Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA

Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA
Online Summer School
              Welcome Packet
           for Parents/Guardians

​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA
Welcome to EFBA’s first ever Online Summer School !

This handout will walk you through the basics of supporting your child through
this Summer School adventure!

In this guide you will find information on the tools and give you tips to help your
child have a great experience in our Online Summer School!

Please take a moment to read this document before Online Summer School

Table of Content

Educational Goals / Learning outcomes

EFBA account

Google Classroom


Activities & Supervision

Parent/Guardian Pro tips Guide to Online Summer School

  ​   ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA
Educational Goals / Learning outcomes

     ●    Deliver a ​high quality online summer program ​that incorporates elements of
          play-based pedagogy

     ●    Mitigate learning loses during summer

     ●    Learn new ways of using the minority/target language

     ●    Teach children to ​build a healthy relationship with technology ​and use
          electronic devices for productive purposes

     ●    Promote French language as a ​means to unite families and involve parents in
          what and how kids learn and practice French

     ●    Develop content to ​support kids with disabilities and different learning styles

     ●    Retain a ​sense of normalcy and routine (Classes will stream live always at the
          same time)

     ●    Keep students progressing ​against the level benchmarks

 ​       ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA
EFBA account

The first thing you need to know is that our Online Summer School program will
be done through Google products - Google Education which allows EFBA to
create accounts for your child(ren) without age restrictions. Each student will
need their own dedicated account. Think of this as the​ir “virtual school ID”​.
EFBA will create for your child an EFBA account (or use their existing EFBA
account if they have previously attended our other programs such as

Instructions on creating EFBA account:
    1) EFBA will send your child’s EFBA account and temporary password to the
       parents or guardian’s personal email account within 48 to 72 hours (during
       business hours) after registration. Please note that the process for EFBA to
       create the account is not automated and will be delayed over the
       weekend. Please check your email (and spam folder). If you still have not
       received it during the mentioned business hours, please email ​​.
    2) Once you receive your child’s EFBA account information (the email and
       temporary password), please do the following:
    3) Go to ​
    4) Log-in using your child’s EFBA email account and temporary password
    5) Once you have access, it will prompt you to create your own personal
       password. Please *do not* share your personal password. We strongly
       recommend that you do not reuse a password from another account. Here
       are some guidelines for creating a strong password:
       If you forget your password please contact ​ to reset your
   6) The last step would be to confirm that you have created your child(ren)
       EFBA account with ​ to ensure that your child is
       added to his/her/their Online Summer School class..
    7) We highly suggest to monitor and check your child(ren) EFBA account for
       any communication relating to Online Summer Classroom from their
       teacher.. This account also allows your child to access Google meet and
       classroom to participate in the Live classes.

  ​   ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA
We will be using primarily Google Classroom. ​We chose this platform to make
sure that your children are safe online and protected from cyber predators and
inappropriate content.

And Student’s work and private information (such as name, activities, and
feedback) is stored within our server, operated by Google, without the need for a
third party provider.

EFBA will be adding your child’s EFBA account to Google classroom and inviting
your child(ren) to join prior to Online Summer School starting.

We also chose Google classroom because it’s integrated with all the other
Google apps, so teachers can add direct links from our internal drive. Also as a
school, we are authorized to share copyrighted materials within the perimeter of
the law.

It allows digital copies in course management systems such as Google
Classroom, under a specific set of conditions:

     ● Text and images may be transmitted (displayed) in amounts comparable
       to online instructions.
     ● Music and video may be used in portions; entire songs may be used if
     ● Access must be restricted to students registered in the course, and notice
       that the material is protected must be given.
     ● Technological measures to prevent the material from being retained after
       the course is over or copied to others are required. Streaming of music and
       video is a good way to meet this requirement.

EFBA has policies about copyright in place to take advantage of this exception.
and within Google classroom the teachers will invite students to other supporting
tools, such as Google Meet (for live streaming classes!), and occasionally other
tools such as YouTube.

 ​     ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA
Google Classroom

Your child(ren) will need to use his/her/their new
EFBA account to access Google Classroom. The
teacher will invite all learners to join the class by
emailing a link and a class code to the Summer
School EFBA account.

If the teacher has already added your child’s EFBA email, you should see the
option to click on the class. (you’ll see the level and teacher name. In the
example in the screenshot below: FSL 2, Teacher Bianca).

If you don’t see the class when you go to ​​, that’s fine!
Click on the plus sign (+) at the top right corner, and click on “join class”, then
enter the class code, which will be sent to you by your child’s teacher. See
screenshot below:

  ​   ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA
Please give this a try before the class time, so you can troubleshoot and ask us
questions if you run into any issues.

Once you’ve joined the class, you’ll be able to see all the activities and homework
that the teacher has uploaded (we will be adding content as we go, so don’t
worry if you don’t see much on the first day!)

  ​   ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA
Your child can access this Online Summer School area at any time. You can
review content together, do activities together as suggested by the Camp

To access the Online Summer School livestream and join the live class of the
day, go to your Online Summer School Google Classroom ​and click on the link in
the banner on top left (see screen above).

Before the time for each livestream, the teacher will post an announcement on
stream reminding the live class of the day, ​the link to join (which will change
every time for safety reasons),​ and any necessary equipment required.

Remember: t​he Google Meet link only works during set times, so make sure you
know what time the live class is starting depending on your time zone.

S/he will also share via Google Classroom assignments and activities to be done
between classes at your child’s rhythm. The teacher will be reviewing your child’s
production and interacting with him between live sessions.

