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Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020
                                          Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

Reason for Risk Analysis:                                                                 Description of the Reasonably Foreseeable Risks (RFR):

Government guidance and announcements relating to the full reopening of                   Health, safety and well-being of staff, students, visitors, contractors,
schools from the start of the autumn term 2020.                                           other adults and all stakeholders coming onto Ash Green School
                                                                                          and controlling the spread of COVID-19.
Relates to September opening and subsequent term(s) only
Reason for the RFR:                                                                                                Hazards and Aspects Considered:

Response to Gov. guidance document first published 2.7.2020 which states schools are to reopen fully                     System of Controls:
for all students (and hence all staff) at the start of September.                                                             o Prevention
                                                                                                                              o Response to any infection
                                                                                                                         School operations:
Key Reference Documents and other useful links:
                                                                                                                              o Transport (dedicated school
   1. Gov. Guidance on full opening [2nd July 2020]:
      for-schools-during-the-coronavirus-outbreak/guidance-for-full-opening-schools                                           o Transport (wider public
   2. Gov. Guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection [18th June 2020]:                                          transport)                                               o Attendance
   3. Gov. Guidance: safe working in education, childcare and children’s social care settings, including the use              o School workforce
      of personal protective equipment (PPE) [16th June 2020]                                                                 o Supporting staff                    o Staff deployment
      care/safe-working-in-education-childcare-and-childrens-social-care-settings-including-the-use-of-                       o Safeguarding
      personal-protective-equipment-ppe                                                                                  Staffing levels on-site in all service
   4. Gov. Guidance: cleaning of non-healthcare settings [15th May 2020]                                                  areas;                     Lack of induction/briefing prior to
   5. Contacts: PHE health protection teams (local) [17th June]:                coming back into school for staff and
      health-protection-teams                                                                                             students;
   6. NHS: Testing and tracing for coronavirus:              Ensuring social distancing always;
      and-tracing/                                                                                                       Access and egress to/from site for all
   7. Gov. Advice: Coronavirus: safer travel guidance for passengers [29th June 2020]:                                    stakeholders.                              Visitors to reception;
   8. Gov. Advice: Guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from              Movement around designated areas;
      COVID-19 [23rd June 2020]                    Wellbeing
      protecting-extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19/guidance-on-shielding-and-protecting-                        Lunch and break times;
      extremely-vulnerable-persons-from-covid-19                                                                         Welfare facilities;
   9. Research document: Covid-19: review of disparities in risks and outcomes [2nd June 2020]:                          Biometric readers;                    Reval machines;
                                        Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

   10. Press release: extra mental health support for pupils and teachers [10th June 2020]:                       Identify use and management of                      classrooms;
   11. Mental Health support website:                                        Use of ICT equipment;
   12. Gov. Guidance: School workload reduction toolkit [11th October 2019]:                                      PE Lessons;                                              Science practicals;
   13. Case studies: remove education practice for schools during coronavirus [12th June 2020]:                   Fire Evacuation; Inadequate fire               marshals’;
       during-coronavirus-covid-19                                                                                First Aid;
   14. Gov. Guidance: how to self-isolate when you travel to the UK [11th June 2020]:                             Contractors on site;              Daily cleaning regime;
       travel-to-the-uk/coronavirus-covid-19-how-to-self-isolate-when-you-travel-to-the-uk                        Cross-Bubble working (Site team, IT
   15. Gov. Guidance: for food businesses on coronavirus [26th June 2020]:                                         team)             Regular on-site contractors (Catering
       food-businesses-on-coronavirus-covid-19                                                                     team, cleaning team)
   16. HSE: Legionella risks during the coronavirus outbreak:      Lettings
   17. CIBSE: Emerging from lockdown:
   18. HSE: Air conditioning and ventilation during the coronavirus outbreak:
   19. Gov. Advice: Protective measures for out-of-school settings during the coronavirus outbreak [1st July
   20. Gov. Advice: the phased return of sport and recreation [30th June 2020]:

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                                     Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

Version: (must match version control at bottom of document)   V14
Reasoning:                                                    Recommissioned to reflect guidance for full opening
School: Ash Green School                                                 Additional Site Information:
                                                                         Number of students expected: 1130 approx

                                                                           Year Groups: 7 - 13
Who may be harmed?                                            Staff,       How many people:                Up to 1300 individuals:
                                                              Students,                                       1130 approx on roll
                                                              visitors,                                       Approx 100 staff
                                                              contractors.                                    Contractors & visitors
Trust Health & Safety Contacts:                                            Trust Contact: Health & Safety Dr Stuart Sams (CET)
                                                                           Trustee.                       Jon Ward (CET)
Site Health & Safety Contacts:                                                                            Mr Tony Leigh

Risk rating for this activity:                                   4        Date of Assessment:             01.11.2020
                                                              High)       Date of Review                  04.11.20 or sooner if required
                             Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

