Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School

Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School
Waitaki Girls’ High School
                Subject Information Guide
                      Year 9

   Respectful           Responsible          Resilient
Kia Whakaute          Kia Haepapa     Kia Kaha i kā katoa
Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School
Young women well-equipped for the world

                                                          The School Motto
                                                               “Dulcius ex Ardius”
                                                    “There is satisfaction to be gained from
                                                                  working hard”.
                                                                    Our vision:
                                                “Young women well-equipped for the world.”

                                              Principal                              Ms Walker
                                              Deputy Principal                       Ms Williams
                                              Assistant Principal                    Mrs Williams
                                              Deans:         Year 9                  Mrs Hudson
                                                             Year 10                 Dr McIntyre
                                                             Year 11                 Mrs Wright
Waitaki Girls’ High School

                                                             Year 12                 Mrs Bain
                                                             Year 13                 Ms Sinclair
                                              Guidance Counsellor                    Mrs Corlet
                                              Careers Advisor                        Mrs Hay
                                              Executive Officer                      Mrs S Grant
                                              Principal’s PA                         Mrs Sime
                                              Office Staff                           Mrs Leslie
                                                                                     Mrs Mackenzie
                                                                                     Mrs Boraman
                                              Sports Coordinator                     Mrs Jones
                                              Librarian                              Mrs Robinson
Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School
Young women well-equipped for the world      Programme for Week One
                                                 Tuesday 29 January                            Thursday 31 January

                                                 8.40am          Welcome in School hall        8.40am           Usual Thursday
                                                 9.15am          Whānau                                         timetable
                                                 10.30am         Peer Support
                                                 11.00am         Interval                      Friday 1 February
                                                 11.30am         Peer Support                  8.40am           Usual Friday timetable
                                                 12.00pm         Run through tomorrow’s
                                                                 timetable                     4 - 5 February
                                                 1.15pm          Lunch                         8.40am           Usual timetable
                                                 2.15pm          House Meetings
                                                 2.50pm          Whānau                        Wednesday 6 February
                                                 3.20pm          End of School                 School closed - Waitangi Day

                                                 Wednesday 30 January
                                                 8.40am          Level meeting—Year 9
                                                                 to meet Mrs Hudson in
                                                 9.00am          Whānau—introduction
                                                                 of all students
                                                 9.30am          Usual Wednesday
                                                                 timetable classes

                                                                                   Dates for 2019
                                                              Term 1            29 January to 12 April
                                                              Term 2            29 April to 5 July
                                                              Term 3            22 July to 27 September
Waitaki Girls’ High School

                                                              Term 4            14 October to 6 December

                                                                                  The Waitaki Way
                                                  Respectful (Kia Whakaute): Care and consideration for self, others, and the school

                                               Responsible (Kia Haepapa): Make the best decision possible and take ownership of your

                                                   Resilient (Kia Kaha I kā katoa): Be prepared to persevere and explore solutions.

                                              Classroom Expectations
                                                 Arrive on time.
                                                 Be prepared, bring the correct equipment to class.
                                                 Use appropriate language - avoid put downs.
                                                 Respect for everyone in the classroom
Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School
Young women well-equipped for the world
                                              At Waitaki Girls’ High we follow the Waitaki Way through
                                              PB4L which stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning. It is
                                              all about having a positive culture in the school.
                                              The Waitaki Way is a common school wide purpose and
                                              approach to discipline. It aims to minimise problem
                                              behaviour and maximise and celebrate positive social
                                              and academic student behaviours
                                                  It has a clear set of positive expectations for all students and staff
                                                  Respectful, Responsible, Resilient Learners
                                                    Kia Whaukaute, Kia Haepapa, Kia Kaha I kā katoa
                                                  There are procedures for teaching expected behaviour
                                                  All staff show, explain, and lead the practice of social skills within and
                                                    across all school settings
                                                  There is a continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviour
                                                  Lots of acknowledgement to students that is specific, positive and frequent
                                                  There is a continuum of procedures for discouraging inappropriate
                                                  All staff use the same consequences

