Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi

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Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
        School of Foreign Languages

Student Handbook

        2017 - 2018
Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                                                                         Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


INDEX .....................................................................................................................................................................................1

1. FOREWORD ....................................................................................................................................................................2

2. MESSAGE FROM THE RECTOR .............................................................................................................................3

3. OUR UNIVERSITY ........................................................................................................................................................4


5. ABOUT SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES ................................................................................................ 12

    5.1 MISSION & VISION ...................................................................................................................... 16

    5.2 ORGANIZATIONAL CHART .......................................................................................................... 17

6. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS .................................................................................................................. 18

    6.1 WHEN YOU ARRIVE… .................................................................................................................. 18

    6.2 ABOUT THE ENGLISH PREPARATORY PROGRAM (EPP) ............................................................. 21

    6.3 STARTING YOUR EDUCATION ..................................................................................................... 22

    6.4 ABOUT PEARSON ACCREDITATION ............................................................................................ 27

    6.5 WORDS OF WISDOM .................................................................................................................. 31

    6.6 ACADEMIC CALENDER ................................................................................................................ 32

7. FACILITIES AND SERVICES.................................................................................................................................. 32

8. PRACTICAL INFORMATION ................................................................................................................................ 40

Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                        Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


Dear Students,

Welcome to Bursa Technical University!

We are excited and pleased to see you among us. We will be glad to guide you in what is probably
the most important period of your life. This handbook was prepared to help you during your time
at the School of Foreign Languages within our university. We suggest that you read this handbook
carefully in order to benefit from the opportunities available to you at our university. We hope
that this handbook will serve as a guide to campus life, the English Preparatory Program, and
other services available for you.

We wish you success throughout your academic career in the English Preparatory Program and
at Bursa Technical University.

Instructors of English Preparatory Program

Bursa Technical University

School of Foreign Languages

Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                               Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

Dear Students,

Bursa Technical University (BTU) is a university with high quality of education and it is as young but
dynamic as you are. Having received education and being brought up in various domestic and overseas
university cultures, our faculty members are competent and acknowledged experts, and highly motivated
academicians working to provide quality education with the most recent information for you. With its 14
organized industrial zones that host Turkey’s numerous and various industrial institutions, Bursa offers
employment opportunities for our students in terms of applied education and research atmosphere, and for
our graduate students in terms of doing Master’s degree.

Structuring its educational, academic and research strategies in accordance with thematic university
concept, particularly in technical fields as they are highly required by our city as well as our region and
country, BTU is having the pride of taking part in the list of distinguished state universities for having
opened heavily demanded departments in a controlled manner and fulfilling population quotas determined
for each. BTU provides you with a private education atmosphere with its uncrowded classrooms and 10-
student average population per lecturer.

Our rich laboratories consist of high technology devices and equipment, not only to meet the demands of
industry, but also to enhance and accelerate the voluntary participation of the distinguished scientists in
academic programs through helping the scientists be approved by academic circles’ with their production
of numerous projects. The number of our faculty members is increasing day by day and our academic and
research fields are diversifying and flourishing with the help of newly established departments. BTU offers
you a unique research atmosphere with its modern laboratories and scientific opportunities.

With the foreign language education provided for our students thanks to our English language instructors
in the School of Foreign Languages, at least one third of who are native English speakers, our students are
taught the English language skills completely. During their undergraduate education, our students are able
to take advantage of educational and academic programs such as technical visits to industrial sites,
vocational training, career planning support, entrepreneurship, and mutual academic programs agreed
with universities overseas. Thanks to that, they will be able to take a step towards their business lives as
competent engineers after their graduation from our university.

The students preferring our university will have the opportunity to feel and experience the advantages of
strategically a blessed city’s important geographic position, rich culture, artistic facilities and natural
beauties which used to be the cradle of the Ottoman Dynasty.

As expected from a technical university, BTU aims at being a solution producing, modern, and branded
center providing academic education in accordance with the requirements and needs of the local industry,
while conducting research and developing studies so that the graduates of will be primarily preferred by
their respective sectors. The youth wishing to choose us will be global citizens and world class engineers
that are equipped with the latest knowledge as well as being well-educated owing to their intense practice
and training, being in favor of producing solutions, being able to think critically and analytically, self-
confident, and having entrepreneur spirit as demanded by the related sectors.

The existence and growth of our country depends on your success.

Prof. Dr. Arif KARADEMİR


Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

Student Handbook 2017 - 2018 - BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY - Bursa Teknik Üniversitesi
SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                            Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


As the School of Foreign Languages, our primary objective is to provide you with an excellent
command of a foreign language in line with Bursa Technical University’s aim of being a world
university. In addition to the foreign language education that we provide for the mandatory and
optional preparatory programs for the various departments of our University, we also conduct
foreign language lessons for department students throughout their studies.

