Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG

Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Living well with memory loss
and dementia in Dorset
A directory of services
     and support

                          L iv in g We ll

P reventing Wel l

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Di a gnos ing Wel l       D y in g We ll
Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Living well with dementia                                                                     Contents
and memory loss in Dorset                                     This Directory is divided into 12 individual topics which are grouped together as shown
                                                                below. The groups can be identified by their page borders in the following colours
                                                               Preventing Well, Diagnosing Well, Living Well, Supporting Well and Dying Well.

                Welcome to the fourth edition of the
                directory of services and support for
                                                             Preventing Well
                people with dementia and memory loss,
                their carers and families.                   SECTION 1          Making positive lifestyle changes 		     Pages    6 - 7
                When someone receives a diagnosis of
                dementia it can be frightening for them
                and their loved ones.                        Diagnosing Well
                Having the right information about
                dementia through all its stages, knowing     SECTION 2          Understanding Dementia			                Pages    8 - 11
                where to find support, how to apply          SECTION 3          Financial and Legal Help 			             Pages    12 -13
                for any relevant benefits and the legal
                aspects of the disease can be invaluable.
                With this in mind we have gathered            Living well
                together as much information as possible
                on these and other topics such as
                keeping well and keeping active, which       SECTION 4          Staying Healthy 				                     Pages    14 - 20
                we hope you will find helpful.               SECTION 5          Keeping Active 				                      Pages    21 - 26
                The booklet has been complied by the
                NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning
                Group in partnership with Dorset              Supporting Well
                HealthCare NHS Foundation Trust,
                Bournemouth Borough Council, the
                Borough of Poole, Dorset County Council
                                                             SECTION 6          Local services offering
                (Learning and Development), Age UK,          				               care and support 				      Pages 27 - 30
                Alzheimer’s Society (Dorset) and local       SECTION 7          Support for Carers 				                  Pages 31 - 34
                community groups.
                                                             SECTION 8          Adult Social Care and Support 		         Pages 35 - 36
                The content of this guide was correct at
                the time of publication and is reviewed      SECTION 9          This is Me 					                         Page    37
                and updated frequently but contact details
                for some of the voluntary groups may         SECTION 10         Residential Care 				                    Pages 38 - 40
                change from time to time.
                An electronic version of this guide is
                available at
                                                             Dying Well
                The NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning
                Group is unable to take responsibility for   SECTION 11         Dying Well					                          Pages 41 - 43
                the actions of these providers and their
                inclusion does not imply any approval or     There are two additional sections:
                inspection of their work on our part.
                                                             SECTION 12         Additional information & contact details Pages 44 - 49
                                                             SECTION 13         Further Reading 				                     Page    50

                                                             Not sure where to start? You can call your local authority for help - see page 51

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Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Making positive                                                                                           Making positive
    Section 1                                    lifestyle changes                                     Section 1                                           lifestyle changes
The brain changes caused by dementia             developing dementia and cardiovascular            We can all play a part in helping to reduce            If you are already living with a long term
usually begin to develop years before            disease by stopping smoking, losing weight,       social isolation and to look after and look            condition, you may be able to reduce your
dementia is diagnosed. However,                  drinking less alcohol and exercising more.        out for one another. Some suggestions                  chance of developing dementia by keeping
evidence suggests that around one                                                                  include:                                               your condition under control as much as
                                                 For free advice and support call LiveWell
in three cases of dementia might be                                                                                                                       possible.
                                                 Dorset on 0800 8401628 or 01305 233105.               Visiting family and friends
preventable.                                                                                       l
                                                                                                                                                          Family carers are at high risk of depression
                                                 Stop smoking
There are a variety of factors that are                                                            l   Volunteering                                       and effective treatment is known to
known to increase your likelihood of             Smoking increases your risk of developing                                                                reduce the risk of depression and treat the
developing dementia. These are known             dementia.                                         l   Joining a walking group.                           symptoms.
as risk factors.                                 Lose weight not your memory                                                                              Depression is also linked to a higher risk of
                                                                                                   l   Stepping into Nature uses Dorset’s
Some risk factors, like ageing and               Being a healthy weight reduces your risk of           outstanding natural and cultural 		                developing dementia although it is unclear
genetics, can’t be changed, but there are        developing dementia. Your practice nurse              landscape to provide dementia friendly             whether the high depressive symptoms seen
others, like stopping smoking and doing          can measure your Body Mass Index and it               activities and sensory rich visits to places       in those who go on to develop dementia are
regular exercise, that you could try to do       should ideally be between 20 and 25.                  of interest in Dorset.                             a cause of dementia or an early symptom
something about.                                                                                                                                          Seek treatment early if you feel that you
                                                 Be active                                         Alzheimer’s Society ‘Risk factors for
They also have additional benefits such                                                            dementia’ factsheet gives helpful advice and           might be getting depressed. If you are
as increasing your chances of living a           Active adults have a significantly lower risk                                                            concerned about your memory call Dorset
                                                 of developing dementia. Get your heart rate       information and the links at the back of the
longer, healthier life:                                                                            factsheet are very useful.                             Memory Support & Advisory Service on
                                                 up several times a week! Enjoy a brisk walk,                                                             0300 1231916
l   making positive lifestyle changes 		         jog on the beach, swim, join a class ...your      Web:
    such as giving up smoking, doing             GP or nurse can refer you for support to          file/1770/factsheet_risk_factors_for_         Prevention measures are also important for
    regular exercise and maintaining a 		        exercise more regularly.                          dementia                                      those who are diagnosed with dementia and
    healthy weight                                                                                                                               these are outlined in later sections.
                                                 Eating a healthy diet and drinking alcohol        Take control of your health
                                                 within recommended levels are also likely to                                                    Acknowledgements:
l   keeping your mind active and having 		                                                         Managing your health can reduce your risk
                                                 reduce your risk of developing dementia.                                                        The lifestyle messages on smoking, heart,
    good social contact with family and 		                                                         of dementia. High blood pressure, obesity
    friends                                      Keep your mind active                             and type 2 diabetes are known risk factors    losing weight and being active are adapted
                                                                                                   for dementia.                                 from prevention messaging produced in a
l   taking control of your health                Keeping your mind active could help delay                                                       collaboration between Poole Central locality
                                                 symptoms of dementia by several years. If         The NHS Health Check is a health check-up and Public Health Dorset.PHE Dementia
l   seeking treatment early for depression       you are looking for ideas you could try:          for adults in England aged 40-74 that do not resources including PHE and Alzheimer’s
                                                                                                   already have diagnosed health conditions.     Research UK booklet ‘The Power to Defeat
                                                 l   Signing up for a class                                                                      Dementia’
                                                                                                   It can spot early signs and help you lower
LiveWell Dorset                                                                                    your chance of developing conditions like
                                                 l   Reading the newspaper or a book                                                             Web:
There is a lot of information on the                                                               high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2    content/uploads/2015/01/RRD-0515-0517-
website below.                                   l   Doing a crossword or Sudoku                   diabetes or dementia.                         Risk-Reduction-Low-Res.pdf
web:                   l   Joining a book group                          For more information on health checks look An extensive overview of research on
                                                                                                   at the Public Health Dorset website           dementia prevention is included in the
The following section includes some more         Social relationships are crucial for our
information on each of the modifiable risk                                                         Web:                  following journal article from the Lancet
                                                 wellbeing and a good social network can                                                         2017.
factors for dementia.                            also help reduce your chance of developing        New research suggests that hearing loss
Positive lifestyle changes                       mental health conditions and dementia.            is a risk factor for dementia. The reason     Web:
                                                 Carers and those with physical and mental         for this is not yet clear, and it is also not dementia2017
Whats good for your heart is good                health conditions often feel socially isolated.   clear whether correction measures such as
for your head. Reduce your risk of
                                                                                                   hearing aids, can reduce this risk.

