O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs

O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs

                  CO                                 RIER           JULY 2019

R  on Cider from Stordock Hall was one of the lucky veterans in Waupaca County who was
   honored to fly the skies in this plane. The Waupaca Caregiver Coalition hosted their 3rd
annual Dream Flight event in Waupaca. Dream Flight is through Ageless Aviation and they
give Veterans an opportunity to fly in a WWII era Stearman Bi-plane.
O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                          Home News

                                                        Secretary Kolar
Wisconsin Department                                    Wisconsin Department of
  of Veterans Affairs                                   Veterans Affiars

         Mary M. Kolar

     Wisconsin Veterans            s I surpass my sixth month as the Secretary-designee of the Wisconsin
       Home at King                Department of Veterans Affairs, I wanted to provide an update on some
                               things that I have learned and what must be done to ensure our future ability
     Interim Commandant        to achieve our mission.
       Tammy Servatius
                               I greatly value the employees who serve our veterans across our state. We
            Adjutant           have so much to be proud of at all of our facilities, especially at our three
          Jill Geoffroy        Veterans Homes. The dedication that our WDVA staff shows in providing the
                               best possible service to veterans and their families is our best asset.
        Ainsworth Hall
                               When I first was appointed WDVA Secretary, I asked all WDVA staff to ask
       Executive Director
                               themselves before taking any action, “How will this best serve Wisconsin
       Douglas Wamack
                               veterans and their families?” I hold myself to the same standard. I am pleased
                               to say that we have started developing a strategic plan that reflects our
        MacArthur Hall         offerings to our veterans and their families. The goal of this planning is to
       Executive Director      manage our current operations while also planning for future requirements
    Natalie Rolling-Edlebeck   at our Veterans Homes.

          Olson Hall           The nursing care industry across the nation is experiencing a shift in how it
       Executive Director      operates, and we are no exception. We at the WDVA are closely monitoring
        Sandra Schoen          changes and determining how we can leverage emerging needs and
                               technology to better serve our veterans and their spouses for years to come.
         Stordock Hall
       Executive Director      Over the next few months, we will be evaluating each building at our three
     Gregory Reichenbach       Veterans Homes so that we can determine how we can continue providing
                               top-quality care in a more efficient manner. To maintain top quality care, we
                               have to also be financially stable. Our process includes looking at ways we
     Marden Administrator
                               can maximize the opportunities that our three beautiful campuses provide to
        Shelley Jandt          our veterans and their families.

       Admission Director      Serving as WDVA Secretary-designee, I have been inspired and encouraged by
         Hillary Larson        all of the important work our staff does to honor our Wisconsin veterans and
                               their families. I look forward to working together as we implement changes
                               that will ensure our future ability to achieve our mission.

O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
Home News    Column                                     WISCONSIN VETERANS
                                                          WISCONSIN VETERANSHOME

 Upcoming                Elvis John                 entertained members in the park for an evening
Major Events             concert. This tribute artist is second to none, his performance is truly amazing.
                         The personal care given to each member is wonderful. He took requests and
   Senior Health Fair    answered questions. Well over 100 members, staff and volunteers enjoyed a
                         great night in the park with “The King of Rock’ n Roll.”
     Tues., July 23

 VFW & VFWA King Day
    Sat., August 17

    King Weekend
    September 6-8

Run/Wau-King Together
For Dementia Awareness
     Sat., October 5

    For more events,
      please visit


  Monday - Friday
   7:30am - 3pm

    Saturday and
     8am - 2pm
O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                Home News

            to know our Team                              Meet            Joyce Chapman and Daisy

    H   ello, my name is Joyce Chapman. I have been
        volunteering here at King for about three years
    with my therapy dog, Daisy.
                                                          and I have now made a full recovery. Retiring
                                                          early, I had extra time on my hands, so I decided to
                                                                             volunteer not only here at King,
    She is a white Malte-poo and                                             but at Spencer Lake Christian
    the members just adore her.                                              Center, Foundations for Living,
    I am from the Waupaca area                                               and Saxeville Community Church.
    and live about 6 miles from                                              I really enjoy my time here at King.
    King. I have been married to                                             I’ve volunteered over 200 hours
    my husband Rod for 46 years                                              along with my dog Daisy. Not
    now and have two beautiful                                               only do I visit with the members,
    children, Brooke and Jeremy,                                             but I love to sing to them as well.
    both now living in Milwaukee.                                            The members enjoy listening
                                                                             while petting Daisy and I feel it
    I have several different                                                 gives us all some peace inside.
    hobbies besides volunteering
    here at King, including
    knitting, crocheting, playing
    games and card games. Prior
    to retirement I worked with
    learning disabled middle
    schoolers for 11 years and at the Waupaca County
    Courthouse for 11 years. I retired due to Leukemia

    Dr. Tina Lamb of the Elks Lodge No. 693 in Wisconsin Rapids donated double rockers for their Petals
    of Honor Garden in the park and 3 other rockers to put along the lakefront. They also donated over 10
    boxes of miscellaneous new clothes for the KX.

O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
Donations                                                                      WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

        On behalf of the members, we
        sincerely                Thank Everyone
          their generous donations.

