New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow

New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow
New Releases

Winter 2019
New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow
Acapulco 13-7                            Catalogue
Roma Norte                               Winter 2019
06700, CDMX

fb: GNediciones
ig: gatonegroediciones

Since 2013, Gato Negro Ediciones
has acted as a recognizably-
urgent voice in independent
publishing across the cultural
realm. Advocating the liberty of
thought, the Mexico City-based
press intentionally prints titles that
challenge the so-often sequestered
view of contemporary society.
     In a new world where temporary
excess and obstruction of
knowledge are lived at its height,
Gato Negro returns the voices of
their authors to the fundamental
purpose of the book. By remaining
inside the economically-amicable
yet unconstrained process that
is risograph printing, an archive
of over 140 titles has been
successfully called into life ever
since its inception.
     From political manifests to
art theory and prose, the books
of Gato Negro do not wish to
deconstruct reality through
ornamental distractions that lately
seem to have become an inevitable
requisite within the modern history
of publishing. Instead, Gato Negro
embraces the deliberately-chosen
content in its most primal form:
straightforward and entire. And
therefore, ever-growing in context.
     The outcome of each
publication is a dialogue between
reader and creator — an ecological
construction of selfhood that distills
collective contemplation while all
we do is live.
New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow
New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow

Imprimir es resistir
Chile 2019

On October 18, 2019 students of Chile
decided to avoid paying the Metro
ticket, which had risen $ 30, days
earlier, affecting most of the working
population of the city of Santiago. That
rise was the trigger for widespread
social discontent in the absence
of equality imposed by an extreme
neoliberal system validated for 30 years
by a democratic system that has always
been in the shadow of this capitalist
structure installed by the dictatorship.

The next day the right-wing government
of Sebastián Piñera sent the military
to the street and declared war on his
own people. Police violence took to the
streets facing the people who defended
themselves by blowing their empty
pots and throwing stones at the police

Since that day the town has been
on the street actively resisting the
violence of authority and generating
manifestations of all kinds to show
the injustices that affect all Chileans.
The city was transformed into a book
full of words and images produced
independently, self-managed and
spontaneous. Photocopied posters,            Photography, Political
serigraphs, printed in mobile types and      98 pages
graffiti transformed the urban scene         Spanish
                                             40.5 cm x 26.5 cm
with a voice calling for the cessation of    Printed in Risograph
police violence, the exit of the president
and a new political constitution that        Retail Price
                                             400 MXN, 40 USD, 40 €
replaces the text that has left the people
in poverty for the benefit of the big

On October 18, 2019, the Chilean
people woke up and took to the streets
to claim for 30 years of injustices and
for profound changes to recover their
dignity. The posters of this revolution
begin to circulate around the world.
Artists who have chosen anonymity to
work today are mobilized for a change,
printing and pasting their work in the
streets of Chile. Today in our country
printing is resisting.

New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow

We All Have Been
and Lovely Places

Lara Konrad

Mother, We All Have Been Lonely and
Lovely Places serves as a trajectory
of personal history, narrating the
various stages of female dependency
in a patriarchal landscape. As the
book intimately examines emotional
and sexual behavioral patterns of
relationships that (re)formulate in
accordance to the inevitable process
of aging, its readers not only witness
adopted gender performativities within
society, but gradually begin to notice the
universal longing to unearth purpose in
hopes of outgrowing human loneliness.

Born in Germany, Lara Konrad spent most of her
childhood in Mexico. She holds a BA in Creative
Writing (The New School) and an MFA in Fine Arts
(Sandberg Institute). Her writings have appeared
in a diverse set of international publications,    Sometimes I Wonder
including Das Magazin, Die Welt, NYTyrant, ZEIT.
‘Mother, We All Have Been Lonely and Lovely
Places’ (Gato Negro Ediciones) is her first book   What does it mean
of prose.
                                                   to cum on my face

                                                   in the name of love?

                                                    Photography, Erotica, Pleasure
                                                    120 pages
                                                    16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
                                                    Printed in Risograph

                                                    Retail Price
                                                    250 MXN, 25 USD, 25 €

                                                    isbn:   978-607-97969-0-7

New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow
Title                           Special edition of 20 copies. Produced during a
A Rain Falls from the Sun       residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum as part
                                of the Logocide, Logotomy, Logophagy project:
Author                          Creation, experimentation and reflection of
Gato Negro Ediciones            nonsense: Logocide as a subversion tool.

Frans Masereel Centrum          Edición especial de 20 ejemplares. Producido
                                durante una residencia en el Frans Masereel
    Art                         Centrum como parte del proyecto Logocidio,
    2019                        Logotomía y Logofagia: Creación, experimentación
    164 pages
    40.5 cm x 26.5 cm           y reflexión del sintentido.
    Printed in Risograph

    Retail Price
    8 500 MXN, 350 USD, 350 €

New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow
New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow
New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow


David Horvitz

“Since the early 2000s, I have been making      Erasure. Memory. Forgetting.
daily photographs with digital cameras. Each
day this archive of digital files would grow
                                                Data. Archives.
bigger. I had no intention to exhibit these.
In 2018, in a culture over-inundated and
                                                 Photography, Artist’s Book
amassed with photographs (mostly digital)        2019
and with eroded attention spans, I decided to    120 pages
                                                 17 cm x 23 cm
start erasing my photo archive. This erasure     Printed in Risograph
became an art-work I titled it NOSTALGIA.
                                                 Retail Price:
The passages in this book are descriptions of    $300 MXN, 20 USD, 20 €
a selection of digital photographs that have
been deleted.”

New Releases Reprints Winter 2019 - Webflow


Alice Zukofsky

Chronicle of a long night.

Crónica de una larga noche.