A state university, the School of Foreign Languages of Bursa Technical University offers many
exclusive opportunities to its students, many of which do not exist even in private educational
institutions in our country, such as ideal classroom sizes, technological facilities, foreign language
laboratories, foreign instructors who are native speakers of English, Turkish instructors who
carry out academic studies in the field, and a dynamic, modern education system.

I wish you all a successful academic career on behalf of the instructors and administration of the
School of Foreign Languages.

Bursa Technical University

Director of School of Foreign Languages

Inst. Murat BAYRAK

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                        Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


Our Mission


Our mission is to endow our students with the English language knowledge and skills that they
will need throughout their undergraduate education and to help them develop into effective,
productive, and successful individuals in their academic, social, and professional lives. In this
regard, we seek to prepare the necessary foundation for our students to use the knowledge and
skills that they have acquired effectively and to ensure the success of our students by
strengthening their foreign language reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. As such, we
aim to contribute to the education, scientific research, and social services of Bursa Technical

Our vision

In light of our mission stated above, we strive to remove the obstacle of a foreign language in order
for our university to hold a distinguished place among institutions of higher education first in
Turkey and also among international universities. Our vision is for our graduates to obtain
positions at the highest level of the national and international arenas by actively using their
foreign language skills and knowledge in scientific research, partnerships, and other endeavors.
Our vision is to realize these aims with perfection.

We provide an ideal teaching and learning environment for both our students and instructors at
the SFL. Instruction is provided by academics who are experts in their fields, and our classrooms
are equipped with smart boards and capped at a size of 14 students. For the 2017-2018 academic
year, the SFL team included 29 Turkish instructors and 16 foreign instructors. Approximately 400
students were enrolled in the English Preparatory Program for the 2017-2018 academic year. At
the SFL, we adopt a dynamic education system in line with the Common European Framework of
Reference (CEFR) and conduct needs analysis research to identify the requirements of our
students. We strive to brighten our students’ futures through a curriculum prepared to
accommodate the individual needs and differences of our students.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                      Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018



         ASSISTANT                    ASSISTANT                                     SCHOOL
         DIRECTOR                     DIRECTOR                                    SECRETARY
           ÖZGÜR                        GÖKSEL                                        AKIN
           ŞAHAN                        ÖZTÜRK                                       GÖLER

                     ACADEMIC                                        ADMINISTRATIVE

                                ACADEMIC           ACADEMIC
MAIN COURSE     MAIN COURSE      SKILLS             SKILLS             DIRECTOR’S              SUPPORT
 HASAN CEM       DR. GÜLŞAH      TUĞBA             DR. AHMET              DİLEK                ESENGÜL
  ÖZEMRE            TIKIZ        TÜLLEF             SERKAN               ÖZGEN                  POLAT

                                                                                            STUDENT &
                                                                         STAFF            FOREIGN STAFF
                                                                        AFFAIRS              AFFAIRS
                                                                         TUĞBA                MELİH
                              PROFFESIONAL                               ALKAN                YENER
  SPEAKING        TESTING                        TRANSLATION
 JASON CODY        AYTÜL                            KADER
  MAGARGLE         KANAT                            MUTLU


SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                        Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018



Do I have to enroll in the English Preparatory Program (EPP) when I register at
Bursa Technical University?

Students enrolled in undergraduate programs where the language of instruction is either entirely
or partially a foreign language are required to complete the EPP successfully or fulfill the
requirements for exemption in order to begin their education in their respective departments of
Bursa Technical University. Students who are not able to fulfill the exemption requirements must
complete the EPP before they start their undergraduate education in their respective

What are the requirements for exemption from the EPP?

To be exempt from the EPP you must:

a. receive a minimum of 70 points from the Bursa Technical University Foreign Language Exam
(BTU YDS), which is a proficiency exam conducted by the School of Foreign Languages; or

b. receive a minimum of 65 points from the Foreign Language Exam (YDS/YOKDIL) conducted
by OSYM; or

c. receive a score equivalent to at least 65 points on the YDS/YOKDIL from a foreign language
exam accepted by our University Senate. For the current equivalence table, you can visit OSYM’s

Which exams should I take before I start my education?

Before starting your education, you have to take the BTU YDS (English Proficiency Exam), which
will determine your exemption from the EPP. According to the results of this exam, students who
are not exempt and are required to attend the EPP must take the Placement Test (PT).

Where are these exams held?

Both the BTU YDS and the PT are held at the School of Foreign Languages building on the BTU
Yıldırım Campus.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                                                    Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

What kind of an exam is BTU YDS (English Proficieny Exam)?

