MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU

MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU
MEDIA PACK 2019/20
                      We will connect your brand
                     to more than 18,000 students

            17 runner-up

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MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU

WHY STUDENTS?                              02

STUDENT TIMELINE 2019 - 2020               03

FRESHERS’ FAIR                             04

ARRIVALS MARKETING                         05

ARRIVALS PACKAGES                          06

DIGITAL                                    07

POSTERS AND VINYLS                         08

LEAFLETS                                   09

PROMOTIONAL STANDS                         10

EVENT STANDS                               11

NERVE MAGAZINE                             12

NERVE RADIO 87.9FM & ONLINE                13


SPONSOR A CLUB OR SOCIETY                  16


MARKETING PACKAGES                         20

TESTIMONIALS                               21

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MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU
The Students’ Union at Bournemouth University                                                    Bournemouth University students alone spend
(SUBU) is the best place to help you start a
                                                           £23 BILLION          £2 BILLION
                                                                                                 over £125 million annually across the following
conversation with over 18,000 students!                    ANNUALLY             ON SOCIALISING   categories:

Many of our students are moving away from                  £3.5 BILLION         £2 BILLION
home for the first time and are deciding which
                                                           ON FOOD              ON OTHER                  £58 MILLION
brands best suit their needs. This presents the                                                           ON ACCOMMODATION
perfect opportunity to showcase your brand and
create long-term brand loyalty with this highly
sought after demographic.                                                                                 £28 MILLION
                                                           BAM Agency LTD
                                                                                                          ON FOOD & BEVERAGES
SUBU is affiliated with Bournemouth University,
giving us exclusivity to allow clients to market
to BU students.
                                                                                                          £15 MILLION
                                                                                                          ON RECREATION
SUBU is a brand that BU students acknowledge
and trust, we have a deep knowledge of our                                                                £10 MILLION
student population and will work with you to fine
tune your messages.
                                                                                                          ON TRANSPORT
                                                                                                          £14 MILLION
            STUDENT SPENDING                                                                              ON OTHER

There are 2.2 million students in the UK,
spending £23 billion annually and they make
up the most profitable group in the 18-24
age bracket.                                                                                     Economic Impact Report 2013

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MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU
The student market has many attributes that make it an

WHY STUDENTS?                                ideal target market, such as being early adopters, the
                                             unique community environment at University, high
                                             disposable income and developing brand loyalty.

 EARLY ADOPTERS                                       For many students the first moments at
                                                      University allows or even forces them to make
 Students are generally early adopters;               their own choices, they decide what they think,
 experiencing a milestone in their life               what they do and more importantly for brands,
 and real taste of independence                       what they buy or who they invest their time with.

 COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENT                                All students live in a Community Environment,
                                                      where brand activations spread like wildfire, a
 The nature of the University community               community of like minded individuals all going
 environment allows for relationships between         through a similar journey at the same time allows
 brand and students to take hold faster               early adoption to take hold faster.

 DISPOSABLE INCOME                                    UK Students put a jaw-dropping £23 billion into
                                                      the economy each year. Of course the bulk of        BRAND LOYALTY
 There are many sources out there that show           this is spent on accommodation, however it is       After the first 3 months students’ choices
 just how big the spending power of students          estimated that students spend approximately         start to form and brand association and
 is in the UK market                                  £3.5 billion on food, £2 billion on entertainment   loyalty starts to build.
                                                      and socialising and another £2 billion on
                                                      non-essential items.                                At the start of each year, around 18,000 new
                                                                                                          students arrive at Bournemouth University.
                                                                                                          They are about to make lifelong brand choices
 WHY THE STUDENTS’ UNION AT BOURNEMOUTH UNIVERSITY?                                                       so it is imperative for brands to ensure their
                                                                                                          message is fun and engaging, showing their
 If the youth market is your target market then you’ve come to the right place! The Students’ Union has
                                                                                                          brands personality.
 close contact with 18,000 students and advertising through SUBU gives you the opportunity to reach
 out to our students in a range of different ways. By marketing your brand with SUBU, we will be in
 effect endorsing your brand to our students.
                                                                                                                         Insight from student marketing
 SUBU is a non-profit charity, so the profit generated from external marketing and sponsorship goes                      experts BAM Agency LTD
 back into our day to day work, improving the lives of our students and ensuring that we offer the
 necessary support to enable them to succeed.

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MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU
Events that you can be involved in

WHY     TIMELINE 2019 - 2020
    STUDENT?                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Term & holiday dates
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Student loan payments

September                                                                                                                                   october                                                                                  Novemember                                                              December
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      e                                                              s
                                                                                                                                                                                                             i   m                                                                ie
                                                                                                                                                                          h                               -T                                                                    on
                                                                                                                                        9                                t                             rt                                                                                                                                                                                                               an
                     ts                                                                                                              01                               on                            Pa                                                                    em                                                                                                                                          lo
                   en lls                               &                                            et                             2                                M                           &                                                                      r                                                                                                                                         t
                 ud ha                               ek s
                                                      an                                           rk                        ai
                                                                                                                                r                            ry                                 g 19                                                                 Ce                                                        ai
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        k                                      en
             s t                                o We tart                                        a                         ’F                               o                                 in 0                                                               n                                                           sF                                       ea                                    ud
          w nto                             t L
                                                   s  s                                       tM                        rs                             ist                                e er ir 2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              io                                                            a                                     Br                                      St
        ne e i                            en val 1                                        de
                                                                                                                                                      H                                 nt Fa                                                           du                                                             tm
     5 o   v                            ud rri erm                                     u                           e                            a                                     lu b                                                       ra                                                                ris                                in                                         in
   4. m                             S t    A     T                                   St                         Fr                          Bl                                      Vo Jo                                                       G                                                                Ch                                 W                                      W

