IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210

IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210

 Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623
                       (585) 424-3210
IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210
IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210
Atalanta Halloumi #29665 12/8.8 oz
                            Made from sheep‘s milk, this cheese has a firm, bouncy texture. Mild, tangy, creamy and
                            slightly salty. Slice and place on a grill or pan-fry. This is a cheese used in Saganaki, a
                            traditional Greek cuisine.
                            Country of Origin: Cyprus

Celebrity Goat, Plain #28668 6/11 oz
                      #30020 2/2.2 lb
Made from goat‘s milk, this kosher cheese is fresh and smooth. The taste is slightly sharp
and lightly acidic. Great for topping on a pizza, or spreading onto a crusty French baguette.
COR Kosher and Crescent-M Halal.
Country of Origin: Canada

                       Cilento Buffalo Mozzarella
                       Made with 100% whole Buffalo milk, from one or sometimes two daily milkings. The Buffalo
                       cows are exclusively fed corn, and carefully selected hay, bran and straw on the prairie grasses.
                       The paste is layered with a slight eye formation, slightly elastic in the first 8 - 10 hours. There is a
                       hint of musk and when cut it should have all the aroma of the live lactic cultures of the buffalo
                       milk. (Pre-Order Air Shipment)
                        Country of Origin: Italy

Coombe Castle Crème Fraiche S/O #33375 12/6 oz
French for fresh cream, it is a heavy cream that has been slightly soured with a bacterial culture, much in
the way that sour cream is. However, it is much milder and sweeter than sour cream, and it has a silky
smooth texture. Ladle over fresh berries, or use as a dessert topping or sweet filling for crêpes.
Country of Origin: England

                   Zerto Ricotta Salata
                   A variation of Ricotta, this pure white, firm, rindless cheese originated in the hot, dry island climate
                   of Sicily. It is made from lightly salted sheep's milk curd that is pressed and dried, then aged for a
                   minimum of three months. Ricotta Salata has a supple, mild taste. It's not at all ―sheepy‖ or salty, but
                   rather has a nutty, sweet, milky flavor. Extremely versatile, Ricotta Salata can be used in salads and
                   pasta dishes and is ideal for grating.
                   Country of Origin: Italy

IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210
Alta Langa Robiola Bosina S/O #34061 12/250 gm
     Robiola Bosina is a fresh, soft-ripened cheese made with two milks: cow‘s and sheep‘s milk.
     Square shaped, each cheese is individually wrapped, therefore easy to handle. Soft, creamy,
     and lightly fragrant due to the delicate balance of the two milks. It is important to serve at
     room temperature in order to better savor the fullness of its taste. (Pre-Order Air Shipment)

     Country of Origin: Italy

                     Alta Langa La Tur
                     La Tur (in Piedmontese dialect) means ―The Tower‖, this cheese is named for the tower in the
                     village of its origin. The cheese is soft, delicate and has the perfect blend of the three types of
                     milks to give it a very particular taste. It will become slightly softer and more runny as it ages.
                     Delicious and unique, it is aged about 10 days.
                     Country of Origin: Italy

    Il Forteto Brinata S/O #33807 3/2 lb
    Pure Sheep‘s Milk Fresh Cheese. The surface of the edible rind is crusted with a delicate
    white mold, resembling felt, which makes the fresh cheese even softer and tastier by
    favoring the growth of typical micro flora. The production process is quite complex
    because only a correct balance between humidity and temperature during aging can ensure
    uniform molding of the rind. This cheese is best eaten with rind.
    (Pre-Order Air Shipment)
    Country of Origin: Italy

                               Boursin Garlic & Herb S/O #33993 12/5.25 oz
                               Made from fresh cow‘s milk cream with a blend of garlic and herbs. The taste is mild and
                               creamy with a herbaceous undertone. Delicious spread on crackers, crusty bread, or in a hot

                               Country of Origin: France

Eiffel Tower Brie #18313 1/1 kilo
                  #2879 1/2.5 kilo
Made from pasteurized cow‘s milk, the rind on this cheese is edible and the inside is soft and
creamy in texture. The flavor is smooth, rich and creamy. Serve with sliced apples or pears.
Country of Origin: Canada

IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210
Eiffel Tower Baby Brie S/O #15772 12/7 oz
                            Made from cow‘s milk, the rind on this cheese is edible and the inside is soft and
                            creamy in texture. The flavor is smooth, rich and creamy. Serve warm in phyllo dough
                            with jam.
                            Country of Origin: Canada

Eiffel Tower Baby Camembert S/O #33061 12/7 oz
Made from cow‘s milk, this is a creamy cheese similar to Brie. It is crumbly when fresh,
runny and strong when ripe. Serve uncooked with bread or with wine.
Country of Origin: Canada

                          Friendship Brie in Tins #18965 12/4.5 oz
                          These quarter pound rounds of Danish Brie are canned, giving them a much longer
                          shelf life. The Brie is mild flavored with a fairly creamy, ivory colored texture. It is
                          perfect for catering, appetizers, picnics, and more.