The BTU YDS is a two-part, three-session exam conducted to determine your English proficiency.
The weighted ratios of each language skill as evaluated by the two-part exam are shown in the
table below. In the first phase of the exam, your Grammar, Reading and Vocabulary skills are
evaluated together on the scale of 100. To be able to take the next phase of the exam, you must
receive of minimum of 50 points out of 100 from the first part of the exam. At the end of the first
phase, candidates who earn less that 50 points cannot continue to the second phase of the exam.

                                                            1st PART                     2nd PART
                                                              46%                          54%

                                                            Grammar      2nd Session     Listening
                             Students must earn 50 points

                                                              10%                          18%
                                 or more out of 100
               1st Session

                                                            Vocabulary                    Writing
                                                               18%                         18%
                                                                           3rd Session

                                                             Reading                     Speaking
                                                              18%                          18%

For more information about the BTU YDS and for sample questions, you can download the
BTU YDS Handbook from our website: download here.

Why should I take the BTU YDS?

The BTU YDS determines your exemption from the EPP, which is a year-long program. If you think
that you have a strong command of English, taking this exam is important because it offers you
the opportunity to proceed straight to your department, if your English level is deemed proficient.
If your English level is not proficient, taking the BTU YDS allows you to acquaint yourself with the
exam, which is held 4 times a year.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                           Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

When is the BTU YDS held?

The BTU YDS is held 4 times per year. The first exam is held at the beginning of the fall semester,
the second at the beginning of spring semester, and the third and fourth at the end of spring
semester. Exam dates can be found on the academic calendar available at

How can I learn the results of the BTU YDS exam?

The BTU YDS results are announced on the School of Foreign Languages’ website. Click here to go
to the Exam Results page.

I have passed the BTU YDS. What should I do now?

Students who pass the BTU YDS proceed to their departments, where they begin their
undergraduate education.

I have failed the BTU YDS. What should I do now?

If the completion of the EPP is mandatory for your department, you must enroll in and successfully
complete the EPP.

What kind of an exam is Placement Test (PT)?

The PT is not an achievement test. The primary objective of the PT is to identify the English levels
of students who will enroll in the EPP. The PT is a multiple-choice exam consisting of different
sections to assess listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.
The test is carried out in up to three sessions. Students who pass the first session take the second
session on the same day. If you pass the second session, you advance to the third session, which
is also administered on the same day too. Students can learn their exam results and whether they
have advanced to the next session from lists hung on announcement boards at the School of
Foreign Languages building. According to the results of the PT, students are placed in classes in
accordance with their level.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                            Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

Why should I take the PT?

If a student does not take the PT, he/she must start the EPP from the lowest level (Elementary).
For a student whose English level is above Elementary, being placed in an Elementary class not
only negatively influences the dynamics of the class but is also a great waste of time for the

When is the PT held?

The PT is held once a year in the days immediately following the BTU YDS which is held at the
beginning of Fall Semester.

How can I learn my class assignment according to the PT results?

Lists showing your level, group code, and classroom are hung on the first day of school. These lists
are prepared in accordance with the PT results.


Can I get some brief information about the English teaching system of the SFL?

Our language teaching system has been prepared by our professional staff in light of our aims and
objectives to meet the academic needs and individual differences of our students. Our teaching
program follows an integrated method based on the communicative approach and focuses on
language proficiency and performance. The evaluation of student performance is integral to the
BTU language teaching system. This program offers our students the opportunity to receive
instruction from native-English speaking academic staff, contributing to a unique and motivating

What are the education principles of the BTU SFL?

Our education system is founded on the following principles:
      To organize an orientation program at the beginning of the academic year in order to
       inform students about English and its importance in today’s world
      To identify individual needs and provide guidance according to these needs
      To prepare educational materials in accordance with individual needs and objectives
      To integrate academic and daily English into our curriculum
      To emphasize the importance of dialogue and communication
      To encourage students to think and speak in English
      To provide a proper learning environment for our students
      To encourage in-class socialization and group activities

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                        Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

How long is the instruction period?

The EPP instruction period consists of 4 quarters over the course of two semesters. Every quarter
includes 8 weeks, which are divided into 7 weeks of lessons + 1 week of exams.

Which levels are taught in the EPP?

Students are expected to finish the following four levels of the EPP successfully:

         Level 1 (Elementary)
         Level 2 (Pre-Intermediate)
         Level 3 (Intermediate)
         Academic Skills Level

What teaching materials are used in the EPP?

