Joint Conference
           A World United:
Alliance and Collective Action for an
        Ethical development

     Bordeaux - June 25-27, 2018
      Pôle Juridique et Judiciaire,
        Université de Bordeaux
Located in Bordeaux, GREThA (Research Group in Theoretical and Applied
Economics) is a joint research unit (Unité Mixte de Recherche), associating
University of Bordeaux (UB) and the French National Research Centre (CNRS).
The unit gathers 60 permanent active researchers, with an activity of constant
research and scientific production and develops research programmes in
economics with a strong interdisciplinary orientation on many topics that are
addressed therein. The scientific project for the period 2016-2020 is organised
around three main research lines: I) Innovation, Science, Industries; II)
Ecosystem Dynamics (natural resources, cities and complexity); III) Inequalities,
Development and Globalisation. GREThA researchers working on the latter
programme develop their scientific investigations around three axes: (1) Norms,
behavioral economics and decisions: ethics and inequalities; (2) Development
dynamics and living conditions; (3) Economic History: international trade and
financial globalization.

The International Development Ethics Association is a unique international,
cross-cultural, and interdisciplinary group of philosophers, development and
environmental theorists, and practitioners. The aim of IDEA is threefold:
1.     To apply ethical reflection to development goals and strategies and to
relations between the “North” and “South”. Numerous groups are concerned
with international development. Only IDEA, however, explicitly formulates and
applies ethical principles to the theory and practice of global, national, and local
2.     To effect ethically sound development policies, institutions, and practices.
In the light of reasonable ethical principles, IDEA is committed to bringing about
improvements in development and environmental policies, institutions and
3.     To promote solidarity, mutual support, and interchange among those
development theorists and practitioners throughout the world who are seeking
to implement ethically better development paradigms and strategies.
Fondée le 1er janvier 2012, l'Unité Mixte de recherches Internationale, UMI
Résiliences , est le résultat d'une double tutelle CIRES/ IRD enrichie de
partenariats institutionnels issus de collaborations scientifiques anciennes sur
chacun de nos sites d'implantation:
•      en Côte d'Ivoire le CERAP, l' ENSEA et l' UAOB
•      à Madagascar l' UCM
•      au Sénégal l' UCAD
Elle s’est fixée pour objectif original d’approfondir les connaissances sur les
dynamiques sociales et socio-environnementales de fragilité, d’adaptation et de
récupération, dans un monde marqué par des chocs et des crises de plus en plus
fréquentes et sévères.
A partir d’une série d’études de terrain en Côte d’Ivoire, à Madagascar et au
Sénégal, elle étudie les stratégies que les individus, ménages et communautés
mettent en œuvre pour s’adapter et survivre lorsqu’ils sont affectés par des
changements ou des chocs de nature environnementale, sociale, économique ou

The Fund for Research in Economic Ethics (FREE) is a scientific association,
founded in 2005. It aims to promote researches that cross issues of ethics,
economics and development. For this purpose, it proposes an open access of
numerous documents and publishes an academic journal: Ethique et
Economique / Ethics and Economics (
GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Practical Information ........................................................................ 1
Conference Programme ................................................................... 5
   Plenaries.............................................................................................................. 6
   Programme Overview ................................................................................... 7
   Parallel Sessions ......................................................................................... 11
      Presentation guidelines and timing ................................................................... 11
      Parallel Sessions 1.............................................................................................. 11
      Parallel Sessions 2.............................................................................................. 13
      Parallel Sessions 3.............................................................................................. 14
      Parallel Sessions 4.............................................................................................. 17
      Parallel Sessions 5.............................................................................................. 18
      Parallel Sessions 6.............................................................................................. 19
      Parallel Sessions 7.............................................................................................. 22

Keynote Speakers ........................................................................... 24
   Christine Koggel .............................................................................................
   Vijayendra Rao...............................................................................................

Organizing Committee & Local Support ......................................... 25
List of participants………………………………………………………………………..26
GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

   1. Conference Venue
 The conference takes place in the Pôle Juridique et Judiciaire (PJJ) of the University
 of Bordeaux (35, place Pey-Berland), at the heart of the city, next to the Saint
 André Cathedral and the City Hall.

You can reach it on foot from all city-centre hotels or by tramway lines A (purple)
and B (red), Hôtel de Ville stop.

   2. Public Transport (to the conference venue)
From St Jean train station: Take tramway line C (direction Bordeaux - Parc des
Expositions) then change at Porte de Bourgogne. Take line A (direction Pin Galant
or Le Haillan Rostand) and stop at Hôtel de Ville.
From the airport: At Aéroport Terminus bus stop, take the bus Liane 1 direction
Gare Saint Jean (40 minutes, standard fare). Stop at Palais de Justice. Walk 7
minutes down rue des Frères Bonie to the Place Pey Berland.
• Liane 1 provides also connecting services to Tramway Line A at Mérignac
• Taxi from/to the center costs about 45€.

