Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography

Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography

Photo: Joyce Tenneson

Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography
Practical information                                                                                                                                 5

 OPENING HOURS                                         PASSES AND TICKETS
 THE FESTIVAL WEEK                                     Festival pass: 3 050 NOK                                                              4                                                                               8
 THE FESTIVAL OFFICE                                   Weekend pass: 1 725 NOK
 Monday and Tuesday: 12.00–18.00
                                                       Day pass: 1 025 NOK
 Wednesday–Saturday: 08.00–20.00
                                                       Exhibition pass: 200 NOK
 Sunday: 08.00–18.00
                                                       Single lecture ticket: 260/275 NOK
                                                       Ticket to “Ansikt til Ansikt”: 260/275 NOK
 Wednesday: 17.00–00.00
                                                       (Passholders get a discount on this ticket, they
 Thursday–Saturday: 10.00–00.00                        need to be bought in Nordic Light Festival Office.)                                                                                            2
 Sunday: 10.00–18.00
                                                       3 show ticket, “Ansikt til Ansikt”: 650 NOK
 THE GALLERIES                                                                                                                                                                           3
 The Nordic Light House                                                                                                                                                            1
                                                       We offer a discount for students and members
 Wednesday: 17.00–00.00                                of NSFF. You will need to show your student ID
 Thursday–Saturday: 12.00–00.00                        or evidence of membership when picking up
                                                                                                                                                                                                  9   7
 Sunday: 12.00–18.00                                   your pass.

 Wednesday: 17.00–20.00
                                                       Festival Pass gives you access to all daytime
                                                                                                             The festival area                                            3   CAROLINE CINEMA
                                                                                                                                                                         The venue for all lectures, the evening talkshows
 Thursday–Saturday: 12.00–20.00                        lectures and all exhibitions. Discount on tickets                                                                 “Ansikt til Ansikt” and the free Breakfast Movies. In
                                                                                                             1   NORDIC LIGHT HOUSE                                      the foyer there are different things to see (see page
 Sunday: 12.00–18.00                                   to the Norwegian talkshow “Ansikt til Ansikt”.
                                                                                                             The Festival Office and Shop                                50), including the NFF exhibition (see page 40).
 Caroline Kinosenter                                   Weekend Pass gives you access to all daytime          This is where you get your Festival Pass upon
 During the opening hours of the cinema,               lectures and all exhibitions from Friday 27 April     arrival, where you can buy additonal tickets and
                                                       12.00. Discount on tickets to the Norwegian           ask all the questions you have. This is also where          GALLERIES/EXHIBITIONS
 from early until late.
                                                       talkshow “Ansikt til Ansikt”.                         you buy art work, books, posters and more.                  Exhibitions and galleries at other locations than
 Langveien 19 - “Bedehuset”                                                                                  Galleries                                                   the Nordic Light House. See the overview of all
 Wednesday: Only during the Festival Parade            Day Pass gives you access to all daytime              See several of our great exhibitions in our                 the exhibtions on page 37.
                                                       lectures and exhibitions the selected day.            galleries The Bakery, The Photo Studio and The
 Thursday–Saturday: 12.00–20.00                                                                                                                                          4 Kunstforeningen                   5 Nerparken
                                                                                                             Print Room.
 Sunday: 12.00–18.00                                   Exhibition Pass gives you access to all
                                                       exhibitions during the festival week and the          Krogvold Café                                               6 Langveien 19 (Bedehuset)          7 Storgata 19
 Storgata 19                                           following week. This also gives you access to         Our festival café and pub, named after our Artistic
                                                                                                             Director Morten Krogvold. A cozy place to hang
 Wednesday: Only during the Festival Parade            the Gallery Talks.                                                                                                8    THE PIER
                                                                                                             out between all the festival activities and to get
 Thursday–Saturday: 12.00–20.00                                                                              something to eat and drink (see page 49).
                                                       Single lecture ticket gives you access to the                                                                     Departure point for the Grip excursion Wednesday.
 Sunday: 12.00–18.00                                   selected lecture.
 The galleries are also open the following             The 3 show ticket to “Ansikt til Ansikt” gives you    2   QUALITY HOTEL GRAND                                     9    HANDELENS HUS
 week. See our web page for opening hours.             access to all three evening talkshows during the      The official festival hotel.                                The venue for Nordic Light Night Thursday evening.                             festival week to a discounted price.

 TICKET INFORMATION: We recommend you to pre-buy tickets for lectures and talkshows. Buy online on           KULTURRABATT FOR UNGDOM or use the Tikkio app (available for iPhone and Android). We also sell tickets in our Festival   I samarbeid med Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune tilbyr vi ungdommer i alderen 15
 Office in Konsul Knudtzonsgate 4b, but please be aware of possible queues and a higher price.               til 20 år en rabatt på 25% på utvalgte pass samt enkeltbilletter til foredrag og talk-
                                                                                                             showet «Ansikt til Ansikt». Se vår nettside
Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography
CONTENTS                                                                                                     INTRODUCTIONS
                                                                                                                       BY THE CITY MAYOR AND THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD

        Introductions                                             SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS
    5   City Mayor, Kjell Neergaard                                                                             Dear photographers,        Nordic Light Events –
                                                                                                                dear lovers of photography a small company with
                                                                  General sponsor
    5   Chairman of the Board, Lars Liabø
    6   Artistic Director, Morten Krogvold
    7   Festival Director, Ingunn Strand                                                                        – dear everyone!           ambitious plans
    8   Festival activities
        Photographers, speakers and exhibitors                                                                  Welcome to big little Kristiansund – where we live with     Dear visitors! We are proud to present the 13th
10      Akseli Valmunen                                           Main sponsors
                                                                                                                our hearts on our sleeves and our eyes towards the          edition of our international photo festival. Small in
11      Andrea Gjestvang                                                                                        stars. To us it is completely natural that the world’s      size, but high in quality. And we are aiming for more:
                                                                                                                greatest international festival of photography should be
12      Andres Serrano
                                                                                                                born and grow up here – in the Nordic Light.                Kristiansund to become the world’s first CITY
13      Anne Lise Flavik
                                                                                                                                                                            OF PHOTOGRAPHY! In Norwegian, we call it
14      Asger Carlsen
                                                                                                                Kristiansund has always put arts and culture in front,      “Fotobyen Kristiansund”.
15      Audun Lie Dahl                                                                                          and Nordic Light is one of our finest examples of what
16      Bjørn Sterri                                                                                            can come out of that. From the start in 2006 the festival   This is an ambitious plan, demanding cooperation
17      Grethe Bøe                                                Sponsors                                      has developed through the years and is now a mature         between local authorities – creating the necessary
18      Joey L.                                                                                                 institution with its own house to show for it.              infrastructure, and our company, Nordic Light Events
19      Joyce Tenneson                                                                                          The festival’s philosophy is to bring photography out       AS, – offering the commercial products, such as
20      Kathrine Lindman                                                                                        to the people, to define what is good photography,          art galleries, workshops, guided photo tours, photo
                                                                                                                but also to give photography strength as a means            points, art and book shops etc.
21      Linda Connor
                                                                                                                of communication. And it is in particular this last
22      Lisen Stibeck
                                                                                                                perspective that becomes more and more important            We think that we can create something really
23      Massimo Leardini
                                                                                                                in the diverse and multilingual society we live in.         special, something that will attract visitors from all
24      Morten Krogvold                                                                                         Photography helps us to express ourselves without           over the world.
25      Olivia Parker                                                                                           words, beyond language barriers and across cultures. It
26      Paolo Roversi                                                                                           helps us to put things into perspective, and sometimes      Wait and see!
27      Pål Laukli                                                                                              even into someone else’s perspective.
28      Roger Ballen
29      Roy Mangersnes                                                                                          I wish the Nordic
                                                                                                                Light Festival team,
30      Steve Pyke
                                                                                                                and all its volunteers,
31      Tone S. Beckman
                                                                                                                every success with
                                                                  THE FESTIVAL CATALOGUE 2018
32      Festival program                                                                                        this year’s festival.
        Exhibitions                                               Price: 20 NOK                                 May the diversities
34      Festival exhibitions                                      Copyright: All images and materials           be celebrated, the
                                                                  are subject to copyright and can not be       differences be debated
36      Exhibition map and overview                               reproduced under any circumstances.
                                                                                                                and may our hearts
38      Other exhibitions                                         Cover photo: Joyce Tenneson
                                                                                                                and minds be opened
                                                                  Text contributors: Erika Indergaard, Simone
42      Evening talkshow “Ansikt til Ansikt”                                                                    to the wonders of
                                                                  Magaard, Katrine Øvstegård
44      Homage to Nordic Light by Mikkel Aaland                   Graphic design: Katrine Øvstegård             photography.
46      Welcome to Kristiansund                                   Edition: 1000
                                                                  Production: EKH Grafisk
47      Our superheroes                                           Paper: Multiart Gloss 200g / Edixion 120g     KJELL NEERGAARD                                             LARS LIABØ
48      Bits and pieces                                           Font: DIN                                     Mayor of Kristiansund                                       Chairman of the Board, Nordic Light Events AS

