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        June 20–23, 2021
 Embassy Suites at Kingston Plantation
    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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Table of Contents
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Conference at a Glance              7

Recertification Form                8

Sponsors                            9         South Carolina
                                              Association of School
Executive Directors’ Club Members   11

Monday Sessions                     12

Monday Exhibitor Showcase           17

Tuesday Sessions                    26

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Wednesday Sessions                  50

Presenter Directory                 51

Exhibitor Director y                59

Welcome to the 2021 Innovative Ideas Institute!

               2021 Innovative Ideas Institute Committee

                  Chair: Terry Pruitt, Spartanburg District 7
              Chair-elect: Tara Dean, Greenville County Schools
                Claudia Avery, Fairfield County School District
                    Anna Brink, Laurens School District 55
                       Sonya Bryant, Lexington District 3
               Carl Carpenter, Cherokee County School District
                George Champlin, Greenville County Schools
                 Abbey Duggins, Saluda School District One
                   Bob Grant, Orangeburg County Schools
                        Robin Hardy, Lexington District 5
                    Allen Kirby, Clarendon School District 3
                     King Laurence, Aiken County Schools
                      Bryce Myers, Iv, Lexington District 1
                      Cassy Paschal, Lexington District 5
                      Andy Rogers, Spartanburg District 2
               Jamal Sanders, Chester County School District
                       Scott Smith, Spartanburg District 5
              Famon Whitfield, Sc Public Charter School District

Special Event Information
                                                          Charging Stations
Badges                                                    Charge all of your electronic devices at one of the
Please wear your i3 conference badge at all times.        charging stations sponsored by Houghton MB Kahn.
This serves as your admission to all conference           Charging stations are located in the Windsor Foyer
events, including general sessions and breakout           and Balmoral Hall.
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Beach Walk/Run                                            Know what’s happening throughout the day by liking
Join us Tuesday morning for the annual Beach              i3 on Facebook and by following i3 on Twitter
Walk/Run, sponsored by Savvas Learning. This              #SCASAi3.
year, we have added a 5K which will begin at 6:00
a.m. Check-in begins at 5:30 a.m. at the Splash!          i3 Mobile App
Bandstand on the Embassy pool deck.                       Download the i3 Mobile App on your Apple or Droid
                                                          devices!     The app includes breakout session
The 1-mile walk/run has a continuous start and will       information,    presenter   handouts,       exhibitor
start on the beach near the Embassy pool deck.            information and more! Use the following link to
Finishers get a commemorative conference t-shirt.         download the app today:
Visit the exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall located in       Recertification Renewal Data
Kensington Ballroom, Cambridge, and Westminster           In this program booklet, you will find a recertification
Hallways of the Embassy Suites! The Exhibit Hall          credit form where you can list the sessions you have
will be open Monday and Tuesday. Be sure to take          attended. If you would like a session(s) to be
advantage of the Focus on Exhibits each day!              considered for recertification credit, you are
Check your agenda for more details on hours.              responsible for completing the form and submitting
                                                          the agenda and form to your personnel office. The
Exhibitor Showcase                                        agenda is for verification that you attended sessions
Take advantage of the Exhibitor Showcase during           at the conference. (NOTE: Your personnel office
lunch on Monday and Tuesday.             This is your     alone is authorized to determine if the session(s)
opportunity for an in-depth look at products from         may be used for renewal credits. SCASA does NOT
participating exhibitors. Participating exhibitors have   make these decisions.)
limited tickets available for lunch in these sessions,
so stop by their booth to pick up a ticket. See your      QR Codes
conference program for session offerings.                 QR Codes will also be used to scan other
                                                          participants’ name badges for their contact
General Sessions                                          information. Use your phone camera or download
Monday’s General Session will be held in the              one of the following QR Code scanners so you can
Palisades Ballroom at the Hilton and Wednesday’s          participate!
General Session will be held at the Embassy Suites.
There is no general session on Tuesday but be sure        iPhone/iPad: QR Reader for iPhone, Scan for
to check out the Game Changer Sessions taking             iPhone,
place throughout the day!                                 QR Code Scanner Free and RedLaser

Game Changer Sessions                                     Droid: QR Droid, QR Reader for Android and
Tuesday’s Game Changer Sessions will be held in           RedLaser
the Palsisades Ballroom at the Hilton. Be sure to
check out the line-up of nationally known speakers.       Internet Access
                                                          Complimentary internet access to all conference
Book Signings                                             attendees sponsored by Curriculum Associates.
Keynote speakers will do a book signing following         Complimentary access will begin on Monday
the general sessions on Monday and Wednesday.             morning. Connect to SCASA and enter password
Books will be available for purchase after the general    iReadySC.
sessions as well.

Safety Information

• If you are not feeling well/showing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend the conference.

• Attendees and exhibitors will be required to wear masks at all times except while actively eating or

• Attendee and exhibitor temperatures will be taken each day (scanners provided by Joseph Benjamin
    and Mobile Communications America). You will be given a green sticker the first time you go
    through a temperature scanner each day. Please place the sticker on your name badge so that you
    do not have to be scanned each time you go to a different building.

• All meeting rooms will be disinfected at the end of each day (provided by NetZero).

• Air purification units will be placed inside each meeting room in the Embassy Suites and Brighton
    (provided by ionogen).

• Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the meeting space (provided by Amplify, Horace
   Mann, and Mark III Employee Benefits).

Schedule at a Glance
Sunday, June 20
3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.     Registration                           Pembroke
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.     SCASA Board Meeting                    Somerset
5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.     Affiliate and Roundtable Meetings
                          Student Services’ Roundtable           Oxford

Monday, June 21
7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.     Registration                           Pembroke
8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.    General Session                        Palisades Ballroom (Hilton)
9:45 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.     Exhibit Hall Open                      Kensington (Embassy)
10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.   Focus on Exhibits                      Kensington (Embassy)
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.   Breakout Sessions
12:00 p.m. – 1:10 p.m.    Lunch on Your Own
12:20 p.m. – 12:50 p.m.   Exhibitor Showcase
1:10 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.     Breakout Sessions
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.     Breakout Sessions
3:50 p.m. – 4:50 p.m.     Affiliate and Roundtable Meetings
                          Assistant Principals’ Roundtable       Kensington B
                          Communications Roundtable              Kensington C
                          Elementary Roundtable                  Windsor B
                          Middle Level Roundtable                Kensington A
                          Instructional Leaders/TAR Roundtable   Somerset
                          Personnel Roundtable                   Windsor C
                          Secondary Roundtable                   Hampton
                          Special Ed Roundtable                  Windsor A

