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International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
       Student Guide
International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
                            Welcome to UTS and to Sydney!
                            We are delighted that you have chosen UTS
                            for your study abroad experience and we
                            are committed to ensuring your time with us
                            is as enriching and enjoyable as possible.
                            Studying in a foreign country is a life-
                            changing experience – it’s an opportunity
                            to challenge yourself personally and
                            You’re now part of a diverse community
                            of students, academics and staff from all
                            over the world. Our students and staff come
                            from 120 different countries, making our
                            campus a vibrant and dynamic place to
“At UTS, we believe         study and socialise.
 learning goes beyond the   At UTS, we believe learning goes beyond
 classroom. I encourage     the classroom. I encourage you to try
 you to try something new   something new during your time here.
                            Challenge yourself by volunteering, joining
 during your time here.”    a sport or social club, learning about
                            entrepreneurship or signing up for our
                            leadership and development programs –
                            there’s something for everyone at UTS.
                            One of the best aspects of studying abroad
                            is getting to know your host country;
                            however, adjusting to life in a new country
                            can be challenging. We offer a wide range
                            of support services, from our on-campus
                            medical centre to academic and career
                            support, most of which are free.
                            Remember, our friendly staff are here to
                            support you at any time. Don’t be afraid to
                            ask for help when you need it.
                            I wish you all the best for an exciting and
                            rewarding time in Sydney and at UTS.

                            Iain Watt
                            Deputy Vice-Chancellor
                            and Vice-President (International)
International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
  UTS student diversity
                                          Joining UTS                           03
                                          Starting at UTS                       04
  46,328 students
  13,963 international students           Starting at UTS                       04
  47% 	students speak a language
                                          Campus map                            07
        other than English
                                          Talks, tours and orientation events   08
The above numbers are approximate as of
November 2020.                            Living in Sydney                      10
                                          Accommodation                         10
  Acknowledgement of Country
                                          Money and banking                     12
  Acknowledging country is a cultural
  protocol that is a respectful public    Getting around                        14
  acknowledgment of the traditional
  custodians of the land.                 Food and shopping                     16
  UTS acknowledges the Gadigal            Support and wellbeing                 18
  People of the Eora Nation and
  the Boorooberongal People of            Culture shock and your wellbeing      18
  the Dharug Nation upon whose
                                          Support services                      24
  ancestral lands our campuses
  stand.                                  Study and career success              26
  We would also like to pay respect to
                                          Safety and security                   28
  the Elders both past and present,
  acknowledging them as the               Managing your course                  30
  traditional custodians of knowledge
  for these Lands.                        Your student visa                     32

                                          Beyond the classroom                  34
Connect with us
                                          FAQS                                  36
                                          FAQs for full-award international
      UTSint #UTSint                      coursework students                   36                      FAQs for full-award international
      UTS-Official                        research students                     38

      uts_sydney                          FAQs for sponsored students           40

                                          FAQs for study abroad and
                                          exchange students                     42

                                          Emergency contacts                    44
International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
Photo: Kwa Nguyen

Note: This guide was updated in January      Keep up to date with the latest advice on
2022, in response to the current situation   COVID-19 and how UTS is responding here:
surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19).
The health and wellbeing of our staff,       coronavirus-and-international-travel-
students and wider community remains         information
our number one priority. We will continue
to follow the advice and direction of
State and Federal authorities.               coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert
International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
Joining UTS

Joining UTS
Congratulations, you’ve made it to UTS!
As a new international student you probably have lots
of questions. This guide will help you settle in quickly,
so you can start making the most of your time at UTS!

Now you’ve joined us
Take a look at what you need to do next using this checklist.

          If relocating, contact family and friends to tell them that you
          have arrived

          Register for the mandatory Essential International Advice session
          and other orientation programs

          If relocating, confirm accommodation arrangements (see page 10)

          Update your address and contact details on My Student Admin
          (see page 5)

          Finalise your enrolment (see page 30)

          If in Sydney, collect your UTS student ID card (see page 42)

          If in Australia, open an Australian bank account (see page 12)


          Buy essential items for your new accommodation (see page 16)

          Check out UTS Careers (see page 27) and ActivateUTS (see page 34)
          – get involved in social activities!

          Explore the campus and city (see page 7 and page 14)

International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
University of Technology Sydney

Starting at UTS
Before your classes start, take the time to get to
know the people who are here to help you at UTS.

UTS INTERNATIONAL                                  DOCUMENTATION
As an international student, UTS                   At UTS International, we can provide you
International is your main contact point at        with letters confirming your student status
uni. We can help you with questions about:         to assist you with:

– changing universities                            – working in Australia
– managing your study load                         – doing your taxes
– documents for work and visa issues.              – managing your banking
                                                   – verifying your international student status
If you’re not sure where to go for help, contact   – changing your student visa to a visitor
us at UTS International. If we can’t help you,       visa to stay for your graduation ceremony.
we’ll point you to someone who can.
                                                   Visit us at the International Student Centre
Visit us in Building 1, level 3A (CB01.3A)         or apply online. Requests normally take
                                                   around three working days to process, but
International Student Centre:                      this could be longer during busy times after
Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm                       session results are released. During this time,
(excluding public holidays).                       completion letters may take up to ten working
Student Advisor drop ins:                          days to process.
Monday to Friday, 10am to 12pm                     We issue these documents free of charge
Tel: (+61 2) 9514 1531                             as long as you don’t have any overdue fees                    and your enrolment or course completion
                                                   is correct.
Global Mobility (Study Abroad and
Exchange) team:                                    STAY CONNECTED
Book an online appointment:                        Stay in touch with your friends and family                with an Australian SIM card. You’ll save a lot of               money when calling overseas or using data
au/bookings/                                       in Australia.
                                                   Australia’s major providers include:
                                                   You can buy a prepaid SIM card at news
                                                   agencies, supermarkets or phone retailers.
                                                   If you’d rather get a monthly phone plan, visit
                                                   the provider’s store or website.
                                                   See page 6 for information about UTS wifi.

