International Aesthetic Dermatology Symposium of the Association of Korean Dermatologists

International Aesthetic Dermatology Symposium of the Association of Korean Dermatologists
International Aesthetic Dermatology Symposium of
    the Association of Korean Dermatologists

               March 28(Thu) – 31(Sun), 2019
                Grand Hilton Seoul, Korea

              At last the Korean Dermatologists,
              they share their secret stories of
           K-Beauty Medical Technology and
            world's prominent speakers will
     unfold their latest treatment methods to you.

International Aesthetic Dermatology Symposium of the Association of Korean Dermatologists
Welcome Message
    Dear Colleagues and Associates,

    On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to invite you to the International Aesthetic
    Dermatology Symposium, Korea Derma 2019, hosted by the Association of Korean Dermatologists. The
    symposium will be held in the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul, South Korea from March 28 to March 31, 2019.

    The Symposium will mainly cover the subjects on anti-aging procedures, pigmented skin problems,
    acne & rosacea, various scar remodeling, enlarged facial pores, absorbable-thread treatment, filler &
    Botulinum toxin and etc. In addition, the latest trend of dermatologic aesthetic treatment known as the
    K-Beauty Medical Technology, will also be presented during Korea Derma 2019.

    Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is an incredibly vibrant city that not only treasures its long history,
    cultures and traditions, but also signifies advanced modern technologies and fashion that are highly
    recognized throughout the world. Regardless of personal preferences, all the attendees will be able to
    experience many exciting events ranging from centuries-old UNESCO World Heritage sites to K-Pop

    The Korea Derma 2019 will be an indisputably rewarding and memorable experience for all the attendees.
    We are looking forward to welcoming all of you to Seoul in 2019.

    With sincere regards,

                       Suk Min Kim
                       President of Korea Derma 2019
                       President of the Association of Korean Dermatologists

    Dear Colleagues all around the world who are incredibly dedicated to the aesthetic medicine:

    At last, the Association of Korean Dermatologists, shares its secret stories of K-Beauty
    Medical Technology.

    For the first time in history, its 2019 spring symposium will be held as an international event entitled with
    “International Aesthetic Dermatology Symposium of the Association of Korean Dermatologists (Korea
    Derma 2019)”.
    Korea Derma 2019 will introduce Korean dermatologists’ expertise and originality as well as the
    closeness and excellence of industry-education cooperation. Under various topics, we will share exciting
    stories of “K-beauty wave”, which is spreading across the globe.

    Moreover, in the hope of building the future of aesthetic science together, a forum will be held for all
    attendees where prominent dermatologists of the world will have constructive and vigorous debate on
    important issues. With clinically proven technology and know-how in the heart of K-beauty wave, Korea
    Derma 2019 will definitely be a one-of-a-kind symposium you will never forget. Thus, we cordially invite
    you to unprecedented stimulating event.

    We look forward to meeting you in Korea Derma 2019.

                        Hangrae Cho
                        Secretary General of Korea Derma 2019
                        External Cooperation Director of the Association of Korean Dermatologists

2   Korea Derma 2019
                    International Aesthetic Dermatology Symposium of the Association of Korean
                    Dermatologists (Korea Derma 2019)
   Date             Mar 28(Thu) – 31(Sun), 2019

  Venue             Grand Hilton Seoul, Korea

 Hosted by          The Association of Korean Dermatologists

                          Dermatologists          1,700 participants
                            Exhibitors            100 companies

                          Mar 28(Thu)
                                                  Korean Medical Company Visiting Program
                                                  Scientific Sessions
                                                  Korean Dermatologic Clinic ONE DAY Participating
                           Mar 29(Fri)
 Program                                          Night Tour (Optional)

                                                  Scientific Sessions
                           Mar 30(Sat)            Hot Topic Discussions
                                                  Gala Dinner
                                                  22nd Annual Spring Meeting of AKD
                          Mar 31(Sun)
                                                  Scientific Sessions

   First International                                 Korean Dermatologic        Korean Medical
     Symposium by                 User Friendly           Clinic ONE DAY         Company Visiting
   The Association of            Main Programs         Participating Program         Program
 Korean Dermatologists                                     March 29(Fri)          March 28(Thu)

