Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School

Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
Academic Summary
Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
                                                                                   from age 7

Scholarship Opportunities

We offer a number of Academic, Art, Music and Sports
Scholarships from Year 4 onwards (assessed in Year 3) to children
of outstanding ability and these are awarded based on the results of
assessment and interviews.
All - Rounder scholarships are awarded in special circumstances to those who have reached a high
standard in all of the aforementioned disciplines.
In addition, we offer Academic Scholarships for entry into Year 3 (assessed in Year 2) for pupils
who show exceptional academic talent.
Scholarships result in a reduction of fees, by a certain percentage, which is retained throughout a
pupil’s time at the Prep School subject to continued high standards.

To receive further details and an application pack, please contact our Admissions Secretary.                     01603 868206

                                                                                  Academic Summary
Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall offers a
wonderful learning environment for children aged 2 to
13. The School’s Growth Mindset approach from Early
Years onwards shapes children’s belief that they can
change and grow throughout their lives. This is further
demonstrated by the recent introduction of the Prep
School Baccalaureate and the bespoke Wensum Award
where the acquisition of life skills goes hand in hand with
the acquisition of subject knowledge and subject
specific skills.
A body of inspiring and dedicated staff deliver a
vibrant curriculum and together with the breadth of
opportunities on offer and the School’s outdoor Forest
School programme, pupils develop a positive approach to
learning whilst recognising the value of their responsibility
in the learning process.
Under the leadership of its experienced Head of Prep,           Reasons families choose Langley
Mike Crossley, the School has received six outstanding          Preparatory School at Taverham Hall
inspection reports. In its most recent report the
Educational Quality acquired the top rating of ‘Excellent’.     •   Outstanding pastoral care and warm welcoming
The Head is a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, a District        inclusive community.
Representative for 63 independent schools and a regular         •   A vibrant learning environment.
inspector of schools:                                           •   Confidence of its pupils.
                                                                •   High standard of education and academic
“As a school we seek to strike the right balance between
school and family time and great emphasis is placed on
                                                                •   Idyllic 100-acre woodland setting with own stretch
pupil and staff wellbeing.”
                                                                    of River Wensum in Taverham.
                                                                •   ‘Excellent’ inspection reports.
                                                                •   Bespoke Early Years curriculum enabling children
                                                                    to develop skills beyond the current levels of
 Prep School Exam Results 2019                                  •   Pre-Prep pupils are heard to read every day and
                                                                    achieve significantly above the national average
 Year 8 Leavers’ Common Entrance                                •   Growth Mindset ethos.
                                                                •   Inspirational experiences in art, music and drama,
 18 scholarships/awards were offered to Year 8                      with weekly performance opportunities.
 pupils                                                         •   Dynamic teachers and breadth of curriculum.
 40% of Year 8 pupils gained a scholarship, some                •   Wellbeing approach - personalised care and support,
 gaining up to 3.                                                   mental health first aiders staff team.
                                                                •   Unparalleled FSA recognised Forest School lessons
 83% of all grades were above 50%                                   with practitioners at the highest level (OCN Level 3).
 59% of all grades were above 60%                               •   On-site swimming pool, sports hall, sports fields,
                                                                    netball and tennis courts, and adjacent Astroturf.
 27% of all grades were above 70%                               •   Scholarship opportunities available from Year 3
 A very impressive 11% of all grades were above 80%                 (assessments take place in Year 2) for children of
                                                                    outstanding ability.

Academic Summary
Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
with children developing their number sense and
                                                             developing a deep understanding of the mathematics
                                                             before moving forward to the next step in learning. As
                                                             a result, we have seen children have a more confident
                                                             understanding of this subject matter, with the ability
                                                             to show that understanding in a range of ways and to
                                                             explain their thinking using a more analytical approach.
                                                             The results speak for themselves, with a significant
                                                             proportion of our children achieving above average
                                                             to significantly above average scores on nationally
                                                             standardised tests.
                                                             Pre-Prep pupils have enjoyed developing their digital
                                                             learning skills with programming floor robots called
                                                             ‘Bee-Bots’ as well as extending Growth Mindset skills
                                                             such as independence, resilience, collaboration and
                                                             participation in the newly introduced termly Inspiration
                                                             The Pre-Prep have their very own School Council with
Pre-Prep Reception, Y1 and Y2 pupils excel                   representatives elected from each class. The members
                                                             are elected by the children in their class and all
Excellent English and Maths progress test results along      experience using a ballot paper to make their vote. This
with reading and spelling ages:                              is a wonderful opportunity for young voices to take an
• 76% of Pre-Prep pupils achieved above national             active part in sharing their ideas. The council have their
    average grades for English                               own notice board in Pre-Prep and meet half termly to
• 79% of Pre-Prep pupils achieved above national             discuss matters arising and are responsible for sharing
    average grades for Maths.                                ideas and opinions. They help plan and organise how
                                                             the Pre-Prep will raise money for their chosen charity
Value Added                                                  and spend donations and also attend PTFA meetings
                                                             when invited to explain why they have put in a bid for
Over a nine-month period Pre-Prep pupils have made an        a particular item for the Pre-Prep Department. Year 2
average of:                                                  School Councillors also attend Prep School Council
•   15 months progress with their reading with the           meetings.
    highest rate of progress being an improvement of
    48 months in 9 months.
•   16 months progress with their spelling with the
    highest rate of progress being an improvement of
    32 months in 9 months.
Pupils are heard to read individually every day in the
Pre-Prep department which helps them to develop their
reading skills and love of reading at a very early age. We
have been using the acclaimed Read, Write, Inc scheme
in Pre-Prep for the past 4 years. This has made a wealth
of difference to the reading and writing skills of our
The Pre-Prep made major changes to their mathematics
provision this academic year, moving to the latest
approach for teaching mathematics. The current
thinking places emphasis on ‘Mathematical Mastery’,

                                                                                                Academic Summary
Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
A child-centred Prep-Prep Early Years start
The introduction to Growth Mindset starts here and
children are able to develop academically and socially at
a pace commensurate with their ability.
The School became the first in Norfolk to introduce
a bespoke Early Years curriculum ensuring pupils
participate each day in literacy and Maths activities.
Whilst drawing on the strengths of the national Early
Years curriculum it crucially offers pupils further
opportunities to develop their learning, enabling
those who are ready, to read and write and develop
their mathematical skills beyond the current levels of
expectation. Children aged three to four also follow the
Read Write Inc scheme, a fun and child-centred approach
to teaching. Early writing skills such as the correct pencil
grip and formation of letters using sand tray activities,
tracing, whiteboards and pencil and paper activities
are also covered. In our Early Years setting, pupils are
prepared for their move to the Reception classes by              Suites as well as new interactive white boards in the Prep
developing their skills in all areas of the curriculum,          School.
enjoying a wide range of activities such as dance, drama,        2016: Computing suite in the Pre-Prep; state-of-the-art iMac
music, sports, Forest School, arts and crafts.                   music recording & composing equipment in the Music & Art
                                                                 Block. Outdoor cob pizza oven built by pupils.
                                                                 2015: Laser cutter and 3D printer for the DT Department;
                                                                 Science and Wildlife pond; refurbished Prep School pupils’
                                                                 Common Room and Outer (entrance) Hall.
                                                                 2014: Refurbished Netball/Tennis Courts & Computing suite;
                                                                 new School website & social media platforms.
                                                                 2013: Outdoor woodland classroom; refurbished DT block &
                                                                 zip wire and ropes course.
                                                                 2012: Two Prep School classrooms and access to a high spec
                                                                 2011: Purpose-built Early Years extension.