                                                   Waitaki Girls' High School Behaviour Expectations and Values
                                                  We want our learners to be Respectful, Responsible and Resilient all the
                                                    time in all settings – whether they are in the classroom, the playground, the
                                                    sports field or the wider community.
                                                  When we are respectful we care and show consideration for ourselves,
                                                    others and our school environment.
Waitaki Girls’ High School

                                                  When we are responsible we make the best decision possible and take
                                                    ownership of our actions.
                                                  When we are resilient we are prepared to persevere, to keep trying and to
                                                    explore all solutions.

                                                    If your daughter exhibits the expected behaviour she will be
                                                    acknowledged through:
                                                  Frequent verbal acknowledgment
                                                  Receiving a signature on her Dulcie card
                                                  For more special recognition she may receive a postcard from a teacher
                                                    for excellence of effort or behaviour observed over time. She may also
                                                    receive an Attendance certificate for 95% attendance for a term.
                                                  Teachers also try to nominate one student each term to receive a Gold
                                                    award for special behaviour that encapsulates the spirit of Positive
                                                    Behaviour for Learning.
Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School
Young women well-equipped for the world

                                              Tēnā koutou katoa. Nau mai Haere mai
                                              Welcome to Waitaki Girls’ High School

                                              Greetings to our 2019 Year 9 students. I have
                                              enjoyed meeting you on my visits to contributing schools and Transition Day.
                                              I look forward to getting to know you better as you become fully fledged
                                              members of Waitaki Girls' High School.

                                              I think you will find us a friendly bunch with helpful and committed teachers.
                                              Don't forget to ask senior students if you are unsure as we have a strong Peer
                                              Support programme and "Big Sister; Little Sister" approach to learning. We
                                              hope you will get involved in lots of activities during your time at Waitaki
                                              Girls' High School – no matter what your interest we are bound to have
                                              something to appeal to you as we have many clubs and sports groups and
                                              we are very big on participation and doing your best.

                                              We are a PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) school which means we set
                                              high expectations around behaviour based on our values of being
                                              Respectful; Responsible and Resilient learners. Don't worry, if you're not sure
                                              what they all mean; we will teach you. Essentially we treat people with
Waitaki Girls’ High School

                                              respect and expect the same back. We also set high standards in uniform so
                                              wear yours with pride. If you have worries or questions there are lots of
                                              helpful people to ask starting with your Whānau Teacher; House Leader and
                                              of course your Dean. Enjoy your time at Waitaki Girls' High School and I look
                                              forward to getting to know you and your family better. Welcome.

                                              Tracy Walker

Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School
Young women well-equipped for the world

                                                                                     Nau mai haere mai, ki Waitaki
                                                                                          Girls’ High School

                                                                                    My name is Mrs Sonia Hudson I am the
                                                                                    Year 9 Dean. It is a big change coming
                                                                                    to High School and it will take some
                                                                                    time for you to settle into school life. I
                                                                                    am here to help make this transition as
                                                                                    easy as possible and help you learn the
                                              “Waitaki Way” of being Respectful, Resilient and Responsible.

                                              When you arrive at school on Tuesday 29 January (8.40 am) you will be
                                              welcomed into the school with a Powhiri in the MK Dunning Hall. This will be
                                              followed by Whānau meetings, where you will meet your Year 13 Peer
                                              Support leaders. At Waitaki Girls’ we have strong tuakana/teina (big sister/
                                              little sister) relationships and Peer Support is part of this. I am the person to
                                              see if you have any questions about school or need any help and advice.
                                              You can contact me by email (, leave
Waitaki Girls’ High School

                                              me a note or come and ask for me at the school office.

                                              I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know you in 2019 and I am
                                              sure you will enjoy being part of the Waitaki Girls’ High community.

