Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019

Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
Athlone         Coláiste
         Community       Átha Luain

Every student matters,
every moment counts
Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
Eileen Donohue        Chris Forde            Pauline Fadden         Deirdre Whitlow
                                                     Principal             Deputy Principal       Deputy Principal       Deputy Principal

         Welcome to
         Athlone Community College
         A very warm welcome to you and your child to Athlone Community College

         Athlone Community College is a warm         We offer a progressive academic              classmates and indeed will extend
         welcoming school, where positive            curriculum as well as an extensive           their knowledge and understanding.
         relationships between staff, students       range of extra-curricular activities which
         and parents are highly valued. As           promote the holistic development of          As Principal, all I want is for our students
         a parent, I understand fully the            our students. All efforts are made to        to succeed and find joy in all that they
         apprehension you may feel as you            ease the transition from Primary to Post     do. We understand how important
         child begins their preparations for         Primary School for all students and we       the choice of secondary school is for
         this new exciting chapter in their lives.   look forward to meeting with your child      parents and children as you open the
         Not only is this a new chapter in your      on Open Day.                                 first page of this new chapter, we are
         child’s life but it is also a new chapter                                                here to offer every support you need.
         in yours. Our community values of           Your child has full access to an
         respect, kindness and care underpin         inclusive and challenging curriculum,        Le gach dea ghuí.
         every aspect of teaching, learning          taught by highly qualified and
         and guidance offered in this school.        outstanding teachers. We expect all          Our Community cares for all.
         This foundation built on respectful         students to strive for excellence in
         relationships allows our community to       their academic studies and that they         Eileen Donohoe
         grow and flourish.                          will always challenge themselves, their      Principal.

         Our community cares for all.

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Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
Our School,
Our Community
Here at Athlone Community College we foster community
values. It is a place where everyone belongs. We believe
co-education is the best way to prepare girls and boys for
the world in which they will live. We inspire learning in an
environment that reflects real-world communities and
workplaces, setting students up to thrive and succeed
beyond our walls.

By learning in a co-education environment, boys and girls cultivate
mutual respect, understanding, and support for one another.
Students realise and appreciate their own individual value as well
as each other’s. Girls and boys embrace leadership positions across
all areas of learning, providing all students with strong female and
male role models.

Our students develop strength and independence and emerge
as balanced, well-rounded individuals. Become a part of our
community, we work better when we work together!

By learning in a co-education
environment, boys and girls
cultivate mutual respect,
understanding, and support
for one another.

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Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
                                 Why choose
                                 Athlone Community College can offer the following
                                 to your child:

                                    A state of the art educational facility with a
                                    long-standing tradition and culture of success,
                                    achievement and excellence.

                                    High expectations of all students in their academic,
                                    sporting or cultural endeavours.

                                    Outstanding success in Junior Certificate and
                                    Leaving Certificate results.

                                    A vibrant, enthusiastic and dedicated teaching staff

                                    A welcoming and friendly environment for pupils.
         Our zero tolerance
                                    We promise that each student who passes
         approach to bullying       through our doors is valued and recognised for
         is outlined in our         their individual contribution to our close-knit
         Anti-Bullying Policy.
                                    Our zero tolerance approach to bullying is outlined
                                    in our Anti-Bullying Policy.

                                    A strong sense of community within the school.

                                    Excellent pastoral care and support systems.

                                    We offer a book rental scheme

                                    We operate a peer mentoring system.

                                    We have Class Tutors, Assistant Yearheads,
                                    Yearheads, the Pastoral Care and Learning
                                    Support Team, Co-Teaching Teams and a student
                                    council body of representatives.

