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A tradition of quality in education
                                      DUBAI COLLEGE

            New Student

      September 2015
Dubai College New Pupil Booklet


The aim of this booklet is to deal with many of the general questions that need
to be answered when a new pupil joins Dubai College. It is not meant to be a
complete and definitive guide, and parents are welcome to contact the school at
any time when more specific questions arise.
Please keep this booklet for future reference.
In the following pages, you will find details of:

                                        4. EXPECTATIONS
Absences/Lateness/Holidays              School Rules
Public Holidays                         Form Rooms
Lunch, Breaks, Food and Drink           General Behaviour
School Nurse/Medical                    I.T. Rules
Buses/Car Parking
                                        5. ADMINISTRATION & STAFF
                                        Senior Staff
Newsletter                              Heads of Sections
Homework Diaries                        Form Teachers
Calendar                                Subject Departments and
Change of Information                   Teachers
Monitoring Students / Target-Setting
for Support                             6. ACTIVITIES &
Reports                                 MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS
Parent-Teacher Evenings
Notice Board                            Extra Curricular
Website                                 House Events
3. UNIFORM & EQUIPMENT                  Support
                                        Music Lessons
Daily Wear                              Friends of Dubai College
P.E. Kit
Bags                                    Pupil Information Update Forms
Mathematical Equipment
Lost Property
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                                    Daily Routine - Section 1

Timing of the Day:

Sunday - Wednesday:		             7.50 a.m. to 3.35 p.m.
Thursday:			                      7.50 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

By 7.50 a.m. students should be in form rooms for registration. The first lesson
of the day starts at 7.55 a.m. Lunch is one hour from 12.40 p.m. to 1.40 p.m
except on Thursday. Morning break is from 9.45 a.m. to 10.10 a.m. except on
Thursday when the break is 10.40 a.m. to 11.05 a.m.

Hours are adjusted during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Parents should telephone the school office between 8.00 a.m. and 9.00 a.m.
on the morning of the absence and provide a note when the student returns to

If parents are going to be out of the country, it is essential that they advise the
school office of their child’s temporary guardian and contact numbers in case
of an emergency.
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 1 - Daily Routine

Holiday and Other Absences
Sustained learning is important so parents are asked to avoid arranging holidays
during term time. There may be other unavoidable reasons for a pupil to be
absent from school apart from illness. In all cases of proposed absence during
term time, parents must seek the Headmaster’s permission in writing at least
ten days before the proposed absence. Where permission is not sought absences
will be recorded as unauthorised; repeated instances of unauthorised absence
will call into question the student’s future attendance at the school.

Public Holidays
There are closures of the school when exact dates cannot be predicted, i.e. some
Islamic holidays or periods of mourning. Please check with the local newspapers
and radio. When the Government declares “the public sector will be closed” all
schools must, by law, remain closed, and there will be no school on these days.

Parents will be notified by SMS if the school is required to close in exceptional

Late Arrivals
When students are late to school, they must first report to the school office
(students in Years 7-11) or to the Sixth Form office (students in Years 12-13)
before going to their lessons so that we have an up to date list of those in school.

Late Collection of Students
For reasons of safety and comfort, students are not allowed to wait outside the
school beyond a ten minute collection period after school. They should then go
to the school office reception area to wait, from where parents or drivers may
collect them.
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                                   Daily Routine - Section 1

Early Departure
Students needing to leave school early for medical or dental appointments,
music examinations, etc. MUST
•      provide a letter of notification
•      report to the school office at departure time
•      be collected from the school office reception area by a parent
       (or their representative)
•      sign in at the school office on return (if applicable)

Lunch / Break: Food and Drink
Students may bring a packed lunch to school or purchase a lunch from the school
canteen. A limited range of snacks and drinks are sold from the kiosk, which is
open during morning break, lunch time and after school. The school canteen is
open before school, during break and lunch. A range of meals can be purchased
on a cash basis. As a school we encourage healthy eating and the weekly menu
can be found on out website.
Eating and drinking on buses is not allowed. At morning break and lunch time,
students may eat or drink outside or in their form rooms whilst seated, not when
moving around.
Students are encouraged to drink as much water as possible during the school
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 1 - Daily Routine