                                                                     Thomas Forslin                  AMVETS Post 1887
                                                                     King, WI                        New London, WI

                                                                     Russ & Sue Bouck                Jerome D. Jennings
                                                                     Amherst Junction, WI            King, WI
                                                                     In Memory of Harvey Earnest
                                                                                                     Richard Golomsk
                                                                     Richard & Terri Riemer          King, WI

                                                                     Potter, WI

 Chrome Angelz RC, The Sapphires from Oshkosh donated $300           Warren & Donna Sylte            Arthur Gaezely Estate
                                                                     Ridgeland, WI                   Wisconsin Rapids, WI

 towards motorized cart.
                                                                     In Memory of Gordon Copas       In memory of Arthur Gaezley
                                   Mike & Sue Willett
  Marliese Lasanske                Verona, WI                        Disabled American Veterans      VFW 3153
  Almond, WI                       In Memory of William Kalrath      De Pere, WI                     Chilton, WI

  Ken O’Malley                     Mark & Jean Seeley                American Legion Auxiliary       Jodi Olson
  King, WI                         Madison, WI                       Little Chute, WI                Berlin, WI
                                   In Memory of William Kalrath                                      In memory of George Byrne
  Glen Collins                                                       Masonic Service Association
  King, WI                         ThedaCare                         Oshkosh, WI                     Support the Troops
                                   Appleton, WI                                                      Hartford, WI
  Disabled American Veterans                                         Disabled American Veterans
  De Pere, WI                      Carol Snook                       Auxiliary                       American Legion Aux.
                                   Waukesha, WI                      Plover, WI                      Unit 523
  Dale Hlavin                      In Memory of Vincent Flynn                                        Oconto, WI
  Westlake, OH                                                       Goodwill Industries
  In Memory of Billy Dalby         Richard & Sharon Doudt            Menasha, WI                     VFWA 2653
                                   Dunlap, TN                        In Memory of Richard Pudroski   Antigo, WI
  Bradford & Virginia Helmus       In Memory of Russ & Betty Doudt
  Piedmont, SC                                                       Marine Corps League             B. Brooks
  In Memory of Billy Dalby         American Legion Auxiliary         Detachment 1061                 Milladore, WI
                                   Post 456                          Delavan, WI
  Clay & Polly Weber               Caroline, WI                                                      Barbara Hoffman
  Wausau, WI                                                         John & Molly Peterson           Minnetonka, MN
  In Memory of Vincent Flynn       Disabled American Veterans        Wausau, WI                      In memory of Gerhardt P.
                                   Auxiliary                         In Memory of V.K. Flynn         Hoffman
  Carl Zechel                      Waupaca, WI
  Rubicon, WI                                                        Joan Kalrath                    Betty Heckman
  In Memory of William Kalrath     A.J. Holly & Sons                 King, WI                        Nekoosa, WI continued on page 6
                                   Waupaca, WI
                                   In Memory of Vincent Flynn
O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                                        Donations

    Donation                                                                                                               continued from page 5

    Girl Scout Troop 6017           David Wojciechowski
    Wisconsin Rapids, WI            Omro, WI
                                    In memory of Kathleen
    Brayden Grimm                   Wojciechowski
    Weyauwega, WI
                                    Dawn Hoeye
    RSVP of Portage Co.             Marshfield, WI
    Plover / Stevens Point, WI
                                    Dean Johnson
    AMVETS Aux. 7                   Waupaca, WI
    Oshkosh, WI                     In memory of Donald Johnson Sr.
    In memory of Jim Casper
                                    VFW Denmark                          Resource One Intl. from Little Chute donated shoes, shirts, sun
    AMVETS Aux. 7                   Denmark, WI                          hats and clothing.
    Oshkosh, WI
    In memory of Char Griffin       Don & Lea Garvey                  Helen Walker                        Kathy Lenzen
                                    Waupaca, WI                       Waupaca, WI                         Montello, WI
    Cathy & Jim Tratz               In memory of Geraldine Falk                                           In memory of Fred Lenzen
    Oshkosh, WI                                                       Janice Parrett
    In memory of JoAnn Leinweber    ELKS Lodge 693                    Wisconsin Rapids, WI                Ken Jungwirth
                                    Wisconsin Rapids, WI                                                  Winneconne, WI
    SilverMist Garden Center                                          Jeanne Treu
    Waupaca, WI                     Elaine Stelzner                   Wisconsin Rapids, WI                Kimberly Legion Post 60 &
                                    Oshkosh, WI                       In memory of Dennis Treu            Aux. / Combined Locks Aux.
    Charlotte Onsgard               In memory of Ron Stelzner                                             Kimberly, WI
    Almond, WI                                                        Jeff Hamel                          In memory of Herbert Paul
                                    Eric Hayes
    Clarence Kolodzik               Oshkosh, WI                       Jim & Diane Larson                  Kimberly-Clark
    Oshkosh, WI                     In memory of James Salaman        Waupaca, WI                         Neenah, WI

