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Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                 Prospectus 2018

    Little Life Pre-Primary School's
                      Contact Details
                               Physical Address:
                               54 Bhengu Road
                              Amanzimtoti, 4126

                                Postal Address:
                                  P.O. Box 217
                                Seadoone, 4141


                               031 903 7539
                          Jacqui: 073 713 5069
                    School Cellphone: 082 384 2793


                         Bank Details
                Account Holder: Little Life Pre-Primary School
                     Branch Name: Nedbank Amanzimtoti
                           Branch Code: 130627
                      Account Number: 1027938663
                       Account Type: Current Account
                    Reference: Child’s Name and Surname

Kindly email the deposit records as proof of payment to:

                             "Setting Firm Foundations"                            1
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                    Prospectus 2018

Contact Details                                       1
Bank Details                                          1
Contents                                              2
Vision                                                3
Mission                                               3
History                                               3
Fundraising and Buildings                             4
School Fees                                           5
School Hours                                          6
Our Facilities                                        6
Our Curriculum                                        7
Our Weekly Programme                                  7
Gate Security                                         8
Emergency Contacts and Pickup Persons                 8
Collecting Children Early                             9
Excursions                                            9
Injuries                                              9
Medicines                                             10
Meals                                                 10
Birthday Rings                                        10
Uniforms                                              11
Admission Procedure                                   12
Children Leaving the School                           12
Parent/Teacher Meetings and Parent Evenings           13
Parent/Principal Meetings                             13
Notebooks                                             13
Absenteeism                                           14
Punctuality                                           14
Phone Calls                                           14
Learner's Assessment and Reports                      15
Our Website                                           15
Co-curricular Activities                              15
Lost Property                                         15
Other School Rules                                    16
Discipline Procedures and Reward Systems              16
Potty Training and Nappies                            18
Sunblock                                              18
Whatsapp and Facebook                                 18
Other Policies                                        19

                                                "Setting Firm Foundations"     2
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                 Prospectus 2018

Providing opportunities for our children to build firm foundations in every area of their lives.

The various areas we aim to lay these firm foundations for our children are:
• Their Relationship with God
• Their Educational Experiences
• Their Emotional and Physical Development
• Their Relationships within their Family, Social Environment, Church and Community

We aim to accomplish this through a daily programme which is centred on outdoor experiences and learning
through nature and play, within firm and healthy boundaries. The programme will be fun and enjoyable while
still providing opportunities for daily growth in all the above-mentioned areas.

Debbie Praschma along with her husband Mike, founded Life Church many years ago. They are the
Founding Pastors and have four children. They love and are completely committed to Amanzimtoti and
South Africa - and are here to stay!

Debbie believes that sometimes it’s hard to change mind-sets and lives, it’s much easier to develop good
habits and lifestyles from a young age, and so together with parents, we want to be inputting into our
children, love and boundaries in order to set the firm foundations needed to build strong, healthy, disciplined
adults and therefore families.

" I do not believe that the problems we are facing in South Africa just happened, but I believe that we can
change the future, one little life at a time. I believe that good parents create good children, creating good
families, creating safe communities, creating a strong Nation. It starts with moms and dads making the
right decisions for their children, and we want to be a part of the privilege of nurturing the children."

Debbie shared this vision with Jacqui and asked if she could be involved in the project of starting a Pre-
Primary School at Life Church.

                                             "Setting Firm Foundations"                                         3
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                 Prospectus 2018

Jacqui Welby-Solomon, with a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Development and Foundation
Phase, studied through UNISA while working at a local Pre-Primary School. Her love for children and
education resulted in her finishing her teaching degree in four years while working full-time as a teacher of
the 4-5 year old age group. Jacqui has known Mike and Debbie for a number of years and is a member of
Life Church. She is also the Children’s Church Pastor. Jacqui finished her degree at the end of 2011, got
married and left the school she was working at to volunteer her time at Life Church in 2012 to prepare for
Little Life Pre-Primary School's opening in 2013. Her ex-principal was happy to release her as there was a
desperate need for more Pre-Primaries in Amanzimtoti - offering her help in this exciting new adventure
Jacqui was about to begin.