Tuesday, June 22
6:00 a.m.                 Beach Walk/Run                         Embassy Pool Deck
7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.     Registration                           Pembroke
7:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.     Early Career Principals’ Breakfast     Palmettos Pavilion
                          (pre-registered participants)
8:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.     Exhibit Hall Open                      Kensington (Embassy)
8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.     Breakout Session
                          Game Changer Session                   Palisades Ballroom (Hilton)
9:35 a.m. – 10:35 a.m.    Breakout Sessions
                          Game Changer Session                   Palisades Ballroom (Hilton)
10:35 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.   Focus on Exhibits                      Kensington (Embassy)
11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.   Breakout Sessions
12:00 p.m. – 1:10 p.m.    Lunch on Your Own
12:20 p.m. – 12:50 p.m.   Exhibitor Showcase
1:10 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.     Breakout Sessions
                          Game Changer Session                   Palisades Ballroom (Hilton)
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.     Breakout Sessions
                          Game Changer Session                   Palisades Ballroom (Hilton)

Wednesday, June 23
8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.    General Session                        Kensington Ballroom (Embassy)

South Carolina Association of School Administrators
                                       2021 Innovative Ideas Institute
                                              June 20-23, 2021

                                                    Recertification Form

                    Date           General          Session 1        Session 2         Session 3        Session 4
                                   Session          Education        Education         Education        Education
                                   Keynote          Sessions         Sessions          Sessions         Sessions
                  Monday,           John
                  June 21          Maxwell

                 Tuesday,        No Keynote
                 June 22

               Wednesday,           The
                June 23           Honorable


                                                  I certify that I attended the sessions listed.


Please note: Your personnel office alone is authorized to determine if the session(s) may be used for renewal credits. SCASA does NOT
                                                         make these decisions.)

Conference Sponsors
SCASA and the 2021 Innovative Ideas Institute planning committee would like to extend
a special thank you to the sponsors of this year’s conference. When visiting the exhibit
areas, please make an effort to thank these sponsors for their support of SCASA and
public education.

                                       Clear Touch
                                  Education Advanced
                            i-Ready/Curriculum Associates
                                      Horace Mann
                                         ID Shop
                                    Interior Elements
                                      ionogen LLC
                               Lifetouch National Studios
                               Lightspeed Technologies
                               Mark III Employee Benefits
                                         MB Kahn
                           Mobile Communications America
                                    Move This World
                                    Savvas Learning
                                         SC ETV
                                  Scholastic Education
                                Soteria/Joseph Benjamin
                                 Successful Innovations
                                 TPG Cultural Exchange

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Executive Directors’ Club Members
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Silver Level

Bronze Level

Monday, June 21, 2021
Opening General Session
8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Palisades Ballroom, Hilton Hotel

                        John Maxwell

John C. Maxwell is a #1 New York Times bestselling author,
speaker, coach, and leader who has sold more than 33 million
books in fifty languages. He has been called the #1 leader in
business and the most influential leadership expert in the world.
His organizations—the John Maxwell Company, the John Maxwell
Team, EQUIP, and the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation—
have translated his teachings into seventy languages and used
them to train millions of leaders from every country in the world. A
recipient of the Horatio Alger Award and the Mother Teresa Prize
for Global Peace and Leadership from the Luminary Leadership
Network, Dr. Maxwell influences Fortune 500 CEOs, the
presidents of nations, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Monday, June 21, 2021                               Room: Eton
                                                    Project Connect—Solar-powered, Self-
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.                             contained Wi-Fi Creating Community
Education Sessions                                  Learning Centers
                                                    Bill Brown, Greenville County Schools
Room: Palisades Ballroom, Hilton
                                                    Distance learning became the norm across
A LOR—The Instruction Hub: What,
                                                    South Carolina when the Governor, by
Why and How!                                        Executive Order, closed schools in mid-March
Lee D'Andrea and David             Mathis,   SC     in an attempt to mitigate the spread of COVID-
Department of Education                             19. The lack of Internet accessibility and
                                                    connectivity for over 150,000 South
The SCDE is implementing a statewide                Carolinians, coupled with little time to prepare
Learning Object Repositories (LOR). The LOR         for virtual learning, left many students falling
is a comprehensive digital library for all          through broadband cracks. Greenville County
teachers in all districts to access high-quality,   Schools (GCS) faced unique challenges due
effective resources aligned to SC Standards         to the sheer size of its student population, the
by grade and subject. The LOR is for                broad expanse of the district, the topography
educators and the planning for instruction—         of the land, and the many rural Internet “dead
face-to-face and virtual (synchronous and           zones.” To address the situation, GCS has
asynchronous). The LOR, named in SC the             identified and built a solution that provides a
Instruction Hub, has four main goals: (1)           widespread and long-term application to not
increase the number of high-quality resources,      only students residing within these digital
lessons, and activities for teachers to use in      deserts but also residents and businesses
creating the teaching and learning experience       located in the identified areas. It involves the
in the digital environment (either in the           deployment of solar-powered, self-contained
classroom or away from the classroom);              Wi-Fi units at public and private locations (with
(2) provide created or purchased courses for        their permission), such as local churches,
students to access all over SC regardless of        recreation facilities, etc. The units can be
where they live; (3) save teachers time in          mounted on light poles, rooftops, or even
planning and preparation; and (4) house a           trailers similar to those used at construction
library of professional development for all         sites. This presentation will cover the design
educators,      including       content-centered    and implementation of Project Connect.
lessons, technology skill-building, and general
communications focused on pertinent SC
topics. Come find out more; see the                 Room: Oxford
dashboard and the professional development          Implementing the ODS (Output Delivery
plans! Time for Q&A!                                System)
                                                    Dan Ralyea, SC Department of Education

                                                    We have an ODS, what’s next? This session
                                                    will describe use cases for using the district-
                                                    level ODS to improve student outcomes.

