Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...

Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
          ing Intentions 2018

Translating our 2020 vision into reality
Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

    2018-19 sees NHS South Warwickshire Clinical
    Commissioning Group (the CCG) move into year
    our 2020 vision into reality.

    Building on the                                                  Kenilworth
    through our                                                                       Royal
                                                                                  Leamington Spa
    previous                               Henley in Arden
    strategy. The                                                    Warwick
    plan sets out an
    ambition to
    deliver more                                         Stratford upon Avon
    integrated and
    personalised                                       NHS South Warwickshire CCG
    services to our
    population in
    order to
    improve the
    experience and
    health of the                                               Shipston on Stour
    nearly 282,000
    people who we,
    as a CGG, are
    responsible for.

Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

has been done over the last 12 months to progress our strategic plan. Much
has been achieved but, as in previous years, we recognise that much more
work will be required to deliver the transformational change that we want to

Increasingly, this will see us working in collaboration with our partners across the Coventry and
Warwickshire health and care system (two other CCGs, two Local Authorities, local District
system as a whole and to address the structural, cultural and professional barriers to delivering
truly person-centred care. As partners, we will hold ourselves collectively to account for delivering the
necessary transformation of services and for getting the most out of each pound spent on health and
social care within Coventry and Warwickshire. If we are successful, the impact of this work will be to
deliver the CCG’s 2020 vision; better healthcare for everyone. As we explain in our 2 Year Operational
Plan, this vision is directly aligned with the triple aim that NHS England set for the NHS as a whole in
2014 in the NHS Five Year Forward View (FYFV):

       Improved                           Transformed                            Sustainable
       health and                           quality of                             ƂPCPEG
       wellbeing                          care delivery

Along with our partners, we recognise that delivering the transformation required to make our system
a truly integrated one, in which every patient’s experience of care is seamless, will require sustained
effort over the coming three years. The change will be driven by effective collaboration between
organisations, cultural shifts within the workforce and building more effective relationships with the
people who receive health and care services. Those familiar with the NHS England’s Next Steps on the
NHS Five Year Forward View may recognise these as some of the features of developing ‘accountable
care’. Locally we are at a very early stage of thinking about accountable care, recognising it, primarily
as a collective effort that will unite organisations across Coventry and Warwickshire and bind us to a
expect to take forward local discussions about and progress our thinking on accountable care during
2018-19. In line with our recently published Communications and Engagement Strategy, listening to
and involving patients, the public, our member GP practices and our staff will be one of our guiding
principles as we undertake this work.

Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
2017   2019 Commissioning Intentions
    2018 - 2018

    In this document we set out our priorities for 2018-19. The document should be read in conjunction
    with both our own Strategic and 2 Year Operational Plans and the Coventry and Warwickshire Better
    Health, Better Care, Better Value Plan. Together these documents explain in detail the local and
    national context in which the CCG will be working in 2018-19.

    The CCG, of course, does not work in isolation and both existing local strategies and plans, national
    policy requirements and the publication of the Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View have
    shaped our latest commissioning intentions. The ‘Next Steps’ recaps the progress that has been made
    to date to deliver the change described in the NHS Five Year Forward View and goes on to identify the
    key improvements that must be made this year (2017-18) and next year (2018-19) in order to main-
    tain momentum.

    In this document, we take the opportunity to review how our commissioning intentions align to both
    health and social care need and exists as a shared, evidence-based consensus on the key local priori-
    ties across health and social care.

Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
As we explain in our 2 Year
Operational Plan, the CCG’s plan to
   2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions
deliver our 2020 strategic vision is
built around four key cornerstones.

                                                    OUT OF HOSPITAL
              Our Plan...
                                                                To  Prevent       negative          To Innovate
            The 2016-2020                                       lifestyle choices                   the provider market
            Strategic Plan is specific to our
            CCG and sets out how we are
            going to deliver this
            transformation within our
            locality. The Plan is built around                                                        Ensuring that people
            four cornerstones.                                  To  Respond        24/7               have a positive
                                                                in a coordinated way                  experience of care
                                                                                                      and support

                                                                 Enhancing the          People are helped to
                                                                 quality of life for    live healthy lifestyles,
                                                                                        make healthy choices
                                                                                                                   BETTER HEA
                                                                 people with long
                                                                                        and reduce health          FOR EVERY
                                                                 term conditions

                                                                  To ensure people          Preventing people
                                                                  feel supported to         from dying
                                                                  manage their
              Our Aims...

                                                                                                   Improving responsiveness
             By identifying the ‘Four                                                              across health and social
             Cornerstones’ of the 2020 Plan
                                                                 To  Support       a               care to personal needs
                                                                 personalised approach
             – Out of Hospital Care,
             Personalisation, Specialist
             Provision and Delivering Today –
             we can group together enabling
             programmes that collectively can
             deliver real changes in outcomes
                                                                 To  Align      resources
                                                                                                 To Transform
             for patients.                                                                       commissioning
                                                                  to deliver better care
                                                                                                 arrangements for vulnerable


       34                                                  NHS South Warwickshire CCG

Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                     SPECIALIST PROVISION
                                                                                   Our Vision...
           To increase

           Confidence                        To  Accelerate                         Our vision for commissioning of
                                                                                   healthcare for the people of south
           of service users                 integrated working
                                                                                   Warwickshire is to build
                                                                                   relationships with patients and our
                                                                                   communities to improve health,
                                                                                   transform care and make the best
      To increase the proportion
      of stroke patients                    To  Centralise                         use of our resources.
      reporting an improvement              expertise to improve
      in activity/lifestyle                 outcomes

                         Helping people
                         to recover from
  ALTHCARE                                   To improve outcomes
                         episodes of ill
                                             from planned
 YONE                    health or
                         following injury

                         Treating and caring     People know what
                         for people in a safe    choices are available
                         environment and         to them locally and

                                                                                   Our Values...
                         protecting them         feel they have had
                         from avoidable harm     their voices heard
      The CCG remains assured
      by NHSE and balances
      planning for tomorrow
      with delivering for today,
      whilst improving the                  To  Listen     to the                  Our seven core values - Committed,
      health outcomes for the               patients and the public                Listening, Innovative, Empowering,
      people of south                                                              Responsible, Collaborative and
      Warwickshire                                                                 Equitable - will continue to guide
                                                                                   us and underpin our relationships
                                                                                   and interactions with our partners
                                                                                   and stakeholders.
          To Assure     quality
                                            To  Drive   the best
                                            outcomes for our
          and performance                   population

                                            DELIVERING TODAY

Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Commissioning Intentions

Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                        Out of Hospital
    This cornerstone of the strategic plan includes the projects which will improve primary care and
    community resilience and reduce the demand on acute hospital care. Projects in this area include
    integration between health and social care and the delivery of different contractual models to
    improve outcomes.

    Our focus in 2018-19 will remain in part on the Coventry and Warwickshire Out of Hospital
    out of hospital system at the centre of the future south Warwickshire care system – getting the Out
    of Hospital Programme right will lay the foundations for the wider system transformation envisaged
    Programme will be taken forward by developing a lead provider contract with South Warwickshire
    NHS Foundation Trust (SWFT). We will work closely with SWFT during 2018-19 to support the roll-out
    of the Programme, including the implementation of the underpinning clinical model. In addition, a
    large part of our focus will remain on primary care – making sure that general practice in south
    Warwickshire is sustainable for the future and able to work effectively in a more integrated system.

