STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 7 community challenge choice - St Michael's College

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 7 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Year 7
community   challenge   choice
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 7 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Mission and Vision

“To touch the Hearts of your pupils
and inspire them with the Christian
Spirit is the greatest miracle you
can perform”
St John Baptist De La Salle

The human and Christian education of the young,
especially the poor.

The vision of St Michael’s College
St Michael’s College is a Catholic school committed to
the Lasallian vision of education and to challenging and
supporting students to ‘be the best they can be’.
St Michael’s:
   Is a community that involves staff, students and their
   families, in learning that presents Jesus Christ as the
   model for growth.
   Is student-centred, inclusive and respectful of human
   Combines the best traditional and contemporary
   educational practices.
   Prepares students for the broader community and
   lives of faith and hope.

  community          challenge       choice
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 7 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Table of Contents

Context and Tradition                                                                                                  4
Staff                                                                                                                  6
Year 7 Pastoral Staff                                                                                                  8
General College Information                                                                                            9
Important Dates for Year 7                                                                                            10
Learning and Management System: SEQTA                                                                                 14
Junior Secondary School                                                                                                 18
Pastoral Care                                                                                                          19
Extended Pastoral Care                                                                                                 20
Year 7 General Information                                                                                             23
Student Support - Student Services                                                                              28
Summary                                                                                                                29

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 7 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
2   St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 7 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Year 7 at St Michael’s College

Dear Parents, Students and Friends           We very much look forward to working
                                             in partnership with parents and carers
Welcome to the Secondary Campus.             to assist all students to develop and
This Handbook contains essential and         grow to “be the best they can be”.
helpful information, which will assist all   Please contact the College should
families to get to know and appreciate       you require any clarification of
the spirit of our community embedded         the information contained in this
in our Vision Statement.                     Handbook.
2019 will be a year of significant growth
and change in the life of all Year 7
students as they begin the journey of        Mr Aldo Calo
post-primary education.
                                             Year 7 Director
Whilst this is a significant change of
direction for all students, what will not    Ms Joanne Billows
change is that St Michaels will continue
to serve the needs of the parents            Year 7 Assistant Year Level Director
and students of the western suburbs
of Adelaide by providing a quality,
comprehensive, and accessible Catholic
Education - which it has done since

STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 - Year 7 community challenge choice - St Michael's College
Context and Tradition

The De La Salle                             Each year, the College holds a Mission
                                            Action Day (MAD) to raise funds for the
Brothers                                    Lasallian Foundation and the generosity
                                            of the St Michael’s community is well
The origins of Lasallian education date     known throughout Australia and the
back to the 17th Century to French          Asia Pacific Region.
priest St John Baptist de La Salle,
founder of the Institute of the Brothers
of the Christian Schools (De La Salle       Heritage of St Michael’s
Born of wealthy parents who valued
education, De La Salle responded            St Michael’s College was founded by the
to the needs of impoverished boys           De La Salle Brothers in 1954. Classes
by establishing schools that were           began at Beverley with 29 boys. Due to
open to all, including the socially and     the great efforts of the Catholic families
economically deprived. Based on the         in the Western region of Adelaide, the
ideal - to provide education for young      College rapidly expanded. By 1965 the
people that reflects the values of Jesus    enrolment was 780 boys and in 1967, a
Christ - De La Salle inspired a tradition   Senior School was developed on Lawrie
that now spans over 80 countries.           Street at Henley Beach. From 1997, the
                                            Beverley Campus catered for Years 4
John Baptist De La Salle was canonised
                                            -7 boys and the Henley Campus Years
in 1900, and in 1950 Pope Pius XII
                                            8 -12. In 2002 a Reception class was
named him Patron of Teachers.
                                            introduced. Beverley now caters for
The Brothers came to Australia and          Reception to Year 6. In 2008 girls were
opened their first school in Armidale,      enrolled for the first time in Year 8.
NSW, in 1906. Since that time they
                                            St Michaels has worked in close
have opened a number of schools
                                            partnership with the Sacred Heart
throughout Australia and extended
                                            Fathers (MSC) throughout its history
their works to New Zealand and the
                                            and they continue to act as Chaplains
missions of Papua New Guinea.
                                            to the College.