                         Country of Origin: Denmark

 Tuxford & Tebbutt Shropshire S/O #34387 2/4 lb
 Cow's milk blue-veined cheese marbled with a bluish-green mold. Almost similar to Stilton in
 size and texture, Shropshire Blue's most defining characteristic is the bright orange color (added
 annatto) of the body with brighter blue veins than that of Stilton. With a creamier body than
 Stilton, you'll notice a more pronounced tangy and sharp aftertaste with lingering hints of red
 Country of Origin: England

                    Cashel Irish Blue
                    Cashel Blue is a young, somewhat mild and extra creamy cow‘s milk cheese which, unlike some
                    blues, is not too salty. It is a fabulous alternative to Gorgonzola or Stilton. Louis and Jane
                    Grubb, a husband and wife team, make Cashel entirely by hand from whole, pasteurized
                    (unhomogenized) cow's milk. Excellent served with fruits and crusty bread. Suitable for
                    Country of Origin: Ireland

IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210
St. Clemens Blue #32960 1/6 lb
St. Clemens Blue is made from a cow‘s milk and it has a semi-soft texture. It also embodies a
creamy and earthy taste. Sprinkle on salad or pizza, or use in dressing. This cheese is available in
crumbled cups, a 4.4oz wedge or in a 5 or 6 pound wheel.
Country of Origin: Denmark

                        Tuxford & Tebbutt Blue Stilton
                        Its blue veins radiate outward from a natural, crinkly brown crust, revealing the prized
                        smooth, honeyed flavor of traditional Stilton. Flavor ranges from mild and sharp when young-
                        to rich and tangy when mature. This 3 month aged cheese has a smooth creamy pale curd
                        with blue veining throughout. Try with a crusty baguette and a tart apple.
                        Country of Origin: England

  Coombe Castle White Stilton with Apricots S/O #21973 2/2.2 lb
  Succulent apricot pieces add their delicate sweetness to cheese. The exotic, round flavor of
  this tiny fruit has been preserved, and thus intensified, during a drying process. A young,
  close-textured cheese with a very mild, fresh, slightly sour flavor and creamy-crumbly
  texture. Wonderful as a table cheese or gently melted, can even be crumbled over salads
  for an off-beat ―signature‖ dish. At tea time, try on warm buttered scones with apricot
  white tea.
  Country of Origin: England

                           White Stilton with Cherries S/O #24839 2/2.2 lb
                           A White Stilton bursting with cherries, this is a delicious blend of creamy cheese and
                           sweetened American dark red cherries. It is made in the same way as Blue Stilton except it has
                           not had blue mold introduced into it. When blended with fruit, White Stilton takes on a new
                           character, sharing exotic flavors with the bits of color that adorn it. Each mouthful releases a
                           burst of tart and sweet to compliment the mild-mannered cheese.
                           Country of Origin: England

  White Stilton with Apples & Pears S/O #25468 2/2.2 lb
  White Stilton is a cheese that hails from Leicestershire. It is a vegetarian cheese made from
  cow's milk with 45% milk fat and a texture ranging from semi-soft and slightly crumbly to
  creamy. Apples and pears already accompany cheese so well on cheese platters and in desserts
  (think apple pie with melted Cheddar on top), it‘s surprising a pear and apple cheese wasn‘t
  invented sooner!
 Country of Origin: England

IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210
White Stilton with Blueberries S/O #21972 2/4.4 lb
                             On its own, White Stilton is a young cow‘s milk cheese with a mellow, slightly acidic flavor
                             and creamy-crumbly texture with real blueberries mixed into it. It is made in the same way as
                             Blue Stilton except that the ―white‖ version has not had blue mold introduced into it. Each
                             mouthful releases a burst of tart and sweet to complement the mild-mannered cheese.
                             Country of Origin: England

Coombe Castle White Stilton with Mango & Ginger S/O #22706 2/4.4 lb
It is a vegetarian cheese made from cow's milk with a texture ranging from semi-soft and slightly
crumbly to creamy. Due to its mild flavor, lemon-fresh acidity and pleasing white color, Stilton is a
perfect cheese to blend with fruits. Mango and Ginger Stilton works as a spreadable snacking
cheese or crumbled over dishes, especially salads. When sliced, it breaks off into chunks flecked
with bright nuggets of fruit.
Country of Origin: England

                                Vernieres Roquefort S/O #2747 4/3 lb
                                Roquefort has a tingly, pungent taste. Only the milk of specially- bred sheep is used in the
                                making of this cheese. Ripened in limestone caverns, Roquefort is creamy, thick and white
                                on the inside with a thin, burnt-orange skin and an intense blue flavor. Delicious on a
                                baguette, salad, or melted on a steak.
                                Country of Origin: France

    Gelmini Gorgonzola S/O #33070 15/7 oz
                       S/O 22379 4/3 lb
    Mountain Gorgonzola is firmer, more heavily veined with a touch of sharpness. An excellent
    table cheese, Gorgonzola also cooks well. Its flavor mellows when cooked and goes well with
    pasta, eggs, vegetables and chicken. Try it blended with sweet butter and used as a topping
    for grilled meats, or use as an ingredient for sauces and stuffing.
    Country of Origin: Italy

                                St. Clemens Lite S/O #32269 1/9 lb
                                This Lite version of Creamy Havarti is made with the same washed-rind process and
                                infused with extra cream for a delightfully creamy sweet flavor. This delicious low calorie
                                cheese works well both grilled and melted, but also as a snack with figs, raisins, walnuts or
                               Country of Origin: Denmark

IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210
St. Clemens Havarti with Jalapeno S/O #32270 1/9 lb
Havarti, which boasts a hefty 60% fat in dry matter, has a silky feel. Semi-soft cow‘s
milk cheese with myriad tiny holes and a creamy texture. This lovely cheese tastes
buttery with a kick of jalapeno peppers. Perfect for your favorite hot or cold sandwich.
Country of Origin: Denmark

                           St. Clemens Havarti with Dill #2898 1/9 lb
                           A cow‘s milk cheese that has cream added for an extra smooth texture. It is semi-soft and
                           laced with pin-sized holes. It has a mild, sweet and creamy taste and is perfect on bread or
                           as a melting cheese. This cheese combines all that with the delightful dill taste. Try
                           wrapping in a puff pastry and baking for an appetizer.
                           Country of Origin: Denmark