    The work that we will be doing is set out in our plan Transforming General Practice Together, which
    was developed as a response to NHS England’s General Practice Forward View. The plan will provide
    the mechanism to connect services within the wider out of hospital environment to our GP practices,
    enabling GPs to more easily access the support of other professionals in meeting the needs of their

Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                             Next                                                        2018-19 Deliverables;
We will       2018-19      Steps on                    2018-19 Requirements              what can you expect
                             FYFV                                                              to see?

                                                   Monitor the performance
                                                                                        Fit for Frailty evaluation
                                                   of our GP Member Practices
                                                   participating in the CCG's Fit
                                                   for Frailty programme against
                                                                                        Increase in people being
                                                                                        referred to lifestyle
                                                   Indicators relating to Module
                                                                                        services from primary
                                                   1 (Prevention and Early
             Develop and
             implement                                                             Increase in people self-
                                                Complete 12 month evaluation of
             a new                                                                 referring to lifestyle
                                                the Fit for Frailty Programme and
             approach to                                                           services.
                                     Long-Term formulate recommendations for
             delivering Primary Care
                                     Conditions future commissioning model/s.
             preventative                                                          Increased uptake of
             services                                                              universal screening/
                                                Explore greater use of navigators/
             in general                                                            immunisation
                                                digital technology to support
             practice.                                                             programmes in south
                                                patients to navigate the health
                                                and care system.
                                                                                        Coventry and
                                                   Work with our Coventry and
                                                                                        Warwickshire Prevention
                                                   Warwickshire partners to explore
  Make                                                                                  and Early Intervention
                                                   other opportunities to incentivise
prevention                                                                              Plan, and aligned Local
                                                   prevention and early intervention
the job of                                                                              Delivery Plan.
                                                   through primary care.

                                                                                        Evaluation report.

                                                                                      Greater self-care
             Continue to
                                                                                      management by
             work with
                                                                                      patients with long-term
             our partners
             to develop
                                                  Roll out telehealth programme to Patients self-report
                                                  KFGPVKƂGFRCVKGPVUNKXKPIYKVJQPG DGPGƂVUKPENWFKPI
             that support Harnessing
                                       Long-Term or more of the following long-       KORTQXGFEQPƂFGPEGCPF
             people to    Technology
                                       Conditions term conditions: diabetes, heart emotional well-being.
             self-care,   & Innovation
                                                  failure and chronic obstructive
                                                  pulmonary disease (COPD).           Practices report that they
             the use of
                                                                                      roll out of the telehealth
                                                                                      A reduced number of
                                                                                      emergency admissions
                                                                                      for this patient group.

Ing Intentions 2018 2019 - Translating our 2020 vision into reality - South Warwickshire ...
2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                         Next                                             2018-19 Deliverables;
                                                   JSNA             2018-19
      We will          2018-19         Steps on                                           what can you expect
                                                  Theme           Requirements
                                         FYFV                                                     to see?
                                                                                         An evaluation
                                                                                         report on social
                                                                                         prescribing, including

                   Review local                              Evaluate south Warwickshire A business
                   social prescribing                        General Practice social     case, including
                   pilot schemes                             prescribing model pilot     recommendations for
                   and look to                      Physical programmes in partnership future commissioning.
                                      Primary Care
                   commission                      Wellbeing with Public Health and
                   a sustainable                             formulate recommendations Sustainable social
                   social prescribing                        for future commissioning    prescribing model
                   model.                                    model/s.                    implemented.

                                                                                         Improved patient
                                                                                         experience through
                                                                                         lower numbers of GP
                                                                                         appointments needed.
                the National
                                                                                         Implementation of the
                                                                                         national programme
                programme                               Roll-out of the national
                                                                                         aligning and enhancing
       Make     along with our  Integrating Long-Term diabetes prevention
                                                                                         the current local
     prevention Coventry &      Care Locally Conditions programme following a
                                                                                         pathways (Fitter Futures
     the job of Warwickshire                            procurement process.
                                                                                         and the diabetes
      everyone System partners,
                                                                                         Telehealth project).
                supported by
                the central NHS
                England team.
                                                           Identify opportunities
                                                           to strengthen and build
                   Continue to
                                                           community capacity
                   work with
                                                           and resilience through
                   our partners,
                                                           continued participation in
                   through the
                                                           the Warwickshire Third and
                                                           Public Sector Partnership
                                                           Group.                        On-going participation
                                                                                         in the Warwickshire
                                                           Develop and roll-out locality Third and Public Sector
                   including the
                                                           level asset maps aligned      Partnership Group.
                   third sector,
                                                           with the GP practice locality
                   to identify
                                                           boundaries.                   Locality level asset maps.
                   to build and
                                                           Work with our Coventry
                                                           & Warwickshire System
                                                           partners to explore other
                   capacity and
                                                           opportunities to build
                                                           community capacity and

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                                                                      2018-19 Deliverables;
                                  Next Steps     JSNA            2018-19
 We will          2018-19                                                            what can you expect to
                                   on FYFV      Theme          Requirements
               Support the                                  Develop an action       Improvement in the 3 key
               Warwickshire                                 plan to address the     CTGCUKFGPVKƂGFD[2WDNKE
               Health                                       3 key areas identi-     Health Warwickshire:
               Protection                                   ƂGFD[2WDNKE*GCNVJ air quality; screening and
               Strategy 2017-                               Warwickshire: air       immunisations and excess
               2021                                         quality, screening and winter deaths/fuel poverty.
                                                            immunisations and
                                                            excess winter deaths/ Regular reporting to the
                                                            fuel poverty.           Clinical Quality and
                                                                                    Governance Committee.
  Make                                                      Focus on the
prevention                                                  KFGPVKƂGFCTGCUKPVJG
the job of                                                  CCG’s public facing
 everyone                                                   communications
                                                            (newsletter, etc.).

Commission     Develop a                                    Mobilise new            A new contract in place
  person-      process to                                   contract.               for out of hospital services.
   centred     monitor the
 outcomes      performance                                  Implement actions       Regular reporting to the
for our most   of the new                                   from the End Of Life    Performance Committee
  complex      Out of Hospital                              Improvement Plan.       CPF)QXGTPKPI$QF[YJKEJ
  group of     contract                                                             captures the outcomes of
   people      against the         Urgent &    Long-Term                            on-going contract
               outcomes           Emergency    Conditions                           monitoring.
               framework             Care
               developed in                                                         An implementation plan
               collaboration                                                        for delivery of the End of
               with providers,                                                      Life Improvement Plan (as
               stakeholder                                                          part of the Out of Hospital
               clinicians,                                                          transformation plan).
               patients, carers    Primary
               and the wider        Care

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                                                                              2018-19 Deliverables;
                                            Next Steps     JSNA           2018-19
        We will           2018-19                                                            what can you expect to
                                             on FYFV      Theme         Requirements
                       Work with the                                 Development of an       Care closer to home, less
                       Out of Hospital                               integrated pathway      hospital admissions and
                       collaborative                                 covering primary care   unnecessary interventions.
                       to develop a                                  and out of hospital
                       full end-to-end                               services.               Improved patient
                       frailty pathway                                                       outcomes and patient
      Commission       covering                           Physical                           experience.
        person-        prevention                        Wellbeing
         centred       through to end                                                        Delivery of person-centred
       outcomes        of life.                                                              care to support patients at
      for our most                                                                           the end of their lives.
        group of
         people        Evaluate the                                  Evaluate the pilot      An evaluation report
                       impact of                                     pharmacy support        identifying the outcomes
                       enhancing                                     scheme in 7             of the pilot project.
                       pharmacy                                      residential care
                       support to                                    homes.                  A business case,
                       residential           Urgent &     Physical                           including
                       homes.               Emergency    Wellbeing Consider future           recommendations for
                                               Care                commissioning             future commissioning.