The teaching materials used in the EPP are prepared according to the linguistic and social
requirements of our students with the aim of encouraging interest and motivation throughout
their studies. Our materials are prepared to facilitate a communicative approach to learning and
aim to utilize and develop multiple language skills at the same time. Our lessons improve our
student’s fluency, enhance their linguistic achievement, and enrich their vocabulary while
providing a noticeable sense of achievement and measurable progress at the same time. Our
materials are designed to motivate and encourage our students through activities such as
speaking practice, timed tasks, and performance measurement assessments. At every learning
level, a coherent and structured teaching system is applied.


From which level will I begin my education?

Students who have taken the PT are placed in levels according to their test results. You can check
the list of classroom assignments on our website or as posted in the SFL building after the PT.
Students who have not taken PT start their education directly with the lowest level group (Level

When and where can I get my EPP course books?

The promotion and sales tables of the relevant publishing houses are set up in the SFL building at
the beginning of the fall semester to help our students purchase their course books. You can
purchase your course books from these tables or from the sales offices of the relevant publishing

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                           Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

Can I use non-labelled or copied versions of course books?

Within the scope of Law No. 5846, entitled the “Law of Intellectual and Artistic Properties,” it is
strictly forbidden to use illegally printed or copied course books. Students are personally
responsible for all responsibilities arising from usage of illegally printed or copied books.

Which courses are given at the EPP?

The following courses are offered in the EPP: main course, communication (speaking and
listening), and academic skills. The courses are offered according to level. As part of their
coursework, students are expected to complete out-of-class assignments and projects.

How many hours of lessons are there in a week?

For every level, 28 hours of lessons are conducted each week. Lessons are carried out 6 hours
per day from Monday to Thursday. Only 4 hours of lessons are conducted on Fridays.

What are the class hours?

         Time             Mon        Tue       Wed        Thu            Time             Fri
     09.15 - 10. 00                                                  09.00 - 09. 45
     10.15 - 10.11                                                   10.00 - 10.45
     11.15 - 12.00                                                   11.00 - 11.45
     13.00 - 13.45
     14.00 - 14.45
     15.00 - 15.45

Is class attendance mandatory?

Yes, it is. In every quarter, attendance is required for at least 85% of the total course hours.
Attendance data are valid for the current quarter and reset at the beginning of every quarter.

Class hours, except for official holidays, are used to determine students’ attendance. For example,
if 196 hours of classes are taught in a quarter, a student can be absent from 29 hours of class.
However, if school is closed for official holidays such as national holidays and snow closures, the
total number of class hours taught in that quarter decreases, as the cancelled hours are deducted
from the total class hours of the quarter. The mandatory 85% attendance threshold is then
calculated from the remaining, taught class hours. For example, if the official calendar designates
that 200 hours of class are planned in a particular quarter but 3 weekdays are announced as
holiday for various reasons (such as adverse weather conditions), the total number of taught class
hours decreases to 178 hours of class taught in the quarter: 196-(3x6)=178. Therefore, a student
can be absent from at most 26 hours in that quarter.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                         Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

How can I track my attendance data?

You can access your attendance data from the student automation system by clicking here.

My grade point average within a quarter is enough to pass to the next level, but I
have exceeded the attendance limit. Do I have to repeat the level?

Yes, students who have exceeded the attendance limit must repeat the level regardless of their
grade point average.

Can you provide me with some general information about the exams and
assessment system within a quarter?

The quarterly exam table is shown below. In order to successfully complete each level, a student
must receive an average final grade of at least 70 percent from that quarter’s exams and
assignments. This includes midterm exams, assignments, projects, presentations, and end-of-
quarter final exams; the average of these assignments must be at least 70 percent for the student
to pass. Exam dates and the weights of each exam are shown in the table below. Students whose
attendance rate is below 85 percent are considered unsuccessful and must repeat the level.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                          Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

How are duration and assessment weight of lessons?

What should I know about exams and assessment?

      Exams begin at the times stated on the exam calendar, which will be announced from
       bulletin boards hung in the classrooms.
      You must be in the exam room before the exam starts.
      Students will not be accepted to exams without their student identification cards.
      Students must sign the exam attendance sheet.
      Before the exam, cell phones are turned off and given to the proctor for the duration of the
       exam. Students may take their cellphones after the exam.
      Because of audio recordings played during Listening exams, students who are late will be
       permitted to enter the exam.

What does “plagiarism” mean? Why should I care?

Plagiarism is when you take someone else’s ideas and opinions and present them as your own
without reference or citation. Plagiarism is a serious academic crime. It can be done knowingly or

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                         Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

If students are found cheating or plagiarizing (using a resource partially or completely without
reference) in the completion of any exam, assignment, project or presentation, the assessment will
receive a score of zero (0). At our University, assignments, projects and presentations submitted
by students are checked using Turnitin software to check for any kind of plagiarism.

