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Melton South Primary School
Melton South Primary School
                                          PO Box 2043
                                          Melton South, 3338
                                          Tel: (03) 9743 2922
                                          Fax: (03) 9743 0986
THURSDAY 15TH NOVEMBER 2018               Website:
                              Melton South Primary School Mission:
            Melton South Primary School is a progressive community who lead the way.
           Together we create motivated, respectful learners who achieve excellence.

   This newsletter is available from our school website or
                        the Melton South Primary School Skoolbag App.

Thursday 15th November            2019 Prep Transition 2.00pm to 3.00pm
                                  2nd hand uniform stall 2.45pm in gymnasium foyer
Friday 16th November              Grade 2A/2B/2E Brimbank Park Excursion
Monday 19th November              2.40pm Assembly in Gymnasium
Friday 23rd November              Book Club Orders Due today
Wednesday 28th November           Let It Shine—School Expo
Thursday 29th November            Grade 3/4 Kanga Cricket Gala Day
Monday 3rd December               Grade 6 Graduation Evening
Wednesday 5th to 7th December     Grade 3/4 Weekaway Camp

                       MONDAY 10TH DECEMBER
                           CURRICULUM DAY
Tuesday 11th December             Grade 6 Students Secondary School Orientation Day
                                  2019 prep transition 9.30am to 10.30am
Friday 14th December              2019 Fees—First instalment due today
Thursday 20th December            Whole School Breakfast
Friday 21st December              Last day of school for 2018—school finishes at 1.30pm
Thursday 24th January 2019        School office open 9.00am to 4.00pm
                                  2019 Fees—Second instalment due today
Tuesday 29th January 2019         Final day to pay for 2019 fees
Wednesday 30th January 2019       School commences—Term 1 2019
Thursday 31st January 2019        2019 Preps commence today
Melton South Primary School
                               MELTON SOUTH PRIMARY SCHOOL.
                              EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LEARN

reminded they are not to approach students or other parents in the yard. If you have any concerns regarding an
incident that may have occurred please make an appointment to see your child’s classroom teacher or make an
appointment to see myself or Assistant Principals, Angela Lanza or Natalie Sadler.
SOCIAL MEDIA: We ask everyone in our school community to be mindful when using social media platforms and
discussing schools, other parents/families and/or teachers. Gossip/rumours can have a very negative impact on
students and everyone in our school community. To support us we ask parents to model appropriate behaviours
including those agreed to in the school e-Learning user agreement by not becoming involved in playground gossip
about other families, parents, children, staff or any other members of our community. These ‘stories’ can find
their way into the playground, causing hurt and disharmony between students for no reason.
TRAFFIC AFTER SCHOOL: On Monday night I had to supervise the school crossing on Morshead Street. I was
shocked at the number of drivers, parking in loading zones, parking in no parking zones, double parking and
parking in front of the crossing. Our students’ safety is so important to all of us and if people could show patience
and follow road rules the children will be safer.
PREP TRANSITION: Today we welcome our new preps for 2019 for their second orientation. Some of our current
prep students will be singing the school song to our new families. Parents will hear from some of our grade 6
students on life at MSPS, followed by a presentation on School Wide Positive Behaviour from our SWPB co-
ordinators. We currently have 108 students enrolled for Prep next year so we will start with 7 grade Prep classes.
PORTABLES: We are still waiting to hear from the Department regarding when our portables will be delivered.
GRADES 2019: Please note that requests for 2019 closed last Friday 2d November. All requests received will be
given due consideration. Grades for 2019 are being organized and to assist with this process, we ask any families/
students who are moving to another area and not returning to Melton South Primary School in 2019 to notify the
school office as soon as possible. This information is critical for class structure and staffing. We also ask that if you
have a child that will be commencing prep in 2019 at our school and have not returned your enrolment form to the
office to do so immediately We are looking forward to seeing our prep students today for the second Prep
Orientation Day.
UNIFORM POLICY: As we are heading into the last 6 weeks of school, students are reminded that they must
attend school in full school uniform. If for any reason your child is not in school uniform a note is to be given to
the classroom teacher.
MOBILE PHONES: School Council’s policy on mobile phones states that students may bring their mobile phones to
school if needed before and after school to communicate with family etc. If mobile phones are brought to school
they must be signed in at the office on arrival and collected at the end of the school day. I am asking parents for
your support in the enforcement of this policy.