Sat 21st                          Mon 23rd                                    Fri 27th                    SAT 28th                      Tues 1st                          Wed 2nd                                                       Mon 4th                                                          Tues 3rd                             Mon 16th                                  Fri 24th
Sun 22nd                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fri 8th                                                                                              Fri 3rd Jan

January                                                 February                      March                                                                                           April                                                                                                                           May                                                     June
                                                                                                                                             ke                                                                           an                                                                                                                                                                                                                w
                                                                                                                 al                        ar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ie
                                                                                                              iv                        tm                                     ai
                                                                                                                                                                                 r                                    Lo                            s                                                                                                                                                                                   v
                                                       s                     ai
                                                                                                       ay est                                                                                                     t                          rd                                                                                                                                                                                      Re                            es
                          ts                       am                      ’F                        D F                            e n                                      tF                                en                           w
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ak                              s                        hy t                                                  ll                                    al                            ish
                                                 Ex                       s                        ld al                         ud                                      en                                ud                             Aa                                e                             rt                        op en                         s                        a                                     u                             n
                   St                                                  er                        or n                         St                                                                        St                           es                                  Br                           st
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         a                        Tr Sol                am                              rB                                    nn                            Fi
                                                                     sh                         W atio                                                            itm                                                             iti                                                                                                                 Ex
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      e                                      A
                                                                  re                                                      n g                                   ru                                  g                                                                g                            3                            ity s                                                m
          rm                         nu                          f                           ne n                      ri                                    c                                  rin                            tiv                             rin                           rm                              rs v                ay                              m                                                                 rm
       Te                          Ja                         Re                            O ter                   Sp                                    Re                                  Sp                           Ac                               Sp                            Te                               Va BU                M                              Su                                 SU                            Te

Mon 6TH                        Mon 20TH                    Tues 4TH                 Thurs 5TH                 Tues 10TH                     Wed 25TH                                Mon 6TH                     Tues 7TH                        Mon 6th                                Mon 27th                   Wed 6th                    Mon 18th                       Sat 6th                        Wed 3rd                          Sun 21st
                               FRI 31ST                                                                                                                                                                                                         Fri 24th                                                                                     Fri 29th

    BOOK NOW                                               		01202 961461                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MEDIA PACK 2019/20                                                              03
MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU
FRESHERS’ FAIR                                  In the student market? Then meet up to 6,000
                                                potential customers in one day!

 The SUBU Freshers’ Fair is a huge exhibition that is free to
 attend for over 18,000 Bournemouth University and Arts
 University Bournemouth students. Included in the fair are all                                                                                                                  Proudly presented by your SUBU

 of the SUBU clubs and societies, BU sports teams, local and
 BU groups together with a collection of local and national
 businesses, live entertainment, sports demos, music, food
 and drink! It’s officially one of the best Freshers’ Fairs in the
 country! It has been ranked No 1 in 2016, runner up in 2017
 and 2018 in the national BAM Marketing Survey. There are

                                                                                                                                                              exhib mercial
 over 5,000 new first year students to the area each year.

                                                                                                                                                            90+ c
                                                                                                                                          & Netwbs, socs
 This year’s SUBU Freshers’ Fair is on Saturday 28th September


 2019, 10am - 3pm, and will bring the arrivals period to a


                                                                                                                                                                                                 BU Te
                                                                                                                         BU te
 climax for 5,000 new students and 13,000 returning students.


                                                                                                                    BU &

                                                                                                                                                                                             60+ S
EXHIBITION STAND With Free parking, WIFI and Power on Request | ALL PRICES

                                                                                                              32 SU
                                                                SUBJECT TO VAT                                                                       You are invited to the
                                                                                                                                                     UK’s #1 Freshers’ Fair!
VEHICLE                      CENTRAL                     3M X 12M                                                                             Meet every SUBU club, society and group
                                                                                                     £1,200                                        Loads of life-enriching opportunities
LARGE                        OUTDOOR                     DISPLAY SPACE                                                                    Hundreds of freebies, offers, sights and sounds

                                                                                                                                                           Hundreds of freebies and offers
VEHICLE                      CENTRAL                     3M X 5M                                                                                                              *10am - 11am
                                                                                                     £1000                           First hour especially for those with accessibility needs
STANDARD                     OUTDOOR                     DISPLAY SPACE                                                                                      And many more big student brands

                             PREMIUM                     4M X 1M

                                                                                                                                                                              17 runner-up

                             INDOOR SPOT                 TABLE
                             INDOOR                      2M X 1M
GOLD                         SPOT                        TABLE

                             OUTDOOR                     3M X 3M                Additional £50
SILVER                       BOULEVARD                   GAZEBO                 FOR POWER OUTDOORS

04            BOOK NOW        		01202 961461                                                    MEDIA PACK 2019/20
MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU
          STUDENT WELCOME MAP                 10,000 MAPS                                                               PRE-ARRIVALS 12,500 STUDENT
                                                                                                        £250                                                £300
          80mm x 50mm SIzed Advert            PRINTED                                                                   E-SHOT       INBOXES REACHED

A detailed double sided map of Bournemouth Town Centre with Lansdowne & Talbot Campus,                         The Pre-Arrivals E-Shot has a reach of 12,500+
illustrating key university buildings, landmarks and venues. The Welcome Maps are readily available            students, including the complete up to date list
to students across campus, including their halls of residence and venues across Bournemouth on the             of 4,500 1st years.
arrivals weekend. The maps will also be used by BU, SUBU, halls of residence and student volunteer
teams to assist new students around campus and the surrounding area.