What can I do if I think there is a problem with my exam grade?

Students can appeal their exam results by submitting a petition to the management of the SFL. All
appeals must be submitted in writing within three days of the announcement of the exam results.
You can apply to the SFL management using the sample petition found in the appendix of this
handbook or as found on our web site.

I want to submit a petition or appeal to the SFL management. Where can I find
sample forms and petitions?

You can find all forms and petitions on the BTU SFL website by clicking here.

What are the criteria for successfully passing the EPP so I can begin my
department classes?

The steps for successfully completing the EPP are shown below:

                                                    3. A. Earn a minimum score of 70 points
  1..Take the        2. Complete the Academic       from the BTU YDS
  Placement Test     Skills Level of the EPP with
  and begin the      a final grade of 70 percent    3. B. Receive a passing score from a language
  EPP                or more.                       exam conforming to the EPP’s exemption

There are two ways of successfully completing the EPP:

I. To pass the EPP, our students must complete the Academic Skills Level of the EPP successfully.

II. The second way to pass the EPP is to receive a minimum score of 70 points from the BTU YDS,
which can be taken after completing Level 3 successfully. Students who receive a score of at least
65 points from the OSYM YDS/YOKDIL or an equivalent score alternative language exam are also
deemed exempt from the EPP. The list of accepted language exams is determined by the University

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                           Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

                                            A. Receive a score of 70 points or more from the BTU
                                            YDS; or
                                            B. Receive a score of 65 points or more from the OSYM
        Exemption from the EPP:
                                            YDS; or
                                            C. Receive a score equivalent to 65 points on the OSYM
                                            YDS from an approved language exam.

                            For the OSYM equivalence table click here.

I completed the Upper-Intermediate level successfully before end of the academic
year. Do I have to wait until the beginning of the new academic year to enroll in
my department?

If a student completes Level 3 at the end of the first or second quarter, he/she can enroll in
department classes in the second semester. Students who complete the Academic Skills Level
after the 3rd quarter must wait until the next academic year before enrolling in department classes.

If I cannot pass the EPP, can I retake it?

Students who do not complete the EPP successfully cannot retake the EPP the following year.
These students should prepare for the proficiency exam through their own means or seek to
transfer to another undergraduate program/university without a foreign language requirement
through the OSYM.

How can I share my comments, opinions or ideas with you during the academic

Throughout your education, you can always talk with your instructors and the assistant directors
in person by seeking an appointment in advance. You can also share your opinions, ideas, and
complaints with us by writing them down with or without your name and putting your feedback
into the suggestion boxes located in the corridors.


Why is accreditation important?

Nowadays, new requirements have emerged in educational institutions to provide quality
assurance and the continual development of quality policies. The quality assurance systems of
educational institutions include many aspects, ranging from the right of equal access to education

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                          Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

and the placement of students at needs-oriented programs to the development of advanced
assessment and evaluation methods through transparent and reliable administrative systems.
Within this framework, quality audits and the accreditation of education institutions by
independent, objective international organizations plays a great role. Accreditation reveals the
quality of an intuition’s educational programs and enhances the validity of those programs in the
eyes of other institutions.

Pearson Assured at the SFL

Within the scope of the Pearson Publishing Company, the Pearson Assured accreditation process
aims at developing the academic and professional competences of English education programs
worldwide. To attain accreditation, the BTU School of Foreign Languages has been carrying out
processes and evaluations to meet the quality requirements of Pearson Assured.

What is Pearson Assured?

Pearson, one of the largest language assessment and evaluation organizations in the world, works
to identify, evaluate, and audit the quality assurance systems of educational and training
programs of institutions in line with its accreditation criteria. The quality assurance and
accreditation services provided by Pearson Assured conform to worldwide standards and are
accepted at the international level. Currently, Pearson Assured is active in about 100 countries.

What does Pearson Assured provide?

Pearson Assured offers substantial support for the development of educational and training
programs, executed on the basis of quality. As such, the criteria and practices developed by
Pearson Assured retain great prestige and validity. Pearson Assured is inspected by Ofqual, an
organization responsible for proficiency tests, assessments, and evaluation services in the United
Kingdom. After it has completed the Pearson Assured process, the SFL will be accredited by an
international, objective, and independent organization whose services and products are
recognized around the world. The accreditation will serve as evidence that the language education
and training programs offered by the SFL meet international standards and will serve as a
reference for both the SFL and its students.

