Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council

Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
Inverness Royal Academy

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   Information for Parents

  Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan
Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
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     Inverness Royal Academy
       Mr Nigel Engstrand

The School Address
Inverness Royal Academy,Culduthel Road,         Parent Council e-mail -
Inverness, IV2 6RE                 
Telephone (01463) 667800
Fax (01463) 667815

 Inverness Royal Academy

                                                  Present Roll – 1244
                                               Stages Covered – S1 to S6
 is a non-denominational, comprehensive
 school, situated on the south side of the
 city of Inverness.

 It is the Gaelic secondary school for
 Inverness with a number of subjects being
 taught through the medium of Gaelic.
Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
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  The current pandemic has affected the normal running of schools in many
  ways. This Handbook reflects the way the school usually runs but does
  not cover all of the changes that we have made because of the pandemic.
  Our arrangements have changed in many ways this session, and may well
  change again, depending on how the pandemic develops. For the most up
  -to-date information about any aspect of the work of the school, please
  make contact and we will be able to tell you about our current arrange-
  ments. For the latest information about how the pandemic affects children,
  young people and families across Scotland, please visit the Scottish Gov-
  ernment website, which has helpful information about Coronavirus and its
  impact on education and children.

  As you will be aware, there have been changes to the way the Scottish
  Qualifications Authority (SQA) is planning to provide certification for young
  people in the Senior Phase. School staff are currently working on changes
  to course content and approaches to assessment, and all of the relevant
  details about this will be included in next session’s Handbook. Meanwhile,
  further information can be found on the SQA website (,
  which includes a section of advice for candidates and families
Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
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                                                 Page No.                                                    Page No.
School Information                               2          School Polices and Practical Information         17
Covid19 Information                              3          Homework                                         17
Contents Page                                    4          Data Protection Legislation                      18
Welcome from the Rector                          5          Transferring Educational Data about Pupils       18
Welcome from the Rector in Gaelic                6          Data Policy                                      18
Message from the School Captains                 7          Your Data Protection Rights                      18
Aims of the School                               8          Administration of Medicines                      19
Historical Note                                  9          Pupil Absence or Sickness Procedure              19
Senior Management                                10
                                                            Pupil Illness                                    19
Guidance Staff                                   10
                                                            Minor Injuries                                   19
School Ethos                                     11
                                                            Mental Health and Wellbeing                      19
Curriculum                                       12
                                                            Complaints Procedure                             20
                 Purposes of the Curriculum 3-18 12
                                                            School Meals                                     20
                  Principle for Curriculum Design 12
                                                            Educational Maintenance Allowance                20
                               Curriculum Areas 12
                                                            School Dress                                     20
                               S1/S3 Curriculum 12
                                                            Transport                                        21
                                    Progression 12
                                                            Adverse Weather                                  21
Transitions                                      12-13
                                                            Access to Pupil Records                          21
Placing Requests                                 13
                                                            Communicating with Parents                       21
The Library                                      13
                                                            Anti-bullying                                    21
Support for Pupils                               14
                                                            Employment of Children                           22
Religious Education                              15
                                                            Term and Holiday Dates                           22
Fundraising                                      15
                                                            School Rules                                     22
Child Protection                                 16
Parental Involvement                             16         Organising of the School Day                     22

Assessment and Reporting                         17         School Improvement                               23-24

School Polices and Practical Information         17         Attainment Data                                  25

                           Equality and Inclusion 17        Subject Departments                              26-27

                                Military Families 17
Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                                   Page 5

As Rector of Inverness Royal Academy, I am delight-       The success of any school is measured by the
ed to introduce you to our school and hope you will       achievements of its students. At Inverness Royal
get a sense of our school culture and the high ex-        Academy we believe every student can not only
pectations we set ourselves.                              fulfill their potential but also exceed it.

Our core values are respect, responsibility, compas-      Our approach is to offer a wide variety of learning
sion, commitment and honesty and we expect our            opportunities with the aim of engaging every young
young people to model these in every aspect of their      person so that they are excited by learning and en-
lives.                                                    joy their time at school.

Inverness Royal Academy is a school that has an           Learning is at the centre of all we do and we aim to
historic past and an exciting future. We are privi-       encourage all of our young people to become inde-
leged to have held a royal warrant since 1793 and         pendent, creative and confident learners.
the foundation of the school and the grammar
school that predated it were based on the ideas of        One of our primary aims is to encourage each stu-
the Scottish Enlightenment which gave central im-         dent to be a self-confident, inquiring, tolerant, posi-
portance to our ability to solve problems through         tive young person. We hope to help develop your
the use of reason.                                        son or daughter into a well-rounded character with
                                                          an independent mind who respects the differences
The optimistic belief in the ability of people to bring   of others.
about change for the better in society and nature
holds as true for us now in the 21st century as it did    By the time they leave school, we want every young
in the school in the 18th century.                        person to have that true sense of self-worth that
                                                          will enable them to make their mark and make a
We are very excited that in 2016 the latest chapter       difference and, in doing so, to be of value to society.
in the history of this school began with the opening
of our new school building.                               We believe that school should be an enjoyable ex-
                                                          perience for pupils, staff and parents. We can only
The new Inverness Royal Academy provides a mod-           achieve that enjoyment through setting and main-
ern 21st century learning environment capable of          taining high standards, allowing us to prepare our
meeting the needs of current and future pupils, as        youngsters for the lives and the world that lies
well as offering greater provision for community use      ahead of them.
during the evenings and weekends.
                                                          We look forward to welcoming you and your child
The new school has a larger pupil capacity (nearly        to Inverness Royal Academy and are confident that
1500 pupils) in order to accommodate housing              together we can provide the best education and
growth within the catchment area and the increased        range of opportunities for your son or daughter.
uptake in Gaelic Medium education.

The Additional Support Needs (A.S.N.) accommoda-
tion has been expanded in order to improve the
educational experience for A.S.N. pupils, providing a
calm and positive learning environment as well as full
access to the rest of the school.

Service and personal responsibility is expected of all
our young people and our aim is to build on our
achievements and enhance the learning of all stu-
dents through partnership with you.

