NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...

NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...

                      NEWS                                        Term 1 | 2020

          Year 10’s v
                     olu   nteerin
                                  g at   the Rockingham Community Garden

Dates to Remember
Thursday 9th - End of Term 1 2020
Friday 10th - Good Friday
Monday 27th - ANZAC Day
Wednesday 29th - Beginning Term 2 2020
NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...
News from our Principal
Dear Families,                                                  • This year we have Rebecca Pumfrey delivering “The Arts”
                                                               to our students. The creativity that has been developed,
Firstly, welcome to the 2020 school year and a new
                                                               through Rebecca’s encouragement, has seen the students
decade. At present Kim McCollum has been requested
                                                               produce art pieces that are vibrant and unique.
to assist the WA Education coronavirus support centre,
therefore I, Marianne Mangano, will be acting as                • The excursions students have had the opportunity
Principal. I would like to express a very warm welcome         to experience has supported them to have a deeper
to our Year 7 students and all new and returning families.     understanding of their learning. The recounts the students
I would also like to welcome two new teachers, Emily           have written, demonstrate the value in attending these
Nind and Pete Brown, to our Senior School.                     events.

The start of 2020 has enabled us to see the Character           • The opening of the School Café in the courtyard has
Strength of kindness in humanity. This has been evident        provided an opportunity for our students interested
with the generosity and compassion being displayed             in hospitality to manage the Café. The benefits for
within our community to ensure the wellbeing of others         these students is the continual development of their
is being cared for. We also recognise that this can be a       professionalism, teamwork, communication skills and
time of uncertainty with feelings of worry about what          work ethic, as well as leadership skills and strengthening
is going on. This could be through listening and seeing        students’ sense of initiative. Along with the benefits it is
the changes occurring in school, at home or online.            providing for our students, it is equally beneficial for our
Where possible try to maintain normal routines as much         staff as they are able to access good quality hot drinks
as possible – for example, in relation to eating, sleeping,    during recess.
school work and playing or downtime. Routines help
                                                               As for term 2, at this moment we are unsure as to
children and young people feel safe. Whilst it is a
                                                               whether we will be welcoming students back. However,
genuinely challenging time, help your child to recognise
                                                               if students are not able to return we will be moving
the positive things that are happening. For example
                                                               towards remote learning. All our teachers and school
“There are lots of people working hard to keep us all
                                                               support staff are working hard to plan for this should
safe, for example the doctors and nurses at hospitals, the
                                                               we be directed this will be occurring. If students are not
scientists finding a vaccine, and even us by washing our
                                                               returning, we will be in contact to let you know.
                                                               Please use the two week break to take some time to rest
I would like to acknowledge the highlights that we have
                                                               and relax and rest assured that I will keep you informed
identified in Term 1.
                                                               of any updates.
• Congratulations to our school community on the support
and approach to the new compulsory Mobile Phone Policy.
The students have embraced this change with minimal            Marianne Mangano
disruption. Staff have been proactive in assisting students    Acting Principal
to understand the new processes from the first day of the
year, resulting in minimal disruption to student learning.
Student interactions during recess and lunchtime are
focussed on safe and respectful relationships.

• The rich learning the teachers have been delivering to
our students through engaging Science, Humanities and
Social Sciences, English and Maths activities as well as the
continual growth of our students social and emotional

NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...
COVID-19 Newsletter
The outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted people in varying ways on an international scale. It is
understandable that during times like this, people may be feeling afraid, worried, anxious and overwhelmed during
this time, it is important to speak with your children about their concerns.

What you can do:
•       Try to model calmness when talking with your children and family.
•       Talk with your children about how they are feeling. Listen and reassure them.
•       Talk with your children about COVID 19. Answer their questions as honestly as possible. This may help to address
        their fears and reduce anxiety.
•       Limit media exposure—frequent exposure to media may increase fear and anxiety.
•       Focus on what you are doing as a family to stay safe. Give your children clear information about how to reduce
        their risk of infection in words they can understand, as this will give them a sense of control.
•       Spend time together and keep to routines as much as possible or help create new ones. Make time for playing
        and relaxing. Have fun together.
•       Look out for signs of distress—children may respond to stress in different ways. This may include changes to
        their sleeping patterns, change to appetite, loss of independence, eg increased clinginess, wanting to be close to
        adults or an increased in anger, irritability, anxiety and/or fear.
•       Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

•       Talk to your family about what is happening. Understanding the situation may reduce their anxiety.
•       Help your children think about how they have coped with difficult situations in the past and reassure them.
        Discuss different ways children and adults react to different stressful situations.
•       Remind them that isolation will not last for long but necessary for their ongoing safety.