Once the SFL is accredited, students are entitled to receive a certificate indicating that they have
completed a program accredited by Pearson Assured with quality assurance. This certificate will
enhance the validity of the student’s academic and professional English language proficiencies.
Pearson works with more than 1000 institutions around the world, including with various
institutions and organizations in England, the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. As such, Pearson

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                         Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

Assured certificates help students develop their careers in these regions. A sample certificate is
shown below.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                           Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


   Come to class 15 minutes earlier than the class starts.
   Definitely bring your notebook and pencil with you. Take notes on new vocabulary
     words and topics.
   Do not let your smartphone distract you. Put your phone somewhere where you will not
     see it during class.
   Get a dictionary. The dictionaries on your phones do not allow you to come across new
     vocabulary words.
   Study every single day. Review what you have learned that day and the day before.
   Do not hesitate to ask your teachers for help when you do not understand something or
     when you need help.
   Regard absenteeism not as a right but as missing the opportunity to learn new things.
   When you participate in class activities, you realize that learning a language is fun. So be
     active during class!
   Do not forget that learning a language is a process. Set realistic goals for yourself.
   Don’t study for the exam. Study to learn.
   Expand what you learn at school into your daily life. For example, after a busy day, watch
     an English film or listen to English music following the lyrics of the song.
   Read English books at your level continuously.
   Always try to write in English. Take notes.
   Do not forget that learning a foreign language is an investment in your future. The things
     you learn here will help you both in your academic studies and in your daily life.
   Even if you are tired and bored, NEVER GIVE UP!

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                                                 Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

                                             BURSA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY
                               SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES 2017-2018 ACADEMIC CALENDER
28 August 2017 Monday           Proficiency Exam for Transfer Students and Graduate Applicants (BTU YDS)
30 August 2017 Wednesday        Victory Day
31 August- 04 September 2017    Eid Al-Adha Holiday
11 September 2017 Mondoy        Fall Semester Proficiency Exam (BTU YDS)- Session I (Including Graduate Applicants)
12 September 2017 Tuesday       Fall Semester Proficiency Exam (BTU YDS)- Session II-III
13 September 2017 Wednesday     Placement Test For Prep Students
18 September 2017               Fall Semester Classes Begin
18 September 2017               Quarter 1 Begins
29 October 2017 Sunday          Republic Day
17 November 2017                Quarter 1 Ends
20 November 2017                Quarter 2 Begins
1 January 2018                  New Year's Day
12 January 2018                 Quarter 2 Ends
12 January 2018                 Fall Semester Classes End
15 January 2018                 Spring Semester Proficiency Exam (BTU YDS)- Session I (Including Graduate Applicants)
16 January 2018                 Spring Semester Proficiency Exam (BTU YDS)- Session II-III
5 February 2018                 Spring Semester Classes Begin
5 February 2018                 Quarter 3 Begins
30 March 2018                   Quarter 3 Ends
2 April 2018                    Quarter 4 Begins
23 April 2018 Monday            National Sovereignty and Children's Day
1 May 2018 Tuesday              Labor Day

19 May 2018 Saturday            Commemoration of Atatürk and Youth and Sports Day

25 May 2018                     Quarter 4 Ends
25 May 2018                     Spring Semester Classes End
28 May 2018 Monday              Spring Semester Proficiency Exam (BTU YDS)- Session I
29 May 2018 Tuesday             Spring Semester Proficiency Exam (BTU YDS) Session II-III
4 June 2017 Monday              Make-up Proficiency Exam (BTU YDS) - Session I ( Including graduate applicants)
5 June 2017 Tuesday             Make-up Proficiency Exam (BTU YDS) - Session II-III
14 - 17 June 2018               Eid Al-Fitr Holiday


You can find the School of Foreign Languages building easily by coming to the Eğitim Street-3
bus station, located in front of our campus. The Yuksek Ihtisas Hastanesi Bursaray metro and
bus stations are a 10-minute walk from campus. You can set your transportation route from
anywhere in Bursa using All means of public transportation can be accessed
using a Bu-Kart. A protocol signed between our university and BURULAS (Bursa Transportation
and Public Transportation Management Tourism Industry and Trade Inc.) allows you to receive a
student Bu-Kart after your registration to the university is approved. The data required for
student discount transportation cards are electronically sent to the BURULAS system. You can
pick up your transportation card from the Şehreküstü Metro Station or other stations where

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                         Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

student discount transportation cards are processed by showing your student identification card.
You do not need to bring student certificates with you for these procedures.

                For navigation devices our coordinates:
                40.186287, 29.103459

 City Center (Heykel) ► BTU Yıldırım Campus

        Take bus numbers 28,28/A, 23, 23-A, 24-D It is 15-20 min. to Eğitim Str. 3 bus
 Intercity Bus Terminal ► BTU Yıldırım Campus

        Take bus number 18/B. It is 50 min. to Eğitim Str. 3 bus station.
        Take bus numbers 91 or 91/G. It is 40 min. to Yüksek Ihtisas Hastanesi metro station.