    Korean                      A-to-Z review of          Learn clinic            Unprecedented
    Dermatological              selected topics will      layouts, patient        opportunity to
    specialists                 be presented, from        consulting              observe
    unfold the latest,          basic information         and treatment           production line,
    academic and                to challenging            know-how at             R&D process and
    clinical stories of         insights.                 Korean                  to discuss with
    K-Beauty                                              dermatological          key opinion leaders
    Medical                     At the end of             clinics, and have       at Korean Medical
    Technology.                 each day, major           in-depth                Companies.
                                companies in the          discussion
                                area of the topic         with Korean
                                will select related       dermatologists.
                                subjects and open
                                a real-user
                                debating battle.

                                                                                                 Korea Derma 2019   3
Program at a Glance
  Time         Mar 28(Thu)                                                               Mar 29(Fri)
                               Convention Hall A (4F) Convention Hall B (4F) Convention Hall C (4F)   Convetion Hall D (4F)     Emerald Hall A (3F)      Flamingo


9:30-10:00                          Laser 01           Filler & Toxin 01       Filler & Toxin 04           Laser 04              Anti-Aging 01        Hair Loss 01

10:30-11:00                                                                 Coffee Break, Exhibition, E-poster PT
                                                                                                                                                       Hot Topic
11:30-12:00                         Laser 02           Filler & Toxin 02       Filler & Toxin 05           Laser 05                Thread 01

12:30-14:00                                                                     Luncheon Symposium (A+B)
                                                                                                                                                       Hot Topic
14:30-15:00                         Laser 03           Filler & Toxin 03       Filler & Toxin 06           Laser 06                Thread 02
               Registration                                                                                                                           Discussion

15:30-16:00                                                                 Coffee Break, Exhibition, E-poster PT
16:00-16:30                          Special                Special                                                                   Free             Hot Topic
16:30-17:30       Visiting           Lecture                Lecture                                                                  Paper            Discussion
18:30-19:00                                      Korean Clinic Experience                                                       Night Tour
19:00-21:00                                           (from 16:00~)                                                           (from 16:00~)

  Time                                                Mar 30(Sat)                                                                  Mar 31(Sun)
                                                      Registration                                                                  Registration
              Convention Hall Convention Hall Convention Hall Convetion Hall     Emerald Hall                    Convention Hall Convention Hall Convention Hall
                  A (4F)          B (4F)          C (4F)         D (4F)            A (3F)                            A (4F)         B+C (4F)         D (4F)
                              Filler & Toxin Filler & Toxin                                      Hot Topic                  Scientific Session or
9:30-10:00       Laser 07                                        Laser 10      Anti-Aging 02
                                    07             10                                           Discussion                Korean Clinic Experience

10:30-11:00                              Coffee Break, Exhibition, E-poster PT                                                Coffee Break, Exhibition
                              Filler & Toxin Filler & Toxin                                      Hot Topic                  Scientific Session or
11:30-12:00      Laser 08                                        Laser 11        Thread 03
                                    08             11                                           Discussion                Korean Clinic Experience

12:30-14:00                                    Luncheon Symposium (A+B)                                                                Lunch
                              Filler & Toxin                                                Hot Topic                       Scientific Session or
14:30-15:00      Laser 09                    Cosmetic 01         Laser 12      Dermatology
                                    09                                                     Discussion                     Korean Clinic Experience
15:00-15:30                                                                        01

15:30-16:00                              Coffee Break, Exhibition, E-poster PT
16:00-16:30      Hot Topic      Hot Topic       Hot Topic        Hot Topic
16:30-17:30     Discussion     Discussion      Discussion       Discussion

19:30-21:00                                            Gala Dinner

* This program is subject to change.

