HANDBOOK 2018/2019 - Sri Lanka Technological Campus

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HANDBOOK 2018/2019 - Sri Lanka Technological Campus
HANDBOOK 2018/2019 - Sri Lanka Technological Campus
HANDBOOK 2018/2019 - Sri Lanka Technological Campus

                        Sri Lanka Technological Campus

  This handbook has been compiled with information received up to March 2019. It is hereby
notified that this handbook is only for general information and is not for official purposes. Any
   information contained herein should be confirmed by reference to the relevant authority.

                                                                     Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019   3
HANDBOOK 2018/2019 - Sri Lanka Technological Campus
                    Be a centre of excellence for the development
                    of full student potential for the benefit of
                    Sri Lanka and the rest of the world

                    Provide a liberal environment to pursue
                    higher education and research to enrich
                    and transform individuals and society by
                    imparting knowledge skills and competencies,
                    enabling adoption of progressive changes
                    and innovations to meet global challenges for
                    sustaining an economically productive and
                    socially responsible society

4   Sri Lanka Technological Campus
       & Collaborator
       Graduates will demonstrate
    leadership qualities through the
   ability to effectively communicate,
        collaborate, innovate, and                 Innovative
              think creatively.                  Problem Solver
                                                   & Achiever
                                               Graduates will Understand the
                                                  nature of problems, create
                                               innovative solutions, and make
                                                informed decisions by :usi riff
                                                 critital and creative thinking,
                                                        logical reasoning.

           Profile                                               Career Ready
      The SLTC graduate will be able to
  supervise or lead a team of technologists
 in an operational or research environment                    Graduates will develop and
   and ensure accomplishment of strategic                   manage a personal education and
   goals and targets. He / She will be able                  career plan, and demonstrate
                                                              application of academic and
     to develop and implement policies                         technical competencies to
         and processes to maximize                               a chosen career field.
          economic productivity and
             social enrichment.

                                                 Decision Maker
                                                Graduates will display personal
           Adaptable                             and professional integrity by
           Productive                         demonstrating leadership, effective
             Citizen                             decision-making, and ethical
                                                  personal and professional
    Graduates will act as a productive                management skills.
         citizen by demonstrating
      responsibility and flexibility in
     fulfilling personal, professional,
              and community

                                                                           Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019   5
Message from the
                                               President / CEO
    Dear Student,                                        students can pursue undergraduate studies             this endeavour. Taking a step ahead of other
                                                         in Sri Lankan universities. To ameliorate the         local academic institutes, we have already
    We all know that the world economy in the
                                                         situation, SLT has established a fully owned          begun to establish collaborations with the
    early days was developed around its resource
                                                         subsidiary, SLT Campus (Pvt) Ltd. (SLTC) to           world’s best universities for multidimensional
    base. It progressed gradually towards a
                                                         produce readily employable graduates by               partnerships which involve research and
    knowledge based global economy. Sri Lanka
                                                         offering quality education at an affordable           industry engagements as well as teaching
    Telecom PLC (SLT), being a socially responsible
                                                         cost. Being a semi-state owned entity, we will        and learning outcomes. Our online website is
    corporate entity, realising the importance
                                                         act as an extension to the existing state higher      a great resource for exploring what we offer
    of further strengthening the Sri Lanka’s
                                                         education apparatus. The need for an institute        to our current and prospective students.
    knowledge base, decided to step into the realm
                                                         of this calibre has been strongly felt by the civil
    of Sri Lanka’s higher education sector with                                                                I look forward to welcoming you to SLTC.
                                                         society especially during the past few years.
    the aim of contributing to the achievement
    of its technological development goals.              Our institute can be identified as the first-of-
                                                         its-kind academic institute in Sri Lanka, which       Ranjith Rubasinghe
    Despite the continuous efforts of the
                                                         has been originated and fostered by a key             President / CEO
    Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) to provide
                                                         player in the industry. Our investment is not
    the youth with increased opportunities
                                                         monetary alone. We have also earmarked our
    for higher education only about 10-12% of
                                                         infrastructure to realize the full potential of

                                               Message from the
                                               Vice President of Academic Affairs
    Dear Student,                                        where all feel welcomed, respected and                us the first choice for engineering education
                                                         included. As a community, we must vigorously          among the Sri Lankan youth and they
    I want to take this opportunity to reiterate with
                                                         encourage the open exchange of ideas and              already are producing meaningful results.
    you that we have no higher priority than the
                                                         perspectives. These are our core values. We
    academic success, safety, and the well-being                                                               I am inspired by the energy and focus of
                                                         all must embrace them. Diversity strengthens
    of all our students regardless of race, ethnicity,                                                         our community - both students and staff
                                                         our sense of community, and is vital to our
    nationality or any other identity. On this point,                                                          as we work to do better and be better.
                                                         knowledge creation, problem solving and
    we will not compromise. Our university goals
                                                         productivity — all of which are essential to our      Best wishes.
    are clear: we focus on a quality education using
                                                         mission and vision as a world-class university.
    the modern teaching methods founded on the
    Outcome Based Education or OBE principles.            Our work is not easy, but it is vitally important
                                                                                                               Ashoka Polpitiya, DSc
                                                         to the university’s future. We have some
    Our university must be a place where we
                                                         very important efforts underway to make
    draw strength through our differences, and

6     Sri Lanka Technological Campus
Being a socially responsible corporate           world standards such as the Washington             campus at Padduka, SLTC has its City Campus
entity, Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT) has          Accord which is an international accreditation     and Administrative Office at TRACE Expert City
decided to step into the Higher Education        agreement for professional engineering             (Formerly known as Tripoli Market) to offer the
Sector with the intent of strengthening the      academic degrees, for which Sri Lanka is           industry oriented courses by evolving around
government’s objective of evolving with          a signatory. Our Technology curriculum             the Eco-System developed in the Expert City.
the world as a country with a knowledge          adheres to the Sydney Accord which is for
                                                                                                    The infrastructure at the residential campus
based economy. With the patronage of             accrediting engineering technologist programs.
                                                                                                    has already been developed mainly to
His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena, the         Taking a step ahead of other local academic
                                                                                                    offer the degree programmes in a spacious
President of Sri Lanka, SLT has launched a       institutes, SLTC have already begun to
                                                                                                    building complex with the intention of
fully owned subsidiary, Srilanka Technological   establish collaborations with the world’s best
                                                                                                    providing students a holistic approach to
Campus (Pvt) Ltd (SLTC) in the year 2015         universities for multidimensional partnerships
                                                                                                    university education. It also includes facilities
with the clear intention to produce readily      which involve research and industry
                                                                                                    for research and recreational activities in
employable graduates by offering quality         engagements as well as teaching and learning
                                                                                                    par with the world class universities.
higher education. The graduates of this          outcomes. Based on these partnerships, SLTC
programme are expected to play a key             intends to evolve as a university in near future   All the academic and non-academic staff
role in achieving the goal of USD 5 billion      by establishing Computing and Management           of SLTC will play a key role in delivering the
from IT/Software businesses (SLASSCOM,           Faculties for prospective students.                engineering and technology programmes.
2020 plan) by engaging with other ground                                                            The curricula of the Degree Programmes
                                                 Recently the premises of the Satellite Earth
breaking technological entities in Sri Lanka.                                                       are based on the modern Outcome Based
                                                 Station at Padduka have been transferred
                                                                                                    Education (OBE) principles and are in line
We are fully accredited by the Ministry          to the residential campus of SLTC. Upon
                                                                                                    with the Washington Accord and Sydney
of Higher Education and approved by the          refurbishing the premises and the state-of-the-
                                                                                                    Accord Accreditation guidelines outlined by
Univeristy Grants Commission – Sri Lanka         art auditorium at Padduka, the new campus
                                                                                                    the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL).
to offer 4-year Degree programmes. Our           will rise to accommodate a student population
Engineering curriculum meets the highest         of about 300. In addition to the residential