Aspect       Hazard or Aspect of     Control Measures (specific to site and context)   Additional Information                Responsible
             concern                                                                   (inc resourcing, costs and            Person(s):
System of    Minimise contact with         Pupils, staff and other adults who have         Mandatory instruction           All staff,
Control -    individuals who are            coronavirus symptoms or have tested             All parties referred to Gov.    students and
Prevention   unwell by ensuring             positive in the last 10 days do not                Guidance for households       other visitors
             that those who have            come into the Academy.                             with possible coronavirus
             coronavirus (COVID-           Anyone developing those symptoms                   infection (2, above)
             19) symptoms, or who           during the Academy day are sent                 Communication to
             have someone in their          home.                                              households must be clear
             household who does,           Other members of households,                       and agreed (scripted) in
             do not attend school.          including siblings, should self-isolate            advance to include:
                                            for 14 days from when the
                                            symptomatic person first has               “Do not attend school if you are
                                            symptoms and will not be admitted to       displaying a change in taste and
                                            school during this time.                   smell, a new persistent cough or an
                                           Staffing to be managed in line with        increased temperature”
                                            illness, absence and attendance
                                            policies are currently in effect.
                                           Science Prep room in the Michael
                                            Dickson Building is the designated
                                            isolation room. This room will have
                                            individual desks and screens.
                                           The huts situated in the main staff
                                            carpark will be used as an overflow
                                            space for multiple cases.

                                     Returning to school following X code:
                                     Any student following an X code absence will
                                     return to school through the main gate at 9am
                                     and not their usual gate to ensure student can
                                     be checked to ensure they feel 100% better
                                     before they access school site
                            Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

System of    Anyone developing      AGS Procedure for those presenting with                 Mandatory instruction         All staff,
Control -    symptoms during the    Covid Symptoms                                          If not possible, move them    students and
Prevention   Academy day are sent      1. First aid calls will be identified as either       to an area that is at least   other visitors.
             home.                         an injury (first aid) or illness (SLT on          2m away from other            Cleaning
                                           call)                                             people.                       teams.
                                    Students on-site with symptoms:                         PPE must be worn by
                                       1. Staff to use channel 2 to report student           anyone caring for the
                                           related Covid symptoms to designated              symptomatic person
                                           staff member.                                    Usual emergency
                                       2. SLT contacted via channel 2 & full                 practices (999 etc)
                                           PPE is collected and gowned before                continue to apply.
                                           collecting student                               Routine measurement of
                                       3. The student will be immediately                    temperature is not
                                           escorted by a member of SLT (in full              recommended.
                                           PPE) to the designated Covid Waiting
                                           room (Science Prep Room, new build).
                                           The route to the isolation room will be
                                           outside, entering via the science
                                           entrance to the MD building. Staff
                                           member to keep a safe distance from
                                           the student.
                                       4. Windows will be open and the door
                                           kept closed, SLT member to supervise
                                           through door vision panel
                                       5. Students parent contacted and advised
                                           to wait at the main gate and not enter
                                           school grounds
                                       6. SLT to clear area of people from Covid
                                           waiting room through reception and out
                                           to main gate (when confirmed by
                                           reception that parent is waiting at gate)
                                       7. Student to be escorted by SLT
                                           member (in full PPE) and keeping a
                                           safe distance out of school and to
                                           Science Gate (now fitted with a
Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

              combination lock) gate where handed
              over to parent.
          8. Parents given / emailed AGS Covid
              information leaflet
          9. Site Services team to sanitise the route
          10. Cleaning team informed by designated
              admin staff and all areas deep cleaned
              (in full PPE)
          11. PPE disposal procedure:
                   a. All PPE removed and triple
                       bagged in the designated PPE
                       removal room
                   b. The bag will then be placing the
                       designated bin provided
                   c. The bag will be removed and
                       stored for 72 hours
                   d. Hang washing/sanitiser station
                       directly outside of the PPE

