Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School

Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
Handbook 2021

Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
2       Principal’s Welcome

3       Important Information

4       Family & Community

5       General Information
        Before & After School Procedures
        Bus Transport

6       Finance (continued)
        Insurance                          Principal’s Welcome
7       Lost Property                      I am very proud to introduce you to Surfers Paradise State School. We have a great
        Medication                         school that is committed to delivering a high quality education to all students. I feel very
        Mobile Phones                      privileged to be Principal of our school.
        Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)
        Parking & Student Safety           Our experienced and committed staff provide quality teaching and engaging learning
        Payments                           activities that match children’s interests and developmental needs as they progress
        Student Banking                    through each year level. We have high expectations of all students and we work hard
        Student Records                    to support every one of them to achieve their best. Surfers Paradise State School also
                                           embraces the diversity that exists within our school community. Children enrolled in the
8       Tuckshop                           school have the opportunity to make friends with children from across the globe.
        School Uniforms
                                           We believe that every student is capable of learning and it is important that they readily
9       Positive Behaviour for Learning    experience success. We ensure that students with particular gifts, talents, interests and
        Attendance                         needs are supported through our curriculum and extra-curricular programs.
        Teaching & Learning Programs       As parents and carers, you play a major role in your child’s educational development.
        Curriculum                         Your positive attitude towards education, the teacher and school in general, will assist in
                                           your child’s enthusiasm for learning. Trusting and positive working relationships between
10 Extra Curricular
                                           the child, teacher and parents and carers are vital at Surfers Paradise State School as this
   Sports Aerobics
                                           leads to greater success for our students. Building a consistent work ethic is also very
   Sports Houses
                                           important to us. We support children to develop positive classroom and playground
                                           behaviours. Our behaviour standards are very high and I am constantly impressed by our
                                           children following our expectations of I am a Learner, I am Safe and I am Respectful.
11 Reporting to Parents
                                           Students, parents and carers and staff find that Surfers Paradise State School has a very
12 Support Services                        positive school climate where community and parental involvement is a key feature.

                                           Our P&C Association provide a great support to our school as well as opportunities for
                                           parents and carers to contribute and to get to know each other. Our children, parents,
                                           carers and staff take pride in being part of our community and I invite new families to
                                           come and find out more about our excellent school.

                                           At Surfers Paradise State School we all work together to align with our vision; Inspire and
                                           Empower Successful Lifelong Learners.

                                           I look forward to meeting you.

                                           Mrs De Parker

Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
Important Information                                                        Our Leadership Team
Phone Numbers                                                                Principal            Mrs De Parker
School Administration Office   07 5582 0333
                                                                             Deputy Principals    Mrs Raquel Gray
Outside School Hours Care      07 5538 0514 / 0417 394 150
                                                                                                  Mrs Lucy Hirst
Student Absences               07 5582 0360 / text 0429 078 565
                        Head Of Curriculum Mrs Stacey Lincoln
                               QParents app
                                                                             Business Manager     Mrs Trish Bryden
Address                        42 St Andrews Ave,
                               Isle of Capri
Postal Address                 PO Box 94, Isle of Capri, Qld 4217
Facsimile                      07 5582 0300                                  Administrative
Email                             Officers
                                                                             Finance Officer      Mrs Belinda Webber
Facebook                       Surfers Paradise State School                 Enrolments Officer   Ms Angie Harvey
ABN                            41 322 839 095
                                                                             Front Desk           Mrs Judi Bareham

Important Dates for 2021
Term 1                         Wednesday 27 January - Thursday 1 April
Term 2                         Monday 19 April - Friday 25 June
Term 3                         Monday 12 July - Friday 17 September
Term 4                         Tuesday 5 October - Friday 10 December

Additional Student             Thursday 21, Friday 22 & Monday 25 January
Free days                      Thursday 15 & Friday 16 April
                               Friday 3 September