School Nurse
The school nurse is responsible for coordinating with parents, the school
doctor and the Dubai Health Authority regarding immunisations and physical
examinations. First aid and initial nursing care is administered to students in
case of accident or illness. In case of accident requiring hospital treatment,
parents will be contacted and asked to make any necessary arrangements. In
case of illness, students should come to the nurse who will assess their fitness to
be at school. The nurse may then contact parents to arrange for the pupil to be
collected from school. It is preferred not to send an ill student home alone in a
taxi. Parents are asked not to send an ill child to school. The nurse will provide
follow up for students with special medical concerns. Basic over-the-counter
medication can be supplied to students with written parental approval. Any
other medication the student may require during school hours must be brought
to the nurse with a letter from his/her parent explaining the reason, the dose
and the time that the medication is to be given.
For your child’s welfare it is essential that his/her information be kept up to
date. Parents should inform the school office immediately if address, telephone,
emergency numbers, medical or immunisation information change. This can be
done in writing or by e-mail. All medical information is treated as confidential.
Parents are welcome to contact the nurse with any medical concerns regarding
their child.

Medical Examinations
The Dubai Health Authority requires all new students and those in Years 7, 9
and 11, to undergo medical examinations. There is a fee of AED 200 for each
medical. Dr. Azeem Ali, General Practitioner, our school doctor, conducts these
examinations on Sunday mornings with the nurse.
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                                   Daily Routine - Section 1
Car Parking
Access to school parking areas is from Hessa Street which runs along the side
of the College.
Safety is of paramount importance when students are entering or leaving school
premises. Members of staff are on duty in the car parks; please follow their
guidance at all times. On occasions, you may be asked to wait in a queue for
safety reasons. Please park your vehicle where directed. Gates to the main car
park are closed at 7.45 am. We thank you in advance for your co-operation in
this important matter.

Subject to demand, the School’s buses pick up/drop off at designated stops in
the following areas:
Deira, Garhoud, Bur Dubai, Satwa, Al Wasl Road, Al Sufouh/Beach Road,
Jumeirah/Umm Suqueim, Jebel Ali, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Park ,The
Gardens/Ibn Battuta, The Palm Jumeirah, The Springs, The Greens, Emirates
Hills, The Meadows, The Lakes, Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches/Motor City,
Victory Heights, The Green Community, The Villa, Falcon City, Silicon Oasis,
Mirdif and Meydan Heights.

Late Buses:
For pupils involved in after-school activities, late buses follow a limited stop
service to:
Al Sufouh/Beach Road, Al Wasl Road, Bur Dubai area, Wafi Residence,
Garhoud, Deira, Al Barsha, The Greens, The Lakes, The Meadows, The Springs,
The Gardens/Ibn Battuta, Jebel Ali, Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Park, Arabian
Ranches/Motor City and the Green Community.

Students who use the bus must carry their bus pass as they will be required to
show it upon request. Students who are not regular bus users and who travel
on the late bus will be asked to pay AED 25. This also applies to those who make
occasional use of the regular bus service. There is a fee of AED 25 for a lost /
replacement bus pass. Seat belts must be worn at all times.
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 2 - Communication


We value open communication between home and school on any matters affecting
your children and their education. If you have any concerns or suggestions you
are welcome to contact the appropriate member of staff to discuss them (please
see Section 5 – Administration and Staff).
The following are the main, formal points of contact between school and home.

The College website can be found at This site contains
a wealth of information including latest news, events, term dates, subject
information and school calendar.

This is produced on a regular basis (a link is emailed to parents or can be accessed
directly from the website). The e-bulletin is our newsletter which captures the
achievements, developments and news of the Dubai College community.

Student Planners
Each pupil is issued with a planner in which to note homework set on particular
days. The planner will also have a copy of the homework timetable. In addition
to being a valuable organising aid for students it allows parents to see the work
given for each day.
Parents are asked to sign this book weekly in the space provided. Form teachers
also inspect and sign diaries weekly.
The amount of time spent doing homework will vary a little from night to night,
but generally is not expected to exceed one and a half hours for lower school
students. Homework for students in the Middle School will average two hours
per night and three hours for Sixth Form.