  Photography, cryptography
  168 pages
  17 cm x 23 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price:
  $600 MXN, 40 USD, 40 €


We Love Our Employees

Alejandro Cartagena

The photographs that are included in this book
form part of the archive of the photographer
Alberto Flores Varela. The majority were taken on
commission by the “Sociedad de Cuauhtémoc
y Famosa” (SCyF), an institution established in
1918 for Cervecería Cuauhtémoc (Cuauhtémoc
Brewing Company), a company that marced
the foundation of modern Monterrey, Mexico.
Remember the context of those years was of
revolution. The business elite was threatened by
the labor rights included in the new constitution
of 1917, which featured the right to strike. This
is how the “most fortunate” workers of modern
Monterrey were domesticated. These images
represent the seed of the social order that was
established in many industrial cities around the
world. It was thus decided to sacrifice freedom
of expression, free association, and democratic
representation of the workers, among other
rights, in exchange for maintaining employment in
“the company.” This book depicts the first flash of     Photography, Politics
restrained disillusionment: loyal forever.              2019
                                                        120 pages
                                                        17 cm x 23 cm
Las fotografías que integran este libro forman          Printed in Risograph
parte del archivo del fotógrafo Alberto Flores          Retail Price
Varela y la mayoría fueron tomadas por encargo          $400 MXN, 25 USD, 25 €
de la Sociedad Cuauhtémoc y Famosa (SCyF),
institución creada en 1918 por Cervecería
Cuauhtémoc, empresa fundadora del Monterrey
moderno. Cabe recordar que el contexto
de aquellos años era de revolución. La élite
empresarial se encontraba totalmente amenazada
por la cartera de derechos laborales contenidos
en la nueva constitución de 1917, y que incluían
el derecho a huelga. Callados en la mesa familiar,
sonriendo, levantando un poco más la botella, no
tanto, ¡no se muevan! así fueron domesticados
los trabajadores “más afortunados” del Monterrey
moderno. Estas imágenes representan la simiente
del orden social que acabó por instalarse en
muchas ciudades industriales del orbe. Así se
decidió sacrificar la libertad de expresión, la libre
asociación y la representación democrática de
los trabajadores, entre otros derechos, a cambio
de conservar el empleo en “la compañía”. Este
libro retrata el primer flashazo de desilusión
contenida: leales para siempre.


The River /
El Río.
A Collaboration

Zoe Leonard /
Dolores Dorantes

The book collects unpublished photographs
that the American artist Zoe Leonard has
taken along the Rio Grande (or Río Bravo) in
2017. As well, it includes commissioned texts
by the Mexican poet and activist, Dolores
Dorantes, who has been exiled to the United
States for years.
     It is an immersion into the physical context,
the actual barrier; the very heart of the border
between Mexico and the US: the waters
of the Río Bravo or Rio Grande. A number
of figures appearing in the water recall
something else though: skin, scars, wrinkles,
genitals, the writing of an unknown language.
     It is a visual-textual attempt of conversation
that explores the tensions between the
simple, ever-changing but continuously-fluid
flow of water, and all the terrible complexities
around, above and beneath it.

El libro recopila fotografías inéditas que la
artista estadounidense Zoe Leonard tomó
a lo largo del Río Bravo en 2017 y textos
encargados para este proyecto a Dolores
                                                      We were power, or we were once.
Dorantes, poeta y activista mexicana, quien           The water isn’t an attribute of your
durante años ha estado exiliada en Estados            circumstances. Crossing over isn’t
Unidos. Se trata de una inmersión en el               an attribute of your circumstances.
contexto físico, la barrera real, el corazón de
la frontera entre México y Estados Unidos: las
aguas del río Bravo. Un número de figuras en           Poetry, Politic Photography
el agua recuerdan algo más: piel, cicatrices,          2018
                                                       156 pages
arrugas, genitales, la escritura de un idioma          Spanish, English
desconocido. Un poema hecho de fotografías             23 cm x 17 cm
                                                       Printed in Risograph
y la representación de esa secuencia con
un poema de palabras. Un intento roto de               Retail Price
                                                       600 MXN, 30 USD, 30 €
conversación bilingüe visual-textual sobre las
tensiones entre un simple, siempre cambiante           ISBN: 978-607-97969-3-8

pero siempre el mismo flujo de agua, y todas
las terribles complejidades alrededor, arriba y
debajo de él.


Some More Sonnet(s)

Michalis Pichler

In 1972, Ulises Carrión produced his first artist’s
book SONNET(S) which consists of a 44
variations of a sonnet by Dante Gabriel Rosetti
titled “Heart’s Compass”. Using the language as
a material, Carrión writes Rossetti’s poem over
and over again on a typewriter, in slightly different
versions. This book today is considered Carrión’s
first ‘artist’s book’, where he still uses language,
but quite differently. In 2009 Michalis Pichler, in
a similar approach but using a computer, mostly
Word or Open Office, created 44 new variations
and published a book titled SOME MORE

En 1972, Ulises Carrión produjo su primer libro de
artista SONNET (S) que consta de 44 variaciones
de un soneto de Dante Gabriel Rosetti titulado
“Heart’s Compass”. Utilizando el lenguaje como
material, Carrión escribe el poema de Rossetti una
y otra vez en una máquina de escribir, en versiones
ligeramente diferentes. Este libro hoy se considera     2019
el primer “libro de artista” de Carrión, donde          96 pages
                                                        17 cm x 23 cm
todavía usa el lenguaje, pero de manera bastante        Printed in Risograph
diferente. En 2009, Michalis Pichler, con un
                                                        Retail Price
enfoque similar pero utilizando una computadora,        $250 MXN, 20 USD, 20 €
principalmente Word u Open Office, creó 44
nuevas variaciones y publicó un libro titulado


Domestic Orbits

Frida Escobedo

Domestic Orbits is a speculative essay
that explores how the domestic space is
configured around orbits of exclusion that
shape the trajectories of domestic workers.
How is the space articulated according to
gender, class, or race? Organized through a
series of case-studies that range from 1950s
until today’s Mexico City, the book looks at
the different scales in which domestic labor
gets erased by architects and planners. It
reads the architectural plans of five well-
known projects, giving a perspective that
aims to highlight social and economical
relationships. Domestic Orbits sketches
a counter-history of modern architecture,
questioning the duality that exists between
the visible and invisible — those who count,
and those who don’t.