4         Contents                                NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018       NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                                         Introductions    5
Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography
                                                                                                                                                            BY FESTIVAL DIRECTOR INGUNN STRAND

                                                                                       are particularly interested in photography or not.
                                                                      Now let’s        I have been so lucky to sit on the first row at previous
                                                                                       festivals, listening to and watching all the lectures. Most                                                                                                                                We are very

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ingunn Strand Photo: Studio 400, Karolina Gorzelancyk
                                                                  fasten our seat      of them have been once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              proud of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              program, presenting
                         Morten Krogvold Photo: Inger Mackenzie

                                                                                       As an “eternal student”, I bring these moments with
                                                                  belts and throw      me, both as a human and a professional. They have
                                                                                       elevated my knowledge, development and shattered                                                                                                                                       an impressive
                                                                  ourselves into       my established convictions. And in particular – have
                                                                                       given me a lot of inspiration and replenishment. We
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              range of guest
                                                                  glorious days!”      have smiled, we have felt tears, we have embraced                                                                                                                                      photographers...”
                                                                                       each other in pure gratitude after the best experi-
                                                                                       ences. It is wonderful to meet over food and wine in
                                                                                       the evening, with colleagues, acquaintances – and
                                                                                       eventually friends – to talk and discuss images and
Welcome, not only to the most beautiful adventure                                      lectures. And then, after some short hours of sleep,          A warm welcome to the 13th edition of the Nordic                                                                 on breaking the stigma and people’s perception of
of the year – but also to the top event of the year.                                   it’s straight to the breakfast movie!                         Light International Festival of Photography! A                                                                   what it means to live with MS.
To me it is the year’s professional highlight and                                                                                                    delicacy for all kinds of photography lovers –
something I really look forward to.                                                    The program is dense and intense, impressions                 from professional photographers, to hardcore                                                                     Every day we start with the traditional breakfast
                                                                                       queueing up, being processed in good conversations            enthusiasts and happy amateurs. And indeed, for                                                                  movie. This is for free and open to all. You can come
I have grown fond of the beautiful Kristiansund,                                       during breaks, lunches and dinners. I have had many           all those interested in art and culture, in people,                                                              straight to the cinema, and buy our special home-
amazingly located by the sea, with wonderful moun-                                     wonderful experiences and met some of the best                in expanding their visual horizon, in challenging                                                                made oatmeal porridge with nuts and caramel sauce,
tains just miles away. Kristiansund is the perfect                                     photographers in the world.                                   and developing themselves by listening to other                                                                  or a coffee or smoothie just outside the door.
place for arranging a photography festival!                                                                                                          people’s eye-opening stories.
                                                                                       What strikes me is how generous the best artists are –                                                                                                                         If you need a break in-between all the festival activ-
Dear all of you who are visiting the festival. We have                                 it is always the best that are the most accommodating.        Our ambitions for this year’s festival have been high.                                                           ities, Krogvold Café is ready to tempt you with local
been working hard to proudly present this year’s pro-                                                                                                We have aimed to create the best Nordic Light festival                                                           food and snacks, a warm cup of coffee or a cold drink,
gram. That is, the Festival Manager Ingunn Strand,                                     Nordic Light is an intimate festival and we try to «snob      so far. By attending this event, you are an important                                                            deliciously served by our smiling volunteer staff. You
deserves the credit for most of it.                                                    down», giving you the opportunity to meet the best in         contributor to the success we aim and hope for.                                                                  see them everywhere – our precious volunteers. We
The programme is almost unbelievable – a mix of                                        the industry for a conversation – over a cup of coffee or                                                                                                                      owe them a lot!
international stars and fabulous artists from Scandi-                                  a glass of something nice. New this year is the Nordic        We are very proud of the program, presenting an
navia and Norway.                                                                      Light Night, where everyone is invited to mingle with         impressive range of guest photographers, from inter-                                                             Also, Nordic Light would not be possible to run
                                                                                       our guests at a special Thursday evening event. Atmo-         national legends and masters to acclaimed, promising                                                             without our great supporters. Our general sponsor
We will be presented with artistic works that provoke                                  sphere and coziness are important parts of the festival!      and upcoming Scandinavian and Norwegian artists.                                                                 SpareBank 1 Nordvest, our main sponsors KBBL,
and painfully challenge the viewer. Not provocation                                                                                                  A program packed with lectures, gallery talks, book                                                              Lundeby & CO, Epson and Tidens Krav, as well as all
for the sake of provocation – but depictions of the                                    Of course, the festival would not be possible without         signings, portfolio reviews and more.                                                                            other sponsors and collaborators.
black, heavy sides of the human being, and not least                                   all of our fantastic volunteers. Thank you very much –
nightmarish dreams. At the same time, we will display                                  outstanding people! Thank you to all who contributed          We look forward to hearing their unique stories and                                                              I hope to see you at the Nordic Light Night Thursday
images that are beautiful, meditative and sensual, a                                   to this – especially our generous sponsors. Thank you!        seeing their outstanding work in one of our galler-                                                              evening. This is a new festival happening, where we
pure pleasure for the eye.                                                                                                                           ies. We are pleased to be able to present close to 30                                                            invite you to a mingle and tapas night together with
                                                                                       Finally, a warm thanks to the members of the artistic         different photo exhibitions, including the Norwegian                                                             our guest photographers.
The lectures are the highlights.These artists are brave                                council for good input and constructive discussions.          Association of Photographers (NFF), the Norwegian
people. They live off their own vulnerability and daily put                                                                                          Society for Photography (NSFF), Uncertain States                                                                 Welcome!
their mental safety to the test. They are also fabulous                                Now let’s fasten our seat belts and throw ourselves           Scandinavia, schools, kindergartens, camera clubs
storytellers, who are exciting to listen to whether you                                into glorious days!                                           and the outdoor exhibition “PS, I have MS”, focusing