  4      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Context and Tradition


Glorious Cross - symbol of salvation
and resurrection
Laurel leaves - symbol of reward and
Shield - symbol of strength, faith and
Star of Bethlehem - symbol of the sign
of the faith


Secondary Leadership
Principal                                            Mr John Foley
Deputy Principal – Learning & Teaching               Mrs Teresa Cimmino
Deputy Principal – Pastoral                          Mr John Lambert
Business Manager                                     Mr Dominic LoBasso
Director of Curriculum & Assessment Administration Ms Bron Kemp
Director of Pastoral                                 Mr Matthew Williams
Director of Mission                                  Mr Robert Dempsey

Co-curricular Coordinator (Boys)                     Mr Jordan Young
Co-curricular Coordinator (Girls)                    Ms Leanne Burton
Gifted & Talented Coordinator                        Mr Stratos Karnas
Learning Support Coordinator                         Mr Michael Balic
SACE Coordinator                                     Mr Rocco Schirripa

Heads of Department/Subject Co-ordinators
Business                                             Mr Hamish Redden
Design & Technology                                  Mr Greg Cloy
Digital Technologies                                 Mrs Maria Cardillo
Director of Music                                    Mr Tim Donovan
Music                                                Mr James Musci
Drama                                                Ms Emily Burns
English                                              Mrs Jane Sykes

 6        St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7

Heads of Department/Subject Co-ordinators
Humanities                                  Ms Catherine Pearce
Health & Personal Development               Mrs Sally Nicholson
History                                     Mr Matthew Muscat
Italian                                     Mrs Angela Benedetti
Mathematics                                 Mrs Anne Finlay
PLP Coordinator                             Mr Lachlan Chatterton
Religious Education                         Mrs Patrizia Puglia
Research Project Coordinator                Mr Lachlan Chatterton
Science                                     Mr Gavin O’Reilly
Visual Arts                                 Mrs Nicole LeRay-Warren

Student Services
Student Counsellors                         Ms Sarah Davies
                                            Ms Ida-Marie Tullio
                                            Mr Anthony Vizaniaris
Career Counsellors                          Ms Rose Coorey
                                            Mr Anthony Vizaniaris
Pastoral Support Worker                     Sr Nithya
VET Coordinator                             Mr Kevin Woolford
Administration Assistants                   Mrs Lynda White
                                            Mrs Bonita Dorian
                                            Ms Isabella Barila

Year 7 Pastoral Staff

Year Level Director: Mr Aldo Calo
Assistant Year Level Director: Ms Joanne Billows

Pastoral Teachers & Room Numbers
7BPC-01             Mr Angelo Zoanetti                            Rm 38
7BPC-02             Mr Jack Alberton                              Rm 39
7BPC-03             Mr Thomas Simpson                             Rm 40
7BPC-04             Mr Adam Biggs                                 Rm 41
7BPC-05             Mrs Elizabeth Axon                            Rm 42
7BPC-06             Ms Inara Delgado                              Rm 43
7GPC-01             Ms Gabrielle Anderson                         Rm 44
7GPC-02             Mrs Natalie Dimitriou and Mrs Katrina Kreis   Rm 45
7GPC-03             Mrs Lisa Colombo                              Rm 47
7GPC-04             Mrs Laura Packard                               T3
7GPC-05             Ms Rhiannon O’Hara                              T4

  8     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
General College Information

 Front Office Contact Details
 Monday-Friday                             8:00 am - 4:45 pm
 Telephone                                 08 8356 5966
 Student Absentee Line                     08 8150 2323

Uniform Shop - Dobson                      The College Day
Pty Ltd                                     Secondary Campus
The College uniform can only be
                                            Movement Bell      8:40 am
purchased from the Uniform Shop
which is located at the Secondary           Pastoral           8:45 am
Campus. The shop is managed and
operated by Dobsons Pty Ltd on behalf       Lesson 1           9:00 am
of St Michael’s College. It is essential    Lesson 2           9:40 am
to arrange an appointment with the
uniform shop.                               Lesson 3           10:20 am

Please contact staff directly on            RECESS             11:00 am
telephone 8150 2306. The uniform            Movement Bell      11:20 am
shop can be accessed via the car
park on Lawrie Street, adjacent to the      Lesson 4           11:25 am
Lasallian Education Centre.                 Lesson 5           12:05 pm
The trading hours are as follows:           Leson 6            12:45 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday                LUNCH              1:25 pm
8:00 am - 4:15 pm (closed between           Movement Bell      2:05 pm
12:30 pm - 1:00 pm)
                                            Lesson 7           2:10 pm
                                            Lesson 8           2:50 pm
                                            DISMISSAL          3:30 pm