                                                                                                        Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019                7
    University Council                                •   Professor Sunethra Perera            membership includes key members of the
                                                                                               Faculty, Registrar and Bursar. The committee
    University Council consists of Academic and       •   Professor Rohana Kuruppu
                                                                                               is responsible for overseeing matters relating
    Industrial experts, who were nominated by the                                              to University strategy and Operations. Campus
                                                      •   Dr. Ajith Pasqual
    CEO/President of the Sri Lanka Technological                                               Executive monitors divisional performance
    Campus, to carry out the academic governance      •   Dr. Shamil Appathurai
                                                                                               against plans and budgets, the Campus’s
    of the Campus. The students for admission                                                  academic programmes and major projects.
                                                      •   Dr. Asanga Ratnaweera
    are recommended and quality in all processes

                                                                                               Academic Board
    related to admission is monitored by the
    University Council. They have the authority     Senate
    to act in all matters concerning the Campus     Senate is the ultimate body where all      Academic Board is the academic authority
    in such manner as appears to the University     the academic related decisions are being   of SLTC. The board shall have control and
    Council best calculated to promote the          made. The composition consists of          general direction of instruction, education,
    vision and mission of the Campus.               Senior Academics, Senior Management,       research and examinations in SLTC. Academic
                                                    representation from each school. All       Board consists of Senior Academics of
    The members are as follows:                     matters referred by the School Academic    each School and academic matters related
      •   Eng. R. G. Rubasinghe (Chairman)          Boards will be referred to the Senate.     discussions will be carried out in this
                                                                                               forum and for further recommendation
      •   Professor Ashoka Polpitiya
                                                    University Executive                       will be referred to the Senate.
      •   Professor K.K.Y.W. Perera
                                                    The University Executive is the campus’s
      •   Professor S.R.D. Rosa                     principal management committee. Its

8     Sri Lanka Technological Campus
Medical Center - Student                           The unit also assists in finding internship   This enables them not only to engage in
Counselling and Wellbeing                          placements, organizing annual career fairs    their academic and research work without a
                                                   and conducting professional workshops and     time bound hindrance it also allows them to
Our private and confidential service is here
                                                   training sessions for the undergraduates.     network,develop lifelong friendships, engage
to provide every student the opportunity
                                                                                                 in sports and other recreational activities
of seeking advice and assistance from a            SLTC along with the strategic goal of
                                                                                                 which SLTC believes to form an important
student counsellor in academic and other           maximizing employability and creating
                                                                                                 part of a holistic undergraduate experience.
matters related to their undergraduate             entrepreneurship among students, all
work. The clinical psychologist will be visiting   undergraduates are given the opportunity      All residents of the Hub are given access to
the medical center every last Thursday of          of participating in an Industrial Training    its facilities including the use of the common
the month and prior appointments can               programme customized to all specialization    areas, kitchens and laundry services . Wifi
be obtained from the Registrar Office.             areas and to obtain a first-hand experience   is also provided throughout the Hub.
                                                   working as an engineering professional
A General Physician is visiting the university                                                   The university cafeteria caters all three meals
                                                   or a technologist in the industry enabling
every Wednesday afternoon, to attend to                                                          with a variety of menus to choose from.
                                                   SLTC to accomplish the vision of producing
students medical issues, illnesses, physical
                                                   readily employable graduates.                 The dorms can be reserved on a two sharing
wellbeing. Students are advised to meet
                                                                                                 or four sharing basis. Students can apply for
him for any such instance and his personal
                                                   Person – In – Charge -                        accommodation services as they register for
attention is being given for any emergencies.
                                                     •    Major Ruvan Ranathunga                 their respective programmes or later through
Person – In - Charge                                                                             the respective student affairs officers. The
  •    Ms. Achini Ranasinghe,                      Student                                       conditions, rules and regulations will be
                                                                                                 briefed to each resident prior to occupation.
       Clinical Psychologist                       Accommodation
Office of Industry Liaisons                        & Transportation                              Person in charge
(OIL) - Career Guidance and                        The following assistance and services           •    Male Warden - Mr. Nuwan Sanjeewa
Internships placements                             are available at the Campus.                    •    Matron - Ms. Chandra Pilpatiya
SLTC believes in guiding every one
                                                   The Hub                                       Coming from Home
of our students along the most
prospective professional pathways.                 As Sri Lanka’s first and only residential     Two shuttle services are being operated, one
                                                   university backed by a corporate, SLTC        through the high level route from Colombo and
The OIL will be assisting all students to choose   Accommodation services aka The                one through Malabe route, which the students
the most potential career prospects and            Hub takes an imperative role. The Hub         can use to travel to and from the university .
meditate on the students behalf with the           provides accommodation to all full time
particular organization where required.            undergraduates who choose to live the
                                                   on-campus university experience.