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Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
ir s t Y e a r s T h in k !
What Our F
                                                                                                                   “It’s really nice to have
                                                                          “You may be feeling sad about
                                                                                                                  the option to go outside
                                                                          leaving your primary school
            My first day in Athlone Commun
                                                    ity                                                           and walk around, it’s
                                                                          friends but you will make
            College was a roller-coaster of                                                                       also so nice to have a
                                                                          new friends just as quick! The
            emotions. I never thought of mys
                                                      elf as
                                                                                     teachers are really          new person teaching
            mixing well    with  othe  rs, but afte r that
                                                                                      nice and guide you           you every 40 minutes, having
            first day, I felt like I belonged. All
                                                                                     throughout the year”          different classes has also given
            teachers were so accommodat
                                                   ing and                                                         me an opportunity to broaden my
            my fellow students were so frien
                                                      dly.                                                         friendship group”
                                                        ever                              Aditya Varma
            Looking back, I wonder why I was
             nervous!                                                                                               Lucy Doran

            Jasper Ryan                                                             “I love the school                             “There are lots of
                                                                                    facilities and the                             extra-curricular
                                                                                    sports pitches”                                activities and there
      “I have made lots of                                                                                                         is a library too!
      new friends since I                                                              Caoimhe Walsh                                I play rugby, gaelic
      started school”                                                                                                               and soccer”

      Abbie Quinn                                                 “I love the hot dinners                               Arthur Skrins
                                                                  from the canteen and
                                                                  sitting outside in the
                                                                  sun, I like moving
       “When I started I was                                       from class to class                             “The teachers,
       overwhelmed, the                                            and meeting different                           Principal, Deputy
       amount of students, the                                     teachers! I also like hockey!”                  Principals and all the
       diversity; height, race,                                                                                    other staff members are really
       culture. But I have to say,                              Bonnie Moylette                                     kind and if you cannot find a
       Athlone Community College                                                                                    class, they will be sure to help!
       is an amazing school! Even                                                                                   The ladies in the canteen are
                                                                          “The facilities are, with no
       though we are all different, I                                                                               lovely too.”
                                                                          exaggeration, state-of-the-art”
       feel like we are one”
                                                                                                                            Emma Fahy-Burke
                  Joshua Okepeaye                                         Shreyash Shukla

                                                                                                                                    “My favourite
                      “Within my first                          “I was very excited to start                                        facilities are the
                      week at Athlone                           learning a new language, now                                        science labs and
                      Community College, I                      that I’m studying Spanish,                                          the fitness suite,
                      could tell I was going                    I’m enjoying it as much as I                                         the fitness suite is
                       to enjoy it. All my                       thought I would, if not even mor                                    really big and has
                       teachers are so nice”                                                                                         great equipment!”
                                                                Patrycja Czerniak
                          Fionnan Mulvey                                                                                          Sarah Keenan
                                                                          “There are lots of activities
 “This year I chose to study                                             for everyone. I was super                          “I have joined a couple
 Home Economics, it’s                                                    happy when I saw we had so                         of sports clubs such as
 so different to anything I                                              many choices, I signed up for                      hockey and Gaelic and
 studied in primary school.                                              sports, orchestra and choir”              just this morning I joined choir!
  Cooking is really fun but                                                                                        I really enjoy all of my classes
  you also have to learn                                            Kayla Dunne                                    and my teachers are lovely”
  about nutrition, this helps with
  Science. I like both subjects!”                              “Since I started at Athlone                         Ciara Hughes
                                                               Community College I’ve
              Eleanor Gaffey                                   joined the girls’ soccer team.
                                                               Recently, we played in a                                    “I have recently joined the
                                                                blitz and my team made it                                  school Futsal team. I had
               “I like that in our school there are             through to the Leinster finals!”                           never had an opportunity to
               so many subject options, you                                                                                play Futsal before, we won the
               will definitely find lots you like!”              Aoibhinn McLoughlin                                       schools Futsal competition and
                                                                                                                           we are Westmeath champions.
               Roisin O’Brien                                                                                       We will play in the Leinster final
                                                                          “I have found it very easy to fit in
                                                                          here; all of my teachers are reall                      Maebh McGoldrick
                                                                          nice, helpful and considerate”

                                                                                            Eoghan Lough

   Mentors Message
   “I participate in the mentoring programme here at school. The programme began with a training day; it gave us better
   understanding of what exactly was involved in mentoring and what is expected of us. We learned about the ways we can be
   most helpful to the first years. We find out their interests and what they need help with and get to know as many first years as
   we can! Over the past few weeks, I have helped my first year with their timetable, finding classes and organising their locker.
   Being part of this programme is extremely rewarding.” Jennifer Cummins TY                                                                                page 5
Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
National Schools represented