Room: Winchester                                      Room: Somerset
School-based Healthcare Centers – A                   Virtual Education Meets Reality
Collaborative Approach to Improve                     Richard Rosenberger        and    Veta   New,
Community Health                                      Anderson District 5
Jeremy Searson, South Carolina Athletic
Trainers Association                                  Anderson Five Virtual Academy was birthed
                                                      with just over one month of planning. Now
School-based Health Centers (SBHCs)                   4,000 students are enrolled. What sets this
develop       interprofessional     collaboration     program apart is the camaraderie of the 130+
amongst healthcare professionals. This                staff members educating students using
collaborative effort can improve the wellness         communication       skills   and     technology
and health of students, staff and communities         techniques like never before. Forget bus duty,
supported by the SBHCs. Implementation of             lunch duty, and evening events; the Virtual
SBHCs can expand access to healthcare and             Academy staff is doing what they were
address disparities that exist within a               originally hired to do—teaching! Pulled from
community. Utilization of SBHCs can also              close to 20 schools, teachers have created a
streamline the healthcare process by                  learning approach that towers above other
improving the school-based healthcare                 virtual programs. The team will share
models to center on the patient while                 challenges, opportunities, insights, and many
maximizing        the     expertise     of     the    personal stories that can be used to inform and
interdisciplinary healthcare team. School-            connect others to best practices in
based healthcare model focus on coordinating          establishing and maintaining the most robust,
the care of all patients through the utilization of   effective, and sustainable virtual academy.
complementary roles, common facilities, and
data sharing between the healthcare team.             Room: Windsor A
Indirect cost savings may also be observed            One Class. One Teacher. Seven
through more appropriate treatment, triage            Different Grade Levels. The Solution?
and      referral     practices.     Instructional    Andy Guidici, NWEA
integrations can also be connected to Career
and Technology Programs to provide onsite             More than ever, it is crucial to have
opportunities.                                        trustworthy, actionable data for teachers and
                                                      administrators to navigate unfinished learning.
Room: Hampton                                         At NWEA, we collaborate with the industry's
Cybersecurity: Current Trends in                      most extensive array of instructional partners
Cyber-Crime and How to Reduce Your                    to help schools and districts maximize the
Risk                                                  tools they're already using to support grades
Sean Fay, South Carolina Law Enforcement              K-12. During this session, educators will learn
Division                                              how to connect MAP Growth data with content
                                                      from more than a dozen instructional partners.
With cyber-attacks in the news every day,
cybersecurity remains as a top priority for all
organizations. What are the current cyber-
crime trends and how do we protect our

Room: Windsor B                                       Room: Kensington A
Do You Know EDGAR?                                    Race and Other Elephants in the
Jewell Stanley, SC Department of Education            Classroom: How to Have
                                                      Conversations about Race and Racism
Who is EDGAR, you ask? EDGAR is the                   to Benefit Students and Staff
Education Department General Administrative           Tony Hemingway, Kershena Dickey, and Will
Regulations. If you have ever had a brilliant         Dyer, York District 2
idea for your Title I plan, only to be told by your
Federal Programs Director or the SC                   How does the conversation about race and
Department of Education that you could not            racism begin and end to impact students' and
fund your brilliant idea with federal dollars, that   teachers' social and emotional well-being? We
was because of EDGAR. EDGAR is the                    will share our district's struggles and
complete list of federal regulations that govern      successes        with   navigating       tough
all federal grants awarded by the U.S.                conversations about race, racism, diversity,
Department of Education. In this session,             and inclusion.
participants will receive clarification on the
allowable use of federal funds as outlined by
                                                      Room: Kensington B
EDGAR, particularly for Titles I, II, and IV.
Participants will also leave with an “Allowable
                                                      Connection, Collaboration, and
Use of Funds” guide and will be able to               Innovation Drive Change for the
confidently say, “Yes, I know EDGAR!”                 Better!
                                                      Tennille Wallace, Mychal Frost, and Chris
Room: Windsor C                                       Odom, York District 3
WOW! So That's a STE(A)M Classroom
                                                      Connection, collaboration, and innovation
Alice Gilchrist, SCCMS/S2TEM Centers SC
                                                      drive change for the better! Cross-functional
                                                      leaders in the Rock Hill School District share
When an administrator walks into a STE(A)M
                                                      ideas and ways that you can drive process
classroom, there are certain aspects of
                                                      improvement and reduce costs across your
teaching and learning they should observe.
                                                      school district by empowering leaders to
How should a teacher manage excited
                                                      implement small changes. Ideas such as
students, multiple materials, student learning,
                                                      better understanding software, process
collaboration, and time on task in a STE(A)M
                                                      mapping, and understanding wastes inherent
classroom? Do administrators know what to
                                                      in a system allow us to see an opportunity for
look for when observing teachers as they
                                                      improving. In Rock Hill, leaders from
manage all the moving parts of a successful
                                                      technology, instruction, and communication
classroom? How can they determine learning
                                                      have joined together to streamline and
from chaos and how should they encourage
                                                      improve processes spanning data collection,
and support their teachers? Testimony from
                                                      student and program registration, automation
current STE(A)M school administrators and
                                                      of employee onboarding tasks, and more. One
STE(A)M teachers will be shared with the
                                                      change to the district’s student registration
audience as participants engage in reading,
                                                      process is expected to save the district an
writing, and dialogue to explore ways they
                                                      extensive amount per year. Another change to
should observe a STE(A)M classroom.
                                                      employee onboarding has not only reduced
Becoming a supportive STE(A)M school
                                                      duplication of services but has also led to both
administrator takes one step at a time so come
                                                      a more welcoming environment for new
and take your first step with us. Tried and true
                                                      employees and improved data reliability
tricks of the trade will be shared to set you on
                                                      across systems ranging from human
the right path to becoming a successful
                                                      resources and benefits to payroll and email.
STE(A)M administrator.
                                                      Whether you’re looking to reduce contractor
                                                      costs or improve intradistrict operations, don’t
                                                      miss this session.

Room: Kensington C                                 Room: Palladium B, Brighton Building
Implementing Transformative                        MTSS Targeted Intervention that
Leadership in a Priority School                    Worked: Students Testimonials
Don Hardie, Lakisha Cook, and Margaret             Yvonne Commodore, Dr. Ronald E. McNair
Schilit, White Knoll Middle School                 School of Digital Communication and
                                                   Leadership and Laura Hickson, Florence
Learn how White Knoll Middle School (WKMS)         District 3
administrators have used transformational
leadership strategies to implement the             The Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)
workshop model, virtual teaching, and AVID in      process was adopted by Florence School
a priority school during the COVID pandemic.       District 3 and piloted at Dr. Ronald E. McNair
WKMS’s administration has created a                School of Digital Communication and
program that has administration and teacher        Leadership. There were grave concerns
leaders observing and providing feedback on        regarding the low academic performance,
a weekly basis based on the 4.0 rubric that        excessive discipline referrals, and childhood
challenges and encourages teachers. During         trauma being expressed by 62% of our
this session the audience will be surveyed to      students. This session will outline strategies
drive the direction of the presentation in order   employed, comparison data, and testimonials
to meet the needs of the present audience.         from five current students. Attendees will gain
Come learn how WKMS is empowering                  practical intervention ideas and understand
teachers and students to take charge of all        the multi-systemic approaches that facilitated
learning.                                          our school turnaround.