Jacqui loves this town and is a third-generation family member who attended Amanzimtoti High School.
Jacqui and her husband Marvin, originally from Cape Town, together with their two sons have settled in
Amanzimtoti and are excited for the amazing opportunity God has given them to make a difference in their

Fundraising and Buildings
During the year of 2012, Debbie and Jacqui together with their families and friends were busy at work
with all that was needed in starting up a new school. Their roles were countless and each day presented
itself with new and exciting challenges.

Fundraising was done to adapt existing buildings at Life Church to use for the school in 2013. Fundraisers
have been done each year to meet needs as they have presented themselves.

Building plans for the new school building to be built at Life Church have already been drawn up. This will
require continued fundraising during 2018.

Little Life has a big fundraiser every year (Annual Fashion Show) and we request that all parents/guardians
support this event.

                                             "Setting Firm Foundations"                                     4
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                    Prospectus 2018

School Fees
The School Fees for the year 2018 will be as follows;

R 2400.00 a month over 11 months - payable by the 1st day of every month starting in January and the last
payment being by the 1st of November.

An Annual Registration Fee of R 2400 (January to June) or R1800 (July to November) depending on
when the child starts school, is due with the enrolment form. Registration fee includes - 3 sets of Little Life uniforms,
all stationery and resources, toiletries (excl special wet wipes, creams and nappies), MARSH emergency insurance

*A Little Life School Bag is compulsory and is R150.

Extended aftercare (14:00 - 17:00) will be an extra fee of R5940 for the year.
• Term 1, 2 & 3 is R1620 per term
• Term 4 is R1080 or
• R540 per month or
• R45 per day

The following will be discussed on an individual basis;
1.       Discount for paying fees upfront
2.       Discount for siblings fees

Legal action may be taken if payment is not made on time.

Please deposit all fees into the following account;

                                   Account Holder: Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                        Branch Name: Nedbank Amanzimtoti
                                               Branch Code: 130627
                                         Account Number: 1027938663
                                          Account Type: Current Account
                                       Reference: Child’s Name and Surname

                Kindly email or fax the deposit records as proof of payment to

                                                "Setting Firm Foundations"                                              5
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                 Prospectus 2018

School Hours
Little Life Pre-Primary School is open from Mondays to Fridays except during school holidays and public

School hours are from 07:00 - 13:00
Aftercare is offered from 13:00 - 14:00 (included in school fees)
Extended aftercare is offered from 14:00 - 17:00 (at an extra fee - please see page 5 for fee details)

All snacks and lunch are included in the fees.

*A holiday club may be offered to parents, at an extra cost per day/week, during certain holidays.
This information will be relayed to you as soon as it is available during the year.

Our Facilities
Please note our current structures have been adapted until our new school building is complete with all its
great facilities.

Our current facilities include:

• A large hall in the existing log cabin (air conned) which is used as our reception area, lockers for
  children's belongings, media room and indoor play area. The log cabin has two bathrooms and dining
• Two upstairs classrooms (air conned) - used for class time and nap time.
• Two downstairs classroom (air conned) - used for class time and nap time.
• An additional bathroom near the playground.
• An “imagination station” log cabin (playroom).
• A large playground with a variety of playground equipment, a shaded sand pit and a bike track.
• We have use of the church facilities which include the sports field, additional toilets and a large hall.
• We have indoor and outdoor toys and resources which will be used to develop a number of skills in a fun
  and exciting way.
• Large swings for both children and staff to enjoy together.

                                             "Setting Firm Foundations"                                       6
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                 Prospectus 2018

Our Curriculum
Little Life is an Independent Christian Pre-Primary School and is still in the process of registering with the
Government. (This process was started in 2012)

We have developed our own curriculum and ensure that the work covered will get our children ready for the
local government schools in our area when they leave us to start Grade 1. We have meetings with Grade 1
teachers to ensure our children are on track.

Our curriculum is a combination of Grade 1 requirements (as discussed with two local Primary Schools in
our area - using CAPS), Christian Curriculum (adapted from a South African based curriculum),
Occupational Therapy techniques, an outdoor approach, as well as small programs used in conjunction with
the above.

Review from 2017
Dear Jacqui
I would like to compliment you and your staff on the outstanding job you have done in preparing the
Grade R's from Little Life Pre-Primary School for 'big school'. They have all settled into Amanzimtoti
Primary School with ease and show great determination. Not only are they academically all rounded and
exceed our expectations for Grade 1, but their social and moral values are commendable. The children are
showing fantastic early achievements thanks to the dedicated staff who have set their firm foundations.