Dubai College ‘Communicator’ for Parents and Students
The main source of relaying College related news, calendar dates and parent
information is through a tool called ‘Communicator’.

‘The Communicator’ can be readily available on your desktop, tablet or mobile
device (Ipad, Iphone, Blackberry, Laptop). The application pops up once daily
when your computer is switched on and then can be minimised to view at a later
time that day if necessary. In addition, the ‘downloaded application’ can sit on
your mobile device and can be opened at any time to view during the day. It
assists with the flow of advance notifications across the school and community
as well as help with our efforts to consistently celebrate success.
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                                 Communication - Section 2

The ‘Communicator’ can be personalised so that you only receive news that is
directly relevant to you. This can be done be selecting the ‘Year Group’ or other
area of interest (eg. Boys/Girls Sport) when registering your details.

We will use the ‘Communicator’ in the event of an emergency such as an
unexpected closure of the school etc.

Students are also encouraged to download the application if they have a mobile
device, so that they are reminded of the various meetings scheduled during a
busy school day.

We strongly encourage you to download ‘Communicator’ and instructions on
how to do this can be found by following the links below.

Windows Desktop & Mac OS X Communicator:
iPhone/iPad Communicator: Visit the App Store and search for the d6 School
Android Communicator: Open the Google Play Store and search for the d6
School Communicator
Blackberry Communicator: Visit from
your phone’s browser.

Parent Portal & Other Communications

The new Parent Portal is currently in development and will be available towards
the end of the Autumn Term. Individual Login details will be sent to parents
when this is ready for launch.

Dubai College will be posting information on Social Media: follow us on
Facebook and Twitter (@DubaiCollege).

School Calendar
The annual Google calendar can be found on our website and contains
information on activities, special events, national and other holiday closures,
Consultation Evenings and reports. Please check the calendar as it is regularly
updated during the term. The College’s ‘Week Ahead’ and weekly Sports Bulletin
can be also be found on the website.

Change of Information
For your child’s welfare it is essential that your contact information be kept up
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 2 - Communication
to date. Information update forms are available from the office. There are
also forms at the end of this handbook for your convenience. Please submit
this completed form to the office should any address, telephone or medical
information change.

Monitoring Students and Target-Setting

For all students, targets will be set by each academic teacher during the Autumn
Term and will appear on the students’ reports. Academic and personal targets
will be documented in Student Planners and on Sharepoint. These are reviewed
twice yearly with Tutors in order to monitor progress.

As part of our monitoring of student progress it may become necessary to use
strategies designed to further support an individual’s personal and academic
development. The use of a monitoring card identifying specific areas for
comment may be used to track, for example, a pupil’s homework for a limited
period of time. This requires the student to present the card to the subject
teacher at each lesson. Also, for similar reasons, a student may be asked to
present a report card in a single subject. Parents are asked to sign the card daily,
as is the Head of Year/Section.

In addition, the Head of Year/Section may negotiate with a pupil specific targets
relating to such things as organisation and time management. In such cases a
specific Target Setting Sheet is issued.

Online reports are issued at key points during the year and details can be found
in the calendar and will be provided at the ‘Year Introduction’ meetings at the
start of each academic year. The reports will be available on the Parent Portal.

Consultation Evenings
These evenings run from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. for
Year 12 and 13) and are arranged for each group in the school year, providing
an opportunity for parents, students and teachers to discuss progress. We
encourage students to attend.
Appointments are usually made by the student on behalf of the parent with all,
or with a selected number, of teachers. Parents are asked not to arrive to see
a teacher without an appointment being made. Occasionally, a teacher may
request to see a parent, believing that a discussion would be mutually beneficial.
The first Year 7 consultation event will consist of a Form Tutor evening early in
the first term.
In addition to these formally arranged evenings, parents are welcome to contact
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                               Communication - Section 2
the school office to arrange an appointment to see the appropriate member of
staff at any time there is felt to be a need.

