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       Open House                                           Student Achievement
       Our Open House, held on September 19th               Teachers in junior kindergarten through
                                                            grade eight spend time at the beginning of
       was a success! Families had the opportunity
                                                            each year assessing student strengths and
       to meet the staff, tour the school and enjoy
                                                            needs to assist them in focusing their
       pizza. Thank you to all the families who             teaching and scaffolding learning for their
       participated in the evening and to the staff         students.
       for their continued dedication!
                                                             During their kindergarten year and at the
                     Welcome!                               beginning of grades one to three, teachers
       It took some time to complete the school             assess each student using tools such as the
       staffing but we are pleased to announce that         Language Assessment Resource (LAR). The
       it is now completed. We would like to                LAR is a comprehensive language assessment
       officially welcome Mr. Hartfiel to the               consisting of seven assessment tools
       St. Joseph staff. Mrs. Del Duca was able to          including Oral Language, Letter Recognition,
                                                            Letter/Sound Recognition, Sight Words,
       secure a permanent contract with St. John
                                                            Spelling, Phonemic Awareness and the
       Brebeuf School in Erin. Mr. Hartfiel will be         Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA).
       taking over teaching duties for the grade 4/5
       classroom. We would also like to welcome             In the primary level, the DRA is
       Mr. Nearing to St. Joseph. Mr. Nearing will          administered in a 1:1 session, with the
       be helping Mrs. Pilgrim in the school library.       student first reading aloud to the teacher
                                                            and then the teacher recording student
                                                            responses to comprehension questions.
                    Smile!!!!!                              In the junior and intermediate levels,
                                                            students are assessed using a variety of
                                                            assessments such as the DRA. During the
                                                            DRA, students read a short passage orally to
                                                            the teacher, and then complete the
                                                            remainder of the assessment independently.
                                                            The Junior Achievement Assessment (JAR)
                                                            also provides information about each child’s
                                                            spelling skills.
                                                            All of these assessments are designed to
          Picture Day October 10th                          assist teachers in providing direct instruction
                                                            to meet the needs of each student.

ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL   • www.wellingtoncdsb.ca/school/stjosephguelph/Pages/default.aspx
Home & School News - Wellington Catholic District School Board

                                                 Safe Arrival Program
          Follow us on Twitter
             @stjosephguelph                     To ensure that your child arrives safely at our
                                                 school in the morning and again at lunch
                                                 time, we will continue with our Safe Arrival
Walk To School October 4                         Program. If your child is going to be late
                                                 or absent, please phone the school prior
Walk to School Day is an international event     to 8:45 a.m. If your child attends school in
that encourages students to be active on         the morning but remains home in the
their journey between home and school. The       afternoon, please inform the school. For
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Active and Safe       those absences that have not been
Routes to School (ASRTS) committee               confirmed, we will contact you at home or at
encourages parents and guardians to walk,        work to let you know your son or daughter
bike or wheel to school with us on Walk to       has not arrived. If your child is late, please
School day October 4th.                          have them report to the office before
Walking to school helps meet your daily          attending class. The attendance hotline
physical activity requirements to lead a         number is (519) 822-4060. Magnets with the
healthy lifestyle, while also reducing           school and attendance line numbers are
greenhouse gas emissions and traffic             available at the main office. As well, the end
congestion around our schools.                   of the day is very hectic. If you plan on
                                                 picking your child(ren) up from school at the
St. Joseph School Council                        end of the day please call the school prior to
                                                 3 pm so the appropriate arrangements can be
Please join us for our next CSC Meeting on       made.
October 11th in the office meeting room at
6:30 p.m. .                                      Newsletters
                                                 A monthly newsletter and calendar will be
What is School Council                           sent home on the first school day of every
School Councils are advisors to our principal    month. Each newsletter and calendar will
and school board. This group can make            contain information that is relevant to the
recommendations on any matter related to         upcoming month of our school. If you
student achievement and the school               would prefer to have your newsletter sent by
environment. St. Joseph Catholic School          email, please let us know by calling the
Council is made up of six parent members         school or writing a note in your child’s
who hold a two year term. Other members          agenda. Newsletters and calendars are also
include one teacher representative, one non-     available online. Please visit our website at
teaching employee of the school and the          www.wellingtoncdsb.ca to view news from
school principal. The council meets about        the Wellington District School Board and
six times a school year in the evening for       from St. Joseph Catholic School.
approximately one hour. At times smaller
groups meet to work on specific events.