                                             6                                                                                                        7
                                             6                                                                                                        7
Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Section 2                            Understanding Dementia                                        Section 2                            Understanding Dementia

                                                 Not drinking enough water throughout the       What forms of dementia are there?                   How might having dementia affect me
                                                 day also can lead to confusion and memory                                                          or the person I care for?
                                                                                                Dementia is caused by a number of different
                                                 loss.                                          types of diseases to the brain, including:          People with dementia will sometimes forget
                                                 The NHS website has more information                                                               to do things or repeat tasks and may also
                                                 about dementia:                                l   Alzheimer’s disease                             have trouble remembering names, dates or
                                                                                                                                                    everyday words.
                                                 l   Fronto-temporal dementia
                                                 pages/dementia-choices.aspx                                                                        Over time dementia can reduce people’s
                                                                                                l   Vascular dementia                               abilities to carry out everyday tasks such as
                                                 Who is likely to develop dementia?                                                                 washing, going to the toilet, getting dressed
                                                 It is more common in older people, but         l   Lewy body disease.                              and cooking or cleaning.
                                                 in some cases dementia can also affect         The most common types of dementia are               Not everyone with dementia will have all
                                                 people under 65.                               Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.          of these difficulties and every person will
                                                 However, it is not an inevitable part of       They have similar symptoms but develop in           experience them in their own way. Many
                                                 ageing; the vast majority of people stay       different ways. Alzheimer’s Society has the         people with dementia live happy and
                                                 mentally healthy. It is estimated that there   following factsheets and guides:                    fulfilling lives for years.
                                                 are 850,000 people with dementia
                                                 in the UK.                                     l   The Dementia Guide
                                                                                                                                                    What support and services
                                                                                                l   What is dementia?                               are available?
                                                 What are the early signs of dementia?              What is Alzheimer’s disease?                    It is not easy to come to terms with either
Are you worried about your memory?                                                              l
                                             The following signs could be the early                                                                 having dementia or living/caring for
If you are worried because you, or someone                                                          What is vascular dementia?                      someone who has dementia, but there is
                                             symptoms of dementia:                              l
you care for, is becoming confused and                                                                                                              help and support available from a variety of
forgetful, you should visit your GP.         l Struggling to remember recent 			                l   What is dementia with Lewy bodies?              sources.
It is important to have a proper assessment    events, but easily recalling things 		                                                               In Dorset, this is provided by a range of
because there are other conditions which       that happened in the past                        l   What is frontotemporal dementia?
                                                                                                                                                    agencies, including the NHS, Dorset County
may respond to medical treatment.                                                                   Younger people with dementia.                   Council, Bournemouth Borough Council,
                                             l Struggling to follow conversations or 		         l
Spotting the signs of dementia early means                                                                                                          Borough of Poole and community and
                                               television programmes, losing interest in        Tel: 0300 303 5933 or
the right treatment and support can be                                                                                                              voluntary organisations.
                                               things that you used to enjoy
given.                                                                                          Email: to order            Normally, the initial point of contact to
                                             l Forgetting the names of friends or 		            or log on to the website to download or             access these services is your GP.
                                               everyday objects                                 print. There are also audio versions online:
What is dementia?                                                                                                                                   You might also find it useful to join a support
                                                                                                Web:               group for people with dementia.
Dementia is not a single illness but a group l Repeating things or losing the thread of
of symptoms caused by damage to the            what’s being said                                                                                    You can meet people who are going through
brain.                                                                                          Can dementia be treated?                            similar experiences, get advice on coping
                                                 l   Having problems thinking or reasoning                                                          with dementia, share stories and make new
Becoming forgetful does not necessarily                                                         Dementia is a progressive illness and
                                                     Feeling anxious, depressed or angry 		     although there is no cure, treatments can           friends.
mean that someone has dementia.                  l
                                                     about memory loss                          slow the progression of the disease.
Memory loss can be a normal part of ageing
and it can also be a sign of depression or       l   Feeling confused even when in a familiar   Dementia is a life-limiting condition but
stress.                                              environment.                               people often live with the disease for many

                                             8                                                                                                 99
Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Section 2                                 Understanding Dementia                               Section 2                             Understanding Dementia

Memory Gateway                                                                              Memory Support and Advisory Service                   l   Write reminders – to lock the door at
                                                                                                                                                      night, turn the gas off and put the rubbish
Memory services for people living in Dorset                                                 This service is run by Alzheimer’s Society                out on a certain day
providing help and support for you and your                                                 who support people with memory loss and
family to maintain choice, independence,                                                    dementia, and their carers by providing               l   Focus on what you can do rather than
and control over your life if you are worried                                               information, advice, guidance and                         what you can’t
about your memory, in need of a memory                                                      signposting.
assessment or living with dementia. Contact                                                 Tel: 0300 123 1916                                    l   Carry a card which tells people that
the Memory Support and Advisory Service                                                                                                               you have dementia, this can be useful if
for help and more information.                                                              Email:                           you get into a difficult situation and
What to expect from a diagnosis                                                             Some useful practical tips                                need someone to help you - include the
                                                                                                                                                      telephone number of someone you trust
Memory advisors will be your first point                                                    These are some tips that people with                      who can be called if necessary
of contact when you are referred to the                                                     dementia may find helpful:
Memory Gateway.                                                                                                                                   l   Get to know as much about dementia
                                                                                            l   Keep a notebook or diary for things 		                as you can - this pack gives some basic
They provide expert guidance and support                                                        such as appointments, people’s names,
to people concerned about their memory                                                                                                                information and includes details of
                                                                                                telephone numbers, to-do lists and 		                 organisations where you can get
and support to people who have been             They will ask you questions about your          thoughts and ideas
diagnosed with dementia their carers and                                                                                                              further information.
                                                memory concerns, health and medication
families.                                       and you will be asked to complete some      l   Keep important items like money, glasses
The Memory Advisor will see you at home         memory exercises.                               and keys in the same place                        USEFUL CONTACTS
and provide screening for you. You may          The doctor will explore with you possible                                                         Age UK
                                                                                            l   Follow a daily routine; this can stimulate
then need to go to the next phase of the        diagnosis and what treatment and support        the memory and help feelings of calm              Tel: 0800 678 1174 (advice line)
pathway the Memory Assessment Service.          is best for you.                                and balance
If not you will be referred back to your     The memory advisor will support you                                                                  Web:
GP.There are many causes of memory loss throughout your journey towards getting a           l   Put labels on doors and cupboards
                                                                                                                                                  Alzheimer’s Society
including dementia, strokes, depression and diagnosis of your memory problems.
other mental health problems.                                                               l   Place important numbers such as family,           Offers support and advice, services and
                                             This will help you and your family gain a          friends, doctor and care staff by the 		          activities including Singing for the Brain and
The Memory Assessment Service                further understanding of your diagnosis and        phone where they can be seen easily               Memory Cafés.
Provides assessments for people with a       signpost you to relevant services to support                                                         Tel: 0300 222 11 22
memory problem and diagnoses the causes you and your carers.                                l   Put a note on the back of the door as a
of memory problems.                                                                             reminder to take keys                             Web:
                                             If you are prescribed medication due to your
The service offers treatment and advice and diagnosis you will receive support from the     l   Label family photographs both on display          Help and Care
signposts to other services that can provide memory assessment nurses, occupational             and in albums                                     Local charity providing a range of services
support.                                     therapists and psychiatrists who will review                                                         including information and advice, carers’
                                             your medication for a period of time to        l   Pin a weekly timetable to the wall                services and one-to-one support.
The team is made up of Memory                ensure it is working for you.
Assessment Nurses, Occupational                                                             l   Mark a calendar with the date, or get 		          Tel: 0300 111 3303
Therapists and Psychiatrists. In most cases                                                     an electronic calendar that changes
you will have an assessment with a nurse or                                                                                                       Email:
occupational therapist.                                                                                                                           Web:

