ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2015

                       28-30 SEPTEMBER 2015

                     UNIVERSITY OF CANBERRA


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2.    CONFERENCE SPONSORS                                                   5
3.    OUR CONFERENCE CONVENER                                               6
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On behalf of your conference hosts, the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA) and the Faculty of Business, Government
and Law at the University of Canberra (UC), welcome to the 2015 Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference on The
Future of Politics and Political Science! The purpose of this conference introduction is twofold – to welcome you to this year’s celebration
of political studies in Australia and to introduce you to your conference hosts.

IGPA was established in January 2014 to harness the research strengths of the ANZSOG Institute for Governance (ANZSIG), the
National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) and the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance
(Deliberate). The aim of the Institute is to create and sustain an international class research institution for the study and practice of gov-
ernance and public policy. The Institute has a strong social mission committed to the production of leading edge research and research
driven education programmes with genuine public value and, by implication, policy impact. The integration of ANZSIG, Deliberate and
NATSEM has created exciting opportunities for the development of cutting edge, mixed methods research in governance and public
policy analysis through combining knowledge in institutional design with expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods, evaluation,
micro-simulation and policy modelling. It has also allowed us to assemble probably the largest critical mass of governance and public policy
scholars in Australia and an eminent adjunct faculty which includes 14 award winning members of the Commonwealth Senior Executive
Service and the world of political communication.

Our three research centres grapple with many of the critical public policy problems of our time from social and economic development
to climate change and from democratic crisis to migration. They combine disciplinary expertise and the generation of evidence-based
research with a focus on practical problem-solving through the development of new ways of doing governance and public policy. The
focus of this research is on identifying and removing barriers to social and economic participation and enhancing the quality of governance.

The Institute’s activities are organised through our research, education and engagement programmes.


We presently receive funding for eight Australian Research Council (ARC) research projects on critical governance problems in Australia
and in 2014 were awarded funding for more ARC research projects than any other social science research Institute in Australia. For
example, Professor John Dryzek was awarded an Australian Laureate to support the Institute’s world leading Centre for Deliberative
Democracy and Global Governance.

Through NATSEM, IGPA provides authoritative commentary on the Australian budget and is one of the leading policy modelling
organisations in Australia. For example, we conduct applied research on different aspects of social inclusion with a particular emphasis on
modelling wellbeing and innovation in policy intervention. We also publish the high profile NATSEM-AMP “Income & Wealth” report series.

IGPA conducts high impact policy and organisational evaluations for domestic and international organisations (for example, Austrade,
Department of Health, OECD, United Nations Development Programme, and the World Bank) and is currently working in partnership
with various overseas governments and international organisations on change governance problems in Afghanistan, Brazil, China, Egypt,
Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, the UK, Vietnam, and Yemen. For example, we have just completed a study of the impact of administrative reform
post Arab Spring for the UNDP and are working with the Office of the Presidency in Brazil on a new federal policy on social participation.


IGPA manages and delivers graduate programmes in public administration and public policy and economics for the Commonwealth
Departments of Agriculture, Industry, Infrastructure and Regional Development, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the ACT gov-
ernment. Last year 141 Commonwealth and State public servants graduated from our postgraduate programmes. We also deliver the
“Open Policy-making” programme for the UK Cabinet Office, the “Leading and Managing Change” programme for the Commonwealth
Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and “Strategic Communication in an Era of Governance” for the Department of Human
Services. In addition, we are currently running change governance leadership programmes in China, Indonesia and Vietnam funded
through DFAT. 69 PhD students pursuing research on governance and public policy themes are currently supervised through the Institute.


IGPA hosts both a quarterly Parliamentary Triangle Seminar Series which is televised on the ABC’s “Big Ideas” programme and a monthly
Canberra Conversation with Jon Stanhope AO which aims at enhancing the quality of public policy debate in the nation’s capital. We also
partner with the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD) on the “Power of 1” Exhibition at Old Parliament House – “a ground-breaking,
interactive exhibition that celebrates the spirit of Australian democracy and the power of individual voice using the voices of the Australian
people as curator” (ABC Lateline). Next year we will launch ““Power of Us” at MoAD which will investigate the relationship between
government and the people in Australia. Finally, we launched – The Policy Space (see: – earlier this year to
provide a politically neutral blogging platform for debating major public policy issues in Australia and overseas. It is fast becoming one of
Australia’s leading public policy blogs.

I could not in all conscience complete this review of IGPA without giving special mention to Professor Linda Botterill. Linda is currently the
President of APSA and has just been awarded fellowship of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. Many congratulations Linda!

Well that’s us. We look forward to hosting you over the next few days and hope that you have a wonderful time both intellectually and
socially. If you have any questions about the conference during your stay please don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly Institute fellows
in the black polo shirts.

Once again – welcome to Canberra!

Director and Professor of Governance
Institute for Governance & Policy Analysis


We would like to take this opportunity to say a very special thank you to our sponsors for their great support this year:

The Museum of Democracy at Old Parliament House and the Federal Press Gallery for sponsoring the 2015 Australian Political Studies
Association Annual Awards.

The Routledge Taylor & Francis Group and Policy Studies for sponsoring the conference dinner reception.

And many thanks to the following publishers for exhibiting at the book exhibition:

Oxford University Press, The Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Sage, and Springer.


Dave Marsh is a British Political Sociologist with dual citizenship; although he would definitely fail the ‘cricket test’. He worked in the UK
at the, then, Polytechnic of Central London, Essex, Strathclyde and Birmingham. He moved to the ANU, as Director of the Research
School of Social Science in 2008, and to the University of Canberra in 2012. He is based in the Institute for Governance and Policy
Analysis, where he is the Research Director. Recently, one of his PhD students, who is presenting at the Conference, graduated as his
50th successful PhD candidate. In addition, in the last month his wife Suzy’s PhD passed with flying colours; a relief to both of them! Now
there are three doctors in the family, given their daughter Holly is also an academic, none of whom are useful if you have a headache.
For Dave’s sins he is a Bristol Rovers’ supporter.


The conference general theme this year is ‘The Future of Politics’. This theme has two separate, if related, elements: the future of
politics as practice; and the future of the Political Science discipline and sub-disciplines within it. The conference program includes a
series of plenary sessions with prominent keynote speakers, and discussants that reflect on the future of politics both as a field of study
and practice. These special plenary sessions are designed with the purpose of reflecting and exploring what the scholars in particular
sub-fields think are important current, and likely future, developments in their respective field.



Highlights of the conference program include various plenary sessions that speak to the conference theme ‘Future of Politics and
Political Science’ and feature a number of prominent keynote speakers including the Hon Dr John Bannon (Flinders University),
Professor Louise Chappell (University of New South Wales), Professor John Dryzek (University of Canberra), Professor Jenny
Lewis (University of Melbourne), Professor Adrian Little (University of Melbourne), Professor Jason Sharman (Griffith University),
Professor Chris Reus Smit (University of Queensland), Professor David Schlosberg (University of Sydney), and Professor Gerry
Stoker (University of Canberra/Southampton). The meeting will also include a Presidential Address by Professor Linda Botterill
(University of Canberra) on ‘Beyond the Cultural Cringe: The Future of the ‘Australian’ in Australian Political Science’.


