Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School

Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
Welcome to
Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
Who is the President?
Dr. Tony Havard is the President of UMS-Wright Prepa-
ratory School. Dr. Havard has worked at UMS-Wright in
excess of thirty years and served UMS-Wright as Head-
master from 1989-2017. He was promoted to President of
the School. In this position, Dr. Havard continues to serve
UMS-Wright as its lead administrator. Dr. Havard works in
tandem with the Head of School at UMS-Wright.

Who is the Head of School?
Mr. Doug Barber is the Head of School. Mr. Barber is a
seasoned educator and administrator at UMS-Wright. Of
his twenty-three years’ experience in teaching at the Middle
and Upper School level, twenty-two have come at UMS-
Wright. As Head of School, Mr. Barber supervises the Ad-
ministrative Staff and works in conjunction with Dr. Havard
to provide our students and staff with the finest educational
and learning experience to produce in each student charac-
ter of the highest possible order.
Who is the Middle School Principal
and Dean of Students?
Mr. Wes Lathan has been the Middle School Principal for
the past 3 years. He taught in the Baldwin County school
system for 14 years before coming to UMS-Wright. Mr.
Lathan earned his B. A. from the University of Montevallo
and his M. A. of Education from the University of South
Alabama. Mr. Lathan has an “open door” policy and wel-
comes you to contact him regarding any concerns you may
have throughout the school year. You can reach Mr. Lathan
by phone at 470.9042 or by email at wlathan@ums-wright.
org.                              2
Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
Middle School Office
Where is the Middle School Office?
The Office is located on the first floor in the center of the Belle
G. and Edward A. Roberts Middle School Building (grades 7-8),
65 Mobile Street. See campus maps on page 4 and page 20.

Who do I call for absences?
Absences should be reported to Mrs. Nancy Erwin, the
Middle School Secretary. The Middle School Office number
is: 665.4069. Mrs. Erwin’s email is: nerwin@ums-wright.org.

What do I do if my child needs an early
If your child needs an early dismissal, call Mrs. Erwin. She
can have your child ready for pick-up. Parents do not have to sign
out if they call or send a note.

What about missed school work due to an
It is the student’s responsibility to check Haiku, our digital learn-
ing platform, for assignments and to contact their teacher regard-
ing missed assignments. Students have 3 days to do so. More in-
formation on Haiku can be found on page 22.                              Middle School
                                                                        479.6551 ext.169

Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
Middle School Office
How do I access the Middle School if the
Mobile Street entrance is closed?
When the Mobile Street entrances are closed, enter campus on
Old Shell Road and drive behind Lower School to access the
Middle School building. See map below.

Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
Middle School Counselor
Who is the Middle School Counselor?
Dana Stewart is the Middle School Counselor, as well as
the Assistant Academic Dean. Mrs. Stewart provides a vast
amount of services for Middle School students. Here are
just a few:
• Conducts individual and small group counseling sessions
to help students deal with personal and academic
difficulties and mediates conflicts among students to help
them develop positive, peaceful solutions.
• Facilitates parent/teacher conferences.
• Facilitates classroom discussions on issues such as self-esteem,
peer pressure, test anxiety, etc.
• Helps middle school students decide which electives to take and
helps eighth grade students decide between the college prep or
the honors track for upper school.
Mrs. Stewart’s office is located in the Belle G. and Edward A.
Roberts Middle School building on Mobile Street which houses
the students in grades 7-8. You can reach Mrs. Stewart by phone
at 470.9041 or by email at dstewart@ums-wright.org.

Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
Athletic Department
Who is the Athletic Director?
Coach Terry Curtis has been the Athletic Director at
UMS-Wright since 2001 and the Head Football Coach
since 1999. Under his leadership, over 40 varsity,
junior varsity, and middle school teams compete.

Who is Molly Nordmann?
Mrs. Molly Nordmann serves as the Athletic Director’s
Assistant. She handles the day-to-day operations of the
Athletic Department and all special events. If you have
an athletic related questions, Molly is the best person to
call first. You can reach Mrs. Nordmann by phone at
470.9045 or by email at mnordmann@ums-wright.org.