                                             10                                                                                              11
Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Section 3                                Financial and Legal Help                                     Section 3                             Financial and Legal Help
Planning ahead                                     USEFUL CONTACTS                                 Failure to do so could lead to a fine of up to        Call 0300 303 5933 to order or log on to the
It is important that people with dementia                                                          £1000. Notification of the diagnosis should           website to download or print. See page 45
                                                   Advocacy                                        be sent with the person’s full contact details
and memory loss organise their financial                                                                                                                 for more general information.
and legal affairs while they are still able to     Advocacy is speaking up for, or acting on       to the Drivers Medical Group.Car insurance
                                                   behalf of, yourself or another person. It can   companies should be informed, as their                Law Society
do so. This ensures that their affairs will
be set up in a way that they have chosen.          enable people to take more responsibility       policy may become invalid.                            Represents solicitors in England and Wales,
A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows           and control for decisions affecting their       When they become unsafe on the road, a                providing details of law firms and solicitors
you to appoint another person (an attorney)        lives. If someone lacks decision-making         person with dementia must stop driving.               and information about legal specialties and
to make decisions about your health and            capacity and has no one to speak for them,      Driving assessments are available via an              fees, as well as tips about what to ask and
personal welfare and/or your property and          they have a legal right to support from a       assessment centre if necessary. Further               what to expect from a solicitor.
financial affairs.                                 qualified independent advocate (IMCA).          information from the Drivers Medical Group,           Tel: 020 7320 5650 (general enquiries)
                                                   An IMCA can help protect a person’s rights      Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DLVA)
Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) has                when decisions are made about their long-                                                             Web:
replaced the Enduring Power of Attorney            term care and major medical treatment.          Tel: 0300 790 6806
(EPA) which only covered decisions about                                                                                                                 Memory Support and Advisory Service
                                                   Advocacy helps people with dementia to:         Web:
property and financial affairs. If an EPA was                                                                                                            Run by Alzheimer’s Society - supports
made before 1 October 2007 it is still valid,      l   Make clear their own views and wishes       Dorset Advocacy                                       people with dementia and memory loss
but it does not apply to health and personal                                                                                                             and their carers by providing information,
                                                                                                   Provides an advocacy service to older
welfare issues.                                    l   Express and present their views 		                                                                advice, guidance and signposting.
                                                                                                   people. Will also provide further information
                                                       effectively and faithfully
                                                                                                   about IMCA.                                           Tel: 0300 123 1916
Lasting Power of Attorney                          l   Obtain independent and accurate 		          Tel: 01305 251033                                     Email:
Property and Affairs                                   information
                                                                                                   Email:                 Mind Legal Advice Service
This enables an attorney to make decisions         l   Negotiate and resolve conflict.             Web:                        Tel: 0300 466 6463
on your behalf about your property and             Citizens Advice Bureau                          Memory Support and Advisory Service                   Email:
affairs at a time when you are no longer
able, or lack the mental capacity, to make         Provides advice about a wide range of           Run by Alzheimer’s Society - supports                 Web:
those decisions yourself.                          topics to include information about legal       people with memory loss and dementia, and
                                                   aspects of health and care.                                                                           Office of the Public Guardian
                                                                                                   their carers by providing information, advice,
This could include paying bills, collecting
                                                   Dorset: 0344 245 1291                           guidance and signposting.                             Provides legal information and general
your income and selling your house. It can
                                                                                                                                                         advice on mental health-related law such as
only be used once it has been registered at        Web:                  Tel: 0300 1231916
                                                                                                                                                         mental capacity and community care.
the Office of the Public Guardian.                                                                 Email:
                                                   Poole and Bournemouth: 03444 111 444                                                                  Tel: 0300 456 0300
Personal Welfare                                   Web:                   The following Alzheimer’s Society
                                                                                                                                                         Email: customerservices@
This enables an attorney to make decisions         Community Legal Advice                          factsheets may be useful:
on your behalf about your personal welfare
i.e. where you live. It can include the power      A free and confidential service paid for by     l   Financial and Legal Affairs                       Web:
for the attorney to give or refuse consent         Legal Aid and set up to help people tackle
                                                   their legal problems.                           l   Mental Capacity Act 2005                          Welfare Benefits
to medical treatment if this power has been
expressly given in the LPA.                        Tel: 0345 345 4 345                                                                                   Make sure the person with dementia and
                                                                                                   l   Benefits                                          their carer receive the benefits to which
A personal welfare LPA can only be used            Web:                                                                    they are entitled. These include possible
once it has been registered at the                                                                 l   Enduring Power of Attorney and Lasting
                                                   Driving                                             Power of Attorney                                 reductions in council tax payments.
Office of the Public Guardian and
you have become mentally incapable                 People with dementia may be able to                                                                   Web:
of making decisions about your own                 continue driving for some time but they         l   Driving and Dementia
welfare.                                           must, by law, inform the DVLA if they wish
                                                                                                   l   Council Tax.
                                                   to continue.

                                              12                                                                                                    13
Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Section 4                                        Staying Healthy                                 Section 4                                            Staying Healthy