Room: Palladium A, Brighton Building               Room: Palladium C, Brighton Building
When Behavior Is the Focus                         Building SPED Leaders at the School
Debbie Bishop, Greenwood School District 50        Level
                                                   Celina Patton, Kathy Griffin, and Laura
Do you have teachers, administrators, and/or       Merrick, Charter Institute at Erskine
parents overwhelmed with handling student
behaviors? Are you at a loss for where to          As leaders, we must ensure compliance, de-
begin?     Do     your     teachers     (and/or    escalate tough situations, and complete
administrators) feel “stuck” and can’t move        countless activities, but the overriding goal is
forward because of problematic student             to increase student achievement and
behaviors? Join a Director of MTSS for a           outcomes for ALL students. Join us to gain the
presentation on improving behavioral climate.      knowledge you can use to develop a dynamic
Hear experiences in implementing classroom         school SPED team that can begin moving
behavioral interventions and making a              beyond reactive management into leading
systemic change to improve the behavioral          teams with intention and learning to mitigate
climate for classrooms, schools, and district-     risk by implementing proactive systems.
wide. Our experiences focus on piloting and        Insights will be offered on how administrators
later embedding behavior support in the            can partner with SPED teacher leaders in their
classroom;        providing      individualized    school buildings to enhance the capacity of
recommendations to classroom teachers; and         their teacher leaders in special education and
supporting teachers and administrators             implement a successful special education
through professional development and direct        program while building the leadership skills of
classroom modeling. The presentation will          these SPED teacher leaders.
highlight the pitfalls and praises during our
experience and will share roadblocks we faced
and evidence-based solutions we used.

Monday, June 21, 2021                               learning experience for students. Edgenuity’s
                                                    customizable K-12 learning solutions equip
12:20 p.m. – 12:50 p.m.                             educators and administrators with content
                                                    aligned to South Carolina College and Career-
Exhibitor Showcase                                  Ready Standards, along with real-time
                                                    actionable data to help prioritize and adapt
Room: Eton                                          instruction. Join our discussion as we outline
Protecting Your Greatest Asset, Your                ways to empower teachers to identify learning
Income                                              gaps, maximize growth, and provide flexible
Horace Mann                                         intervention and enrichment opportunities to
                                                    drive student success.
Curious about the impact a sudden illness,
accident, or short term disability can have on      Room: Hampton
your retirement accounts? Join us to review         The Post-Covid Classroom: Engaging
the ways to best protect yourself and your          for Students, Simple for Teachers
family financially during these unprecedented       BridgeTek Solutions
                                                    What does the post-covid classroom look like?
Room: Oxford                                        Ensure you are prepared for the unexpected.
Savvas Learning's K-8 Math Universal                Create environments that draw students into
Screener and Diagnostic Assessment                  active participation and give teachers the
Savvas Learning                                     flexibility in how they teach. Our solutions are
                                                    easy to use and adaptable and support
Please join us to learn more about Savvas           student engagement.
Learning’s New K-8 Numeracy Screener and
Diagnostic    Assessment        developed      in   Room: Somerset
partnership with WestEd. This Universal             The Importance of Simplifying
Screener identifies proficiency in skills taught    Processes for Teachers AND
during the previous grade level through a brief     Administrators
assessment. Reducing student testing time           Classworks
and frustration since students are provided
with questions at the right ability level. Come     The new school year brings fuller classrooms,
see           how            the            Data    students who will need to readjust to the in-
Dashboards provide detailed,          actionable    person school day, and parents who are more
data for Teachers and Administrators,               informed and involved in their student’s
including Overall     Performance          Score,   learning. How do you navigate the waters
Percentile Score by Mathematical                    ahead? By simplifying programs and
Domain, and South Carolina College and              processes to allow greater focus on students’
Career       Readiness        Standards-Based       social-emotional learning and academics.
Reporting.                                          That’s our specialty! We partner with districts
                                                    to help streamline intervention, special
Room: Winchester                                    education, and SEL processes for greater
Empower Teachers to Accelerate                      success and less frustration. Help relieve the
Student Growth                                      burden for teachers and prevent burnout with
Edgenuity                                           a simplified, all-in-one program that includes
                                                    assessment, instruction, progress monitoring,
The 2020-2021 school year was far from              reporting, and SEL and goal-setting tools. Join
“normal”. The shuffle from traditional              us for lunch and view a brief demo of how we
classroom learning to online learning               work with SC districts to ensure students catch
presented teachers with the unique challenge        up, keep up, and get ahead. No sales pitches
of personalizing and differentiating the            and no pressure!

Room: Windsor A                                  recommended by the CDC, EPA, American
Social Emotional Learning                        Medical Association, and many others.
                                                 Room: Kensington A
Today’s students are dealing with stress,        Coming Back Better: Data, Equity, and
anxiety, and mental health issues —              Renewal
challenges that can get in the way of learning   i-Ready/Curriculum Associates
and may lead to destructive behavior. To help
you support your students’ social-emotional      In this session, we’ll show i-Ready can help
needs, Edmentum now offers BASE                  districts address unfinished learning through a
Education,    an evidence-based social-          coherent approach to Tier intervention. We’ll
emotional learning platform with clinical        share how educators across the country are
content built by mental health professionals     using the program to screen students to
with real-world experience. Join us as we        identify academic needs; design Tier 1, 2 and
showcase the world's first and only online,      3 interventions and monitor progress. In
CASEL approved, and evidence -based              addition, we’ll offer strategies for increased
blended learning SEL platform.                   student engagement through data chats and
                                                 Culturally     Response       Learning     and
Room: Windsor B                                  Assessment content.
CASPR Disinfectant Technology:
From Outer Space to YOUR Space!                  Room: Kensington B
Meteor Education                                 Reconnecting with Families for
                                                 Academic and SEL Success
With the wealth of information and products      Successful Innovations
available for school safety and sanitation,
many administrators are looking for guidance     In this session, attendees will have the
on best practices. Through extensive research    opportunity to learn how schools are using an
we have identified a solution that holds up to   innovative platform to effectively outreach to
high safety standards while allowing for more    families, support the professional learning of
normal      in-person    learning:    CASPR      their parent coordinators, and enhance school,
Disinfecting Technology. CASPR works             family, and community partnerships.
around the clock providing continuous air
scrubbing using hydrogen peroxide in the         Room: Kensington C
ambient air. This NASA technology has a kill
                                                 Reengage Learning through
rate of up to 99.96% on surfaces. Effective
against mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, and
                                                 hand2mind Solutions
VOCs. CASPR produces no residues, noises,        hand2mind
or odors; is easy to install and low
maintenance.                                     Let's reengage learning for 2021! As a trusted
                                                 educational partner, hand2mind has provided
                                                 solutions to meet your curriculum needs for
Room: Windsor C                                  over 50 years. Hand2mind offers many
How South Carolina Schools Are                   solutions to support your efforts as you
Using Ultraviolet Light To Disinfect             reengage students, reinvigorate learning, and
And Protect Students And Staff                   reignite students' engagement. We'll share
NetZero USA                                      with you several of our solutions for math,
                                                 literacy, STEM, and Social and Emotional
This session is an introduction to GUV           Learning. Door prizes will be given as well at
(Germicidal Ultraviolet Disinfection) Lights,    the end.
operating 24/7/365 to clean and disinfect.
Used by hospitals for over 80 years and

