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                                     NEWS                                             Term 4 | 2020

                                                         Year 8 Bell class with their Lego figures
 Some of our staff and students with Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan,
     at a Thank You BBQ for Education Members for their hard work in 2020.

Dates to Remember
December                                  March
Thursday 17th - Last Day Term 4 2020      Monday 1st - Public Holiday - Labour Day

February                                  April
Monday 1st - First Day Term 1 2021        Thursay 1st - Last Day Term Term 1 2021
                                          Friday 2nd - Public Holiday - Good Friday
News from our Principal
Dear Families,                                              • Good news stories, excursions, incursions,
I would like to thank you all for your continued support
throughout 2020. I recognise that the year has brought      • Resources
many changes to all our lives. As a state we have been
                                                            • Community and local news
fortunate to be able to have freedoms the rest of our
country are only experiencing now. However, in order
to maintain safety for all we now have new processes in
place that will remain with us.

At Warnbro Community High School Education Support
Centre, we will continue to maintain physical distancing,
good health and hygiene with our enhanced cleaning
regimes continuing in Term 1. We also recognise that
our ability to connect with our families has been limited
due to the restrictions. As a result, we have looked
at other ways that we can highlight the incredible
outcomes of our students so that our families can
connect to the students’ learning. With support from
                                                            As we are moving to Facebook, we will no longer be
our School Board Chair, Matej Nvota, we have decided
                                                            sending Newsletters home each term. Rather than
to join social media in 2021. Through a survey, it was
                                                            receiving updates about learning once a term, you will
identified that Facebook is the social media channel that
                                                            be receiving it twice a week. We trust you will be happy
our families prefer.
                                                            to follow us, though if this form of communication does
Facebook will become our main means of                      not suit your needs please contact and we can provide
communication with our families. By using Facebook as       an alternative.
a platform to communicate, we will be able to share the
                                                            I wish you all a safe and joyous festive break and look
good work your child is doing in our school and provide
                                                            forward to seeing you all in 2021.
factual and timely information. Other information
shared through Facebook will be:

• Updates on the school, for example new teachers,          Marianne Mangano
  facilities, term dates                                    Acting Principal

• Special events and key dates, for example assemblies,
  sports carnivals, graduations

Notes from Year 7 & 8 Deputy
As we head into the holiday period of 2020, we reflect on a year that impacted our normality beyond what anyone
believed was possible. Little did we know at the start of 2020, that this year would bring more change, more
uncertainty and more bravery than we ever thought was possible. We were all placed, for a moment, into the world
of our students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, who live every day with the discomfort of change in a world they
don’t understand.

However, despite the adversity and the apprehension that 2020 has thrust upon us, it has also created many
opportunities for growth and reflection, both as individuals and as a school. In addition to reinventing the way
that we delivered learning, COVID-19 created a world where character strengths could be clearly highlighted and
celebrated. We saw it in the acts of kindness from strangers, in the rainbows displayed in windows, and in our staff,
students and school community who continued to work together as a team throughout it all.

At Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre
we value and teach a Character Strengths Program as part of
our Positive Education approach, and encourage our students to
recognise their own strengths as well as the strengths in others. In
addition, we regularly highlight character strengths on a weekly
basis as part of our Morning Meeting process. Our evidence-based
wellbeing programs are what sets our school apart from others
and connects us to the core of what we do: Developing students’
academics and wellbeing so that they can live their best possible

Now I have already identified a few character strengths that have been evident this year, including Courage,
Kindness and Teamwork. As we head into the holiday period, I’d like to share some more opportunities that come
effortlessly at this time of year so our students can continue to recognise and celebrate strengths during the break.

Naturally, the holidays are a time of giving so it is a perfect time to challenge your child to think about giving
back to your community in some way. Term 4 has seen a theme of “giving back” with our Middle School students
participating in the Bendigo Bank competition, suggesting ways to support and improve their local community.
In addition, students spread joy through the Christmas Markets where they invited a local Primary school to
enjoy in the festivities and used money raised in their enterprises to fund the Bendigo Bank competition winner.
Student councillors have also set up a collection box for donations of non-perishable food to share with our school
community at this important time of the year. These ideas encourage Kindness and Creativity, as well as other
character strengths.

Similarly, Gratitude is a character strength that can emerge during the holiday period. In the rush of Christmas and
the holiday season, it is important to remember to stop and reflect on what you are grateful for, and encourage your
child to do the same. Whether it is presents, good food, or spending time with special people who you don’t see
often, Christmas tends to be a time that encourages gratitude if we are conscious of it.