Important Dates for Year 7
Subject to change

Term 1
29          January          Classes Resume (Years 7, 8, 12)
                             Music Performance (L1)
30          January          Year 7-12 Welcome Assembly
4           February         Year 7 Parent Evening 6:30pm
6           February         Year 7-12 Mass
13          February         2019 Merit Assembly
18          February         Sports Day
20          February         Year 7 Mass
25 - 27     February         Year 7 Boys Camp
27          February         Enlighten Education for Girls
6           March            Ash Wednesday
6-8         March            Year 7 Girls Camp
8           March            Odessey Program for Boys
11          March            Adelaide Cup (Public Holiday)
12 - 15     March            Year 7 Life Education
20          March            Brainstorm Productions
25          March            Martin Chatterton Author Visit
28          March            Year 7 Retreat
5           April            MAD Day
9           April            Year 7 Dance Performance
12          April            Year 7-12 Easter Prayer Service
                             Classes conclude

 10       St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Important Dates for Year 7
Subject to change

Term 2
29        April   Classes resume
1         May     Academic Assembly (Year 7, 8 and 9)
                  Parent Teacher Interviews - Early Dismissal 12.45pm
8         May     Year 7 Mass
14 - 17   May     NAPLAN (Year 7 and 9)
15        May     Whole school Mass at Henley Campus
                  Feast of St John Baptist De La Salle
28        May     College photos
7         June    Staff Professional Development Day (No Classes)
10        June    Queen’s Birthday (Public Holiday)
19        June    Year 7 Breakfast
20        June    Meet the Writers
26        June    Year 7 Mass
2         July    Year 7-9 Dance Performance
4         July    Textbooks to be returned
5         July    Classes conclude
                  Early Dismissal 12.45pm

Important Dates for Year 7
Subject to change

Term 3
22         July             Classes Resume
24         July             Year 7-9 Academic Assembly
1          August           Year 7-11 Australian Maths Competition
7          August           Year 7 Mass
20         August           Parent/Teacher Interviews
                            School Closure
21         August           Year 7, 8 and 9 Assembly and Subject Selection
2          September Staff Professional Development Day - No Classes
11         September        Year 7-9 Girls Assembly
12         September        Year 7 History Excursion Group 1
13         September        Year 7 History Excursion Group 2
18         September        Years 7-9 Co-Curricular Assembly
27         September        De La Salle Day
                            Early Dismissal 12:45 pm

 12      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Important Dates for Year 7
Subject to change

Term 4
14       October    Classes Resume
16       October    Year 7-9 Academic Assembly
23       October    Year 7 Mass
11       November   Remembrance Day Ceremony
13       November   Year 7 and 8 ID photos
20       November   Year 7 Mass
29       November   Year 7-9 Lasallian Sports Shield
4        December   Year 7 Pastoral Day
5        December   SMC’s Got Talent L7-8 - Year 7-9 textbook return
6        December   Classes conclude - Early Dismissal 12:45 pm
9-11     December   Camp La Salle

Learning and Management
System: SEQTA

SEQTA is a collaborative teaching and        All parents can access SEQTA to keep
learning system that connects teachers,      updated on what their child is currently
students and parents as an interactive       working on and when assignments
and supportive community. To find out        are due. This also allows parents to
more about it, please follow this link:      access school reports and read the                        daily notices in a similar interface to the
                                             students. Parents are encouraged to
All students at St Michael’s College are     install the SEQTA Engage app on their
able to access SEQTA via their student       Apple or Android device and enter the
portal, SEQTA Learn, by using their          following
username and password. All students
must access the site through the
following link:

  14     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Learning and Management
System: SEQTA

Once students log on, a master menu       Other functionalities of SEQTA include:
appears providing the students with
their timetable and subject course          Recording students daily attendance
material. Further to this, students can     Communicating with parents/
also access daily notices and directly      caregivers
message (Direqt Message) their
teachers. DM has the capacity for the       Recording student achievements and
user to attach documents.                   awards
                                            Storing teaching and learning
                                            Uploading student report cards onto
                                            the portal

Learning and Management
System: SEQTA

Accessing a Student
Timetable via SEQTA
When students click on the Timeable
tab, the students’ individual timetable
for the week will appear.