                                                                                      Andrew Byrne              Robyn Doyle
                                    Maksimis Norovs    Jonathan Flannery                                        Ballintleva NS
         Maria Fowler                                  Athlone Mixed NS               Ballinahown NS
         Ardkeenan NS               Ardnagrath NS

                                                                                       Ryan Bracken             Juliet Shine
                                     Eoghan Lough       Aaron Keegan                                            Clonown NS
         Sean Brennan                                   Baylin NS                      Clonbonny NS
         Ballybay NS                 Ballymurray NS

                                                                                        Caitlin Gavin            Taylor Nestor
                                      Adam Casey         Eanna Brady                                             Dean Kelly NS
          Aoife Carroll                                  Cornamaddy NS                  Cornafulla NS
          Cloonakilla NS              Coosan NS

                                                                                         Fionnan Mulvey            Ciara Healy
                                       Grace Currid       Lilly Heaton                                             St. Ciarans NS Moore
           Roan Trundle                                   Scoil Na gCeithre Maistri      St. Ciarans Rooty NS
           Gaelscoil Na Hide           Glanduff NS

                                                                                          Zainab Ishola             Heather McDermot
                                        Cian Dolan         Caitlin Brennan                                          Tubberclaire NS
            Jean Gethins                                   St. Peters NS                  Summerhill NS
            St. Johns Lecarrow NS       St. Marys NS
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Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
We have so much to offer your
                                  son or daughter

                                an ultra-modern building
Athlone Community College has
that consists of:
                                  mistry, Physics, Biology,
   Six Science Labs: Dedicated Che
                                  l Science.
   General Science and Agricultura

   Two Art/Craft Studios

   Two Home Economics Rooms

   Four Computer Studies Rooms
                                 nstruction Studies Rooms
    Three Materials Technology/Co
                                chnology Rooms
    Two Metalwork/Engineering/Te

    Two Language Labs

    Music Room and Dance Room


    Lecture Room

    Fitness Suite

     Sports Hall

     Multimedia Learning Laboratory
                                 n and Communications
     Two Technical Graphics/Desig
     Graphics Rooms

     Mediation Room

We offer huge space for students
to work, rest and play.

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Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
Subject choices

           Junior Certificate Subjects
           CORE SUBJECTS
           English | Gaeilge | Mathematics | Modern Foreign Languages (French, German and Spanish)
           Science | History | Geography | Computer Studies (Coding) | Wellbeing | Physical Education

           Business Studies | Home Economics | Music | Art, Craft and Design | Technical Graphics.
           Materials Technology (Woodwork) | Materials Technology (Metalwork)

           We also offer short courses:
           Wellbeing: Social, Personal Health Education (SPHE) | Civic, Social and Political Education (CSPE)

         This unique one-year programme promotes the personal, social, educational and vocational development of
         students. It prepares them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.


           Leaving Certificate Subjects
           CORE SUBJECTS
           English | Gaeilge | Mathematics | Physical Education | Wellbeing.

           Spanish | French | German | Music | Art | Home Economics (S & S) | History | Geography | Accounting,
           Business | Economics | Physics | Biology | Chemistry | Agricultural Science | Applied Mathematics,
           Architectural Technology | Design and Communications Graphics | Engineering Technology



         Our school is proud to have been chosen by the National Council for Curriculum and
         Assessment to commence a review of the Senior Cycle Programme.

page 8   Athlone Community College Prospectus
Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
The John Hooper Medal
for Statistics Award

        BT Young Scientist Music Maestro by Ruairí Lyons,                           Smart Electric Fence by Irene Finnerty, Aoibhe Lennon &
        Pranay Goel and Shane Whyte.                                                Aoife O’Neill. Smart Electric Fence was the National Winner
                                                                                    of the ESB Networks National Safety Challenge.