* Dates correct at time of publication but may be subject to change

Daily Routine
8:45am                         Students move to classrooms
8:50am                         Classroom doors open
8:55am-11.05am                 Morning session
11:05-11.15am                  Eating time
11:15-11.40am                  Play
11:45am-1.45pm                 Middle Session
1:45-1.55pm                    Eating time
1:55-2.10pm                    Play
2:15pm-2.55pm                  Afternoon Session

Our Vision
Inspiring & Empowering Successful Lifelong Learners

Our Values
• Respect • Resilience • Integrity

Our School Expectations
I am Safe, I am Respectful, I am a Learner

Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
Family & Community Involvement
                                                                    From your family
There is substantial research to demonstrate that a child’s
                                                                    We encourage you to share any news, concerns or questions with
outcomes are enhanced when parents and carers have a strong
                                                                    our school. General events in our family life – such as illness, new
relationship with their child’s school and more importantly their
                                                                    babies and visitors can be a source of excitement or concern for
child’s teacher.
                                                                    young children and so may affect their behaviour. Please let your
From the School                                                     classroom teacher know of any such events. Please feel free to
To ensure that you always know what is happening in our             discuss any concerns or queries with your classroom teacher –
school, we provide important information through the following:     especially in regards to your child’s progress, the school or the
                                                                    class program. The teacher will be happy to make appointments
    Annual School Report
                                                                    for longer discussions.
    Each year, Surfers Paradise State School publishes an Annual
    School Report. This report outlines our achievements across     Contacting Staff

    a number of key performance areas. Electronic copies of the     You may contact your child’s teacher by leaving a message through

    report are available on our website.                            our School Administration Office. Many of our teachers may
                                                                    also make use of their Education Queensland email account for
    School Newsletter                                               communication with families. We encourage you to discuss with
    The Surfers Paradise State School Newsletter is emailed to      your classroom teacher the best way of staying in regular contact.
    families in Weeks 2, 5 and 10 of each term. Copies are also
    available to download from our website. Our Newsletter is
    one of our main communication links between school and          P&C
    home designed to keep you informed on what is happening in
    our school community.                                           You are invited to join our friendly, informal and enthusiastic Parent
                                                                    & Citizens’ Association (P&C). Members meet in the library on the
    School Assembly                                                 second Tuesday of each month at 1:30pm. Our P&C work tirelessly
    Years P-2 and Years 3-6 are held each Wednesday in the          to build a strong community. The P&C makes a major contribution
    school hall. Parents and carers are always welcome to attend.   to the school by providing support, assistance and fundraising for
    Wednesday 9.05am          Senior Yr 3-6                         resources and improvements. The P&C operate the Uniform Store.
    Wednesday 2.25pm          Junior Prep – Yr 2

Other avenues to keep informed are through:                         Volunteers
     •   LED School Sign located on Via Roma
                                                                    Our school welcomes the active support of our parents/carers and
     •   School website                                             community members. Whether it is volunteering in our Tuckshop,
     •   School Facebook page                                       supporting a reading program in class or assisting with other
     •   Parent information sessions                                activities in classrooms and around our school, all help is greatly
     •   Parent Teacher interviews
     •   P&C Meetings                                               Volunteers are required to sign in at the Office using PassTab
                                                                    and receive a badge to wear during their visit to our school. All
     •   Notes sent home
                                                                    volunteers other than parents/carers require a Blue Card.
     •   Text messaging

Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
General Information
Before & After School Procedures
It is recommended students arrive at school from 8.15am. Upon arriving students
must follow before school procedures:
  • Complete all jobs, eg Tuckshop order, take phone to office, make any payments
  • Proceed to supervised area

   Preps                Outside Prep Playscape
   Years 1-2            Undercover area directly in front of Hub
   Years 3-6            Undercover area next to Tuckshop

  • Out of bounds areas are:
     -   Bike racks
     -   School oval
     -   Back of Hall (unless Thursday mornings for Breakfast Club)
     -   Any play equipment
     -   Music building (unless involved in rehearsal)
     -   Courts
     -   Carparks
     -   Under Blue, Green, Red & Yellow Block

At the end of the school day we appreciate students being picked up promptly on the 2.55pm bell.