          FIRST YEAR HALLS                    1,500 LEAFLET PACKS

Leaflet distribution happens on Friday 20th September, ready for move in day on Saturday 21st
September. 1,500 leaflet packs will be distributed, 2 per student kitchen reaching 4,500 BU students.
Your leaflets are required by Monday 16th September.

          Freshers’ fair welcome              4,000 BAGS
          cotton shoppING BAGS                PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED
YOUR LOGO ON THE BAG: Be one of six 105mm x 75mm sized logos on each side of the bag.
The Welcome Cotton Shoppers are given out at Freshers’ Fair & carried by thousands of                   £250
students to gather their freebies.

INSERT YOUR LEAFLETS OR SAMPLES: Feature your leaflets or samples inside the Freshers’
Fair Welcome Cotton Shoppers for thousands of students to enjoy.                                        £250

 BOOK NOW      		01202 961461                                       MEDIA PACK 2019/20               05
MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU
ARRIVALS PACKAGE DEALS                                         Maximise your reach and save
                                                               money with our arrivals packages!

     PLATINUM 20% DISCOUNT                           GOLD 15% DISCOUNT                                   SILVER 10% DISCOUNT
             GOLD FRESHERS’                                      Arrivals                                          STUDENT
                                       £850                                                £300                                              £250
             FAIR PITCH                                          E-SHOT                                            WELCOME MAP
             ARRIVALS                                            STUDENT                                           ARRIVALS HALLS
                                       £300                                                £250                                              £150
             E-SHOT                                              WELCOME MAP                                       LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION
             STUDENT                                             ARRIVALS HALLS                                    FRESHERS WELCOME
                                       £250                                                £150                                              £250
             WELCOME MAP                                         LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION                              COTTON SHOPPER
             ARRIVALS HALLS                                      FRESHERS WELCOME
                                       £150                                                £250
             LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION                                COTTON SHOPPER
                                                                                                                   FULL PACKAGE PRICE        £650
             FRESHERS WELCOME                                                                         DEAL PRICE
             SHOPPER LEAFLETS                                                                           £585         10% DISCOUNT- SAVING YOU £65!
             FULL PACKAGE PRICE       £1,800                    FULL PACKAGE PRICE         £950
DEAL PRICE                                        DEAL PRICE

 £1,440       20% DISCOUNT - SAVING YOU £360!     £807.50       15% DISCOUNT - SAVING YOU £142.50!       BRONZE 5% DISCOUNT
                                                                                                                   ARRIVALS HALLS
                                                                                                                   LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION
                                                                                                                   FRESHERS WELCOME
                                                                                                                   COTTON SHOPPER

                                                                                                                   FULL PACKAGE PRICE        £400
                                                                                                     DEAL PRICE
                                                                                                                    10% DISCOUNT- SAVING YOU £97.50!
                                                                                                       £380          5% DISCOUNT - SAVING YOU £20!

06           BOOK NOW     		01202 961461                              MEDIA PACK 2019/20
MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU
                                                                                             Do you offer a Student Discount? If so register
                       Cost effective digital marketing options: Direct, quick,              for a FREE listing on our Student Discount page:
                       trackable & allows direct cross-over onto your media channels

              DIGITAL SCREENS                                                                         SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE
We have 3 landscape screens showing 6 slides for
10 seconds each.

Landscape Screens:
3 Available in key locations:                                                                             4 SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS
Poole House Atrium                                                                                    FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER
Dylan’s Bar staircase entrance
Ground Up Cafe facing the busy queue                                                                   BUY 3 POSTS AND GET 1 FREE
Based on venue transactions your screen
advertisements will recieve over 4,000 daily views!                                          £150         25% DISCOUNT - SAVING YOU £50!

         DIGITAL MARKETING                       YOUR REACH                                               DIGITAL PACKAGE
                     STUDENT                     12,500                                                 EMAIL
                                                                           £300 PER SEND                                             £300
                     E-SHOT                      REach                                                  CAMPAIGN
                     WEB BANNER                  94,200 users                                           SOCIAL MEDIA
                                                                           £300 PER MONTH                                            £200
                     SUBU.ORG.UK                 694,200 ANNUAL VIEWS                                   4 POSTS
                     3 DIGITAL SCREENS           4,000                                                  3 DIGITAL
                                                                           £200 PER MONTH                                            £200
                     in key locations            DAILY VIEWS                                            SCREENS
                     SUBU FACEBOOK               14,400 LIKES                                  GREAT FOR A FAST TURN-AROUND AND RESULTS!
                                                                           £50    PER POST
                     SUBU TWITTER                11,800 FOLLOWERS
                     SUBU INSTAGRAM              2,700 FOLLOWERS                             £595        15% DISCOUNT - SAVING YOU £105!

 BOOK NOW      		01202 961461                    MEDIA PACK 2019/20            07
MEDIA PACK 2019/20 We will connect your brand to more than 18,000 students - SUBU
POSTERS AND VINYLS                                   Traditional direct marketing straight into the eye-line of students on
                                                     campus with numerous high footfall locations on campus available.

  SUBU has over 40 x A2 and 6 x A0 poster
  sites available across campus for commercial
  clients. The posters are situated in high
  footfall locations across campus; around cash
  machines, above hand dryers in the toilets,
  above printers in the library, lecture hall
  entrance lobbies and University corridors.