Finally, I would like to highlight the character strength of Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence. Christmas and
Summer are both times of significant beauty, both in the natural and man-made world. It is impossible to avoid the
Christmas lights that scatter our suburbs and there are so many great events at this time of the year that leave us in
awe. In addition, our beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world and we are lucky to enjoy amazing sunsets
and weather at this time of the year.

I hope that our students and families from across the school have an amazing Summer holidays. Stay safe and I look
forward to catching up on your return in 2021.

Yr 7 & 8 Deputy
Kelly Stevens

Cowan 7
With the Christmas Markets fast
approaching, much of the term has been
spent working on projects related to our
market stall.

Part of the process for our Christmas
Market was not just deciding what we
wanted to sell, but to actually find out
whether people would be interested
to buy our items and the price they
would be willing to pay. This gave
us opportunity to link the Christmas
Markets into our HASS, Maths, English
and Digital Technology programs and

Cowan 7 decided that the products
we would like to focus on were our
Christmas raffle, a stall of games,
friendship bracelets and Christmas
ornaments. To ensure we were meeting
the needs of our target market, we as
a class created an online survey, which
was then sent out digitally to all staff
and their students.

We had a great response to our survey,
which was made up of five questions.
As part of our Math program we were
then able to spend time analysing the
data, including turning the information
into graphs and tallies so that it was
visually represented. We also spent time
looking at mean, mode, median and
range, which gave us an opportunity to
understand how companies make their
decisions based on averages, as well as
different ways for us to look at numbers.

Based on this analysis of data, we were
then able to make decisions about the
items we were producing and what
price we would be selling them for. All of
us have had a great time working on our
market project and cannot wait for the
Christmas Market day!

Stanley 7
Stanley 7 have been busily working in all the different learning areas. In Science we have been exploring the planets
and solar system, and learning about
number, time and money in Maths.

An activity we particularly enjoyed
was during Digital Technology. We
worked in pairs to give our partner
instructions on how to construct a
Lego creation step-by-step. Some of
the feedback given by the students
was that it was more difficult to listen
to someone giving instructions than
looking at the instructions yourself.

We are looking forward to starting
the production of our items for
the Christmas Market, and all the
excitement the end of year brings!

Bell 8
In Term 4, Bell 8 has had the opportunity to incorporate many hands-on activities into their learning.

Students have been learning Maths through
playing games. In a board game similar to
Monopoly, the students were required to utilise
lots of different Maths skills, including addition,
subtraction, and rounding. If they were lucky,
they could earn money through activities like
washing a car, babysitting, or even finding $10
on the street! They could also lose money due
to events like overdue library books, or needing
gas for a scooter. At the end of the game, the
highest income earner wins!

In week 6, students from the class were
involved in a whole school NAIDOC event. They
got to experience many activities including
face painting, poster-making and sneaker
painting. Students got to apply their creativity,
and decision-making skills when choosing a
poster from different years. They also learnt the
meaning behind the moral messages derived
from the poster.

Forrest 8
This term Forrest 8 welcomed our new teacher Mrs Jones into the classroom on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

In our Friday Protective Behaviour sessions, we have been learning about restorative interactions in a class circle.
Restorative Interactions are when you build a class and school community to help set things right when the integrity
of the group has been challenged by harmful behaviour.

Our class comes together in a circle on the floor to learn ways to better communicate and solve problems that
we may encounter with each other. We talk about ‘restorative justice’, the guideline and structure of a restorative
interaction circle, and learn ways to make things right between people after someone has done something hurtful.

To begin, a student is selected
to choose a talking piece from
the box, choose the colour of
an LED candle and then places
them both on the coloured floor
mat. Another student collects
the turtle bell to ring. Once set
up, all class members take their
place on the floor in a circle
around the centre mat making
sure that everyone can see each
other’s face without having to
move. The bell is rung, and the
interaction circle begins. Our
teacher facilitates the class circle
discussions and questions. The
talking piece is used to identify
who is talking and then it is passed on to the next person. It is traditional for people to talk into the centre of
the circle so that everybody’s voice is added to the centre and the wisdom of the class begins to emerge. At the
conclusion of the circle the bell is rung again indicating the end of the interaction circle.

The students are actively participating and enjoying the restorative interactive circle and find it a nice and calming
way to end the school week. They are demonstrating great maturity and honesty in the way that they discuss topics
and respond to some difficult questions. Here is some feedback from the last session that we had:

•            “I feel calm at the end of the restorative circle.”