Notice Board
Students should consult the electronic notice boards located around the school
on a daily basis. They carry updated information regarding activities, events,
examinations and any other important school information.

Text Messages
An SMS text message and/or an email will be sent to all parents should we need
to change the school’s schedule at short notice.
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 3 - Uniform & Equipment

The aim is for students to present a neat appearance without being obtrusive,
fashionable or competitive in what they wear, or the way in which the uniform
is worn. Form teachers are responsible for checking during morning and
afternoon registration that students are well presented. Where they are not,
students will be asked for an explanation and sent to the Head of Section who
will contact parents, if necessary.

Girls (Lower and Middle School)
Standard white uniform blouse with Dubai College badge.
Standard navy blue Dubai College uniform skirt of knee length.
Standard navy blue Dubai College uniform trousers.
White, black or navy blue. Tights may be worn in winter.
Black in colour, clean and polished and traditional leather style, not trainers or
sandals. Heel height of girls’ shoes should not exceed 40mm. Shoes should be
logo free. No boots of any kind are allowed.

Makeup / Nail Varnish should not be worn.

Boys (Lower and Middle School)
Standard white uniform shirt with Dubai College badge.
Standard navy blue Dubai College uniform trousers.
Black or navy blue.
Black in colour, clean and polished and traditional leather style, not trainers or
sandals. Shoes should be logo free. No boots of any kind are allowed.
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                           Uniform & Equipment - Section 3

Sixth Form (Boys and Girls)

Sixth Form blue uniform shirt or blouse with Dubai College badge.
Standard navy blue Dubai College uniform trousers.
Standard navy blue Dubai College uniform skirt, of knee length.
Black or navy blue.
Shoes - Girls
Black in colour, clean and polished and traditional leather style, not trainers or
sandals. Heel height of girls’ shoes should not exceed 40mm. Shoes should be
logo free. No boots of any kind are allowed.
Shoes - Boys
Black in colour, clean and polished and traditional leather style, not trainers or
sandals. Shoes should be logo free. No boots of any kind are allowed.

All Students

The standard Dubai College uniform jumper is acceptable.

Dubai College PE Kit

Lower / Middle School

The PE kit compromises of:
• DC white polo shirt
• DC blue shorts
• Regulation white sports socks
• Trainers
For Rugby and Football lessons regulation red long socks must be worn.
Additionally, shin pads are required for Football lessons.
Football boots are to be worn for Rugby & Football activities.
For Trampolining, Gymnastics and Dance, students are permitted to wear plain
navy tracksuit trousers (girls and boys) or leggings (girls only) instead of the DC
blue shorts, if they wish.

Sixth Form
For practical activities students must wear the regulation PE kit that is outlined
above. However, as an alternative they may purchase items from the DC Kukri
sports shop, which can be found through the Dubai College home page.
The items that can be purchased are:
• DC men’s sleeveless T-shirt
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 3 - Uniform & Equipment
• DC ladies T-shirt
• DC gym shorts

Swimming kit for all students:
• Female students – navy blue / red swimming costume
• Male students – navy blue and red ‘jammer’ style shorts
• The DC swim cap

All of the above items can be purchased at Magrudy Enterprises, located on the
Beach Road, Jumeirah. Tel: 3444192 or, Stitches, located until late July 2015
at Villa 677a Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqueim 2. Tel: 3486110. Their new
location is in Al Quoz. Please see the Communicator for map details.

Extra-Curricular Sports Kit

Dubai College’s extra-curricular Sports kit can be purchased by visiting the DC
online Sports shop, which is located on the College’s Website’s front page.