                                                                                                    Further information and advice is available       Smoking
                                                                                                    on the following website: www.dorsetforyou.       Smoking can cause a fire risk, as some
                                                                                                            people with dementia have been known
                                                                                                    Meal delivery (Meals on Wheels)                   to simply forget to extinguish a cigarette
                                                                                                    A number of suppliers will deliver hot,           properly. If they do smoke try to make it as
                                                                                                    chilled or frozen meals directly to your door.    safe as possible, for example, by replacing
                                                                                                                                                      matches with disposable lighters. Contact
                                                                                                    You can find out more about meal providers        Dorset SmokeStop for support and advice
                                                                                                    in your local area online:                        about giving up smoking and details of
                                                                                                    Web:              sessions held in your local area:
                                                                                                    of-meal-providers                                 Tel: 0800 00 76653
                                                                                                    Or contact:                                       Email:
When someone has dementia, it is                    Dorset                                          Dorset                                            Web:
important that they remain as fit and                                                               Tel: 01305 221016                                 ouk-dorsetco/livewelldorset/en.html
                                                    Tel: 01305 221016
healthy as possible – both physically and                                                                                                             If you are worried about fire risks generally,
mentally.                                           Email:              Email:
                                                                                                    Bournemouth                                       Safe and Independent Living (SAIL)
Exercise                                            Web:
                                                                                                    Tel: 01202 454979                                 Provide free Home Safety Checks and can
Everyone needs some form of regular                 Bournemouth                                                                                       fit free smoke detectors. You can complete
exercise which can:                                 Tel: 01202 454979                               Email:              a SAIL form online or over the telephone
                                                                                                    Poole                                             with Age UK Dorchester.
l   Encourage mobility and independence             Email:
                                                                                                    Tel: 01202 633902                                 Tel: 01305 269444
l   Improve circulation and help prevent 		         Web:
                                                                                                    Email:                    Email:
    stiffness and muscle wasting                    Poole
                                                                                                    Drinking alcohol                                  Web:
    Aid relaxation, promote a sense of calm,        Tel: 01202 633902
l                                                                                                                                                     independent-living
    and help ensure a good night’s sleep            Email:                  Enjoying a drink in company can be a
                                                                                                    pleasant way to relax. However, people with
    Reduce anxiety, stress and depression           Web:                           dementia can become more confused.
l                                                                                                                                                     Sleeping well
l   Remaining mobile.                                                                               Alcohol also doesn’t mix well with certain        Dementia can cause difficulties in getting to
                                                    Eating and drinking well                        medicines. If in doubt, get further advice        sleep. People can become confused about
If someone becomes unsteady on their feet,                                                          from your GP.                                     night and day, and may get up in the middle
an occupational therapist should be able to         Eating too little or missing out on essential
                                                    nutrients will reduce resistance to illness                                                       of the night, thinking that it is morning.
provide information on aids and equipment,                                                                                                            Things that can help:
such as grab rails, to help them move               and can make someone with dementia              Hearing problems
around.                                             feel more confused. If someone refuses to
                                                                                                    In people with dementia, poor hearing can         l    Limiting daytime naps and offering a
                                                    eat a balanced diet, the GP may suggest
They can also give advice on how you                                                                add to feelings of confusion and isolation. If         range of stimulating activities
                                                    alternatives, or may prescribe vitamins or
can help the person experiencing balance            supplements.                                    someone seems to have a hearing problem,
problems while not injuring yourself.                                                               ask the GP for a referral for a hearing test.     l    Reducing fluid intake in the evening and
                                                    It is also important to drink enough            The test and hearing aids, if required, are            avoiding stimulating drinks such as tea
More information about occupational                 fluids. Dehydration is a health risk and                                                               and coffee
therapy is on page 20.                                                                              free on the NHS.
                                                    can increase confusion in someone with
                                                    dementia.                                                                                         l    Taking some form of exercise during the
Contact your local occupational therapy
team as follows:

                                               14                                                                                                    15
Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Section 4                                          Staying Healthy                               Section 4                                             Staying Healthy
Good eyesight                                    Safe and Independent Living (SAIL)               The Equip For Living service can loan              l    Drug treatments for Alzheimer’s disease
Problems with sight can increase confusion       SAIL offers Dorset residents a wide range        equipment following an Individual
in people with dementia and can make             of FREE support, services or information to      assessment of your clinical needs.                 l    Dementia – drugs used to relieve
it harder for them to recognise people           help keep people safe and independent in         Equipment is supplied to help you cope with             depression and behavioural symptoms
or objects. Optometrists have special            their own homes. The type of help available      a diagnosed condition or to support you to
techniques for assessing sight, even for         includes:                                        remain independent. If you are ineligible to       l    Adaptations, improvements and repairs
people in the later stages of dementia.                                                           receive loan equipment you can get advice               to the home
                                                 l   Fitting free smoke detectors and having a    on purchasing equipment that may help you
If someone with dementia has sight                   home safety check                                                                               l    Equipment to help with disability
                                                                                                  with your daily living needs.
problems, you may need to tactfully remind
them to wear their glasses and check that        l   A home energy check and information          Tel: 0344 893 63 64                                l    Depression
their lenses are clean.                              about grants for insulation                  Email: Enquiries@EquipforLiving.nrs-uk.            l    Dental care and dementia
                                                 l   Benefit checks to ensure that people are                                                        l    Moving and Walking About
Managing other long term health                      receiving everything they are entitled to
conditions                                                                                        Preventing falls                                   l    Eating and Drinking
As well as dementia, there may also              l   Debt advice
                                                                                                  Improving safety in the home can help                   Pressure Sores
be another long-term condition such as           l   Information about local social activities    prevent people from having falls and
arthritis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or high        such as lunch clubs, befriending and 		      injuring themselves, whilst allowing them to
blood pressure.                                                                                                                                      l    Hallucinations in people with dementia
                                                     volunteering                                 continue to live independently.
My Health My Way is a free support service                                                        Clearing away clutter, ensuring floors and         l    Staying Healthy
provided by the NHS to help you develop          l   Support to stay healthy including falls
                                                     prevention and help to stop smoking          carpets are safe, making sure the home is               Unusual Behaviour.
the confidence, knowledge and skills                                                              well lit and warm and installing handrails
to tackle symptoms such as immobility,                                                            where necessary are all useful suggestions         Tel: 0300 303 5933 or
breathlessness, anxiety or daily pain. More      l   Equipment and advice for those with
                                                     sight and/or hearing problems                for improving safety.                              Email: to order
information about the service and how to
register can be found at:                                                                         Taking steps to improve and maintain your          or log on to the website to download or print.
                                                 l   Maintaining your home.                       health and general wellbeing is an important
Tel: 0303 303 0153                                                                                                                                   There are also audio versions online:
                                                 You can complete a SAIL form online or           aspect of falls prevention. Remaining active,
Web:                   over the telephone with Age UK Dorchester.       eating well, drinking enough fluids, paying
                                                                                                  attention to foot problems and wearing             Please see page 45 for more information.
                                                 Tel: 01305 269444
                                                                                                  properly fitting shoes and slippers can
Hospital stays                                   Email:               contribute to avoiding falls. Contact Safe
Hospital stays can be frightening for            Web:              and Independent Living (SAIL) if you would         Unusual behaviour
someone with dementia and can make them          independent-living                               like further help and advice.
                                                                                                                                                     People with dementia may develop
more confused than usual.                        There is a range of suppliers of equipment                                                          symptoms including restlessness,
It is important to let hospital staff know if    to help with every day living, remaining         Depression and anxiety                             delusions, hallucinations, apathy and
somebody has dementia as it may affect the       mobile and staying independent. Please                                                              sleep disturbances. Their behaviour can
                                                                                                  Depression and dementia share many                 be confusing or difficult to deal with and
type or nature of their medical treatment.       look at website:
                                                                                                  of the same symptoms. This can make it             this could leave you feeling stressed or
It can be helpful to complete a ‘This is Me’               difficult to identify depression in people with    helpless.
form to hand to hospital staff. See page 37      Equipment                                        dementia.The following Alzheimer’s Society
for more details. The Alzheimer’s Society                                                         factsheets may be useful:
has more information about hospital stays.
Tel: 0300 222 11 22

                                                16                                                                                                  17
Living well with memory loss and dementia in Dorset - A directory of services and support - Dorset CCG
Section 4                                        Staying Healthy                               Section 4                                       Staying Healthy