                    Evaluate                                         Engage with CCG GP      An independent report
                    options to                                       Member Practices to     that enables us to
                    redesign                                         develop options.        understand the key
                    current                                                                  requirements of primary
                    methods of                                       Engage with our         care from the perspective
                    resourcing                                       population to           of our Member Practices
           Make     general                  Primary                 understand what         and population.
         sure that  practice over             Care                   they want and expect
      primary care and above the                                     from primary care    #ENGCTN[FGƂPGFUGTXKEG
      maintains its core General                                     both now and in the offer from local practices
      status as the Medical                                          future.              to their populations.
       lynchpin of Services (GMS)
      care delivery contract,
         in south   aligning the
      Warwickshire incentives
                    that we apply
                    to general
                    practice with
                    those applied
                    to the wider
                    system and
                    vice versa.

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                                   JSNA          2018-19              Deliverables;
  We will            2018-19            Steps
                                                  Theme       Requirements            what can you
                                       on FYFV
                                                                                     expect to see?
                Work with                                  Use the outcomes Leadership capacity within
                Member Practices                           of the public and  each locality that is
                to redesign the                            workforce          working with South
                delivery of services                       engagement         Warwickshire Foundation
                through increased                          exercise           Trust on the implementation
                collaborative                              completed in       of the Out of Hospital
                working. The           Primary    Physical VQFGƂPG clinical model.
                development of          Care     Wellbeing critical
                this model will                            success factors
                enable resources                           for future primary
                to be wrapped                              care models.
                around groups of
                practices and create                        Work with
                a foundation for                            Member Practices
                delivering ‘primary                         to develop the
                care at scale’.                             collaborative
     Make                                                   between practices.
   sure that    Seek to improve                             Engage with our        An action plan that
primary care    uptake of                                   Member Practices       KFGPVKƂGUDCTTKGTUCPF
maintains its   ‘enhanced’ service                          to understand          actions that we will take to
status as the   offers (locally                             barriers to uptake.    overcome these.
 lynchpin of    commissioned
care delivery   services and           Primary   Long-Term Develop an action       Improved uptake of
   in south     national enhanced       Care     Conditions plan based on the      ‘enhanced’ service offers.
Warwickshire    services) by our                            outcomes of this
                Member Practices.                           engagement.
                Consider whether                            Monitor the            An evaluation report on the
                to commission                               pilot service          pilot service, including the
                a primary care-                             commenced in           impact on dementia
                led dementia                                2016/17.               diagnosis rates.
                diagnosis and                              Complete 12-
                care management                            month                   A business case, including
                service based on       Primary    Mental   evaluation of the       recommendations for future
                evaluation of the       Care     Wellbeing pilot project.          commissioning.
                pilot implemented
                in December 2016.                           The Coventry           Any variations required to
                                                            and Warwickshire       the contract with CWPT are
                                                            Partnership Trust      KFGPVKƂGFCPFKORNGOGPVGF
                                                            (CWPT) Memory
                                                            Assessment             Shared learning locally and
                                                            Service will be        across the wider Coventry
                                                            required to            and Warwickshire footprint.
                                                            provide support
                                                            and advice to GP       Improved understanding of
                                                            practices              the service requirements of
                                                            participating in the   people diagnosed with
                                                            pilot.                 dementia and their carers.

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                                   JSNA                    2018-19                        Deliverables;
        We will          2018-19       Steps
                                                  Theme                  Requirements                    what can you
                                      on FYFV
                                                                                                         expect to see?
                      Evaluate                               Complete evaluation of the pilot          An evaluation
                      the Primary                            project following the year-long pilot.    report
                      Care Mental                                                                      identifying the
                      Health                                 Explore options for future                outcomes of the
                      Service                                commissioning of mental health            pilot project.
                      (active           Mental    Mental     support services within GP surgeries.
                      monitoring)       Health   Wellbeing                                             A business case,
                      pilot project                                                                    including
                      which begins                                                                     recommendations
                      August                                                                           for future
                      2017.                                                                            commissioning.
                      Work with                              Further develop Outline Primary           Full Primary Care
                      our Member                             Care Estates Strategy produced in         Estates Strategy
                      Practices                              2016/17 to include full options           ƂPCNKUGF
                      to deliver                             appraisal for each locality, leading to   including agreed
                      a Primary                              the production of an agreed plan to       plans at
                      Care Estates                           secure the physical capacity required     locality level.
                      Strategy         Primary               to meet future demand.
          Make        which             Care                                                           New premises
        sure that     builds on                              Completed relevant engagement             development
     primary care     the existing                           (stakeholder and public) to inform        completed in
     maintains its    Outline                                options appraisal process.                Central locality
     status as the    Strategy.                                                                        (Hastings House).
      lynchpin of                                            Progress schemes (new
     care delivery                                           development and improvement) that         New premises
        in south                                             have reached business case stage          development
     Warwickshire                                            CPFJCXGEQPƂTOGFCRRTQXCNHQT           completed in
                                                             2018/19.                                  Warwick locality
                                                                                                       (Prior Medical
                                                             Engage with Member Practices to           Centre/Cape Road
                                                             evaluate opportunities to develop         Surgery).
                                                             ‘shared space’ within individual
                                                             NQECNKVKGU GIUJCTGFDCEMQHƂEG       Contributions
                                                             space).                                   (secured via
                                                                                                       Section 106
                                                             Continue to engage with                   Planning
                                                             Warwick and Stratford-on-                 Obligations or the
                                                             Avon District Councils to secure          Community
                                                             Section 106 contributions from            Infrastructure
                                                             developers and in relation to the         Levy) are passed
                                                             local introduction of the                 from the District
                                                             Community Infrastructure Levy.            Councils to the
                                                                                                       CCG to support
                                                             Collaborative working with NHS            RTQLGEVUKFGPVKƂGF
                                                             England (West Midlands) to                in the Primary
                                                             support the progress of new build         Care Estates
                                                             schemes prioritised for funding           Strategy.
                                                             through the Estates and
                                                             Technology Transformation Fund
NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                                  JSNA                 2018-19                  Deliverables;
  We will            2018-19           Steps
                                                 Theme               Requirements              what can you
                                      on FYFV
                                                                                               expect to see?
               Develop and                                   Progress the                     Regular
               TGƂPGQWTRNCP                               Strategy through the relevant    reporting to the
               ‘Transforming                                 approval/assurance process.      Primary Care
               General Practice                                                               Committee and
               Together’ in                                                                   )QXGTPKPI$QF[
               response to            Primary   Long-Term                                     in relation to the
               engagement              Care     Conditions                                    implementation
               with our Member                                                                of the Strategy.
               Practices, patients
               and the wider
               public and other
               key stakeholders.