*Note for using Google classroom: Please do ​not ​ever share your child’s camp
“classroom” link to external parties who are not registered with EFBA’s Online
Summer School. Our program is specific to our students who have an EFBA

  ​   ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Online Summer School Welcome Packet for Parents/Guardians - EFBA

During the live class, the teacher may use
Kahoot for playing interactive educational
games, designed by educators.
For this, your child will need two
side-by-site browser windows. Note: Not
two tabs, but 2 separate windows, arranged
side by side (not minimized.
One window will have the live call, and on
the other window, go to ​​, and click in the upper right hand corner
“Enter game PIN”. Your teacher will give a game PIN during the live call, which
will be displayed in the side window.

In one window your child will see the teacher display game questions and
prompts to all students. On the second window your child will choose his/her
answers to submit and play with others

We expect older students to be able to play on Kahoot with minimal supervision.
The younger the students, the more support they will need. Kindergarten age
students will need an adult to play the games with them. Have fun!

How-to-Split Screens on you MAC:

     1) To begin, open two or more Mac windows screen that you want to divide
        into two screens. Example: 1 - Google Log-in, 2- Kahoot screen. Pick one
        window to start with 1- Google Log-in as the main window while Kahoot
        screen is behind it(please see below screenshot).

 ​     ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
2)     If you hover over the green dot (found on top left hand corner, please see
circled picture below), you’ll see it has two small expand arrows. This is the button
you want. Hold down on the green dot and you’ll get some options: ​Enter Full
Screen,​ ​Tile Window to Left of Screen and ​Tile Window to Right of Screen​. Select
either the second or third option and the window will fill that portion of your

3)    One half of your Split View is done. You’ll see the first app on one half of
the screen, with thumbnails of any other open windows on the other side. Now

  ​   ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
select the other window that you want to use in Split View mode. This window will
resize to cover the other side of your screen, completing the Split View
experience. You can tap either window to switch focus back and forth as needed.

For more visual guideline, please watch this step by step instructions on YouTube

How to split screen on Windows:

The operation depends on the version you have.
There are several ways to split a screen in ​Windows 10​, but the easiest is with
Snap Assist.
This feature has to be enabled in Start > Settings > System > Multitasking,
although it should be enabled by default.
Snap Assist lets you drag a window to a corner or side of the screen to “snap” it
there, which in turn makes room for other apps to be snapped in the resulting
empty screen space. To know more about splitting your screen on Windows PC,
click here: ​

  ​   ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Activities & Supervision

Our teachers will create fun, exciting and interactive activities that are safe for
your child to participate in to learn and develop new skills.

The teachers might also play games that involve dance moves, or running
around the house to find specific objects, shapes or look for a certain color, etc.
Our Online Summer School is play-based, and we will be using creative ways to
maintain the core principles of our pedagogy.

The teacher will provide instructions on what to prepare and have items ready
over your child’s EFBA email account or Google classroom announcements or
classwork page before Online Summer School live class. For instructions on how
to use Google classroom, please read page 5..

Children between ages 5 to 7, WILL require supervision and we ask of you, the
parents, to supervise to ensure that your child stays engaged and safe.
Children older than 7 may require less supervision; however, you are welcome to
supervise or check in on your child having fun learning French.
Our goal and mission is to see that your children practice French and continue
loving the French language!

  ​   ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
Parent/Guardian Pro tips Guide to Online
Summer School

Transitioning from traditional day school learning to online learning can be
challenging. This guide provides some recommendations to help make the
switch to online learning.

We highly suggest for you to follow the below tips and give it a try at least 1
day before Online Summer School starts.

     ● Dedicate a space in the house as a “learning space”. This can be any
       space where the student won’t be interrupted while doing activities for
       Summer School.. When choosing a space, consider that you may need to
       supervise or help your child.

     ● Charge the device​ that you will be using to join the video call

     ● Make sure the camera and microphone are on and working to enable
       your child to interact with the teacher and other students. ​If you are
       experiencing technical difficulties during the “test run” 1 to 2 days before
       camp starts, please look at this ​tutorial ​on YouTube as a guide. IF your
       child(ren) is experiencing technical difficulties during Online Summer
       School do not panic. Please let your child know to inform the teacher that
       he/she/they will be right back, and quietly log-off without disrupting the
       other learners and test the camera/microphone/network before logging
       back on.

     ● Close unnecessary tabs

     ● Ensure that your child’s screen ​is not locked automatically or go into
       dark screen/save mode.

     ● Encourage others in the house to respect this Online Summer School
       time by controlling the noise levels​ and discouraging others in the
       household from streaming videos (like netflix or youtube) during the live
       lesson. It might decrease the quality of the video and sound for your child.

     ● Have a shelf, bin, or designated place for your child to store their
       School supplies​ - paper, color pencils and/or crayons, paint, costumes,
       books, etc. also available for activities.

 ​     ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
● Participate! ​Plan to be present, or arrange for another adult t​ o supervise
      and support ​your child during screen time. ​We highly recommend
      children between ages 5 to 7 to be supervised.

    ● Make sure your ​child has eaten and used the bathroom before ​starting
      Summer School live classes.

    ● Give your child space: being present does not mean you do the work in
      their place. ​In French if you are able​, ask questions, help them scaffold their
      own reasoning, let them come up with the answer.

    ● Encourage your child to get dressed like they would to go out. ​Although
      we are in an online environment, this is still camp and should be taken

    ● Stay positive and breathe​: take it easy, your child might enjoy this new
      setting more than you do and it’s okay! Please also ​encourage your child
      prior to Online Summer School starting to engage, participate and have
      fun ​with the other students.

    ● If you dislike something, ​do not criticize the teacher in front of your child.
      Give feedback to the teacher

    ● Over dinner/lunch/breakfast, ​ask your child how Online Summer School
      went. What did they learn? What did they enjoy?

    ● Communicate with and provide feedback to your teacher ​about how
      online learning is going for your child.

​      ​If you need assistance, please email us at ​​ or call (415) 318 6774
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