       Staff on-site with symptoms:
           1. Staff with symptoms to contact SLT
               immediately on channel 2. Designated
               admin will inform SLT and full PPE
               gear will be collected and gowned
           2. SLT to clear area of people from
               location of staff member to nearest exit
               to outside area
           3. SLT member will escort the staff
               member and keeping a safe distance
               to car park using nearest exit to
               outside area
           4. Member of staff to leave site
                             Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                       5. *If the staff member needs collecting,
                                          they will be escorted to the Covid
                                          Isolation room to wait. Designated staff
                                          admin lead will contact family
                                       6. Staff member given / emailed NHS
                                          Covid advise leaflet
                                       7. Designated admin lead to contact
                                          cleaning team who will carry out a
                                          deep clean in full PPE
                                       8. PPE disposal procedure as above
System of    Clean hands                Pupils must wash or sanitise their                  Mandatory instruction       All staff,
Control -    thoroughly more often        hands regularly, including                         Are there sufficient        students and
Prevention   than usual                        o When they arrive at the                      “stations”?                 other visitors.
                                                   Academy                                   Supervision of students     Cleaning
                                               o When they return from breaks                 with complex needs to       teams.
                                               o When they change rooms                       avoid ingestion.
                                               o Before and after eating
                                        This can be done with soap and
                                          running water or hand sanitiser.
                                        The hand sanitising stations are placed
                                          in reception, at the start and end of all
                                        Every classroom will have hand
                                        All staff and students will leave site
                                          and a deep clean will follow daily
                                        All staff and students will leave the
                                          school site by 16:15 each day
                                        Staff and student toilets will be cleaned
                                          every period
System of    Ensure good                All classrooms have bins. Bins will be            Mandatory instruction         All staff,
Control -    respiratory hygiene by       emptied regularly.                             students with complex needs     students and
Prevention   promoting the “catch       Hand gel/sanitiser will be in all                have a designated hub for       other visitors.
             it, bin it, kill it”         classrooms and along all major routes           support                         Cleaning
             approach                     around the school.                               PHE does not recommend        teams.
                                                                                              the use of face coverings
                             Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                         Face coverings are mandatory in all            in schools. All face masks
                                          community areas, where social                  must be removed at the
                                          distancing cannot be maintained. From          school gates.
                                          Monday 21st September, staff and
                                          students will be expected to wear a
                                          plain face covering whilst moving
                                          around the academy.
                                       This will include:
                                        entrance into school and dismissal
                                          from the last lesson of each day
                                        movement between lessons
                                        dismissal to break and on return
                                        dismissal to lunch and on return
System of    Introduce enhanced         More frequent cleaning of rooms and            Mandatory instruction         All staff,
Control -    cleaning, including          shared areas                                  Each bubble has a set of      students and
Prevention   cleaning frequently        More frequent cleaning of frequently            designated toilets.           other visitors.
             touched surfaces             touched surfaces                               Wheelchair access             Cleaning
             often using standard       Regular cleaning of toilets                     students have access to a     teams.
             products, such as          Encouragement to wash hands after               ground floor toilet.
             detergents and bleach        using toilet                                  PHE will publish revised
                                                                                         cleaning guidance to
                                                                                         supplement Gov
                                                                                         Guidance (4, above)
System of    Minimise contact             Staff and students will be permitted to      Mandatory consideration
Control -    between individuals           wear face coverings from Tuesday 1st         Where possible limit
Prevention   and maintain social           September 2020 and this is at the             interaction, sharing of
             distancing wherever           discretion of the Principal                   rooms and social spaces.
             possible - general           Reduced number of contacts between            Staff will be moving rooms
                                           children and staff through has been           and students, in the main,
                                           achieved through a separate KS3 and           will stay in the classroom.
                                           KS4/5 school model                           Siblings in different year
                                          The use of bubbles has reduced whole          groups will not be placed
                                           school movement                               in the same bubble; they
                                                                                         will be taught with their
                                                                                         year group.
Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

             Individual social spaces have been              All teachers and other staff
              assigned to each bubble for social               will operate across
              spaces                                           different classes and year
             Maintaining distance between                     groups to facilitate
              individuals in corridors and communal            timetable.
              spaces is being aided by the use of
              face coverings
             Year 11 have a one-way system in
              place to limit ‘bottle neck’ situations in
              tight areas
             Face coverings must be supplied by
              the individual and all face coverings
              must be taken off site by the individual
             Bubble grouping will remain consistent,
              limiting the number of pupils and staff
              in contact with each other.
             Where possible Bubbles do not mix
              with individual pathways and entrances
              assigned to each bubble – grounds
              have been spray painted to identify
              routes for specific years
             Bubbles are the size of a year group.
             Staff to keep their distance from pupils
              and other staff as much as they can,
              ideally 2m from other adults.
             Staggered start and end of day to
              reduce students and maximise
             Staggered dismissal to social times are
              in place for Year 7 and 8
             Utilise all entrances/exits
             Letters have been sent home to inform
              parents of the arrangements. A further
              letter has been distributed on 28/8/20.
              Staff will regularly revisit expectations
              regarding safe behaviour in school.
                              Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

System of    Minimise contact              Where possible, students should                Mandatory consideration
Control -    between individuals            remain in classes with staff moving
Prevention   and maintain social            around classrooms.
             distancing wherever           Adults to remain 2m away from each
             possible – within the          other and children as far as possible.
             classroom                     Individual staff rooms have been
                                            assigned to each Key Stage School.
                                           Avoid close face-to-face contact.
                                           Minimise time spent within 1m – 2m of
                                            anyone. Taped areas to be used when
                                           Children to be supported to maintain
                                            distance, not touch staff or their peers.
                                            This will be done by floor markings,
                                            signs, and regular reminders from
                                           Use smaller “bubbles” for identified
                                            students who cannot access their year
                                            group bubble.
                                           Pupils sat side by side, facing forwards
                                            in all rooms.
                                           Remove unnecessary furniture to
                                            make more space to support
System of    Minimise contact              “Bubbles” to be kept apart – no large          Mandatory consideration
Control -    between individuals            gatherings with other groups.                  Passing briefly in the
Prevention   and maintain social           Movement around site kept to a                  corridor is low risk.
             distancing wherever            minimum through use of bubbles and             Use of staff room should
             possible – elsewhere           separate staff rooms.                           be minimised.
                                           Staggered breaks and lunchtimes have           Staff must have a break of
                                            been assigned to the two separate               a reasonable length during
                                            school models.                                  the day.
                                           There will be 6 bubbles: 1 for each
                                            year group with a combined VI-form
                               Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                            Bubbles of students are not to mix in
                                             school. Each year group will be
                                             handed a coloured lanyard to assist in
                                             identifying the areas they can access.
                                            Tutor activities will take place at the
                                             beginning of period 1.
                                            Detentions will be set within a bubble.
                                            Cleaning staff will be cleaning door
                                             handles, toilets and touch points
                                             throughout the school days
System of    Minimise contact               Staggered start and finish times to           Mandatory consideration
Control -    between individuals             keep groups apart                             Consultation period for
Prevention   and maintain social            Bubbles have allocated start, end, and         changes to start and end
             distancing wherever             break times, to allow as far as possible       of school day has passed.
             possible – arriving at          a ‘staggered’ day.
             and leaving school             Additional bike storage stands are in
                                             all individual bubbles to prevent cross
                                            Students will not be allowed on site
                                             before their allotted time. Website
                                             updated with new times of the school
                                            The school gates will open before the
                                             start time to allow students to line up
                                             inside the school gates, ensuring paths
                                             not blocked
                                            Bubbles have designated entry points
                                             to school, be designated a number of
                                             classrooms for their use, and have
                                             their own designated outdoor area.
                                             During wet break and lunch
                                             classrooms will be used.
                                            Gathering at school gates will be
                                             managed by duty staff to ensure no
                                             students return on site
Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