What’s new?                                                      Overseas trips
                                                                 In addition to numerous educational visits and excursions which
The School has added the following to its extensive range of
                                                                 enhance the pupils’ curriculum from Early Years to Year 8, each
                                                                 year Prep School pupils are offered educational trips abroad.
2019: Installation of classroom visualisers for all years, a
Nest Swing for the Prep School, reading sheds for Early Years,
                                                                 •   Autumn 2019: 5-day residential French trip to
sheds and tools for Forest School and a set of sub suits for
                                                                     Normandy (biennial)
fixtures and training sessions for senior Prep School pupils.
                                                                 •   Summer 2019: Classical Studies and Geography trip
2018: Installation of the School’s own defibrillator. New Prep       to Naples
School playground equipment, Pre-Prep circular benches and
                                                                 •   Spring 2019: Ski-trip to Austria (biennial)
Early Years garden furniture. School website update.
                                                                 •   Autumn 2018: Senior Rugby & Hockey Tour to
2017: Pre-Prep playground equipment, cricket pavilion, two
                                                                     Ireland (biennial)
changing rooms in the Sports Hall wings; six temporary
classrooms; two Prep classrooms, two additional Computing

Academic Summary
Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
School’s Awards & Accolades
                                                                                  NACE Challenge Award
The School’s most recent ISI inspection (November
2016) awarded the highest accolade of ‘Excellent’
to the two key areas of The quality of the pupils’            Following assessment by the National Association
academic and other achievements, and The                      for Able Children in Education, the School has been
quality of the pupils’ personal development.                  accredited with The NACE Challenge Award for
 Headmaster, Mike Crossley:                                   excellence in whole-school provision for more able,
“This inspection is a fantastic accolade for the School.      gifted and talented pupils. As NACE members the
 To achieve the highest grading of ‘Excellent’ in both        School benefits from access to events, resources
 categories is extremely pleasing and demonstrates            and updates on latest developments with the
 the continued provision of the outstanding level of          purpose of extending pupils’ work at a level beyond
 education we offer 2 to 13 year old boys and girls.          that expected for their age group. Linked in with
 The welfare of all our pupils is our top priority and this   the School’s Growth Mindset and Independent
 praise from ISI endorses the work and care that goes         Learner approach NACE believes there should be no
 into ensuring that children are able to grow and thrive      ceiling on a child’s learning and ability. Importantly
 in a safe, happy environment. This is an exceptionally       it focusses on providing opportunities to encourage
 rewarding report and we are immensely proud of our           curiosity, ask questions, engage in debates and
                                                              discussions whilst producing original and creative
 pupils and staff’s achievements.”
                                                              responses to tasks set. Motivation, engagement and
                                                              understanding the characteristics of High Ability
                    FSA Recognised Forest                     children with the aim to provide opportunities for
                    School Provider Award                     them to deepen and extend their learning are central
                                                              to this so that they can achieve at the highest levels.

The FSA is the professional body and UK wide voice
for all things Forest School, promoting best practice,
cohesion and ‘quality Forest School for all’. The                                          Platinum School
award recognises those providers who are following                                       Games Mark Award
good Forest School practice and distinguishes them
from other outdoor education that is not Forest               The School has been accredited with the top
School. The School are the first FSA Recognised               Platinum level of this national award for 2018/2019
Forest School Provider in Norfolk which is testament          and 2019/2020 after having obtained four previous
to all the excellent work its five dedicated Level 3          consecutive gold awards in 2018/2017, 2017/2016,
Forest School leaders undertake. Since 1921 outdoor           2016/2015 and 2015/2014. It recognises the
learning has been an integral part of pupils’ lives at        School’s ‘sport for all’ philosophy, the high level of
the School’s idyllic 100 acre woodland site and this          attainment, inclusivity and provision for sport in
has been significantly enhanced by the integration            the School, as well as our contribution to the wider
of Forest School within the School’s curriculum over          community and the leadership opportunities for
the past 10 years, delivering Forest School teaching          pupils.
to the highest standard.
“The surrounding parkland is a paradise for pupils.” (ISI)

                Woodland Trust Gold Green
                       Tree School Award

Pupils participate in green activities such as tree
planting, reducing carbon emissions, recycling and
various Woodland Trust activities.

                                                                                               Academic Summary
Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
Fridays has been very popular as well as watering plants
Highlights 2018-2019                                             by Pre-Prep pupils and making music outdoors. Access
The School’s Growth Mindset ethos is firmly embedded             to the Time4Me room on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
within the curriculum. From Early Years in Pre-Prep the          Thursdays where Prep School pupils can listen to relaxing
Growth Mindset focus grows into the Prep School’s own            music, or take out some mindfulness time for themselves
Independent Learner model which expands into six life skills.    when the need arises are all new initiatives which enable
These skills encourage pupils to develop a more conceptual       pupils to relax their busy minds, chat and enjoy their natural
understanding of the learning attitudes which will help them     surroundings; the creation of a BRAVE (breathe, relax, allow
to become effective, self-motivated and resilient individuals.   yourself time, voice your fears, eat and drink well) wellbeing
This year the School extended the development of soft            area for our younger Pre-Prep pupils has also been well
skills and independence further through the introduction of      received.
termly Inspirations Days in the Pre-Prep and a new bespoke
Wensum Award offered to pupils from Year 6 in the Prep           The School joined the Anti-Bullying Alliance, an organisation
School as well as the Prep School Baccalaureate that pupils      which aims to eradicate bullying and help young people
embark upon from Year 7. The latter two offer a thought-         understand how to tackle it.
provoking approach to recognising pupils’ achievements and
the first Wensum Award presentation ceremony took place          A number of new initiatives for parents have been
in July 2019.                                                    introduced such as an Internet Safety information section in
                                                                 the parents’ portal on the School’s website providing useful
This year also saw the introduction of a new Prep School         information on this important topic; the addition of Google
English Reading Challenge initiative with the aim of             Classroom to the parents’ portal has ensured parents are
encouraging pupils to challenge themselves to read more          able to view details of set homework and other academic
books and a wider range of genres. Those who completed           matters pertaining to their child(ren); and the launch of
the challenge were able to incorporate the achievement           the Scholastic Book Club for Pre-Prep parents. For every
within their Wensum Award.                                       purchase made the School earns Scholastic Rewards.