                                                                                                       Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019            9
     Physical Education Unit Student Community                                                             photography to videography to editing

                                                                                                           and producing film , and organizing several
     Sports and related activities are organized                                                           events on the university calendar.
     by this unit. Every student is entitled            Under the SLTC collegiate system every
     to use the sports facilities available             undergraduate is admitted into a college at        Student Advisor
     at the Unit. Tournaments and Open                  registrations. The four colleges are as follows:     •    Dr. Chandani Dissanayake
     Meets are conducted annually.
                                                          • Albert
     Few Sports are being already facilitated and the     • Nikola
                                                          • Isaac
                                                                                                           SLTC IEEE
                                                                                                           Student Branch
     teams are being coached in order to represent
     SLTC in inter-university and national level.         •    Alan
                                                        The apex body that coordinates the activities      IEEE Student Branch of Sri Lanka Technological
       •    Volleyball                                                                                     Campus was inaugurated in year 2018. The
                                                        of the whole student community via the
       •    Cricket (Soft ball/Hard ball)               collegiate system is the Student Interactive       Election Annual General Meeting was held
                                                        Society , the office bearers of which are          on 21st of March 2018.The primary purpose
       •    Tennis
                                                        elected annually via an student election.          of the branch is to promote education and
       •    Table Tennis                                                                                   research in all aspects of the theory and
                                                        The Student Interactive Society (SIS) is           practice of electrical & electronic engineering,
       •    Badminton                                   responsible for all student community              computer engineering, mechatronics
       •    Basketball                                  activities that happens throughout their           engineering, software engineering & all other
                                                        tenure. In addition to coordinating communal       allied branches of engineering & related art
       •    Chess
                                                        student activities the SIS represents the          and sciences, as well as the furtherance of the
       •    Carom                                       student interests and plays an important           professional development of members. It has
                                                        role in student welfare activities.                been organizing many workshops and events
       •    Rugby
                                                                                                           to encourage and enhance the professional,
       •    Swimming (in progress)                      Person – In - Charge                               social, technical skills of the members.
       •    Rowing (in progress)                          •    Dr. Udesh Oruthota
                                                               (Senior Lecturer / Senior Treasurer         Student Advisor
                                                               – Student Interactive Society)
     The Multi Game                                                                                           • Ms. Inoka Silva

     Sports Complex                                     LEO Club                                           Model United
     The newly built sports complex facilitates a
     number of courts ranging from basketball to
                                                        The SLTC Leos have been playing an active role     Nations (MUN)
                                                        within the university community as well as
     tennis. All students are at liberty to use the                                                        Sri Lanka Technological Campus Model United
                                                        within the national Leo movement throughout
     sports complex for both recreational purposes                                                         Nations Society seeks to further the mission
                                                        the years. They have been recognized for their
     as well as practice sessions. This complex                                                            of Sri Lanka Technological Campus by:
                                                        active service at many a forum.  You
     also holds a fully equipped gymnasiums for         can directly contact the club for registrations.     •    Enabling students to contribute to
     which those who represent the university are                                                                 the richness of cultural diversity.
     granted free access where as other students
     are charged a nominal membership fee.
                                                        University Student                                   •    Encouraging leaders who will make
                                                        Enterprise (USE)                                          positive contributions to an increasingly
                                                                                                                  interdependent and multicultural world.
     Person - In- Charge – vacant                       The University Student Enterprise (USE)
     (Sports Instructor) - Covering -                   was established with the intention of
                                                                                                             •    Fostering reasoned discussion
                                                                                                                  of contemporary issues.
       •    Ridma Pathirana                             encouraging its members to engage in
                                                        entrepreneurial activities during their              •    Instilling an eagerness to embrace the

     The Amphitheatre                                   undergraduate career. This is expected
                                                        to prepare them for the corporate world
                                                                                                                  challenges of a more global future.
                                                                                                             •    Creating a society that is good
     Built with the aim of enhancing the                before they are employed as well as to give               in Public speaking, negotiating
     aesthetic skills of our undergraduates the         the students the first hand experience of                 and debating skills.
     SLTC amphitheatre sports a large arena             engaging in entrepreneurial activities and
     and seating in the true theatrical style.                                                               •    Developing self-confidence and
                                                        prepare them for the challenges it presents.              decision making abilities.
     In addition to the performances
                                                        Student Advisor                                    Participation in Model United Nations enriches
     choreographed/ directed by the student
                                                                                                           students’ international outlook, in giving them
     community SLTC also makes it a point                 •    Dr.Sumudu Edirisinghe
                                                                                                           an intense awareness of other countries and
     to expose our undergraduates to the
                                                                                                           international issues, as well as experience in
     work of national/international acclaimed
     artists by inviting them to perform for
                                                        The Media Unit                                     seeking feasible solutions through reasoned
                                                        The SLTC media club covers all events              discussion. This work in crafting and promoting
     our students in our own open theatre.
                                                        and activities at the university. They             particular solutions is especially important in
                                                        conduct a range of activities from                 training future leaders in a globalized world.

10     Sri Lanka Technological Campus
Students’ experience in engaging with these           instruments, writing, history and literature      funds and supports forming of new clubs
issues, with other students, is an important          etc. Currently they have formed a music           and societies. Bring your ideas with a clear
step in helping to create and develop an              band which have provided entertainment            proposal for such community activities.
international community, and to embrace               at many events held so far and have
the challenges of a more global future.               been planning for expansions as well.
                                                      We encourage all our students to be a
Performing Arts Club                                  part of these clubs and societies with the
Performing arts club is a platform for students       objective of providing the students an
who show special capabilities in the aesthetic        opportunity to develop their professional
side, such as singing, dancing, playing               skills through community service. SLTC also

Center For                                            and seamless wireless internet coverage           Types of Laboratories available
Communication Skills
                                                      for approximately 300 concurrent users.             •    Telecommunications Laboratory
                                                      This lab provides a friendly environment for
Development (CCSD)                                    the students and the lecturer to conduct
                                                                                                          •    Power Systems lab
                                                      lectures using industry-standard software. In       •    Instrumentation lab
The campus offers a special communication
skills development programmes called                  addition to these services, it is responsible       •    Civil Engineering Lab
the “Winning-edge communication skill                 in handling online learning management              •    Mechatronics Lab
development programme”. This is a course              system enabling lecturers to create their own
                                                      private website filled with dynamic courses         •    Engineering Workshop
mandatory for all students which is being
                                                      that extend learning anytime anywhere.              •    Tissue Culture Lab
conducted parallely to the main academic
programme. The course consist of 4 levels and                                                             •    Chemistry Lab
the students are being chosen for these levels        Library
according to each individual's competency level       A well-stocked library at the Campus which        Office Of Research
through a placement test. These programmes            is continuously being expanded provides           & Innovation
are designed to develop students study skills,
improve language skills and introduce students
                                                      access to recommended text books.                 Services (ORIS)
to teaching methods and language. This could          Help is available 24-hours a day through          To achieve the goals of a research university
further create opportunities in enhancing their       the online library management system              that will produce scientists of high calibre
soft skills such as leadership skills, presentation   accessible via “my login” for students.           who can contribute to the advancement
skills, project management skills. etc.                                                                 of scientific knowledge, innovations, and
                                                                                                        novel technologies at the highest possible
Unit– In - Charge                                     A variety of Learning Zones have been             level, the Office of Research & Innovations
  •    Ms. Manduli Katugampola                        designed to assist learning, whether you          (ORIS) has been established within the
                                                      need group discussion areas or prefer silent      campus. It provides opportunities for
  •    Ms. Nipuni Wimalapala                          and quiet study places. Our library is IT         research students to conduct original
  •    Ms. Udumbara Wickramasinghe                    equipped and wireless enabled with the latest     research under the supervision and
                                                      technology adjacent to our physical collection.   guidance of the best academics.
  •    Ms. Achini Gamage
                                                      Person - In- Charge                               Lead for ORIS
  •    Ms. Viduruwani Ihalagama
                                                        •    Ms. Kusum Fernando                         Dr Subodha Gunawardena
  •    Ms. Piyumi Gamage                                     (Assistant Librarian)