    Connie Calamari                 Estate of Winford Kasper          AMVETS Post 51                      Generations
    Oxford, WI                      Brillion, WI                      Sturgeon Bay, WI                    Shawano, WI
    In memory of Paul S. Calamari   In memory of Vera Kasper
                                                                      Judy Gilliam                        Len’s Rod and Reel Rescue
    Dallas Enz                      F. William Harvat                 Green Lake, WI                      Nekoosa, WI
    Mauston, WI                     Waupaca, WI
    In memory of Gerald Enz                                           Judy Grosskopf                      Linda Hively
                                    Friends of the Library in         Redgranite, WI                      Men. Falls, WI
    Dan & Laury Krause              Fremont                           In memory of Greg Grosskopf
    Oshkosh, WI                     Fremont, WI                                                           Lola Bradley
    In memory of Col. James A.                                        Julie Patzke                        Oshkosh, WI
    Schumacher Family               Gerald Kost                       Waupaca, WI                         In memory of Jim Bradley
                                    Waupaca, WI
    Dan McFaul                                                        Justin Herman Taylor Funeral        Marge Grunewald
    Hortonville, WI                 Girl Scout Troop 2587             Home                                Nekoosa, WI
                                    New London, WI                    Wisconsin Rapids, WI
    Dan Naylor                                                                                            Marian Treichel
    Waupaca, WI                     Gwen Gygi                         Sunset Village                      Coloma, WI
    In memory of Corrine Radloff    Wisconsin Rapids, WI              Sylvania, OH
                                                                                                                           continued on page 10
O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
In Memory of/VSO Meeting Times                              WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

                               In Memory of
                 “Our country is in mourning, a Veteran died today.”
       Frances M. Knack                Billy T. Dalby                  John C. Eck
       James F. Ellison                Edward T. Schubring             John L. Sebeny
       Beverly H. Strong               Gary D. Johnson
       Carolyn M. Halverson            William G. Kalrath
       Gerald R. Kamke                 Albert M. Zdanovec
       Daniel J. Walsh                 Ramon J. Skodinski


Meets second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. POST meets in the Marden Memorial Center meeting
room. AUXILIARY meets in the Marden Memorial Center Multi-Purpose room.

Meets last Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Marden Memorial Center Multi-Purpose room.

Meets fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the New London Community Center - 600 Washington
Street. Call (715) 213-7916 with any questions. No meeting in November and December.

Meets second Thursday of the month at 1:30 p.m. in the Marden Memorial Center Meeting Room.

Meets the last Saturday of every month in the Marden Memorial Center meeting room at 10:00 a.m.
Please call (715) 630-0279 with any questions.

O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                    Welcome

                                      We would like to welcome the following new members
                                      to the Wisconsin Veterans Home at King:
                 Due to the Federal HIPAA Privacy Act only those members who have releases on file are listed.

     Larry N. Parizek,                                      Michael J. Doud,
     a Vietnam War Air Force Veteran joined us on           a Vietnam War Army Veteran joined us on
     June 6, 2019 from Eau Claire. He is living at SH.      June 20, 2019 from Woodruff. He is living at AH.

     Alan B. Altenbach,                                     James N. Nakama,
     a Korean War Army Veteran joined us on                 a Korean War Air Force Veteran joined us on
     June 6, 2019 from Reedsburg. He is living at MH.       June 24, 2019 from Fond du Lac. He is living
                                                            at OH.
     Gloriette J. Rutz,
     a Korean War Army Veteran’s spouse joined us on        Bernard E. Ver Haagh,
     June 10, 2019 from Rosholt. She is living at AH.       a Berlin Crisis Army Veteran joined us on
                                                            June 25, 2019 from Appleton. He is living at AH.
     David A. Studinski,
     a Korean War Army Veteran joined us on                 Michael G. Kuffel,
     June 10, 2019 from Wisconsin Rapids. He is living      a Vietnam War Marine Corps Veteran joined us on
     at MH.                                                 June 27, 2019 from Wabeno. He is living at AH.

     James A. Teal,                                         Kenneth J. Bradney,
     a Vietnam War Army Veteran joined us on                a Peacetime Era Army Veteran joined us on
     June 11, 2019 from Deerbrook. He is living at SH.      June 27, 2019 from Green Bay. He is living at SH.

     Robert A. Schuessler,
     a Korean War Air Force Veteran joined us on
     June 14, 2019 from Strum. He is living at AH.

     Robert L. Koepcke,
     a WWII Army Veteran joined us on June 14, 2019
     from West Salem. He is living at OH.

     William G. Keene,
      a Vietnam War Army Veteran joined us on
     June 19, 2019 from Stevens Point. He is living
     at MH.

O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
Home News                                                           WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

                          Sister Martha Mafurutu
                                   Catholic Chaplain

 A Great Disappointment Occurred On My Way To A
 Pilgrimage To Rome And Fatima

 O     n Thursday, May 9, 2019, I left for a Pilgrimage
       to Rome and Fatima via Chicago. I felt excited
 and hastened to the check point at O’Hare
                                                          I was disappointed again. In desperation, I took
                                                          a taxi back to the motel, thinking I would book a
                                                          flight back home. My friend offered to help me get
 airport. I handed the security officer my passport.      a ticket for a flight to Wisconsin. After a while she
 She took the passport, looked at the passport,           contacted me to say all the tickets were sold out.
 and then she looked at me in a puzzled way. She          I felt petrified. What was I to do? But ten minutes
 said, “You do not have a visa to go to Rome.” I          later my friend phoned again and told me she got
 panicked, and perspired as though I was running          me a ticket for me to go to Wisconsin. I felt happy,
 a marathon. The first thought that came to my            relieved and more relaxed. The Scripture that
 mind was “Oh my God!” I felt embarrassed and             came to my mind was Mark 4: 39, “He woke up
 didn’t know what to do. The coordinator of the           and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace!
 group tried to explain to security but it was too        Be still!” Then the wind ceased, and there was a
 late. My heart was pumping hard. It was as if I had      dead calm. “I believe that Jesus was with me in
 known I was going to take care of the situation          my great disappointment and spoke peace to my
 before. Am I not going to Italy? I would have to         soul. As a result I felt hopeful and safely returned
 return to Wisconsin.                                     home to Wisconsin.