International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
Starting at UTS

Photo: Kwa Nguyen

Don’t miss any essential information and          The UTS Student Centre can help with:
updates. Keep us up to date with your
current address and mobile number.                – subject and course information
Make sure you also check your UTS email           – study plan, enrolment and class
account regularly. This is the official way we      allocation enquiries
communicate with you.                             – progression and academic caution
Canvas is our online platform for students        – exam-related and academic progress
and academics. Your lecturers will use it to        applications
share subject materials and communicate
                                                  – leave of absence and concurrent study
with your classmates. This is where you’ll also
find your subject outline and any preparation
you need to do before class. Check your           – recognition of prior learning and
Canvas account regularly.                           subject substitution applications                                 – graduation matters.

                                                  CONTACT THE
    Visa requirement                              UTS STUDENT CENTRE:
                                                  Book an appointment:
    Update your address and contact     
    details within seven days of arriving
    in Australia or changing address.             Submit an online enquiry:
    Don’t forget - it’s a condition of your
    student visa!                                 Call 1300 ASK UTS (1300 275 887)
    We can’t accept responsibility if
    important information doesn’t reach
    you because you haven’t told us your
    new details. You can do this through
    My Student Admin.

International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
University of Technology Sydney

                                           LIBRARY AND THE
                                           STUDENT LEARNING HUB
                                           During your studies, the UTS Library will be a
                                           valuable resource. The library offers a wide
                                           range of resources and services, including:

                WIFI at UTS                – workshops and training:
           All students at UTS can           and-training
        connect to our free and secure
                                           – study spaces including bookable
           wifi network (UTS-WiFi).
          Log in using your student          collaborative study rooms:
               ID and password.    
                                           – free events and classes to help with your
                                           – library computers installed with Chinese,
                                             Korean and Japanese software.
                                           The Student Learning Hub offers training, peer
                                           forums and online help from our team of friendly
                                           Student Learning Hub Guides - who are also
                                           current UTS students.
TECHNOLOGY SERVICES                        student-learning-hub
Every UTS student has a Microsoft Office
                                           Find out more about library orientation events,
365 account with access to:
                                           tours and workshops on our website:
– Email and calendar (50GB)      
– OneDrive (1TB)                           TEXTBOOKS
UTS students also have access to:          The Co-op Bookshop (now part of Booktopia) is
                                           an online store that offers a wide range of books,
– thousands of computers across campus     including textbooks. It also stocks calculators,
  (many available 24/7)                    stationery and computer software. Join the
                                           Co-op Bookshop to shop online, and receive
– onsite free wifi (UTS-Wi-Fi)
                                           lifetime discounts on purchases, including Apple
– a laptop loan scheme.                    products.
To learn more about our services
and facilities, visit       Renting or using second-hand textbooks is an
                                           affordable and sustainable alternative to buying
IT SUPPORT CENTRE                          brand-new. Find second-hand books at:
IT solutions and help are available from
our online help desk (student number and
password are required):          
You can also call or make an appointment
with the IT Support Centre:
(+61 2) 9514 2222

International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
Starting at UTS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      5 Minute Walk

   Bus                         Escalator
   Train                       Bike Parking
   Lights/Crossing             Parking                                                                                                                                      ULT I MO
   Student Housing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PH01                                                                                                     N
   Childcare                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MUSEUM

   Accessible Route
   Preferred path of travel                        WENTWORTH
                                                                                                                                                             Macarthur St
   Pedestrian Walkway
   Under Construction                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          DARLING

                                                                                                                                                                                             Hackett St

                                                                                                      Wattle Ln

                                                                                                                          McKee St

                                                                                                                                                 Jones St

                                                                 Kelly St
                                                                                                                                                                MARY ANN
                                            CA02                                                                                                                                                               91

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Darling Dr
                                                                                                                                                               STREET PARK

                                                                                                                                                             Mary Ann St

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Omnibus Lane

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Harris St
                                                                                                                   TAFE                                                             TAFE

                                                n St


    SHOPPING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ultimo Rd
     CENTRE                                                                                                                                                 Thomas St

                                                                                                             10                                                                     01                                                                                                                                             72
                                                                                                                                                                 07                                                                                                                                                                       62
                                                                                                                                                                                                           04B                                                                                                                     61

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Quay St
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Goods Line
                                                                                     Wattle St

           PAR                                               CA03
               R AMA
                          RD                                                                                      11                                                                                                                 06


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    NE Y



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  S YD




                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Harris St


                                                                              e St


                                              28                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Pitt St



                                                       St                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           BELMORE

                                                                                                                          CEN                                                                                                                                                                                                         PARK
                                                                                                                                        L PA






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         CENTRAL STATION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   S t


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Try the new UTS
    Download the new UTS mobile app,                                                                                                                                                                                                                               mobile map site!
    UTSApp, and keep useful features at your                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Scan QR code or visit
    fingertips, including access to:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Find your way
    – UTS Email
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         around campus
    – interactive campus map
                                                                                                                                                                                               When trying to locate a room
    – ActivateUTS events calendar
                                                                                                                                                                                           or facility at UTS, the campus comes
    – shuttle bus timetable                                                                                                                                                                      first: CB = City Broadway
    – staff directory                                                                                                                                                                                 MP = Moore Park
    – campus security and emergency                                                                                                                                                        The building comes next, then the floor
      contacts.                                                                                                                                                                            level, followed by the room number. So
    Desktop sites:                                                                                                                                                                           CB01.26.17 = Broadway campus,                                                                                                                                                                            Building 1, level 26, room 17.

International Student Guide - University of Technology Sydney
University of Technology Sydney

Talks, tours and
orientation events
Welcome to Orientation! This is your chance to discover everything
you need to know about study, support and social life at UTS.