Information                                           Laboratories
Technology                                            State-of-the–art laboratories are equipped
Services Unit                                         with essential instrumentation required
                                                      for smooth functioning of the academic
The two computer laboratories can
                                                      programmes facilitating successful learning.
accommodate a group of 60 students in one
sitting and is equipped with uninterrupted

                                                                                                              Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019          11
     Sri Lanka Technological Campus, with well-        School of Engineering Business School
                                                       offering following    offering following
     established links with professional bodies
     including the IESL, who is a signatory to the
     Washington Accord, conducts the programme         Engineering degrees   Engineering degrees
     with modern Outcome Based Education                •   Electronics and Telecommunication     •    Human Resource Management
     principles and continues to meet the changing
                                                        •   Electronics and Engineering           •    Operational Management
     needs of employers. The students work on
                                                            Management                            •    Supply Chain Management
     real life projects, alongside project managers
     and engineers from local and national              •   Information and Communication         •    Marketing
     organizations such as Sri Lanka Telecom, and       •   Mechatronics                          •    Accounting & Finance
     Mobitel. Industrial training is provided with      •   Civil Engineering
     access to commerce, or industry to sharpen                                                   •    Tourism & Hospitality Management
     knowledge, skills and career prospects.            •   Bio Systems Engineering             All lectures, practicals and examinations
                                                        •   Quantity Surveying                  pertaining to course units are
     The entry requirement is a minimum of 3                                                    conducted in English language.
     ordinary passes (S) in approved subjects in the
     Mathematical Stream of GCE A/L Examinations
                                                       School of Technology                     The four year degree is determined upon the
     in one and the same sitting and a minimum         offering following                       completion of a prescribed number of credits
     mark of 30% for the Common General Paper.         Technology degrees                       from the courses offered. The minimum
                                                                                                period of study for which a person shall be a
     The Campus is being managed and                    •   Electronics
                                                                                                registered student of the Degree Programme
     operated in a School structure in which            •   Process Automation and Control      shall be of four (04) academic years as deemed
     we have 3 schools in Operations.                                                           necessary and any person admitted, shall
                                                        •   Agriculture Technology
                                                        •   Environmental Technology            successfully complete the Programme within a
                                                                                                period of seven (07) academic years from the
                                                        •   Financial Technology                date of first registration.

12     Sri Lanka Technological Campus
Since inception in 2016, Sri Lanka Technological   background in fundamentals, advanced             for both students and professionals to
Campus (referred to as SLTC), and its School       Engineering concepts, research, and hands        obtain their degree by providing both
of Engineering has gained a reputation             on skills, that make them employable             full time and blended programmes.
in the society for providing high quality          anywhere in the world and ready to face future
engineering education and a wonderful              challenges with discipline and confidence.       Eligibility Criteria
learning environment. The vision of the                                                             The entry requirement is a minimum of 3
                                                   School of Engineering focuses on providing
institute is, to produce learned men and                                                            ordinary passes (S) in approved subjects
                                                   some of the best and most diversified
women of character and discipline, and                                                              in the Physical Science stream at GCE A/L
                                                   engineering degree programmes in
to become the leading higher education                                                              Examinations or equiralant in one and
                                                   the country and presents a four year
institution in Sri Lanka and South Asia. Thus                                                       the same sitting and a minimum mark of
                                                   Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.
the vision of the school of Engineering is to                                                       30% for the Common General Paper.
produce world class Engineers, with a solid        Currently the school offers the opportunity

    •   BSc (Hons) in Engineering in Electronics and Power Systems
    •   BSc (Hons) in Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication
    •   BSc (Hons) in Engineering in Electronics and Engineering Management
    •   BSc (Hons) in Engineering in Information and Communication Engineering
    •   BSc (Hons) in Engineering in Civil Engineering
    •   BSc (Hons) in Engineering in Mechatronics Engineering
    •   BSc (Hons) in Engineering in Quantity Surveying
    •   BSc Hons in Bio Systems Engineering

                                                                                                        Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019        13
Our graduates with their backgrounds              As one of the pioneering technology       School of Technology prepares you for a
     technologhy and managment will fill               schools the country has on offer, SLTC    career in applied engineering and offers
     a considerable vaccum in the industry             endeavours to ensure that its students    following B.Tech Hons. degree programmes.
     unique skill set and the knowledge                receive a novel learning experience
     acquird as undergraduates The ability             within the School of technology with      Eligibility Criteria
     of Technology graduates to contribute             the available resources and facilities.   The entry requirement is a minimum
     on the job from day one increases their                                                     of 3 ordinary passes (S) in approved
                                                       As every industry – from medicine to
     value while providing them professionally                                                   subjects in Technology, Physical Science,
                                                       agriculture, from education to banking
     rewarding opportunities with significant                                                    Biological Science, or ICT stream at GCE
                                                       – is being impacted by technology,
     potential for advancement in the high-skill,                                                A/L Examinations or equiralant in one and
                                                       the technologists community will only
     high-wage, and high-demand careers.                                                         the same sitting and a minimum mark of
                                                       grow in numbers and importance.
                                                                                                 30% for the Common General Paper.

         •   BTech Hons in Electronics Technology
         •   BTech Hons in Electronics (Process Automation and Control)
         •   BTech Hons in Agri Technology
         •   BTech Hons in Environmental Technology

14     Sri Lanka Technological Campus
When you pursue any of the management           Overview of Business                              in Business Management with a view of
pathways offered at the SLTC Business           Management Programmes                             giving the students an opportunity to
School, you will be provided with access to a                                                     make better-informed decision of their
                                                Proper management and administration
number of opportunities to empower your                                                           choice of specialization moving in to the
                                                are integral components of any successful
career development and help you graduate,                                                         last 2-years of the degree program
                                                business, irrespective of its scale and size.
‘work-ready’. Our extensive network of
                                                Every organization reqiures people with           The students are given the opportunity
local and international partnerships will
                                                management knowledge and relevant skills          to follow a 4 Year, 120+ credit Bachelor
help you with an unparalleled industry-
                                                to manage, grow and improve the day-to-day        of Business Management (BBM) Honours
relevant learning opportunity.
                                                operations of organizations and workforces.       Programme in 6 key management disciplines.
The Business School has a range of industry-                                                      As part of this course, you will develop
                                                All our programmes focus on job readiness, to
standard facilities, including a specialized                                                      strong business knowledge, while also
                                                develop the practical skills and competence
IT & business library, contemporary                                                               building your expertise from day-one,
                                                one you needs to operate effectively and
study rooms and shared spaces. Further,                                                           in one or more business disciplines
                                                efficiently, in ones business environments.
our Business School maintains excellent
                                                They, also gives our students the opportunity
links with the businesses community,                                                              Eligibility Criteria
                                                to gain a business qualification from one of
that help us ensure all our management                                                            The entry requirement is a minimum of 3
                                                the leading Business School in Sri Lanka.
programmes are being designed to suit                                                             ordinary passes (S) in approved subjects in in
the current needs of employers in order to      All students enrolled in the business school      Commerce, Arts, Technology, Physical Science,
provide exciting placement opportunities        are required to follow a common curriculum        Biological Science, ICT, or Agriculture stream
for our undergraduate students.                 in first 2 years. The common program is           at GCE A/L Examinations or equiralant in one
                                                intended to provide a thorough understanding      and the same sitting and a minimum mark
                                                of basic concepts in all functional areas         of 30% for the Common General Paper.