 I did not know Chicago and found it challenging.
 I used the little money I had to pay for a motel
 room, transportation and food. That night was
 the longest one in the history of my life. I asked,
 “Why is this happening to me?” There is an African
 saying “Where God is cooking there is not smoke.”
 This means that God is in charge of every situation
 in my life, even though I can’t tell the outcome.

 The next morning, I anxiously took a taxi to the
 Italian embassy with the hope of getting a visa.
O RIER - Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs
WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                                                  Home News

 Donation                                                                                                                            continued from page 6

                                                                                Roger Thompson                    VFWA 343
                                                                                Tomahawk, WI                      Hancock, WI

                                                                                Ronald Siegel                     Tim Mutterer
                                                                                Wisconsin Rapids, WI              Mount Pleasant, WI

                                                                                Rosanne Hanson                    VFW Auxiliary 6007
                                                                                Wisconsin Rapids, WI              Plainfield , WI
                                                                                In memory of James G. McQuade
                                                                                                                  VFW Post 10262
                                                                                Patriot Guard                     Plover, WI
                                                                                Neenah, WI
     Fox Valley Hog Chapter from Appleton donated $1974.56 to                   In memory of Ronald Leurquin      W.A. Hauck
     all camp general fund.                                                                                       Oshkosh, WI
                                                                                Shiocton American Legion &
 MOPHA Dept. of Wisconsin               Phyllis McCardell                       Auxiliary                         Winford Kasper
 Menasha, WI                            Waupaca, WI                             Shiocton, WI                      Brillion, WI

 Nokomis Chapter - NSDAR                Ramona Simons                           Shiocton American Legion          Wisconsin Women’s Relief
 Conover, WI                            Stevens Point, WI                       Auxiliary Unit 512                Corps
                                        In memory of Charles Simons             New London, WI                    Richland Center, WI
 Old Abe Camp - SUV
 Pine River, WI                         Ray Lippert / Tim Thiers                St. John’s Episcopal Church
                                        Manitowoc, WI                           Wisconsin Rapids, WI
 Oshkosh ELKS Club
 Oshkosh, WI                            ResourceOne Intl.                       St. Mary’s
                                        Little Chute, WI                        Bear Creek, WI                      Please call ahead at
 Fox Graphics                                                                                                       715.256.5020 with large
 Oshkosh, WI                            Richard Smith                           Nelsonville Evangelical             or unique donations. If we
                                        King, WI                                Lutheran Church                     find something within your
 Penny Coffey                                                                   Amherst Junction, WI
 Waupaca, WI                            Wood County Association                                                     donation we cannot use,
 In memory of John Boehm                for Home and Community                  Sue Ebben                           we pass it on so it helps as
                                        Education                               Black Creek, WI                     many people as possible.
                                        Rudolph, WI

      Girl Scout Troop 2587 donated approximately
      20 cases of Girl Scout Cookies to the veterans and thanked the Veterans
      for their service!

                                                                                    Gone Fishing. Don Schaefer from MacArthur Hall
                                                                                    landed this nice 16 ½ inch small mouth bass off the Marden dock.
10                                                                                  he landed another smalley just 2 minutes later.
Chaplain’s Column                                                   WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

                               Joan Grawvunder
                                   WVH-King Member

Memories & Things
W     ell, here it is July already. My, how time flies to my National Honor Society Induction Ceremony.
      when I’m having fun! I think that’s more of a The suit was very nice looking, it fit nicely and it was
joke that isn’t real funny.                            practical, AND washable!!!

Bob and I were married on the Fourth of July in          Bob and I rode to church in his 1951 Oldsmobile.
Waukesha, which is my hometown even though I             When we arrived at church Bob was so thoughtful.
have lived away from there longer than I had lived       He parked right in front of church. Hurriedly got
in Waukesha.                                             out of his side, raced around to my side, helped me
                                                         out of the car and took my arm to escort me up the
Our marriage was just a small family get-together church steps. He was so kind and loving! What a
with our fathers getting smashed in the afternoon guy!
before the ceremony. Then they sat in church
giggling and trying to see if they could create more However, after we were officially married my loving
excitement. Thanks to our Moms who kept our husband forgot about his patience, concern, etc. As
Dads under control so they had to behave. That was we stood visiting with the pastor and our families,
a big relief.                                            my new husband grabbed my hand and headed
                                                         for the door. When we got to the door he let go of
Since our wedding was the first one in either of our my hand heading outside, sprinted down the steps
families the day was full of excitement, confusion, and slid into the driver’s seat. He waited rather
and boredom. I’m not saying that because we were impatiently until I got back in the car by myself. No
bored with the wedding. It was because Bob and courtesy. No manners. Nothing!
I peeled and cooked potatoes for hours to make
salad. When we finally finished peeling those little What happened to my knight in shining armor?
potatoes Mom could make her yummy salad.                 Where did he go? Who is this guy? Our families
                                                         tormented him for years. Nobody ever got over it.
Mother made potato salad and hot dogs for It was a family joke.
our wedding supper. And she made a beautiful
wedding cake which she decorated herself. It was Years passed and we spent our time together
beautiful!                                               traveling all over much of Wisconsin. We lived up
                                                         north in Hayward, down to Juda, east to Milwaukee,
I never understood why anyone would spend a
                                                                                             continued on page 23
fortune for a gown that a girl wears one time and
never wears it again. I wore the lovely suit that I wore
WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                         Home News

                                                      Gloriette Rutz (right) had the biggest
                                                      smile on her face because the entertain-
                                                      er kept signing to her.