                                   ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 10 Guelph St. • GUELPH •
                                                    519-836-2671 • @stjosephguelph
Home & School News - Wellington Catholic District School Board

School Visitors                                  Volunteers Urgently Needed
Parents, guardians and special guests are          for the Breakfast Program
always welcome to participate in our many        We are still in search of volunteers who
school activities. With safety in mind, ALL      would be able to come in and help run the
VISITORS upon arriving at the school are         St. Joseph Catholic School Breakfast
asked to report to the office and to sign the    Program. Please call the school if you are
visitor guest book. If you wish to meet with     able to help out with this wonderful
a particular staff member, please call the       program. Even if it is for one day.
school and we will arrange a mutually            The program provides every student the
convenient time. Discussions with staff tend     opportunity to partake in a nutritious
to be more productive when they are pre-         breakfast snack three mornings a week –
arranged. If you are picking your child up       Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays- at no
after school, parents are asked to wait in the   cost. If you have not already done so, and
front foyer or outside the doors your child      would like your child to participate in this
will exit. Parents should not wait outside       great opportunity please complete and
their child’s classroom door at the end of the   submit the School Breakfast Program form.
day or walking the halls of the school. If you
need to speak to a teacher, please see           Nut Free School
Mrs. Bilton and she will page the teacher. If
you are running late in the morning, when        Within our school community, there are
dropping your child(ren) in the morning,         several students who have a potentially life-
and then your child(ren) can proceed on          threatening allergy (anaphylaxis)
their own to their respective classrooms or a    predominantly to peanuts and tree nuts (i.e.
staff member can walk your child to their        almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and pistachios).
classroom. Parents should not be                 The Wellington Catholic District School
walking their child into classrooms.             Board believes that the best way to reduce
Schools today deal with numerous issues          the risk of accidental exposure to these
such as custody and access and court orders.     students is to respectfully ask for the
This policy is in place in order to keep ALL     cooperation of families within our school
students safe.                                   community to avoid sending peanut butter
                                                 and/or products with peanuts or tree nuts
                                                 listed in the ingredients, as well as, products
                                                 that may contain or may have come in
                                                 contact with peanuts and tree nuts i.e.
                                                 cookies, chocolate bars, donuts etc. As well,
                                                 we ask that you not send “school friendly
                                                 peanut butter”, as this is difficult for
                                                 students to distinguish from regular peanut
                                                 butter. Your cooperation and understanding
                                                 of these matters are appreciated. Please call
                                                 the school should you have any questions.

                                   ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 10 Guelph St. • GUELPH •
                                                    519-836-2671 • @stjosephguelph