•       Exercise regularly as it is a proven way of reducing stress and depression. Be creative. This could include exercise
        videos, dancing, yoga, walking around the backyard or using home exercise equipment.
•       Plan time for structured family activities, schoolwork and play. Keep a normal routine where possible.

•       Encourage your children to keep in touch with family members and friends via telephone, email or where
        appropriate, social media.
•       Communicate with the school as often as we will regularly update and provide you with important and current
•       Have fun together as a family.

Remember, any decisions or actions you may take is what you have considered best for you and your family. Do what
you can, try to be patient with yourself, your family and others, and seek support as needed.

NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...
Notes from MS Deputy
I’d like to welcome our new year seven students, as well as existing students and families to 2020 at Warnbro
Community High School Education Support Centre.

It has been wonderful to see how quickly the year seven students have transitioned to high school. It is a credit
to the efforts our year seven teachers, Nikki Garnaut and Scott Beattie, put in place during the students’ transition
program to ensure they have a successful start in their new environment. It has been rewarding to see them all
developing friendships by interacting positively during recess and lunch, in physical games, every day.

A focus of our school is to empower students with the skills, language and self-confidence to be better friends
and develop healthier relationships. Research identifies that students with healthy friendships perform better
academically, have higher self-esteem, a more positive body image, get involved in leadership roles, and make
smarter decisions in future relationships.

To enhance the social emotional wellbeing of our students we implemented an internationally-recognised friendship
program in semester one, URSTRONG. This skills-based program teaches girls and boys how to put a voice to their
feelings, create healthy friendships, and build a solid foundation for future relationships. Along with learning what’s
normal in a friendship and the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships. Students establish a common
language so that they can co-identify social issues and learn to communicate solutions effectively.

Families can support their child to have healthy friendships by reminding them that trust and respect are the two
most important qualities of friendships.

When you can trust and respect a friend you can:

· Be yourself in front of them

· Trust that they will take care of items
that matter to you

· Treat them how you would want to
be treated

· Trust they respect your opinions and
accept you for who you are …even if
they are different

MS Deputy
Marianne Mangano

NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...
Cowan 7
The Cowan 7 class has had a great start to the year, with students adapting
well to the change from Primary School to High School. This awesome
group have already demonstrated that they understand our school
routines, and also shown that they can be flexible in their learning skills

One of the larger focus areas in our classroom this term has been
instructional writing and we have spoken in depth about how to provide
explicit instructions. This means giving clear, concise, step-by-step
instructions - in logical order, to complete a given task. To demonstrate
their instructional writing skills, the students were given the task of writing
Mr Beattie a set of clear class instructions to make fairy bread. Although this
sounds easy, the students learned very quickly that the instructions needed
to be VERY explicit. Before the instructions were perfected, Mr Beattie found
himself spreading the whole container of butter onto the bread, spilling
sprinkles everywhere, and even buttering his own hand!

The Cowan team did a great job and have since completed many more
instructional writing activities very successfully!

Stanley 7
In maths this term, Stanley 7 have been learning
about using calendars, with the students
understanding that calendars can be used to stay
organised, as well as to remember and monitor

We continued on further by focusing on number
and place value concepts; completing activities
using addition, subtraction, and sequencing

Most recently, we have been learning about
money. The students have experienced tasks that
enabled them to practice using different coin
and/ or note combinations to make different
amounts, as well as adding money together.

Well done to our Stanley mathematicians – it has
been a great term.

NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...
Bell 8
This term in HASS, Year 8 Bell has been learning all about Medieval Europe. Within the unit, they have learned about
everyday life and living conditions during Medieval European times, as well as the judicial system and hierarchy of
class groups.