Monday, June 21, 2021                        Monday, June 21, 2021
      1:10 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.                        1:10 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.
                                                   Education Sessions
Instant Ideas                                      Room: Palisades Ballroom, Hilton
                                                   Legal Guidance for Administrators to
                                                   Navigate the First Amendment,
                                                   Employee and Student Expression,
Room: Kensington A                                 and the Use of Social Media
                                                   Kathy Mahoney, Vernie Williams, and Dwayne
Presenters share their personal and professional   Mazyck, Halligan Mahoney & WIlliams
passions for a total of 20-25 minutes each. The
following topics will be shared.                   This session will provide administrators with
                                                   specific legal guidance regarding how to
Creating Reflective Practices in Difficult         navigate        employee       and       student
Times                                              communications (whether in person, in writing,
Dennis Dotterer, Sherry Hoyle, and Tammy White,    through technology, or through social media)
Winthrop University                                in a manner that is consistent with the law, but
                                                   also limits disruption to school operations.
Building Instructional Capacity Within: Using
Trust to Professionally Develop Your Team          Room: Eton
Alana Powers and Allison Hepfner, Doby’s Mill      The Science of Implementation –
Elementary School                                  Strategies for Achieving Success with
                                                   New Programs
                                                   Christopher McCants and Ingrid Anderson,
                                                   Florence Chapel Middle School; Jill Brady,
                                                   Spartanburg District 5; and Kenneth Tam,
                                                   Curriculum Associates

                                                   As educators adopt new programs and
                                                   practices to address their students’ unfinished
                                                   learning, they should consider how to design
                                                   implementations that get the intended results
                                                   they are looking for.         The science of
                                                   implementation is the study of methods and
                                                   strategies that facilitate the update of
                                                   evidence-based practices and research into
                                                   regular use by practitioners and policy makers.
                                                   It seeks to systematically close the gap
                                                   between what we know and what we do by
                                                   identifying and addressing the barriers that
                                                   slow or prevent the update of new practices.
                                                   Hear how the school leadership team from
                                                   Florence Chapel Middle School in District Five
                                                   Schools of Spartanburg County were able to
                                                   established key goals; achieved buy in;
                                                   continually monitored and adjusted their
                                                   implementation and shared data with

Room: Oxford                                         Room: Somerset
2021-22 Palmetto’s Finest Award                      Honing Your C.R.A.F.T. (Culturally
Process Overview                                     Responsive Approaches to Facilitate
Penny Atkinson, Palmetto's Finest Committee          Transformation)
Chairman                                             Priscilla Johnson, Sand Hill Elementary
                                                     School; Gary Seaboldt, SC Department of
This session will be an overview on the 2021-        Education; April Sanders, Clay Hill Elementary
22 Palmetto’s Finest Award process to include        School; and Tria Grant, Center for Teaching
a review of the application, site visits, and best   Quality
                                                     Teaching today requires more than the "sage
Room: Winchester                                     on the stage" approach to instructional
Using Food for Thought SC for a                      delivery. The culturally responsive educator
Successful Nutrition Program, and                    thrives from knowing their students' voices
CEP Update                                           influence choices in their instructional design.
Donna Davis and Ellen              Mason,     SC     Hone your C.R.A.F.T. and connect with all
Department of Education                              students, allowing them to see themselves in
                                                     meaningful pedagogy.
The Office of Health and Nutrition will
demonstrate tools in Food for Thought SC             Room: Windsor A
critical to the success of your nutrition            School-Wide PLC Transformation: A
program. Focus will be on new software that          Journey from Commitment to
insures program compliance with USDA                 Fulfillment
regulations. Presenters will demonstrate menu        Sheila O'Neil-Brown, Jamane Watson, and
development software that promotes creative          Prasanna Shekar, Marlboro County High
school menus that are cost effective. A CEP          School
update will be provided.
                                                     Research suggests that school systems that
Room: Hampton                                        emphasize professional learning communities
Riding the Waves of eLearning                        display higher levels of teacher motivation and
Anna Baldwin, Anderson District 5; Kristen           academic achievement. (Reeves & DuFour,
Hearne, Anderson District 1; Beth Dabney,            2018). This workshop is a resource for
Anderson 2; Stewart Lee, Anderson District 3;        educators who are looking to move student
Charlotte McDavid, Greenville County Schools         learning forward through the systemic
                                                     implementation of the four critical questions of
Join us for an interactive session with a panel      a Professional Learning Community (PLC).
of eleven upstate eLearning pilot districts:         Join leaders from Marlboro County High
Anderson One, Anderson Two, Anderson                 School as we share our journey of continuous
Three, Anderson Four, Anderson Five,                 improvement in building a culture of effective
Greenville     County,      Greenwood       50,      teams in our school. Through several key
Greenwood 51, Laurens 55, Laurens 56, and            levers, learn how we have supported our
Oconee County. Districts will cover successes        educators in displaying a laser-like focus on
and challenges over the past school year.            student achievement. Additionally, attendees
Leave the session with information and               will have a chance to explore how to utilize
resources to help your district to successfully      PLCs as opportunities for teams to prioritize
implement eLearning days.                            standards, identify essential skills, create
                                                     common assessments, and implement tiered
                                                     intervention. Participants will leave the session
                                                     with practical ideas on how to revitalize and
                                                     sustain a productive school-wide culture of
                                                     collegial collaboration.