                                                                                       •   BBM Hons in Accounting and Finance
                                                                                       •   BBM Hons in Human Resource Management
                                                                                       •   BBM Hons in Marketing
                                                                                       •   BBM Hons in Tourism and Hospitality Management
                                                                                       •   BBM Hons in Supply Chain Management
                                                                                       •   BBM Hons in Operations Management

                                                                                                      Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019             15
     Multimedia                                            3-dimensional work, based on a design brief.      •    Web design

     and Design                                            Eligibility Criteria: Ordinary Level              •    Equipment handling and configuration
                                                                                                             •    Output optimisation for variety
     Certificate in                                        Modules:
                                                                                                                  of media (eg: Desktop, CDRom,
     Multimedia                                              •    Design research
                                                                                                                  Web, Print & Video

     and Design                                              •    Concept development

     This course is designed for those who want              •    Exploration of the design process        Higher National
     to develop fundamental skills in design                 •    Colour theory
                                                                                                           Diploma in
     and prepare towards the Pearson/Edexcel
                                                             •    Drawing and presentation skills
                                                                                                           Interactive Media
     BTEC HND in Interactive Media. This will
                                                                  and design in 2-dimensional and          Higher Nationals are generally recognised
     provide the student a general overview of
                                                                  3-dimensional contexts and media         as equivalent to the first two years of a
     the history, theory of design and about the
                                                                                                           degree. They have been designed to give
     contemporary design industry. The student               •    Single page and multipage layouts        you a practical grounding before completing
     will research, explore and experiment by
                                                             •    Audio editing                            a degree at university, and to give you an
     producing drawings both by hand and
                                                                                                           industry recognised qualification when
     computer; and will learn how to apply
                                                             •    Video editing                            you enter the real world of work.
     the design process to 2-dimensional and

     Education Partners                                    offers a number of 2+2 international
                                                           degree programmes with SLTC.
                                                                                                           Lincoln University, New Zealand
                                                                                                           lincoln University is New Zealand’s specialist
     RMIT Australia/Vietnam                                                                                land-based university ranked by QS as among
                                                           Deakin students are among the most
     RMIT is a global university of technology,            satisfied students in Australia and the         the top 400 universities in the world. At
     design and enterprise that offers                     university is known for its innovative          Lincoln students graduate with degrees that
     undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational            teaching methods, giving students hands-        provide a variety of employment opportunities.
     programs and courses that are global in focus         on, practical industry experience, and          This is reflected in the high number of
     and practical in application.Ranked in the            delivering the very best support from staff     graduates who leave Lincoln each year.
     top 1% of global universities in the 2017-18          and international student advisors.
     QS World University Rankings, it offers 2+2
     international transfer programmes in both             Lancaster University
                                                                                                           Research Partners
     RMIT Australia and Vietnam offering our                                                               Strong collaborations are being
                                                           Lancaster University is ranked in the top       active in terms of research activities
     students the best of international education.
                                                           1% of universities in the world, according      with following universities.
     The RMIT Engineering Foundation programme             to the QS World University Rankings, and it
     which is offered for the first time in Sri Lanka at   is also ranked in the Top Ten of Universities     1. TEXAS TECH, USA
     SLTC allows students to pursue an engineering         in the UK in the Guardian League table.
                                                                                                             2. Trinity College, Dublin
     undergraduate pathway after O/Ls.
                                                           Lancaster University is one of the highest
                                                                                                             3. Georgia Tech, USA
                                                           ranked universities to affiliate with a Sri
     Deakin Australia
                                                           Lankan university for student transfers.
     Ranked in the top 2% of universities
     globally Deakin University australia

16     Sri Lanka Technological Campus
Academic Year                                   Courses                                           and Communication and 5 credits should
                                                                                                  be from the modules in Humanities, Social
The academic programme of the Sri               Courses provide necessary                         Science, Arts and Professional Ethics.
Lanka Technological Campus is based on          academic knowledge and skills
a semester system with two semesters            pertaining to various subjects.                   Academic Dishonesty
per year, each of 15 weeks duration. The
                                                Courses are categorized as Core courses and       Students are expected to act with full
general semester plan is shown below.
                                                Elective courses. Core courses provide the        integrity in all academic endeavours: any
                                                basic and essential knowledge necessary           use of words, formulas or ideas that are not
        Semester Plan          No. of week(s)
                                                to build up the foundation of any given           one's own must be acknowledged whether
 First half                    07               subject area. Electives are courses offered       the source is a book, an article, the internet,
 Mid-semester Examination      01               in addition to the core courses to provide        a lecture, or a peer. Providing or receiving
 Second half                   08               broader knowledge on various subject areas.       unauthorized help on papers, examinations
                                                                                                  or other academic work is also a violation
 Study leave                   01               The academic programme is organized at            of the SLTC policies on academic integrity.
 Examination                   03               four levels, Level I, Level II, Level III and     Plagiarism which occurs when a writer
                                                Level IV, which represent respectively            duplicates another writer's language or ideas
 Vacation                      03               the first year, second year, third year,          and then calls the work his or her own, is a
                                                and the fourth year of study.
Academic programme
                                                                                                  serious offense. The consequences of cheating,
                                                                                                  plagiarism, unauthorized collaboration and
The academic programme of the Sri               Complementary                                     other forms of academic dishonesty or
Lanka Technological Campus is based on
a Course Unit System. A Course Unit is a
                                                Courses                                           anytype of examination offense are serious,
                                                                                                  which, if proven, could result in the student’s
subject module, which has a credit value.       In addition to subject course units, students     suspension or expulsion from the Campus.
A credit is a time-based quantity assigned      are required to complete a certain number