                                              Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou kātoa

                                              Mrs Sonia Hudson
Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School
Waitaki Girls’ High School   Young women well-equipped for the world

                                                          Daily Routine
Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School
Curriculum Pathways:
                               Where your learning leads
                  Year 9                Year 10                   Year 11               Year 12                 Year 13

                  Art                   Art                       Art                   Art: Design             Art: Design
                  Music                 Performance Arts          Music                 Art: Painting           Art: Painting
 Art: Ngā Toi
                  Performing Arts       Music & Drama                                   Art: Photography        Art: Photography
                                                                                        Music                   Music

                  English               English                   English               English                 English
English: Te Reo                                                   English Alternative   English Alternative     Media Studies

                  German                German                    German                German                  German
                  Japanese              Japanese                  Japanese              Japanese                Japanese (Distance
 Languages:                                                                                                     Learning)
                  Mandarin              Mandarin                  Mandarin (Distance Te Reo (Distance
  Ngā Reo                                                         Learning)          Learning)                  Te Reo (Distance
                  Te Reo (Distance      Te Reo (Distance
                  Learning)             Learning)                 Te Reo (Distance

                  Mathematics           Mathematics               Mathematics           Mathematics—Bridge      Mathematics with
                                                                  Mathematics -         Mathematics             Calculus
                                                                  Numeracy                                      Mathematics and
 Pāngarau                                                                               Mathematics and
                                                                                        Statistics              Statistics

   Health &       Health and            Health and                Physical Education    Physical Education      Physical Education
   Physical       Physical Education    Physical Education                              Practical Physical
  Education:                                                                            Education

                  Science               Science                   Agriculture           Agribusiness            Agriculture/
                                        Agriculture               Science               Biology                 Agribusiness
   Science:                                                                                                     Biology
                                                                  Skills Science        Chemistry
    Pūtaiao                                                                                                     Chemistry
                                                                                        Science                 Physics

                  Social Studies        Social Studies            Business              Accounting              Accounting
                                                                                        Economics               Classical Studies
    Social                                                        Geography
                                                                                        Geography               Economics
   Science:                                                       History               History                 Geography
                                                                                        Tourism                 History

                  Digital Technology    Digital Technology        Digital Technology    Digital Technology      Digital Technology
                  Design & Visual       Food Technology &         Food Tech &           Food Tech & Nutrition   Food Tech & Nutrition
 Technology:      Communication (DVC)   Nutrition                 Nutrition
                                                                                        Graphics & Design       Graphics & Design
  Hangarau        Food Technology       Textiles Technology       Textiles Technology   (WBHS)                  (WBHS)
                  Textiles Technology                                                   Textiles Technology     Textiles Technology

                                        Careers                   Vocational Studies    Dual Pathway            Dual Pathway
                                                                                        Gateway                 Gateway
  Transition                                                                            Transition              Transition
                                                                                        *Personal Wellbeing     *Personal Wellbeing

                  All programmes        Careers, English,         Maths, English and    English compulsory      Student selected
                  compulsory            Health, Mathematics,      Science                                       course
  Guidance                              Physical Education,       compulsory
   Notes                                Social Studies, Science

* All Year 12 & 13 students have a personal wellbeing programme for one hour per week, covering topics such
as leadership; healthy relationship and preparation for employment. This program does not offer NCEA credits
but is intended to develop life skills.
Year 9 Waitaki Girls' High School - Subject Information Guide - Waitaki Girls' High School
Year 9 Subject Guide

In Year 9 all students study subjects in the eight learning areas of English,
Languages, Mathematics, Physical Education and Health, Social Science,
Science, Technology and The Arts. These are all compulsory subjects.
In 2019 all students will study:

ENGLISH: Te Reo Pākeha                        TECHNOLOGY: Hangarau

                                              Digital Technology
                                              Food Technology &
PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH: Hauora           Nutrition
                                              Textiles Technology

                                              THE ARTS: Ngā Toi

SOCIAL STUDIES: Tikanga-ā-Īwi                 Art


                                              Performing Arts
Language - Ngā Reo rotation of:



A learning support class is also provided for those students who require
literacy support.
Subject contributions are required for: *The Arts       $10.00
                                        *Technology $50.00
Year 9 Stationery List 2019

                  Please purchase these items prior to the start of Term 1.