     4   Korea Derma 2019
Session List (as of Dec 11, 2018)
 Laser 01 Treating Melasma, It's Not that Difficult Anymore
 L01-1 Laser toning over view
 L01-2 Subcellular selective photothermolysis: background theory of laser toning
 L01-3 Treatment of melasma using picosecond laser
 L01-4 Significance of dermal milieu improvement in melasma treatment
 L01-5 Unexpected side effects of treatment of melasma and how to deal with them
 Laser 02 Acne: Diagnostic and Treatment Protocol from Korean Expert Dermatologists
 L02-1 Analyzing the pattern of acne by cause and establishing a treatment plan
 L02-2 Treatment of acne with medicine
 L02-3 Treatment of acne with EBD
 L02-4 Acne treatment by dermal remodeling
 Laser 03 Rosacea and Sensitive Skin from A to Z
 L03-1 What we should know about rosacea
 L03-2 The optimal use of rosacea medication
 L03-3 Practical use of energy based devices for rosacea 1 - IPL
 L03-4 Practical use of energy based devices for rosacea 2 - PDL
 L03-5 Practical use of cosmetic products for rosacea & What we have to avoid for rosacea treatment
 Laser 04 Knowing How to Treat Vascular Disease Will Make You Famous
 L04-1 Differential diagnosis of vascular anomalies
 L04-2 Laser treatment of telangiectasia, venous lake, and pyogenic granuloma
 L04-3 Laser treatment of infantile hemangioma and portwine stain
 L04-4 Clinical use of vascular lasers beyond vascular diseases
 Laser 05 EBD Treatment From the Bottom Up: Starting with Simple Pigmented Lesions
 L05-1 Choice of wavelength and pulse duration when treating pigmented disorders: Mili/NS/MS/PS
 L05-2 Treatment of blemishes using picosecond laser
 L05-3 Treatment of pigmented blemishes using IPL
 L05-4 Treatment of pigmented blemishes using long pulsed laser
 L05-5 Treatment of pigmented blemishes using fractional laser
 Laser 06 Korean Experts' Methods for Treating Intractable Pigment Diseases
 L06-1 Treatment of café au lait macule and other intractable pigmentations
 L06-2 Treatment of complicated pigmented conditions induced by inappropriate EBD application
 L06-3 Effective treatment for ABNOM mixed with melasma
 L06-4 How to minimize PIH after laser treatment in esthetic clinic
 Laser 07 Picosecond Lasers: From the Basics to Up-to-date Uses (1)
 L07-1 Highlights in the science behind interaction of picosecond pulses with human skin
 L07-2 Removal of epidermal pigmentation using picosecond lasers with minimal post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
 L07-3 Fractional picosecond lasers: a paradigm shift in scar treatment
 L07-4 Fractional picosecond lasers for improvement of facial pores and wrinkles
                                                                                                          Korea Derma 2019   5
Session List (as of Dec 11, 2018)
         Laser 08 Overcoming the Pitfalls of Pore Management
        L08-1 Better understanding the cause of large pores
        L08-2 Key strategies in pore management according to skin type
        L08-3 Picolaser for enlarged pores
        L08-4 Tips on combination treatment for pore treatment
        L08-5 My therapeutic pearls - focus on radiofrequency
         Laser 09 All About Acne Scars and Blemishes
        L09-1 Acne scar treatment with EBD 1, picosecond lasers
        L09-2 Acne scar treatment with EBD 2, non-ablative fractional lasers
        L09-3 Acne scar treatment with EBD 3, ablative fractional lasers
        L09-4 Acne scar treatment with EBD 4. RF devices
        L09-5 Acne scar treatment with surgical technique
        L09-6 Acne scar treatment with fillers and chemical peelings
        L09-7 Treatment of acne induced erythema
         Laser 10 Drug Delivery Systems and EBD for Anti-aging
        L10-1 Drug Delivery System with Laser
        L10-2 Drug Delivery System with RF
        L10-3 Thermage FLX
        L10-4 HIFU update for anti-aging
         Laser 11 Picosecond Lasers: From the Basics to Up-to-date Uses (2)
        L11-1 Laser tattoo removal: nanosecond, picosecond, or both?
        L11-2 Optimizing picosecond laser tattoo removal parameters
        L11-3 Optimal treatments for Asian skin with Picoplus
        L11-4 Picosecond lasers: a new hope for melasma treatment?
         Laser 12 Needle Radiofrequency : EBD Fair to Various Asian Skin Types
        L12-1 Microneedle fractional RF for the treatment of axillary osmidrosis
        L12-2 How much do you know about conductivity and impedance with RF devices for optimal result?
        L12-3 We want to make synergy with monopolar and bipolar RF. Let me introduce my recipe
        L12-4 Clinical use of fractionated needle RF on vertical insertion
        L12-5 New indication of fractionated needle RF