The conference program also includes several social events to meet and greet colleagues and friends. Social highlights include the
Welcome Reception and 2015 Australian Political Studies Association Annual Awards which will be held at the Museum of Aus-
tralian Democracy at the Old Parliament House (Monday, 28 September, 7pm), and the following evening the Conference Reception
and Annual Dinner and Award Ceremony at the University of Canberra (Tuesday, 29 September, 6pm, UCU Refectory Building 1).


       TIME & VENUE                PLENARY PANEL TITLE                                            PARTICIPANTS
 Monday                                                              Moderator: Prof Mark Evans (University of Canberra)
 28 September                     Future of Politics as Practice     Presenter: Prof Gerry Stoker (University of Canberra/Southampton)
 11.00-12.30 2B7                                                     Discussant: Dr Anika Gauja (University of Sydney)
 Monday                                                              Moderator: Prof John Dryzek (University of Canberra)
 28 September                      Future of Political Theory        Presenter: Prof Adrian Little (University of Melbourne)
 13.30-15.00 2B7                                                     Discussant: Dr Peter Balint (University of New South Wales)
                                                                     Moderator: Dr Anthea McCarthy-Jones (University of Canberra)
                                                                     Presenter: Prof Chris Reus Smit (University of Queensland)
 28 September                   Future of International Relations
                                                                     Discussants: A/Prof Anthony Burke (University of New South Wales)
 15.30-17.00 2B7
                                                                     Dr Tom Chodor (University of Queensland)
 Monday                                                              Moderator: TBC
 28 September                      APSA Presidential Address         Presenter: Prof Linda Botterill (University of Canberra) ‘Beyond the Cultural
 17.00- 18.00 2B9                                                    Cringe: The Future of the ‘Australian’ in Australian Political Science’
 Tuesday                                                             Moderator: Emeritus Prof Marian Sawer (Australian National University)
 29 September                       Future of Gender Studies         Presenter: Prof Louise Chappell (University of New South Wales)
 13.30-15.00 2B7                                                     Discussant: Dr Anna Boucher (University of Sydney)
                                                                     Moderator: Prof A.J. Brown (Griffith University)
 29 September                    Future of Australian Federalism
                                                                     Presenter: Hon Dr John Bannon (Flinders University)
 13.30-15.00 2B11
 Tuesday                                                             Moderator: Prof Brian Head (University of Queensland)
 29 September                        Future of Public Policy         Presenter: Prof Jenny Lewis (University of Melbourne)
 15.30-17.00 2B7                                                     Discussant: Dr Cosmo Howard (Griffith University)
                                                                     Moderator: Prof Adam Simpson (University of South Australia)
 Wednesday                                                           Presenters: Prof John Dryzek (University of Canberra)
 30 September                   Future of Environmental Politics     Prof David Schlosberg (University of Sydney)
 9.00-10.30 2B7                                                      Discussants: Dr Marit Boeker (Keele University)
                                                                     Dr Kyla Tienhaara (Australian National University)
 Wednesday                                                           Moderator: Prof David Marsh (University of Canberra)
                                 Future of International Political
 30 September                                                        Presenter: Prof Jason Sharman (Griffith University)
 11.00-12.30 2B7                                                     Discussant: Dr Luke Deer (Sydney University)

This year APSA has decided to launch a series of Annual                   4. Campaigner of the Year
Awards to highlight the achievements of those in the political            This award recognises the efforts of social leaders outside parlia-
sphere. Too often in Australia, as elsewhere, the focus of public         ment who make exceptional contributions to Australian politics
attention on politicians and on politics is negative and these            by enhancing the awareness of social issues and working towards
awards are designed to help address this cynicism. These awards           their solution.
will recognise politicians, as well as those in related positions, such
as journalists and cartoonists, who make a significant contribution       5. Journalist of the Year
to Australian political life and thus to Australia. The awards are        This award recognises the outstanding contributions of journal-
modelled on the highly successful Political Studies Association           ists who enhance people’s understanding of politics through their
Awards given to outstanding people who have made outstanding              pursuit of the truth and their responsible reporting of political
contributions to UK politics, which have come to be seen as the           events.
“Oscars of Westminster” and which receive extensive coverage in
the UK press. The first iteration of the awards here will inevitably      6. Cartoonist of the Year
receive less exposure, in part because the APSA conference is             This award recognises the outstanding contribution of political
not held in a sitting week. However, the aim is to grow this in to        cartoonists whose satirical representation of political events
an important event, linked to both APSA and the Museum of                 enhances our understanding of Australian politics and contributes
Australian Democracy, to be hosted every year in Canberra, but            to the accountability of our political leaders.
in future in a sitting week.
                                                                          7.   Conference Organisers Award
Awards will be presented at the 2015 APSA Conference Annual               This award is chosen by the organiser of this year’s conference,
Reception on Monday 28 September 2015, which will be held at              Professor David Marsh, and will go to someone who uses his
the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House                artistic talent to enhance his contribution to Australian political life.
in Canberra from 7pm. Buses will depart from UC at 6.30.
                                                                          The 2015 APSA Awards Committee was comprised of Professor
An independent APSA Awards Committee comprising leading                   Linda Botterill (President, Australian Political Studies Association),
Australian political scientists and political observers selected recip-   Professor Mark Evans (Chair), Michelle Grattan AO (co-chair),
ients in the following categories:                                        Roger Haussmann (Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery), Michael
                                                                          Keating (Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery), Professor David
1.   Front-Bench Politician of the Year                                   Marsh, Jon Stanhope AO, and Professor John Warhurst AO.
This award recognises politicians who make outstanding contribu-          Many thanks to all of them for their important contribution.
tions to their communities.

2. Back-Bench Parliamentarian of the Year
This award recognises back-bench parliamentarians who make
outstanding contributions to the parliament.

3.   Lifetime Achievement in Politics
This award recognises the career achievements of our long serving
politicians who have served the people in various capacities within
Australian political life.

7. PLENARY      PETER BALINT                                  MARIT BOEKER

  SPEAKERS      Respondent                                    Respondent
                Political Theory                              Environmental Politics
  AND           Monday 28th September                         Wednesday 30th September
  RESPONDENTS   1.30pm – 3.00pm                               9.00am – 10.30am

                Peter Balint is a Senior Lecturer and Head    Marit Boeker is Lecturer in Politics at Keele
                of Discipline in International & Political    University. Her research interests include
                Studies, UNSW Canberra. His research          normative democratic theory, environmen-
                centres on questions of institutional         tal theory, the politics of sustainability, and
                power, with a focus on toleration and neu-    ideal/nonideal theory.
                trality; the link between military identity
                and national identity; and privacy versus
                security. He is a founding member of The
                Global Justice Network, and its journal
                Global Justice: theory practice rhetoric.