 16      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Learning and Management
System: SEQTA

Accessing College                          The Assessment tab will enable
                                           students to track their progress of
Notices                                    completed assessments in each
When the Notices tab is selected, the
notices for the desired day will appear.   Direqt Messages enables students to
                                           communicate with their subject teacher
                                           and vice-versa.
Checking assignment
due dates and                              Logging out of SEQTA
submitting work
through SEQTA                              Logging out of the system is advised
                                           once the student has finished using
When students select the Upcoming
tab, the upcoming assessment tasks
appear. Students are able to upload
their assignments once they are
completed; these are referred to as

Subject and
Assessment outlines
The Courses tab displays an overview
of the selected subject. Students
are provided with a summary of
the key objectives of the particular
course along with a breakdown of the
assessment tasks.

Junior Secondary School

St Michael’s College subscribes to a          An advisory and counselling program.
philosophy that the unique needs of
students in Years 7 - 9 can best be met       Knowledgeable educators who are
in a junior secondary school setting that     committed to junior secondary
provides a student-centred program            methodology.
and recognises that students in early         A quality Pastoral Care Program.
adolescence are undergoing greater
physiological and social re-orientation     Every Pastoral classroom at St Michael’s
than at any other period in their lives.    will have a wall-chart that addresses the
                                            key student responsibilities that support
The overall purpose of the Junior           each child.  Student Responsibilities are
Secondary School should be to meet          also at the front of the College Diary.
the educational, developmental and
social needs that emerge in this
transitional period.
The Junior Secondary Pastoral and
Academic Programs therefore provide
all students with a supportive and
flexible environment in which all
students will have opportunities to
develop skills and explore a variety
of learning experiences while making
the transition from the primary to the
middle school.
In keeping with this philosophy, our
Junior Secondary School provides:
  A positive climate that fosters
  respect, self-esteem, self-discipline
  and student responsibility.
  Close contact and communication
  between parents and school.
  Intervention and acceleration when
  needs are identified.

 18      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care of students at St        5.   Provide opportunities for spiritual
Michael’s College is informed by the            growth.
Lasallian Vision of schooling, to assist
with the development of all students       6.   Educate students in a Christ-
so that they are able to reach their            centred model of leadership
academic, spiritual, emotional, social,    7.   Encourage participation in social
and physical potential.                         justice initiatives.
More specifically, through Pastoral Care   8.   Provide activities and strategies
we:                                             that develop students’ personal,
1.   Provide an environment in which            organisational and lifestyle skills
     every student is valued, feels safe        and choices.
     and has someone to talk to.           9.   Provide assistance with regard to
2.   Respect the dignity of each person.        subject selection, vocational and
                                                career options.
3.   Develop a spirit of community
     through positive relationships        10. Foster participation in community
     between staff, students and               building and recreational activities.
4.   Develop self-discipline and

Extended Pastoral Care

During Extended Pastoral Care our           As well as Camp, students will be
students spend time working through a       involved in a Retreat day which focuses
number of different themes including:       on the vision of St. Michael’s College and
                                            the role they have to play. It also allows
Term 1 – Transition and Building            students to reflect on their journey
Positive Relationships                      and focus on what lies ahead. They are
                                            challenged to follow their passions and
Secondary schooling certainly can be        work towards being the best they can
daunting through the eyes of a 12           be.
year old. They are faced with a new
environment, new faces, new teachers        ‘Enlighten’ for girls and the ‘Odyssey
and what can seem like a whole new          Program’ for boys are two programs
world! As such, it is important to ensure   that focus on empowering young
all students are provided with the          people. Enlighen Education encourages
necessary support structures to ensure      teenage girls to decode the mixed
they have a successful start to the year.   messages they receive and help them
Pastoral teachers spend extended time       develop self-worth and resilience, whilst
with students, informing them of the        the Odyssey program assists teenage
opportunities they have here at the         boys on their ‘Journey into Manhood’.
College, also allowing them to build and    Both programs seek to motivate young
promote positive relationships with         people and strengthen mental health.
each other.                                 St Michael’s wants each child to be
An integral part of the Year 7 Program      a successful learner and to develop
is building positive relationships          confidence, resilience, a love of learning
with both staff and students. To            and a respect for others.
promote this, students are involved         Experiencing positive relationships,
in a school Camp, allowing them to          being genuinely engaged in learning and
work in partnership to accomplish           developing high self-esteem will have a
fun tasks, form new friendships and         major and lasting impact on students as
strengthen relationships with one           they move into young adulthood.
another. By building confidence in their
own abilities, students also become         During this period of students’ lives,
comfortable in their new environment        they are moving from concrete to
and quickly feel a part of the St.          abstract thinking. They have an intense
Michael’s Community.                        curiosity and a growing capacity for
                                            higher-order analysis and reflection.