6        Introductions                                                              NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018          NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                                                                                             Introductions       7
Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography
FESTIVAL ACTIVITIES                                                                                                      Portfolio reviews                                         NORDIC
                                                                                                                                 Bring a selection of your best work
                                                                                                                                 and let one of our reviewers assess

                                                                                                                                 your work and give you advice for

Festival excursions                                                                                                              further development. We offer
                                                                                                                                 individual sessions of 20 minutes.
                                                                                                                                 THE REVIEWERS                                             Join us for this exclusive
                                                                                                                                 Anne Lise Flavik (NO) – Thursday 26 April
                                                                                                                                 Has been photographing for three decades, working
                                                                                                                                                                                           tapas and mingle
                                                                                                                                 closely with Morten Krogvold and other renown             evening together
                                                                                                                                 photographers. Previous Director of Nordic Light.
                                                                                                                                                                                           with this year’s guest
                                                                                                                                 Joyce Tenneson (US) – Friday 27 April                     photographers, the
                                                                                                                                 Fine-art photographer, considered among the ten
                                                                                                                                 most influential female photographers in the history      festival management
Harry the eagle on Smøla Photo: Audun Lie Dahl   Excurstion to Grip in 2017 Photo: Ronny Strand
                                                                                                                                 of photography.
                                                                                                                                                                                           and hosts as well as
                                                                                                                                 Joey L. (US) – Saturday 28 April                          other festival visitors.
                                                                                                                                 Young and influential photographer working on both
PHOTO EXCURSION TO THE TINY ISLAND GRIP                                                           Practical info                 commissioned and personal projects. Most recently         Enjoy nice food, drinks and good company
We repeat the success! Together with the arrived festival guest photographers,                    DATE AND TIME:                 documented the volunteer fighters on the frontline of     in a stylish and relaxed atmosphere.
join us for a memorable photo excursion to the beautiful, tiny island of Grip in                  Wednesday 25 April,            the ongoing conflict with ISIS.                           Mingle with old friends and new
the ocean outside Kristiansund.                                                                   10.30–14.30                                                                              acquaintances, have a chat with your
                                                                                                  PRICE PER PERSON:              Mikkel Aaland (US) – Saturday 28 April                    favorite photographer, sum up today’s
The Grip archipelago consists of more than 80 islands and skerries, scattered in                  495 NOK (incl. boat trip and   Professional photographer and the author of 12            impressions and make plans for the
the open sea. The former fishing village, with its picturesque houses and a small                 packed lunch)                  best-selling books on digital photography, as well as     upcoming festival days.
café, offers many excellent photographic motifs.                                                  TICKETS: Tikkio /              several non-technical books.                              There will be light entertainment and a
                                                                                                  Festival Office                                                                          photo corner.
Until 1964, Grip was Norway’s smallest municipality with 115 residents. Today the                                                Tuula Alajoki (FI) – Sunday 29 April
settlement contains only summer houses. The boat trip from Kristiansund to Grip                                                  Curator focusing on photography and lens based art,       WHERE?
takes less than one hour.                                                                                                        and the director of the Backlight Photo Festival in       Handelens Hus, Storgata 21
                                                                                                                                 Tampere, Finland.
EAGLE AND PHOTO SAFARI WITH RIB-BOAT                                                              Practical info                 More information on our reviewers and their profile
                                                                                                                                                                                           Thursday 26 April 21.00-00.00
Join us to experience the densest white-tailed eagle population in the                            DATE AND TIME:                 on our web page             PRICE UNTIL 20 APRIL:
world on this exclusive excursion to the island Smøla north of Kristiansund,                      Sunday 29 April,                                                                         450 NOK (students 350 NOK)
surrounded by a huge archipelago and known for its rich wildlife.                                 12.00–15.45
                                                                                                                                 Practical info                                            PRICE AFTER 20 APRIL:
                                                                                                  PRICE PER PERSON:                                                                        550 NOK (students 450 NOK)
Late April is an amazing time of year as the eagles are incubating their eggs. During             1 290 NOK (incl. express       WHERE:
the tour, you will be visiting several pairs and you will see how their daily life is.            boat, RIB safari, packed       At the Nordic Light House                                 The price includes a welcome drink,
                                                                                                  lunch and security             (Meet up in the Nordic Library approximately              exclusive tapas menu and 1 drink
                                                                                                  equipment)                     10 minutes before your booked appointment.)               voucher. Additional beverages for sale.
Your guide is a professional wildlife photographer, who will help you during the
trip. We recommend you bring a tele-lens; 70-200mm, 300mm and 400mm are                           TICKETS: Tikkio /              WHEN:
                                                                                                                                 See page 32–33 for available appointments                 TICKETS:
perfect for eagle photography.                                                                    Festival Office
                                                                                                                                                                                           Tikkio / Festival Office
The above excursions are subject to cancellation due to few passengers or bad weather forecasts 3 days                           399 NOK (Ordinary) / 199 NOK (Student)                    NB! Limited number of tickets available.
before departure, as well as force majeure. Tickets will be fully refunded. The eagle and photo safari can be                    TICKETS:                                                  Minimum age is 18 years.
booked at a different time on request. For questions please email us at                                             Tikkio / Festival Office

8           Festival activities                            NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018               NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                              Festival activities   9
Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography
© Akseli Valmunen                                                                                                          © Andrea Gjestvang

Akseli Valmunen (1987)                                                                                                           Andrea Gjestvang (1981)
Young, documentary photographer and                                                                                              Young photographer with an intimate approach, exploring
photojournalist with a distinctive approach                                                                                      political and social issues, often connected to adolescents

(EN) In 2016, Akseli Valmunen was             (NO) I 2016 ble Akseli Valmunen utnevnt                                            (EN) Andrea Gjestvang’s project “One      (NO) Andrea Gjestvangs prosjekt «En
awarded The Young Nordic Photo­               til Young Nordic Photographer of the                                               Day in History”, with portraits of the    dag i historien», med portretter av de
grapher of the Year with his photo            Year med fotoessayet «The Same New                                                 young survivors of the 22nd of July       unge overlevende etter terrorangrepet
essay “The Same New Pet”, in which            Pet», der han følger forsknings­arbeidet                                           massacre on Utøya in Norway, gained       på Utøya den 22. juli 2011, fikk inter-
he explores the research into clon-           med kloning av dyr på et laboratorium                                              international recognition, including      nasjonal anerkjennelse, deriblant den
ing at a laboratory in South Korea.           i Sør-Korea. Dette ga ham en solo­                                                 the prestigious L’Iris d’Or/Sony World    prestisjetunge L’Iris d’Or/Sony World
This earned him a solo exhibition at          utstilling på Fotografiska i Stockholm.       Photo: Sami Kero/Helsingin Sanomat   Photographer of the Year 2013.            Photographer of the Year 2013.                                 Photo: Jan Tippe
Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm.
                                              Samme år mottok han også en rekke          From Finland                            Andrea is fascinated by remote and        Andrea er fascinert av fjerne og util-      From Norway
Later, he also received several other         andre utmerkelser i Finland, deriblant     Based in Helsinki (SF)                  inaccessible environments in the          gjengelige miljøer i nord. I hennes         Based in Oslo (NO)
awards in Finland, such as the Press          Årets pressefoto, Årets fotoreportasje                      North. Her ongoing project “No Man        pågående prosjekt «No Man is an   
Photograph of the Year, the Reportage of      og Årets fotojournalist.                                                           is an Island” from the Faroe Islands,     Island» fra Færøyene ser hun på livene
the Year and Photo Journalist of the year.                                               Lecture: Friday 10.30                   explores the lives of people in vulner-   til mennesker i sårbare samfunn, og         Lecture: Thursday 14.00
                                              På Nordic Light vil han vise arbeider      Exhibition: The Bakery                  able communities, and what happens        hva som skjer med mennene som blir          Exhibition: The Bakery
At Nordic Light he will show works            fra seriene «The Same New Pet» og                                                  with the remaining men, when the          igjen når kvinnene flytter vekk. Bilder     Gallery talk: Thursday 19.00
from “The Same New Pet” and the               «3Hz – 300GHz» og fortelle om sin                                                  women move away.                          fra dette prosjektet blir stilt ut under    Book signing: After lecture
“3Hz – 300GHz”, and talk about his            karriere og sine arbeidsmetoder.                                                                                             Nordic Light.                               Book for sale:
career and methods.                                                                                                              Images from this project will be                                                      “En dag i historien”
                                                                                                                                 ­exhibited at Nordic Light.