   3. Registration
 At the registration you will receive an information package including this
 booklet, a 3-days pass for local public transport, which includes unlimited
 access to all Trams and Buses as well as the Batcub (city boat). The package will
 also include maps and tourist information leaflets.

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

   4. WLAN and Internet
Free wi-fi access is provided with a single user name and password on the
REAUMUR Network.
                                       • Choose the ’REAUMUR’ network
                                       • Start your browser and try accessing
                                         any web site
                                       • Allow pop−up and cookies
                                       • Select "Conferences/Invités" in the
                                         Home Establishment menu
                                       • Enter login and password
                                            User Name (login): JDD−n−1
                                                Password: gmKRn+9
You can also use your EDUROAM account, provided by your university.

   5. Lunches & Coffee Breaks
On Monday 25 and Tuesday 26, lunches and coffee breaks will be offered to
all participants in rooms RG & RE, ground floor.
On Wednesday 27, a coffee break will be offered to all participants in room RG,
ground floor.

   6. Social Program
Monday, June 25, 18pm: Welcome wine tasting
Antoine, former sommelier in London and Dubai, now wine seller
( will introduce you to the subtleties of Bordeaux wines,
accompanied by appetizers – on the conference venue, room RG, ground floor.
Tuesday, June 26, 8pm: Gala Dinner
                                           The Gala Dinner will take place on a
                                           River Cruise aboard the Sicambre: a
                                           standing dinner while cruising the
                                           Garonne River and admire views of the
                                           UNESCO heritage façades of historic
                                           Departure/Arrival: 8:30pm-10.30pm

Rendezvous at 8pm at the Ponton d’Honneur on Quai Richelieu

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Gala Dinner Meeting Point: From the conference venue, you can take the
tramway line A from ‘Hotel de ville’ stop (direction ‘La Gardette/ Floirac/
Cenon’) to ‘Place du Palais’ stop, then walk 5 mn to the Ponton d’honneur.

   7. Tourist Information:
You can find more detailed tourist information on the website:
See also:
- Comité Régional du Tourisme en Aquitaine:
- Comité Départemental du Tourisme de la

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018


GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018


             Christine KOGGEL, Carleton University (Canada)
Epistemic Injustice in a Settler Nation: Lessons from Canada’s Truth and
                        Reconciliation Commission

                   Vijayendra RAO, World Bank (USA)
Deliberative Inequality: A Text-As-Data Study of Village Assemblies in

                  Eric Palmer, Allegheny College (USA)
                Jay Drydyk, Carleton University (Canada)
               Nigel Dower, University of Aberdeen (UK)
              IDEA Presidents’ address & Closing session


Allies in ethical development: a discussion of development ethics in theory
and practice facilitated by the Routledge Handbook of Development Ethics
                     Jay Drydyk (Carleton University)
                           Xavier Ricard (CCFD)
                   Jean-Luc Dubois (UMI Resilience, IRD)
                       Vijayendra Rao (World Bank)
            Sandra Boni (Universidad Politechnica de Valencia)
                  Christine Koggel (Carleton University)
           Byaruhanga Rukooko Archangel (Makerere University)

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

   Programme Overview
                            Monday 25th June
Main Hall     8.15-9.00          Welcoming participants

              9.00-9.30          Official opening session
DUGUIT                           GREThA - UMI Resilience - FREE
                                 IDEA Welcome and introduction

Amphi         9.30-10.20         Keynote lecture 1
DUGUIT                           Christine Koggel, Carleton University (Canada)
                                 Epistemic Injustice in a Settler Nation: Lessons
                                 from Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation

Main Hall    10.20-10.45         Coffee break

Rooms        10.45-12.15         PARALLEL SESSIONS 1

Main Hall    12.15-13.30         Lunch

Rooms        13.30-15.00         PARALLEL SESSIONS 2

Main Hall    15.00-15.30         Coffee break

Rooms        15.30-17.00         PARALLEL SESSIONS 3

Room 1L      17.00-17.30         Presentation of the new DfID funded
                                 research centre for innovative methods in
                                 impact evaluation: CEDIL

Room 1K      17.00-18.00         European Development ethics network:
                                 European challenges and responsibilities in
                                 development ethics

Main Hall   18.00-19.30          Welcome drink with Antoine’s wine tasting

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

                          Tuesday 26th June
Amphi       09.00-09.50       Keynote lecture 2
ELLUL                         Vijayendra RAO, World Bank (USA)
                             Deliberative Inequality: A Text-As-Data Study
                             of Village Assemblies in India