Our students found the difference in living conditions and the division of each social class very interesting. First,
we looked into the everyday lives of the different social classes of Medieval Europe. Our students were stunned by
how dirty and unfair life was for the peasants (poor people), who basically worked for free - unlike the lavish living
conditions of the king and his nobility.

Later, we looked into the roles of each social class and discovered the importance of a noblemen’s family crest. The
students learned that patrons, animals, colours and patterns all represented significant meaning such as wealth, faith
or bravery on a noblemen’s crest. We then applied this knowledge to the here and now, creating a family crest to
represent our own values and beliefs.

To finish the unit, our students will be learning about the food eaten, as well as the activities people of Medieval
Europe engaged in. The Bell 8 team will also be using their newfound knowledge of Medieval Europe to determine
how it was similar or different to society today.

NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...
Forrest 8
This term, the Forrest 8 students have been reading, viewing or
listening to different text types and then “Finding the Main Idea” –
using graphic organisers to first decide the supporting details that
will help them with their response. Here’s some of the texts our
team have explained so very well 

Video Clip: Love Someone by Lukas Graham

All the people love someone, and it makes them smile – even when they
feel sad. – Fleur

Magazine Article: “Ashlee’s Toy Closet”

A girl collected toy donations and gave them to kids who lost their
home in bushfires. – Bec

“Behind the News” Report: Bushfire Investigation

The bushfires in Australia have been a nightmare for lots of people and
animals. The firefighters have been working in some really frightening
fires and lots of people in Australia have been trying to help with money, or things like water and clothes. – Chance and

Orangutan Fairy Godmother Text

Sue Sheward is called the “Orangutan Godmother” because she has a charity called the Orangutan Appeal UK that helps
orangutans to recover and teaches the community about them. – Zac and Dre

TV Advertisement: Snickers

A guy on a motorbike looked like a grumpy old man because he was hungry but then he ate the chocolate bar and
calmed down like a young guy again. – Lee and Sarah

NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...
Yagan 9
In Yagan Year 9, Science has been a very fascinating
subject this term. We are learning all about body
systems - particularly the human body. At present, we
are studying how the muscular system works with the
skeletal system - muscles connect to your skeleton and
they contract and move the skeleton along. Then later
in the term, we will be looking into the circulatory and
respiratory systems.

We have also been conducting small experiments. In one
experiment, we were able to feel the two muscles that
work together when we lift and bend a leg - quadriceps
and hamstring, or lift and bend our arm - biceps and

The students have been so interested in learning how the
human body works and have been highly engaged. We
would also like to thank our special visitor, Mr. Harry for
joining our class in some extra Science fun this term as

NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...
Yr 10 Deputy
Year 10 students and staff have had an amazing start to 2020.

Business Certificate

This year, we have 14 students enrolled in the Certificate I in
Business which is being completed on school site with Mr.
Mercer delivering the Units of Competency. The course provides
a great foundation of skills that will be useful for all students in
their future TAFE studies and careers. They learn about general
health and safety in the workplace, how to communicate
with colleagues and customers, and how to use a range of
equipment including a computer, telephone and photocopier.

Preparation for WPL

The first six months of Year 10 also focusses on preparing
students for the world of work with formal Workplace
Learning planned for Term 3. This term, students have started
investigating workplaces in our community and reflecting
on their likes and dislikes in relation to these. This involved
an excursion to Bunnings where students observed what
the workers were doing and decided whether they would be
interested in trying out the Retail industry. They also reflected
on their Business Certificate learning by spotting safety signs
and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the workplace.

Students have also started preparing for Workplace Learning
through the completion of volunteer work at the Community
Gardens. The students worked in teams to complete a range
of gardening jobs and everyone who participated showed
amazing work ethic. Additionally, the students took feedback
from staff in a positive way, to improve their workplace core
skills. This experience also offered an opportunity for students
to reflect on whether they preferred outdoor or indoor work and
whether they liked to be active or stationery in their job.

We have really noticed that our 2020 Year 10 students are very
good at vocalising their interests. Many of them already have
ideas of places they would like to try in Term 3 when they have
the opportunity to go out again. We can’t wait to see what they
will be able to achieve in Workplace Learning this year if they
continue to be this reflective.