EQAO Provincial
Assessment                                        The following tables provide a summary of
Last spring, students in Grades 3 and 6 at our    the EQAO student achievement results, for
school, and at every publicly funded              the Province of Ontario, the Wellington
elementary school across Ontario,                 Catholic District School Board and for St.
participated in provincial assessments in         Joseph Catholic School. The assessments were
reading, writing and mathematics. These           graded on a four level system, with one being
assessments were conducted by Ontario’s           the lowest and four the highest. The results
Education Quality and Accountability Office       below express the percentage of students
(EQAO).                                           achieving at or above the provincial standard
EQAO assessments are an important source          (Levels 3 and 4), and represents all of the
of information about student learning. Our        students in the grade, including students who
school uses the results, along with other         were exempted and those who took part in
important contextual information, to guide        the assessment but did not produce enough
improvement programs and teaching                 work to be scored.
practices so that all students benefit. Our
                                                            Grade 3 Achievement Results
school board and the Ministry of Education                  READING    WRITING    MATHEMATICS
also use the results to direct attention and                   %         %            %
support where they’re needed.
When looking at our school’s results, it’s       Province     N/A       N/A          N/A
important to look at achievement trends           Board        71        71           66
                                                  School       63        63           50
over time. It’s also important to consider the
                                                   Total number of students in Grade 3 at
information about our school community
                                                   St. Joseph Catholic School - 30
included in our school’s full report, which
can be found on EQAO’s Web site,
                                                        Grade 6 Achievement Results
www.eqao.com. More information about                        READING    WRITING    MATHEMATICS
the assessments, including sample tests and                    %         %            %
examples of student responses at different
achievement levels, can be found in the          Province     N/A       N/A          N/A
                                                  Board        82        79           52
“Parent Resources” section of EQAO’s Web
                                                  School       70        70           20
site at www.eqao.com.
                                                  Total number of students in Grade 6 at
                                                  St. Joseph Catholic School - 30

                                                  Our staff will be analyzing our results and
                                                  reviewing our School Improvement Plan to
                                                  address student needs and to assist our
                                                  students to develop to their full potential.

                                   ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 10 Guelph St. • GUELPH •
                                                    519-836-2671 • @stjosephguelph

Christmas on Ice
Community Gathering
                                                 Chocolate Bar
We are very excited to have our Christmas
On Ice Community Gathering on December
12th at the West End Community Center from
5:15 to 6:30 p.m. New guidelines require that    Each year we run two major fundraising
EVERYONE (students, parents, staff) wear         campaigns at St. Joseph Catholic School.
 a CSA approved helmet when skating. Any         The Chocolate Bar campaign began on
person without a helmet or skates is invited     Monday, September 18th and continues until
to come and participate in the evening           Tuesday October 10th.
festivities off the ice.                         We will be pleased to issue additional boxes
                                                 of chocolate once payment for the first box
                                                 has been received. On October 20th the
                                                 eldest or only child in families who have
                                                 participated or made a donation, will be
                                                 provided with draw tickets for an
                                                 opportunity to win one of the following
                                                      $100.00 Stone Road Mall Gift Card
           Terry Fox Day                              $75.00 Stone Road Mall Gift Card
                                                      $50.00 Stone Road Mall Gift Card
It was thirty-four summers ago that a young          The draw will take place on
man named Terry Fox from British Columbia            October 24th.
had a dream to run across Canada and to
raise money for a cure for cancer.               The top seller will receive a Hover Board.
On Thursday, September 29th our school           The second top seller will receive a $150
participated in one of the largest fundraising   Stone Road Mall Gift card.
events in Canadian history. Our school
joined thousands of other schools across         Should you choose to make a financial
Canada to raise money for cancer research.       donation to the school instead of selling
Students in grades three to eight walked to
                                                 chocolates, a tax receipt for a donation of
Margaret Greene Park to participate in the
                                                 $20.00 or more will be issued. Please make
event. Our junior and senior kindergarten
                                                 cheques payable to St. Joseph Catholic
students and our grade one and two students
participated by walking/running around the
                                                 We encourage all families to participate,
St. Joseph Catholic School playground. The
                                                 either through selling chocolates or through
students walked for fifteen minutes along
                                                 a financial donation, as funds raised benefit
the perimeter of the field. Through your
                                                 all students in our school. Thanks to all the
generosity our school raised $600. Way to go
                                                 students and their families for their support.