REGISTRATION                                       FACULTY WELCOMES
Please refer to your pre-arrival email             Learn important information about your
from UTS International for instructions on         course and meet your lecturers.
how to register for Orientation and enrol
in your subjects. If you didn’t receive it,        CRAFT YOUR CAREER
contact UTS International at                       Career Tips for International Students              Get advice about what you can start doing
                                                   today to kick-start your career.
Explore orientation resources for
international students and browse                  Launching You Career Through
all student sessions through the UTS               Part-Time Work
Orientation site.                                  Discover the Australian job market and
                                                   take advantage of UTS CareerHub – our                    online portal for jobs, resources and
orientation/information-international-             upcoming events.
                                                   DISCOVER YOUR CAMPUS                    UTS Campus Tours
                                                   Check out UTS’s iconic structures, and
                                                   discover how to find the library, computer
                                                   labs, your faculty, lecture rooms, and more.
Orientation sessions for                           If you cannot attend a campus tour in person,
international students                             please have a look at the virtual campus tour
All international students MUST attend
one of the relevant sessions below:                LIVING MATTERS
                                                   batyr x Finding Your Feet: Acing mental
Essential International Advice:
                                                   wellbeing as an international student
International Students (Full Degree)
                                                   Hear from other students and familiarise
Essential International Advice:                    yourself with the UTS support services.
Study Abroad and Exchange Students
*For Study Abroad and Exchange students who
will study at UTS for one or two sessions before
returning to their home university overseas.

Starting at UTS

                                           “I was very nervous before I came here, but when
                                            I arrived all the worries went away. Everyone
                                            was so friendly during Orientation. I met a lot of
                                            friends that I’m still friends with today.”

                                           VANESSA TRUONG, Vietnam
                                           Bachelor of Business
                                           Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation
                                           Photo: Kwa Nguyen

LOVE YOUR LIBRARY                                   SOCIAL ACTIVITIES
Library Tour (in Mandarin)                          Network Cafe
Learn about all the services the library offers     Join Network Cafe for a free coffee! Meet new
and the variety of ways they can help you           students from overseas and current UTS
succeed at UTS.                                     students. Practise your English skills, learn
                                                    about Australian culture and find answers to
Quickstart workshop (in Mandarin)                   your questions about student life at UTS.
Essential for incoming students, this
workshop covers how to find the required            O’Day
readings for your subjects and how to use the       Brought to you by ActivateUTS, O’Day will
library to find journal articles and books for      get you up close and personal with all the
your assignments.                                   fun stuff that UTS has to offer. Check out
                                                    our clubs, societies, and sports teams,
Tools for English Language Improvement              connect with students who share your
Learn about all the great resources UTS             interests, and browse the freebies, stalls,
Library offers for improving your English           and free food giveaways.
language skills.
                                                    Orientation Navigators program
STUDY SUCCESS                                       Register to join this program and be paired
Build confidence through English                    with a current student who’ll welcome you
conversation practice                               and help you settle into life at UTS.
Build your confidence and improve your
speaking skills in and out of the classroom.
Read and Write study app
Read & Write is free software available to          UTS BUILD Social Mixer
all UTS students to assist you with reading,        Join this interactive and engaging session
writing, studying and research. It is especially    designed to help you make new friends.
helpful to those who don’t speak English as a       Finish up by networking over free food.
first language.
UTS Systems
                                                        Note: Given the current situation
An introduction to My Student Admin,
                                                        surrounding COVID-19, most
myTimetable, UTS Online, and the many
                                                        orientation sessions will be
IT services available.
                                                        delivered online this session.
                                                        To browse all sessions, events
                                                        and activities offered during
                                                        orientation, please visit:

University of Technology Sydney

Finding the right place to live is one of the most important
steps to feeling at home. Here are some tips to get you started.

                                                PRIVATE RENTALS
                                                Usually managed by real estate agents,
                                                private rentals are covered by a formal
                                                rental contract. Private rentals are often
                                                unfurnished and not inclusive of bills,
                                                meaning you’ll need to buy your own
                                                furniture and pay your bills separately.
                                                Sydney’s rental market is very competitive.
                                                Follow these steps when searching for
                                                private rentals:
                                                – search for properties online
                                                – inspect the property in person
                                                – if you like a place, be prepared to make
                                                  an offer for it on the day of the inspection!
At UTS, we offer a range of comfortable,
affordable and convenient living options.
All UTS Housing is fully-furnished and
self-catered. Choose from:
                                                SHARED ACCOMMODATION
– on, or close-to-campus accommodation          Don’t want to live in student accommodation
                                                but still want to live with other people?
– shared or studio apartments.
                                                Shared accommodation (a share house)                              could be a good option for you.

The UTS Housing Service can also assist         A share house is a property that’s occupied
you with your off-campus accommodation          by multiple tenants under an informal
search. We can help you with:                   agreement (with a lead tenant responsible
                                                for the formal lease).
–    finding short or long term accommodation
–    applying for accommodation
                                                    Before you sign an agreement, always:
–    your rights as a tenant in NSW.
                                                    – view the property in person
                                                    – meet your housemates in person
PRIVATE STUDENT HOUSING                             – request a written agreement that
We offer discounted rates at privately run
                                                      clearly states the agreed price and
student residences located close to campus.
                                                      what’s included
                                                    – request detailed receipts for all
                                                      payments, like your bond.

Living in Sydney

Sydney is made up of
many suburbs, each
with its own distinctive
character. Explore the
areas and find your                 Inner city suburbs
favourite vibe.
               UTS                  Marrickville, Newtown,
                                   Petersham, Redfern and
                                         Summer Hill             Close to the beach
      Close to campus                                                 Bondi, Bronte,
                                                                    Coogee, Maroubra
      Chippendale, Glebe,
                                                                     and Randwick.
     Haymarket, Pyrmont,
     Surry Hills, Ultimo and
            The City.

RESPONSIBILITIES                                     Visa requirement
You have the same rental rights and
                                                     Update your address details with
responsibilities as an Australian.
                                                     us and the Department of Home
Your rights                                          Affairs within seven days of moving
                                                     to a new property. Don’t forget - it’s
– The property owner is responsible for              a condition of your student visa! To
  ensuring that the property is maintained           update your address go to:
  and liveable.                            
Your responsibilities
– You are responsible for taking reasonable
  care of the property you’re living in.
Read up on your rights on the Office of
Fair Trading website.                               Got an Australian
                                                     bank account?
Our friendly advisors can offer support              You’ll most likely need an
tailored to your needs.                              Australian bank account before                                   you can sign your rental contract.                           Turn to page 12 to find out how to
                                                     open a bank account.