•            “Everyone listened and were very respectful.”

•            “I feel safe when talking.”

•            “I feel ok.”

•            “I found the restorative circle very calm and respective when talking and listening.”

•            “It is a great way to end the day.”

•            “I really like the way everyone is open and honest in what they have to say.”

We are incredibly happy and proud of the academic, personal and social achievements, growth and maturity that the
students of Forrest 8 have displayed this year. Well done class and we hope you can keep up the great work next year.

Notes from Year 9 & 10 Deputy
Term 4, the Term for Change.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Warnbro CHS ESC family for their continued support since stepping
into the Acting Deputy Principal role. It has been a change and a challenge, but I am thoroughly enjoying the role
supporting staff and students on a daily basis.

A huge welcome to Ms Sylvia Spindler who has joined our teaching team
this term and for 2021. Ms Spindler has a wealth of experience working
with students who have additional educational needs, spending time
at Koorana Education Support Centre and Malibu School. I look forward
to watching her use all her expertise to support our students’ individual

Year 10 have an amazing celebratory event during Week 8. Students
attended the River Cruise in collaboration with Warnbro Community High
School. It is a wonderful way to celebrate all of
the hard work students have put in this year.

I also want to congratulate these students on
the presentation of not one, but two Community
Times. Both Business classes successfully
delivered these confidently and professionally.
Well done!!

Year 9 have begun the transition process towards
Senior School. They have created individual
transition booklets, after introductory sessions
with staff, in their new classrooms and Senior
School environment. The enthusiasm that
surrounds transition from all students is a delight
to see, and I look forward
to continuing to support
students during this exciting

Finally, I would like to thank
the Warnbro family for the
ongoing support for all our
students, helping them to
reaching their goals and
flourish. I wish everyone
the very best for a fun-filled
festive season. It is a perfect
opportunity to develop
our kindness and caring
characteristics, offering
support and love to those around us. Stay safe and I look forward to greeting all our students back in 2021.

Yr 9 & 10 Deputy
David Mercer
Tan 9
The year is finishing extremely well for students in Class Tan, with Semester 2 proving to be successful for both
classroom relationships and learning, working in tandem with our other Year 9 class, Yagan. Our students have
quickly progressed through Year 9 this year, and their growth in maturity is inspiring and heartening to see.

This Semester we have explored content from a diverse range of learning areas, including rich learning in the
curriculum subjects Science and HaSS. In Science, students have learned about the internal processes of the Earth
including how volcanoes are formed, and have created booklets demonstrating their understanding of the three
main volcano types. Following
this students explored how
energy moves, including heat,
light, sound and wave motion,
and even made their own wave
simulator machines with tape,
wooden skewers and lollies! In
HaSS, students have learned
about our Australian legal
system, and how to conduct a
business enterprise with our
Christmas Market preparations.

Over the remaining weeks
of 2020 we will finalise our preparations for transition to the Senior School environment for Year 10 next year. Our
students are well placed for this change, with their personal and independent living skills visibly improved. It has
been a fantastic and dynamic term, and we look forward to seeing all students progress further in 2021.

                                                                                         Yagan 9
                                                                                         Yagan is experimenting with
                                                                                         body breaks.

                                                                                         Now that the sun is out, we
                                                                                         have tried some new body
                                                                                         breaks before transitioning
                                                                                         to other classes. We had
                                                                                         some fun times out there
                                                                                         chasing bubbles and using
                                                                                         a variation of silent ball to
                                                                                         practice our skip counting.
                                                                                         These were much needed
                                                                                         breaks while we had the
                                                                                         new furniture installed in our

As the year comes to an end, we can reflect on a both challenging and successful year. The students have engaged in
many activities which have enabled them to develop and put many new skills into practice.

The students have gained a range of experiences while contributing to their class business enterprise “Copy Cats”.
It has been great to see their confidence grow as they visit each class to ask for jobs to complete, as well as their
achievements working as a team.

Students have also been working studiously to complete their Business Certificate I assessments. This Qualification
gives students the opportunity to develop a range of skills and knowledge to prepare for work in a variety of

Teaching this year group has been an absolute pleasure and we wish our students a well-deserved and very happy

Notes from Senior School Deputy
In Term 4 we farewelled the Year 12 students at the Valedictory
Ceremony that was held at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.
Warnbro ESC students joined their mainstream peers, looking grand
in their graduation gowns. The Valedictory is a formal way for us to
recognise the hard work our students have put in to finish school and
is an opportunity to celebrate this achievement. Special recognition
was made to Aidan for his excellent academic achievements and
contributions to his community, and to Shea, for his outstanding
effort and achievement in his vocational program. Well done to all
our Year 12 students for completing their compulsory schooling.