                                   ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 10 Guelph St. • GUELPH •
                                                    519-836-2671 • @stjosephguelph

Milk and Pizza Program                            Thanksgiving Food Drive
                                                  St. Joseph Catholic School has chosen to help
Milk and Pizza programs both start this           support the food drive again this year. It
week. Each month, Mr. Harper will be              seems each year the need becomes greater,
sending home order forms. If you would like       and thankfully our students, staff, and
pizza or milk, please complete the order          families continue to serve those in need by
form and return it to the school by the date      bringing in non-perishable food items.
listed on the form.                               They may include food items like pasta and
                                                  sauce, peanut butter, canned goods, cereals
Book Fair                                         and cookies, etc.
Our Book Fair was another incredible              They may also include household items like
success! Thank you to all who supported           diapers, kleenex, shampoo and conditioner,
this important fundraiser! Get ready for lots     bathroom tissue, etc.
more awesome reading as over 100 new              If each person brought in just 1 item each,
books will be 'hitting' the library shelves in    our blue barrels would be full to overflowing.
the next little while!!                           Our Food Drive will run for one
Our dual Grand Prize winners of $25.00            week….Monday, October 2 to Friday,
worth of books/product from the Book Fair
                                                  October 6. The classroom that is able to
were: Cyrus G. and Mrs. Peloso.
                                                  bring in the most items will receive a prize.
Congratulations to all!
                                                  Homework Club
Thank you to Mrs. Pilgrim for organizing the
book fair for our families.                       St. Joseph Catholic School Homework Club
                                                  for students in grades 4 to 8 has begun.
Each year, our library and our classrooms         Students are invited to stay for extra help
suffer losses of our school resources. Books,
                                                  provided by our Educational Assistants from
as you know, can be very costly and the
                                                  3:15 to 4:00 pm Monday to Thursday. Please
money required to replace these losses is
money which would otherwise have been             arrange transportation or have your child
used to enhance resources and programming         walk home following these sessions.
in other areas. If, over the summer months,
you have come across library books,               Field Trips
classroom text books or other school
materials, you may drop them off at the           This is a gentle reminder to parents (AND
office at any time.                               STUDENTS!) that if a student forgets to
                                                  return a field trip form, the student will not
                                                  be able to participate in the field trip. Verbal
                                                  permission will not suffice.

                                                             Just a Reminder ...
                                                  Permission cannot be given for students to
                                                  ride on a bus that is not their usual route.
                                                  There are many reasons that this rule must
                                                  be enforced and we appreciate your support.

                                    ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 10 Guelph St. • GUELPH •
                                                     519-836-2671 • @stjosephguelph

Cross Country                                     Dates for our Blessed
It was a brief yet productive and fulfilling      Sacraments
cross country season this year. We had well       Sacrament of Confirmation Parent Meeting
over 50 casual members who came out to
                                                  Tuesday, October 10th @ 7:00p.m.
run at first nutrition break and a core team
                                                  Sacrament of Confirmation…
of 36 who showed great commitment and
determination. Let’s not forget our grade 1                         November 17th@ 7:00p.m.
and 2 runners who ran on top field and built      First Reconciliation/First Eucharist Parent
up their running stamina as well as improved      Meeting…
their running technique and pacing!                           Tuesday, February 13th @ 7:00p.m.
                                                  Sacrament of First Reconciliation…
                                                              April 21st, @ 11:00 a.m.
COUNTRY 500 meter run to celebrate our
                                                  Sacrament of First Communion…
grade 1 and 2 members took place on
September 26th. Congratulations to Kira who                    May 12th, @ 11:00 a.m.
came in first, Brenna who came in second          Dates to Remember…
and Taniya who finished a solid third!
                                                       Thanksgiving     Monday, October 9, 2017