University of Technology Sydney

Money and banking
An onshore bank account is essential for
managing your money in Sydney. Set up regular
payments for rent and bills and avoid international
fees for your day-to-day purchases.

Open a bank account in the first few
weeks of your arrival. Most bank
                                                Banking tips
branches are open Monday to Friday,             Many banks offer accounts just
9.30am to 4pm and some larger                   for students, with lower fees and
branches are open on Saturdays.                 charges. Do some research before
                                                opening your account, or ask your
Australia’s major banks include:
                                                chosen bank if they have any special
                                                deals for students.
To set up an account, you’ll need several       Money transfers
forms of identification, including your:        Money transfers can take time,
– passport                                      so make sure you have another
                                                way to get cash during your first
– proof of enrolment.                           few weeks. Overseas telegraphic
                                                transfers take around three working
                                                days to enter your Australian bank
You’ll find ATMs all over Sydney. Please
                                                account, while bank drafts can take
note, some banks might charge you a
                                                two or three weeks.
fee for using your bank card at another
bank’s ATM machine. It’s good to check
this in your terms and conditions before
signing up for a bank account.

Card payments, including contactless
payment (PayPass or payWave), are
widely accepted. However, it’s still a
good idea to carry some cash as some
stores have a minimum spend for card

                                            Photo: Kwa Nguyen

Living in Sydney

                                                     Student discount
                                                     Many retailers offer student
                                                     discounts. Show your UTS
                                                     student ID card or use the
                                                     UNiDAYS app, to get the discount.
Photo: Kwa Nguyen

It’s likely that your first few weeks in Sydney   The Financial Assistance Service can
will be more expensive than an average            assist you with practical and financial
week. Plan ahead and budget your money for:       aspects of your university life. They
                                                  also have self-help resources available
– food                                            through their website:
– travel expenses                       
– social events                                   financial-help/financial-assistance-
– emergencies.

University of Technology Sydney

Getting around
UTS is next door to Central Station – connecting our campus
to the rest of the city. That means you’ve got regular buses,
trains and light rail services at your doorstep!

Pay for your travel by tapping on and off at
Opal Card readers with a valid contactless-
                                               Public transport tips
enabled credit or debit card. Accepted card    – Download a public transport app,
issuers are:                                     e.g. TripView.
– American Express                             – Travel all day on Saturdays,
– Mastercard                                     Sundays and public holidays,
                                                 paying no more than $8.15 on
– Visa credit or debit card                      these days.
– a linked device.                             – Remember to tap on at the
Note: If your card was issued outside of         beginning of your trip, and tap
Australia, overseas transaction charges          off at the end to be charged the
may apply. Contact your card issuer for          correct fee!
more information.                              – Buses will not stop unless             signalled to do so. To signal the
contactless-payments                             driver, reach out and give them
Alternatively, you can purchase an Opal          a wave!
card (Sydney’s transport smartcard), which
is valid for most public transport in and
around Sydney. Buy your Opal card at train     131500
and light rail stations, ferry wharves and
convenience stores. Top up with cash, or
set up automatic top-up online through the
Opal app.                                      Walking and cycling tips
Note: as an international student in           – In Australia we drive on the left
Sydney, you’ll need to buy an Adult Opal         side of the road. Look both ways
card. Concession Opal cards are only             before crossing the road!
available to international students on an
                                               – Always use pedestrian crossings,
Australian government scholarship.                                      or risk a hefty fine! Jaywalking is
                                                 illegal. Not only is it dangerous,
BUSES                                            and can lead to injury or death,
Many buses are pre-pay only. That means          but in NSW the current fine for
you’ll need your contactless or Opal card        jaywalking is $76.
to board.                                      – Wear a helmet when cycling –
                                                 it’s the law!
Sydney Metro can quickly take you between      – Use designated bicycle lanes.
Tallawong Station and Chatswood Station.       – Do not cycle on footpaths, except
The metro stops at 13 stations along the         shared cycleways.
Metro North West Line.

Living in Sydney

TRAINS                                            CAMPUS SHUTTLE BUS
The Sydney rail network is inexpensive, fast      A free shuttle bus runs between Broadway
and reliable. Use your contactless or Opal        and Botany Monday to Friday for staff
card for all trains on the Sydney rail network.   and researchers working at Botany. Note
                                                  that this service is run by a private bus
FERRIES                                           company, however travel is free for all UTS
Sydney’s iconic yellow and green ferries          staff and students.
connect our beach and harbour-side suburbs
to our main ferry terminal - Circular Quay.
SYDNEY LIGHT RAIL (TRAMS)                         Want to drive in NSW? You can use your
Sydney Light Rail links the CBD with Sydney’s     existing drivers licence for up to three
inner western and eastern suburbs. Popular        months. After that, you’ll need to get a
stops are Sydney Fish Markets, Darling            NSW drivers licence.
Harbour, Chinatown, Surry Hills and     
Moore Park.                                       nsw.html
WALKING                                           Owning and running a car in Sydney can
A great way to explore the city, walking is the   be expensive. Found a cheap vehicle?
best way to discover Sydney’s hidden gems.        Consider the costs of registration and
                                                  insurance (both compulsory), petrol and
Navigate your way around campus using our
                                                  parking – it all adds up!
UTS preferred pathways. These paths are
the quickest and safest routes for all of us at   Tip: Get an e-TAG. The Sydney metro area
UTS to take full advantage of our inner-city      has many toll roads, most of which don’t
location while avoiding traffic.                  accept cash.

CYCLING                                           CAR SHARING
Convenient, healthy and environmentally-          Popular in inner Sydney, car sharing means
friendly, cycling is a great way to get           you don’t have to think about car spaces or
around Sydney. Sydney City Council offers         maintenance – or buying a car in the first
workshops on riding in the city. Attend a         place! Join a car-share scheme and you’ll
workshop and discover the safer cycleways         be able to use a car whenever you need it.
in your area.                                                
Secure bicycle parking is available across
Sydney and on campus. You’ll find showers
and bike racks in the Ross Milbourne Sports
Hall and in Buildings 4, 5, 8 and 10.
                                                     Road rules
                                                     NSW has strict laws on speeding,
                                                     mobile phone usage, and driving
                                                     under the influence of alcohol or
                                                     drugs. Police conduct Random
                                                     Breath Tests (RBT) and Mobile
                                                     Drug Tests (MDT) on motorists.
          For more information about Sydney          Familiarise yourself with all the
          transport, please visit:                   important road rules:

University of Technology Sydney

Food and shopping
Knowing where to find your favourite food is an important step
towards feeling at home in Sydney. Eating well will also help you
manage stress, stay focused in class and maintain your health.
Luckily, you’re surrounded by supermarkets, speciality grocery
stores and great places to eat!