                                                                                         More information:                                                                                                 More information:
                                                                                         guests2018/akseli-valmunen                                                                                                    guests2018/andra-gjestvang

10      Guest photographer: Akseli Valmunen              NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                 NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                Guest photographer: Andrea Gjestvang          11
Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography
© Anne Lise Flavik                                             © Anne Lise Flavik

                                                                                                            © Andres Serrano

Andres Serrano (1950)                                                                                                           Anne Lise Flavik (1958)
Conceptual artist known for his provocative                                                                                     Photographer and former Director of Nordic Light, passionate
and often controversial works                                                                                                   about her work and exposing photography to the public

(EN) Andres Serrano has become known         (NO) Andres Serrano er blitt kjent                                                 (EN) Anne Lise Flavik has photographed       (NO) Anne Lise Flavik har fotogra-
for his images of human corpses, and         gjennom sine fotografier av menneske­                                              over three decades, working closely          fert i over 30 år. Hun har jobbet tett
the use of bodily fluids and feces in his    lik og bruk av kroppsvæsker og                                                     with Morten Krogvold and several other       sammen med flere kjente fotografer,
work. His most famous image, called          avføring i sitt arbeid. Hans mest kjente                                           renowned photographers, holding              deriblant Morten Krogvold, og holdt
“Piss Christ”, is of a plastic crucifix      bilde, kalt «Piss Christ», er av et krus­                                          workshops both locally and abroad.           flere workshops sammen med Alex
submerged in a glass of his own urine.       ifiks nedsenket i et glass med hans                                                                                             Webb rundt om i verden.
Later, he employed trad­itional portrai-     egen urin. Senere har han, blant mye                Photo: Irina Movmyga Serrano   From 2005 to 2014, she began as pro-                                                                      Photo: Klara Opdahl
ture strategies to photograph, among         annet, portrettert medlemmer av Ku                                                 gram manager before her promotion to         I perioden 2005-2014 var Anne Lise
many things, members of the Ku Klux          Klux Klan og hjemløse i New York.           From USA                               Director of Nordic Light in Kristiansund.    først programsjef, før hun tok over som      From Norway
Klan and homeless New Yorkers.                                                           Based in New York (US)                                                              direktør for Nordic Light i Kristiansund.    Based in Oslo (NO)
                                             Under Nordic Light kan du se utvalgte                      Presently as Creative Director for
At Nordic Light, you can see selected        verker i storformat fra serien «Tor-                                               Fotografihuset (The House of Photo­          I dag er Anne Lise kreativ leder for
large-scale works from his series            ture», som spenner fra stilleben av         Lecture: Friday 17.30                  graphy), she concentrates on bringing        Fotografihuset, der hun konsentrerer         Lecture: Friday 14.00
“Torture”, spanning still lifes of med­      tortur­instrumenter fra middelalderen       Exhibition: Kunstforeningen            photography to the public through the        seg om å få frem fotografiet gjennom         Exhibition: The Print Room
ieval torture instruments and portraits      og portretter av samtidens offer for        Gallery talk: Saturday 19.30           establishment of a national centre of        å etablere et nasjonalt senter for           Gallery talk: Friday 19.30
of contemporary human rights abuse           menneskerettighetsbrudd – både              Book signing: After lecture            photography in Oslo.                         fotografi i Oslo.                            Portfolio reviews: Thursday
victims – both real victims re-enacting      virkelige ofre som gjenskaper skrekk­
                                                                                         Book for sale:
their horrors and subjects who volun-        veldet de har opplevd og frivillige         “Torture”                              At this year’s Nordic Light festival, this   Under Nordic Light stiller
teered to stage dark scenarios for the       arrangert som ofre for kunstens skyld.                                             multi-talented woman will present            ­multikunstneren ut bilder fra ­prosjektet
sake of the art.                                                                                                                images from the project “A Whispering         ­“A Whispering Retouch”, fra Norges
                                                                                                                                Retouch” from Kautokeino, the largest          største samiske kommune Kautokeino.
 The exhibition is made available for the Nordic Light audience with support from                                               Sami community in Norway. Her lecture          I sitt foredrag forteller hun om sitt
 the non-profit organization a/Political (read more in the photographer’s profile).      More information:          and presentation will touch on a hectic        ­hektiske og elleville fotografiske liv.   More information:
                                                                                         guests2018/andres-serrano              and crazy life – with and for photography.                                                guests2018/anne-lise-flavik

12      Guest photographer: Andres Serrano              NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                 NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                     Guest photographer: Anne Lise Flavik          13
Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography
© Asger Carlsen                                                                                                              © Audun Lie Dahl

Asger Carlsen (1973)                                                                                                           Audun Lie Dahl (1986)
Best known for his distorted, black-and-                                                                                       Visionary wildlife photographer and guide specializing in
white photographs of human figures                                                                                             eagles, hide photography and cold regions

