Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living

Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
hartrigg Oaks
the very best in retirement living

Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
Hartrigg Oaks                                                       the very best in retirement living

Hartrigg Oaks

Hartrigg Oaks is a retirement village with a   • a conveniently located on-site care centre
difference. Based on the Continuing Care          (called The Oaks) providing full residential
Retirement Community model – aimed at             and nursing care on a short or long-term
maintaining independence throughout later         basis;
life – at Hartrigg Oaks we provide a home      • a n extensive range of leisure facilities and
for people aged 60 plus. It is suitable for       social activities;
young retirees through to older people who
need specialist nursing care. It offers:       • u
                                                  nique pooled-finance options. This means
                                                 that a need for support does not lead to an
• h
   igh-quality modern bungalows, designed       increase in fees, even when in receipt of
  with easy access and to accommodate            residential or nursing care.
  adaptations;                                 Since opening in 1998, Hartrigg Oaks has
• a dedicated team providing support and      been highly acclaimed as an ideal solution for
   personal care to residents in their own     people who want to plan for the future and
   home;                                       enjoy life today.

Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
Hartrigg Oaks                                                                                                         the very best in retirement living

Quality homes

Hartrigg Oaks has 152 spacious bungalows.                                                        All properties come with an outdoor
These are spread over a 21-acre site, which                                                      workshop/storage area and the option of an
has lots of open space and beautifully                                                           allocated car parking space.
landscaped gardens for residents to enjoy.   Hartrigg Oaks is built to the nationally
There are four property types, many of which recognised ‘Lifetime Homes’ standard, which
benefit from a roof conversion, which        means that our properties are suitable for
provides a useful space for an additional    people of all ages and are flexible to changing
bedroom or office.                           needs.

Each bungalow contains:                                                                          For added peace of mind, Hartrigg Oaks has
                                                                                                 CCTV cameras in operation and bungalows
• lounge/diner;                                                                                 have enhanced security features.
• e
   asy-to-maintain kitchen;
                                                                                                 Type 	Number of bedrooms 	Total size
• large bathroom. Two-bedroom bungalows
                                                                                                 Rigg          One bedroom                 54m²
   have an additional shower room;
                                                                                                 Rigg Plus 	One bedroom,
• en-suite master bedroom;                                                                                  plus a roof conversion        87m²
• French door leading to an individual garden;                                                  Hart 	Two bedrooms                        79m²
• e
   mergency call system, which also acts as                                                     Hart Plus 	Two bedrooms,
  an intruder alarm.                                                                                         plus a roof conversion        112m²

Photos of bungalow interiors are for illustrative purposes only, as fixtures and fittings vary
Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
Hartrigg Oaks                                                        the very best in retirement living

Living life to the full

Hartrigg Oaks boasts a vibrant and              • v arious games, leisure and
neighbourly community and for those                meeting rooms.
people who have no intention of slowing         There is also an en-suite guest room available
down in retirement, there is plenty to do!      for visitors and a communal ‘people carrier’,
There are over 50 different regular social      which is used for shopping trips and
activity and interest groups, most of which     excursions.
are organised and run voluntarily by residents. Although there are extensive opportunities to
From table tennis to art, play reading to       mix socially at Hartrigg Oaks, personal choice
bridge, there is something to suit every taste. means each resident can enjoy the lifestyle
The social hub of Hartrigg Oaks is The Oaks     they choose at a pace they are comfortable
Centre, where an impressive range of            with, and be as private as they wish.
communal facilities are located for residents
to enjoy.
• r estaurant;
• c offee shop;
• f ully equipped and staffed gym
   with spa pool;
• library;
• a rts and craft room;
• D
   IY workshop;
• IT facilities;
• h
   air salon;
• s mall shop;

Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
Hartrigg Oaks                                                         the very best in retirement living

Health and wellbeing

At Hartrigg Oaks, we aim to provide an            • emotional support and counselling;
environment where each individual can             • domiciliary support in resident’s own home,
maximise their independence and social               including home help and personal care;
                                                  • residential and nursing care, on either a
It is important, as people get older, to know        respite or long-term basis (see section on
that if and when they need support, it will be       The Oaks).
available and provided by people they trust.      On joining Hartrigg Oaks, each person enters
The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT)          into a Care Agreement with JRHT. The
has extensive experience of providing care and    agreement entitles them to receive up to 21
support for older people and all our carers,      hours of domiciliary care per week in their
nurses and other health professionals are fully   own home, as well as accessing the services of
trained and qualified.                            The Oaks, if necessary (based on assessed
We offer a comprehensive range of services        needs).
that promote good health, as well as providing JRHT is registered with the Care Quality
support and care when needed. This includes: Commission (CQC), which carries out regular
• a dvice on diet and exercise;               audits and inspections.

Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
Hartrigg Oaks                                         the very best in retirement living

The Oaks

The Oaks, situated within The Oaks Centre,
is an integral part of the Hartrigg Oaks
community and is suitable for people who
need higher levels of care than can be
provided in their own home. It is registered
to provide residential, nursing and
dementia care.

In providing services, we respect each
resident’s right to dignity and choice. We
carry out regular person-centred
assessments that take into account all aspects
of an individual’s life, to ensure that we
provide the best possible care and support.
The Oaks has 42 spacious bed-sitting rooms,
which are all en-suite with level-access
showers, and most have a French door
leading out onto a balcony or patio. Three of
the rooms are reserved for residents who
require a short stay, for example following a
period of illness, or early discharge from
In addition to having its own dedicated
facilities, including lounge, activity area, dining
room and rose garden, The Oaks is ideally
located for access to the main communal
facilities. This means residents who move
from their bungalow to The Oaks can still
enjoy the same activities and social links. It is
also conveniently placed for a partner or
neighbours living at Hartrigg Oaks to visit.

Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
Hartrigg Oaks                                                          the very best in retirement living

Flexible financial options

People who join Hartrigg Oaks pay two fees         Community Fee
and, with a choice of payment methods, are         The Community Fee is an annual charge paid
able to select the best combination to suit        by each resident monthly. It covers the cost of
their circumstances.                               bungalow maintenance, the upkeep of the
Residence Fee                                      communal areas and the entitlement to
                                                   receive care and support, if needed. Hartrigg
The Residence Fee is paid by each household.       Oaks offers innovative pooled finance options
It provides for the leasehold of a bungalow        (options 1 and 2 below), that allow residents
and accommodation in The Oaks, if required.        to receive care and support without any
Option 1: Fully Refundable. A one-off              increase to their fees.
payment, based on the market value of the          Option 1: Standard. This covers all services
bungalow. It is refunded in full when the          including care and support. It is based on age
resident leaves Hartrigg Oaks.                     on joining Hartrigg Oaks; the younger the
Option 2: Non Refundable. A one-off                person is, the lower the fee.
payment (lower than the fully refundable           Option 2: Reduced. Based on the same
option), which is not returned when the            provision as the Standard Fee, an initial lump
resident leaves Hartrigg Oaks (unless this         sum payment can be used to reduce the
occurs within five years of joining, in which      annual charge. As with the Non Refundable
case a partial repayment is made). The             Residence Fee there is no refund when a
amount paid is related to the market value of      resident leaves, unless this occurs within the
a bungalow, an individual’s age on joining, and    first five years of joining Hartrigg Oaks.
the length of time it is expected that they
might live at Hartrigg Oaks.                       Option 3: Minimum (sometimes referred to
                                                   as Fee for Care). An annual charge is paid for
Option 3: Annualised. A yearly sum payable         services but not care or support, which is
monthly and subject to annual increases.           charged for as and when received. Couples
It is possible to select a combination of any of   receive a 12.5 per cent discount on the
these three options.                               second person’s Community Fee.

Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
Hartrigg Oaks                                                          the very best in retirement living

Applying to join

Hartrigg Oaks is an extremely popular              • p
                                                      riority is given to couples for the
retirement option and as such maintains              allocation of Hart and Hart Plus bungalow
waiting lists (referred to as Reserve Lists)         types.
for each of the four property types.            • priority is given to applicants in ascending
A Mailing List has been set up for anyone who      order of age (subject to a minimum age of
wishes to note their interest in Hartrigg Oaks.    59); for couples, the average age is
The people on the Mailing List are given the       calculated.
opportunity to apply to join the Reserve Lists All places offered on the Reserve Lists are
when they are opened, for a limited period,     subject to the applicant satisfying our health
usually every two years. The number of places and care criteria, providing a financial
available is based on an estimate of how many statement confirming that they can meet the
vacancies we expect during the following 24     financial commitment and paying a deposit.
months.                                         Further information about applying to join
If more applications are received than there       Hartrigg Oaks and the health and care
are places available, places are allocated using   procedure is available as part of our standard
the following criteria:                            information pack and on request.

Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
Hartrigg Oaks                                    the very best in retirement living

The Joseph Rowntree
Housing Trust

Hartrigg Oaks is owned and managed by
the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust
(JRHT). JRHT is a charity and registered
social landlord, with a history stretching
back over a century to its founder, Joseph

In addition to owning a large stock of general
housing, JRHT has specialised in the provision
of housing and support services for older
people for many years. This now includes a
mixed-income retirement village in
Hartlepool, ‘extra care’ and sheltered housing
facilities in Scarborough, Leeds and York and
four care homes.
JRHT shares the same directors and trustees
as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF),
one of the largest social policy research and
development charities in the UK. JRHT and
JRF work together to understand the root
causes of social problems, identify ways of
overcoming them and demonstrate how
social needs can be met in practice.

Hartrigg Oaks the very best in retirement living
Hartrigg Oaks                                    the very best in retirement living


Hartrigg Oaks is located on the edge of the
Edwardian garden village of New Earswick,
within three miles of the centre of historic

New Earswick was created by Joseph
Rowntree, a successful York-based Quaker
businessman and philanthropist, in 1902. Its
aim was to provide good quality homes in a
healthy and attractive environment. Today it
is a thriving community, with over 1,000
homes and a range of amenities including a
parade of shops, library, swimming pool, Folk
Hall and school.
Hartrigg Oaks benefits from good public
transport links, providing easy access to both
York city centre and nearby Haxby village.
For further information contact:
Hartrigg Oaks
Haxby Road
New Earswick
York YO32 4DY
Telephone: +44(0) 1904 750700
Facsimile: +44(0) 1904 752225
Email: marketing@jrht.org.uk
JRHT website: www.jrht.org.uk
JRF website: www jrf.org.uk


Hartrigg Oaks
Haxby Road
New Earswick
YO32 4DY

Tel: 01904 750700

Email: marketing@jrht.org.uk

                                   This information can be provided in your
                                   own language.

JRHT is a registered housing                                           (Bengali)
association, managing around
2,500 homes, and is a registered               (Polish)
provider of care services.                                              (Turkish)
                                   It is also available in other formats (such
                                   as large print, Braille or audio) from the
                                   Communications Department at JRF
                                   Tel: 01904 615905 Email: info@jrf.org.uk.

                                                          Please recycle this
                                                          leaflet when you have
                                                          finished with it.
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