  Posters can be up all year around. You only
  pay for the 35 teaching weeks. You can extend
  the time posters are up if that period is over a
  student break.

                  A2 POSTERS                                           A0 POSTERS                                      DYLAN’S BAR TABLE VINYLS
  W: 420MM        £20     1 POSTER | PER WEEK         W: 841MM          £35    1 POSTER | PER WEEK             W: 800MM         £30    1 TABLE | PER WEEK

     A2           £320 4 A2 POSTERS | PER MONTH
                                                        A0             £140 1 A0 POSTER | PER MONTH
                                                                                                               TABLE             £20   PER STICKER PRINT
  H: 594MM                                           H: 1189MM                                                 H: 800MM
                  FREE POSTER UPDATES                                  FREE POSTER UPDATES
                          4 A2 POSTERS                                       1 A0 POSTER
                 £2,800                                               £1,225 PER YEAR | 35 WEEKS
                          PER YEAR | 35 WEEKS        DEAL PRICE
             PACKAGE: 4 x A2 POSTERS FOR 1 YEAR                 PACKAGE: 1 x A0 POSTER FOR 1 YEAR                        PACKAGE: 5 tables for 1 month - STICKER
 £2,380       15% discount - SAVING YOU £420!         £1041.50 15% discount - SAVING YOU £183.75!              £600       PRINT COST INCLUDED - SAVING YOU £100!

08           BOOK NOW       		01202 961461                                     MEDIA PACK 2019/20
                                Leaflets are a great way of getting your brand straight into the hands and minds
                                of students. Campaigns can be trackable using digital codes and vouchers.

DISTRIBUTION          HALLS OF RESIDENCE                                                                            DISTRIBUTION ON CAMPUS
Every month SUBU deliver two ‘Latest Information
& Offers’ envelope packs to each student post box
                                                                  Halls distribution dates                         Promotional stand in the busy Poole House Atrium,
                                                                                                                   with average footfall of 4,000 students a day, it’s the
across 8 Bournemouth University Halls of Residence.                                                                ideal place for face to face promotion.
                                                            Leaflets required by 4pm on the Monday prior
SUBU deliver two packs to each post box, with up            to Friday distribution.
to six students per post box, meaning 1,500 of your         Academic year 23rd Sept 2019 - 26th June 2020
leaflets will reach over 4,500 students.                                                                            PROMOTIONAL TABLE | TALBOT ATRIUM            £200
                                                                                                                    Includes 2 Social Posts (£100 Value)
Distribution will include: Chesil House, Corfe House,
                                                            Friday 20    th
                                                                              |     September 2019
Cranborne House, Dorchester House, Home Park,                                                                       Promotional Table and 2 Social Posts, one before
                                                            Students arrive |      21st & 22nd Sept
Lyme Regis House, Purbeck House, Lansdowne Point                                                                    the campaign and one on the day.
(BU International College), and Student Village.            Friday 4th        |     October 2019
Due to the envelope and post box sizes, A5 210mm            Friday 1st        |     November 2019                   SUBU PROMO TEAM HIRE | 10AM - 2PM             £20
x 148mm are encouraged with the maximum size                                                                        Promote yourself with our team               pp/ph
accepted being 297mm x 210mm.
                                                            Friday 29th       |     November 2019
                                                            Winter break |          16th Dec - 3rd Jan              Hire our team for £20 an hour per person, so two
                                                                                                                    people for 4 hours - £160.
HALLS LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION | 1,500         £150             Friday 10th       |     January 2020
Deliveries 1 Friday of every month

                                                            Friday 7th        |     February 2020                   LEAFLET RACK | 1,000 LEAFLETS
BOOK 3 DISTRIBUTIONS                                                                                                                                             £200
                                          £382.50           Friday 6th        |     March 2020                      Host your leaflets for one month
                                                            Friday 27th       |     March 2020                      Leaflet racks by SUBU Reception. 6 x A5 slots in a
                                                                                                                    ring, 6 rings high. Refilling as necessary.
Leaflets are to be delivered marked for attention
of Andy Elsey with the following address:
                                                            Spring break |         6th Apr - 24th Apr
                                                            Friday 1st        |     May 2020
Students’ Union Bournemouth University,
The Student Centre, Talbot Campus,                          Friday 29th       |     May 2020
Fern Barrow, Poole, Dorset BH12 5BB

    BOOK NOW      		01202 961461                                          MEDIA PACK 2019/20                09
 Our promotional stands at key events or              ON CAMPUS PROMOTIONAL STANDS | AVERAGE DAILY FOOTFALL OF 4,000 STUDENTS
 on campus are ideal for: Product sampling,
 leafleting, data capture, competition sign ups,
 face to face interaction, informal interviews,               CENTRAL BOULEVARD STAND                              CENTRAL ATRIUM
 brand awareness, product launch, research or                                                      £300                                               £200
 test and more.                                               OUTDOOR 3m x 3m                                      INDOOR 2m x 2m

 Included with all promotional stands is free        At the centre of Talbot Campus outside The           Exhibitor table in the busy Talbot Campus Poole
 parking, Wi-Fi and electric power, plus all         Students’ Union and University Sports Centre         House Atrium home to BU Reception, Starbucks,
 bookings receive two social media posts - one       SportBU, we have a semi-circle along the             SU Shop, Santander Bank, walkway from the BU
 the day before and one on the day of your visit.    central Boulevard exhibition space. In this ideal    Bus Hub and Dylan’s SU Bar. This really is a busy
                                                     position at the heart of the campus, SUBU can        cross-roads and hive of activity on campus.
 There are different types of stands available for   accommodate a range of activities from large
 both indoor and outdoor promotions.                 scale installations and branded vehicles to          Ideal location to reach students when travelling
                                                     simpler stands or pop-up displays.                   to lectures throughout the day.