                                    GIFT SHOP HOURS:                             Monday - Sunday
                                                                                 9am to 11am
                                                                                 1pm to 3pm

                          July activities sponsored by the
                King Recreation Committee, Inc.
     Activity                                         Cost             Sponsored by
     Marden Fish Fry Trip- all camp-Harbor       $ 300                 AMVETS
     Monthly Bday Entertainment (all bldgs)      $ 300                 May Luchsinger
     Food for Monthly Bdays Parties (all bldgs)  $ 400                 May Luchsinger
     Evening Band (7/16/19) - “Copperbox Duo”    $ 300                 May Luchsinger
     Ice Cream Social & Band - “Joe & Janice”    $ 225                 May Luchsinger
     4th Of July Event- Park                     $ 500                 American Legion
     Legends Monthly Support                     $ 500                 ALA
     Memory Café Supplies                        $ 600                 Masons
     OH Young Men’s (BAK) Grp                    $ 450                 VFW
     Legends Monthly Support                     $ 500                 ALA
     Marden Trip: Supper-Chain Bar               $ 500                 DAV Dept
          (High Ground special event)
     Picnics (all bldgs)                        $ 1200                 MH (DAVA), SH(DAVA),
     		                                                                AH (AL), OH (VFW)
     TVs and Mounts Lobbies (AH & SH)           $ 1530                 MOPH

                                                                               SERVE VE
           Thank you for your support and for making a                  D



          difference in the lives of King veterans and their

                                                                KI N

                                                                                                  IN C




                                                                            EA               IT
                                                                              TI O N C O M M
AL & ALA King Day                                          WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

                                                       64th annual Wisconsin
                    We had a great time and turnout at the
                    American Legion/American Legion Auxiliary Department
                    of Wisconsin Pilgrimage to King at our Veterans Home at King that was
                    held last month on Father’s Day. Within the last year, the American Legion and
                    Auxiliary donated 7,170 hours and about $35,000 directly to King! Thanks to
                    all who came out to the event and volunteered their time to make it another
                    outstanding success!


DAV & DAVA King Day                             WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

                      We had a great time welcoming the Disabled American Veterans
                      Department of Wisconsin and its Auxiliary to our Wisconsin
                      Veterans Home at King for the 71st Annual King Day on June
                      30th! Members enjoyed playing games, listening to music and
                      winning prizes. Pat Keller provided some great entertainment
                      with his singing, and the Neenah Community Band did a great
                      job during the afternoon. This past year, 17 DAV and Auxiliary
                      volunteers combined to put in more than 2,200 hours at King. The
                      organization has also supported almost $10,000 in events and
                      programs at King throughout the past year! Thank you for all that
                      you do for our nation’s heroes!

WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                  DAV & DAVA King Day

     Robert Reigel of Stordock Hall received the French Legion of Honour
     Medal. On June 30th, a 100 year old World War II veteran was honored with France’s highest military
     merit. Robert Reigel, was presented the French Legion of Honour Medal. Secretary-designee Mary Kolar
     was honored to be at the event along with Guillaume Lacroix, the Consul General of France for the

Religious Services                                     WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

       Religious Services at the Wisconsin Veterans Home
                                  Catholic Services
   SUNDAY                        8:00AM                        STORDOCK HALL CHAPEL
                                 9:00 AM                      AINSWORTH HALL CHAPEL
                                10:00 AM                          OLSON HALL CHAPEL
                                11:00 AM                            MACARTHUR HALL

              Sr. Martha Mafurutu | ext. 2381 | Office Olson Hall, room 136

                                  Lutheran Services
   SUNDAY                        8:00 AM                      MACARTHUR HALL CHAPEL
                                 9:00 AM                       STORDOCK HALL CHAPEL
                                10:15 AM                      AINSWORTH HALL CHAPEL

   TUESDAY                      10:15 AM                          OLSON HALL CHAPEL

        Chaplain Wayne Schwanke | ext. 2465 | Office Stordock Hall, room 414

                                 Protestant Services
   TUESDAYS                     10:15AM                       AINSWORTH HALL CHAPEL
   SUNDAY                        8:30 AM                          OLSON HALL CHAPEL
                                 9:30 AM                      MACARTHUR HALL CHAPEL
                                10:30 AM                       STORDOCK HALL CHAPEL

           Chaplain Rich Engle | ext. 2531 | Office Stordock Hall, room 414
        Chaplain David Guerrero | ext. 3302 | Office MacArthur Hall, room 127
           Chaplain John Roe | ext. 5043 | Office Stordock Hall, room 415

                                       Bible Studies

   THURSDAY                  10:15AM              AINSWORTH HALL 3rd FLOOR SOLARIUM

   FRIDAY                    10:00AM              MACARTHUR HALL DINING ROOM

      ***AINSWORTH HALL 1 & 2 SERVICE - MONDAY MORNINGS AT 9:30 AM & 10:30 AM***
WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                Home News