The start of the School’s new recreational Friday sports         Two Year 10 pupils completed their work experience week
programme has been very well received and offers an              as part of their curriculum at the Prep School. Senior
alternative games option for pupils for whom the traditional     School Sixth Form students assisted at the Prep School’s
termly sports are not as suitable.                               Maths Day and the Prep School’s Sports Day. Increased
                                                                 collaborations between the Prep and Senior School took
Year 7 were given the opportunity to move into a new             place with pupils taking part in events at the senior school.
position of responsibility as Pre-Prep Playground Monitors
thereby developing their leadership skills.

Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing have been
highlighted in regular assemblies and activities including
the annual celebration of Children’s Mental Health Week.
This year topics such as the power of positive thinking,
happy thoughts, treating others with kindness and respect,
eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and how
to improve the quality of our sleep are all examples of
wellbeing discussions that took place. There has been a          The PTFA (Parents Teachers Friends Association) raised an
focus on increased outdoor relaxing opportunities and            impressive £4,137.73 to further enhance pupils’ education at
the commencement of morning break Mindfulness Walks              the School.
around the grounds for Prep School pupils on Mondays and

Academic Summary
Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
The Head of Prep was honoured to represent both the               to others. Subject Prizes are awarded for attainment, ability
School as well as IAPS in his role as District Representative     and progress across the whole year as well as Cup and
at the Royal Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in       Trophy winners including ones for Good Spirit, School Life,
Edinburgh in July. It was a most memorable day.                   Independent Learner, Endeavour, Progress, Great Outdoors
                                                                  and Teamship.

It has been confirmed that the refurbishment of the Main Hall’s
roof is to take place during the next academic year 2019/2020.

Academic                                                          English
Pupils achievements are regularly celebrated in weekly            •   A new Prep School English Reading Challenge
assemblies as well as more officially in the end of term              initiative was successfully introduced with the aim of
Assemblies and the end of year Speech Day and Prize                   encouraging pupils to challenge themselves to read
Giving event.                                                         more books and a wider range of genres.
                                                                  •   A new colour-coded reading scheme was introduced
End of term assemblies aim to highlight achievements                  for Year 3 pupils to help with the continuity of reading
throughout a particular term including Headmaster and                 material during the transition between Pre-Prep and
Subject commendations, Radiator of the Week awards,                   Year 3.
colours and merits.                                               •   During World Book Day many book related events were
                                                                      held in school and all the pupils (and staff) dressed up
                                                                      as their favourite book character. Termly Book Fairs and
                                                                      Talks from Pre-Prep to Year 8 provided tips and advice
                                                                      on reading books and Year 7 librarians were appointed.

                                                                  •   The School celebrated World Poetry Day with its
                                                                      fourth Poetry Festival. Pupils from Pre-Prep to Year 8
Speech Day and Prize Giving provide a fitting end to each             performed animal-themed poems to parents and peers.
academic year. A time where everyone gathers together to              Public speaking skills were also evident in the fourth
celebrate the endeavour, achievements and highlights of               Verse Speaking Competition which aims to revive oral
the past year. Form prizes recognise contributions made to            traditions of poetry recital, honour poets, and promote
the class as well as a pupil’s attitude, effort and kindness          the reading, writing and teaching of poetry.

                                                                                                      Academic Summary
Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
•   Starting from a field of 140,000 a Year 4 boy and a Year    •   Year 8 pupils visited Langley Senior School as part
    7 girl made it through to the last 5,000 entries into the       of Black History Day and took part in an English and
    national BBC Radio 2 500 Words Story Competition.               Drama workshop which was based around storytelling
    Their stories were selected to go through to the second         from the Zulu tribe in South Africa.
    stage of this popular national competition.                 •   As part of the English curriculum and Year 8’s study
                                                                    of ‘The Boys in the Striped Pyjamas’ pupils attended
                                                                    a Holocaust Survival Talk at Langley Senior School led
                                                                    by Eve Kugler who was born into a Jewish family in
                                                                    Germany in 1931.
                                                                •   The annual Spelling Bee event was another success
                                                                    with all participants performing brilliantly.
                                                                •   An ‘Alien Invasion’ day and recreating ‘Georges
                                                                    Marvellous Medicine’ morning laid the foundations for
                                                                    imaginative story writing for Year 3 and Year 4 pupils.
                                                                •   The School’s quiz teams finished in 3rd and 7thplace
                                                                    at the Norfolk Area Heat of the General Knowledge
                                                                    Championship, the country’s largest inter-school
                                                                    competition. Nine teams, each consisting of 4 pupils,
                                                                    battled it out over the course of 40 questions on topics
                                                                    as diverse as momentous events in history, incredible
                                                                    geographical landmarks, beautiful art, inspiring music
•   Author/illustrator Karl Newson, designer of the                 and literature, amazing science, cultures from around
    School’s Growth Mindset superheroes, returned for a             the world, current affairs and world knowledge.
    visit. He provided a highly engaging interactive reading
    of his new book ‘For All the Stars Across the Sky’ to all   MATHS
    Pre-Prep pupils.
•   Pre-Prep pupils were delighted to receive an official       The School offers an environment rich in mathematical
    letter from the Queen together with information             opportunities starting in our Early Years classes, where
    leaflets about The Crown Jewels, Royal Pets,                we lay the foundations for mathematical understanding.
    Buckingham Palace and The Queen’s Working Day in            The adopted ‘Maths Mastery’ approach, ensures children
    response to a letter they sent to the Queen as part of      develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding
    their Kings and Queens Topic.                               of a concept in all of its forms before progressing onto the
                                                                next steps.
                                                                • Year 5 Express were the Daily Winner of the Norfolk
                                                                     SumDog Maths Contest on 12 December 2018 and
                                                                     received a certificate of Merit from the SumDog
                                                                     organisers. A total of 98 classes across the county
                                                                     took part. Following on, pupils were offered the
                                                                     opportunity to take part in a national contest with
                                                                     almost 32,000 pupils taking part nationwide. One Year
                                                                     5 pupil finished within the top 1 per cent nationally.

•   Year 6 pupils visited Norwich Theatre Royal to watch a
    production of ‘Awful Auntie’ with the aim to help them
    understand how a book can be transformed into a
    show or a film.