Main Hall   09.50-10.20       Coffee break

Rooms       10.20-11.50       PARALLEL SESSIONS 4

Main Hall   11.50-13.20       Lunch and IDEA optional meeting

Rooms       13.20-14.50       PARALLEL SESSIONS 5

Main Hall   14.50-15.20       Coffee break

Rooms       15.20-16.50       PARALLEL SESSIONS 6

Room 1L     17.00-18.30       Round Table
                               Allies in ethical development: a discussion of
                              development ethics in theory and practice
                              facilitated by the Routledge Handbook of
                              Development Ethics
                              Jay Drydyk (Carleton University)
                              Xavier Ricard (CCFD)
                              Jean-Luc Dubois (UMI Resilience, IRD)
                              Vijayendra Rao (World Bank)
                              Sandra Boni (Univ. Politechnica de Valencia)
                              Christine Koggel (Carleton University)
                              Byaruhanga Rukooko Archangel (Makerere

               20.00          Social dinner (River cruise)

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

                      Wednesday 27th June
Rooms       09.00-10.30      PARALLEL SESSIONS 7

Main Hall   10.30-11.00      Coffee break

Room 1L                      IDEA Presidents’ address & Closing session
                             Eric Palmer, Allegheny College, USA
                             Jay Drydyk, Carleton University
                             Nigel Dower, University of Aberdeen

            13.00-15.30      Optional field visit

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Extended programme

Monday 25th June

All conference rooms will be equipped with notebooks and projectors.
Please make sure to bring your slides on an USB pen and to upload them
before the beginning of your session.

8h15-9h00 a.m. Welcoming participants

9h00 a.m. – 9h30 a.m. Official opening session
GREThA introduction
UMI Resilience introduction
FREE introduction
IDEA Welcome

9:30 a.m. – 10h20 a.m. Plenary session
Amphitheater Duguit: Keynote speaker: Christine Koggel, Carleton University,
Epistemic Injustice in a Settler Nation: Lessons from Canada’s Truth and
Reconciliation Commission

10h20 a.m. – 10h45 a.m. Coffee break

10h45 a.m. – 12h15 a.m. Parallel sessions 1

Amphitheater Duguit: Foundations of Alliance – Moderator: Jean-Luc Dubois
-Levels of alliance
Nigel Dower
-Effective at what? Ethics for whom? Questions about development
Jay Drydyk
-The alliance approach: principles and implications for ethical development
Laurent Parrot and Lori Keleher

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Room 1L: Health and education policies - Moderator: Raphaël Cottin
-Is ‘free’ healthcare enough to insure consumption against illness? Evidence
from a targeted hospital fee waiver in Morocco
Raphaël Cottin and Abdlekader Teto
-Market frictions, health, and development: the effect of the united mine
workers’ health programs in 1950s Appalachia
Erin Troland and Theodore F. Figinski
-Student performance in primary school: A comparative study of
Francophone and Anglophone Cameroon
Yasmine Bekkouche and Yannick Dupraz

Room 1K: Social cohesion - Moderator: Christophe Jalil Nordman
-The determinants of trust: Evidence from rural South India
Christophe Jalil Nordman and Anne Hilger
-The role of social cohesion in the natural disaster loss recovery of rural
households in Bangladesh
Jahangir Alam Chowdhury
-Building nations through shared experiences: Evidence from African football
Emilio Depetris-Chauvin, Ruben Durante and Filipe Campante

Room 2B: Marriage- Moderator: Clémentine Sadania
-Empowerment at marriage: international migration and the Egyptian
marriage market
Clementine Sadania
-Divorce laws and intimate partner violence: Evidence from Mexico
Aixa Garcia-Ramos
-The impact of reservation policy and women’s working status on domestic
violence and controlling behaviour in India
Neha Prashar

12h15 a.m. – 1h30 p.m. Lunch

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

1h30 p.m. – 3 p.m. Parallel sessions 2

Room 1F: Ethical Challenges of Creating Alliances Across Borders: Midstream
Reflections from the Alliance for African Partnership (AAP) – Moderator:
Jamie Monson
-A view from the top: AAP management/governance as a case study of
alliance for sustainable development
Jamie Monson and Isaac Minde
- Peace Building in Mali - Resisting Complicity
Stephen Esquith and Maria Diarra Keita
-Challenges faced and lessons learned in research and capacity building
partnerships in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Michael Boivin, Desire Tshala-Katumbay and Esperance Kashala-Abotnes
- User-Centered Design for Rural Households in Kenya: Reflections on a
Participatory Research Collaboration
Mary Karanu and Jennifer Olson