        STEM and STEAM
        Education in the STEM subjects is clearly embedded in the curriculum of Athlone Community College and
        involves a cross disciplinary approach.

                                                               STEM focuses on scientific concepts whereas STEAM
          The STEM subjects:                                   investigates the same problems through inquiry and problem
                                                               based learning methods used in the creative process.
          Science | Technology | Engineering | Applied Maths
                                                               Participation in the STEAM subject’s enables students to
                                                               be independent, resourceful learners as they hone their
          STEAM = STEM + The Arts:                             enquiry based learning skills which are essential for living
                                                               and working in today’s world. We regularly collaborate with
          Humanities | Language Arts | Dance | Drama | Music   Ericsson and our local Institute of Technology where our
          Vsual Arts | Design | New Media                      students learn to code and flourish in an environment that
                                                               supports the growth of STEM.

                                                               Take a look at some of the ways we participate in STEAM.
                                                               What would you like to become involved in?

                                                                                   Athlone Community College teacher
                                                                                   Ms. Meighan Duffy Chairperson of the
                                                                                   Applied Mathematics Association Ireland

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Every student matters, every moment counts - Athlone Community College - PROSPECTUS 2019
          Sport at our College plays an integral role in helping to develop our young men and women to flourish in an
          active and competitive environment.

            We have a wide selection of sports available to all:
            Archery | Athletics | Basketball | Equestrian | Gaelic Football | Golf | Hurling (Boys) | Hockey (Girls)
            Pitch And Putt | Rowing | Rugby | Sailing | Soccer | Swimming | Table Tennis | Tennis

          Our students thrive on sport and boast a wealth of awards and medals.
          They promote sport here at Athlone Community College by honouring
          its values of honesty, commitment, humility, resilience and above all
          teamwork. We are very proud of our recent successes; look at a selection
          of our achievements below!

                                                                                                         Connacht Sailing Winners 2017

                                                      League winners 2018-2019
           Connacht Rugby Junior Cup and Junior Rugby
                                                                                                        Futsal Westmeath Champions 2019

            Connacht Schools Hockey Champions                                Futsal Westmeath Champions 2019
            Cahill Cup Senior Winners 2019

                                                                                                         Hockey Sweetman Shield Winners 2019
                                                         rs and All-Ireland Runners-up
              FAI Schools Leinster Senior Girls Cup Winne

page 10   Athlone Community College Prospectus
Zara Mae Kurt Elli represented
                                                                 Hockey Coach Rosemary                      Irealnd in European Touch
                                                                 ‘Gudgie’ Moran with Allie and              Rugby 2019
  Hockey Halliday League Junior Winners 2019                     Bobyn Heatherington

                                                                                                     Senior Connacht Boys Relay Champions 2019

Connacht Rugby Cup Winners                       Leinster Junior Girls Gaelic Winners 2018

                                                                                                     Sports Recognition
                                                                                                     Awards 2019
                                                                                                        Girls Senior Soccer Panel
                                                                                                        FAI Schools Leinster Cup
                                                                                                        Champions & All-Ireland
                                                                                                        Runners up 2019
                                                                                                        Aimee O’Connor (Ladies Gaelic
                                                                                                        Football) Roscommon Minor
                                                                                                        Gaelic Capt. & Member of
                                                                                                        Leinster Inter-provincial Squad
      Junior Boys Rugby Development League Winne
                                                rs 2019                                                 Tommy Coogan (Basketball)
                                                                                                        U17 Irish Basketball International
                                                                                                        Girl’s Junior & Senior Hockey
                                                                                                        Panels Connacht – Cahill Cup
                                                                                                        Champions & Halliday Cup
                                                                                                        Champions 2019
                                                                                                        Allie & Robyn Heatherington
                                                                                                        (Hockey) Connacht U17 Hockey
                                                                                                        Squad members.
                                                                                                        Tori Farrell (Rugby) Connacht 15
                                                                                                        side RugbyAdamSquad
                                                                                                        Faith Oviawe   (Rugby 7’s)
                                                                                                        Member of the Connacht
                                                        U19 Boys Basketball Midlands                    Rugby 7’s Squad
 Leinster Junior Girls Soccer Winners 2019              Final Winners 2019
                                                                                                        Junior Boys Rugby Squad
                                                                                                        Connacht League & Cup
                                                                                                        Winners, Oisin Dolan, Jim
                                                                                                        Connolly, Alban Ceipi, Paidi O’
                                                                                                        Leochain (Rugby) Connacht
                                                                                                        Development Squads.
                                                                                                        Ben Graf (Sailing) Selected to
                                                                                                        represent Ireland at European
                                                                                                        Oliwia Smilaek (Water Polo)
                                                                                                        Member of Irish Women’s
                                                                                                        Water Polo Team
Adam Lennon (6th Year) plays for Athlone Town    Kayleigh Shine makes UEFA squad and receives           Darragh Fitzgerald (Swimming)
FC SSS Airtricity as a 1st Division player and   1st Cap for Ireland in a game against Montenegro.
received international cap.                                                                             Connacht Schools Swimming                page 11
page 12   Athlone Community College Prospectus