Who is Stacy Harrelson?
Mr. Stacy Harrelson is the Head Trainer at UMS-Wright.
He currently is the Regional Director of Encore Sports
Medicine. Training Services at UMS-Wright are provid-
ed by Encore Rehabilitation. Stacy is on campus during
school hours to offer students and athletes on-site physical
training and help with any medical situations that arise as
well. Stacy has a full-time assistant trainer and two full-
time physical therapists to provide on-site physical thera-
py. Mr. Harrelson can be reached by phone at 470.9058
or by email at sharrelson@ums-wright.org.

Where can I find Athletic forms online?
Physical forms, athletic participation forms, sports camps and
more can be found on the Athletic website page.

Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
Fine Arts Department

   Mrs. Laura Roberts    Mrs. Melissa Jokerst Mrs. Margaret Delaney
       Arts Director      Middle School Band    Middle School Art
   Arts Center Manager

Mrs. Michelle McCormick Ms. Diane Maisel   Ms. Cathrine Helmsing
  Middle School Chorus Middle School Drama Middle School Photography

                                                                       Mrs. Roberts

Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
5th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Ginny Jaye      Mrs. Tanya Dixon Mrs. Sonya McIlwain
    Reading            U. S. History &            English
                       Cultural Studies

      Mrs. Brandy Parker            Mrs. Lavinia Harris
              STEM                         Math

Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
6th Grade Teachers

Mr. Brock Reaves        Mrs. Annie Carl    Mrs. Elizabeth Brown
   Geography                Reading                   English

      Mrs. Robin Freeman              Mrs. Ashley Ludwig
               Math                         STEM

        Mrs. Kim Bela                   Ms. Anna Pool
           Technology                       Spanish
Welcome to UMS-WRIGHT MIDDLE SCHOOL! Frequently Asked Questions - UMS-Wright Preparatory School
7th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Vicky Bedsole Mrs. Jennifer Joiner            Mr. Jeff Kinard
 Civics & Economics        Intro Pre-Alegebra            STEM
                           Honors Pre-Algebra

          Mrs. Emily Smilie                Mrs. Holly Meek
                 English                 Language Arts Research

            Ms. Anna Pool               Mrs. Savannah Bryant
                Spanish                         French
8th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Laura Gerhardt Mrs. Kim Catlett         Mr. Rick Cleveland
 Communication Arts       Pre-Algebra          American History
                         Honors Algebra

         Mrs. Susan Taylor            Mrs. Mary Nelson
                STEM                       English

         Mrs. Mirna Deakle          Mrs. Savannah Bryant
               Spanish         11          French
Middle School Teachers

 Mrs. Aldridge Marks Mrs. Christin Skidmore Mrs. Sarah Fountain
 Director of Academic   Academic Support     Academic Support

          Mrs. Gina McPhillips           Mrs. Susanne Winter
           Academic Support               Academic Support

             Mrs. Alicia McKee         Mrs. Ashley Hill
              Academic Support       Library | Media Center
When will I have an opportunity to meet my
child’s teachers?
Middle School Parents’ Night is typically held after the first couple
weeks of school. Parents’ Night allows you to rotate through all of
your child’s classes, meet his or her teachers, and learn more about
what is expected of your middle school student.
Physical Education
Who teaches Middle School PE?