             Staff assigned gate duty will also ask
              students to move on as quickly as
            Students will be required to go straight
              home and not access or congregate
              outside local shops.
            Students who use public transport to
              school will be reminded of the rules
              around this.
            Parents cannot “walk on” to site to
              drop off or collect students.
            Parents cannot pull on to the school
              site to drop off or collect students.
              Students presenting symptoms will be
              escorted to the main school gate on
              Ash Green Lane.
            Process for removing face coverings
              from pupils and staff on arrival.
                  o Not to touch front of face
                       covering when removing.
                  o Wash hands/sanitise
                  o Dispose of temporary covering
                       in covered bin, or
                  o Place reusable covering in
                       plastic bag to take home.
                  o Wash hands again
       Half Term Intervention
            Intervention staff to be issued with list of
              expectations and appendix of Risk
              Assessment before Half Term
            Timetable and covid expectations to be
              displayed in reception on free standing
Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

             All students are invited only (no drop ins)
              via Parent Mail
             Staff to register students on the day
              (registers provided) and check on return
              where there is a break
             Students to sit apart, facing forwards and
              remain in same seat for the duration.
             Students to bring own equipment and
              take any paperwork away with them.
             Staff to adhere to Covid teaching;
              instructional from the front, stand behind
              the tape, worksheets to be placed on desk
              before students enter.
             Green forms are on line for any Child
              Protection issues if required and staff
              must report on the day.
             Students adhere to Covid expectations,
              they arrive at main reception, wear face
              coverings when arriving and leaving rooms
              at break, start and end of the day. They
              use their own equipment only.
             Students use Year designated toilets, Year
              11 toilets in E block for Year 11 and Post
              16 outside M4
             Staff to use designated room only for the
              duration and secure door after session,
              Afix ‘Do Not Enter’ laminated sign up
              when leave.
             Students leave through main front gate.
             On leaving it is staff's responsibility to
              ensure room is left tidy and all students
              leave site. Staff to contact estates to
                                Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                              confirm when all students have left, and
                                              staff are leaving building.

System of       Where necessary,             PPE is only needed in a very small             Specific instruction
Control -       wear appropriate              number of cases:                           The academy will hold PPE
Prevention      personal protective              o Where an individual child             gear for site staff, medical staff
                equipment (PPE)                      presents with coronavirus           and those dealing with on-site
                                                     symptoms at the Academy.            covid related issues
                                                 o Where a child has routine
                                                     intimate care needs that
                                                     involves the use of PPE which
                                                     are identified in EHCPs
                                       Please see ‘System of Control – Prevention –
                                       Anyone developing symptoms’ section above

System of       Engage with the NHS          The NHS Test and Trace procedures                Mandatory instruction
Control –       Test and Trace                will be utilised by the academy                  Ask parents and staff to
Response to     process                      AGS and CET will follow government                inform immediately when
any infection                                 advice regarding foreign travel                   test results become
                                             The absence reporting procedure have              available
                                              been amended to reflect the latest
                                              government guidance
                                             Students reporting Covid symptoms –
                                              families will follow the normal absence
                                              reporting procedures
                                             Staff and parents must be ready and
                                              willing to
                                                   o Inform the school immediately
                                                   o Book a test
                                                   o Provide details of anyone they
                                                       have had contact with, if
                                                   o Self isolate if they have been in
                                                       close contact with someone
                                                       who develops symptoms or
                                                       tests positive
                                Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                             Contact local PHE (6, above) as
System of       Manage confirmed             The school will contact local PHE (6,         Mandatory instruction
Control –       cases of coronavirus          above)                                        Close contact with an
Response to     amongst the school           Support and engage with PHE “rapid             infected person defined
any infection   community                     risk assessment”                               as:
                                             Record of “close contact” must be                  o Face to face, less
                                              kept. School registers and seating                     than 1m, for any
                                              plans will be used to identify those who               time (including
                                              have been in close contact.                            being coughed on,
                                                                                                     face to face
                                                                                                     conversation or
                                                                                                 o Proximity contacts
                                                                                                     – extended close
                                                                                                     contract within 1-
                                                                                                     2m for more than
                                                                                                     15 mins
                                                                                                 o Travelling in a
                                                                                                     small vehicle (e.g.
                                                                                            Evidence of negative tests
                                                                                             are not to be requested.
System of       Contain any outbreak         The school will follow information            Mandatory instruction
Control –       by following local            published by:                                 Two or more confirmed
Response to     health protection team           o PHE                                       cases in 14 days may be
any infection   advice                           o DfE                                       an outbreak.
                                                 o CET
                                                 o Local health protection teams
                                                     e.g. Warwickshire LA