Room: Windsor B                                      Room: Kensington B
Mary, Mary How Do Your Leaders                       Supporting School and District
Grow?                                                Improvement through ESSER Funds
Angie Rye, Lexington District 3; Sonya Bryant,       David Mathis and Stephanie DiStasio, SC
Batesburg Leesville High School; and                 Department of Education
Charlene High, Batesburg Leesville Primary
School                                               With ESSER III funds, districts have a once-in-
                                                     a-lifetime opportunity and funding source to
Cultivating excellent schools starts with            implement systemic school improvement.
effective leadership. How can we support             During this session, the South Carolina
school leaders in focusing on the things that        Department of Education (SCDE) will give an
matter most? How can we recognize and                overview of the state’s plan to address
empower leadership at all levels by leveraging       unfinished learning and accelerate all
school leaders? School leaders need                  students. Additionally, the SCDE will provide
meaningful professional learning in order to         information on the most promising practices
grow and thrive in today’s educational               that school and district leaders can use to
landscape. Participants will gain practical          include in their district plan. School
ideas for growing school and district leaders        improvement can best be achieved when the
with professional development above and              state, district, and school align their work and
beyond the garden-variety principals’ meeting.       focus on what matters most—students.

Room: Windsor C                                      Room: Kensington C
Engaging and Partnering with                         2021 Legislative Update: Pulling Back
Stakeholders to Support District                     the Curtain
Initiatives and the Strategic Planning               Sandy Smith, SCASA
Process for Continuous Improvement
Laura Hickson and Kasey Feagin, Florence             This session will provide an update of the 2021
District 3                                           Legislative Session and what to look for in
Community and the feeling of belonging are
among the most common reasons why a
parent might choose your school district.
Every student matters! Every organization
needs to be goal-oriented with a set of aims
and objectives for obtaining growth,
continuous improvement, and success.
Engaging your external and internal
stakeholders is vital to the success of your
district for the following reasons: it gives the
entire team a sense of direction of the
district/organization; it makes your district
competitive; it provides opportunities for
innovation in the district; it makes the district
proactive, not reactive; it elevates productivity,
operational efficiency, and a sense of shared
responsibility; and it cultivates a culture of
diversity, equity, and inclusion. This session
will provide district and school leaders with
strategies for intentionally engaging your
stakeholders to cultivate a culture of diversity,
equity and inclusion.

Room: Palladium A, Brighton Building               Room: Palladium C, Brighton Building
Positively Motivated!                              How Can I Meet the Needs of All
Angie Showalter, Katie Kinard, and Sabrina         Learners? Teacher Retention and Best
Coan, Wellford Academy of Science and              Practices for Effective and Efficient
Technology                                         Scheduling
                                                   Jinni Friend and Angie Slatton, Lexington-
How do you keep parents and students               Richland District 5
engaged with the school community while
continuing to have staff members enjoy             As administrators in special education, how
coming to work?! Learn how one elementary          can we exceed the vision and be the
school motivated students to improve their         difference to help retain our special
daily lessons and motivated families to            educators? Research in the field on teacher
participate in school events. Furthermore,         retention identifies caseload size, paperwork
learn how this school created a fun, family-like   responsibilities, and administrator support as
environment where teachers can have a blast        some of the most impactful factors that lead to
while boosting each other's morale and where       special educators either remaining in or
they enjoy coming to work each day.                leaving the profession. Contributing to teacher
                                                   burnout is the complex schedule that does not
Room: Palladium B, Brighton Building               allow for common planning time with other
Cultivating Growth Mindset and MTSS                educators and does not meet the diverse
Merriman Nichols, Nikki Ingram, Robyn              needs of learners based on instructional
Galloway, Hope Robinson and Betsy Horton,          grouping. A comprehensive schedule of
Kershaw County Schools                             services for students that allows for
                                                   collaboration, common planning, quality IEP
Kershaw County Schools (KCS) has moved             development, and job-embedded professional
from RTI to the Multi-Tiered System of             development for the special education teacher
Supports (MTSS). To achieve this, growth           is critical. In this session, participants will learn
mindset was cultivated and nurtured. KCS had       tips, techniques, and strategies to develop
an RTI manual and some processes in place;         schedules that can result in higher levels of
however, students were still falling through the   teacher satisfaction resulting in increased
cracks. The district used the research science     outcomes for increased teacher retention and
behind the six critical areas of MTSS to move      student outcomes.
students forward and change the trajectory for
all students. The district repurposed some
positions into feeder area schools in
elementary and middle schools into MTSS
coaches. This system change created a
systematic alignment process to identify which
students needed what help. Through PLCs
and coaching teachers and administrators
mindset toward what MTSS is and is not
changed to the benefit of student growth. KCS
focused on growing by using best practices,
repurposing tools we already had, and making
the work more seamless. This session focuses
on providing educators with the tools they
need to become data-driven problem-solvers
that see growth in ALL students.

Monday, June 21, 2021                               firm to better understand its growth and how
                                                    the building plan could best serve the district
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.                               for the next 10-15 years. Through this work
                                                    Lexington One and its planning firm studied
Education Sessions                                  birth and population projections, housing data,
                                                    and enrollment trends to make school
Room: Palisades Ballroom, Hilton                    enrollment projections all the way out to 2027-
There Is a Magic Bullet                             2028. The data gathered has served and will
David Mathis, SC Department of Education            serve the district well in decisions about
                                                    property acquisitions, school capacities, and
Some say there is not a magic bullet in             rezoning efforts. Come and here how
education, but there is. An effective teacher       Lexington One is embracing growth and being
and strong building leader are our magic            intentional about managing ongoing housing
bullet. The SCDE is committed to assisting          development in Lexington County.
schools and districts in building capacity in
teachers and school leaders by providing            Room: Hampton
resources that improve the quality of               Purpose over Preference: From
instruction in every classroom. Participants will   “Program” to Practice
leave this session with a toolbox of resources      Jamilia Kenely, Ezetta Myers, Tori White,
that include lesson and unit plans, rubrics for     Courtney Robinson, and Monique Flowers,
developing quality lessons, a guide for             Kelly Mill Med Pro Middle School
conducting curriculum audits, a process to
unwrap content standards that align to the          The purpose of this session is to share our
rigor of the standard, and a proven roadmap         journey with AVID schoolwide and how we
for school improvement. Additionally, the           have implemented the system with fidelity.
SCDE will provide a list of the most promising      Participants will get an overview of the
practices reported by districts that accelerate     systemic barriers we have faced and how we
leaning after the pandemic.                         have worked as a team to overcome systemic
                                                    and site-specific issues from a middle-level
Room: Oxford                                        case-study perspective. Specific focus will be
Palmetto's Finest Best Practices:                   given to the design and structure of the master
Walker-Gamble Elementary School                     schedule, state-mandated requirements,
Allen Kirby and Nancy Moore, Walker-Gamble          access to rigorous courses, accountability,
Elementary School                                   and site-based professional development. The
                                                    session will include an examination of how our
Join a 2020 Palmetto's Finest Elementary            site uses AVID’s domains to develop solutions
School Winner as they share best practices          and evaluate outcomes. Attention will be given
that led them to become a Palmetto's Finest         to increasing male representation in the AVID
School.                                             elective, Algebra I numbers, and Summer
                                                    Bridge participation. Participants will have an
Room: Winchester                                    opportunity to brainstorm additional barriers
Embracing and Preparing for                         and possible solutions. The intended audience
Population Growth through Long-                     for the session includes sites that are
Range Building Planning                             interested in developing AVID schoolwide,
Matt Warren, Lexington District 1                   including site administrators and leaders.