Domestic Orbits es un ensayo sobre
una cartografía crítica que explora cómo
la configuración del espacio doméstico
depende de órbitas de exclusión que
delinean las trayectorias de las empleadas
domésticas. ¿Cómo el espacio se articula de
acuerdo al género, clase o raza? Organizado
según una serie de casos de los años 50
hasta nuestros días en la Ciudad de México,
el texto estudia en diferentes escalas de qué    When I had my daughter,
manera el trabajo doméstico es eliminado         I asked my boss if she
por arquitectos y proyectistas en cinco obras    could live with me and she said no
muy conocidas que resaltan las relaciones        because the house isn’t big enough.
sociales y económicas. De este modo,             The room we sleep in is very small,
Domestic Orbits esboza una contra-
historia de la arquitectura moderna sobre
                                                 so I haven’t been lucky enough to live
la dualidad de lo visible e invisible: los que   with her.
cuentan y los que no.
                                                  Research Based,
                                                  36 pages
                                                  40.5 cm x 26.5 cm
                                                  Printed in Offset

                                                  Coedition with instituto de
                                                  investigaciones independi-
                                                  entes and IF Publications

                                                  Retail Price
                                                  250$ MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

                                                  isbn:   978-607-97969-7-6


The Radical Ally

Bouchra Khalili

In 1984, when Jean Genet was preparing
the edition of his most important articles,
he chose to start with a text that did not
belong with the rest of the collection. The
Declared Enemy — which would become
the title of Albert Dichy’s reference edition of
Genet’s articles and interviews from 1964
to 1986 — was written in Tangiers the same
year that Genet was invited to encourage
support and bear witness to the repression
suffered by the Black Panther Party (1970).
Bouchra Khalili’s The Radical Ally is a visual
and textual investigation on the work she
undertook in Twenty-Two Hours (2018). She
follows Genet’s traces during his stay with
the Panthers, and questions what remains of
the party’s political memory. Through other
important voices, Bouchra interrogates the
different layers of history that have engulfed
the struggle for liberation to which the
characters in her video have committed their
lives to. In this publication, we explore the
position of the radical ally as the reverse of
the declared enemy. To become the radical
ally, as Khalili reminds us in her interview with
Jackie Wang, Genet had to destroy the white
man in him.

En 1984, cuando Jean Genet preparaba la             declarado. Para convertirse en el aliado radical,
edición de sus principales artículos, eligió        como Khalili nos recuerda en su entrevista con
comenzar con un escrito que no pertenecía           Jackie Wang, Genet tuvo que destruir al hombre
al resto de los textos incluidos en la colec-       blanco en sí mismo.
ción. The Declared Enemy, que se convirtió
en el título de la edición de Albert Dichy de
los artículos y entrevistas de Genet de 1964        It is a form of resistance,
a 1986, fue escrito en Tánger el mismo año          reclaiming history from the power.
que el escritor fue invitado a apoyar y aportar
su testimonio sobre la represión sufrida por
el Partido Black Panther (1970). The Radical         Research Based,
Ally, de Bouchra Khalili, es una investigación       Black Panthers
visual y textual sobre el trabajo que realizó        2019
                                                     84 pages
en el libro Twenty-Two Hours (2018), donde           English
sigue las huellas de Genet durante su estan-         40.5 cm x 26.5 cm
                                                     Printed in Offset
cia con los Panthers con el fin de cuestionar
qué queda de la memoria política del Parti-          Retail Price
                                                     250$ MXN, 15 USD, 15 €
do. A través de distintos autores, Bouchra
                                                     isbn:   978-607-97969-6-9
interroga las diferentes capas de la historia
que han envuelto la lucha por la liberación
de los personajes de su video. En esta
publicación, la autora explora la posición del
aliado radical como el reverso del enemigo


Latent Spaces

Federico Pérez Villoro

In a landscape where the technologies
governing our lives are increasingly
obscured, this publication aims to reveal the
underlying processes of a machine learning
program. It seeks to mediate the “gaze” of
the machine and human comprehension. The
book documents the technical capabilities
of an algorithm trained to analyze the formal
patterns of the alphabet while it imagines
other letters from that knowledge. The
resulting outputs — letters without semantic
value — embraces and emphasizes the
meaningless results of the machine: it
is the human input and framework that
imbues “sense” to these forms. Combining
expository exercises with surreal typographic
characters, Latent Space: Notes on Seeing
Letters Like a Machine is a grounding text
on the mechanics of machine learning and a
visual celebration of formal possibility.

El libro documenta las capacidades técnicas
de un algoritmo entrenado para analizar los
patrones formales del alfabeto e imaginar
otras letras, a partir de dicho conocimiento.
En un entorno donde los procesos
tecnológicos que gobiernan nuestras
vidas son cada vez más inaccesibles, el
libro busca mediar la “inteligencia” de
las máquinas y la comprensión humana.
Los resultados, letras sin valor semántico,
apuntan a la falta de significado propio de
lo que genera el algoritmo y enfatizan cómo
es la interpretación humana lo que impregna
de “sentido” a estas formas. Combinando
ejercicios expositivos y caracteres
tipográficos surrealistas, la publicación es
un documento fundamental sobre la
mecánica de la inteligencia artificial y una
celebración de las posibilidades formales.

  Design, Algorythm,
  140 pages
  23 cm x 17 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  400 MXN, 30 USD, 30 €


Reunión / North Border

Dani Zelko

Reunion are various acts that involve
conversing, reading and writing; quotidian
yet strange acts that always implicate being
next to one another. Zelko writes down
poems that others dictate to him. After
completing his homework of how to listen
and how to write, he edits the books within
the next coming days. In a round of nine
people, the writings are presented to the
author’s neighbors, friends, and family. The
writer reads his poems; he listens to himself
while he is being heard by others.
    The second part of the project consists
of an extension of the first project, in other
places. In a round of nine chairs, the writer’s
poems are read by spokespeople, emissaries
who lend their bodies, eyes and voices. It is a
chain of situations and encounters: subjects
dictating and reading, reading and writing;
books and poems. All these are actions and
proceedings in order to be together.
    This edition, titled North Border, was
realized between Septembre 2017 and
October 2018, taking place in Mexico,
USA, and Canada (Tijuana, Veracruz, Texas,
Florida, New York, Princeton and Toronto).
The cover’s photograph was taken just
before the presentation of Maritza’s book.
Maritza read her poems aloud to her caravan
friends. Then they gave away some books
to people who passed by, and walked to the
USA in order to seek political asylum.