 St. Clemens Havarti with Caraway S/O #4471 1/9 lb
 Semi-soft cow‘s milk cheese with tiny holes and caraway seeds. This cheese has a mild,
 creamy, and buttery flavor. Try melting on a turkey burger or in a sandwich of your
 Country of Origin: Denmark

                               Celebrity Int’l Creamy Havarti with Herbs
                               With its outstanding melting qualities, Havarti is a prized cheese in the kitchen.
                               Celebrity‘s Creamy Havarti with Herbs works well both grilled and melted, but also as a
                               snack with salmon and hearty bread. Boasts a hefty 60% fat in dry matter and is actually
                               enriched with more cream than regular Havarti so that it feels silkier and more
                               luxurious in the mouth.
                               Country of Origin: Denmark

St. Clemens Havarti with Herbs S/O #13224 1/9 lb
St. Clemens Creamy Havarti with Herbs works well both grilled and melted, but also
as a snack with salmon and hearty bread. It is actually enriched with more cream than
regular Havarti so that it feels silkier and more luxurious in the mouth.
Country of Origin: Denmark

IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210
St. Clemens Creamy 60+ Havarti #17802 1/9 lb
                                    Havarti is a semi-soft cow‘s milk cheese with myriad tiny holes and a creamy texture.
                                    This lovely cheese that boasts a hefty 60% fat in dry matter tastes just as buttery as it
                                    smells, and is ready to melt at the drop of a hat.
                                    Country of Origin: Denmark

Agriform Asiago Pressato
Young Asiago ("dolce" or "fresco") has an aroma slightly reminiscent of yogurt and butter. Its
supple texture and pale color reflect its abbreviated 20 day aging period. The flavor is sweet,
with a bright, youthful quality. Made from pasteurized cows milk, and made for snacking
alongside crisp, lemon flavored Pinot Grigio. This wonderful young cheese could be used as a
table cheese or added into creamy pasta sauces, as it is a great melting cheese.
Country of Origin: Italy

                            Arrigoni Taleggio S/O #31731 1/4.6 lb
                            Taleggio boasts a pale yellow interior with a rich, buttery, slightly salty flavor. Along with its
                            flavor and appearance, its rough, rosy crust is what gives it its individuality. Taleggio
                            develops a more assertive and tangy flavor as it matures.
                            Country of Origin: Italy

  Entremonts Comte 10 Month S/O #32141 1/80 lb
  Made from raw cow‘s milk, this sizable wheel is aged 10 months to ensure an authentic
  sweet mountain flavor, nutty tang, and complex flavor sometimes even reminiscent of
  hazelnuts, nutmeg, and caramel. When the cheese is made with summer milk, it tastes
  fruity, and with winter milk, it takes on a nutty flavor. Although the crust is tough, the
  interior is soft and chewy. A staple in any French household for cooking, snacking,
  fondue, sandwiches, and salads. This cheese is a natural match for a red Burgundy.
   Country of Origin: France

                         St. Clemens Fontina
                         Fontina, a semi-soft cow‗s milk cheese is the ultimate melting cheese, as well as an interesting
                         substitute for Cheddar and Swiss in cooking. Although not as complex as its DOP namesake, it
                         has nevertheless amassed a legion of fans for its mild, tangy, milky flavor, its silky texture, and
                         its exquisite melting quality. It has a distinctive aroma that gives it enough character to hold up
                         on a pizza. It also pairs well with fruit on a cheeseboard and is easy-going enough to accompany
                         a variety of wines, red or white.
                         Country of Origin: Sweden

IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SPECIALTY CHEESE GUIDE - Palmer Food Service 900 Jefferson Road Rochester, NY 14623 (585) 424-3210
Don Juan Manchego Loaf
     The abundance of wild herbs gives Manchego a special taste and aroma. Its flavor is zesty and
     exuberant, while its texture is firm but not dry. Manchego can be recognized by the zigzag
     pattern etched into its rind. Underneath the inedible rind, the interior is ivory colored with
     few small holes.
     Country of Origin: Spain

                     Don Juan Manchego 4 Month S/O #21964 2/7 lb
                     The Don Juan producer brings us this 4 month Manchego, a DOP sheep‘s milk cheese from
                     La Mancha. It is made from the milk of Manchega sheep. The four month Manchego is one
                     of the youngest wheel‘s and is coated in a light green wax to set it apart from the other ages of
                     Country of Origin: Spain

                    Don Juan Manchego Aged 1 year S/O #21966 2/7 lb
                    True Manchego is made from 100% sheep's milk and made only in the La Mancha region of
                    central Spain. Cheeses from Spain are commonly made from sheep's milk because most of the
                    territory is rocky and dry—unfriendly to cows, but suitable to raising goats and sheep. The
                    abundance of wild herbs on Central Spain's grazing lands gives 12 month Manchego a special
                    taste and aroma. The extra curing time produces a Manchego with a firmer paste and longer
                    finish. This Manchego is dressed in black wax to set it apart from the younger cheeses.