Breakfast Club is available to students and parents every Thursdays from 8.15am. The expectation is that food and drink is to be
finished in the Annex area at the Eastern end of the hall before students move to their allocated area at 8.45am.

Bus Transport
Surfside Bus Lines services this school. For all general enquiries, bus pass enquiries and lost property enquiries, please phone
(07) 5552 2700. Some students are eligible for assistance under the ‘School Transport Assistance Scheme’. - refer to the Surfside website for school bus routes and timetables.

As per Work Health & Safety Regulations Emergency Evacuation and Lockdown drills are held at regular intervals.

Student Resource Scheme
Whilst the cost of providing instruction, administration and facilities for the education of a student at a state school is met by the State,
a parent is directly responsible for providing their child/ren with stationery and other resources for their use while attending school.

A Student Resource Scheme enables a parent to enter into a written agreement with the School that, in return for payment of a
specified annual participation fee. Participation in the Scheme is voluntary, and no obligation is placed on a parent to participate. A
parent’s decision to participate is based on consideration of the value afforded by the Scheme. Surfers Paradise State School Scheme
provides excellent value for money.

A parent who does not wish to join the Scheme is responsible for providing the student with the items listed on the form that would
otherwise have been provided to the student by the Scheme to enable the student to engage with the curriculum.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and wish to pay the Student Resource Scheme over an extended period of time please phone
the school and arrange to speak to our Finance Officer.

Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
Finance (continued)
Items provided under the Student Resource Scheme 2021:                                     Excluded items:
 • Electronic learning platforms & subscriptions                     $194
                                                                                           (parents/guardians pay separately)

 • ICT Equipment, digital cameras, iPad and iPad apps                $165                  • School activities such as excursions, incursions,
                                                                                            camps, performances and enrichment
 • Class sets of workbooks, worksheets, reference
     materials and teacher prepared booklets                         $35
                                                                                           • Regional/District sporting trials
 • Class sets of dictionary and Thesaurus                            $6

 • Equipment and resources to support literacy and                                         • Year 6 graduation activities
     numeracy activities                                             $25
                                                                                           • Instrumental Music Program – fee and
 • Reading resource sets                                             $15-$20 (each book)    instrument hire if participating

 • Arts and crafts                                                   $15                   • Choir levy
 • Classroom consumables                                             $50

 • Sporting equipment                                                $ 30

      Cost of Resources if not participating in the                  $535
      Student Resource Scheme

N.B The above list is indicative only and should not be viewed as a comprehensive list.

Air Conditioning Contribution
We have chosen to operate a ‘voluntary air-conditioning contribution’ in 2021. All learning spaces are air-conditioned at our school.
Servicing, replacement and maintenance of the units is the school’s responsibility and is not funded by Education Queensland. We are
asking families to contribute $30 per year per student to allow us to service, maintain and replace units where necessary. This equates
to only $7.50 per term, please support our air-conditioning program, your children will thank you for it.

Excursions and Incursions – Parents are informed of excursions approximately
4 weeks before they are scheduled to take place. If you are experiencing any
difficulty with making payments, please contact our Finance Officer and we can
come to an arrangement, as we would like all the children to benefit from the
educational experiences organised by the school.

Finance Office opening hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8.15am to 9.00am.

Payment Methods:
• BPoint is our preferred method of payment.

Other payment methods:

• EFTPOS (Credit/Debit Card) in person only. No over the phone credit card
    payments can be accepted.

• Cash, correct money. No change is available as the school does not carry a float.

• Centrelink Centrepay Plans are available for families receiving a Centrelink payment. Please contact our Finance Officer for more

Education Queensland does not carry insurance policies against injury to students. This is a parent/carer responsibility.