Yr 10 Deputy
Kelly Stevens

NEWS Term 1 - Warnbro Community ...
The Year 10 Business classes have experienced an
impressive start to 2020. The students decided “Copy
Cats” would be their business name and are in the
finishing stages of completing the associated logo.
We have already commenced stationary deliveries
to the learning area offices of the main school, with
each operation running more efficiently than the
previous one. In addition, we will soon be taking
orders for photocopying, laminating and binding
jobs from classrooms within our school.

Over the term, the students have been completing
Workplace Health and Safety learning tasks;
requiring them to proactively consider hazards
and identify safety signs. In week five, we enjoyed
an excursion to Bunnings and took the students’
iPads along to photograph different signage
opportunities we came across.

In Science, the students are completing a unit on
Adaptation - a process that enables organisms to
adjust to their environment to survive. We recently
completed an activity using various items to mimic
a bird’s beak and food. We used tweezers, clamps,
spoons, and pencils to represent the beak and
beads, marbles, toothpicks and coins to represent
the diverse foods the bird might pick up and eat.
The students then tallied their results to decide which beak was best for each food.

It’s been a productive term for Business students that’s for sure - just the way we like it.

Notes from SS Deputy
A big welcome to the Year 10 students to our Senior School. You have
mastered the transition from Middle School to Senior School expertly
and it is a pleasure to hear of the hard work you are doing in class and to
see your happy, welcoming faces at break times. We have also welcomed
two new teachers to Senior School this year: Pete Brown is the teacher of
the Horticulture/Construction class, and Emily Nind joins Belinda Tomlins
as teachers of the Adult Education class. Both Pete and Emily have been
welcomed by staff and students and we are already benefiting from the
skills and ideas that they bring to our team.

The Year 11, 12 and 13 students have adjusted well to their new classrooms
and programs. This year we have students participating in Skills Sets in
Horticulture, Construction, Hospitality and Painting and Decorating. These
students travel to the various TAFE campuses to engage in their courses
- with students from other schools, in an adult learning environment. We
have also introduced a new pathway for Year 11, 12 and 13 students this
year, which we call the Adult Education class. Students in this class study
units from the Certificate II in General Education for Adults. This course,
which is delivered at school, provides a pathway for students who want to
further develop their literacy and numeracy skills, who enjoy self-directed
learning, and are interested in pursuing further education after school.

This year all our Year 10 students are participating in Certificate I in Business
Studies. Each Wednesday the two Year 10 classes come together and run
an office enterprise to support the development of skills required for
completion of the Certificate.

In addition, we have several students on individual TAFE pathways.
These students are studying: Certificate II in Hospitality, Certificate II
in Community Services (childcare), Certificate II in Animal Studies, and
Certificate III in Tourism.

All Senior School students are to be commended for the fantastic start they
have made to the year.

SS Deputy
Hannah Stoneham

General Education for Adults
Student Excursion Review – Young Leaders Conference, Perth
Convention Centre

“On Monday on the 9th of March, our class went to the Halogen Young Leaders
Conference at the Perth Convention Centre. There were four different inspiring
and motivational speakers including John Coutis who talked about getting
along with life without a lower body. Eamon Sullivan talked about his swimming
career and current businesses, Dana Hooker talked about her football career and
Lachlan Smart talked about being the youngest person to fly around the world
solo”. - Aidan Blackshaw

“We went to the Young Leaders Day where we were inspired and motivated by
other leaders”. - Tabitha Bright

“Some of us travelled to The Young Leaders Conference by train to Elizabeth Quay Station and some of us even travelled
independently by bus to meet at the train station. The first conference speaker was John Coutis. He told us about his life
and bullying experiences and asked everyone how much a life is worth; the crowd went silent as I called out ‘priceless’. In
response, he then asked me to join him on stage and pulled out a $20 note. ‘If you found this on the ground would you pick
it up?’ he asked. I said ‘yes, obviously’. He then threw it on the floor and asked me to stomp on it 3 times. ‘Do you still want
it?’ he asked. I replied with yes again. He then crumpled it in his hand and threw it. ‘Do you still want it? he asked. I replied
yes again as I picked up the note and gave it to him. He told me to keep the $20 note and never spend it, to remind me that
no matter what happens I still have the same value; I am priceless!”. We went to the conference to be inspired to be better
leaders. I became inspired, motivated and I learned many life lessons. It was an amazing day!” - Hailey Carson

“At the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre there is a café and an Information Centre, friendly staff and a nice grassed
area for picnics. We took notes while listening to inspiring leaders. John Coutis’ message was ‘to never be afraid to get out
of your comfort zone’. At recess I talked to Miss Banks about how inspiring his speech was.