Kind Regards,
Nicole Van De Ruit
Grade 1 Educator

Our Weekly Programme
Our programme includes:
• Assembly time - this includes songs, prayer and general discussions.
• Classroom teaching and learning time (individually and in groups)
• Assessments (individually and in groups)
• Reading and story time
• Indoor and outdoor play which will develop fine and gross motor skills
• Puzzles and educational games

                                             "Setting Firm Foundations"                                          7
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                Prospectus 2018
• Art and experiments
• Snack times
• “Imagination Station” playtime
• Lunch time
• Nap time
• Free play
• Sports skills
• Music and drama
• Baking and cooking
• Crafts
• Gardening

Gate Security
We have a sign in system at our main gate entrance. Little Life children get two discs per child which allows
them to enter in without signing in if their discs are displayed. These discs have to be displayed by either
sticking them on your windscreen (passenger side if possible) or waving it when you arrive before the gate
is opened. If you or the person fetching your child has not got the disc then they will have to sign in. Your
disc has a specific number assigned to it and once your child leaves Little Life you will be asked to return
the disc/remove it from your windscreen.

Emergency Contacts and Pickup Persons
On your enrolment form will be four people who we will be able to phone in the case of emergencies,
including the two parent/guardians. These people will be phoned in the order that they appear on the
enrolment form. Please ensure that all contact details are updated as they change. This is your
responsibility and we cannot be held liable for not having updated information.

If you arrange for somebody else to fetch your child other than the four people stipulated on the enrolment
form, you will need to tell us in the morning or via a phone call. The person who is fetching your child may
be given a code word which we will give to you to relay to them. If they do not have this code word, we will
not let your child go with them until we have phoned you and spoken to you directly and you give your
permission. This is to ensure the safety of your child. Thank you for your support in this regard.

                                            "Setting Firm Foundations"                                          8
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                Prospectus 2018

Collecting Children Early
Children can be collected early from school due to a special event but we ask that you inform us in the
morning or send a note in the notebook. You can also phone the school if it was a last minute plan. This
allows us to get your child ready and will cause less disruption for the rest of the children if you merely
arrived. Please specify if your child needs to be cleaned up or if they need to change their clothes. We will
be happy to do this for you. On a normal day children are to please be fetched at 13:00 and not
earlier as it disrupts our daily routine.

We will plan various excursions throughout the year for the various age groups. Letters of consent will be
sent home and your child will only be able to go on the excursion if we have the consent form signed.
Children will have to wear their uniforms for all excursions. Some excursions will require parents/guardians
to offer lifts or to accompany the child. This will be relayed to you depending on the excursion.

Although, the safety of your child is one of our main concerns, injuries happen and the following will be
done in the result of an injury.

Most of our staff are updated in first aid and will be able to administer first aid where necessary - first aid
certificates are up in reception for your perusal. A fully-stocked first aid box will always be at hand. Please
let us know on the enrolment form if your child has any allergies. Please come and speak to us if you would
like to check the first aid box.

Injuries will be written in the child's notebook and kept an eye on throughout the remainder of the day.
Children who need further medical assistance will need to be fetched by you or the contact persons on the
enrolment form. We will contact an ambulance in the case of a very serious injury as part of our MARSH
emergency insurance. You or one of the emergency contacts will then have to meet us at the hospital as
soon as you can. The emergency insurance cover we have allows you to claim back for certain medical
emergencies - there is more information available on the emergency insurance information form.

                                            "Setting Firm Foundations"                                          9
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                 Prospectus 2018

By law we are no longer allowed to administer ANY medication. If your child develops a fever then you or
the pick up persons assigned to your child will be phoned to fetch your child. Thank you for your
understanding in this regard.

Little Life Pre-Primary School offers a snack consisting of sandwiches and fruit during the mid-morning.
Lunch is served after school and consists of sandwiches, light meals, cooked meals, fruit, raw vegetables,
salad and pudding.

Our menu changes every so often and is displayed during the week. Please can you relay any allergies or
food preferences to reception. We will allow for certain changes and these will be discussed with individual

Children are not allowed to bring their own sweets and snacks in their bags, unless otherwise arranged.