Year 12 Graduating students, 2020: Jaydin, Jamie, Shelby, Brainnah,
Christine, Aidan, Tabitha, Joel, Shea, Shannen

Term 4 has been a little quiet in Senior School with many of our
Year 11 and 12 students finishing school for the year. Those who
have continued at school have been consolidating the skills
and knowledge they have learnt during the year by completing
their enterprise projects and working hard in the workplace.
Employers have been impressed by the enthusiasm students have
demonstrated whilst completing workplace tasks, by the responsible
behaviour our students have demonstrated, and by the respectful
way they respond to customers and work colleagues.

We wish our Year 12 students who are not returning for Year 13 all
the very best in their future endeavours. We have enjoyed being a
part of your school experiences. To all the returning Senior School
students – have a happy holiday and we can’t wait to share an
amazing 2021 with you.

SS Deputy
Hannah Stoneham

General Education for Adults
This term the Adult Education class congratulated their Year
12 peers on their Graduation. Aidan, Joel, Shea and Tabitha
celebrated the end of their formal schooling with a student
breakfast, parade through the school and Valedictory Ceremony at
Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.

In one of many proud finishing moments this term, the CGEA
class have completed the first 5 units of their Certificate II in
General Education for Adults. The students have showed their
resilience and determination while working through high level
units including implement and review of a project, engaging with
a range of complex texts for learning purposes and investigate
numerical and statistical information. After completing the final
piece of work, the class celebrated with pizzas.

The class have also been out on Workplace Learning this term,
with many students attending a workplace regularly every week.
Other students were requested back at their workplace after such
a successful experience last term. The students should be very
proud of their attitude and commitment to workplace learning this

As the Year 11 cohort began their study leave, they took with
them a collection of recipes they have made this year. The focus
in cooking has been on healthy and easy-to-prepare lunches and
dinners that the students could make at home – along with a few
sweet treats.

Horticulture and Construction
Horticulture and Construction Class Ode to 2020
(Tune to Panic! at the Disco, High Hopes)

What a year, year, year it has been,

Shooting for the stars in Hort and Construction

Going to TAFE to learn to make a living

We had high, high hopes

It has been a fun, fun year for the students

Full of adventure with our learning

COVID wasn’t going to stop our engagement

Always had high, high hopes

Teacher said

Fulfill your destiny

Be someone better

Go make a legacy

Students learn

Build a garden

Grow vegetables

We learnt literacy, learnt numeracy

Teacher said

Go on Work Placement

Work with horses,

Good Sammy’s and Woolworths

Get a traineeship

Light up your wildest dreams

Become independent, become independent

Had to have high, high hopes for our students

Seeing them grow into reliable young adults

Responsibility of being a Year 11

And a Year 12 with their Graduation

Always had high, high hopes.

We cannot believe that the end of the 2020 is
nearly here! It has been a very dynamic year
in the Hospitality class, and the students have
risen to each new challenge and opportunity.

At the end of Term 3, our class were asked
to put their Hospitality knowledge to into
practice at the Year 12 Graduation Lunch.
The students confidently took the occasion
to showcase their skills assisting with the
serving of food and drinks, and contributing
to a very successful event. They all showed
an impeccable level of professionalism and
received many compliments on a job well

A huge congratulations also goes to our
students attending TAFE this year. Attending
an off-site location adds a new level of
experience to our student’s learning, and even
with the changes COVID-19 brought within
their area of study, they all took it in their
stride. Well done to the team for successfully
completing your Certificate Skillset in

We are extremely proud of the progress and
growth made by all students in the Hospitality
Class of 2020. Thank you to all our students
and families for a fantastic year!

Our students completed selected units of competency from the Painting and Decorating Skillset at Coodanup
College Trade Centre. The Directions students really enjoyed their time there and learnt some valuable skills, making
a lot of new friends along the way. Our students did a fabulous job and impressed the lectures with their work and
can-do attitude.

We are all very proud of our student’s achievements, and it is lovely to see them happy and receiving the Certificates
from their Lecturer Arthur Cunningham, and Euan Maclean, Head of Programmes for Construction.