Room 1L: Normative approaches to development ethics - Moderator: Mario
-Toward an integral human development ethics
Lori Keleher
-Normative reasoning frameworks: the case of development ethics.
Mario Solis
- Downsizing development ethics: values, legitimation, and the 3rd sector in
the era of the hollow State.
Craig Hanks, Emily Kay Hanks and Howard Balanoff
-When bad things happen to "bad people": the great North Korea famine
and the question of aid
Matthew Regan

Room 1K: International Trade: Threat and alliances - Moderator: Laurent
-Rethinking a defense of sweatshops
Steve Viner
-Conditionality in trade agreements: An effective Human Rights regulatory
Alex Ekeke

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

-Fair Trade: Alliance or Domination
Jerome Ballet and Aurélie Carimentrand
-Epistemic injustice in international development: the case of Cuba
Holly Longair

Room 2B: Intra-household allocation of resources - Moderator: Habiba
-Are there different spillover effects from cash transfers to men and
women? Impacts on investments in education in post-war Uganda
Margherita Calderone
-Does women’s empowerment affect the health of children? The case of
Jacques Silber and Joseph Deutsch
-Gender, information and the efficiency of households’ productive decisions:
An experiment in rural Togo
Habiba Djebbari, Roberta Ziparo and Marie-Christine Apedo-Amah

Room 3B: Cooperation - Moderator: Rossa O’Keefe-O’Donovan
Long- and short-term determinants of water user cooperation: experimental
evidence from Central Asia
Iroda Amirova, Marin Petrick and Nodir Djanibekov
Water, spillovers and free riding: provision of local public goods in a spatial
Rossa O’Keefe-O’Donovan
Building the managerial capital of agricultural cooperatives in Africa
Fleur Wouterse

3 p.m. – 3h30 p.m. Coffee break

3h30 p.m. – 5h00 p.m. Parallel sessions 3

Room 1F: Social change from the ground up - Moderator: Mahefasoa
-Analyzing ideas and strategies of grassroots innovations to promote more
social and sustainable societies. A normative approach based in the socio-
technical transition and human development approaches.
Alejandra Boni, Sergio Belda-Miquel and Victoria Peliicer-Sifres

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

-Local governance to tackle multidimensional poverty and inequality: a
bottom-up strategy towards an inclusive development
Andrea Ferrannini, Mario Biggeri and Lorenzo Paoli
-Youth participation in social and political change.
Stacy Kosko
-Is conditionality an ethical aid modality to perform change in a society?
Amandine Sabourin

Room 1L: Structural Justice - Moderator: Mlado Ivanovic
-The theory-practice nexus of care-ethics, women’s vulnerabilities and
securities in international development ethics
Bindu Madhok
-Caring in the context of structural injustice: should we hear all voices?
Jessica Payson
-Stubborn realities, shared humanity: the state of humanitarianism today
Anna Malavisi and Mladjo Ivanovic
- Alliances beyond and within the human realm: a wakeup call for global
Shashi Motilal and Prakriti Prajapati

Room 1K: Spouses empowerment – Moderator: Delphine Boutin
-Girls can: Empowerment through Higher Education in Mali
Marcella Vigneri and Paolo Berta
-Women’s political participation and intrahousehold empowerment:
evidence from the Egyptian Arab spring
Hugues Champeaux, Olivier Bargain and Delphine Boutin
-Maternal mortality risk and the gender gap in desired fertility: An
experimental study on learning and communication inside the household
Roberta Ziparo, Nava Ashraf, Erica Field and Alessandra Voena

Room 2B: Family decisions – Moderator: Esther Delesalle
-Good or Bad timing? The pro-cyclical and counter-cyclical effect of shocks on
education investment and on schooling performance
Esther Delesalle
-Child Bonded Labor: A case study in South India
Augendra Bhukuth and Jerome Ballet

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

-An analysis of redistributive pressure: A new methodological approach
Louis Olie

Room 3B: Panel in honor of Sirkku Hellsten
- Sirkku Hellsten’s legacy
Eric Palmer
-Vulnerability and paternalism – an ‘unhappy couple’ in development
Rebecca Gutwald and Karin Hutflötz
-Decolonizing philosophy
Morten Fibieger Byskov and Krushil Watene

5h00 p.m.-6h00 p.m. Meetings

Room 1K: 5h00 p.m.-6h00 pm EDEN (European Development ethics network)
European challenges and responsibilities in development ethics: Sandra Boni,
Nigel Dower, and Des Gasper

Room 1L: 5h00 p.m. – 5:30 pm Presentation of the new DfID funded research
centre for innovative methods in impact evaluation: CEDIL.