10           BOOK NOW       		01202 961461                                MEDIA PACK 2019/20
                                                     EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING ZONES AT KEY EVENTS
         REFRESHERS’ FAIR | THUR 4TH FEB                       THE VARSITY TROPHY | WEDS 6TH MAY                THE SUBU SUMMER BALL |SAT 6th JUNE
                                                                                                 £500                                              £500
         AVERAGE ATTENDANCE 3,700                              Average Attendance 3,000                         AVERAGE ATTENDANCE 7,500

SUBU Refreshers’ Fair is taking place on                A 6m x 6m Experiential Marketing Zone at the      A 6m x 3m experiential marketing zone at the
Thursday 4th February 2020 from 10am to 3pm.            heart of the event, including a 2m x 1m Vinyl     heart of The SUBU Summer Ball site.
An exciting exhibition and the finale of ‘Sports &      Banner on a central pitch used for the duration
Socs Week’, with over 4,000 students attending          of the tournament and the final.
last year. Included in the event are local and
national businesses with sports teams, clubs,
societies and demonstrations offering free
samples, discounts and other engagements.

         INDOOR 2m x 1m
         OUTDOOR 3m x 5m

 BOOK NOW       		01202 961461                                MEDIA PACK 2019/20            11
                                                   Nerve Magazine is distributed across campus,
                                                   making it a great way to get your brand straight
                                                   into the hands of students.

 Nerve Magazine is the Official Students’ Union                                                                                        ANNUAL EDITION SCHEDULE
 Magazine, written by students for students
 and distributed across halls and campus.                                                                                                             Arrivals Special Edition, distributed
                                                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER      at Freshers’ Fair and across campus
 SUBU print 2,000 copies and attract an
 average 5,000 digital downloads an issue -
 Nerve Magazine is distributed hand to hand
                                                                                                                                                      Halloween Edition, distributed
 in high footfall locations, left in Digital and                                                                                       NOVEMBER       across campus
 traditional magazine pick up points, campus
 coffee shops, bars, restaurants and delivered
 to halls of residence.
                                                                                                                                                      Refreshers Edition, distributed
                                                                                                                                       FEBRUARY       at Refreshers’ Fair and across campus

                                                                                                           ISSUE 5 | MARCH 18 | FREE                  Summer Ball preview special,
                                                                                                                                        MARCH         distributed across campus

                                                                                                                                                      April Edition, distributed
                                                                                                                                         APRIL        across campus

                                                                                                                                                      Varsity Edition, distributed
                                                                                                                                         MAY          across campus

                                                                                                                                                 FULL PAGE ADVERT
                                                                                                                                                 170mm x 240mm
                                                                                   eddie howe interview
                                                                                                                                                 NERVE ADVERTORIAL
                                                                                  SUBU ELECTIONS PULLOUT | GENDER PAY GAP
                                                                                     THE SHERLOCKS REVIEW | OPRAH 2020                                                       £250
                                                                                                                                                 170MM x 240MM

12          BOOK NOW       		01202 961461                                                                MEDIA PACK 2019/20
                                                                           Broadcasting on FM and online across
                                                                           Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch
                                                                           to a youth audience of over 50,000

Nerve Radio is part of SUBU Clubs & Societies.      SPOT ADVERT | 30 - 40 SECONDS              £210      LOGO ON NERVE T-SHIRTS                     £500
Broadcasting to the student body 24 hours           6 Spots per day for 14 days                          Limited to 1 partner, £25 per shirt
per day, 365 days per year, with 13 hours of
scheduled talk shows and presenters per             From 10am - 4pm daily, aired at 20 past the hour.    Your logo will be the only one featured on
day. Nerve Radio are the voice and listening                                                             t-shirts worn by the Nerve Radio committee
experience of both the Students’ Union and          NEWS Sponsorship message                             and presenters throughout the FM period.
the students themselves. Nerve is run entirely by   Intro and outro to News bulletins
                                                                                               £250      Nerve Radio members will be running a variety
student volunteers, with 20 committee members                                                            of events and campaigns on campus before,
and 250+ presenters who regularly dedicate          Broadcast at the intro and outro of each news        during and after the FM period, providing a huge
their free time to producing high quality           bulletin, totaling 8 plays per day for 10 days.      opportunity for on-campus presence even after
radio services.                                                                                          the FM period has ended.

With 20 years of outstanding student radio          BREAKFAST Sponsorship message              £200
service to BU and it’s surrounding area, Nerve      Intro and outro to Breakfast Show
Radio received recognition at the highest level                                                                               Prizes
with numerous Student Radio Association             Airing 8am - 10am on weekdays. Your message
Awards, including Best Station and Best             will be broadcast at the intro and outro of each      Supplying prizes to be given away is a perfect
Specialist Music Programming. Members of            Breakfast Show, with a further two plays during       solution if you have a limited advertising
Nerve Radio have gone on to work with other         the 2 hour spot, totaling 4 plays per day for 10      budget.
radio stations, such as BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio      days. No other adverts are broadcast during the
1Xtra, BBC Radio 2, Heart Radio, and talkSPORT.     breakfast show period other than yours.               We welcome prize donations of any type, and
                                                                                                          your company name will be read out on-air and
For two weeks of each year, we broadcast on                                                               featured on our social channels.
87.9FM Bournemouth. This FM period is during        DRIVETIME ADVERT | 30 - 40 SECONDS         £200
March 2020 and is the highlight of the Nerve        Intro and outro to Drivetime Show                          /nerveradio      
Radio calendar.
                                                    Airing 4pm - 6pm on weekdays. Your message
All advertising and sponsorship opportunities
                                                    will be broadcast at the intro and outro of each
listed are for the FM period only, however we
                                                    drivetime show, with a further two plays during
are open to tailor advertising and sponsorship
                                                    the two hour spot, totalling 4 plays per day.
opportunities throughout the year.