(EN) Asger Carlsen began his career         (NO) Asger Carlsen begynte sin karri-                                              (EN) Audun Lie Dahl was born and            (NO) Audun Lie Dahl er født og
at 16, by selling a photo of the police     ere 16 år gammel ved å selge et bilde                                              raised on the island of Smøla outside       oppvokst på øya Smøla i havet utenfor
yelling at him and his friends to the       av politiet som ropte etter ham og hans                                            of Kristiansund. He and his brother         Kristiansund. Sammen med broren
local newspaper. After that, he became      venner til en lokal avis. Etter dette ble                                          founded a local nature experience           startet han selskapet Smøla Natur­
a crime scene photographer, and later       han kriminalfotograf og senere kom-                                                company, guiding photographers              opplevelser, der han guider fotografer
commercial photographer. Eventually         mersiell fotograf. Etter hvert begynte                                             by boat or taking them to specially         med båt eller tar dem til spesialde-
he started to manipulate images by          han å manipulere bilder ved hjelp                                  Self portrait   designed photo hides. He has also           signede fotoskjul. Han har også reist                 Photo: Carolina Sandretto
using digital editing tools. Today, he      av digitale redigeringsverktøy. I dag                                              travelled with his camera around the        med sitt kamera rundt om i verden,
is famous for his surprising, odd and       er han kjent for sine overraskende,         From Denmark                           world, especially to colder regions like    spesielt til kaldere områder som Sval-     From Norway
confusing images that feature re­­          merkelige og forvirrende bilder med         Based in New York (US)                 Svalbard and Antarctica.                    bard og Antarktis.                         Based on Smøla (NO)
arranged and transformed bodies.            forvridde og transformerte kropper.
His work has been featured in leading       Hans arbeid har vært omtalt i ledende                                              At Nordic Light, he will lecture and        Under Nordic Light holder han fore-
publications and displayed in galleries     publikasjoner og vist i gallerier og        Lecture: Saturday 12.00                exhibit together with Roy Mangersnes.       drag og stiller ut sammen Roy Man-         Lecture: Saturday 15.30
and museums internationally.                museer internasjonalt.                      (Together with Roger Ballen)           They will take us on a trip from Smøla,     gersnes. De vil ta oss med på en reise     (Together with Roy Mangersnes)
                                                                                        Exhibition: The Photo Studio           all the way to Antarctica in the South-     fra Smøla, helt til Antarktis på den       Exhibition: The Print Room
To Nordic Light he will bring the           Til Nordic Light kommer han med             Gallery talk: Saturday 18.30           ern Hemisphere and up to Svalbard,          sørlige halvkule og opp til Svalbard,      Photo excursion: Sunday 12.00
                                                                                        Book signing: After lecture                                                                                                   (See page 8)
collab­orative project “No Joke”, where     samarbeidsprosjektet «No Joke», hvor                                               almost the northernmost point on            nært det nordligste punktet på jorden,
he and Roger Ballen explore the more        han og Roger Ballen utforsker de mer        Book for sale:                         earth, by sharing fantastic images and      gjennom å dele fantastiske bilder og
sinister sides of the human psyche.         onde sidene av den menneske­lige            “No Joke”                              stories that will inspire you to experi-    historier som gir reiseglede – og sam-
Asgeir’s use of the human body as a         psyken. Asgeirs bruk av menneske­                                                  ence the joy of travelling – while at the   tidig minner oss på at vi mennesker er
plastic medium and Roger’s interest in      kroppen som plastikkobjekt og Rogers                                               same time reminding us that we are          gjester i naturen.
collages and the occult merge together      interesse for kollasjer og det okkulte                                             nature’s guests.
in a bizarre universe                       forenes i et bisart univers.                More information:                                                                                                 More information:
                                                                                        guests2018/asger-carlsen                                                                                                      guests2018/audun-lie-dahl

14      Guest photographer: Asger Carlsen              NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                 NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                   Guest photographer: Audun Lie Dahl           15
Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography
© Bjørn Sterri                                                    © Bjørn Sterri                                                                                   Still from shooting of “Operation Arctic” Photo: Erik Avatsmark

Bjørn Sterri (1960)                                                                                                                    Grethe Bøe (1971)
Award-winning photographer who has documented his                                                                                      Multi-award-winning director with a special passion for both
family and himself over a period of 17 years                                                                                           children- and animal rights as well as environmental issues

(NO) Bjørn Sterri primarily works with       (NO) Bjørn Sterri jobber primært                                                          (EN) Seeing the film E.T. by Steven        (NO) Etter å ha sett filmen E.T. av
the analogue side of photography,            med analog fotografering, enten med                                                       Spielberg as a kid, Grethe Bøe decided     Steven Spielberg som barn, bestemte
either with a Deardorff 8”x10” or a          Deardorff 8”x10” eller Polaroid-kamera.                                                   to be a film artist and a storyteller.     Grethe Bøe seg for å bli filmkunstner
Polaroid camera.                                                                                                                       Twenty years old she moved to New York     og historieforteller. Hun flyttet til New
                                             Hans kontinuerlige dokumentasjon                                                          City where she studied Philosophy and      York City som tjueåring for å studere
His continuous documentation of his          av familien – konen Alejandra,                                                            directing while working as an actress      filosofi og regi samtidig som hun job-
family – his wife Alejandra, their two       sønnene Jens Linus og Pablo og                                            Self portrait   and director. She assisted Steven Spiel-   bet som skuespiller og regissør. Hun                                    Photo: Erik Avatsmark
sons Jens Linus and Pablo, and him-          seg selv, er et fotografisk essay om                                                      berg on one of his documentary films.      assisterte Steven Spielberg på en av
self, is a photographic essay about          tid, nærvær og fravær, liv og død,               From Norway                                                                         hans dokumentarfilmer.                               From Norway
time, presence and absence, life and         kjærlighet og intimitet. Han fanger              Based in Oslo (NO)                       Back in Norway she acted in several                                                             Based in Oslo (NO)
death, affection and intimacy. He            familien og sitt liv med skjønnhet,                                   TV-series and feature films before her     Tilbake i Norge spilte hun i ulike serier
captures his family and his life with        humor og menneskelighet.                                                                  directorial feature film debut in 2008.    og spillefilmer før hun debuterte som
beauty, humor and humanity.                                                                   Lecture: Friday 15.30                    Grethe has directed several TV-series      spillefilmregissør i 2008. Hun har                   Lecture: Thursday 10.30
                                             Hans omfattende fotografiske arbeid              Exhibition: The Bakery                   both in Norway and internationally,        regissert TV-serier i Norge og inter-
His voluminous photographic work             har blitt stilt ut rundt omkring i                                                        and she has won several international      nasjonalt, og har vunnet internasjonale
has been exhibited across Europe             Europa og Amerika.                                                                        awards for her work. Her recently          priser. Hennes nylig lanserte spillefilm
and the Americas.                                                                                                                      launched feature film “Operasjon           «Operasjon Mørkemann» gikk til topps
                                             I Kristiansund stiller han ut bilder fra                                                  Mørkemann” made it to the top of the       på den norske kinostatistikken.
In Kristiansund, he is exhibiting a selec-   det prisvinnende prosjektet «Family                                                       Norwegian box office.
tion of images from the award-winning        Photographs 2001-2018».                                                                                                              Temaet for Grethes foredrag er «Vi
“Family Photographs 2001-2018”.                                                                                                        The theme of Grethe’s talk is “We          blir historiene vi forteller», der hun
                                                                                                                                       become the stories we tell”, exploring     utforsker effekten av hvem vi velger å
                                                                                              More information:
                                                                                                                                       the power of framing and point of view     oppleve historien gjennom og fortolk-                More information:
                                                                                              guests2018/bjorn-sterri                  in storytelling.                           ningsrammene våre fortellinger gir.                  guests2018/grethe-boe

16       Guest photographer: Bjørn Sterri                       NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                                   Guest speaker: Grethe Bøe                   17
Nordic light 2018 - Nordic Light International Festival of Photography
© Amak Mahmoodian                                                      © Joyce Tenneson                                             © Joyce Tenneson

Amah Mahmoodian (1980)                                                                                                              Joyce Tenneson (1945)
Photographer, film maker and curator,                                                                                               Fine art photographer known for her distinctive,
questioning the identity                                                                                                            mixed style of portraiture and mythology