                    Country of Origin: Spain

Celebrity Fontina
Semi-soft, ultimate melting cheese. Fontina has a silky texture with a distinct aroma. Pairs well
with fruit or on a cheeseboard. Mild, tangy, milky flavor. Recognizable by its red rind.
Country of Origin: Denmark

Fromageries Bel Port Salut
                          A semi-soft natural cheese that is easily recognized by its orange rind. Unlike many other
                          French cheeses, it is rather mild and sweet in flavor. Smooth and velvety with a lightly acidic
                          taste. This is a great grilling cheese, but also tastes well accompanied with tangy fruits such as
                          raspberries and figs.
                          Country of Origin: France

Royal Mahout Paneer
Paneer is similar to pressed Ricotta, except the curd is drier and has no salt added. Completely
vegetarian with no animal rennet. Paneer is popular in curried dishes, and can also be wrapped in
dough and fried. Since this cheese does not melt, it serves as the meat of stir-fried dishes with thick
vegetable sauces and full spice flavors. It works well in place of tofu in certain Asian dishes, and in
place of Mozzarella or Provolone in marinated salads. It can be fried Halloumi-style, and it even
makes an interesting filling for spring rolls and croissants.
Country of Origin: USA

                              Mill Dance S/O #2917 2/6 lb
                              Edam (named for a northern Dutch town, not the Latin word) is a mellow, savory,
                              slightly salty, nutty cheese that has a pale yellow interior with a red paraffin coating. It is
                              made from partially-skimmed milk (30 to 40 percent milk fat.) A table cheese that is
                              ideal at breakfast and on sandwiches.
                              Country of Origin: Holland

   Mill Dance Smoked Gouda #2894 4/6 lb
   Smoked slowly in ancient, brick ovens over smoldering hickory chip embers, this sausage
   shaped cheese is perfect for impromptu picnics party platters or midnight snacks. Sensational
   with beer, this hard cheese has an edible, brown rind and a creamy, yellow interior.
   Country of Origin: Holland

                           Mill Dance Gouda S/O #27689 1/10 lb
                           A characteristic yellow interior dotted with a few tiny holes. It has a mild, nutlike flavor that is
                           very similar to Edam but its texture is slightly creamier due to its higher milk fat content. The
                           Dutch make a dish called kaasdoop, a Gouda fondue served with potatoes and rye bread.
                           Country of Origin: Holland

Beemster Goat
                            Smooth and silky, yet tasty and aromatic. Goat‘s milk is composed of smaller fat
                            particles which the human body is able to more easily digest. The milk is also high in
                            protein. This is a great cheese for platters and oven dishes.
                            Country of Origin: Holland

 Beemster with Mustard Seed S/O #26078 1/10 lb
 Beemster with Mustard is a unique cheese with robust flavor. This cheese is sure to
 pleasantly surprise any audience. Beemster with Mustard Seed is a superb addition to
 hamburgers on the grill or any dish where the added texture of the mustard seeds can be
 Country of Origin: Holland

                            Beemster Lite
                            Beemster Lite achieves a superb taste with 33% less fat than regular ―Gouda type" cheeses.
                            Aged for 5 months, Lite gives cheese lovers an afternoon snack without feeling that they
                            are ruining their diets.
                            Country of Origin: Holland

Beemster Classic S/O #25964 1/24 lb
Beemster Classic is matured for no less than 18 mos. to ensure wonderfully complex
taste. The beautiful color of this cheese instantly reminds you of caramel. It is the
perfect age for any kind of cheese connoisseur to enjoy. One can enjoy Classic on a
lunch sandwich in grade school or with fine wines at a dinner party.
Country of Origin: Holland

                           Beemster XO S/O #25963 1/24 lb
                           Matured for 26 months, it is Beemster's oldest cheese. As a cheese matures, the flavors
                           one tastes in the cheese expands. As this process happens moisture also exits the cheese,
                           thus leaving the cheese tasting crumbly and granular in one's mouth. Due to Beemster's
                           unique milk, X-O- is able to obtain one of the widest flavor ranges possible in only 26
                           months and still retains its smooth and creamy taste. Wonderful with port wines, as well
                           as sweet whites, such as a Riesling. X-O can also be grated and used as a wonderful
                           alternative to Parmesan for pastas.
                           Country of Origin: Holland

Beemster Vlaskaas S/O #28557 1/32 lb
 This is a cheese that appeals to all varieties of consumers. The unique, creamy, sweet taste
 is favored by kids and adults alike. Great for use in Panini's, grilled cheese and fondue as
 it is a fantastic melting cheese. Winner of 3 Gold Medals in 2004-2005.

 Country of Origin: Holland

                                 Jarlsberg Wheel S/O #2943 1/23 lb
                                 The special bacteria that gives the cheese its famous wide-eye holes and its sugary sweet fla-
                                 vor are cultivated in a controlled environment and added to the curd midway through the
                                 cheese making process. The result is a beautiful and delicious Swiss cheese. Jarlsberg cheese
                                 is a Norwegian Emmenthal type cows milk cheese with large holes, a rich buttery texture
                                 and a mild, sweet, nutty flavor. It has a slightly lower fat content than Swiss cheese. Make a
                                 traditional Norwegian open-faced Jarlsberg sandwich by slicing thinly and place on buttered
                                 dark whole wheat bread garnished with parsley.

                                 Country of Origin: Norway

Jarlsberg Lite S/O #13048 1/12 lb
Jarlsberg Lite is a rindless low-fat variety of Jarlsberg introduced in the late ‗80's. Jarlsberg Lite also
has the characteristic large, round holes. It is pliable and can be cut with a cheese slicer. The taste is
rich, slightly sweet and nutty. This cheese is ideal for cheese boards and in salads. Great for use in
quiche recipes or sliced onto a sandwich. Made from cow‘s milk, this Emmental type cheese has
large holes throughout. Sugary sweet, mild, and nutty flavor.
Country of Origin: Norway

                   Polonaise Suwalski S/O #32052 2/8 lb
                   Suwalski cheese is rich in protein. It is made from pasteurized cow‘s milk and coagulates through the
                   use of both acid and animal rennet. After the whey is drained, the cheese goes into a form where it is
                   pressed, slated and ripened to achieve its characteristic taste and flavor. It has an even consistency
                   and a high nutritive value.