6h00 pm. Welcome drink with Antoine’s wine tasting

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Tuesday 26th June

9h00 a.m. – 9h50 a.m. Plenary session
Amphitheater Ellul: Keynote speaker: Vijayendra Rao, World Bank
‘’Deliberative Inequality: A Text-As-Data Study of Village Assemblies in India’’

9h50 a.m. – 10h20 a.m. Coffee break

10h20 a.m. – 11h50 a.m. Parallel sessions 4
Amphitheater Ellul: Alliances and the UN 2030 agenda - Moderator: Juan-
Pedro Garces-Voisenat
-Building global alliances for more ethical development? The experiences of
the Rio+20 process and the Sustainable Development Goals
Des Gasper
-2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: a top-down or a bottom-up
agenda for change? The Case Study of UNDP ART Initiative’s multilevel
dialogues and strategic alliances
Mario Biggeri and Andrea Ferrannini
-The “Global Partnership for Sustainable Development”: Finance and
business find their place in the UN 2030 Agenda
Eric Palmer

Room 1L: Macroeconomic issues: Trade, debt and distribution – Moderator:
Nicholas Depetris Chauvin
-Trade, Growth, and Welfare Impacts of the CFTA in Africa
Nicolas Depetris Chauvin, Priscila Ramos and Guido Porto
-Low Income Countries and External Financing: Does Debt Relief Change
Marin Ferry, Marc Raffinot and Baptiste Venet
-Does the global middle class structure matter? A statistical assessment of
regional and income structural shifts 1998-2012 using poverty mapping tools
Riana Razafimandimby

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Room 1K: Aspirations - Moderator: Emma Riley
-Nepotism, schooling outcomes and economic development
Marcello Perez-Alvarez and Holger Strulik
-Youth unemployment in Algeria and discouraged-workers effects
Felix Appler and Moundir Lassassi
-Increasing students’ aspirations: the impact of Queen of Katwe on
students’ educational attainment
Emma Riley

11h50 a.m. – 1h20 p.m. Lunch – optional meeting: IDEA MEETING

1h20 p.m. – 2h50 p.m. Parallel sessions 5

Room 1F: Complex alliances - Moderator: Lydia de Tienda Palop
-The civil-military cooperation: An ethical analysis of a complex alliance
Lydia de Tienda Palop
-Academics as allies: reflecting on global development
Anna Malavisi, Michael O’Rourke and Marisa Rinkus
-The ethical dilemmas of partnering with government and the private
sector in development projects.
Stephen Marks
-Enemy or ally to targeted farmers? A study among Dutch development
Corné Rademaker, Jonathan Van Dijke and Henk Jochemsen

Room 1L: Health and Disability - Moderator: Robin Vos
-The Latin American social medicine movement considered as an alliance
for the advancement of human well-being
James Crombie
-Disability and Health: The need for new alliances to bridge the prevention
and inclusion divide
Sophie Mitra
-Emancipatory research as individual and social empowerment for: the case
study of women with disabilities in West-Bank (Palestine) and community-
based organizations
Mario Biggeri and Federico Ciani

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Room 1K: Intra-household cooperation - Moderator: Olivier Bargain
-Productive inefficiency and cooperation between spouses: evidence from
dairy farming in Senegal
Tanguy Bernard, Jessica B. Hoel, Melissa Hidrobo, Maha Ashour
-Making spouses cooperate in rural Ugandan households – Experimental
evidence of distributional treatment effects
Els Lecoutere
-Traditional norms, access to divorce and women’s empowerment: evidence
from Indonesia
Olivier Bargain, Jordan Loper and Roberta Ziparo

Room 2B: Gender and Labor - Moderator: Suneha Seetahul
-Gender segregation in education and its implications for labour market
outcomes: evidence from India
Soham Sahoo and Stephan Klasen
-Wasted potential? The gender-specific consequences of women’s labor
market status in Indian households
Suneha Seetahul
-Employment transitions of women in India: a panel analysis
Sudipa Sarkar, Soham Sahoo and Stephan Klasen

2h50 p.m. – 3h20 p.m. Coffee break

3h20 p.m. – 4h50 p.m. Parallel sessions 6

Room 1F: Migration - Moderator: Isabelle Chort
- Silent exit: migration intentions and the Egyptian Arab Spring
Delphine Boutin
- Illegal migration flows in times of policy tightening: lessons from Mexico’s
  northern border
Isabelle Chort and Maëlys de la Rupelle
- Migration and the wellbeing of people left behind: evidence from Armenia
  and Georgia
Valentina Di Iasio

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Room 1L: Faith and Alliance - Moderator: Nigel Dower
-“We are the voice of the grass”: interfaith alliances for peace in Northern
Uganda, 1997-2017
David Hoekema
-Building alliances between the world’s religions by identifying shared
moral commitments
Myriam Renaud
-Friendship and Hospitality: Reconceptualizing alliances across borders
Jonas Holst
- Religions of the future
Patrick Giddy