Dani Zelko, Argentina, 1990. His work is made up of
words and people, that are put together through various
procedures to generate actions and situations where
political tension and language experiments act on one
another. He wants an affective conceptualism. He is
currently working on a solo presentation at the Reina
Sofia Museum, Madrid, around the Reunion project.

  Poetry, Politics
  204 pages
  23 cm x 17 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  200 MXN, 20 USD, 20 €

  ISBN: 978-607-97969-9-0

Reunión / Frontera Norte

Dani Zelko

Reunión son varios actos que involucran
conversar, leer y escribir; actos cotidianos
y a la vez extraños, que implican siempre
estar junto a otro. Zelko escribe los poemas
que otros le dictan. Después de cumplir su
tarea como escucha y como escriba, edita
los libros en los días siguientes. Los libros
son presentados ante los vecinos, familia y
amigos del escritor en una ronda de nueve
personas. El escritor lee sus poemas, se
escucha y es escuchado por los demás.
    La segunda parte del proyecto consiste
en una extensión de los primeros actos en
otros lugares. Los poemas de los escritores
son leídos por portavoces, emisarios que
prestan su cuerpo, ojos y voz para leer en
una ronda de nueve sillas, los poemas de
los ausentes. Una cadena de situaciones
y encuentros, sujetos dictando y leyendo,
un escriba y un escucha, libros y poemas.
Acciones y procedimientos para estar con
los otros.
    Esta edición, titulada Frontera Norte,
fue realizada entre septiembre de 2017 y
octubre de 2018, en distintos lugares de
México, Estados Unidos y Canadá, entre
ellos Tijuana, Veracruz, Texas, Florida, Nueva
York, Princeton y Toronto. La fotografía de la
portada expone la presentación del libro de
Maritza, realizada el 29 de abril en “La Línea”,
paso fronterizo entre Tijuana y San Diego.
Maritza leyó su libro junto a sus compañeras
de caravana, luego regalaron ejemplares
a las personas que pasaban por ahí y
caminaron hacia Estados Unidos a pedir
asilo político.

  Poetry, Politics
  204 pages
  23 cm x 17 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  200 MXN, 20 USD, 20 €



Alan Sierra

Nonverbal is a book of drawings in which
animals, everyday objects and parts of
the body serve as short narrations that
communicate physical sensations without
words. Employing a similar economy that
is writing, the content considers the lyrical
genre, paralinguistics and the overall
language of cartoons. Due to such close
proximity to literary creation, the drawings are
read as poems, jokes or refrains.

Nonverbal es un libro de dibujos en el
que animales, objetos de la vida cotidiana
y partes del cuerpo sirven para contar
pequeñas historias y transmitir sensaciones
físicas sin usar una sola palabra. Con una
economía de medios similar a la de la
escritura, el contenido de la publicación
considera el género lírico, la paralingüística
y el lenguaje de las caricaturas. Esta
proximidad con la creación literaria permite
que los dibujos sean leídos como poemas,
chistes o refranes.

  72 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €


Cómo robar un libro

David Horvitz

David Horvitz lists 80 ways of how to steal a
book. Every method supposes a new poetic
adventure: from the very practical, to the
witty, to the imaginative and romantic. In
collaboration with Edition Taube, this project
is a work of translation that documents the
process of publication. It has been published
in eight languages; each publication received
its corresponding language-editor.

David Horovitz enumera en su libro ochenta
modos de robar un libro, cada uno supone
una aventura más poética que real, hasta
convertir el hurto en una obra por encima
del libro robado. Este proyecto con
Edition Taube es un trabajo de traducción
y publicación en curso. El libro ha sido
publicado hasta la fecha en ocho idiomas
por editores diferentes; para la edición en
español, la tarea corrió a cargo de Gato
Negro Ediciones.

Hide the book inside a fake rock.

  Book, Shoplifting,
  34 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Offset

  Coedition with Edition Taube

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-3-945900-22-2

ITI Sampler 2019
Title                         Author                 The Image Text Ithaca initiative at
ITI Sampler 2019              Pablo Lerma            Ithaca College brings together
                              Carla Liesching        an independent press, ongoing
                                                     workshops and symposia, and a
Coedition with
Image Text Ithaca Press       John Rufo              low-residency MFA program at
                              Matt Baczewski         the intersection of writing and

                              Martha Ormiston        photography.
  32 pages
                              Janet Solval           Image Text Ithaca reúne a una prensa
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph
                              Kirslyn Schell-Smith   independiente, talleres y simposios

  Retail Price
                              Nina Perlman           en curso, y un programa MFA en
                                                     la intersección de la escritura y la
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €       Melani Elissa Lopez    fotografía.
  isbn:   978-0-9967351-9-3
The Leaders

The Leaders

Natalia Talavera
Andrea García Flores

Juan Carlos
 Photography, Politics,
 48 pages
 10.5 cm x 8.5 cm
 Printed in Risograph

 Retail Price
 50$ MXN, 5 USD, 5 €
& Reprints


Arturo Hernández Alcazar

Compendium of images in open
confrontation: politicians placing first stones
facing people protesting, throwing stones.
An exercise on the constant erosion of solids
as materialization of power and stone as the
first and last tool.

Compendio de imágenes en confrontación
abierta: políticos colocando primeras piedras
enfrentados a gente protestando, que lanza
piedras. Un ejercicio sobre la constante
erosión de los sólidos como materialización
del poder y de la piedra como primera y
última herramienta.

 Photography, Politics
 72 pages
 16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
 Printed in Risograph

 Retail Price
 $150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €


Imagen divina


Imagen divina, by Chilean photographer Toro
Goya, presents twenty images as allegories
of different Latin American countries; each
transvestite nation is exhibited as the portrait
of the maiden of the family, locked in the
midst of the symbols and historical conflicts
that has characterized it.