to each Course Unit, which depends on           of enhancement course units which provide
the duration and the type of the course.        knowledge on a wide range of disciplines
                                                and soft skills that are required in today’s      for Courses
One credit is equal to 50 notional learning     society. SLTC offers Complementary                Registration for courses for the semester
hours for a taught course, laboratory studies   Modules as enhancement course units               commences two weeks prior to the
course, or field studies/clinical work. For     in the areas of English, Introduction to          start of the semester, and continues
industrial training, including time allocated   Technical communication, Organizational           during the first week of the semester.
for assessments and for research, including     Behaviour, Engineering Ethics, History of
time allocated for literature survey, one       Engineering, Engineering and Public Policy,       Selection of courses must be done
credit is considered equivalent to a minimum    Social Engineering, and Science, Technology       very carefully as students will not be
of 100 notional hours. The minimum and          and Politics. Enrolment in complementary          permitted to change their selections
the maximum credit rating of a course unit      modules will enable students to improve           once the registration period is over.
may vary from 01 credit to 06 credits.          their inherited skills and provide them with
                                                                                                  Registration for courses is done online
                                                a social, political, and historical perspective
                                                                                                  through the Student’s Portal of the Sri
                                                about engineering. During the course of
                                                                                                  Lanka Technological Campus. Necessary
                                                study, students are expected to complete
                                                                                                  guidelines and assistance can be obtained
                                                20 academic credits that are not from the
                                                                                                  through the relevant School coordinators
                                                chosen core discipline and 15 of those should
                                                                                                  and the Academic Advisor allocated to you.
                                                be in Management, Engineering, Economics

                                                                                                      Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019              17
     Regulations Relating                               of Business Management unless he/
                                                        she has completed such courses
                                                                                                         the approval of the University Council.

     To The Degrees                                     and/or training to the satisfaction
                                                                                                     14. Under exceptional circumstances the
                                                                                                         Director Academic Programme may
      1. The programme of study for the                 of the University Council.
                                                                                                         allow a student who fails to comply
         Degree of Bachelor of Science Honours      8. A student registered for the                      with a compulsory requirement of a
         in Engineering, Degree of Bachelor            degree programme, shall follow                    course to fulfil such requirement at
         of Technology and the Degree of               the programme of study without                    a later date as prescribed by Rules.
         Business Management shall be of               discontinuity, except in the event of his/
         four academic years’ duration.                                                              15. Awarding the Higher Diploma
                                                       her being prevented by the Campus
                                                                                                         in Electronic Technology: See
      2. Subject to provision of this regulation,      from following the programme of study,
                                                                                                         next section on Rules.
         the University Council of the Sri             until he/she completes the programme
         Lanka Technological Campus shall              of study subject to the maximum               16. Awarding the Higher Diploma in
         make appropriate Rules for the                period stipulated for completion of the           Technology: See next section on Rules.
         conduct of the degree programme.              programme of study in this Regulations.
                                                                                                     17. Awarding the Degree of Bachelor
                                                       In the event of he/she is requesting
      3. A candidate may be admitted to                                                                  of Science Honours in Engineering:
                                                       leave of absence for a valid reason,
         the Degree of Bachelor of Science                                                               See next section on Rules.
                                                       upon the recommendation of the
         Honours in Engineering or Bachelor            University Executive and approval from        18. Awarding the Degree of Bachelor of
         of Technology or Degree of                    University Council the opportunity is             Technology: See next section on Rules.
         Business Management if he/she                 been given for him/her to return within
                                                                                                     19. A student who has not completed
      a. Has been admitted as a student of             6 years of time from the joining date
                                                                                                         a course as prescribed by Rules
         the Sri Lanka Technological Campus            and complete the degree programme.
                                                                                                         may register and follow the
         under the statutes of the Sri Lanka        9. In the event of discontinuity in                  course in a subsequent semester
         Technological Campus governing                following the programme of study                  in which the course is offered in
         the admissions of students of the             without the approval of the Vice                  order to complete that course.
         Sri Lanka Technological Campus;               President Academic Affairs as
                                                                                                     20. A student, upon fulfillment of
      b. Has thereafter followed to the                prescribed by Rules, the student will
                                                                                                         graduation requirements as
         satisfaction of the University Council        be considered to have abandoned the
                                                                                                         prescribed by the Rules, shall apply
         the course of study prescribed by this        programme of study. A student who
                                                                                                         to Director Academic Programme
         Regulations and the Rules hereunder;          has abandoned the programme of
                                                                                                         for the award of the degree.
                                                       study will not be readmitted except
      4. The content, the methods of                   with the approval of the University           21. A candidate who satisfies the
         assessment and the credit values              Council on the recommendation                     requirements of the Bachelor of
         for each course of the Degree of              of the Academic Board.                            Science Honours in Engineering
         Bachelor of Science Honours in                                                                  Degree, Bachelor of Technology Degree
         Engineering and Degree of Bachelor         10. The Senate with the approval of
                                                                                                         Bachelor of Business Management
         of Technology and Degree of Business           the University Council shall appoint
                                                                                                         may be awarded a First Class, Second
         Management shall be prescribed by              an Evaluation Panel for each
                                                                                                         Class (Upper Division), Second Class
         the Academic Board of each School on           course of the Degree Programme
                                                                                                         (Lower Division), or a Pass, based on the
         approval of the University Council.            offered in every semester.
                                                                                                         results of the examination and the GPA
      5. In order to obtain credits from            11. The Evaluation Panel for a course shall          (also see the next section on Rules).
         a course, a student is required                comprise at least three members
         to follow the course satisfactory              including a course coordinator, a
                                                        moderator, and members of the
                                                                                                    Rules Relating To
         and attain a minimum specified
         standard in the evaluation of the              academic staff and visiting lecturers       The Degrees
                                                        teaching the course concerned.
         course as prescribed by Rules.                                                             1. Programme Duration
      6. The credit load of a student in            12. Each Evaluation Panel shall be               a. The programme shall be of four
         a semester should not exceed a                 responsible for the assessment                  academic years duration in 8 semesters
         maximum specified by Rules.                    of students in respective courses               in which each semester consists
                                                        by means of oral, practical and/or              of 15 weeks of Academics, and an
      7. The Academic Board of School may               written assessments as necessary.               industrial training course of total
         prescribe courses and/or training,                                                             duration not less than 20 weeks.
         whether inside or outside the Campus,      13. Due to compelling reasons, the
                                                        performance of a student in a course
         as per courses specified by Rules. A                                                       2. Courses
         candidate shall not be deemed to be            may be re-evaluated by a Review Panel
                                                        appointed by the Academic Board on           a. Students shall register for courses they
         qualified for the Degree of Bachelor
                                                        the recommendation of the Head of               wish to follow in each semester from
         of Science Honours in Engineering or
                                                        Programme concerned and/ or the                 the courses offered in the relevant
         Bachelor of Technology and Degree
                                                        Director Academic Programme with                semester as recommended during the