                                                    £688       SPONSOR ALL THE ABOVE! 20% DISCOUNT

 BOOK NOW      		01202 961461                                   MEDIA PACK 2019/20            13

                        FRESHERS’ FAIR                                                                        ACTIVITIES AWARDS
                        headline sponsor                                                                         PARTNER SPONSOR
                         Sat 28th Sept 2019                                                                        Early April 2020
                       6,000+ students attend                                                                    500+ students attend

 The SUBU Freshers’ Fair is a huge arrivals week                                           We currently have over 120 Clubs and Societies;
 exhibition that is free to attend for 18,000 BU                                           which cover academic, arts & performance,
 students. Included in the fair are over 100 SUBU                                          cultural, faith, political & campaigning, special
 Clubs and Societies, 60 SportBU teams, 25 BU                                              interest and sport groups. The Activities Awards
 and SUBU student support and service teams                                                are a celebration and an opportunity to reward,
 fused together by a vibrant collaboration of 90                                           praise and encourage the fantastic work the
 local and national businesses, live entertainment,                                        students do in their spare time. Students
 sports demonstrations, music, food and drink!                                             involved with Clubs & Societies are some of
 We were voted the Best Freshers’ Fair in the UK                                           the most active engaged students and are run
 for 2016, and national runner up for 2017 and                                             by natural leaders and influencers among the
 2018 by an independent survey!                                                            18,000 students at Bournemouth University.

 PACKAGE HIGHLIGHTS                                                                        PACKAGE HIGHLIGHTS
 - Platinum Stand                                                                          - 2 VIP Guests invitations to dine and
 - Logo on all Freshers’ Fair marketing materials                                            present an Award
 - Welcome Cotton Shopper with your logo on                                                - Media coverage from SUBU & Nerve Media
   the side and leaflets in 4,000 bags                                                     - Logo on the awards presentation screen
 - Headline ‘in association with’ Sponsor                                                  - Promotional stand during the event
 - SUBU Freshers’ Fair webpage feature                                                     - Logo on all marketing materials
 - Arrivals email to 12,500+ students’ emails                                              - Opportunity to meet key SUBU
 - Entrance Banner & Flags                                                                   & BU stakeholders

     ONLY ONE HEADLINE SPONSOR            £5,000                                            ONLY 4 SPONSORS AVAILABLE              £1,000

14            BOOK NOW     		01202 961461                  MEDIA PACK 2019/20

                         BU VARSITY                                                                                  SUMMER BALL
                        Weds 6th May 2020                                                          2020                Sat 6th June 2020
                         1,200 Athletes &                                                                           Student Festival Event
                         3,000 Spectators                                                    SATURDAY 6th JUNE
                                                                                                                    7,500+ students attend

Bournemouth University (BU) and Solent                                                 The SUBU Summer Ball has been running for
University (SU) go head to head for the 5th                                            over 25 years. The Summer Ball is far more like
annual South Coast Varsity! The Varsity event                                          a mini festival than a formal ball. It’s the absolute
will see 25 sports teams with over 900 athletes                                        climax to the student year and has an impact
competing in a wide range of sports including                                          way beyond our postcode!
American Football, Hockey, Netball, Cricket,
Squash, Football & Rugby.                                                              KEY FACTS
                                                                                       The largest Summer Ball in the country.
The event also includes the ‘It’s A Knockout’                                          A green field event with custom built arenas.
tournament. 300 students in 16 teams from the                                          Lasts for 13 hours from 2pm to 3am.
BU Halls of Residence & SUBU Clubs & Societies                                         203k Reach on SUMMER BALL 2017: OFFICIAL
will compete in a classic ‘Old School Sports                                           AFTER MOVIE video and 50K Reach of the
event’ to see who will be ultimate champion.                                           Bournemouth Pier sunrise survivors’ photo.

PACKAGE HIGHLIGHTS                                                                     PACKAGE HIGHLIGHTS
- Experiential Marketing Zone                                                          - Headline ‘in association with’ Sponsor
- Social Media & E-Mail campaigns                                                      - Digital Screens and Social/E-Shot campaigns
- Pitch Side Banners                                                                   - Experiential Marketing Zone
- Digital Screens                                                                      - Logo on all marketing materials
                                    FROM £500                                          - Main Stage Screen Logo               £5,000
                                                                                       - Entrance banner & Flags

                                                                                       - Experiential Marketing Zone &
- Pitch Side Banner                  Each £150                                           supporting marketing options              £1,200