Photo: Kwa Nguyen

                                          Eating with friends
SUPERMARKETS                              When eating out, you’ll generally
Most supermarkets are open seven          be expected to pay for yourself. The
days a week and stay open late.           total bill is usually split between
The closest supermarkets to UTS are       attendees at the end of the meal.
Woolworths Metro at Central Park,         If you’re invited to someone’s
Coles and Aldi at Broadway Shopping       house, it’s common to take a small
Centre, and Thaikee IGA at Market City.   contribution like a bottle of wine or
                                          a box of chocolates.
Thaikee IGA:

Living in Sydney

                                                 FREE FOOD
                                                 Our Student Association offers free
                                                 pop-up cafes during the Autumn and
                                                 Spring teaching sessions.
                                                 Bluebird Brekkie Bar
                                                 – Tuesday, 8.30 to 11am, Level 4,
                                                   Tower Building Foyer.
                                                 – Wednesday, 8.30 to 11am, Level 4,
                                                   Tower Building Foyer.
                                                 Night Owl Noodle Bar
                                                 – Tuesday and Thursday, 5 to 7.30pm,
                                                   Level 4, Tower Building Foyer.

Students at Bluebird Brekkie Bar                 SHOPPING
Photo: Anna Zhu                                  Need to buy furniture and add your
                                                 personal touch to your new home? You’ll
                                                 find everything you need and more at
                                                 Kmart, Target and IKEA.

INTERNATIONAL FOODS                              Second-hand shops, also known as ‘op-
With Sydney being a multicultural city, you’ll   shops,’ are another good option; check out
find restaurants and stores with foods from      the Salvation Army (Salvos) and St Vincent
across the world. Looking for a taste of         de Paul (Vinnies) shops, or check online
home? Take a short stroll to nearby:             platforms, like Gumtree and Facebook.
– Paddy’s Markets
– Spice Alley
– Sydney’s Chinatown.
For information about specialist
international, halal and kosher food, visit:
                                                    Did you know…
                                                    Sydney’s water is filtered to the high
UTS CENTRAL FOOD COURT                              standards set by the Australian
Check out the new UTS Central food court for        Drinking Water Guidelines, meaning
a range of food options, as well as a vibrant       our water is safe to drink straight
space to eat, study and socialise.                  from the tap.
What’s more, it’s also plastic-free! We have        UTS has many filtered water
eliminated single-use plastics opting instead       stations around campus so you
for reusable, fully compostable and recyclable      can refill your reusable drink bottle
products. Some cafés even offer a discount if       throughout the day. Save money and
you bring your own cup or container!                the environment; choose tap water!

University of Technology Sydney

Culture shock
and your wellbeing
Living in a foreign country is a rewarding experience, but it’s not
without its challenges! It’s normal to feel overwhelmed as you
adjust to life in your new home. Luckily, help is always available.

When you first arrive, you might experience
some culture shock. If you feel overwhelmed
and don’t know where to go for help, speak
with one of our international student advisors.
See page 4 for contact details.

     The four stages of culture shock

                 1    Honeymoon stage                      4    Acceptance stage
                      Everything is new                         Students have a good
                      and exciting!                             routine and a great
                                                                network of friends to
                                                                share and embrace
                                                                each other’s cultural
     Wellbeing                                                  differences.

                                                      Adjustment stage
       Frustration stage       2                      Good friends and fun activities
       Language barriers,                             can help students become
       misunderstandings and                          more comfortable in their new
       cultural differences can                       surroundings. Frustrations
       become frustrating.                            start to fade.

Support and wellbeing
In Australia the culture, customs and rules are different. You are free to disagree about
anything, have different opinions, write and show your beliefs, leave any club or organisation.
You aren’t free to use hate speech, make threats or false accusations and look at private
information without consent.

    YOU HAVE A                                      YOU DO NOT HAVE
    RIGHT TO:                                       A RIGHT TO:

                   disagree about
                                                                    use hate speech

                   have different opinions
                                                                    make threats
                   in class

                   write your beliefs                               make false accusations

                                                                    look at or share others’
                   show your beliefs                                private information
                                                                    without consent

                   leave any club or

                                               If you experience hate speech, threats,
                                               false accusations, doxxing or privacy
                                               breach, or surveillance that censors
                                               opinions, we can help.

    You can report an incident to:

     a teacher         a counsellor       UTS online            UTS             the Police
                                          submission          Security

University of Technology Sydney

                                               Counselling is also available to students
                                               outside Australia via the Workplace Options
One of the best ways to conquer
                                               site. Through this platform, you can:
homesickness is to make new friends. Join
one of our many clubs and societies and        – contact a counsellor in your home country
connect with others - there’s a club for         via phone, email or online; or
                                               – request a counsellor contact you directly.
ways-meet-people                               health-and-wellbeing/counselling-
At the UTS Medical Centre, we offer a free     BATYR
and confidential counselling service to all    Batyr is a student-led organisation that
students. Qualified psychologists can help     educates and empowers young people to
you with personal, psychological, study and    have open and honest conversations about
administrative troubles, including help with   mental health. Batyr’s student speakers can
a special consideration application to help    show you where to get help and give you tips
manage assignment deadlines. We also have      to manage your mental health during your
Mandarin and Cantonese speaking services.      studies.  