18   Sri Lanka Technological Campus
period announced for registration. No      f.   If a student is unable to produce                assessment that year and will have to
      change to course registration is allowed        the admission card or the student                sit for the final examinations with the
      after the add/drop period except                identity card at the examination,                following batch as repeat candidates.
      under special permission granted by             he/she will have to complete a
                                                                                                 p. The student must participate in all
      the Director Academic Programme.                form given by the Invigilator before
                                                                                                    the assessments (i.e. continuous
                                                      leaving the examination hall.
 c.   A student once registered for a course                                                        assessments, mid-semester and end
      in a semester will receive a grade for     g. If an admission card is misplaced by            of semester examinations, practical
      the course in his transcript at the end       a student, Examination Unit should              assessments, whichever are applicable)
      of the semester. Any registration for         be informed immediately through                 for the course he/she has registered
      the same course at a later offering           a letter signed by the student. A               for and obtain a final grade for each
      will be considered as repeating the           fine of LKR 1000 will be implied on             course for it to be considered as
      course unless otherwise decided by the        the student which should be paid                ‘complete’. All such courses shall be
      Academic Board / University Council.          to the Finance Department.                      considered for the awarding of the
                                                                                                    degree. However, the final GPA will be
 d. End of semester examinations shall           h. No excuse other than an illness
                                                                                                    calculated for all registered courses.
    be held usually during the second               will be considered for getting
    week following the end of each                  absent for an examination. If a              q. If a student is absent for an end
    semester. The semester plan will                student has been prevented from                 of semester examination of a
    be circulated among students at                 sitting for an examination due to               course and has not repeated
    the beginning of the semester.                  illness, the student should submit a            them thereafter the course shall
                                                    Medical Certificate (MC) to Medical             be considered as ‘incomplete’.
 e. Courses and course evaluations
                                                    Center/Examination within two
    in the entire programme shall be                                                             r.    A student obtaining a grade below a D
                                                    weeks of the date of absence.
    conducted in the English medium.                                                                   may re-sit the course examination for
                                                 i.   After the submission of the medical              the purpose of improving the grade.
 f.   A student may request with valid
                                                      certificate, an interview will be                If a student obtains a lower grade in
      reasons for leave of absence from
                                                      scheduled with the Medical Officer               the repeat examination, he/she is
      the programmes of study for the
                                                      recommended by SLTC. A list of                   entitled to keep the better grade. If a
      duration of a whole semester. The
                                                      students whose medical certificates              student obtains a better grade than
      request shall be made in writing to
                                                      have been approved will be notified.             a C in a repeat attempt, a C grade is
      the Vice President Academic Affairs
                                                                                                       taken into account for the calculation
      prior to the commencement of               j.   For a student to be eligible to be
                                                                                                       of the final GPA and award of a Class.
      the semester concerned. Students                considered for a make-up examination
      shall be informed of the final                  for a scheduled mid semester               s.    A student shall be deemed to have
      decision within one week time.                  examination in any course that he/               sat the first scheduled examination
                                                      she fails to attend for a valid reason           irrespective of whether he/she
 g. A student should follow the compulsory
                                                      he/she is required to submit a written           has actually sat or not, unless the
    course offered by the Center for
                                                      request stating the reasons to the Vice          candidate has been prevented from
    Communication Skills Development
                                                      President- Academic Affairs within               sitting examination due to illness or
    Unit and obtain the pass mark required
                                                      one week of the date of examination              any other reasonable cause, which
    in order to claim the degree.
                                                      and the valid reason should also                 must be accepted as valid by the
                                                      be supported by evidence or any                  Academic Board/University Council.
3. Examinations
                                                      acceptable supporting documents.
 a. All examinations are conducted                                                               t.    A student who fails to complete
    and completed within a given                 k. No any make-up examinations                        any course (s) in the first attempt
    semester except for courses having              will be provided for End/Mid of                    shall be eligible to repeat the course
    practical or research projects.                 Semester Examinations, unless                      (s) in two more attempts only.
                                                    there is an approved excuse.
 b. Start date of examination will be                                                            u. A student may require to obtain 2.0
    announced 1 week prior along                 l.   The results of examinations are               GPA, in order to move forward from one
    with the exam time table.                         normally released within 04 weeks             level to another. (Eg: Students who have
                                                      of completion of the examinations.            obtained GPA 2.0 will only be eligible
 c.   Within 1 week after the announcement                                                          to go from 1st year to the 2nd year)
      of the start date of examinations,         m. The duration of the end of semester
      student should submit relevant                written examinations vary from              4. Evaluation Procedure
      examination request form/ repeat              one hour (for one credit courses)
                                                                                                 (a) Courses may be evaluated by
      request form to the Examination Unit.         to a maximum of three hours (for
                                                                                                     written examinations (mid semester,
                                                    three credits and above). The
 d. Examination Admission Cards will be                                                              end of semester or continuous),
                                                    faculties decide the duration of
    issued from the Examination Unit 1                                                               assignments, reports, presentations
                                                    practical and oral examinations.
    or 2 weeks prior to the examinations                                                             and oral examinations or a
    (before going on study leave). If any        n. Students are strongly advised to attend          combination of any of the above.
    changes to be done in the admission             all lectures and practical classes of all
                                                                                                 (b) The marks obtained for all Academic
    card, Examination Unit should be                courses that they have registered for.
                                                                                                     Courses shall be graded as given below
    informed immediately. No change
                                                 o. Students are required to maintain                (see Table 01). The marks shall carry a
    will be done 2 days after the issue
                                                    80% attendance for all lectures and              Grade and a Grade Point Value (GPV)
    date of the admission card.
                                                    practical classes. Students who do               according to the Range in which it falls.
 e. Admission Card should be produced at            not have the required attendance
    each examination the student sits and           for lectures and practical classes,
    it should be returned to the invigilator        shall not be allowed to sit for the
    on the last date of the examination.            corresponding final examination/

                                                                                                      Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019           19
in Level IV of Degree Programme                  award of classes shall be C irrespective
          Range of                       Grade Point
                           Grade                                and                                              of the actual mark obtained, even if
           Marks                            Value
                                                                                                                 the actual mark obtained is higher.
      85-100          A+                4.0                (e) obtain a minimum overall GPA of 2.00
      80-84           A                 4.0                    and                                          7. Subject to Sections 18, 19, 22 and
                                                                                                               25 of these By-Laws a student shall
      75-79           A-                3.7                (f) obtain at least a D grade for
                                                                                                               be deemed to have qualified for the
                                                               all GPA Courses which are
      70-74           B+                3.3                                                                    award of First Class, Second Class
                                                               prescribed by the Council
      65-69           B                 3.0                                                                    (Upper Division) or Second Class
                                                         as prescribed under these By-Laws and/                (Lower Division) at the Degree on
      60-64           B-                2.7
                                                         or any other Rules and Regulations made               the basis of the following scheme.
      55-59           C+                2.3              by the Campus, shall be considered to
      50-54           C                 2.0              have passed the Degree of Bachelor               First Class:
                                                         of Science Honours in Engineering or             If he/she has a minimum overall GPA ≥ 3.7
      45-49           C-                1.7
                                                         Degree of Bachelor of Technology.
      40-44           D+                1.3                                                               Second Class (Upper Division) :
                                                            4. A candidate who has successfully
      35-39           D                 1.0                                                               If he/she has a minimum overall 3.7 > GPA ≥ 3.3
                                                               completed a minimum of sixty (60)
      30-34           E                 0.7                    credits in Level I and Level II,
                                                                                                          Second Class (Lower Division) :
      0-29            F                 0.0
                                                                                                          If he/she has a minimum overall 3.3 > GPA ≥ 3.00
                      I (Incomplete)    0.00               (a) satisfies 16(a)

