk   hangaten.com

  K1                          I5                   D5                      D12                      G9                        K3

Galeria Rodrigo Juarranz   Galerie Envie d’Art   Galerie Waarkunst        Hanoi Art House         i-contemporary            Iona House Gallery
                                                                          Buckinghamshire, UK |
Aranda de Duero, Spain     Paris, France         Het Waar, Netherlands    Hanoi, Vietnam          London, UK                Oxford, UK
+34 659 19 25 89           +33 1 53 30 00 10     +31 59 84 46 390         07476 848 434           07525 651 326             01993 811 464
rodrigojuarranz.com        enviedart.com         waarkunst.nl             hanoiarthouse.co.uk     i-contemporary.com        ionahousegallery.org

  J5                          J7                   G7                       I0                     H11                        F6

Galleri AureliA            Galleri Final         Galleri Lorentzon        JAMM Gallery            Jealous                   Ketna Patel Studio

Stockholm, Sweden          Malmö, Sweden         Stockholm, Sweden        London, UK              London, UK                London, UK
07809 826 299              +46 04 03 07 836      +46 86 51 22 71          07970 492 858           020 7739 4107             07982 654 310
galleriaurelia.com         gallerifinal.de       gallerilorentzon.com     jamm-gallery.co.uk      jealousgallery.com        ketnapatel.com
  D3                            L9                         C4                        G2                           F8                          I7

Kittoe Contemporary           Liberty Gallery            Lighthouse Gallery        Nic McElhatton Gallery       Nicholas Bowlby            NoonPowell Fine Art

London, UK                    London, UK                 Penzance, Cornwall        London, UK                   East Sussex, UK            London, UK
07968 142 289                 07881 830 709              01736 350 555             07770 963 617                01892 667 809              07960 155 624
kittoecontemporary.com        liberty-gallery.com        lighthouse-gallery.com    nicmcelhatton.com            nicholasbowlby.co.uk       noonpowellfineart.com

   I6                           D2                          I8                       F9                           L11                        K6

Lime Tree Gallery             Linda Blackstone Gallery   Linton59                  North Coast Asylum           Obsidian Art               Olivia Connelly

Bristol & Suffolk, UK         London, UK                 Cambridge, UK             Cornwall, UK                 Buckinghamshire, UK        Bath, UK
01179292527                   07808 612 193              01223 891 289             07833 097 211                01296 612 150              07931 117 911
limetreegallery.com           lindablackstone.com        linton59.co.uk            northcoastasylum.com         obsidianart.co.uk          oliviaconnelly.com

  K4                            F5                         B1                        J2                          D10                         E4

London Contemporary Art       Lumitrix                   Marine House at Beer      Overhead Gallery             PALAU DE CASAVELLS /       Palma Arte
London, UK                    London, UK                 Devon, UK                 Münster, Germany             Barcelona, Spain           Piacenza, Italy
020 7580 2118                 020 8964 9027              01297 625 257             +49 2534 97745 96            +34 638 72 15 53           +39 34 59 05 65 81
londoncontemporaryart.co.uk   lumitrix.com               marinehouseatbeer.co.uk   overhead-gallery.com         palaudecasavells.es        galleriapalmaarte.it

  D8                            G8                         D4                       D13                           L1                         C9

Mayne Gallery                 Mint Art Gallery           Nadia Arnold              Printmakers In Residence     Quantum Contemporary Art   RadoArt

Devon, UK                     London, UK                 London, UK                London, UK                   London, UK                 London, UK
01548 853 848                 020 8374 1784              07792 808 911             020 7232 1916                020 7498 6868              07759 178 453
maynegallery.co.uk            mintarts.com               nadiaarnold.com           printmakersinresidence.com   quantumart.co.uk           radoart.eu
   J8                         L2                            G1                          I1                       C2                               F7

Raquelle Azran Vietnamese   Reload Gallery                Retrospect Galleries       ToTuart                   Turner Barnes Gallery            Turning Tides
Fine Art                                                  Byron Bay, Australia |                                                                Contemporary Art
New York, USA               Warwickshire, UK              Palma, Mallorca            Warsaw & Gdańsk, Poland   Essex, UK                        London, UK
+212 715 0565               01926 429 229                 +61 410 332 312            +48 600 834 963           01277 500 554                    07504 400 151
artnet.com/razran.html      reloadgallery.com             retrospectgalleries.com    totuart.com               turnerbarnesgallery.com          turningtides.eu

  H2                          D6                             L4                        D9                        A1                               F2

RHG NYC                     Richard Goodall Gallery       Ronen Art Gallery          VC Art                    Visus Gallery                    Well Hung

London, UK                  Manchester, UK                Amsterdam, Netherlands     London, UK                Lasne, Belgium                   London, UK
020 7436 4899               0161 773 9614                 +31 65 47 27 800           07801 999 300             +32 485 32 43 85                 020 7033 2777
rebeccahossack.com          richardgoodallgallery.com     ronenartgallery.com        vc-art.com                visusgallery.be                  wellhung.co.uk