Imagen divina, del fotógrafo chileno
Toro Goya, presenta veinte imágenes a
manera de alegorías de diferentes países
latinoamericanos; cada nación travestida
se exhibe como el retrato de la doncella de
la de familia, encerrada en medio de los
símbolos y conflictos históricos que la han

  20 pages
  40.5 cm x 26.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  1000$ MXN, 40 USD, 40 €


Tercera persona

Verónica Gerber Bicecci

Written in braille, Tercera Persona is a
discussion that takes place between ‘him’
and ‘her.’ The reader witnesses a conversation
of misunderstandings, the impossibility
that is communication and everything
quotidian. Veronica Gerber Bicecci (Mexico
City, 1980) reduces language into a less
complex framework, so everything we cannot
understand — but that which haunts us every
day — becomes again what it actually is and
always was.

Escrito en braille, una discusión en él y ella.
Rastros de una conversación mal avenida:
del mal entendimiento, de la imposibilidad de
la comunicación total, de lo imposible de lo
cotidiano. Verónica Gerber Bicecci (Ciudad
de México, 1980) reduce el lenguaje a su
mayor amplitud para que sea de nuevo eso
que no podemos entender pero que sabemos
que nos acecha cada día. El no saber como
modo de operación lingüística.

  Narrative, Braille,
  32 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  $150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €


An Artist

Malena Pizani

In more than 1400 laconic arguments, the
Argentinian Malena Pizani describes an
artist’s process of becoming. The statements
— lacking verb in each sentiment — depict an
artist that is petrified between two moments
that for now does neither act, nor do, nor
execute, nor intervene. It only thinks of itself,
or sees itself through the gaze of the other.

An Artist, de Malena Pizani, artista argentina,
recopila, por medio de 1400 enunciados,
las características de un artista en vías de
definición. Los enunciados, carentes de
verbo, describen al artista petrificado entre
dos puntos que por el momento no actua,
no hace, no ejecuta, no interviene; sólo se
piensa a sí mismo o se ve a través de los
ojos de los demás:

An artist who looks out of the
corner of his eye / An artist who
looks out of the corner of his eye
and also eavesdrops / An artist who
looks out of the corner of his eye
and makes comments in passing
so that everyone else will hear /
A mean-spirited artist / A dark-
energied artist / A dark-energied
who has power / A dark-energied
artist who has power and distributes
it among other dark-energied

  112 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Offset

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn   978-607-97599-3-3


Song of Songs

Frosh Samo

Songs of Songs by the Mexican artist Frosh
Samo, is a new illustrative version of the Old
Testament which intends to reinterpret the
games given to King Solomon, King David,
and his friends.

Song of Songs del ilustrador mexicano Frosh
Samo, es una nueva versión ilustrada del libro
del Antiguo Testamento, una reinterpretación
de los juegos a los que se entregan el Rey
Salomón, el Rey David y sus amigos.

  Illustration, Erotica, Biblical
  36 pages
  23 cm x 17 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  $250 MXN, 25 USD, 25 €

  isbn:   978-607-97969-4-5


The line, lie and the lice

Diana Cantarey

The line, the lie, and the lice is a book
of divination that is governed by one
idea: all complex ideas are composed of
simple ideas. Two ideas: if everything can
be reduced to a simple idea, why do I
understand less and less every time? Three
ideas: due to distraction, refraction or hyper-
simplification. Four ideas: error — neither the
one or the other, but something much worse.

The line, the lie and the lice de Diana
Cantarey es un libro de adivinación que se
rige bajo una idea: todas las ideas complejas
se componen de ideas simples. Dos ideas:
si todo se puede reducir a ideas simples,
¿por qué cada vez entiendo menos? Tres
ideas: por distracción, por refracción o por
hipersimplificación. Cuatro ideas: error: ni lo
uno, ni lo otro, sino algo mucho peor.

  74 pages
  10.5 cm x 8.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  50 MXN, 5 USD, 5 €


La manzana no espera

Ricardo Carreira

In La manzana no espera, the Argentinian         La manzana no espera del poeta y artista argentino
poet and artist Ricardo Carreira (1924-          Ricardo Carreira (1942-1993), miembro del
1993), member of “Tucumán arde” collective,      colectivo “Tucumán arde”, experimenta con los
experiments with the boundaries of words         márgenes de las palabras, un espacio que escapa
— a space that escapes common language           del lenguaje común para liberar el sonido, el
so it may liberate sound; where purpose and      significado y la imagen como si fuera la primera vez,
image get to be experienced as if it were        pero también como un espacio que demuestra el
the very first time; but as well as space that   juego de su mecanismo, el margen de acción que
demonstrates a game’s mechanism — the            se abre entre ellas, como huecos semánticos.
active margin that opens like a semantic
whole in-between them.

                                                                                        72 pages
                                                                                        23 cm x 17 cm
                                                                                        Printed in Risograph

                                                                                        Retail Price
                                                                                        $200 MXN, 20 USD, 20 €


A Manifesto on
the Appropriation
of Space.
A Methodology
for Making Architecture

C ! M ? 10:

Buildings are not empty containers
awaiting their inhabitants. They are
composed of a large and ever-changing
array of objects. During construction,
prioritizing certain objects — like walls,
floors, roofs, etc. — limits appropriation
itself. In order to increase the
opportunities of appropriation, objects
that are traditionally dealt with by
architects to encompass the possibility
of object — such as a wall, sink, chair —
would need to be augmented.