School          Transport – dedicated        Seating in bubble groups                      Dedicated school transport
Operations      school transport             Use of hand sanitiser upon boarding            only carries school pupils.
                                              and disembarking                              Social distancing
                                             Organised queueing                             principles do not apply to
                             Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                          Distancing within vehicles where                dedicated school
                                           possible                                        transport.
                                          The use of face coverings for children         DfE to publish further
                                           over 11 where appropriate.                      guidance to LAs on
                                          Parents are being signposted to ‘safer          dedicated school
                                           travel guidance’ (8, above)                     transport.
                                                                                          May require LAs to
                                                                                           provide additional
                                                                                           dedicated school transport
                                                                                           to reduce pressure on
                                                                                           public transport services.
School       Transport – wider            Staggered start and end times are in           Consultation period for
Operations   public transport              place                                           changes to start and end
                                          Location of the academy does require            of school day has passed.
                                           some students to access public                 LAs asked to consider
                                           transport                                       alternate arrangements,
                                          The academy encourages walking or               including more dedicated
                                           cycling to school                               school transport.
                                          Bike racks have been provided in all
                                           bubble areas to stop cross
                                          Students that access bus services
                                           travelling significant distances with
                                           fixed times, will be permitted to wait in
                                           the school removal and detention
                                           space if required.
                                          Parents are being signposted to ‘safer
                                           travel guidance’ (8, above)
School       Attendance                   The DfE Guidance for the reopening of
Operations                                 schools, which outlines clearly
                                           attendance coding will implemented
School       School Workforce -           Those that can continue to work from           Expectation that most staff
Operations   general                       home (e.g. administrative roles) are be         will attend school.
                                           considered due to limited office space         Pregnant staff are
                                           on site.                                        identified as “clinically
                                Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                             Home working expectations will be             Schools to accommodate
                                              discussed with all individuals                 additional measures
                                              concerned.                                     where appropriate to
                                             Staff identified as extremely clinically       reflect staff who may
                                              vulnerable and clinically vulnerable are       otherwise be at risk (9,
                                              to “take particular care” in line with         above)
                                              government guidance.                          Schools have a legal
                                             HR will meet with all extremely                obligation to protect
                                              clinically vulnerable and clinically           employees and others,
                                              vulnerable and will be supporting them         and should consider how
                                              on an individual basis.                        to meet equalities duties in
                                             People who live with those identified          the usual way.
                                              above can attend the workplace as per
                                              DfE guidelines.
                                             Flexible deployment of those identified
                                              above will be carefully considered and
                                              may (but not exhaustively) include
                                              remote working and/or social
                                             Meetings will only take place in where
                                              social distancing can be ensured.
                                             Teams will be used for staff briefings
                                              as the community theatre is not large
                                              enough to ensure social distancing.
                                             All assemblies will take place remotely
                                             Staff and students will be directed to
                                              leave the school site by 4pm
School       Supporting Staff                Work-life balance and wellbeing of all     
Operations                                    staff has been carefully considered for
                                              all decisions.
                                             All measures to increase safety should
                                              be fully explained to all staff on the
                                              September inset.
                                             To support returning staff’s mental
                                              health a range of ongoing detailed
                                              correspondence prior to reopening has
                                Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                              been priorities and the inset days will
                                              aid staff confidence in measures taken
                                              by the academy.
                                             All staff have been signposted to an
                                              external service to aid mental health,
                                              paid for by the CET for further support
                                              and guidance.
School       Staff deployment                Changes to roles and responsibilities        Use school workload
Operations                                    have made where necessary (e.g. SLT           reduction toolkit (12,
                                              responsibilities have been adjusted           above) and case studies
                                              and additional Covid support roles            (13, above) to support
                                              have been implemented)                        actions taken.
                                             Measures have been implemented to            Staff taking holidays
                                              avoid unnecessary workload.                   abroad need to be
                                             Measures have been put in place to            available for work from the
                                              reduce time spent on site.                    start of the Autumn term
                                             Ensure appropriate support is available       (see 14, above)
                                              for SEND students.
                                             Recruitment continues as usual.
                                             Engage supply teachers as usual.
                                             Training for ITTs can continue as
School       Safeguarding                    Revised CP policy reflecting return of    
Operations                                    all pupils in place.
                                             Dedicated deputy DSLs will be
                                              supporting the Principal and DSL to
                                              support staff and children.
                                             Vulnerable students will be on site on
                                              the Inset days and will be supervised
                                              at all times by members of the SSC.
School       Catering                        Canteen distributions points will            Compliance to guidance
Operations                                    reduced to prevent large gatherings           required (15, above)
                                              and cross contamination.
                       Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                    Year 8, 9 and Post 16 bubbles will
                                     have food delivered at the start of
                                    Years 7, 10 and 11 will have specific
                                     collection points at which they can
                                     ‘grab and go’ pre-ordered food. Food
                                     will be ready in alphabetical order to
                                     allow for fast distribution.
                                    Food will be pre-ordered and paid for
                                     using ParentPay
                                    A manual system of taking food orders
                                     will be used if issues arise.
                                    Water fountains will be disabled.
                                     Students are to bring in their own
                                     water. Staff may use their discretion to
                                     fill water bottles
                                    Staff should then remind students of
                                     their responsibility to bring water.
School       Estates                The following to be maintained on a           Legionella guidance (16,
Operations                           daily/weekly cycle (examples):                 above)
                                           o All signage                           Reoccupying buildings
                                           o Sanitisation                           guidance (17, above)
                                           o Toilet checklists                     Ventilation guidance (18,
                                           o Standards of cleaning and              above)
                                           o Stock of PPE
                                           o Hazard Tape in classrooms and
                                              communal areas
                                           o Outside social spaces clearly
                                           o Spacing in classrooms (table
                                              and chairs)
                                           o Bike Storage
                                           o Bins
                                           o All touch points
                                   Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                                Until further guidance from CET, No
                                                 additional off-site provision needed.
                                                Pre-term checklists to be undertaken
                                                 as normal.
                                                Open classroom windows to improve
School         Educational Visits               No educational visits will take place at      Can resume non-overnight
Operations                                       this time                                      domestic visits, in line with
                                                                                                existing guidance.
School         Uniform                          DfE Guidance clearly outlines that full       Uniforms do not need to
Operations                                       school uniform to be used nationally           be cleaned more often
                                                                                                than usual.
School         Extra-curricular                 No extra-curricular provision currently
Operations     provision                         offered