  A5                          C8                            C6                         E6                        K2                               H6

The Russell Gallery         Singulart                     Skylark Galleries          Will’s Art Warehouse      Woodbine Contemporary Arts       Woolff Fflow Gallery

London, UK                  Paris, France                 London, UK                 London, UK                Uppingham, UK                    London, UK
020 8780 5228               +33 7816 533 52               020 7401 9666              020 8246 4840             07980 167 404                    020 7631 0551
russell-gallery.com         singulart.com                 skylarkgalleries.com       wills-art.com             woodbinecontemporaryarts.co.uk   woolffgallery.co.uk

  A3                          L10                            F4                        H7

Sol Art Gallery             St Peter’s Wharf Collective   Tallantyre Gallery         Xin Art Galerie

Dublin, Ireland             London, UK                    Northumberland, UK         île de Ré, France
+353 1 6750972              07917 523 381                 01670 517 214              +33 6 47 59 77 62
solart.ie                   stpeterswharf.london          tallantyre-gallery.co.uk   xinart.fr
29 >
  L12                   L11     L10                   L9                        L8                    L7                         L6          L5             L4                         L3                   L2                          L1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Anna Freud National Centre
               J11        K7                          K6                              K5                              K4                J6        K3                              K2                              K1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     for Families and Children
  J12                                                                                                                                    AiR

                          J10              J9                                    J8                         J7                                    J5              J4                   J3                               J2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Artist in Residence         AiR
               H10        I9               I8               I7                        I6                        I5                      I4                             I3                        I2               I1               I0
  H11                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Buggy Park
                          H9               H8                          H7                       H6                                      H5                                  H4                        H3          H2                                          ENTR ANCE
  G9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        THE REBAL ANCE
               F8         G8          G7              G6              G5                   G4                                                          G3                              G2                              G1                                       ROOM                 Cloakroom

                          F7          F6                         F5             F4                                                                     F3                                   F2                    F1                                                                 Creative Studio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Finds Under £500
               D13        E8                    E7                    E6                         E5                                     E4                                  E3                         E2                    E1                                                      First Aid
                          D12         D10                             D9              D8                         D7                     D6                       D5              D4                    D3               D2                                                           Info Desk
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jackson’s Open
                          C9          C8                              C7                    C6                             C5           C4             C3                                   C2                          C1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Painting Prize 2019        JOPP

                          B9               B8                               B7                             B6                           B5                       B4                              B3                     B2                                                           Made in Arts London        MiAL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Own Art                     D14
         A10              A9                               A8              A7              A6                        A5                                 A4                            A3                     A2                   A1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Rubbish Portraits
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             TREE TOP
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             TERR ACE
508 Gallery                                A10                 Capital Art London                                             H9    Far & Wild                                           L6             Hanga Ten – Contemporary                        Nadia Arnold           D4    Richard Goodall GalleryD6
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Japanese Prints     H4
Able Fine Art NY GalleryK7                                     Capital Culture Gallery B6                                           Fine Art Consultancy                                B3                                                              Nic McElhatton Gallery G2    Ronen Art Gallery        L4
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hanoi Art House                      D12
ABSOLUT ART                                     J3             Carina Haslam Art                                              B5    First Contemporary                                  A2                                                              Nicholas Bowlby         F8   The Russell Gallery      A5
                                                                                                                                                                                                           i-contemporary                        G9
Agora Contemporary                             G6              Chiefs & Spirits                                               H3    FLECHA                                          J11                                                                 NoonPowell Fine Art     I7   Singulart                C8
AKARTASIA                                      C7              Clarendon Fine Art                                             E8    FOUR-WALLS                                          B8              Iona House Gallery                    K3       North Coast Asylum      F9   Skylark Galleries        C6
                                                                                                                                                                                                           JAMM Gallery                           I0
Alpha Art                                       L8             Clifton Boulder                                                E3    Francis Iles Galleries                          L12                                                                 Obsidian Art           L11   Sol Art Gallery          A3
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Jealous                              H11
Arc Fine Arts                                   L3             Clifton Fine Art                                               H8    >french art studio                                   I4                                                             Olivia Connelly         K6   St Peter’s Wharf
                                                                                                                                                                                                           AiR Jonathan HillsonJ6                                                       Collective              L10
ars, -tis, f.                                  G5              Colourbox                                                      B7    GAGA Gallery                                        A4                                                              Overhead Gallery        J2
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ketna Patel Studio                     F6                                    Tallantyre Gallery       F4
The Art Agency                                  B2             Columbia Road Gallery K5                                             Gagliardi Gallery                                H5                                                                 Own Art                D14
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Kittoe Contemporary                   D3                                     ToTuart                  I1
ArtChina                                            I9         ContemporArti                                                  G3    Galeria Rodrigo                                                                                                      PALAU DE CASAVELLS /
                                                                                                                                      Juarranz                                            K1              Liberty Gallery                        L9      ANTIQBR             D10      Turner Barnes Gallery    C2
ArtDog London                                   E2             The Contemporary Fine
                                                                Art Gallery Eton     D1                                              Galerie Envie d’Art                                  I5             Lighthouse Gallery                    C4       Palma Arte              E4   Turning Tides
Artered Gallery                                 C1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Contemporary Art         F7
                                                                Cube Gallery                                                   F3    Galerie Waarkunst                                   D5              Lime Tree Gallery                      I6      Printmakers In
ARTITLEDcontemporary E5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Residence              D13   VC Art                   D9
                                                                DegreeArt.com                                                  L7    Galleri AureliA                                      J5             Linda Blackstone
ART Salon                                      A9
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Gallery                               D2       Quantum                       Visus GalleryA1
                                                                The Doorway GalleryH10                                               Galleri Final                                        J7
ARTSHOUSE.CO.UK                                J12                                                                                                                                                                                                        Contemporary Art        L1
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Linton59                               I8                                    Well Hung                F2
                                                                The Drugstore Gallery                                          D7    Galleri Lorentzon                                G7
ArtZandra                                       E1                                                                                                                                                                                                        RadoArt                C9
                                                                                                                                                                                                           London                                                                        Will’s Art Warehouse     E6
                                                                East London PrintmakersA8                                            Gallery Art Plaza                                    F1
The Barker Gallery                              E7                                                                                                                                                        Contemporary Art                      K4       Raquelle Azran                Woodbine
                                                                Eclectic Gallery                                               J9    Gallery Tableau                                      L5                                                             Vietnamese Fine Art     J8
Bristol Contemporary Art I2                                                                                                                                                                               Lumitrix                               F5                                    Contemporary Arts        K2
The Brown Easel                                A7              Edgar Modern                                                   C3    George Thornton Art                             J10                                                                 Reload Gallery          L2
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Marine House at Beer                   B1                                    Woolff Fflow Gallery     H6
                                                                Eleven and a Half                                              I3    Goodwin Gallery                                     C5                                                              Retrospect Galleries   G1
Bruno Dahl Gallery                              B9                                                                                                                                                        Mayne Gallery                         D8                                     Xin Art Galerie          H7
                                                                Eye Contemporary                                                      GreenStage Gallery                                  B4                                                              RHG NYC                H2
Camburn Fine Art                               A6                                                                                                                                                         Mint Art Gallery                      G8
                                                                Art Gallery                                                    J4
Contemporary Art                               G4
W H AT ’ S O N                                     KEY
                W E D 8 M AY                             C R E AT I V E S T U D I O