All children are required to bring two bottles to school everyday. One bottle can be filled with juice, the other
bottle needs to be filled with water. Please mark these bottles clearly with your child's name.

Juice is only given after class time (normally around 11am) but children have access to their water through-
out the day.

Birthday Rings
Children are allowed to bring cake, cupcakes, sweets, biscuits, chips, ice-cream or a healthier option for
their birthday ring. They can also give out party packs. Parents/Guardians are not required to bring
anything for the birthday ring if you do not want to. All children who have a birthday will be sung to during
assembly/before lunch by the whole school and will get a special crown. If the parents want their child to
have a birthday ring then a time will be allocated to them for that day according to the timetable. Party
packs will not be eaten at school but will be sent home with the children.

                                             "Setting Firm Foundations"                                         10
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                 Prospectus 2018

Children will be given uniforms when they pay the registration fee. The uniform consists of three sets of t-
shirts and shorts.

Uniforms are there so children do not mess up their smart clothes but are not compulsory unless told

Please do not allow your child to wear stiff jeans or uncomfortable pants that restrict movement. Children
are not able to move around our equipment if they are in uncomfortable clothes.

Children are allowed to wear white, black or blue vests, long sleeve shirts or tights under their uniforms.
They are also allowed to wear jerseys and jackets over their uniforms. Children can wear long pants in the
colder months instead of their shorts. Parents can bring their child a hat to wear as well.

Children will have to wear their uniforms on all excursions unless otherwise told.

Extra uniforms can be ordered from reception at your expense. Please enquire at reception for prices.

A winter tracksuit is also available to purchase at your own expense. Please note that this is not

Please mark all uniforms, clothing and shoes with your child's name.

General grooming needs to be done by the parents on a regular basis, especially trimming children's nails
and hair. Girls are to wear their hair tied back and clipped so that no hair falls over their eyes when
bending down. Boys hair is not limited to a certain style but it cannot fall over their eyes when bending

Can we ask that you do not give your uniforms away as we do not want our uniforms to be worn by
children who are not part of Little Life. Please return uniforms if you will not be needing them or alternatively
keep them for sentimental reasons with pleasure. Children are allowed to wear uniforms from the previous

                                             "Setting Firm Foundations"                                         11
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                    Prospectus 2018

Admission Procedure
1.      Any parent of a learner aged 2-6 years old may apply to Little Life Pre-Primary
        School. This is done by filling in an application form. Information is supplied in the Prospectus.

2.      When the application forms have been completed, kindly submit it together with the required
        documentation to Little Life Pre-Primary School.

3.      If the child meets the admission requirements, then an interview may be scheduled with the
        parents/guardians and with the child if required.

4.      If an interview is required the child may be asked to complete a few assessments which shall enable
        us to assess their ability.

5.      If the interview is successful, the parents/guardians will receive a fee agreement and
        an enrolment form.

6.      The parents/guardians must then complete the following:-

6.1     Read and sign the enrolment form and fee agreement;
6.2     Pay the registration fee;
6.3     Pay the first month’s school fee.
6.4     Read the Prospectus

7.      Once the enrolment form has been signed and the registration fee as well as the first month’s
        school fees has been paid then the child will start at Little Life Pre-Primary School.

8.      Kindly take note that applications will be accepted even if the school is full. If the application is
        successful then the child will be put onto a waiting list and the parents will be advised accordingly.

Children Leaving the School
Parents/guardians are to give one months written notice if their children will be leaving the school. The
child's latest report as well as a letter regarding positive payments will be given if the child's school fees are
up to date for the month that they are leaving.

                                                "Setting Firm Foundations"                                       12
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                Prospectus 2018

Parent/Teacher Meetings and Parent Evenings
There will be two parent evenings during the year for each age group. These dates will be relayed to you
closer to the time but will take place in the 1st and 3rd terms. These evenings will serve to give you a
glimpse into your child's day. It will serve to show you the children's progress and how your child interacts
in a group setting. Children will come with to the parents evening and do a lesson with the teacher. These
evenings will also serve for the teacher to speak to the group of parents about various topics. There will be
an opportunity for parents to make a meeting with the teacher if you have any concerns which will need to
be addressed on an individual basis.