6   Korea Derma 2019
Session List (as of Dec 11, 2018)
 Filler & Toxin 01 Anatomy for Facial Injectables from Korean Anatomist
 FT01-1 Understanding blood vessel path and insertion Depth for safe filler injection: Based on different parts of face
 FT01-2 Understanding Fat, Muscle & Bone aging for filler injection
 FT01-3 Filler combined treatment for facial contouring in young patient
 FT01-4 Filler combined treatment for facial rejuvenation in elderly patient
 Filler & Toxin 02 Filler Treatments Learn from the Korean Experts(1): Video Included
 FT02-1 Forehead correction
 FT02-2 Temple correction
 FT02-3 Sunken eye & Pretarsal roll correction
 FT02-4 Tear trough & Eyebag area correction
 Filler & Toxin 03 Toxin Treatments Learn from the Korean Experts : Video Included
 FT03-1 Knowhow of toxin treatment for maximizing patient satisfaction in upper face
 FT03-2 Knowhow of toxin treatment for maximizing patient satisfaction in lower face
 FT03-3 Toxin lifting & Facial contouring
 FT03-4 Botulinum toxin targeting body correction
 Filler & Toxin 04 Dermal Rejuvenation with Injectables
 FT04-1 Dermal rejuvenation with PDRN and PN
 FT04-2 Dermal rejuvenation and scar treatment with PRP
 FT04-3 Dermal rejuvenation with Hyaluronic acid and amino acid
 FT04-4 Hydrolifting for dermal rejuvenation
 Filler &Toxin 05 Anatomy for Toxin Injection from Korean Anatomist and What's New in Toxin Treatment
 FT05-1 Anatomy of musculature for Toxin injection
 FT05-2 Botulinum toxin products comparisons
 FT05-3 Botulinum toxin antibody formation and solutions
 Filler & Toxin 06 Filler Treatments Learn from the Korean Experts(2): Video Included
 FP06-1 Lateral & Buccal Cheek depression
 FP06-2 Anteromedial Cheek & Tear trough
 FP06-3 Chin, Prejowl sulcus, Labiomental fold
 FP06-4 Lip & Upper lip wrinkle
 Filler & Toxin 07 Learn from the Masters 1) How to Avoid and Solve Complications in Filler Treatment,
                                          2) How to Choose Appropriate Filler: Hard or Soft Filler
 FP07-1 Classification of filler according to properties and prevention of immunologic side effects: Hard or Soft filler?
 FP07-2 Proper filler selection for different parts of face and maintenance period?
 FP07-3 Complications in filler injection