Room 1K: Regional perspectives: development issues in Africa - Moderator:
Steve Esquith
-Trade liberalization and human rights in Sub-Saharan Africa: Does one size
fit all?
 Alex Ekeke
-Governance of development, climate change and disaster risk: complex
realities for Madagascar
Julien Salava, Thierry Razanakoto, Tiana Mahefasoa Randrianalijaona, Jean
Lucien Razafindrakoto, Holymalala Randriamanampisoa and André Pierre
-A Test of the human-centered design approach: new tools for African
Jennifer Olson, Mary Njeri Karanu, Susan Wyche and Ruth Oniango
-Building Bridges: The potential of an African leadership development
Marianne Camerer

Room 2B: Long-term determinants of economic development - Moderator:
Alexandra Jarotschkin
-Place-based policies in the long run: evidence from million-rouble plants in
Marlon Seror, Stephan Heblich, Hao Xu and Yonas Zylberberg
-40 years on: the long-lasting effects of war on health in Vietnam
Sophie Mitra, Michael Palmer, Cuong Nguyen, Daniel Mont and Nora Groce

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

-Diffusion of (discriminatory) culture: Evidence from Stalin’s ethnic
Alexandra Jarotschkin, Alain Blum and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya

Room 3B: Young Scholar Meet Senior - Moderator: Lori Keleher
-A conceptual framework for an evaluation of cultural tradition
Matthias Kramm
-Transnational feminist networks of solidarity: agency and reciprocity
Marie-Pier Lemay
-Universalism, diversity, and the foundation of global ethics
Katri Vihma
- Valence and the United Nations: the orchestration of non-state actors to
deliver our climate and democracy goals
Poorti Sapatnekar

5h00 p.m. – 6h30 p.m. Round Table

Room 1K: Allies in ethical development: a discussion of development ethics in
theory and practice facilitated by the Routledge Handbook of Development
Ethics – Moderator: Lori Keleher
Jay Drydyk (Carleton University), Xavier Ricard (CCFD), Jean-Luc Dubois (UMI
Resilience, IRD), Vijayendra Rao (World Bank), Sandra Boni (Universidad
Politechnica de Valencia), Christine Koggel (Carleton University), Byaruhanga
Rukooko Archangel (Makerere University)

8h00 p.m. Social dinner (river cruise)

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Wednesday 27th June
9h00 a.m. – 10h30 a.m. Parallel sessions 7
Room 1F: Agriculture - Moderator: Diana Cheung
-From safety to productive net? Unconditional Cash Transfer and
agricultural outcomes in Cameroon
Diana Cheung, Soizic Elise Wang Sonne and Quentin Stoeffler
-Randomised Control Trial in Kenya: The case of a bundle product of
insurance and agricultural inputs
Ana Marr
-Short-term impacts of a pay-it-forward livestock transfer and training
program in rural Nepal
Nicholas P. Magnan, Sarah A. Janzen and William M. Thomson

Room 1L: Multiculturalism and alliance- Moderator: Cigdem Yazici
-Ethics and Alliances among Identities
Cigdem Yazici
- Assessing some approaches to negotiations of cultural differences in
Irina Cojuhari
- Beyond moral universalism and relativism to moral nihilism: ethical
reflections on the objectives of the uganda anti-homosexuality Bill (2013)
Byaruhanga Rukooko Archangel

Room 1K: Foundations of alliance- Moderator: Montserrat Culebro
-Foundation of alliances: a philosophical perspective
Montserrat Culebro
-Resilience, alliance and socially sustainable development
Jean Marcel Koffi and Jean-Luc Dubois
-Development as partnership: from contract to alliance
Elena Lasida and Augustin Gille
-Societal trust, cooperation and competition
Juan-Pedro Garces-Voisenat

GREThA-IDEA joint conference 2018

Room 2B: Putting development ethics in practice - Moderator: Mario Biggeri
-Fair employment agency: a study of alliance building and systemic change
David Lee and David Bishop
-The role of social links on community resilience and development: the case
of Ambaro Bekibo - Madagascar
André Pierre Lazamanana, Holymalala Randriamanampisoa, Rija
Ratsimbazafy, Aina Sylvania Andrianjakatina, Thierry Razanakoto, Julien
Salava and Tiana Mahefasoa Randrianalijaona
-Planning ethics and local development in Hungary
Judit Gébert and Zoltán Bajmócy
-Collective action and local municipalities in the Smart city milieu: allies or
enemies? Insights from a case study of four Spanish cities
Alejandra Boni, Aurora Lopez-Fogués, Alvaro Fernández-Baldor, Gynna
Farith Millán Franco and Sergio Belda-Miquel

Room 3B: Institutions, institutional failure and development - Moderator:
Hadrien di Roberto
-Elites, network and power: an econometric analysis on microdata in
Linda Rua, Mireille Razafindrakoto and François Roubaud
-Commoditized access to land: an institutional analysis of land-sale market in
Madagascar highlands
Hadrien Di Roberto
-Is smuggling welfare-improving? Evidence from aguacates in Costa Rica
Jeanne Métivier