Our X-Country team was well represented at              P.D. Day        Friday, October 27, 2017
the St. Peter Invitational Run on September
22nd. Our competitors represented our                   P.D. Day        Friday November 24, 2017
school and ran beautiful races. The                                     Monday, December 25th,
Championship meet took place on                     Christmas Break     2017 - Friday, January 5th
September 27th with 26 competitors                                      2018
including: Jeremy, Owen, Nathan, Ayla,
                                                        P.D. Day        Friday, January 26, 2018
Tanner, David, Aydan, Mia, Jordan, Taylor,
Aiden, Nathan, Rachel, Meghan, Angelina,
Adrian, Jordan, Conner, Rowan, Karl, Colby,            Family Day       Monday, February 19, 2018
Julie, Melia, Kya, Silvia and Yosan. We had 7
                                                                        Monday, March 12th, 2018-
top ten finishes but more importantly each            March Break
                                                                        Friday, March 16th, 2018
team member ran with determination and
finished their race with a great sense of             Good Friday       Friday, March 30th, 2018
                                                     Easter Monday      Monday, April 2, 2018
Once again, our journey to improve our
physical selves is well on its way to enhance           P.D. Day        Friday, April 27, 2018
many of our students' academic
performances as well: a healthy body for a            Victoria Day      Monday, May 21 , 2018
healthy mind.
                                                        P.D. Day        Friday, June 8, 2018
Thank you to Mrs. Delany, Miss Bell, Mrs.
Machold and Ms. Perz for giving their
                                                   Grade 8 Graduation Thursday, June 19, 2018
nutrition and activity break times since the
school year began. Their dedication has
                                                   Last Day of Classes Thursday, June 28th, 2018
continued to improve the fitness levels of
each of the students involved.

                                    ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 10 Guelph St. • GUELPH •
                                                     519-836-2671 • @stjosephguelph

      P.D. Day      Friday June 29, 2018

Walk to School Day is an international event that encourages students to be active on their journey
between home and school. The Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Active and Safe Routes to School
(ASRTS) committee encourages parents and guardians to walk, bike or wheel to school with us
on Walk to School day October 4th. The ASRTS committee is encouraging schools with bused
students to also participate by organizing a walk around the school yard at lunch or before bell

Walking and riding to school are great ways to include physical activity into the day, and it is well
known that students who use active travel to get to school arrive alert and ready to learn.

As a parent you can help your child learn about walking or riding to school safely:
       Be a good role model. Demonstrate road safety rules with your child (e.g. looking both ways
     when crossing the street).
       Plan a walking or riding route. Assess potential hazards with your child. Encourage your child
     to stick to the route.
       Remind your child about personal safety. Point out the houses of people you know where
     they can go for help if needed.
       Adopt a buddy system. Walk with a “walking buddy” – a sibling or a friend.
       Ask that electronics like iPods and cellphones be put in their bag while walking to school.
     Pedestrian safety is compromised by texting, earphones and cellphone conversation.
       Talk about the rules of the road and pedestrian safety.

 Visit www.saferoutestoschool.ca for more information and resources on active school travel.

                                      ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 10 Guelph St. • GUELPH •
                                                       519-836-2671 • @stjosephguelph

   International Languages Program
  St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School
    287 Imperial Rd. South, Guelph, ON N1K 1Z4

                   Phone: 519-836-8785

         Winter/Spring Session 2017-2018

     Dates: September 9th, 2017 to June 16th, 2018
     Saturdays: 9:30 am to 12:00 noon
     The International Languages Program is available to
     elementary students (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8)

            Cost is free, but donations are welcome.

     The International Languages Programs provides academic
     instruction in language other than English and French

     Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin
     (Trad.& Simpl.), Dari, Dutch, Filipino, German, Greek, Gujarati,
     Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Laos, Nepali, Persian
     (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Spanish,
     Tamil, Tigrigna, Urdu, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Vietnamese and Yoruba

       Registration forms are available at:
+ St. Francis of Assisi Cath. Elem. School
       + WCDSB main office, 75 Woolwich St.
    + Facebook.com/ilpguelph
    + Email: ilp@wellingtoncdsb.ca

Complete registration and fax it to 519-824-3088, or drop it off
at the school or board office.

                 ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 10 Guelph St. • GUELPH •
                                  519-836-2671 • @stjosephguelph
                      Children are provided an opportunity to learn an appreciation
of the cultural diversity within our community and Canada.
                    Students are engaged in learning through a variety of themes and

                               ST. JOSEPH’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL • 10 Guelph St. • GUELPH •
                                                519-836-2671 • @stjosephguelph
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