                          Would you like to
                          join King’s Men of
                          King Marine Corps
                          League Detachment
     • Meet every second Thursday of each month in
       the meeting room of the Marden Center at 13:30 hrs
     • Exist for the good of Marines and their families
     • Host educational speakers
     • Celebrate the Marine Crops League birthday every                 Wednesday is
     • They honor our fallen comrades                                 Ladies Afternoon
     • They use the Rose Fund program to solicit funds for
       the league to support our members
                                                                        at Alley 5 Bar!
     • Support the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program
                                                                               6pm - 8pm
     • They work for the good of our group at Kings Open
                                                                     FREE drinks for the ladies, door
       house in May every year
                                                                    prizes and games for cash prizes.
     • They visit Veterans at King

     Call Kathy at 715.498.5019 if you have any questions.           Come on down and join the fun!

                                                    VITAL STATISTICS
      What is black when           Male Census 		             453            Female Census 		              95
     you buy it, red when
     you use it, and gray
      when you throw it            Air Force                 81     Afghanistan                            1
            away?                  Army                      300    Berlin                                 4
                                   Army Air Corps            2      Berlin Crisis                          2
     Riddle from last month:
                                   Coast Guard               5      Korea                                  94
      What can point in
       every direction             Marine Corps              59     Lebanon                                3
      but can’t reach the          Navy                      88     Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm   4
     destination by itself.                                         Operation Enduring Freedom             2
                                   Women Veterans            12     Peacetime                              94
      Answer to last month’s
       riddle: Your finger.                                         Vietnam                                240
                                                                    WWII                                   62
Movies Playing in the Theater                              WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

      MOVIES                        MARDEN MEMORIAL CENTER THEATER
      PLAYING                      Movies scheduled for AUGUST are:

      Thursday, August 1              Tuesday, August 13                Friday, August 23
            Shane               All Quiet On The Western Front                Fargo
           Rated PG                        Not Rated                         Rated R
         1 Hr. 58 Min.                    2 Hr. 11 Min.                    1 Hr. 38 Min.

       Friday, August 2             Wednesday, August 14               Monday, August 26
     Season of the Witch                  Kingpin                          Tin Cup
         Rated PG-13                      Rated R                          Rated R
         1 Hr. 35 Min.                  1 Hr. 57 Min.                    2 Hr. 15 Min.

       Monday, August 5              Thursday, August 15               Tuesday, August 27
          The Heat                     Precious Cargo                    The Birdcage
           Rated R                         Rated R                          Rated R
         1 Hr. 57 Min.                  1 Hr. 30 Min.                     1 Hr. 59 Min.

       Tuesday, August 6              Friday, August 16               Wednesday, August 28
        Captain Phillips            Super Mario Brothers                 Last Holiday
          Rated PG-13                      Rated PG                      Rated PG-13
          2 Hr. 14 Min.                  1 Hr. 44 Min.                    1 Hr. 51 Min

     Wednesday, August 7              Monday, August 19                Thursday, August 29
        Pathfinder                     Practical Magic                   Bravo Two Zero
         Not Rated                       Rated PG-13                         Rated R
        1 Hr. 47 Min.                    2 Hr. 37 Min.                     2 Hr. 01 Min.

      Thursday, August 8             Tuesday, August 20                 Friday, August 30
       The Dawn Rider                Play It To The Bone                    The Beast
          Not Rated                        Rated R                           Rated R
           55 Min.                       2 Hr. 5 Min.                      1 Hr. 50 Min.

        Friday, August 9            Wednesday, August 21
          The Hitcher                 The Meteor Man
            Rated R                       Rated PG
          1 Hr. 24 Min.                 1 Hr. 40 Min.

      Monday, August 12              Thursday, August 22
      The Hunger Games           The Prophecy 3: the Ascent
         Rated PG-13                       Rated R
         2 Hr. 22 Min.                  1 Hr. 24 Min.
WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                      Ainsworth Hall

 Sewing Group.                  Ainsworth Hall sewing group   Picnic and Sunshine.                      It’s that time of
 made quilts for foster children.                             the year to have great food outside and enjoy the sunshine.
                                                              Thank you DAV for sponsoring this event.

     King in King. Ainsworth Hall has King Jimmy to
     enhance the activities this year.

MacArthur Hall                                                         WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

              New Zoo. Members had a wonderful time seeing animals at the New Zoo in Green Bay.

We sure love campfire. Members enjoy                      Scenic Tour. Members from MacArthur Hall were able to
the weather with a campfire and music by Brayden Grimm.   enjoy the nice weather we’ve had so far by taking a scenic ride on the
                                                          outdoor tram.

WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                      Birthdays

                                       July Birthdays
      3   Stephen I Chantelois   AH     16   Richard E Brege          OH   24   Joseph B Tibbitts           OH
          Geneva Brown           SH          Robert L Bascue          MH        Richard M Schamens          SH
          David R Koenig         AH     17   Gloriette J Rutz         AH   27   Harold A Hoelzer            MH
      4   Leon W McLean          OH          Gerald H Polster         MH        James P Bautch              AH
          Gregory A Senski       SH          Michael E Starrine       OH        Harold G Millard            AH
          Roy C Gray             OH     19   Mark L Garrison          SH        Cora M Schwersinske         AH
      6   James A Lunde          AH          Thomas J Smith           OH   29   Norman C Frauenfelder       AH
      7   Paul K Witzke          OH     20   Edwin P Gabor            AH        Kenneth A Schoenheide       OH
          Barbara L Hoerman      SH          Alan B Altenbach         MH   30   Betty A Martin              AH
      9   Kermit H Peterson      OH          Nicholas J Echeverria    AH        Jon B Wallace               OH
     13   Richard R Smits        SH          Beverly A Gerner         OH        Joseph R Koller             OH
     14   Thomas E Muller        SH          Gregory L Campbell       AH
          Fred L Johns           AH     21   Beverly A Bloedorn       OH
          Odus K Eubanks         SH     22   Joyce A Kielman          AH
          James A Teal           AH          Richard W Hilliard       MH
     15   Charles R Davis                    Delore J Deau            OH
                                             Alvin H Tesch            SH
                                             Joanne E Evanicki        SH

                                      August Birthdays
     1    Lois M Rose            SH     7    Kenneth E Rettshlag     OH    17   Joseph W Osterling          AH
     2    Delores M Plewa-       AH          Douglas C Jacoby        SH    18   Larry J Clark               OH
             Osterling                  8    Donald A Leaser         SH    20   LaVerne B Ball              OH
     3    Donald H Schwoch       MH          John A Szopinski        OH         Ronald J Cider              SH
          Ervin F Stuckart       AH     9    Ronald J Mielke         SH    25   Steven L Van Hulle          SH
          Bernard E Ver Haagh    AH     11   Janet A Janusz          AH         Gregory S Schrandt          SH
          John E Kovacic         MH          Ralph G Kjornes         MH    27   Robert J Langer             SH
     4    Patricia M Ralph       AH          David L Bednarchuk      OH    29   Kenneth W Olds              AH
          Eugene B Petersdorff   AH     12   James R Fargen          SH         Michael M Schneider         MH
          Roger H Schwartz       OH          Ronald A Fulton         OH    30   Wayne S Dieck               SH
     5    Roger W LaMay          SH     13   Robert L Treglowne      SH    31   Gary G Taylor               OH
          Ronald A Rugg          SH     15   Mary L Sauter           SH
          Eugene P Koerner       AH          Jacqueline A King       OH
     6    Lisa Liepert           MH     16   Paul H Marheine         AH

Home News                                                        WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

 Thoughts and Things                                                                     continued from page 11

and west to Stone Lake and lots of places in           always had to drink that stuff so he could go to the
between. Over the years the Lord blessed us with       bathroom? Well Daddy poured a glass of it and
four children and blessed us with five adopted         set it on the floor and it got knocked over and the
children. And we have one son waiting for us when      dogs licked it up. So don’t let the dogs in or we
we get to Heaven.                                      could have more of a mess.” So we never did let the
                                                       dogs in till this was all over.
One thing our family liked to do together was go
up to Iron Belt. We would go fishing and play in the   Life was in turmoil for a while. But with God’s help
lake. Since we were up there my husband liked to       we survived. We dragged around for a bit but we
go to the night club. The owner of the motel we        made it. The children have grown and scattered all
stayed at played babysitter for us so we could go.     over the U.S. and mainly Wisconsin. Now I live here
The gal that was behind the bar greeted us loudly      at King enjoying all the kind staff, nice residents,
and asked what had brought us there. My husband        and good doctors.
told her we were celebrating our anniversary. She
asked what year we were celebrating and we told
her what year it was. The woman looked at me
laughed and told Robert that, “The old gray mare
ain’t what she used to be.” Everybody laughed at
that and I asked what she was going to sing for my
husband. She looked at me and giggled and said,
“Silver Threads Among the Gold.” I thought that
mine wasn’t quite as nice as his.

Well years passed and we all got older. Robert
became disabled, and wasn’t able to work
anymore so he stayed home with the younger
kids. Meanwhile, I worked selling World Book
Encyclopedias. The Lord blessed us with a decent
living. So I continued to work.

Sadly, one Saturday morning I was teaching a class
in a church in New London. The Lord told me I
needed to go home to be with the girls. When I got
home the children told me there was something
wrong with Daddy. When I checked on Robert,
sadly we discovered he was already gone. We had
been married a few months short of 38 years.

One funny thing happened in the midst of all the
tears and confusion. My youngest daughter tells
me, “Momma, we have to be careful now, don’t let
the dogs in.” Then she said, “You know how daddy

WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                   Library News