          Musicals and
          Lip Sync Battles
          Athlone Community College has a long tradition of staging vibrant musicals, which afford our
          students an opportunity to display their talents and give the public an opportunity to view first class
          productions. We regularly sell out the Dean Crowe Theatre four nights in a row!

          Our school has also worked in conjunction with Lip Sync Battle Ireland and together with the Radisson Hotel, we
          put on an epic night of entertainment that our students will talk about for years to come!

          2019 TY Show – ‘A Night at the Musicals’ will be staged in December.

page 12   Athlone Community College Prospectus
Athlone Community College Prospectus   page 13
Music and
                                                 the Arts
                                                 We ensure that students have the freedom to embrace their
                                                 creativity. From musicals to fashion shows and dance classes,
                                                 students are provided with a wide range of Performing Arts
                                                 opportunities. Athlone Community College will participate in
                                                 the Music Generation Programme for 2019/2020.

                                                 Our school is a melodic buzz of musical creativity. Inside the classroom,
                                                 the music syllabus inspires creativity and music appreciation through
                                                 listening, creating and performing. This is supported by opportunities
                                                 to learning new musical instruments, engage in new music technology
                                                 and try our many related extra-curricular activities:

                                                        Junior Choir

                                                       Lunchtime Music Club

                                                       Athlone Community College Orchestra

                                                       Traditional Irish Music Group

                                                       Lunchtime Concerts

                                                       Freestyle-Rap Battles

                                                       Song Writing Workshops

                                                 The benefits of taking part in music activities are vast, and we encourage
                                                 our students to participate and take as many opportunities to shine as
                                                 possible. Could you be our next star?
page 14   Athlone Community College Prospectus
Leaving Cert poet Paul Durcan recites his           Gael Linn Debating Champions
famous work to our Senior Cycle students

                                                    Soroptimist winners 2018              Concern Debating Team 2019

                                                     Public Speaking
                                                     and Debating
                                                     We are the premier school in the country in debating, having
                                                     won 3 All-Ireland Concern Debating titles, Public Speaking
                                                     All-Ireland titles, Soroptimist titles, Gael Linn National Titles,
                                                     NUIG Debating titles and various other Debating and Public
                                                     Speaking titles.

                                                     All first year students have an opportunity to participate in
                                                     Debating and Public Speaking and represent the school in
                                                     English, Irish, French, German and Spanish.

                                                     To enrich their educational experience, students are
                                                     encouraged to engage in pursuits that stretch the mind.

                                            Athlone Community College All-Ireland
                                            Concern Debating Team

                                                                                    Athlone Community College Prospectus   page 15
Transition Year
                                                                                 Transition Year in our school provides students
                                                                                 with the opportunity to:

                                                                                    Create and moderate a TY website
          Transition Year encourages the development of a wide
                                                                                    Partake in Junk Kouture,
          range of transferable critical thinking and creative problem
          solving skills and competencies within a well-defined                     Hone business skills: Young Entrepreneur
          academic structure.                                                       Competition

          For instant updates, check out our TY website. See what our students      Participate in One Good Idea Science
          have taken part in so far this year! www.athloneccty.weebly.com           competition, Irish Angus Beef Schools
                                                                                    Competition, BT Young Scientist, Sci-Fest
                                                                                    and the Young Environmentalist Award.