 BOOK NOW      		01202 961461                       MEDIA PACK 2019/20          15
 We have 120+ SUBU Clubs and Societies who
 are looking for sponsorship, offering a great
                                                        INCLUDED IN YOUR SPONSORSHIP
 way for your brand to directly associate itself
 with the strong identity, goodwill and success                LOGO ON CLUB MATCH KIT
 of the individual Clubs & Societies within the                /TRAINING WEAR
 Students’ Union, Bournemouth University and
 the community.                                                LOGO WITH CLICKABLE URL ON
                                                               CLUB & SOCIETY WEBPAGE
 Each of the Clubs listed on the following pages
 have a detailed sponsorship proposal available                SOCIAL MEDIA COVERAGE ON
 at These
 proposals will give you more information about
                                                               SUBU CLUB & SOCIETY PAGE
 the reasonable expenses the clubs incur, the                  EVENT COVERAGE ON NERVE
 proposed sponsorship fee and the marketing
 exposure you can expect to receive from                       MEDIA ONLINE & MAGAZINE
 partnering with the Club or Society.
                                                     additional subu marketing channels included
 Any sponsorship gained will go directly to
 the Club or Society to support its function.
                                                             in your sponsorship package
 Additional funds will help develop the group,
 allowing them to enter more competitions,                     2 EMAIL CAMPAIGNS
 as well as the opportunity to invest                                                  VALUE £600
 in equipment.
                                                               16,500+ STUDENTS
                                                               4 SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS
 On the following pages we have 4 of our big                                           VALUE £200
 Clubs & Societies that are looking for Sponsors:
                                                               ON SUBU FACEBOOK
 BU Sailing Club, BU Boat Club, BU Falcons &                   2 X ON CAMPUS
 BU Bobcats. Also included is a list of the other                                      VALUE £400
 numerous Clubs and Societies who are also                     PROMOTIONAL STANDS
 available for bespoke sponsorship.

 All sponsorships come with common features,        these alone are valued at £1,200 and included in
 with additional marketing listed on their page.     the CLUBS AND SOCIETIES spOnsorship packageS

16           BOOK NOW      		01202 961461   MEDIA PACK 2019/20
                                                             Each of the Clubs listed below have a
                                                             detailed sponsorship proposal available

                      BU SAILING CLUB                                                                                  BU BOAT CLUB
                           40+ Members                                                                                     80+ Members

Fastest growing University Sailing Club in the                                                  BUBC starts 2018 with its biggest ever squad
country, and the results show it!                                                               and a mission to place a men’s and women’s
                                                                                                crew in the top ten at the British University
With over forty members, a number of whom                                                       Championships.
have represented Great Britain prior to or
during their time at BU.                                                                        Matches: Local on the River Stour & Competing
                                                                                                in over 10 national racing event s in multiple
Matches: Local Weymouth and Portland
                                                                                                disciplines each year.
National & Sailing Academy National.
                                                                                                Training: Canford School Boat House on the
Training: Ringwood Spinnaker Sailing Club.
                                                                                                River Stour.

ADDITIONAL BRANDING                                                                             ADDITIONAL BRANDING
         8 X BOATS WITH SAIL                                                                             ‘In Association with’ AND YOUR logo
         AND HULL brandng                                                                                on the annual training camp
         BOAT TRAILER                                                                                    7 X BOAT & trailer
         branding                                                                                        branding, double sided
         CLUB KIT                                                                                        CLUB KIT
                                        £2,100                                                                                          £2,100
         BRANDING                                                                                        BRANDING

 BOOK NOW      		01202 961461                        MEDIA PACK 2019/20             17

                          BU FALCONS                                                                                BU BOBCATS
                            110+ Members                                                                              60+ Members

 The BU Falcons regularly compete, finishing in                                            A fast growing Sports Team that is very
 the top 3 in National Competitions in multiple                                            passionate & social. The team is widely followed
 disciplines. This active club is involved in and                                          on campus and attends a range of events
 supportive of other Sports teams, charities &                                             and socials.
 partakes in a number of high profile fundraisers.                                         Matches: Local national Chapel Gate Sports
 Matches: Local national championship events.                                              Ground & 10 National University games.

 Training: Sir David English Leisure Centre.                                               Training: Chapel Gate Sports Ground,

 ADDITIONAL BRANDING                                                                       ADDITIONAL BRANDING
          BANNERS, SIGNS AND LEAFLET                                                                RANGE OF FULLY BRANDED TEAM
          BRANDING AT MAJOR EVENTS                                                                  WEAR AND ADVERTISING BOARDS
          2 X EVENT                                                                                 NAMED PARTNERS AT ALL BOBCAT
          PROMOTINAL DISPLAYS                                                                       EVENTS & CHARITY WORK
          ANNUAL SHOWCASE EVENT                                                                     term time social
                                     £2,100                                                                                     £2,100
          PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL                                                                      media promotion

18           BOOK NOW      		01202 961461                 MEDIA PACK 2019/20
LIST OF SUBU CLUBS & SOCIETIES                                                Bespoke sponsorship packages are available for
                                                                              the following Clubs & Societies on request.