LINDA BOTTERILL                                  ANNA BOUCHER                                  ANTHONY BURKE
Speaker                                          Respondent                                    Respondent
Beyond the Cultural Cringe: The future           Gender Studies                                International Relations
of the ‘Australian’ in Australian political      Tuesday 29th September                        Monday 28th September
science                                          1.30pm – 3.00pm                               Time: 3.30pm – 5.00pm
Monday 28th September
5.00pm – 6.00pm                                  Anna Boucher is Senior Lecturer in Public     Anthony Burke is a scholar of social theory,
                                                 Policy and Political Science at the Univer-   international relations and security. He
The 2015 APSA Conference has as its              sity of Sydney. She teaches in the areas      is Associate Professor of International
theme ‘The Future of Politics and Political      of immigration, public policy, Australian     and Political Studies at UNSW Australia,
Science’. The APSA Presidential address          politics and comparative political science.   and his books include Ethics and Global
will consider a related issue – where Austra-    She holds a PhD in Political Science from     Security: A Cosmopolitan Approach (with
lian studies will sit within that future.        the London School of Economics, where         Katrina Lee Koo and Matt McDonald) and
                                                 she was a Commonwealth Scholar and a          Beyond Security, Ethics and Violence: War
Linda Botterill is Professor in Australian
                                                 Director of the LSE’s Migration Studies       Against the Other.
Politics and Head of the School of Govern-
                                                 Unit. Her research on skilled immigration,
ment & Policy at the University of Canberra.
She is a Fellow of the UC Institute for          ethnicity, gender and immigration flows
Governance and Policy Analysis and               has been published in a range of journals,
Adjunct Professor at UNSW Canberra.              including International Migration Review,
Linda has published extensively on Aus-          International Migration, Migration Studies
tralian rural policy issues and her current      and Policy and Politics. Her first book is
research programme is focused on the role        titled Gender, Migration and the Global
of personal and societal values in politics      Race for Talent (Manchester University
and policy. Her research builds on nearly        Press, 2015). Her second book, Cross-
fifteen years as a public policy practitioner    roads of Migration: A Global Approach to
in the Australian Public Service, as a policy    National Differences (with Justin Gest) is
officer in two industry associations and as      under contract with Cambridge University
an adviser to two federal Ministers. She is
                                                 Press, New York. In 2015-2016 she is the
the author of Wheat Marketing in Transition:
                                                 University of Sydney Laffan Fellow.
the Transformation of the Australian Wheat
Board (Springer 2012) and the co-editor
of three books on drought and one on the
National Party. Current projects include
research into the impact of values on
conflicts around land use in rural Australia
for which she has an ARC Discovery grant
along with Professors Geoff Cockfield
(USQ) and Helen Berry (University of
Canberra) and a forthcoming book with
Geoff Cockfield and Alan Fenna entitled
Values, politics and policy: Rethinking public
policy (Edward Elgar).

TOM CHODOR                                       LOUISE CHAPPELL                                 LUKE DEER
Respondent                                       Speaker                                         Respondent
International Relations                          Gender Studies                                  International Political Economy
Monday 28th September                            Tuesday 29th September                          Wednesday 30th September
3.30pm – 5.00pm                                  1.30pm – 3.00pm                                 11.00am – 12.30pm

Tom Chodor is a UQ Postdoctoral                  Louise Chappell is Professor of Political       Luke Deer is a Post-Doctoral Research
Research Fellow in the School of Political       Science in the Faculty of Arts and Social       Associate in the Department of Political
Science and International Studies at the         Sciences and a member of the Australian         Economy at the University of Sydney and
University of Queensland. His research           Human Rights Centre at the University
                                                                                                 a Research Associate with the University
interests are in the areas of international      of New South Wales (UNSW). Louise
                                                                                                 of Cambridge Centre for Alternative
                                                 moved to UNSW in 2010 from the
political economy, international relations                                                       Finance and the Cambridge Judge School
                                                 Department of Government and Interna-
and globalisation. In particular, he is inter-                                                   of Business. His post-doctoral research is
                                                 tional Relations, University of Sydney to
ested in the struggles over consent and                                                          funded by a 2015 grant from the Institute
                                                 take up an Australian Research Council
hegemony within the neoliberal world             Future Fellowship. The findings from the        of New Economic Thinking for a project
order, and the transformative possibilities      fellowship are published in The Politics of     with Mike Beggs, Chris Jefferis and Yu
that emerge from such struggles. His             Gender Justice at the International Criminal    Yuxin that aims to develop a ‘money view’
current research project focuses on the          Court: Legacies and Legitimacy (OUP             of the dynamics between financial inno-
transformations of the neoliberal world          2015). Louise’s wider research focuses on       vation and central banking in the recent
order since the Global Financial Crisis, in      the intersection between gender, politics,      evolution of China’s financial system.
particular the emergence of the BRICS            policy and the law in comparative perspec-
and their socialisation into the existing        tive. She has published widely in these areas
global governance structures. His last           including in Australian Journal of Political
book is Neoliberal Hegemony and the              Science; International Political Science
Pink Tide in Latin America: Breaking Up          Review; Perspectives on Politics; Politics &
                                                 Gender; Publius; and Public Administra-
With TINA? (Palgrave 2015).
                                                 tion. Her book Gendering Politics: Feminist
                                                 Engagement with the State (UBC 2002)
                                                 was awarded the Victoria Schuck Prize by
                                                 the American Political Science Association
                                                 for the best book published on women
                                                 and politics in that year. In the past decade
                                                 Louise has held visiting fellowships at the
                                                 Universities of Edinburgh, the European
                                                 University Institute, Leiden, Manchester
                                                 and Simon Fraser. She is a co-director of the
                                                 Feminism and Institutionalism International
                                                 Network, based at Edinburgh University.
                                                 Louise is currently involved in two ARC
                                                 projects – one on transformative repara-
                                                 tions for victims of conflict-related sexual
                                                 violence and the other on gender in the
                                                 construction industry.
JOHN DRYZEK                                     ANIKA GAUJA                                    COSMO HOWARD
Speaker                                         Respondent                                     Respondent
Environmental Politics                          Future of Politics as a Practice               Public Policy
Wednesday 30th September                        Monday 28th September                          Tuesday 29th September
9.00am – 10.30am                                11.00am – 12.30pm                              3.30pm – 5.00pm

John Dryzek is Australian Research              Anika Gauja’s research interests broadly       Cosmo Howard is a Senior Lecturer in
Council Laureate Fellow and Centenary           centre on the comparative analysis of          the School of Government and Inter-
Professor in the Centre for Deliberative        political institutions in modern represen-     national Relations at Griffith. He has
Democracy and Global Governance at              tative democracies. Her work to date has       training in political science, public policy
the Institute for Governance and Policy         looked at the operation of political parties   and economics. Before joining the School
Analysis. Before moving to the Univer-          and parliaments, assessing the continuing      he was a post-doctoral fellow in Political
sity of Canberra he was Distinguished           relevance of these institutions as mecha-      Science at the University of Alberta,
Professor of Political Science and Austra-      nisms for citizen participation in politics    Canada, and then an Associate Professor
lian Research Council Federation Fellow         and their ability to represent diverse and     in Political Science and Public Administra-
at the Australian National University.          conflicting interests. She is particularly     tion at the University of Victoria, British
He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social         interested in how political parties adapt      Columbia. Cosmo has a PhD from the
Sciences in Australia, former Head of the       to organizational and social change. Anika     Public Policy Programme at the Australian
Departments of Political Science at the         also researches in the areas of comparative    National University. He specializes in public
Universities of Oregon and Melbourne            party law and electoral regulation. Anika      sector reform, service delivery, theories of
and of the Social and Political Theory          has published in political science and law     individualization and the governance of
programme at ANU, and former editor             journals, both within Australia and interna-   autonomous public agencies. Past research
of the Australian Journal of Political          tionally, including the Australian Journal     includes work on public policy processes,
Science. His work in environmental politics     of Political Science, the Journal of Legis-    citizenship education and welfare reform.
ranges from green political philosophy to       lative Studies, Parliamentary Affairs, Party   He has worked on projects with agencies
studies of environmental discourses and         Politics and the Public Law Review. She is     and officials at federal and state/provincial
movements to global climate governance,         currently undertaking research projects on     levels in Canada and Australia.
and he has published five books in this area    party legitimacy and the dynamics of orga-
with Oxford University Press, Cambridge         nizational change, the meaning of contem-
University Press, and Basil Blackwell. His      porary party membership, ‘third parties’ as
current research, funded by the Laureate        electoral actors, candidate selection and
Fellowship, emphasizes global justice,          on the partisan use of state resources.
governance in the Anthropocene (an
emerging epoch of instability in the Earth
system), and cultural variety in deliberative