                                                                                                                     Korea Derma 2019   7
Session List (as of Dec 11, 2018)
         Filler & Toxin 08 VIDEO SESSION with Masters: Advanced Filler Injection & Debate (1)
        FP08-1 Upper face: Forehead
        FP08-2 Upper face: Temple
        FP08-3 Periorbital: Sunken eye, Pretarsal roll, Tear trough & Eyebag area
         Filler & Toxin 09 VIDEO SESSION with Masters: Advanced Filler Injection & Debate (2)
        FP09-1 Cheek: Anteromedial, Lateral & Buccal Cheek depression
        FP09-2 Nasolabial fold & Marionette line
        FP09-3 Perioral: Chin, Prejowl sulcus, Labiomental fold, Lip & Upper lip wrinkle
         Filler & Toxin 10 How to Avoid and Solve Complications in Toxin Treatments and Tips from Korean Toxin Experts
        FP10-1 Causes of side effects and solutions: Upper face
        FP10-2 Causes of side effects and solutions: Mid/Lower face
        FP10-3 My experience in minimal dosing and trends in toxin uses in facial aesthetics in Asians
        FP10-4 Useful tips for toxin treatment
         Filler & Toxin 11 VIDEO SESSION with Masters: Advanced Toxin Injection & Debate
        FP11-1 Upper face: Forehead & Glabellar
        FP11-2 Mid & Lower face: Periorbtial, Perioral & Massetter
         Thread 01 [MUST KNOW] I Can Start Korean GangNam Style Threads Lifting Now!
        T01-1 Anatomy-based adhesion points for repositioned SMAS and soft tissues
        T01-2 PDO physics; Basic theory of the PDO rejuvenation
        T01-3 MONO PDO threads
        T01-4 Karvern threads
        T01-5 Gold threads
        T01-6 Panel discussion
         Thread 02 Expert Designed Fascinating Facial Scrupturing with Threads
        T02-1 COG thread lifting: simple insertion combined with PLLA
        T02-2 COG thread lifting: Anchoring insertion
        T02-3 Various non-COG style new threads treatment
        T02-4 Silhouette Soft Lifting(Cone lifting)
        T02-5 Combination treatment(part 1)
        T02-6 Combination treatment(part 2)
         Thread 03 New Indications of Threads Never Tried Before
        T03-1 Eyebrow Lifting with threads
        T03-2 Lower eyelid treatment with threads(scaffold and dermaspring eye)
        T03-3 Nose Augmentation with threads
        T03-4 Neck Line Treatment with threads
        T03-5 Combination treatment(part 3)

8   Korea Derma 2019
Session List (as of Dec 11, 2018)
 Anti-aging 01 The New Korean Paradigm of Surgical Anti-aging Fields: The Dogma-breaking Concepts
 A01-1 The pulling, filling, and paralysis are essentially incorrect answers to anti-aging treatment: Truths we did not
       know for the past 100 years
 A01-2 Contour restoration is the final goal of aesthetic anti-aging treatment: Everything you need to know about
       the contour
 A01-3 Fat replacement for dermatologic defect

 A01-4 Facial muscle Rehabilitation treatment: A new magic horizon for facial anti-aging

 Anti-aging 02 [Video Workshop] Advanced Anti-aging Surgery
 A02-1 [Eye bag] Adjustment of retaining ligaments with injectables for the treatment of tear troughs, eye bags,
       and Indian bands
 A02-2 [Eye bag] The latest new two-step TCB strategy: Surpasses the limit of eye fat repositioning
 A02-3 [Midface] Midface volume augmentation: How to Avoid or Overcome the Common mistakes and pitfalls
        (1. Deep Cheek Volumization(DCV) / 2. Nasolabial fold / 3. Anterior cheek / 4. Lateral cheek)
 A02-4 [Lower face line] An ideal tissue damage minimizing solution for jowl & lower face-line:
        Extremely delicate interstitial ultrasound-assisted lipolysis
 Hair Loss 01 Attractive Hair Style: Completion of K-beauty Facial Frame
 H01-1 Female hairline correction technique
 H01-2 Update of hair transplantation for male pattern baldness
 H01-3 Hair restoration: Past, now and future
 H01-4 EBD for hair restoration treatment
 H01-5 Clinical tips of hair restoration
 Cosmetic 01 Cosmeceuticals in K-beauty : Dermatological Perspective and Application
 C01-1 Overview of cosmeceuticals in dermatological field
 C01-2 Tips for the proper selection of basic cosmeceuticals
 C01-3 Functional cosmetics in Japan : Focus on whitening and anti-wrinkle product
 C01-4 Transcutaneous topical delivery: Future of cosmeceuticals?
 Corrective Dermatology 01 Resolving Difficult and Intractable Blemishes and Scars
 CD01-1 Non invasive approach to erase various blemishes and scars of the skin
 CD01-2 CROSS technique, from genesis to recent innovation
 CD01-3 How to manage the complications from cosmetic procedures performed by non-professionals
 CD01-4 Revaluate subcision method for various scars and skin rejuvenation.