Seamus the therapy dog visits our class on a weekly basis, bringing great joy to the students and staff, and providing
support when required. With him, Seamus brings a sense of calm to the Directions class. We are hoping Seamus can
be an ongoing visitor to our school and class, as we all feel his job role is priceless. Thank you to Seamus and Lea.

Sport & Leisure

In Sport this term, the students have been enjoying some of the new equipment that was purchased by the school.
The students had a crash course in frisbee golf and how to play it, and then were challenged to some short ‘holes’.
The students have also engaged in some modified games of hockey and handball, making use of our new portable,
aluminum goals. The Sport and Fitness ASDAN Course has been completed by
the Year 12 students, and was moderated at the end of Term 3, with all of the
students successfully achieving their certificates.


In Leisure this term the students have been working to complete their outdoor
cooking unit. As a class, the students brainstormed what could be cooked on
a camping stove and would be required to complete the meal. Students have
cooked a sausage sizzle, beef burger and a chicken caesar salad on an outdoor
camping stove with a frypan and a saucepan. The students showed their
competency at lighting the stove, cutting and chopping skills, and safe hygiene

The Sport and Fitness and Leisure ASDAN Modules have been completed by
the Year 12 students, and was moderated at the end of Term 3, with all of the
students successfully achieving their certificates.

Visual Art
It has been another busy and fun term in Visual Arts and students have been producing some amazing artworks.

Earlier in the term, our ‘Underwater’ theme came to a close with a mixed media fish activity. Students practiced
their fine motor skills using the medium of oil pastel to create
unique ‘Fish Head’ masterpieces. The final results were nothing
less than striking, with each student’s work making a dramatic
statement in vivid coloured pastel.

Another engaging and fun theme explored this term was that of
‘Birds’. Students had a great time drawing different quirky birds,
inspired by the artwork of James Rizzi. Rizzi was an American artist
whose zany artworks were rich in colour and expression. Once
drawn, the quirky birds were then painted in bright watercolours.
The next phase involved tracing the bird outline onto a foam block.
Using a technique called block printing students created prints of
their bird in different colours. Students were very impressed with
their own handiwork and proud of the results and rightly so!

As Christmas looms, the final weeks in Visual Arts will focus on
creating unique and beautiful hand-made crafts to decorate the
tree or to give as presents. Well done to all the wonderful Middle
School students for all their enthusiasm, hard work and dedication
in Visual Arts this year.

 MNEMONICS; an effective strategy to memorise the SPELLING of ‘tricky’ words!

In Week 6 this term, Warnbro CHS ESC had a School Development Day where students stayed home on the Friday
and staff attended work to participate in professional learning. The day was focused on transition for 2021 and
involved a range of presentations and activities that allowed all staff to learn about the curriculum and wellbeing
needs of their 2021 students.

                                              One of the sessions focused on Mathematics and teaching staff used
                                              this session to analyse data to determine the level each student is
                                                       currently working at. Teaching staff had the opportunity to
                                                         look at PAT Maths test results to determine the approximate
                                                        Year level linked to the Western Australian Curriculum and
                                                       Australian Core Skills Framework. They also analysed correct
                                                      answers and incorrect answers and engaged in disciplined
                                                    dialogue to determine what they believed was the misconception
                                                   or area or growth. The time spent on this is crucial to determine
                                                 individual student IEP goals for Mathematics, and for teachers to
                                                start developing whole class planning documentation. This rich
                                               learning for staff has been invaluable in setting them up for the start
                                                of 2021 to ensure that all students across the school are accessing the
                                                best Mathematics curriculum for their individual needs. Well done to
                                                 the teachers who participated in this session. The engagement and
                                                 conversation around data and improving student outcomes was a
                                                 great example of best practice.

Maths Tips for Families and Parents

As the big Christmas holidays approaches, you may be wondering how you can keep your child engaged over the
break while still giving them opportunities
to practice a range of mathematics
concepts they have learned at school.

One of the positive things that came from
the COVID-19 pandemic was the resources
that were created and shared across the
Department of Education for schools and
families to use. With the return of face-
to-face teaching and learning, we are
fortunate that these amazing resources are
still available online through the Learning
at Home website.

You can access a range of Mathematics
activities (as well as other subject areas)
through the following link:

Year 12 Luncheon & Community Time
In Week 10 of Term 3, our Year 12 cohort and their invited special guests shared in a wonderful luncheon &
Community Time to commemorate the end of their formal schooling. With the tables set, decorations ready and a
photo board displayed, our guests were greeted by our Student Councillors and accompanied to the Staff Room.
Students and their guests were able to mingle with staff and reminisce about their time at the school before being
treated to a delicious catered lunch served by some of our Year 11 Hospitality students - who made everyone proud
with their professionalism and fantastic serving skills. Staff speeches, a video montage and some special messages
from staff rounded off the luncheon before we all made our way to the Sanbrook Theatre for our Year 12 Graduation
Community Time.