              Extend access to                               Progress project plan            Our population
              general practice                               established in 2017/18 to        has access to
              services in line with                          implement new extended           evening and
     Make     the requirements                               access service in 2018/19.       weekend GP
   sure that  of the General                                                                  appointments by
primary care Practice Forward         Primary    Physical 2TQITCOOG$QCTFVQ                 March 2019.
maintains its View (GPFV) by           Care     Wellbeing maintain oversight of the
status as the commissioning                               project plan.
 lynchpin of a new extended
care delivery access service
   in south   which meets the 7
Warwickshire core requirements
              Continue to work                               Identify potential support       Practices that
              with our Member                                requirements via engagement      YQWNFDGPGƂV
              Practices to respond                           with practices, soft             from support are
              to opportunities                               intelligence and the             KFGPVKƂGFCVCP
              ƃQYKPIHTQOVJG                               systematic approach described    early stage.
              sustainability and      Primary                in the CCG’s Primary Medical
              transformation           Care                  Care Quality and Performance     Support requests
              programme                                      Framework.                       are successful in
              outlined in the                                                                 securing
              General Practice                               Maintain engagement with         funding.
              Forward View                                   the Local Medical Committee
              (GPFV) (e.g.                                   (LMC) via regular quarterly
              General Practice                               meetings.
              Programme).                                    Maintain engagement with
                                                             the NHS England (West
                                                             Midlands) Primary Care Team
                                                             via the local GP

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                              Next Steps                      2018-19             Deliverables;
       We will               2018-19                         JSNA Theme
                                               on FYFV                      Requirements         what can you
                                                                                                 expect to see?
                     Work with our                                        Ensure practices      On-going
                     Member Practices to                                  are aware of          contract
                     increase uptake of                                   the support and       monitoring.
                     GP online services,                                  resources available
                     thereby enabling                                     to them.            On-going liaison
                     patients to take more     Harnessing      Physical                       with the NHS
                     control of their own     Technology &    Wellbeing   Maintain links with England Patient
                     health.                   Innovation                 the NHS England     Online
                                                                          Patient Online      Programme
                                                                          Programme Team      Team.
                                                                          and work with
                                                                          them to promote
                                                                          support and
                                                                          resources available
                                                                          to practices.

                                                                          Enforce relevant
          Make                                                            requirements in
        sure that                                                         the General
     primary care                                                         Medical Services
     maintains its                                                        (GMS) contract.
     status as the   Develop and deliver                                  Roll out IP           IP telephony
      lynchpin of    an agreed GP IT                                      telephony to our      rolled out to
     care delivery   Strategy and work                                    Member                35/35 practices.
        in south     with our Member                                      Practices.
     Warwickshire    Practices to enable                                                        Practices report
                     general practice to       Harnessing                 Progress work-        that they have
                     make greater use of      Technology &                UVTGCOUKFGPVKƂGF    DGPGƂVVGFHTQO
                     technology in order to    Innovation                 in the Local          the roll out of IP
                     enhance patient care                                 Digital Roadmap.      telephony.
                     and experience, and
                     release capacity.                                    Work with our         Funding
                                                                          Member Practices      allocation for
                                                                          to respond to         Online
                                                                          opportunities         Consultation
                                                                          ƃQYKPIHTQOVJG      Systems
                                                                          Online                 invested in line
                                                                          Consultation          with the
                                                                          Systems stream of     requirements of
                                                                          the General           the scheme.
                                                                          (publication of
                                                                          rules and

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                     Next Steps                      2018-19             Deliverables;
 We will            2018-19                         JSNA Theme
                                      on FYFV                      Requirements          what can you
                                                                                         expect to see?
              Continue to develop                                Work with the         Streamlining of
              and work with our                                  South                 general practice
              Member Practices                                   Warwickshire GP       administration to
              to progress local                                  Federation and        free up clinician
              implementation of                                  the NHS England       time.
              the Releasing Time     Primary Care                Sustainable
              for Care Programme                                 Improvement Team $GVVGT
              in order to support                                to deliver the     signposting to
              general practice                                   Programme locally. other services as
              sustainability and                                                    appropriate to
              release capacity.                                                     support
              Our intention is for                                                  appropriate care
              all practices to be                                                   and
     Make     engaged with the                                                      management.
   sure that  programme in order to
primary care accelerate the 10 high
maintains its impact changes to
status as the release time for care.
 lynchpin of Develop and                                         Produce a primary     Primary care
care delivery commence                                           care workforce        workforce
   in south   implementation                                     strategy in           UVTCVGI[ƂPCNKUGF
Warwickshire of a Coventry &                                     collaboration         and
              Warwickshire Primary                               with key partners     implementation
              Care workforce          Integrating                (Member               commenced.
              strategy with          Care Locally                Practices, Local
              appropriate local                                  Medical Council,      Regular reporting
              variation and actions.                             Health Education      to the Primary
                                                                 England, SWGP         Care Committee
                                                                 Federation) with      and Governing
                                                                 the support of        $QF[KPTGNCVKQP
                                                                 the Coventry and      to the
                                                                 Warwickshire Local    implementation
                                                                 Workforce Action      of the Strategy.
                                                                 $QCTF .9#$ 

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                              Next Steps                      2018-19             Deliverables;
       We will               2018-19                         JSNA Theme
                                               on FYFV                      Requirements         what can you
                                                                                                 expect to see?
                      Roll out Electronic                                 Develop and           System launched
                      Palliative Care                                     implement roll out    across all
                      Coordination Systems                                plan, including       Member
                      (EPaCCS) across all                                 education and         Practices.
                      Member Practices                                    training for
                      to support timely        Harnessing                 practices.            Monitoring of
                      information sharing     Technology &                                      uptake and usage
                      between primary care,    Innovation                                       on-going.
                      the Out of Hours
                      service and NHS 111.
     of the urgent
      care system     Contribute to the                                   Develop a local       Local action plan
       that need      implementation of the                               action plan aligned   agreed.
      to respond      West Midlands Urgent                                to the vision of
         to our       and Emergency Care                                  the West Midlands     Monitoring of
      population      Network.                                            Urgent and            delivery against
          24/7                                  Urgent &                  Emergency Care        the action plan is
                                               Emergency                  Network and           on-going.
                                                  Care                    which addresses
                                                                          the need to
                                                                          effectively join-up

                                                                          As part of the
                                                                          development of
                                                                          this plan, identify
                                                                          gaps in terms of
                                                                          being able to offer
                                                                          an urgent response
                                                                          to our population.

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

This cornerstone of the strategic plan focuses on the provision of care for people with the most
complex needs in our community – groups such as children, people with learning disabilities and long-
term mental health conditions. Our strategic plan recognises that many of these people would be
better served by shared resources across partner organisations and, where appropriate, with access to
personalised care.