Eamon Sullivan, a famous swimmer who has been to the Olympics talked about how much hard work it has been to get
where he was and that he had been swimming because of his asthma - to strengthen his lungs and it turned out to be a
passion for him.

I bought 1 Halogen pin and 2 Cotton On bags to support the charities at the event.

The last speaker was the youngest person the fly around the world in a small aircraft, his name was Lachlan Smart. His
inspiring speech talked about how he made it across the world with difficulties slowing him down. He also had a time
where he was passing a military area and didn’t have a strong enough signal from his aircraft to contact the military.
Luckily, he managed to contact another aircraft to send his signal to save him from being blown to pieces.

Overall it was a phenomenal experience for me to be able to listen to these inspiring leaders!” - Ashton Jose

Horticulture and Construction
It has been a great start to the year for the Year 11 and 12
Horticulture and Construction students. The students have
been proactively learning new, exciting and rewarding
activities that will develop their skills and knowledge in
gardening and construction.

Some of the tasks our Horticulture team have been engaging
with. include:

-            planting in the garden

-            working undercover in the garden shed

-            learning to prepare meals using produce in the kitchen

-           unpacking careers in gardening and construction

On the Construction side of business, the students have been
learning about general construction operations such as health
and safety, as well as careers in the construction sector.

Directions Class
It’s been a busy start to 2020 for the Year 13 Directions Class and we’ve already began our workplace learning
at Gracehaven Residential Aged Care Village. The students have been developing their skills by maintaining the
gardens and painting fences.
These small changes make a
big difference; boosting the
spirit of the residents in the
community, and we love being

The Directions team have also
been involved in detailing
a fleet of cars and buses
for Chorus. Chorus is an
organisation who transport
the elderly from their homes
to important meetings and
appointments. Community
engagement is one of our core
school values, and to quote
author Tia Walker “To care for
those who once cared for us is
one of the highest honours”.

It has been “all systems go” in Hospitality this term! Our
students have worked well to find their feet and settle into
their new class for 2020. Halfway into the term, our excited
students commenced their Hospitality Skills Set course at TAFE.
The students displayed a lot of interest and an eagerness to
begin their off-site studies. Whilst the team are starting with
the theory, we know they are really looking forward to starting
the practical sessions - putting their new-found knowledge
into action!

Plenty of care and thought has already gone into planning
our year-long classroom enterprise. Within the “Concept
Development” phase of our enterprise cycle, the students
have been collaboratively developing a Business Plan. Our
Hospitality team, and the wider school community have suggested a variety of business names and logo designs for
our coffee enterprise. It has been wonderful to see the creativity buzzing throughout the room, and the supportive
nature shared between classroom peers as well.

At present, we are working toward the “Production” phase of the enterprise cycle; actively engaging the students
in practical learning opportunities with our classroom coffee machine. We look forward to continuing to watch our
team develop their skills in both our school-based and community-based enterprises. The Hospitality crew have
already shown a lot of interest in upcoming opportunities and experiences that we have planned for the year ahead!

So, very big congratulations to the Hospitality group for the dedication and hard work you have already put in – it
has been a great start to 2020!

School Cafe
                                Our school cafe has officially been named and branded!

  Well done to everyone who submitted their ideas for name and logo designs. We pooled all your amazing ideas
         together to come up with our logo. We cant wait to see what the year brings for The B.E.A.N Cafe!


                                Belong Engage and Nourish

2020 Swimming Carnival
Students from both WCHS & WCHS ESC participated in the 2020 Swimming Carnival on Wednesday 26th February.
                          Well done to all involved in a fantastic day of swimming!