  20     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Extended Pastoral Care

They are also moving towards more            bullying plan, which includes specific
rational decision-making and a better        ways to deal with bullying, harassment
understanding of the consequences            and intimidation. Students are also
of behaviour. As a result, students are      provided access to on-line support
encouraged to become independent             websites including Bullying No Way,
thinkers and learners taking greater         Lifeline, Kids Helpline, and Lifeline’s
responsibility for their own actions and     Justask. As well as the impact of bullying,
developing a greater sense of empathy        anti-bullying strategies are presented as
for the needs of others.                     part of our Pastoral Program.
                                             As an emerging issue in society, anti-
Term 2 – Working with others and             cyber-bullying values and standards are
Digital Citizenship / Cyber Safety           taught via a number of key speakers
All parents want reassurance that their      and presentations at Year 7 Assemblies
child is not going to be bullied, harassed   and Pastoral Classes, particularly in
or intimidated at school. They also want     Semester One.
their child to be respectful to others.      Gaming and Notification addiction is
St Michael’s College always takes this       a growing area of concern for young
issue seriously. It is important that we     people. With the aid of the ‘Office of
do this through promoting positive           the eSafety Commissioner’, students
relationships with each other.               will be involved in a ‘#gameon’ program
Bullying occurs when someone acts            that seeks to educate them about
aggressively towards people to gain          the dangers of excessive gaming and
power over them on a consistent basis.       inappropriate use of social media
It is a deliberate attempt to make the       platforms.
other person feel uncomfortable or
unhappy. It can happen verbally, via
SMS or email, through social networking
sites and through physical abuse or
social harm.
Another key pastoral focus for Year
7 is implementing effective anti-
bullying programs including, drama
performances and public speakers, who
provide current and thought provoking
content. St Michael’s has an anti-

Extended Pastoral Care

Term 3 – Digital Citizenship / Cyber          to bring together the key components
Safety and Building Resilience                of the Pastoral program - building
                                              relationships, community, resilience,
We continue Digital Citizenship in Term       and being safe - to conclude the
3 as it is always a good idea to review       first year of their journey through St
digital citizenship skills with students      Michael’s College.
and to encourage a culture of respect
and positive interaction in their online
and offline worlds.  With many students
expected to sign digital use contracts on
social media, and agree to acceptable
use policies, we spend time this term
supporting the Year 7 community to
consider and act on the issues the
digital world can present.
Mental wellbeing is a term commonly
associated with young people. With
the aid of ‘Beyond Blue’, students will
explore ways of promoting their self-
worth, strategies of increasing their self-
esteem, deconstruct the idea of ‘self-
talk’ and to regulate and understand
their emotions. We want our students
to feel empowered, confident and to
build on their resilience as they grow
and mature.

Term 4 – Building Resilience and
Being Active
As we continue our journey into
building resilience and strengthening
relationships with peers and staff,
students will also engage in a number of
physical activities to promote not only
a positive mental well-being but also a
physical one. This is an enjoyable way

  22     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Year 7 General Information

Understanding Change                           initiatives

Attending St Michael’s will be a               Retreats and excursions
new, exciting and often challenging            Goal setting courses
experience for each child. From day
one, there will be many changes that           Access to individual counselling
students will need to get used to. The         services
school is very likely to be much bigger        Safe Social Networking presentations
than their primary school, and some
students may feel a little unsure about
it all. Instead of being a senior student
in a smaller school, they are now a
new student in a much larger school.         Personal Wellbeing -
With the support of family, friends, and
school staff, students usually adapt
                                             Healthy Body, Healthy
quickly to their new situation.              Mind
St Michael’s has a wide range of             Being fit, healthy and active benefits
initiatives and activities to support each   each child socially, emotionally and
child’s social and personal development      intellectually.  Research has shown that
through Pastoral Care. Some of these         young people who do regular physical
include:                                     activity have:
  Year 6 to 7 Transition programs              Improved emotional wellbeing, self-
  Peer support                                 esteem and self-concept; they feel
                                               more confident, happy, and relaxed.
  Student mentors
                                               Improved health and a feeling of
  Gifted and Talented programs                 physical well-being.
  Academic Awards and recognition              Improved mental health, better
  certificates                                 concentration skills and the ability to
  Anti-racism Education                        manage anxiety and stress.