                                                                                    Volunteer with charitable organisations

                                                                                    Gain work experience in a field of their

                                                                                    Participate in Gaisce, the Presidents Award.

                                                                                    Take a trip to the Special Criminal Court.

                                                                                    Become competent in ICT by creating
                                                                                    videos and interactive presentations.

                        Midlands NISO Quiz Winners. 3 years in a row.
                        Suzie Gavin, Sneha Chippa and Noa Moric.

page 16   Athlone Community College Prospectus
Extra-Curricular                                                                Clubs and Societies
                                                                                A large number of our clubs and

Activities                                                                      societies are peer-led by TY students
                                                                                with teacher guidance. We encourage
                                                                                all our first year students to join a club
                                                                                when we hold our Clubs and Societies
                                                                                Registration day:

                                                                                   Maths Club

                                                                                   Film Club

                                                                                   Computer Club

                                                                                   Drama Society

                                                                                   Traditional Music Society

We encourage our students to get involved in a variety of extra –                  Arts and Crafts Club
curricular pursuits to complement their academic studies. Such                     Board Games Club
activities are very important in fostering friendships across year
groups. We become a stronger community when we work together!                      Photography Club

                                                                                   Table Tennis Club
Our students are encouraged to respect and value the world around them.            Debating Society
Students in our college have been involved in numerous activities relating to
social awareness and have won many awards because of these endeavours.             Pitch and Putt & Golf Club

                                                                                   Well-being Club

                                                                                   Badminton Club

                                                                                   Club Gaeilge

                                                                                   Homework Club

                                                                                   Maths and Science Olympiad

                                                                                   National Quizzes in
                                                                                   Maths and Languages
                                                                                   Graduate.ie Citizen and
The Simon Community | ASPCA | Trocaire | Concern                                   Democracy Programme
- to name but a few!
                                                                                   Green Schools Committee
                                                                                   Supervised Evening Study
The Green Schools Flag Competition | Gaisce Awards
Amber Flag (Anti-Bullying) Award | Lourdes Diocesan Pilgrimage,                    Young Entrepreneurs

Concern Debating Competition | Global Passport Award                               Creative Writing Club
CPR Training | Well-being Workshops | Trocaire Fundraisers,                        Orchestra
Stand-Up Week | Community Coaching | CMRF
                                                                                    Free-style rap club

                                                                                    Politics club

                                                                                      Athlone Community College Prospectus   page 17
Emma Lennon
                                                                                                                               Mathematical Science,
                                                                                                                               NUIG. LWETB Scholar 2019.

                                                                                                                               NUIG Academic Excellence
                                                                                                                               Scholar 2019

     Where are
     they now
           A selection of the Leaving                                                            Blaithin McDaid
                                                                                                 Radiation Therapy, Trinity.
                                                                                                                               Luka Moric
                                                                                                                               Medicine, Trinity.

           Certificate Class of 2019                                                             JP McManus Scholarship 2019   Trinity Scholarship LWETB 2019
                                                                                                                               Trinity Entrance Scholar 2019

                                                                                                  Michael Lynch                  Szymon Borkowski
                                      Megan Coolahan              Nashir Ishola                                                  Electronic & Computer
          Meabh Glennon                                                                           Commerce. UCD
                                      Acturial & Financial        Business Studies, DCU.                                         Engineering, NUIG.
          Engineering. UCD                                                                        Entrance Scholarship
                                      Maths, UCD                  Russell Brennan Keane                                          Ericsson Scholarship 2019
          Entrance Scholarship                                    Accountancy Scholarship 2019
                                      Entrance Scholarship 2019

                                                                                                                                  Conor Egan
                                                                   Clodagh Moxham                  Coman Lennon
           Ciara Hand                  Cillian Lyons                                                                              Mechatronics,
                                                                   Pharmacy,                       Agricultural Science
           Beauty Therapy PLC,         Engineering,                                                                               AIT
                                                                   Trinity                         (Food & Agri Business
           Galway Technical            NUIG                                                        Mgt) UCD

