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Internet Safety -

Internet Safety -

Messaging/Chat Apps
Apps in this category: Kik, WhatsApp, MeetMe, Facebook Messenger,
HouseParty, Viber, Telegram, Signal

• Send instant messages to friends              • Can open up contact from predators
• Multimedia capacity (pictures/videos)         • Are often used for sexting
• Massive worldwide user base                   • Can’t always verify who is messaging
• Parents won’t see conversations in texts      • Have been involved in abduction cases
• Meet new people                               • Sharing of explicit media
                                                 • Can reveal location

Anonymous Apps
Apps in this category: Ask fm, YOLO, Curious Cat, Sarahah, Whisper, Tellonym

• A sk questions and leave                      • Lend themselves to cyberbullying
   comments anonymously                          • S
                                                    exually inappropriate
• Receive compliments and validation              comments/questions
• Post anonymous confessions                    • A
                                                    ssociated with multiple
• A
   nonymity provides perception                   suicides (Ask fm)
  of safety/privacy                              • No accountability for words and actions
                                                 • Explicit photos of students posted
                                                 • Used to post or send threats

Disappearing Apps
Apps in this category: Snapchat, Telegram, Signal, Wickr Me,
Yovo, Clipchat, Slingshot, Dust

• Pictures and messages seem                    • Are used for sexting
   to disappear                                  • C
                                                    an make it difficult for parents to
• Prevents parents from finding sexting           detect problems
   images and videos                             • False belief that images actually disappear
• Allows for secret conversations               • Images can be screencapped and saved
                                                    via other methods
Internet Safety -

Picture/Video Apps
Apps in this category: Instagram, Tik Tok, VSCO, Snapchat,
Dubsmash, Byte, Triller, Funimate, Imgur, Flickr, Vero

• Attention, affirmation, and compliments       • P
                                                    redators use pictures/videos
• Immediate feedback from followers               to find targets

• Large follower count is a badge of honor      • U
                                                    sers can be cyberbullied over
                                                   their appearance
• Sharing their life with friends
                                                 • U
                                                    nhealthy comparison and competition
• Users can apply filters & effects               with others
                                                 • Pressure to project a perfect image online
                                                 • FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out
                                                 • Unhealthy impulsive decisions can go viral

Vault Apps
Apps in this category: Vault, Calculator%, Hide It Pro, Vaulty,
Keepsafe Photo Vault, AppLock, Discreet Vault, Private Photo Vault

• Users can hide videos and pictures            • A
                                                    re used to store sexting images
• Users can hide other apps (AppLock)             and videos

• Prevents parents from finding                 • C
                                                    an make it difficult for parents to
   sexting images                                  detect problems and help their child

• Looks like calculator, audio manager,
   or currency converter (Hide It Pro)

                                                         Create and enforce consistent rules
                                                            for technology use: apps they can
                                                          and can not use, who they can have
                                                             as friends/followers/subscribers,
                                                         who they can talk to, how much time
                                                         can be spent using their devices, and
                                                           where their devices are to be used.
Internet Safety -

     Audience:                                   Access:
 1   Online harassment can take place
                                             2   An aggressor can harass the targeted
     in front of an audience of millions.        child 24/7. Even at home it can be
     If an embarrassing photo or video           hard to escape.
     goes viral, a digital footprint may
     remain indefinitely.

                                                                            and keep
                                                                       records of any
                                                                            or sexual
                                                                           your child
                                                                       encounters on
                                                                        their devices.

     Anonymity:                                  Awareness (or Lack
 3   An aggressor can remain anonymous
                                             4   of Adult Awareness):
     while cyberbullying. Therefore, they
                                                 Cyberbullying can take place on apps,
     can often harass others without being
                                                 sites, and platforms that parents aren’t
     held accountable.
                                                 familiar with. It’s important to know
                                                 the apps on your child’s device.
Internet Safety -

During the preteen and teen years, it can             and begin a conversation to find out what is
sometimes be difficult to know whether your           going on in order to know how to best help your
child is dealing with a mental or behavioral health   child. It’s especially important to take note if
challenge such as unhealthy technology use,           several symptoms are occurring in combination,
substance use, or bullying, or if the changes in      or are occurring over a prolonged period of time.
behavior you’re seeing are simply a matter of         Even if they’re not dealing with a serious issue,
your child going through a natural transition.        taking the time to talk with them can still be
However, it’s important to monitor behavior           incredibly beneficial.