(EN) Amak Mahmoodian graduated from           (NO) Amak Mahmoodian ble uteks­                                                       (EN) Joyce Tenneson has been inter-          (NO) Joyce Tenneson har blitt inter­
the University of South Wales in 2015         aminert fra University of South Wales                                                 nationally lauded as one of the leading      nasjonalt hyllet som en av sin gener­a­
with a practice PHD in photo­graphy.          i 2015 med en praktisk doktorgrad i                                                   photographers of her generation.             sjons fremste fotografer.
Her body of work “Shenasnameh” was            fotografering. Hennes arbeid “She-
published as a book in 2016. The book         nasnameh” ble utgitt i bokform i 2016.                                                She is famous for her ethereal, roman-       Hun er kjent for sine eteriske, roman-
has since been shortlisted for a num-         Boken har siden blitt listet for en rekke                                             tic photographs of women, flowers,           tiske fotografier av kvinner, blomster
ber of awards, such as Time Magazine          priser, for eksempel Time Magazine                                    Self portrait   and now also trees. Her unique vision        og nå også trær. Hennes unike visjon                       Photo: Mary Dowling
2016 and Arthur Book, Rencontres Arles        2016 og Arthur Book, Rencontres Arles                                                 makes her photographs immediately            gjør hennes fotografier umiddelbart
2016. In addition, the work has been          2016. I tillegg har arbeidet blitt utstilt   From Iran                                recognizable. She creates enigmatic          gjenkjennelige. Hun skaper gåtefulle og     From USA
widely exhibited internationally.             bredt internasjonalt.                        Based in Bristol (UK)                    and sensuous images that are timeless        sanselige bilder som er tidløse og ufor-    Based in Maine (US)
                                                                                                      and haunting, and her signature-style        glemmelige og hennes signatur­lignende
Amak’s work questions the identity, it        Amaks arbeid stiller spørsmål rundt                                                   images aim to show the inner person          bilder tar sikte på å vise det indre men-
expresses something personal which            identitet, det uttrykker noe personlig       Lecture: Friday 12.00                    hovering behind the façade.                  nesket, som svever bak fasaden.             Lecture: Sunday 10.00
pertains to a general issue. She              som gjelder et generelt problem. Hun         Exhibition: The Bakery                                                                                                            Exhibition: The Bakery
explores her own identity through             utforsker sin egen identitet gjennom         Gallery talk: Friday 18.30               Joyce’s work has been published in           Joyces arbeid har blitt publisert i bøker   Gallery talk: Sunday 15.00
her projects and each project is a            sine prosjekter, og hvert prosjekt er                                                 books and major magazines, and               og store magasiner, og stilt ut på          Portfolio reviews: Friday
chapter of her life – and a journey,          et kapittel av hennes liv, og en reise,                                               exhibited in museums and galleries,          museer og gallerier over hele verden.
inside and outside.                           både på innsiden og utsiden.                                                          worldwide.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Til Nordic Light kommer hun med
For Amak, the hallmark of photogra-           For Amak er kjennetegnet ved                                                          At Nordic Light, she will be exhib­­iting    verker fra sin nyeste serie «Gold Trees».
phy is telling the truth – photographs        fotografering å fortelle sannheten -                                                  works from her latest series “Gold Trees”.
are magical and full of mysteries.            fotografier er magiske og fulle
                                              av mysterier.                                More information:                                                                                                     More information:
                                                                                           guests2018/amak-mahmoodian                                                                                                        guests2018/joyce-tenneson

18      Guest photographer: Amak Mahmoodian              NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                    NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                     Guest photographer: Joyce Tenneson         19
© Kathrine Lindman                                                     © Kathrine Lindman                                                 © Linda Connor                                                    © Linda Connor

Kathrine Lindman (1969)                                                                                                               Linda Connor (1944)
Internationally acclaimed jewelry artist with                                                                                         Celebrated photographer known for her
a new collection inspired by seaweed                                                                                                  luminous and iconic photographs

(EN) Kathrine Lindman has been                    (NO) Kathrine Lindman har jobbet                                                    (EN) Linda Connor has a long and dis-       (NO) Linda Connor har en lang
working as a jewelry artist since 1996.           som smykkekunstner siden 1996.                                                      tinguished career in photography, and       og frem­gangsrik karriere innen
Her designs are based on elements                 Hennes design er basert på elementer                                                is widely acknowledged for her unique       fotografering og er viden anerkjent for
from nature, and she works with                   fra naturen, og hun jobber med form                                                 visual style.                               sin unike visuelle stil.
shapes and colors in various ways.                og farger på ulike måter. Hennes
Her signature line is “Seashell” in               signatur­kolleksjon er «Seashell» i sølv                                            Taking photographs with a large format      Etter å ha fotografert med storformat-
silver and enamel. At Nordic Light,               og emalje. Under Nordic Light lanserer                 Photo: Espen Odén Evertsen
                                                                                                                                      view camera in exotic locations, until      kamera på eksotiske steder, frem­                        Photo credit:
she will launch her brand-new jewelry             hun sin helt nye kolleksjon med smyk-                                               2008 she contacted printed her nega-        kalte hun frem til 2008 negativene på
­collection inspired by seaweed.                  ker inspirert av tang.                        From Norway                           tives on printing-out paper using sun-      utskriftspapir ved hjelp av sollys og         From USA
                                                                                                Based in Kristiansund (NO)            light, then gold-toning the prints. With    gulltonet deretter utskriftene. Med           Based in San Fransisco (US)
Since 2010, Kathrine has been pro-                Siden 2010 har hun blitt promotert gjen-                                            the changes in photographic materials,      endringene i fotografisk materiell har
moted through a gallery in New York,              nom en gallerist i New York, og hennes                                              she has evolved her work to produce         hun utviklet sitt arbeid til produksjon
and her jewelry appeared on the cat-              smykker ble vist på catwalken under           Exhibition: The Bakery                her images using digital printing tech-     av bilder ved hjelp av digitale utskrifts­    Lecture: Saturday 14.00
walk during New York Fashion Week                 New York Fashion Week i 2012. Hun har                                               niques, including exploring beyond          teknikker, og også utforsket utover           Exhibition: The Bakery
in 2012. She has been presented at                vært presentert på flere kunstmesser og                                             paper to images on silk and metal.          papir til bilder på silke og metall.          Gallery talk: Sunday 17.00
several art fairs and prestigious exhibi-         prestisjefulle utstillinger internasjonalt.                                                                                                                                   Book signing: After lecture
tions internationally.                                                                                                                Linda has been exhibiting, publishing       På Nordic Light stiller hun ut bilder fra     Book for sale:
                                                  Hun fikk mye oppmerksomhet da                                                       and presenting her work nationally and      sine mange reiser til Himalaya, i tillegg     “Odyssey; The Photographs of
She received attention when Barack                Barack Obama besøkte Norge i 2009                                                   internationally. At Nordic Light she will   til serien «UnEarthed» med bilder av          Linda Connor”

Obama visited Norway in 2009 to be                for å motta Nobels Fredspris, og et av                                              exhibit photographs from her many           avstøpningene av menneskekropper
awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and                hennes smykker ble kjøpt inn av depart­                                             trips to the Himalayas, as well as the      fra Pompeii.
one of her jewelry was purchased by the           ementet som gave til Michelle Obama.                                                series “UnEarthed” of images of body
ministry as a gift to Michelle Obama.                                                           More information:         casts from Pompeii.                                                                       More information:
                                                                                                guests2018/kathrine-lindman                                                                                                     guests2018/linda-connor

20      Guest artist: Kathrine Lindman                        NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                 NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                        Guest photographer: Linda Connor            21
©Lisen Stibeck                                              © Massimo Leardini                                               © Massimo Leardini

Lisen Stibeck (1952)                                                                                                                Massimo Leardini (1959)
Photographer working on long-term projects,                                                                                         One of the most sought-after photographers
often abroad                                                                                                                        in Scandinavia