Alzheimer’s Society have produced a            Community Mental Health Teams
number of leaflets which may help.             for Older People
Factsheets are also available about drugs      The Community Mental Health Teams for older
that can be used to treat these symptoms if    people (CMHT-OP) help people who have a
non-drug treatments have not worked.           mental health problem and live in their home
                                               or a care home.
drugs/105/drug_treatments_for_                 The team includes occupational therapists,
alzheimers_disease/2                           mental health nurses and support workers.
                                               The service is for people aged 65 or over but
                                               the team does see people of any age suffering
USEFUL CONTACTS                                from memory loss or dementia.
Steps 2 Wellbeing                              You can contact the team yourself according
This service provides assessment and           to where you live or be referred by a GP,
treatment for common mental health             social worker or district nurse.
problems such as depression, anxiety,          Web:
obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias
and post-traumatic stress disorder across      Web:
Dorset. Treatments include individual and      Blandford                                       Shaftesbury                                   information, advice, guidance and
group therapy, self-help materials and                                                         Melbury Unit, Westminster Hospital            signposting.
signposting to other services.                 Blandford Community Hospital
                                               Tel: 01258 394045                               Tel: 01747 851625                             Tel: 0300 1231916
The services are provided in GP surgeries                                                      Sherborne                                     Email:
and other venues. People can either be         Bournemouth
referred by a professional or self-refer,      Kings Park Hospital                             Yeatman Hospital                              Alzheimer’s Society
according to where you live:                   Tel: 01202 705609                               Tel: 01935 815598
                                                                                                                                             Offers support and advice, also offers
Web:                 Bridport                                        Weymouth & Portland                           services and activities including Singing for
                                                                                               Weymouth Community Hospital                   the Brain and Memory Cafés.
West Dorset:                                   Bridport Community Hospital
                                               Tel: 01308 426291                               Tel: 01305 762505                             National Helpline Tel: 0300 222 11 22
Tel: 01305 367051
                                               Christchurch                                    Wimborne & Purbeck                            Web:
North Dorset:
                                               Fairmile House                                  15 Oakley Lane, Canford Magna                 Red Cross Medical Loan
Tel: 01305 367051                                                                              Tel: 01202 639560                             Equipment Service
                                               Tel: 01202 858158
Bournemouth and Christchurch:                                                                                                                Provides short-term loan of equipment for
Tel: 0300 7900 542                                                                             Useful local organisations that offer         those in need, which includes wheelchairs,
                                               Atrium Health Centre                                                                          high-back chairs, etc. Telephone for a full
Poole, Purbeck and East Dorset:                Tel: 01305 250861                               support for people with memory loss
                                                                                               and their carers.                             list of equipment available.
Tel: 0300 1231120                              Ferndown & West Moors
                                                                                               Memory Support and Advisory Service           Web:
Weymouth and Portland:                         15 Oakley Lane, Canford Magna
                                                                                               This service is run by Alzheimer’s Society    Bridport and Dorchester
Tel: 01305 367051                              Tel: 01202 639560
                                                                                               who support people with memory loss and       Tel: 01305 215951
                                               Poole                                           dementia, and their carers by providing
                                               Alderney Hospital
                                               Tel: 01202 305115                                                                             Tel: 01202 699453

                                              18                                                                                            19
Section 4                                       Staying Healthy                               Section 5                                             Keeping Active

Occupational Therapy                         Independent Living                            People with memory loss problems and                  Dorset POPP Wayfinders
Occupational therapy teams can assess the    There are two centres for independent         dementia can continue to enjoy many
                                                                                                                                                 (Dorset County Council area only)
needs of the person for whom you care and    living in Dorset, providing information and   activities, both individually and with others.
arrange for suitable help to be provided.    advice on a wide range of products to aid     Remaining physically and mentally active              Provide free, impartial and confidential
Contact the teams as follows:                independent living.                           can help them focus on the positive and fun           information and advice to people on a range
                                                                                           aspects of life.                                      of issues including:
Dorset                                       Products are available to test and
                                             information and advice is given as to where   There are numerous activities to get involved         l   Benefits
Tel: 01305 221016                                                                          in, for example:
                                             you can purchase.
Email:                                                                                                               l   Social activities and learning
                                             West Dorset                                   l   Interest groups                                       opportunities
                                             Mi Life Greenwood Centre for                      Lunch groups
Bournemouth                                  Independent Living
                                                                                           l                                                     l   Community transport
Tel: 01202 454979                            Maiden Castle Road, Dorchester DT1 2ER        l   Physical activities                               l   Care agencies
Email:         Open Monday to Thursday: 9am-4pm,                 Social groups and activities
                                                                                           l                                                     l   Reliable traders
Web:                  Friday: 9am-1pm.
                                             Tel: 033 300 30010                            l   Memory Cafes and Singing for the Brain.           l   Keeping healthy
                                             Email: milifegreenwood@                       To find clubs and activities in your area:
Tel: 01202 633902                                                                                                                                l   Legal issues
Email:                                                                                                                       Housing options
                                             North Dorset                                  Dorset                                                l
                                             Mi Life Blandford, Millennium House,          Tel: 01305 221016                                     l   Health care
                                             Sunrise Business Park, Higher Shaftesbury     Email:
                                             Road, Blandford DT11 8ST                                                                            l   Safety and security.
                                                                                           Bournemouth                                           Dorset POPP Wayfinders service is run by
                                             Open Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm
                                                                                           Tel: 01202 454979                                     Help and Care.
                                             Tel: 0333 777 3693
                                                                                           Email:                  Tel: 01305 548111
                                             Email: dorsetHIAcontactus@
                                                        Poole                                                 Email:
                                                                                           Tel: 01202 633902                                     Web:
                                                                                           Email:                        wayfinders

                                                                                           Dorset Libraries
                                                                                           Libraries are free to join and use and give
                                                                                           you access to wide collection of books,
                                                                                           films and music. Items can be renewed and
                                                                                           reserved online.

                                            20                                                                                              21
Section 5                                             Keeping Active                                Section 5                                          Keeping Active

Lunch clubs                                          Stepping into Nature is working to improve
For information on groups in your area,              health and wellbeing for Dorset’s older
contact:                                             people, those living with mild to moderate
                                                     dementia and their carers.
of-lunch-clubs                                       By providing sensory activities in Dorset’s
                                                     landscape for people to experience a
Dorset                                               personal and emotional connection to
Tel: 01305 221016                                    nature.
Email:                   Stepping into Nature is funded by the
                                                     National Lottery through the Big Lottery
Bournemouth                                          Fund.
Tel: 01202 454979                                    Web:
Email:                 health-and-wellbeing
Poole                                                Facebook:
Tel: 01202 633902
                                                     Twitter: www.twitter/stepin2nature