     Coach Kevin Raley   Mrs. Melody Fillingim   Mrs. Shay Owen
            PE                    PE                  Dance

Is there a PE uniform and required bag?
Middle School students may wear any UMS-Wright t-shirt for PE and
UMS-Wright PE shorts. Shorts may be purchased in The General
store on campus. Middle school students are not required to use a
UMS-Wright bag.
Is there a uniform for PE Dance?
Middle School Dance students wear a white dance shirt, solid black
capri leggings, and tan slip-on jazz shoes. The shirts must be pur-
chased from The General. The leggings may be purchased from The
General or somewhere else. Jazz shoes are not available at The Gen-
eral and may be purchased from any retailer.
Where do I get a PE lock?
PE locks must be purchased in the Supply Store next to the Business
Office. The coaches have a master key that will open these locks if
needed. The locks will be charged to your account. The coaches will
show the students how to use the locks during the first week of school.
Why are PE locks needed?
PE locks are needed due to students from other schools using the
locker rooms for sporting events.
Who do I call?

 Ms. Cathy Rayford        Mr. Wing Brett or Mrs. Kim Bela
     470.9030                   479.6551 ext. 229

   RE-ENROLLMENT                  SUPPLY STORE
     REGISTRAR                   LOST AND FOUND
  Mrs. Cindy Wildberger          Mrs. Khadijih Knights
        470.9004                  479.6551 ext. 244

Campus Ministries &
       Community Service
Who is Michael Schultz?
Mr. Michael Schultz is our Director of Student
Ministries & Service and Chaplain. He is a gradu-
ate of the University of South Alabama and at-
tended Seminary at Asbury Theological Semi-
nary. Mr. Schultz’s background is in non-profit
youth ministry and missions. He worked several
years at Camp Grace here in Mobile and contin-
ues to be the Director of a camp for kids with
Arthritis called Camp M.A.S.H. Mr. Schultz has
been involved with UMS-Wright since 2008 as a Young Life
leader and served three years as a volunteer Chaplain before
coming on staff full-time in the fall of 2016. Mr. Schultz serves
many roles on campus. He coordinates faith based initiatives
and service opportu-nities for our students, provides support to
our students and staff, and much more.

Mr. Schultz’s office is located upstairs in Wright Hall (Upper
School) between rooms 200 and 201. You can reach Mr. Schultz
by phone at 470.9035 or by email at mschultz@ums-wright.org.

What do I need to know about student
service hours?
Students in grades 5-8 are recommended to complete a mini-
mum of 15 hours of community service annually. Students will
have opportunities through the school to obtain some of these
hours. The community service form can be found on the Com-
munity Service webpage. Completed forms should be turned
into Michael Schultz.

UMS-Wright Security

Who is Mr. Garrett Humphrey?
Mr. Humphrey is responsible for evaluating campus
safety polices and procedures, overseeing the security
staff, and developing practical crisis response plans. He
was previously with the Mobile County Sherriff ’s De-
partment. Mr. Humphrey’s office is located under the
north end of the home side of Cooper Stadium.

Who is Mr. Michael Loftin?
Mr. Loftin is responsible for personnel, property and pe-
rimeter safety, as well as, daily staff scheduling and op-
erations. Mr. Loftin served active duty with The United
States Army for 23 years and served 14 plus years in law
enforcement with the state of Florida.

                                                            Mr. Humphrey


     Mr. Terry Bitterman             Mr. Roger Swann

UMS-Wright Advancement
Who works in the Advancement Office?

                     Pictured above left to right:
         Laura Davison, Director of Alumni Relations
            Julie Otts, Director of Advancement
          Worth Hieronymus, Advancement Officer
             Ally Smith, Director of Marketing

What is the Culture of Giving at UMS-
UMS-Wright Preparatory School could not exist without the
dedicated support of the entire UMS-Wright family. Your sup-
port of our various giving opportunities allows UMS-Wright to
“educate all students to their highest potential in mind, body,
and spirit.” Thank you for your generosity and commitment to
our school.

UMS-Wright Advancement
What is The Wright Fund and where does my
donation go?
Annual donations bridge the 6% gap between the real cost of a UMS-
Wright education and tuition revenue. Yearly operating expenses such as:
salaries, benefits, utility bills, supplies, and more.

What is the Capital Campaign and where does
my donation go?
Gifts through the Capital Campaign fund building projects, new buildings,
renovations, program enhancements, endowment increases, etc.