 It is recommended that all students have their own coloured pencils, pen drive (8G
minimum), eraser, pencil, black, blue & red pens, glue stick, ruler, compass, protractor
                                     and scissors.
Art                    3B pencil, eraser

English                1 x 1B8 for Assessment Tasks

                       A4 lined refill for some homework tasks

                       1 x 2B8 (A4 hard cover) for class work

Health                 40 page clear file

Languages              1 x 1B5 exercise book

Mathematics            2 x 1E8 exercise books

                       Calculator - we recommend a Casio fx-82AU PLUS. (Refer to
                         school website if you wish to purchase a graphics calculator)

Music                  1 x 1B5

                       1 x 14M5 (loose leaf manuscript paper)

Performing Arts        1 x 1B5 exercise book

Science                1 x 2B8 (hardcover) book

                       20 page clear file

Social Studies         1 x 2B8 (hardcover) book

                       1 x 1B4 exercise book

Technology             1 x 60 page A4 Visual Diary

          Any payment can be paid at the office or through Internet Banking –
               Account details 010964 0077707 00 Ref: student’s name
Absences            If you are absent, your parent/caregiver needs to ring the school office before 9 am to
                    let us know. They need to be able to tell us your year group when they ring. That helps
                    us record their call more quickly. If they phone, they do not need to send a written

Activities          During the last three days of Term 4, Year 9 and 10 students are involved in a range of
                    activities. Year 10 students have the opportunity to attend a five day camp at
                    Hanmer Springs ($380.00 in 2018). Those Year 10 students who choose to stay at school
                    and all Year 9 students select a number of activities from those offered which range in
                    cost from no cost to $35.00.

Appointments        Appointments to go to the dentist or for driving lessons should, except in special
                    circumstances, be made after school. It is important that your study is not interrupted.

Assembly            Assembly is the only time when the whole school is together. Please move promptly
                    and quietly to the hall. There should be no talking during assembly.

Attendance          You are obliged by law to attend school until you are 16 years old. The only
                    reasonable causes for absence are sickness or a family crisis such as a bereavement.
                    To seek exemption from school for any other reason your parent/caregiver must
                    contact the Principal.

Board of Trustees   The Board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. Parents/caregivers are
                    welcome to attend. Please phone the Board Secretary Nila Sime first to ensure that
                    there has been no change of date.
                    Current board members are: Lyndon McLay (Chairperson), Susan de Geest, Linda
                    Wilson, Darryn Stewart, Emma Middlemass, Susie Sinclair, Jackie Grant (staff rep) and
                    Tracy Walker (Principal) and Maddison Forbes (Student Rep).

Bus Students        Bus students catch a bus in Trent Street and are taken to Waitaki Boys’ High School
                    where they board their correct bus. All bus students are issued with a bus ID card. Our
                    buses are provided for rural students only.

BYOD                We are BYOD capable and students are able to bring their own devices (lap top/
                    netbooks etc) for use within their classes. For more information on the devices we
                    recommend please contact the office.
Careers Advice      Our Careers Advisor is Mrs Viv Hay. She is responsible for the careers programme which
                    operates at all levels and interviews all Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students to ensure that
                    they have career directions and are prepared for these. Parents/caregivers are
                    welcome to make a time to see Mrs Hay. They can contact her by ringing 434 8429.

Cars at School      Because of the acute shortage of parking around the school we ask that girls only
                    bring a vehicle when it is strictly necessary.
                    Vehicle Passes: All students bringing vehicles to school are required to complete a
                    permission to drive form. Parents/caregivers need to read the information on the form
                    before they sign it, as it is on this basis that a request will be considered. All Full licences
                    will need to be photocopied; this will be done at no cost at the school office and
                    should accompany the request form.
                    If you have a full licence and wish to carry passengers, then you need a letter from
                    your parent/caregiver naming the passengers you have permission to carry. The
                    parents of passengers also need to give their written permission for their daughter to
                    travel with the named driver. These letters all need to accompany the request for a
                    vehicle pass.
                    Vehicle passes are for one year only and need to be applied for again the next year.