                                                     Social clubs and activities                    Groups for people with early onset              Memory Cafés
Physical activities
                                                     There are lots of different clubs and          dementia                                        The café is a place for people with dementia
Leisure centres                                      activities across Dorset. For more             There are groups for people with dementia       and their carers to meet others in a friendly,
There are numerous leisure centres across            information about what activities are taking   under the age of 70 and their carers run by     informal environment over a cup of tea and
the county of Dorset, which includes                 place near you:                                the Alzheimer’s Society.                        cake, with optional activities and talks.
Bournemouth and Poole, offering a wide               Web:
variety of leisure and sports activities such                                                       Tel: 01202 764352                               Staff are available to provide information
                                                     of-day-opportunities-and-activities                                                            and support.
as dementia friendly swimming, please                                                               A carer support group for people caring for
contact your local leisure centre to find out        Dorset                                         someone under the age of 65 years with          For details of your nearest group call
more.                                                Tel: 01305 221016                              a diagnosis of dementia meets every two         Alzheimer’s Society on
Healthy walks                                        Email:             months at the Haymoor Day Hospital in the       Tel: 01202 764352 or look online:
                                                                                                    grounds of Alderney Hospital.
Regular short guided health walks every              Bournemouth                                                                                    Web:
week throughout Dorset, which includes                                                              Tel: Sue Mitchell, occupational 			             of-day-opportunities-and-activities
Bournemouth and Poole, to help keep you              Tel: 01202 454979                                   therapist, 01202 705568
fit and healthy. All walks are free.                                                                                                                Singing for the Brain
Web:                                                                                                                       Singing for the Brain is a fun, stimulating
                                                     Poole                                          Singing for the Brain and Memory Cafés
healthwalks                                                                                                                                         and social activity for people in the early
                                                     Tel: 01202 633902                              If you are affected by dementia or care for     to moderate stages of dementia and their
Web:                                                                    someone with dementia and would like to         carers.
                                                                                                    meet others in a similar situation, you will    Call Alzheimer’s Society on 01202 764352
                                                                                                    be welcomed at the Alzheimer’s Society          for details of your nearest group or look
                                                                                                    groups and activities.                          online:

                                                22                                                                                                 23
Section 5        Keeping Active    Section 5                                        Keeping Active

                                  Melodies for Memories                         The Countrymen’s Club
                                  Informal and fun music groups across          The Countrymen’s Club runs programmes
                                  Dorset run by Age UK for anyone who           for those aged 50+ from Rylands Farm and
                                  enjoys music and is affected by memory        also there is a separate club for their carers.
                                  loss.                                         As the session content is led by the
                                  Web:          Countrymen it is a varied programme but it
                                  of-day-opportunities-and-activities           always involves time outside in the fresh air
                                  Dorset                                        – come rain or shine!

                                  Tel: 01305 221016                             The project is open to all, but is designed
                                                                                to address rural isolation and meet the
                                  Email:            needs of those with lifelong conditions who
                                  Bournemouth                                   find it difficult to socialise & access the
                                                                                countryside or work activity.
                                  Tel: 01202 454979
                                                                                Rylands Farm
                                  Poole                                         Boyshill Drove, Holnest,
                                  Tel: 01202 633902                             Sherborne
                                                                                Dorset DT9 5PS
                                                                                Tel: 01963 210703
                                  Arts 4 Dementia
                                  Gives information on arts events and          countrymens-club/
                                  dementia friendly arts and heritage venues
                                  available locally for people with dementia
                                  and their families in the community.
                                  Tel: For more information, call Veronica
                                       Franklin Gould on 07713 636381 or

            24                                                                 25
            24                                                                 25
Local services offering
    Section 5                                          Keeping Active                                 Section 6                                   care and support
                                                                                                  As well as health and social care               online and bid for properties you would like
                                                                                                  information and support, practical help can     to be considered for.
                                                                                                  make all the difference to the person with      Web:
                                                                                                  dementia and their carers. For example,
                                                                                                  you can get help with the following:            Bournemouth
                                                                                                                                                  Tel: 01202 451467
                                                                                                  l   Household tasks such as shopping, odd
                                                                                                      jobs around the house and gardening         Christchurch

                                                                                                  l   Equipment and aids to make life 		          Tel: 01202 795213
                                                                                                      easier and which can help to remain 		      East Dorset
                                                                                                      independent                                 Tel: 01202 795213
                                                                                                  l   Community transport to help you get to      North Dorset
                                                                                                      appointments or social and leisure
                                                                                                                                                  Tel: 01258 454111
                                                                                                  l   Opportunities to look at alternative
                                                                                                                                                  Tel: 01202 633804
                                                                                                      housing to suit your needs.
                                                                                                                                                  Tel: 01929 557370
                                                                                                  Accommodation services
                                                                                                                                                  West Dorset
                                                                                                  Dorset Accessible Homes Service
                                                                                                                                                  Tel: 01305 251010
                                                                                                  Dorset County Council area only.
                                                                                                                                                  Weymouth and Portland
Day Centres                                           Dorset has a number of day centres in       Dorset Accessible Homes Service offers
                                                      towns and villages throughout the county.   free information, advice and support            Tel: 01305 838000
Day centres provide support to enable
                                                                                                  to anybody who needs it. The service
people to live as independent and fulfilling          Web:        provides:
a life as possible and also to give carers a          of-day-opportunities-and-activities                                                         Aids and equipment
break.                                                                                            l   Adapting and repairing your home
                                                      Dorset                                                                                      Help and Care Handiworks
They are run by qualified and experienced
staff and provide a number of activities,             Tel: 01305 221016                           l   Helping to keep your home safe              Handiworks is a low-cost home repairs
intended to:                                          Email:                                                          service for people over 18 and their carers
                                                                                                  l   Exploring your housing options              living in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch,
l   Help you gain the practical skills needed         Bournemouth                                                                                 East Dorset and Purbeck.
                                                                                                  l   Helping you access other local services
    for independent living, such as cooking           Tel: 01202 454979                                                                           For an annual fee of around £30 and a low
    and laundry                                                                                       Checking whether you are entitled to any    hourly rate, membership of the scheme
                                                      Email:        l
                                                                                                      financial help.                             provides residents with reliable help with
l   Give you advice on a range of subjects            Poole
                                                                                                  Tel: 0333 00 300 10                             minor DIY jobs around the home and takes
    including opportunities to try out
                                                      Tel: 01202 633902                                                                           the worry out of finding reliable contractors.
    equipment to help with daily living tasks                                                     Web:
                                                      Email:                                                              Tel: 0300 111 3303
l   Provide gentle exercise and help with                                                         Dorset Home Choice
    mobility                                                                                                                                      Email:
                                                                                                  Dorset Home Choice is the housing register
                                                                                                  for the whole of Dorset. You can register       Web:
l   Provide social activities such as craft
    and hobbies, games, outings and

