Learning Today For - North East School Division

Learning Today For - North East School Division

                                            Classroom Staff:
                                            Prekindergarten: Ms. Kara Fidelack
                                            Kindergarten: Mrs. Sherry Hayworth
                                            1A Mrs. Krista Bracken
                                            2A Ms. Kourtney Kerelation
                                            2B Ms. Gina Senger
                                            3A Ms. Kerry Crawford
                                            4A Mrs. Lesley Maree
                                            5A Mrs. Danielle April
                                            6A Mrs. Stacey Kozak
                                            5/6B Mrs. Sheri Reimer
                                            7A Mrs. Leann Borowetz
                                            8A Mrs. Annette Legare
                                            9A Ms. Alexis Armit
                                            10A Mrs. Candace Olfert
 “Learning Today For                        11A Mr. Mike Olfert
                                            12A Mr. Ashley Osecki
 a Better Tomorrow”                         Mr. Scott Yelle
                                            Mr. Jeffrey Ness
         Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan           Mrs. Leanne Ukrainetz
          Box 312 Hamjea Street             Mrs. Tracy Myhr
                 S0E 0Y0                    Mr. Braden Messer
           Phone: 306-865-2515              Mrs. Michelle Gulka

                                            Outreach Worker:
North East School Division                  Ms. Michelle Joa
Melfort Office 1-888-752-5741
                                            Educational Associates:
Transportation (Tisdale)                    Mrs. Teresa Aube
1-306-873-4555                              Mrs. Gayle Cadrain
                                            Mrs. Trudy Hauta
Website: www.nesd.ca                        Mrs. Jennifer Kezema
                                            Mrs. Jackie Mahlum
                                            Mrs. Jackie Morin
                                            Mrs. Laura Muir
Staff:                                      Mrs. Michelle Riddoch
Principal: Mrs. Louise Gel                  Mrs. Traci-Lynn Yelle
Vice Principal: Mrs. Michelle Gulka
Admin Assistant: Mrs. Iris Pilon
Admin Assistant: Mrs. Rebecca Chasse                #HBCSpride
Library Technician: Mrs. Rebecca Lupuliak
Cert. Caretaker: Mr. Bill Cleverley
Cert. Caretaker: Joanne Ragan                      Hudson Bay Community School
Caretakers: Maria Dutkiwich, Dave Kroeker
                                            Website: http://www.nesd.ca/School/hbcs/Pages
Learning Today For - North East School Division

Supervision of students begins @ 8:40 a.m.          Cold Weather Guidelines
                                                    -25 C or warmer regular recess (dress
                                                    Anything colder than -25C +wind indoor recess
                                                    Report Cards and Interviews
                                                    There will be four formal reporting periods as
                                                    well as two Student Led Conferences that
                                                    students are expected to attend with their
                                                    parents. Report cards will be sent to all families
                                                    via email. A hard copy may also be requested.
                                                    Emergency Injury Policy
                                                    Seriously injured children are transported to the
                                                    hospital. Attempts are made to contact parents
                                                    in all injury cases.
                                                    Insurance Information
                                                    All students, through NESD, subscribe to a basic
                                                    student accident insurance program, which
                                                    provides coverage for injury sustained during the
                                                    school day or during participation in a school-
                                                    approved activity. An extended insurance
                                                    program is available which provides for coverage
                                                    for 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. Forms
                                                    will be sent home early in the school year for the
                                                    extended coverage.
Our school runs a Pre-K for three and four-year
olds. Each student will attend classes Monday to    Medication
Friday from 9:00 until 11:40. A nutritious snack    Under normal circumstances administration of
will be made available each day. An application     medication by school personnel is discouraged.
process is in place. Visit office for forms.        Parents or guardians are, whenever possible, to
                                                    administer medication before or after school.
Supply Fee
                                                    If a child must bring medication to school, the
There may be a supply fee for your child. This is
                                                    parents must first meet with the principal or
to cover materials that the school supplies such
                                                    home room teacher to discuss arrangements.
as organizers.
                                                    Please be aware that the dispensing of medicine
Dress Codes
                                                    is not part of the school’s daily responsibility and
It is expected that students will wear
                                                    if the school agrees to provide assistance with
appropriate clothing to school in order to
                                                    the dispensing of the medication that there may
promote a positive and safe school
                                                    be instances where the staff is unable to
environment. Student dress will not present a
health or safety hazard, display or promote any     dispense the medication as requested.
drug, sexual activity, violence, disrespect and     Allergies
/or bigotry towards any group. Hats are not to      All severe allergies need to be reported in
be worn in the school. A second pair of non-        person to the office and appropriate form
marking runners is to be kept at the school for     filled out.
Phys. Ed classes.