 BUDO Port in Mudanya (Kabataş/İSTANBUL) ► BTÜ Yıldırım Campus

        Take bus number 1/M. It is 30 min. to Emek Station. From there, take the metro. It is
         35 min. to the Yüksek Ihtısas Hastanesi metro station.

 İDO Port in Güzelyalı (Yenikapı/İSTANBUL) ► BTU Yıldırım Campus

        Take bus number 1/GY. It is 30 min. to Emek Station. From there, take the metro. It is
         35 min. to the Yüksek Ihtısas Hastanesi metro station.

 Yenişehir Airport ► BTU Yıldırım Campus

        There are flights from Erzurum and Trabzon to Bursa Yenişehir Airport. Take bus
         number 80. It is 75 min. to the Yüksek Ihtısas Hastanesi metro station.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                         Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


Infirmaries at Yıldırım and Mimar Sinan Campuses provide health services with an on-duty nurse.
According to the authorities and responsibilities outlined in the Nursing Law, the services
provided to our staff and students include emergency medical treatment, first aid, assistance with
medications and treatments prescribed by the primary doctor for the non-emergency situations,
medical dressings, injections, blood-type testing, and tests measuring blood pressure and blood
Unit’s Location:

Yıldırım Campus School of Foreign Languages 1st Floor Room: 116

Mimar Sinan Campus Block B (Student Center) Room: B-Z-6

Nurse: Hatice Etyemez         Communication:

Mimar Sinan Campus: 224 300 32 53

Yıldırım Campus: 224 300 35 51

                                       Çalışma Günleri
                           Yıldırım Campus:       Tuesday and Wednesday
                     Mimar Sinan Yerleşkesi:      Monday, Thursday, and Friday

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                           Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


In the SFL building, there is a university dining hall and a privately-run cafeteria. The dining hall
offers four food options at every meal. The monthly menu is announced on our website. All meals
are prepared according to nutrition content and include a calorie value of 1000-1500 calorie. Our
students and staff can enjoy the food services offered by the dining hall during the lunch break
from 11:30-14:00.


Bursa Technical University does not provide arrive accommodation to the students. A list of
higher education student residences, as provided by the Ministry of National Education’s website,
is available below.

     Student Residence               Telephone                          Address
 Bursa Emir Sultan Student                              11. Cadde Uludağ Üniversitesi Görükle
                                   (224) 442 88 70
 Residence                                              Yerleşkesi Sakarya Mahallesi
                                                        Uludağ Üniversitesi Görükle Yerleşkesi.
 Uludağ Student Residence          (224) 442 80 28
                                                        4. Sokak Sakarya Mah. Nilüfer No:6
                                                        Yeni Yalova Caddesi Ali Osman Sönmez
 Orhangazi Student
                                   (224) 366 10 50      Yerleşkesi Panayır Mah. Osmangazi No:
 Orhangazi Student                                      Emniyet Caddesi Mimar Sinan Mahallesi
                                   (224) 366 10 50
 Residence                                              No:40


Our students can consult the instructors who are appointed in the beginning of each academic
quarter during designated days and hours. Furthermore, students can apply to assigned
instructors on the condition that they need any assistance regarding the automation system.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                           Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


A center providing psychological counseling and guidance is available at BTU. The aim of the
Counseling Center is to contribute to the mental, emotional and behavioral development of
individuals, help individuals improve management skills for problems in daily life, support
individual to improve themselves professionally, and provide mental health services that help
individuals improve their mental health.

Students may have problems adapting to their new school or city, or they may have problems with
their interpersonal relationships. They may suffer from exam anxiety, a lack of self-confidence, or
hesitations about their academic targets. Professional support during difficulty time can help
students arrive at health decisions and regain direction in their lives. In addition to the
psychological support offered to our students, the Counseling Center conducts research on the
problems, demands and needs of students.

Individual counseling and psychotherapy services are offered at the Center. Individual needs for
psychological support are assessed through various psychological tests, and an individual-
oriented analysis is conducted. Individual counseling sessions are held periodically as 50 minutes
blocks. After the first session, a regular schedule is determined with the psychologist.

Individual counseling services are provided in an unbiased and reliable atmosphere and are
completely confidential. If necessary, family members are included in the therapy process or the
individual is directed to health institutions for further treatment, and the treatment process is
followed by a psychologist.