  Health and fitness programs                  Increased capacity for learning and
                                               productivity - active children are
  Student leadership opportunities             generally more motivated and better
  Student-driven social justice                organised than children who are

Year 7 General Information

  inactive. Physical activity has direct     Students should set aside a particular
  links to improved learning outcomes.       time to study - somewhere private
                                             and quiet if possible. Work out a
  Enhanced social skills, such as            daily timetable that incorporates all
  cooperation and teamwork, as               student needs and interests.  Regularly
  well as meeting new people and             viewed TV programs, club activities,
  developing friendships.                    co-curricular activities and sport should
  A more positive school outlook -           all be part of the timetable. Ultimately,
  active children are generally less         students will need to manage their own
  aggressive and experience fewer            study with the support of parents and
  discipline problems.                       teachers.
All students will take part in a wide
range of physical activities at school and
learn more about positive body image
                                             Home Study
and self-esteem in their Health and          Home study is a term implying
Physical Education classes.                  schoolwork done at home. This may
                                               Set work and/or reading;

Time Management - Be                           Research assignments and projects;

Organised                                      Revision and study;
                                               A combination of all three.
  Drawing up a simple home timetable
  using a calendar to plan activities,       It is hard to establish a required time
  study requirements, deadlines for          each night; however, research suggests
  assignments, etc.                          that there is a high correlation between
                                             the volume of time given to study
  Listing key dates and other                and completion of work and the true
  commitments.                               realisation of innate potential.
  Setting a priority against each task to
  help achieve goals, rather than being
  overwhelmed by what has to be
  done and then rushing at the end.
  A “to do” list is a very good idea!

  24     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Year 7 General Information

Attendance/Punctuality                     If a student needs to leave early for
                                           an appointment etc please write a
Year 7 students are required to be         note in the diary. This note will be
at school by 8:40 am each day.  All        signed by their Pastoral Care and Year
absences must be accounted and             Level Director prior to leaving via the
parents are requested to contact the       Administration Office.
College via the Absentee Line 8150         If students feel unwell at school, they
2323 by 9:30 am if a student is going      must report to the First Aid Room in the
to be absent or late.                      Administration Office.  Students must
Prolonged absences through illness         not contact parents during school to
should be accompanied by a Medical         pick them up. In emergency situations,
Certificate and the Year Level Director    students may request to make a phone
contacted so work can be forwarded         call from the Year Level Director’s
if appropriate and in keeping with the     Office.
successful recovery of the student.
If students arrive at school after their   Diary
pastoral class has concluded they MUST
REPORT TO THE Administration Office        The diary provides important
with a diary note. If a student has        information, including College policies
been marked absent by the Pastoral         and guidelines. Please read it carefully.
Teacher and has not signed in at the       Students and Parents/ Carers are
Administration Office, a text message      asked to sign the “College Policies and
will be sent to the parent regarding       Guidelines” page to acknowledge that
their absence.                             they are familiar with the information in
                                           the diary. Junior secondary students
                                           should also have their diary signed on a
Leaving During School                      weekly basis to monitor its use.
Students are not permitted to leave
the school grounds without signed
permission from their parent/guardian,
Pastoral Teacher and Year Level
Director. Students must also sign out
via the Administration Office.