                                                                                                                                   Aya Rassool
                                                                    Dara Sheeran                    Eimear Costello
                                        Daniel Parkes                                                                              Podiatric Medicine,
            Cristian Danila                                         Physics,                        Occupational Therapy,
            Product Design              Biomedical Engineering,                                     UCC
                                        GMIT                        NUIG
            & Innovation, IT Carlow

page 18   Athlone Community College Prospectus
Kevin Shine                    Leanne Gately
                           Áine Ní Leochain               Katelynn Cunningham                                        Arts,
Aaron Wall                                                Science,                    Acturial Maths,
Electronic and Computer    English Studies,                                           DCU                            NUIG
                           Trinity                        NUIG
Engineerig, UL

                                                                                                                     Ceara Mulry
                                                           Angelina De Rosa            Aleetza Lennon
 Holly Maloney              Karina Taranets                                                                          Biomedical Science,
                                                           Biological & Biomedical     Nursing Studies PLC,
 Commerce (Global           Commerce International                                                                   NUIG
                                                           Science, Trinity            Moate Business College
 Experience) NUIG           (German) NUIG

                                                                                        Niamh McGonigle-Murray         Oisin Kelly
                             Lucie Tiercelin                Christina Connell                                          Engineering,
  Lena Gacquin                                              Nursing Studies PLC,        Medicine, Royal College
  Acturial Maths,            Architecture, Technologial                                 of Surgeons, Ireland           NUIG
                             University Dublin              Moate Business College

                                                                                                                       Richard Cruise
                                                             Oisin Rock                  Raphael Salaja
                              Oisin Lennon                                                                             Level 5 Agriculture,
  Cameron Collier                                            Science (Maths stream)      Software Design with
                              Engineering                                                                              Mountbellew Agri
  Aerospace Engineering,                                     UCD                         Virtual Reality & Gaming,
                              (Undenominated) NUIG                                       AIT
  IT Carlow

                                                                                          Molly Connaughton              Verona (Nian Zhi) Leaw
                               Sile Downey                    Caoimhe Lynch                                              Arts,
    Robert Kelly                                              Equine studies PLC,         Primary Teaching,
    Physiotherapy,             Nursing General,                                           Mary Immaculate College        UCD
                               Trinity                        Galway Community
    UCD                                                       College PLC                 Limerick.

                                                                                                        Athlone Community College Prospectus      page 19
Student Voice
                                                                      Prefects are appointed from our
                                                                      Leaving Certificate group. As they are
                                                                      ambassadors for the College, the title
                                                                      and position of School prefect is an
                                                                      honour and a privilege.

                                                                      Junior Mayor - Our inaugural Junior Mayor,
                                                                      Aleetza Lennon. The position was created
                                                                      in conjunction with Mr. Frankie Kenna and
                                                                      Westmeath County Council.

            The role of the Mentors is one of support in helping
            First Year students make the transition from
            primary to secondary school more enjoyable,
            and to help them integrate into school life.

                                                                   The Student Council is a representative student body
                                                                   elected from each tutor class in the school. The Student
                                                                   Council strives to make a positive contribution to every
page 20   Athlone Community College Prospectus                     aspect of the school community.
S t u d e n t W e l l b e i n g
                                                            Guidance Counsellors Ms. Nicola Burke and Ms Cathy Cryan giving career advice