Incrementar las oportunidades de
apropiación, implica aumentar la clase
de objetos tradicionalmente manipulados
por los arquitectos con el fin de abarcar
todos los objetos posibles (existentes,
relacionados, propuestos y sugeridos),
como una pared, un fregadero o una silla,
que podrían ocupar un área determinada
en un momento preciso del proyecto de

  Contemporary, Manifesto,
  44 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-607-97969-5-2


The Work of Art
in the Age of Its Digital

Michalis Pichler

Benjamin’s arguments against the
reproducibility of image retake the
importance of digitalization that exists
today. “It would therefore be wrong to
underestimate the value of such theses as
a weapon. They brush aside a number of
outmoded concepts, such as creativity and
genius, eternal value and mystery” —Walter

Los argumentos de Benjamin contra la
reproductibilidad de la imagen, retoman
importancia con la digitalización de nuestra
época. “Sería erróneo subestimar el valor de
estas tesis como un arma. Apartan una serie
de conceptos anticuados, como creatividad
y genio, valor eterno y misterio” —Walter

#MickeyMouse #Conceptualisms
#TactileandMental                              Contemporary, Manifesto,
#AestheticsofWar                               Art
                                               34 pages
                                               16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
                                               Printed in Risograph

                                               Retail Price
                                               150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €


 For a Collaborative
 and Interdisciplinary
 Lexicon of Cultural Agents

 Doris Summer
 C ! M ? 08:

 In this book, Doris Sommer, Director of
 the Cultural Agents Initiative at Harvard
 University, proposes an array of semantic
 neologisms in order to understand the new
 dynamics of our world that is in constant
 acceleration; how to create new ideas
 and new construction tools. It is a double
 invitation: on the one hand, it develops
 definitions that articulate an interdisciplinary
 lexicon. On the other, it suggests missing
 words. It is vital for the new lexicon’s
 intuitions to move into public discourse.

 Doris Sommer, Directora de la
 Iniciativa de Agentes Culturales de la
 Universidad de Harvard, propone en este
VUELTA      1          semánticos con el fin
 de entender las nuevas dinámicas de
 nuestro mundo en constante aceleración,
 una manera de crear nuevas ideas y
 nuevas herramientas de construcción. Se
        de una doble invitación: por un lado             Color
 desarrollar        communicator,
              definiciones   que articulenfrom
                                            un one       Structural element in the
 léxico  interdisciplinario y por otro, sugerir
      cultural register to another, Antanas              Renaissance of Tirana, Albania, Edi
 palabras faltantes. Lo importante es que
 las intuiciones del nuevo léxico pasen al
 discurso público.
     Art                                                 Common sense
     Artifice, device, to make                           Intersubjective agreement based on
   Contemporary, Manifesto
     comprehension difficult and refresh
   2017                                                  aesthetic judgment, Immanuel Kant.
     perception, Viktor Shklovsky.
   36 pages
   16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
   Printed in Risograph
     Beauty                                              Agent who fosters collaborations,
   Retail Price
   150 MXN, 15  which
                 USD, 15pleases
                        €       without interests        Pedro Reyes.
     or concepts, Immanuel Kant.
   isbn:   978-607-97599-5-7
                                                         Constraints, hard and soft
         Catharsis                                       Imposed and also chosen conditions
         Purges rebelliousness, Aristotle;               of rational choice, Jon Elster.
         banish the cop in the head, Augusto
         Boal.                                           Distribution of the Sensible
                                                         Range of access to and production
         Civic culture                                   of art, Jacques Rancière.
         Articulation of law, morality, popular
         culture, Antanas Mockus.

                                                    26   27


Gabriela Jauregui
C ! M ? 07:

In her manifesto, the young Mexican author
Gabriela Jauregui thinks about the blood-
soaked war of drugs. Simultaneously, she
proposes a communal organization, a
resistance against individualism and isolation.
As a type of game, Jauregui borrows words
from other manifestos. The result is a
manifesto-remix, unleashing a different and
new political potential.

Gabriela Jauregui, joven escritora mexicana,
reflexiona en su manifiesto sobre la
sanguinaria guerra contra las drogas.
Propone al mismo tiempo, una organización
comunitaria, una resistencia contra el
individualismo y el aislamiento, dentro de
un espíritu lúdico utilizando extractos de
muchos otros manifiestos. Un manifiesto
compuesto como un remix que busca liberar
un nuevo potencial político.

Call out loud
Vivid and violent ideas
To your blushing
We shout the

  Contemporary, Manifesto
  36 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-607-97599-6-4


La Pocha Nostra
Manifesto For
a Post-Democratic Era

Pocha Nostra
C ! M ? 06:

The Spanish neologism “Pocha Nostra” can
be translated into “our impurities” or “the
cartel of culturally-betraying bastards”. It is an
attitude against art and society: interracial,
cross-trans-or-post-national, polygendered,
post-ultra-retro-experimental, neoindio, or a
remix of the same or nothing. And so what?
What’s the problem? After all, national states
are dysfunctional and outdated.

El neologismo spanglish “Pocha Nostra”
puede traducirse como “nuestras impurezas”
o “el cartel de bastardos traidores culturales”.
Esta es una actitud hacia el arte y la
sociedad: interracial, trans-o-post-nacional,
poligénero, post-ultra-retro-experimental,
neoindio, o un remix del mismo o ninguno,
¿y qué? ¿Cuál es el pedo? Después de
todo, los estados-nación son disfuncionales
y fechados. El libro recopila manifiestos
o antimanifiestos de los últimos veintitrés
años de este colectivo para el que, muchas
veces, el performance se convirtió en una

We claim a border/less America in
the largest sense of the term. We
live in the South of the North,
and in the North of the South.

  Contemporary, Manifesto
  48 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-607-97599-8-8


The Combahee
River Collective

River Collective
C ! M ? 05:

Combahee River Collective, an African-
american feminist collective, presents a
testimony of the reflective work since the
1970s in the United States. The book
discusses four major topics: the genesis
of contemporary black feminism and the
particularity of this very policy; the problems
and the history of the collective; the black
feminist practice and their issues. As
feminists and lesbians, they know that sexual
politics under patriarchy is pervasive in black
women’s lives, as well as the politics of class
and race.