Mrs Marilyn Costigan, Principal
Melton South Primary School

Melton South Primary School Council have decided that all students will be charged for essential student learning items in
2019. Total cost of Essential Learning Items are Grade 1 to 6 $170.00 per student and Prep $180.00 per student, which

       Stationery Packs—which vary for each level—we have arranged bulk orders to the school to help reduce the costs to
       families. These packs will be distributed direct to your child’s classroom in 2018.

       Core Items—student diary, ID card & lanyard and other items depending on year level.

       Bulk Classroom Supplies—paper, glue sticks, pencils, scissors, pens, markers, independent reading boxes, etc.

       Literacy and Numeracy—subscriptions for Mathletics and Reading Eggs which students access at school and home.
       Also includes subscriptions to numerous other ICT programs which are only accessible at school.

       Classroom Project Materials, cooking and art consumables.

We strongly encourage families to start paying for these fees now as they must be paid in full by Tuesday 29th January,
2018 to ensure your child has the necessary equipment and resources to start the school year. If you have not paid for fees
by the due date, your child will not have all the items needed to start the year and will have to wait until payment is
received before we can provide these essential learning items.

Payment arrangements: The school level parent payment charges can be paid via the following options:

      Cash/Eftpos/BPay – Commencing: Monday 17th July, 2017 to 20th December, 2017 between 8:30am – 3:45pm
       Thursday 24th January 2018, 9:00am – 4:00pm (Parents paying by BPay do NOT need to come to the school on these

      Instalment Plan – Pay by 2 instalments of $85.00. First payment due by Wednesday 14th December 2018 and
       second payment is due by Thursday 24th January 2018.

                   Thank you to those families that have paid their fees or have started paying them off.

                       CURRICULUM DAY
               MONDAY 10TH DECEMBER

GRADE 6 GRADUATION: will be held on Monday 3rd December at Galli Estate Restaurant. Cost is
$50.00 per student which will cover the students meal, DJ and graduation packs for all graduating
students. Money is due by Wednesday 28th November and no late payments can be accepted as
we need to advise the restaurant of exact numbers attending—please arrange to see a member of
our Leadership Team if you are unable to make payment by the due date.
Please note that this is NOT a CSEF approved activity.
     Students are asked to arrive at the venue no earlier than 5.30pm for a 6.00pm sharp start.
     Parents/carers are invited to view the graduation ceremony starting at 6.00pm—LIMIT 2 guests per student.
      After the graduation ceremony parents/carers will then leave whilst the students and staff have dinner
      followed by a disco.
     Children will need to be collected from the restaurant at 9.00pm sharp following the disco.
     Dress code—NO DENIM or SHORTS or BOARD SHORTS —shoes appropriate for dancing, no runners please A
      shirt with a collar and trousers. Age appropriate dresses/skirts.
Melton South Primary School
It has come to my attention that some of our students are arriving early to
school, but are choosing to enter the classroom after the 9 o’clock bell— this is
resulting in late arrival passes and notes being issued.
Can you please speak to your child/children about making sure that they are in
class ready to learn before 9 o’clock.
Thanks, Wendy Williams, Attendance Officer

             BOOK CLUB: Book club orders were sent home this week. Please return all orders with
             payment by Friday 23rd November. For your information, parents can order and pay for
             their book club orders online. Refer to your book club order form for more details.

                PRIMARY SCHOOL
They have moved into their new coup with all the other chickens
where they will stay until they are a little bigger! Thank you to
our wonderful volunteers who have been caring for the chickens
and purchased and built the new coup with money raised from the sausage
sizzles which are held after school every second Thursday—next sausage sizzle
Thursday 22nd November.
Melton South Primary School
Thank you to everyone who participated in the parade and assisted in making the day successful. It
always warms our hearts to see so many people give up their time, especially at this time of year. We
have a great school team where so many make things like this happen. Many thanks to all the people
that came to the workshop to create the fish for the parade. It was a really great atmosphere with Disney
music playing, parents and teachers working together assisting little ones and children engaged in making
their own masterpieces. It is nights like this, where you realise how lucky we are to be supported by our
wonderful school community. A special thank you to Dehvon, Caleb, Cooper, Don and Viliami and those
other fabulous students for assisting us make the fish and undercoat them in time for our workshop.
The Art Team