Living in Sydney

GROUP COUNSELLING                                 Consent matters
Learn how to cope with the pressures of study,
work and life. The UTS counselling service runs   We all have a responsibility to
a number of and group counselling sessions        ensure the UTS campus stays a
workshops throughout the year, including:         safe and respectful environment
                                                  for all. To encourage healthy
– drop in mindfulness meditation                  relationships, we’ve rolled out
– managing exam and assessment anxiety.           Consent Matters online training for
                                                  all students and staff.
support/health-and-wellbeing/                     Consent Matters aims to
counselling-service-and-self-help/                give everyone at UTS a clear
workshops-and-group                               understanding of what constitutes
                                                  unacceptable sexual behaviour
KEEPING THE FAITH                                 as well as the skills to respond to
Visit the chaplaincy team and hear from           inappropriate behaviour. You’ll be
members from the Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian,     sent information about the training
Jewish and Islamic faiths, amongst others.        to your student email. Complete
Multi-faith rooms are available for use.          the modules as soon as possible.                      If you feel uncomfortable about
support/health-and-wellbeing/                     doing the online training, email
                                                  For more info visit:

“I really enjoy how multicultural UTS
 and Sydney is. Not only in class                 Urgent help
 can you meet a lot of people from
 different cultures and backgrounds.              Need to speak with someone
 Outside of class, I enjoy hanging out            immediately? Free and
 with people from all over the world.             confidential telephone, webchat
 While studying in Australia, I can also          and email counselling is available
 work and earn some money to travel               24/7 through:
 and refresh myself over the weekend.
                                                  Lifeline 13 11 14
 By the end of the weekend, I’m ready
 to get back to studying again.”
                                                  Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636
 Nat-A-Nong Photrait (Thailand)
                                                  Or call 1800 636 825 for free
                                                  to speak with your nearest
                                                  Community Mental Health team.

University of Technology Sydney

                                                     “The UTS Startups program teaches
                                                      students how to take a problem,
                                                      transform it into an opportunity,
                                                      and then build a business around
                                                      it. I loved it. I never had that kind of
                                                      entrepreneurial framework before,
                                                      but UTS Startups really helped me
                                                      learn those skills.”
                                                       Luis Erazo (Colombia)

       “Orientation was really helpful.
        We had the main Orientation
        session as well as a faculty
        Orientation session where we met
        our supervisors and they explained
        our subjects in detail. I recommend
        new students try to make a friend                                                        Photo: Benjamin Sow
        on your first day. That’s really
        important. A friend I had made during
        Orientation already roamed around
        every little corner of the campus,
        so he was able to show me around.”
        Tamara Ebaid (Palestine)

                                                Photo: Annie Spratt
Living in Sydney

Photo: Kelvin Li

                   “Studying at university is much more
                    than just studying your subjects. It’s
                    about meeting people and getting
                    to know how different things work.
                    Don’t stay in your bubble. There are
                    a lot of events and opportunities to
                    meet people at UTS, so take those
                    chances and get involved. Going to
                    these events will help you prepare for
                    the future.”
                    Daniel Cheng (USA)

                              Photo: Eriksson Luo
University of Technology Sydney

Support services
We offer a range of support services for our students, many
of which are free. From medical appointments to legal and
financial advice, we’re here to help you through it all.

MEDICAL AND                                        UTS STUDENT LEGAL SERVICE
COUNSELLING SERVICES                               We offer free and confidential legal advice
The UTS Health Service offers friendly and         to all UTS students on a range of issues,
confidential medical services to all UTS           including:
students. You can request a male or female
                                                   – tenancy issues
doctor. Most treatments are free if you show
your Medibank membership card. If you’ve           – employment contracts
forgotten your card or are with a different        – consumer claims
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
                                                   – traffic issues.
provider, you can pay for the visit and make
an online claim afterwards.                        Please note, we can’t provide legal
                                                   advice on migration issues.
If you visit one of the many medical
centres around Sydney, you’ll need to pay at
the time of your appointment. You can lodge        STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS
an online claim with Medibank or your OSHC         We’re committed to providing equal
provider afterwards.                               opportunity for our students with special
Our medical centre also offers a counselling       needs. If you have a temporary or permanent
service. It’s free, confidential, and offers       disability, including physical, sensory,
flexible consultations via phone, video            psychiatric and learning disabilities, or
conferencing, or face-to-face. See page 20         an ongoing illness, support is available.
for more information.                              In some cases, you may be able to apply                for alternative assessments during
                                                   teaching sessions or special conditions
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                               in examinations. You’ll need to supply
Learning to manage your money can be               supporting documentation.
difficult, especially if you’re living away from
home for the first time. Our friendly financial
advisors can give you confidential advice
about issues such as:
                                                       Equity and diversity
– creating a budget
                                                       At UTS, we don’t accept
– making the most of your current income               discrimination and harassment on
– saving money                                         the grounds of sex, race, colour,
– making large purchases like computers.               descent, national or ethnic origin,
                                                       ethno-religious background, marital                   status and sexual orientation. If
financial-help/financial-assistance-                   you have an equity-related query or
service                                                complaint, our Equity and Diversity
                                                       Unit can support you.

Support and wellbeing

Photo: Kwa Nguyen

STUDENT OMBUD                                    Find help
The Student Ombud’s Office is an informal,       Learn which services can help you
confidential and impartial service that can      access the resources you need:
help you with problems with UTS processes
and procedures. If you feel unfairly treated     – general administration queries:
by the university or if you find yourself in a     UTS International
disagreement with an individual, office or       – legal matters: UTS Student
department within the university, you can          Legal Service
seek assistance from the Student Ombud.
                                                 – issues relating to unlawful
                                                   harassment: Equity and
STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION                              Diversity Unit
The Students’ Association is the officially      – counselling and support:
recognised voice of UTS students. It               Student Services Unit
represents our students on an individual,
                                                 – accommodation support:
university and government level.
The Students’ Association also has an              UTS Housing Service
Overseas Student Officer who represents the      – financial advice: Student
interests of international students at UTS.        Services Unit                                    – advocacy for students:
                                                   Students’ Association
We have two childcare centres, one on            – all types of emergencies:
campus and one close by. Some childcare            UTS Security
places at UTS may be subsidised. Childcare
centres are also located throughout Sydney,
although getting a place can be competitive.

University of Technology Sydney

Study and career success
Get ahead of your academic and professional goals.
The UTS Careers Service can help you improve your
academic English, succeed in difficult subjects, find a
part-time job and plan your dream career!