Combahee River Collective, colectivo
feminista afroamericano, expone un
testimonio del trabajo reflexivo realizado
desde los años 70 en Estados Unidos.              We will discuss four major
El libro discute cuatro grandes temas: el         topics in the paper that
origen del feminismo contemporáneo de             follows: (1) the genesis of
la comunidad negra, la particularidad de          contemporary Black feminism;
su política, los problemas y la historia de
                                                  (2) what we believe, i.e.,
su colectivo y la problemática y la práctica
de éste feminismo. Como feministas y              the specific province of our
lesbianas saben que la política sexual bajo el    politics; (3) the problems in
patriarcado es tan dominante en la vida de        organizing Black feminists,
las mujeres negras como lo son las políticas      including a brief herstory of
de clase y raza.                                  our collective; and (4) Black
                                                  feminist issues and practice.
  Contemporary, Manifesto
  44 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-607-97599-1-9


An Attempt at
a «Compositionist

Bruno Latour
C ! M ? 04:

Written as an essay, An Attempt at a
«Compositionist Manifesto» points to
needing a manifesto in form of genre and
contemporaneity. Using The Communist
Manifesto as a model, Latour constructs a
manifesto using the different meanings of
the word “compose” in order to think about
a new world: one that is composed and
decomposed into heterogeneous elements.
For the author, the manifesto is the world’s
composition that we need to imagine.

Escrito como un ensayo, An Attempt at a
«Compositionist Manifesto» por un lado pone
en evidencia la necesidad del manifiesto
cómo género, y su total coincidencia con
la contemporaneidad, a pesar de que el
pensamiento opuesto sea dominante; por
otro lado, usando el modelo del Manifiesto
comunista, construye un manifiesto
utilizando los diferentes sentidos de la
palabra “componer”, con el fin de pensar un
mundo nuevo: un mundo que se compone
y descompone en elementos heterogéneos.
Para Bruno Latour el manifiesto es la
composta del mundo que necesitamos

  Contemporary, Manifesto
  60 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-607-97450-5-9


for an Accelerationist

Alex Williams
Nick Srnicek
C ! M ? 03:

Already by nature, manifestos are necessar-
ily tied to time. For Alex Williams and Nick
Srnicek, time is a raw material that can only
be released from its obligations and contracts
by means of acceleration. If Newton lived in
these dark times, he might have reformulated
his laws based on the concept of accelera-

Por naturaleza, los manifiestos están ligados
al tiempo. El manifiesto aceleracionista
hace del tiempo la razón del manifiesto, no
el tiempo necesario que necesita una cosa
para cumplir su objetivo, sino el tiempo que
el capitalismo necesita para capitalizarse.
Para Alex Williams y Nick Srnicek el tiempo
es una materia prima que sólo puede ser
liberada de sus obligaciones y contratos
por medio de la aceleración. Si Newton
viviera en estos días oscuros probablemente
reformularía sus leyes siguiendo la fórmula
del aceleracionismo.

  Contemporary, Manifesto
  60 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-607-97450-4-2


Untitled Manifesto

Juan Caloca
C ! M ? 02:

Starting with the exclamation mark assumes
that there is an exit on the other side. Untitled
Manifesto asks: what is decomposition made
off? In other words, does it take an exclama-
tion mark in order to understand a question is
taking form? For example, who can believe in
the queries translated by Google? These are
not questions without answers, but answers
without questions. With his manifesto, the
artist Juan Caloca shows how much knowl-
edge we lack, and how little we know in order
to imagine.

Comenzar por un signo de interrogación
supone que del otro lado hay una salida:
Untitled Manifesto lo pone en duda: ¿cómo
se compone la descomposición?; dicho
de otro modo, ¿hacen falta signos de
interrogación para entender en qué punto las
preguntas cobran forma?, por ejemplo ¿quién
puede creer en las interrogaciones traducidas
por Google? En el fondo no se trata de
preguntas sin respuestas, sino de respuestas
sin preguntas. A punta de despojos en
el habla, el artista Juan Caloca pone en
evidencia, bajo forma de manifiesto, cuánto
nos falta por saber y lo poco que sabemos
para imaginar.

For the sake of humanity:
Burn this and all manifestos!
To see if someone remembers us
only with the oral memory.

   Contemporary, Manifesto
   48 pages
   16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
   Printed in Risograph

   Retail Price
   150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

   isbn:   978-607-97450-3-5

a definitely unfinished,
inefficient, unstable,
affective, emotional,
delirious, cheerful,
affirmative, sweaty,
fragmentary, empirical,
weak, happy, contradictory,
supportive, indecent,
sensual, amorphous,
warm, committed index

Abraham Cruzvillegas
C ! M ? 01:

The alphabetical order implies an act of rein-
vention. Abraham Cruzvillegas recuperates
the alphabetical order in order to organize a
series of projects that otherwise would cause

El orden alfabético, implica una redefinición
de la experiencia personal, no en función
de las viviencias, sino a partir de un orden
impuesto por el abecedario. Abraham
Cruzvillegas recupera el orden alfabético para
organizar una serie de proyectos que de otro
modo cavilarían confusos.


Works of art are moments in the
long-term development of ideas and
production. Exhibitions and projects
are reports on this development.

  Contemporary, Manifesto
  44 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm

  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-607-97450-2-8


A Theory of the
Manifesto or a Manifesto
for Manifestos

Luciano Concheiro
C ! M ? 00:

This text serves a double function. On the one
hand, it speculates the form of the manifesto;
on the other, it takes the form of a manifesto
itself. The subject takes the form of the object.
The author notes that the difficulty with the
manifesto lies within its very subject matter:
time. Both present and future. The present is
a body that can be transcended through the
act of enunciating a manifesto. The future is
the ground on which to build a kinder reality.

Este texto cumple una doble función: por un
lado especula sobre la forma del manifiesto y
por otro toma forma de manifiesto; dicho de
otro modo, su reflexión cobra la forma de su
objeto. Luciano Concheiro constata que la
dificultad del manifiesto reside en su objeto:
el presente y el futuro; el presente como un
cuerpo que puede ser rebasado por el puro
acto de enunciar un manifiesto y el futuro
como un terreno disponible para construir el
tiempo deseado por el manifiesto.

There is no manifesto without
What do we hate most?
The present.
And even more than that?

  Contemporary, Manifesto
  28 pages
  16.5 cm x 11.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-607-97450-1-1


I Want a President

Zoe Leonard

Written in 1992, Zoe Leonard’s I Want
a President enunciates a revolutionary
manifesto. She demands “a dyke for
president / a person with AIDS / a fag for
vice president”. We really hope it happens
someday. Above all, we are convinced here
is where it starts.