In Grade Four we been reading and writing poems
based on stimuli pictures. Here is an example of one
of our poems;
     Poor old lady waiting for the train,
     Had no friends,
     ‘Cause no one came.
By Max Watson 4C
Melton South Primary School
                                                           Families are reminded that it is Education Department
                                                           policy that all student absences and late school arrivals
                                                           require explanation.
Here are some of the ways that parents/caregivers can do this:
   Ring the school on 97432922 before 10.00 a.m. on the first day of the student absence to provide the reason
       for the absence and the expected number of days involved.
   Leave a recorded message outside Office hours – Follow the prompts to do this

   Enter the absence via the Skoolbag app
   Speak directly to school Office staff or the class teacher
   Send a note with a brother/ sister/relative or neighbour
   Return messages left on house and mobile phones
Don’t forget to promptly let the school know when the initial period of absence continues beyond the previously
notified day/s. When your child returns to school please provide a note/medical certificate for the period of the
absence. This information can be recorded into the student diary.

                                           TEETH ON WHEELS
Hi Everyone, Exciting news! Teeth on Wheels will be returning to our school for the children’s 6
monthly dental visit’s. To make filling out the consent form easier you can now complete your Child’s
consent form online by following the link below.
It only takes 5 minutes to complete and by reducing the amount of paper being used, we will be helping
the team out by being more environmentally friendly.
The date of the children’s dental visit will be starting on Monday the 19th of November 2018, so please
ensure if you didn’t complete a form at the start of the year to have this completed ASAP!
If you have any questions regarding the consent form or your child’s dental appointment please don’t
hesitate to contact the Teeth on Wheels team on (03) 9338 1191.
Melton South Primary School
                                  LI—Learning Intentions
                                    SC—Success Criteria
  Year               Reading                                  Writing                                     Maths
Prep     LI: Good readers can monitor         LI: Good writers re-read and edit their      LI: Good mathematicians can make
         understanding and re-read when       writing.                                     good estimations for Capacity.
         understanding is lost (does it       SC: I can re-read and check that my          SC: I can estimate which jar holds
         make sense or sound right?).         writing makes sense. I can re-read and       more and which one holds less.
         SC: I can re-read a word when it     check that my sentences have capital
         does not make sense. I can re-       letters and full stops.
         read when a sentence does not
         make sense.
Year 1   LI: Good readers are able to self-   LI: Good writers compare and contrast        LI: Good mathematicians can make
         correct when their reading does      items from the past.                         patterns.
         not make sense.                      SC: I can write about how two items          SC: I can make a repeating pattern.
         SC: I can go back and reread a       are the same. I can write about their
         sentence when my reading does        differences.
         not make sense.
Year 2   LI: Good readers are able to         LI: Good writers can write a poem.           LI: Good mathematicians understand
         identify when an author has used     SC: I can use a picture prompt to write      the value of each digit.
         tier words within a text.            a poem.                                      SC: I can rename numbers using
         SC: I can identify when an author                                                 hundreds, tens and ones.
         has used tier 1, 2 and 3 words in
         a text.
Year 3   LI: Good readers identify the        LI: Good writers write a poem.               LI: Good mathematicians are able to
         purpose of a poem.                   SC: I can write a draft. I can edit and      rename numbers.
         SC: I can explain the purpose of a   revise my poem.                              SC: I can rename numbers using
         poem.                                                                             place value.
Year 4   LI: Good readers can combine         LI: Good writers use the features and        LI: Good mathematicians can use
         their reading strategies including   structure of an explanation text to          problem-solving strategies.
         summarising to sum up a story or     write about their chosen animal.             SC: I can read a worded problem,
         piece of information read.           SC: I can write a third paragraph based      work out what I need to do to solve
          SC: I can use my reading and        on my animal.                                the problem and solve the problem
         comprehension skills to                                                           showing my working out.
         summarise a story or piece of
         information read in my own
         words using a graphic organiser -
         to show the main idea , and the
         important details from my text
Year 5   LI: Good readers can identify        LI: Good writers can publish a compare       LI: Good mathematicians can create
         different forms of poetry.           and contrast essay.                          graphs to suit their data.
         SC: I can search for the term        SC: I can use the correct structure of a
         poetry, find a particular type of    compare and contrast text to create
         poetry and teach the rest of the     my text, use the text plan on the
         class about it.                      graphic organiser to help create an
                                              introduction including a hook, general
                                              discussion and thesis statement and
                                              hook and thesis statement
Year 6   L.I: Good readers answer             LI: Good writers plan, draft, revise, edit   LI: Good mathematicians solve
         questions using Question and         and publish informative texts                whole number problems using
         Answer Relationship (QAR)            SC: I can use a venn diagram or              division with remainders.
         SC: I can discuss the different      compare and contrast chart as a              SC: I can show remainders in division
         types of questions on a QAR          graphic organiser. I can transfer my         problems as remainders, fractions
         chart. I can develop 1-2 different   research into the graphic organiser to       and decimals.
         questions from the text that are     plan my writing.
         ON MY OWN.
Melton South Primary School
                        Congratulations to the following students who have received awards this week. These awards are
                       made to students in recognition of achievement and will be presented at assembly on Monday 19th
                                                 November at 2.40pm in the school gymnasium.