     Table 01
                                                               and                                        5. Claiming of the Degree
                                                           (b) obtaining GPA 2.00 or above for courses    A student who has satisfied the requirements
                                                               in Level II of Degree Programme            for the award of the degree and obtain
     2.                                                                                                   the required grade for the course offered
          (a) Grades of all registered Courses                                                            by the Center for Communication Skills
                                                           (c) obtain a minimum overall GPA of 2.00
              in a Programme of Study shall be                                                            Development (CCSD) shall claim the degree
                                                               for courses in each Level I and Level II
              taken into account and all Courses                                                          by submitting the duly completed degree
                                                               (taken together)
              shall be weighted according to their                                                        claim form 4 weeks prior to the date of
              corresponding Credit Values when                                                            convocation held in respective year.
              Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated.     (d) obtain at least a D grade for all GPA
                                                               Courses in each Level I and Level II       6. Special Considerations
          (b) The formula for the calculation
                                                               which are prescribed by the Council        Notwithstanding the above provisions, each
              of the GPA shall be as follows:
                                                                                                          individual case may be dealt with on the
                                                         as prescribed under these By-Laws and/
                                                                                                          basis of its own merit by the Senate, subject
                                                         or any other Rules and Regulations made
                                                                                                          to approval by the University Council.
                                                         by the Campus, shall be considered to have
                                                         passed the Higher Diploma in relevant field.     7. Student guide to registration
                                                           4.1 (a) A candidate who has successfully       and course completion
                                                               completed Higher Diploma in                The student should conform to the Rules and
                                                               relevant field, conducted by Sri Lanka     Regulations of the Degree programme of the
     Here ∑ represents the summation over
                                                               Technological Campus (SLTC) shall          Sri Lanka Technological Campus given above..
     index i, where i denotes each course taken;
                                                               be considered to be eligible to enroll     Any clarification on the contents therein
     n is the total number of courses taken;
                                                               to the 3rd level / year of Bachelor of     may be sought from the Director Academic
     wi is the Grade Point Value (GPV) of the
                                                               Science Honors in Engineering degree       Programme or the Registrar of the Campus.
     respective course taken; ci is the number of
                                                               programme or Bachelor of Technology
     credits carried by the respective course.                                                            Following sections provide answers
                                                               degree programme conducted by SLTC.
          3.    A candidate who has been admitted                                                         only to frequently asked questions.
                                                           5. A candidate who satisfies the
               to the Degree Programme and who                                                              a. The course selection may be changed
                                                              requirements of the Degree may
               has successfully completed the                                                                  during ADD/DROP period, after
                                                              be awarded a First Class, Second
               minimum credit requirement for                                                                  which no changes in registration are
                                                              Class (Upper Division), Second
               each specialization programme as                                                                possible. The students who were
                                                              Class (Lower Division), or a Pass as
               specified by the Council with at least                                                          unable to drop a course during the
                                                              the case may be, on the results of
               thirty (30) credits from each of Level                                                          ADD/DROP period should follow
                                                              the examination and the GPA.
               I, Level II, Level III and Level IV,                                                            the whole course and the grade will
                                                           6.   (a) A candidate shall be eligible for          appear in the Academic transcript.
                                                                the award of classes only if he/she
          (a) satisfies 16(a)                                   satisfies the requirements stipulated       b. The students who fail to satisfactorily
              and                                               in the Section 22; of these By-Laws,           follow a course will get a grade F.
                                                                within four (04) consecutive academic     Note: students who have failed to
          (b) satisfies 16(b)
                                                                years of the Degree Programme.            satisfy 80% attendance requirement
                                                                (b) In the case of a candidate who        of a course are considered to have not
          (c) satisfies 16(c)                                                                             satisfactorily followed the course.
                                                                repeats and passes any Academic
                                                                Course(s) the Grade to be taken into        c.   A grade of D is required to earn
          (d) obtaining GPA 2.00 or above for courses           consideration in determining the                 credit in any course. If the grade is

20        Sri Lanka Technological Campus
less than D the course should be               credits from Complementary Studies.           Campus for such deferment.
    repeated in a subsequent semester              For a technology degree, credits should
                                                                                             g. If a registered student is compelled to
    if the timetables allow fulfilling the         be earned from the courses of each
                                                                                                discontinue his/her course of study
    attendance requirement. However                of the three categories; comprising
                                                                                                for any reason, he/she should notify
    the maximum grade awarded for                  18 credits from Mathematics, Basic
                                                                                                the Registrar as soon as possible to
    a repeated course unit is a “C”.               Sciences, & Computing, 72 credits
                                                                                                obtain permission to be away from the
                                                   from Engineering Sciences and
d. Specified number of credits should be                                                        Campus. If a registered student of the
                                                   Engineering Design and 18 credits
   obtained from the core and elective                                                          Campus has abandoned his/her course
                                                   from Complementary Studies.
   courses. The composition of the                                                              of study without notifying the Registrar,
   credits should satisfy the accreditation   e. The sum of the credits of the selected         his/her request for readmission will
   requirements specified for either             electives (both technical and general          not be entertained, unless special
   engineering degree or technology              separately) may sometimes exceed               approval is granted by Senate.
   degree by the Institution of Engineers        the minimum requirement by 1
                                                                                             h. If a student misses the registration for a
   Sri Lanka (IESL). For an engineering          credit due to different credit values
                                                                                                course or has incorrectly registered for
   degree, credits should be earned              from 1 to 3. This is allowed.
                                                                                                a course but failed to drop the course
   from the courses of each of the three
                                              f.   A student seeking to get his/her             on time, the reasons need to be given
   categories; comprising 25 credits
                                                   registration deferred at the time of         in writing to the Program Lead to obtain
   from Mathematics, Basic Sciences, &
                                                   registration should inform the Campus        permission to remedy the situation.
   Computing, 75 credits from Engineering
                                                   giving reasons for such deferment
   Sciences and Engineering Design and 20
                                                   , and obtain permission from the

                                                                                              Undergraduate Handbook 2018/2019               21
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