Parents or teachers can ask to see each other throughout the year if either party has any concerns.

Parent/Principal Meetings
Both parents and the principal are able to make an appointment for a meeting if they have any concerns.
Please speak to the administrator to make an appointment with the principal.

Notebooks are an essential communication tool between the parents/guardians and the school. These
books need to be checked and signed everyday by the parents as well as the administrator This will create
a habit of signing your child's homework book when they go to Primary School. Notes will be put into the
books by the teachers, administrator or principal. Please send in any updated information in these books
that we can update on our system.

Due to the busyness of the mornings at school, please rather write notes in your child's book than relay a
message to a staff member. Staff members, especially when busy with the children, might forget or only
remember half the message.

                                            "Setting Firm Foundations"                                          13
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                Prospectus 2018
If the message is on a personal level then you may speak to the teacher but please remember that all staff
are on duty in the mornings and so discussions which will take a while to explain will need to be arranged in
a meeting time with either the principal or teacher.

We are happy to speak to the parents/guardians about various concerns but need to make it in a time
which is fair on all children, staff and parents/guardians. If the discussion required is urgent then an
arrangement can be made as well. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Parents/Guardians of children who are absent for any reason should phone the school or send an email to so that we are aware of the reason of your child's absenteeism and can plan
accordingly. If your child will not be at school for an extended time then please arrange with their teacher
to get activities to do while away as to not fall behind the rest of his/ her group when they return to school.

School opens at 7:00am but only starts at 8:00am. All children need to be here by 8:00am when
assembly starts so that important messages can be relayed to them. Please note that all staff members,
except the administrator, need to be at the assembly as well and cannot be pulled away from assembly for
a discussion with a parent unless the discussion required is urgent.

Phone Calls
Please note that phone calls can be taken throughout the day by the administrator and messages can be
relayed to teachers and staff members. Teachers will not be allowed to take phone calls while they are
teaching or on duty unless the phone call is of an urgent nature. Messages will be given to the teachers and
teachers will be able to phone parents/guardians back after school hours or a parent can arrange an
interview time. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.

                                            "Setting Firm Foundations"                                         14
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                  Prospectus 2018

Learner's Assessment and Reports
Assessments of children are done throughout the year. Children are assessed in various ways concerning
various abilities. Two full progress reports will be given throughout the year. These will be sent at the end of
the 2nd and 4th terms. A shorter progress report will be sent in the 1st and 3rd term. Please note that all
results on children's reports are indicative of their assessment at a certain time and might change due to
circumstance or time. Please speak to the teachers if you have any concerns.

Our Website
Our web address is

Co-curricular Activities
There will be a list of co-curricular activities and information at the reception. Please note that all co-
curriculars you sign your child up for will be at your own expense. A newsletter will be sent out to you at
the beginning of each term to confirm which co-curriculars you would like your child to be involved in.
Please note that the co-curricular activity can enforce a minimum or maximum amount of children at their
discretion and is not up to Little Life Pre-Primary School. We will screen all people coming in to do co-
curriculars at our school for the safety of your child but we cannot be hold responsible for any injury/
incident during the co-curricular activity. This being said, if your child is injured we will do all we can do to
help and assist.

Please note that various sports, skills and activities will be part of our own curriculum and are included in
our fees.

Lost Property
Please mark all clothing, uniforms, shoes and bottles clearly with your child's name. If your child's
belongings are labelled we will be able to put them into their lockers if found. If they are not labelled then
they will be placed into a lost property box which will be given to charity if items are not redeemed by the
end of the term.

                                              "Setting Firm Foundations"                                         15
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                    Prospectus 2018

Other School Rules

  1.    No learner may leave the school premises during the school day unless they are accompanied by a
        staff member on an outing (with written consent), or in emergency situations or with their parents/
        guardians or pick-up persons.
  2.    Learners have to stay in the demarcated areas and are not allowed to roam freely on the property
        without being accompanied by a teacher or teacher assistant.
  3.    Learners are not allowed to climb on fences or throw toys or objects over fences.
  4.    Learners must respect all staff and fellow pupils. No rudeness or any other socially unacceptable
        behaviour is allowed (e.g. - smacking, biting, back-chatting, throwing objects to deliberately hurt
        people or spitting).
  5.    Learners must respect Little Life’s property at all times. No vandalism and intentional damage is
        accepted. Parents may be liable to pay for things that are deliberately broken or vandalised
        depending on the circumstance of the individual incident.
  6.    No food, toys or pets are allowed to be brought to school unless special arrangement is made with
        the learner’s teacher.
  7.    No eating or drinking on the playground is allowed unless supervised by the teacher or teacher
  8.    No bullying or fighting is allowed.
  9.    No running inside the building or on the balcony is allowed.
  10.   No stealing or lying is tolerated.