CLASS   Name                           Reason for Award
 PA     Layla Webb                     For being brave and reading her work at Prep orientation.
 PB     Daniel Qadri                   For his great effort when writing facts about special places in our community.
 PC     Harshika Mandapati             For her effort in writing facts about our community. Great job!
 PD     Aker Riak                      For using unifix blocks to support her ordinal number knowledge/counting skills.
 PE     Mua Su’a                       For great work on mapping and using the ‘Key’ to locate places.

 PF     Felix Fleischer                For showing great writing strategies; well done on your use of full stops, capital
                                       letters and listening to letter sounds.
 PG     Corey Miller-Montgomery        For his persistent effort in handwriting!!
 1B     Raj Virk                       For always being a respectful and helpful member of 1B.
 1C     Sehaj Singh                    For putting in effort on his past and present writing.

 1D     Denzel Hafoka                  For his great participation and enthusiasm during our let in shine expo class
 1E     Harley Learmonth               Such a fantastic effort with his writing this week.
 2A     Goldmyer Hamilton              For his enthusiasm and confidence when practising our class performance.

 2B     Charley Ordon                  Demonstrating your knowledge of the butterfly life cycle by accurately labelling each

 2C     Athena Sunga                   For creating a great persuasive writing piece for her homework task on our healthy
                                       eating unit.
 2D     Alex Hugo                      Taking responsibility for his own learning by using class time effectively.
 2E     Benjamin Pale                  For an excellent piece of writing about his favourite superheroes. Well Done!
 3A     Brodie Rayner                  For his dedication and commitment to improving his reading abilities.
 3B     Omisha Chetty                  For creating a detailed and well presented explanation text.
 3D     Mason Mcardle                  For displaying a positive growth mindset by quickly beginning work on set tasks.
 4A     Rhianna Blackmore              For displaying a positive growth mindset in her problem solving mathematics task.
 4B     Tom Dawson                     For a great effort using problem solving strategies during Maths.
 4C     Xiaosheng Liao                 For writing an excellent poem based on a picture stimulus.

 4D     Bailey Hill                    For being able to verbalise his understanding of a non fiction text by giving a detailed
                                       recount of what he read.
 5A     Parryson Toafa                 Always having his reading goal on his table and practising it during reading lessons.
 5B     Don Davis                      Showing resilience in reading.
 5C     Isaac Swanton                  Fantastic explanation of the problem-solving strategies he used in Maths.
 6C     Courtney Geard                 Her diligent and responsible attitude to learning.

 6D     Mariam Alame                   For completing her role as Junior School Councillor in such a responsible way.

LOTE    Dorcas Kazadi                  For doing her best in learning French.

 PE     Astar Hlawn Ceu                for showing great eyes on her target and for her wonderful underarm throw.

 PE                                    For helping run the Grade 5 and 6 Footsal tournament during lunch and having her
        Jeanette Ndayisenga            peers accept her instructions .

 ICT    Janet Olamijulo 6D             For showing excellent skills in creating a game.
Melton South Primary School Melton South Primary School
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