Unit’s Location:

Yıldırım Campus School of Foreign Languages 1st Floor Room: 116

Mimar Sinan Campus Block B (Student Center) Room: B-Z-6

Psychologist: Nesrin Yıldız


Mimar Sinan Campus: 224 300 32 53

Yıldırım Campus: 224 300 35 51

                                         Working Days
                      Yıldırım Campus:              Thursday
                      Mimar Sinan Campus:           Monday, , Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                        Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


Reading Room at Yıldırım Campus
Reading room in Yıldırım Campus Education Building is located on the ground floor. The hall with
a capacity of 50 people is open to students every day on weekdays.
Library at Mimar Sinan Campus
Our libraries in Yıldırım and Osmangazi Campuses were moved to a three-storey detached
building in Mimar Sinan Campus Block C on August 15, 2016 and continue to serve on a total area
of 2.307 m2. Our library has a seating capacity of 300 people, 6 individual study rooms, 9 group
study rooms, 4 academic study rooms and 24 person meeting rooms. It provides services to users
with approximately 20,000 printed books and 20 electronic databases. Wireless internet access is
available in the library.

       Libraries            Working Days           Academic Period          Holiday Period
    Library in Mimar
                            Monday - Friday           08:00 – 20:00           08:00 – 17:00
     Sinan Campus


Two computer laboratories are available for students on the first floor of the SFL building.
Students can use the computer laboratories free of charge during working hours.


Our students have 24-hour access to internet via Eduroam using their smartphones, tablets and
laptops. They can also use their Eduroam accounts in all BTU campuses as well as other
universities using it. For more information please visit our IT Department page.


In accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 5102 on Scholarships and Student Loans for
Higher Education Students, our students are eligible for scholarship. Additionally, reduced and
free lunch scholarships are available for students who qualify according to our university’s Meal

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                           Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

Scholarship Regulations. The application dates and procedures for scholarship opportunities are
announced at the beginning of the academic year.


The BTU Disabilities and Special Needs Unit provides consultation and support services for
students and staff with disabilities and special needs. The Unit strives to facilitate the education
and professional life of students and staff by taking the necessary measures to enable their full
participation in social life. The Unit aims to determine the difficulties that people with disabilities
and special needs may experience on campus and works to make campus life more suitable for


Every year, two orientation programs are organized for our new students. One orientation
program focuses on our University and the other on the School of Foreign Languages. As part of
the School of Foreign Languages orientation program, students are informed about the details of
the EPP. Within the scope of the university orientation program, students are invited to tour the
city together university staff in order introduce them to it. In addition to these outings, we
organize a welcome reception and a seminar in which each administrative and academic unit is
introduced to the students. The orientation program also introduces new students to the social,
cultural, health, and sports facilities available to them. New students can adjust quickly to the city
and university by participating in activities organized with student clubs.


With 43 student clubs, BTU offers a vibrant social atmosphere for students. The student clubs at
BTU promote communication and teamwork skills, encouraging to our students to become
productive and socially strong individuals. Our students have performed in a variety of activities,
including n scientific and innovative international competitions. They have organized efforts such
as book collection campaigns and environmental awareness campaigns that focus on planting
trees for our future. You can find the list of student clubs on our website.


In order to enable our students and staff to participate in sports activities, sports facilities are
being built on campus. Our university organizes sporting events, such as competitions and

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES                            Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

tournaments, and provides professional staff to assist in these efforts by collaborating with others
institutions and utilizing sports facilities in the city. In order to offer more opportunities to
students and staff, the university has signed various protocols with city municipalities allowing
our students and staff to access many sports facilities with up to a 50% discount. For more
information, you can visit the website of the Health, Culture, and Sports Department by clicking


Our university is involved in a number of activities & events at both the national and international
level. You can find the list of these activities on our website.


You can use the Complaint and Feedback Boxes located in the corridors to offer any requests,
complaints, or suggestions that you may have. Feedback may be submitted anonymously.

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES      Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018


If you want to…                         You should…

                                         Contact the SFL Student Affairs
     Request a student certificate

                                         Contact the SFL Student Affairs
        Appeal an exam result

                                         Contact the SFL Student Affairs
      File requests or complaints
                                        Use the Complaint and Feedback

     Submit a medical report and         Contact the SFL Student Affairs
               excuse                                 office

      Resolve problems with the          Contact the SFL Student Affairs
         automation system                            office

                                        Ask at the cafeteria on the ground
          Make a photocopy

                                          See the bulletin boards in the
         Learn the exam dates
                                            corridors and classrooms

                                            Contact a student club or
    Join an extracurricular activity

                                         Follow announcements on the
        Apply for a scholarship
                                        BTU website and bulletin boards

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

SCHOOL OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES   Learner Handbook | 2017 –2018

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