                   Country of Origin: Poland

Podlaski S/O #21786 4/7 lb
Semi-soft, smooth texture and a mild cheese with a slightly sweet flavor. Made from pasteurized
cow‘s milk, it is a good cooking and table cheese. Serve it with fresh fruit and dark, hearty bread.

Country of Origin: Poland

Zerto Reggianito S/O #27376 4/15 lb
                         Reggianito is the Spanish name for a small Parmesan-style cow‘s milk cheese. A huge flood of
                         Europeans moved to Argentina during the open immigration policy. The Italians missed their
                         Parmigiano Reggiano, so they began making it locally. Reggianito has its name because the wheels
                         are small; they were reduced to 15 lbs. from the enormous 80 lb. drums of Italy. Reggianito is cured
                         longer than any other South American hard cheese, leading to a rich, enhanced flavor. It is saltier
                         than its namesake, but with the traditional crystallized crunch. This cheese is ready to shred for a
                         zesty condiment.

                         Country of Origin: Argentina

Chimay Beer S/O #30044 1/15 lb
Chimay with Beer bears all the markings of a fine Trappist cheese; it is semi-hard and carefully
pressed for a uniform texture with tiny holes, all natural and pasteurized. This cheese is made on
the Scourmont farm near the French border, washed in beer (rather than spring water) to create a
distinctive natural rind, and then matured in the cellars of the abbey where it is overseen by the
monks themselves.
Country of Origin: Belgium

                               Rodenbach Brugge S/O #33822 1/7 lb
                               A firm, sliceable cheese that is soaked in the famous Flemish red ale Rodenbach beer.
                               Flemish reds are a variant of limbic beers, a family of beers fermented with wild yeasts. These
                               yeasts give the beer a tart, puckering flavor with a characteristic sour cherry finish.
                               Country of Origin: Belgium

Vello Romano S/O #25561 2/17 lb
Vello Romano is white and salty with a slightly higher moisture content, but with the same
grating possibilities and similar sharp characteristics of its namesake. Vello Romano can be used
in the same way as a Pecorino Romano. Grate it over pasta or chicken dishes.
Country of Origin: Denmark

                            Livardois Bleu D’Auvergne S/O #34351 4/3 lb
                            Made from unpasteurized cow‘s milk, this is a strong smelling cheese with 50% in dry fat
                            matter. Its moist, sticky rind conceals a soft paste possessing a grassy, herbaceous, and (with
                            age) spicy, pungent taste. Serve with pears and nut bread.
                            Country of Origin: France

Coombe Castle Wensleydale with Cranberries S/O #21787 2/2 lb
 Wensleydale is a traditional English cow‘s milk cheese, but this beloved version has whole
 cranberries scattered throughout, displaying flavors and dramatic visual impact. The flaky
 open texture, fresh clean flavor and honeyed aftertaste of the cheese are only enhanced by
 the succulence of tangy, sweet cranberries.
 Country of Origin: England

                          Double Gloucester S/O #32000 2/5
                          A traditional, unpasteurized, semi-hard cheese made in Gloucestershire. The full-cream, two
                          milking sessions in Double Gloucester gives it characteristic rich, buttery taste and flaky
                          texture. It is firm and bitable, like hard chocolate. The color is pale tangerine. It has a flavor
                          of cheese and onions., and although not as firm as Cheddar, it has a mellow, nutty character
                          with an orange-zest tang.
                          Country of Origin: England

  Cotswold Onion and Chive                    S/O #2742 2/5 lb
  Cotswold, also known as "Pub Cheese," is the name given to this hearty cheese that combines
  Double Gloucester with flavorful bits of chive and onion. A harmonious blend of mellow,
  crumbly cheese and powerful vegetables, Cotswold is a terrific complement to the softer, milder
  flavors on your cheese board. In England, it is a notoriously popular pub cheese that is commonly
  served with hard-crusted bread and a strong, dark ale. Wonderful melted on grilled chicken,
  chops, and atop burgers.
  Country of Origin: England

                             T&T Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar
                             Tickler is a mature Cheddar that is hugely popular in England. This cheese is guaranteed
                             to tickle and surprise American taste buds with its sweet, tangy flavor. Tasty, full-bodied,
                             and great for melting, Tickler has a flavor profile that goes beyond other extra mature
                             Cheddars. Tickler is made in the Taw Valley where it ripens for 18 months. Because of its
                             loaf shape, Tickler is popular for catering and in restaurants. In 2008 it won two awards:
                             The Caterer and Hotelkeeper – Excellence in Food and Drink Award for the dairy
                             category and the Grocer Branded Excellence Award for Cheese.
                             Country of Origin: England

Tuxford & Tebbutt Irish Green Cheddar S/O #26134 2/5 lb
The milk for this "bitey" cheddar is taken from cows grazing the green grass of southeast
Ireland. This environment produces rich, creamy milk that is perfect for cheese making.
Our Irish Green Wax Cheddar is aged for a minimum of 12 months. The cheddar is then
cut into blocks and covered in green wax, giving the cheese a distinctive Irish appearance.
Country of Origin: England

Coombe Castle Cheddar w. Caramelized Onions
                               This creamy, buttery cheddar is perfectly blended with tangy, caramelized onions to
                               produce a new English favorite. As versatile as it is addictive, this cheddar, has livened up
                               everything from simple sandwiches to hot dogs and grilled portabellas. A must try for fans
                               of Cotswold, Harlech and Tintern.
                               Country of Origin: England