JENNY M LEWIS                                  ADRIAN LITTLE                                  DAVID SCHLOSBERG
Speaker                                        Speaker                                        Speaker
Public Policy                                  Political Theory                               Environmental Politics
Tuesday 29th September                         Monday 28th September                          Wednesday 30th September
3.30pm – 5.00pm                                1.30pm – 3.00pm                                9.00am – 10.30am

Jenny Lewis is Professor of Public Policy      Adrian Little is Professor of Political        David Schlosberg is Professor of Envi-
and Australian Research Council Future         Theory and has been Head of the School         ronmental Politics in the Department of
Fellow (2013-16), School of Social and         of Social and Political Sciences, University   Government and International Relations at
Political Sciences and the Melbourne           of Melbourne since 2007. He received his       the University of Sydney, and co-Director
School of Government, The University of        PhD from Queen’s University Belfast in         of the Sydney Environment Institute. He is
Melbourne. Jenny is a public policy expert,    1993 and joined Melbourne from Gold-           the author of Environmental Justice and
with particular interests in governance, the   smiths College, University of London           the New Pluralism (1999) and Defining
policy-making process, policy networks, and    in 2004. He is a former President of the       Environmental Justice (2007); co-author
the politics of performance measurement.       Australian Political Studies Association       of Green States and Social Movements
She moved to Denmark to take up a profes-      (2011-2012). Adrian is currently a Chief       (2003) and Climate-Challenged Society
sorship in 2010 and returned to Australia as   Investigator on an ARC Discovery Project       (2013); and co-editor of The Oxford
a Future Fellow in 2013. Jenny has published   entitled ‘Resistance Recognition, and          Handbook of Climate Change and Society
widely in international journals and books,    Reconciliation in Australia – Lessons from     (2011), Political Animals and Animal
and has been awarded American, European        South Africa and Northern Ireland’.            Politics (2014), and The Oxford Handbook
and Australian prizes for her research. She                                                   of Environmental Political Theory (2015).
has also worked as a consultant to govern-                                                    Current work includes justice and adap-
ment and non-government organizations                                                         tation, theoretical implications of the
and held a number of senior research lead-                                                    Anthropocene, and environmentalism and
ership roles in recent years.                                                                 everyday life. His most recent article, on
                                                                                              ‘The New Environmentalism of Everyday
                                                                                              Life’ is available open access from Con-
                                                                                              temporary Political Theory.

CHRIS REUS SMIT                                JASON SHARMAN                                 ADAM SIMPSON
Speaker                                        Speaker                                       Respondent
International Relations                        International Political Economy               Environmental Politics
Monday 28th September                          Wednesday 30th September                      Wednesday 30th September
3.30pm – 5.00pm                                11.00am – 12.30pm                             9.00am – 10.30am

Chris Reus Smit is Professor of Inter-         Jason Sharman graduated with his PhD.         Adam Simpson is Director of the Centre
national Relations at the University of        in political science from the University      for Peace and Security within the Hawke
Queensland, Australia. He is the author        of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1999,      Research Institute and Senior Lecturer in
of Individual Rights and the Making of         before going on to work at the American       the International Relations programme
the International System (Cambridge            University in Bulgaria and the University     within the School of Communication,
2013), American Power and World Order          of Sydney. In 2007 he took up a position      International Studies and Languages,
(Polity 2004) and The Moral Purpose of         at Griffith University. Jason’s research      both at the University of South Australia.
the State (Princeton 1999); co-author of       focuses on corruption, money laundering       He previously taught at the University of
Special Responsibilities in World Politics     and tax havens, as well as hierarchy and      Adelaide where he remains an Associate
(Cambridge 2012); editor of The Politics       sovereignty in the international system.      in the Indo-Pacific Governance Research
of International Law (Cambridge 2004);         His work has appeared in journals including   Centre. His research adopts a critical per-
and co-editor of The Oxford Handbook           American Journal of Political Science,        spective and is focused on the politics of
of International Relations (Oxford 2008),      International Organization, International     the environment and development in the
Resolving International Crises of Legit-       Studies Quarterly, Comparative Politics,      South. He has published in journals such as
imacy (Special issue of International          Journal of Economic Perspectives and the      Pacific Review, Third World Quarterly and
Politics 2007) and Between Sovereignty         University of Pennsylvania Law Review,        Environmental Politics. He is the author
and Global Governance (Macmillan               and his seventh and eighth books were         of Energy, Governance and Security in
1998). His articles have appeared in a wide    published with Cambridge in 2014 and 2015.    Thailand and Myanmar (Burma): A Critical
range of journals---including International                                                  Approach to Environmental Politics in the
Organization, Foreign Affairs and Review                                                     South (Ashgate, 2014) and is lead editor of
of International Studies. He was awarded                                                     the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of
the Northedge Prize (1992), the BISA                                                         Contemporary Myanmar.
Prize (2002) and the Susan Strange
Prize (2014). He co-edits the Cambridge
Studies in International Relations book
series, the journal International Theory,
and a new twelve volume series of Oxford
Handbooks of International Relations.
Chris held EUI and ANU. He was elected
a Fellow of the Academy of the Social
Science in 2008, and was Vice-President
of the International Studies Association for

GERRY STOKER                                   KYLA TIENHAARA                                 JOHN BANNON
Speaker                                        Respondent                                     Speaker
Future of Politics as a Practice               Environmental Politics                         The Future of Australian Federalism
Monday 28th September                          Wednesday 30th September                       Tuesday 29th September
11.00am – 12.30pm                              9.00am – 10.30am                               13.30pm – 15.00pm