Our focus in 2018-19 will be on working with Warwickshire County Council to build on the collabo-
rative arrangements established in 2016-17 in relation to the commissioning of services for children
and young people. Through the delivery of our Transforming Care Programme, we will continue to
work with partners across Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull to design and commission services that
enable people with a learning disability and/or autism to live safely with support in their communities
and prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital. At the same time through joint working with the two
other Coventry and Warwickshire CCGs, we will maintain momentum on the delivery of our work
programme developed in response to the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                            Next Steps                      2018-19              Deliverables;
        We will            2018-19                       JSNA Theme
                                             on FYFV                      Requirements          what can you
                                                                                                expect to see?
                     Ensure that                                      On-going audit and      Raised visibility of
                     people included                                  monitoring of           2*$UXKCTGIWNCT
                     in the CCG                                       KORNGOGPVGF2*$U       internal
                     QHHGTHQTC2*$                                                         reporting.
        Make sure    (people who                                      Work with
       we have the are eligible for           Mental       Mental     Providers to
       systems and NHS Continuing             Health      Wellbeing   respond to the
         processes   Healthcare,                                      requirements of the
        to provide   children who                                     national roll-out of
          Personal   are eligible for                                 2*$U
           Health    continuing care
          $WFIGVU   and individuals
            2*$U     who have
                     complex needs
                     as a result of
                     their Learning
                     Disability) who
                     want to achieve
                     a personalised
                     approach with a
                     do so.
          Give our   Monitor the                                      Work with               Regular
        population performance                                        providers to            reporting to the
      the best start of the new                                       support the             Performance
          in life by Children and                                     delivery of the new     Committee and
        using our    Young People’s                                   Emotional               )QXGTPKPI$QF[
         collective  Emotional                Mental       Mental     Wellbeing and           which captures
         resources   Wellbeing                Health      Wellbeing   Mental Health service   the outcomes of
            most     and Mental                                       for 0-25s.              on-going
        effectively  Health service                                                           contract
                     contract against                                 On-going monitoring     monitoring.
                     the outcomes                                     and evaluation of the
                     framework                                        new service.
                     developed in
                     with providers,
                     patients, carers
                     and the wider

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                    Next Steps                          2018-19                Deliverables;
 We will             2018-19                       JSNA Theme
                                     on FYFV                          Requirements            what can you
                                                                                              expect to see?
                 Ensure robust                                    On-going monitoring       Regular reporting
                 arrangements                                     of relevant providers     through the CCG's
                 are in place to                                  to provide assurance      governance
                 understand the                                   that CLA receive well     structures.
                 needs of, and                                    co-ordinated care that
                 deliver high                       Vulnerable    meets their needs.
                 quality services                  Young People
                 to Children
   Give our      Looked After
 population      (CLA).
   the best      Develop the                                    Develop the                 Secure aligned
 start in life   governance and                                 governance and              budgets between
by using our     commissioning                                  commissioning               commissioners
  collective     infrastructure                                 infrastructure required     through a
  resources      required to                                    for the new Children’s      formal process (i.e.
     most        establish a        Integrating     Vulnerable Integrated                   Section 75
 effectively     new Children’s     Care Locally   Young People Commissioning Unit          agreement).
                 Integrated                                     (CICU).
                 Commissioning                                                              Governance
                 Unit (CICU),                                     CICU to develop a         structure is agreed
                 which will bring                                 plan to integrate 0-25s   and in place.
                 together teams                                   services to
                 from across the                                  address transition        Regular reporting
                 Local Authority                                  within universal          on the activities of
                 and 3 local                                      services and drive        the CICU through
                 CCGs (South                                      personalisation.          the CCG’s
                 Warwickshire,                                                              governance
                 Warwickshire                                                               structures.
                 North and
                 Coventry and                                                               Integration plan in
                 Rugby).                                                                    place.
                 Work with                                        Contribute and            Integrated
                 Public Health                                    support development       approach to
                 Warwickshire                                     and delivery of the       perinatal mental
                 to take forward                                  action plan.              health.
                 actions related
                 to the Perinatal     Mental         Mental                                 Improved access to
                 Mental Health        Health        Wellbeing                               advice and support
                 agenda.                                                                    for new parents.

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                                        Next                                   2018-19
                                                        Steps      JSNA        2018-19      Deliverables;
        We will                    2018-19
                                                         on       Theme     Requirements    what can you
                                                        FYFV                                expect to see?
                       Support the joint                                   Work with     Increased numbers
                       commissioner for learning                           Member        of people with
                       disabilities to deliver the                         Practices and learning
                       agreed commissioning                                providers to  FKUCDKNKVKGUKFGPVKƂGF
                       strategy.                                           implement the and included on
                                                        Mental    Mental Coventry and    the General Practice
                                                        Health   Wellbeing Warwickshire- learning
                                                                           wide action   disabilities ‘health
                                                                           plan.         check’ registers.

                                                                                                Increased % of
                                                                                                people with
                                                                                                learning disabilities
                                                                                                have an annual
       Change our                                                                               health check from
     commissioning                                                                              their GP practice
      arrangements                                                                              and receive an
        for mental                                                                              associated care
        health and                                                                              plan.
          learning     Continue transforming care                           On-going            Regular reporting
         disability    for people with learning                             monitoring of       through the CCG’s
           services    disabilities and/or autism by                        progress against    governance
        to allow a     implementing Transforming                            the plan.           structures.
       personalised    Care for People with Learning
         approach      Disabilities, the joint plan     Mental    Mental Continue to            A reduction in the
                       developed through the Arden      Health   Wellbeing repatriate           number of people
                       and Solihull Transforming Care                      patients who are     in inpatient beds in
                       Partnership.                                        placed in other      accordance with
                                                                           areas and/or in      agreed trajectories.
                                                                           NHS England
                                                                           inpatient beds
                                                                           back to south
                                                                           in line with their
                                                                           wishes and
                       Work in collaboration with                          Attend and           Updated Autism
                       Warwickshire County Council                         support the          Strategy.
                       and other partners to deliver                       Autism
                       an updated Autism Strategy.                         Partnership
                                                        Mental    Mental
                                                        Health   Wellbeing

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                          Next Steps     JSNA            2018-19               Deliverables;
  We will               2018-19
                                           on FYFV      Theme          Requirements           what can you
                                                                                              expect to see?
  Change our     Evaluate options for                               Further                  Evaluation of the
commissioning    the development                                    development of an        adult pathway
 arrangements    of an all age neuro                                all age pathway          and decision on
   for mental    developmental                                      across Coventry and      an all age
   health and    pathway to support                                 Warwickshire             pathway.
     learning    the diagnosis of           Mental      Mental      following evaluation
    disability   people with autism         Health     Wellbeing    of the adult
      services   CPFCVVGPVKQPFGƂEKV                              pathway.
   to allow a    hyperactivity disorder
  personalised   (ADHD).
                 Deliver the 2017-                                  Attend and support       Improved service
                 2020 Carers Strategy                               the Carers Strategy      and support for
                 in partnership with                                &GNKXGT[$QCTFKP       carers.
                 Warwickshire County                                order to deliver the
                 Council.                                           KFGPVKƂGFCEVKQPU
                                                                    Review of respite
                                                                    and short breaks
                                                                    services across health
                                                                    and social care.
              Seek to improve                                       Review processes in      Positive feedback
              the experience of                                     association with the     and reduced
   Work to    individuals going                                     new 'embedded'           volume of
transform the through the NHS                                       CHC team.                complaints.
 environment Continuing Healthcare                     Long-Term
 to empower (CHC) process.                             Conditions
              Work in partnership                                   Progress the actions     Regular
              with colleagues on                                    on the revised           reporting through
              the Mental Health                                     mental health crisis     the CCG’s
              Commissioning Group                                   care concordat.          governance
              to deliver in full the                                                         structures.
              agreed actions from           Mental      Mental      Work with providers
              the Mental Health             Health     Wellbeing    to review the            Clearer roles and
              Commissioning Group                                   UGTXKEGURGEKƂECVKQPU   responsibilities
              work plan in order to                                 for community and        within mental
              deliver the Five Year                                 acute mental health      health services.
              Forward View for                                      care.
              Mental Health for all
              ages.                                                 Review of the secure
                                                                    care pathways