We have a strong desire to build firm, open and
honest relationships with you as parents and carers
with a view to ensuring the success of your son or
daughter. Both teachers and parents have a vital role
to play in our young people’s progress.
Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
Page 6                                                                                Inverness Royal Academy

Mar cheannard de dh’Acadamaidh Rìoghail Inbhir Nis,          Tha miann mhòr againn ceanglaichean làidir agus onarach a
tha mi air leth toilichte fàilte a chur oirbh dhan sgoil     dhèanamh leibhse mar phàrantan agus luchd dìona. Cu-
againn. Tha mi an dòchas gun tog sibh blasad de chultar      idichidh seo sinn ann a bhith a’ toirt taic do ur mac no ur
na sgoile às an aithisg seo agus gum faic sibh na tha sinn   nighean agus an cuid soirbheachas. Tha pàirt chudromach
uile a’ sùileachadh bhuainn fhìn.                            aig tidsearan agus aig pàrantan, ann a bhith a’ brosnachadh
                                                             adhartas gach neach òg.
Tha sinn a’ meas urram, cùram, uallach, tuigse, earbsa
agus onair mar feartan bunaiteach na sgoile. Tha sinn an     Tha soirbheachadh sgoil sam bith air a thomhas le
dòchas gun nochd na buaidhean seo anns na sgoilearan         soirbheachadh an cuid sgoilearan. Tha sinne ann an Acada-
againn anns gach pàirt dem beathan fhèin.                    maidh Rìoghail Inbhir Nis den bheachd gu bheil gach
                                                             sgoilear comasach air soirbheachadh aig ìre àrd.
Tha fìor eachdraidh aig Acadamaidh Rìoghail Inbhir Nis
agus chan e sin a-mhàin, tha iomadh rud cudromach ri         Tha e nar beachd raon farsainn de chothroman ionnsa-
thachairt anns na bliadhnaichean ri teachd. Tha sinn         chaidh a thairgse do na sgoilearan againn. Bidh sinn an dùil
fortanach gu bheil Barantas Rìoghail air a bhith againn      gum brosnaich seo gach sgoilear gus dèanamh nas urrainn
bho 1793 agus bha bunachas na sgoile bho thùs                dhaibh de na làithean-sgoile aca.
stèidhichte air feallsanachd an Soillseachadh Albannach.
Dh’fhàg seo sinn comasach air ar duilgheadasan               Tha ionnsachadh aig cridhe gach gnìomh anns an sgoil. Tha
fhuasgladh le ciall agus gliocas.                            sinn an dòchas a bhrosnachadh gach neach òg gu bhith nan
                                                             luchd-ionnsachaidh neo-eisimeileach, cinnteach agus
Tha am beachd gu bheil daoine comasach air rud sam           cruthachail.
bith atharrachadh gu ìre nas fheàrr, anns
a’ choimhearsnachd no san àrainneachd, cheart cho fìor       ’S e aon de na prìomh amasan againn, a chruthachadh
san 21mh linn sa bha e anns an sgoil anns an 18mh linn.      sgoilearan a tha cinnteach, gleusta, seasmhach agus
                                                             misneachail. Bidh sinn an dòchas ur nighean no ur mac a
Tha e na adhbhar thoileachas dhuinn gun do ghabh sinn        chur air an t-slighe a bhith nan inbhich uile gu lèir ciallach,
ceum eile ann an eachdraidh na sgoile ann an 2016 le         tuigseach agus neo-eisimeileach nam beachdan.
fosgladh an togalaich ùir.
                                                             Mus fàg gach neach òg an sgoil, tha sinn airson gum bi fèin-
Tha an Acadamaidh Rìoghail Inbhir Nis ùr na thogalach        luach dha-rìribh aca a bheir taic dhaibh ann a bhith a’
spaideil, goireasach, comasach air foghlam am 21mh linn      dèanamh deagh chomharra air an t-saoghal gus am bi e na
a libhrigeadh gu soirbheachail gus taic a thoirt do          àite nas fheàrr do chà an an sgoil fhèin bhrosna-
ionnsachadh nan sgoilearan uile, san latha an-diugh agus     chadh gach neach òg
san am ri teachd. A bharrachd air sin, tha e na ghoireas
air leth a ghabhas cleachdadh leis a’ choimhearsnachd        Tha sinn den bheachd gum bu choir dhan sgoil a bhith
gu lèir gach feasgar agus deireadh-seachdain.                a’còrdadh ri sgoilearan, ri tidsearan agus ri pàrantan. Thèid
                                                             againn air seo a dhèanamh le bhith a’ stèidheachadh inbhe
Gabhaidh an sgoil ùr barrachd (1420 sgoilear) gus àite a     shònraichte anns gach raon den sgoil. Ullaichidh seo ar n-
thoirt do chlann na sgìre, a thuilleadh air an àireamh de    òigridh airson an cuid bheathan fhèin agus airson an saogh-
sgoilearan a tha a’ leantainn foghlam tro mheadhan na        al a tha romhpa.
Gàidhlig. Tha àireamh nan sgoilearan seo a’ dol am
meud gach bliadhna. Tha barrachd rum cuideachd aig           Tha sinn a’ coimhead air adhart gu mòr ri fàilte a chur air
roinn nam feumalachdan sònraichte (A.S.N.) gus eòlas-        ur pàisde dhan sgoil seo agus tha sinn an dòchas gun dèan
sgoile nas fheàrr a thoirt do fhoghlam nan sgoilearan        sinn an gnòthach air sàr foghlam agus gach cothrom a
A.S.N. Tha àrainn nas socaire aca airson sàr ionnsa-         thoirt dhaibh nuair a tha iad còmhla rinn an seo ann an
chadh, a thuilleadh air a h-uile cothrom a bheir an còrr     Acadamaidh Rìoghail Inbhir Nis.
dhen sgoil dhaibh.

Tha sinn an dùil gun gabh gach neach òg san sgoil
uallach dhaibh fhèin agus gum bi iad taiceil do dhaoine
eile. Tha sinn ag amas air ar n-euchdan a leasachadh
barrachd agus piseach a thoirt air ionnsachadh gach
sgoilear ann an co-obrachadh leibh fhèin.
Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                                                 Page 7