 Long Clawson Red Leicester with Garlic Whirl S/O #27007 2/4.4 lb
 Creamy Red Leicester with flecks of herbs and a touch of garlic, cream cheese surrounds the center in
 a whirl of excitement, creating a smooth outer case and a tasty center.
 Recipe for a Fish Whirl:
 Season a thick piece of firm white fish and sprinkle with a little lemon or lime juice. Grill until just
 cooked, top with a slice of Herb & Garlic Whirl and grill again until cheese is melted and bubbling.
 Serve immediately.
 Country of Origin: England

                          Cahills Cheddar with Porter #2739 2/2.5 kilo
                          The rich, yeasty flavor of porter ale complements this wonderful cheddar. Individually hand-crafted
                          using the pasteurized milk of Holstein Frisian cows, the Cahill family pours Guinness over their
                          tangy cheddar, giving the cheese a mosaic-like pattern. Not as strong as its name might suggest,
                          Cahill Cheddar with Porter is nutty and fruity with a pleasant finish. An attractive cheese on the
                          retail shelf, the cheese board, and in cooking; its marbled appearance even remains after melting
                          for a unique look.
                          Country of Origin: England

Red Leicester with Onion & Chive Whirl S/O #33693 2/4.4 lb
Red Leicester gives the Whirl™ a pleasant savory base, with a mouth watering mixture of
Onion and Chive soft cheese. The Onion and Chive Whirl™ keeps its shape even when
melted to bring the fullest flavor to any dish.
Recipe for Savory Pancakes:
Roast some vegetables of your choice with some olive oil and garlic until tender. Place
vegetables down the center of a warm pancake, place a slice of Onion & Chive Whirl on top
and flash under a very hot grill until cheese has melted. Roll up in pancake and serve
Country of Origin: England

                           White Stilton w/Cranberries S/O #22705 2/4.4 lb
                           White Stilton w/Cranberries has a fresh, clean flavor and honeyed aftertaste enhanced by the
                           delicate, fruity succulence of pure, sweet cranberries. White Stilton is made in the same way as Blue
                           Stilton except that White Stilton has not had the penicillium roqueforti mold introduced into it,
                           which would otherwise lead to the blue veining normally associated with Stilton. It is often blended
                           with other materials such as chocolate or dried fruit, otherwise it is served with fruit cake and tea.
                           White Stilton is a young, close-textured cheese with a very mild, fresh flavor, and is wonderful as a
                           table cheese or melted.
                           Country of Origin: England

Singleton’s Sage Derby #2740 1/9 lb
                      Sage Derby is a Cheddar type, semi-hard, vegetarian cow‘s milk cheese made using leaf sage
                      for flavor and chlorophyll (plant coloring) for its trademark green hue. Just as mild Cheddar,
                      it is matured for around 12 weeks. The custom of adding sage to Derby cheese began in the
                      seventeenth century when the herb was widely believed to possess health-giving properties.
                      The sage also gives the cheese a flavor of sweet, savory herbs. 45% fat in dry matter. Adds a
                      great touch of color to any cheese board.
                      Country of Origin: England

   Le Superb Swiss
   Swiss center cuts come from jumbo blocks of real Swiss cheese made out of fresh part-skim
   cow's milk, cheese cultures, salt and enzymes. Though full of holes, Swiss cheese is also full
   of cream and butter flavors in between its empty eyes. Swiss is known for its slightly nutty,
   sweet taste. Le Superb Swiss adds flavor and depth to recipes and sandwiches without
   distracting, and it melts well whether cubed, sliced or shredded.
   Country of Origin: Switzerland

                    Finlandia Swiss
                    A distinctive robust, nut-like flavor. The clean, rich taste comes from a perfectly controlled aging
                    process that brings this classic Swiss to the peak of its flavor. Aged 100 days, great for quiche
                    recipes and makes the perfect topping for French onion soup as this is an ideal melting cheese.
                    Country of Origin: Finland

Atalanta Imported Gold Swiss #19256 4/8 lb
                             #19256E 1/8 lb
This cheese is high in protein and has a familiar yet special flavor. It has a more pronounced
flavor than many others in the Emmental family. Its extra character keeps it from disappearing
into the background when added to sandwiches and dishes. Atalanta Gold Swiss melts well in
recipes, especially when combined with the savory flavors of Prosciutto di Parma. For a new
twist on the Chicken Cordon Bleu, prepare lightly breaded and fried chicken breast filets, each
topped off with a slice of Prosciutto and a slice of cheese. Heat in the oven until the cheese
melts and covers both meats.
Country of Origin: Germany

                         Le Superb Gruyere
                         It is a pressed, cooked cow‘s milk cheese with a dense paste and a thin, rustic rind. While
                         Gruyère is known as one of the key ingredients of alpine fondue and quiches, it also serves as
                         the hot, melted center of gougères, a savory ―choux‖ style pastry similar to a cream puff, but
                         with cheese inside.
                         Country of Origin: Switzerland

Le Superb Cave Aged Gruyere
Le Superb Cave Aged Gruyère is matured in the cool and humid air of sandstone caves
developing a dense texture with small salt crystals. This Gruyère is smooth to the touch with a
slightly damp feel. It is soft, reasonably firm and crumbly. The flavor is refined, yet intense.
Country of Origin: Switzerland