On Thursday 30 January, all staff participated in professional learning delivered by Dr Paul Swan. This hands-on
session shared ideas and insights on an array of activities linked to the proficiency strands of the Western Australian
Curriculum (Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving, and Reasoning). The session gave our teachers some instant
inspiration to bring to life in their classrooms.

The beginning of term one was an important time for teachers as they completed a range of diagnostic testing to
learn more about every student’s mathematical ability. This process involves our teachers analysing all of the testing
data to identify student strengths, and areas for improvement – identifying the best way to move every student

Maths Tip for Home

No matter what your child is working on in
mathematics, there is a common approach our
school is now taking to solving problems and
it is easy enough for you to follow at home too.
The problem-solving approach can be applied to
any maths problem that arises in the real world
and involves the steps outlined in the PR1ME
Mathematics Poster below: Understand the
problem, plan what to do, work out the answer, and
check your answer (UPAC). Try talking your child
through this process next time you come across a
maths problem.

The Critical Role of Phonological Awareness -- an essential skill for reading success

Follow these steps in sequence:

   1. Identify individual words
         within a sentence

 2. Identify the syllables within
              a word

      3. Identify the first sound
            within a word

     4. Identify the final sound
           within a word

  5. Identify the middle sound
          within a word

   6. Blend sounds to make a

   7. Segment sounds within a

      8. Delete and manipulate
        sounds within a word

One of the fundamental goals of
our very own HAPEER program,
is to develop each child’s level of
resilience - improving their ability
to respond to any challenges life may
present with confidence. In order
to navigate through life
successfully - at school and
beyond, our young people
require an ever-developing
set of resiliency skills to draw

Helping to Grow Resilience in
our Children:

Words have incredible power in
shaping a child’s mind, and research
into resilience indicates that a
few simple tweaks to common
parenting phrases can help your
child to thrive in a challenging world. There are many
ways to teach children to be more resilient, and one of the simplest methods is to use
language that encourages a child’s ability to think about a situation or problem and consider solutions.

Some examples:

If your child is worried and seeking reassurance, rather than say “Don’t worry, everything will be okay”, instead try “I can
see you are worried. I’m here and I will listen.”

Should your child be upset and crying, rather than say “Don’t cry, come on let’s get an ice-cream”, instead try “I can see
you’re really sad about…. It’s okay to feel this sad, would you like to talk to me some more about it?” - and you could still
have that ice-cream later too though, if you’d like.

When your child achieves an award or accomplishes something to a high level, rather than say “You’re so talented”
or “you’re so clever”, instead try “I can see you worked really hard to achieve that, would you like to tell me how you went
about it?”

If your child faces a problem in their school work or friendships, rather than say “Let me help you, I’ll fix it for you”,
Instead try “Let me help you think about how you can fix this for yourself”.

The information above is informed by Susie Mogg, founder of Resilience in Kids.

Sport & Leisure

This term in Sport and Fitness, the students have been
learning the process of creating an exercise program. First,
they learned the importance of warming up and stretching
the body before commencing any exercise session. The
students were then put through the paces in a routine
designed by Mr. Shellam - focusing on building muscular
strength. The students completed the routine really well and even looked as though they enjoyed the experience.
Later, we ventured out into the community to complete a beachside boot camp. The boot camp featured a number
of different exercises of which the students were familiar. Our senior school fitness folk should be very proud of


This term, the students have been developing an understanding of the Leisure course requirements and particularly
what can be used as course evidence. The students have been focusing on the first section of the course, which is
identifying different activities that can be done at home, or at a centre. We have brainstormed many great ideas,
from casual board gaming to all-out rock climbing. The students have given us several suggestions for future
excursions, and we hope to do as many of them as possible. The students have had a great start to the year and have
set themselves up for what looks to be, a fantastic, sociable year.

Visual Art
Wow! What a beautifully busy and interesting start to the school year it
has been.

In Visual Arts, we commenced the term by exploring the ‘Elements of

The seven ‘Elements of Art’ are essentially the building blocks, or
ingredients, that artists use to create artwork. Our middle school
students have been learning about Line, Shape, and Colour concepts
through a range of purposeful and engaging activities. I might be
                                              biased, but let me be the
                                              first to say that the end
                                              results have been amazing.