(EN) Lisen’s keen interest in teen-             (NO) Hennes sterke interesse for                                                    (EN) Italian Massimo Leardini came          (NO) Italienske Massimo Leardini kom
age identity developed into her photo           tenåringsidentitet utviklet seg                                                     to Norway in the 80s and started            til Norge på 80-tallet og startet sin
book “Daughters”, portraying young              til ­foto­boken «Daugthers», som                                                    his photo career here. His unique           fotokarriere her. Hans unike estetikk
women from different countries and              portrett­erer unge kvinner fra ulike                                                ­aesthetic and sensibility captures the     og sensibilitet fanger menneskekrop-
walks of life. The book was interna-            land og steder i livet. Boken fikk                                                   human body in harmony with the time-       pen i harmoni med det tidløse skandi-
tionally recognized.                            internasjonal aner­kjennelse.                                                        less Scandinavian landscape.               naviske landskapet.
                                                                                                           Photo: Mary Ellen Mark                                                                                                                     Self portrait
Later her focus turned to the inner             Senere har hun fokusert på psykens                                                  Today he is a sought-after photogra-        Han er i dag en ettertraktet fotograf,
landscape of the psyche. A world of             indre landskap. En verden av drøm-        From Sweden                               pher, working primarily with commer-        som primært gjør kommersielle                 From Italy
dreams opened up as she delved into             mer åpnet seg når hun dykket inn i en     Based in Lidingö (SE)                     cial assignments, shooting fashion,         oppdrag med mote, portretter og               Based in Oslo (NO)
a form of magical realism. In another           form for magisk realisme. I et annet                          portraits and series for magazines          serier for blant andre D2. Han jobber
work, her haunting black-and-white              prosjekt gir hennes uforglemmelige                                                  like Norwegian D2. He also works with       også med andre prosjekter.
imagery carries a suggestion of emerg-          bilder i sort-hvitt en ide om nye for-    Lecture: Thursday 12.00                   other projects.                                                                           Lecture: Thursday 17.00
ing narratives, at times evoking loss,          tellinger, og fremkaller til tider tap,   Exhibition: The Print Room                                                            Massimo har gitt ut flere fotobøker           Exhibition: The Bakery
grief and death and then again, a cele­         sorg og død, og videre en feiring av      Book signing: After lecture               Massimo has published several               og stiller ut regelmessig både i Norge        Book signing: After lecture
bration of life in brilliant, abstract color.   livet i strålende, abstrakt farge.                                                  photo­books and exhibits regularly in       og i utlandet.
                                                                                          Book for sale:                                                                                                                      Book for sale:
                                                                                          “Daughters”                               Norway and abroad.                                                                        “In Between”
Lisen will exhibit works from the project       Lisen vil stille ut bilder fra prosjek-                                                                                         På Nordic Light stiller han ut fra flere av
“Daugthers”. Her lecture will focus on          tet «Daugthers». Hennes forelesning                                                 At Nordic Light he will exhibit works       sine prosjekter, deriblant «In Between».
how pictures are affecting us in different      handler om hvordan bilder påvirker oss                                              from a range of projects, among
ways and how she works to translate             på forskjellige måter og hvordan hun                                                them “In Between”.
suffering or happiness into a picture.          arbeider for å oversette lidelse eller
                                                lykke til et bilde.                       More information:                                                                                                       More information:
                                                                                          guests2018/lisen-stibeck                                                                                                            guests2018/massimo-leardini

22       Guest photographer: Lisen Stibeck                 NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                  NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                    Guest photographer: Massimo Leardini           23
© Morten Krogvold                                                © Morten Krogvold

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              © Olivia Parker

Morten Krogvold (1950)                                                                                                                Olivia Parker (1941)
One of Norway’s leading photographers, known for his                                                                                  Recognized as one of the foremost still-life
classic portraits of artists, politicians and other celebrities                                                                       photographers of her generation

(EN) Morten Krogvold has been                   (NO) Morten Krogvold har vært                                                         (EN) Olivia Parker started her career    (NO) Olivia Parker begynte sin karriere
passion­ately engaged in photography            lidenskapelig opptatt av fotografi                                                    making ephemeral constructions to        med å fotografere flyktige konstruk­
since he was a young boy. Today he is           siden han var ung gutt. I dag er han                                                  photograph, and experimented with the    sjoner, og eksperimenterte med lysets
a respected photographer with black             en respektert fotograf med sort/hvitt                                                 endless possibilities of light.          uendelige muligheter.
and white as his trademark. He is               som sitt varemerke. Han er kjent for
known for his enthusiasm and ability            sin entusiasme og evne til å formidle                                                 In the seventies, she worked exclusiv­   På 70-tallet jobbet hun utelukkende
in relation to promoting photography,           fotografi og han har arrangert hundre-                       Photo: Inger Mackenzie   ely in black-and-white, using large      i sort/hvitt og brukte storformat-                                Self portrait
and he has hosted hundreds of work-             vis av workshops i 20 land.                                                           format cameras. Later she worked         kamera. Senere jobbet hun med Pola-
shops in 20 countries.                                                                          From Norway                           with Polaroid and Cibachrome color       roid og Cibachrome fargematerialer.         From USA
                                                Morten Krogvold har også utgitt et stort        Based in Oslo (NO)                    materials. In the mid-nineties, she      På midten av 90-tallet begynte hun å        Based in Boston (US)
Morten has published many books and             antall bøker og holdt utallige utstill-                          started to experiment with computers     eksperi­mentere med datamaskiner og
held numerous exhibitions at home               inger i inn- og utland. Han har vært                                                  and digital software.                    digital programvare.
and abroad. He has been artistic direc-         kunstnerisk leder for fotofestivalen            Lecture: Thursday 19.00                                                                                                    Lecture: Sunday 11.30
tor of the Nordic Light photo festival          Nordic Light siden oppstarten i 2006.           Exhibition: The Bakery                She has had more than one hundred        Hun har hatt over hundre solo-utstill-      Exhibition: The Bakery
since its inception in 2006.                                                                    Book signing: TBA                     solo exhibitions in the US and abroad    inger i USA og utenlands, og er repre-      Gallery talk: Sunday 16.00
                                                Krogvold står for årets åpningsfore-                                                  and her work is represented in many      sentert i en rekke museumssamlinger.        Book signing: After lecture
                                                                                                Book for sale:
Morten will be holding this year’s              drag under Nordic Light. Han vil                “Tjueseks fotografer”                 museum collections.                                                                  Book for sale:
opening lecture at Nordic Light. He will        også lansere sin nye bok «Tjueseks                                                                                             Til Nordic Light kommer Olivia med det      “Vanishing in Plain Sight”
also launch his new book, a collection          fotografer», en samling portretter av                                                 To Nordic Light, Olivia brings the       dypt personlige prosjektet «Vanishing
of portraits of the world’s most prom-          verdens fremste fotografer, og stille ut                                              deeply personal project “Vanishing       in Plain Sight». Bildene er hennes
inent photographers, and exhibit a              et utvalg av disse.                                                                   in Plain Sight”. The photographs are     spekulasjoner rundt hva som skjedde i
selection of them.                                                                                                                    her imagination’s journey through her    hennes manns sinn da han gradvis ble
                                                                                                More information:         husband’s continual changes due to       rammet av Alzheimers.                       More information:
                                                                                                guests2018/morten-krogvold            Alzheimer’s disease.                                                                 guests2018/olivia-parker

24      Guest photographer: Morten Krogvold                       NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018             NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                   Guest photographer: Olivia Parker        25
© Paolo Roversi                                                    © Paolo Roversi                                                                                                                    © Pål Laukli

Paolo Roversi (1947)                                                                                                              Pål Laukli (1975)
A master photographer best known for his exceptional                                                                              One of Norway´s most sought-after
portrait and fashion photography                                                                                                  commercial photographers