The shop itself is run by Kukri Sports Ltd, based in the UK. In order to make the
process as reliable as possible we have agreed that there will be four times per
year when the shop will be available to take orders. The items purchased will be
delivered to the College at the following dates:

Items purchased:				                              Delivery:

•       May 10th - July 5th 			                   Beginning of September
•       September 1st – 30th   		                 Beginning of December
•       October 10th – 28th   		                  Beginning of January
•       February 1st – 24th 			                   Beginning of May

Although the College will continue to supply the vast majority of the playing kit
for team members, we expect the following items to be purchased by the pupils:

•     Dubai College Football shorts (for boys who wish to play football)
•     Dubai College Rugby shorts (for boys who wish to play rugby)
•     Dubai College red playing socks (worn both for football and rugby)

•      Dubai College Netball skort and playing top (for girls who wish to play
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                          Uniform & Equipment - Section 3
•       Dubai College Football shorts (for girls who wish to play football)
•       Dubai College red playing socks (worn for football)

The online shop stocks many other bespoke DC items but these are not
compulsory for any extra-curricular activity and are there for pupils to purchase
if they so wish for training or other leisure purposes.

All Students

Sports Bags
The school has its own Dubai College sports bag for P.E. kit.

School Bags
The school requires that students be provided with a bag for books, which will
give suitable protection and is not over-large.

House shirts
Students will need a House shirt for participating in House activities. Their
Houses will be confirmed in advance of joining the school.

All items of uniform and towels should be clearly marked with the name of the
pupil either in indelible pen or by means of sewn-on nametapes.

All Dubai College school wear, P.E. kit, sports bags, sweatshirts and nametapes
may be purchased from Magrudy Enterprises, located on the Beach Road,
Jumeirah, Tel: 3444192 or Stitches, located until late July 2015 at Villa 677a
Jumeirah Beach Road, Umm Suqueim 2. Tel: 3486110. Their new location is in
Al Quoz. Please see the Communicator for map details.

None allowed in Years 7 - 9, except that girls with pierced ears may wear one
pair of small studs. Year 10 and 11 girls and boys are allowed an unobtrusive
neck chain, but only girls are permitted ear-studs. Where jewellery is worn
for religious reasons it should be concealed beneath clothing. The wearing
of jewellery in pierced eyebrows, nose or lips is not permitted. Watches are
allowed, but no bracelets of any kind should be worn. Students in the Sixth
Form are allowed to wear a modest amount of jewellery, and should check with
the Head of Sixth Form for details.

Should be neat and modest, neither extremely long nor short. If hair is dyed, it
should be within the range of what could be termed a natural colour.
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 3 - Uniform & Equipment
Lockers are provided to hold the majority of students’ books. If students wish
to lock their lockers they should obtain a ‘combination’ padlock and give the
number to their form teacher.

Mobile Telephones
Mobile phones must be switched off and out of sight from arrival in school
until 3.35pm (unless told otherwise by a classroom teacher). Phones will be
confiscated if they are used, seen or heard during the school day. The school
takes no responsibility for lost or stolen phones.

The current mobile phone policy is under review.

There is a ‘phone located on the premises for student use in the case of an
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                          Uniform & Equipment - Section 3

Mathematical Equipment
The Mathematics Department requires each pupil to have an electronic, scientific
calculator. We recommend the following: Casio models fx82TL, fx570MS,
fx570W, fx911V, fx100S, fx992S, fx85V, fx100W, fx82MS, fx115W but there are
many more available and suitable. Please ensure that the calculator you buy
includes the fraction key a b as well as the scientific functions.
Students are also required to have a set of Mathematical Instruments including:
protractor (angle measure), ruler, compass.

Sixth Form students studying Mathematics may also wish to use graphics
calculators. The Maths department will order Casio fx9860G11 for students
(at a cost) each September. Other graphics calculators include Casio fx9860G,
fx9750, Sharp EL-9900, Texas TI-30, TI-34, TI-83, TI-84. Graphics calculators
which have a keyboard or are symbolic manipulators are not allowed in GCE
exams. Examples are Texas TI-89 and TI-92).

Lost Property
Although we endeavour to assist in the recovery of items, Dubai College cannot
be held responsible for any Lost Property. Students should not bring valuable
items to school. Any items found by students in the school should be handed in
to the school office.