                   Zerto Pecorino Romano #18314 1/45 lb
                                         #2956 1/13 lb
                   The taste is aromatic and pleasantly sharp, which is why it‘s one of the world‘s favorite pasta cheeses.
                   Most people know Pecorino Romano as a grating cheese, but it only reaches this consistency after
                   eight months. Romano is straw-white in color, and its briny character off-sets sweet, tangy tomato
                   sauces and ripe vegetables. Grate it over soups, salads, pastas and gratin casseroles for extra zest.
                   Country of Origin: Italy

Agriform 12 Month Asiago #2918 1/20-24 lb
This reserve stock, slow-ripened Asiago is aged for a full year as opposed to regular Asiago
d'Allevo's six month span. As a result of the additional maturation, this cheese takes on a
distinct but pleasant sharpness with hints of butterscotch. Its texture is firm enough to grate,
yet allows it to be served as a delicious table cheese as well. We recommend this cheese as part
of a traditional northern Italian meal, grated over risotto, polenta, or pasta. Sharper and more
robust than its younger cousins, this Asiago retains its versatility. Shave over simple salads or
use as the natives do, in creamy polenta, soups and stews.
Country of Origin: Italy

                         Agriform Aged Parmigiano Reggiano #2731 1/11 lb
                                                           S/O #30329 1/85 lb
                         A grana style cheese from the Parma area in Italy is considered by many to be the world‘s
                         greatest cheese. It is a cooked and unpressed, semi-flat, hard cheese made from raw cow‘s milk.
                         The cheese is encased within a yellowish-golden and slightly oily rind on which the brand
                         name Parmigiano Reggiano is stenciled in small dots. A chief feature is the presence of small
                         white crystals which are indicative of the lengthy ripening period. It has a delicately nutty,
                         mouth-filling flavor and a texture that literally melts on your tongue. The taste is savory and
                         piquant with a lactic and vegetal aroma. Primarily a grating cheese, it is a great topping for
                         soups, pasta dishes, veal, chicken, or salads.
                         Country of Origin: Italy

     Agriform Grana Padano #22523 1/20 lb
     One of the most popular cheeses in Italy, Grana Padano is a grana style cheese made in the
     Po Valley across northern Italy. It is similar in size and texture to Parmigiano Reggiano, but it
     matures more quickly and is often sold after only approximately 12 to 16 months of aging.
     Golden in color and not short on flavor, Grana Padano is a sweet and savory cheese with a
     delicate, fruity light characteristic that makes it ideal for grating over pasta and risotto. Its
     rind is golden-colored with an oily sheen, and the sides are imprinted with the Grana Padano
     Country of Origin: Italy

Il Forteto Pesto
                             This sauce is a keystone of the Liguria regional kitchen of Italy. The main ingredient is
                             basil which grows wonderfully in this Mediterranean micro- climate. Il Forteto, a producer
                             from Liguria‘s neighboring region, Tuscany, combines basil with garlic, salt, pine nuts,
                             olive oil, Pecorino and Parmigianino cheese to produce this ―fresh‖ product. Excellent to
                             use as a dip, and an ingredient.
                             Country of Origin: Italy

Gelmini Gorgonzola S/O #31523 4/3 lb
Mountain Gorgonzola is firmer, more heavily veined, with a touch of sharpness. An excellent
table cheese, Gorgonzola also cooks well. Its flavor mellows when cooked and goes well with
pasta, eggs, vegetables, and chicken. Try it blended with sweet butter and used as a topping for
grilled meats, or use as an ingredient for sauces and stuffings.
Country of Origin: Italy

                            Piave 12 Month S/O #33808 1/14 lb
                            Produced as a wheel, Piave cheese has a dense texture without holes that is straw-yellow in color
                            and slightly sweet with a delicate tasting flavor. A fully matured cheese after being aged for 10
                            months. Once fully aged, it becomes hard and well suited as a grating cheese. The aged cheese is
                            referred to as Piave Vecchio or Stravecchio.
                            Country of Origin: Italy

Perlagrigia w/Truffles S/O #34329 1/8 lb
Made just outside of Venice, this cow's milk cheese is aged for just one month. A young, fresh
tasting cheese, Perlagrigia contains flakes of the prized black truffle. After being carefully washed, it
is rubbed with extra virgin olive oil infused with natural truffle flavor. The Italian phrase "Sotto
Cenere" means "under ash," indicating that this semi-soft cheese is covered in ash to preserve its
Country of Origin: Italy

                               Cacio Di Bosco w/Truffles S/O #34411 2/4 lb
                               It is studded with tiny specks of truffles and is pure heaven to eat. The long maturation
                               balances the taste of pecorino with the strong taste of truffle, and it has a friable and slightly
                               sour paste. The ingredients blend together superbly, making for a beautiful balance between
                               garlicky truffle and nutty, sweet, almost caramelized aged sheep's milk. This delicious cheese is
                               firm, smooth, oily and dotted with big flecks of truffle. It is refreshing as a table cheese and also
                               shreds well to top risotto.
                               Country of Origin: Italy

Brillo Divino S/O #25748 2/5 lb
                          This cheese is made from pure sheep‗s milk and seasoned with wine. Pecorino is one of the most
                          ancient cheeses in the world and can be traced back nearly 2,000 years to a time when
                          shepherding was still the principle means of livelihood for the people of Italy. The burgundy
                          colored crust of Brillo is edible, but the wine treatment lends a distinctive flavor to the interior as
                          Country of Origin: Italy

Idiazabal DOP S/O #21963 2/7 lb
This handmade, unpasteurized sheep's milk cheese comes from the Spanish Pyrenees. Idiazabal is
naturally smoked with a hard, but edible orange-brown rind. Today, Idiazabal is produced in
more modern facilities, but the process is still all natural. The cheese is as delicious as ever, and
the quality is more consistent. Its delightful scent, rich and buttery flavor are major reasons why
we enthusiastically recommend Idiazabal. Serve with crusty bread, chorizo and olives for tapas.
Country of Origin: Spain