     The Library has added several books to its permanent collection.
                               The following are some of those books.
 Ring of Fire by Brad Taylor                               an instant, her idyllic life is shattered and her close-
      Fifteen years ago, in order to win a contract in     knit community is torn apart. People—and Jude—
 the Kingdom, a desperate defense contractor used a        demand justice, and when the finger of blame
 shell company to provide a bribe to a wealthy Saudi       is pointed, it lands solely on eighteen-year-old
 businessman. Now a powerful player in the defense         Lexi Baill. In a heartbeat, their love for each other
 industry, he panics when the Panama Papers burst          will be shattered, the family broken. Lexi gives up
 onto the public scene. Providing insight into the         everything that matters to her—the boy she loves,
 illicit deeds of offshore financing, they could prove     her place in the family, the best friend she ever
 his undoing.                                              had—while Jude loses even more.
      To prevent the exposure of his illegal activities,       When Lexi returns, older and wiser, she demands
 he sets in motion a plan to interdict the next leak,      a reckoning. Long buried feelings will rise again,
 but he is not the only one worried about spilled          and Jude will finally have to face the woman she
 secrets. The data theft has left the Taskforce            has become. She must decide whether to remain
 potentially vulnerable, leaving a trail that could        broken or try to forgive both Lexi…and herself.
 compromise the unit. Back in the good graces of
 the new president, Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill       Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn
 are ordered to interdict the next leak as well, in         For years, Mitch Rapp’s bold actions have saved
 order to control the damage.                            the lives of countless Americans. He has killed with
      Unbeknownst to either group, the Saudi has         impunity, tortured to avert disaster, and shown
 been using the shell company to fund terrorists         he will do whatever it takes to prevent terrorists
 all over the world, and he has a spectacular attack     from fulfilling their bloody wishes. His battles for
 planned, coinciding with the fifteenth anniversary      peace and freedom have made him a hero to many,
 of 9/11. The information Pike and Jennifer uncover      and an enemy to countless more. In the tangled,
 will put them on the trail of the imminent threat,      duplicitous world of espionage, there are those,
 but it’s one that they might be unable to stop.         even among America’s allies, who want to see Mitch
                                                         Rapp eliminated. They have decided the time has
 Night Road by Kristin Hannah                            come. Now, the powerful father of a dead terrorist
     Jude Farraday is a happily married, stay-at- demands vengeance in its simplest form -- an eye
 home mom who puts everyone’s needs above her for an eye, and Rapp instantly becomes the target
 own. Her twins, Mia and Zach, are bright and happy of an international conspiracy. This time, he must
 teenagers. When Lexi Baill enters their lives, no one use all of his vigilance and determination to save
 is more supportive than Jude. A former foster child himself before he can turn his fury on those who
 with a dark past, Lexi quickly becomes Mia’s best have dared to betray him
 friend. Then Zach falls in love with Lexi and the three
 become inseparable. But senior year of high school
 brings unexpected dangers and one night, Jude’s
 worst fears are confirmed: there is an accident. In

WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING                                                                                          Olson Hall

Tiki Time. Olson Hall had its first Tiki Bar and you can see Singing and Bonfire. Olson Hall had its first
that everyone dressed very festive for it.                           bonfire of the year. They sang songs and had good treats, because you
                                                                     can’t have a bonfire without some s’mores.

Parachute Game. No, members weren’t jumping
out of a plane, but they sure had fun getting some exercise with a

Cheese and Non-alcoholic Wine.
The WINGS group sponsored a cheese tasting paired with non-
alcoholic wine.

Stordock Hall                                                                        WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

 Stordock Hall Members Are Loving Summer Time. Members in Stordock Hall enjoyed
 getting out in the fresh the air this month by attending Tiki Wednesdays on the patio, painting coneflowers in the MPR, bonfires in the park,
 planting veggies in the garden, flying in the sky for Dream Flight, and meeting Elvis in the park.

Subscription Information                                               WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME AT KING

                                                         The Wisconsin Veterans
                                                          Home at King is a long
                                                      term and rehabilitative care
                                                                                           State of Wisconsin
                                                                                            Anthony S. Evers
                                                      facility serving veterans and             Governor
                                                      their eligible dependents.
                                                      We offer excellent medical               Wisconsin
                                                      and nursing care to enhance
                                                      quality of life. Our highly             Department
trained and dedicated staff strive to meet the unique needs of veterans by providing       of Veterans Affairs
compassionate care built on the foundation of integrity, honor and respect. We also           Mary M. Kolar
welcome qualified non-Wisconsin residents. Discover everything King can offer
you. Call us at 715.256.5027 for a tour.
                                                                                             Courier Staff
                   Subscription Information                                                Mary Grace Biesek
                                                                                           Marketing Specialist
         Submissions for The Courier are due the 1st of
                          the month
  “The Courier” can be mailed directly         A subscription to “The Courier”
  to your home for an annual rate of           can also be a great gift for a friend
  only $5.00. Subscribers are notified         or relative. To Subscribe, please
  when the renewal is due.                     complete the form below.

                                                                                           Wisconsin Department of
    To ensure that you will not miss any issues of “The Courier” and to help us                Veterans Affairs
     hold down our mailing costs, please notify us promptly of any changes in
    your address. New or renewing subscribers should include a check payable
   to “Wisconsin Veterans Home at King” in the amount of $5.00 to cover the 12
                  month subscription. Please DO NOT send cash.
                                   Mail this form to:
                            Courier Subscriptions
                         Wisconsin Veterans Home at King
                             N2665 County Road QQ
                              King, WI 54946-0600
                                                                                               Department of
   Subscriber Name
                                                                                               Veterans Affairs

   City					State		Zip                                                                    For more information on
                                                                                           WVH-King please call
        If you would like to receive your Courier electronically in color, contact          (715) 258.5586 or
      marygrace.biesek@dva.wisconsin.gov and your email will be added to an
    electronic mailing list. Please write “Electronic Courier” in the subject line. You   1.888.458.5586 or visit
      can also go on www.WisVets.com and sign up for GovDelivery to get your                www.WisVets.com
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N2665 County Road QQ • King, WI 54946-0600
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