My experience being a member of the Inverness Royal Academy has been incredibly re-
warding and has brought me enjoyment within my studies across a vast amount of different
topic areas.
As a late comer, joining the Academy from Plockton High school at the beginning of my
third year of secondary education, I have had many opportunities to venture into a wide
range of subjects. Moving from a smaller school to the Academy was a lot to take in, how-
ever my guidance teacher Mr Turner, who I have to give huge thanks to made sure I was
happy with my new school. If there was a problem with anything he would provide sup-
Studying at the Inverness Royal Academy has been a very pleasant experience from the
start and I have loved every minute of learning and studying alongside my fellow pupils
throughout the school. The teaching staff has been nothing but excellent, providing support
in any way they can to help with my learning and academic goals. Many teachers have gone
over and above , providing support classes and their own time to get us on track for pass-
ing our courses.
Going to school has never been something I have dreaded, due to the passion for educa-
tion subject teachers have across the school.
I am very proud of during my years in this school and I would like to thank all my teacher
for their excellent support throughout. The Academy has offered me countless opportunities to take part in extracurricular
activities. The sporting opportunities are varied which has been hugely appreciated by me. More academic extracurricular activ-
ities are also widely available such as the Young Enterprise Award I was lucky enough to be part of which has been one of my
highlights in school.
Since S5 when I was appointed as a prefect helping with the management of the school, it sparked my desire to continue being
involved in the leadership team of the academy. In S6 I was appointed as School Captain and prefect alongside Eve Maclennan
which has been a fantastic partnership. Working with Eve has been brilliant due to our paired desire to do what's best for the
school. As a pair working with this year's House Captains has been a very rewarding experience due to the input we have had
in the management of the school as well as providing exciting and fun activities for all year groups.
Being a School Captain has allowed me to work with lots of different pupils and gain experience in leadership and how to exer-
cise responsibility. Inverness Royal Academy has been incredible for broadening my education and, just as importantly, my life
Inverness Royal Academy’s key values are constantly reinforced by our Rector, Mr Engstrand - Honesty, Compassion, Commit-
ment, Responsibility, and Respect have become part of me in and out of school. I would like to thank the Senior Management
team, Mr Engstrand and my teachers for an exciting academic journey and the opportunity to be a school captain in my closing
year; I am extremely proud to hold this position.
Sam Stubbs, School Captain

I moved to the Inverness Royal Academy at the end of S1 because of personal issues at my
previous school. Immediately I was welcomed by not only a whole host of friendly and posi-
tive pupils but supportive and kind teachers. My bond with my guidance teacher has been
essential to my growth and development throughout my six years at the academy. The facili-
ties and support the Inverness Royal Academy offer through guidance, counselling, SMT and
teaching staff has made me the resilient and confident individual I am today. I could never
come up with a solid plan for my future, I was unsure which interest to pursue and never
really had a passion for just one thing. When I reached my Higher studies I discovered a
passion for history and met one of the best teachers I have ever had. He not only engaged
my interest but appealed to my style of learning like never before. Through History I learnt
how to work hard, study and give school my all. My results at Higher are something I am
extremely proud of and owe greatly to all of the teaching staff of the Inverness Royal Acade-
my. My teachers in the academy have inspired me to pursue teaching in the future, and I
hope I can be as equally a positive role model to my students as they have been to me. Being
appointed as School Captain is a position I am honoured to hold. It is the recognition I have always looked for and am grateful
to work with such an incredible team of teachers, house captains and my wonderful co-captain Sam Stubbs.
Sam and I are working hard to further pupil involvement in our school and build a strong relationship with the senior manage-
ment team. Mr Engstrand’s faith in me has enabled to learn how to take responsibility and initiative as well as develop inde-
pendence. To say the least, I am hugely grateful to the entire staff of the Inverness Royal Academy and all the effort they put in
to improve the lives of their students in every way. Many of my teachers have gone above and beyond to not only improve my
education but additionally my wellbeing. The quality of the Inverness Royal Academy pupils is nothing to be overlooked, our
school promotes a positive and accepting environment which creates friendly and hardworking students. As a school captain I
hope to make students feel welcome from the beginning of their first year and ensure their voices are consistently heard. I also
value our school’s ability to offer extra-curricular activities and subjects that adhere to everyone's strengths and passions. I
have massively enjoyed my time at the Inverness Royal Academy and truly owe it to the amazing staff and pupils of our school.
I would like to thank the Student Management Team for giving me the opportunity to make a difference as school captain.
Eve Maclennan, School Captain
Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
Page 8                                                                 Inverness Royal Academy

At Inverness Royal Academy we strive to bring out the best in all of our pupils.
Ann an Acadamaidh Rìoghail Inbhir Nis tha sinn airson gun dèan a h-uile
sgoilear cho math ’sa ‘s urrainn.

               In pursuing broad aims we intend to con-       Ann a bhith a’ feuchainn ri na h-amasan
               tribute significantly to the preparation of    farsaing seo a choileanadh, tha sinn am
               pupils for various adult roles in society,     beachd cur gu mòr ri sgoilearan ulla-
               namely continuing education, employment,       chadh airson iomadh dreuchd inbheach
               leisure, parenthood and citizenship. We        sa choimhearsnachd; is iad sin foghlam
    AIMS                                                      leantainneach, obair, cur-seachadan,
               also hope to give them a sense of the her-
   OF THE                                                     pàrantachd agus saoranachd. Tha sinn
               itage which stems from their Scottish and,
   SCHOOL      in particular, Highland environment and        cuideachd an dòchas mothachadh a
               from the long traditions of the school,        thoirt dhaibh air an dualchas a tha ag
               while at the same time fostering aware-        èirigh bho àrainneachd na h-Alba, gu h-
               ness of the place of our society in the wid-   àraidh àrainneachd na Gàidhealtachd
               er international community.                    agus, cuideachd, bho eachdraidh na
               All of our work is underpinned by our          sgoile. Aig an aon àm tha sinn airson an
               core values: respect, compassion, respon-      dèanamh mothachail air an àithe a tha
               sibility, commitment and honesty.              againn anns a’ choimearsnachd eadar-
Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                                   Page 9


   Inverness Royal Academy was founded in 1792, when it replaced the town Grammar School. The
   Grammar School, which had been located since about 1668 in the building now known as the Dunbar
   Centre, appears to have developed directly from an earlier school which began with the founding of a
   Dominican Priory in the Friars Street area of the town in about 1223. Thus the Academy stands at
   the modern end of an educational development which reaches back over more than seven centuries.
    In 1793 a Royal Charter was obtained from           taken up and the present design eventually agreed,
    King George III and, as Inverness Royal Acade-      when the arms were matriculated with the Lord
    my, the school operated on the Academy              Lyon King of Arms in 1933. The Crown represents
    Street site until 1895, in which year it moved      the ‘Royal’ in the title of
    to Midmills Road in the Crown area of the           the Academy; the cat-o-
    town. With various additions, this building         mountain is part of the
    housed the Academy until August 1977 when           Arms of Clan MacKin-
    part of the school moved to the new building        tosh, one of whose
    at Culduthel. For two sessions it was neces-        members was a leading
    sary to use the buildings at both Midmills and      director of the school in
    Culduthel, but in August 1979 the school            its early days; the drom-
    moved fully to a site at Culduthel where it is      edary and elephant are
    now located. A replacement building, the            from the Arms of Inver-
    fourth one for the school, was opened at this       ness, recognising the
    site in Autumn 2016.                                close relationship there
                                                        has always been be-
    In 1892, the year of the Academy’s centenary,       tween the town and the
    the Rector, George Bruce, suggested that the        school; the book and
    school should have a badge. This idea was           the burning torch indi-
                                                        cate a place of learning.