                                                 26                                                                                              27
Local services offering                                                                           Local services offering
 Section 6                                  care and support                                         Section 6                                care and support
Handy Van Service                                   North Dorset                                                                                 Blue Badge Scheme
The Handy Van service enables people                Mi Life Blandford, Millennium House,                                                         The Disabled Parking (Blue Badge) scheme
aged over 60 in Bournemouth and Poole               Sunrise Business Park, Higher Shaftesbury                                                    is a national arrangement of parking
to get minor repairs, security measures             Road, Blandford DT11 8ST                                                                     concessions for people with severe walking
and smaller adaptations carried out in              Open Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm                                                               difficulties, who travel either as drivers or
their homes. Depending on the person’s                                                                                                           passengers.
individual circumstances there may be a             Tel: 0333 777 3693                                                                           scheme-information-council
charge for materials or labour or both.             Email: dorsetHIAcontactus@                                                                   Dorset
East Boro Housing Trust                   
                                                                                                                                                 Tel: 01305 224321
Tel: 01202 883503                                                                                                                                Email:
Email:                         Personal care in the home
                                                                                                                                                 Apply online:
Web:                                Personal care means getting help with your                                                   blue-badge
                                                    daily routine from getting up in the morning
Red Cross Medical Loan Equipment                    through to going to bed at night. Some of                                                    Bournemouth
Service                                             the things personal care can help you with                                                   Tel: 01202 458744
                                                                                                   Community transport
Provides short-term loan of equipment for           include:                                                                                     Email:
those in need, which includes wheelchairs,                                                         Community Transport is complementary
high-back chairs, etc. Telephone for a full         l   Dressing and undressing                    to public transport and aims to work with     Apply online:
list of equipment available:                                                                       commercial operators, feeding into main       badge
                                                    l   Washing, showering and bathing             routes as well as providing door-to-door
Web:                                                                                                                         Poole
                                                                                                   services for mobility impaired passengers.
Bridport and Dorchester                             l   Using the toilet                                                                         Tel: 01202 633605
                                                                                                   You can find details of your local schemes
Tel: 01305 215951                                   l   Food shopping and cooking.                 online or by telephone.                       Email:
Poole                                               A care agency can arrange for a care           Web:          Apply online:
                                                    assistant to visit you at home to help for a   of-transport                                  badge
Tel: 01202 699453
                                                    few hours a week or more. You can also
                                                    employ a care assistant to live in your home   Dorset
                                                    as a full time carer. To find a care agency:   Dorset County Council produces a directory    National key scheme for toilets
Independent living
                                                    Web:           of voluntary car schemes, dial-a-ride and     This scheme offers disabled people access
There are two centres for independent                                                              other community transport initiatives.        to about 9,000 locked public toilets across
living in Dorset, providing information and         of-home-care
                                                                                                   Tel: 01305 221053                             the UK.
advice on a wide range of products to aid           Dorset
independent living.Products are available to                                                       Email:            You can buy a key for around £4.50
test and information and advice is given as         Tel: 01305 221016                                                                            (including postage and packaging) from
                                                    Email:             Web:          Disability Rights UK.
to where you can purchase.
West Dorset                                         Bournemouth                                                                                  Visit the online shop at:
                                                                                                   Bournemouth                          or call
Mi Life Greenwood Centre for Independent            Tel: 01202 454979                                                                            020 7250 8191 or from some local Tourist
                                                                                                   Tel: 01202 451451
Living Maiden Castle Road, Dorchester               Email:                                                         Information Centres.
DT1 2ER. Open Monday to Thursday: 9am-                                                             Email:
4pm, Friday: 9am-1pm.                               Poole                                                                                        The Dorset Loo Guide gives a
                                                    Tel: 01202 633902                                                                            comprehensive list of disabled toilet facilities
Tel: 033 300 30010                                                                                 Tel: 01202 633902                             throughout the county and is also available
Email: milifegreenwood@                             Email:                                                               from some Tourist Information Centres.

                                               28                                                                                               29
Local services offering
    Section 6                                care and support                                          Section 7                                      Support for carers
                                                     l   Housing options                                                                              Your rights as a carer
Age UK
                                                     l   Health care                                                                                  As a carer you have the right to:
Tel: 0800 678 1174 (Advice Line)
Email:                          l   Safety and security.                                                                         l   A carer’s assessment
Web:                                Dorset POPP Wayfinders service is run by                                                         l   Have your views taken into consideration
                                                     Help and Care.                                                                                       by social services when they are
Alzheimer’s Society
                                                     Tel: 01305 548111                                                                                    deciding how best to provide for the
Offer support and advice, also offers                                                                                                                     person you care for.
services and activities including Singing for        Email:
the Brain and Memory Cafés.                                                                                                                           You may also have the right to:
The Alzheimer’s Society helpcard is for              of-wayfinders                                                                                    l   Request flexible working from your
people with dementia to use and carry                Help and Care also provides a range of                                                               employer
with them, to maintain their independence.           other services including information and
To obtain a Helpcard Pack containing                                                                                                                  l   Receive financial support through
                                                     advice and one-to-one support.
copies of the helpcard, a plastic wallet and                                                                                                              Carer’s Allowance
information:                                         Tel: 0300 111 3303 (Helpline)
                                                                                                                                                      l   Assistance from social services
Tel: 0300 303 5933 or                                Email:
Email: to order             Web:                                                                      l   Respite care to give you a break.
or log on to the website to download or              Memory Gateway
print.                                                                                                                                                Carer’s assessment
                                                     Memory services for people living in Dorset
There are also audio versions online:                providing help and support for you and your                                                      Carers can request an assessment by
web:                family to maintain choice, independence,                                                         contacting:
                                                     and control over your life if you are worried
Dorset POPP Wayfinders                               about your memory, in need of a memory                                                           Bournemouth
(Dorset County Council area only)                    assessment or living with dementia. Contact                                                      Tel: 01202 454979
                                                     the Memory Support and Advisory Service
Provide free, impartial and confidential             for help and more information.                                                                   Complete online: www.mylifemycare.
information and advice to people on a range                                                          A carer is someone of any age who                com/support-and-services-for-carers/
of issues including:                                 Memory Support and Advisory Service             provides unpaid support to family or friends     assessment
                                                                                                     who could not manage without this help.
                                                     Run by Alzheimer’s Society. Supports                                                             Poole
l   Benefits                                         people with memory loss and dementia,           This may be physical, emotional or social
                                                     and their carers by providing information,      care. It may involve a lot of daily input or     Tel: 01202 633902
l   Social activities and learning
                                                     advice, guidance and signposting.               more occasional help.                            Dorset
                                                     Tel: 0300 123 1916                              Caring for a friend, partner or relative can     Tel: 01305 221016
l   Community transport                                                                              be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but
                                                     Email:                 it is also a big undertaking and can leave       Complete online: www.mylifemycare.
l   Care agencies                                    My Life My Care                                 you feeling tired and stressed, but there is     com/support-and-services-for-carers/
                                                                                                     support available.                               assessment
l   Reliable traders                                 Information and advice about care and
                                                     support for adults in Dorset, including         You can find a wide range of information
l   Keeping healthy                                  Bournemouth and Poole.                          and advice for carers on My Life My
                                                     Web:                 Care:
l   Legal issues                                                                                     independent-living

                                                30                                                                                                   31
Section 7                                        Support for carers                                     Section 7                                        Support for carers