Curriculum,    Physical activity                Physical education will take place in         Guidance (20, above)
behaviour                                        regular teaching sets
and pastoral                                    No contact sports will take place.
support                                         Prioritise outdoor sports – use large
                                                 indoor spaces where not possible.
                                                Use external facilities as this supports
                                                 distancing, cleaning and hygiene.
                                                Where students are timetables PE they
                                                 will arrive in and wear PE kit for the
                                                 entire day.

School         Visitors to reception            No unplanned visits/visitors are              Only essential visitors to      Admin Team
Operations                                       permitted on site. Those able to attend        be given access.
                                                 are identified below.                         Visitor information to be
                                                Visitors will be restricted to Police,         provided to Admin team in
                                                 social workers, Integrated Disability          advance
                                                 Team and exam assessors.                      Visitors are restricted to
                                                All visitors will be restricted to the 2       meeting/board rooms only.
                                                 board /meeting rooms.
                             Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                          Designated entry and exit doors to be
                                           utilised in the main reception
                                          Risk assessment for visitors on site will
                                           be completed ready for 7th
                                          Once staff have arrived, school gates
                                           will remain closed at 8.20am and
                                           throughout the school day.
                                          Gates will be opened for year group
                                           assigned arrival times only.
                                          Students who arrive late to school will
                                           access the school through the main
                                           gate and enter through reception for
                                           registration. Students will then be
                                           escorted to their bubbles.
                                          Sanitiser must be used on entry to the
                                           school. Sanitiser is available across
                                           the school site.
                                          InVentry screen will not be operational
                                          Reception staff will sign in emergency
                                          Dedicated principals drop in will be
                                           virtual sessions
                                          Parents requesting meetings are to
                                           confirm contact number for later
                                           telephone contact, and then asked to
                                           leave site.
                                          External grounds contractors and
                                           repair/maintenance workers must wear
                                           face coverings at all times and have
                                           temperature checks
School       Movement around              Rooms have been allocated in the            
Operations   designated areas of           timetable to limit student movement
             the site.                     around their bubbles.
                                          Keys stages have separate staff teams
                                           and staggered timings to limit cross
                                           contamination across the school.
                           Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                        Where possible, staff have been
                                         assigned dedicated teaching spaces
                                         for individual year groups.
                                        In cases where students move
                                         classrooms, they will remain in their
                                         year group bubble.
                                        Students will move room but will
                                         remain within their year group bubble.
                                        All movement around site is
                                        All classes will be escorted to their
                                         assigned gate at the end of the school
                                         day by their classroom teacher.
                                        One-way (keep left) system applied
                                         where possible.
School       Ventilation                Where possible, all spaces should be           Refer to manufacturer’s
Operations                               well ventilated using natural ventilation       guidance on use of air
                                         (open windows) or ventilation units’            conditioning and air
                                        Where mechanical ventilation is                 handling units.
                                         present, recirculatory systems should
                                         be adjusted to full fresh air. If
                                         mechanical ventilation systems cannot
                                         be adjusted to full fresh air these
                                         should be switched off.
                                        All systems to remain energised in
                                         normal operating mode.
                                        Where possible, occupied room
                                         windows should be open.
                                        Classroom doors should be open
                                         where possible.
                                        Ventilation to chemical stores should
                                         remain operational.
                                        Good ventilation is essential at all
                                         times in classrooms and particularly
                                         during this period. Schools should
                              Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                            ensure all systems are working in their
                                            normal operating mode.
School       Use of welfare                Toilet access during lesson times will         Guidance suggests that
Operations   facilities                     be permitted to reduce large                    bubbles do not need to be
                                            gatherings at social times.                     allocated specific toilet
                                           Students must be wearing their                  facilities.
                                            coloured lanyard at all times. If they
                                            are out of class during lesson time
                                            without their lanyard, they must return
                                            before accessing the toilets.
                                           Toilet stickers will be provided for
                                            students. They must sanitise hands
                                            before taking a sticker and dispose of it
                                            in the classroom bin when they return.
                                           Extra vigilance should be applied by
                                            staff for students accessing toilets
                                            during lesson times with consistent
                                            challenge applied.
                                           Additional signage is in place to ensure
                                            hygiene guidance is adhered to.
                                           Access to toilets outside of assigned
                                            bubbles is strictly not permitted for
                                           Toilets will be supervised by duty staff
                                            at all social times to prevent large
                                           Medical need students to be escorted
                                            by on-call during lesson time.
                                           Students accessing toilets during
                                            lesson time must be recorded using
                                            dedicated Class Charts button.
                                           Toilets cleaned after break, lunch and
                                            at EOD.
School       Biometric readers             Included in ICT Risk Assessment             
Operations                                 Reval machines will no longer be used.
                              Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