When an article is lost the student should report the loss to the form teacher.
Students should first check the Lost Property, which is kept in the store below
the stairs to the top of ‘C’ Block. The store will be open from 12:50 – 1:10 p.m.
Sunday - Wednesday. Any lost property unclaimed at the end of term will
be sent to the thrift shop.
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 4 - Expectations

School Rules
These are posted in each form room. They are incorporated in this booklet to
give parents an understanding of our expectations.

Form Rooms
The students’ form room is the base for morning and afternoon registration. It is
also used by the students during morning break and at lunchtime, and contains
a locker for storing books, P.E. Kit, etc. Use of the form room is restricted to form
members only; use by non-members must be approved by the form teachers.

General Behaviour
Students of Dubai College are expected to follow normal standards of acceptable

•       treat other people with courtesy and consideration
•       treat school buildings and all property with care
•       behave in a calm and orderly manner

Students are members of the school at all times. Throughout Dubai they
represent and are associated with Dubai College. Their behaviour should be
such as to reflect only credit on themselves, the school and their families.
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                                      Expectations - Section 4

Inside the Building Students Should
• walk not run
• keep to the left in the corridors and on stairs
• avoid using corridors and stairways as meeting places
• keep form rooms and lockers clean and free from litter
• treat furniture with respect, sit on chairs only, and always with the four legs on
   the ground
• keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is on
• use fire doors only in an emergency
• go to lessons punctually and quietly

Outside the Buildings Students Should
• keep to the paths, avoiding grass and sand, and where
   possible, gravel
• not play running games in the courtyard or on the pathways
• hold doors open for visitors, staff and other students and always be ready to
   greet strangers with a cheerful, “May I help you?”
• not have expensive electrical iPod or similar devices in school with the
   exception of students in the Sixth Form. Sixth Formers must restrict their
   use to the study areas and ensure that the headphones employed are of a
   type which will exclude all noise-nuisance for other Sixth Formers in the
   study room.

Please note that the chewing of gum is strictly forbidden.
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 4 - Expectations

Information Technology & Computer and Internet Rules

Students have access to computers at the school in class time, as well as in the
library during lunch, breaks and after school.

•   Students have access to the Internet primarily as a tool for learning and for
    researching information relevant to school work.
•   No information is to be downloaded without the permission of a teacher.
•   The use of social networking, instant messenging sites and sending personal
    e-mail is not permitted.
•   Out of school, students should not use the Internet in a way that brings
    discredit to Dubai College or is likely to cause offence.
•   Copyright: the usual condition is that the source of downloaded material
    must be credited.
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                       Section 5 - Administration & Staff


The school office is open throughout the day Sunday to Wednesday from 7:30
a.m. to 4:45 p.m. and until 4:00 p.m. on Thursday.

The Headmaster, Mr. Mike Lambert (from September 2015), and other senior
academic staff are available through the school office, telephone 3999111,
as is The Bursar, Kieran Dempsey, who is responsible for general school
administration including finances, buses, uniforms, etc.

Communication with other staff may also be made through the school office.

Senior Staff

Mr. M. Hunter                  Deputy Head

Mr. C. Agent			                Assistant Head: Timetable and
				                           Curriculum Development

Miss. D. Jones		               Assistant Head: Welfare and Student Progress
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 5 - Administration & Staff

The Heads of Section oversee year groups as listed below. Parents are welcome
to telephone them at any time if they have any queries or concerns:

Lower School

Mr. M. Woolley Head of Lower School		 In Charge
							Year 9

Mrs. A. Romans Deputy Head of Lower School             In Charge
							                                                Year 8

Mrs. K. Greenlees Deputy Head of Lower School          In Charge
							                                                Year 7

Middle School

Ms. K. Hill		 Head of Middle School		                  In Charge
							                                                Year 11

Mr. J. Bailey		 Deputy Head of Middle School In Charge
							                                      Year 10

Sixth Form

Mr. B. Trivic		 Head of Sixth Form		 In Charge
							                              Year 13

Mr. J. Tate Deputy Head of Sixth Form                  In Charge
							                                                Year 12

Mr. M. Lavery          Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mrs J. Lee-Foster      Assistant Head of Sixth Form
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                                         Section 5 - Administration & Staff

Form Teachers
Each pupil is allocated to a form in the care of a Form Teacher whose role is
to be a support and adviser to the students as well as being the initial point of
contact for parents in matters pertaining to the general welfare and conduct of
their children. The Form Teacher is also the person responsible for delivering to
form members a well structured and developmental Personal, Social and Health
Education Programme which is in operation throughout the school.