Lexington County School District One has
grown by an average of 500 students per year
since the late 1980s. In preparation for the
2018 Bond Referendum Lexington One
partnered with a demographics and planning

Room: Somerset                                     Room: Windsor A
Developing Teachers and Leaders with               Leveraging Organization Change Using
an Equity Lens: How the SC Teaching                Data Teams, Lesson Study, Reflection,
Standards, Special Areas, and                      and Teacher Agency
PADEPP Rubrics Can Help You Create                 Kristie Krause Smith, Lindsey Head, and
Supportive, Inclusive, and Rigorous                Malisa Johnson, Oak Pointe Elementary
Classrooms                                         School
Lilla Toal Mandsager and Kimberly Howard,
SC Department of Education                         Oak Pointe will share our experience
                                                   implementing data teams utilizing teacher
Schools and districts that are serious about       agency through the lesson study format to
addressing educational inequities know that        impact instruction and student achievement. In
a safe, inclusive environment is foundational.     the context of professional learning, teacher
If we want every student to have access to         agency is the capacity of teachers to act
high quality classroom instruction, we need        purposefully and constructively to direct their
common language to ensure our expectations         professional growth and contribute to the
are high and helpful data to understand where      growth of their colleagues (Calvart, 2016).
we are.This session will equip participants with   Through reliance on research on lesson study,
specific data points and indicators that can       we designed a learning opportunity focused on
help your team create a common vision for          mathematics and reading, respectively. In this
instruction and leadership that engages            session, presenters will describe how various
students' hearts and minds.                        grade-level teams engaged in lesson studies
                                                   supported by administration and university
                                                   faculty. We will discuss how the utilization of
                                                   lesson study in the context of professional
                                                   learning grows teacher agency and capacity to
                                                   purposefully deepen instructional strategy
                                                   implementation      that   impacts     student

                                                   Room: Windsor B
                                                   CTE: Outside the Box
                                                   Bryce Myers and Tradd Denny, Lexington
                                                   Technology Center

                                                   In CTE, like other areas of education, it is
                                                   difficult to think, dream, create, and then
                                                   implement "outside the box.” In this session,
                                                   we will identify common issues that are faced
                                                   in CTE. We will then explore what we've
                                                   learned from the Covid-19 period to enhance
                                                   our CTE learning structures. We will
                                                   brainstorm ideas to promote CTE and
                                                   enhance its perception, and we will explore
                                                   options of how we can work "outside of the
                                                   box" across all systems to reach as many
                                                   students as possible to prepare them for future

Room: Windsor C                                   Room: Kensington B
Leading with Love #345Marlboro                    License to Coach: Implementing
Ashley Taylor and Mahilda Douglas, Wallace        School-Wide Coaching Cycles for
Elementary Middle School; Crystal Halma,          Administrators and ICs
Bennettsville Intermediate School; Joy            Ashley Wardlaw and Logan Wright, Wade
Rankin, McColl Elementary Middle School;          Hampton High School
and Gregory McCord, Marlboro County
Schools                                           Looking for a way to improve student
                                                  achievement in your school? Are your
Leading with Love during the pandemic has         teachers frustrated with their current
helped us to focus on the social-emotional        observation feedback? Are you looking to
well-being of our school families. Our district   develop a more positive coaching culture in
motto is #345Marlboro: 3 words “We love you”,     your building? By attending this session, you
4 words “We care about you”, 5 words “We are      will discover one school’s answer to these
here for you.” Come learn about #345Marlboro      questions, as well as learn how the
and what our schools have put into place to       administrative team earned their license to
ensure the social-emotional well-being of our     coach. Through the collaborative efforts of the
students, staff, parents, and community. Find     Instructional Coach and the Wade Hampton
out how we are utilizing community resources      High School administrative team, a two-year
to assist everyone during this trying time.       professional learning plan was developed that
Through the utilization of school-based           incorporates instructional coaching cycles and
administrators,      social workers,   parent     a school-wide focus on rigor. The plan
educators, and school resource officers, we       prioritizes developing the administrative team
have been able to engage our students in          into instructional leaders who can confidently
hybrid and virtual instruction. Constant          engage in coaching conversations with
communication and partnerships have allowed       teachers. Participants in this session will
us to engage with our community. Even             discover how to create a vision for
through the pandemic, Marlboro County             professional learning and coaching cycles that
School District has continued to support the      includes a timeline of implementation, an
community in various ways. Our students have      observation     schedule,    an    observation
even stepped up to Lead with Love.                template, and training for administrators!
#345Marlboro—It is more than a saying; it is a
way of life for all of us.

Room: Kensington A
Summer Slide vs. COVID Slide:
Achieving the Impossible
Nicole Kirkley and Harriet Boykin-Garity,
Blaney Elementary School; and Matia
Goodwin, Camden Elementary School

You thought the summer slide was bad, how
about the COVID slide? We know that
students regress academically over the
summer, but after COVID hit, we saw a more
significant regression than what we were
projecting. Let us show you how we utilized
Tier 1, 2, and 3 instruction to maximize
student-learning outcomes and achieve
growth in the toughest year yet.