Advertising Society             Chinese Students & 		         Forensic Science Society        LGBTQ+ Society                   Reducetarian Society
African & Caribbean Society     Scholars Association          Free Fall Club (BUFF)           LGBTQ+ Gamers Society            Romanian Society
Airsoft Society                 Christian Union               Game of Thrones Network         Liberal Democrat Society         Sailing Club
American Football (Bobcats)     Climbing Club                 Gamers Society                  Magic the Gathering Society      Sexpression Network
Animation Society               Cocktail & Mocktail Society   Games Development Society       Marketing Society                Scuba Diving Society
Anime Society                   Coffee Society                Golf Society                    Martial Arts Society             Sip & Sketch Society
Arab Society                    Computing Society             Gospel Choir Society            Muscle & Athletic Sports         Snowriders
Archaeological, Historical &    Consciousness Exploration     Guild of Assassins Society      Society                          Social Sciences Society
Anthropological Society         Society                       Handball Club                   Meditation Network               South African Society
Archery Society                 Conservative Society          Harry Potter Society            Midwifery Society                Southern Asia Society
Art Society                     Cup Pong Society              Historical Literature & Drama   Music Society                    Students Action for
Athletics Club                  Cyber Security Society        Network                         Nepalese Society                 Refugees Society
Baking Society                  Cycling Club                  Hong Kong Society               Nigerian Society                 Students Kick Cancer Society
Ballroom & Latin Dance          Dance Society                 HSS Integrated Practice         Nursing Society                  Surf Club
Society                         Design Society                Humanist Society                Occupational Therapy Society     Swimming Club
Belote Society                  Disney Society                Indian Society                  Performing Arts Society          Tennis Society
Boat Club                       Earth & Environmental 		      Innovation Room                 Permaculture Society             Trampolining Society
Boxing Society (Silverbacks)    Sciences Society              Investment Society              Photography Society              Ultimate Frisbee Society (Heat)
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Society     Equestrian Society            Islamic Society                 Poker Society                    Wake & Kiteboarding Club
British Sign Language Network   E-Sports Society              Japanese Society (Nihongo)      Politics Society                 Water Polo Club
Bulgarian Society               European Society              Jewish Network                  Polo Club                        Wildlife Conservation Society
Business Collection Society     Exploration Society           KPOP Society                    Pre-Hospital & Emergency         Wildlife Documentary
BU Women in STEM Network        Feminist Society              Labour Society                  Care Society                     Network
Cartoon Society                 Filipino Society              Live Action Roleplay Society    PR Society                       Windriders
Cheese Society                  Film Making Society           Law Society                     Psychology Society               Wine & Spirits Society
BU Falcons                      Film Society                  League of Entrepreneurs         Quidditich Club                  YBall Club
Chess Society                   First Aid Society             Lebanese Society                Red Square Society (Russian)     Yoga Club

   BOOK NOW     		01202 961461                                    MEDIA PACK 2019/20          19
MARKETING PACKAGES - THE HIGHLIGHTS                                                           Maximise your reach and save
                                                                                              money with our packages!

             freshers’ FAIR
             EXHIBITOR STAND
             WELCOME MAP
             ARRIVALS HALLS
                                       £150      ARRIVALS PACKAGE
             FRESHERS WELCOME                                  GOLD FRESHERS’
                                       £250                                              £850
             SHOPPER LEAFLETS                                  FAIR PITCH
             4 SOCIAL MEDIA                                    ARRIVALS
             SUBU POSTS
                                       £200                    E-SHOT
                                                                                         £300         DIGITAL PACKAGE
             3 DIGITAL SCREENS                                 STUDENT                                              EMAIL
                                       £200                                              £250                                                 £300
             1 MONTH                                           WELCOME MAP                                          CAMPAIGN
             4 X A2 POSTERS                                    ARRIVALS HALLS                                       SOCIAL MEDIA
                                       £320                                              £150                                                 £200
             1 MONTH                                           LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION                                 4 POSTS
             NERVE MAGAZINE FULL                               FRESHERS WELCOME                                     3 DIGITAL SCREENS
                                       £250                                              £250                                                 £200
             PAGE ARRIVALS EDITION                             SHOPPER LEAFLET                                      1 MONTH
DEAL PRICE                                        DEAL PRICE                                           DEAL PRICE

  £2,216      20% DISCOUNT - SAVING YOU £554!      £1,440       20% DISCOUNT - SAVING YOU £360!         £595         15% DISCOUNT - SAVING YOU £105!

20           BOOK NOW      		01202 961461                              MEDIA PACK 2019/20
TESTIMONIALS                                     Don’t just take our word for it, here
                                                 are some of our key client testimonials!

                          BAM AGENCY LTD                                                    CAMPUS GROUP                                              Uniprint Limited
                               Tim Bodenham                                                      Daisy Startup                                                 Mark Ellson
                              Managing Director                                                Account Manager                                                  Director
SUBU is a fantastic platform for clients who want to target      I have been very fortunate to have worked with the           We have been working with Andy at SUBU for many years
the student market. Our job at BAM is to find the best route     Students’ Union at Bournemouth University on a number        and we have always tailored marketing packages to fit our
to market for our clients, that will deliver the best results    of brand activations. Every time they went above and         business needs and matching that to the print demands of
and SUBU is one of our preferred media suppliers. Their          beyond to accommodate us and maximise our presence           the student calendar. Andy is easy to work with, effective
media reach is fantastic and always surpass our expectation      on campus. I would highly recommend activating on their      at delivering campaigns, and reviewing the results of
and targets. We love working closely with SUBU and the           campus and being involved in their popular student events.   our marketing channels. Hence we renew our marketing
team are an absolute pleasure to work with.                                                                                   arrangement every year.

                              Here are just some of the brands we have had the pleasure of working with

                          Andy Elsey
                          SUBU Sales Executive
                          Students’ Union Bournemouth University, The Student Centre,
                          Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, Dorset BH12 5BB

 BOOK NOW            		01202 961461                                                   MEDIA PACK 2019/20                      21
UN Sustainable Development Goals

            SUBU’s new Vision will be themed by the sustainable development goals set out by the United
           Nations in 2015. These are designed to put us on a path to a sustainable, ethical and fairer world.

             All prices in this SUBU Media Pack are correct at time of printing and are subject to change.
                                           All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

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