        The school’s motto ‘LABORE ET VIRTUTE’ is best translated as
                       ‘WORK AND EXCELLENCE’.

    A number of features have been incorpo-                The school bell and the bust of Hector Fraser
    rated from the old Academy buildings. We               are both linked with the former Grammar
    have War Memorial boards commemorating                 School. The bell, in a display case at Reception,
    the former pupils and staff who served in the          was gifted by Hector Fraser, who was the Rector
    First and Second World Wars. These are                 of the Grammar School in 1756. In 1793 it was
    located in the Theatre.                                moved from that School to the Academy Street
    Boards containing the names of the Gold                site, then to the Midmills site, then on to the old
    Medallists (Dux) Winners from 1811 to                  Culduthel building and now in the present
    1972, and the Howden Medal winners for                 building.
    Service from 1922 to 1979 are also displayed           The bust of Hector Fraser is on display in the
    in the Theatre along with the names of the             Library.
    most recent winners.
Inverness Royal Academy - 2020-2021 Information for Parents Fiosrachadh Gu Parantan - Highland Council
Page 10                                                                                 Inverness Royal Academy

                                       SENIOR MANAGEMENT
 Inside Story Headline
                                    We have a senior management team of six people:

           Mr Nigel Engstrand                     Mr Robin Fyfe                        Mrs Julie MacLennan

           Mrs Bridget Reid                     Mr Gordon Piper                        Mr Alex Gunn

        STAFF                                                                          Mr Graeme Macdonald
Each pupil is allocated a                      Mr Malcolm Turner
Guidance teacher when he
or she starts our school.
This is your child’s Named
Person. His/her Guidance
teacher stays with them
throughout their time at the
school, will watch their
progress, give advice about
school work, subject choices,                                                                         Mr Stephen Trinder
                                  Mrs Gillian Davies               Mrs Maire O’Boyle
future careers and help with
any personal difficulties.
Parents should contact the
Guidance teacher with any
matter relating to their child.
Inverness Royal Academy
                                                                                                        Page 11

                                      SCHOOL ETHOS
     The ethos of a school can be defined by its core values which are fundamental to everything it does as a
     learning community. Our values of Commitment, Compassion, Honesty, Respect & Responsibility should
     both permeate the day-to-day operation and set the context for future planning and strategy.

     At Inverness Royal Academy we have a well established, student-centered ethos of which we are proud.
     It has ensured that generations of young people have enjoyed a highly positive and successful educational
     experience. It will also ensure that our current and future students can be encouraged to achieve their
     very best. The ethos of our school is underpinned by our Core Values .

Page 12                                                                               Inverness Royal Academy

 The curriculum at Inverness Royal Academy will provide the
 structure and support in learning which will develop the four
 capacities which are: Confident Individuals, Effective Contribu-
 tors, Responsible Citizens and Successful Learners.

  Useful Links- Highland Council
 CURRICULUM AREAS                                                   At the end of S3 pupils will progress to a course
                                                                    leading onto a qualification at National 3, Na-
 The curriculum areas are the organisers for setting out            tional 4 or National 5.
 the experiences and outcomes. In drawing up the experi-            At the end of S4 pupils could choose from the
 ences and outcomes, learning in each curriculum area has           following progression routes:
 been reviewed and updated to emphasise the contribu-               • A pupil achieving National 3 may progress to
 tions it can make to developing the four capacities.               National 4
 The curriculum areas are:                                          • A pupil achieving National 4 may progress to
 • Expressive arts                                                  National 5
 • Health and wellbeing                                             • A pupil achieving National 5 may progress to
 • Languages                                                        Higher
 • Mathematics                                                      The Pupil Support Team and specialist subject staff
 • Religious and moral education                                    will do their best to help you and your child to
 • Sciences                                                         make the choices best suited to the abilities, inter-
 • Social studies                                                   ests and the future plans of your child.
 • Technologies
 Curriculum areas are not just for timetabling and we have
 the freedom to think imaginatively about how the experi-
 ences and outcomes might be organised and planned for
 in creative ways which encourage deep, sustained learning           The move from primary to secondary can, in
 and which meet the needs of our children. Subjects are              some cases, be a daunting prospect for both
 an essential feature of our curriculum, providing an im-            parents and pupils. We try to make this transi-
 portant and familiar structure for knowledge, enabling              tion as smooth as possible by close liaison with
 subject teachers to inspire, stretch and motivate pupils.           our feeder primaries, well in advance of the ac-
                                                                     tual transfer. This can be as far ahead as two
 S1/S3 CURRICULUM                                                    years where enhanced input is required. Parents
 In S1/S2 all pupils follow a broad general education (BGE).         have the opportunity of meeting the Head
 Pupils continue into S3 with a broad general education              Teacher and Depute Rector at Information Eve-
 which includes opportunities for personalisation and                nings held in the primary school in January or
 choice. The curricular area choice at the end of S2 ena-            early February each year. Pupils also attend sec-
 bles pupil entitlement to all third and fourth level experi-        ondary school for three days in June prior to
 ences and outcomes to be met. As S3 pupils move into                transfer in August. Parents are always welcome
 the senior phase and national qualifications it will be nec-        to contact the school to arrange a mutually con-
 essary, to allow sufficient hours of study, to reduce the           venient time to visit the school.
 number of subjects studied from the 8 studied in S3.                At each stage of your child’s progression
                                                                     through secondary education, you will be con-
        PRINCIPLES FOR                                               sulted on the right choices for your child and
     CURRICULUM DESIGN                                               you are encouraged to actively engage in this
       Challenge and enjoyment                                       process. Meetings will be held to highlight the
                                                                     opportunities open to your child when choosing
                                                                     subjects as they move through the early years to
             Progression                                             the senior years of secondary education.
      Personalisation and choice
Page 13                                                                                   Inverness Royal Academy