Physical activity & physical education, particularly contact sports, carry inherent risks of injury. All excursion and incursion notes advise
that the Department of Education & Training does not have Personal Accident Insurance cover for students. It is a personal decision of
parents as to the type & level of private insurance they arrange to cover students for any accidental injury that may occur.

Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
Lost Property
Please clearly LABEL ALL children’s belongings including clothing, shoes, lunch boxes, drink bottles - everything. The lost property box
is situated under the Tuckshop covered area.

Parents/carers must notify our school in writing of a health condition requiring medication to be administered
at school with a letter from the prescribing doctor advising medication and dosage required. Furthermore, the
instructions provided are to be written on the medication container by the pharmacist and any requests and/or
guidelines from medical practitioners including potential side effects or adverse reactions. The medication must not
be out of date and any changes must be in writing. Medication must be collected when it is no longer required at school.
Parents/carers must complete an Administration of Medication at School Record Sheet stating students name, medication, dosage and
times and parent contact details.
Asthma Medication – An Asthma Management Plan from your doctor is to be provided upon enrolling, along with asthma medication
and spacer. If your child self-administers asthma medication, a Self-Administer permission letter must be signed and provided to school.
Anaphylaxis – An Anaphylaxis Action Plan from your doctor is to be provided upon enrolment, along with medication.
Parents/carers are advised that oral medications such as Panadol and Nurofen and over-the-counter medication WILL NOT BE ADMINISTERED.
Parents/carers are requested to never send medication (in particular analgesics and over-the-counter medication) with students.

Mobile Phones
For security purposes, mobile phones need to be taken to the office upon arrival at school for safe keeping during school hours.
They need to be switched off and labelled with the student’s name. The sign-in sheet requires the delivery and collection time to be
recorded. Collection time of devices from the Office window is 3.00pm.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)
Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care is operated on site, under Yellow Block by the Broadbeach Police Citizens Youth Club
(PCYC). Before School Care commences at 6:30am and After School Care operates from 3:00pm until 6:00pm. Students enjoy a variety
of outdoor games, craft activities and have the opportunity to carry out their homework during indoor times. There are government
subsidies to keep costs low. Students must be enrolled to participate. Arrangements for children to attend after school care should be
discussed with your child before they come to school each day.

Phone: (07) 5538 0514 or mobile 0417 394 150            Email:

Parking & Student Safety
Parking inside the grounds is restricted to staff and commercial deliveries only.
Please DO NOT use driveways or staff car parks. Pedestrians are to use gates and footpaths to reduce danger. Please close gates
behind you for the safety of children. Please be considerate of our neighbours and do not park across driveways. There is a ‘drop and
go’ zone on Hobgen Street that enables parents to pull up either to drop off or collect their child but not to park.
We would also ask that you model to your children the use of the school crossings.

Invoices will be generated for students participating in extra-curricular activities such as excursions, incursions and music programs.
Our preferred payment method is BPoint or Internet transfer.

Student Banking
The Commonwealth Bank operates a school bank account system for any student who wishes to save regularly                    Thursday is
through this account. If you wish for your child to participate, please visit your local CBA branch and open an         School Banking Day
account. Your child will then receive a coupon book enclosed in a plastic wallet directly from the bank through
the mail. School banking is conducted each Thursday of the school year. Just complete one coupon, enclose
correct money inside the wallet and the money will be credited to the student’s account.

Student Records
It is important that you inform the school as soon as possible if there are any changes to:
  • Contact details         • Medical information       • Family circumstances
Custody/Parenting Arrangements: Information regarding your family circumstances is essential to help us to understand and support
your child whilst at school. A copy of a court order or custody order is necessary so that school staff can help ensure the legally
designated parent or guardian collects children.
Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
• Opens for breakfast 8:15am - 8:45am                                                                          tuckshop
• Please note Tuckshop is only open for first break 11:00am - 11:45am
• EFTPOS is available. No phone orders can be accepted.
• Tuckshop orders can be ordered preferably online through                             welcome
    and orders must be placed by 8:00am.
• A ‘bag’ system also operates whereby the order and money is put in a lunch bag with the
    child’s name and class, and placed in the Tuckshop box provided in the classroom
    (which is then sent to the Tuckshop). Bags are available free at the Tuckshop.
• A menu / price list is on our website or hardcopies are available at the Tuckshop.