Chewing Gum         Chewing Gum is not permitted either in the school buildings or around the grounds. It
                    is not sold in the canteen.

Classrooms          Classrooms should be kept clean and tidy at all times.
Clubs and         The school offers a choice of many clubs and activities. Students are encouraged to
Activities        take part in these.

Communication     Please look at our Facebook pages—School and Sports for up to date information
                  about events happening at Waitaki Girls’. We publish a newsletter twice a term. Your
                  daughter’s Whānau Teacher and Year Level Dean are available to deal with any
                  pastoral issues, such as issues with other students and relationships. Her subject teachers
                  and the Heads of Department are available to discuss issues to do with progress
                  teaching and learning programmes. If required, the Senior Leadership Team (the
                  Assistant/Deputy Principals and the Principal) are also available to meet with you to
                  discuss these issues further.

Detentions        After three lunch time detentions, students will be required to attend detention after
                  school (3.30 - 4.30 pm). Parents/caregivers will be contacted. After-school
                  commitments are not a reason for failing to do an after-school detention.

Diaries           These are issued free to Year 9 and 10 students, other students may ask for one. They
                  are sponsored by local businesses, who are listed in the diaries. We thank them for their
                  ongoing support.

Electronic        Students/staff may have cell phones and other electronic signalling devices on the
Devices -         school grounds and school buses and may use them before school (8.40am) and after
Cellphones        school (3.20pm) (unless students are given permission to by their teacher for a learning
                  reason), and during interval and lunch hour only.

Email             If you have provided the school with an email address on the enrolment form, this will
                  be the our means of communication with you for newsletters, financials, letters,
                  information regarding trips and relevant correspondence regarding school activity.
                  Please ensure that you check this email address regularly.
                  Students are also issued with an email address when they arrive at WGHS. Teachers use
                  this as a means of communication with their students, they are encouraged to check
                  this address regularly.

Emergency Drill   The continuous ringing of bells indicates an emergency. You should make yourself
                  familiar with the instructions posted in each classroom and use the emergency exits.

Extra Curricula   There are a significant number of extra curricula activities that you are able to be
                  involved with. Some of these require subscriptions to be paid (eg: Netball $85.00 in
                  2018); some also have trips associated with them and some activities are school based
                  and require no payment (eg: Astra). If you are involved in extra curricula activities, you
                  are advised to find out what costs are associated with the activity. It may be possible
                  for assistance to be given to help cover some of these costs.

Grounds           Please respect our beautiful grounds and see that they are kept free of litter.

Guidance          Our Guidance Counsellor is Mrs Jenny Corlet. She is available to help both students and
                  parents by appointment. Parents wishing to see Mrs Corlet should phone 434 6534

Homework          Girls will have some homework every night. In Year 9 expect about one hour, in Year 10
                  one and a half hours and from Year 11 on, two hours would be the minimum. If you
                  have concerns about this, please do contact the Level Deans. Homework should be
                  recorded in the homework diary which is issued free of charge to each student in Years
                  9 - 13.
Information       If you do not know what to do, either ask your Whānau group teacher during Whānau
                  time, consult your Dean, or go to the school office which is in the administration block.
Health          As part of the curriculum you will be studying a variety of Health related subjects:
                 Year 9                 Through Year 9 Health the students study topics such as
                                        Managing emotions, Stress Management, Goal Setting,
                                        Bullying, Friendship, Decision Making, Communication Skills,
                                        Problem Solving. In addition students study Puberty, Alcohol,