 When it is time for them to move on       their working lives.
 to employment or further education        Opportunities for All is a commitment
 they will be guided through this pro-     by the Scottish Government to offer a
 cess and given all the necessary infor-   place in learning or training to every 16
 mation to make informed choices.          -19 year old who is currently not in
 Joan Duncan is our Careers Adviser        education, employment or training.
 from Skills Development Scotland.         Highland Council has a lead role in re-
 She offers support to pupils leaving      spect of Opportunities for All whilst
 school including careers advice, finan-   young people are still in school . The
 cial advice, further education and post   long term aim is to enable all young
 16+ learning choices.                     people to access and progress, where
                                           possible into eventual employment.
 The strategic aim of Skills Develop-      Information about local opportunities is
 ment Scotland is to equip individuals     listed on the website to
 with the skills to make well informed,    support 16+ planning.
 realistic career decisions throughout

                                       PLACING REQUESTS
 Each school serves its own particular catchment                   If pupils live outwith the school catchment area
 area. Pupils whose homes are located in that area                 and their parents wish them to attend Inverness
 will have priority in being allocated a place in the              Royal Academy they can contact the Rector, Mr
 school. However, parents have the right to specify                Engstrand to arrange a visit.
 the school in which they wish to place their child.
 Application must be made to the Area Education                    Parents of children with additional support needs,
 Manager, Highland Council, Glenurquhart Road,                     (including those that have Coordinated Support
 Inverness, IV3 5NS.                                               Plans) can make placing requests to any school in
 Placing request forms can be obtained from http://                Scotland including schools outside of the local                         authority area they live in. All appeals about plac-
 informationforparents/                                            ing requests to special schools will be referred to
                                                                   the Additional Support Needs Tribunal.
 Transportation to and from school, for placing re
 quest pupils, is a parental responsibility.

                               THE LIBRARY

                                    The library is staffed         Through the Public              The library offers
                                    by a qualified librarian       Library system pupils           access to the inter-
                                    and is open all day            can access a wide range         net and programmes
                                    other than the first 15        of online newspaper             for revision and
                                    minutes of lunch. The          databases and other             study. There is also
                                    library’s computer             research materials. The         a careers library with
                                    system is connected            school library is well          a comprehensive
                                    to the Public Library          stocked with a range of         range of college and
                                    network. This means            books, magazines,               university prospec-
                                    pupils will automatical-       newspapers, audio               tus.
                                    ly join the Public and         books and DVDs.
                                    School Library when
                                    they start at the
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                                     Page 14

                                      SUPPORT FOR PUPILS

  The aim of the Support Team is to ensure that the pu-         Additional Support Needs has special responsibility
  pils are fully supported to allow them to reach their full    for existing pupils with Individual Education Plans
  potential, both in and out of school. The Team is led by      (IEP), Additional Support Plans (ASP) and Coordi-
  Mr Fyfe, Depute Rector, and he is supported by five           nated Support Plans (CSP). The Pupil Support Team
  Principal Teachers (Guidance) and one Principal Teach-        (ASN) works with all subject departments to ensure
  er Learning Support, Mrs Blair. Each Principal Teacher        that all young people at Inverness Royal Academy
  (Guidance) is responsible for one of the five houses:         make good progress. The Principal Teacher con-
  Glamaig - Mr Turner; Lomond - Mr Macdonald; Nevis -           sults with primary colleagues, the DHT, the Educa-
  Mrs O’Boyle; Slioch - Mr Trinder and Wyvis - Mrs Da-          tional Psychologist and Pupil Support Managers to
  vies. They are responsible for the Pastoral, Curricular       identify and support pupils with special educational
  and Vocational care of the pupils within that House.          needs.
  During a pupil’s school career, they will be interviewed      Pupils’ work is supported and monitored through-
  at least once per session by their Principal Teacher Pu-      out first to sixth years. Special arrangements
  pil Support. Where any problems have become appar-            for formal testing and SQA examinations are negoti-
  ent, the pupil should make contact with the Principal         ated and provided using readers and scribes.
  Teacher, who is also the designated person for parents        The Principal Teacher, together with her team of
  to contact. Their role is also to help with any personal      learning support teachers and classroom assistants,
  problems or worries and to be the first line of contact       works cooperatively with classroom teachers to
  between school and home. They are also your child’s           support vulnerable pupils with their learning.
  Named Person and parents are encouraged to get to             Progress is always being monitored. The support
  know them and to keep the school informed of anything         team responds quickly to problems with learning
  affecting their child’s progress.                             and behaviour. Timetables are under constant re-
  While the Principal Teacher will liaise closely with          view and change in response to pupils’ needs as
  school staff, there may be situations where other agen-       they are identified. To raise attainment in language
  cies may be asked for advice/assistance and this will be      and numeracy, identified first and second year pupils
  in line with GIRFEC procedures. A considerable                have access to a learning programme that consoli-
  amount of the Principal Teacher’s time is devoted to          dates basic skills in reading, writing and mathemat-
  teaching Personal and Social Education. Information and       ics. The support team assist at intervals and
  advice on school courses and links to careers are ex-         lunchtimes in the CORE. They keep a friendly eye
  plained and discussed. The advice will be based on a          to ensure all pupils behave responsibly and are kept
  realistic appraisal of the pupil’s prospects and considera-   safe and feel secure.
  tions of their career aspirations.
  The pupils will also receive advice and assistance on
  completing application forms for the workplace/
  colleges/universities and interview techniques. A wide
  range of Health and Social Issues are also covered with-
  in the programme.
  It is the responsibility of all staff in Inverness Royal
  Academy to meet the learning needs of all pupils. Meet-
  ing additional support needs is therefore an inclusive,
  whole school system co-ordinated by Mr Engstrand,
  Head Teacher. Mr Gunn, Depute Head, oversees sup-
  port for pupils with additional support needs in con-
  junction with the Principal Teacher.
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                                                Page 15

                                RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
      Schools are obliged by law to have Religious                      own beliefs rather than promote any one de-
      Education in their curriculum.                                    nomination or faith. Parents have the right to
                                                                        request withdrawal of a pupil from Religious
      In this school the approach to the subject is                     Education classes or from an Assembly involving
      essentially non-denominational. The intention                     religious observance. In fact this request is very
      is to give pupils some understanding of religious                 seldom made. Any parents wishing to exercise
      thought and experience and of the influence of                    the right to withdraw should put the request in
      religious faith on the life of individuals in our                 writing to the Rector. The alternative on offer is
      own and other societies.                                          unsupervised study.

      In addition we have Assemblies throughout the
      year, some of which are led by one of the Chap-
      lains. Our Assemblies promote widely accepted
      values and encourage pupils to reflect on their

     The school community comes together throughout
     the year to raise funds for various charities.
     This year however we were unable to host the usual
     events due to Covid restrictions. We did raise £514
     for the Big Scottish Breakfast Appeal by having a fun-
     ny hat competition.