Academic Summary
Academic Summary SEPTEMBER 2018 TO JULY 2019 - Langley School
•   A Year 5 pair finished in 2nd place at the Norfolk Maths
    Challenge in which 19 schools took part.
•   Pupils in Years 5 and 6 stretch themselves in the
    National Mathematical Association Primary Challenge
    whilst pupils in Year 8 take part in the UKMT Junior
    Mathematical Challenge each year.
•   Pupils from Year 2 to Year 7 took part in the annual
    Maths Morning working together in teams on a
    number of challenging problem-solving activities such
    as sudokus, orienteering, strimkos, money problems,
    dominoes and maths Pictionary. Years 2 & 3 worked
    together on one part of a task with Years 4 & 5 on
    a more complex problem and Years 6 & 7 faced a
    challenging problem at their level. They were assisted     •   Year 6 pupils used their design and implementation
    by Year 10 pupils from Langley Senior School who               skills in a rocket workshop with Nick Corston of
    awarded points for both mathematical prowess and               STEAM Co who demonstrated why we need to be
    soft skills such as reflective learners, resilience and        creative in our solutions to our everyday problems and
    team-player.                                                   how to use our imagination to make the world a better
•   During a Number focussed day pupils in both Pre-Prep           place.
    and Prep dealt with mathematical challenges. Year          •   Year 6 pupils took part in the Top Class Science Quiz,
    6 pupils had organised a workshop for their younger            competing against other schools from around the
    Year 3 and Year 4 peers.                                       county, culminating in a final at UEA where they were
•   Year 2 children enjoyed practising Maths skills in a           eventual winners in a tense round of questions and
    number of games created by Year 3 pupils.                      activities.
                                                               •   Four pupils took part in a Norfolk team challenge at
                                                                   the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry at the UEA where
                                                                   they had to apply their scientific knowledge and
SCIENCE                                                            understanding to identify who had committed a crime
Pupils enjoyed taking part in the annual Norwich Science           carrying out a range of chemical tests.
• Year 8 pupils challenged themselves in the Tomorrow’s
    Engineer Quest at the University Technical College,
    where they worked in teams to solve a number of
    problems culminating in the development of an
    electric car.
• Year 5 pupils visited OPEN in Norwich where presenter
    and pyrotechnician Matthew Tosh provided a talk all
    about the makings of a firework.
• Year 4 pupils explored materials and their properties at
    Norwich Cathedral, learning about Science in a sacred
    place.                                                     •   Year 8 pupils were invited to Briar Chemicals in
• Year 3 to Year 8 discovered more about the                       Norwich to visit a chemical production facility and talk
    Planetarium through a workshop provided by Melanie             to some recent graduates about their chosen career
    Davies of Creative Space who explained the origins             paths.
    of the Universe. Through the planetarium set up at         •   Our Year 7 pupils hosted a crowd pleasing Science
    the Prep School, pupils explored some of the star              Busking event performing a range of mini Science
    constellations that we see in the night sky and also           demonstrations.
    looked at how stars and planets form, as well as how       •   In a Year 6 engineering session, pupils were given 40
    they die.                                                      minutes to put skills learned into practice, building a
                                                                   bridge to span a 75cm gap with restricted resources
                                                                   bringing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and
                                                                   Maths together with inspiring results.

                                                                                                  Academic Summary
History                                                        •   Year 4 pupils learnt about 100 years war and medieval
                                                                   armour in a Celtic/Roman living history workshop.
History helps train pupils’ minds and teaches them how
to process information sensibly. It challenges to ask and
answer important questions, find evidence, assess its
relevance and reach conclusions.
• Eight pupils submitted entries for the Paper 1 round
    of the Townsend-Warner History Competition, one
    of the oldest institutions in the prep school world (its
    134th year). A record number of 1,036 candidates
    took part and it was a valuable experience learning to
    incorporate historical terminology into their written
    pieces as well as matching historical events to dates.
• Visiting speakers (English Civil War) and presenters
    from Langley Senior School (WW2 Medicine and
    History Detectives) as well as a ‘Hands on the Past        •   As part of Black History month celebrations and
    Workshop’ and the Norfolk Military Vehicles Group              commemorations, Year 8 pupils attended a Black
    exhibited during a Year 3 to Year 8 History Day. Parents       History Day at Langley Senior School which included
    of the school also supported this event, one brought           a fantastic display of tribal music and dancing from a
    in horses that are used in English Civil War Battle re-        touring group of Massai warriors.
    enactments whilst another brought in army colleagues       •   To extend Year 8 pupils’ study of ‘The Boys in the
    delivering an artefact handling session on WW1                 Striped Pyjamas’, they attended a Holocaust Survival
    soldiers. Former pupil and historical author Ralph             Talk at Langley Senior School led by Eve Kugler who
    Jackman offered a creative writing workshop.                   was born into a Jewish family in Germany in 1931.
                                                               •   Year 8 pupils visited the Tower of London as part of
                                                                   their curriculum on a cross-curricular trip with RS.

•   Year 2 pupils immersed themselves in The Great Fire        •   A number of Year 8 pupils took part in a History Heroes
    of London topic which truly engaged the children in            Final Competition organised by Langley Senior School
    their understanding of an important event in British           which aimed to encourage and promote the excellent
    History. Learning of the differences between Life in           standard of historical knowledge and enjoyment of
    London in 1666 and London today the pupils enjoyed             History. Pupils submitted a short entry about who they
    taking part in exciting re-enactments, creating a              judged to be their History hero. Resulting in a 3rd place
    timeline of events as well as writing a newspaper              and a Highly Commended award.
    report using trusted sources of information such as        •   This year saw the introduction of History Holiday Trips.
    Samuel Pepys’ diary.                                           These optional educational trips offered pupils further
                                                                   opportunities to learn about and engage with history.
                                                                   Trips took place to Stansted Mountfitchet Castle,
                                                                   Duxford Imperial War Museum, Sandringham Estate,
                                                                   Walsingham Abbey, Ely Cathedral and Cambridge.

Academic Summary
Religious Studies                                                     pupils are taught how to refine their map skills.
                                                                  •   In Year 8 there were trips for fieldwork, one to the
In RS pupils develop an understanding of the basic beliefs            Broads and another to Taverham Mill.
of the six main world religions: Christianity, Buddhism,          •   In Year 7 pupils visited Easton College for their module
Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Sikhism. They also                       in Primary Economic Activities and in Year 6 the British
study philosophy of religion, ideas and beliefs and what              Cartographic Society visited the school and offered a
prominent philosophers believe.                                       workshop on earthquake hazard mapping.
• Year 8 pupils undertook a trip to the Hindu Mandir              •   The department joined forces with the Classics
     temple in London to view this magnificent place of               Department and took Year 7 and 8 pupils on a trip
     worship. They discovered how it was built and learnt             to Naples and looked at the volcanic activity around
     what happens during a Hindu service.                             Mount Vesuvius.
• Year 5 pupils heard about services and practices at             •   In Pre-Prep Year 2 pupils enjoyed comparing their local
     a Synagogue in Norwich and gained a more detailed                environment to that of a remote Scottish Island and
     history of the religion.                                         learned how to use grid references to locate features
• Year 6 pupils visited the Buddhist Centre in Norwich                on the island.
     to see where a western Buddhist would go to worship,
     view Buddhist art and hear about their founder.
• Year 4 pupils learnt all about pilgrimages and saw
     churches of different Christian denominations at The
     Shrine at Walsingham.
• Year 3 pupils visited local St Edmunds Church in
     Taverham to experience what happens within a church
     during Harvest Festival or Advent.