(EN) Paolo Roversi began his career         (NO) Paolo Roversi startet sin kar-                                                   (EN) Pål Laukli’s photographic expres-      (NO) Pål Lauklis fotografiske uttrykk
in 1970 with photojournalism assign-        riere i 1970 med fotojournalistiske                                                   sion is best described as playful, clean    kan best beskrives som lekent, rent og
ments, but soon shifted his focus to        oppdrag, men skiftet snart fokus til                                                  and almost minimalistic, often featur-      nesten minimalistisk – ofte kjenneteg-
fashion, shooting fashion editorials        mote, hvor han fotograferte mote­                                                     ing a characteristic and distinct use of    net ved karakteristisk og distinkt bruk
and advertising campaigns. In the           reportasjer og reklamekampanjer. I                                                    both light and shadow.                      av både lys og skygge.
early 1980s he added large-format           begynnelsen av 1980-tallet begynte
Polaroid photography to his practice, a     han å ta i bruk Polaroid storformat­                                  Self portrait   Pål has hosted numerous solo exhib­it­      Pål har holdt en rekke soloutstillinger                        Photo: Jonas Rask
medium that enhanced his trademark          fotografering – noe som skulle bli                                                    ions and has an impressive client list.     og har en imponerende kundeliste.
style for many years.                       hans varemerke i mange år.                      From Italy                            He also does film direction within the      Han regisserer også kommersiell film.         From Norway
                                                                                            Based in Paris (FR)                   commercial sector.                                                                        Based in Oslo (NO)
Paolo is known for his striking, intimate   Paolo er best kjent for sin slående                                                                     Siden 2008 har Pål, hans kone Trude 
portraiture and classical visual lan-       intime portrettering og klassisk                                                      Since 2008, Pål, his wife Trude Mokkel-     Mokkelbost Laukli og deres team
guage. His extraordinary fashion pic-       visuelle språk. Hans enestående                 Lecture: Saturday 17.00               bost Laukli and their team have been        jobbet tett sammen med Maya Vik,              Lecture: Thursday 15.30
tures have graced the pages of all the      motebilder har prydet de viktigste              Book signing: After lecture           working closely with Maya Vik, a Nor-       tidligere bassist i Montee, nå solo-art-      Exhibtion: The Print Room
best magazines for decades. He has          motemagasinene i flere tiår. Han har                                                  wegian singer, songwriter and bass          ist, hvor de har produsert promobilder,       Gallery talk: Thursday 18.00
                                                                                            Book for sale:
documented all the most famous mod-         fotografert alle de mest kjente foto-           “Paolo Roversi (Photofile)”           player. The cooperation comprises           en eksklusiv fotobok, fotoutstilling,
els and movie stars, collaborated with      modellene og filmstjernene, samarbei-                                                 promo images, an exclusive photo            musikkvideoer, albumcover og mer.
the leading fashion and beauty houses,      det med de ledende mote- og skjønn-                                                   book, a photo exhibition, music videos,
published several books and his work        hetshusene, gitt ut flere bøker og hans                                               album covers and more.                      Til Nordic Light kommer han med
has been exhibited around the world.        verk har blitt stilt ut over hele verden.                                                                                         helt nytt materiale, i tillegg til en del
                                                                                                                                  At Nordic Light he will exhibit brand new   tidligere arbeider.
                                                                                                                                  material, as well as some previous work.
                                                                                            More information:                                                                                                   More information:
                                                                                            guests2018/paolo-roversi                                                                                                        guests2018/pal-laukli

26      Guest photographer: Paolo Roversi                     NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018             NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                           Guest photographer: Pål Laukli        27
© Roger Ballen                                                                                                                                 © Roy Mangersnes

Roger Ballen (1950)                                                                                                            Roy Mangersnes (1978)
One of the most influential, innovative and important                                                                          Internationally recognized and award-
photographic artists of his generation                                                                                         winning wildlife photographer

(EN) Roger Ballen’s photographs span         (NO) Roger Ballens fotografier spen-                                              (EN) Roy Mangersnes is a trained           (NO) Roy Mangersnes er utdannet
over forty years and his distinctive style   ner over førti år, og hans særegne                                                behavioral ecologist and professional      atferdsøkolog og profesjonell fotograf
has evolved using a simple square for-       stil har utviklet seg ved hjelp av et                                             photographer working all over the          som jobber over hele verden. Hans
mat in black and white. His strange and      enkelt kvadratformat i svart-hvitt.                                               world. His images can be seen in mag-      bilder kan sees i internasjonale bøker
extreme works confront viewers and           Hans underlige og ekstreme verker                                                 azines and books internationally, he       og magasiner, han har utgitt flere egne
challenge them to come with him on a         konfronter seerne og utfordrer dem                                                has published several books and won        bøker og vunnet flere priser, blant
journey into their own minds. Through        til å bli med ham på en reise inn i sine              Photo: Marguerite Rossouw   multiple awards including BBC Wild-        annet BBC Wildlife Photographer of the                Photo: Ole Jørgen Liodden
the years, he developed a style he           egne sinn. Gjennom årene har han                                                  life Photographer of the Year (UK) and     Year (UK) og Nature Best Awards (USA).
describes as “documentary fiction”.          gradvis utviklet en stil han selv kaller   From USA                               Nature Best Awards (USA).                                                             From Norway
                                             for dokumentar-fiksjon.                    Based in Johannesburg (SA)                                                        Ved siden av sin karriere som fotograf,    Based in Sandnes (NO)
Roger has published over twenty-five                                                                  Beside his career as a photographer,       er Roy partner og profesjonell fotograf-
books and his work is collected by           Roger har gitt ut mer enn 25 bøker og                                             Roy is a partner and professional          vert i WildPhoto Travel med oppdrag
some of the most important museums           hans verker finnes på noen av verdens      Lecture: Saturday 12.00                photo­graphic host for WildPhoto Travel,   rundt om i verden.                         Lecture: Saturday 15.30
in the world.                                fremste museer.                            (Together with Asger Carlsen)          doing assignments around the world.                                                   (Together with Audun Lie Dahl)
                                                                                        Exhibition: The Photo Studio                                                      Under Nordic Light holder han fore-        Exhibition: The Print Room
To Nordic Light he will bring the            Til Nordic Light kommer han med            Gallery talk: Saturday 18.30           At Nordic Light, he will exhibit and       drag og stiller ut sammen Audun Lie        Book signing: After Lecture
collaborative project “No Joke”              samarbeidsprosjektet «No Joke»,            Book signing: After lecture            lecture together with Audun Lie Dahl.      Dahl. De vil ta oss med på en reise i      Photo excursion: Sunday 12.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     (See page 8)
together with Asger Carlsen. In their        sammen med Asger Carlsen. I deres          Books for sale:                        They will take us on a trip through        spektakulære områder, gjennom å dele
bizarre universe, Asgeir’s use of the        bisarre univers, forenes Asgeirs bruk      “Ballenesque”                          spectacular areas, by sharing fantastic    fantastiske bilder og historier som gir    Book for sale:
                                                                                        “No Joke”                                                                                                                    “Frozen in time”
human body as a plastic medium and           av menneskekroppen som plastikk­                                                  images and stories that will inspire       reiseglede – og samtidig minne oss på
Rogers’s interest in collages and the        objekt og Rogers interesse for kollas-                                            you to experience the joy of travelling    at vi mennesker er gjester i naturen.
occult merge together.                       jer og det okkulte.                                                               – while at the same time reminding us
                                                                                        More information:          that we are nature’s guests.                                                          More information:
                                                                                        guests2018/roger-ballen                                                                                                      guests2018/roy-mangersnes

28      Guest photographer: Roger Ballen                NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                NORDIC LIGHT INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2018                  Guest photographer: Roy Mangersnes           29
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