Gerry Stoker is Professor of Politics and      Kyla Tienhaara is a research fellow at         Expert Advisory Panel for the White
Governance at the University of South-         the Regulatory Institutions Network            Paper on Reform of the Federation
ampton, UK. and also Centenary Professor       (RegNet), Australian National University.
at the Institute for Governance and Policy                                                    From 1982 until 1992, Dr Bannon was
                                               She completed her PhD at the Institute
Analysis, University of Canberra. He was                                                      Premier and Treasurer of South Australia
                                               for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije
previously professor at both Manchester                                                       and was National President of the Aus-
                                               Universiteit Amsterdam (2008). Dr. Kyla’s
and Strathclyde. Gerry’s main research
                                               main area of interest is the intersection      tralian Labor Party from 1988 to 1992.
interests are in governance, democratic
                                               between environmental governance and           He has previously held a number of chair
politics, local and regional governance,
                                               the global economic system. Her PhD            positions including the National Archives
urban politics, public participation and
                                               thesis examined investor-state disputes        of Australia Advisory Council and was a
public service reform. He was the founding
chair of the New Local Government              concerning environmental regulation that       member of the Australian Broadcasting
Network that was the think-tank of the         were brought to international arbitration      Corporation Board from 1994 to 1999.
year in 2004 and his most recent book,         under bilateral and regional investment        Currently Dr Bannon is an Adjunct
Why Politics Matters, won the 2006             agreements. This research was published in     Professor of Law at the University of
political book of the year award from the      The Expropriation of Environmental Gov-        Adelaide and a Visiting Research Fellow
Political Studies Association of the UK.       ernance: Protecting Foreign Investors at       at Flinders University. He is involved in
Gerry has provided advice to various           the Expense of Public Policy (Cambridge        research, writing and lecturing on the
parts of UK government and is also an          University Press, 2009). At present she is     history of the federation, the Australian
expert advisor to the Council of Europe        working on a three year research project       Constitution and federal-state relations
on local government and participation          on Building a green economy? The politics      in Australia.
issues. More broadly he has, over the past     of green infrastructure stimulus in the wake
five years, received invitations to speak at   of the global financial crisis funded by an
conferences on governance issues aimed         Australian Research Council Discovery
at practitioners and policymakers as well as   Early Career Researcher Award.
academics from the USA, Japan, China,
Italy, Korea Norway, Ireland, Germany,
Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Australia.
In particular, he was a keynote speaker at
the United Nation’s 6th Reinventing Gov-
ernment Global Forum, Korea in 2005. In
2004, he won the Political Studies Asso-
ciation Award for ‘making a difference’ in
recognition of the impact of his work on
governance issues.

Sunday 27 September 2015
Ann Harding Conference Centre, University of Canberra


                         Time                                                                         Item
 8:00                                                     Registration and coffee

                                                          Opening address and welcome by Mark Evans, IGPA Director and Linda Botterill, APSA
 9:00 - 9:15

 9:15 - 10:00
                                                          Inger Mewburn - The Thesis Whisperer

 10:00 – 10:30                                            Questions

 10.30-11:00                                              Morning tea

 11:00 – 12:30                                            Networking your way through your PhD

                                                          Kerry McCallum
                                                          Changing media: implications for political studies research

 11:30 -11:45                                             Questions

 11:45-12:30                                              Speed networking facilitated by Lain Dare

 12:30 – 1:30                                             Lunch

 1:30-3:00                                                Fit for purpose writing

 1:30-1:45                                                Presentation

                                                                             Group 1                                        Group 2
 1:45-2:45                                                     Journal writing led by Mark Evans               Grant writing led by Nicole Curato
                                                                Interactive and practical learning              Interactive and practical writing

 2:45-3:00                                                Questions

 3:00 – 3:15                                              Afternoon tea

 3:15 – 3:30                                              Election of APSA Postgraduate representative

 3:30 – 5:00                                              Future views - after the apprenticeship

                                                          Patrick Dunleavy
 3:30 - 4:00
                                                          The essential PhD skill set to prepare for future employment scenarios in political science

                                                          Short replies from the field
 4:00 – 4:20                                              Early career researcher, teacher, public servant and consultant each share their views on the
                                                          essential PhD skill set and preparedness for the workplace tips

 4:20 – 5:00                                              Questions

Followed by “Meet the Executive“ drinks at The Well (venue on campus) at 5:30pm


The APSA Postgraduate Workshop 2015 has been designed, developed and organised for postgraduates and early career researchers
to address generic skills and career development.

                                      KEYNOTE – THE THESIS WHISPERER | 9:15 AM

                                      Dr Inger Mewburn is a researcher specialising in research education since 2006. Prior to this Inger
                                      lectured in architecture and worked in architecture offices for around a decade. She is currently
                                      the Director of Research Training at The Australian National University where she is responsible
                                      for co-ordinating, communicating and measuring all the centrally run research training activities
                                      and doing research on student experience to inform practice. Aside from editing and contributing
        Inger Mewburn
                                      to the Thesis Whisperer on Inger writes scholarly papers, books and
                                      book chapters about research student experiences, with a special interest in the digital practices of
                                      academics. She is a regular guest speaker at other universities and does workshops on publishing,
                                      writing, social media and presentation skills.

                                      NETWORKING YOUR WAY THROUGH YOUR PHD | 11:00 AM

                                      Associate Professor Kerry McCallum is Senior Research Fellow in the News and Media Research
                                      Centre, Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra. She researches, supervises
                                      and teaches in political communication, with a focus on the relationships between media, policy
                                      and political participation in Australian Indigenous affairs and related social policy. Kerry is a
                                      Member of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS),
       Kerry McCallum
                                      executive member of the UC Collaborative Indigenous Research (UC CIRI), and past president
                                      (2010-2011) of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA). Prior
                                      to entering academic life, Kerry worked in federal politics as policy and media advisor to the
                                      Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, and as an electorate officer to Members of Parliament
                                      in the ACT, NSW and SA.

                                      SPEED NETWORKING | 11:45 AM

                                      Dr Lain Dare is a social scientist with a strong background in commercial resource management
                                      (forestry). Lain has undertaken a range of research projects across forest management and agri-
                                      cultural sectors and her work highlights her commitment to rural and regional communities. Lain
                                      is passionate about research that works with communities to collaboratively develop knowledge,
                                      skills and long-term capacity – research that makes a positive contribution to our communities.
           Lain Dare


                     Professor Mark Evans is currently the Director of the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis
                     and Professor of Governance at the University of Canberra. He is the author of four single
                     authored books, two co-authored books and 23 edited collections including the best-selling
                     politics book in Australia in 2011; The Rudd Government. Mark was previously Professor of
                     Government, Head of the Department of Politics and Provost of Halifax College at the Univer-
  Mark Evans         sity of York in the United Kingdom (UK). He was also the inaugural coordinator of the World-
                     wide Universities Public Policy Network and has edited the international journal Policy Studies
                     since 2005. He has worked as a senior policy advisor on various governance reform issues to
                     the governments of Afghanistan, Brazil, China, the UK, Kazakhstan, and in various Australian
                     jurisdictions. He also works as a senior policy advisor on an ongoing basis with international
                     organisations such as the UNDP, the World Bank and the European Union. He has been awarded
                     honorary research positions at the Universities of Bath, Hull, and York in the UK and Renmin in
                     China. He has generated in excess of $20 million in individual and collaborative research income
                     during his career. Mark has been Primary Supervisor on 19 successful PhD completions to date
                     and is currently supervising five students.