6 – 7pm             Talking Mental Health                REBAL ANCE ROOM

7 – 7.30pm          Small Acts of Self-Care              INFO DESK

                T H U 9 M AY                     F R I 1 0 M AY
10 – 10.30am        Energising Yoga Flow              Energising Yoga Flow

11.30am             Morning Mindfulness Tour          Morning Mindfulness Tour

12, 2 & 4pm         Print Workshops                   Print Workshops

12 – 1pm            Calming Collages                  Wellbeing in the Wilderness

1.30 – 2.30pm       Picasso Portraiture               Landscapes of the Mind

2pm                 Tour du Jour                      Tour du Jour
                    Breathe In and Bliss              Breathe In and Bliss
2 – 2.30pm
                    Out Breathwork                    Out Breathwork
                    And Breathe: Reasons to           Escape with Art: Creating
3 – 3.30pm
                    Change your Life with Art         a Life Better Lived
3 – 4.30pm          Art as Escapism
                    And Breathe: Reasons to           Escape with Art: Creating
4 – 4.30pm
                    Change your Life with Art         a Life Better Lived
5 – 6.30pm                                            Calming Kaleidoscopes

7 – 8.30pm          Pop-up Cinema: The Ponds

7.30 – 8.30pm       Painting Masterclass

                S AT 11 M AY                     S U N 12 M AY
                                                      Breathe In and Bliss
10 – 10.30am        Energising Yoga Flow
                                                      Out Breathwork
11.30am             Morning Mindfulness Tour          Morning Mindfulness Tour

12 & 2pm            Print Workshops                   Print Workshops
                    How to Turn a Bad Day into
12 – 1.30pm                                           Doodle-a-day
                    a Good Drawing
12 – 4pm            Common Ground                     Common Ground
                                                      Jackson’s Open Painting
1 – 1.30pm          Reflective Parenting
                                                      Prize Panel
2pm                 Tour du Jour                      Tour du Jour
                    Breathe In and Bliss
2 – 2.30pm                                            Energising Yoga Flow
                    Out Breathwork
2 – 3.30pm          Family Art Therapy                Talking Mental Health

3 – 3.30pm          Purposeful Play                   Imagined Landscapes Q&A

4pm                 Print Workshop

4 – 4.30pm          Creativity and Wellbeing          Imagined Landscapes Q&A

4 – 5.30pm          Therapeutic Dharma Wheels         Mindful Mandalas
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