10h30 a.m. - 11h00 a.m. Coffee break

11h00 a.m. – 12h30 a.m. IDEA Presidents’ address & Closing session-
room 1L
Eric Palmer, Allegheny College, USA
Jay Drydyk, Carleton University
Nigel Dower, University of Aberdeen

1h00 p.m. – 3h30 p.m. Optional field visit

Keynote Speakers
                                        Christine Koggel
Christine Koggel is Professor of Philosophy. She comes to Carleton from Bryn Mawr College, PA,
where she was the Harvey Wexler Professor of Philosophy and Co-Director of the Center for
International Studies. Her main research and teaching interests are in the areas of moral theory,
practical ethics, feminism, and social and political theory.

She is the author of Perspectives on Equality: Constructing a Relational Theory (1998), a book that
brings together her interests in moral, social, political and feminist theory. She is the editor of Moral
Issues in Global Perspective (1999) and of the Second edition of an expanded three volumes of Moral
Issues in Global Perspective (Volume I: Moral and Political Theory; Volume II: Human Diversity and
Equality; and Volume III: Moral Issues) (2006). With Wesley Cragg she has co-edited the Fourth
edition of Contemporary Moral Issues (1997) as well as the Fifth edition of Contemporary Moral
Issues (2005). Her most recent research is in the area of development ethics. She is the former
President of the Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (CSWIP), Board member of the
International Development Ethics Association (IDEA), and Associate Editor of the North American
Editorial Board for Ethics and Social Welfare.

                                         Vijayendra Rao

Vijayendra Rao is currently a Lead Economist in the Development Research Group of the World
Bank. He integrates his training in economics with theories and methods from anthropology,
sociology and political science to study the social, cultural, and political context of extreme poverty in
developing countries. Dr. Rao has published on a variety of subjects that include dowries and
domestic violence in India, the economics of celebrations, sex work in Calcutta, participatory
development, village democracy and deliberation, and inter-disciplinary approaches to public policy.
He co-edited Culture and Public Action, and History, Historians and Development Policy, and co-
authored the 2006 World Development Report on Equity and Development. Most recently, with
Ghazala Mansuri, he co-authored the World Bank's Policy Research Report on Localizing
Development:                         Does                        Participation                     Work?

Dr. Rao obtained a BA (Economics, Statistics, Sociology) from St. Xavier's College - Bombay (now
Mumbai), a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, was a post-doctoral fellow at the Economics
Research Center and an Associate of the Committee on Southern Asian Studies at the University of
Chicago, and taught at the University of Michigan and Williams College before joining the World
Bank's Research Department in 1999. He serves on the editorial boards of several journals, and is a
member of the Successful Societies Program at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
(CIFAR), and affiliated with research institutes and NGOs in India, the US, and the UK.

Organising Committee &
    Local Support

             Organising Committee
 Jérôme Ballet, GREThA-Université de Bordeaux, France
Tanguy Bernard, GREThA-Université de Bordeaux, France
  Eric Rougier, GREThA-Université de Bordeaux, France

          Local support (@GREThA)
    Anne Horain, Administrative and financial manager
   Julie Vissaguet, Event Communication & Organization

List of participants

Amirova                Iroda             Leibniz Inst. of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies
Anzuluni Charles       Thomas            SOS - SANTE POUR LA FEMME
Appler                 Felix             University of Bonn
Balanoff               Howard            Texas State University
Balanoff               Marilyn           Texas State University
Ballet                 Jerome            GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Bargain                Olivier           LAREFI, University of Bordeaux
Bekkouche              Yasmine           PARIS SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS
Bernard                Tanguy            GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Bhukuth                Augendra          Fonds pour la recherche en éthique économique
Biggeri                Mario             Università di Firenze
Bishop                 David             University of Hong Kong
Boivin                 Michael           Michigan State University
Boni                   Alejandra         INGENIO (CSIC-UPV)
Boutin                 Delphine          Université Clermont Auvergne, CERDI
Byskov                 Morten Fibieger   University of Warwick
Calderone              Margherita        University of Turin
Camerer                Marianne          University of Cape Town
Carimentrand           Aurélie           CIRAD
Chaigneau              Franck            La table de Cana
Champeaux              Hugues            Université Clermont Auvergne, CERDI
Cheung                 Diana             Université de Poitiers
Chort                  Isabelle          CATT, UPPA
Conradie               Ina               University of the Western Cape
Cottin                 Raphael           Université Paris Dauphine
Crombie                James             Université Sainte-Anne
Culebro Juárez         Montserrat        University La Salle
de Tienda Palop        Lydia             University of Valencia
Delesalle              Esther            DIAL and University of Cergy-Pontoise
Depetris Chauvin       Nicolas           Haute Ecole de Gestion de Geneve
Depetris-Chauvin       Emilio            Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Di Iasio               Valentina         GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Di Roberto             Hadrien           CIRAD, University of Montpellier
Djebbari               Habiba            Aix Marseille University, AMSE
Dower                  Nigel             University of Aberdeen
DROY                   Isabelle          IRD
Drydyk                 Jay               Carleton University
Dubois                 Jean-Luc          IRD
Ekeke                  Alex              University of Pretoria
Esquith                Stephen L         Michigan State University
Ferrannini             Andrea            University of Ferrara
Ferry                  Marin             IRD
Fontaine               Louise            Université Sainte-Anne
Garces-Voisenat        Juan Pedro        Lafayette College
Garcia Ramos           Aixa              University of Birmingham
Gasper                 Des               ISS, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Gébert                 Judit             University of Szeged
Giddy                  John Patrick      University of Kwazulu-Natal