                     Dr Nicole Curato is a Discovery Early Research Award (DECRA) Fellow at the Centre for Delib-
                     erative Democracy & Global Governance at the University of Canberra. Her project “Building
                     Back Better: Participatory Governance in a post-Haiyan World” is both theoretical and empirical
                     in orientation. It theorises the prospects of deliberative democracy in a world risk society and
                     examines the democratic credentials of the United Nations’ “building back better” agenda in
                     post-disaster recovery. Nicole first joined the Centre as a post-doctoral research fellow at the
                     Australian National University in 2011. She worked on an ARC linkage project on the Australian
 Nicole Curato       Citizens’ Parliament with Prof John Dryzek and Dr Simon Niemeyer, now both at UC. She also
                     worked with Dr Simon Niemeyer on a Discovery Project which examines how impacts of small
                     group deliberations can be scaled up to mass publics. Aside from the theory and practice of
                     deliberative democracy, her research interests include the role of deliberation in democratisation,
                     fringe forms of political participation and qualitative research methods.

                     FUTURE VIEWS - AFTER THE APPRENTICESHIP | 3:30 PM

                     Patrick Dunleavy is Professor in Public Policy at the London School of Economics, Director of
                     the LSE Public Policy Group and Centenary Professor at the Institute for Governance and Policy
                     Analysis. Patrick became a (founding) member of the Academy of the Social Sciences in 1999
                     and was awarded a Political Studies Association (PSA) Special Recognition Award in 2012 and
                     the ‘Political Scientists Making a Difference Award’ in 2013. Patrick set up LSE blogs which won
Patrick Dunleavy     the 2012 Times Higher Education award for delivering powerful social science. His blog, British
                     Politics and Policy at LSE on is the highest-ranked
                     university blog in the UK and the second-most read economics blog in the country. Patrick also
                     maintains the blog ‘Writing for Research’ and is well known for his book Authoring a PhD: How
                     to plan, draft, write and finish a doctoral dissertation or thesis.



This year the organising committee has provided a mentoring opportunity for students attending the APSA workshop and conference.
This is an occasion for students to gain advice on their PhD and for experienced academics to share their knowledge and insights, and
provide valuable assistance. On behalf of the students, we thank all academics who volunteered their time and experience.

Mentors and mentees were advised of their match prior to the event and are encouraged to meet at Monday lunchtime to discuss
issues which concern the student. This is to be considered a one-time mentoring activity, with no obligations to continue the mentoring
arrangement after the conference. If you are still interested in being mentored or in providing mentoring during the conference, please
approach the organising committee for further information.


The APSA Postgraduate Workshop 2015 has been designed, developed and organised for postgraduates and early career researchers
to addresses generic skills and career development. With the assistance of Nivek Thompson, APSA Postgraduate Representative, we
surveyed political science students and early career researchers to gain insight into learning priorities. The resulting programme offers a
range of skill and career development sessions. We were particularly pleased about the contributions from leading academics who will
provide useful, informative, and engaging presentations.

In organising and providing this year’s APSA Postgraduate Workshop, the organising committee is particularly grateful for the support
and encouragement of David Marsh and Mark Evans. Thanks to David’s early initiative to form a committee of volunteer postgraduate
students, we’ve been able to build the event from the students’ perspective. It is David’s and Mark’s genuine interest in providing
development opportunities and encouragement to students that lies behind the additional student awards on offer this year and the
mentoring opportunity.

Thank you to staff and students at IGPA who have also volunteered their time to the workshop.

The organising committee has been thrilled by the interest expressed in the workshop through such high registration numbers. On
behalf of all involved in organising the workshop, the committee hopes that the learning and development opportunities provided are
valuable to you. We wish you success and joy in your PhD and early academic journeys.

L-R Lyndal Hasselman, Pia Rowe & Marion Carter

Lyndal Hasselman, Pia Rowe, Marion Carter
Organising Committee

                              2015 APSA CONFERENCE - LIST OF ALL PANELS & PANEL MEMBERS

                         Panels                                   Panel Members                    Day/Time                  Room
                                                          Rob Weymouth & Nivek Thompson
1. Types of Democratic Innovations                        Juana Andrade de Lucini               Monday: 13:30-15:00           2A12
                                                          Carolyn Hendriks & Albert Dzur
                                                          Wendy Russell
                                                          Melissa Lovell
2. Responses to Democratic Innovations                                                          Monday: 15:30-17:00           2A12
                                                          Qhubani Moyo
                                                          Annie Bolitho
                                                       Selen Ercan, Carolyn Hendriks & John
3. The Deliberative System of Environmental Governance Dryzek                                   Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2A12
                                                       Gregor Edeson
                                                          Kei Nishiyama
4. Empirical Applications of the Deliberative Systems     Simon Niemeyer, Nicole Curato &
                                                                                                Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2A12
Approach                                                  Andre Bachtiger
                                                          Sergio Guillen
                                                          Marit Boeker
5. Deliberation and Culture                               Jensen Sass                           Tuesday: 15:30-17:00          2A12
                                                          John Parkinson
                                                          Catherine Settle
6. Deliberation Within and Beyond State Institutions                                           Wednesday: 11:00-12:30         2A6
                                                          Qin Xuan
                                                          Bede Harris
7. Defending Democracy, Protecting Participation          Bruce Arnold                          Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2B3
                                                          Wendy Bonython & Melanie Wilde
                                                          Adrian Little
8. Borders as Connections: Critical Interventions to      Umut Ozguc
                                                                                                Monday: 9:00-10:30            2B2
Border Studies                                            Samid Suliman
                                                          Nathan Bell
                                                          Priya Chacko & Kanishka
9. Emerging Contests: The Future of Politics and
                                                          Andrew Rosser                         Monday: 11:00-12:30           2B3
Democracy in Asia
                                                          Czeslaw Tubilewicz
                                                          Vedi Hadiz & Kevin Hewison
                                                          John Halligan
10. Parliament and its Committees: A Channel for Public
                                                          Carolyn Hendriks & Adrian Kay         Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2C5
                                                          Ian Marsh & Matt Flinders
                                                          Helen Pringle
11. Temporary Labour Migration                                                                  Monday: 9:00-10:30            2A6
                                                          Anna Boucher & Justin Gest
                                                          Katherine Smits
12. Feminist Political Theory in Legal and Political      Helen Pringle
                                                                                                Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2A4
Frameworks                                                Kcasey McLoughlin & Bronwyn
                                                          Adrian Little
13. Testing the Limits of Reconciliation and Conflict
                                                          Sarah Maddison                        Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2C5
                                                          Francesca Dominello
                                                          Nicole Bolleyer & Anika Gauja
                                                          Graeme Orr
14. The Intersection of Politics and Law in Australia                                          Wednesday: 13:30-15:00         2A6
                                                          Andrew Banfield, Keith Dowding,
                                                          Matthew Kerby & Shawn Treier
                                                          Sara Bice, Fiona Haines, Helen
                                                          Sullivan & Martin Bortz
15. Energy and the Public                                                                       Monday: 9:00-10:30            2A14
                                                          Carolyn Hendriks, Sonya Duus &
                                                          Selen Ercan
                                                          James Goodman
16. Energy Policy and Politics                            Jonathan Marshall                     Monday: 11:00-12:30           2A14
                                                          Rebecca Pearse
                                                          Francesco Bailo
17. Comparative Perspectives on Populism                  Katherine McCabe                      Monday: 11:00-12:30           2B4
                                                          Ben Stanley & Vlastimil Havlik
                                                          Antony Green
                                                          Anika Gauja
18. Vote Compass                                                                               Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2C5
                                                          Simon Kelly, Lorann Downer & Chris