                                                                  Performing Arts – music, drama and
                                                                  From Art, Music, Drama and Dance, the Arts play an
                                                                  important role in the 21st century education at the School.
                                                                  Each one of these subjects cultivate creative thinking
                                                                  which leads to other supplemental skills such as problem-
                                                                  solving, public speaking, innovation and mindfulness.
Geography                                                         These abilities are important across the whole curriculum
Geography is a subject that has great global importance to        as well as being key life skills.
many of the issues that are happening around the world, it is
a subject that carries great significance throughout our lives.    Pupils from Pre-Prep to Year 8 took part in a Creative
To learn Geography to a high level you need to develop a          Week this year exploring interests and strengths through
whole range of skills; literacy, numeracy, spatial awareness,     the arts.
problem solving, teamwork, research, creating and
understanding arguments, all skills which the school              Music
strives to develop amongst its pupils alongside growing a         • The power of music is evident throughout the School,
greater awareness of the world around us.                            from Early Years to Year 8, with pupils listening to a
• Topics covered this year include Globalisation,                    different composer each month during Assembly. In
     Population, Plate tectonics, Economic activities,               addition, links were made with other subject areas
     Flooding, Climate, Weathering and Erosion. In Years             to maximise learning potential in both. For example
     3, 4 and 5 pupils focus on developing the foundation            Mathematics and repetitive rhythms in Mozart pieces,
     knowledge and awareness in Geography and in Year 5              how Pythagoras devised a musical tuning based

                                                                                                     Academic Summary
on Mathematical harmonics in frequency ratios of               provided through (rhythmical) Music Assemblies,
    whole number intervals and links with English/Drama            Soirées, Hall Rock Café, Remembrance Service,
    showing how poetry form the basis for rapping,                 Christmas Carols Service, Summer Concerts,
    analysing structure of song lyrics and identifying             ensembles and House Bullard Music competitions
    particular descriptive devices used in song lyrics.            as well as the school Pre-Prep and Prep Choirs and
•   In Early Years Music is one of the most important              Magna Voce.
    activities. Through singing, the children are learning     •   The annual House Bullard music competition was
    about numbers, different animals and moving in                 another success with Early Years performing Nursery
    various ways.                                                  Rhymes, Pre-Prep singing songs by The Beatles and
•   36% of the Pre-Prep children performed on their                Prep pupils performing songs with a James Bond
    instruments in the Pre-Prep concert. The instruments           theme.
    included this year were guitar, piano, clarinet,
    saxophone, recorder, drums, singing and violin. The
    children in the Pre-Prep Choir, which represented
    50% of pupils in the Pre-Prep, opened and closed the
    concert with two outstanding performances.
•   Over 130 instrumental lessons took place across both
    the Pre-Prep and Prep, including cornet, piano, trumpet,
    drums, flute, cello, violin, double bass, saxophone,
    clarinet, guitar and voice.
•   Results of ABRSM grade exams taken this year are: 10
    distinctions, 6 merits and 7 passes.                       •   The Prep School’s Magna Voce choir participated in
                                                                   the Norfolk Schools’ Opera Project at the Norwich
                                                                   Theatre Royal. The opera ‘A Kind of Magic Flute’ was
                                                                   written especially for this event and commissioned
                                                                   by Norwich Theatre Royal and Norfolk Music Hub
                                                                   who created a new partnership that helps schools
                                                                   and pupils learn about opera – its drama, music and
                                                                   creativity. This brand new children’s opera fused
                                                                   Mozart’s Magic Flute with a little twist of Latin-
                                                                   American Salsa music. Over 500 Norfolk pupils took
                                                                   part working together with directors, professional
                                                                   opera singers and musical directors. To actually
                                                                   participate in an opera has been an exhilarating
                                                                   opportunity for our pupils.
•   The School’s Woodwind Ensemble and Magna Voce              •   The Pre-Prep Choir and Magna Voce performed at the
    Choir both received Highly Commended certificates              Royal Norfolk Show and finished the academic year
    for their performances at the Norfolk County Music             with a special performance at the School’s Speech
    Festival.                                                      Day.
•   An abundance of performance opportunities was              •   Year 8 pupils visited Langley Senior School as part
                                                                   of Black History Day and participated in an African
                                                                   drumming workshop.
                                                               •   A Year 6 and Year 7 girl sang on stage at the ‘Aylsham
                                                                   Christmas Lights’.
                                                               •   Early Years dance show children performed to songs
                                                                   of Mary Poppins,The Sound of Music and The Wizard
                                                                   of Oz.
                                                               •   The Fun Dance Hobby in the Pre-Prep put on a
                                                                   dazzling display of dancing with lots of cool and
                                                                   groovy moves to well known disco songs. The theme
                                                                   was ‘dance, dance, dance.

Academic Summary
contemporary version of William Shakespeare’s
                                                                   Romeo and Juliet including a combination of
                                                                   orchestral and modern music.
                                                               •   A Year 2 and Year 4 girl took part in performances
                                                                   of ‘Wind in the Willows’ at Sheringham Little Theatre
                                                                   having been selected after attending an open audition.
                                                                   The cast put in 100+ hours of rehearsals and 6
                                                                   performances in 5 days.
                                                               •   A Year 6 girl starred in the Christmas production of
                                                                   ‘Aladdin’ at the Theatre Royal Norwich.
                                                               •   A Year 7 girl took the lead in Peter Pan for her Theatre
                                                                   School Triple Threat and played Peter Pan. A Year 6 girl
                                                                   played Tiger Lily.
Drama                                                          •   A Year 6 pupil took part in a show at the Norwich
• Early Years performed in a highly entertaining ‘Getting          Theatre Royal with the Central School of Dancing and
   Ready for Christmas’ show, written by our Head of               Performing Arts who were given a unique opportunity
   Pre-Prep.                                                       to perform on stage with former Strictly dancer
• Great performance skills were on display in this year’s          Brendan Cole in his Brendan Cole Live Show Man UK
   Reception’s ‘Away in a Manger’, Year 1’s ‘Nativity,             Tour.
   Lights, Camel, Action’ based around the TV show
   ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and Year 2’s ‘Pirates versus
                                                               • Pupils were invited to take part in the School’s Summer
• Pre-Prep parents and children all joined in with the
                                                                   Art competition to create a ‘Kinetic Art’ mobile based
   Dance Off show.
                                                                   upon the theme ‘colour’. For the Summer Photography
• Two Year 2 Pre-Prep girls received a Distinction for
                                                                   competition, the theme was Go Go Hares.
   their Musical Theatre LAMDA Entry Level MT and
                                                               • A Year 3 and a Year 8 girl received 1st prize and a Year
   one Year 2 girl obtained a Distinction for her Grade 1
                                                                   8 and Year 2 boy and a Year 6 boy were runners up in
   LAMDA examinations.
                                                                   the Royal Norfolk Show Art competition.
• Prep School pupils flaunted their acting, singing and
   dancing talents in this year’s ‘Beyond the Rainbow’

