ISSUE 244 16th February 2018 - Sharples School

ISSUE 244 16th February 2018 - Sharples School
                                                                                 16t h February
House Event : Bli nd Foot ball Tournament

Students from across each of the year groups challenged themselves on Thursday lunchtime by
taking part in a football tournament with a difference. Six students from each of the four houses
temporarily blindfolded themselves and faced off in a blind football tournament.

Jupiter were drawn to play Mercury in the first game of the tournament. The crowd, having made a
contribution to The Benjamin Gautry Foundation, cheered on the students and enjoyed the first
tentative experience with sightless football. They were treated to an exhibition from Year 9 students
Mustafa Bdewi and Abdifatah Mohmed as Mercury ran out 3-0 winners to book their place in the final.

Saturn and Venus went head-to-head in the second semi-final and produced a much closer, more
intense game! Students crashed into each other, swung at footballs that simply weren't there and
fought for every loose ball. The presence of several Year 11 students - Emre Simsek in particular
trying to channel his inner Wilfried Zaha - made for a more physical encounter. Keane Smith was the
difference between the sides as his brace saw Venus secure a place in the final with a 2-0 win.

The final was a showdown between Mercury and Venus. There was more falling, mistimed swipes at
thin air and a series of accidental collisions as each student seemed desperate to claim a victory for
their house. Alex Grabowski, a Year 7 student who spent the first match dancing around in his
goalmouth, produced a wonderful save to keep Venus out early on in the game. Another goal from
Mustafa Bdewi, plus two more from Abdifatah Mohmed, saw the boys share the ?Golden Boot?and
ensure a Mercury victory. Laten Morris, who had previously run the full length of the pitch and
crashed against the crossbar, scored a consolation goal with the final kick of the game to make it 3-1.

The students taking part, as well as the staff and students in support, thoroughly enjoyed themselves
and represented each house in exemplary fashion. The next sporting event is scheduled for after the
half-term break so students from each house need to spend the holiday keeping fit and working on
their skills.
ISSUE 244 16th February 2018 - Sharples School
Bolt on News 2017
                                                                               Secondary School
                                                                                   of t he Year

Sport s Report
On Wednesday, a number of Year 7 pupils travelled to Ladybridge
High School to take part in the annual gymnastics competition.
The competition was split into four categories that the girls could
perform in beginners, novice, intermediate and advanced. The
category you perform in depends on the number of hours you train
as a gymnast for. We had three in novice and two in intermediate.
We were a team of five so it was quite intimidating to enter the
performance arena against teams of twenty plus girls. However,
the competition was judged on individual performance so it was
irrelevant how big the teams are.

We walked in confidently and got straight on with the warm up.
There were 137 gymnasts in the hall all eager to perform two
disciplines: floor and trampette. The first to perform were our
novice gymnasts Abbie Murphy, Jess Hill and Maria Ehiamen. They
started their competition on the floor; they had to perform a routine of six agilities. The students all
performed really well and showed great aesthetic appreciation in their routines. Unfortunately, they
were competing against girls in Year 9 and 10 and there were 38 girls in their category alone. Our
intermediate gymnasts, Faith Peake and Maria Marsden-Price, went off to compete on the trampette.
For this discipline they had to perform a front somersault. They both landed them well and impressed
the judges. They then went across to the floor to perform and the novice gymnasts completed their
competition on the trampette. Faith and Maria were all up against stiff competition and girls who
were much older and with more experience of competing at this level.

The competition came to an end and we all waited anxiously for the results. All of the girls knew they
had performed the best they could have and were proud to have represented Sharples.

As the results came in, our girls all held hands nervously. I am extremely pleased to report that Faith
Peake came third on the floor and third overall in her category. Jess Hill came third in the trampette
and second overall in her category and Maria Ehiamen came second in the floor discipline for her

This is an outstanding achievement for the girls as most of the gymnasts at the competition train
regularly at Bolton Gymnastics Club. The girls who were placed received a medal and all of the girls
received a certificate. A special thank you must go to Natasha Robinson and Milli Knowles (in Year
10) who came along to support the competition, especially to Natasha who has trained the girls
regularly and helped with their routines. I look forward to next year?s competition, let?s go for GOLD!
ISSUE 244 16th February 2018 - Sharples School
Bolt on News 2017
                                                                               Secondary School
                                                                                   of t he Year

I nt roduct i on t o Japanese Cult ure and Language
On Tuesday of this week, the
MFL department hosted a Good
to Great event where two
specialists in Japanese culture
delivered a few sessions to some
of the Year 7 pupils.

Pupils were engaged in different
activities and it was a nice
surprise to see how many pupils
were able to answer different
questions about the traditional
foods and the customs of Japan.

As well as learning new things about this country, pupils had the opportunity to learn the art of
Origami. They managed to make a ship, a warrior?s hat or a penguin by the end of the session and
they were all proud of their creations.

Our visitors said that they ?Really enjoyed meeting all the pupils,?and they continued to say that
?They were a credit to the school.?

Well done Year 7!

Gi rls?Foot ball Report                                                      Dat es For Your Di ary
On Tuesday, Sharples welcomed St James?for the third round of the girls'     Monday 19th to Friday
football fixtures. Key Stage 3 played first and despite two goals from       23 February - February
Yasmin Walker and a ?Man of the Match?performance from Kadijah               Half Term
Oomer, the team narrowly lost 5-2. Key stage 4 played a very strong St
                                                                             Tuesday 27th February -
James?team and despite their best efforts, they unfortunately lost the
                                                                             Year 9 Photographs
                                                                             Thursday 1 March -
After the half term break, the next game will be against Turton on
                                                                             World Book Day
Tuesday 27th February.

                              For lat est Sharples School post ers,
                             see t he next pages of t hi s newslet t er.
ISSUE 244 16th February 2018 - Sharples School ISSUE 244 16th February 2018 - Sharples School ISSUE 244 16th February 2018 - Sharples School
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