The Year 12s made their entrance through the theatre to the applause of the ESC students, staff, families and special
guests before taking their seats at the front. Students all received a Certificate of Completion and a photo collage
marking some of their achievements at high school. Aidan Blackshaw delivered a speech on behalf of the Year 12s
and Jayden Knight was awarded the City of Rockingham Citizenship Award presented by the Mayor, Barry Sammels.
A video was also screened, featuring our Year 12s offering advice to younger students and looking back on some of
their best memories.

Thank you to all our guests for attending this special occasion. It was a fantastic afternoon to celebrate our 2020 Year
12s and wish them well on their future endeavours.


On Wednesday of Week 7, students proudly performed in the highly anticipated
show, Warnbro’s Got Talent. This showcase culminated a year of diligent rehearsing,
preparation and commitment.

We had singers, dancers and joke-tellers entertaining the audience. Highlights
included a waltz ending in a surprise on-stage acted proposal and the theatre
singing and dancing along to YMCA.

Congratulations to Sara and Maddie on winning prizes, and Qatt for taking first
place with a soulful and moving rendition of ‘My Immortal’. I am so proud of all our participants’ performance pieces
and the courage they exhibited in taking the stage.

A huge thank you to Scott Beattie and Sabine Heise for their assistance, the Student Councillors for their help with
setting up, our brilliant judges, and the amazing student participants who exemplified flourishing strengths of
positive accomplishments and positive purpose.

Amanda Bake
Youth Worker

Year 8 Camp
In Week 8 of Term 4, our Year 8 students attended camp at Ern Halliday
Recreation Camp in Hillarys.

During the three days, students engaged in a range of activities that built
their teamwork skills and gave them the opportunity to apply character
strength, including courage. These activities included beach team
building, archery, the crate climb, the big swing, and Jacob’s Ladder.

Thank you to all of the staff who attended camp to ensure the success of
our students, and a massive congratulations to all students for following behaviour expectations and giving things a
go. We are very proud of the way you represented our school and yourself during the camp.



Family Liaison Officer
Companion Card

A Companion Card is a card for a person who has a disability and
needs support to access the community. Having a Companion
Card means that you only pay for the card holder’s entry, and the support person who is with them gets in for free.

This can be used at a variety of venues locally and throughout WA. Some of my favourite places to use the
Companion Card are at the Cinema, Fremantle Prison, Aqua Jetty and Adventure World. Companion Cards are
also accepted by Transperth. Ticket Master has an email address to buy tickets for their concerts and events.

When you receive a Companion Card, you will get a full list of all the places that accept the card. I can help
you with this paperwork. We have a few different people within the school who can sign off the application.
Alternatively, if you would like to apply over the school holidays, here is the link to print off the application.

This form will need to be signed off by your GP or Therapist.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas, and look forward to assisting you next year.

Teresa Nvota
Family Liaison Officer

If you need support during this period, please contact the following:

Crisis Lines Operating 24/7

Emergency Services: 000 | Crisis Care: (08) 9223 1111 (Country free call 1800 199 008) | Gambling Help Online: 1800
858 858 | Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800 | Lifeline: 13 11 14 | Mental Health Emergency Services: 1300 555 788 (Peel
1800 676 822) | Poisons Information Centre: 13 11 26 | 1800RESPECT: 1800 737 732 | Rural Link: 1800 552 002 | Suicide
Call Back Service: 1300 659 467 | Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline: (08) 9223 1188(Free call 1800 007 339).

Counselling and support services

Anglicare Counselling: 13 11 14 | Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636 | CAHMS Helpline: 1800 048 636 | Carer Gateway:
1800 422 737 | Carers WA: 1800 007 332 | Family Helpline: 1800 643 000 | Helping Minds: (08) 9427 7100 | MensLine
Australia: 1300 789 978 | Parent and Family Drug Support Line: (08) 9442 5050(Country 1800 653 203) | Salvation
Army: 13 72 58 | Samaritans: 13 52 47 | SANE: 1800 187 263 | Separated Parents Lifeline: (08) 9261 4451 | Youth Focus:
(08) 6266 4333.

You can also read