                                                               •   A Year 5 girl was selected as the winner of our
                                                                   competition to design a logo for the School’s PTFA
•   Year 3 presented a selection of songs, poems and
                                                                   (Parents Teachers Friends Association). This
    festive jokes to their parents and Year 8 mentors in the
                                                                   pupil’s clever design, featuring the School’s Growth
    Year 3 Christmas Show.
                                                                   Mindset superheroes, is now featured on all PTFA
•   Year 7 pupils visited the Norwich Theatre Royal
    to watch a performance of Romeo and Juliet by
    the Royal Shakespeare Company, a fresh and

                                                                                                  Academic Summary
•    An art display of the School’s Pre-Prep pupils’ favourite   •   Year 7 learnt how to handle steel and hardwood in
     book characters was put up for World Book Day in the            the ever popular Steel and Hardwood trophy projects,
     WH Smith store in Norwich Gentleman’s Walk.                     before learning about movement and the importance
•    Year 1 pupils visited the Elisabeth Frink exhibition,           of tolerances in the Automata project, making
     ‘Humans and Other Animals‘, at the Sainsbury Centre             characters move and bob up and down.
     For Visual Arts. Frink’s Goggle Heads were particularly     •   This year Engineering was trialled in Year 6, a cross-
     impressive and the children were encouraged to                  discipline endeavour to develop problem solving skills
     try techniques of shading and using lines to create             and creativity in STEAM subjects.
     different effects.                                          •   Year 6 have completed their bird houses and
•    Year 8 pupils visited Langley Senior School and as              personalised model Shoe-Box bedrooms, using their
     part of Black History Day where they were asked to              perspective drawings.
     contribute to a world map created from newspaper            •   Year 5 completed their electric payload transporters
     headlines. They were tasked with handwriting words              using electrical components to build their electric
     and phrases regarding equality and adding them to the           cars and especially using the soldering irons to solder
     collage.                                                        up and connect their circuits. They also built solar
•    Colourful and amazing designs were on display in the            powered fans linking in with their renewable energy
     annual Easter Bonnet Parades in Pre-Prep and Prep.              topic.
•    Year 5 pupils painted butterflies in aid of the Benjamin    •   Year 4 enjoyed learning about Pop-Up card technology
     Foundation’s Flight for Youth.                                  to design their own pop-up cards before using
•    12 pupils have worked extensively on pieces of art              computers to study the Art Deco era and developing
     which will be entered into the September 2019 ISA Art           their fantastic final Art Deco clocks.
     competition.                                                •   Year 3 pupils have been learning about tools and basic
                                                                     workshop techniques to produce their vinyl cut key
DT                                                                   rings and pencil holder monsters.

•    The Greenpower Goblin Go-Kart Team returned from
     the Scottow Enterprise Park, with another trophy
     coming 3rd place overall.                                   Computing
•    Year 8 continue to take advantage of the special link       Our Computing department continues to inspire the
     we have with the pupils at Harford Manor School             children around technology. With a diverse range of topics
     and finished their educational puzzle games for             covered, pupils also learn how to keep safe online and how
     the members of this school. This remains a unique           to spot potential dangers when navigating the World Wide
     opportunity for our Year 8s, being able to use their        Web.
     design and workshop skills acquired over the previous       • Pupils developed skills in many of the popular software
     years, in this User-Centred Design Exercise.                    programs including Microsoft Office tools and Google
                                                                     Apps. Other project areas included animations,
                                                                     understanding hardware and software, learning how a
                                                                     computer and networks work and business projects.

Academic Summary
•   The Computing department puts a real focus on             Languages
    teaching the children how to code. The pupils learn
    to use a number of different programs to achieve          •   French is taught from Reception onwards through
    given tasks. This year pupils have used Scratch               to Year 8, with the time allocated to each year group
    programming, and to program a number of              increasing significantly as they move up through the
    different elements through block programming.                 school, from one hour per week in Years 3 and 4 to two
•   Year 4 created their very own action game using KODU          and a half hours per week in Years 7 and 8.
    gaming software and used the Microbit to learn about      •   Year 2 children treated their families to a magnifique
    Real Life Computing.                                          French Breakfast performing a selection of French
•   Year 7 developed some amazing websites using HTML             conversations and songs demonstrating their French
    and CSS, coded using notepad.                                 conversational skills.
•   Year 6 navigated their way through an adventure game
    using Python code.
•   Our younger pupils in the Pre-Prep were introduced to
    Computing from Reception through the use of their
    very own mini-computer suite, and regular Computing
•   Year 2 attended Computing lessons in the Prep
    School and were introduced to Coding through
    Scratch programming blocks. They also familiarised
    themselves with a keyboard with Touch Typing
    lessons and learnt basic Word Processing skills.
•   The School celebrated International Girls in ICT
    Day and dedicated the day to the importance of
    recognising the role girls play within the Technology
    Industry. Girls were invited to use the Computing         •   This academic year has seen us take a technological
    suites to discover more about technology and to               leap forward in the way we support our Prep School
    explore their favourite programs in more detail.              pupils in their study of French. Our website, www.
•   Cross curricular links take place too and pupils    , has been used more than four
    learnt for example how to create functions within             thousand times this year as pupils have practised
    spreadsheets in their Maths lessons, and use Data             their current units, revised topics from earlier in the
    Logging tools on iPads in Geography. Pupils also learnt       year and laid the foundations for new topics coming
    coding skills in their Design and Technology lessons          up. Our YouTube channel, LangLangs French, has got
    using crumble technology.                                     off to a great start with 40 tutorial videos and practice
                                                                  activities which pupils can use to develop specific
                                                                  areas of their learning.
                                                              •   Two Year 8 pupils took part in a Language Detectives
                                                                  Day along with pupils from other Norfolk Prep schools.
                                                                  The day consisted of a range of problem solving and
                                                                  creative activities focusing on how a language works
                                                                  and how different languages have common features.
                                                                  The day concluded with a mystery to be solved using
                                                                  the language skills developed during the morning.
                                                              •   The Year 7 Express French group watched a French
                                                                  play called ‘Escape Room’ performed by the Onatti
                                                                  Productions at Langley Senior School.
                                                              •   Year 7 and 8 pupils were given the opportunity to
                                                                  enhance their communication skills during their 5-day
                                                                  residential trip to La Grand’Ferme in Normandy, an
                                                                  experience which broadened horizons and enriched
                                                                  their linguistic skills.