Discipline Procedures and Reward Systems
Depending on the situation, if school rules are broken children will either be reprimanded by the staff, given a
“time-out”, have privileges taken away, taken to the principal or his/her parents/guardians will be
contacted. Children, by law, will not be physically disciplined with a hiding. Please note that parents are not
allowed to give their child’s teacher permission to give their child a hiding.

We will now explain each discipline procedure in more detail.

                                                "Setting Firm Foundations"                                        16
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                  Prospectus 2018
Staff will reprimand children in a firm voice but will not be allowed to shout and scream at children unless
the child is at risk of seriously endangering him/herself or another learner. Staff will go down on the child’s
level when they are reprimanding the child and will never be allowed to verbally abuse or belittle the child.
Staff will be firm yet loving and the child will be required to give an apology depending on the situation.

Privileges taken away
Children may have privileges taken away such as having their pudding taken away for the day, not being
allowed to participate in a particular activity or help with setting up beds etc. - this will first come with

Children will be given a time-out depending on their age. They will be removed from the group (still within the
teachers view) and given time to think about their misdemeanour. After the time-out period the staff
member will go onto the child’s level and discuss the misdemeanour with him/her. The child may have to
give an apology depending on the situation.

Taken to the Principal
Children will be taken to the Principal if they are consistently breaking the same rules or depending on the
school rule being broken. The principal will then discuss the misdemeanour with the child and implement a
strategy of overcoming the behaviour (this may require parents assistance).

Contacting Parents/Guardians
The learners teacher or the principal may write a note to the parent/guardian or arrange an appointment
depending on the individual situation. Interaction between the teacher or principal and the learners parent/
guardian to overcome the misdemeanour will be conducted.

In extreme cases where children are threatening the safety of themselves or the safety of the staff or
learners of Little Life, expulsion may be required.

We also have individual reward systems for the different age groups. Comment cards are placed at the back
of the child’s book and are commented on everyday by the child’s teacher.

Children may get an invite from the principal to go on a special outing for an ice cream or milkshake for
good behaviour or good character noted. Consent forms will need to be signed in order for a child to
participate in this special outing.

                                              "Setting Firm Foundations"                                        17
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                 Prospectus 2018

Potty Training and Nappies
Our staff will change your child’s nappies regularly. Please send at least 5 nappies in your child’s bag as
well as any special creams and wet wipes daily.

Our staff will assist you in potty training your child and one of our toilets is adapted specifically for this
need. Please send in extra sets of underwear (marked clearly with your child’s name) to be used for
accidents. Please ensure the toilet routine followed at school and at home are the same as to help your
child during his/her potty training.

Potty training comment cards are placed in the back of your child’s book and are written in daily.

Children need to bring sunblock which we will keep on the playground and apply on hot days. Please ensure
that you replace it speedily when it is finished. Please put sunblock on your child before they come to
school as well.

Whatsapp and Facebook

Jacqui has a broadcast list on whatsapp that she will relay any important notices on. Please ensure you
have the following number saved on your phone or else you will not receive the broadcasts;
073 713 5069.

Photos and comments will be placed onto Facebook. You will need to sign a Facebook consent form in
order for photos of your child to be placed onto Facebook.

We have two Facebook pages, a public one for advertising and a private one. If you would like a granny/
grandpa or aunt/uncle to be a part of the private one then please tell them to send an inbox message
stating what relation they have with the child - this will be confirmed with the parents. This is to try and
safeguard our private Facebook page.

                                             "Setting Firm Foundations"                                          18
Little Life Pre-Primary School
                                                 Prospectus 2018

Other Policies
We have a policy file with various other policies in it regarding individualised topics. Please ask the
administrator should you wish to view them.

                                             "Setting Firm Foundations"                                   19
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