Gutwald              Rebecca            School of Philosophy, Munich
Hanks                Craig              Texas State University
Hanks                Emily Kay          Texas State University
Hoekema              David A            Calvin College
Holst                Jonas              San Jorge University
Hove                 Stanley            Zimbabwe Institute Of Ethics
Huguet               Mélissa            GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Hutfloetz            Karin              Hochschule für Philosophie München
Ivanovic             Mlado              Grand Valley State University
Jarotschkin          Alexandra          Paris School of Economics
Jarret               Marie-France       Fonds pour la recherche en éthique économique
Karanu               Njeri              Rural Outreach Africa
Kashala-Abotnes      Espérance          University of Kinshasa
Keleher              Lori               New Mexico State University
Koffi                Jean Marcel        UMI RESILIENCES
Koggel               Christine          Carleton University, Ottawa
Kosko                Stacy              University of Maryland
Kouadio-Odounfa      Alice              UMI RESILIENCES
Kramm                Matthias           Utrecht University
Lasida               Elena              Institut Catholique de Paris
Lazamanana           Pierre Andre       CERED
Lecoutere            Els                Institute of Development Policy IOB, University of Antwerp
Lee                  David              University of Hong Kong
Lemay                Marie-Pier         University of Guelph
Longair              Holly              Vanderbilt University
Loper                Jordan             Aix Marseille University, AMSE
Madhok               Bindu              Albion College
Mahieu               François Régis     Fonds pour la recherche en éthique économique
Malavisi             Anna               Western Connecticut State University
Marr                 Ana                University of Greenwich
Metivier             Jeanne             GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Minde                Isaac              Michigan State University
Mitra                Sophie             Fordham University
Motilal              Shashi             University of Delhi
Nagpal               Karan              University of Oxford
Nordman              Christophe Jalil   IRD, DIAL
O'Keeffe-O'Donovan   Rossa              University of Oxford
Ollier               Louis              GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Olson                Jennifer           Michigan State University
Oluwafemi            Esther             Lagos state University
Palmer               Eric               Allegheny College
Parrot               Laurent            CIRAD
Payson               Jessica            Bentley University
penglase             Jacob              Boston college
Perez-Alvarez        Marcello           Göttingen University
Prashar              Neha               Aston University
Rademaker            Corné              Wageningen University and Research
Randrianalijaona     Tiana Mahefasoa    CERED
Razafimandimby       Riana              GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Regan                Matthew            University of Maryland, School of Public Policy
Renaud               Myriam             Parliament of the World's Religions
Ricard          Xavier       CCFD-Terre Solidaire
Riley           Emma         University of Oxford
Rougier         Eric         GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Rua             Linda        Paris Dauphine University
Sabourin        Amandine     Moldova State University
Sadania         Clémentine   Aix Marseille University, AMSE
Sahoo           Soham        Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Sapatnekar      Poorti       University of Maryland, School of Public Policy
Sarkar          Sudipa       University of Warwick
Seetahul        Suneha       GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Seror           Marlon       University of Bristol
Silber          Jacques      Bar-Ilan University
Simpson         Jack         University of Leeds
Solis           Mario        Universidad de Costa Rica
Troland         Erin         U.S. Treasury Department
Van Dijke       Jonathan     Wageningen University
Vigneri         Marcella     London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Vihma           Kari         University of Helsinki
Viner           Steve        Middlebury College
Vos             Robin        GREThA , University of Bordeaux
Wouterse        Fleur        IFPRI
Yameogo         Ouambi       IITA
Yazıcı          Çiğdem       Uskudar University
Ziparo          Roberta      Aix Marseille University, AMSE
Zorro Sanchez   Carlos       Universidad de los Andes, Bogota

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