                                                                                                              Korea Derma 2019   9
Call for Abstract
     The Organizing Committee of Korea Derma 2019 invites all interested aesthetic dermatologic
     professionals and academics to submit their abstracts. We welcome you to contribute the most up-to-
     date research and latest development from around the world.

     All abstract will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and if accepted, the author will be asked to
     submit their presentation file. The abstracts and presentation files should be submitted through the
     online system. ​If you have any questions or difficulties with submission, please contact the secretariat by
     email at

       Submission Types
     •Oral presentation •E-poster display •E-poster presentation
     * Organizing Committee reserves the right to make the final decision on the type of presentation.
          Abstract Topics
     •Laser(EBD) •Botulinum Toxin/Filler •Surgery •Skin Disorders •Others
               Key Dates
                                                                                                                        Presentation File
             Abstract Submission by                              Acceptance Notification
                                                                                                                         Submission by
                    January 31, 2019                                 February 15, 2019                                    March 1, 2019

     All participants are required to register through the online registration system and advised to register in
     advance to receive discount by the following registration fees. For further queries relating to registration
     process, please contact the secretariat by email at
      Registration Fees
                                                        Early-bird Registration               Pre-Registration                On-site Registration
                                                              (by Dec 31, 2018)                  (by Feb 28, 2019)                (From Mar 1, 2019)

       Doctors                                                    USD 150                           USD 350                            USD 450

       Fellows/Residents                                          USD 100                           USD 250                            USD 350

       Corporate Professionals                                    USD 150                           USD 350                            USD 450

       Accompanying Person(s)                                      USD 50                            USD 50                            USD 50
     * Korean Dermatologic Clinic
                                                                   USD 50                           USD 100                            USD 100
       ONE DAY Participating Program
     * Korean Medical Company
                                                                   USD 50                           USD 100                            USD 100
       Visiting Program
     * Gala Dinner                                                                                   USD 70
     * optional
     - Due to the limited spaces, Korean Clinic Experience and Visiting Korean Company programs will be provided on a first come, first served basis.
     - All dates are based on Korean standard time. (CET +8Hrs)
     - Please note that the Early Bird Rate or Regular Rate will be applied only when we have received full payment by the registration deadline.
     - Fellows and residents are requested to submit a status verification form. (Traineeship certificate or certification of studentship is also available.)​
     - Online-Registration will close on March 20, 2019.
     - Accompanying Person(s) can access only to the Exhibition Hall and Coffee Break.

10   Korea Derma 2019
Benefit for Participants of Korea Derma 2019
1. On-site Q&A materials for all oral sessions by email.
  (Once attendees send questions to our scientific office via email at before
  the session, our scientific will select questions and ask the presenter to answer it during the session.)
2. Free access to all sessions, hot topic discussions and exhibition.
3. User guideline of medical equipment and products for hot topic discussions.
4. Exhibitors' overseas contact database.
5. Free lunch and coffee break during the symposium.
6. Symposium Kit (printed material, abstract book).
7. For attendees of Special Programs (Visiting Korean medical companies and Korean dermatological
  clinics): A certificate photo and diploma of participating program will be presented.

Special Programs
 Korean Dermatologic Clinic ONE DAY Participating Program March 29(Fri), 2019
The participants of Korea Derma 2019 can visit Korean dermatological clinics of various specialties
that are in the lead of K-Beauty Medical Technologies. During the visit, participants can learn about
clinic layouts, patient consulting and treatment know-how and also have in-depth discussion with the
dermatologist of the clinic. A certificate photo with the director of the clinic and diploma of participation
will be presented.
 * Participating Clinics

                                             Yemiwon Aesthetic Clinic
          Yonsei Starskin & Laser Clinic​

   Drs. Woo & Hann's Skin and Laser Center

 Korean Medical Company Visiting Program                March 28(Thu), 2019
Korea Derma 2019 will provide an unprecedented opportunity to visit one of four Korea's leading medical
companies, observe the production line and R&D process and discuss with key opinion leaders of the
companies. Also, a certificate photo and diploma of participation will be presented.
 * Participating Companies

                                                                                                   Korea Derma 2019   11
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