     Our sponsored walk in September 2020 was can-
     celled due to restrictions.

                                                              Fund Raising Event for the
                                                              Highland Hospice
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                             Page 16

                                                                                             ‘It’s everyone’s job to
     CHILD PROTECTION                                                                        make sure I’m alright’

    From time to time incidents can occur          All agencies involved in Child Pro-
    within the school setting which cause          tection are obliged to make the          Agencies offering addition-
    concern and could indicate that a pupil is     welfare of children their paramount      al advice:
    suffering some form of abuse.                  consideration and this will be the
                                                                                            Scottish Independent Ad-
                                                   priority for Education Service staff.
                                                                                            vocacy Alliance (SIAA)
    In terms of Highland Child Protection          More information about Child Pro-
    Committee Inter-agency Protection              tection Procedures can be obtained
    Guidelines, Education Service staff have       from Robin Fyfe, Depute Rector or        Scottish Child Law Centre
    to report such incidents to Social Work        the Child Protection Development Of-
    Services which can lead to a joint Social      ficer, Highland Child Protection Com-
    Work/Police investigation.                     mittee, Kinmylies Building, Leachkin     My Rights, My Say
                                                   Road, Inverness IV3 8NN - telephone
                                                   (01463) 703483 - fax (01463)             myrightsmysay

      Useful Link - Highland Council:-

      Children 1st:-

   PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT                                         Proposed meeting dates are:
   The current pandemic has affected the way in which we        AGM September 2021
   are able to engage with parents, and this may change         Autumn Meeting September 2021
   further depending on how the pandemic progresses.            Winter Meeting November 2021
   For the latest information, please contact the school.       First Spring Meeting January 2022
                                                                Second Spring Meeting March 2022
   As parents and carers, you are all members of the Par-       First Summer Meeting April 2022
   ent Forum, our role as Parent Council is to represent
                                                                Second Summer Meeting June 2022
   your views. We actively encourage parents and carers
   to support the school in its work with pupils to maxim-
   ise their educational achievements and to participate in     Please do check the Parent Council webpage (on the
   events and activities in the school calendar. Inverness      school’s website) in case these dates change.
   Royal Academy Parent Council is one of the methods
   of engaging and promoting contact between school,            The positive input of parents and carers is vital in en-
   parents, pupils and the community. The Chair Person
                                                                suring the best possible educational experience for our
   of the Parent Council is John Mills.
                                                                students. Throughout your child’s time in this school
                                                                you will have the opportunity to attend Parents Meet-
   Your Parent Council representatives can be contacted
                                                                ings, Information Evenings, social gatherings and other
   by e-mail -
                                                                activities which are all intended to enhance the part-
   Please email if you would like to be added to the email
                                                                nership between home and school.
   list. You can receive the papers from meetings and hear
                                                                If at any time you would like to share any of your
   what we are up to even if you are not able to come
                                                                child’s achievements we would be delighted to hear
   along to meetings. Meetings usually run from 7pm to
                                                                from you. Equally, should you have any areas of con-
   8/8.30pm in the staff room.
                                                                cern please do not hesitate to contact the school of-
   All parents and carers are very, very welcome to
                                                                fice or your child’s Guidance teacher, as often a small
   all our meetings (we do a nice cup of tea and even a
                                                                anxiety can be resolved quickly and easily before it
   biscuit or two).
                                                                manifests into a more serious matter. For urgent con-
    Useful Link - Highland Council:-
                                                                cerns we would hope that a member of the Senior                      Management or Guidance teams would be able to deal
                                                                with your query at short notice. However, it may not
                                                                be possible to see your child’s Year Head or Guidance
                                                                Teacher without arranging an appointment.
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                                              Page 17

 For all pupils assessment is based on a mixture of con-       These are emailed to the pupils to share with their
 tinuous assessment (coursework), tests carried out            parents and contain individual reports for each subject
 during class time and more formal examinations.               as well as information on attendance and punctuality.
 Prelim examinations for S4 are held in December, S5           As well as the full reports mentioned above, we regu-
 and S6 are in January/February.                               larly monitor the progress and performance of all our
                                                               pupils. This allows an interim tracking report to be
 REPORTS TO PARENTS                                            issued to each pupil as an earlier indication of progress.
 Progress reports are issued to parents once per ses-          Interim reports are issued as follows:
 sion as follows:
                                                               S1, 2, 3: December
 1st Year: May                                                 S4, 5, 6: October
 2nd Year: March
 3rd Year: May                                                 Useful Links—
 4th Year: January                                             parentzone/learning-in-scotland/assessment-and
 5th & 6th Year: February                                      -achievment
                                                               Where a pupil’s progress is causing concern you will be
 Useful link:                                                  contacted and consulted.

   EQUALITY AND INCLUSION                                          to working with you to ensure a smooth transi-
                                                                   tion for your child coming into or moving on
   Our activities in school should ensure that we eliminate        from our school. Please get in touch with us as
   unlawful discrimination, advance equality of opportunity        soon as you can so we can work with you to
   and promote good relations. Activities should not dis-          ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.
   criminate against any of the following ‘protected char-         Highland Council have proudly committed to the
   acteristics’:                                                   Armed Forces Covenant and as such support our
                                                                   veteran and reservist families as well as those
         Age                                                      currently serving. There is a dedicated Highland
         Disability                                               Council Military Liaison Group (MLG) which has
         Race                                                     been formed to promote and ensure equality for
         Religion or belief                                       your children in their education.
                                                                   If you have any concerns, please get in touch with
         Sex
                                                                   your child’s named person (usually their Guid-
         Sexual Orientation                                       ance Teacher) or the Head Teacher.
         Gender reassignment
   Supporting aims to improve pupil attainment and per-
   formance of pupils with ‘protected characteristics’, par-       Your child can expect homework throughout
   ticularly those experiencing poverty and deprivation.           their time at school as it is an important part of
   Meeting the needs of children who have experienced              school work and they must make an honest at-
   interrupted learning; young carers, children with ASN           tempt to complete it. Pupils will be issued with
   and children from military families.                            work through Google Classroom. Parents can
                                                                   sign up for daily or weekly Google Classroom
   MILITARY FAMILIES                                               Updates through email to keep up to date with
                                                                   pupils’ progress and to see details of homework
   Our school welcomes and supports families and their             issued and deadlines.
   children from Forces families: serving, veteran and re-
   servists. We understand some of the challenges that
   mobility of service life can bring and we look forward