Canteen                                              ·Always remaining seated while the bus is
A canteen is available to students during the        moving
breaks. Students in K-3 may place orders with        ·Not cluttering the aisles with bags, feet, etc.
their homeroom teachers at 9:00, while students      ·Doing your part to not distract the driver
in Grades 4-12 may purchase items when the           Leaving the bus:
canteen is open. Hot meals will be sold              · Letting the bus stop completely before
throughout the week. Check calendar for meals.       standing up
Hot Lunch Program                                    · Informing the driver if you drop something
Parents are emailed a preorder form from             inside, under or close to the bus
Google Docs. Orders must be paid monthly with        · Verifying with the driver that it is safe to cross
cheques payable to NESD. Any outstanding             the street
accounts will not be eligible to order for the       · Exiting the bus using the handrail, and moving
next month. Hot lunches are optional.                at least 2 meters away from the bus.
Attendance                                           Use of Technology
Academic success is tied to regular and prompt       Students need to access technology to support
attendance. In the event that a student is going     their learning. The goal is that students leave a
to be late, or absent a parent will call to inform   positive digital footprint and learn proper
the office prior to the start of school.             technological etiquette.
 Elementary – (morning and afternoon                 Guidelines:
attendance) before Recess a student is marked        1. Students, during class times, are only to use
as late.                                             their device for educational purposes with
After Recess a student is marked as absent for       permission from the teacher.
either the morning or afternoon session.             2. Students are responsible for the security of
High School – (hourly attendance) a student is       their devices at all times. The school will not
marked absent after 30 minutes of the                be responsible for lost or stolen devices.
class. At this point a student has missed most       Responsibility for personal devices begins and
instruction.                                         ends with the student.
All students will be marked as late if they          3. Students without a device will have access
arrive to class after the bell.                      to devices provided by the school when
School Bus Safety                                    possible.
 The PASSENGER is responsible for:                   4. Cell phones are left in lockers or placed in
Before and while boarding:                           shoe pockets in classroom as requested.
· Arriving at the bus stop 5 minutes early           Where inappropriate use occurs:
· Wearing weather appropriate clothing                   1.) 1st misuse: Depending on student
· Always standing away from the road and once        response, a simple reminder or conversation of
the bus stops, using the handrail to board           the policy and its purpose will occur.
·Respecting others –no pushing, fighting or              2.) 2nd misuse: The device will be given up
horseplay                                            to the teacher with a discussion around why the
· Entering the bus and quickly sitting properly in   behavior was inappropriate and kept until the
your seat                                            end of class when the teacher returns it to the
During the bus ride:                                 student. Teacher will contact home and enter
·Knowing what to do in an emergency                  the incident will be documented. Student
·Never placing hands, head, or other body parts      opposition to surrendering their device to the
out the window                                       classroom teacher will result in automatic office
·Obeying the safety rules                            referral for opposition to authority.
·When bringing large items on the bus, leaving           3.) Chronic misuse: The device will be
them where the driver indicates                      brought to the office and kept until parent

comes with the student to retrieve the device
and the student explains to parent the school
rules on use of devices and a review of NESD
policy is completed.
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