                                                                    On-going monitoring
                                                                    of progress against

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                            Next                                                      Deliverables;
                                            Steps       JSNA                    2018-19                 what can
       We will             2018-19
                                             on        Theme                 Requirements                   you
                                            FYFV                                                         expect to
                   Continue to roll                               Implement the programme in          Patients
                   out the three                                  partnership with local partners and diagnosed
                   year Increased                                 deliver a new service that meets    with
                   Access to                                      the needs of people with long-term respiratory
                   Psychological                                  conditions.                         conditions
                   Therapies (IAPT)         Mental     Mental                                         and diabetes
                   programme                Health    Wellbeing                                       will be
                   to support the                                                                     offered
                   population                                                                         psychological
                   of south                                                                           support
                   Warwickshire                                                                       following
                   with long-term                                                                     their
        Work to    conditions.                                                                        diagnosis.
     transform the Deliver actions                                Work collaboratively with partners Regular
      environment KFGPVKƂGFKPVJG                               to implement the Warwickshire       reporting
      to empower Warwickshire                                     Suicide Prevention Strategy and     through the
        patients   Suicide                                        associated action plan.             CCG’s
                   Prevention                                                                         governance
                   Strategy                 Mental     Mental     Collaborate with Public Health      structures.
                   2016-20.                 Health    Wellbeing   Warwickshire to commission suicide
                                                                  awareness training for front-line
                                                                  workers e.g. GPs.

                                                                  Participate in local and national
                                                                  suicide prevention events and
                                                                  disseminate through the local
                                                                  health and social care system.

                                                                  Review every death from suicide
                                                                  reported as a serious incident using
                                                                  a robust root-cause analysis
                      Improve the                                 Implementation of RESPECT forms More
                      quality of end of                           and use of the CASTLE register for people dying
                      life care.                                  end of life care.                    in their place
                                                                                                       of choice.
                                                                  End of life will form part of the
                                            Primary               frailty pathway as developed via the
                                             Care                 Out of Hospital design board.

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

               Specialist Provision
This cornerstone of the strategic plan looks at delivery models for acute specialties. Echoing the NHS
Five Year Forward View it recognises that that in some services where there is a strong relationship
between the number of patients and the quality of care – such as stroke, specialised surgery, some
cancer and other specialist services - there is a compelling argument for a greater concentration of

Our focus in 2018-19 will be on kick-starting elements of our strategic plan that have been prioritised

Across many of the work programmes being progressed under this cornerstone, we will be looking at
how we can streamline service delivery, simplifying and standardising pathways to ensure people are
supported in the right place, at the right time and as quickly as possible. Under this cornerstone we
type of contracts and the ways of awarding contracts that will facilitate collaboration and deliver the
outcomes that are important to our population.

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                            Next                                                      2018-19
                                            Steps     JSNA                   2018-19              Deliverables;
        We will             2018-19
                                             on      Theme                Requirements            what can you
                                            FYFV                                                  expect to see?
                       Ensure that our                           Ensure GPs and other referrers % increase in
                       population has                            have access to relevant        utilisation of NHS
                       access to up to                           information to help and        e-Referral service.
                       date information                          support patients to make
                       to enable                                 choices.                       Action plans in
                       them to make                                                             place for GPs/
                       informed choices                          Increase utilisation of NHS    referrers who are
                       about their care                          e-Referral Service (e-RS).     low users of e-RS.
                       and treatment.                            Work with GPs/referrers
                                                                 who are low users of e-RS      Systems and
                                                                 to understand barriers and     processes in place
                                                                 develop action plans to        that promote
                                                                 increase utilisation.          and measure
                                                                                                awareness of
                                                                 Co-produce information         choice.
                                                                 to support choice with the
       Ensure that                                               CCG’s Public and Patient       Co-produced
     our population                                              Participation Group (PPPG).    information
       knows what                                                                               available to our
        choices are                                              Undertake an engagement        population.
       available to                                              exercise with patients on an
     them and that                                               KFGPVKƂGFECTGRCVJYC[VQ     On-going
      they have the                                              test whether patients fully    monitoring of
       information                                               understood the choices         providers.
       available to                                              available to them before
       make those                                                entering that pathway and      Engagement
          choices                                                whether their expectations as exercise
                                                                 VQJQYVTGCVOGPVYKNNDGPGƂV completed.
                                                                 them are well-informed.

                                                                 Ensure choice is considered
                                                                 for new models of care for all
                                                                 client groups.

                       Work in                                   Ensure 85% of Continuing         Targets
                       partnership with                          Health Care (CHC)                achieved in
                       Warwickshire                              assessments take place out of    relation to CHC
                       County Council                            the hospital setting.            assessments.
                       and South
                       Warwickshire                 Long-Term    Enhanced performance             Reduction in
                       Foundation                   Conditions   management of CHC key            DTOCs.
                       Trust to ensure                           performance indicators.
                       patients are                                                               Project Plan.
                       discharged from                           Implement the High Impact
                       hospital in a                             Change Model for reducing
                       timely manner.                            Delayed Transfer of Care

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                     Next Steps       JSNA                   2018-19             Deliverables;
  We will            2018-19
                                      on FYFV        Theme                 Requirements         what can you
                                                                                                expect to see?
                 Continue                                          Review the National         Public and
                 to work                                           /CVGTPKV[4GXKGYoUn$GVVGT patient
                 with system                                       $KTVJU+ORTQXKPIQWVEQOGU engagement
                 partners to                                       of maternity services in    on future
                 develop a new                                     England’ and work with      commissioning
                 Coventry and                        Physical      local partners to identify  arrangements.
                 Warwickshire                       Wellbeing      gaps and implement
                 clinical model                                    a range of actions in
                 for Maternity                                     response.
                 and Paediatric
                 services.                                         Work with service users
                                                                   and providers to develop a
                                                                   clinical model.
Encourage our    Increase                                          Continue to review the         An appropriate
  providers to   specialist mental                                 current service and identify   level of service to
 develop new     health care in                                    requirements.                  CFFTGUUKFGPVKƂGF
  partnerships   Accident and                                                                     need.
  and ways of    Emergency            Urgent &       Physical
   working in    (A&E).              Emergency      Wellbeing
order for them                          Care
  to adapt to
                 Continue                                          4GXKGYCPFTGƂPGVJG[GCT     Options appraisal
 the changing
                 to develop                                        1 work plan for the DCN        for future
                 the Diabetes                                      with the key partners: GPs,    commissioning
   within the
                 Clinical Network                                  practice nurses, South         arrangements
   context of
                 (DCN) with key                                    Warwickshire Foundation        completed.
  Coventry &
                 stakeholders        Integrating    Long-Term      6TWUV&KCDGVGU7-RCVKGPV
                 across south        Care Locally   Conditions     representatives, dieticians,
Better Health,
                 Warwickshire.                                     podiatrist/and digital
  Better Care,
                                                                   Retinopathy services.
  Better Value
                                                                   Deliver new and enhanced
                                                                   services to improve
                                                                   structured education and
                                                                   foot care, whilst testing
                                                                   new approaches in
                                                                   technologies - including
                                                                   telehealth - to support
                                                                   people with complex type 1
                                                                   diabetes and pre-diabetics.