We are always looking for volunteers. If you could spare one morning each week, fortnight or month, please leave your name and
phone number at the front office. This is a great way to meet other parents and will allow us to continue a volunteer Tuckshop service
for your children. No experience is necessary and the kids really love to see you there! And YES, it is air-conditioned!

School Uniforms
Our school uniform is important in; identification with school, developing school               Footwear
spirit, maintaining standards, practicality, health and safety – sun safety and                 For personal safety and general health, students
minimising discrimination. All students of are expected to uphold our Student                   must wear their school shoes at all times. Students
Dress Code Policy.                                                                              are expected to wear shoes when travelling on the
                                                                                                bus to and from school or to excursions.
 UNIFORM          Girls                                    Boys
                  • Striped dress                          • Striped shirt                      Hats
                  • Striped blouse                         • Unisex polo shirt                  Our Sun Safe Rule is “Break time is hat time”.
                  • Unisex polo shirt                      • Unisex blue short                  Students must wear the wide brimmed or bucket
                  • Skorts                                 • Unisex fleece or microfibre        school hat with all outdoor activities.
                  • Unisex blue short                        school zip up jacket
                  • Unisex fleece or microfibre            • Unisex microfibre or fleece        Jewellery & other accessories
                    school zip up jacket                     school track pants                 •	The only jewellery to be worn at school are
                  • Unisex microfibre or fleece                                                  earrings (studs or a very small sleeper) and no
                    school track pants                                                           more than one piercing per ear
                  • Blue tights for cooler weather                                              • Facial piercings are not accepted
 SPORTS           • Unisex polo shirt                                                           • 	No fashion rings, bracelets, anklets or necklaces
                  • Unisex blue shorts                                                           are to be worn
                  • Unisex house tshirt (to be worn on Fridays only or at sporting carnivals)   • Watches are acceptable
 MUSIC            • Music Excellence polo shirt                                                 •	Upon written request outlining significance, the
 School           • Black unisex trousers                                                        principal will give consideration for the wearing of
                  • Black school shoes
                                                                                                 jewellery for religious, cultural and medical needs.
                  • Black socks
                                                                                                Hair and Make up
 SHOES                               Black leather or like leather,
                                predominantly black or white sport shoes                        •	Due to Workplace Health and Safety regulations
                                                                                                 all hair that is shoulder length or longer is
 SOCKS                    White ankle socks (must be able to see white sock)
                                                                                                 required to be worn pulled back and secured
 HATS                                 Wide brimmed hat/ bucket hat
                                                                                                 away from the face and shoulders with a bobby
 SWIMMING            One piece swimmers/ Unisex junior swim pants/ jammers/                      pin, scrunchie, band or ribbon in school colours
                   rashie compulsory, swimming caps compulsory. Hair: must be
                                                                                                • Larger fashion accessories in hair are not to be
                  constrained in a manner appropriate for health hygiene and safety.
                                                                                                 worn at school
 OTHER                         Library bag, school bag and swimming bag                         • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted (i.e. tracks,
                                                                                                 mohawks, streaks and rats tail etc.)
                                                                                                • Hair colour is to be of natural tones – NO colours
                                                                                                 or streaks
                                                                                                • No nail polish or make up is to be worn at school.

Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
Positive Behaviour for Learning                                      Teaching & Learning Programs
PBL is an evidence-based whole school approach to establishing
the social culture needed for schools to be effective learning       At Surfers Paradise State School, we
environments for all students.                                       continually set high expectations for
PBL is an organisational framework for identifying, adopting and     our students’ achievement. Curriculum
applying evidence-based practices for building and supporting        overviews are provided each term to
academic and social success for all students. PBL ensures that       parents. A report is issued each Semester at the end of Term
all students have the social and emotional skills needed to          2 and 4. Interviews are offered in Term 1 and 3.
succeed in school and beyond. PBL assists schools to teach
                                                                      • Australian Curriculum
students expected social behaviours and, when implemented with
                                                                      • STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
integrity, it is an effective strategy for preventing school-based
behaviour problems including violence and bullying. Teaching and      • Integration of ICT
supporting social behavioural skills creates student behavioural      • Music program from Prep to Year 6
health and contributes to improving the effectiveness of academic     • Instrumental Music program including choirs, strings
support systems.                                                        and band
Weekly lessons are taught on a Friday to ensure all students have     • French from Prep to Year 6
a clear understanding of what is expected.                            • PE lessons from Prep to Year 6
                                                                      • Digital & Design Technology from Prep to Year 6
Surfers Paradise State School has 3 expectations:
                                                                      • Swimming offered onsite in Terms 1 and 4
• I am a Learner • I am Respectful • I am Safe                        • Perceptual motor program for Prep
Our School Wide Positive Behaviour For Learning program is           Languages other than English (LOTE)
coordinated by the Leadership Team. Important principles that
                                                                     Surfers Paradise State School provides students with the
guide our work under our PBL framework include:
                                                                     opportunity to engage with experience in different languages
 • Appropriate behaviour needs to be explicitly taught               and cultures. Our highly qualified French teaching staff
 • For some students, extra support will be required in both
                                                                     engage students through functional aspects of the French
   teaching and reinforcing such behaviour.
                                                                     language, immersing students in culture, food and traditions.
Surfers Paradise State School offers interventions to support the    French is offered as an immersion program at Benowa State
teaching and reinforcing of appropriate behaviour at different
                                                                     High School, the natural feeder school from our school.
levels. These include:
  • Universal – for all students                                     Music
  • Targeted – for students requiring extra support                  In addition to the classroom music, which is provided as a
  • Intensive – for a small number of students displaying            core component of our academic program, Surfers Paradise
    challenging and/or persistent inappropriate behaviour            State School also offers students the opportunity for more
Details about our Code of Behaviour, School Wide Positive            focussed instruction in our instrumental music program and
Behaviour For Learning (PBL) framework and interventions are         choirs.
documented in our Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students.
                                                                     Sports/Physical Education
                                                                     Our Physical Education program engages all students in
Attendance                                                           fun, active skill development across a number of sports.
Attendance at school for primary school age children is              Students from Years Prep-6 are offered a swimming program
compulsory and absences must be explained by:                        in Terms 1 and 4 on site.
 • A note in advance
 • Calling our student absence line: 07 5582 0360
                                                                     STEM at Surfers Paradise State School integrates Science,
   OR text: 0429 078 565
                                                                     Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics into one learning
 • Email:
 • QParents app – Attendance - Notify upcoming absence               experience. Students who attend STEM classes learn
 • Students arriving late must collect a late slip from the office   technical skills such as troubleshooting, repairing, and
   and be accompanied by an adult to the classroom                   utilising software and modern equipment including
 • Students departing early will need to be signed out at the        robotics, communication and cooperation skills to listen
   office by the parent/carer, an early departure slip will be       to others needs or interact with partners, teamwork skills
   issued, and student to be collected from the classroom            for successful task completion and the creativity to solve

For more information please see our Attendance Policy on our         problems and develop new ideas. Tasks are project-based
website.                                                             and reinforce real world application. Students find STEM
                                                                     highly engaging and challenging.