                                                                                                  Academic Summary
•   In support of Anti-Bullying Week pupils learnt about
                                                                   what it means to ‘respect’ one another. This was
                                                                   linked in with ‘Odd Socks’ day celebrating each other’s
                                                                   differences as well as the School’s termly Kindness
                                                                   calendar which encourages everyone to undertake a
                                                                   daily act of kindness.
                                                               •   Year 8 pupils visited Langley Senior School to take part
                                                                   in a Home Economics session where they prepared
                                                                   cultural dishes from around the world in small teams.
                                                               •   At the careers fair pupils were able to explore a wide
                                                                   range of career paths into diverse areas such as law,
                                                                   engineering, the RAF, design and printing, teaching,
                                                                   insurance and medicine, to name a few.
•   The School’s Head of French was invited to deliver
    training in strategies for developing spontaneous talk
    for SCITT, a teacher-training programme for schools
    around the country, at Sheffield Hallam University.
•   Next academic year will see the introduction of a new
    French Library where pupils will be able to borrow
    short books bursting with exciting stories, written by
    native speakers for non-native readers at different
    stages of their learning. Most will come with a CD, so
    pupils will be able to listen to the story being read to
    them as well as joining in. This new opportunity aims
    to support pupils learning with the written word, to
    broaden their range of vocabulary and to consolidate
    their sense of how the language fits together.
                                                               Sporting Achievements
PSHEE                                                          The School were awarded the top level Platinum Sports
                                                               Mark award. Pupils throughout the school receive regular
•   This year there was a focus on The Importance of           PE lessons and take part in weekly fixtures, annual sports
    Sleep in Children’s Mental Health Weak and ‘Healthy        days, swimming galas and house sporting events such as
    Inside and Out’.                                           the cross country competition. In addition, a wide range of
•   Celebrating World Mental Health Day pupils and staff       sporting hobbies are offered via the optional after school
    responded with enthusiasm to the ‘Wear What Makes          club programme.
    You Feel Happy’. Positive thoughts were added to the
    ‘Positivity Wall’.
                                                               Pre-Prep & Early Years
                                                               •   Pre-Prep children receive weekly PE lessons where
                                                                   they cover a range of games, gymnastics, fitness,
                                                                   cross country and athletics with our specialist games
                                                                   teachers. They also take part in weekly swimming
                                                                   lessons provided by a specialist teacher in the School’s
                                                                   indoor pool. Pupils are able to sign up for additional
                                                                   swimming clinics both before and after school which
                                                                   are very popular and the standard of swimming from
                                                                   Early Years is looking very promising indeed. The
                                                                   annual Pre-Prep swimming awards are hotly contested
                                                                   as well as a number of other sporting cups.
                                                               •   This year Pre-Prep pupils have been able to participate
                                                                   in after school sporting hobbies such as Ballet & Tap,

Academic Summary
Fun Dance, Tennis, Football, Rugby and Mad Science.
•   Early Years children enjoy their weekly sports hall
    sessions where they play and utilise and variety of
    sports equipment in addition to their normal Dance
    and PE lessons, Tennis, annual Early Years Sports Day
    and Dance Show.

                                                                Specialist coaching workshops
                                                                The U11 girls enjoyed a special training session with
                                                                ex-premier league player and Langley School Head of
                                                                Football, Grant Holt and Ali Coleman in preparation for the
                                                                ISA football finals.
Prep School
                                                                Boys’ highlights:
•   Prep School pupils receive 3-4 hours each week of PE
    and Games lessons including weekly sports fixtures,         Prep School boys took part in a total of 217 matches
    termly tournaments and competitions at local, regional      (Autumn: 57, Spring100 and Summer 60) and we
    and national level. This year saw the introduction of       crowned U11 and U13 National ISA Hockey Champions,
    a new recreational Friday sports programme as an            National ISA U11 Rugby Bronze Medallists, National
    alternative games option for those pupils for whom the      ISA Swimming Bronze Medallists and National IAPS
    traditional termly sports are more challenging.             Athletics Finals 100m Silver Medallist. County Cups
•   Sporting trophies are passionately contested at sports      were secured in U13 cricket and U11 hockey.
    day each year including the Kendal Cup which is
    awarded to the House whose members have made                Girls’ Highlights:
    the most appearances in school teams. An impressive
                                                                Prep School girls took part in a total of 244 matches
    total of 5423 (Autumn 1073, Spring 1845, Summer
                                                                (Autumn: 101, Spring 84 and Summer 59). They were
    2505) representations were made across the whole of
                                                                crowned National U11 Girls Football Champions at
    the Prep School this year.
                                                                the ISA National Finals, IAPS National U11 Hockey
•   Once again, there have been many good individual
                                                                Silver Medallists, U11 County Hockey Champions,
    performances and all players contributed positively
                                                                U11 IAPS Small Schools Netball Silver Medallists,
    towards team efforts in matches and competitions
                                                                winners of the Norwich School and Framlingham Prep
    including termly House matches. Numerous
                                                                Netball Festivals, winners of the Norwich School U13
    individuals were given the opportunity to captain
                                                                Development Netball Tournament and qualified for the
    teams enabling them to experience leadership in a
                                                                National ISA Cross Country Finals.
    competitive and enjoyable environment. The School
    has an impressive record of medals and titles that
    have been won by both individuals and teams.
•   The School represented Norfolk successfully in sport        Rugby
    with teams reaching the national finals in boys and         • A very pleasing season showing real strength and
    girls hockey, rugby, netball, football and cross country.      depth amongst the 8 teams.
    In addition, the county cup was secured once more in        • The U11A team recorded an unbeaten fixtures season
    boys’ cricket and hockey and girls’ hockey. Individual         closely followed by the U13As who won all but one
    national medals were won in athletics and swimming.            of their fixtures and booked two victories during their
    A successful ski trip to Austria and a senior rugby and        Sports Tour to Ireland.
    hockey tour to Ireland took place this year.