School       Reval machines                Included in ICT Risk Assessment               Need to liaise with Y7
Operations                                 Payment can only be made by                    Induction Programme
                                            ParentPay.                                     team to include induction
                                           Reval machines will no longer be used.         into ParentPay ordering
                                           Enrolment of new Year 7 to ParentPay           and payment system
                                            to be carefully and deliberately
                                            delivered as the biometric readers no
                                            longer in use.
                                           Food will be provided by the school
                                            during the period of student induction
School       Use and management            Regular “non covid” RA checklists to       
Operations   of classrooms.                 be in place
                                           Desks in rows, students facing front.
                                           Teachers operate at front of class only.
                                           As far as possible, no lesson materials
                                            are to remain the room, for example
                                            books and teaching resources should
                                            be taken by the students.
                                           Staff may choose to wear face
                                            coverings in classrooms if they wish.
                                           Families have been given the choice
                                            for whether their child/children will
                                            wear face coverings in lessons.
School       Use of ICT                    All ICT classrooms will have               
Operations   classrooms                     antibacterial wipes available.
                                           Students will be directed to clean
                                            keyboards after use.
                                           Antibacterial wipes and bin liners must
                                            be situated with all ICT portable
                                            trollies. All ICT equipment must be
                                            wiped down before being stowed back
                                            in the ICT trollies.
                                           Included in ICT Risk Assessment
School       Management of                 Science practical experiments will not     
Operations   Science Practical              take place until the school can be sure
Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

              they can be delivered safely and under
              Cleapss guidance GL343. This risk
              assessment will be updated before
              science practicals take place.
           Science teacher demonstrations may
              take place provided that:-
          They meet all Cleapss guidance including
          GL343 (Guide to doing practical work during
          the Covid-19 pandemic) and GL352
          (Managing practical work in non-lab
           The equipment must be placed in
              quarantine storage for 72 hours before it
              is used again;
           It must not involve apparatus which is
              unduly cumbersome to move to the
              room or may present an undue danger
              of breakage or spillage.
           KS3 & KS4 science practical experiments
              will not take place until further notice.
              Post-16 science practicals may take
              place, provided that all the above
              requirements are met and:-
           There must be a set of apparatus for
              each student, so that there is no
              equipment sharing, with the apparatus
              provided in a tray for each student
           The experiment must be one which can
              be conducted without the teacher
              circulating the room
           Example practicals which this guidance is
              directed at are using Molymod kits
              (chemistry); assessing uncertainty and
                            Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                          using measuring apparatus (physics);
                                          constructing low-voltage electrical
                                          circuits (physics).
                                         Proposed demonstrations and post-16
                                          practicals must be approved by RST or
                                          MNA before they take place
School       Management of art /         Transmission risks arise from class         
Operations   drama / music lessons        circulation and shared equipment.
                                         If a lesson can take place without
                                          students circulating, sharing equipment
                                          or using school equipment, then that
                                          lesson can proceed without further risk
                                          assessment, as long as all other
                                          requirements are also met.
                                         Because of the risks from circulation
                                          and the requirements of track-and-
                                          trace, a lesson requiring circulation
                                          cannot take place.
                                         Equipment Usage in KS3 Art and
                                         Equipment that we will be using:
                                         Pencil crayons, Scissors, glue, oil
                                          pastels to start with
                                         All year groups will have separate sets
                                          of equipment in Zip Folders- They will
                                          be labelled clearly with Year group
                                         All students will sanitise their hands on
                                          entry to the classroom
                                         Folders of equipment will be passed
                                          around the group – students will help
                                          their self to the equipment
                                         Hand sanitiser will then be passed
                                          around the classroom or students will
                              Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                            use their own after helping themselves
                                            to equipment
                                           Students will wipe down the equipment
                                            with wipes provided in the classroom,
                                            once they have finished with the
                                           Equipment will be collected in by
                                            students passing the folders back
                                            around and placing wiped equipment
                                            in the folders
                                           Students will then sanitise their hands
                                            after using the equipment and when
                                            exiting from the classroom
                                           Year group equipment will be stored in
                                            Assigned Classrooms
                                           Any other lesson where it is proposed
                                            that students use shared or school
                                            equipment must be risk-assessed.
                                            The risk assessment will need to be
                                            approved by Stuart Sams and the
                                            Principal before the lesson takes
                                           Drama and music lessons cannot
                                            involve singing or shouting.
                                           Over the longer term, this part of the
                                            risk assessment will be adapted as we
                                            further understand how practical
                                            lessons can take place with minimal
                                            risk and as the Covid risk reduces.