What about Special Interest Giving (such as
Parents’ Association Events, Bulldog Patron Pass, and
Restricted Giving) and where does my donation
Contributions fund targeted academic and co-curricular programs and
special projects.

What is Grandparents On Campus?
UMS-Wright considers the grandparents of our students to be very im-
portant members of our school family. Throughout each year, we host a
variety of events for our grandparents. We want to be sure to include your
child’s grandparents in our “Grandparents on Campus,” so please com-
plete the Grandparents on Campus form and return it. If you have any
questions, please contact Julie Otts at 470.9039.

What is the UMS-Wright Foundation and how
are its funds used?
Gifts, planned giving, and bequests provide permanent non-tuition funds
to support special projects, professional growth programs for staff mem-
bers, and academic endowments.

Middle School Carpool
How does Middle School Carpool work?
Visit https://vimeo.com/102667468 to view the video on Middle
School carpool.

What if I have a Lower School student too?
You have two choices. You can pick up Lower School and Mid-
dle School students in the Lower School carpool or in the Middle
School carpool. The only exception is K4 and K5 students are not
allowed to go to Middle School carpool for safety reasons. Lower
School staff will ensure that Lower School siblings make it safely
to Middle School carpool. In the mornings, if a Lower School stu-
dent is dropped off before Lower School carpool, they will go to
the Lower School cafeteria with Mrs. Mishkin until 7:20 am.

Campus Map

Parents’ Association
How can one become involved in the Par-
ents’ Association?
As a parent you are automatically a member of the Parents’ Associ-
ation (PA), the largest volunteer organization at UMS-Wright. The
PA is your “link” to getting involved in your child’s school and edu-
cation. Volunteering allows parents to be on campus, stay informed,
meet other parents, and feel a part of the UMS-Wright family.
The Parents’ Association is a huge asset to the school! They support
the school by sponsoring many UMS-Wright community building
events, as well as fundraisers throughout the year. All proceeds go di-
rectly back to the school for large scale wish-list items, not covered by
tuition. There are quarterly meetings in the Moorer Reception Gal-
lery. Dates and times of these meetings can be found on the website.
Please fill out a volunteer interest survey to volunteer and return it to
Stefanie Reaves in the Admissions Office in the Columns Building, or
email it to sreaves@ums-wright.org.

    The 2018-2019 Paretnts’ Association Board Officers
                          Pictured left to right:
 Kelly Crabree (Lower School Liaison), Brook McMillan (Member
  at Large), Sherie Mabrey (Secretary), Goldie Burkholder (Presi-
              dent), Suzanne Holston (President Elect),
                 and Sharon McMahn (Treasurer)

Help Sessions, Advisory
               and More

When are Help Sessions available?
Teachers are available to help students every morning from 7:20
am-7:45 am.

What is Advisory?
Advisory is a block in the schedule that allows Mrs. Stewart, Mid-
dle School Counselor, as well as the Middle School teachers to
work with students on many different topics. Advisory groups are
grouped by gender. Topics covered in Advisory range from so-
cial topics to study skills. It also allows time to study and work on

What is Haiku?
Haiku is the online digital learning platform
used by students daily for accessing assign-ments,
student documents, resources, service
opportunities, and more. Students that are ab-
sent from school are expected to check Haiku for assignments.
Please call the Tech Center, 479-6551 ext. 229, for questions with

How do I find my child’s grades?
Grades and report cards are posted in NetClassroom. You can
access NetClassroom by logging into your account on the UMS-
Wright webpage. Login credentials are typically mailed out to
new students over the summer. Contact Cindy Wildberger, 470-
9004 or cwildberger@ums-wright.org if you do not receive your
login credentials.

Apple Devices

What do I need to know regarding my
child’s MacBook?
Middle School students are issued MacBook Air devices. These devices
are leased by UMS-Wright from Apple. UMS-Wright is responsible for
purchasing the lease of the device, purchasing the software, installing
as well as updating the software. The technology fee will provide limit-
ed insurance for devices needing repairs. Maintenance and repairs will
be handled through the Technology Center. Parents are responsible for
lost or stolen devices and the costs of student related damages. A tiered
system is used for student related damages.