Subject Departments and Teachers

CREATIVE ARTS                            ENGLISH
Group Head Mr. I. Jones (Subject         Group Head Mr. M. Donovan (Subject
Leader: DT)                              Leader: English)
Mr. G.E. Roberts (DT)                    Mrs. A. Ashby (part-time)
Mr. G. Case (DT/Art)                     Ms. H Bastable
Mrs. J Bailey (Subject Leader: Art)      Mrs. K. Derrick
Ms M. Doherty (Art)                      Miss A. Greer
Mr. J. Tate (Art)                        Mrs. L. Hodge
Ms. K Wilson (Art, part-time)            Miss K. McGivern
Mrs S. Henderson-Corless (Head of        Miss M. Parkes
Drama)                                   Mrs. C. Riordan (part-time)
Miss N Madison (Drama)                   Miss R. Shah
Mr. A. Jones (Director of Sport)
Mr. D. Riordan (Subject Leader: PE)      CLASSICS
Miss L. Clohesy (Head of Girls’ Games)   Mr. J. Kimber
Ms. M. Cooper (P.E.)
Mr. D. Jackson (P.E.)                    STUDENT SERVICES
Miss D. Jones (P.E.)                     Mrs. C Penney
Mrs. G. Williams (P.E. part-time)
Mr. M. Zambonini (Subject Leader:
Mrs. J. Lee-Foster (Music)
Mrs. F. Lett (Music)
Group Head Miss. P. Tragett (Subject     Mrs. G. Malik
Leader: Mathematics)                     Mrs. C. McMenamin
Mr. J. Almond                            Mr. P. Sparks
Mr. R. Ashby                             Mrs. S. Taylor (Part-time)
Mr. J Cottam                             Mr. R. Verma
Mr. P.M. Flower                          Mrs. K. Winters
Mr. S. Gale                              Ms. A. York
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 5 - Administration & Staff
MODERN LANGUAGES                       Mrs. S. Abdulhadi (Subject Leader:
Group Head Miss E. John (French)       Arabic B)
Mr. N. Bernaz (French)                 Mrs. R. Dabbagh (Arabic part-time)
Miss D. Foulkes (French, German,       Mr. Hani El-Taher (Arabic)
History)                               Ms. Rola Hashem (Arabic)
Mrs. S. MacLaren (French)              Mrs. D. Shams (Arabic part-time)
Miss S. Mennaai (French)               Mrs. B. Phillips (Subject Leader:
Mrs. S. Thompson (French, Games)       Spanish)
Mr. S. Zaghlowl (Director of Arabic)   Mr. B. Trivic (Spanish)

Group Head Mr. L.E. Ashmore            Mrs A. Romans (Biology)
(Subject Leader: Physics)              Miss. T. Sopaul (Biology)
Mr. A. Hann (Physics)                  Mr. M. Woolley (Biology)
Mr. G. Jeffcote (Physics)              Mr. A. J. Davidson (Subject Leader:
Mr. S. Over (Physics)                  Chemistry)
Mr. B. Stormont (Physics)              Mrs. W. Davies (Chemistry)
Mr. C. Temple (Physics)                Mrs. V. Holmes (Chemistry)
Mr. P.N. Rivers (Subject Leader:       Mr. C. House (Chemistry)
Biology)                               Mr. R. Miles (Chemistry)
Mr. J. Bailey (Biology)                Mr. M. Hunter (Science)
Mr. G. Rodgers (Subject Leader:        Mr. M. Wood (Subject Leader: ICT)
History/Government and Politics)       Mrs. G Cornwall (ICT/Economics)
Mr. R. Dennis (History/Government      Mrs. K. Greenlees (ICT)
and Politics)                          Miss Janan Din (Subject Leader:
Miss T. Drake (History, part-time)     Islamic Studies B)
Mr. M. Lavery (History)                Mr. Kamal Al Mohammad (Islamic
Mr. O. Lukeman (History/Government     Studies)
and Politics)
Mrs. K. Thompson (History part-time)
Miss T. Johns (Subject Leader:
Business Studies / Economics)
Mr. C. Agent (Economics)
Mr. B. Christopher (Economics)
Mr. J. Salisbury (Subject Leader:
Mrs.E. Adamson (Geography/History)
Ms. K. Hill (Geography)
Mr. J. McIlveen (Geography)
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                               Section 6 - Activities & Miscellaneous items