Information Handbook 2021 - Surfers Paradise State School
Extra Curricular                                                          Sports Aerobics
Chess Club                                                                Our aerobic teams have achieved medals at state competition
Our school competes at district and regional levels in chess. This        level and gone on to compete at the National Titles. This is an
is supported by weekly coaching before school by Gardiner Chess.          exciting, hard working group! Past students have competed at
Participating students will have the opportunity to play socially         world level.
each week, and in the library at first break.                             Interested students are invited to join the Sports Aerobics group
Choral Program                                                            coached by Ms Melissa Tickell and Ms Tanis Heeres. Students in
Students have the opportunity to participate in a dynamic choral          this group rehearse regularly during lunch breaks and outside of
program. During Junior or/and Senior Choir rehearsals, children           school hours.
begin to learn the skills of breath control, vocal tone, pitch, diction
and sight reading while learning a range of repertoire. Rehearsals        Sports Houses
take place during first break, with performances spread out               Upon enrolment, children are
through the year.                                                         assigned to one of three houses
Excursions and Incursions                                                 for sporting and competition
Our student’s learning is enhanced through participation in school        activities. Our three houses pay
excursions and incursions. When planning excursions, our teachers         homage to the local Surfers
ensure:                                                                   Paradise history.
  • An alignment to Australian Curriculum                                  HARPER – Blue
  • Safe ratios of adults to students as per activity requirements
                                                                          The Gold Coast region was charted in 1840. The Tweed, Nerang
  • Students not participating in the excursion are supervised
                                                                          and Coomera River areas quickly became thriving timber industry
    and provided with an alternative program at school
                                                                          areas as loggers sort the prized cedar wood. Logger, Edmund
  • Specific processes are in place if students are being
                                                                          Harper, is credited as being one of the first home owners in
    transported in private vehicles
                                                                          Surfers Paradise in a hut opposite what is now Wharf Road.
All school excursions and incursions are approved by our Principal.
                                                                           MEYER – Red
Instrumental Music
The school offers two Instrumental Music programs. Lessons in         Johann Meyer contributed much in the way of infrastructure and
Brass, Woodwind and Percussion are available to students in Years     community services for the emerging city, including a private
4 to 6 as part of the Instrumental Music Band program.                ferry service over the Nerang River, and a horse and buggy
Lessons in Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass are available to      service from Southport to Main Beach. In 1889, Meyer’s Main
students in Years 3 to 6 as part of the Instrumental Strings program. Beach Hotel was declared a postal receiving office, officially titled
Crucial factors for success in the program are regular                Elston. A postal address meant an official place name and a mark
home practise, preparedness and attendance                            on the map.
for weekly small group lessons and ensemble                                CAVILL – Green
rehearsals, and family support for the student.
                                                                          In 1925 Jim Cavill established the Surfers Paradise Hotel which
Information regarding purchasing or hiring of
                                                                          encouraged commerce and tourism in the area originally called
instruments and the Instrumental Music program itself
                                                                          Elston. Cavill successfully lobbied to have the name changed to
is available from the Music Department.
                                                                          Surfers Paradise in 1933.
International Student Program
Surfers Paradise State School is proud to be recognised as a
school of choice for international students. Our school works in
partnership with Education Queensland International to support       • Most buildings are double storey with classrooms of unique
international student places in Prep to Year 6.                        design including single classrooms and double classrooms for
                                                                       team teaching, with separate teaching rooms in most areas
Religious Instruction
                                                                     • All rooms are air conditioned
Any student (except Prep students) may participate in Religious
                                                                     • Designated STEM space and Music rooms
Instruction if a parent has given consent and indicated a religion,  • Resource Centre; inclusive of ICT lab, library, and green room
on the Application for Student Enrolment Form or in other written    • All classrooms have access to computers and iPads
advice to the Principal.                                             • Multi-purpose hall
Any child not participating in Religion, or whose nominated religion • 25 metre solar heated swimming pool, with shaded spectator
is not represented within the Religion program/s at the school,        viewing area and change rooms.
will receive other instruction by a qualified member of school staff
during the time Religion is held. Other instruction will relate to        Homework
subject areas that have already been covered in class.               A balanced approach to homework plays an important role in a
                                                                     child’s education.
Religious options include Cooperative; Jewish and Greek Orthodox.
                                                                     At Surfers Paradise State School we promote homework as
The school will advise parents/carers of participating students if
                                                                     not only an opportunity for students to develop self-discipline
the faith group requires funds to cover the expense of materials.
                                                                     and independence, but also for parents to see and share their
                                                                     children’s education.
Reporting to Parents
While our classroom teachers are available to discuss your child’s progress throughout the
school year; there are key times of year when we formally report to parents:

Parent Information Sessions (Term 1)
At the beginning of each year our teachers open their classrooms to talk about the year ahead
with students and their families. This provides parents with a wonderful opportunity to visit
their child’s classroom and speak directly with the teacher.