                                                                                                   Academic Summary
•   The U11 boys finished in 3rd place at the ISA U11          •    The U13 team reached the quarter finals of a Norfolk
    National Rugby Competition whilst the U10As finished            indoor hockey festival.
    in 3rd place at a local Rugby Festival securing a bronze   The U11 team have had an outstanding season and have
    medals as well.                                            set the record as the School’s best performing team since
                                                               records began:
                                                               • Silver medal winners at the National IAPS Hockey
                                                                    Finals (180 entries) after finishing 3rd in the Regional
                                                                    IAPS Championships in the run up prior to this.
                                                               • County Champions
                                                               • 5th place at the In2Hockey Regional Finals
                                                               • Winners of the Framlingham Hockey Tournament
                                                               • The U8 girls won all 7 matches at a local U8 Hockey

•   The U10As finished in 3rd place at a local rugby
•   The U12 team were crowned Plate winners at the
    Great Finborough Rugby Festival with one of the
    team players receiving England Rugby captain Dylan
    Hartley’s baseball cap (for the fastest run in an end
    festival competition) who was the guest of honour at
    this event.
•   The U13 team finished runners up in the Norfolk
    County Rugby finals.                                       •   A Year 7 girl secured sponsorship from Jarrolds
•   The U13 7s team remained unbeaten at the RPNS7.                Intersport in recognition of her sporting talents for
                                                                   a second year and was the recipient of the Norwich
                                                                   City Hockey Club U12 Butterworth Cup for reliability,
                                                                   good attendance, steady progress, and representative
                                                                   hockey within, and outside, the club.
                                                               •   A Year 6 girl was awarded Magpies U11 Player of the
                                                                   Season. She was one of the players of the undefeated
                                                                   U12 Magpies Hockey team who became Eastern
                                                                   Regional Champions and progressed to the National
                                                                   Finals in Nottingham where the team finished as
                                                                   runners up and silver medallists.

                                                               Some outstanding performances from our teams this year.
Hockey                                                         U13 team
Girls                                                          • National ISA Hockey Champions
It has been a fantastic season showing how much                • Qualified for the IAPS Regional Championships
the teams have grown in confidence, skill and game             • 3rd place at County Championships
awareness. We hosted U10, U11 and U13 indoor hockey            U11 team
tournaments.                                                   • National ISA Hockey Champions
• The U13 girls finished 3rd in their cup group at the
     ISA National Hockey Championships and remained
     unbeaten on their hockey tour to Ireland.

Academic Summary
•   The boys’ and girls’ teams were crowned CFS Football
                                                                  Schools Cup Champions after 5 wins from 5 games,
                                                                  22 goals scored and no goals conceded. They went on
                                                                  to represent Norwich City F.C. in the EFL Kids Cup.
                                                              •   The boys’ and girls’ teams finished top at the first
                                                                  round of the CFS Schools Cup and qualified for the
                                                                  Schools Cup Champions Day.
                                                              •   The U11 boys’ team finished 6th overall after reaching
                                                                  the quarter finals at the IAPS soccer sixes held at
                                                              •   The U11 girls won the U11 annual football tournament
•   Qualified for the National IAPS Hockey Finals                 hosted by the Prep School at the Norwich City Football
•   Silver medallists at the Regional IAPS Championships          Club Aviva stadium with the U11 boys’ team finishing
•   County Champions for a second year in a row.                  as runners up.
•   Winners of both the indoor and outdoor festival at a      •   A Year 6 pupil was selected for the The FA Girls’
    Norfolk annual hockey event with one team member              England Talent Pathway Advanced Coaching Centre
    receiving the U11 Player of the Tournament award.             ACC. The FA Advanced Coaching Centre is part
•   The U11 A team won all bar one of their fixtures, U11 B       of the FA girls’ talent pathway and delivered by the
    and U11D teams achieved unbeaten fixtures season.             Norwich City Community Sports Foundation on behalf
                                                                  of the Norfolk FA. The ACC is designed to support
                                                                  the development of elite female players. From this
                                                                  program players are selected for Regional Camps,
                                                                  England camps and England matches.
                                                              •   A Year 5 pupil went on tour with the U10 girls’ team
                                                                  of the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation
                                                                  who won the 2-day competition. This pupil scored an
                                                                  incredible 45 goals for her team. In the U10 boys’ team
                                                                  a Year 5 pupil formed part of the team who won the
                                                                  League Cup!

                                                              A Year 6 girl was selected to join the U11 Norfolk United
                                                              Academy Squad as well as the prestigious Mavericks
Football                                                      Mini Academy and was highlighted as ISA’s Athlete of the
• Playing some exceptional football our U11 girls were        Month in March.
   crowned National Champions at the U11 7-a-side ISA
   Football Championships after finishing in first place at
   the Regional Qualifiers leading up to this. Langley Prep
   School at Taverham Hall are the first ISA school to
   have won this national title.

                                                                                                Academic Summary
U11 team                                                      •   The School hosted its first ever U11 girls’ hardball
• Silver medallists at the IAPS Small Schools Netball             cricket festival which was very well received. The
   tournament.                                                    school’s team finished in 3rd place.
                                                              •   This year saw the introduction of Year 4 diamond
                                                              •   The U11 girls brought home silver medals from at
                                                                  the IAPS Cricket Festival 2019 after putting up an
                                                                  outstanding performance and reaching the finals.

•  3rd place in the first league stage of the ISA U11
   Regional Netball Tournament
• Winners at the annual Norwich School U11 Netball
• Winners of the Framlingham College Netball
   Tournament - one of the players received the accolade      •   The U11 boys finished 4th at the IAPS Cricket Festival
   ‘Player of the Tournament’.                                    2019 and 4th at a Suffolk Cricket Festival.
U13 team                                                      •   A Year 8 pupil received the U13 Most Improved Cricket
• Finished in 4th position overall at the ISA U13 Regional        Player trophy at Horsford Cricket Club.
   Netball Tournament after finishing in 2nd position in      •   A Year 8 boy was invited to a two-day trial games
   the first league stage.                                        at Northants Cricket for EPP (Emerging Players
• Winners of a local U13 Development Tournament.                  Programme).
• Year 3 took part in a local End Zone Netball Festival.      •   Three Year 8 boys played for the winning U12 team
                                                                  in the Minor Counties Cricket Festival. One boy was
                                                                  recognised and awarded a bat for his 56 not out
                                                                  against Cleveland and was also awarded Player of the
• The largest number of Langley Preparatory School
    at Taverham Hall pupils to date were selected for
                                                              •   A Year 4 boy was awarded the U9 Coaches/Manager’s
    the Norfolk County Cricket squads. Fourteen pupils,
                                                                  Award at Great Melton Cricket Club.
    four girls and ten boys, were successful in this year’s
                                                              •   A Year 4 boy, three Year 5 boys and one Year 6 girl all
    county trials, and joined NCC training programmes.
                                                                  formed part of the U9 team who won the John Dewing
• U13 boys were crowned County Cup winners and had
                                                                  Norfolk Cricket Alliance Final.
    an outstanding season, maximising their potential and
                                                              •   Two Year 5 boys, one Year 6 boy and one Year 7 boy
    remained unbeaten in all fixtures throughout the term.
                                                                  formed part of the silver-medal-winning team at the
                                                                  U11 Cecil Amey Norfolk Cricket Alliance Final.

                                                              • A number of very successful inter-school swimming
                                                                 galas took place throughout the year.
                                                              • A Year 8 boy finished in 3rd place (bronze) for the
                                                                 freestyle at the ISA National Finals at the Queen
                                                                 Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.
                                                              • A Year 8 boy won gold for the fly and freestyle at the
                                                                 ISA East Anglia Senior Championships and qualified

Academic Summary
You can also read