                          Bucherone Goat S/O #25274 2/1.75 lb
                          Bucherone Sevre et Belle is a living bloomy aged goat cheese produced by the village locals of
                          Celles-sur-Belle in the West of France. This log-shaped goat's milk cheese is sweet and mellow
                          when young with a creamy and crumbly texture. It is not wrapped and can thus ripen slowly,
                          allowing it to gain character. As it ages, its flavor will become more pronounced and the texture
                          will become drier.
                          Country of Origin: France

Recla Speck Alto Adige S/O #33585
                          Speck is a lightly smoked and seasoned dry cured ham from the mountainous region
                          where Austria, Switzerland and Italy come together. Although produced in this South
                          Tyrol region, only the Italian Speck Alto Adige product carries the IGP designation for
                          authenticity. The Ham is seasoned and slowly dried cured using the cool mountain air of
                          the Alto Adige province. The product is smoked using only beech wood to give it a
                          unique but delicate smoked flavor. Served alone, with fresh fruit or as an ingredient in
                          pasta, or as a seafood or vegetable dish, Speck always delivers a pleasant taste. This
                          product is also available in three sizes. This bacon does not need extensive cooking and is
                          great for breakfast on the run! Try with egg sandwiches.
                          Country of Origin: Italy

Zerto Prosciutto di Parma #30841 1/15
Il Prosciutto coi Fiocchi – ―the Prosciutto with a bow,‖ the label reads. According to the
producer, this prosciutto gives us ―the gift of nature.‖ Under its fluffy bow, Fontana holds all
the perfumes and aromas of the past, thanks to a rigorous observance of ancient Parma
recipes. Slice Fontana Prosciutto into buttery ribbons for the perfect dose of Parma
countryside. Fontana Prosciutto has an exceptionally high nutritional value and a low salt
content compared to other prosciuttos, it fits into a variety of diets and dishes.
Country of Origin: Italy

Handee Cheese Cutter
                               Robust design to give years of trouble-free, accurate cutting. Durable 'Handee' Cheese
                               cutter plastic model formed in one piece. This model offers a lightweight version
                               suitable for all establishments. The material is completely resistant to chemical action
                               from cheeses. Smooth easy action, perfect cutting, sturdy and durable. Cuts cheese
                               quickly, neatly, and economically. No crumbling and no waste. Hygienic and safe to
                               use. When not in use, handle is housed in retaining slots.
                               Country of Origin: England
 LENGTH: 14 Inches
 WIDTH: 11 Inches

Handee 24” Cheese Wire
Replacement wires (60cm) for 'Handee' cheese cutters for the plastic cheese cutter are
available in dozen lots and can be fitted in seconds. The patent floating wire slices
smoothly through all types of cheese, thus making accurate cutting easy.
Country of Origin: England

                               Handee 36” Cheese Wire & Handles
                               Handles and wires for cutting whole cheeses. Constructed from polypropylene with
                               brass inserts and complete with 90cm wires, these handle sets will last for years. Use
                               for cutting whole round cheeses. Replacement wires (90cm) in dozen lots are available.
                               Replacement wire fitted in seconds.
                               Country of Origin: England

Cheese Knowledge

What does PDO mean on a cheese label?
In 1993 European legislation came into force providing for the protection of food names on a geographical
or traditional recipe basis within the European Union. Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status is open
to products sourced and manufactured in a unique fashion within a particular geographical area.
For example, to be called Stilton, the raw material must be sourced and the product manufactured in the
counties of Leicestershire, Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire to a defined local recipe. The name comes from the town of
Stilton itself, where the first record of the cheese being sold is from 1727. No other cheese within the EU, no matter how
similar in appearance, taste or texture can be called Stilton.

What does DOP mean on a cheese label?
DOP stands for Protected Designation of Origin. The distinction is guaranteed by the European Economic
Community and was created to protect the authenticity and promote the artisanal characteristics of certain
foods, agricultural products, and territory. It aims to shield producers from imitations and unfair
competition. It is also an important and helpful guarantee for consumers, who are able to distinguish between different
products and make educated decisions on what products to eat and purchase. Grana Padano cheese was one of the first
products awarded the DOP in 1996 due to its typical characteristics and history.

Is it OK to eat the rind of the cheese?

As cheese ripens, they develop rinds. The rinds vary depending on the cheese and how it is treated prior to or during the
ripening process. Young cheeses, such as fresh goat cheese and mozzarella, usually have no rinds.

Bloomy-rind cheeses are semisoft cheeses that have been sprayed with or exposed to molds, to develop thin rinds that
have a white and velvety (or “bloomy”) look. Brie and Camembert are the best-known examples. The rinds of bloomy-
rind cheeses are edible.

Washed-rind cheeses are rubbed or washed with a brine solution or wine, beer or brandy. This promotes the development
of surface flora or bacteria, which contribute to the cheeses’ pungent aroma and strong flavor.
Muenster is a prime example. The rinds of washed-rind cheeses are generally edible.

Natural-rind cheeses are left untreated and have firmer textures than bloomy- rind cheeses. Some of these cheeses are
aged very little and develop minimal rinds or no rinds at all.

Examples include Monterey Jack, mild Provolone and young Cheddars. The rinds of these cheeses are usually edible.
As natural-rind cheeses age, their rinds become more pronounced and less edible.

The rinds of well-aged cheeses, such as bandage-wrapped Cheddars, are not edible, though the rind of Parmigiano-
Reggiano can be added to soups for flavor.

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