Parent teacher interviews (Term 1 & 3)
Parent teacher interviews are held in Term 1 and 3. They are an invaluable opportunity for
parents to discuss their child’s progress or discuss any concerns with the classroom teacher.

Student Report (Term 2 & 4)
Formal reporting is completed for all students in late June and early December each year.
Report cards are emailed.

Prep Year Reporting Scale
The following 5-point scale is sued to report student achievement in Prep Year
Applying               Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates a depth of conceptual understanding and a
                       sophistication of skills from the standard that are able to be transferred to new situations
Making Connections Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates that they are making connections with the conceptual
                       understandings and skills from the standard and are beginning to transfer them to new situations
Working With           Evidence in a student’s work typically demonstrates that they are working with the conceptual understanding
                       and skills from the standard and are able to apply them in familiar situations
Exploring              Evidence in a student’s work typically demonstrates that they are still developing the required conceptual
                       understandings and skills from the standard and are beginning to apply them in familiar situations
Becoming Aware         Evidence in a student’s work typically demonstrates an awareness of the required conceptual understandings
                       and skills from the standard and these can only be applied with support.

Years 1-2 Reporting Scale
The following 5-point scale is sued to report student achievement in Years 1-2
Very High              Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates a very high conceptual understanding and application
                       of skills from the standard that are able to be transferred to new situations
High                   Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates a high conceptual understanding and application of
                       skills from the standard that are beginning to be transfer them to new situations
Sound                  Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates a sound conceptual understanding and application of
                       skills from the standard and are able to transfer them to familiar situations.
Developing             Evidence in a student’s work typically demonstrates that they are developing conceptual understandings and
                       skills from the standard and are beginning to apply them in familiar situations
Support Required       Evidence in a student’s work typically demonstrates the need for additional support. Conceptual
                       understanding and skills from the standard can be applied only with support.

Years 3-6 Reporting Scale
The following 5-point scale is sued to report student achievement in Years 3-6
A                      Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates a sophistication of conceptual understanding and skills
                       from the standard that are able to be transferred to new situations
B                      Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates a developing sophistication of conceptual understanding
                       skills from the standard and these are beginning to be transferred to new situations
C                      Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates that they have developed the required conceptual
                       understandings skills to meet the standard and are able to apply them in familiar situations.
D                      Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates that they are still developing the required conceptual
                       understandings and skills from the standard and that they are beginning to be applied in familiar situations
E                      Evidence in the student’s work typically demonstrates that the student has not yet developed the required
                       understanding and skills to meet the standard and that they can only apply them in scaffolded situations.
Support Services
Surfers Paradise State School is dedicated to ensuring every child reaches their potential. The Student Support Services Team
monitors the progress of individual students, prioritises referral of students to other services provided within the school community,
and facilitates the provision of extra resources for students.
The Inclusive Education Team value adds to the differentiated programs for students, EAL/D (English as an Additional Language/
Dialect), learning difficulties and or disabilities.
The Guidance Officer (GO) provides social, emotional and behavioural support for individuals and small groups.
The Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) provides assistance through assessment, therapy and home programs for voice production,
auditory processing and development of language skills.
The Advisory Visiting Teachers (AVT) for students with Physical, Visual and or Hearing Impairments provide consultation and practical
support for students, parents and teachers.
The Student Welfare Officer (SWO) is employed under the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program and works
collaboratively with the school with the aim to provide support for students’ spiritual, emotional and social well-being.

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