Extra-Curricular Activities
There are many opportunities during lunchtime and after school for involvement
in a comprehensive programme of activities. Sporting, practical and academic
interests are all catered for and we consider the co-curricular programme to be a
key aspect of the ‘learning for life’ process. Whilst not compulsory, students are
strongly encouraged to take up at least one activity which often leads to House
and/or school representation at competitive levels. Lists are sent home at the
beginning of each year for information as activities change from term to term
and from year to year depending upon demand. Students are asked to suggest
new ones that would be of interest to them; if a viable group can be formed and
a leader found, the activity will go ahead.
Activities take place during the lunch hour or after school. After school activities
commence at 3.45 p.m., finishing at 4.45 p.m. in time for students to use the
‘late bus’ that leaves at 4.55 p.m. If an activity cannot be held and is cancelled,
details will be posted on the notice board outside the School office. It is the
responsibility of the pupil then to contact parents or driver to make alternate
transportation arrangements as necessary.

House Events
There are a large number of House events during the year in which students may
take part. Parents are warmly invited to attend these events and in particular
Sports Day and the Swimming Gala, details of which appear in the termly

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) & Well-Being
To support the development of students, a structured programme of enrichment
is delivered, which includes all 3 core themes of a well-developed Personal,
Social and Health Education. This is further supported by the content of year
group assemblies, along with the provision made for visiting speakers and
external opportunities for development. The enrichment activities on offer are
discussed at the ‘Introduction to the year’ meetings held at the end of September/
beginning of October in each new academic year.

If students are known to have some difficulty or special requirements in relation
to lessons, we ask that parents notify the appropriate Head of Section.
Dubai College New Student Booklet
Section 6 - Activities & Miscellaneous items

Private Music Lessons
Instruction in a variety of instruments is available in school. The current fee is
AED 2,100 per term based on an average of ten, forty minute lessons per term.
To avoid disadvantaging other study, instrumental lessons affect a different
academic lesson each week.

Mr. Hardman 		           Piano
Miss. Vos		              Piano
Mrs. Dannawy		           Classical Guitar
Mr. Hamzy		              Classical Guitar
Mrs. Lett		              Strings/Piano
Mrs. Hughes		            Piano/Flute
Mrs. Herron 		           Woodwind
Miss Turner		            Woodwind
Mrs. Gluek		             Voice
Mrs. Crook               Voice
Mrs. Mouslmani           Violin
Miss Maxwell		           ‘Cello
Miss. Ledesma 		         Saxophone
Mrs. Cuthbertson         Brass
Mr. Cuthbertson          Brass

Friends of Dubai College
This is a group, mainly of parents, who organise valuable fund raising as well as
social events. All parents of Dubai College students are welcome to contribute
to the group’s activities. For more information contact the school office or view
the FDC section of the website.
New Student Booklet Dubai College
                              Section 6 - Activities & Miscellaneous items


For your child’s welfare it is essential that your contact information be kept up
to date. Please complete this form and send it to the school office immediately
should any details change. Thank you.

Student’s Name:					                                      Form:

P.O. Box:


Telephone - Home:

Office Tel. - Father:

Office Tel. - Mother:

Mobile - Father:

Mobile - Mother:

Emergency Contact - Name:

Emergency Contact - Telephone:

Email - Father:		        Email - Mother:

If a student does not live with both parents, please indicate how correspondence
should be addressed:

Signature:			                    Date:

Please tick if you do not wish Friends of Dubai College to contact you.
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