       Useful link:
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                                      Page 18

  DATA PROTECTION LEGISLATION                                  DATA POLICY

  Information on pupils, parents and guardians is stored       Information about pupils’ education is collected
  on a computer system and may be used for teaching,           through our statistical surveys in partnership be-
  registration, assessment and other administrative du-        tween the Scottish Government and Local Au-
  ties. The information is protected by data protection        thorities through the ScotXed Programme, which
  legislation and may only be disclosed in accordance          aims to help schools and Local Authorities by
  with the codes of practice.                                  supporting efficient collection, processing and
                                                               dissemination of statistical information. The
  TRANSFERRING EDUCATIONAL DATA                                Scottish Government then provides analysis of
                                                               the data to support research, planning, manage-
                                                               ment and monitoring of education services as
                                                               well as to produce National Statistics publica-
  The Scottish Government and its partners collect and         tions.
  use information about pupils through the Pupil Census        Education data within Scottish Government is
  to help and improve education across Scotland. This          managed effectively by secure systems and is ex-
  note explains why we need this information, how we           ploited as a valuable corporate resource, subject
  use it and what we do to protect the information sup-        to confidentiality restraints. As part of its data
  plied to us. Further information can be obtained from        policy, Scottish Government will not publish or               make publicly available any information that al-
                                                               lows individual pupils to be identified, nor will
  Data about pupil preferred routes, occupations and           data be used by Scottish Government to take any
  anticipated school leaving date is also collected from       actions in respect of individuals. Data is held
  S3/S4 to support planning for leaving school. This in-       securely and no information on individual pupils
  formation is shared with Skills Development Scotland.        can or would be made publicly available by Scot-
  Further information about 16+ Data can be found here:        tish Government.
                                                               The individual data collected by Scottish Govern-         ment through the Pupil Census is used for statis-
                                                               tical and research purposes only.

     Useful Links                                               Useful Links             record

   In order to make the best decisions about how to             YOUR DATA PROTECTION
   improve our education service, Scottish Government,          RIGHTS
   education authorities and other partners such as the
   SQA and Skills Development Scotland need accurate,           The collection, transfer, processing and sharing
   up-to-date data about our pupils. We are keen to             of ScotXed data is done in accordance with data
   help all our pupils do well in all aspects of school life    protection legislation. We also comply with the
   and achieve better examination results. Accurate and         National Statistics Code of Practice require-
   up-to-date data allows us to:                                ments and other legislation related to safeguard-
          Plan and deliver better policies for the benefit     ing the confidentiality of data. Data protection
           of all pupils.                                       legislation gives you the right to know how we
          Plan and deliver better policies for the benefit     use your data. This note can give only a brief
           of specific groups of pupils.                        description of how we use data. Fuller details of
          Better understand some of the factors which          each individual ScotXed survey, including the
           influence pupil attainment and achievement.          purpose of each and the published data can be
          Share good practice.                                 found on the ScotXed website:
          Target resources better.
          Enhance the quality of research to improve the
           lives of young people in Scotland.                   School/Education
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                              Page 19


 National Guidance on the Administration of Medi-            During the current pandemic we may need to amend our
 cines in Schools has been issued by the Scottish Gov-       approaches to recording attendance, for example if it be-
 ernment.                                                    comes necessary for pupils to work from home.               Good attendance is vital if pupils are to achieve their full
 children-young-people-healthcare-needs-schools/             potential. In the event of any known absences please con-
                                                             tact the school in writing giving the reason for your child’s
 This guidance is based on a number of common prin-          absence and the dates applicable. In the event of unex-
 ciples that will be consistently applied when identify-     pected absences please phone the school office on 01463
 ing, supporting and reviewing the healthcare needs of       667800 each day your child is absent from school.
 children and young people in Highland schools to            If a pupil needs to leave school during the day for an ap-
 enable them to make the most of their learning.             pointment, they should bring a note with them from a
 Under Article 24 of the United Nations convention           parent or guardian. Pupils must sign out when leaving
 on the Rights of the Child, all children have a right to    school or arriving/returning later than 8.40am.
 the highest attainable standard of health and to
 health care services that help them attain this. Arti-      If you are considering taking your child out of school for a
 cle 7 of the United Nations Convention on the               family holiday please be aware that this should be con-
 Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that chil-       firmed in writing to the Head Teacher. Under the Guid-
 dren with disabilities have the right to express their      ance issued at a national level, most family holidays will be
 views freely on all matters affecting them. The ar-         recorded as unauthorised absence.
 rangements for each individual will therefore take
 account of the health professionals’ advice, the pu-        PUPIL ILLNESS
 pil’s views and, where appropriate, their parent’s          If a child falls ill during the day, parents are contacted for
 views.                                                      them to collect their child, therefore it is essential that we
 NHS Highland, Highland Council and school staff will        have up to date day time contact numbers and
 work collaboratively to ensure that pupils receive          emergency contact numbers for all pupils.
 the service they need in the way most appropriate to
 their personal circumstances.
 Where appropriate, we will make arrangements for
                                                            MINOR INJURIES
 staff providing healthcare to pupils to receive appro-
                                                            School will only deal with minor cuts and bruises, these
 priate training from a health professional , or other
                                                            will be cleaned and a plaster applied.
 accredited source in the care they are providing.
 Assistance with intimate care may be needed by chil-
 dren in any school and this will be provided if re-        MENTAL HEALTH & WELLBEING
 quired to support these needs quickly and with re-         Staff will support the emotional development of pupils
 spect for children’s privacy, dignity and rights.          through informal and curricular activities. Any concerns
 If your child requires medication, please note that        about a pupil’s wellbeing can be discussed with your
 this will only be administered by staff when there is      child’s Named Person, their Guidance Teacher. We
 clear written guidance from a parent/carer, provid-        have access to the Highland Council’s Primary Mental
 ing:                                                       Health Worker Service and consultation and advice may
                                                            be sought if there are concerns that might require more
                                                            targeted support. As Parents, you would generally be
       The name of the medicine, the quantity of the
                                                            involved in discussions beforehand however a pupil over
        medicine to be given, the time it has to be
                                                            the age of 12 can ask for support themselves.
       As far as possible, prescriptive medication
        should be given at home by parents/carers. If
        it is required to be given in school, the medi-
        cation should be unopen, clearly marked with
        the directions from the pharmacist and admin-
        istered as part of an agreed medical protocol.
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                                             Page 20