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                                           JSNA               2018-19               Deliverables;
         We will              2018-19         Steps on
                                                          Theme             Requirements            what can you
                                                                                                    expect to see?
                      Work in                                         6JGTGYKNNDGCURGEKƂE     Higher cancer
                      partnership with                                focus on:                    prevention
                      the Coventry and                                • Prevention - increasing    rates from
                      Warwickshire                                    focus on screening           better screening
                      Cancer Group                                    programmes                   initiatives.
                      to drive                 Cancer    Long-Term    • Early Diagnosis –
                      delivery of the                    Conditions   enhancing primary care       Reduction in
                      National Cancer                                 development through a        diagnosis time
                      Strategy and                                    Cancer Education Network,    for patients
                      recommendations                                 and reviewing diagnostic     diagnosed with
                      from the cancer                                 capacity across the          cancer.
                      task force                                      Coventry & Warwickshire
      Encourage our (through aligning                                 System footprint             Reduction in
        providers to  commissioning                                   • Improved care pathways     patient waiting
       develop new responsibilities                                   and patient experience -     times for the
        partnerships across the                                       to reduce waiting times      whole cancer
        and ways of cancer pathway                                    across the whole pathway     pathway.
         working in   and enabling                                    from primary care through
      order for them collaborative                                    to end of treatment, this    More support
        to adapt to   working across                                  will include supporting      for patients
       the changing providers).                                       direct diagnostics from      with cancer
         landscape,                                                   Primary Care to condense     and those
         within the                                                   the patient pathway          recovering from
         context of                                                   • Living with and beyond     cancer.
        Coventry &                                                    cancer-supporting the
       Warwickshire                                                   delivery of the living
      Better Health,                                                  with and beyond cancer
        Better Care,                                                  programme.
        Better Value Review and update                                CCG quality team focus       Reduced
            Plan      our Systematic                                  TGƃGEVUPGYRTKQTKVKGU     variation in
                      Approach to                                                                  provision of
                      Quality document                                                             primary and
                      VQTGƃGEVSWCNKV[                                                           community
                      and safety priorities                                                        services
                      in light of the NHS                                                          including
                      Five Year Forward                                                            Continuing
                      View (FYFV) and                                                              Health Care
         Specify the  other national                                                               (CHC).
          outcomes    guidance.
        we want for Implement                                         Expansion of the south       /5-VTKCIG
        key elective  an integrated                                   Warwickshire service.        assessment
         specialities Musculoskeletal                                                              and treatment
         to support    /5- UGTXKEG                                  Explore options for wider    service in
        providers to  across Coventry                                 geographical scope.          place in south
         deliver the  and Warwickshire.                   Physical                                 Warwickshire.
       right level of                                    Wellbeing    Develop an action plan
       care and best                                                  that delivers improvements
          outcomes                                                    in the short, medium and
                                                                      long term.

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                      Next Steps       JSNA            2018-19              Deliverables;
   We will              2018-19
                                       on FYFV        Theme          Requirements           what can you
                                                                                            expect to see?
  Specify the      $GRCTVQHC                                 Undertake relevant        Work plans
   outcomes        Coventry and                                  stakeholder and the       developed,
  we want for      Warwickshire-                                 public engagement to      with regular
  key elective     wide approach                                 support this work.        reporting in
  specialities     to the review of                                                        place.
   to support      other planned                                 Develop an action
  providers to     care pathways.                                plan that delivers
   deliver the                                                   improvements in the
 right level of                                                  short, medium and
 care and best                                                   long term.
   Centralise      Commission                                    Undertake relevant        New service
     services      improved                                      stakeholder and the       model in place
where there is     Coventry and                                  public engagement to      by May 2018.
 evidence that     Warwickshire-                                 support this work.
  will provide     wide stroke                                                             Regular
 better clinical   services to meet   Integrating     Physical   Progress through NHS      reporting to the
 outcomes for      the outcomes       Care Locally   Wellbeing   England assurance         Performance
our population     outlined in the                               process and obtain        Committee and
                   Midlands and                                  approval to proceed.      )QXGTPKPI$QF[
                   East regional                                                           which captures
                   stroke service                                Providers will need to    the outcomes
                   URGEKƂECVKQP                                 be able to respond        of on-going
                                                                 and deliver the agreed    contract
                                                                 UGTXKEGURGEKƂECVKQP     monitoring.

                                                                 Implement new service     Improved stroke
                                                                 model.                    outcomes as
                                                                 Monitor the new           agreed business
                                                                 contract in line with     case.
                                                                 the agreed outcomes

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                      Delivering Today
     This cornerstone of the strategic plan sets out the regular activities that are required to provide
     an organisation and delivering our various statutory duties.

     Our focus in 2018-19 will remain on achieving and improving performance standards against
     the standards in the NHS Constitution. Driving improved quality, whether that be clinically or
     experientially, will continue to be a priority and is central to the proposed outcomes focused
     contracting approach described under cornerstone 3. Finally, we will need to ensure that we deliver a

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                               JSNA           2018-19                    Deliverables;
  We will          2018-19         Steps on
                                              Theme         Requirements                what can you
                                                                                        expect to see?
              Proactively                             Work with the Public and      Information will be
              engage with                             Patient Participation Group   publicly available
              stakeholders and                        and the Gateway Group.        showing how
              enable people                                                         feedback supports
              to contribute to                        Actively engage with          changes to services.
              shaping future                          minority community
              health services                         groups.                       Increased numbers of
              commissioned by                                                       Health Champions.
              the CCG.                                Actively promote
                                                      and recruiting Health         Coordinated approach
                                                      Champions.                    to public engagement
                                                                                    across all health and
                                                      Work with key partners to     social care.
                                                      share information.
                                                                                    An increase in
                                                      Report feedback to public     reported satisfaction in
   Continue                                           meetings of the CCG.          VJG%%)#PPWCNř
 to seek the                                                                        Stakeholder Survey.
   views of,
listen to and                                                                      An increase in use of
   drive our                                                                       our communications
 relationship                                                                      channels e.g. the CCG
with patients,                                                                     website.
partners and Develop a                                Ensure the organisation’s    Staff will be
communities culture that                              vision and values, statutory empowered and
               promotes open                          requirements and aspiration have the tools to
               communication                          for public engagement are deliver high quality
               and engagement                         known by every member of commissioning for the
               with patients and                      staff.                       DGPGƂVQHNQECNRGQRNG
               the public.
                                                      Deliver proactive and       Staff will know the
                                                      reactive media relations.   vision, aims and
                                                                                  priorities of the
                                                      Ensure all project managers CCG and be able to
                                                      are aware of expectations   articulate these and
                                                      regarding communication     how their work relates
                                                      and engagement and are      to them.
                                                      suitably trained to deliver
                                                      them.                       There will be an
                                                                                  improved balance in
                                                      Project plans describe      media coverage in
                                                      stakeholder engagement.     local media.