   1st incident=25% of repair cost is required to be paid by parents
  2nd incident=50% of repair cost is required to be paid by parents
  3rd incident=75% of repair cost is required to be paid by parents
  4th incident=100% of repair cost is required to be paid by parents

Students in fifth grade will not bring their devices home during the first
semester. They will return their device to the charging cart at the end
of the day. They will be given limited opportunities to bring their de-
vice home during the second semester to work on homework.

What is the Honor System?
The purpose of an honor system is to influence the conduct of
students and to provide a school atmosphere where the principles
of trust, respect, and integrity are fostered. The Honor Code is
listed below. More information regarding the UMS-Wright Honor
System and Honor Code can be found in the Student Handbook.

What is the Honor Code?
A student at UMS-Wright observes at all times the principles of
honor and integrity and in doing so, a UMS-Wright student will
not lie, cheat, or engage in any other dishonest act, assist others in
the commission of these acts, nor tolerate those who do.

What is the Uniform Policy?
Please adhere to our Personal Appearance Policy and our Uni-
form Policy found in the Student Handbook. Students represent
UMS-Wright on and off campus and are expected to wear the
proper uniform in the correct manner each day. Neatly groomed
hair and proper uni-form are required. Formal uniform with blaz-
ers and ties (boys) are worn on Thursdays starting later in the Fall
when the weather is not quite as warm.

How do I get used uniforms after the Par-
ents’ Association Summer Sale?
The used uniform room is always available during school hours.
Please visit the Main Office at the Columns for access.

What is The General?
The General, school store, offers approved PE uniforms
and outerwear as well as many gift items. The General is
open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the school
year from 9:00-3:00. It is located in the foyer of the Admis-
sions Office at the Columns building. The phone for The
General is: 470.9043. Please check the website for summer

What is Yellow Day?
Yellow Day is held annually on campus during Childhood Cancer
Awareness month in September. Students have the opportunity to
purchase and wear yellow accessories with the proceeds going to or-
ganizations that fight pediatric cancer through the Yellow Club. The
Yellow Club is a club inspired by the life of student Krisanna Roberts,
who lost her fight to cancer. Krisanna was always positive and joyful!
She wished all a bright, sunny day…a Yellow Day!

What food service provides Break and
Valley Services provides the food service for lunch and break
at UMS-Wright. Students may purchase food with cash or by
charging. In order to charge, students and parents must sign the
Bio-metric Scanner Permission Form and register their fingerprint
with Valley Services. Parents may monitor purchases made by stu-
dents registering at www.MyPaymentsPlus.com.

               Valley Services contact information:

What is the Tuesday Times?
The Tuesday Times is a weekly email full of announcements,
news, and information. Be sure to check your email each week for
it during the school year. If you are not receiving the weekly email
please contact Cindy Wildberger, 470-9004 or cwildberger@ums-

Where can I find other announcements
and news?
Announcements and news may also be found on the Middle
School Announcement & News page on the website.

Where can I find the School Calendar?
The School Calendar can be found in the Student Handbook and
on the website.

Additional Questions?

Please feel free to call or email!

            Anne Stabler
          Director of Admissions

          Stefanie Reaves
             Admissions Officer
             479-6551 ext. 100
Quick Reference Phone Numbers:
Advancement Office: 470.9039 (Mrs. Julie Otts)

Admissions: 470.9044 (Mrs. Anne Stabler)

Athletic Department: 470.9045 (Mrs. Molly Nordmann)

Campus Security: 656.0952

The General: 470.9043

Main Office: 479.6551 (Mrs. Stefanie Reaves)

Middle School Office: 665.4069 (Mrs. Nancy Erwin)

Mr. Wes Lathan: 470.9042

Mrs. Dana Stewart: 470.4041

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