Emergency   Fire Evacuation                Fire procedures have been adjusted to        Due to access to the
Processes                                   allow more space at the assembly              assembly point, children
                                            points. All 3 outdoor courts have now         may cross paths but this
                                            been utilised for year groups.                will be for a short period of
                             Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                            Assembly points to reflect in-school         time and will be controlled
                                             bubbles and introduce maximum social         by staff
                                             distancing at assembly point
Emergency   Lockdown                        Lockdown process remains unchanged          Lockdown drill to be
Processes                                    except                                       carried out in Autumn HT1
                                                 o Students encouraged to sit
                                                     back-to-back during lockdown
Emergency   First Aid Provision             First Aid provision rota in operation       CP first responder for all
Processes                                   PPE must be available for FA in line         periods except CCF time
                                             with CET First Aid Risk Assessment          All FAs to be allocated 1
                                             (Appendix 3)                                 period per fortnight

Site        Visiting Contractors on   See guidance on Site Protocol
Site        Cleaning Regime                 Cleaning staff to maintain current          Cleaner allocated to area of
                                             cleaning regimes, and enhance to             the school. See plan.
                                             include:                                    All communal areas cleaned
                                                 o Deep cleaning each teaching            when movement has taken
                                                    room used at the end of each          place.
                                                    day (full sterilisation)             On-going cleaning of touch
                                                 o Sanitise-clean all hard surfaces
                                                    in circulation areas.
                                                 o Cleaning toilet blocks at             One cleaner per area.
                                                    prescribed times (above)             Shared rooms will be
                                                 o Cleaning food distribution areas       cleaned between use.
                                                    before, during and after breaks      Toilets will be cleaned after
                                                    (Where they are still in              every break and at frequent
                                                    operation).                           intervals during the day.
                                                                                         Sign off sheets are
                                                                                          completed by the cleaning
                                                                                          staff during the day.
Site        Cross-Bubble Working            Avoid operating in “bubble spaces”          IT team to operate
            (IT and Site Teams)              unless absolutely necessary.                 remotely where possible
                                            Additional PPE to be used by site/IT
                                             teams if working in “bubble spaces” is
                             Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

                                           essential – PPE kit is available for site        Staff not to “visit” IT office
                                           staff                                             unless requested by IT
                                          No prolonged interaction with                     team
                                           cleaning/kitchen staff                           Site staff to complete
                                          Cleaners to be informed of additional             tasks outside of 8.15am-
                                           areas to clean depending on work                  3.30pm window where
                                           being undertaken.                                 possible
                                                                                            PPE not necessary when
                                                                                             transitioning through
                                                                                             “bubble spaces”
Site         On-site Contractors          Follow guidance from employers,                  Utilise site team to support
             (Cleaning team,               including RA and PPE expectations                 actions during the day
             catering team)               Lunch will be delivered to all                    where possible
                                           classrooms in advance of lunch-time
                                           and all AGS staff will leave site by 4pm
                                           each day enabling a deep clean.
                                          Day cleaners will focus on touch points
                                           and toilets avoiding prolonged
Site         Lettings                     No Lettings until further notice                 In extremely urgent cases,
                                                                                             approval can be discussed
                                                                                             with JW

                                                  Document Revisions
    Date     Version         By                                         Revision Details                                      Sign Off (Head)
  08/07/20     V1           SSA       Document received from CET.                                                                    Y
  09/07/20     V2          MNA        Basic information adjusted from generic version to AGS.                                        Y
  28/07/20     V3          MNA        Tailoring in light of AGS plan.                                                                Y
  28/07/20     V4          MNA        Amendments following further information from TLE.                                             Y
  31/07/20     V5          MNA        Amendments made following meeting MNA/SSA.                                                     Y
  11/08/20     V6          MNA        Amendments made following meeting MNA/TLE.                                                     Y
  25/08/20     V7       TLE/ASI/USH   Amendments made to reflect planning for September opening TLE/ASI/USH                          Y
  27/08/20     V8       TLE/ASI/USH   Amendments made to reflect site walk with SSA, DfE Guidance and planning days                  Y
  28/08/20     V9         TLE/SSA     Amendments made to reflect site walk with SSA, DfE Guidance and planning days                  Y
                 Risk Assessment – COVID-19 Full Reopening from September 2020

03/08/20   V10   TLE      Amendments made to reflect procedure for those presenting Covid Symptoms           Y
09/09/20   V11   TLE      Amendments made following the start of regular curriculum teaching/learning        Y
20/09/20   V12   TLE      Amendments made following the change to face covering policy                       Y
14/10/20   V13   TLE      Amendments made following the change to on site visitors and Art/Science lessons   Y
22/10/20   V14   TLE      Amendments made for HT intervention sessions                                       Y
01/11/20   V15   TLE      Amendments made following changes to national lockdown information (visitors)      Y
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