An assessment will be undertaken by a                 Carer’s Allowance                                They may be run by national or local               Oakley Friends (a carers’ group) are a
member of the Community Care Team or a                                                                 organisations or local people who have the         volunteer based group of carers of family
                                                      The Carer’s Allowance is a benefit to help
specialised caseworker and may lead to a                                                               direct experience of being a carer.                and loved ones with dementia based in East
                                                      people who look after someone who is
support plan for the carer.                                                                            If you would like to join a group but feel you     Dorset. Their aim is to provide support and
                                                      disabled. You don’t have to be related to, or
                                                                                                       can’t because of caring responsibility, talk to    helpful advice to carers to enable them to
A carer’s assessment is a way of getting a            live with, the person you care for.
                                                                                                       your carers’ caseworker who will be able to        cope with the difficult tasks ahead of them.
clear picture of the circumstances of a carer         To find out who is eligible contact the
                                                                                                       look at supporting you to do so.                   It offers emotional support and reduces
and the person they care for.                         Carer’s Allowance Unit:                                                                             isolation for carers.
It looks at the difficulties and pressure both                                                         To find your nearest group:
                                                      Tel: 0345 608 4321                                                                                  The group meets on the last Wednesday
are under and it acknowledges the help                                                                 Web:
                                                          0345 604 5312 (Textphone)                                                                       of each month at The Canford Magna
already received and looks at what help                                                                of-carers-support-groups                           Centre in Oakley Lane, Canford Magna, Nr
may be needed.                                        Email: cau.customer-services@
                                                                                                       Dorset                                             Wimborne, Dorset.
It is not an assessment of how good you are 
                                                                                                       Tel: 01305 221016                                  Tel: 01202 880114/ 690554/ 021705
at caring, but is about the support that may          Web:
be available to help you in your role as a                                                             Email:                 Email:
carer.                                                                                                                                                    Web:
                                                      Short Break Service
                                                                                                       Tel: 01202 454979                                  Kings Park carers training for carers of
Support to carers                                     The Short Break Service is available to                                                             family and loved ones with dementia
                                                      carers in Dorset who look after a friend or      Email:               is provided by Dorset HealthCare NHS
Support for carers is available from several          relative with an illness or disability and who   Poole                                              Foundation Trust and is run over 10 weeks
sources.                                              cannot be left alone.                                                                               with three courses held per year.
Dorset                                                                                                 Tel: 01202 633902
                                                      Help and Care manage the service and will                                                           Email:
Help & Care on 0300 111 3303                          organise a carer from a registered agency        Email:
                                                      to stay with the person while you take a                                                            Tel: 01202 705568
Bournemouth or Poole                                  break.                                                                                              Web:
Carers Centre on 01202 458204                                                                          Carer group of loved ones with early onset
                                                      You will need a carer’s assessment to use        dementia
                                                      this service.
                                                                                                       A new carers group for carers of a                 Emotional support training for carers
Register as a carer with the council                  Please see page 31 for more information.         person with a young onset dementia.                This training is for carers of loved ones or
Registering as a carer with the council will                                                           It is going to be held once every two              family members with dementia who would
give you access to a wide range of support,                                                            months on a Saturday. Contact Sue                  like to learn how to manage stress, gain
                                                      Carers’ groups                                   Mitchell, occupational therapist, for further
advice and information.                                                                                                                                   wellbeing advice and know how to look after
                                                      When you are caring for someone, life can        information:                                       themselves to cope with the demands of
You should register with the council                  sometimes feel like a constant battle and
responsible for the person you are caring                                                              Older Persons Mental Health Services               caring.
                                                      carers can feel exhausted, worried, upset
for (even if this is not your local council).         and isolated.                                    Tel: 01202 705568                                  The training explains dementia from
Dorset                                                                                                                                                    diagnosis, the different types and stages,
                                                      There are a number of carers groups              Mob: 07796272614                                   and behaviours and how to manage these
Tel: 01305 221016                                     available that can help, meeting regularly,      Email:                       and how to prevent a crisis.
Register online: www.mylifemycare.                    some weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
                                                                                                       Web:                   To find out more about the training courses
com/support-and-services-for-carers/                  Many offer a varied programme of events,                                                            please contact:
registration                                          which may include speakers, leisure and
                                                      health activities and outings.                                                                      Tel: 01202 305093
Bournemouth or Poole                                                                                   Carers’ training
Tel: 01202 458204                                                                                      If you are a carer, you may find it useful to
                                                                                                       attend a carers’ training course.                  Web:
Register online:

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Section 7                                   Support for carers                                       Section 8                                Adult care and support
Carers in crisis                                    Carers UK
If, due to an emergency or accident, you            Provides information and support for carers
were unable to provide the usual care to the        including information about benefits, carer’s
person you are caring for, Carers in Crisis         assessments and employment rights.If
can help.More information is available from:        English is not your first language Careline
                                                    will provide an interpreter. Advisers can also
Dorset                                              be contacted through typetalk.
Tel: 01305 221016                                   Tel: 0808 808 7777
Apply online:                 Web:
in-crisis                                           Citizens Advice
Poole                                               National network of free advice centres
                                                    offering confidential and independent
Tel: 01202 633902                                   advice, face-to-face or by telephone.
Email:                      Tel: 0344 245 1291 (Dorset AdviceLine)
Bournemouth                                         Web: (self-
Tel: 01202 458204                                   help website offering practical information)     Providing care and support                         l   Signposting to alternative equipment
                                                    See page 45 for further information and                                                                 suppliers, benefits advice and other
                                                                                                     People with or without dementia and their              services
                                                    local numbers.                                   carers sometimes need care and support.
                                                    Carers Trust                                     In Dorset this is provided by a range of           l   Minor adaptations to improve access to
Age UK                                                                                                                                                      areas of your home, such as hand rails
                                                    The Carers Trust works to improve the            agencies including the NHS, Adult Social
Tel: 0800 678 1174 (advice line)                                                                     Care and community and voluntary                       and ramps, up to £1000
                                                    support services and recognition of carers.
Web:                               Provides information, support services and       organisations.
                                                                                                                                                        l   Recommendations for major adaptations
Alzheimer’s Society                                 practical help.                                  Adult Social Care can provide help and                 to improve access to areas of your home,
                                                    Tel: 0300 772 9600                               advice on the following services and also act          such as stair lifts or wet rooms - advice
National Dementia Helpline                                                                           as a referral to other organisations.                  and assistance can be given about
Tel: 0300 222 11 22                                 Email:
                                                                                                     Occupational Therapy                                   funding
The following factsheets may be useful:             Web:
                                                                                                     Occupational Therapists (OTs) offer help           l   Assistance in your discharge from
                                                    Help and Care                                    and advice to people who are unable to do              hospital.
l   Respite Care
                                                    Provides advice and support to carers on a       everyday tasks due to physical illness, long-
                                                                                                     term disability, learning disability or issues     Reablement
l   Dealing with guilt                              wide range of issues.
                                                                                                     associated with ageing. They will help you         If you have had an illness, accident or just
                                                    Tel: 0300 111 3303 (Helpline)                    to be as independent as possible and to            come home from hospital, you might find
l   Looking after yourself.
                                                    Email:                reduce obstacles within your environment.          it difficult to look after yourself. You might
Tel: 0300 303 5933 or                                                                                Services available include:                        not feel strong enough to cope or you may
                                                    NHS Carers Direct
Email: to order                                                                                                                simply have lost confidence.
or log on to the website to download or             Provides help and support if you want to         l   Free loan of equipment such as
                                                    talk to someone about your caring role and           commodes, perching stools and items to         Reablement is a short period of intensive
print. There are also audio versions online:                                                                                                            support in your home. Staff will work with
                                                    the options available to you.                        raise the height of a chair or bed
Web:                                                                                                                   you to help you regain old skills or develop
                                                    It offers free confidential information and      l   Advice and equipment to help you 		            new ones.
                                                    advice for carers by email or phone.                 transfer from a bed to a chair or to get in
                                                    Tel: 0300 123 1053                                   and out of the bath

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