(ENGLISH LANGUAGE SUPPORT)                      Did you know?
At HELPS (Higher Education Language
& Presentation Support Service), we can         If you’re from a non-English speaking
enhance your learning experience by             background, you may be eligible to
providing individual and group support in       apply for special exam conditions?
a friendly and respectful environment. We       This includes extra time and use of a
can also help you become an independent         dictionary. For more info, contact the
and confident learner through the               UTS Student Centre. See page 5 for
development of your English language and        contact details.
academic understanding, so you can reach
your study and career goals. We offer:
– daily workshops
– drop-in advice sessions
– one-to-one consultations
– holiday courses.

Our HELPS buddy program matches
international students with students, staff
and local community volunteers. They
might get together once a week to practise
speaking English or exchange languages.
It’s a great way to improve your listening,
conversation and pronunciation skills in an
informal, Australian way!

                                              Photo: Kwa Nguyen

Support and wellbeing

                          Photo: Kwa Nguyen

                                                UTS Careers, experienced team of
                                                recruitment advisors and career
                                                consultants are available to help you at
                                                every stage of your job search. Whether
                                                you’re looking for an internship, part-time
                                                role or graduate job, UTS Careers can
                                                assist you with resume writing, interview
                                                skills, and more!
                                                CareerHub is an online portal housing
                                                hundreds of UTS approved jobs,
                                                internships, workshops and more!
                                                You can also look for jobs on:
HELPS TALKFEST                        
TalkFest is a free, fun-filled event that
connects international students with local
volunteers to promote cultural exchange.
helps/english-speaking                          Find out more about your workplace rights,
                                                including your working hours, on page 33.
HELPS also runs Conversations@UTS, free
sessions to practise speaking English in
social and professional environments. Join
UTS staff and alumni volunteers for relaxed,
friendly and supportive conversations!              Online learning at UTS                Online learning is managed
helps/english-speaking/conversationsuts             through Canvas. Access Canvas
                                                    to find information about subject
                                                    requirements, assessments, due
Having trouble with a difficult subject? Our
                                                    dates, weekly schedules and more.
Peer Assisted Study Success (U:PASS)
program can help you in subjects that are
perceived as difficult or have a high failure       Supporting online
rate. At U:PASS, you’ll work with trained
senior students who have successfully               study portal
completed the subject. They’ll guide you            The Supporting online study
through a collaborative study session               portal has been set up to support
will fellow students, so you can build your         students with online learning, so
understanding in a supportive group setting.        you can access student services,                        resources, events and more while
support/upass                                       studying from home.

University of Technology Sydney

Safety and security
Sydney is Australia’s safest city and the fourth safest in the world
(The Economist’s 2021 Safe Cities Index). It’s a great place to live,
but as with all big cities, you should keep these safety and security
tips in mind.

We want you to feel safe and at home on our
campus; that’s why our security staff are on      Be scam-aware
campus 24/7.                                      International students are often
Our Staying Safe at UTS card lists all the        targeted by scammers, with common
emergency numbers you need – pick one up          scams relating to tuition fee payments.
from the International Student Centre. Don’t      In these cases, victims lose the money
forget to update your emergency contact           they paid to the scammer, and are
details in My Student Admin.                      still required to pay the full tuition fee                     amount to their university.

Security – dial 6 from a campus phone or          Please note that scammers may also
1800 249 559.                                     use other methods and UTS advises all
                                                  students to be wary.
General UTS security enquiries – security
patrols our campus at all times. Dial 9514        To avoid becoming the victim of a scam
1192 if you need general assistance.              you should ensure that you are familiar
                                                  with the formal UTS payment methods.
UTS operates an after-hours security escort       If you are a commencing student,
service for all staff and students to a UTS       please ensure you use one of the UTS
Building or a UTS residence and Central           Appointed Student Recruitment Agents.
Railway Station. Contact the UTS Security
Control Room on 9514 1192, 7 nights a week.       If you have any questions or want to
                                                  verify the authenticity of any payment
Report accidents, incidents and hazards           method or agent, please contact
by calling 1800 249 559 (security) or report to   UTS through ‘ask UTS’, via the My
a staff member.                                   Student Portal.
                                                  For information about the latest news
See page 44 for Emergency contacts.               and alerts on scams visit:

PROTECT YOUR PASSWORD                   
UTS emails and logins are an attractive
target for hackers.
Set up multi-factor authentication (MFA)          and-support/scam-awareness-
to keep your information safe. For more           international-students
information go to
                                                  A useful free download with some
                                                  great information is the Little Black
                                                  Book of Scams.

Support and wellbeing

                                                Fire safety
                                                Did you know every home in NSW must
                                                have smoke alarms? This goes for any
                                                property where people sleep, whether it’s
                                                student accommodation, a private rental
                                                or a share house. The property owner
                                                needs to install the smoke alarms in your
                                                rented premises. As the tenant, it’s up to
                                                you to replace the battery as needed.
STAY SAFE IN SYDNEY                             Remember, neither you nor the property
Beach and sun safety                            owner are allowed to remove or tamper
Sydney is home to many beautiful                with the smoke alarm’s operation!
beaches, rivers and lakes. But if you want
to go fishing or swimming, you need to          property/renting/during-a-tenancy/
know how to swim! At the beach, always          health,-safety-and-security
swim between the red and yellow flags and
with people you know. Never swim at an
unpatrolled beach or at night.
                                                Night safety
Potential dangers can be difficult to spot      At night, travel with another person and
and conditions can change quickly, even if      walk in well-lit areas after dark, even if it
the water looks calm.                           makes your trip a little longer. Always be
                                                aware of your valuables like your mobile
Get familiar with basic water safety            phone and laptop. If you feel threatened                                in any way, find the nearest shop or house
Always wear sunscreen too – the sun in          and ask to call the police.
Australia can be very strong, even on a         Taking public transport? Pick a well-lit
cloudy day!                                     area to wait for your train, bus or tram.
Bushwalking                                     Check the timetable to avoid a long wait.
Bushwalking is a great way to explore our       If you feel unsafe, pick a seat close to
beautiful national parks. Make sure you         other passengers. You could also sit next
take a map, plenty of water, wet weather        to the guard’s compartment on the train –
gear, warm clothes and a phone on your          it’s marked with a blue light.
bushwalking trip. Walk with friends and
take an emergency beacon; you can pick
one up from camping stores. Before you go,
tell a friend where you are going and when
you plan to be back.