Year 7 General Information

Bag/Valuables                                have it confiscated and returned via a
                                             Year Level Director.
Year 7 students are required to be           Other consequences may apply in line
ready to start Pastoral Care by 8:45         with normal St Michael’s behavioural
am. Bags must be stored in lockers.          processes.
No large school bags are to be carried
during the day. Small PE bags may be
used to carry books.                         Computer Use
Students are not to bring valuable
items to school.                             The Information Communications
                                             Technology (ICT) facilities at St Michael’s
Be aware that students are responsible       College are provided exclusively for
for items such as USBs and Graphic           educational purposes. This policy has
Calculators. These items should be           been established to ensure all students
in their possession at all times. They       are given an equal opportunity to
are not to be left lying around. It is       develop information literacy skills in an
recommended that all possessions,            educational setting.
uniform included, are clearly labelled
with full name.                              All College computers, devices and
                                             on-line resources will be used in
                                             relation to the College Curriculum and
Mobile Phone Policy                          in accordance with the philosophy and
                                             standards of St Michael’s College.
PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT YOUR                   The Integrated Learning Technologies
CHILD DIRECTLY.                              (ILT) initiative will be issued at the
Mobile Phones and other electronic           commencement of Year 7 for a 3-year
devices are not to be used during the        life cycle. The device can be used at
College day.                                 home as well as at school; however, the
                                             College reserves the right to capture,
If students do bring these, it is entirely   store and review all internet browsing
at their own risk. The mobile phone          and emails across our school network
must be switched off and stored              at any time.
securely throughout the day.
                                              In the event of inappropriate use of the
Mobile phones should be stored safely,       ICT facilities, the College could:
but they may not be switched on or
used during school hours. Students              Inform parents that their child has
who are found using their phone will            breached the ICT Policy

  26     St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
Year 7 General Information

   Deny access for a period of time or       It combines a number of different
   terminate access to any of the ICT        Microsoft products together and allows
   Services                                  you to access them and all your files
                                             through your own MS ‘cloud’ account.
   Issue other consequences in line          Students are required to back up their
   with normal St Michael’s behavioural      work continually and O365 allows this
   processes.                                to occur seamlessly. Files are backed
It is the responsibility of the student to   up automatically if saved in OneDrive
ensure that the ICT facilities are used      and can be accessed from any internet
for educational purposes only.               enabled computer (e.g. desktop, tablet,
More information regarding the
College’s Integrated Learning
Technology Program can be found on
the College home page under ‘College/
Parent Information’.

Backup and Data
It is important for students to keep a
backup file of their work. Technology
can fail, be lost or stolen, so it is
extremely important that all students
take action to ensure they have backed
up their schoolwork.
Office 365 (O365) is a Microsoft (MS)
product that all staff and students
have access to at St Michael’s College.

Student Support - Student

The following departments under the          sets priorities for Learning Support.
umbrella of ‘Students Services’ are part
of St Michael’s College academic and         English as an Additional Language
personal support for all students. All       (EAL)
students and parents are invited to          Is part of our mainstream curriculum
access these services when required.         and assists students whose first
Student Services may be contacted by         language is not English with intensive
phone or in person.                          English language support.

  Personal Counselling                       St Michael’s Outreach Education
                                             Program is committed to:
  Available for all students who
  are experiencing any one of a              Supporting a number of students
  variety of difficulties ranging from       from war torn countries through
  school based issues to family and          the mainstream English as a Second
  relationship issues. Coming to a           Language (EAL) program.
  new school can be quite daunting           Careers and Academic Counselling
  for some students so we encourage
  students to visit the counsellors          Students are assisted with their
  if they are at all concerned about         subject choices to best position
  anything. Early intervention for any       them for their future direction. The
  difficulties, which students might         counsellors also assist students with
  be experiencing, offer the best            their career pathways which may be
  opportunity for a positive outcome.        into tertiary studies, apprenticeship,
                                             or into full time employment.
  Grief Counselling
                                             Vocational Education and Training
  Our Chaplain, Sister Nythia works          (VET)
  in an Outreach capacity supporting
  students and their families who are        Assists students who are not going
  dealing with grief through serious         into university but are looking for
  illness or the death of a loved one.       other career pathways such as
  Learning Support
  Supports students with diagnosed
  learning disabilities or difficulties.
  The Learning Support Coordinator

 28      St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7

The transition from primary to junior        Students are expected to attend school
secondary schooling can be a daunting        regularly, follow college expectations,
but at the same time an exciting time        maintain a positive attitude and do their
of growth and change.  Research has          best to achieve their innate potential.
indicated that a supportive and loving
family, an effective school transition and   Parents need to be supportive of the
support program and the knowledge            school system and encourage students
and belief that others happily make the      in their learning.
transition will ensure most will adapt       Teachers are responsible for monitoring
quickly to the changes required.             the progress of students and meeting
At St Michael’s College we have              the learning and wellbeing needs of
discovered that the best outcomes in         students.
terms of student success are achieved        When these responsibilities are met,
when parents, students and teachers          maximum learning will be achieved.
work collaboratively and assume
                                             St John Baptist De La Salle:
                                             Pray for Us.
                                             Live Jesus in our Heart:

30   St Michael’s College   STUDENT HANDBOOK 2019 Year 7
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