             Monday                                                  Tuesday
                                                                      20                                                Wednesday
Stephen Mills
                                                           Andrea Carson, Aaron Martin, Scott
19. The Future of Participation in Voting and Elections    Wright & Andrew Gibbons              Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2B4
                                                           Max Groemping
                                                           Ross Stitt
                                                           Narelle Miragliotta
                                                           Bert Fraussen & Darren Halpin
20. The Future of Australian Parties and Think Tanks                                            Wednesday: 11:00-12:30         2B4
                                                           Glenn Kefford & Duncan McDonnell
                                                           Anika Gauja
                                                           Marija Taflaga
                                                           Max Groemping
21. Media and Political Participation                                                           Wednesday: 13:30-15:00         2B4
                                                           Edwina Throsby
                                                           Francesco Bailo & Ariadne Vromen
                                                           Philippa Collin
                                                           Penelope Bowyer-Pont
22. New Political Organisations                                                                 Wednesday: 15:30-17:00         2B4
                                                           Darren Halpin & Bert Fraussen
                                                           Francesco Bailo
                                                           Zuleika Arashiro
23. Decolonising Political Science                         Eileen Hanrahan                      Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2C9
                                                           Sara Motta
                                                           Ian McAllister
24. The Future of Election Studies                         Simon Jackman                         Monday: 13:30-15:00           2B4
                                                           Michael Jensen
                                                           Alana Mann
25. Food Politics and Policy                               Luke Craven                           Tuesday: 15:30-17:00          2A13
                                                           Paul Belesky
                                                           Liang Jiang
26. Ethnic Representation in Politics (1)                                                        Monday: 13:30-15:00           2A6
                                                           Fiona Barker
                                                           Jillian Sheppard
27. Ethnic Representation in Politics (2)                                                        Monday: 15:30-17:00           2A6
                                                           Luke Mansillo
                                                           Anika Gauja
                                                           Rob Manwaring
28. Policy Transfer (1)                                                                          Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2C7
                                                           Andrew O’Neil
                                                           Lindy Edwards
                                                           Ben Spies-Butcher & Shaun Wilson
29. Policy Transfer (2)                                    Tim Legrand                           Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2C7
                                                           Andrew Scott
                                                           Dan Woodman
30. Generations in Politics and Policy                     Ben Spies-Butcher                     Monday: 9:00-10:30            2C1
                                                           Ariadne Vromen
                                                           Vincent Blokker
31. European Union (EU)                                                                          Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2C8
                                                           Douglas Webber
                                                           Edward Yencken
32. Australian Foreign Policy                              Karin von Strokirch                  Wednesday: 15:30-17:00         2B2
                                                           Michael Davis
                                                           Aliya Abbasi
                                                           Chungshik Moon
33. International Political Economy                                                             Wednesday: 13:30-15:00         2B2
                                                           Dean Coldicott
                                                           Eric Masters
                                                           Sabine Selchow
34. International Relations Theory                         Evren Eken                            Monday: 11:00-12:30           2B2
                                                           Shahar Hameiri
                                                           Morgan Gibson
35. Middle East (1)                                                                              Tuesday: 15:30-17:00          2B2
                                                           Gus Olwan
                                                           Osman Antwi- Boateng
36. Middle East (2)                                                                             Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2B2
                                                           David Sadler
                                                           Edward Lai
37. Chinese Politics                                                                             Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2C8
                                                           James McCormack
                                                           Evren Eken
                                                           Lee Morgenbesser
38. International Relations/Comparative Politics Methods                                         Tuesday: 15:30-17:00          2C7
                                                           Rodrigo Praino
                                                           Keith Dowding
                                                           Lara Basanovich & Tod Moore
39. Genocide                                                                                     Monday: 15:30-17:00           2C9
                                                           Maria Armoudian

             Monday                                                    21
                                                                      Tuesday                                            Wednesday
Sabine Selchow
40. Security (1)                                   John Langmore                        Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2B2
                                                   Tynyshtyk Mailibayeva
                                                   Jamal Barnes
41. Security (2)                                   James Dwyer                          Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2B2
                                                   Bryan Walker
                                                   Temple Uwalaka
                                                   Ibrahim Biu
42. Nigerian Politics                                                                   Tuesday: 15:30-17:00          2C1
                                                   Zasha Tersoo Zasha
                                                   Daniel Agbiboa
43. Panel reallocated
                                                   Shaun Ratcliff
                                                   Tim Battin
44. Parties                                                                             Monday: 13:30-15:00           2C8
                                                   David Marshall
                                                   Annika Werner
                                                   Farah Naz
45. Democratisation                                Jong-Sung You                       Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2A13
                                                   Sung Young Kim
                                                   Sokphea Young
46. Citizen Engagement/Anti Politics               Elizabeth Humphrys                  Wednesday: 11:00-12:30         2A12
                                                   Emma Vines
                                                   Lorann Downer
47. Leadership (1)                                                                      Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2C9
                                                   Jiri J. Sebek
                                                   John Kane & Dennis Grube
                                                   James Walter & Carolyn Holbrook
48. Leadership (2)                                                                      Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2C9
                                                   Natasha Lindfield
                                                   Sue Ingram
                                                   Greg Melleuish
49. Religion and Politics                          Jonathan Malloy                     Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2A6
                                                   Doug Hynd
                                                   Awidya Santikajaya
50. International Relations                        Stephen Westcott                     Monday: 13:30-15:00           2B2
                                                   Scott Robertson
                                                   Morgan Gibson & Grace Shaw
51. Power of Business                                                                   Monday: 9:00-10:30            2B3
                                                   Katie Singleton
                                                   James English
52. Indigenous Politics (1)                        Morgan Brigg                         Monday: 9:00-10:30            2A13
                                                   Neil MacDonald
                                                   Michael Jones
53. Indigenous Politics (2)                                                             Monday: 11:00-12:30           2A13
                                                   Alex Page
                                                   Will Sanders
54. Indigenous Politics (3)                        Teresa Ryan                          Monday: 13:30-15:00           2A13
                                                   Sophie Adams
                                                   Chungshik Moon
55. Gender, Religion and International Relations   Helen Berents                       Wednesday: 15:30-17:00         2C7
                                                   Alana Moore
                                                   Amira Aftab
                                                   Gillian Whitehouse & Marian Baird
56. Gender, Institutionalism and Democracy                                              Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2C1
                                                   Katrine Beauregard
                                                   Hiroko Levy & Shiro Sakaiya
                                                   Marian Sawer & Alicia Turner
                                                   Marija Taflaga & Jill Sheppard
57. Women in Parliament                                                                Wednesday: 11:00-12:30         2C7
                                                   Peter Van Onselen
                                                   Minou de Ruiter
                                                   Asli Peker
58. Past and Future Political Science                                                  Wednesday: 11:00-12:30         2C9
                                                   Tod Moore
                                                   Comfort Max-Wirth
59. Role of Media                                                                       Monday: 9:00-10:30            2C7
                                                   Ray Hartman
                                                   Ray Hartman
                                                   Rod Tiffen
60. Media and Spin                                                                      Monday: 11:00-12:30           2C7
                                                   Caroline Fisher
                                                   Mick Chisnall