                 Year 10                Year 10 Health includes friendships, healthy relationships, risk
                                        analysis and decision-making attitudes and values,
                                        contraception and STI’s, access to health services; Keeping
                                        safe-alcohol and drugs, sexual abuse, consent, sexual
                                        orientation, diversity and inclusiveness, legal ages,
                                        reproduction and pregnancy
                 Year 11                Sexuality, alcohol and drugs (Attitude presentation)

                If your parent/caregiver has a concern with these issues or would prefer that you do not
                attend these classes, they should feel free to contact Mrs Roberts by ringing the school
                office on 434 8429 or email
Jewellery       As jewellery can be a safety hazard in some situations, its wearing is restricted to a wrist
                watch, one ear stud or small keeper in each ear and one small, discreet, silver or clear
                nose stud only.
                 Some girls starting secondary school may have a problem with a bangle which no
                longer comes off. This is not acceptable as part of our uniform. An Oamaru jeweller has
                advised that bangles can easily be cut off and it is probably appropriate for the bangle
                to be re-sized at this stage so that you can remove the bangle as required.
                 Please note that Māori students may wear taonga as part of their uniform provided it is
                kept below their collar line.

Leave           For dentist or doctor, please hand your card or note, signed by a parent, to the office
                before school in the morning. Remember to sign the book before you leave and also
                when you return. For special leave, please bring a note, from a parent, to the Principal
                at least one week in advance.

Lost Property   Lost property found around the grounds is brought to the school office. Please ensure
                that every item of your uniform is named so that if it is lost, we can return it to you.

Lunch Passes    Students who wish to have lunch regularly at home can be issued with a permanent
                lunch pass. Permission will be granted on receipt of written/email from home. They may
                go only to the address shown on the lunch pass and friends may not accompany them.
                If a student needs to leave the school grounds at lunchtime for a special reason, a note
                from a parent must be brought on the day and handed in at the office. The lunch pass
                should be collected from the office at 1.10 pm. Permission is not given for lunch at
                eating establishments in town.
Music           Music Lessons are offered in all orchestral instruments; there is a cost of hiring an
                instrument if required. If you are interested, please contact the school’s music teacher.
                Drum and Guitar lessons are offered to Year 9 and music students.
                Oamaru Youth Orchestra: The Oamaru Youth Orchestra welcomes new players in all
                sections. If you are interested, please contact the school’s music teacher, Miss
National        Entry for all NQF Standards (Includes both Unit and Achievement Standards) is $76.70.
Qualification   Scholarship Entries: $30.00 per subject.
Fees for 2019   Please note that NCEA fees for foreign fee paying students are different to the above
                fee structure. Financial assistance will be available, and more details on eligibility will be
                given to you in due course. Full details about NCEA fees, foreign fee payers, and
                financial assistance can be viewed here.       Application Form for Financial Assistance
Newsletters      Newsletters are emailed twice a term. Please ensure that the school has your current
                 email address. Paper copies are always available at the school office.
Notes            When your parent/caregiver writes notes for you, please be sure they include your
                 surname, year level and Whānau group
Out of Bounds    The following places are out of bounds:

                 · Between the Hall/Library/A Block and Thames Street

                 · Between the Science Block and Trent Street

                 · Wilson Park

                 · The Recreation Centre and car park

                 · The Hostel grounds

                 · The Music Suite without permission

                 · Mayhew Grove and the area in front of X46, X47, X48 and X49

                 · Along Ouse Street frontage of the tennis courts and the grassed area between tennis
                   courts and Reed Street

                 · Area at top of the school above the Science Block.
Parent Portal    This is accessed through the school website and contains information specific to your
                 daughter. Her timetable, attendance, financial summary, NCEA summary are all
                 available to you through this portal. Once your daughter is enrolled at Waitaki Girls’ you
                 will be given a username and password which will enable your access. Please contact
                 the office if you have difficulties logging on to our portal.
Reporting        Feedback on your work and progress is ongoing and is available via the parent port
                 throughout the year. This is called ‘realtime reporting’. Those without portal access (via
                 the school website) will be sent an update at the end of each term
School Canteen   Our mission is to provide healthy food. We pride ourselves with home made items
                 prepared by our hostel kitchen which enables us to keep stock at an affordable price.