                     SCHOOL POLICIES AND
  COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE                                         Inverness Royal Academy has adopted many of the
  Most contact with parents and pupils takes the form          Highland Council Policies but should you require
  of queries or comments rather than complaints.               any specific information please do not hesitate to
  Almost all issues are resolved and are not logged as         contact the school.
  complaints. However, if a matter is not resolved, a          Telephone (01463) 667800
  parent can make a formal complaint by contacting             Fax (01463) 667815
  their child’s Named Person, this would be their              E-mail
  Guidance Teacher or the Senior Management Team               Website
  for more serious issues. The school will respond to
  the parent within a reasonable time. Should a situa-         Please note that transport is not a school responsi-
  tion not be resolved parents can contact the Interim         bility and any queries should be addressed to the
  Area Education Manager, Fiona Shearer, Highland              Transport Development Officer, Highland Council,
  Council Headquarters, Glenurquhart Road, Inver-
  ness                                                 Useful
                                                       Link : Highland Council —

                                                                             EDUCATION MAINTENANCE
  SCHOOL MEALS                                                               ALLOWANCE (EMA)

The school meal service offers nu-       meals and improves the overall      An EMA is a weekly payment
tritionally balanced, well presented     quality of the school meal expe-    worth up to £30 for pupils who
food in an environment that is safe,     rience.                             are planning to say on at school
well ordered and sensitive to the        If a pupil has special dietary      for a minimum of 21 learning
needs of pupils in order that they       needs, please inform the school.    hours per week. In session
may enjoy the lunchtime social ex-       Free school meals can be            2020/2021 pupils born between
perience. Inverness Royal Academy        claimed in certain circumstances.   1st March 2001 and 30th Septem-
operates the cashless system which       For more information and appli-     ber 2004 can receive payments
creates a unique meal account for        cation form, please see the link    from August 2020. Pupils born
every pupil. Pupils can access their     below. Application forms are        between 1st October 2004 and
meal accounts using a unique per-        also available from the school      28th February 2005 can receive
sonalised PIN.                           reception.                          payments from January 2021. Fur-
This system for school meals helps                                           ther information on full eligibility
reduce queuing, provides anonymity                                           criteria and the online application
for those receiving free school                                              process can be obtained from the

                     Useful Links:


  Black or white shirt, school tie        black blazer with the school badge     Items of school dress bearing the
  and black non branded knitwear.         but this will be optional. Pupils      school badge can be purchased
  For those who would like to con-        should come to school in black         from
  tinue wearing the school badge          footwear i.e. conventional black
  you will be able to purchase a          school shoes. However in an at-        Gilmour Sports
  black jumper or cardigan with the       tempt to keep costs as low as pos-     57 Harbour Road
  crest and wear this with a shirt        sible, trainers which are completely   Inverness, IV1 1UF
  and school tie. Black skirt or          black will be acceptable. Black and    Tel. No. 01463 222022
  trousers. (Black jeans, black leg-      white or any other colour will not
  gings and black shorts will not be      be acceptable.
  accepted as school uniform.). Pupils
  will also be encouraged to wear a
Inverness Royal Academy                                                                                        Page 21


    TRANSPORT                                                 ADVERSE WEATHER
    Most pupils walk or cycle to school. Bikes should         Occasionally in the winter, adverse weather can cause
    be kept in the lockable bike sheds. Parents using         parents concern. If you are uncertain that the School
    the drop off zone should take extreme care, the           will be open, please listen to the local radio stations.
    area can be very congested.                               We also have a telephone information service to give
                                                              you up to date information about school closure. Call
    Highland Council provides free transport for pupils       0870 054 6999, then enter the school pin: 041100. Any
    living more than 3 miles from the school and living       closure announcement is made through them. Please
    in our catchment. Season tickets for public service       do not telephone the School first thing in the morning to
    buses from Foyers and Whitebridge are supplied            check if we will be opening as this blocks the switch-
    through the Education Office, Unit4C, Dalfaber            board causing difficulties for senior staff trying to resolve
    Industrial Estate, Aviemore. Details of all bus ser-      staffing in adverse weather. In November each year we
    vices are available from the bus station at Farraline     issue a letter giving detailed instructions to parents of
    Park.                                                     pupils travelling from our landward area during adverse
    We expect pupils to behave sensibly on the buses
    and the co-operation of parents is essential to           ACCESS TO PUPIL RECORDS
    achieve this.                                             The Pupils’ Educational Records (Scotland) Regulations
     Useful Highland Council Link for School                  2003 extend to parents the right of access to any record
     Transport:-                                              held in relation to their child. Information we hold is                     protected by data protection legislation.
                                                              The Scottish Government collect and use information
                                                              about pupils through the Pupil Census to help improve
     Useful Highland Council Link :–                       education across Scotland. Further information can be
                                                              obtained from
    COMMUNICATION WITH                                        The individual data collected by Scottish Government
    PARENTS/GUARDIANS                                         through the Pupil Census is used for statistical and re-
    Depending upon the nature of the communication,           search purposes only.
    we use various methods to make contact with par-          Information on why we collect data about pupils and
    ents and guardians. These include:- school bag mail,      who we share this data with can be found in Highland
    mail, telephone, text, website, email, twitter and        Council’s Privacy Notice which is available here;

     We are aware that bullying, in     - establishing procedures for         If you have concerns you
     its various forms, can cause       dealing with incidences of bullying   should phone the appropri-
     anxiety and unhappiness for        - inviting the co-operation of        ate Guidance teacher or a             The
     those subjected to it and we       parents as appropriate.               member of the senior man-            basic
     have developed a policy and        The basic message is, “if you are     agement team. Bullying,           message
     procedures to help prevent         being bullied, tell someone”.         racism and victimisation of            is,
     and, where necessary, deal         Racist behaviour of any kind is       any kind is not acceptable.      “if you are
     positively with the problem.       not acceptable and will not be        The school adheres to the            being
     Essentially this involves:         tolerated. We have a school           Highland Council Bullying &        bullied,
     - alerting staff to the need for   policy which deals with both the      Positive Relationships Policy.        tell
     vigilance;                         perpetrator and the victim. If                                         someone”.
     - advising pupils on appropri-     your child is on the receiving end    https://
     ate action if threatened           of racist behaviour, or if they
     - using opportunities within       witness racist behaviour, he/she      downloads/file/19358/
     the curriculum to lead pupils      should tell someone.                  anti bullying—guidance
     to understand the unaccepta-                                             for schools
     bility of bullying behaviour
You can also read