                                            Next term, our art students
                                            will be practicing their
                                            drawing and painting skills
                                            and exploring different
                                            types of materials and tools that can be used to create art. Another focus
                                            in Visual Arts next term, will be learning about several famous artists such
                                            as Van Gogh, Paul Klee and Matisse.

At Warnbro CHS Education Support
                                               Centre we want your child to flourish and
                                                achieve their very best. To get the best
                                                education, they need to attend school
                                                               every day.

Why is going to school so important?

• Every day at school counts towards a student’s learning. Students, who
attend more, generally do better at school and in life.

• Going to school every day helps children learn the important life skill of
‘showing up’ – at school, at work, to sport and other commitments.

• Missing school means missing out on learning – which can often make it
difficult to catch up later.

• It is a legal requirement and can result in fines of up to $1000.

 In order to support each child to flourish and                       If your child’s attendance
 attend school every day we will:                                     drops below 89% they are at
                                                                      increased risk of experiencing
 • Create a sense of community and belonging at the                   difficulties in school and later
 school.                                                              in life. Where attendance is of
 • Offer an engaging learning environment tailored to                 concern the school will work
 your child’s needs.                                                  with students and families to
                                                                      improve attendance.
 • Support your child to develop their social and
 friendship skills.
                                                                 What can you do to help?
 • Create opportunities for your child to have success
 and a sense of achievement.                                     • Act early. Let the school know the underlying
                                                                 reasons why your child is not going to school.
 • Monitor every student’s attendance.
                                                                 • Support your child to get enough sleep. This may
 • Work with you to support student attendance.                  include monitoring internet, mobile phone and other
 • Offer support options such as the Youth Worker,               electronic device use at night.
 School Psychologist and external agencies.                      • Don’t let your teenager stay home unless they are
                                                                 genuinely sick.

                                                                 • Give clear and firm messages about the importance
                                                                 of attending school.

For more information or support, please contact us and a staff member will be happy to help you.
Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre
2 Swallowtail Parade, Warnbro 6169
9553 0122

ACROD Parking Bays have been positioned in convenient locations at
                                           Warnbro Community High School to enable people using mobility aids
                                           or have a signification walking restriction, due to a disability or medical
                                           condition the opportunity to access and participate in our community.

                                           There is limited bays in our school therefore please use the bays
                                           responsibly and courteously. To support this to occur ONLY park in
                                           ACROD bays when the permit holder needs to enter or exit the vehicle.

                                           If further information is required in regards to the use of ACROD Parking
                                           bays please contact ACROD Parking Program

                Voluntary Fees and Contributions
              Any outstanding fees and contributions can be paid by:

                                1. Eftpos NOW AVAILABLE!
                     Eftpos Payments available at our front office

                                    2. Cash / Cheque
                            Cash Payments to: our front office
                                  Cheque payments to:
           Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre

                       3. Direct Transfer to our bank account –
                   Reference: Student name and year as reference
                        Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre
                           Account: 3499 90254 BSB: 016-002

                                    4. Payment Plans
We are happy to work with parents to make part payments and payment plans

     Please feel free to contact Heidi Bone on: 9553 0122 with any queries.

                                                                                              You can see what events are
                                                                                              on during the term on the
                                                                                              Calendar or read about what
                                                                                              our students are up to in the
                                                                                              Recent News & Events, which
                                                                                              are updated on a regular basis.

                                                                                              Head over to:
                                                                                              to check it out!

Warnbro CHS ESC App
Keep up to date with everything that is happening at Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre including: Events,
News, and Push Notification Alerts direct from the school.

For both iPhone and Android download the ‘Skoolbag App’ from the App Store or Google Play Store and find
Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre in the app. Details below:

        Did you know you can complete your childs absentee forms on our
                               Skoolbag App?

 From the home page, select      Select EFORMS along the top   Select Absentee Form       Fill out Form, including
WCHS ESC from the My Schools                menu                                       Student First and Last name,
     & Services section                                                                  Student class, the dates
                                                                                      Student will be away, whether
                                                                                       for full days or part days and
                                                                                      their reason for absence (Head
Please see front office staff for assistance                                            Cold, Medical Appointment

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