                 We have daily specials including: sandwhiches, wraps, salads, hot items, cold items ie
                 fruit salad and mousse cups. Gluten Free food is also available. Eftpos is available.

                 The board outside the canteen lists the prices as they change regularly.

School Costs &   Information explaining School Costs and Contributions are recoded on Kamar and
                 available on the Parent Portal. Statements will be emailed out each term.
                 Payments for trips including sports must be paid at least 3 days prior to event.

                 Accounts are payable either:

                 · Via internet banking - ANZ 01 0964 0077707 00        Ref: Student’s Name

                 · Eftpos

                 · Cheque or cash in an envelope with first and last name and what the money is for.
                   Post the envelope through the secured payments box in the office foyer. If you use
                   cash and need it changed, please ask at the office.

                 All receipts will be handed out at Whānau group meetings.

Sick Bay         Girls feeling unwell should tell the class teacher and be sent to the school office. If girls
                 feel unwell at interval or lunchtime, they must go to the office. Do not go straight home.
Smoke Free         Waitaki Girls' High School is a smoke free environment. We will continue to take all
Environments       steps practicable to ensure there is no smoking in our school buildings or grounds.
Act                Students need to be aware that if they are caught smoking, they will be punished.
                   Repeat offenders will be stood down.

Sports              Help available; Help needed: We are concerned that nothing should prevent
                   students from being involved in sports if they wish to participate. If you need help to
                   pay subscriptions for sports teams, please contact the Guidance Counsellor.

                   If you have any sports gear - sports uniform - tennis racquet, hockey stick etc - at your
                   house that you no longer need, please would you drop it in to the school office. We
                   can use it for a student who may otherwise have difficulty participating. Thank you!

Student Printing   All students are credited with $10.00 for printing and photocopying per year at the
                   beginning of each year. There after $2, $5 or $10 denominations can be purchased
                   from the office.

Textbooks          Please could you check in your room for textbooks that belong to the school. If you
                   find any, they can be returned to the school office no questions asked. We would
                   appreciate your help with this.

Uniform            If for any reason you are unable to wear correct uniform, you must bring a note from
                   your parent/caregiver for your Dean to explain this. You may then be issued with a
                   uniform pass.

Uniform Shop       The Uniform Shop is open every Thursday 1pm to 2pm or by appointment from 3pm to
                   4pm, during the school term. The uniform shop will be opening for extra hours:

                   December 2018                              January 2019

                   Wednesday 12th: 12pm - 7pm                Thursday 17th: 3pm - 7pm

                                                             Tuesday 22nd: 12pm - 3pm

                                                             Thursday 24th: 3pm - 7pm

                   It can get very busy at the uniform shop, so if you know what you need you are
                   welcome to email your order and once we confirm your order you are able to collect
                   and pay for from the school office.

                   We accept cash, cheques, eftpos, credit cards and pre approved school accounts.
                   We also provide WINZ quotes. Note a 2% surcharge applies on credit card payments.
                   Lay buy is also available.

                   Phone Dixie Boraman on 434 8429 for any enquiries or email
Young women well-equipped for the world    School Song - Waitaki, Waitaki

                                                A great river and a clear white stone,
                                                   This is the school where I belong;
                                               The stone weathers and the water flows,
                                              This is the place where knowledge grows.
                                                 A great river and a clear white stone
                                                Are my heritage, and make me strong.

                                              Corridors reach from the past to the future,
                                                I’ll take a walk down the paths of time;
                                              Mountain and tussock stretch before me,
                                                Here with my friends I’ll learn to climb.
                                                           Waitaki, Waitaki!

                                                 Braided the river, so many channels,
                                                    So many things to be and do;
Waitaki Girls’ High School

                                                Stone for the working, many shapings,
                                                     Fitted together, me and you.
                                                           Waitaki, Waitaki!
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