Redactado en 1992, I Want a President,
de Zoe Leonard enuncia un manifiesto
revolucionario: “una tortillera para
presidenta/ una persona con SIDA/ un
maricón para vicepresidente...” Realmente
esperamos que suceda muy pronto;
sobre todo, estamos seguros de que todo
comienza por aquí.

[…] and layed off
and sexually harrassed
and gaybashed and deported.

  Contemporary, Manifesto
  32 pages
  10.5 cm x 8.5 cm
  Printed in Risograph

  Retail Price
  150 MXN, 15 USD, 15 €

  isbn:   978-607-97450-8-0

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 978-607-97969-3-8     Andrea García      Rebeca                              2018   Paperback   17      23       84      200   English
 978-607-97969-4-5     Frosh Samo         Song of Songs                       2018   Paperback   17      23       36      200

 NO ISBN               Ricardo Pohlenz    Bac Kga Mon                         2018   Paperback   11.5    16.5     56      100
 NO ISBN               Wolfgang Lehner    Ciudad sin nombre                   2018   Paperback   11.5    16.5     48      100   English

GATO NEGRO EDICIONES                                                      BACKLIST                                                         2013-2019
ISBN                  ARTIST/AUTHOR       TITLE                                   YEAR    FORMAT      WIDTH   HEIGHT   PAGES   RUN    LANGUAGE(S)
                                                                                                       (CM)             (CM)

 NO ISBN               Ricardo Pohlenz     Cuc Amo Nga                             2018    Paperback   11.5    16.5     56      100    English
 NO ISBN               Alkisti Efthymiou   documenta 14 special                    2018    Paperback   11.5    16.5     64      200    English
 NO ISBN                                   El cuerpo que no está                   2018    Paperback   29      40.5
 NO ISBN               Alejandro           Enrique 2012-2018                       2018    Paperback   11.5    16.5     60      200    Spanish
 NO ISBN               Eduardo Arias G.    Frutas latinoamericanas                 2018    Paperback   11.5    16.5     48      100    Spanish
 NO ISBN               Aleander Bühler     I Know, That I Know Nothing             2018    Paperback   11.5    16.5     64      100
 NO ISBN               Mauricio Toro-      Imagen divina                           2018    Paperback   25      40.5     20      1000
 NO ISBN               Gato Negro          Juan Carlos                             2018    Paperback   8       10.5     32      100    --
 NO ISBN               Ricardo Carreira    La manzana no es pera                   2018    Paperback   17      23       72      200
 NO ISBN               Isaac Olvera        Natasha                                 2018    Paperback   17      23       40      100    English
 NO ISBN               Rigoberto Díaz      Nochitlán                               2018    Paperback   11.5    16.5     32      200    Spanish
 NO ISBN                Alejandro          P. M                                    2018    Paperback   11.5    16.5     64      200    Spanish
                       Luperca Morales
 NO ISBN               Dani Zelko          Reunión 2                               2018    Paperback   17      23       112     100    Spanish
 NO ISBN               Guillermo Báez      Souvenir                                2018    Paperback   11.5    16.5     32      200    Spanish
 NO ISBN               Nirvana Paz         The Court                               2018    Paperback   26      40.5     20
 NO ISBN               Diana Cantarey      The line, lie and the lice              2018    Paperback   10.5    8        64      50
                       Humar               A Dangerous Obsession / Una             2018    Paperback   11.5    16.5     48      100
                       Resources /         peligrosa Obsesión
                       Bikini Wa
  978-607-97450-7-3    Nirvana Paz         The Court                               2017    Paperback   17      23       96      200    -
  978-607-97599-7-1    Dante Busquets      We are the Dummies                      2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     36      100    English
 978-607-7611-73-8     Museo Archivo       En obra                                 2017    Hardcover   18      21       248     1000   Spanish
                       de la Fotografía
 978-607-97450-1-1     Luciano             A Theory of the Manifesto or a          2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     28      300    English
                       Concheiro           Manifesto for Manifestos
 978-607-97450-2-8     Abraham             Autoconstrucción: a definitely          2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     44      300    English
                       Cruzvillegas        unfinished, inefficient, unstable,
 978-607-97450-3-5     Juan Caloca         Untitled Manifesto                      2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     48      300    English
 978-607-97450-4-2     Ale Williams,       #ACCELERATE MANIFESTO                   2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     60      300    English
                       Nick Srnicek        for an Accelerationist Politics
 978-607-97450-5-9     Bruno Latour        An Attempt at a «Compositionist         2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     60      300    English
 978-607-97450-8-0     Zoe Leonard         I want a President                      2017    Paperback   8       10.5     32      300    English
 978-607-97599-0-2     Alice Zukofsky      Fish Fowl Flood Mud: Think of           2017    Paperback   17      23       60      100    -
                                           the Storm
 978-607-97599-1-9     Combahee River      The Combahee River Collective           2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     44      300    English
                       Collective          Statement
 978-607-97599-3-3     Malena Pizani       An Artist                               2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     112     1000   English
 978-607-97599-3-3     Zuriel              Chakal                                  2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     32      100
 978-607-97599-5-7     Doris Summer        For a Collaborative and                 2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     36      300    English
                                           Interdisciplinary Leicon of
                                           Cultural Agents
 978-607-97599-6-4     Gabriela            ManyFiestas!                            2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     36      300    English
 NO ISBN               Dani Zelko          19 September 2017 13:14:40              2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     100     100    Spanish
 NO ISBN               Vanessa Ortega      63854                                   2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     32      100    Spanish
 NO ISBN               Sergej Vutuc        As far as we can open it again          2017    Paperback   17      23       60      150    English
                                           bind as could be Breathing
 NO ISBN               Gato Negro          El cuerpo que no está                   2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     416     150    Spanish
 NO ISBN               León Muñoz          I’d Shut my Eyes and Think              2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     64      100    Spanish
                       Santini             about a Tree
 NO ISBN               Carmen Huizar       No haga caso de malos                   2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     96      100    Spanish
 NO ISBN               Dani Zelko          Reunion 1                               2017    Paperback   11.5    16.5     100     100    English

GATO NEGRO EDICIONES                                                            BACKLIST                                                         2013-2019
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