At our College, we recognise        CAREER AND GUIDANCE COUNSELLING
that we have a central              Guidance refers to a range of learning experiences provided in a developmental
role to play in supporting          sequence, designed to assist our students to make choices about their lives and to
and      promoting      students’   make transitions consequent to these choices. The Guidance Department in Athlone
learning about wellbeing and        Community College is a part of the Student Support Service. Guidance provides this
for wellbeing. Our students learn   support in the following areas:
about wellbeing through specific
areas of the curriculum and          PERSONAL                           CAREER                                 ACADEMIC
various wellbeing events and
initiatives that are organised to    Personal and social skills         Employment awareness                   Subject choice
develop awareness, knowledge
and skills about wellbeing.          Problem solving                    Educational choices                    Course choice
                                     Self-awareness                     Training choices                       Study skills
Our pastoral care programme
aims to provide a caring             Decision making                    Job seeking skills                     Exam skills
supportive school community
allowing for the full development    Planning                           Career growth skills                   Subject support
of the emerging adult, nurturing
talents, fostering self-worth and   The Guidance Counsellors work alongside other staff members, parents and
maximising potential.               professionals outside the school setting to provide a service to meet student needs.
                                    We host a career event each year that allows Universities, Institutes of Technologies,
                                    local businesses, army services and apprenticeship providers the opportunity to
                                    meet with our students. It is a fantastic evening that allows our students to see what
                                    wonderful opportunities are in store for them.


                                                         National Tree Day

                                                                                                                                            page 21
          Excellence 2019

                                                                                                 The Principal’s Award
                                                                                                 Female – Aya Rassool
                                                                                                 Male – Raphael Salaja

                 Academic Excellence Award
                 Female – Emma Lennon • Male – Luka Moric
                 Both received over 700 points in their Leaving Cert.

                                                                                          Bank of Ireland Junior Certificate
                                                                                          Student of the year Award 2019
              Bank of Ireland Leaving Certificate                                         Female – Hollie Walsh
              Student of the year Award 2019                                              Male – Cian Furey
              Female – Clodagh Moxham
              Male – Robert Kelly

           Sinead Gonley, a happy graduate
                                                                Leaving cert students of 2019 who received                     Junior Certificate Excellence
                                                                outstanding results with several achieving                     2019, Conor Paul and Natasya
                                                                over 600 points and two over 700 points.                       Barry, who received perfect
                                                                                                                               Junior Certs

page 22   Athlone Community College Prospectus
Parent’s Reflections
                                        Two of my daughters attend Athlone Community College – my eldest has
                                        just finished junior cert and my second child is sitting her junior cert this
                                        year. Their time at Athlone Community college has been such a positive
                                        experience to date.

                                        Participation in the debating team, hockey and soccer teams are just
                                        examples of activities which have contributed to their personal development
                                        since entering secondary school. The size of the school has never been a
                                        factor because the support structure for every student is so well considered
                                        and managed. The roles and responsibilities of the Class Tutor and Year
                                        Head facilitates accessible channels of communication for both students and
                                        parents, and enables teachers to get to know each and every student. The
                                        culture and values of the school provides all students with a positive platform
                                        and environment to flourish and perform to the best of their ability. We could
                                        not have wished for such a positive transition to secondary school for our
                                        daughters and would highly recommend Athlone Community College.

                                        Gary Walsh

 As the first of our kids to make the big leap from Ardnagrath NS – a
 wonderful small, country school – we thought very carefully about
 where our daughter would go to school. It was very important to us
 that her new school would be strong academically as well as offering
 lots of sporting choices.

  In the end we chose Athlone Community College for several reasons.
 We believe in co-education and it was important for us that our children
 continue to share the same school experience. Despite it being a
 constitutional right, Athlone Community College was actually the only
 school we spoke to that respected our choice to opt out of religious
 instruction. It was also the only school to offer soccer as an option for girls.
 In the end as a parent, all you want is for your child to make good friends,
 be happy and hopefully have some fun whilst learning.

 Siabhra Durcan

                                                                                           Athlone Community College Prospectus   page 23
Athlone Community College      College Principal: Ms. Eileen Donohoe
Retreat Road                   Deputy Principal: Mr. Chris Forde
Athlone                        Deputy Principal: Ms. Pauline Fadden
Co. Westmeath                  Deputy Principal: Ms. Deirdre Whitlow
Tel: 090 6472625 / 6472640
                               Office Hours: 8.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.
Fax: 090 6473710

Follow us on social media:     Visit our school website to view a video on
   @CCAthlone                  a day in the life of Athlone Community College
   Athlone Community College

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