              Monday                                            Tuesday
61. Panel reallocated
62. Public Participation in Environmental Governance:   Gareth Bryant
                                                                                               Monday: 13:30-15:00           2A14
Theory and Practice                                     Lain Dare
                                                        Bruce Tranter
63. Fractures in Australian Environmental Politics      Jonathan Pickering                     Monday: 15:30-17:00           2A14
                                                        Jessica O’Neil
                                                        Christine Winter
64. Green Political Theory: New Perspectives            Johanna Garnett                        Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2A14
                                                        Ben Glasson
                                                        Michael Thomas
65. Theorising Global Sustainability                    Pedram Rashidi                         Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2A14
                                                        Fred Gale
                                                        Mikael Skou Andersen
66. Political Economy of the Environment: Taxes and
                                                        Alex Lo                               Wednesday: 15:30-17:00         2A13
                                                        Paul Belesky
                                                        Benjamin Isakhan
67. History and Practice of Democracy                                                         Wednesday: 11:00-12:30         2A13
                                                        Jean-Paul Gagnon
                                                        Joel Flores-Mariscal
68. Disciplinary Overviews                                                                    Wednesday: 15:30-17:00         2C9
                                                        Marcin Waldoch
                                                        Stephen Bell
69. Historical Institutionalism                         Kurt Walpole                          Wednesday: 13:30-15:00         2A14
                                                        David Marsh and Paul Fawcett
                                                        Luke Glanville
                                                        Edward Lai
70. States                                                                                    Wednesday: 15:30-17:00         2A4
                                                        Malin Karlsson
                                                        Stephen Owen & Scott Bridges
                                                        Sean Quinn
71. On Democracy                                        Thomas Rose                           Wednesday: 13:30-15:00         2A13
                                                        Tom Chodor
                                                        Sean Barry
                                                        Linda Botterill
72. The Study of Public Policy (1)                                                             Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2C6
                                                        Alan Fenna & Alan Tapper
                                                        Keith Dowding & Aaron Martin
                                                        Marian Baird
                                                        Louisa Mamouney & Brian Coffey
73. The Study of Public Policy (2)                                                             Tuesday: 15:30-17:00          2C6
                                                        Phillippe Zittoun & Brenton Prosser
                                                        Jessicah Mullins
                                                        Cosmo Howard & Jack Corbett
74. Understanding Policy Making                         Helen Sullivan & Damon Alexander       Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2C6
                                                        Brian Head
75. Panel reallocated
                                                        Lyndal Hasselman
                                                        Leonie Pearson, Lain Dare &
76. Environment                                                                               Wednesday: 11:00-12:30         2A14
                                                        Katherine Daniell
                                                        Brian Coffey
                                                        Seung Hun Hong
77. Regulation                                                                                 Monday: 9 :00-10:30           2C6
                                                        Christopher Walker
                                                        Timothy Legrand
78. Sectoral Policy                                                                            Monday: 11:00-12:30           2C6
                                                        Chris Sadleir & Greg Mahony
                                                        Linda Botterill & Geoff Cockfield
                                                        Jenny Lewis
79. Policy Practice                                                                            Monday: 15:30-17:00           2C6
                                                        Ian Marsh, Kate Crowley, Richard
                                                        Ecclestone & David Adams
                                                        Karl Lofgren & Brad Jackson
80. Research Impact                                     Jennifer Bell                          Monday: 13:30-15:00           2C6
                                                        Cathy Alexander
                                                        Gwenda Tavan
81. Immigration (1)                                     Patrick Brownlee                       Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2A13
                                                        Kate McMillan
                                                        Luke Mansillo
82. Immigration (2)                                     Isabel Little                          Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2A13
                                                        Craig McLean
                                                        Dahlia Simangan
83. Post Conflict and Statebuilding                     Stephanie Jacobs                       Monday: 15:30-17:00           2C5
                                                        Joanne Wallis

             Monday                                               Tuesday
David Carter & Marion Carter
84. Constructivist Approaches                Blair Williams                       Wednesday: 11:00-12:30         2C6
                                             Maria Maley & Katrina Lee-Koo
                                             Jennifer Cheng
85. Ethnicity                                Juliet Pietsch, Jen Kwok & Ben Sun   Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2A14
                                             Or Avi Guy
                                             Juliet Pietsch & Jen Kwok
86. Representation and Ethnicity                                                   Monday: 11:00-12:30           2A6
                                             Heba Batainah
                                             Hal Colebatch
87. Conceptual Approaches to Public Policy                                        Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2C6
                                             David Marsh & Jack Corbett
                                             Hal Colebatch
88. Research and Policy Outcomes             Michele Ferguson                     Wednesday: 13:30-15:00         2C9
                                             Roger Scott & Ann Scott
                                             Jenny Chesters
                                             Kirsty MacFarlane
89. Policy Areas                                                                   Tuesday: 11:00-12:30          2A6
                                             Peter Alsen
                                             Katie Attwell & David Smith
                                             Bligh Grant & Roberta Ryan
90. Urban Policy                             Madeleine Pill                       Wednesday: 13:30-15:00         2C6
                                             Caroline Doyle
                                             Jo Barraket, Michael Moran & Andrew
91. Public Sector Reform                                                         Wednesday: 15:30-17:00          2C6
                                             Ram Ghimire
                                             Thaneshwar Bhusal
                                             Richard Gbemudia
92. Alternative Methods                      Nikki Moodie                          Tuesday: 15:30-17:00          2B3
                                             Kim Huynh
                                             Adele Lausberg
93. Gender                                   Erin O’Brien                         Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2C7
                                             Mumita Tanjeela
                                             Elizabeth Kirk
94. Gambling                                 Tanya Davidson et al                  Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2A6
                                             Bryan Rodgers
                                             Nicholas Bromfield
95. Political Speeches and Public Opinion    Katharine Gelber                      Tuesday: 13:30-15:00          2B3
                                             Ben Goldsmith
                                             Eun Jeong Soh
                                             Thipsarin Phaktanakul & Thosaphon
96. Country-Based Studies                                                         Wednesday: 9:00-10:30          2C8
                                             Alex Chung
                                             John Hardy
97. Conflict and Cooperation                                                       Monday: 11:00-12:30           2C5
                                             Mirza Sadaqat Huda
                                             Jillian Sheppard
98. National Identity                                                              Monday: 11:00-12:30           2A4
                                             Kumar Khadka
99. Panel reallocated
                                             Rizwan Zeb
100. Politics and Policy in Asia (1)         Paul Kenny                            Monday: 13:30-15:00           2B3
                                             Ferdiansyah Rivai
                                             Stephanie Lawson
101. Politics and Policy in Asia (2)         Adam Simpson                          Monday: 15:30-17:00           2B3
                                             Rizwan Zeb
                                             Kim Nossal
102. Australian Politics (1)                                                       Monday: 9:00-10:30            2C9
                                             Natalie Boal
                                             Max King
103. Australian Politics (2)                 Geoffrey Robinson                     Monday: 15:30-17:00           2C8
                                             Sara Motta
                                             Luke Deer
104. Critical Realism                        Colin Wight                          Wednesday: 15:30-17:00         2A12
                                             Paul Fawcett

                Monday                                   24
                                                        Tuesday                                            Wednesday
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