Room: Kensington C                                 Room: Palladium B, Brighton Building
Engaging Families in a Socially                    Seeing Through New Eyes, a Blueprint
Distanced World: Strategies to Build               for Reaching Difficult and Challenging
Strong Partnerships                                Students
Becky Dukes, Allendale County Schools and          Floyd Lyles, South Carolina Department of
Teresa      Brown,     Family  Leadership,         Juvenile Justice
Inc./Parenting Partners
                                                   You have difficult and challenging students.
In our new 2021 normal , COVID-19 forced us        How do you deal with them? How do you reach
to re-evaluate the way we connect with             these students? How can you turn a negative
parents and families. To meet the challenges,      situation into a positive one? Seeing through
Allendale County Schools turned to their           New Eyes will provide a blueprint you can
parent     engagement     partner,      Family     follow. This will ensure success for the most
Leadership, Inc., who adapted their existing       difficult and challenging students you
Parenting Partners Workshops to the Zoom           encounter. Have you ever thought about how
platform and increased the impact of family        these students see educators? We don’t
involvement by making it easier to participate     always see things how they are. Instead, we
and more engaging than ever. This interactive      see things how we are. This presentation will
session     will    demonstrate      practical,    help you build relationships with students and
transferable family engagement practices,          make life-changing connections. “Your
including how to engage parents virtually. Join    students may forget what you taught them but
us as Becky Dukes, Director of Federal and         will always remember the way you made them
Accountability Programs for Allendale County       feel.” The blueprint for success includes three
Schools, and Teresa Brown, National Trainer        core values: relationship, restructure, and
and Team Support Specialist for Parenting          results. Please join us to SEE THROUGH
Partners, share with you their experiences         NEW EYES �.
with success.
                                                   Room: Palladium C, Brighton Building
Room: Palladium A, Brighton Building               Special Education Discipline: The Nuts
Gauging District and School                        and Bolts
Implementation of MTSS to Maximize                 Ashley Story, White & Story, LLC
Achievement for All Students
Quincie Moore and Taylor           Seale,   SC     During this presentation, attendees will review
Department of Education                            and learn the basics with regard to issuing
                                                   discipline to special education students. This
This session will provide district and school      is a basic overview of many of the common
leaders with steps for strengthening and           options that the IDEA allows but also a good
implementing current MTSS processes as we          refresher for those who have assumed
move into the third year of statewide MTSS         leadership roles at their schools and within
implementation in SC. The presenters will          their districts.     Join us for interesting
discuss the impact of current and proposed         conversation and learning about ways to work
legislation on MTSS. Topics will include using     with your special services team to do what’s
data to drive decision-making, to plan for high-   best for our kids.
quality Tier 1 instruction and identify
appropriate interventions, and to maximize
both annual and catchup growth for all

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Game Changer Session
                                                    Instant Ideas
8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.
Palisades Ballroom, Hilton                          8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m.

Hotel                                               Room: Kensington A

                                                    This format of learning has been spreading across the
                                                    country and world! Each talk is exactly eigh minutes
               David Banks                          long and covers a variety of topics. Presenters share
                                                    their personal and professional passions, using 24
                                                    slides, 20 seconds per slide for a total of 8 minutes.
                                                    The following topics will be shared.

Reimagining School:                                 Books by Cayce Kids for Cayce Kids
                                                    Andrew Drozdak, Cayce Elementary School
Advancing Equity After the
Pandemic                                            Leadership Is a Game Changer
                                                    Jessie Williams and DeAnna Savage, Pontiac
                                                    Elementary School
This session will offer practical strategies that
support transformational leadership as school       The Digital Era of Instructional Innovation:
districts and administrators reimagine school       Shifting to Virtual and Blended Learning
after the pandemic.                                 Josh McLaurin, McBee High School

                                                    Racing to Fluency: Where Our Students Are
                                                    the Fastest Driver
                                                    Kimmerie Allyen and Allyson Long, Belvedere
                                                    Elementary School

                                                    NO Money, YES Problems: How Financial
Sponsored by                                        Literacy Education Can Empower Students in
                                                    the Hybrid and Virtual World
                                                    Denise Harrel and Theodore Brinkley, DuBose Middle

                                                    System Overhaul—What Do YOU Do When
                                                    YOUR Students Don't Get It?
                                                    Rhonda Gregory, Anderson District 2

Tuesday, June 22, 2021                            Room: Somerset
                                                  Designing a Sustainable System to
8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m                              Support Technology, Instruction, and
Education Sessions                                Flexible Learning Districtwide
                                                  Josh Shepard and Zach Sheppard, Oconee
Room: Winchester                                  County Schools
iDobys—Service Learning for the 21st
                                                  Support for technology and digital
Century                                           applications has become increasingly
Allison Hepfner and Lysa Manning, Doby’s          important as more teachers include digital
Mill Elementary School                            resources into their daily curriculum. Learn
                                                  how to design a collaborative system
At Doby’s Mill Elementary, we have                inclusive of stakeholders that supports
developed a three-tiered system (iLearn,          district-led initiatives and builds awareness
iLead, iServe) to develop the whole child,        and ownership among your teachers. As
while meeting needs academically, socially,       districts have migrated to an online, hybrid,
and behaviorally. Our students serve their        or flexible learning style, the support needed
school, district, and community, helping them     for teachers, learners, and parents has
understand that one person can make a             raised concerns in many communities. With
difference.                                       this new approach to learning, districts
                                                  should adapt their support models to meet
Room: Hampton                                     the needs of all stakeholders. This session
Redesigning Exclusionary Practices:               will exemplify how districts can provide
Creating    Room(s)  for   Positive               quality support, both technical and
Intervention                                      instructional, in all tthree environments.
Dinah Taylor and Brent Jerome, Richland           Attendees will leave with a multitude of
District 2                                        resources to deploy in their district to begin
                                                  building an ecosystem that protects district
This session will explore creating spaces in      assets and data while providing the support
your school’s building to facilitate the shift    students, teachers, and parents need and
from exclusionary in-school suspension            deserve. The strategic alignment of
rooms to rooms where students receive             resources, better understanding of support
positive interventions that are not only          structures, and the knowledge to put
relevant, but also practical. Participants will   procedures into place will help attendees be
go through an engaging, fun, and interactive      prepared to support a digital environment.
presentation that will include the following      District leaders will leave with resources for
topics: creating a safe space, infusing           more in-depth vendor evaluations, tools to
restorative practices, providing replacement      evaluate total cost of ownership, and ways to
behaviors or skills, how to select appropriate    analyze their effectiveness for hardware and
staff, and effective data collection              software purchases in their district.
tools. Participants will also receive a step-
by-step implementation guide to help them
create refocus rooms in their own schools.

You can also read