Some of the most common signs of unsafe or unhealthy technology use can include:

• A drop in grades                                   • Loses interest in school work
• Secrecy about their device use                     • C
                                                         hange in overall mood, increase in depression,
• Isolation from family and friends                    anxiety, and/or anger

• Mood swings                                        • B
                                                         egins comparing their appearance with people
                                                        they see on social media
• Gets angry or anxious when their device isn’t
   available to them                                  • B
                                                         egins comparing their life with the lives of
                                                        people they see on social media
• Receives gifts or money from people you
   don’t know                                         • F
                                                         eels the need to measure up to what they see
                                                        on social media
• Becomes obsessive about using their device
   or specific apps                                   • B
                                                         egins neglecting homework and/or chores in
                                                        favor of spending time on their device
• Immediately changes screens or closes an app
   when a parent is near                              • C
                                                         reates multiple social media accounts that
                                                        parents aren’t aware of
• Downloading pornography
                                                      • C
                                                         reates multiple social media accounts with
• Begins taking and/or sending explicit images         the intent of hiding them from parents
   or video of themself
                                                      • B
                                                         egins giving out private personal information
• Loses interest in activities not involving their     on apps or social media platforms
   device, apps, or social media
                                                      • Changes in eating habits
                                                      • A
                                                         n increased amount of junk mail arrives
                                                        at your home addressed to your child

                                                           ... it’s important to monitor behavior
                                                            and begin a conversation to find out
                                                                                what is going on ...
Internet Safety -

• I understand the important role that technology   • If my child uses their device in a way I do not
  plays in the life of my child. Therefore, I am        approve of, I will calmly reexplain the rules
  responsible for becoming familiar with the forms      for technology use, the plan moving forward,
   of technology my child uses and will ensure my       and the consequences for the inappropriate
   child uses it in a safe and responsible manner.      behavior. I understand that simply taking away
• I will get to know the devices, apps, social         the device alone will not correct the problem.
   networking platforms, and sites my child uses.    • I will spend time each month getting familiar
• I will set and explain reasonable rules and          with my child’s friends and followers on social
   expectations for technology use, including           media. This may include asking my child about
   how much time each day my child can use              individuals on their friends/followers list and
   their devices.                                       how they know them.

• I understand that balance is important, and       • I will ensure that technology is used in a
   therefore will make sure my child also engages       common family area of the house and is not
   in activities that don’t involved their devices      taken into my child’s bedroom.
   or technology.                                    • I will talk with my child about what is
• I will listen carefully and maintain my              permissible on social media and apps, what is
   composure if my child comes to me to tell me         allowed on their personal profiles, what is and
   about something disturbing that was sent to          is not appropriate to say or post, who they can
   them or that they found on an app or website.        talk to, and what my expectations are.
                                                     • I will learn what best options exist in terms
                                                       of parental control, monitoring, and filtering,
                                                       and will make a decision that best meets
                                                        my family’s needs.
                                                     • I will let my child know in advance what the
                                                        consequences are for inappropriate behaviors
                                                        online. I will make the consequences clear,
                                                        concise, age appropriate, and consistent.
                                                     • If my child continues to break rules concerning
                                                        technology after we have discussed and agreed
                                                        upon them, I will take away their devices until
                                                        their behavior changes or until a time I deem
                                                        necessary. I recognize that a child having smart
                                                        devices such as phones and tablets is a privilege
                                                        and not a right. I will emphasize this to them
                                                        when allowing them to have the device.

                                                      ... set and explain reasonable rules and
                                                             expectations for technology use ...
Internet Safety -

• I will give my parents all of my current user            • I understand that I am allowed to use my
   names and passwords for all devices, apps,                  devices for __________ hours a day, and that all
   social media, and websites, but will not share              technology must be turned off or turned in to
   them with anyone else. If I change a user                   my parents by __________ (time) and can not be
  name or password, I will inform my parents                   turned back on or used again until __________
  immediately and make sure they always have                   (time). I acknowledge that this is not up for
  up-to-date information.                                      debate or negotiation.
• I will not share personal information about              • I will help my parents understand the devices
   myself or my family with anyone on apps,                    and apps I use, and will honestly answer the
   social media platforms, websites, or any other              questions they have about my activity on
   technology. This includes but is not limited to             the devices, apps, social media platforms, or
   names, addresses, phone numbers, ages, name                 websites I use.
   of school, name or location of work, etc. Also,          • I understand that my device is privilege and
   I will not include any of this information in my            not a right, and acknowledge that my parents
   social media profiles.                                      have the right to monitor my device use and
• I will have open conversations with my parents              online activity.
   about people I meet via apps, social media               • I understand that if I break any of the rules that
   profiles, websites, or other technology.                    my parents have outlined for me, they can take
• I will not accept friend requests, follows,                 away any of my technology at any time, as well
   subscriptions, text messages, direct messages,              as enforcing other correction and consequences
   chat requests, video messages, Snaps, emails,               until my behavior changes or they decide it is
   or phone calls from people I do not know.                   time to restore my device use.
   If I receive any form of communication that
   makes me uncomfortable or concerned, I will
   immediately inform my parents.
• I will not message, call, chat with, write to, or meet
   in person with anyone I’ve met online without
   direct permission from my parents, and then only
   if they accompany me. Nor will I do what people
   on apps or social media ask me to do without
   expressed permission from my parents.
• I will not send or post threatening, hateful,
   inappropriate, or explicit messages, videos,
   or pictures, even if I believe they will not be
   seen by others.