Road safety
Drink driving is illegal in Australia. That
means it’s against the law to have more
than a small amount of alcohol before you
drive. Don’t get in a car with a driver who’s
been drinking either; take a taxi or ride
share instead. Find out more about alcohol
and drug limits for drivers:     Photo: Destination NSW

University of Technology Sydney

Managing your course
Here we answer some common questions
about the technical or administrative
aspects of your course.

Once you have permission to change your         We have a formal process for identifying
subjects, you can add or drop pre-approved      students at risk of failing. We do this after
subjects on My Student Admin. Use your          results are released at the end of each
UTS student number and password to log in.      teaching session. If we think you may be at                         risk of failing, we’ll reach out and put you in
                                                a support program to help you improve
To add subjects that were not already           your academic performance. In exceptional
approved on your study plan, submit an          circumstances you may be able to reduce
e-request online.           your study load.
uts-systems/student-forms-apps-and-             CAN I APPEAL A
systems/erequest. The student centre will       UNIVERSITY DECISION?
process your e-request and send you a reply     All UTS students have the right to appeal
directly.                                       against certain administrative decisions
The last day to add a subject is is different   taken by the university. If you feel you’ve
to Census date and varies among different       been treated unfairly by UTS or UTS staff you
university calendars.                           can also lodge a complaint. If you’re informed
                                                that we intend to cancel or suspend your
The last day to withdraw from a subject         enrolment, you have the right to appeal.
without academic and financial penalty
is the Census date.
If you drop subjects after these dates,
the subject will appear as a fail on your
academic transcript and you’ll be charged
the tuition fee.
The UTS Handbook has a comprehensive
guide to important academic dates, just
search ‘principal dates’ or ‘academic year

If you’re studying at home, student services,
resources and events are still available to
support you online.
online-study                                    Photo: Kwa Nguyen

Support and wellbeing

                                                                           Photo: Kwa Nguyen

                                                 HOW DO I WITHDRAW
       Still have questions?
                                                 FROM MY COURSE?
       Ask UTS International.                    If you’re thinking about discontinuing your                        studies at UTS, make sure you understand
       students/international/                   your options before making a final decision.
       essential-information/uts-                Speak with our friendly advisors at UTS
       international-contacts                    International, your UTS Student Centre or
                                                 the UTS counselling service.
                                                 If you still want to withdraw, you can do this
                                                 online. Once you’ve withdrawn entirely from
                                                 your course and you’re no longer enrolled,
                                                 we will report this to the Department of
                                                 Home Affairs and you may be required to
                                                 leave Australia.
FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES?                          You can only apply to withdraw from a
If you’re having trouble managing your           course using the following link. Please note
money, you can make an appointment with          you cannot withdraw from your course by
a financial assistance officer to discuss        dropping your subjects within My Student
your options.                                    Admin.

Don’t forget:                          
– It’s a requirement of your student visa        changes/course-withdrawal
  that you have enough money to support
  yourself while in Australia.                   HOW CAN I REQUEST
– If you encounter financial difficulties, you   COPIES OF MY TRANSCRIPT?
                                                 Request additional copies of your academic
  may be able to arrange a fee payment
                                                 transcript at your UTS Student Centre or
  extension. Lodge a request through
                                                 online. Just complete the application form
  askUTS as soon as possible. You’ll need to
                                                 and allow a minimum of three working days
  provide supporting documentation.
                                                 for us to process your request. There is a fee
– If you don’t pay your tuition fees by the      of $30 for three copies.
  due date, your enrolment at UTS may
  be discontinued.                     
                                                 your-course/your-student-info/student-              records/academic-record

University of Technology Sydney

Your student visa
It’s important that you’re aware of your student visa
requirements, and how they relate to studying at UTS and
living in Australia. Stay on top of your visa requirements
with these frequently asked questions.

WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS AS AN                               Don’t let your OSHC expire!
INTERNATIONAL STUDENT?                                 Remember, as a condition of your
As an international student, you have certain
                                                       student visa, it’s your responsibility to
rights and responsibilities, determined by
                                                       maintain valid OSHC throughout your
the conditions of your student visa and by
                                                       stay in Australia.
Australian government legislation.
                                                   UTS is an approved participant in the
For information about student visa                 Australian Government’s Simplified Student
conditions, visit               Visa Framework (SSVF). We recruit students
                                                   into our degree courses under the SSVF
CAN I TRANSFER TO                                  arrangements of the Department of Home
ANOTHER INSTITUTION?                               Affairs. The SSVF is designed to make the
If you want to leave UTS to pursue your            process of applying for a student visa simpler
studies at another institution within your         for genuine students.
first six months of enrolment, you’ll need to
                                                   If you want to transfer courses, please note
apply for a release letter.
                                                   that under the SSVF you’re expected to
Please note: We can’t guarantee you will be        maintain enrolment at the same or higher
given a release letter. Refer to our Release       level of Australian Qualifications Framework
Protocol for more details. This is attached to     (AQF) study. If you wish to transfer to a course
your offer letter and also available at:           that is at a lower AQF level, you’ll need to          apply for a new visa. For information on AQF,
essential-information/fees-information/            visit
                                                   You must seek your own immigration advice
To apply for a release letter from UTS, you will   on the SSVF and any proposed course and/or
need to obtain a release request form via UTS      provider transfers as this action may impact
International. Complete and return it with all     your visa, up to and including cancellation.
required supporting documents, including           You must take this important information into
an offer letter from your new education            account if considering a course change or a
provider. We recommend you remain                  possible move to another provider. UTS does
enrolled in your UTS course prior to approval      not give visa or immigration advice.
of your release request.
                                                   Visit Department of Home Affairs website at
                                          for more information
                                                   on the SSVF, the limits on changing your
                                                   course/provider and how to meet the
                                                   conditions of your student visa.
You can also read