                                                                                    Regular engagement
                                                                                    activities such as ‘Have
                                                                                    Your Say Day’.

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                                    JSNA              2018-19                  Deliverables;
       We will           2018-19        Steps on
                                                   Theme           Requirements                what can you
                                                                                               expect to see?
                      Strengthen                           Provide opportunities for GPs Member practices are
                      our                                  VQKPƃWGPEGEQOOKUUKQPKPI informed, engaged and
                      relationship                         and the provision of services involved in the work of
                      with our                             through Member Council        their CCG and this is
                      Practices                            meetings.                     TGƃGEVGFKPVJGHGGFDCEM
                      in order to       Primary                                          KPVJG%%)#PPWCNř
                      ensure that we     Care              Promote clinical involvement Stakeholder Survey.
                      act as partners                      in commissioning.
        Continue      in the delivery                                                    GPs and their teams
      to seek the     of our plan,                         Maintain and develop the      will be actively involved
        views of,     Transforming                         website.                      in service redesign and
     listen to and    General                                                            the clinical leads will be
        drive our     Practice                             Develop feedback              known.
      relationship    Together.                            mechanisms for issues and
     with patients,                                        concerns raised by GPs and    GP Member Practices will
     partners and                                          other stakeholders.           know the vision, aims
     communities                                                                         and priorities of their
                                                           'PUWTGUVCHHDTKGƂPIUCTG    CCG and be involved
                                                           focused on key topics and     in implementing the
                                                           there are opportunities for   strategic plan.

         Continue     Continue to                          On-going performance
        to develop    manage all of                        management of provider
       the people,    our provider                         contracts.
         processes    contracts
     and reporting    in order to                          Regular reporting which
     that we have     ensure delivery                      captures the outcomes of
        in place to   of local and                         on-going monitoring.
       oversee the    national                                                           Regular reporting to
         quality of   performance                          On-going monitoring of        the CCG’s Performance
       the services   and quality                          patient and GP feedback on    Committee and the
         delivered    standards                            services.                     )QXGTPKPI$QF[
           to the     across all
       population     contracts.                           On-going monitoring of the
          of south                                         WUGQHUVCHƂPITGUQWTEGU
     Warwickshire                                          in order to ensure safe,
         and drive                                         sustainable and productive
       continuous                                          services.
          in terms                                         On-going monitoring of any
         of patient                                        Care Quality Commission
           safety,                                         (CQC) action plans.
      effectiveness                                        Review of the CCG’s
       and patient                                         Systematic Approach to
       experience                                          Quality.

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

                                                Next Steps    JSNA          2018-19               what can
          We will                2018-19
                                                 on FYFV     Theme        Requirements                you
                                                                                                  expect to
                         Continue to be                              Local implementation
                         an active member                            of the national Accident
                         of the Coventry                             and Emergency
                         and Warwickshire                            Improvement Plan.
                         Accident and
         Continue to     Emergency               Urgent &            Delivery of the agreed
          develop the    &GNKXGT[$QCTFVJG   Emergency            VTCLGEVQTKGUHQTVJGƂXG
      people, processes Scheduled Care             Care              mandated improvement
        and reporting    $QCTFCPFQVJGT                            initiatives:
       that we have in joint programmes                              Streaming at the front
       place to oversee within the Coventry                          door – to ambulatory
                                                                                                 Shorter wait
      the quality of the & Warwickshire                              and primary care.
                                                                                                 times at A&E.
      services delivered system.
      to the population                                                                          Reduction
                                                                     NHS 111 – Increasing
           of south                                                                              in Delayed
                                                                     the number of calls
      Warwickshire and                                                                           Transfers of
                                                                     transferred for clinical
       drive continuous                                                                          Care (DTOCs).
       improvement in
       terms of patient                                              Ambulances – Dispatch
        safety, clinical                                             on Disposition and
         effectiveness                                               code review pilots; HEE
          and patient                                                increasing workforce.
                                                                     do’s’ that each trust
                                                                     should implement to

                                                                     Discharge – mandating
                                                                     ‘Discharge to Assess’
                                                                     and ‘trusted assessor’
                                                                     type models.

NHS South Warwickshire Clinical Commissioning Group

                                       Next Steps JSNA               2018-19                     what can
  We will              2018-19
                                        on FYFV   Theme            Requirements                    you
                                                                                                 expect to
 Provide the      Continue to                             Maintain positive relationships     Financial
  ƂPCPEKCN       FGNKXGTƂPCPEKCN                       with our partners and providers     balance.
stability and     balance in line                         and seize on opportunities to
 contractual      YKVJQWTƂPCPEKCN                      work in partnership to deliver      Strategic
 ƃGZKDKNKV[VQ   strategy for the                        GHHGEVKXGCPFGHƂEKGPVEJCPIG      deliverables
 deliver the      period 2017-         Funding &          to the healthcare system and        achieved.
CCG strategy      2019 in order to     'HƂEKGPE[          improve health outcomes
                  allow sustainable                       for the population of south        Regular
                  transformational                        Warwickshire.                      reporting to
                  change to happen.                                                          the Executive
                                                                                             Primary Care
                  Deliver projects                        On-going management of the         QIPP projects
                  KFGPVKƂGFYKVJKP                       CCG’s QIPP programme.              successfully
                  the CCG’s Quality,                                                         implemented
                  Innovation,                             Maintain regular reporting in line leading to
                  Productivity and                        with agreed governance             delivery of
                  Prevention (QIPP)    Funding &          processes.                         QIPP target.
                  programme,           'HƂEKGPE[
                  achieving                                                                   Regular
                  KFGPVKƂGF                                                                  monitoring of
                  milestones in line                                                          implemented
                  with individual                                                             schemes to
                  project plans.                                                              evidence
Embrace the       Develop an                              Update the GP IT strategy           GP IT Strategy.
 technology       IT strategy in                          to enable the Transforming
   changes        collaboration                           General Practice Together plan    Improved
 required to      with partners                           to be underpinned by sound        functionality
improve our       and providers                           infrastructure and to support the of GP IT.
  GHƂEKGPE[      to address the        Harnessing        delivery of the enhanced care
 and patient      RTKQTKVKGUKFGPVKƂGF Technology        record between primary care and
 experience       in the Local Digital & Innovation       community services as part of
                  Roadmap.                                the Out of Hospital programme.

                                                          Implement the Universal
                                                          Capabilities Delivery Plan, which
                                                          will track progress in 10 key

2018 - 2019 Commissioning Intentions

     Next Steps
     In this document we set out our draft commissioning intentions for 2018-19 under the four
     cornerstones of our strategic plan. The commissioning intentions have been designed with the aim
     based on the following:

     1. A review of local, regional and national priorities and plans

     Our local population and stakeholders will have an opportunity to comment on the draft
     commissioning intentions. Any comments and feedback received will be considered by our Members’

     We request that you review the commissioning intentions and provide feedback via the form at the
     end of this document. This can be submitted electronically or via post.

     Your views are important to us and we look forward to receiving them.

     Reference Documents
     NHS Five Year Forward View

     Next Steps on the NHS Five Year Forward View

     General Practice Forward View

     The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health

     NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2017-2019

     NHS South Warwickshire CCG Strategic Plan 2016-2020; Translating our 2020 vision into reality

     NHS South Warwickshire CCG Operational Plan for 2017/18 and 2018/19

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