    ... have open conversations with my
 parents about people I meet via apps ...
Internet Safety -

Use these guidelines to create your family’s plan. Customize, modify, or edit the
suggestions to meet your family’s needs, principles, values, and living situation.

Be Consistent
• Create and enforce consistent rules for              • M
                                                           odel the same behaviors you want to see
   technology use: apps they can and can not              in your child
   use, who they can have as friends/followers/
   subscribers, who they can talk to, how much
   time can be spent using their devices, and
   where their devices are to be used.

• Be intentional about talking with your child
   regarding healthy social media use. Create
   regular opportunities for a two-way dialogue.
   They are likely to encounter concerning
   situations on apps and social media platforms
   multiple times, therefore your conversation on
   the topic shouldn’t just be a one-time talk.

• Share real-life examples of unsafe online
   behavior and its consequences.                       • E
                                                           at a meal as a family consistently at least five
                                                          days a week. Research has shown that regular
• Listen more than you speak. Let them express           family dinners without electronic distractions
   their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and                can reduce risky behavior by youth. If family
   experiences. If they feel they are genuinely           meals are not possible, set aside other regular
   being heard, they will feel more comfortable           time weekly to engage in an activity together
   opening up to you.                                     that lends itself to open conversation and
                                                          active listening.
• Role play scenarios with your child to allow
   them to practice dealing with potential social       • A
                                                           nswer your child’s questions honestly at an
   media situations.                                      age-appropriate level

Promote Healthy Behaviors and Self-Care
• Teach your child strategies to handle stress in a    • R
                                                           ead notMYkid’s blog entry on helping
   positive manner                                        stressed teens

• Encourage your child to engage in healthy            • E
                                                           nsure that your child is getting sufficient sleep,
   behaviors such as music, writing, art, sports,         exercise, nutrition, and time outdoors.
   exercise, faith, helping others, etc.
                                                        • M
                                                           aintain healthy limits on electronic use or
• Support them in the activities that they enjoy         “screen time” by your child

Educate Yourself
• Research online. Get familiar with apps and        • B
                                                         e able to recognize the signs of unsafe
   social media sites popular with youth and the        online behavior.
   potential dangers.
                                                      • L
                                                         earn current terminology, slang, and emojis.
                                                        Know what they mean.

• Block access to unsafe apps, social media          • S
                                                         et your child’s social media accounts to private
   platforms, websites, and technology.                 or “friends only.”

• Become your child’s friend, follower, or           • D
                                                         o not allow your child to use their real name
   subscriber on their social media accounts.           online. Encourage use of a pseudonym.

• R
   equire devices be used in common areas of         • C
                                                         onsider the use of parental control and
  the house such as a kitchen or living room.           monitoring software such as Bark. (Use code
                                                        NOTMYKID for 30 days free)
• K
   now your child’s online friends, followers, and
  subscribers. Ask questions about those who          • D
                                                         ocument and keep records of any
  concern you.                                          cyberbullying or sexual solicitation your child
                                                        encounters on their devices.
• B
   e aware of what your child is saying, posting,
  and sharing online.

Educate Your Community
• E
   ducate your friends, family members,
  and other parents on strategies related to
  preventing unsafe social media use.

• E
   licit the support of family, friends, coaches,
  religious leaders, community members, etc. to       • E
                                                         ncourage members of your community to
  help prevent unsafe online behavior.                  create their own prevention plans as well

Get Connected
• If you discover that your child has been            member will contact you. You can also call
   behaving unsafely online, get connected with        notMYkid’s office at (602) 652-0163.
   a behavioral health professional or agency
   for guidance and assistance. You can contact       • V
                                                         isit our resource and support page to find
   notMYkid by texting the word “QUESTION” to           information on parent control and monitoring
   our assistance line at (602) 584-8474. You’ll        apps, and reviews of apps popular with youth.
   be sent a form to fill out and a notMYkid staff

Parental Monitoring and Control                 App Reviews, Ratings,
Apps/Software                                   and Warnings
Bark (use code “NOTMYKID” for 30 days free)     Smart Social

Qustodio                                        Common Sense Media

WebWatcher                                      Family Education

Net Nanny                                       SaferKid

FamilyTime                                      Protect Young Eyes

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